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Company Website
Corporate Address
2211 North First Street
San Jose, CA
Phone Number
(402) 935-2258
Fax Number
(650) 251-1101
Twitter IDs
@PayPal, @AskPayPal

Paypal Email – Paypal CEO Email Address:

Mr Dan Schulman
Paypal Ceo Email[email protected]
Paypal Corporate Phone Number(402) 935-2258
Paypal Corporate Website
Paypal CIK Number0001103415

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The Paypal customer service phone number is: +1-402-935-2050

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  1. I dont usually complain but here is my review: Decent company in general until there is a problem. I had a problem with payment, credit card expired and it took ages to get it sorted out. The people in the customer service department are nice though.

    1. I’ve had my bank account “verified,” yet I still can’t send money to Native American youth groups.

      What is your problem PayPal? Check my history, you see tens of thousands of dollars in payments & disbursements over the past 10 years.

      And your customer service people tell me to go by a stamp!

      How does this issue get resolved?

  2. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

    1. I am having a very difficult time with getting my money transferred. Its been a month already and 3 customer service representatives later I still do not have the transfer because of some security thing. Paypal is one of the biggest online sites to send and recieve money, make money transfers ect…. Why have i been having so much trouble getting my money, this shouldve been approved and expedited when i talked to the first csr.

      1. My account was permanently limited without any reason and I was informed I could release my funds after 180 days. I can’t get in touch with anyone I have been on hold for 6 hours. I can’t access limitations or resolution department to get this handled. I have been deprived of that when the money got deposited 17,000.00 usd then after providing documentation my account was closed.

          1. I have been since 2020 to resolve over 1900.00 usd they locked my acct and cant get a soul to talk with me

      2. I was supposed to have THOUSANDS transferred into my account in early APRIL.

        It NEVER was — and PayPal has refused to tell me why the problem occurred.

  3. I have 2 outstanding disputes one for £35.99 and another for £32.99. Neither item has been received and in fact the second item is a complete scam as I’ve since seen lots of complaints about. I need my money back and hope PayPal will help me . I’ve been told the first item has been decided against me in a dispute and I don’t understand why. I’m 80 years old and fail to understand why I’m being ignored and left out of pocket with no goods and no refund Please help me

    1. My account was permanently limited and I was informed I could release my funds after 180 days. 180 days rolled around and my unemployment on paypal is now under another investigation during the time my account was closed now another 180 days? I can’t get in touch with anyone I have been on hold for 6 hours while my husband can get through in just minutes I can’t access limitations or resolution to get this handled. This money was given to me from the state of Indiana to deal with these hard times and I have been deprived of that when the money got deposited 17,000.00 my account was breached after someone stole my purse contains phones cards ids I filed a dispute and my account went from 18,000 to 7200 then after providing documentation my account was closed

      1. My account is limited permanently from what I’m told. Yet a supervisor told me that I was limited due to my bank account that is connected went negative and that was the issue. Ive called back today because I was promised an email with updated info and that they would recover my account and all i have to do is delete my bank card that has a negative balance.. Hell I can’t even remove any of my bank cards.. its like they have all my info hostage. I’ve sent in my bank statements. Picture of my i.d. I mean they could try to be me they have every detail of my life. If they needed more info they know how to message me.If it wasn’t for the fact that ONLY uses paypal to pay me for working for them…I wouldn’t care. Also I can’t get my $15 to use. I mean for real? I haven’t done anything wrong. Matter of fact..I work for usaa banking. When my customers call I tell them that I understand their frustration and explain. I seriously think that this csr has purposely just put me on hold when I’m supposed to be waiting for a supervisor. I think I might call back from a diff number to get a supervisor on the phone. This is nuts

  4. You all will not let me have my money I am going to contact my lawyer and get a lawsuit and I want to thank you for roughing my kid Christmas

    1. Hi Robert, I’m actually going through the same problem, since Dec. 31st I’ve been dealing with all this different ways they tell you to try to get your funds released but nothing actually works. Excuse my language, but PayPal is a piece of %#*€, unreliable app.

      1. Yes it is I’ve been trying for a couple days now to get a hold of the headquarters I keep getting the run around. I looked up PayPal number and on safari
        And I was I called it and they scammed .
        They took all my information and ran with it tried withdrawing 150 dollars from my account

      2. I hope they pull it together People once actually like PayPal they go to far now the Whole World is on the Verge not Purge on the Verge of Ruin Mr.Bill Gates Give us a Break so The Almighty God can give you one Please People have Children and adult children do t you have any do you want this Treatment on Your lived ones I think I have enough money for you to back off God’s Children Much Appreciated

      3. Pay pal is the biggest sack I’ve ever dealt with and these Indian refuse to help me. I work for usaa banking and I would never do what they are doing to me. After being a complete can’t I finally got a supervisor who advised me that they were never going to do business with me again all because a card I have connected to my PayPal has a negative balance. That lady had me upload my bank statements and told me everything will be resolved in 3 days to watch for an email. Then go into PayPal and remove the cards with a negative balance and that everything would be fine.ive never been so angry in my life

    2. I know they ruined my Christmas too People are Hurtful I don’t understand them they already have there pockets filled I tell there Cult leader he can have a loan I don’t understand these hurtful People it’s horrible life is hard enough already I’m too good for this Mess

    3. They are holding my paycheck now and I hate how the customer service managers say that they have no phone numbers. They are telling me it can take another 72 hrs and I had already waited all weekend. It is illegial to hold someone’s paycheck or money for that matter.

    4. I’ve been having somewhat of a same problem but paypal lock my account and I cant get my money. I’ve called about 4 times now and still nothing has been done. Paypal said in an email that after 180 day I can get my money its coming up to just about 8 mos. now and still nothing.. basically Paypal stole my money

    5. We all should sue them …PayPal is fraud and they let people do fraudulent stuff using them as payment plan….

  5. thanks for removing the link that allows you to skip giving your cell phone number so you can sell them later, so that now being I don’t own cell phone has locked me out of my paypal account!. I have contacted my illinois attorney general because I believe you are doing this, to force people to give you their cell phone numbers which is illegal!. don’t think that I will buy a cell phone number just to keep this account open, because I will close it this coming February 3rd once I figure out how to make a payment on my credit account!. I know you probably gave this responsibility to some 20 something, and he probably doesn’t even realize he has just committed discrimination against the elderly and those without cell phones!. Please put the “skip this now” link back into the secure cell phone number page!.

  6. I have decided not to believe one iota in paypal as I have earned quite a bit of money from playing games and when ever I have it sent to my PayPal account it never gets there. Where does it go. And then you want me to pay to get answers why my money is not going to my account. Are you a legit company? I doubt if you’re going to get back and take care of this problem.

  7. Im having a issue with the PayPal account someone either hack and took over my account my credit is been added. Im trying to log in but doesn’t let me cuz that person put his email got restricted charlesnwaba1 @

    1. They are breached internally! I know I was on phone w pay pal employee who sent me to security and the Man Tried t to steal 300.00 While I was on the Phone but Because I’d switched cards and that card won’t allow on line purchases IT failed this man has control of my phone! When I busted his butt he hung up was still in my phonr!!!!!! Took all I had to keep Shutting him down and turn my brand new phone off!!!! Called made formal complaint and emailed CEO GOT A CALL BACK STILL XONT KNOW BUT I KNOW THEY HAVE 2 MEN WORKING TOGETHER AND EASED MY 1ST CALL!! IM DONE I REFUSE TO deal w this UNACCEPTABLE! Shutting my account!

  8. i have been trying to get my money that paypal owes me but my account has been frozen since end iof november..although out of the blue, paypal decided to go into my bank account and pull out money which cayded me 2 overdrafts for they wont release my money but they took money away from me??? i called customer service and get a recording to email..i email and no one responds back?? i wrote to a CEO and person under CEO no response yet.

  9. Please I need somebody to call me back ever since I got my PayPal account I had $100 sent to me because I am needing it so bad and I can’t access my account they show a different phone number I just need somebody to call me 818-918-xxxx please I’ve been trying since November to call somebody please call me urgent, sincerely yours Kimberly Kuntz

  10. I wish to CLOSE my account. I have tried online, may have succeeded but am not sure, it seems to have been constructed in a way to not let one close an account. I have tried by phone, and every number was a dead end, one led to some insurance company, then hung up on me! I panic when I cannot find a human being to help me and I cannot find a user-friendly web site, and that is the case with PayPal. I wish nothing to do with PayPal in the future, and will warn others.

  11. PayPal is a scam just like the games that use PayPal to cash out. I have won over $4500 that was to have gone over but nothing has ever shown up in my account. I feel like filing a law suit against PayPal and the Games that use thiem

  12. My name is Angela muratalla and I have a pay pal cash card with your company. My concern and issue with your company is that last year I had large deposits in my account and someone hacked into my account I tried to get a hold of a customer representative but due to covid no one was available. Since then this hacker added his address phone number email address changed my pin number filed a dispute and requested money from 4 people and used a green dot card to do some type of transfer using my pay pal account. And since I couldn’t get a hold of a live person to talk to my account was limited and my money was held for 6 months during this recession due to covid and financial hardship and no job. I waited patiently I finally got the email to release my money. And I’m still having trouble just to transfer it to my bank. I’m stressed out frustrated and disgusted with this whole situation. All I want n in desperate need of my money.
    If I don’t hear from you I will be forced to get a lawyer.

  13. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Yvonne Sempiana my email is [email protected] I’m a 62 year old women and my anxiety level is on over drive because I’m getting no answers from customer service they are not very professional and don’t understand some my daughter sends me money and she told me too down load pay pal so I did she sent me money and I didn’t receive it because pay pal put a limation and that my pay pal has been suspended and I can no longer use pay pal because customer service said there has been fraudulent activity and that someone was trying too withdraw 500 dollars from my account so if someone from the corporate office can please get back with me I wanna resolve this so I can open my account with pay pal thank you for your time look forward hearing from you

    Name Yvonne Sempiana
    Address xxxx

    west flamingo rd. Unit 165
    Las Vegas nv. 89147
    Email yvonnesempixxxx
    Last four SSN xxxx
    CELL 775-910-xxxx

    Thank you
    Yvonne Sempiana

  14. As a 501c3 non profit I have to account for all donations I am unable to do so is redirecting because some one was able to redirect donations to their account on Facebook by establishing a fake account using my ministry name. I am unable to use normal channels to resolve.

  15. Hello it been weeks since I transferred my money into my pay pal account it not there it been almost a month my down payment for my house part down payment and fees I called no response never happen before I sent them details still nothing I called again they hung up the transfer receipt say successful to check my pay pal account nothing there for either transfer they asked for my primary email lashunrobixxxx my money not there two went back in pending status after being complete I check daily the status where my money

  16. I used PayPal and never received my order.
    The UPS tracking number Paypal provided (1Z8950E6030474748899) was not for my order
    As a result I never received my merchandise
    I filed a dispute claim but was denied payment because the tracking number (someone elses, NOT MINE) showed it was succesfully delivered.
    Paypal could have solved the problem very quickly by contacting UPS and verrifying who received it and at what address. Paypal has refused to do this. It is my hope that someone will read this and respond.
    Thank You Joe

    1. This is exactly my problem. Same scenario, I took screenshots from my conversation with UPS! The tracking number had my zip and city and was delivered but it wasn’t. I agree they can just easily call ups but didn’t want to and the money that was scammed from me was $700 plus. I emailed corporate because I will not give up this fight.

  17. Dear paypal please release my funds to me you can send a check to angelo george lopez cepero 2285b south state street dover delaware 19901 please I’m disabled I’m on long term disablity the pandemic is making it ard on my and your company has .y money and won’t release it please in Jesus name send me my money

  18. I want my money. I have cashed out over $11,000 in winnings for games online. I did everything that i was asked to do by the people that made these game that were supposed to be paid through paypal. If you do not rectify this problem real soon, i will contact my attorney and i will have a lawsuit against you for all of the money i have won plus. You people have lied to the companies that have developed the games that are played by us. Now I know the reason why your organization only got 2 1/2 stars. Keep this up and your company won’t be doing business with any of the companies that own these games.

  19. I am on the phone with julie 47921 she being very unhelpful and people are hacking phone calls that are going to pay pals 1 800 number . The fine line states that if anything happens to a customers PayPal account that they would be reimbursed without hassle. I would like my money in the amount of 1,100.00 to be replaced. The agent Juli has not been helpful and has been argumentative with me and is not helpful. Feel free to contact me at 775-997-3xxxx. I will Thank you for a quick reimbursement of my money.

  20. Hello I’m angelo george lopez cepero I have email ed called over and over and this company has yet to release my money to me I don’t know what the problem is I just want my money so I can be done with PayPal this is not good bussness and I’m gonna be forced to call the better bussness buro please just release my mo ey to me and let me be on my way contact me at 30239xxxx this is getting to be very stressful iv done nothing wrong to paypal what so ever to be having to be treated in this way

  21. Dear paypal this is angelo george lopez cepero you have my 4239.09 dollars in my account I have been calm and attempting to get my money you office said you would contact me to release my money to me and have yet to do so please o tact me angeloy614lopezcxxxxx or 302 399 xxxx . I’m disabled and in aver despirit time I’m going through alot here and I have no help here at all I have no money greendot ripped me off 944,00and 1200,00and paypal has 4239,09 of my mo ey and won’t release it to meThat’s all my money and I’m flat broke here with a messed up artery and artery dease degeneritive disc dease a loose metal plate and screws in my collar and my collar bone is still broken and I’m here alone and helpless then I also have to help my mom because she has cateracts so you tell me what I’m suppose to do here please send me a check or postaloney order 2285b south state street dover delaware 19901 contact me back please I’m jesus mame

  22. I have contacted your customer service repeatly for over a month and have not gotten my concerns taken care of. I have asked to speak with a manager and have as of yet to do so. Your service has a failing mark and I am dissatisified as a paypal customer. I need to speak to someone to get this situation resolved because a month is too long.

