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CVS Health Corporation (previously named CVS Corporation and the CVS Caremark Corporation) is an American retail pharmacy with more than 7700 store locations and 262,000 employees. CVS Health’s headquarters is in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

CVS Health operates the CVS Pharmacy, Longs Drugs, and the Navarro Discount Pharmacies stores. It also owns Caremark, and the online pharmacy at, as well as the health clinic chain MinuteClinic.

CVS Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website,,
CVS Caremark, MinuteClinic, CVS Pharmacy,  Long Drugs
Corporate Address
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
Company Contact
Larry J. Merlo
CEO of CVSHealth
Phone Number
Fax Number
Employee Count

CVS Email Info – CVS CEO Email address.

Mr Larry J. MerloCEO
CVS Pharmacy Ceo Email Address[email protected]
CVS Corporate  Office Phone Number401-765-1500
Personal Twitter@CVSHealth

What is CVS’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

CVS’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-401-765-1500.


What is CVS’ Customer Service Phone Number?

CVS‘ main Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-679-9691 (Toll-Free).

CVS’ Shopping Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-SHOP-CVS (1-800-746-7287).

This number is opne Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM ET. It should be used for questions and complaints about CVS stores, the CVS pharmacy,  CVS rewards cards, ExtraBucks® and the CVS in-store photo department.‘s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-607-4CVS (1-888-607-4287).

This number is for questions and complaints about user accounts, passwords, online orders, online prescription management and photos.

CVS MinuteClinic Customer Care phone number:  1-866-389-ASAP (1-866-389-2727).

CVS Caremark‘s Customer Service phone number is 1-800-552-8159 (Toll-Free) or 1-800-841-5550.

CVS Specialty‘s Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-237-2767 (Toll-Free). Fax: 1-800-323-2445.


What is CVS’ Headquarters Address?

The CVS Corporate Office address for Customer Correspondence is:

  • CVS Corporation
  • Customer Relations
  • One CVS Drive
  • Woonsocket, RI 02895

CVS Caremark’s Headquarters postal address is:

  • CVS Caremark Headquarters
  • 6590 Lee’s Summit,Missouri 64064-6590
  • United States


How do I Contact CVS Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact CVS via:

CVS Pharmacy Live Chat customer support: Live Chat

CVS’ Customer Service Email Address is: [email protected], and [email protected]

You can also email and CVS Pharmacy via their Email Form.


CVS Caremark’s Email Address is: [email protected]

Alternatively, use the CVS Caremark Email Form to contact Caremark.

CVS’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact CVS on Social Media:

CVS on Twitter: @CVSHealth, @CVSPharmacy and @CVSinAction

CVS on Facebook: and

CVS Headquarters Executive Team.

CVS Health’s management team consists of:

Larry J. Merlo
President and Chief Executive Officer, CVS Health

David M. Denton
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, CVS Health

Jonathan C. Roberts
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, CVS Health

Derica Rice
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Caremark

Kevin Hourican
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, CVS Pharmacy

Thomas M. Moriarty
Executive Vice President, Chief Policy and External Affairs Officer, and General Counsel, CVS Health

Lisa Bisaccia
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, CVS Health

Troyen Brennan, M.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Health

Eva Boratto
Executive Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Tracy Bahl
Executive Vice President, Health Plans, CVS Health

Scott Baker, R.Ph.
Executive Vice President, Head of Retail Operations, CVS Health

Mitch Betses, R.Ph.
Executive Vice President, Member & Government Services and PBM Innovation, CVS Health

Eileen Howard Boone
Senior Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy, CVS Health and President, CVS Health Foundation

David L. Casey
Vice President, Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, CVS Health

David Falkowski
Senior Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, CVS Health

Joshua M. Flum
Executive Vice President, Enterprise Strategy & Corporate Development, CVS Health

Norman de Greve
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, CVS Health

C. Daniel Haron, R. Ph.
Executive Vice President, CVS Health and President, Omnicare

J. David Joyner, CEBS
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, CVS Caremark

Matthew J. Leonard, R.Ph.
Executive Vice President, Pharmaceutical Contracting, Purchasing & Managed Care

Alan M. Lotvin, M.D.
Executive Vice President, Specialty Pharmacy, CVS Caremark

Michael P. McGuire
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, CVS Health

Colleen M. McIntosh
Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary and Assistant General Counsel

David Palombi
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, and Chief Communications Officer, CVS Health

Angela Patterson, DNP, FNP-BC, NEA-BC
Chief Nurse Practitioner Officer, MinuteClinic, and Vice President, CVS Health

Melissa A. Schulman
Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs

Papatya Tankut, R.Ph.
Vice President, Pharmacy Affairs, CVS Health

Sharon Vitti
Senior Vice President and Executive Director, CVS MinuteClinic

CVS Health Board of Directors.

Richard M. Bracken
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HCA Inc. and HCA Holdings, Inc.

C. David Brown II
Chairman of Broad and Cassel, a Florida law firm

Alecia A. DeCoudreaux
President Emerita of Mills College, and Former Executive at Eli Lilly & Company

Nancy-Ann M. DeParle
Co-Founding Partner at Consonance Capital Partners, LLC

David W. Dorman
Chairman of the Board of CVS Health Corporation, Former Chairman and CEO of AT&T Corporation, Founding Partner of Centerview Capital Technology Fund

Anne M. Finucane
Vice Chairman, Executive Management Team at Bank of America Corporation

Larry J. Merlo
President and Chief Executive Officer of CVS Health Corporation

Jean-Pierre Millon
Retired President and Chief Executive Officer of PCS Health Systems, Inc.

Mary L. Schapiro
Vice Chair, Advisory Board Promontory Financial Group

Richard J. Swift
Retired Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Foster Wheeler Ltd.

William C. Weldon
Retired Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson

Tony L. White
Retired Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer of Applied Biosystems, Inc.

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  1. CVS assumes that they have “patients”…they are full of themselves. CVS has customers…that is where the revenue comes from. I had two prescription orders issued to CVS (Hillsboro, OR). I was told to wait 20 minutes for it to be ready. After 30 minutes I was told one of the prescriptions could not be filled, it needed a doctor’s authorization. The counter clerk said they would make a call. They failed. CVS failed to notify me that they were having further problems. It took three phone calls from me, to CVS, an over the phone complaint to CVS and two contacts by the doctor’s office. The prescription was needed immediately and it was made available to me a day later. (The compound is a very common antibiotic). Poor customer service. This prescription snafu would have continued and been ignored by CVS had their problem not been discovered, by their customer, who need the medicine immediately. Days later, a telephone call was received, marked “ANONYMOUS”, somebody claiming to be with CVS, claiming to be a supervisor, claiming to be a manager, claiming to be a corporate manager. The phone representative did not know whose prescription they were dealing with (had failed to check the name on the prescription—hint: it wasn’t my wife).When told that I asked to speak with a corporate headquarters manager, they said they were it. When asked what state the person was calling from, they replied “Oregon”. They were told CVS corporate headquarters is not in Oregon. It was clear that this person was acting as a filter, not in a position to be acting with CVS corporate authority, merely a pass-through. In total, my medicine was a day late (leading into the Thanksgiving weekend). CVS had to be pressed, by my actions, to do their job, follow through and provide the medicine. There were reasonable actions that CVS personnel can do, to be honest, effective and on time with their customer’s needs. Consider this a complaint and know that it will be forwarded by USPS to Mr.Merlo, CVS President at CVS corporate headquarters in Woonsocket, RI and a cc. list to local, state and federal entities for their consideration.

  2. I am unable to use the photo app. It will not upload my photos to be printed. It has worked well up until now.

  3. Company Act Law of CVS Company note you are at risk noncompliance business ethnic Code and deceptive practice

  4. Cvs pharmacy on Howard road in madera ca
    NEEDS HELP. My husband is handicapped it hurts for him to walk! Yet the drive thru is rarely open, we were told it’s because they dont have enough staff to open it! On numerous occasions we have received text that on medications were ready for pick up BUT THEY WERE NOT! Several friends and family members are dealing with same problems. IT TAKES DAYS AND NUMEROUS phone calls to get our scripts filled. This is getting old! Our neighbor has switched to Walgreens pharmacy and am about ready to follow his lead.

  5. I’ve been a customer at the CVS in hillside Nj for 30 years filling my prescriptions , my Dr. Prescribed me a narcotic and the female at the drive through stated we dont have this without checking the system assuming im trying something illegal, so I asked her can you call another location she said i cant because its a narcotic , so I guess I was suppose to drive all over jersey until I find one that has it, but its cool i went across the street to Walgreens and they filled it with no problem, so guess what all my prescriptions will be transferred to Walgreens from here on out where my money means something

    1. These clods really are incompetent. I got a package of meds mailed to me through their UPS. The meds were addressed to me, yet the clod at UPS side of things that day decided that since it was marked pharmaceuticals, then the pharmacy was required to open my package and look inside of it. The package was addressed to me, and had nothing to do with the clods in the pharmacy window. They need to spend time in jail or in federal court, since they have no business being in anything related to medical or medicines. Period. If anyone knows if I have a case for damages I would like to pursue this since 40 minutes waiting on hold to get to nobody is not a form of correction. Also, all of the emails to the clod running the company are not proper addresses to e-mail CEO or any of the clowns playing games. It is best to file a formal complain against the CEO in a Federal process, and lean on the pharmacists license when they screw up.

  6. THe pharmacy at CVS located at Hwy 81, in McDonough ga is very frustrating to deal with. Rx called in. Three days later was told it would be another 15 mins to fill. I explained I called in the refill 3 days ago and was told they were 3-4 days behind in refills. This area has grown but the pharmacy has not kept up. Always just one pharmacist in store. I’ll be switching to another drugstore.

  7. The Southbridge, MA CVS store is the best. Bryan & Allison go above and beyond for each prescription customer. Wallie, Beth & Jennifer, Christina are just wonderful in the pharmacy. Jennifer & Misty up front are fantastic. They all took care of me during have Lyme disease last year. I can’t thank them enough. Great service.

