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Company Website
Corporate Address
1722 Routh St., Ste. 1000, 1 Arts Plz
Dallas, TX
Company Contact
Joseph DePinto
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(972) 828-7011
Fax Number
(972) 828-7848
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6 Reviews and Complaints for 7-Eleven, Inc. Headquarters

  1. I would like to know how the CEO’S sleep at night knowing 100’s of their employees have not been paid in a week from 711 but you want us to work? Ever since you bought speedway it’s been a DISASTER!

  2. Station had NO GAS on June 25, 2022
    Management swiped my debit card.
    Refuse to give refund back to card.
    Amount shows on bank statement received from bank. Manager refuse
    To give refund. No gas in pumps!
    The charge is on my bank statement.

  3. Hello I have been a 711 customer for over 45 years, but I find myself at a crossroads. The new or slightly new system of only one type lid is not made with the customer in mind at all. They splash everywhere, are not friendly to different nose types and you offer no alternatives. Check your biggest competition here in New Jersey,,Wawa, they have multiple type lids, like you used to have. I am sure this was some corporate bean counters solution to how to charge franchise owners, but you are excluding the most important assest you have your customers. You are forcing me to head to Wawa. Please forward this to Joe Depinto, I would like to hear from him. Thank you

  4. I wish I could have a word with Joseph DePinto and let him know how the area manager treat employee smh very unfair after an employee puts his job first

  5. I would like to know if I can speak to a customer representative in person if I drive to your corporate office headquarters in office hours. I live nearby.

  6. please call me my phone #773355xxxx. i tried to call your notary,please answer thanks

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