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Company Website
Corporate Address
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA
Phone Number
(402) 935-2258
Fax Number
(650) 251-1101
Twitter IDs
@PayPal, @AskPayPal

Paypal Email – Paypal CEO Email Address:

Mr Dan Schulman
Paypal Ceo Email[email protected]
Paypal Corporate Phone Number(402) 935-2258
Paypal Corporate Website
Paypal CIK Number0001103415

Paypal Customer Service Phone Number.

The Paypal customer service phone number is: +1-402-935-2050

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  1. I dont usually complain but here is my review: Decent company in general until there is a problem. I had a problem with payment, credit card expired and it took ages to get it sorted out. The people in the customer service department are nice though.

  2. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  3. I have 2 outstanding disputes one for £35.99 and another for £32.99. Neither item has been received and in fact the second item is a complete scam as I’ve since seen lots of complaints about. I need my money back and hope PayPal will help me . I’ve been told the first item has been decided against me in a dispute and I don’t understand why. I’m 80 years old and fail to understand why I’m being ignored and left out of pocket with no goods and no refund Please help me

  4. You all will not let me have my money I am going to contact my lawyer and get a lawsuit and I want to thank you for roughing my kid Christmas

    1. Hi Robert, I’m actually going through the same problem, since Dec. 31st I’ve been dealing with all this different ways they tell you to try to get your funds released but nothing actually works. Excuse my language, but PayPal is a piece of %#*€, unreliable app.

  5. thanks for removing the link that allows you to skip giving your cell phone number so you can sell them later, so that now being I don’t own cell phone has locked me out of my paypal account!. I have contacted my illinois attorney general because I believe you are doing this, to force people to give you their cell phone numbers which is illegal!. don’t think that I will buy a cell phone number just to keep this account open, because I will close it this coming February 3rd once I figure out how to make a payment on my credit account!. I know you probably gave this responsibility to some 20 something, and he probably doesn’t even realize he has just committed discrimination against the elderly and those without cell phones!. Please put the “skip this now” link back into the secure cell phone number page!.

  6. I have decided not to believe one iota in paypal as I have earned quite a bit of money from playing games and when ever I have it sent to my PayPal account it never gets there. Where does it go. And then you want me to pay to get answers why my money is not going to my account. Are you a legit company? I doubt if you’re going to get back and take care of this problem.

  7. Im having a issue with the PayPal account someone either hack and took over my account my credit is been added. Im trying to log in but doesn’t let me cuz that person put his email got restricted charlesnwaba1 @

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