  8. The time that the automation calls your home to refill meds, that the store on GORDON HWY, AUGUSTA, GA., MAY NOT HAVE is outrageous. I, called for my Pro Air inhaler before it expired and then was told that they did not have it. I, asked that it be transferred to the Walton Way store and then was told that it was rejected. I, am a heart patient and do not have the energy or time to wait on the back and forth attitudes of these employees. In fifteen years being in Augusta, Ga. I, have found that not only the training and the system that this pharmacy uses is off the chain. We, (the customers) are not asking for handouts, we pay for our medications and expect to receive what is needed. If our doctors prescribe 10-11 refills, they should be available. I, may not be the only one taking those medications, so that is where your work skills come in. Inventory check, how many customers use the various medications that are at a demand. Who actually handles this part of these duties and do you need to hire more employees. Whatever you need to do, it must be done. Your business is not one to to decide whether or not a patient can go without the medication, you should want to see that you can serve your customers as best and as prompt as you can. This is a critical job and has to do with the health and the lives of others. There are other folks that can and want to be employed and will be more professional in this pharmacy.

  9. Subject: CVS Pharmacy, 6160 Wade Hampton Blvd. Taylors, SC 29687 – Pharmacy Drive-Thru
    Employee: Raeven

    I have been a loyal customer of above location since you opened the doors for the first time. I had ALL of my prescriptions transferred from “Rite-Aid” long before I discovered same (Rite-Aid) was going out of business. The “Rite-Aid” location was more convenient to my home, but I preferred a full service Pharmacy. I went to above subject location this date (8/18/2019) to pick-up a prescription refill. I feel that I should also mention that I am a senior citizen (77 yrs. young), a 2 time breast cancer survivor, and successfully avoided a “widow maker” heart attack (85% blockage in the main artery of my heart) in August of 2018. I have legal custody of my 14 year old granddaughter, an 84 year old husband, and a 7 1/2 year old Pomeranian dog. I have encountered many wonderful people in your employees; including a young lady that prayed for me and called me on numerous occasions after I underwent my 2nd mastectomy. I have always been treated with the utmost respect UNTIL this afternoon. I had several stops as I was out this afternoon and was really getting tired. I am a smoker; and in fact, always purchased my cigarettes from your store before you stopped selling tobacco products. Yes, I know I should quit! Feeling quite exhausted and frustrated; I decided to go through the “Drive-Thru” to get my one (1) prescription. I forgot your “No Smoking” at the drive-thru and did light a cigarette up just as I got in line. As I pulled up to the window, I noticed the “No Smoking” sign. Your employee (name on receipt: Raeven) opened the window immediately chastising me about my cigarette as I was trying to open my car door to put it out on the pavement. I was only able to get my car door open a very small amount and was struggling to put the cigarette out on the pavement. She proceeded to tell me that she has customers that are allergic to cigarette smoke (I was trying to comply with your policy). I did NOT need a lecture! She holds the window open the entire time; did NOT ask me my name, close the window and go get my prescription, just kept on lecturing me about the smoke (that I am trying to eliminate). I finally tell her my name and birth date, and ask her to get my prescription. When she returned to the window; I had placed my unlit cigarette back to my lips. She started up again; I told her the cigarette was NOT LIT. She then mentions that I have it in my mouth. I informed her that I planned on lighting the cigarette after I get my prescription and leave the window. Needless to say; I will NOT BE A CVS customer any longer. It is a shame that one employee can ruin a business/customer relation. My husband, my granddaughter, and myself will be taking our business elsewhere. I will drive by your store and go to another pharmacy before I will allow a little smart talking pharmacy technician chastise me about my personal habits. My oldest daughter is a state and federal licensed Pharmacy Technician. I know without a single doubt that she would NEVER talk to a customer in the manner that I was subjected to this afternoon. Hopefully, you will go out of business and another Drug Store Chain will take over your location.

    Phyllis Nix
    [email protected]

  10. I live in Fresno CA and have been using the same CVS for many years I receive the same meds every month like clock work never a problem until today I was told by pharmacy that they could no longer except my Dr prescriptions I was a little shocked my Dr has a impeccable record for over 50 years I thought it must be serious for them to reject his prescription but I was very upset to learn that I was being put through literally hell because the new Dr taking over my desk practice does not like CVS and prefers his patients to go elsewhere well me are u kidding me hundred or more patience put through all this because pharmacist got his feelings hurt mother of God I want u to know I have not had my meds in days and may have a heart attack my pain is so severe get this sorted out or I smell class action on the herison and I am just the guy to do it believe me when o say I will use the full waight of my office to drag you so much litigation youl think you live at the court house Shaw fresno CVS v dr singh

  11. We are, for the most part, delighted customers of CVS. Our pharmacy is the one in Philadelphia 19118 on Germantown Avenue. We applaud your stance on cigarettes. However, we strongly urge you to withdraw your support of Trump and his campaign. We believe he is harming the vibrancy of American democracy. Ralph and Karen West. 487856122xxxx

  12. CVS has changed their Pharmacy Computer Prescription Refill system…for the WORSE! We get multiple calls for prescriptions we are NOT refilling. The computer now has NO CLUE that a message/greeting comes before space to leave a message. Message received is NOT COHERENT. The computer system to REFILL a prescription, CANNOT UNDERSTAND SOME ONE WITH VOCAL CORD DYSFUNCTION. Really! I have had enough harassment from CVS. I am BLOCKING YOUR PHONE NUMBER. I will see you in PERSON with my Oxygen running and my Carbon Mask! I feel very discouraged with your NEW SYSTEM…which DISCRIMINATES against the vocally impaired. Your Pharmacy Staff is getting too many UNNECESSARY PHONE CALLS….because YOU BROKE A GOOD SYSTEM. Please pay some computer programmers more money to fix it. Respectfully, Severely Allergic to Chemical and Fragrances

  13. I will never use your anti American gun policy store again. You are pure liberals. All i can say is go to HELL cvs.

  14. I will never ever use cvs again. You want to follow the anti American scum liberal BS of gun control. Fine. But never again will i walk into your liberal business.

  15. I want cvs to stop calling and texting every few days to see if I want to refill prescriptions. Most times I have 2 weeks or more medications on hand. I will contact my local cvs when I want to refill. PLEASE STOP THIS ANNOYING PRACTICE.

  16. Whatever happened to good customer service at CVS?? Especially at the CVS on Rockland St in Hanover, MA. All of the coupons that CVS offers at other their other CVS stores never seem to be redeemable at the CVS in Hanover, MA. The cashiers in Hanover are never helpful. The coupon machines are never working. Why does CVS offer such a variety of coupons that always go unused perhaps because the employees are too lazy to refill the paper in the machine. When a customer asks to speak to a manager to resolve the issue it seems all of a sudden the cashier is also now the manager and doesn’t go out of their way to be helpful. Keep your coupons because they’re no good if you can’t use them! The employees need to review just what good customer service is if they want to keep returning customers.

  17. The Nurse Practitioner finish with his patient and I saw him clean up as he normally does before the next patient ( i was sitting across the open door), He walks out and ask where a specific lady was at and me an another person that was waiting told him that she had left, He went back inside his office and was playing around on the PC, after 5 or so minutes, I got up and asked him if he was going to wait for a person that had left or was he going to take the next person in line. He proceeded to tell me she had a 12:15 appointment, I said really when i signed on there are no specific time given for an appointment you just wait to be called. He made a snide remark under his voice and and then proceeded to tell me well I am busy cleaning up, I said really I just saw you clean up and why would you come out for the next person if you had not cleaned up. I was given a ditty look and told well I am cleaning. He proceeded to move the next person up on the line as I noticed on the screen and was placed in front of me, I told him wait I have been here for close to 30 minutes and the kiosk will not take the code I entered, my name is on the list here is the e-mail with the code, He got up and he asked what I said. again the Kisok will not take my code and your placed the person who left ahead of me, she is gone and she did not re enter her information so why are you giving her preference and keeping her on the list. Then he barked back at me I don’t need to take this and started to walk away, I told him call the store manager . The store manager came and immediately told me I had to leave the store I asked why she said I was giving the Nurse a difficult time, I said no he was being rude and arrogant. Either way she said I am asking you to leave, I did, and have now transferred all my RX to your competitors and have sent out mass e-mails to my on line followers and family and co-works to stay away from CVS and go somewhere where they are treated with dignity

    The nurse practitioner is arrogant and will lie to your face and then have you removed from the store when you disagree or catch him in a lie. The Man needs to be extremely reprimanded and or fired for treating the public in such a manner. ( Note: there is another complaint for the same store etct posted 3 weeks ago with the same similar experience, seems to be a pattern of complete dis respect for the public

  18. September 25, 2019 I have started to become a new customer with CVS Caremark in Woodridge Illinois I am with the union with my company and they deal with CVS pharmacy. Ever since I have become a customer a new customer I have nothing but problems with my prescriptions for example when our prescriptions come in they never call us or text us or email us letting us know that the prescriptions are ready or when there are issues with our insurance. We do have a CVS app and we are constantly having issues and problems with receiving information. The past couple times that I have gone to the store and Wood Ridge Illinois and Woodward they were very unprofessional and inappropriate when dealing with customers for example I walked up to the counter and they did not even acknowledge I was standing there until I said something and when I received my medication the assistant tech slammed my medication on the counter like I was bothering her while she was working. My wife tried to refill prescriptions And the tech said that there were no refills and she did have refills from the doctor they said that they would not call the pharmacy the old pharmacy at Walgreens that my wife had to do that. I am assuming that was their job to get the information. When dealing with Walgreens at the time I had no issues no problem whatsoever and now I’m having all kinds of issues it’s just very frustrating.

  19. I’m so sick of CVS they keep your medicine messed up all the picked up my medicine got home was spouse to be 90 days just got 30 days called she looked it up tried to say it was called in that way.I told her not to go their it was not called in I have the bottle with refills on it she said don’t get hostile with me I told her I was tired of CVS messing up my medicine.had to throw bottles of medicine away because they filled them after being told to take them out of the system I don’t take them anymore.O but they cannot take them back even though the seal wasn’t broken.I told them that’s money I’m throwing away because of their mistakes.I mean they weren’t cheap.O the little short man works in the store don’t need to be dealing with the public he’s am xxxxxxx.I moveing to another Drug Store.If the problems not took care of y’all loose a lot more By the way It’s THE WAYCROSS STORE ON the Brumsick highway in Georgia.And it looks like the words getting out that’s not good business.Hope y’all do something.

