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The Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant chain was founded February 21, 1951, by Robert O. Peterson. The company’s headquarters is in San Diego, California. Jack In the Box has 2,200 locations. In 2017, Jack in the Box sold off its Qdoba Restaurants subsidiary.

Jack in the Box Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA
Company Contact
Leonard A. Comma
Chairman, President and CEO
Phone Number
(858) 571-2121
Fax Number
(858) 571-2101
Employee Count


What is Jack In The Box’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Jack In The Box’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-858-571-2121 .


What is Jack In The Box’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Jack In The Box’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-858-522-4716.

What is Jack In The Box’s Headquarters Address?

Jack In The Box’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

Jack in the Box Inc.
9330 Balboa Ave.
San Diego,California 92123-1516


How do I Contact Jack In The Box Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Jack In The Box via:

Jack In The Box’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Jack In The Box’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Jack In The Box on Social Media:

Jack In The Box on Twitter: @jackbox

Jack In The Box on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackinthebox

Jack In The Box Headquarters Executive Team.

Jack In The Box’s management team consists of:

Leonard A. Comma
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mark H. Blankenship Ph.D.
Executive Vice President, Chief People, Culture & Corporate Strategy Officer

Phillip H. Rudolph
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal & Risk Officer and Corporate Secretary

Lance Tucker
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Paul D. Melancon
Senior Vice President of Finance, Controller and Treasurer

Iwona Alter
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Jack in the Box

Carol A. DiRaimo
Chief Investor Relations & Corporate Communications Officer

Vanessa Fox
Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Dean C. Gordon
Vice President, Supply Chain Services

Drew T. Martin
Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Raymond Pepper
Vice President and General Counsel

Marcus Tom
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Jack in the Box Board of Directors.

Leonard A. Comma
David L. Goebel
Sharon P. John
Madeleine Kleiner
Michael W. Murphy
James M. Myers
David M. Tehle
John T. Wyatt
Vivien M. Yeung

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53 Reviews and Complaints for Jack in the Box Headquarters

  1. Litchfield IL property had sign $3 each Jack Wraps. Manager said tax in Litchfield was 25% and bill for two wraps was over $7. I had to wait over 10 minutes to order as two customers previous orders were shorted over 7 items(egg rolls, tacos, etc.) There were 5 employees there and 3 customers. New customers came in to hear about the 25%(really 8.25%) local tax. I hadn’t been in a Jack on the Box for.30 years. I remember why now.

  2. I started with the company approximately 3 months ago. A little over a month in a to working I tripped over a box in the freezer that had been left in the walk path. I broke my knee cap. Before the accident I was getting 45 hours a week. Since my doctor released me to full time hours I have been given 30 or less. I also was moved from days to nights.
    I am a single parent who was hired on for days so I could be home for my child.
    I’m unable to pay my bills now. I’ve tried talking to my GM and get no where. I tried my area manager, and all he did was call my manager and tell him I was trying to get a hold of him.
    I don’t want to quit so what can I do?

  3. Went to Jack in the box in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho ordered 2 shakes and they explained the shake machine was shut down why is the shake machine shut down ???? Somebody needs to answer as to whu

  4. I tried to use me tax exemption @ your store @ the 8900 block of North belt way 8. I tried to use it two times on the 5th & the 20th l was told that they don’t Government tax exemptions which illegal. I”m prepairing notice to sue Jack in the box inc. & it’s franchisee for discrimination & sedition l receive exemption for tribe all over the world. I tried to call your corporate number to talk to someone was given the run away through your system

  5. Went to Jack In The Box in Greenville Texas as for a number nine I want you to have bacon and ham and I just asked for ham take the I asked for bacon and take the ham off but they insist on double charging me for replacing one meat with another one so I asked for take that off and give me two Breakfast Jacks with bacon and when I got in the car it had ham and then the girl got an attitude with me about making our day bad because I asked for bacon I’ve been asking for baking the whole time I was there and then you going to give me breakfast Jack with ham and said I said Hammond even another customer was there hearing me say bacon bacon bacon bacon all day and I got experience with I was the manager Chipotle Grandin Long John Silver’s and Wendy’s and I didn’t know it was up charge for replacing the ham for an extra piece of bacon

  6. Went to my local jack, drove thru, got home , order wrong, drove back, order wrong again. Wasn’t even busy,. Is it so hard to pay attention and listen? Evidently so. I tipped them as well. Scary to think this is our future. Mgr. didn’t even offer some kind of compensation. Will never ever go back, and will spread the word that customer service is no where in your handbook. Even if you offer one.

