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MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service in the U.S., fully owned by T-Mobile US, Inc. MetroPCS was founded in 1994 by Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
2250 Lakeside Blvd.
Richardson, TX
Phone Number
(214) 570-5800
Fax Number
(214) 570-5859
Twitter IDs
@MetroPCS, @MetroSupport


What is Metro PCS’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Metro PCS’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-214-570-5800.


What is Metro PCS’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Metro PCS’ Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-8metro8 (1-888-863-8768), or dial 611 from your MetroPCS phone.

Other Metro PCS Customer Service phone numbers:

Make a Payment: 1-888-8metro8 (863-8768) or dial *99 from your MetroPCS phone
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Mail-in Rebates – Young America: 1-800-999-6389
7am – 7pm, Central Time, Monday – Friday

Premium Handset Protection – Asurion: 1-866-862-3397
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

What is Metro PCS’ Headquarters Address?

Metro PCS’ Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Metro PCS Corporate Office
  • 2250 Lakeside Blvd, Richardson, TX 75082,
  • USA

MetroPCS is a fully owned subsidiary of T-Mobile USA.

Metro PCS Mail Address for Payments:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 5119
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5119

Metro PCS Mail Address for Other Correspondence:

MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
PO Box 601119
Dallas, TX 75360


How do I Contact Metro PCS Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Metro PCS via:

Metro PCS’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Metro PCS’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Metro PCS on Social Media:

Metro PCS on Twitter: @MetroSupport

Metro PCS on Facebook (MetroPCS is available on Messenger):

Metro PCS Headquarters Executive Team.

Metro PCS’ and T-Mobile’s management team consists of:

Thomas C. Keys
President, MetroPCS

John J. Legere
Chief Executive Officer – T-Mobile

Jeffrey T. Binder
Executive Vice President of T-Mobile & President of Layer3

David R. Carey
Executive Vice President, Corporate Services

J. Braxton Carter
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Nicholas J.W. Drake
Executive Vice President, Marketing & Digital Experience

Peter A. Ewens
Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy

Callie Field
Executive Vice President, Customer Care

Jon A. Freier
Executive Vice President, T-Mobile Retail

Janice V. Kapner
Executive Vice President, Communications & Community Engagement

Michael J. Katz
Executive Vice President, T-Mobile for Business

Elizabeth A. McAuliffe
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

David A. Miller
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Neville R. Ray
Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Cody Sanford
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

G. Michael Sievert
President and Chief Operating Officer

Matt Staneff
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

T-Mobile and MetroPCS Board of Directors.

Timotheus Höttges – Chairman of the Board of T-Mobile and Metro PCS
John J. Legere
Thomas Dannenfeldt
Srikant T. Madhav Datar
Lawrence H. Guffey
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn
Raphael Kübler
Thorsten Langheim
G. Michael Sievert
Olaf Swantee
Teresa Ann Taylor
Kelvin R. Westbrook

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430 Reviews and Complaints for Metro PCS Headquarters

  1. I was refused service today 5/24/21 at a store in Oklahoma City for not wearing a mask. The mask mandate in OKC ended 5/1 & I’ve been fully vaccinated since February.

  2. I have been with Metro for almost 2 years now. I have a two line phone plan and it has been great up until now. Both of my phones were stolen, so I do not have access to them. I went to the store to purchase new phone
    s and I have not been able to get anything of the sort done due to “high security password” put on the account. What in the hell is

    this?? I have not, nor did I even try to get this set up on my account. I have been to two different stores and I have called and spoke with a tech, just to find out that I still cannot get into my account! I have been forced to go to a
    store that carry pre-pays, and buy a phone from them. Why?? Why is it so difficult to get into my account and get me a phone? I have some serious things linked to this line that are important that I cannot deal with because of no phone. What I dont understand is why you have to text this one time code, but if you dont have a phone, you are just screwed because now they cannot text a code!! What the hell is this about??? It is my account, and I have answered every one of the questions they have asked and I still cannot get into the account!! Thank god for google allowing me to shut my phones down until they can be located or whatever happens to them. Definitely, hands down, the worst experience I have ever had, with any phone and company I may have had at the time. This experience has just turned out to be a real disappointment. Al I have done is rave about Metro PCS and it has let me down. I hope to have a better experience in the future.

  3. Hi, I work next door of metro PCS and i have tried to be patient. The employees of next door are always smoking weed right in front of the doors when clearly they have to do it feet away from the building and they do it while on the clock. One of the men that work there , his spouse parks and stays there for HOURS and I mean all day , which i do not mind but she just throws her trash out the window after they eat and her sons diapers , I always have to be picking up after them , something has to be done

  4. MetroPCS sent me a Used, Out-of-Warranty-Defective Replacement Phone after charging me a $100 for it. And will not replace the defective phone with a properly working non-defective one. It was deemed defective by Motorola the Manufacturer. Their contacts tell me that I should have called the moment I found it to be a defective phone. I am not an Operating System Technical Person and would have never know it was defective. I’ve been working with MetroPCS Customer Service and the Burleson Store to get a non-defective product without accomplishing anything but frustration with no results. They keep making excuses and not making it right.

  5. I recently purchased two phones from MetroPCS on Kensington avenue they were stolen phones along with everyone’s information in it including social security puas important documents private conversations and everything now me being a person I am I reached out to this person and gave them their information which was important and I called MetroPCS they’re not trying to help me no kind of situation no way now my phone has been hacked my social security my pua everything is on hold because of fraud and other things like this going on they’re not trying to help me please somebody get in contact with me or I’m going to have to follow a lawsuit

  6. I need to speak with the CEO of MetroPCS I have numbers of problems and every time I go to Metro I get screwed around and I call an office in Irving they give me the screw around and I’m fixing to take mine and some other people’s service to somewhere else because we’re not getting any answers for what our problem is so can you please contact me back

  7. I reqest phone records aug.2019 to sep.2020 for my attorney 3 times attached with reason from council still have’nt got answer he needs for court they holding me back this is terrible

  8. I had 2 unauthorized transactions from metro of$1900 & $500, in wayne Michigan but I live in orlando fl

  9. Trying to get customer service from 4 DIFFERENT MetroPC stores. NOBODY knows ANYTHING. How can I get help ?

  10. My smart phone, account of Rafael A Galan under- Ale Galan. Has a hacker embezzler poser on board. With name Eli on pay page on top of screen. No one here by that name.

  11. I have a Motorola g stylus smart phone that’s not even 14 days old and they won’t do anything about it because it has a dent n it was like that when I got it and they won’t replace it. It better get fix now or replaced if not I’m sueing your asses . Customers are always right n I’m right on it . Better make it right and let me get a new phone. The phone was fully charged and it died and it won’t turn back on or charge . N the metro PCs on metphion in Kansas city Kansas won’t exchange it for me n I spent over 400$ at the store and they won’t replace it .

  12. Hello,
    My fiance and I purchased NORD ONEPlUS Android phones from the San Leandro lead store. I have just realized that my phone SIM card does not match the phone IMEI number but my fiances does match. I checked my IMEI on the IMES Blacklist checker. My fiances # is verified good but it states that my #does not exist. That is “false”. What does this mean? Is it stolen or what? My PIN does not work for any device services. I believe the METRO PCS Device PIN is your birthdate in xx/xx/xxxx format? PLEASE help me to see if I was ripped off. On that note, my fiance did NOT get a receipt at the time of purchase and the store will not provide a copy of it. I think we were overcharged not receiving the switch price as we should have been given. Paid cash for the transaction and I hate to say it but I believe the money was pocketed by employee. I would appreciate a call to talk with someone about this. I can be reached at 650-235-xxxx.

  13. Yes , Hello I have very. Very mayor complaint on this bus driver she is definitely incompliant with the bus rule guide lines she has been stopping of at stops that are not to be stopped off at and yes having plenty of conversations with passengers boarding the bus in which causes a further delay 26th north on Saturday And albeit when I addressed her about her lateness she had the audacity to get snippy with me

  14. Someone in San Francisco walked into a Metro PCS store put a phone on my account again and reversed it. The person I talked to said it happened in April. that is when I lost all my Crypto. I am a computer pro. I do not give out a pin or password. You have someone stealing Metro PCS customers crypto.

  15. I had no idea that this company is this bad with it’s customer’s myself and anyone I can get to not do business with you is going to start as soon as they will let me talk with another person not a machine

  16. I have idiots using my telephone, email, to gain entries into my sweepstakes accts .None of your offices or people will do anything about it. I have changed everything twice and made 3 police reports. I’m not paying to correct this and if I don’t get an answer soon, I’ll make it more public than you desire. DO SOMETHING!!!!

  17. I filed a claim on May 3rd 2021
    I received a phone for replacement IMEI number +352-801-340-7058 59 that ime number did not match what was in the system. I was instructed to return that unit which I did with a tracking number 9 2 0 2 0 9 0 2 8 1 1 2 8 9 0 2 3 8 2 1 4 7 that unit was received in Lewisville Texas on 5 10 21 no one bothered to followed up. I spoke with a representative by the name of Corey on 5/11/21 he apologized for the company dropping the ball, he assured me that I would get a email, which I did not, and a new device would be sent out which was not. I spoke with a representative name Solange today 5/12/21 she checked the system and stated that device was not sent out.
    she assured me again that a new device will be sent out and I will receive it by tomorrow. I informed Solange I don’t believe anything thats being said at this point I have been lied to by the agents saying they assure me it’s been taken care of in fact it wasn’t.
    I explained the importance of having this device ASAP. I pay my bill on time I paid the $50 insurance claim fee. no one has mentioned any type of credit or discount and this entire situation has gotten my Fibromyalgia flare up horribly, I strongly believe that your staff needs more training , they should not tell consumers something that they have done which in my case they did not. just to get you off the phone I would like a response and feedback from your office ASAP it has been over 30 minutes and I still have not received a email from Solange nor did I ever get one yesterday from Corey with new tracking information

  18. Your online ordering is a Fraud!!! You receive credit card information & pass bogus Order # to consumers!! There is no online support Team..I have emailed customer support team & they wont respond!! I have talked to several agents that profusely apologize bit yep can DO NOTHING but tell me their limitations with online shopping. They’ve gone so far as to blame credit card company/banking institution for why payment didn’t go through even though they show the pending charge & confirmed no hold nor fraud with the transaction. The problem is with Metro by T mobile. Now I’m told, I have to wait until 3-5 business days for the pending charge to fall off..WOW, talk about passing the buck..why give consumer the option to do online shopping if your jacked up system can’t and don’t WORK?? It seems to be a scheme to gain personal information and/or force consumer to go to your “AUTHORIZED” stores to be fleeced with additional fees for doing so!!! Is this what it has come down to? I am also reporting Your supervisor Jill 500385 who disconnected my call with no CAUSE, just to get me off her line knowing I would not be transferred back to her. Will I even get a response????…PROBABLY NOT!!