  20. What’s going on with the Redsprings North Carolina store . You can’t get a phone call answered and days to fill a prescription. I’ve been on hold today for 30 to 40 minutes four times . No one is answering calls to the pharmacy. Need some answer help ?

  21. Every time I go to pick my meds it’s a problem the techs filling orders doing what they want begin nasty automatic filling my scrips then when I called my insurance company reported them going change my insurance and stop useing CVS had to cuss them out Virginia beach blvd Newton road
    Going public they think they no everything

  22. They didn’t get my prescription transferred. I waited 6 hours and no prescription. The , were very rude about it. Got the prescription transferred elsewhere and they basically refused to let the prescription be transferred. Hung up on the other pharmacy multiple times, would t answer my calls.

  23. Cvs Mt. Penn Reading Pa. has been going on a 4day wait for meds. Reason being they are short staffed. This is ridiculous, and if you try to call your in for a delightful 15 + minute wait.

  24. All I wanted to do was cancel my care pass membership. I called and waited four and a half minutes and no one answered. So I tried the email route and the website that says CVS cancel carepass has no place for you to no link for you to connect to to cancel it. So I called again and waited 11 and a half minutes before I got an answer. By that time I’m frustrated I don’t want to listen to a sales pitch by your employee which she did because I’m sure she’s required to do that. It got a little bit ugly. You need to fix the link on your care pass cancellation. I won’t be back in your store at any location. To say I’m an unhappy customer is an understatement. I would like all of my information taken out of your system.

  25. I wish that CVS didnot use staples with their information on their paper work, when picking up a prec. Being ,a senior with medical issues in my hands, trying to remove the staples is a problem for me.

  26. Your pharmacy inside Target at 1700 Garth Brooks Blvd., Yukon, OK. 73099, has the most incompetent staff I have ever dealt with. Their compliance rules and policies on filling prescriptions, whether they be monthly refills or ones followed by the Dr. are different every month, depending on who is behind the counter. Needless to say, there is never the same person behind the counter due to they cannot keep any one person behind the counter for over a month. Didn’t use to be that way. I never see the same face anymore. I’m a cancer patient, along with many other ailments and take over 21 medications per month. I never get the same medications 30 or 31 day apart. The auto refill is a bunch of BS because I am never notified when they are ready. The ones I need and have to have, they will not release at the same time every month. They go by not when they were refilled, but when they were picked up. Well, then again, depends on who is behind the counter and how they count the month. Doesn’t matter whether it is a 30 day month or a 31 day month. It’s however they calculate the days. I’ve had it with CVS. I will find a pharmacy that knows what they are doing and can find someone that knows the laws, policies and procedures and go with them. One that can keep an employee longer than a month. Last week, I had a very good experience with a pharmacist behind the counter that gave me my pneumonia and flu shot. Found out exactly why CVS can’t keep help and nobody knows what the real facts are as far as prescriptions are concerned. I have also had the wrong prescription given to me, that belonged to someone else. Fortunately I’m not a sue happy person. I see that CVS going out very quickly. I expect a reply to this. I’m sick of fighting with these people. Although I will not be there much longer, I feel for the people that are stuck with this location due to lack of transportation.

  27. Please would someone contact me from Legal Dept (Customer Relations) URGENT . Art group managing art in the windows @ CVS Grove Hall , Dorchester MA has harassed, illegally demanded money to display in windows from we artist and Tony The manager @ Grove Hall CVS is in possession of TEXT Documentation (screen shot) of Sept, to present text conversation of the poor communication evident of the above mentioned behavior.
    We Have filed a complaint w Boston Police & wish to notify your Legal dept immediately to be sure Tony, Manager after conversing with you ( showing CVS CORPORATE text conversation( Handed in to Tony Manager CVS Grove Hall ,last week & have copy > We want to know HOW ? Richard is still allowed after this incident (current) to remain in charge of CVS ART Display Windows ? How? Why? is this individual not removed from further activity?As manager of window displays as he has abused the responsibility & it is not respectful or safe to allow him to continue the window display . We need assistance to regain possession of $3000 worth of Art , We attempted 2 times to pick up valuables yet we were yelled at & no show from he & his wife Celeste. We are afraid of the individual , Richard has caused us duress with his erratic behavior . At present. Currently Richard is with holding $3,000 worth of our ART
    Bullied & spoke abusively to our group Rhythm Beneath / Operation Life Boat ( Art & Wellness) . Rhythm Beneath/ Boston Police see this matter as Harassment , Larceny & Fraud. What does your Legal Dept Think?
    How may you help us? Please would your office respond to assist with clearing this illegal behavior?. WHY is Richard not suspended for asking for money? (NO NOTICE < ABUSIVE < Using CVS windows & illegal collection of money.

  28. theres a manager in training at store 8014 named kevin,he has no people skills at all. very sarsactic, and rude, this is the second time i had a problem with him. he needs to be retrained to treat people with dignity and respect, i dont want to shop here any more, i will tell all my neighbors and friends about him, i know the other managers there, they are very nice, i been shopping at this store for alot of years,

  29. 11/14 picked up meds from drive thru. The girl that waited on me had a nose ring and fingernails about two inches long. Have been thinking about it and keeps making me more upset. She is filling prescriptions without gloves and two inch nails. I just wonder what is under those nails. All pharmacies they wear white coats and very professional looking not here. Have been coming here for years and after those nails going to have transfer. Just turns my stomach!

  30. The Tiffin, Ohio store pharmacy is running approximately 15 days behind in filling prescriptions. For the past 3 months I have had to call or go in to inquire about my prescriptions. The first month I was told there was a problem with the automatic telephone system and to give them an email to notify me. The 2nd month my medication was almost 2 weeks late! Yesterday, 11/18/2019 I called the pharmacy and was told by the automated phone it was in the process. I should have had the meds 4 days prior.
    This is not acceptable to receive medication when you are to take it every day.
    The assistant then told me she could get the medication for me right away. She did, but the point is diabetes is hard enough to try and control and taking all meds on time without missing doses is part of control.
    I personally spoke with the pharmacist last month after taking your survey. She advised we take your concerns seriously but I have not found that to be true as the practice of not receiving medication on time as a continuing course of action.
    I advised the head pharmacist by email this morning that I would be contacting corporate concerning the huge problem of persons not receiving medication in a timely matter.
    I will probably be switching to a pharmacy that is able to fill prescriptions in a timely manner.
    If I were your business, I would get rid of your automated system as it is apparent it is flawed. Thank you for your time and I do hope you can bring the pharmacy back up to the standards that brought me here in the first place.

  31. Why does your pharmacy fill prescriptions when I tell them not to until I call to let them know? Especially when they’re prn or ones that I take only as needed? So many people can’t afford to pay for their prescriptions and I have hundreds of meds here going to waste. I only come to CVS because my insurance makes me go there. It’s like you’re trying to become a monopoly. It’s so wrong and greedy.

  32. Right now, it’s 2:02pm on 11/21/19. I have been on hold with with CVS Pharmacy located on Gause Blvd in Slidell Louisiana. So far, it’s been 12 minutes and I have had this problem before with this pharmacy. I know they are busy, but the wait time of 12 minutes on hold before anyone answers is ridiculous. Maybe you should institute some phone protocols for your staff so we won’t die before being answered.

  33. 4030 South Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90062
    After being without medication for three days, I was finally able to get my prescriptions dropped off at CVS. On the app the time designated for completion was 10 a.m. I called to check my prescriptions and was informed by automated service that the medicine to end my withdrawals would be available at 01 p.m. I was then informed by an employee over the phone that it would be available one hour from 12:30p.m. Then, in person at 1:35p.m. I was informed that my medication would require an extra 30 minutes… Then an extra 10 minutes… It has been ten minutes longer than designated by employee, and I still do not have my medication. I have an 8 hour drive ahead of me, and, instead, I have spent the majority of my day waiting for 2 prescriptions.

  34. Your automated phone response sucks. I was put on hold for 10 minutes for a CVS that down the street from us. No way does it have business that keeps the phone tied up that long. Also I attempted contact several times with the same result. I’m advising my son to change toRite Aid. They answer the phone right away.

  35. I have been a regular customer at the cvs store near my home for years. Today I purchased an item and before I left the store realized I had made an error. A helpful employee helped me to find the correct item and told me to go back to the cashier to return the first and purchase the correct one.
    When I went to the cashier I was asked for a photo ID, a drivers license or state ID. I asked why and was told that it was because I paid with cash and the ID was required for a refund. I pointed out that I had my CVS Rewards card that I used with my purchase a few minutes before as was noted on the receipt. I was told I must show my ID in order to get a refund even though I was really just exchanging items. When I handed my id to the cashier the young women went to scan it. I blocked it and took back my card. I told her that I did not want my id information scanned and read into the computer. She told me that then I could not have a refund.

    It is unreasonable that I cannot get a refund without giving up my ID information to the CVS data bank.
    I asked for the manager who helped me without scanning my ID. He explained that the system is set up to require ID’s be scanned in order to refund items paid for with cash to prevent shoplifting.
    I am a senior citizen and I do not want to share identifying information with the CVS data system and expose myself unnecessarily to to ID theft. No one should be asked to do this. CVS offered no guarantees of provacy and security for the information collected. CVs should not collect customers ID into their data system at the expense of customer security in order to protect itself against shoplifting, something that could be done in other less invasive ways. In this case my CVS Rewards card used for the purchase should have surfficed.
    I have not had much experience returning items to CVS but now I will consider if I want to buy things from CVS.
    Please consider changing your system in favor of your customer’s security from ID theft.

  36. Someone called me from CVS Caremark 11-29-19 6:41EST. from 423-822-2465 They asked for my birth year, Saying “You are almost out of Steraline. You may want to reorder. I have not been a Caremark Member since 2002-2003. Could this have been fraud/scam?