  7. asked for two bottles of water. some lady over the speaker state they were out. i then asked for a cup of ice water. location at mockingbird anf 35e in dallas texas. once o pulled to the window. the lady said 3.68. i told her to keep it. drove off. i have been doing business with jack for many years. 101 degrees today my jack will give someone a cup of water. that is just low down.
    972 607 xxxx

  8. Hello I’m making a complaint on the Jack in the Box on Admiral Callaghan Lane in Vallejo California (707-557-3473)I ordered three egg rolls and I was only given two and was told to pay 50 cents for another one I was giving one egg roll to a friend so she would have been having a sauce and one sauce is not enough for two and it should be posted that with egg rolls you only get two for three piece so. I asked for the manager she said she was the manager then I asked for the district manager’s phone number I was refused then I asked for a receipt showing the refund the manager would not give it to me. The date was 8-6-224:42:34 pm. My name is Ramona O’Neal 707-712-xxxx

  9. We are having problems with the Jack In A Box at 585 Palomar. More than once now they have gotten the order wrong. We tell them about it and when they correct it they still get it wrong; plus by the time they correct the first screw up we end up with cold hash browns. Last night’ order was a # 27 with an extra egg and extra hash brown. They gave it to us without the extra egg and the hash browns were over cooked. Plus the sandwich had cheese on it and that sandwich doesn’t come with cheese. 🥲🥲

  10. Your McNeil Dr store near 183 N has a big problem with a homeless encampment by the drive thru
    Very unsafe & you are losing customers. With all the trash , graffiti, gun shots , who wants to go here ? Ruined a beautiful little area in the back.

  11. I went to jack in box late tonight and my car stalled I wanted to get my order I did online and the Mgr on duty was so freaking rude to me and my roomate yelled and kicked us out and we waited 30 min to get anywhere. I don’t appreciate rude people that’s not how you manage a business.. I work in fast food it is not acceptable at all!!

  12. Coachella Jack restaurant never take the orders right, I think the head set or microphone is not working properly because almost all the time my orders are wrong or incompletely, and at the window I repite my order and if they don’t get something, they said in bad mode they can’t add nothing else when it was their mistake not mine

  13. We use to love going to Jack in the box until the bad experience we had 6/18/22, 8:45:02 AM! We ordered food through the drive thru at your Murrieta, CA location, JIB#5407, order# 172, telephone# 951-301-4101. The manager said her name is Maria, but the receipt she threw on the ground, which we had her reprint said, Erica. We tried to ordered with 2 coupons, 828 and 563. The coupon for 563 said large iced coffee, she said it’s a small, yelling and fussing about the coupon # that she said was not correct. So we said, ok then we will take the small iced small coffee. Then my husband asked her, are you having a bad day. She yelled and asked, why? Ok, then can we have our food. She said, you have to paid first, which we had our card out and ready to paid. Then after we paid, she just threw the receipt at us that felled to the ground, so we asked for a reprint. After that we decided we do not want the food. So we went into the store and ask for our money back. We told the manager, Maria or Erica whatever her name is, that we did not like her attitude and did not want the food. Her reply was, “TOO BAD THIS IS HOW I AM RATHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”. We told her that we will be getting in touch with corporate. Her reply, “SO, THEY CAN’T DO ANYTHIN TO ME. GO RIGHT AHEAD AND REPORT ME”. We have never been so surprised to see what kind of uncivilized and rued people Jack in Box hires. This will be the last time we go to that restaurant!! Have never experience such terrible customer service and especially from a MANAGER!!

  14. The Mt Vernon WA store fucks up my order every time I shouldn’t have to drive to another town just to get my order right also I got hung up on because they wouldn’t give me a manager I guess u can’t hire anyone that speaks English I’m tired of getting my order wrong and getting the 18 year old kid hanging up on me

  15. This morning at 6:15 I went to a Jack In The Box off of Saint Mary in Tucson Arizona the sign says your dining room open at 6 I got there at 6:15 manager had doors locks you open it said she can’t serve me because I don’t have a car and that she’s only one person can’t do two jobs that there’s only two cars in drive-thru she would only let me in I could have waited and still order something horrible management skills I will never eat at a jack-in-the-box again