  19. I purchased 6 cell phones within a months time at the metro by tmoblie located in victory crossing Portsmouth va. 2 Moto stylus 1 Moto play 2 stylo6 1 A21 and the phone I currently have now which I purchased at the high St metro by tmoblie Portsmouth va. . They have allowed others to come into these stores claiming to have the right to link their phones to mine one of the Moto stylus was activated under one of the store managers line with her claiming I had to many registered phones on my account in she play in blocked apps and adminstration factors out so I couldn’t use them I have been issued a 471$ with metro by tmoblie in which they have failed to issue or allow me to use among other issues the metro on high St allowed someone to use my credit card to purchase an i phone 12 as well as enother I phone phone cases as well as screen protectors using my bank card they also opened my phone lines up to others to play in and both failed to fully activate my cell phones….I have tried to report 4 of my cell phones stolen and stated I want the person’s with my phones to be placed under arrest but nothing has been done they have activated the phones instead and refuse to file the claim I was also refused my replacement Moto stylus due to defects as well as the Moto play replacement due to defects…they have also refused to do a master pin reset in which I told by customer service to have them perform due to them or someone locking me out my cell phones not did they perform the master pin reset on my phone.

  20. My daughter added me to her telephone account the revel 4+ that I was given has not worked properly since the day I received it since I received it vibrates so bad that the party I talked to cannot understand me, I have taken the phone to the store in brainerd Minnesota five times to see if they could fix it or replace it, the woman there said there is nothing I can do, I ask for the corporate number she told me there is no corporate, I then ask for the manager she told me she could not give me his number because it is private, she said I will call him then she spoke with him behind closed doors came out and told me he said I could not get a new phone but I could purchase a new phone his name was Johnny,, I called a number that said they would run a problem list on it but never return a call to let me know if they found any issues, that was two weeks ago, I am very dissatisfied with the customer service at metro t, if there is nothing more that can be done for me I will request my daughter to close her account and go with a different provider, hoping to hear from you soon, and hoping you can assist me with these issues, thank you,

  21. I’ve not had access to my account, phone for almost 3 months. I pay for another useless month on the 20th. Three. Months.
    In-store help? Fail.
    Virtual Assist help? Fail
    Multiple phone calls with “customer care”? Fail. Fail. Fail
    Transfer my current yet useless number to my current Tracphone. You have all my info. I will go to Denver 7 & Denver BBB if this is not resolved today. Thomas C Keys can answer them.

  22. Im been buying. Phone n tables n speakers from the metro company but the problem s the burn up n they refused to resolve thebproblem some way

  23. Hello my name is lovis Parks and I live in Redwood City California and I just walked into one of your metro corporate offices and by Sequoia station in Redwood City and I walked in the store just to get a phone number and that’s the one of the workers there just started harassing me she never turned on her computer she just start saying stuff and said what’s your phone number I can give you a better deal I said I just want a new number so she said all you can do that is how long have you had your phone off you know I told her about 4 months she said well that’s too long so she just kept you know talking to me rude and kind of raising her voice to me then she starts saying I was yelling at her which I was not and I just moved back away from her and I stood in the corner away from her because she just kept harassing me so I I told her I said then she says older than she called somebody in the back and told a lie and said that I was yelling at her and and harassing her and I did nothing of the store I would like you to look at the video it is 11:35 on April 29th so if you can give me a call back 650-630-xxxx she is very rude to me her name is Leslie thank you

  24. I upgraded my metro ph. the sales girl carman gave me the wrong ph. I wanted the Moto g ph, she desided because earlier I had mentioned I could not afford the stylo, she gave me this stylo ph in my up grade, I wanted the Moto g. my recipte said I had 14 days to exchange the ph. everytime I ask has the ph. come in yet, I am told NO> why won,t they give me the right ph.?? they also were nasty, clerk Jose would not put a mask when on the door is says you have to wear a ph. number is 407-444-xxxx please call me. ths.

  25. I asked over 2 1/2 year’s ago to retrieve a text message. Your dealers all said. They can only retrieve time and dates and numbers of text messages. But they can’t retrieve content. Is that true ? I need to get a print out of texts from February 14th 2018 to march 20th 2018. Thank you for your time.

  26. On 4/17/21, I went into Church2_LIC #2047044-DCA, 3904 Churvh Ave. BROOKLYN , NY 11203
    I explained to employee ID OHAGAR that I wanted to upgrade my phone from the LG K40, because I didn’t like the “Talk Back” feature which was located somewhere outside my phone that I seem to mistakenly press often. That I wanted a phone comparable or better than the one I had.
    At that time, I didn’t realize that this the phone(Samsung Galaxy A01) that he was selling me had only 16 megabits versus mine that had 32. So I bought this Samsung
    However, on yesterday when I went to get a free coffee at Dunkin Donuts, I needed to download the app to get the coffee and I received a message that I didn’t have the space in order to do that. I was very unhappy when I realized that this phone that I just purchased a week prior was in fact inferior to my old phone.
    No one purchases a new phone that offers them less megabits than their previous phone.
    When I went into the store today and spoke with the manager Gary Singh, he offered me nothing more than to come back to my original sales person who has less power to do anything than himself.
    I have been a long time customer but after receiving an inferior phone, I am convinced that the sales professional didn’t provide me with the information about the megabits which I would have made a better choice for my mobile needs.
    I want to return this phone and either get something comparable or better than my previous phone.

  27. To whom it concern:
    I have encountered a very unethical business practice with Smart Pay Leasing and Metro Pcs. That I believe should be known publicly as it can affect a great number of consumers in a very unfair way.

    I was recommended to use SmartPay Finance at Metro Pcs to purchase a promotional phone approximately 10 days ago.. I was explained by the sales rep that if I paid it within the 3 months the phone would cost me 316.00.My intentions were to pay off the phone in a month. Upon looking at an email sent by Smartpay I was shocked to see a lease for 11 months. I returned to the store were I was told I had to deal directly with SmartPay. Metro PCS conveniently washing their
    hands of any responsibilities. Upon calling SmartPay I was told that my lease was for 11 months. I called them and was told and that if I wanted to pay it off it would cost me $540.00.and that the total amount of the lease would be over 800.00. I returned to the store to return the phone as that was a total misrepresentation of what I was told. I was told I would have to handle everything through Smartpay.I explained that I would take this to Metro’s Corporate office the Better Buisness and social Media but that I would not allow them to take advantage of myself or anyone else. I am 68 years old and consider myself Blessed to still have my *hit together! But there are many of us senior citizens and hard working middle class that are being taken advantage of and as long as I have a voice I am not going to let them or Metro get away with this. At the end of much grief and a feeling of disgust for such lowlife tactics I was able to cancel my finance plan with Smart Pay and purchase the phone outright from Metro which was my initial intention.I have all my documentation which I intent to provide to the local news and Better Buisness Bureau to stop this from ever happening again by initiating a public investigation where other Buyers can be aware of Smart Pay’s inappropriate practices.
    Metro seems to want to wash their hands and say they have nothing to to with SmartPay yet they are handing over the “lambs to the Wolf”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they own it or at least are in bed with them and if they are not then you should be aware of your business partners unsavory and unethical practices!

    Please feel free to contact me for any further information about this Unsatisfactory experience with your Metro Pcs Company.

    Gail Carreno

    Thanking you I remain,
    Gail Carreno

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  28. Hello I have been calling metro because I have been trying to unlock my iPhone for about 3 months and metro rep are keeping my iPhone hostage and forcing my to keep service with there company because they refuse to unlock it so I would like a corporate manager to contact me asap

  29. The corporate headquarters office # isn’t in service. I’m Furious about my service and I need somebody to contact me as soon as possible please

  30. I need someone from metro pcs Corporate office to contact me concerning a second line that I have on this line that has not been in service for 2 1/2 months I have been calling speaking to supervisor at supervisor with no results please contact me at your earliest convenience so I can transfer my service to boost mobile

  31. Why do your company give consumers that switch to metropcs get a better deal than existing customers??

  32. My Samsung Galaxy stopped working on April 19. I went to a Metro store located on 166th Street and 27th Ave in Miami Gardens, FL. The employee reset my network settings and told me my phone should be fine. Once I got home, my phone still could not receive or dial out nor could I sent or receive text messages. I called the customer service number on the same day and spent almost 2 hours trying to get the phone to work. NOTHING!! The next day I called customer service again and we went through the same steps. NOTHING! I was told that I can go to a near Metro store to get a replacement phone since it is still covered under warranty. I brought the phone is Sept 2020. The same employee was there and told me I could not get a replacement phone at the store and I would have to wait 3-4 business days for another phone. He also said I would have to pay almost the full retail price if I didn’t want the same model although the model I currently have is discontinued! He also said that I would have to pay a activation fee although it is no fault of mine that the phone is no longer working. I decided to go back to the same store on April 26th to see if the phone came in and the SAME employee told me that the order didn’t go through and he will have to order it again!! Which will take another 3-4 days. The store manager was there and I asked her can they do fast shipping or overnight because it is not my fault that the employee did not do his job correctly! She said she was unable to do it and I could not go to a nearby corporate store because they will have to order it as well. The employee who made the mistake did not offer not ONE APOLOGY for his mistaken and quite frankly I think he purposely did not order my phone!! Metro PCS is a huge company and I think a simple “sorry for your inconvenience ” is not enough for customers who purchased faulty equipment. This customer need to have better training and be a little mindful and thoughtful when he “inconvenience ” customer through his mistakes!!

  33. I am happy with the service although I am not happy with how the staff are trained. I have a situation going on with my phone and they’re telling me they’re not going to be able to do it I was told that could be done by Samsung the phone in which I purchased from MetroPCS. It is a Samsung Galaxy a11.

  34. Good morning,
    Metro pcs did not apply my payment to my account, because of this my phone was shut of 3 or more times this month. I have spent many hours on the phone trying to straighten this out. Finally I went to Citizen’s Bank where the electronic check was sent to metro pcs. Some how. Metro pcs refunded the payment to me 10 days later. The last person I delt with was Krysseth id # 306308 she said she could not see the payment and wanted to talk to my bank. I did a 3 way call with her and the bank and they confirmed everything. I feel that the month of April should have been free due to all this aggravation she would not wave the charge. Krysseth id #306308 took 20 dollars off the bill which I had to pay with a credit card not my choice of payment I use electronic checks. I really need to know what happened with my payment! I also feel I should be compensated.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  35. I have a Champlain with metor PC on east Blvd in Montgomery Alabama 36116 .I buy two phones from metor PC on April 3rd and April 6 they will not refund or exchange I been up to the store so many times the next step I will take go court or I will file a lawsuit again metor PC.

  36. Wspar05 store located at 138 College Park rd. Weatherford tx 76086on 04/13/2021 at 06:12pm employee Esperanza charged me. The following. A12phone. For add a line. Free phone. 75.98 cents. The including 22.00 for phone at aviation 39.00for service 6.00for Warner I declined. Ask for receipt claimed couldn’t print it. On first orde a32 upgrade with metro coupon was to be 29.99 charged 216.49 22.00 features change. Total 282.41 invoice 89159. And invoice 89160

  37. went into metro to transfer my service and add a new line for family member–after a hr or so picked out 2 phones and with my upgrade and a new line and first month service which is 90 bucks then they can only get one phone from another store and this was after someone else came in and joined conversation and pretty much took over the sales. then they show us more expensive phones we find, like lg, are going out of date and metro wont carry them anymore and now the price has gone up from almost 190 to 300./ we left and i look on 2 social media outlets and its seems this happens a lot at this store.. may have even saved the deal if they mentioned knocking off the activation price for one of them but nope–selling old phones that will be replaced for more $–understand trying to hit sales and commission but this was not a good business practice or approach at all. a little disappointed because i was finally ready too give metro a try. any siggestions?