  23. I need someone to call me a real person paypal has took over 200 off of my card for transactions I didn’t do

  24. I am sorry but the way you PayPal handles things is very very unprofessional I have been trying to get my money released being accused of fraudulent activity I wasn’t the one that done any fraudulent activity it was my ex-boss now that I have a business account established something that I did not know that I had to have to play games and collect my money A lot of people are blind do not comprehend or cannot even stand to read you need to simplify your mother apps. I have been since November trying to get this straightened out having many heart attacks and in the hospital over this. All I want to do is play the games collect the money invest in stocks and Bitcoin leave it the hell alone for my grandbabies now can somebody call me instead of talking to a Goddamn computer thank you very much. Exclamation exclamation!

  25. I had a transaction unrecognized in July 2020, we refunded the transaction immediately. It was a dollar amount high enough to force a 1099 L form. Paypal claimed that transaction on their 2020 Corporate Business account tot he IRS and reported that amount to the IRS as money sent to me,forcing me to pay taxes for a transaction unauthorized, that was immediately refudned. The refund shows up on my paypal account and I screenshotted it inc ase Paypal tries to close my account. I emailed the CEO Dan Schulner

  26. You have my money on hold and won’t release it that is called stealing and frued i am so done with your company please release my funds so I can transfer them to my bank so I can delete you and never use you ever again I need that money because my hubby will lose his connection on his phone for he is a military man who is deployed and we need his connection so we can keep in touch for I cant live without him

  27. This is A Noticed /&/ Warning.
    I have Sent Messages before
    To Inform You That There were /&/ Are 47 People That
    Have Stolen My Whole Storage Unit.And Have Had All of my Personal INFORMATION!”.& Have Hacked Into All My ACCOUNTS By Downloading
    A Programe Off Of A Windows 10 Progrme From
    The Townhouse Motal, and A
    Landline At 1216 Spruce Ave.
    Front house. They Are The Same Ones That Broke into
    My House In The Back.And Stold My Note pad And Stold Every One Of My Surveys Accounts!” That Had Over A HUNDRED thousand dollars
    In it.And it Was Charles R Day,/&/ His Son Ryan Domich. AND His 2 Daughters BRITTANY Day & Stephanie Day!”. And His 2 Sisters Penny&Elizabeth Day or Smith. But Also Goes By Another one. They Have Stolden All My Propertys, and
    Are Saling Them.Without
    My consent!,. CHARLES R Day
    Has Also Stolen And Traded
    2 Of My Son Branden M Thurston & Mine Stocks By
    Cashing In 1 .of The Stolden
    Common Stocks CERTIFICATE .He Also Has Changed My Name On My Jp Morgan Accounts By Using The Windows 10 Programe And
    Changing The EOD, Code,
    Which Is How They Gained access To All Of Our, personal Accounts. He Has
    Been CLAIMING All My INHERITANCES/&/ My Sons!”.
    And Changed The Names On My Bank of America acccounts./&/ chase Accouts!
    And Our Wells Fargo Accounts. And Put His Name
    On them. I NOW HAVE NO

  28. .angelo george lopez cepero iv been sending messages over and over and no getting no response do I really have to get a lawyer to get my money out of my account

  29. Paypal has held my government $$that was directly deposited in to my PayPal account still to this date 2/18/2021 181 DAYS AND THEYRE REFUSING TO RELEASE MY fundsTHey arE GOing against there policy

  30. I want my paypal account(s) closed. I cannot access my account because it says my email address is wrong and I DON’T WANT MY CHECKING ACCOUNT INFO ON ANY ACCOUNT. I have tried to resolve this and keep getting iui bg the run around. I DON’T WANT PAYPAL!

  31. My $1000 was sent by my friend for help with medical.
    I have sent many messages on PayPal. They refuse to release this money.
    I have called many times only robot. I live person
    I am not a buyer or seller. Acvount used to help with my medical
    In addition $135.36 refund from Floryday. Never used PayPal. Yhdy inxudtrd using PayPal for my refund and you deducted $6.99 fee! Now 129.10 still pending nearly 5 days.
    I need my money now
    I am reporting you to BBB and FTC

    Many friends told me they too had issues with PayPal

    I want my money now

  32. Pay pal is a joke. It has held 600.00 of my unemployment benefits for 185 days and now they say that there is no time frame for when it will be available. I am now homeless and and my car was repossessed . Thank u pay pal for ruining my life and my family’s life

  33. On December 20,2021 ( transaction
    #2238005195) I purchased 2 items on Etsy and did not receive it and did not get a refund. I disputed it and it was unresolved but closed. I’ve been trying since to reach Pay Pal concerning this issue to get my refund and I have not been able to I can’t get anyone to answer a phone and I can’t do anything online I need answers please help.

  34. When I called Cindy to inquire about a charge scammers hacked your customer service phone number and call me back. They were trying to get me to send them $1000 add a separate $500 through my Bank of America Zell account. Because of this I can no longer use PayPal because my calls to you are not safe.

  35. Some time in October, I’ve purchased a plant. It was called “Plant Of Steal”. I brought the plant home and repotted it. After a few days I’ve noticed there were gnats all over it. I called the store located on Burleigh and spoke to someone name Bob. He gave me some spray to spray the plant but it didn’t help. By this time my home was infested with gnats. They were all over the floors and everything. I went up to the store located on Burleigh and spoke with someone about it she wasn’t any help. Then, I took action and filed a complaint with your corporate office. I’ve purchased numerous of items to try and get rid of these gnats that are in my home. I have had plants over 35 years and I’ve never experienced any problems. When I went to your store located on Burleigh on February 23, 2021, I spoke to a lady name Nicole informing her about the issue, trying to show her the problem she wasn’t acknowledging it, she was very rude and unprofessional. My next step I’ll be filing a complaint with the BBB. I’m thinking about taking legal action because my home is infested. I would like for the complainant to be sent to the CEO of Lowe’s.

  36. Let me add my complaint to so many others who are experiencing problems with PayPal. I had $75.20 in my PayPal account anytime I purchased items from companies through Rakuten formerly known as Ebates. I notified PayPal to transfer that money to my bank account on Feb. 5, 2021. Instead they transferred and deposited my money on Feb. 8, 2021 to an account I don’t have because, the numbers ending for the mysterious account, I don’t ever had or have presently. From since then PayPal customer service representatives been giving me nothing but excuses. I believe someone in PayPal made a mistake or, stolen my money for their own personal use. I worked damn hard for years in my life and I don’t get anything easy. So I don’t like when someone STEALS from me if that’s the issue in my case. I’m going to contact Mr. Dan Schulman someday soon pertaining to my problem. Hopefully he can come up with a solution for my issue.

  37. on February 23rd I got a deposit in the amount of $220, It says claim or deny when I hit claim nothing happens. In all actuality the deposit should have just went to my Paypal balance.My account has been verified and all the cards have been also. I need my money

  38. I am contacting to request further resolution for my paypal mugokaguurxxxx id 364xxxx that was temporarily limited after receiving some money.The account history had no disputed transaction no violation or chargeback I provided the required information and documents but minutes later got a notification for permanent limitation with no official email . kindly help me with your team resolve this matter since my funds are held and my services might lag behind.
    Please let me know if there is additional information required i will provide.your consideration will be highly appreciated. Thankyou

  39. It’s impossible to resolve a complaint with your company. I’ve tried 12 times and get a fake answer with no comprehension of what I said via message. Your number is a no working number. The customer service number is unmanned forcing you to scroll thru useless questions or hope a computerized assistant can figure out what you need. I am out $39.95 and can’t get it back from you tho the seller issued the credit. I’m going to submit a BBB complaint next and block PayPal at my bank so you never get my business again. You do not resolve issues that are reasonable for a billing matter. In essence you are stealing money. I know you don’t care as you set the rules but I’m going to advertise my experience and make sure you lose a lot of business which is my only recourse now. You’ve been advised I’m on a warpath now.

  40. I need help getting into my account with paypal. Been trying to get ahold of your business for weeks

  41. After several attempts over several months I am unable to log into my PayPal account….

  42. Paypal has allowed 1010! To use and market the brand to hurt mislead and to damage as well as false advertise and manipulate gamers using the paypal NAME. SOMETHING GOT TO BE DONE.

  43. There was a whole put on money in my personal account that was someone paying me back from money I lent them. PayPal put limitations where I cannot withdraw send or anything on my account and are claiming that I have to wait for my customer to provide information stating that they receive Services when they’re actually no Services involved because again this is my personal account. I do have both a personal and business account and have had no problems up until now. Life is already hard enough without my money being held for absolutely no reason there are many complaints about PayPal unnecessarily putting holds on people’s money in both your corporate comments on the website and everything my question is how come nothing is being done about this then you have a signed this agreement to accept arbitration that way we cannot Sue when I money is being taken or held without legitimate cause. Seems to me that PayPal is doing the same thing that International Banks do I holding onto the funds as long as they can to build interest while we sit and wait. Another thing I find extremely funny is that PayPal deduct their feet prior to our money being acceptable to us how is that fair they’re getting paid but we’re put on hold again for no reason.

  44. I can not get into my paypal acct. due to the fact that I sold my old phone # (720) 212-xxxx. I can not receive security codes due to the fact that I do not own the phone or phone # any more. What do I do. I can not purchase anything now or do anything else.

  45. had a balance in my Paypal account ($45.56) only to have it disappear. Paypal csr looked into it only to find it was Ebay that made an unauthorized withdrawal. Then another Paypal csr tells me I have to go to Ebay myself. This after they assure me the funds will be returned to my account.

    The second issue; I made two purchases totaling less than $120 via my Paypal Mastercard, which was in very good standing. However Paypal went to my bank which did not have the funds to cover it. I received two overdraft penalties of $33.00 each. Paypal refused to be responsible. I have sent the CEO Dan Schulman three emails and one letter. I have yet to hear from him. I need help but cannot afford legal assistance.

  46. I need a customer support person to contact me immediately as I am unable to get a live person and I’m unable to get access to my account as I have a new phone number and credit card which are not listed on my account. Please call me at +1845750xxxx

  47. I Need to speak with some in the executive office . I’ve been trying get my refund and I keep running getting the run around , please contact me at 650-537-xxxx

  48. A company with no values or morals. I submitted a payment for $140 as a guest from someone that has PayPal that did a job for me. The Payment got reviewed and the stupid company is wanting to verify my info through the PAYPAL app…. IVE TOLD THESE IDIOTS PLENTY OF TIME I DONT WANT NOR DO I HAVE PAYPAL. I waited the 21 days that it says on their documents they will hold it. And this stupid company still has my money held hostage! I’ve contacted compliance and another idiot tells me to sign in through the app 🤦🏻‍♂️. So enough is enough I’ve sent an email back CC the CEO letting them know if I don’t have my money within the next 24-48 I will sue and it will be for a hell of a lot more than $140 and I will give them negative reviews all over every single social media platform.

  49. I’m having a problem with accessing my funds in PayPal have spoke to six supervisors one gentleman from the executive escalation office Ronald and no one has giving me a solution to my problem to access my money. That has been ongoing for 7 days and everyone is saying different things but none of them are leading me to access to my money. I asked the customer service supervisor Grace to email me needed information so I could pursue arbitration proceedings not yet received any information. All numbers listed on PayPal corporate page are non-working numbers so I’m unable to get a hold of anybody via telephone. I have asked repetitively for PayPal to give me access so I can withdraw my money and closed my account to no avail. I am now pursuing the BBB, FTC Attorney General newspapers and television and an arbitration attorney. PayPal put holds on money without explanation or warning and offers no resolution if all this, possibly in hopes that people will go away or just deal with it. Majority of the customer service staff are rude and not at all helpful each one passes issues to the next without resolution. I am moving forward with pursuing this arbitration hearing and making my voice heard for the money of people that are on the complaint page here on the corporate website of PayPal it seems that PayPal I’m put these hold on our money to build their interest and pay whomever they need to pay or themselves. Is unethical unprofessional and just straight-up bad business how PayPal handle things and then they blame it on an automated system that they cannot reverse or override. There was absolutely no security hold on my money that had been in my account since February 25th until I made an effort to send money to another PayPal user which was denied and I was told that their system was unable to confirm it with me even though I’ve committed the same information to PayPal regarding my business account and apparently the information allow them to recognize me on that account so why would I have a problem on this account and all of a sudden be a security issue. I personally feel like PayPal is a very very bad business and there are a lot of things that they do that are unethical and extremely unprofessional. As I said I will be pursuing this to arbitration until it is resolved and I will reach out to as many people that will listen to make them aware of practices of this company and encourage people to not trust them with their money. I appalled at the handling of the situation and I am deeply concerned because no one in this company is doing anything to remedy these ongoing issues that countless numbers of people are experiencing through their company. I have acquired an attorney for arbitration and once I’m able to get the information needed and where to send paperwork to get this arbitration started I will definitely do so because it’s not being provided to me from the PayPal staff. I’ve also recorded every conversation I have had with the PayPal setup to show contradiction and the things that are being said and the hollow Promises of your account being fully restored I have every email and have screenshot of every message in the message center from the so-called resolution center.

  50. I recently opened a PayPal account and am greatly disappointed. I have been trying for 3 weeks now to verify my account so I can claim the funds in my account that are currently on hold. The first account after a week of waiting for the deposit verification to be made I accidentally deleted my bank account, so I went to add it again and it won’t let me, so I finally proceeded with entering a completely new account and again have waited a week and no trial deposits so again I can not verify my account. I am in desperate need as my son’s birthday is in 2 days and I have absolutely no money to buy him anything. I am unable to work and am waiting on permanent disability so I have no income whatsoever. I decided to try to earn money to make his day special and you guys are just sitting on it. I would appreciate any help I could get.

  51. None of these numbers here are working numbers I’ve attended several occasions to dial both no avail they say they’re both non-operating numbers kind of suspicious for corporate office to have phone numbers listed on their corporate that are non-functioning someone needs to contact me regarding my account with PayPal because it’s not yet been remedied there is some type of security hold on it that your customer service team keeps running me around in circles with and I need my money so I can close all of my accounts. There is no justifiable reason on seven transactions between myself and one other person that should have triggered any type of security automated or otherwise and I would like a resolution as soon as possible or I will be taking another route through arbitration FTC BBB television newspaper and whoever else will listen because there is no justifiable reason for putting a security hold and deny access to someone to their money and being told that there is nothing anyone can do about it. I was told that the security code was put on it and they were not able to give me a definite date when it would be lifted so now my money is in limbo indefinitely which is unethical and extremely unprofessional because this is my money I should have full access to my money per your user agreement. This transaction took place on February 25th 2021 and if there was any type of security alert or discrepancies then it should have been addressed prior to now also the user that sent me the money is a PayPal user as well and there’s been no attempt on behalf of PayPal to contact him to ensure that there is no security or wrongdoing happening which is quite insulting because I’ve had a PayPal business account for over 2 without issue or any discrepancy. PayPal needs to take a look at their practices and realize that by the number of complaints on this page alone would be enough to possibly revise things I would be more in favor of your clients rather than building interest by holding our money to benefit your company

  52. I have been on the phone for 2 hours trying to find a person to help. My accounts pay they have expired. Not true just used them today. Please call 505 216xxxx

  53. I have been on the phone for over two hours. I am trying to resolve an issue with my accounts. PayPal says they have expired. They are not and I am not able send money.your customer service sucks!