  37. Store in Whitestone, Queens, NY on 20th Ave and Francis Lewis blvd is a joke. Manager is a prick (bald guy) he is an arrogant POS. This is not the first time, he is always.fighting with customers. He is disrespectful, unhelpful, and lazy. I’m sure you have heard thus before. You ask them a question or for some help and they talk to you like shit, or ignore you and walk away. This has been going g in for years. I’m a rite aid customer from now on and it’s just eight down the block.

  38. Since CVS took over my pharmacy I’ve tried to speak to staff over phone. I’ve waited more then 30 mins each time. This was never like this before. It’s unacceptable service. You need to look at your systems. We will see many leave your store and find another with better services. Thank your time.

  39. What good does it do to get prescriptions filled at your stores if NO ONE be it pharmacy or store Mgr to speak with someone. Your store on Coursey Blvd in Baton Rouge LA does not answer their phones!!! EVER! I was forced to use CVS through my insurance company which is fine but the service is AWFUL! I am fighting cancer and the last thing I need is problems in getting my medications. The automation you go through is lousy. Call your store for yourself. 225-291-xxxx. Your company needs to take lessons from Walmart. They are large but you can ALWAYS reach an associate.

  40. Why oh why, you wait 24 hours after prescription is suppose to be ready & you go to pick up and it is not ! Also got a text saying it’s ready ho to pick up its NOT !

  41. I use the 510 Middle Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY store and have interminable waits on phone. No one answers after placing you on hold in pharmacy dept. This store subjects customers to long lines and exposure to other people’s sickness while waiting for cashier at pharmacy. I just hung up the phone after waiting. This is impossible. I am going to pull all my prescriptions from your stores and go elsewhere. There are alternatives that are more interested in keeping customers.

  42. Your CVS on Frank st. in Lufkin, Texas needs to be shut down. The worst pharmacy in the world. If a doctor orders medication it should not take a week to have it filled and then to have to wait in line for 2 hours after you get a call to say it is ready and how do you get away with have a customer service worker filled prescriptions they are not licensed. You might want to check on that.

  43. I am thoroughly disgusted with your company for a few months now. You changed your automated system and it is absolutely HORRIBLE!!!! First of all, EVERY time I need to contact my CVS, I am forced to hold for OVER 20 min EVERY TIME. I have recently found out that the pharmacy does not get a call till after 10-15 min hold which I assume is put in place to listen to your promos. Not interested. The pharmacy has gotten a slew of complaints aside from me. This system is so inconsiderate to anyone needing to reach the pharmacy. In addition, I tried to call your corporate office yesterday and hung up after TWENTY FIVE MINUTES waiting. If you think these capital letters show me screaming, you are correct. I am seriously considering changing pharmacies since I have been so aggravated on a constant basis. Please please please, send this complaint to the proper people who might listen to serious feedback.

  44. Hello, I just sent a complaint a minute ago but thought there was one more feedback comment you should hear.
    When CVS automated system calls and it says press 1 for refill, it doesn’t give u the full name first and inadvertently the customer pushes 1 from the old system and now the new one automatically puts a refill request. Then I have to painstakingly call to ask them to not fill what they just set up. In my last letter I went into detail the seriously flawed system to reach the pharmacy
    I was on the phone waiting for almost ONE HOUR between calling pharmacy and then calling corporate which I hung up after TWENT FIVE minutes on hold.
    In addition, I have asked to not call me re certain drugs that I do not want refilled, however, the calls keep coming. Your system is seriously flawed. You need to address changes asap.

  45. it took 6 days to get my RX filled at local CVS because 4$ PEOPLE QUIT . what is being done about this .Patrons are leaving this pharmacy in droves to go to local one not big pharma

  46. I ordered pictures, Three times I received email and message that they were done, these were gonna be Christmas cards with our first grandchild. Needless to say I still don’t have them the Organization and clutter behind the counter it’s lucky they can find anything. I am completely disgusted with this matter

  47. The CVS in Middletown Ohio on Verity needs more pharmacie help. There getting behind now 2 days. This a corporation problem not pharmaceutical or store. You need help for these people or get some better chairs for us to sit and wait like rockers. This store is Top kotch on there emps. Or let them work overtime on these holidays. I have 11 scripts myself and do not want to go to mailorder. But we will, so thank you for reading this and give us some help .

  48. Good afternoon, my name is Anoop Sondhi. My pharmacy is Absecon, New Jersey. I have big problem to get my medicine from this pharmacy. I don’t have my blood pressure medicine past 4 days and your absecon pharmacy never gave me my medicine. Every time when I was asked them about my medicine they told me it’s out of stock they still waiting for restock. But today I was shocked when they told me that I already get my medicine in October. When I ask them receipt then she told me I have to wait at least 2 hours because she is very busy. It happen few time before they keep changing my medicine from brand name to unbranded. Also they not giving my medicine until I ask them even I requested auto fill up every month. Please respond me back as soon as possible. I am without my blood pressure medicine past few days and my blood pressure is high

  49. I was in your Kcmo North oak, Barry rd Store. Went in to get 2 prints made. Lady behind counter said my cashier called off today. I’ll be with you shortly. She finally came over, and told me to plug charger in phone. She said it’s easy to do, just follow prompts. It was not easy for this 63 year old. I tried, and tried . After 20 minutes, I finally said where’s your store mgr. she looked, and said well, I’m it right now. No one else. I looked at her name tag, and said oh, ok, thanks Tina.i said I will be contacting your corporate office. She said sorry, about that. I drove directly across the street, and got my prints. I was treated like they wanted my business. Upon arriving home, I told my husband, you do what you want, but I will never step foot in a CVS store again. I will tell everyone I know to go check out Walgreens.

  50. CVS NOT concerned one iota with patients but only with their own profit. CVS now pushes 3 month prescription buys to CHEAT unaware patients. You can trust CVS – just pickup your prescriptions and give us your card! It doesn’t matter if you are no longer taking the prescription or if CVS CHEATED you by DECEPTIVELY charging you for a 3 month supply which you do not need. CVS claims it pays outrageous amounts for drugs – a complete lie. CVS does not take care of patients – must call several times over 2-4 days and wait at least 20-45 minutes each time before hanging up – all just waiting for pharmacy to answer a call because CVS too CHEAP to hire enough employees. It is OK with CVS CORPORATE if the patients call and WAIT and WAIT and WAIT as long as CVS PROFITS. You destroyed yourself CVS. BYE BYE CVS, The American People

    Another lady walks up with long Brown in place of the regular manager. The cashier Hailey states that she doesnt know this fill ins name….. Or refusing to tell me. The fill in manager says “sorry for your luck” and walks off!! Now I’m stuck with a gift card…no value and I’ve been billed for it!!

    Who treats their customers like this?

  52. I received a call from a cvs in Florida to tell me that my husbands prescription is ready. However I live in Oklahoma and my husband died 10 years ago. I told him that I felt as though someone was using my husbands identity and the pharmacist just said that James Reynolds is a common name. I said well if the name and date of birth and my phone number match then there’s an issue and he just blew it off. I am very upset that my concern was ignored.

  53. Prescriptions at the CVS location at 3500 West Slaughter Lane, Austin, TX 78749 are taking as long as THREE DAYS to fill, sometimes longer for refills. I just spent TWENTY-EIGHT MINUTES on hold to cancel a prescription that should not have been auto-refilled. Part of this problem is that their system sets auto-refill as default, and lots of time is wasted on filling prescriptions that are not picked up, then putting them back in stock. Also, overworked pharmacists are spending a lot of time giving injections rather than filling prescriptions.


    Furthermore, the “estimated cost” of that prescription was listed as $50.59 for three months. CVS Caremark, my prescription plan manager, lists a three month supply for $2.62 for my plan. This is a staggering mistake that could easily slip by people who had not bought this med before!


    To top things off, your website is slow, confusing, and hard to navigate, one of the worst I’ve ever used.

    I would NEVER recommend CVS to anyone and only go there myself because I’m locked in with my prescription plan.

  54. I want someone to call me this week. Once again I’m waiting on Tamiflu in CVS in Princeton, Indiana. One pharmacist and one tech. 8 customers in line. And one pharmacist left, her shift was over. They had a call in too. The drive through is never open anymore after 5 pm because they do not have enough people to work both the front counter and the drive through. On 12/26/19 I stood in line for over an hour with Influenza A. Today 1/27/2020 I’m sitting waiting again with Influenza B. Why the hell do you not give these poor people enough budget to serve the people? I’m starting a social campaign against CVS Headquarters and your greed. Get these poor people help.

  55. I received a call this morning from a CVS located in Piedmont, SC about a script and when I called the number I was told the call was an error and to contact 1-800-CVS SHOP and when I called there were no options pertaining to my problem available. I live in Greer, SC and use a local CVS.
    Thank you,
    Susan Case

  56. Re: COVID-19 safety.
    I was in the CVS located on Lakeview Avenue in Dracut, MA today, April 9. I was very disturbed by the way that both customers and employees were interacting. The employee who was checking people out, came within inches of me and when I asked her to retreat 6 feet she told me that she did not have to because she was wearing a mask. Two customers – I asked both to respect the 6″ recommendation – one woman called me stupid and one man told me to screw. Both came within inches of me.
    I wil not go back to that store. It is imperative that the management of that store be held responsible for obviously not educating and enforcing safe distancing. Despite the signs on the doors of the Lakeview store, they are not informed of how serious COVID-19 is. PLEASE get word ot them that they MUST respect the health and well-being of others. Thank you.