  38. I went to the Los Banos California Store And bought a LGK51 the other day And I asked the girl if the phone I was buying was the exact same version as the one I had already She said yes it was the exact same Phone I even said are you sure it hasn’t been upgraded or updated or Anything like that? it’s the exact same thing? because if it is not the exact same phone I don’t want to buy It I’ll most likely pick out something else. But she said no it was the exact same phone so I bought it unsuspecting. Then the next morning (yesterday) when I got it set up I realized it’s not the exact same phone and this phone does not have a back button. I hate It!!! I have to swipe for everything I hate It!!! They won’t let me trade it in or give me my money back or anything! it’s only been 3 days and I want my money back because I hate this phone! I asked her specifically more than once,…If she didn’t know she could have said that and we could have looked into It Together right there andI wouldn’t be stuck with a phone I hate!., Your company and their little loopholes about well if you get this little upgrade discount it’s a final sale. I understand rules but this is wrong. You should never be able to sell someone An item that cost almost $200 all total Without them having some kind of recourse if they don’t like it. Im not going to just let this go.

  39. My complaint is the Metro PCs at 909 San Jacinto . One there is a lot of drug dealing and gambling going on outside this location. Also I’m afraid someone is going to get hurt real bad or killed inside or near that location. Also I think several employees are a part of the problem and have created a bad environment for the location.

  40. Help soon regarding a lost phone and had insurance purchased phone and now they saying I never had insurance help just trying to pay my deductible to get a new phone

  41. I have been with metro pcs for 4 years.
    I have 4 phone lines and 2 tablets.
    I went into metro pcs 4/18/21.
    Employee id. 582cs was very helpfuland courteous. I do believe he was fairly new to the job.
    I didn’t catch the id or name of the female Employee working with him .
    I added for a phone that I could replace a phone I had already replaced through insurance nd it would not keep the data on, kept going out.
    I had made 4 calls to the customer service and most did what they could to resolve the problem.
    The female Employee when asked what phone to recommend that I could replace the problem phone with seemed quite condescending and flippant.
    I never mentioned an upgrade and she kept saying well this won’t be an upgrade you will have to lay full price.
    I told her several times that I was aware of the upgrade lack for that phone.
    It basically seemed like I was receiving negative replies because I couldn’t afford to replace the phone.
    I had to tell her more than once I was replacing the phone and I needed something else.
    To which she asked loudly
    “how about the flip phone, its affordable?”
    The whole situation could have been avoided if she had just answered questions and kept her opinion to herself , that I could not afford to buy one.
    I ended up adding a line and getting the 199.00 phone for free.
    I was going to buy an upgrade for one of my available phones that did have an upgrade, but changed my mind.

  42. Hello my name is Fenandria Kiner. My mother and i. Purchased your service from another carrier only forb24 hours and have complaiints and concerns that we cant recieved.

  43. Someone used my CC and paid their bill I called and spoke with your representatives who stated the person account will stay active because the payment was made what kind of company let’s a customer make a fraudulent payment know about it and keep the service active

  44. I have been a consumer of Metro By T-Mobile, formerly MetroPCS if I am not mistaken, for five years. To be accused of being disrespectful to anyone much less someone providing service to me is just non-existant for me. The clerk that accused me of such needs Customer Service training again. First, I came to pay my bill. I was informed that my phone would stop working or I would start having trouble with the phone if I did not upgrade, and how other customers have complaints with service. I told the clerk yesterday 4/13/2021, after she informed me I needed to upgrade my phone and showing what I am entitled to. My reply to her was I could afford to upgrade and that the 4G service is working just fine. As my account was produced on the computer and she request a dollar more than usual I asked why? When did the cost go up? I was not informed as a customer. I did not get any message from Metro concerning a fee increase. I did not pay my bill that day. I went back today. And the same person who took care of me on 4/14/21, Tuesday afternoon took care of me today 4/14/21. Today, approximately 5: 25 p.m. she reiterated that I needed to upgrade my phone. I simple said to her I am here to just pay my bill. But, Ms. Elise Zainab became accustorial that I disrespected her when she disrespected me by saying she is an American citizen and should be respected as one. Sorry, her citizen status has nothing to do with price of tea in China. If you know what I mean. I refuse to be harrassed by anyone to purchase anything that is not broken, or that I do not want, or that I am not ready to buy. This is not the first one of your employees has harrassed me one way or another. It is unacceptable. I am sure she does not want anyone to tell her how, where, or when to manager her purse. It is one thing to be an aggressive seller, but it is another to insult someones character and or intelligence. I appreciate the courtesy of response, reply, or acknowledgement. Thank you very much. Josephine Charles

  45. On Lake June and Buckner your Metro store the manager was very rude one of their employees told me to shut up which I stated I was stopped their kid that they needed to shut up and they were very rude kick me out told me that they wasn’t going to give me my money back that I was just spending on the phone and try to charge me $200 for a new phone just to keep my service just to keep my number I’ve been with you all ever since the very first open Metro never even got an upgraded upgrade not once the manager at that store the Mexican man and also the black man the employee I don’t know their names they wouldn’t give me their names they would not give me corporates number I had to find her place a corporate don’t have a number is what they told me please help cuz I can’t keep doing people like this because it’s very unprofessional thank you

  46. I got 3 phone they didnt have service for 20 days out the month is anything gonna be done i was lied to about getting credit i have no way call or text get on internet for 20 days out a months service still bad

  47. Phone Doesn’t Work . It Has No Service ! They Provided A New One And It’s The Samw Thing Worthless !

  48. Went to store on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol TN. Trying to upgrade my sons phone. Was there 1 hour due to the man being so HIGH he couldn’t function! Have been a Metro customer for 5+ years. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  49. I havent had sound or ring tones in 2 weeks or more. Reported the issue and still I don’t have the replacement phone. 513 954 xxxx. Store in cinti ohio in glenmore. Charles took the order

  50. I purchased a new N10 on Friday, April 9, 2021. The phone did not work to make calls or text. I went back to Metro 3 times and the phone still didn’t work, I contacted your corporate customer service who worked on it remotely for 3 hours & it still didn’t work. They advised that I bring it back for a new one, which I did on Sunday & after testing it again (at this point I have waisted 8 hours on trying this phone to work) they provided me a new N10. The N10 only works occasionally. When trying to make a call it says “Mobil Network Not available”. This seems to be an inherant issue with this model phone. At this point I am beyond upset. I have lost 2 days of work and a lot of money and this new phone only works intermittantly. I have benn a loyal customer of yours with 4 lines for 16 years and have NEVER had an issues with my phones until now. I need something done immediately as I cannot be without a phone as this is part of my business.

  51. I need to know how to file a complaint or terrible customer service experience at a local metro pcs store

  52. Need help immediately. Ive been thru 8 phones now since this last October 2020..i just replaced this phone im on 2 weeks ago. Im spending money and am fed up with metro. Ive spent good money over 2 years to go through the crap i am now. Please contact me ASAP. Ive got lots of complaints.

  53. I don’t understand how you all can sell IPhones yet not support the watches. If you really think about it your loosing money. I’ve been with the company a little over 7yr but I’m considering changing providers because of this issue. I have four lines with the company and I’d hate to leave because of this. But I may have to.

  54. I was cheated at one of the authorized dealer location and I called customer service and I was told to do certain things and I did and still was not able to get it resolved by anyone I need to speak with the corporate office representative

  55. Buy Nord N 100 4-6 I was told a hot spot was included but it’s not after paying for hot spot

  56. 100 Village Square unit 335 is an organized gang stalker using stingray with the police across the street in NY illegally to theft services in a black budget operation against innocent Americans.

  57. I was promised a rebate at a Metro store United Wireless of Crooks Royal Oak Mi. After buying the I phone se and I completed my end of the contract to sign up for t mobile for 6 months. I have been waiting for the 100 dollar rebate for over 3 months and I have followed up with complaints to get it at your rebate office and your Metro main store in Pontiac Mi. 1618 N Perry st. Pontiac Mi.48340. I am dealing with a rep there named Juanita she tried to help me. She made a case file on my behalf #Inc 1125016 February 15 name is Dennis West phone # 248505xxxx. United Wireless of Crooks Royal Oak Mi. Has closed. So please help me get my rebate and keep your side of the contract

  58. This is a complaint i did a claim with insurance they appoved it sent me the phone then weeks later tell me its denied but i have the phone i have proof of everything this is very frustrating i paid deductible so how isnt a lost phone not covered? In the insurance? Now my network won’t work and the insurance claim they can’t do nothing about it this has me very very angry

  59. Would like to speak to someone that’s higher up in the MetroPCS corporation due to the fact that I’ve been a loyal customer for over 15 years never late on a payment been with you guys forever I have a major problem that happened a couple of days ago with a phone and that not even 2 months old your customer service center however two of them hung up on me and the other one told me there was nothing that they could do to help me and I know they’ve got to be something you can do it’s kind of wrong when you’ve been a loyal customer like me you guys don’t have any help or anybody who’s been a customer you only have help for people who are going to switch over from a different company to your company and it just really hurts my feelings and it makes me angry because I need some help and when your customer service representative hang up on me that just makes it worse

  60. Prt 2. There is also complained about a number of stores deliberately slowing clients phone down in speed. Just wanted to inform you about this please call me immediately. Erick Jackson 586 656 xxxx

  61. my phone number is 586 625-6179 and I am complaining about my speed a number of your clients along with me are complaining about their speed slowing down on a unlimited plan it always slows down at a certain time I’ve been adding money to my account and it’s still slow my name is Eric Jackson if you want to reach me call me I am very frustrated thank you.

  62. I paid 3 months in advance on April 1 2021. My account should be paid up until July 1 2021. Instead I have $56 in my account. So far ive bought 4 phones. Phones 1 and 2 were my fault. Phone 3 had problems on the 5th day I had it
    It would charge to 12% then discharged rapidly to 0 in 30 seconds. You horrible agents in the key west store said it was my cord. I spent $15 on a new cord same thing. I returned to the store with a friend and the 1 male agent said yes there is a problem with the phone
    It was obvious,the charge indicator was flashing,screen going on and off. The 2 condescending female agents rolled their eyes and said it was fine. I still have that phone and will prove this of I have to. My friend had tp NY phone number 4 out of her pocket because Im having medical issues and cant be with out a phone. So today I look at my balance and I have $56 in my account. 1 week and my balance goes from $170 to $56. You have stolen my money. Vibe bought 4 phones and paid 4 activation fees. Great job metro. Tomorrow morning Im going to home depot across the street from your store with you criminal employees,buy a4×8 sheet of plywood and spay paint and tell all that drive by me what a scam metro is. Great job,now Im stressed to the limit and I will sue for the damage you have done done to me mentally physically mentally and financially. Then I call you corporate head quarters and this person I talk to was not helpful. And very rude and have stolen y money. Caused a great deal of stress that can and will make shorten my life. That’s where youre going to pay the money to me because ypur agents caused me emotionally,physically. Nice job metro. . I am am construction worker across the street. I want my money returned for 3 months and the 20€ for the phone you sold defective and refused to pay for. If those charges both are not returned yo me I will file a lawsuit for mental and physical damages caused by your company is responsible for due to tbe stress of metro. I will be at my lawyers office at 9 am.