  54. My name is Lori Allen my account email is Loriwhitleyxxxx phone number 919-497-xxxx. For Over a month now PayPal has been bullshiting with my money that I received during deposit from Des. It’s one excuse after another on why I can’t withdraw my money. I’ve done everything that PayPal has requested I’ve sent in all the documentations PayPal I was requested and I still get shitted on I just want my money that was deposited and I want to close my account for good. This is not how a business is supposed to be handled. I can’t even send it to myself which is b. sorry for the language but if you were in my position you would say the same thing. Every day is ongoing cycle same s*** just a different day I’m tired of the excuses I just want my money now. It’s been over a month now and I’m tired of all the excuses and everything else. I’ve already went every single other route so I’m going to try y’all maybe somebody will finally listen to me all I want is my money out of my account. You can reach me at the above contact number and email thank you and please help. Sincerely Lori Allen

  55. I need to speak to someone, who can help me concerning the ABSOLUTE DEPLORABLE AND DISRESPECTFUL treatment I have received from PayPal customer service agents and supervisors. It will take some time, because this has been ongoing for more than 3 weeks!!

  56. I am contacting every complaint forum I find concerning PayPal customer service. I have had my PayPal card since approximately 2/20/21.I tried to activate the card online as directed, but was unable to enter the information necessary. I called the number on the back of the card, and it was activated. I SPECIFICALLY asked the customer service agent, if there was anything else I needed to do. She told me I was all set to use my PayPal card. A few days later, when I tried to withdraw money, I was told my email needed to be confirmed. I touched the screen that said, confirmed, and it simply blinked at me and asked me to confirm my email again. Already aggravated and now frustrated, I called the phone number on the back of the PayPal card. I got a recorded message, informing me that the number I called, wasn’t for the PayPal account I had. I USED THE NUMBER ON THE BACK OF THE CARD!! I was routed to 5 different numbers! Every single one of them made me go through the prompts, just to send me a recorded message that I needed to call a different number. FINALLY, I was able to actually get a human on the phone. By now I had already been deceived, I had been a victim of the “bait and switch” game, I had been given the run around, and I was ANGRY!! All of this had happened within the FIRST WEEK of activating my PayPal card!! The same card I had SPECIFICALLY asked the customer service agent, when the card was being activated, I SPECIFICALLY asked if I needed to do anything else, I was assured, the card was activated, and I could start using it. Therefore, imagine my surprise when the customer service agent, informs me my PayPal card needed to be verified. I asked her why I hadn’t been told this a week ago when I activated it. She didn’t know. I asked why did PayPal need me to confirm my email address, as I was getting emails from PayPal, concerning my account. I asked to speak to a customer service supervisor. I was disconnected. When I tried to call back, I got a recorded message saying that PayPal was offline. For the next 3 days, no matter what number I called, I was given the same recorded message, PayPal was offline. I had discovered the message center on my own. I sent a message using that resource, and asked how PayPal made any money when they were offline so often and so long. I called a phone number for customer service, and received a recorded message, saying that my concern couldn’t be resolved at this time, to call back. I did. For 3 days!! By now I’m suspecting someone had maliciously put a block on my account and I wouldn’t be able to call. One afternoon, me and a friend, sat at my kitchen table and both of us called the same number at the same time. As I suspected would happen, she got through to a customer service agent, and I got the SAME recorded message!! We did this for the next 3 days, at different times of the day, and the result was always the same. It was OBVIOUS, I was being avoided. I went to the message center, and made it VERY CLEAR, that I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor. It took almost another week, but FINALLY a woman, who identified herself as Ana gave me her employee I.D number and identified herself as a customer service supervisor. By now, I’m ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS!! I told Ana about the lies, deception and games PayPal customer service had already put me through, and I was SICK OF IT!!! I told her about the suspected block on my account, so I couldn’t use the phone numbers provided, I also told Ana about the experiment me and my friend had experienced, she didn’t even comment on it. Shortly thereafter, Ana stated she couldn’t help me, and I needed someone from another department. She assured me someone from PayPal customer service would contact me. I reminded Ana that I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor. Ana assured me she would make sure that happened. Later that afternoon, a woman, identifying herself as Faith called me and identified herself as a customer service supervisor. I asked for her employee I.D number, and she complied. I noticed a subtle difference in the numbers of the two women, both of whom had stated they were customer service supervisor, so I asked Faith, if all supervisors had the same amount of numbers for their employee I.D number, Faith said yes. NOW I’M HOT!!! I told Faith, I had spoke to Ana, and she ASSURED me that she was a customer service supervisor, and now I find out that, ONCE AGAIN, a PayPal customer service agent flat out lied to me. Faith realized her mistake, and tried to explain it away, but the damage was done!! Faith then told me that I had a PayPal prepaid card and would need the PayPal prepaid app. I asked Faith why wasn’t I told that 2 weeks ago when I activated the card. I had already filled Faith in on the other DEPLORABLE AND DISRESPECTFUL treatment I had received from PayPal customer service, I wanted my money, I wanted my money!!I was tired of the hassle, I was tired of jumping through hoops, I was tired of the deception and mendacity!!!! I wanted my money!!! Faith then informed me that I needed to link the 2 cards, and she would have to transfer me to another department, as she didn’t know how to do it. Keep in mind, I had already shared with Faith about the block on my account, so she was aware. She transferred me right to the prompt page of the customer service numbers that I was not able to access. This was ABSOLUTE MALICIOUS and perhaps, criminal behavior. I put, yet ANOTHER message on the message center that I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor. I was told I would be contacted within 24 to 72 hours. I waited until Saturday, the 72 hours expired on Friday. On Saturday, I asked why I hadn’t been contacted by a customer service supervisor. I left the message center. A few hours later, when I tried to get to the message center, I was told there was some kind of issue, and I wouldn’t be able to access the message center. Suspecting this was just another example of PayPal trying to stop me from communicating my concerns, and now, demands, I started looking for PayPal email. I FINALLY found the information on Facebook. 2 DAYS LATER, I checked the message center and there was a box informing me that since I hadn’t responded to their questions about my complaints, the conversation was closed!!! ONCE AGAIN PAYPAL TRIED TO BULLY me into believing that they had the power to treat me like that!! I simply sent the same message to the message center, I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor!!! I made it VERY CLEAR!!! On Tuesday, 3/9/21, I received a phone call from a gentleman, identifying himself as Alejandro. When I asked for his employee I.D number, he refused. I asked him why he was refusing to give me that information. Alejandro said he didn’t have an employee I.D number, because he was working from home. I told him that would explain the SAME number I had been receiving calls from for the past few weeks, and I could hear others in the background. I then told Alejandro, this was an ABSOLUTE fraudulent claim on the part of PayPal!! I want my money!!! I repeated that many, many times!! I was no longer concerned whether or not the customer service agent or supervisor was offended, because I am YELLING NOW!! This act from Alejandro was a premeditated and malicious attempt to throw me off again and try to convince me that PayPal was doing all they could do to accommodate me!! Within approximately 30 minutes, I received a phone call from a gentleman who identified himself as Brian. I asked him for his employee I.D number and he said he couldn’t give it to me due to security reasons. I told him employee I.D numbers WERE a security system. Brian still refused, then Brian stated that he was in charge. I asked what he was in charge of, I received no answer, instead Brian had the ABSOLUTE MONUMENTAL GAUL to tell me I was being uncooperative!! I told him that PayPal had more than 29,000 employees and I was fairly certain that there was probably more than one Brian, and I may need to know which one I spoke with concerning this issue, and IF he was in charge, as he claimed, he would know that. He hung up on me. I went to the message center, AGAIN and there was a message from Alejandro that he understood my frustration and he apologized for the experience I was having with contacting a customer service supervisor. I told him, through a message that he DID NOT understand my frustration and I AGAIN asked for a copy of EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE I had using the message center, I reminded Alejandro that it stated at the top of the message page EVERY TIME I used the message center that I could request and would receive a copy of all messages within a 90 day period, and since I had only had my PayPal card for 3 weeks, that was only 21 days, well within the 90 limit. NOT ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT OR SUPERVISOR HAS ADDRESSED THIS REQUEST!!! The next day, I was contacted by a gentleman identifying himself as Joel, he also identified himself as a customer service supervisor, he gave me his employee I.D number as well. I told Joel about the incidents on Tuesday 3/9/21, concerning Alejandro and Brian, and their feeble attempt to convince me that PayPal was doing all it could to get my situation resolved. It was just another smoke screen, and I knew it. I was on the phone with Joel for 90 minutes, an hour and a half, and NOTHING was accomplished!! Joel would ask for information, put me on hold for 2 to 10 minutes, then return, get more information, assure me to hold on, we were almost done. I made it VERY CLEAR, I wanted my money, I wanted my money. Joel told me that my cards were already linked. I asked how that happened, because Faith was to connect me to the department that would walk me through the link, but she instead transferred me to the SAME CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER that I had been blocked from. Joel just assured me again, my cards were linked. I asked Joel about getting the copies of the messages from the message center I had been asking for, Joel told me he would address that, after the current situation was resolved. I was not nice. I was INCENSED at the treatment PayPal customer service had shown me, Joel then stated that this was a professional line, again, trying to bully me into silence, I told Joel, if this was a professional line, why wasn’t the customer service representatives behaving professionally, and do their job. Instead of going to all this effort to keep me from my money, NOT ONE SINGLE PAYPAL EMPLOYEE had ANY PLACE TO ACT LIKE I WAS THE ONE IN THE WRONG!! I want my money!! I repeated this SEVERAL TIMES!! At one time, Joel made the statement that I could transfer the money owed to me to a card of a friend, and get the money that way. I told him I had been given the run around enough from this company, I was NOT going to run around town all day, and STILL have no money at the end of the day. I told Joel if PayPal could do all that, they could get me my money TODAY!!! After 90 minutes, and NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED, Joel said he was going to transfer me to another department and AGAIN ASSURED ME that I would be speaking to a customer service supervisor. Joel simply transferred me to another customer service line and after I went through the prompts, I was connected to a woman who identified herself as Amy. I asked for her employee I.D number, Amy asked for my information, I reminded Amy that I was the customer and I was asking for her employee I.D number, Amy refused to give me the information I requested, stating she needed my information first. I told her I knew better, that I had been dealing with this sham that PayPal called customer service, and NO ONE had to have my information first, but I told her this was being recorded, so we could resolve that later. I gave her the information, quickly, my patience was GONE!!! ABSOLUTELY VAPORIZED by another example of customer service representatives trying to bully me into some kind of behavior, they could call abusive, and not have to contend with me anymore. I gave Amy the information she asked for and when I AGAIN asked for her employee I.D number, she gave me E 4 and then immediately transferred me back to the line with the prompts. I already knew how to answer them to get to some resemblance of customer service. This time, I got a gentleman who identified himself as Dillon. Dillon was rude, terse and BLANTENLY DISRESPECTFUL. When I asked a question that needed a yes or no answer, his response was yeah, nope, I guess, I don’t know. I asked Dillon if he was a customer service supervisor, he was not. Surprise, surprise, another deception from a PayPal customer service representative. I told Dillon the same information I had given Joel. Despite Dillons ABSOLUTE apathy for customer service, he did discover that Joel had flat out lied to me, MANY, MANY TIMES!! My cards were NOT linked. Dillon did walk me through the link process, and since that’s the ONLY THING that was accomplished in the more than 5 HOURS,I was on the phone with PayPal customer service, he gets the prize for the best customer service representative. Dillon assured me that he was going to transfer me to Joel again. I wanted my money!!! Already the horse puckey of giving me the run around was going to be the situation with PayPal customer service. Such as it is. Dillon lied flat out as well, because he transferred me right back to the line with the prompts, that I was already familiar with. This time, I got a woman who identified herself as Shawn. When I asked for her employee I.D number, she started with I37, then she said, that her employee I.D number was simply I782, I told her that she had said it was I 3782 just seconds ago, and Shawn denied that. I told her I knew better, as unlike PayPal customer service, I was listening and I was listening VERY WELL. Shawn still denied giving me a different employee I.D number. I told Shawn I was recording this conversation and would listen to it later, I knew I was right, but whatever. I told Shawn I had been on the phone for over 2 hours, I was now speaking to the 4th person with PayPal customer service, and NOTHING had been accomplished except to get the cards linked. Shawn starts to tell me that I needed to be transferred to a different department, as I was speaking to the prepaid PayPal customer service and I needed the PayPal bank card department. I told Shawn that I was NOT going to be bounced back and forth, back and forth between departments all day. I was now approaching 3 hours with customer service and had NOTHING to show for it!! I began repeating, I want my money, I want my money, I want it today!! Then Shawn states that I would need to transfer the funds from my bank card account…and I stopped her, now yelling, Shawn, Shawn, Shawn you’re not listening to me. THERE ARE NO FUNDS TO TRANSFER!!! I DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH PLAINER I CAN MAKE THIS!!!!THERE ARE NO FUNDS!! I then told Shawn that when Joel and I had tried to withdraw the money, there was a rectangular box at the bottom saying the PayPal account has been blocked by others. I told Shawn this was just another attempt for PayPal to either wear me down and I’ll go away, or just keep lying to me and bouncing me back and forth between departments. I was already on to their game. I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor!! Shawn then transferred me to a gentleman who identified himself as Jay. I AM BEYOND LIVID, INCENSED, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, AND DISGUSTED!!! This was the 5th person I had spoken to with PayPal customer service and I had gotten nowhere. I was yelling, and no, I wasn’t out of line one little bit!! It was now OBVIOUS that this nonsense was participated in by PayPal customer service representatives. I told Jay that I was tenacious and determined, and I wanted my money!! Jay had hung up. I called back, and got a woman who identified herself as Shawn. The same woman I had spoken with earlier. I asked for her employee I.D number, she gave me a entirely different number than before. I then identified myself and asked why I was given a different employee I.D number from her, she denied that. I told her Jay had hung up on me. I told her this entire facade of customer service was being recorded and I had a friend here with me, witnessing ALL OF THIS. I AGAIN asked for a customer service supervisor. I was transferred to a woman who identified herself as Marlene. I asked her if she was a customer service supervisor she was not. I told her I wanted to speak to a customer service supervisor, I was then transferred from the PayPal bank card department, back to the PayPal prepaid card department. I had now been on the phone for almost 4 hours!!!! I had made it QUITE CLEAR, TO EVERY SINGLE PAYPAL CUSTOMER SERVICE EMPLOYEE, THAT I WANTED MY MONEY!!! I got a woman who identified herself as Rose, she wasn’t a customer service supervisor, so she transferred me to a gentleman who identified himself as Rico, he listened and then explained that I would need to get the funds put on a PayPal cash card!!!OH MY GOD!!!! NOW AN ENTIRELY NEW CARD, THAT HAD NEVER BEEN MENTIONED IN THE ENTIRE 3 AND A HALF WEEKS WAS THE CULPRIT. And guess what, Rico was going to have to transfer me to ANOTHER DEPARTMENT!!! I got a gentleman who identified himself as Travis. I told Travis I wanted to speak to his supervisor. He first tried to tell me he didn’t have a supervisor. I told him everyone had a supervisor, except God, and you ain’t him. Travis said he would put me on hold and transfer me to his manager. While I was on hold, FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR, the recorded message assured me that a Personal Account Advisor would be on the line to assist me. After I had been on hold for an hour, I was kicked off that line, and transferred right back to the customer service agent. I got a woman, who identified herself as Laura. I told her I wanted to speak to a Personal Account Advisor. Laura stated PayPal didn’t have Personal Account Advisor. I told her I had been on hold for an hour and the recorded message stated that a Personal Account Advisor would be with me momentarily, so yes, PayPal DID have Personal Account Advisor, and I wanted to speak to one. I was put on hold. I had EVERY INTENTION TO STAY ON THE PHONE WITH PAYPAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, until the 9 pm closing time, but another issue arose. Today, I got my mail. I GOT 2 MORE PAYPAL PREPAID CARDS AND A PAYPAL CASH CARD, which is one of the cards I was told I needed to get my money!!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!!!! I WANT MY MONEY!!!! I WANT TO BE CONTACTED BY SOMEONE IN HUMAN RESOURCES, OR ANOTHER AUTHORITY WHO IS TRULY INTERESTED IN PAYPAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND RESOLVING THIS ISSUE!!!