  57. I was charged $55.00 at a mini clinic that was listed under “FREE Corona testing” on your website. They were also extremely unprofessional, not honoring 2 online appointments I made. They also did not answer their phone. I finally went in person and stood in line. When it was my turn, I was taken to an exam room, where a person in scrubs started taking my blood pressure, temperature, and listening to my chest. I asked why he was doing all that, that I just came in for the corona test, he snapped “I am a doctor, this is what I do.” He did also do the nasal swap. They charged me $55.00 (I didn’t have my ins. card), and told me they would call me within a day or two with the results. NOBODY EVER CALLED, nor did they answer the phone. On 6/25 I went in person and retrieved my test result (negative). They now call me demanding payment. I believe that neither I nor my insurance owe money for this “free” testing but rather that somebody owes me an apology for this deceptive (fraudulent?) behavior.
    The name of the clinic is CARE NOW URGENT CARE at
    12840 de Zavala, San Antonio, Texas.
    Please do contact me with a response in a timely manner.
    Karin Sloan

  58. On 7/13/2020 I went shopping in CVS 116 St. A shirt security guard kept following me, each time I looked up he was in front, behind me or coming down the down the aisle I was in, I’m disabled use a walker and I’m Black!! I felt disrespected I shop at CVS all of the time. I didn’t see him trailing behind the WHITE CUPLE OR ANYONE ELSA. I’m Not a THIEF!!!! I have a CVS CARD

  59. I shop shop regularly at your CVS Pharmacy on Arden Way, Near Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA. The last three times I have been there (I usually go at least once a week) the shelves are practically empty; there is only one sales representative for the entire store; because I have to wait untill all customers are checked out before sales clerk can check stock — sometimes this means I wait for 8 or more customers to be checked out. When or if she goes to back area for stock, no one is up front at cash register; no one monitors people coming in the door to make sure they are wearing masks — it is an absolute disaster. Plus two of the three times I was last there, there were shoplifters just walking out the door with merchandise while the rest of us are waiting in line to pay for our items. This situation is not safe for your staff or your customers. I WANT A REPLY TO THIS E-MAIL AND I WANT A COMMITMENT FROM YOU TO SEE THAT SUFFICIENT STAFF ARE WORKING TO HELP CUSTOMERS.

  60. As a senior I have always enjoyed the personal interaction of cvs employees your recent policy of self service is not in the best interest of your customer base the seniors we are not in a hurry I believe this is a bad corporate decision

  61. CVS location at 5685 Balboa Ave San Diego had a covid19 positive employee in the pharmacy itself and has done nothing about it. The manager, James. Has not officially announced it to employees. He is trying to brush it under the rug. He is putting customers and employees health at risk. He should be reprimanded. I am afraid to go to work due to a pre-existing condition.

  62. Hello my name is Eleanor Lucas a long time customer with CVS . I’m emailing you today because I am sick of being made out to be a drug seeking person when I call or ask about my medication from the staff at north street Hyannis 02601 the Pharmacist especially! Today when I called to inquire about my Prescription I was accused of “ stockpiling”! my pain medicine and made to see stupid when the Pharmacist asked me if I new how to do math . She then went on to tell me she has changed the store’s policy to a 30 day from a 28 day supply last month . This I was not aware of . I was going by my CVS app and she went on to say on my app in quotations DO NOT FILL UNTIL…… , I’m sick of this treatment from your staff and I think it’s sad you have people like this working for you ! I’m not drug seeking I’m a very sick woman with a lot of pain and I wish this was the first time I was treated this way. But it’s almost every time I go into this store.

  63. On Saturday, 8/8/2020 I received in the mail a coupon for 25% off a purchase valid in store 8/3/2020 through 8/9/2020. Since I did not receive it until the day before the promotion expired I could not use the coupon. Please provide future promotions in plenty of time to be used by the customer. I would have used this coupon if I had received it in a more timely manner. Thank you.

  64. I pay 30.84 for zonisamide at my vet. They were out so sent rx to cvs. they charged me $194.99. I looked on goodrx and can get it for 15.84. I found a coupon for cvs for 99.00 I consider this price gouging and will tell everyone I know about my experience. your pharmacist answer is”’we don’t price match, bring me a coupon I’ll refund the difference” which I will do. THIS IS INSANE!!!!!

  65. My wife signed up for the $5 a month charge to have prescription drugs cost less, against my wishes. I have tried to have this cancelled on several occasions without success. Please help me out. I want this cancelled. thanks, Dan Parker 706.332.xxxx

  66. the other day one of your store people sign me up for some extra care card get home and I come to find out that it charges me monthly I need this immediately cancelled and I want you to reply with confirmation I have attempted to contact you guys via email and other ways to no avail and this seems like a scam.

  67. Come to pick up pictures. They are not there but is not the issue. The employee name Melissa is rude and abusive. I expressed to her they are for funeral.

  68. Store 668 mt laurel. I was In Toni night around 7:45. I noticed a Women at the cashier paying without a mask. When I asked the cashier why she Allowed her in without a mask her response was I didn’t notice. I asked for a manager and she says she was. It’s a state law abs age didn’t care. This location is horrible with their attitude towards COVID and not in compliance. Last week there was a manager wearing a face shield and was up. They also don’t wipe down the self check out. This needs to change. They are risking people’s lives.

  69. Hi I talked to the CVS’S in Danbury,New Milford, and the big CVS in Bethel CT. I also contacted the main CVS customer care office. The 2 CVS’S especially Bethel and the CVS ‘ S main customer service has apologized to me, as the way the Brookfield CT. Store treats my self as a regular customers. I purchase my medication at the Brookfield CVS every month. As I told this By customer service and the Bethel pharmacist that they always have the regulars medication Ordered and set aside as I need this and can not run out. In Brookfield CVS there is usually a week or more after the medication has been sent to them. I called to see when I could pick them up as the dates roll 2 days every month. So last month they said I could pick One up on the 10th and the other would be ready for pick up I believe it was the 17 th. The medication was called in on the 6th. I picked up the first one and it was ready for pick up. I asked the pharmacist when the other would be ready. She said I could pick up on the 17th. I called on the 17th because I received no text all day saying it was ready for pick up. I called the pharmacist and (this is like 4-5 times over 4 years this has happened ) asked what time I could pick it up and she told me she could get no more this month. I could not believe this. I do not even have 1 extra pill that I need to take 2 tabs every day or I get a bad symptoms. I have only the exact amount even when DR. Says fill as soon as possible but that’s another story as the pharmacist has called my Dr and myself as liars. I have the proof also as I record all my calls and the Dr even made a comet. I asked the person on the phone and they refused to tell me the pharmacist name. So I asked her what should I do and she told me to call all the CVS’S in the area. She could not tell me what CVS’s had them? I had to do there job again and spend my time trying to find them then call the dr to send a new RX. I just do not understand the clerk and especially the pharmacist to put these meds aside as they know I pick them up every 30 days for the last 4 years and it’s the same quantity Mg and the same 2 pills.
    If every other CVS and pharmacy it this country can put meds aside for there regular customer Why can’t this one do it for me especially when I put my trust in them to have the medication as I said before I have 0 extra. Something or somebody needs to call this CVS and tell them to treat there customers better. Let’s say ok she sold the pills to a non customer. At the very least she should try to find another pharmacy and the very very least call me and tell me. When I thy to call on the phone they see my name on the caller I’d and put me on hold every time over 20 min. Not even say CVS pharmacy they just put you on hold. I have also seen this done by the clerk behind the register when another customers called in she told the person next to her look it’s so and so just put her on hold she is a bitch. I can just like to here what she says when I am I hold. Last thing I do not understand why the person answering the phone refuse to tell me the pharmacist name that’s wrong.

    There is one bright spot there it’s not the pharmacy manager but another pharmacist that works there and she has black hair. She is the only one that treats me with respect and addresses me by name. She has also the only one that has any kind of moral in that pharmacy.

    Hope you can correct this problem but you know what they say there is always a bad apple in the company maybe two.

    Thank you hope you can make right.
    Patrick Chiavuzzi

  70. Your voice mail states Covid—19 test results are available in 2-3 days. We have waited 5 full days & no results available. CS staff have terminated phone calls, informed us that they Will not track results for 10 days & that days are counted as ‘business days’. Our insurance was billed for 2 OVs despite the fact that there is no Minute Clinic’ at the Franklin St Holbrook Site where we swabbed our noses. Misrepresentation? Insurance Fraud? Inappropriate CS reps? Shameful
    We are in our 60s You have a responsibility for truth-telling
    Shameful unethical behavior

  71. For the last year or so I have filled my Rxs @ CVS, Cleveland, TX. I have had several run-ins with the head pharmacist. She is rude & condescending. I have caught her in several lies & am fed up! This latest run-in has doctor’s office sending a Rx for 30 days, but they filled 90. When my husband picked up the script, she refused to only fill 30 days, forcing us to pay triple the amount we could afford, which was allotted to other things within our limited budget. This woman should not have contact with the public because she is on a power trip & treats people as less-than & seems to enjoy it. I want a response to this e-mail & hopefully some action!

  72. There is a dialogue which was established concerning why I am paying CVS for a prescription plan, yet CVS will not fill prescriptions after numerous attempts and guarantees from the staff of my ability to fill my prescriptions within the store and after countless attempts towards a solution within the CVS company and between the CVS main call center and the CVS stores. Secondly, this has been the case for over two years, Thirdly, instead of receiving my medicine shortly after the physician prescribed it, I have two spend from 3 extra hours to two days, in order, to pick up my medicine. Finally and with most certainty, with the exponential ebullition of technology, of which a portion of humans call remarkable, CVS, at the very least, should have resolved the issues a year ago. Thank you. Have an astounding and magnificent week.


    Harry M Larkin

  73. Hello, I am a clerk for the Department of Human Services in Erie, PA. I need to send an employment verification form. Where would I send that? Or do you use a 3rd party verifier? Please call me at 814-461-2lxxxx or email me at heathedlxxxx Thank you

  74. Does no one at CVS know how to update a website? I made an appointment Tuesday for a flu shot & an hour later was told none was in stock but it would be available today. I called twice, was on hold 8 minutes, then 7 minutes, no answer. Finally called the manager & was told none in stock despite phone & website urging me to make an appointment. Meanwhile robot was telling me a prescription is in process at another location. I was in Princeton NJ for 2 months during pandemic. Have told the pharmacy there twice I live in New York City but they can’t fix that address. Can’t you hire somebody away from Amazon? Or a high school student to bring website into twenty-first century???