  63. I went to metro 0n 4/6/21 to get another phone cause the one I had broke. I was talking to tiffany about my metro broke phone. So I brought a new one phone. I asked her to use the phone number I had for the new phone which is at metro. She said no, shocked me. I didn’t get done, she was rude. My phone was already a metro phone, she didn’t she want to make those changes the other phone was already a metro plan phone. She ended giving a new number I didn’t want.. after a few minutes I decided to go back to the metro store to tell her this is not what I wanted. She tells me to come back tomorrow to talk to a supervisor. I find out 4/7/21 today she wad the supervisor. Now in stuck with a phone that rings and I can’t answer it. She was the supervisor that was supposed to come in today. But didn’t.

  64. How can I stop a person who’s tapping into my calls. He keeps scanning my calls. If IAM on with somebody having a conversation he ends the call.

  65. When are you guys going to put a tower out in Josephine, TX? The coverage here is horrible and I can’t receive or make any calls here. I’m sure it’s other customers here in this area. Or I have I have to get rid of my 4 lines and go with another provider

  66. I am very pissed. I went into your stoe in Nashville TN and bought 2 phones A21 which has known problems for 241.00 and added a line. The phone did not work and does not work. The man David in the store reaked of marajuana and alcohol. When I tried within 24 hours to exchnage the phone he told me I didnt have insurance on the phone. However he put inusrance on the new line I added. When I asked him about this he apologized and did not give me a answer. I do not understand why you allow him to smoke marajuana on the propertyso uch so the store reeeks of it. And why he hustled me out a 2 phones. I have text messages and pictures and I want something done about this. I dont have 300 to throw away for a phone that he knew had problems and failed to do his due diligence probably because he was high. If I do not hear back about this I will escalate as far as I need to

  67. My phone bill changed drastically and without reason last month 3/16/21 and when we called customer support the person that attended us had no reason to give us for why it changed and he was rude. We still do not know why this happened since it was a constant amount for so long.

  68. Went to local store to try to add 2 lines to my existing lines. They wanted almost 250.00 to do so! What a rip off. Supposed to get free phones, another rip off.

  69. I’m truly hoping that this Auctioneer online complaint and or problematic issue that I’m having can be resolved by doing this here thank you for whoever is denoting their time to deal with it my name is Jared Mead Gillette the account number or phone number which I am inquiring about is 707-307-xxxx. In the history of this number and or this account you will find my name Jay Gill.or jared gillett. And in this account or these names you will find that I had switched over from another number off of the account of Melanie Torres who is also the account holder of this account I was switched over back to her account without my knowledge and without my permission I want to know why this is because now I am facing a very big problem that I am not happy with I cannot access my Gmail or reset the password to my Gmail because I can’t log into the phone that is broken I can’t change the SIM card over to another T-Mobile Metro phone because I don’t have the one time reset pin that is my ex-girlfriend this is Melanie Torres I can’t get any information from her because she is using it as a weapon too pretty much screw my life off I don’t know why this is such an issue I don’t know why I was even added to the account without my permission. This is something that is very serious and it is screwing everything involved in my life I can’t access my email my business my court proceedings anything it’s wrong and you guys have the records of this happening in your system in our database I’m sorry if I’m coming off as disrespectful but I need somebody immediately to address this issue you can reach me at 801-793 xxxx. Thank you again for your time and dealing with this matter it’s very Central that you do I appreciate it

  70. Hello I have to say I’m very disappointed in MetroPCS I’ve been with you guys for over 3 years!! I paid $64 and some change to get my phone turned on Tuesday night at 10 p.m. and here comes Wednesday 3 p.m. my phone is still not working now between 10 p.m. and 3 when you ready to check out Wednesday I spoke to seven different support technicians and first one tells me put whole bunch of buttons in Bravo but anyways make a long story short as I can every time I call back it’s the same thing that would tell me to do repeat the same process over and over and I told them I’ve already tried that and not once a board member could give me an answer why my phone isn’t on and I decided forget it I’ll just go to Boost Mobile now I want in my account number it’s like you all had a choke hold on that but you just picked a fight with the wrong person you are not going to take my money and treat me like a piece of you MetroPCS wasted about 4 hours of my time making me call you and listen to your full shed about how I can get my phone turned on come to find out that there was a choke hold on that account anyway and then I tried to get my account number I went to the Thor the girl gives me another lame excuse she can only get it one time and that I would have to call corporate then I go to the corporate office on Benning Road Washington DC every last one of them employees of rude standing around chewing gum and I asked a simple question do you have a charger Bono I mean seriously is that all it takes to get hired from you guys do you take any of this seriously but you won’t fire any of the employees because you know they’ll make more money being on unemployment then to work 20 40 hours a week there the corporate spot either way what does it mean I need to get all my movies are gone that I have purchased all the numbers I put on connect has been gone and top this one off would you probably won’t be able to I lost at least to my apartment that I was going to get because I couldn’t use my phone yeah I know it’s ironic isn’t it your phone goes dead and your lease is gone but I’m not lying so I’m asking you kindly call me and if you don’t believe me listen to the recorded conversations that you all have help me calling my number is 202-848-xxxx and decide if your employees would completely wrong for what they did to me if you do not want me to take any further actions call me!!!!

  71. Internet service has been very bad over the past month. My phone is not too old. I pay $75 for my phone and tablet and should not have so much drop services.

  72. I have been a loyal customer of metro pcs for 2yrs now and I went to get an upgrade on my phone the guy was very rude and took him over 2hr to get my upgrade completed after he sold the original phone to another customer that I wanted for my upgrade then he proceeded to ask me if I understood English he was very un professional and this happened at the Southbridge Massachusetts location I hope you take care of this complaint in a timely manner thanks again

  73. I want to know how a person can come to your store pay cash for a telephone that does not work go to return it the next day with the receipt in hand and be told that you cannot accept it that you will not return it or refund the money so I can get another phone through you use my language. I’ve been a customer of yours for last 3 years I’m not happy to tell us when I have that I bought yesterday it keeps losing calls keep dropping calls I cannot use for my business what am I supposed to do you want return the phone I’m trying to run a business with this telephone I have three lines on this plan I’m ready to drop them if you don’t take this phone back I just want to exchange it for a different phone I’m in Aberdeen Washington

  74. Is this true. I bought a charger for my phone and it does not work at all. It dings constantly and does not charge. I called and was told I cannot return accessories, but if I bring it in they will give a half off another on me. Are you kidding me. Selling defective equipment and then not standing behind what you sell. Why should I have to buy another charger when I just bought one.

  75. My phone was stolen and the number is still being used i want it terminated 708 382 xxxx security is at stake immediately

  76. I want a phone number for the Metro PCS. I am a former customer. I have tried calling and emailing but I don’t get a response. If no one at headquarters, I’ll need to make public my complaint.
    Please forward this to your CEO

  77. Hi my name is demetria J I was contacted last week about a very serious situation and words and threats of death from one of metro representatives since then my number has been changed my previous number was 470685xxxx my new number is 770912xxxx I’ll be waiting for an update and I’ve still haven’t received the email confirmation of the call being called a n…. and being told you n….. should die has caused several ways of discomfort someone from the president office reached out its just I felt so uncomfortable since the disturbed call it has me like nervous about outside now I’m trying to be reasonable before I step out and seek help from the professionals of the kind I need to help assist me with this

  78. I need a call back from the corporate office asap from metropcs. This is ridiculously long process trying to get ahold of corporate y!!!

  79. I am leaving your company effective IMMEDIATELY. Ladt supervisor representatives i spoke to was rickson. I was ATTEMPTING to detail my issues and complaints when he ever so nicely HUNG UP on me. I feel ever so appreciated as a customer that i will be taking my business elsewhere. But to just tell you why i was speaking with him and his subordinate it was because i was trying (8 phone calls check my phone call history 774-778-4145) to local store on w touhy ave.. i do jot know if Skokie or Lincolnwood IL … i am from MA new to IL so towns unsure of … was calling stte since i had spoken to store previously (call history will show) and employee said near five guys … well i jnow whete that is… tried driving in little mall NO METRO PCS SIGNAGE that i could see verizon, bsed and bath, kohls, old navy, red lobster and lastly olive garden… NO METRO PCS tried calling store for more directions. No one answered or the line just disconnected me . Now i calll customer service where i ended my business with rickson. The rep before i asked dont know how many times ( listen to call & EITHER fire cuz she doesn’t listen or sure as hell retrain her [pardon my french but i am pissed off at the way i was treated considering ]) to help me with the direction guidance for the w tuohy store. She stated her refusal to give that and said she could not and gave different. Unacceptable if i ask 4 a store fir whatever MY REASONS AS THE CUSTOMER THE ONE WHO GIVES YOU MONEY EACH MONTH TO HELP PAY SALARIES etc… if i want directions to a store GIVE THEM TO ME dont say no … and SURE AS HELL DONT HANG UP ON ME… my business is now with another cellphone company. Train your people better.

  80. Why do i have to buy something from your store when i am paying my bill on a credit card

  81. Hi my name is Deborah Tuck. I understand that there is a world glob crash with google one and metro. For 6 days my phone hasnt worked right . The assistant I reserved on the phone was very pleasant. However once we tried everything possible over the phone for 5 days , the assistant on the phone yesterday after helping for 3 hours . Told me to go to 1440 Broadway in Placerville CA store to see if they could assistant me better. I get to the store. I try to explain what’s going on with my phone . And that I could get into my metro account on my phone. The man waved his hand and said to go to a corporate office , and to get the out of his store. I couldnt believe what he said to to me . I did leave but took a pict6of him. Un fortunately I’m still having problems with my phone. After he did that I call metro tech again . I can get into my account. But as I’ve said my phone isnt working right. To have a customer be told to get the out of the store isnt accepted. I’m going to call to speak with a manager at the store at 10:00am today. The time this incident occurred was on Thursday at 3:33 pm on 03/24/2021. If I may add I asked him what did you say to me and he replied it and called me me names.
    Thank you
    Deborah Tuck
    408 899-xxxx

  82. I made a purchase On March 3 2021 and on March 13 my LG Went Blank and I was told No Refund and My Phone Is Still Broke

  83. Hi to whom it may concern I been consumer with company long time. Even before you start working with t mobile. I think it should plan unlimited Gb or internet. Even if cost more.
    Thank you Ernest Hamlette at ernesthamlxxxxx

  84. When will there be a Consumer Freedom of Informatiom Act written so that we as customers can obtain text messages and phone numbers from 5-10 years ago???