  57. I have been scammed by a scammer with http:// platform , I was exchanging my AirUSD to PayPal USD and it was a peer to peer exchange . he sent me PayPal USD and I send her AirUSD after complete the transaction the scammer(my peer) put a dispute in PayPal and payapal solved the case in favour of scammer , I lost both AirUSD and PayPal USD . This is Case number: PP-D-105225753

  58. Hi Lori, I’m Joe. PayPal has banned me permanently for making transactions to a friend of large sums so they can send me care packages from home. Paypal says I have violated some terms but they won’t say specifically what terms were involved. Yet, they allowed my account to be hacked and an inauthorized outgoing transfer to take place – I notified PayPal anf they did nothing.

    Id like to gather as many people together to initiate a class action lawsuit against PayPal to stop their abuses. This needs to end soon.

  59. I have tried to call several times during your work hours only to hear you are closed, please, call me 740 274 xxxx.

  60. You all are holding my tax return and my stimulus money is about to hit. I barley use your prepaid card ams you are threatening to hold my much need money for a 180 days. I have been laughed at and argued with for hours and hours through phone calls and emails. The last person told me you can hold my money with limitation for any reason and you dont have to tell me why. I have this phone call recorded it is the worst experience I have ever had. You guys have cost me hundreds in late fees and trauma i have been put through is ridiculous. I havent done anything wrong and i have been called a liar and a thief. My account has only been used around a dozen times and only 2 deposits were made. One for my tax return from the IRS and the other from a medical supply place. Nobody will help me and this has been going on not once but twice for each deposit. Something about suspicious activity and this makes no sense because my deposit from the government was from the IRS there is nothing suspicious about that. I am tired of dealing with this I need my money something desperately I was dependent on this money in the stimulus check is going to hit this needs to be fixed now. I am reporting you to the FTC the Better Business Bureau and a lot of my lawyer. You all have forced me into this the treatment that I have gotten from you all is astounding the mental anguish and the laughs and the refusal to transfer me to a supervisor wild dogs are back barking in the background of my phone calls with your employees I mean this whole process has been a joke and I have done nothing wrong. You guys need to fix my account now you all are in the wrong about this you cannot hold somebody’s government check for 180 days just because you feel like it and cannot give any reason and refused to.

  61. Massive Problems with PayPal Fraud and Payment PayPal Violates my Civil Human Financial Rights I have a Disability homeless hundreds of Millions in PayPal Revenues there Hurtful and abusive because there Protected by the Corrupted Government so I suffer me and My Adult Children For there Greed and I Consideration for Disability Rights PayPal has a different owner but Elon Musk runs the Show he wants all my Products Spoken from the 5G owner he even wants my life

  62. You all are holding my tax return and my stimulus money is about to hit. I barley use your prepaid card ams you are threatening to hold my much need money for a 180 days. I have been laughed at and argued with for hours and hours through phone calls and emails. The last person told me you can hold my money with limitation for any reason and you dont have to tell me why. I have this phone call recorded it is the worst experience I have ever had. You guys have cost me hundreds in late fees and trauma i have been put through is ridiculous. I havent done anything wrong and i have been called a liar and a thief. My account has only been used around a dozen times and only 2 deposits were made. One for my tax return from the IRS and the other from a medical supply place. Nobody will help me and this has been going on not once but twice for each deposit. Something about suspicious activity and this makes no sense because my deposit from the government was from the IRS there is nothing suspicious about that. I am tired of dealing with this I need my money desperately I was dependent on this money in the stimulus check is going to hit this needs to be fixed now. I am reporting you to the FTC the Better Business Bureau and my lawyer. You all have forced me into this the treatment that I have gotten from you all is astounding the mental anguish and the laughs and the refusal to transfer me to a supervisor. wild dogs are back barking in the background of my phone calls with your employees I mean this whole process has been a joke and I have done nothing wrong. You guys need to fix my account now you all are in the wrong about this you cannot hold somebody’s government check for 180 days just because you feel like it and cannot give any reason and refused to.

  63. I have been fighting with these clowns at Paypay for over two months. They first blamed a VPN at a house my phone might have logged into, then they needed more back info, then they didn’t have the correct account number, then they said I need to describe all my transactions in a written letter…….I have around $700.oo in Bitcoin. I have tried and tried to close the account. I have moved all my accounts out of Paypal but still can’t get the $700.00 out. I will never do business with them again…..EVER……Facebook pay is instant, goes straight into my account and is availble CASH. These fools are a corporate dump truck. Stay way if your smart. Lots of other choices out there……..

  64. After using your services for years with random online purchase but also buying cryptocurrency I received an email saying the were putting a permanent limit access on my account, and you will be holding the funds for 180 days!? No explanations or ressources to resolve the issue when I called you. So I would kindly ask to look into this issue quickly and tell me what the problem is, so we can fix it. Thank you

  65. My name is Patrice Smith and I called one your representatives to take of a charge I wanted a refund for and your PayPal rep proceeded to take extra information from me, openings up and while still connected to my device took money from both of my bank accounts he said I had to give him information from in order for him to proceeded with my $45.00 refund and opened passwords to cash transferring apps I didn’t understand had anything to do with my case or issue. He said his name was David Mark. This call was 11:30 am 3-20-21. I checked both of my bank accounts after this call to your PayPal rep and he took fund from my Amalgamated bank account. I am extremely disappointed and ANGRY. Their working from home and under their employer’s name taking advantage of people. I would like this person to be found and penalized. THE FREAKEN NERVE HIM. I told him that I not tech savvy and he did take advantage of this. He sounded to be of Indian descent. As his is doing this money SCAM I was actually seeing the pictures of his Indian relatives and friends he was sending money too.
    My phone number to contact me at 718-930-9560. He took a picture of my New Jersey driver’s License and had me take a selfie. I asked him I didn’t know I had to do all of this for a $45.00 refund to my Amalgamated bank account. He sounded extremely convincing, I continued. He opened up a cash app and a QuickPay app I did not need to do. He even took my email address. SOMEONE PLEASE CONTACT ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  66. Pay pal are thieves they locked my account for 180 and still won’t release my money and can’t tell me why when I call they say the same thing over and over so no I’m about to sue

    1. They literally did the same thing to me! A whole bunch of other people I know has had it happen to them as well! This company needs to be stopped.

  67. This all started after covid-19 my wife died of that I had disease then people started helping me out they sent me money money was put in my PayPal account the $8,604 is in there I reported Something Fishy going on with the account back in July my account was put on limitations in July 23rd I was told I could get my money out January 20th so January 20th came around and no money they said there was another limitation put on it and October that I can get my money out April 11 I’ve been having I’ve been having heart attacks all kind of medical issues because of this I’m camping outside on the side of a freeway by God in a tent what else do you want me to go through I just want my money please

  68. My name is David Judd I have $8,604 in PayPal account you put a limitation on my account July 23rd said I could get my money out January 20th well if y’all started when the covid-19 started my wife died over that I lost work I’m medically unfit to work now I lost my apartment because I couldn’t pay rent because you are holding my money now nobody wants to send me money because they’re afraid my money is going to be held somewhere do PayPal has got to do something and let me have my money you said there was another limitation for Donna and October and I can’t get out till April 11th you people are feet that’s all you are I’ve read all the comments about everyone you’re taking money from honest people if I don’t hear something soon I am going to a lawyer and I am going to I don’t care if I lose the money to a lawyer but I am suing you people I want compensation 8 months that you made me go through. What do you think of judge and jury would think about you people taking money from honest people that work or get that money from a benefit but you take it from me like all these other people I probably won’t hear back from you you’re probably please playing games with me I just want my money please

  69. Y’all are refusing to release my money because my account was seen as a risk because I was using it as you intended but y’all deemed me using it too much. I just want my money released immediately so I never have to deal with PayPal again. Paypal email I use is princesxxxxxx

  70. They are refusing to release my money from my account. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE PAYPAL unless you like loosing hundreds and hundreds of dollars

  71. I have had a PayPal account for years and I am on autopay Last month my payment was ‘returned’ and subsequently my account was canceled! Needless to say I am very upset – as I had enough money to cover it – and my bank never said anything! I have been in the process of setting up an e-commerce website and was planning on using pay pal – but not now. I have written to Customer Service who still hasn’t responded or followed through with this issue. Very disappointing, Constance Murray The Cottage Shoppes by the Sea.

  72. I’ve been contacting Paypal Mastercard department numerous times over the past month but I cannot get anyone from Paypal to respond and solve this problem. This concerns me greatly.

    Paypal has removed my Mastercard from my account without my authorization. Thenceforth I cannot see the activities and balance due of my Mastercard.

    I called 855-520-0991, 866-528-3733, 888-221-1161 and each time I was transferred among the departments without anyone actually helping me resolve this issue. What’s worse was that I got hung up every time during a 3rd or 4th transfer. I’d like to solve this problem as soon as possible so it won’t cause the late fee or any other consequences.

    Please note that I did not report lost or stolen of my card and I did not claim any fraudulent activities. The mystery of my Mastercard being removed from my account remains unknown. The fact that no one from Paypal can assist on this matter is disappointing.

    Can you please help so that this sort of mishap does not happen again?

  73. Same thing over here in the UK, tried transferring £930 to my bank card and it is stuck under review, I have been on the phone to customer service for over 8 hours and still no joy, I have now taken the decision to email Dan Schulman direct and name the reps, supervisors, and managers that I have dealt with today. I have even been laughed at by a manager and her colleagues that is how bad they are.

  74. I am trying to find out if I have an open ebay or PayPal account Under a different account

  75. I had a problem with someone hacking my account in the middle of the night and placing 2 orders for speakers ($398 each order) for pick up in Atlanta. I live in Chicago. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with fraud at Paypal and even had a conference call call with Home Depot and Paypal both on the phone. The paypal rep was flip and told me not to worry that it showed pending and they would investigate. One order was refunded and the other was never refunded. I have been on hold over 3 1/2 hours and even tried to call corporate. What a joke. Not sure why anyone would have to go through so much to get fraud handled. No Bank or or Credit Card would ever make it so difficult. I still need this resolved. Is there anyway to talk to a human being at Paypal.

  76. You have 4329.09 of my money and it’s past the limitation for the second time I would like me money now please

  77. I have been trying to have my funds released since 3/19. I have called 4x, been hung up on. My buyer has been contacted and still my funds are on hold. PLEASE CONTACT ME, THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! 518-992-xxxx.

  78. A company is selling Play Station 4 under the name of Best Buy Co. Inc. This is not Best Buy, the known corporation. It says after payment to pick up the PS 4 at a known Best Buy store. But they have no record of the transaction. Now I’m trying to contact Paypal to report it.