  16. Stanwood Wa store is unbelievably slow, waited in line 20 minutes, the drive thru, worst store ever

  17. Hi I visited Jack in the box at 4828 lautal cyn Blvd north Hollywood CA and used the restroom and I was exposed to drug smoke while in the restroom I have been affected by that for a week today .and still feel the affects 1 week later not knowing what to do I finally was able to drive back to the location and spoke to manager she informed me there is nothing she can do about the homeless that use the restroom for drug use I am contacting a lawyer to see what they can do to help me

  18. I went to jack in the box on 1st in union gap wa. And i got one number six and my friend got a different number but with fries and it came to over 20 dollars so we didnt look in the bag but should of cause when we got home there was only 2 ultimate cheese burger that was it so i call them and they said there was nothing they could do they dont give food out and i told them but you do keep peoples money dont you they probably put it in there pocket so now what are you gonna do about this we flat got ripped off by jack in the box is that what you want people to know about you !!!! Iam so mad that was ridicules

  19. This is Raymundo Gonzales a fellow employee at Jack in the box in Springfield oregon store off of pioneer Pkwy I have a workers compensation claim open and I’ve been out of work since my injury on 03/28/2022 for a slip and fall feature and haven’t got a dime since then I have bills and rent due and my store manager is not wanting to comply I’ve been doing everything that I need to like doctor visits and giving my manager a copy for his records and I still haven’t got nothing so if u can please call me back my number is 909968xxxx my name is Raymundo Gonzales employee # 969885 please and thank u!

  20. I visited Jack in the box today at 12:17pm. I handed in a great review on Stephany she wasn’t working the window.i asked the Hispanic woman no nametag to tell her she said we don’t have to tell them!! She also dropped my change I had exact change. I wasn’t going to get out of my truck and pick up the 2quarters she purposely dropped and she ask me for the rest I said it’s on the ground but here’s fifty more cents. I asked her her name she didn’t respond. I told her I want the receipt. She relu tantly gave it to me. I will be sending it to your corporate office with my complaint letter.the Jack in the box is #7320 Carson City. 7753602620. I have got to this place for years your losing your best help because they have to work with rude people like this. I will NEVER buy a meal or go to Jack in the box again because if this rude woman!! Sincerely, Debra A. Kunz RN Retired. USAF Veteran

  21. I was provided food that had mold growing inside at one of your local Jack In The Box Chains. Please contact me regarding the support I was offered as well as my health that was affected as a result.

  22. Went in to buy food and the manager MARISOL was yelling and saying really bad disrespectful things to all the employees. She was very disrespectful and saying a lot of bad words especially to one young man. Everyone there who were eating inside can hear her going off at the employees making one of the young ladies cry. It’s so sad that a place like this highly known would have a manager so cruel and disrespectful 😞 you need to do something about it because the way she was yelling at the employees you can tell it’s been going on for a while

  23. Car was towed yesterday at Jack-in-the-Box in LA on sixth and union General manager was notified tow truck just took the car while he was in the restroom did not check the car there’s videos and they’re not helping us

  24. What is going on with Jack’s prices! A large shake for $5.10 really! It use to be 3.99, then 4.29 and now $5.10. I have to leave Jack’s for a better price shake. What is worse is the prices differ from Jack to jack.. Yes.. Just down the street the same shake is still at 4.29! Tried to call corporate several times.. says closed. 858-571-2121. wrote them to ask .. what is going on with price differences at different locations… no return answer. Bye Jack!

  25. I was so excited to see tiny Taco nachos I ordered it it looks so good in the picture but when I got home it was just some tiny tacos with some fake ass cheese sprinkled on it the powdered stuff what the hell like the shit you get from macaroni and cheese in a box where’s the sour cream where’s the nacho cheese where’s the bacon bits didn’t even get no ranch with it to dip it why you want to make pictures of stuff to get people’s hopes up and give him some generic bullshit like this two days in a row first time I thought it was a mistake second time shame on me won’t do it no more really disappointed Jack really disappointed heartbroken

  26. Hi I spent 5 days in hospital and all I want when I got out is my favorite jack in box patty melt and tacos we wanted 16:58 minutes to get our food and when we started to eat it was room temperature food we where very very unhappy. Jib#4950 order #120 time 4:53 pm amount $14.57

  27. I was at Bremerton jack n the box on the east side drive thru tried to order 2 notes ago and they were the rudest I ever have dealt with they yelled slammed window in my face 3 employees at window like intimidating me I went the Westside restaurant they said that the other restaurant has same reoccurring complaints. I live jack in the box but not that one so horrible.