  85. The phone was purchased yesterday by our grandfather who is a senior citizen and doesn’t speak English. The purchase was made at 15333 Sherman Way location by the store manager Alex01. Client wanted to purchase an old version of X10 phone as a present for his grandson. The market price for this phone is $400-500.
    Alex01 took advantage of the fact that client is a senior with no knowledge and English and sold him this version for a $1000. He also fabricated the bill that it wasn’t a regular purchase but an upgrade. Using the camera as a cover up for his actions he was asking the client (by knowing that he doesn’t understand a word of English) if he is agreeing to the fact that this transaction is an upgrade, pursue him to reply “Yes”. Client paid in cash $1010.
    The next morning we returned to the store to return the purchase but manager refused by stating that it was an upgrade transaction and no refunds will be issued.
    We’ve been a clients of Metro for 20 years. We use your plans for our entity family and recommend it to all of our employees and friends. We have never been more frustrated and insulted as we were today by your company branch member. We cannot allow for your company to take advantage of a hopeless senior citizen and eager to make an example of our fathers’ situation to all of clients out there.
    If the refund will not be issued to our father we are going to all local newspapers to advertise this incident and warn customers of the fraudly scheme that your employees are performing on those who are the most vulnerable.
    We’ll make sure to make a headlines in all local news how this poor old guys was saving money during pandemic to get a present for his grandson’s birthday and how your employee took advantage of him.
    We hope you will act accordingly and contact us back regarding this matter as soon as possible.

    V. Bagri

    Sent from my iPhone

  86. I bought phone yesterday from metro in Chelsea store in Broadway the girl name Ashley she charge me extra money about case I didn’t asked for it she said everything including it’s 180$ the phone it’s cost just 150$ with tax she charge me extra 29$ when I call here she said o didn’t say nothing

  87. To whom it may concern,
    My name is (Mr. Lynndell Williams ) my phone (720-404-xxxx) I’ve been a customer with MetroPCS since 2015. I have a concern, I found out today that ( Conference Call) is now a fee.? I have never had to pay a fee for ( Conference Call) I was not informed by Metropcs at any point of this change in policy and terms! As a long standing customer I see this as unprofessional by a company (Metropcs) that I have a relationship with. In order to continue a relationship from a personal and professional stand point I would like to believe that (Metropcs) would address my concerns from a Company that I would like to continue to allow you to provide Services for 6 more years but I need resolution from Metropcs soon!
    Thank you in advance as I wait for a hopeful and encouraging response!

  88. We purchased 3 new phones. I had requested insurance be placed on all 3. Insurance was added on the 1st phone but then your system cancelled the insurance 4 days later. I was not notified this happen.
    I really need a phone call back from a higher power of metro as this is an issue that should be resolved in my favor. Please call me so we can figure something out. I am being told different things from the store branch and assurant and I’m getting very upset. I have been a customer for almost 4 years. I just spent over 1000 dollars on phones and now I am being told that because your system cancelled my headset protection I cannot get a phone fixed. I am not happy.

  89. Terrible service all around no incentives for customers to pay on time and have been with you for years. Never rectify issues. Have cost me hundreds of dollars. As an essential worker in the health field is vital our phones were correctly your service works correctly. Second party for your warranties on your phones or not even worth it they do not send them in the mail there in personal cuz people lots of money to have to occupy the same phone over cuz there’s no incentive for that either. Very disappointed I’ll make sure all my co-workers and family and friends and social media know not to go with your company including T-Mobile itself and to all my customers I take care of to not go with you and vets that I take care of we work hard for our money and it’s just plain out rude an abuse of power. Every other company takes very well care of their customers I will definitely be switching to Verizon at the end of my billing date since there is no end to this blasphemy. And I will be informing everyone I know not to use your service because of this and I will continue to write crappyreviews everywhere I can find so the public does not have to be bamboozled by your company Shameful. I’ll make sure the elderly know not to use your company at all that’s the worst service they could ask for when having to navigate technology and making sure they’re given the right product with the right information in the right help and the right coverage in the right info. Are money matters.

  90. While trying to save money, I switched from Metro after 7yrs. I could and should have long before but I gave all that time to be treated like a deserter and have my acct frozen to prevent the new company from switching. This is a prepaid company and I was forced to pay a bill that I didn’t owe..but I was smart enough to not fall for the shenanigans. I’m just so disappointed that I was treated with such disrespect but more disappointed that your ppl didn’t think I was a valued customer enough to help make the process easier. Now, I would not come back if you paid me… I have never been late or disrespectful to any of your ppl… it’s hurtful and sad!

  91. I’m at the balfour rd brentwood, ca location it’s now 1010 am on sat March 20 and store isn’t open this is unacceptable

  92. I WAS ON THE TO ONE EMPLOYES IN ORDER TO TURN MY PHONE OFF I HAVE MISPLACED HE WAS UNwilling to do what to help I don”t understand just kind of employee he , would not let me speak to a supervisor this is his badge # he gave me 530271 Jack John or Joe or something like that…..l would not care for your services any thank you very much

  93. Hi–I discontinued my METRO account about 3-4 weeks ago–and was told the overage (of over $50 paid, including for the following month) would be sent by check to my home address. Nothing has come as yet, and when I call the customer service #, they tell me that they have no record anymore of my account. PLEASE HELP!

  94. metro pcs in indianapolis, in at 8403 N Michigan road 46268 was closed or at least LOCKED during business hours – well before time to close. Most recently on 3/14 and 3/15 at 4 pm on both days. I called before during and after each visit and no one answered the whole rest of the day.

  95. Qpay 12396xxxx carrierb2944525xxxx act xxxx invoice 82906 received a waiver from customer service office twicw instruction to transferred phone service and Prity refused to do so this message is added by lovelock because I cannot make calls outs I cannot get YouTube

  96. Just want to know why the store I always go to never has changed for me to pay my bill.

  97. I made a purchase at metro in Lawrenceville on riversidepwy. I was sold a package deal where I spent 585,00 he there in a watch phone that I did not want or need he will not take it back everything he said he was throwing I he charged me for it I want to return the watch phone

  98. Went to 2 of your branches 1 in Auburn ca and roseville ca
    Both stores had a strong smell of perfume cologne we are trying to switch from our current company to yours but the perfume smell is over powering

  99. I’ve called in and spoke with a supervisor about being called a nigger and wished I die and no one has called me I’m not comfortable nor do I feel safe being threatened by a representative for metro and it’s more I really need to speak to upper management

  100. Hello my name is Jack Lambert I live in xxxx Northeast 15th Street Pompano Beach Florida 33062 I wrote to I sent an email this morning to file a complaint but I also want to add that I think that the corporate office and Metro should reevaluate their return policies at least until this pandemic is over because people can’t afford to be losing money and giving it to Metro like I bought a phone since it’s upgraded I can’t get a refund I can’t take the phone back and I went to the office I spoke to customer service and still no I can’t get a refund and I got the phone only 3 days ago so I think you should reevaluate your refund policy because I think it’s very unfair to keep people’s money especially at these times in this pandemic where people don’t have money so please go into my account and review it my pin number is xxxx xxxx and review it and look it over and please please yes I’m saying please because I cannot afford to give you guys $278.74 just because it’s upgrade but they didn’t tell me it was an upgrade so if you read my first complaint you see all everything that happened and I’m not going to stop until I get my refund I’ll be calling again tomorrow or emailing you tomorrow again you haven’t seen the last of me thank you

  101. I have been a customer for over eight years I never had one complaint. But on January 30th 2021 I received a software update from MetroPCS when I did the download it crashed my phone. Took me over a month to get my new phone it was like an act of Congress to get it. People were rude I told them that the engineers are aware of the problems with the A 11 & A21 but said there was nothing they could do. After spending days on the phone with just for customer service reps I finally received my warranty phone. And now they want me to pay for a month of service that I did not have. The only time my phone works is if I was connected to Wi-Fi the minute I left my house I cannot send text receive texts or emails I could not even dial 911 if I wanted to. Here’s my issue that I’m trying to wrap my head around if I broke my phone and it was my fault and I did not have my phone for a month I would pay the bill because that was on me but it was your guys’s software that crashed my phone but yet you still want me to pay for a service that I did not have. Can I talk to a supervisor she said that she checked my records and showed that my phone was active or yes it was active I just cannot use it and told me they would be glad to get me a $5 credit are you kidding me. I just don’t understand how you can put a product out on the shelf and sell it knowing there is an issue with the software and it crashes the phones and the engineers are trying to fix it. I was hoping to get this rectified could somebody please get back to me I would appreciate it. doddtrexxxx

  102. Why why did you lie to me why did you say my phone was fixed on the on the 5th it wasn’t had to call back three or four times on the 6th it wasn’t had to call back 4 * on the 7th I called six times maybe more and on the 8th I’ve already spent over four hours on the phone why can’t you fix the lousy data problem with my account my bills paid on time every single month I’ve never missed it or been late or anything for over 8 years now why are you doing this to me I need my phone for lawyers and hospitals in for my doctor I’m 66 years old and on my own what the hell is your problem

  103. Worse company when it comes to customer service.I could not get my account# l answer 4 out 5 surcurity questions .I’ve been with them for 8 to 10 years. I didn’t remember what month I opened the account.They should tell people they will need to remember the month they opened account .If they need to verify that I am the account holder why can’t my driver license do that. They lost a 10 year customer and opened themselves for bad PR

  104. Due to your metro pcs working with italian mafia and giving them info about my phone even when I speak to consumer support at 1800 number , you are added to Royal lawsuit under USA lawsuit with help of working also with italian mafia FBI
    Great job

  105. I want to file a complaint with your company because it makes no sense that you go into a store you talk to a representative on the phone they set you up on a bill my boyfriend paid our bill was $80 then he took himself off the account so they left me just look out by myself I went in on yesterday and paid a $50 payment and then today my phone is off and there telling me that I owe 3275 which is not supposed to be paid until April 6th I am filing a complaint because i paid money I really did not have that I paid out of my pocket I am not going to pay another dime and they need to turn my phone back on I don’t know who is going to get this message but your company and your people that are working for you is not doing right and I don’t want to go to another company because I feel really getting sickening that I’m paying extra money for nothing.

  106. You were supposed to take off the conference call fee of three dollars a month because I can’t receive conference calls. My plan is the 50 dollar plan. I can’t do auto pay for the third of the month so my bill should only be 56 dollars per month not 59. Please rectify the situation before the 3rd of April. Thank you Vanessa Roberts-Brickus 216-392-xxxx.

  107. I would like to file a formal complaint against an employee in spokane washington at the plaza location. I filed a complaint before against him and my phone service has been acting haphazzard every since. Also my bill was higher both times. I wanted a 50 dollar plan both times and he has made it higher or less service on both occassions. I believe he is the one causing major problems with all my accounts because after complaining of his actions I have been hacked repeatedly. He said he is the regional manager and I think his actions are misguided and malicious in nature and character. Right now my bill is $68 something. My first mishap with him I asked for the $50 plan and it was $60. This time I wanted the $50 plan and had to change plans to get that which caused the $68 hike. Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.
    Additionally, I had to get another phone with a different number so I cannot access any of my accounts with the number 509-608-xxxx that includes emails and such that I have had for years……..

  108. Since your merger your texting program as well as your voice command program has gone to ****.

    I have been with Metro PCS for 17 years.