  79. pay pal side with scammer an fraudently companies they will not help the consumer only seller

  80. I can’t log into my old account cause it’s been awhile and I can’t remember the email or password really need to get into my account and I have no problem verifying who I am but nobody will give me an opportunity to can you please help me thank you

  81. I am disabled it is safe and easy to shop with you. I have applied for a line of credit and because my ex wife did something to my account they tell me I can’t get credit. I was a victim of identity theft a few years ago and my credit was all messed up. Most of it has been coming off gradually. I have no clue what she did and it’s irrelavent. It wasn’t me and I am no longer with her. I have applied for credit and been approved at differant locations. Due to my wife’s knowing my information I’m starting to see things I have to cancel and correct. I’m 53 years old I don’t owe anyone any money. I’ve had 3 loans on my car and I’ve paid everyone back and did this within a year. I want whatever restrictions removed. And you be frankly honest with you. If you can’t grant me credit I’m going to tell the three people who’s bill I pay every month to cancel there credit. It’s sad I have to use a third party to buy what I need and make payments on those accounts. I owe one last payment on each of the accounts. I’m paying them off today. I’ve made double payments every time I make a payment. I get $3600 a month disability and i earn $2800 a month on rental property. I have no issue with paying my bills. And the common curtousy would be appreciated to know what it is exactly she did I’m punished for. I added the 3 accounts in the last year alone I paid over $22000 in credit on all three accounts. I really don’t care if you do extend me credit. I told you the last time I believe your discriminating. It’s why I used my friends that know me. Whatever she did I assure you it wasn’t me. And I deserve to be given credit I’ve sent a whole lot of money with you. It’s time for me to put my foot down and tell you what’s on my mind. And you stand to lose 3 accounts all paid by me.

  82. I resent your comments on voter id’s. I am a stick holder and I prefer to do business, in all forms, with companies that are free from bias. By taking a stand on voter I’d, you are condoning voter fraud. You are a public company and there for you are alienating more than 70% of this country.
    Does your idealogy mean you will allow anyone to open an account with PayPal without an ID???!!! Can you answer this in your reply to my concerns.

  83. Hi,

    I have spent 2 days trying to cancel my paypal account , getting the run around. Getting hung up. Being told a supervisor would call me and never did. Its very simple, I DONT WANT A PAYPAL account, I WANT TO CANCEL THE account. Seems this request is to hard to understand by your “trained agents”.

    I have submitedt a formal complaint with the consumer association of Canada www. , no clue if they will do something but I was told I needed to let paypal know that I submitted the complaint. So here is my notice.

  84. My stimulus was deposited into my PayPal account, I could never activate my card, it would not accept. I have another card I’d like to use for transferring refund. I have called customer service about this issue, and haven’t this resolved.

  85. I want to pay off both Paypal accounts by combining it with another credit card. I don’t want 2 credit cards with PayPal & your ads are confusing which is why I ended up with two instead of the one I’ve had for years. Your customer service & the online accounts with Synchrony are not allowing me to do this. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB to get this done. Your interest is too high & I don’t want two Paypal accounts.

  86. I am having money so for me my PayPal account has been locked my business account I believe it is a close family member that is doing this however I cannot get in that my account and access my phone’s this has been done several times through PayPal I continuously email them call them and without a response can you please get back in touch with me

  87. Worst company of all time they like to take from u and not do what they are post to

  88. I am so upset with your customer service and fraud department so I am contacting the fraud department with the irs my last 2 stimulus were deposited into the account I received my first stimulus payment but I closed it and you have not sent it back . So I imagine I will be during you because I am not going to let your customer service talk to me in the manner that they do and shuffle my call for 4 hours every thirty minutes transfer me to hold for another 30 to forty minutes .I also recorded my phone call with them so I would have it for court Tammie Jones

  89. Just saw that you are joining the left in going against Georgia’s voting rules. I’ve been using PayPal for quite some time and plan to find an alternative. You should stay out of politics. This is getting out of hand.

  90. I have 2 complaints for paypal I had ordered 5 dolls from seller Creativegiftss the dolls didn’t look like the picture did so I sent them back to the seller and I notified paypal that I sent the order back to Creativegiftss and ask them to refund me my money back and they only sent me 22.00 of my money and I put a dispute in with paypal explaining that I sent the 5 dolls back to the seller and I wanted a refund your company knew that the seller only refunded me 22.09 dollars of my money I then ask where is the rest of my money and paypal closed out my case and I’m dissatisfied with my refund for this company to be big this how they treat their customers I’m very disappointed and want something done about this dispute please. The second complaint is that PayPal is changing me 104.99 for a purchase that I didn’t receive at all they paid dressinn for sows I ordered and didn’t receive the order why if I haven’t received the order at all can you please help with me with this matter please thank you

  91. Hello,
    This is fraudulent activity by someone from China (Case: PP-I-14367206. I have never sent the amount, clearly the account was hacked. I have tried to speak with PayPal customer service but all been unsacsseful. Please help!
    I have never made this transaction. Please investigate it and get this resolved ASAP.

  92. Good day,
    I have been trying to get money refunded to me that has been in pending status for over 30 days. I keep getting told that it will be sent once it is cleared. This is unacceptable. The money was rejected, and put in pending status since day 1. Furthermore, it was sent 2 times and both are in the same status. The recipient cannot access the money to send back. I have already sent the amount via a separate application and she received it within 30 minutes. Now I have $1000 usd being held that I need refunded and being told there is nothing anyone can do. I waited on hold for over 3 hours today, hung up on 2 times and keep getting the same story. This is highly unprofessional and unethical.

  93. I signed up for PayPal and tried getting into my account the next day (I wrote down all the info) I couldn’t get into my account. Still can’t. I am not impressed so not using PayPal. I am getting a ton of emails so I went to unsubscribe. I couldn’t do that because YOUR site will not let me. So, I tried calling Paypal. I have been on hold now for 25 minutes! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! What kind of joke is this? I demand to be unsubscribed from ALL CORRESPONDENCE from your, obviously, incompetent business entity.
    Seriously, what is the deal? Why are you harassing the consumer with your round about dealings? You make it impossible to get into my account. Impossible to unsubscribe and impossible to speak to a rep. You are a joke! CANCEL MY ACCOUNT AND UNSUBSCRIBE ME IMMEDIATELY! STILL ON HOLD!

  94. I have now been on hold for 45 minutes waiting to speak to a supervisor. I cannot believe you are still in business. Not for long with the treatment of your people when there is an issue. Seriously, what is the actual deal here?

  95. My account was closed on things that I could not control a glitch in your system as well as my banking systems. I am not happy at all about this. I pay my account all the time no issues, my account was hacked through a purchase I made through PayPal. After that my bank blocked axh payments and I was unaware. I called PayPal they stated it was my bank. I called my bank and they said it was not them. After it happened again I spoke to someone higher. They explained to me because my account was compromised that they blocked my account from ach through PayPal. I had to go into the bank and sign papers to release my bank of responsibility for anything that goes through PayPal to reinstate. Right after I seen the payment was returned I immediately paid over the phone with my debit card. It just bothers me to know that a simple misunderstanding could close an account with no compromise at all, no investigation, and I explained that my bank said anyone could call they will explain I can submit my bank statements over the last couple months and everything and it’s just no. This to me is very bad customer service. And I will let my family and friends know and we will no longer be apart of PayPal. And I paid the account out in full as I told them as well I can pay it out everytine I use it but I just wanted the line to stay open. Very very dissatisfied customer.

  96. Someone stole money out my account more than. Once and I’m single mother with a 11year disabled boys I have no job because the pandemic and I dispute the unauthorized transaction with paypal and they deny them and just let people take please help they took me and my kids rent money please

  97. Someone is using my name and then account with your company to make fraudulent charges I do not have an account with PayPal

  98. My name is Marvat Moore I am Extremely disappoint of Pay Pal I am trying to call for the last 10 days and everybody lied to me the last two conversation the first one it was ia man he told me paypal does not do anything to anybody except taking money secondly I asked him to send me the wish email to send to email for the wishi did not receive my order he said I will send it to you and he never dead also I Call again to a lady her speak to a supervisor she bought me in hold for a long time and after nobody answer over Long time I have to hang up I am extremely disappointed I need someone to give me a call please I’m dealing with PayPal for a year and I am very disappointed please someone get hold of me 256-337-xxxx thank you

  99. your company is abusing me and my are causing great mental stress and suffering to people allrready suffering from a hurricane that wiped out most of the homes .you are holding payments for peoples pay so they can eat and survive another day . i have a small handy man service and i received a payment through paypal and they held my money for several days for no reason.I received another payment for labor service and you put another hold on my money,i refunded that payment and accepted payment from another source .i installed 4 windows and contacted paypal and requested a complance ck and i was told i was good to go and was assured 100% my money would not be held..THAT WAS A TRICK ,AS SOON AS MY CUSTOMER SENT THE PAYMENT PAYPAL PUT A HOAD ANOTHER AGENT TELL ME ANOTHER BOLD FACE LIE AND ITS BEEN HELL ALL NIGHT TRYING TO GET MY PAYROLL RELEASED .i was just told that the customers mate had a heart attack over this paypal thing and might not make it.ALL WE WANT IS OUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO LIVE ON SO WE CAN KEEP HELP THE STORM VICTIMS WITH NO PLACE TO LIVE AND TRYING TO GET BACK IN THER HOMES AND PAYPAL IS CAUSING MORE PAIN AND SUFFERING FOR NO REASON.FROM PAYPAL SO PEOPLE CAN EAT.

  100. My complaint is I was sent a payment on the 6th of April and it was on hold for 21 days now they’re telling me I have a permit limitation and I still can’t receive my money in 180 days and I’m losing my apartment because it my problem is where’s the compassion times is hard enough as it is with the coronavirus going on

  101. Good Evening,

    Below is my response to claimappeal after being told twice that my disputes for unauthorized transactions were denied because it coincides with my normal PayPal spending history. I’ve been a PayPal customer since 2007 with very minimal disputes. I expect any business that I spend monies with to do their due diligence when investing issues concerning unauthorized transactions to my account.

    “This is the second time within 60 days that the PayPal resolution department did a poor job of investigating the disputes that I’ve filed. I’m not concerned with what appears to be my “normal. pattern of spending”, when I’ve complained that I did not authorize certain transactions!

    It’s impossible for anyone to tell me what I did or didn’t spend my hard earned money on, especially when I’ve been a loyal PayPal customer for many years with very few disputes.

    Please have a supervisor/manager call me ASAP. I’d like to discuss further with someone that will actually take the time to review my case instead of sending the same scripted responses.

    If this can’t be resolved, I’ll be requesting to completely close all PayPal Accts for myself, husband and son. definitely be escalating my concerns to the corporate office as well”.

    Niya Seymour-Murray

  102. I tried to close the account and was told there was some sort of restriction on it. I was told I could not just close the account without sending in personal information. I informed the CS Rep that was just plain ridiculous. They offered no solution other than me sending them a copy of my DL. I informed the person I felt very unsure of doing that but as I stated they offered no other way. If a person wants to close their account and refuses to send in personal info Paypay should have other options to verify the account with that person. IMO Paypal treats honest people like a criminal.

  103. Good afternoon everyone,
    I would like to inform you that I have been trying to signup to PayPal website. It has not shown Libya as country in Africa continent.

  104. I added money to my account and transferred it to my cash app account because I don’t have a bank account. Then you locked my account and said I can’t have my money for 180 days. This is my money for bills. I have a newborn and don’t have extra money sitting around. I provided all that was required for verification. And there was no fraudulent activity going on. I need my money please.

  105. It is extremely difficult to get through to anyone at Papal. I am trying to find out why I received a invoice notice for an amount I did not authorize a purchase for, claiming the amount due is for 17th May 2021. Why won’t someone answer me, what is this for so it can be resolved?


  107. I am respectfully requesting that the hold on my funds/account be lifted. I am not necessarily requesting that my account be re-opened or allowed to continue to use the PayPal service, as I have already taken my business to your largest competitor and I am no longer in need of PayPal’s services.

    I have previously requested a review/appeal of my case which was denied. Although I still disagree with the decision to deny my appeal I will abide by it – however because I feel that holding my funds for 180 days for a non-fraudulent violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy is excessive, and perhaps a punitive abuse of power, I will be filing complaints with the following agencies on Monday morning, May 24, 2021 if I am not satisfied with PayPal’s response to this request to release my funds:

    (agencies in the states that I reside or have a business presence in)

    The South Carolina Office of the Attorney General

    The Florida Office of the Attorney General

    The Arizona Office of the Attorney General

    The United States Federal Reserve
    (I understand that PayPal does not operate as a “bank” which is precisely why they may be interested in such complaints)

    The Better Business Bureau:

    All complaints will be filed “online” Wednesday morning April 23, 2008 and written copies will also be sent via certified postal mail.

    I understand PayPal’s need for holding funds for credit card chargeback purposes, however a review of my account history for the last year will reveal a very low chargeback rate as well as a very high customer-satisfaction rate. I feel that any reasonable person would conclude that holding my entire balance for 180 days is excessive and my be viewed by some as punitive or as already stated, an unnecessary abuse of power and perhaps even contrary to the laws of some states. That being said I have no problem with, how can I be chargeback for my own money I can leave Some money on there for charge back but I NEED 400.00$ to pay RENT today or me and my 11 year will be homeless purposes for the duration of the 180 days. I feel that this is a fair resolution while still leaving PayPal with the means to charge back any future credit card disputes to my account.

    Please be aware that replying with the standard “this is part of the terms of service that you agreed to” will not satisfy my request, or deter me from filing my complaints with the agencies listed above on the morning of Monday May 24. It will be up to those agencies to determine if PayPal is operating within the law, abusing power, etc. I am simply seeking a resolution that is fair and in the best interest of both parties.

    Thank you for your time again in looking into this matter.

  108. Tried to send money to my mom Cwendolyn Colvin money went to wrong person with the same name 514.00 I immediately contacted pay pal and

  109. I have held funds due to unusual activity resulting from a one time event – ticket sales and merchandise sales. Apparently NOTHING can be done except to wait 21 days for my funds. After spending an hour on the phone with a customer service representative and then with a supervisor, the answer was still the same. Is there ANYWAY that these funds can be released sooner? We are a non-profit organization that was counting on immediate access to the funds for operating expenses. Thank you for your response.

  110. Trying to transfer money from my bank to my PayPal debit card but your system can’t confirm my identity DESPITE my secure login, having confirmed a link to my bank, and answering questions that date back to 1994. Now my account is locked. My car just got stolen Monday morning and my PayPal debit card is all I have to live on. Your customer service people are ignorant as are their supervisors. As soon as this whole mess is over, I am done with PayPal.

  111. It’s nice how you bait us into sending a message to the 24 hour chat. Nothing happens. Keep sending. Nothing happens. Finally it loads a page saying we must pay a dollar and get on a trial membership.

  112. It is believed that some of the hardest material
    known to science can be found inside the heads
    of PayPal phone support.