  29. I have had my money stolen off my card 1/31/22 while in your drive through and all mngnt can say is contact corporate office or come back to there location then they can make good on my money . I was passing through im hours away from there store. A $9.38 meal does not cost you $20.00 your employees are ripping off your customers and getting a paycheck at the end of the week how does that make your good employees look or how do they make Jack look. So how do we Rectify this situation of your employees stealing of seniors money

  30. I have a document I would like to send to corporate and would like to request an email address.

  31. Complaint..purchased 4 sausage,egg& cheese biscuits $14.36 + tax.Taz. when I got to the drive thru window I asked employee to apply SENIOR DISCOUNT, I WAS TOLD I HAD BUY A DRINK TO GET DIS COUNT..so I did. coffee was $1.79 which brought total to $16.15. He gave me $ .50 disc. On coffee!!! EXCUSE ME. PL, CONTACT ME ..money is money especially as a senior. I have choices as to where I get fast food.
    You owe me more than 50 cents if I’m correct. No where on your website did I find info that says u have to purchase a drink. I’m involved in many organizations and I feel I am obligated to let my fellow seniors “beware”. I am so tempted to inform others. JUST MAKE IT RIGHT. Perhaps employees need more guidance from trainers. Awaiting for your response before I do mire to protect seniors from scheisters such as your company just displayed.

  32. I visited the Jack in the box on airport Blvd and oak springs road at about 5:15 pm and my family was in the drive thru and we was saying hello and no one wanted to take our order then a lady gets on saying if we could not wait we could leave and when I had my husband pull up to the window to ask who was being so rude the young guy came to the window laughing like it was funny to talk to us like that and no one took our order this was today 01/21/22 at 5:15 so if you find out who it was I would like them to be fired because your not surpose to talk to customers like that I’m sorry

  33. I was paid .05 hrs. For Christmas and the manager didn’t pay me a time and half. I work 10 hrs. At below pay at. 4.50 hr. That not right.

  34. MmmmmDear “ Jack”,
    I went to your restaurant at 40th street and Bell Rd in Phoenix, AZ 85032. (I believe it is store # 1147)
    I was there Friday, November 19th. 1pm ish. We will say between 12:30pm and 1:15 pm. I purchased 2 tacos for $1.51 on my debit card. It was in the drive thru and it was busy. So, i did not make a stink when the girl was dismissive and a little rude and did not give a receipt. I was on a work call but was polite and thanked her and went on my way. Monday morning i looked at my bank acct and was shocked to find out that I was charged
    $20.83 for those two tacos! Later that morning I called and spoked to Carina who said maybe the girl mixed up orders and charged me for another car. She told me to come get the money. I was unable to go in when she was there do to our work schedules. Finally i was able to go in early today. But her manager or district manager , was there and refused to give me the money back.
    I would like my money back forthwith and whatever it is you give for not being given or offered a receipt. – not happy-

    1. I also thought of an idea that you should allow people to have the option to make their shake a malt

  35. Just visited the Belknap location in Fort Worth and had a awful experience. My husband was placing our order when the clerk rudely said, “man y’all are gonna have to wait cuz y’all got a long order!” I said, “Excuse me! Rude!” He immediately asked me to repeat myself which I said, “Rude much?!” He shouted, which I asked him to repeat himself to make sure I heard him currently. I went to the window since they had all the doors locked and asked to repeat what he said. He immediately closed the drive thru window in my face and gave me the finger! Which I became livid and told him I wanted to speak to the manager. He said, “I am the manager.” This person which refused to identify themselves has no business representing your company. He has no customer service skills nor knows how to speak to your customers. I have never had anyone speak to me in this manner and he literally took me out of my element.