    Your service is Ludacris. This message is being dictated slowly and carefully yet there is no telling how it will be changed after I disconnect the call

    just as soon as I have time to stop long enough to open an account with some other carrier I will do so

    Surely you are aware of these problem s yet nothing has been done about it for months

    new people in the Electronic Services industry are fortunate that you don’t have a storefront your people to enter me and speak with you face to face.

  109. My complaint is the fact that I cannot reach anybody in the corporate office with the corporate phone number provided on the website! and I would really like to speak to whoever is in charge because I have serious problems with Metro right now.. so please call me back 239-321xxxx thank you

  110. They’re going to call and complain about y’all service at one of y’all stores I was in and I didn’t like the way the cashier was talkin Michelle trying to help me like she had a nasty attitude and ever since seem like ever since y’all got new people in the store things in it change it is not the same no more I want I am not the only one complaining but other people said they don’t complain about about the employees that work there and I was in by the month ago and I got a bad service I have bought a back in 2019 it iPhone 7 plus and it went out and I went into the store and they had a nasty attitude Detroit the phone and stuff steady to God letting it stay in my account stay on the phone he Zero act like everything that was on the phone so I had called a while back by the marketing role to try to get another phone but no kind of way that they said I had to buy a whole nother phone all over so I had to download to Android phone the Metro store on North US1 2801 Fort Pierce Florida ZIP code 34946

  111. My complaint is extreme. I really enjoyed my services with your company for about 2 years, oh, however, it was located near the recruiting station. And also, I became a victim, when I called my mom’s best friend in Taxas on the phone, and asked if he could help, me with a few dollars. So that I could do a 300 dollar resume. And get a better job. He said, yes if my mother would call him. She died, and post my name on a shop next to the phone company with a cigarette shop. I don’t smoke, however it’s hurting my family, chicken store.

  112. I’ve been with our a phone for 2 months now I’ve been paying my 3 lines for nothing it’s like no one. An help me get a new phone I pay my insurance and yet they couldn’t get it done right instead they added the 50 for my claim into the account like a regular cell payment. Now I have no upgrade on the phone they said I did had no one is able to help me get into my account it’s. Locked for 3 more days I’m loosing jobs opportunities and yet can’t get a phone with out getting a text mssg. One line is on hold because I can’t find the phone the tablet has the charging port broken can’t charge it and the main line phone is broken I can receive mssg calls but the screen Is completely black I can’t see or answer

  113. I have been discriminated by your company and I disputed a purchase. I went through every avenue your representatives would allow me to contact and I have never had to revert to this before. Noe my phone had been disconnected. I am a senior citizens who had just gotten out of the hospitality. I was referred to as and old lady and have to be in contact with anyone who can rectify the problem. I was treated like a was bothering them and my lack of knowing looked down upon. Dismissed like a child and I had just gotten out of a 20 day stay at the local hospital. They never even looked at the paperwork and now they left me without service.I’m not well and now I have no way to contact my family. Discriminated in Tampa


  115. I am unhappy that I have been paying for insurance on my grandsons phone for a year only to find out he had no insurance when I filed a claim!

  116. Your MetroPCS office in Los Angeles California gave me a number that is still connected to another account and they now have my personal information through text messages because you guys failed to disconnect accounts. And I got a call from the Social Security office saying that my social security number has been compromised. Now we have a problem.

  117. My phone number is being used by some guy named Monty his inquiries have caused me to get hit by every cold calling algorithm on the planet. I want to give you the opportunity to fix this before I choose a new company for my cell service. You have 3 days or my 100.00 per month will go to a new company and I will supply ample amounts of negative content. Do I make myself clear.

  118. Why is it that existing customers get no phone deals but new customers get free phones can switch to someone else and come back in 30 days and get another free phone.
    You need to reward new customers

  119. I am so very pissed off right now I’ve been with you all for 24 years my phone keeps acting up I keep calling no one answer the phone they keep putting the robot on I can never talk to a human body I am so so angry can someone contact me please

  120. I bought a LG Stylo 6 phone and the metro representative installed it incorrectly. With in days, it fell off. I have been trying to get a new protective glass at 14031 wade Hampton Blvd. but they want to charge me $31 for a glass that was installed wrong to begin with. I am upset with the treatment I am receiving from the metro representatives. If you will buy this phone back, I’ll be glad to change services.

  121. Linda Siemer, Advocate
    xxxx SE 24th Trail
    Sumterville, FL 33585

    February 24, 2021

    Metro Phone Corporate Office
    2447 N. Wickham Road
    Melbourne, FL 32935

    Regarding: Chad Cobb 321-361-xxxx


    My name is Linda Siemer, I am an advocate for Chad Cobb, a person with a disability who has a Metro phone that does not work, after many tries to correct the problems with the phone and talking to your company, we asked to unlock the phone so he could get a new carrier. Your company refuses to unlock the phone due to your 180 day unlock policy which Chad was not given a copy of this policy.

    He purchased the phone in January 2021, he been a client since April of 2020. On January Chad purchased a I-phone SE from your company.

    • Chad purchased this phone for $450.00 and was not told it was a used phone.
    • He has been back to the store several times complaining about dropped calls and people not being able to hear him when he calls or receives a call. When the problem happens, he needs to reset the phone and call people back.
    • Your company has done trouble shooting but nothing seems to work.
    • Your company replaced the phone a few weeks ago, but it still does not change the problems.
    • Yesterday Chad and I called your customer service line to asked that the phone be unlocked, we were told to call Apple to do that.
    • We called Apple who told us to call Metro back to unlock the phone and was told that you have the authority to do that.
    • We called back to Metro and spoke to agent #31060 who said there was nothing she could do because of your 180 days unlock policy. She told us he had 110 day behind him, which was a surprise to us that there was 180 day unlock policy. Then it appeared he purchased a used phone without being told. I asked how much would it be to buy out the 70 day. I was told she could not do that. I asked for a supervisor and I spoke to Kevin #310093 who stated the same thing the young lady said. I explained to Keven that Chad had medical needs and his phone is his lifeline to supports and 911. If he calls for help and they cannot hear him it may be a life-or-death situation. He restated there is nothing else he can do. He offered a reset and we agreed.

    I want Metro to know I will hold your company responsible for and harm that comes to Chad if he cannot get medical help when needed.

    If you have any question feel free to call me at 352-408-xxxx.

    Thank you,

    Linda Siemer, Advocate

  122. Abused customer pay $80 for abusive service. I ask for pen nice. And this… Mercel and Brittany need to be terminated and Luiz promoted.

    Mr. Timothy Castellano
    Phone # (541) 220-1226
    Metro by T-Mobile Account # 819269956

    Mr. Castellano,

    Due to your disorderly conduct on February 24, 2021 at the Metro by T-Mobile store located at 5859 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA you are immediately Trespassed from that location.

    Furthermore, you are forbidden to enter that location for a period of one year beginning 2/24/2021 and ending on 2/23/2022.

    Should you enter the store, our employees have been instructed to immediately call 911 and request that the police charge you with criminal trespassing as per California state law.

    We will allow you to visit any other Metro by T-Mobile or T-Mobile stores so long as you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner that does not include yelling, swearing, threatening, or any other sort of disorderly conduct. Should you violate the preceding, then we shall trespass you from all Metro by T-Mobile & T-Mobile locations and cease to provide phone service to you.

    I certify under penalty of perjury that I have the authority to issue this trespass notice.

    Mr. Mills
    Corporate Services Manager
    Metro by T-Mobile
    Executive Support Team – Bellevue, WA

  123. Mercel and britanny the rudest management at 6895 sunrise citrus heights.. I pay $80 for new phone on ticket. Had trouble with finding Gmail address I ask for pen and then call cops and tresspass me for year.. there abusive I’m a good customer. I was polite. I want mercel and Brittany fired for rude abusive and lying… Tresspass also lifted… Luiz was very friendly he should be manager. I want CEO, HR and Mr. Mills. To call me 541220xxxx… I was mocked cursed and rude to. I was always polite.. 5 employees not even busy. I’m very hurt. I want CEO and HR.. I’ve been customer for almost two years. And all together for 5 years.

  124. My name is Lindsey bowles I am here with Metro and winder and I come to pick up a replacement phone and the manager told me to come pick it up today I’m hearing to pick it up and they’re refusing to give me my phone

  125. Purchased samsung a51 last November. Was told I would get a 100. Visa card. Now almost March 2021 and nothing? Please tell me why.
    Thank you.

  126. I live in Northern California Shasta County for a week I have not had cell service that I have had no problems with for the last 10 years and now they act like there’s nothing wrong I don’t see anybody fixing the problem I am less than 1 mile from the tower and I have zero cell signal I am very irritated I’m very pissed off I want something done because I don’t feel I should have to pay for Sprint or Verizon or some other, outrageous costing company get your stuff fixed I do not plan to pay my bill I will however go buy a TracFone and put minutes on it so that I do not have to worry about this

  127. I have a private caller calling me at 2 am. How do I find out who it is. My number is 516 444 xxxx

  128. I’m curious, when a buisness has set hours dont they have to post a time that they will be closed for lunch? Stating an exact time of start and end? I have went to pay my bill on numerous occasions at the Longview, Wa. Washington Way location and found a note on the door around 4pm saying they are out to lunch, be back in a half an hour. So how am I supposed to know when that half an hour ends or began?

  129. I was charged 64.00 on the 21st of February for my phone bill off my Visa card after enrolling in auto pay and I was supposed to have the money refunded to my card ending in xxxx

  130. After pursuing an insurance claim on my phone, it came to my attention that I was being charged for additional services on my line as well as my additional line without my knowledge. I went into the store I bought my phones from and tried to get a refund and the customer service line refused to do so. They offered me credit for one month which doesn’t equal the amount that I paid for the additional services that I never added to my line. Please contact me to follow up.

  131. To whom it may concern,
    I would like to share the unpleasant experience that I had at the Metro PCS store located on 1180 Havendale Blvd NW Winter Haven Fl 33881. I arrived at this location around 6pm 2/20/202. Abby assisted me at first to help me switch my tracfone service to metropcs. I expressed to her and her manager Ronnie who conviently chimed in from time to time to oversee due to Abby being new,that I wanted to keep my same phone and same #. Abby and Ronnie reassured me that my tracfone device is compatible and I can port my phone number 863-651-xxxx. At the end of transaction after I paid $50 I noticed the message invalid sim card on my phone. This is when Ronnie stepped and took over for Abby and I quote in his words he stated my Life my life over and over as he was figuring out why the sim card was reading invalid mesaage. I have been a customer service rep for over 15 years and Ronnie as leader displayed a poor example to Abby being that she is new to the company how a leader should conduct himself under pressure. To add insult to injury my phone number was now locked in Metros system and my phone was not compatible thus me having to switch back to tracfone. I lost my phone number of years and had to get a new number . After spending 2hrs in the store with no success I requested a refund. Ronnie states that per his manager he should not even be refunding me. This is unacceptable.

  132. I purchased a OnePlus n100. 20 days ago I took the phone back to place of purchase a metro store in lubbock tx. The manager and franchise owner tell me I can’t get a replacement cause mine has software issues. So I can a repl as cement if I buy another phone. My complaint was 12 hrs after purchase and if I want a working model I have to pay for it.