  75. CVS doesn’t answer the phone. Attempted to call 3 times and was on hold 2 hours before I hung up. The store in Arnold MO on Lonestar Drive is the worst pharmacy by not answering phone calls but it takes them 8 to 12 hours to fill a simple script. Extremely dissatisfied

  76. I don’t know why you give out discount coupons you can never use them. I’m talking about the $5 for getting a flu shot. Your shelves are empty of alcohol and centrum chewable vitamins. No help from your personal

  77. I brought 2 prescription to be filled at 9:00am 10/12/20 they sent a phone message that they were filled , the store said it wasn’t and would be 15-20 minutes, I had to go to work so I told them I would return at 2:00 pm , I returned at 2:00pm , they said it would be 30 more minutes , I feel like if it was not ready to please discontinue the automatic phone calls if they are not true Thank you Mary Lynn Store number # Mayfield’s Ky , 06380

  78. i was in your cvs store to pick up meds today(thurs) 4 people did not have masks on i complained no one done any thing about this if i see again i report to the la mayors office the address of the store is 4570 atlantic ave long beach ca this is not the first time i have complained

  79. You may want to look into opening a location in Potomac Village, MD. There had been 2 pharmacies and now there is one. The village can support 2. The current Walgreens is very busy

  80. I was left on hold 3 days in a row 36 mins., 22 mins., and 16 mins., never did anyone answer the phone. I drove to the store with CVS on the line. There was 1 person doing Covid test, filling prescription, administering flu shots, working the window and the counter. The Pharmacist could only partially fill my prescription bcuz they only had 70 pills available my last month prescription. I told the Pharmacist last month that I refuse to forfeit 20 pills, and have to skip dosages. I was informed that I wouldn’t lose my meds, that they would have my doctor rewrite my prescription. I visited the CVS today since they would not answer the phone, I was told that I have a problem my insurance, they won’t fill my prescription and to wait until November 6, 2020 and I could get back on track. So now I’m suppose to go without medication 17 days to get back on track. This is unheard of!! I’m going to look into filing a Class Action Lawsuit after reading the conduct of this company. I pay good money for Health Insurance and I expect competence service. I will notify the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), The Attorney Generals Office, Better Business Bureau and the News when it comes to my health being jeopardize.

  81. My son takes the prescription Vyvanse 50 mg and he has been getting his prescription filled at the same CVS for years. He has mentioned this to me before but he said that the other day when he took his Vyvanse it did not feel like he took his medication. I thought about it and opened a capsule and there was hardly any medication inside. Who do I talk to about this situation?

  82. 0ctober 19,2020 now is 8:49 pm new york
    this complaint is for the CEO Larry J.Merlo CVS
    I swich to cvs because my daugther has been with cvs for years,and she told me that it is a good pharmacy,and very good customer service. Today I experienced a horrible time at your store. My doctor order my prescription early around 11:30_12:30 am, I went to cvs at 6:30 or 6:45 I waited on line for half hour, when the cashier called me, and said that I have to wait for another half hour.I went outside,when I came back the line was longer. I asked one of the worker if they can get get me the medication,she was rude,hardly pay any attention to me. I asked for the manager, and they was looking ,not only her at me as a crazy lady,I also realized that they though that I was a thief,
    I want to tell you that NOT ALL Hispani are thief Your store discriminate Black, and Hispani, They cater to white,they get better service.
    eventhough I mention to them that I was not feeling good,and dizzy,legs was hurting, they ignored me completly. Right now is 12:48 pm october 20, 2020,the pharmacy has not call me or attemp to contact me. I have not taking my blood pressure pill since 10,16,2020
    I dont know if this complaint will do or make any difference, but, the discrimination,the negligence,the customer service and the steriotyping definetly has to come to an end . Regardless, how the med are been paid,wheather they are medicaid,cash or healthcare insurance you still get your money.people has to be treated with courtesy,respect,and EQUALLY. I think that it is enough of this discrimination,and treatment that we all get because we dont have money, and the color of our skin thank you

  83. The pharmacy at CVS on Sunset Blvd. in Steubenville Ohio is unacceptable. They do not have enough time to answer the phone and I waited in the drive threw for over an hour to pick up 2 prescriptions. One of the prescriptions was not correct, it was not supposed to be filled and the pharmacist was supposed to remove it from my list. The customer service at this location is absolutely horrendous. When you question the workers in person about not being able to reach anyone by phone they simply laugh and say we are short staffed and have no time to answer the phone. That’s a shame when customers have questions regarding their medication or even if the prescription has been filled. Due to my husbands employment having a contract with CVS I would pull my business elsewhere but don’t have the availability. What a shame customers have to deal with this location. I’ve also talked to the store manger there who was simply not able to help in anyway. Terribly unacceptable.

  84. Your requirement that customers check themselves out is inconvenient and does not take into account if a person is handicapped or otherwise unable to pick up heavy items to scan in the machine. Customer service is what keeps people coming back. Millerton is a small town and people need jobs…Our community is filled with retirees and they enjoy coming to the local store. Please reconsider your mandate, It is NOT customer friendly.

  85. Since combining with wellcare as of July 7, 2020, seven months into the contract year, CVS partnered in someway with wellcare my part D Medicare prescription provider. My tier 1 medicines now require co-pays and I had to pay for Medicare. I was told by wellcare if I went to CVS pharmacy I wouldn’t pay these co-pays. The contract year has not ended no matter what your contract is or agreement with wellcare my contract with wellcare is from December 2019 Two 2020 December 7. Because no one has responded to this I’m taking it to my local news. They’re only answer is if you want a zero co-pay go to a CVS pharmacy. They read from a script in a language you can barely understand. But what I do understand as a very astute individual is it when you agree and sign up with a part D prescription provider, Medicare sent me to them in 2010, that agreement stands until December 7, 2020 and no matter what your agreement was with wellcare you cannot and I repeat cannot, with your buyout or whatever with wellcare part D start charging me for co-pays. I have contacted Medicare and I’ve contacted Social Security, The legal departments and I’ve contacted my local TV stations as well as the Washington post. Individual such as I are on a serious fixed income and I don’t wanna be forced to use your pharmacy in the middle of a contract year. It’s a form of bait and switch it’s illegal it’s unconstitutional it’s unbelievable that you think you can get away with this you cannot there are thousands of us that are starting a letter it needs to stop now before the end of the contract year and we need, To be in reimbursed for all the co-pays we should never have paid. And go against the agreement we signed with wellcare at the beginning in 2019. You need to do something to this now. Because I am furious that you think you can get away with this and you cannot. It’s illegal you cannot break apart the contract only the participant unless the participant fails to adhere to your, wellcare‘sAgreement.You do not have my permission to use my name my email my address or any personal information connected to me, by any form of communication known in the world at this time you may only personally respond to my email you may not sell it or share it to third-party individuals. A copy of this has been sent to Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security and the TV stations with the same stipulations thank you for honoring my privacy.

  86. I just picked up two prescriptions from my local cvs store at 237 pipeline rd, Bedford, tx. This pharmacy has been filling my prescriptions for several years. Today, the pills in the bottles looked smaller than the amount listed on the bottles. Sure enough, each bottle was five pills short. This is unacceptable and certainly illegal.

  87. I had to go to your store at 5227 Ga Ave in Washington DC today. You need to clean that place up! I understand that it is in an “urban area” but I think you might want your brand represented a little better than this. I won’t be going back!

  88. I want to opt out of calls from CVS. I called local and that did no good. I called headquarters and all I got was elevator music. Please remove my numbers from your automated system. 406 788 xxxx and 406 277 xxxx.

  89. Complaint filed with NC department of insurance regarding handling of Humira refill on 12/11/2019. Was sent copay cost at end of 12/2019. Received another bill for copay for January fill. Paid both. End of February received additional bill for 12/2019 fill. Had two CVS Caremark insurance policies. One filed, the other I was told was not known about. I have documentation of calls, times and people I spoke with to clear this amount up. I have been disconnected, told I needed to learn to budget, and denied my medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis since March 2020. Finally in August I was told that the problem was prior authorization. This could have been fixed if your employees had not been too busy, “that’s our busy time”, to post the amount due on 12/23/2020 when it was determined I owed more than my copay. In August, I was offered a shipment of medication but was told they could not tell me how much my part was. I asked to delay shipment until that could be determined-that was not possible I was told. The NC State Treasurer is on the re-enrollment documents with a smile saying your company has transparent pricing. I disagree and have proof. I am tired, I hurt and am trying to understand how you can delay billing longer than it takes to turn me over to collections, how so many of your employees don’t know how to truthfully help a customer and this lack of trained staff is my fault. I am not mad. I need resolution and relief. I can not be told this will not happen again, therefore I assume this is standard operating procedure. This procedure is not acceptable. I do budget and I am not accustomed to be turned over to collections.

  90. The location at 8915 St. Charles Rock Rd, St. John, MO 63114 is the worst. Called to see if my prescription was ready to be on hold for 20 minutes. When I went there, there are no lights on in the parking lot.
    It’s so dark it looks like they are closed. Waited 20 mins in the drive thru. Only moved because cars were leaving from waiting too long. Now I know why I go to Walgreens.

  91. I emailed corporate a week ago about a cvs store giving me the wrong medicine. It was someone else medicine. I thought it was mind and I took it for a month. I am thankful I didn’t get sick. No one has responded from corporate. I was told to get a lawyer but I want to talk with you first. Not happy that no one responded to a situation like this

  92. Locust Grove Va. Worst Pharmacy in virginia terrible customer service prescriptions always not available when promised very bad Pharmacist. Had to go there times to get one prescription because they forgot to fill my order after 5 hours of being called in.

  93. You have a problem. You gave my prescriptions to someone else. Would not let my husband speak to the store manager. Gave me 3 pills from the one prescription you said I need most. I had 5 prescriptions. Since when do you decide what I need. You are not my doctor! Worse, the problem may only be resolved Monday not fixed. I am so angry . FIX IT OR I AM GOING TO SEE IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO LEGALLY. FIX IT!