  36. Hi my name is Sara Silva I had got hired to work at Jack in The box in Davis California now I had someone working with me that was giving away free food and was going out there to talk to them for half hour or more not helping me by bagging and doing drive-thru and I’m the one that gets fired because I reported the manager Myra said she has to call the district manager to see what’s going to happen and the district manager Carla from what I understand they rather have people steal from their restaurant then people that are honest and hard-working the district manager is named Carla and she is very rude and she had took me off the schedule and I had proof that that girl that was giving away food and collecting & pocketing money in so I’m confused on this restaurant should be investigated due to lack of the way they dress they do not have to wear a uniform nor name tag they get to come to work also the manager does not take inventory right she doesn’t order what what runs out the most she needs to really be investigated her name is Carla at the Jack in the box in Davis California downtown she told me she cannot do anything about it because she needs to investigate more well she took me off the the schedule but yet she still at the other girl on the schedule so I’m confused so I should be stealing money so I could still have a job I should be giving away money food so whoever’s restaurant this belongs to you’re getting ripped off because Carla is allowing this to happen to this restaurant

  37. I sent you e-mails several times, but there is no answer. They said that they can’t use the coupon you sent because there is no department sign. Are you kidding me? Are you sending me a coupon that I can’t use again after I complained?

  38. How do you contact your jack in the box. I went thursday i think i left credit card their . I just want to know if its there. Havent been able to go because i work 9 to 5:45 . I know your going to say stop but i dont have time . Just a simple yes or no would be great but they dont answer phone . Could you please help me. Thank you ahead of time.

    1. Could you bring back your salted caramel shake not the Oreo caramel shake just the regular salted caramel shake and not a temporary basis either I would also like the steak and egg burrito to be brought back please.

  39. This morning in search of a nice Jack in the Box meal and coffee I went to the store on Topanga Blvd, north of Woodland Hills. There were no customers and ready to place my order I stood in front of the manager and 1 employee who were engaged in conversation. 10 minutes later I left and they never bothered to look up. I’m not looking for anything however as a long time customer this was ridiculous. Other employees watched the whole time in dismay. I was there from 10:40AM

  40. Phillip H. Rudolph—I would love to chat with this gentleman about a physical threat of violence that was NOT followed up on. Amy 931.217.xxxx

  41. I can’t log in since the 27th of March to order food because the site won’t let me enter my password

  42. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

  43. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  44. I was a employee at jack in the box 330 decker drive baytown,tx i was a outstanding worker and i was made to believe i was familiy,They humiliated me stole money and the mangers would put it on the employees,i worked over time and didnt care about getting paid it felt like it was a team unltill the unthinkable happened to me Eunice,April,Melvin humiliated me in from of customers and staff then said i stole 40 2wk later be in do of all that ive never gotten wrote up and got laugh at and 50 dollars for 3 days of work and head trauma a accident that left me with more sezuires and 13 stichez,ty for protending to like me so u can still more from ur locations,i have the proff from when the 2 mangers laughted at my illness pictures and paperwork from the hospital from when they sewed my forehead back together,what if i was ur daughter are mother pretending to be liked to get set up ,the worst people i worked with in my life,and i forgive u cause God has a plan for who harms his child TyEunice,April,Melvin the pain youll caused

  45. Stanwood, WA. Location is filthy. Didn’t get receipt. My meal #416. 9/9/2018 11:50 am
    Splashes up walls, dirty counter by register, floors tacky by high top tables, bathroom smells, crumbs on window ledges. Makes me nervous about the food prep area…. They weren’t busy but the food was slow out of the kitchen. Someone needs to be wiping the place down

  46. $3.00 for one hash brown and some cheese and jalapenos!!!! you guys got to be high are you serious!!!! Not very impressed with Jack right now

  47. this happen @ the facility at 20101 lake forest dr in lake forest corner of rancho
    today 7–28-18 @8:56 am by drive thru.i was treated very rude by the employee did not want to take my order and did tell “me never to come back” the fact that the employee is having a bad day it is not to take it out on the custermers i have been going there for the past 2yrs an 9 month,s ever single morning for my coffee,and breakfast , im a payning customer i have never been desrespecful to nobody in that facility when i asked for his name and manager’s he told me to call corporate and never to come back i work right in the corner so im familiar with all the employees and they can tell you that i have equaly respected them hope you can see and provide them with better training in customer service and leave there personal issues at home !!! in this matter i dont want any thing in return but respect and an apology
    thank you hope to hear from you soon. very desapointed and upset mad furious is the word im looking for !!!!!!!!!

  48. Yeah hello leader chain my name is Jesse Nunez I’m here you’re one of your Jack in the Box restaurants it’s on the corner of Placentia and orange group I order some food and I have to use the restroom your employee keeps coming and knocking and knocking and knocking that she wants me to open the door now I got a bad diarrhea appreciate that

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