  113. PayPal is holding my account and $3000 dollars hostage. I received a payment from a family member which accidentally sent it as a sells payment. But there was no purchase on eBay as I explained to the rep. Several times before I lost my composure. Then I tried to purchase more cryptocurrency and daily expenditures and PayPal put a lock on my account and won’t refund or let me have access to $3000 for up to 180 days. The rep told me it was there their fault because I tried to buy more crypto $300 worth why are you holding $3000 of my funds during these times when people are suffering. This is why I lost my temper

  114. Yes I invested in yalls crypto section of PayPal and did a withdraw how ever my withdraw is being held I contacted customer support three times to only get ignored this is driving me to close my account.

  115. Your customer service is brutal as they will not seek to resolve serious issues. I have a serious issue.

  116. I have been complaining of scams on your sight. I have three outstanding. I filled complaints with the internet fraud unit. I have tried to explain and I am again your sellers are producing tracking numbers that are valid however not from them. I have not received any information from the company used for mailing other than a thirty pound box from Robert Carter is not a small package which is what that tracking number was for. Yesterday I received plastic jewelry from China I believe to be from your seller for $77.76 which should of been to adult handicapped ride on carts. I still have no pool I purchased for $98.99 all of these sellers list American address to purchase yet they all are from China. Your company finds in favor of seller I get that however they need to track the numbers as they do not match these sellers. At 4 pm today I am filling a suit against PayPal do yo larceny and honorable service to scammers.

  117. Hey my PayPal account only for to be hold until 180days and they said they was going to send me email June to let me know when I’m going to be able to get my funds off i never got a email and now they saying that it still on hold .


  119. Having trouble with you Lack of customer service
    and your corp phone number is NOT in service, JUst like everything else with I have finds that are on ” HOLD ” and not help from c s

  120. I continuously have issues with PayPal not refunding my money in a timely fashion. Recently I paid 102.00 for an oral surgeon consultation scheduled for July 22. I scheduled it on June 3. I got a phone call with a cancelation for an appointment from another oral surgeon with NO fee. So I canceled the July 22 appointment and requested a refund on my consultation that was no longer scheduled. That was June 9. It is now June 12 and I’m in a dispute over the 102.00 refund. I just want my 102.00. I cant afford to just dispute stuff everytime. Also, the money was taken from my PayPal balance. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  121. I had money deposited into my account on last Saturday. I have been trying withdraw money and it keeps getting denied!!!! I have spoken to customer service MULTIPLE TIMES and I was told to go to Walmart and take out cash there!!! I had to take a cab yesterday and today and your representatives told me it would work at Walmart well guess what it didn’t!!! So now I’m stuck at Walmart with no way home and I owe the cab company $100!!!! And I was told that there is nothing that can be done!!! There has to be something that can be done!!!! I have over $1000 in the account and I can’t access any of it!!! I am stuck in Walmart!!

  122. In the past several days I’d attempted to make the pending $50 in my account available. I paid a $50 deposit to stay in a room at the Fantasy Springs Hotel. I checked in on June 2nd and checked out on June 3rd. Now the hotel claims the $50 dollars were released when I checked out but somehow PayPal does not recognize that. I was told by the 1st PayPal agent I spoke to that Fantasy Springs needed to confirm receipt of an email that was sent to them. I tried to make this happen to no avail because the Fantasy Springs account that was helping me said that they have no such email. I proceeded to have the fantasy springs accountant speak with the PayPal rep thinking that this definitely take care of the problem. I was wrong as the PayPal rep concluded that we needed to wait 24hrs. What came after 24 hours, absolutely nothing. The accountant at Fantasy Springs had asked the PayPal agent what was needed or what could be done. He gave verbal authorization but that didn’t seem to be acceptable. The bottom line here is that PayPal has made it impossible to get the hold off my money and with an urgent matter that requires money, I can’t access my money. I’ve been so frustrated and upset over this. If you do decide you can listen to the recorded phone calls I had with PayPal and the conference call with the Fantasy Springs accountant. I’d say someone has got to be incompetent here. My money is still pending since June 3td for no good reason. I have a feeling PayPal account will be closing soon.

  123. My name is Grace Cox! My email is coxgracxxxxx ,I got scam by someone! I don’t think pay should let scammer have their own account! This lady littlefieldxxxxx she scam $500 from me and didn’t pay me back! I know I sent it by friend and family! I didn’t know anything about sending someone with what or what it was my first time and never got my $500 back! Pretty disappointed!

  124. I would like to put in a complaint for two of your customer service reps.
    I tried calling to speak to a rep because I’m having a problem with my statement balance. I wanted someone to explain to me how they arrived at balance that’s being shown on my statement. I made a payment of $85.84 to cover my standard purchase of April but yet that amount was never applied to my standard purchase.
    Both customer reps couldn’t answer the question to my satisfaction and both of them rudely hung up on me.
    The first customer rep had her child crying in the background! I realize many people are working from home right now but I would think that while a person is working they should have someone pay attention to their child.
    In the meantime, I will have to call back and try again.
    It’s very frustrating when customer service is non existent

  125. After a mobile app deposit of 118.75 no transactions are showing on any activity via my app or 10 different customer service reps. Im missing all my money sent from paypal to my paypal prepaid debit card. Customer service continues to transfer over and over with no answers then im hung up on. Lawsuits are proceeding now.

  126. PayPal balance

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    this acct has been frozen for over 200 days and im needing this money to pay bills and im not receving my unemployment so if i can please get help to get this put on my paypal prepaid card or check sent to me pleaase inform me

  127. Hello, My name is Carla Zirlott. I had a PayPal account which was hacked due to my email account attached was hacked. I called PayPal and even they could not remove my card attached to the account. I paid all fees due at that time and requested the account closed. I have received a collection notice from your company. My old email address was zladyxxxxx I want a reply from you about this. Thank you Carla Zirlott.

  128. Why won’t PayPal send my money to my bank. Money is sent to me by my business partners, but PayPal still has my money on hold. I received money, I am not a vender or merchant. I have my own business, my company deals in music and am waiting for my funds to keep my company solvent. Now I have followed instructions and talked to your staff nothing!. I repeat, I have my own banking, they are waiting for the release of my funds. Seems no one knows how to send my funds to MY bank. PayPal is not my bank. I have Chase Bank and TCF Banking to handle my accounts. I do not sell anything, I am in the music Industry. I do not buy merchandise or otherwise, through PayPal. I want my money in my bank account.

  129. Hello my name is Millie Gonzales Satcher, I purchased some candles from Bath & Body. I made my initial payment through PayPal, with my visa ending in 1041 my card was compromised, so Chase bank cancelled and reissued a new card. PayPal was still getting paid directly from my savings account and on top of that was still charging that old card which took up the amount to $52 from $39 they continue to add $8 late fees and
    was still getting paid was was owed. So I have a past due amount that has already been paid and I have tried calling PayPal on numerous occasions and it’s gone without success. I really need this resolved immediately or I will need to call an attorney because you are ruining my excellent credit for something that has been paid twice over now. Please provide me with assistance as soon as possible. I can be reached at 619 366 xxxx Thank you!!

  130. I have waited over 180 days to withdraw my money and crypto. Yet all I get is a runaround with customer service. I want a check sent to me. Email me please since corporate number doesn’t work . I see many complaints of PayPal conduct

  131. You have just closed a dog rescue charity’s account and holding the money for 180 days. This is disgusting dogs are dying because of this. The Romanian rescue needs this money. Mary pops has done NOTHING WRONG. please look at reinstatement of her account I beg you petstopxxxx This is insane

  132. I started my pay pal account on Jun 15 2021 and my account has been on hold every since. What can I do to receive my money ? I attemted to link up my wells fargo account with my pay pal account and it has been downhill every since then.

  133. I am highly upset with the situation that your company just put me thru I was turning on my pay pal prepaid card didn’t put in Andis information
    I get to the gentleman he asked my dob I told h 07/01/11982 he tells me it is wrong even the last 4 of the card turning on this is sick ut now I have to jp thru hoops and he needs a id right then and there you know what ill start my business somewhere else it was a call from 781476xxxx brandie pelechowicz so you can cancle my shit ill go thru some where else thanks alot

  134. There should be a law against theft. Yea there is if your not a bank.but as 184 day s why is my money not giving to me .It already harm my kids Christmas .because you would put on hold.but to keep playing game an hanging up an say we email u.

  135. this is about Paypal. I ordered a garment pd and finally rec’d 2 garments I never ordered and would never order. Tried to contact merchant – was ignored. Filed a dispute with Paypal who decided I need to pay return shipping to send the items back to China to get a refund????? Why would anyone be charged for ordering something and receiving the wrong merchandise, then to expected to put our more money to return items I NEVER ORDERED????? THIS IS ILLEGAL AND I’M GOING TO PURSUE IT TO THE SUPREME COURT IF I HAVE TO. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED THAT PAYPAL SIDED WITH A SELLER WHO ADMITS THE MISTAKE AND PAYPAL EXPECTS ME THE BUYER TO COVER THE COSTS? THIS IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE.

  136. Yes I’m going through this with paypal all day yesterday trying to get my funds released into my bank card. Because it was 3000 they put a hold on it for buyer and seller protection but it lit8says it was sent from friend or family. I need it by 830 am . I agree we all need to just file a law suit together on paypal . Ontop now they want you to verify your number but paypal dont recognize prepaid phone numbers and that is just crap when they can verify you with the last 4 digits of ss card. I’m beyond furious

  137. Hi,
    I have been trying to open a new PayPal credit account. I closed the old PayPal credit account years ago, plus I owed 214.75 when Covid-19 Pandemic started, which was paid off. I have been transferred to 866-528-3733, 888-334-6210, 844-286-4190, 888-895-5705 and (800-483-2361, which is the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) Each person at the above number, (except the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) told me that they could Not help me apply for another PayPal Credit account. I was told to ask the employees at 844-286-4190 to unlink my old PayPal credit account so I can apply for another PayPal Credit account. The woman I spoke with told me she had no ideal what I was talking about and told me that Credit Corp Solutions, Inc would have to unlink my old PayPal Credit account. Without my knowledge, she transferred me to 800-483-xxxx (Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) and there I was told that they had no ideal why the woman at Paypal Credit transferred me to them.
    I’m just trying to reapply for a new Paypal Credit account. Please help me.

  138. I have been trying to open a new PayPal credit account. I closed the old PayPal credit account years ago, plus I owed 214.75 when Covid-19 Pandemic started, which was paid off. I have been transferred to 866-528-3733, 888-334-6210, 844-286-4190, 888-895-5705 and 800-483-2361, which is the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc. Each person at the above number, (except the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) told me that they could Not help me apply for another PayPal Credit account. I was told to ask the employees at 844-286-4190 to unlink my old PayPal Credit account so I can apply for another PayPal Credit account. The woman I spoke with told me she had no idea what I was talking about and told me that Credit Corp Solutions, Inc would have to unlink my old PayPal Credit account. Without my knowledge, she transferred me to 800-483-2361 (Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) and there I was told that they had no idea why the woman at PayPal Credit transferred me to them.
    I’m just trying to reapply for a new PayPal Credit account. Please help me.

  139. Hello
    I have been trying to open a new PayPal credit account. I closed the old PayPal credit account years ago, plus I owed 214.75 when Covid-19 Pandemic started, which was paid off. I have been transferred to 866-528-3733, 888-334-6210, 844-286-4190, 888-895-5705 and 800-483-2361, which is the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc. Each person at the above number, (except the Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) told me that they could Not help me apply for another PayPal Credit account. I was told to ask the employees at 844-286-4190 to unlink my old PayPal Credit account so I can apply for another PayPal Credit account. The woman I spoke with told me she had no idea what I was talking about and told me that Credit Corp Solutions, Inc would have to unlink my old PayPal Credit account. Without my knowledge, she transferred me to 800-483-2361 (Credit Corp Solutions, Inc.) and there I was told that they had no idea why the woman at PayPal Credit transferred me to them.
    I’m just trying to reapply for a new PayPal Credit account. Please help me.

  140. Hello. I had paypal for a long time. My account got deleted. I had to start a new one. After raising a fuss I finally got a manager to help me. So. The problem is my account is limited and I was told by your csr that I can never do business with you again. When I spoke to a manager I did everything she had asked me. I’ve been waiting for an email in response to sending your company my bank statements. Your company has all my info from bank accts to ssn, phone number,address ,age, everything. All I’m told is that because my connected bank account went into the negative that it put me at high risk and that you’ve chosen not to do business with me ever again because of it. I’m tired of calling and I’m so angry I could explode. If it wasn’t for the fact that there are a few ways that I earn money on the side and paypal is the ONLY way they pay…I wouldn’t care. I’ve got 4 years experience in all centers and your reps need more training. Seriously.I really just want to know that yall are seriously banning me from paypal for life all because when I was jobless my bank account went negative. Its been hard to seriously not go complain on all my social medias and talk about how much I now hate paypal and wish I didn’t need to use them. Please get back to me by email.

  141. I have problems getting the 15000.00 I worked for through playing 1 particular game. I played this game for 3 days because I needed I pay my rent and insurance on my house. I obtain the amount needed to cash out, $ 15000.00. Now be award that I received $5 for downloading the game. I didn’t have a paypal debt card. So I requested to transfer the 5 dollars frim paypal to my cash app. They immediately granted my request. Now there’s a problem getting my money the same way. Fir the pass 2 days. Ive been on the phone with so called paypal representatives for hours.