  94. I am furious with your company. Yesterday and today I registered for Covid testing at your store at 2200 West Cumberland St. Lebanon, Pa. 17042. Feeling quite ill I went yesterday only to be turned away, stating that no testing will be done today. I was told to try tomorrow. So I registered again for today. I received a reminder by text. I called the store before leaving, was on hold 15 minutes. No one ever answered!!! I left my house so I wouldn’t be late. I got to the store. Waited in line twenty minutes to be told AGAIN that tests will not be done because they do not have enough personnel. This is UNACCEPTABLE! Why wasn’t a message put on their Covid line explaining no testing utilized? I am a very good consumer at CVS. Because of this I will probably start using another drugstore!!! I am a registered nurse and find this extremely unacceptable!

  95. This is the worst pharmacy I have ever tried to work with – messages go right to leave a message. If you can get around that you go on perpetual hold. I spoke to someone and they gave me information pertaining to 2019 and not 2020. Its terrible and I feel bad for the customers who use the pharmacy.

  96. Hi I have been a happy customer at CVS for many years. However, I need your help. I out a credit card on my mother’s account vto get her meds delivery when Covid 19 shut everything down and now I can’t remove my card from her account. I was told it can’t be removed by CVS employees. I’m very frustrated and saddened that I helped my mom and can’t get my credit card removed. Please help me with this issue. Please advise on how to get my card off my mom’s account. Thank you.

  97. My name is Dahlia Lariz. I worked at CVS Distribution Center in La Habra. From September 3rd, 2020 to October 23rd, 2020. I’ve already made a report against certain supervisors and the company. I got fired the following day. I was being harassed by one of your supervisors and every time I say some thing everyone always told me not to speak up because I’ll get fired. That he will retaliate against me. That the company won’t do anything. Since when does an employee need to pass probation in order for their voice to be heard especially when it comes to harassment and breaking the law.I need to speak to somebody that’s willing to take this serious the company broke a lot of laws ,male employees were entering in and out of female restrooms. And I was witness and I was in camera speaking to these male employees letting them know that they are not allowed in the female restrooms and they are breaking laws. All i got was laughs. I did not feel safe I did not feel comfortable knowing that men are being let into the women’s restroom I was humiliated, I cried to my husband. I reported this on October 9 of 2020. Nothing was being done because they still kept doing it. This isn’t supposed to happen and I’m not going to stay quiet. I am a female independent strong and I’m going to use my voice. Coming from being harassed and attacked by men in the past, it was traumatic.The way things are being handled it’s not right and I’m not going to stay quite.
    I’ve spoken to a lawyer and this can’t be happening in a very well known company.
    I am not being taken serious so I am contacting the company in every way possible. Emailing calling something needs to be done.

    -Dahlia Lariz

  98. 11/4/2020 I was in the store located atb140 Malcolm X Blvd new york, NY 10026. I am a regular customer in the store. I have never had a complaint until today, as I walked into the store the security guard followed behind me. I didn’t pay it any mind at first but I realized she was following me through out the store. A young lady and myself both with big bags walked through the aisle I’m a 47 year old black woman the lady was white and about in her 30’s. As I walked into the next aisle she continued to follow me so I went to 3 more aisles to see if she was following me. When I realized it was me she was following ibasked her why was she following me. Her response was oh I’m just watching the store but I know why she was following me. I watched her after that and saw she only followed people of color. As a woman of color I was offered because she was a woman of color herself. This was my first incident like this ever happening in this store. I was so upset I didn’t even make a purchase.

  99. used medication being resold. In Clifton, NJ.
    Prescription filled for poison ivy cream, brand name.
    I returned because it was not effective. CVS took the half used tube after I presented a generic prescription. Generic less effective. New prescription requesting brand name. To my shock and definitely illegal I was shocked when she relabeled the exact same tube I had returned. Are your employees crazy or what. Lazy and indifferent. Do they honestly believe everyone is stupid. I will never do business in CVS again.

  100. Prescriptions left on voice mail are “not received” requiring nurse to recall them. This happens multiple times a week at various CVS in Columbia, SC.

  101. Poor pharmacy management . My husband picked his prescription up and was told ,by a pharmacy tech or check out clerk ,that it would be $24.00. My husband responded with “ oh, normally there is no charge”. The cashier said, “well I could charge you regular price”. Not so much what he said by how he said it. My husband has always had health insurance but has recently turned 65. He had not told me about this until I ask him to move all our prescriptions to another pharmacy, I have had enough of CVS management (I believe it is on the local level because I have been a CVS customer for entire adult life).
    2 weeks ago they filled the same drug twice within a week of each other. Last week another prescription was the wrong strength ( half the mg it should have been) when I called to report it, (phone wait of 25mins.) of course they could not do anything about it because of covid. Incorrectly filled prescription-paid in full but have to get a second correctly fill prescription and once again pay to replace pharmacist mistake. Today was the last straw. I went to pick up a prescription at the drive through and the line was moving well. When I became the second car from the window everything came to a halt and a 50 minute wait began. There were cars wrapped around the building and with the lead car in front of me, I was stuck, could not move in any direction. After 30mins. I called the store and ask what has taking place. The response was covid test. Ok , I understand that but there were no other drive through to serve prescription pick up AND no sign to state tests were being given followed by a 30 minute wait! One single line of cars waiting and not notified why. I ask the person why no sign, she said it blew down 3 days ago and had not been replaced. Now I had been through that drive through 4 times in the last 2 weeks and have never seen a sign. I am self employed and have worked everyday of the pandemic (essential worker) and know the daily challenges but MORE can be done to accommodate your non Covid customers. It’s been great the last 40years but time for my family to move on. Hope this provides some insight to service at this particular location and corrections can be made before more families make new choices.

  102. I’ve been a CVS customer in North Hollywood, CA Hollywood Way and Verdugo for the past 23 years. I get my prescriptions, etc. there every month and paper products, shampoo, etc. Within the last month the store stopped having push cart shopping carts. It’s very uncomfortable shopping trying to carry what you want/need. They have the baskets you carry but I would definitely spend more $$$ if I had a basket to push. I’m thinking I’ll change to Walgreens. They have baskets!

  103. There is a cvs drugstore in Fairfax Va on panan shopping center so dirty the air vents are felty the bathroom are felty the corner where you have the flu shot it is felty Who in the world a place like that the corporate office do not check on it This pharmacist work in a very felty place they do not have help we had to wait on line for a while because there are people that take their shopping basket full of merchandise and people that are waiting to talk to the pharmacist they had to wait because there’s only 2 people being hind the counter some times there is many people and no help for those pharmacist that is very unfair to them and to people waiting on line. Plus we had to breath the nasty air in that store. And with the virus the corporate company should know that they need to disinfect the air vents bathroom and all the store This is discussing a company with so much money do not care for their customers. Shame on them

  104. Congrats on your selection as CEO of CVS maybe you could reverse the non patriotic policy of no service for tricare insurance military families do shop at civilian pharmacies

  105. Crystal your cashier on Manchester expressway in Columbus ga 31904 disrespected my wife Sunday I sent in a email 10 mins ago nov 8,2020 she has a bad attitude . She as if she can’t do what is asked of her . Every time she opens her my she says “ it ain’t my job”

  106. I’ve been getting my prescriptions at CVS since it was Hooks Drug Store. I recently transferred my prescriptions to this particular at CVS a year ago: 1545 N Meridian St. Indpls., IN. I have been on hold w/the Pharmacy for over 1 hour. It’s 3:31 a.m. & still on hold. EVERY time I call this CVS pharmacy, the wait time is unreasonably long, being over 30 minutes – over an hour. This has been EVERY time I’ve ever called this particular CVS Pharmacy for over a year now. There is absolutely no reason at all that any customer should ever have to wait that long on the phone, especially for Every time for an entire year!!! I am so disgusted & upset with this CVS Pharmacy that I almost am thinking of transferring all my prescriptions to Walgreens if something is not properly handled at that location: 1545 N Meridian St in Indpls., IN This should’ve been reported a very long time ago if it hasn’t already been reported. I truly hope something is done. It’s really disrespectful & not at all fair to customers, especially long time customers such as myself. Thank you & have a great day!

  107. Is there any reason that cvs has trouble stocking products been looking for item #126591 all your website does is send me on a eternal goose chase ! Too many stores around to be aggravated like this ! If your no longer stocking this item let the consumer know makes one think twice about shopping at your business !

  108. I have received 2 messages from someone that said that I have $100.00 reward for being a loyal customer! Sounds and look suspicious because they wrote the CVS this way,C/V/S. Seems strange to me!! Please send your response to byrxxxx! My name is Byrdia Wilson!! Thank you for your time!

  109. Why is it at CVS is in Erie Pennsylvania do not mandate the customers wear masks customers come in say they have a medical condition and they don’t have to wear a mask or they just don’t wear mask this should be a mandate no mask no service they deal with no shirt no shoes no service this is something a little more important no mask no service please mandate this into CVS stores because of this pandemic that’s going on I would expect nothing more than CVS to comply with this request thank you

  110. CVS Pharmacy only cares if they get your money they don’t care if they send the product for a specialty Med. I’ve tried to call corporate and file a complaint and all I hear is there’s nothing we can do about it. Maybe I should find me another Pharmacy and then put on Facebook what kind of nonsense I had to put up with to get my medicine

  111. I am a customer of the Cvs at 3710 main st . Bridgeport ct . I have a condition that requires pain madication . Your stor at that location does not pick up the phone anymore . The pharmacy there only gave me 18 pills because they didn’t have anymore . So I called repeatedly to find out if they had the rest of my pills and was left waiting on the phone three times a total of three hrs waiting . I even spoke to two managers in the same time span and complained about the issue at had and nothing . Your company was happy taking my money and my insurance money but not important enough to give me my medication as needed . I am going down to that location after work to see if my medication is there and if not I’m going to post what happened at a bunch of different sites . I think your company needs to reevaluate what a customer means to them .

