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Corporate Address
PO Box 13160
Mesa, AZ
Company Contact
Tex Earnhardt
Phone Number
(480) 324-8800
Fax Number
(480) 324-8813
Yearly Revenue
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12 Reviews and Complaints for Earnhardt Headquarters

  1. Good morning Mr. Ebner,

    I have attached the cash offer that I had gotten from Earnhardt Lexus. I in good faith, I travel over 50 miles to your Dealership to redeem this offer as a trade-in on a new Lexus. Your in person offer was $2600 under low KBB Trade-in. My vehicle was low mileage (5500 miles) and in pristine condition. Are you still a Participating Dealer in the Kelley Blue Book Program? Earnhardt Auto Centers advertise a ” No Bull ” approach to the consumer purchasing experience, certainly not the case here. Please respond.

    Thomas Kane

  2. I would like to receive the truck I ordered a year ago. It came in the first time with a 2500.00$ package I didn’t order. They made the mistake but would honor the original price. It was reorder as a 4×4, I advised Jason this was wrong. Guess what it came in. Yay! It came in as a 4×4-surprise. Ok try #3….it’s been built and in Canada since at least February. I was told they are too busy to call me and I need to call them. No one talks with me. I text a gentleman, Flo over a week ago and he has not responded. I’ve been in customer service for 40 years and I’m disgusted. I would like to know….you don’t won’t my money and should I go elsewhere?

  3. In September 2020 we purchased a car from Earnhardt Kia on Bell Rd. In Phoenix. We were talked into Armor 1 service for $799.00. Shortly after that the dealership was sold. Now we need to go 16 miles to use the service. I never would have purchased the service if I had known that. I feel like I got ripped off. I will never recommend an Earnhardt dealership again.

  4. I have been informed my extended warranty has been canceled, I do not recall and would to see the signed document.

    I would like to make sure my gap insurance was not canceled.

    Thank you

  5. My daughter’s 2020 Kia lost the AC in her car they charged me 371.00 and didnt find any issues. 1 day later and the AC is out again. I call corporate offices yesterday and files a complaint and havent heard back yet and sent your company an email yesterday and havent heard anything back either. My next step will be the BBB if I don’t get any response from either of you. I can be reached at 602-332-xxxx

  6. Let me first say that Jordan was my salesman and he was great. he was extremely polite, honest and a pleasure to work with. having said that, my experience with the dealership has been terrible and the complete opposite of what I expected, the funny thing is, the negative experience was completely avoidable. In closing the deal on my new 2021 Chevy Silverado, I was told by Chris ( Sales Manager) that I could get limo tint installed on my new truck, he even went so far as to write it down on a piece of paper (sales tactic) to convince me this will be done and he will take care of me. The truck was picked up from my home to have the Tint and other accessories added ( mind you I live 90 miles round trip from the dealership). The truck was brought back to my home with NO Limo tint, to my surprise, I asked the delivery attendant what happened to the Limo tint I was to get, he replied he honestly didn’t know and didn’t think we could even offer Limo tint. Of course, that was a concern, especially since Chris told me otherwise and even went so far as to put on the show of writing it down to ensure me this would take place. I calmly told the delivery attendant I am not upset at him, just the situation and what do we need to do the resolve it, he then called Billy and the result of that conversation as as told to me by the delivery attendant was we don’t offer Limo tint all the way around, it can only be done on the rear crew cab windows and rear window. Ok great, so why wasn’t it done?!? was my immediate question. So at this point, not only did I feel lied to, but it left me feeling like somehow this was my fault that the tint was not installed as promised. As I mentioned, Jordan was great, a new pick time was set for today, 5/26, to have the Limo tint added, nevermind this means another almost 100 miles will be put on my brand new truck because it wasn’t done correctly the first time, but there was no compensation offered for the obvious error on the dealerships end. I am not unreasonable, wasn’t asking for a lot, a 100 bucks perhaps for the now almost 200 miles being put on my truck due to an error that wasn’t mine. on top of all that, yesterday I’ve called twice and left messages to confirm the pick time for the truck today and wouldn’t you know it…no call back to confirm and no one has been here to pick up the truck. The moral of this story is, Communication seems to be a serious opportunity for the dealership and this experience has left me feeling not only extremely frustrated after spending a good amount of money for this beautiful truck and the added miles put on it, but dismissed because now that the loan is funded, who cares right…they got their money. 😡 ***Update, the appointment I had today, no one has come and picked up the truck to complete the tint and no one has returned any of my calls I left message on at 480-993-xxxx for Billy Beecher….a complete joke

  7. Peoria kia ripped me off with their unethical practices. They said they applied at my credit union where we were pte approved and at 1.9%. We realized afterwards, that we had signed a contract for a much more expensive loan through a bank! Earl stanley refuses to do anything to correct.

  8. Earnhardt peoria kia is unethical, shady and dishonest. They will make a deal, then change the contract which is in small print on a tablet. They screwed us out of several thousand dollars.

  9. what is the corporate office phone number for Earnhardt? It is listed as 480-324-8800–Incorrect.

  10. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  11. brought my truck in for a battery swap. they said it wasnt under warranty. i told the service center not to turn it off, and they did, then they had tp jump start it, then they locked my keys in the truck. and the morons used a slim jim to open it up after i told them not to because they would scratch my truck and im very maticulous about it, they refused to cut a key from the vin. and after all the headache they had to take my truck into the paint shop for repairs, was told it was monday it would be done. and nothing. tuesday comes around and nothing. wednesday comes around (today) and all i get is bullshit run around that its not done. last time i took my truck in for service they broke my center caps for my wheels. the service center along with the techs suck. they dont listen, follow directions, or or stick to a schedule. very disapointed with them. wjen it was thorovred, service was 10x better. i would not reccomend my worst enemy to go to earnhardts chevy. and as for today i have to rent a truck for the holiday weekend because the service sucks. if i was manager there. the techs involved that didnt listen along with service advisor i first spoke to would be in the unemployment line.

    wow update: as of 11-26-18 it still isnt done and continue to get the run around on why it still isnt done. flat out earnhardts sucks. so as of now a weekend turns into 13 days already with no truck.

    so update again as of 11-27-18
    went in to pick up my truck as a finished products. the job sucks. orange peel painted door. you would have to be blind not to see, big run on the painted door edge, b pillar was dull from not being properly buffed. what a joke earnhardt chevrolet is.

  12. Had some jackass in a Hyundai with Earnhardt dealer plate DL8L52 speed through our neighborhood and threatened us when we told him to slow down n people at Earnhardt don’t seem to care…

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