  133. I’ve been with you guys since for quite a while like since 2016 I had a account with you then I switch to my sister’s account with you guys you used to have awesome service but the year I’ve been having lots of problems I don’t get calls and text from people during calls I won’t be able to hear them outta no where it hangs up by itself plan and simple I want to find services else where so I can get what I pay for. You no calls and texts .. I’ve spent a lot of money with you guys so please unlock my phone so I can use it else where. I can’t afford another phone and in all rights I paid for my phone so I own it who are you to keep me from using It else where. .

  134. Has anyone had troubles with the new REVVL 4 PLUS. Im having charging troubles an they sent me a refurbished one when i purchased mine new out of the box now they wont send me another charger an this refurbished phone is a piece of shit. Im filling with the BBB.

  135. I am writing this letter to you all at corporate because I am a very upset customer. I purchased the New Revvl 4 plus in the store, new in the box located on 1222 State St, New Albany, IN, 47150 on September 14th, 2020. Recently out of nowhere the phone stopped charging because the charger had turned the charging port in the phone to go from black to black and silver, where you would plug in the phone at. On Feb. 5th, 2021, I went to the same store on State St an the agent (DJ) told me to take a pamphlet an file a claim on it. I left the store an tried to call about the claim. The first time trying to call the claims department they told me to hang on for manager which I got transferred to the survey line instead of a manager. The second time calling I got hung up on. The third time calling they told me they were not going to approve it because it was a mechanical issue and that I needed to go back to the Metro store and have them cover it under the year warranty. I tried to explain to them I had just left that Metro store and he informed me to make a claim. While on the phone with customer service rep Rose I told her about me having to call 3 times just to try an file a claim and that I just left the store so while on the phone with Rose I drove back to the State St Metro store an walked in with Rose on speaker phone. The Metro agent DJ was told by Rose that they needed to cover the phone because claims wasn’t going to. DJ informed Rose that he had to call his store manager AJ. The store manager AJ got on speaker an asked if its been damaged or dropped or cracked and it has not, so I tried to explain to him the charging issues. He then had DJ send him photos of my phone to see if it had damage. The only damage was the charging port where you plug in your phone charger and he tried saying I’m the one who damaged the charging port by putting the type c charging in backwards. Which if you look at the charger itself there is no right or wrong way to plug it in the phone. I tried to explain to AJ over DJs phone that and he got irate and told me to get out of his store and he told me he wasn’t going to cover it under mechanical warranty. So, I had the claims department saying they weren’t going to help me, and I had the Metro store saying they weren’t going to help me. At this time, I still had Rose on the phone, and she was upset herself for the lack of customer service that I’m getting. I told her this is why I pay for insurance every month and she agreed and apologized for AJs behavior. After DJ hung up with AJ, DJ felt sorry for me because nobody wanted to help me, and he tried to file a insurance claim on the store computer. Although he said he wasn’t allowed to do it that way he still tried to help me but when it got to the end of the claim it came back denied. So, Rose filed a kudos on DJ for trying his best to assist me on his end the best way he knew how to even though it got denied. She also filed a complaint against store manager AJ. So, after all this Roses only advice was to hang up with her an try to call the claims people back an get them to file an insurance claim. So, I did that, making it the fourth time calling them in a day an finally got someone to file a claim an get my deductible paid of $60 to send out a replacement phone. I left the Metro store exhausted an still to wait on the replacement phone. Fast forward a few days the replacement phone came in the mail on Monday Feb. 8th. I was not able to get to the store to activate it tell Friday Feb. 12th. I spoke with DJ again on the 12th and he tried to help me activate the replacement phone. I asked him to help me back up my photos and stuff from the old phone an he said he did. I then transferred my old sim card to the replacement phone thinking I would have all my photos and stuff. At that time my phone wouldn’t call out to 611 to activate it so I asked DJ if he would call on his phone, but he kept saying his phone wouldn’t dial out to 611. So, I asked him to use the stores phone and he said it was disconnected. So, I had no way to call an active it and DJ said he would activate it on the stores computer, but it would charge me $21. This is what it states online (MetroPCS allows phone activation even without service. All you need to do is call MetroPCS customer care number and they will activate your phone without paying. The other way is by visiting their store. Metro PCS does not charge activation fee. If you are a current MetroPCS subscriber and are switching to a different phone they will charge you a $15 fee in store for an ESN change). I’m not for sure why I got charged then. So, I told him I wasn’t leaving the store without it on and working. I told him they didn’t send me a charger with the replacement phone how was I supposed to charge it cause he said it would only work on the charger it comes with new in the box, that they don’t sell the chargers separately. So, I said that doesn’t make sense they wont work with other type c chargers an it must be the charger for the Revvl 4 plus but they didn’t send a charger with the replacement phone. He said he didn’t know so I left there with no way to charge the replacement phone. I went to 3 other Metro stores on Saturday Feb 13th to try and find a charger for this phone. The first store nobody was answering the doors the second store said she didn’t have any chargers an the third store said she could sell me a $25 charger but it may not work since it isn’t the charger it came with. So, you all sell theses phones but not the chargers separately. I left and said I wasn’t spending anymore money on this replacement phone because I am out of $85 dollars an have two phones that don’t have a way to charge them. I then called Metro customer service again explaining what’s going on again and was on the phone over 5 hrs. trying to speak to a manager but kept getting hung up on or transferred to the survey line AGAIN. When I finally got someone on the line, they said to call Assurant because they don’t handle accessories. So, I called Assurant and spoke with the manager Moniqua and she told me they didn’t send me a new phone an if they did it would of came with a charger. She told me I got a refurbished phone because that’s what was in stock an that it depends on he warehouse if I got a new phone or refurbished one. Not only did I lose photos, but I didn’t even get a sent a new phone I got a refurbished one. Which is bullshit because I purchased my phone new in the box and I’m still making payments on it monthly. I’m left paying for my old phone that was new in the box, but you all want me to keep paying on it with a refurbished phone. She also told me they don’t handle accessories but would put in a request for them to send me a charger because she felt sorry for me. She whether it got approved or not id receive an email, which I have not. The only email I got was a survey an I told them this same story an they said they don’t handle chargers. Moniqua said to call metro again so I did the next day an he basically said to he couldn’t help me he didn’t know how to get a charger to go to amazon. I told him no other type c charger is charging this phone an he said to look on amazon they have them. So, I did with him on the line because he said it had to be a 3,500 mah charger an I couldn’t find anything like what he was saying so then he said he didn’t know to go to Walmart. He told me I could write a letter to headquarters but that’s all he could say. So, I told him he is just passing me along and nobody seems to know how to get a damn charger. I have to send my first phone back with all my photos an send this refurbished phone back because it wont charge. It takes 30 mins for it to go from 5% to 7% or jumps from 30% to 10%. I’m out of money, gas, time, and two working phones. All I want is to have a new phone sent to me with a charger because that’s what I paid for a new phone with a charger, and still paying on it. I’ve been with metro for years on an off and never have I been treated like this, passed around back an fourth an given the run around. Please reach out to me when you receive this letter because I’m very upset nobody is helping me or seems to care that I’m having these issues or was told to get out of the store.

  136. I’m writing to see if you have a listing for CORPORATEP-owned Metro by T-Mobile stores in Orange County, California. In or nearest to ZIP code 92782.

    Thank you

  137. It took me 3 weeks to get phone replaced due to bad phone…my daughter bought me phone in dec..17 2020…I paid bill Jan 16th and never got to use phone service for any time afterwards..went in store over 12 times..The first time I went in was treated like “stupid woman”. Would not listen to me that there was something wrong w phone..They can’t. To do things to phone which still wouldn’t work..then finally ordered new phone. Was told on Wednesday to ck bk on a sat and new phone wasn’t ordered….Monday finally ordered received phone on a eed….I paid 42.50 on monthly bill and was told something would be done about this but it wasnt…once again felt like they blew me off..over 12 trips to store..rude service..bunch of promises..and treated badly…409347xxxx

  138. I paid my phone bill at 2519 7th st .bay city texas.the guy was going on about being a loyal customer that i was able to receive a free phone and said he was gonna send my confirmation number in a minute never phone was on till 2 days later and was shut off.i dont remember receiving a receipt so i couldnt prove without a confirmation number i paid.called customer service and after a conversation trying to resolve my issue through management they chose to hang up in my face.been with the company for several years by the way and never had a problem.the store i paid my bill was closed due to a snow storm so i was told to use wifi until they opened but wifi was out because of the my bill every month for years now.i disgusted with how i was treated.needless to say after years i will be changing my service

  139. I bought a phone from metro oc in Hyde Park Massachusetts. Something went wrong with the network I took phone to store and the lady tells me that I need to go out of the area and my phone would work perfectly. I live and work in Hyde Park mass where the was i going. They are very unperfectional and they still want me to pay a bill for a phone that does not work good. 3 phone i bought in less the 4 months.

  140. double payment was made dec 5th….here we are feb 12th and now I’m being asked to contact corporate after being told it was refunded. I never received a refund

  141. I’ve never had such problems before with a phone and/or service! I was on the phone for hours and it was another waste of time. I was sold a defective phone,never was told nor sent the links,etc for the promotional offers I should’ve received and was deceived by 3 employees. I was lied to and ripped off.

  142. I buy at one of yours store a hot spot divice but is not working for me so i want to returnet and they want to take my money and they don’t answer the phones at all and it’s all your stores here in Springfield mo

  143. Just left your dealer site where i was told the 2 screen protectors and 4 phone cases were free as part of the promotion i was in the store but after going in a getting a itemized bill i was over charged 166.56+ tax for items nor did i want or ask for. I would like the return of this amount and will be more than happy to take in or mail in the cases and screen protectors that were “FREE” as part of the promotion.

  144. I went into a Metro PCS store in Naples, Fl. 3749 Tamiami Trail E, Naples, FL 34112 last week sometime. When I walked in the store clerk (Maria) quickly ordered me to put my mask on. I just walked in the store and had several things in my hand, While I was putting my things on one of the counters she immediately ordered me again to put my mask on? I told her I would put it on in a minute as soon as I got situated? She again snarled at me and told me I would have to put my mask on? 3 times in one minute? I told her it was outside in my bike bags and I’ll get it a minute? She kept ordering me to put the mask on? At this point she’s over doing it and acting like an to be honest. Being really rude to me I told her to chill out. Than she gave me some kind of smart mouth response like “We got rules here– you have to comply with them?” So I went outside to my bike and got my mask and out it on.

    Next because I was riding my bike and I had my sweatpants on I was pretty hot. So I sat in one of the chairs by the front window and the sun was coming through the window. It was pretty hot sitting there. As I was trying to take my sweat pants off. So I decided to move the chair away from the hot sun. When I moved the chair she started barking orders at me! “Hey Sir you can’t move the chairs anywhere you want to?” Put it back where you got it? Like a real that she is. It was like I’m going to call the cops on you if you don’t comply with my demands kind of thing. It was getting that out of hand! I told her to chill out I’ll put the chair back when I’m though with it? She kept barking orders to me the whole time I was there about 10 minutes. She said she couldn’t help me fix my phone?