  112. You decreased the staff in your Burnham Penna Store and the customers must wait at least 1/2 hour and most times the meds are not ready anyway. The recording calls 4 and 5 times and said we have so many days to pick up our meds or they will be put back in stock. We go to pick them up and they are not ready. This store needs more help and only has one pharmarist full time and others are just roving from one store to the other. When a staff memeber calls off the drive thru must be closed. Very frustrating. The Pa State has a contract with CVS and I will be complaining to them as well. This store is very very busy and someone needs to do a survey on the amount of drugs they process in a days time and you would see they need more help.

  113. Hello,
    I just returned from the CVS at 400 Tremont St. in Boston. Told them it had been over two weeks sense they’ve had 12 packs of Coke Zero and was told CVS will no longer carry Coke Zero in 12 packs and that I can now only get them in 2 liter bottles. Since when and why?

    Thank you,
    John May
    440 Tremont St. #38
    Boston, MA 02116

  114. #4772 store number we had to wait in line for a long time. The person in front of us took a covid test and sat there while doing the test. I understand you don’t want them inside but why back up the drive thru. Why can’t they pull off to the side while doing the test. If this is your policy it is ridicules and something needs to be done. Also it would be nice to have a person that speaks English the person couldn’t understand the instructions. I know you prefer profits over anything but people are sick of your crappy service hire some good people not the cheapest!

  115. Over the top pissed. I was told the times yesterday different stories. Then my fourth call the truth comes out. My medication is not in stock. Every month I have this issue not just this year. I’ve complained before nothing. This time I’ve waited all day for them to tell me at 6pm it’s not in stock. Why lie? It’s not the first time I’ve flat caught them lying. I’m going to the better business bureau. This place is over the top rude, the lie like it’s no big deal. Well I’m over this. Now some one better here this and some one better recognized me or else. Waiting for my medication for two days is bull shit.

  116. Please resume manufacturing the original plain Milk of Magnesia ingredients you have in the past and do NOT add sodium hypochlorite (bleach) to the ingredient list. I cannot use your product any longer if you add this toxic ingredient.

  117. CVS does not have enough help. It’s so difficult to get a refill on time it’s a joke. I am still waiting for the phone call they said they would fill and call me. That was 4 days ago. If i were not locked into having to use CVS with my Ex husbands insurance for my child I would NEVER use CVS EVER again!!! Prices on insulin are locked into huge quantities at one time that NO ONE can afford in one visit! I am happy to use my insurance for mine at WALGREENS across the street! Thank God I can get small quantities for my insulin!! If the line of cars are twelve cars in a row and the girl at the counter tells me they are running two days behind that should tell your company something!!

  118. Hello, My prescriptions are being refilled without my permission. I get texts stating they are ready when I am not. Some I no longer use. Why do you refill without customer permission? Not ethical. Is this a ploy to take advantage of customers, seniors and insurance companies? I also find your website useless. Wanted to change to delivery it sent me to the online store. Is it cost effective to have to put prescriptions back or destroyed? This is the store on Blackwell Road in Warrenton, Va. Thank you

  119. Woth this pandemic going on. Why would CVS extend their hours?
    You opt it till 11:00. Many other busnisrd are closing earlier.
    Lots of emotions going on with covid going on
    You have crazies coming in CVS. Junkies. 3 people at nightI’ have to say security is horrible.
    CVS need to take care for the safety of their employees and not worry about the almighty dollar.
    This is disgraceful and can’t comprehend whh you would put your employees in jeopardy.

  120. just done for a 34mins on hold from your costumer service name Zack for only $5 extrabuck value because it didnt came off from my reciept. very bad experience.

  121. I am Arthur 68 y/o senior , every month Store 3964 is out of stock on my medicine , this month 4 of them , this has to stop

  122. I have patients complain to me that at
    the Pinnacle Peak Pharmacy that
    Frequently they observe lots of
    Social visiting delaying response by
    The nonprofessional staff

  123. I waited 25 minutes in line just to drop by perscription off and then it was going to take over an hour just to fill Cipro an antibiotic I will never take any of my prescriptions back to your Pharmacy oh and by the way Publix which is right next door was $16 for my prescription and you guys charged me over $18 this is the pub Publix and CVS by Highway 52 and Little Road Hudson Florida

  124. The CVS located at Baker and Alexander in Plant City, FL is in a whole lot of trouble. They say their hours are being cut and they can’t keep up with the demand. There are boxes of meds sitting in the pharmacy, but they don’t have time to put them up. People are having to make 3-4 trips to try to get their meds. This pharmacy used to be really GREAT, but something is going terribly wrong. They need a lot of help to get them to surface. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you all can do something about this.

  125. I was scammed into purchasing American Express cards at CVS through a mystery shopper program. Can I get approval for a refund?

  126. I had surgery this morning on my tooth I was so much in pain. I went to dropped my prescription she told it take 2 hours I ask it’s possible to do it before that I am so much in pain. With attitude she told at least she could told let’s ne see what I can do for you. I went in the front ask to speak with the Pharmacy manager to see if she could help. The other manager told she going to give shot she will get back to me. I was so in pain I seat on the floor waiting for than 30 minutes she never come and she was right there I did not was she was the manager. When the other cashier told I was waiting for her she check her shoulder and continued what she doing. If it possible you guys can runs the camera to see how I was treated at the store very bad. The manager and cashier was very rude especially the manager was very disrespectful, poor customer service. All I want to ge my prescription for my pain.

  127. It took me over half an hour three times to contact a pharmacist at my local CVS in Berkeley (on Shattuck ave and Rose) I can’t manage my prescriptions on the website. Why don;t you her enough people so that phone alls can be answered in a reasonable amount of of time? This situation is entirely unacceptable!

  128. I use store 2000 and their credit card machines never work properly. I have had my card locked out by my bank or have to try a number of times. They need new machines.

  129. I received an email from CVS for Scott paper towel mega roll 12 pack or Cottonelle 18 pack or 9 roll mega pack on sale for $10..50. The CVS store not only didn’t have it but never did have it for the sale. Stop wasting my time sending me emails if you can’t produce the product offer. G . Mabey azorxxxx

  130. On Nov. 25, 2020, at 5:18 PM, I purchased some medication and retail products at the CVS store on 701 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, Ca., 94102, using my EBT (“foodstamps”) card, from a cashier identified on the store’s receipt as “BO”: a short, stocky, masked, middle-aged Asian woman. Unfortunately, I neglected to take the card from her when I left. When I realized my mistake just a few short minutes later, I returned to the store to retrieve my card. But the cashier refused to return it to me, demanding that I provide her with a picture ID, which I did not carry, to get my card back!! This is despite the fact that she freely admitted she of course remembered me from just a few minutes earlier!! We discussed this at length, but she stubbornly refused to return my card. Thus I had to leave my card, which contained hundreds of dollars of value, in her possession! As a result, I was unable to use the card to provide necessary food for myself–I had none at home–for an entire week (I could not return to retrieve the card later, as the store was closed for 4 days for X-giving) which included Thanksgiving, causing me to spend a lot of very scarce cash (I am poor, unemployed and on SSI), while waiting for a replacement card, which I still have not received. This is outrageous: CVS had no right to confiscate my card or demand my ID for it; an ID is never necessary to use an EBT card. The cashier’s action was utterly unconscionable, mean-spirited, cruel, paranoid and totally illegal. I am contemplating filing a civil suit against her and CVS for monetary damages, including whatever amount she or other persons may have taken from the card.

    Desired outcome:
    CVS needs to pay me at least $100 in cash and/or store credit for the approximate amount I had to take from my scant savings to pay for Thanksgiving week food, plus whatever amount may have been taken from the card; apologize to me, and punish the cashier however they see fit.

  131. I have been called from your CVS pharmacy, 586-777-6350. I called this morning at 10:40a.m, PST, to ask if my number, 313-471-xxxx, can be deleted from the call list. A tech, Tray(spelling?), and Chomas (self-identified as pharmacist) were very rude by interrupting me in the middle of my sentence, insist on having my name, cut me off by hanging up. When I called back, whomever answered my call hung up on me – 4 times. Eventually, when Tray did answer, he insisted on not forwarding my call to person in charge, and hung up on me again, today. This is the kind of service that CVS is offering will not be acceptable anywhere. CVS is not offering any service acceptable when simple tasks of what I request (to be not bothered) cannot be properly and courteously performed. This breeches trust from its customers and I am very hesitant to refer any patient too CVS. This ought to be immediately corrected, especially with Tray and Chomas.

  132. I had a COVID test on 11/12/2020, and just received the results today on 12/7/2020, that is 25 days, WHY? It was store #4662. The Dept of Health called me on Monday, 11/16/2020 with the results.
    I emailed you Customer Service Dept. over a week ago and did not receive any response. WHY?
    I tried to get the results sooner, to no avail. When you call and go thru all the voice mails, etc. my results were pending. The same with texts, pending results.
    Why did it take so long and Why di dno one in Customer Service

  133. I had a COVID test on 11/12/2020, and just received the results today on 12/7/2020, that is 25 days, WHY? It was store #4662. The Dept of Health called me on Monday, 11/16/2020 with the results.
    I emailed you Customer Service Dept. over a week ago and did not receive any response. WHY?
    I tried to get the results sooner, to no avail. When you call and go thru all the voice mails, etc. my results were pending. The same with texts, pending results.
    Why did it take so long and Why did no one in Customer Service contact me.
    Please respond.

  134. I believe I have received a scam email to connect with Maggie Newsham via telegram about a work at home administrative assistant/data entry job position. I am supposed to connect with her at 9 am tomorrow morning. Your company makes it impossible to verify this. I talked to a virtual person who sends me to an unsecured webpage that has nothing to do with cvs. Unless, I can get true proof of this employment, I am done with cvs!

  135. I received an email from CVS Health ([email protected]) about an administrative assistant/data entry job. I connected with “Maggie Newsham” (hiring manager) via telegram. I have tried to verify the validity of this offer through your company online resources but I keep getting the run-around, including being directed by your virtual chat person to an unprotected site that has nothing to do with CVS! I am supposed to be in contact with her at 9 am in the morning. Until I can get an extreme amount of information verifying this is truly Maggie Newsham from CVS, I will not