  142. I need to talk to a tech expert who lives in the US and whose primary language is English.I have been on the phone 5 times with customer service people who are clueless and give me a different story every time and have no idea how to respond to my issues, obviously going by some standard rote advice.I would like for a US human with some insight to get a hold of me.I have used paypal for nearly 2 decades and haven’t been able to use it for the last month and nobody seems to know what is going on

  143. My stimulus the 600 and the 1400 got sent to me pay pal I don’t have any more because I lost the card . I keep calling you back and the IRS tells me to call you I just want my money

  144. I have a problem I just called and was put on hold for 2 hours the lady told me a lie I asked to talk to someone over her she said she is the top one I could talk to they took my money and said I was at fault she said I put the wrong amount so I told her I never put the amount in it never asked me to then she said it was a glitch in one of the computers how ever they never help me and was rude and left me on hold for 2 hours and kept coming back to the phone acting like a supervisor I asked for a supervisor they said all the supervisors are busy I asked to talk to someone else she said everyone is busy and left me on hold for too long can someone call me (504) 515-xxxx now when I call the phone hung up on me Twice this is getting to be to much plus I was sent a refund that I never got for $5. And some change why do they make it so hard on me when I’m paying for your service please contact me

  145. I have a problem I just called and was put on hold for 2 hours the lady told me a lie I asked to talk to someone over her she said she is the top one I could talk to they took my money and said I was at fault she said I put the wrong amount so I told her I never put the amount in it never asked me to then she said it was a glitch in one of the computers how ever they never help me and was rude and left me on hold for 2 hours and kept coming back to the phone acting like a supervisor I asked for a supervisor they said all the supervisors are busy I asked to talk to someone else she said everyone is busy and left me on hold for too long can someone call me (504) 515-8915 now when I call the phone hung up on me Twice this is getting to be to much plus I was sent a refund that I never got for $5. And some change why do they make it so hard on me when I’m paying for your service please contact me I also asked for the corporate office phone number she refused to give it to me and just kept telling me lie after lie no one should have to be put on hold for 2 hours and still not get anything done now they are hang up when I call

  146. Sir,

    I am very aware you are a very busy man and already have in place systems to provide feedback and resolution for items of my nature. Your company thrived because of people like me, people who have been long time members, using your services without complaint, helping keep the ship running true and stable. Then when I have a legitimate dispute, I get a reply in less than 2 hours that my transaction history is of such that my dispute is closed and there will be nothing more done about it. i voiced my opinion to that group and now have found myself reaching out to the man himself. I would appreciate you making some heads roll with this issue and seeing it resolved. One phone call would be all it took. Your dispute department needs to know who Dan Schulman is and that examples will be made f employees for being lazy concerning their job duties.

    My dispute #PP-I-15718946

    Thank-you for your time and I hope you pull rank and show them you are still calling the shots.

    Greg Overstreet

  147. I have a list of about 30 unpaid refunds from PayPal. Who should I write to to deal with this? I’m in the UK.

  148. Your customer service at paypal is terrible. Everybody should be fired for slow response times. I bet they’re not even busy over there. I’ve been trying to get somebody on the line for 2 hours.

  149. this is about Case ID: PP-D-116387067. A dispute I opened about an item I “DID NOT RECEIVE” and still have not. was informed my claim was denied due to the fact that you were shown proof of delivery from seller. I would like to see this so called proof of delivery because it was never delivered to me. when i received that notice I went straight to my local post office I was given new light to the case and with that sent to “PAY PAL” with never any response. Didn’t anyone even read my message? I think not. So I am attaching a copy of that message to pay pal for your eyes to see.

    david torres

    Tue, Jun 15 at 12:43 PM

    Hello… I am contacting you again to dispute the decision you concluded on a claim I opened. The claim in question is PP-D-114903625. This is definitely a Scam , and a near perfect scam to boot as it has seemed to fool everyone. original order # 210426201 tracking # 9361289734009134719246 that tracking # says was delivered. As my previous message indicated I Did Not Receive Package as with this message I will say again, ” I Did Not Receive That Package ” I have some new information on this claim that needs attention.. I personally went to my local post office and spoke to a Supervisor, His findings about this issue are as follows… “Package was indeed delivered and was delivered to “7011 W Ashland dr. Boise Id. 83709 at 4:18 pm on 05/31/2021 ” Well unfortunately I do Not live at that address which reiterates my original claim that : I did not receive this package….. so while still at post office and in front of supervisor I checked the tracking # provided to me . the information said was delivered to 83704 and that’s all it said… very vague and suspicious, which by that I mean No address, no name only a zip code ?? This is a well planned professional Scam. This information can easily be verified at USPS 3485 N Cole rd Boise Id. 83704 (208) 376-xxxx THANK you

  150. I ordered an item purchased using PayPal April 10, 2021 still have not received . I’ve been going back and forth with customer service via email to no avail . They keep giving me a tracking number that is fake . This item is a scam . I’ve investigated the company and it’s fake . Customer service doesn’t care so I am contacting you . It’s only 47.00 but I have no item . Please help me .

  151. I had a friend send money to me through pay pal I don’t use pay pal so I sent it back then y’all debited my account for the amount I want my money back I owe you nothing

  152. Why are you, paypal people, still stealing from my bank account??? I never subscribed for you to do that. When I try to text you or write you to stop, you don’t. You asked me to write down my account number. I never subscribed to you so how can I do that. My bank manager gave me the phone numbers of all who has taken out of my account and caused me to have overdrawn charges every month for 10 months now. Paypal, people searchs, truth finders, people finders. Pigeonly, has been taking out of my bank account for months without my permission. I don’t know how you managed to give me an account I never subscribed for and take out if my bank account. How do you manage to live with yourself, taking from a 65 year old lady, whose on a fixed income and still think it’s ok to keep doing it. What’s it going to take for you to refund all you’ve managed get out of my bank account. I really would like your CEO’s to read my complaint. Because I’ve been mistreated and I didn’t know what was going on. I’ve been asking you for months to unsubscribe me and in July 2021 you did it again.!!! I’m just really overwhelmed about my situation with you. You don’t have enough, you need to take more.

  153. I want to cancel my PayPal account. Someone stole my phone that you have on record. It is now cancelled. I erased the password but they are still ordering stuff on my account. When I go online to cancel PayPal you still have mt old phone in your records. I can’t get verified because my old number is still in y our files. My phone number is 479 530 xxxx. cattxxxx Please help me.

  154. PayPal has taken to spamming people. An then there is not way to close your account. They say they have 3 cents waiting for me (that they put there themselves), and I cannot close the account until I receive the 3 cents. But they also will not transfer the 3 cents to your bank account – minimum is 1 dollar. They will not let you change your email address to a fake email to stop receiving the spam. When you call, they keep your phone number for a callback claiming they are very busy to verify and likely to sell your phone number to other advertisers, spammers, scammers, and fraudsters.

  155. I have been trying to get my money off my account in the amount of 3504.25 for 6 an a half months now the department workers aint helping me any i need the money to get a car. I have been patient with them long enough i really need the money out of my account please. You can call me at 256640xxxx.

  156. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Jacquelyn Hoag and I have been a loyal PayPal customer for many years now. I am honestly disgusted with the recent events of a purchase that I made using PayPal as the payment source. I recently purchased a gazebo online and was given the option to pay with PayPal which I took advantage of because of the security and buyer protection that PayPal is known for. I did not hear anything from the merchant so I decided to follow up and sent the merchant an email. The merchant replied that the item was on its way and provided me with a tracking number, 9200 1902 6984 9062 xxxx xx. When I received the item in the mail, it ended up being a tiny piece of foam, about the size of a sponge, and maybe ¼ inch thick, ( I attached a picture). As a result I reached out to PayPal immediately to file a dispute. To make a long story short, PayPal settled in the merchants favor because the merchant replied back because the merchant provided PayPal with a tracking number. After reaching out to PayPal and speaking to somebody , my dispute was switched over to a case, PayPal Case ID PP-D-1571xxxx, and the company reached back out to the merchant regarding the description of the item versus what was actually shipped. After going back and forth for a while, the merchant finally responded that credit was going to be given back to me but I had to ship back the item back to the merchant and if it was not in “good condition” credit would not be given. First off, there was no item, it was a piece of foam. Secondly, I found out that the merchant lives in China and this is going to cost me over $67.00 to send back to them. This is absolutely ridiculous and absurd. The item was $99.00 that was purchases with PayPal Credit, there is no way that I am going to spend $67.00 to send this package back to the merchant. For what, a return of $23.00? Absolutely unacceptable and quite honestly its bad business. I called PayPal about the events that have unfolded and have gotten absolutely nowhere. I should be receiving the credit back towards my PayPal credit for this fraudulent purchase, but instead I am getting the run around and PayPal is siding with the merchant. In my eyes the company is justifying the sale of fraudulent items/activity and is supporting this behavior. In turn I am asking PayPal to reimburse my PayPal credit the $99.00 that was originally charged to me back on May 26,2021. If not I will have no choice but to escalate this with the better business bureau. If you should have any questions or concerns, I can be reached at 845-702-xxxx or through my personal email, [email protected]. I hope that PayPal will make the right decision and credit the account back for this evidently fraudulent purchase.

    Jacquelyn Hoag
    (845) 702-xxxx

  157. My account been on hold for 7 months and I was told after 183 days I will get my funds still n oh t hi I g after six month no activity has been done I also set up a fund for my disabled Hispanic son he lots of problems he has a brain disorder and rett syndrome what I want to do take him to see his favorite idols he love Disney characters nicky and goofy so I trying to raised the funds so he can see them before he get any worse right now he wearing glasses which he never hff as before he far sides on one eye and near sided on the other eye we want to na kn e memories with him so please release the funds thanks I been uh usually paypal fir a long time then my mom died due to covid lot of money came thru my paypal and now wanting funds for my son thanks

  158. Horrible service ! Use pay pal for long time and always was very happy with the service, and now very disappointed ! Open a dispute for scam company and instead receiving my money, got 1/3 of my refund, so now pay pal helping the scam company on Facebook to steal money from people ! Great !

  159. My name is vonda Chatman I live at 12118 walnut Park crossing I have been having problems with two people going into my phones taking my info out without my permission I play the game with fox bet super six they locks me out of my devices I can never access my money on line and I want them stoped one named melvin kincheon ,lisa cox there is one more im unsure of but those two for sure they locked me out of my own accounts as well as my phones i need this acount for my pay pal account

  160. My name is Philippe, living in France, working everyday with paypal as payment facilitie.
    The 11.04.21, ms Karima Mohamed sent me a payment. This payment has been suspended till last week.. Today I rang Paypal France (x6 since april) asking where was the monney because it s disappeared from previous activies. The 1st man said « you ve been paid 72 hrs after the 11th of april, the second said « no you payment is still suspended! »
    At each phone call, it s the shit.
    I know french people are are not serious as you..
    They also said that my patient didn’t fill out the questionnary sent after her payment … false again!!!

    The only thing I can do now is to make a complaint to the french justice…
    Why Paypal employs so silly people ???
    French Paypal employs people speaking hardly french !!! How come they solve complaints ??

  161. on july 18 2021 at about 4:00 pm I purchased 75.00 of bit coin thru pay pal i used my pay pal account to pay for this transaction. 2hrs later bitcoin was losing money .I sold my bit coin and now the money i used from my pay pal account to make this purchase is on hold .until the 21st of july WHY? I have spent the last 13 hours getting lied to and given the runaround. I was told by a manager named richard in the crypto dept that the money shoul not have been helld since i used my pay pal account to make the purchase. I have a recording of this phone call assuring me that this will be rectified immediately. I called back 4 hours later only to get lied to again. i would love for you to hear this conversation as it was recorded by me and paypal. YOU NEED TO BE MADE AWARE OF THE LIES I HAVE RECIVED FROM YOUR REPRESENTIVES. PLEASE CONTACT ME A>S>A>P

  162. Good day. I am thoroughly disappointed. My bank account was hacked by one of your workers between the dates July 16-18, 2021. My bank are going to investigate why PayPal would hack my account?! I was going to open my new business with this company but no way!

    I thank you for the time to read this. I hope I will hear some type of answer to why someone in your facilities or in relations to your facilities would hack into my bank account.

    Ana Vera

  163. Hi My account was restricted due to fault of my own. I am a small business owner and I called customer service for help with getting some money moved from one account to another and ever since that day my account was restricted and I am losing valuable time, progress and sales in my business due to this mess. I called CS to see why my account was restricted and no one could tell me why. My banking info was removed from my account as well as the bank and credit card info I had set up to use for that account. I have been through the Privacy and Tof S and can not find one reason why my account has been permanently restricted/terminated. I was told that the CSR would put in for a second review of my account but as of today Tuesday July 20, 2021 I am still restricted and have not heard back one way or another. I have been a loyal PayPal customer for years, when others said it wasn’t safe to use I stood up for Paypal as I have never had any issues in the past. I had my business account for approx 1 year before this mess happened. I would love to speak to someone who has the authority to clear this mess up. When I asked the CSR to speak to her supervisor I was denied.

  164. I have had a horrific experience with PayPal and need help. After years of being a loyal customer, they have frozen my legitimate and oft-used account without notice or explanation – how can this happen? Who do I turn to?

    I need to speak to a person who speaks English and has the authority to actually help a wronged customer. Please direct me to such a person!

    Thank you,

    Alexandra King

  165. PayPal not only charged me a fee, but they have also held my money on a hold for 19 DAYS and counting (I still don’t have access to MY MONEY)!! I have complied with submitting every piece of requested documentation, and I have called the customer service line to ensure nothing more was needed. The representative basically informed me there was nothing they could do about the fee, and then said they would send an email off to corporate for the hold. That was over a week ago. I have yet to receive a response other than a survey about my experience. Really PayPal?? Don’t worry, I filled out your little survey – let’s see if they actually care about their customer service or if it’s all for show… I am not a seller, and I do not have a business account. I paid a PI for services, and then later realized I no longer needed those services. Rather than the person submitting a refund, we agreed he would keep a portion of the original amount as compensation for the 5 of hours of service he worked on my case. The way for him to do that was to submit a payment back to me. PayPal has decided that somehow entitles them to dip their hands into MY MONEY – IT’S MY MONEY!! They’re just reaping in all the interest on borrowed funds at the expense of their costumers! I cannot imagine why anyone would use this unethical company!

  166. I am having security issues that are preventing me from transferring money from my account. I admit it’s on a card that is linked to my account. By the way I have it setup is to take from my balance and when I have insufficient funds it pulls from this card. So far I have talked to three people. All of which who have told me. It’s a security issue. There is nothing they can do. Nobody can help me. And when I tell them I won’t accept that answer o transfer me to someone else. They become very rude. Especially Troy #1671305. I’m not sure if they think because they are not from this country that they can say whatever they want or speak to me in a very demeaning way. I know that once I get my issue resolved which I will eventually. I won’t be continuing my service with them.

  167. I was sent money from a friend to pay my rent and telephone bill. PayPal will not let me access my money or transfer it to my bank which is causing me a hardship. Late fee is $30 a day and my phone is disconnected paypal said I might have to wait 24-72 hours so that will cost me $90. I am in a hotel so I hope I have a place to live in 72 hrs

  168. The froze my account and money told me they would release it 180 days I waited and now nothing I called the representatives and they did nothing

  169. In March I ordered 2 tables. I never received them. The last thing I heard was there would be a dispute filed. Iooked at my pay pal credit & the disputed payment was back in my statement. I spoke with one guy about the situation & he basically called me a liar & told me to prove I didn’t receive the order. I’ve never received anything from the company USPS or Pay Pal. Your people had me in tears. I was transferred to a other person that was even more condescending talked over me & basically said prove it. I DO NOT HAVE THE FURNITURE!
    YOUR PEOPLE ARE RUDE, CONDESCENDING MEAN & HORRIBLE TO DEAL WITH. I’ve BEEN TRYING TO CONTACT USPS which is impossible. I have cancelled my credit card & any business I use PP for.

  170. I have been trying to get my money out of PayPal and no one will help me I keep being told to wait for email it has been 9 months now all I want is my money that belongs to me and no one can or will tell me when I can get my money can some one please get back to me about this

  171. My money have not returned to my account. It’s been over a month and it has been traced and found y’all still haven’t not returned it and I’m getting run around.

  172. Hello my name is Yulonda Williams and I’m sending this message to headquarters because customer care seems not know what to do or handle the situation that I’m going through with PayPal so if there’s any way you can have someone to either call me back cuz the message thing is not getting nowhere either you can contact me at 307-225-xxxx please and thanks

  173. Sir
    I have hade money in your accounts for 11 months and under investagatio it seems to long for thislong for this i want my money now please do something to free it up

  174. I used PayPal to purchase two different orders from Walmart. PayPal took the money out of my bank account, I canceled both orders and never received merchandise from Walmart. PayPal did not credit my bank account, so I called customer service and asked where my money was? PayPal insisted they had returned the money, but would conduct a wire trace to see where the money went. They did not ever call back, but they finally credited my bank account ($2.00 short of what they took out). PayPal called and told me I owed they the exact amount they credited to my account. So, on my PayPal account it shows I am at a negative balance. When I called, I was told because Walmart had credited the money back to my checking account, so I owed PayPal the money they had sent to my bank. Walmart never credited my account because I never gave them my charge information because I used PayPal. I was them told if I sent a fax of my bank statement to them showing Walmart had not credited my account, then it would be resolved. Asking someone to fax financial private information is ludicrous!

  175. I haven’t gotten my pay winnings from these games on play store I am still waiting for my winnings

  176. My girlfriend son-in-law cast a check for me the check had a verification number and everything he sent it from his Chase account to my PayPal I was trying to unlock it and I accidentally deleted it and they won’t give me my money I have to be out of town today I’m going to lose at 40 an hour job $40 an hour job if I am not there by tomorrow. My number is 460-9719 5865 you have 1 hour to contact me or I’m contacting my attorney general. Among other officials plus a lawyer and a lawyer y’all waited 24 hours to verify the check it went through I had to wait 24 hours I’ll throw you false represent on the internet about immediate check cashing if I lose this job someone’s going to feel me


  178. I received a billing notice from PayPal on 12.18.2021 via email. This 399.99$ was incorrectly sent to me. I have NEVER had a PayPal account. I don’t have food money and don’t trust online shopping. Please check this out ~~~ #0276B. Thanks

  179. Every year Paypal randomly denies transfers to my balance from my bank. I transfer money every month from my bank, until they block me. They give the same pat, rote answers AND NEVER SOLVE MY PROBLEM! They tell me to go to a store and PAY A FEE to put money into my account. Why would I do that???!!
    Just as randomly some months later. It allows me to transfer money again. I have had this account for 20 YEARS! I shouldn’t have to deal with this EVERY YEAR!
    This is unacceptable!

  180. Case ID: PP-D-133816537. I report a problem with an item I didi not received to Paypal Europe and, until now, I did not have any resolution from the company. I appreciate your help in solving this problem. Regards, Pedro Carvalho.

  181. Hello PayPal you have rejected my claim, i have not received for what i paid for, please refund me immediately, otherwise i am sending you a letter by my lawyer, paypal is here to protect customers who are scammed by crooks on the internet , i have sent you all the proof already, on top , the customer service number of this seller, is non existante , and he didn’t answer my emails, and you did not answer Paypal too , i mean come on now ,and you have the nerves to refused my refund ,okay, we’ll see you in court , it’s going to cost more, paypal customer service is non qualified,by the way , Paypal was great at the beginning ,and now Paypal it’s a nightmare , because non-qualified people who working now for Paypal , it’s time to change that ,for good .

  182. €9.99 taken out through PayPal on the 3 January at 6.30 I can’t get in touch with anyone at customer service I don’t even use my PayPal account and did not authorise this payment to Spotify, I’m in Ireland 087676xxxx

  183. I placed 5 different orders with pay pal being gthe front man on all 5 (5 generators and one grill) all I have received is a toy necklace e a nite lite a d a ha d towel

  184. I have problems with my PayPal accounts my card was not working at the time I sent the card back to you guys so you can put my $60 in my to my account phone number 330-949-5361 or monroedavidxxxx David

  185. Please be aware there is an email circulating saying it is from PayPal. Coming from info and saying it is billing us through PayPal for over $800 erroneously and order is on the way. Said call 1-800-328-xxxx if don’t recognize transaction. FYI.

  186. received email that said:
    Paypal Headquarters
    Address: 1522 Cohoe Ct,
    Kenai, Alaska 99611, USA
    Toll free Number -+1-800-401-1434
    with Order Number: TR3D52019

    IS THIS VALID??? or a scam?

    1. It’s a scam. I get the same email at least once a month. So far I have had 2 iPhones, 3 laptop computers and many cameras so-called charged to my PayPal account. Just dismiss that email.

    2. crazy, this is my home address, and I keep getting paypal HQ letters. I have no idea what is going on, neither does the post office.

  187. Got an email saying that my order has been shipped. I ordered nothing and haven’t used PayPal for years.
    I tried to call the number given and a recording said that the number is no longer in service. Want to make sure that nothing is charged to my account.

  188. I had 2 accts..then PP couldn’t find either one. then going the larger of the 2 and killed the small one and put a hold in the larger one….What.
    Most times when I called PP they told my current balance owed was 0 …nope wrong ..over $1500.00.
    I don’t have a PP card only an open online account and no PP acct..This makes make a person want to Geeeerrrr.
    How do you stay in business with such confusion.
    I don’t even know where to pay the $1500.00 I owe.
    What a screwed up mess
    Phil 918-637-xxxx
    P.S. I don’t know where or how to pay on my acct.?
    Having name her that have a PP card and those that don’t…has those who answer your phone number. It’s forgotten there are member who have membership accts and some don’t.
    Those answering the phone for PP …most don’t know that there 2 different types of accts….what a screwed up mess

  189. How do you close my account with no explanation and no one in your office can explain why

  190. I had a fraud PayPal purchase which I forwarded to PayPal
    My account has been inactive closed, for some time, asked to reinstate it, I was transferred several times, very disappointed! Can someone learn how to properly transfer a call, Very Poor Communicatiom

  191. and I have been disputing a charge with Paypal/credit since August 2021. To be honest, I have been treated extremely poorly and have received the WORST experience while dealing with this financial institution. I made a purchase in the amount of $749.00, after the payment was processed I immediately knew I was being scammed because the text msg I received from pay pal didn’t display the merchants name. I instantly contacted the customer service department and informed them of the concern. I asked to have the order cancelled. I was told “pay pal/credit does not cancel online purchases.” I was told a dispute will be put in, and investigation will be held and I will be notified within 90 days. The next week I called in to see what was the status, I was told “a claim/dispute was never put in”, so a new dispute was then filed. I have gotten transferred from one representative to the next in the course of 8 months and no one has helped. I ended up receiving the merchandise and as expected the items were counterfeit. I contacted pay pal (the same day items were received) and informed your staff of the receipt of merchandise, photos were even uploaded via the portal. I was then told the original dispute that was filed was ruled “not in my favor” because I received the merchandise. This was after the fact that I have already contacted your company and shared this information. I was then told to receive the full refund I will have to return the merchandise, however for two (2) months no one at paypal/credit could give me an address to send merchandise back. After several attempts and many supervisors and staff disconnecting my call, only one representative fought hard to provide me with the information to have the merchandise sent back. I then had to pay an additional fee to have these items sent back. I contacted pay pal and provided them with the tracking number for the items. I also provided your staff with the name and date of who and when the merchandise was received. I’m being told that I’m still responsible for the merchandise that I don’t have in my possession, and is counterfeit. I have never in my life worked with a financial institution who doesn’t help their consumers when they need to be protected. The whole point of using my pay pal/credit card via web is to ensure I’m safe and my money is protected. I am pleading for help and for this situation to be looked into in more depth. This is unacceptable and I feel like I need legal help moving forward if this is not handled

  192. Dear Sir my name is Angela Boardman and I have been a paypal account holder for over 20 years and on April 1st at 5:08 pm I contacted Amazon regarding 3 cancelations I needed to put in to them. I was able to successfully cancel all three orders at that time. I then turned around and contacted paypal to let them know what was going on and I was refunded my money back. Then today on April 2nd I saw that all 3 transactions had been reran through my account. So I again called paypal and explained my situation and that the young lady who had helped me the night before told me if I was to run into any problems like this to call back and that paypal would rectify the problem. So when I called today I received the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, not only did the agent cut me off and talk over me, he said there was nothing that could be done about the situation and that I had to wait ten days. I provided the time stamp of the cancelation as well as the confirmation of the cancelation on April 1st and should not be waiting ten days to receive my funds back. As you well know with Covid and Omnicron and now the new strain BA1 and BA2 no one has the extra time or funds to be waiting that long. I provided the proof of the canceled items and I feel if you can not return my money then at the very least I should’ve been given a provisional credit until my funds could be released. I understand that there are certain circumstances that require the ten day hold but this is not one of them. So I am asking you sir to please assist me in getting me my funds released back to me or a credit be given. I am a single mother with a 3 year old autistic son who also has a feeding tube and I desperately need every penny I have to come back to me. The supervisor who blew me off was Michael M. But he said he had no way of knowing what the name of the customer service agent who was so rude to me. My reference number is 4853071637 My claim number is 14248446. Once again my name is Angela Boardman and my telephone is 904-713-xxxx. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and I look forward to hearing back from you very soon. My email address is alboardmxxxx Should you want to contact me via email.
    Best Regards,
    Angela Boardman

  193. I don’t use PayPal and have recently received two charges on my checking account – I believe I used PayPal years ago (old work phone #) and can’t talk to a real person because I can’t get an access number – please help

  194. To whom it may concern i been playing games after games and i been winning but i did’nt receive any money and all the games i play, i like to know why, as of now i at $ 11,800 it could be more, but i lost track. you can send me a Check or you can put it on my Paypal account, I will give you my account number when you call me , my number is 814-381-xxxx or if you mail a check my address is xxxx Ansonville Road Irvona, PA. 16656-9113

  195. Good day! I have a transaction on paypal that needs help. I contacted the customer service that is located in the Philippines and talk with an Agent, a Supervisor after that, then lastly a Manager.

    It is either either of these 3 people could not comprehend what I am saying (Not Likely) or they all skimmed through my files and saw that I submitted evidences that are good for the “Seller Protection” and assumed that I am trying to get my money back by using your Seller Protection Program. That is NOT at all what I am trying to say.

    I am trying to work this case out because I was scammed using PayPal by a certain person using your services and filing a case with you as “Unauthorized charges” and you guys closed the case in the SCAMMER’s Favor?. I know that the transaction is just a small amount for you guys but that was my weekly income. I need that money and now my paypal account is negative because of what you guys did.

    Your back office guys “Investigated” my case? I understand, but you guys are siding with the scammers on this transaction.

  196. Don’t mean any disrespect but I’m about at my week’s end I made this account I guess it 2 years ago or more and I couldn’t remember the past for it it would not let me change it because my phone number is different now the old number that phone is gone try to email over and over again and nothing changes I call they say they can’t do nothing about it I have to do it online what is a person supposed to do I can’t do it online cuz I don’t have my password when I change your password when they gave me a link for it I changed it already I swear about 10 times right after I change it right write it down put it in and it says not right password are you guys doing this to make people crazy I don’t understand my sister sent me money on this email so I can go to my new job but I can’t get it because nothing is going right cuz I can’t change anything I think it went to my old bank card which I don’t know because I can’t get into my email and I try to change the bank but they won’t let me because I have another one on fell which I don’t have that anymore I don’t understand to me it looks like you just hurting people if they’re having difficulties like me there is nowhere to go to talk to anybody straight out people that you can talk to say they can’t change anything because I did it online so what you guys done was made me not have a job cuz I can’t get the gas to go I really appreciate that

  197. Tell me why that I ordered a replacement card and I didn’t git it at all will I have to go to a lawyer if it is not here by next week

  198. I have sent may times all the documents and even more than what was necessary for my Paypal Business Acct and yet my restrictions have not been removed. I have sent my LLC papers and the EIN paper but now your people want my SS#. Why its a corp and when I first started PP, I open under my name and gave my SS# – I sent my Passport, my DLic, My Veteran ID and Bank statements, Credit Card Statements so many things that I am starting to worry that people in the philipines will use that to ROB me… it is rediculous the amount of information I have sent with notes.. I need Help here by an American a direct line to some one who can get this cleared up – I need Help, Latin Music Booking, LLC

  199. Venmo Takes days to verify an account. Venmo does not have the infrastructure to keep up with traditional banks or credit cards companies. You might not have access to your money for 10 days if your account is flagged for some unknown reason. I’ve had credit card fraud issues resolved and my account reset in an hour. However Venmo actually has my cash not credit. Like a run on a bank, this scenario is frightening and unstable.

  200. Any company that has a service like Pay Pal who thinks they have the moral and ethical aptitude to tell or fine people on how they think is wrong is not worth doing business with. For Pay Pal to think that anything they do not agree with is misinformation and to threaten to fine people who use their service. We are now looking to replace our Pay Pal service with someone else who is concentrating on the service they provide instead of threatening people on their views should go broke. I now see that your shares are down and people are exiting as fast as they can with us being one of them. To claim this was a mistake or taken out of context is you telling the population that they are stupid. I really hope Pay Pal goes down in flames expeditiously!

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