    When I first went in there she told me it would be about 30 minutes before she could get to me? But the guy she was attending to left after 5 minutes and never returned? She spent the whole time barking orders at me like I was 6 year old. I’m 74 years old and she showed no respect at all?

    Before I left I told her she should work on being a little bit more professional, rather than act like the bitch she was. I had to leave the store I was so upset of what I might do to her? Her actions were completely uncalled for.

    I went to another Metro store on Airport Rd, Naples, Fl. and the guy was completely helpful the best he could. Complete night and day between the two employees.

    I think Maria in the E. Tamiami Tr. store needs a professional makeover. Based on my observance of her and her controlling attitude I would boot here to the curb and never come back! I don’t know what stirred her up, but she was completely disrespectful and unprofessional.

  145. Your people at Renton wa. High lands are stealing peoples info there data and credit card info contact me at 425 523 xxxx

    1. I bought a phone on 12/28/2020 and wanted the 50.00 service and was told must start with the 65.00. Which was ok. Had good service for a month. On 1/25/21 paid my bill in cash at your metro store in manteca cal. On sunday went use phone and its not working. After work went to store to see whats goin on. Was given a number to call customer service. I imediately phoned before heading 10miles back home. CS lady said it was suspended for lack of payment was nice and turned phone back on after about 20 minutes of reading her my receipt and metro text about receiving and posting my payment. Next day off again called again from friends phone again same thing. Reps are nice but results dont last. Next day phone off again. Its almost a daily affair to get my friend to use her phone and time to get my phone running up for 1 day. They say i owe 61.00 to get my phone to work. I only had 2 weeks of service. I called today and told that someone stole the payment out of my account
      How can that be i paid cash and had 2 weeks of service!!!! I have no other account and dont even want to go through this next month since it all seems useless. I signed up with a service and your end hasnt fullfilled its agreement with what i signed up for. Now i know why no onevis ever in the metro stores

  146. To Whom it May Concern,

    I am a long time Customer of Metro PCS cellular phone communications service. I had a concerning visit at one of the Austin area locations on 02/08/2021 and would like to submit a formal complaint in regards to my unfortunate experience. While visiting one of your Austin area site locations I was refused service due to an undisclosed medical condition. I have this visit voice recorded for better review. I am also requesting a follow-up investigation of my visit to the Metro PCS store on 02/08/2021. I will provide more detail upon your timely communication with myself personally. Please contact me at 512-354-xxxc. Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Alicia Hansen

  147. I’m not happy with your store on Ford road in Ypsilanti Michigan Ford boulevard I bought a phone it was cracked I bought it back they want me to pay more money to get a cover and I’m not going to pay any more money I won’t pay my bills I’m on myself and Sandra Miller or on the same account is she agrees we got screwed and we are going to switch to a different company I will not pay another Penny we did not break that phone .

  148. I bought a phone from you and it has a crack I am going to cancel my account I am not paying any more money

  149. I was wondering is it okay for employees to bring their kids to work? I understand that some might not have a babysitter and life happens but this person brings her kids to work a lot . Especially on sundays . In Lafayette Indiana

  150. I am looking and have been trying to get in touch with someone regarding my W2 from the year 2019. My name is Adrianna McClendon and I worked under Sam in new jersey in glassboro.

  151. This is how your managers treat your customers I was sold a cracked screen phone the speaker don’t work and was to call customer Serbia it’s not their problem any more they refused to look at the phone and help me but gave mmy husband 2valved of liquid screen I then found out they added services I didn’t authorize didn’t advise me if a PIN number and proceed to make one for me your company passed the ball on every step and is horrible
    Store 322 5th Avenue McKeesport pa 15132 412896xxxx

    1. I made a report of a double payment December 5th and now feb 12th I’m being asked to contact corporate headquarters after they said it was approved and would be put on my card … metro also changed my plan to what they thought I wanted 60.00 for oneline…I do.not use Amazon or any of the things. I also never get insurance for these lil cheap phones but that was also added

  152. I am trying to get a call log for court case dating back 09/2020 till now. How can I retrieve this call log

  153. My name is Porshia Bennett and my fiance Samir Abdullaah’s stylo 5 (or maybe its the 6) caught on fire while he was at work. I need someone to contact me asap regarding this issue. My number is 973-444-xxxx. In case you need to access his account his number is 862-218-xxxx.

  154. Lazy ass snotty girls at the metro pcs at the store carson city nevada lost a good customers will be going to verizon it’s to bad because we just spent almost a 1000 dollars on new phones guess I will unlock them

  155. My husband and I have been w/ Metro for over 10 years now. There just aren’t any words to describe in a paragraph the treatment we are receiving from the customer service agents and their supervisor at Metro PCS. . This seems surreal. We have been hugely disrespected and completely disregarded. Two hours of my morning has been wasted on useless calls for help from them. . We have never been late with our payments and we have been loyal customers. I spent over two hours trying to work out the glitch with their system so that we can use auto pay. I spoke with three separate agents and a supervisor trying to resolve this problem. We even went so far as to do a three way to the bank to confirm that the problem is on Metro’s end. They’ve humiliated my husband with their insinuations that his card is no good or that he has insufficient funds. Three agents and a supervisor hung up on me. No one has bothered to call us back. We are more than upset by their cruel, inconsiderate, uncaring and unproffessional treatment we have undeservedly received by Metro PCS. Someone please contact me.
    Deborah Ruczewski

  156. Im paying for service now that i have tried using 2 times now with no usage ..It cost my legal problems i want to be reimbursed for rhe last 3 months you people screwed up my calling.or um calling an attorney 570846xxxx the agent i talked to tuesday assured me my call would go through which it did not

  157. I’ve had my same number with metro pcs for about 16 years. I’ve never once received any kind of special deal on a phone, discount on my bill, nothing. I would think that you guys would offer something to the people that have been your customers for a certain amount of time to show thanks. Instead my service has gotten worse, my reception never works right even after I call and talk to customer service. I purchased this Motorola phone paid almost $400 for it out the door and it’s the worst phone over ever bought. Just wish that you guys would offer something for certain customers. Not trying to be mean or rude.

  158. Why Is MetroPCS allowing employees to take advantage of senior citizens? They sold my 82 year old father a new phone claiming his old phone was beyond repair. He decided to return it a day later but they wouldn’t refund his money. He took his old phone to another Metro PCS and an employee there was able to get the old phone working within minutes.

  159. Dear Sir/madame, My name is Michelle Dowell I’m employed at US AIRLINES , I purchased a metro phone to which i am extremely displeased with phone AND Service, First phone malfunction retuned for another NEXT DAY, 2nd Phone also Malfunctions 3RD Phone MALFUNCTIONING I have been without my phone over TWO months I am missing Business Calls (I have a huge problem with this) REITERATED (OVER TWO MONTHS) the different management keeps telling me they will order a replacement (OVER 2 MONTHS) at this point I feel if you cannot replace with this particular phone for being a patient and loyal customer I deserve an upgrade, if I cannot get a replacement within the WEEK as I feel I’ve waited long enough I will take my business elsewhere,
    With Sincerity,

    Mrs. Michelle Dowell

    1. I’ve been experiencing the worst service and customer service ever. The customer service agents unknowledgeable and rude. The supervisors are even ruder. It’s clear to see why the staff is awful, they’re being led by incapable management.

  160. When I purchased my phone, the sales person never said anything about my phone plan. I told the sales person that I wanted the same plan I had with the old phone. I paid for the phone, so there is no monthly payment and my bill should be the same. The company (metro pc) hire people who can sell you a phone but can’t tell you anything about the phone plan or what you will be paying. Please email or text information. I would like to speak to a manager.
    Thank You, R. Duhart

  161. I need someone to look at my bill is my bills supposed to be $82 look at the notes everything under for both phones unlimited everything with auto-pay I don’t know what the guy did in the store but could you give me a call please at 786-368-4672 I really appreciate agreement is it agreement and it’s supposed to be $82 so look at the notes

  162. I was sol a stolen/ lost phone from a Metro pcs store. The guy threw my receipt in the trash but I got one reprinted. Didn’t realize the phone didn’t work until I got home. I took the phone back and was told I couldn’t get my money back couldn’t trade the phone for one in the store because it wS an upgrade. I paid 208.60 and now I’m being told that I have to wait another day for phone to come in the mail to their store not me. This store needs to be investigated for fraud. I want my money back and I’m never gonna go with metro again. Very dishonest people. This happened on 14Jan21 and I still have no phone on 20Jan20.

  163. If I could give them no stars I would. I used the My Metro app yesterday to try and get an issue resolved with an app that wasn’t uploading to my phone correctly. I’ll add that I called the company that runs the app and they told me it is an issue with my provider, to call them and tell them they need to do a “SIP H323” and that Metro would know exactly what that means. 2 times yesterday I started a conversation w/a rep via messaging and both times they started to help me (which isn’t “help” really at all, just the standard questions and their standard “script” that they read, thanking me for my service, etc.) And then they just fell off the conversation, not responding to my “Hello, are you still there?” So today, I call to try and resolve this and get this Skpe/Zoom type app up and running. 1st rep: asks me a bunch of q’s, says she’s going to reset my phone n that our call will disconnect and that I need to turn the phone off and restart it and “the app will work.” I did that and no, the app still wouldn’t open. So I call back. This next rep starts talking to me and then disconnects our call and conveniently disconnected the automatic survey at the end, before I was able to give her a bad review for cutting the call off. I TRY to call back 3rd time. Now this time, I’m unable to use my phone at all. I have no service. Thank God I have a landline. So I call from the landline, for a supervisor I spent 56 minutes on the phone w/this person, asking me security questions like what month did I open my account??? I DON’T KNOW, I’VE HAD THIS LINE FOR LIKE 5 YRS., SERIOUSLY??” So, she finally gets into my account (she couldn’t text me the numeric code they text you to get into your account because THEY disconnected me from a tower, which she was about to tell me) so she gets into my account via these security questions (how much was my last bill, etc., the question about what month I opened my account in 2018 was laughable) she says that I’m disconnected from the tower and that she was going to reconnect me to the tower and asked my address. I live in a populated suburban area, there are towers everywhere. But she wasn’t able to do reconnect me so she opened a ticket. At the very end of the call, she read her little script and all I heard was “you’ll hear from someone within 1-5 days, thank you for being a great customer and have a…” I SAID, “HOLD UP, WHATTT??? 1-5 days? So you disconnect me from the tower, now I have NO SERVICE AND IT’S YOUR FAULT AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 1-5 DAYS TO GET IT FIXED???” I try to be nice to customer service people because that’s what I do and it’s not easy but this rep was reading that script so fast and trying to get me off the phone because she probably has people hearing that 1-5 day bit and freaking out all the time. She gave me this ticket number and just kept repeating herself that it’ll be 1-5 days and I’ll get a call on my ‘provisionary’ phone, like cut out the fancy words, you’re gonna call me on my landline to fix the problem YOU CREATED with my cell service because that is the ONLY way you or anyone else can reach me now because YOU DISCONNECTED me from the tower and can’t seem to reconnect me. I asked her what I’m supposed to do because I use this phone for my job and so many other things and she just said that she was sorry but yes, 1-5 days, what will be the best time to reach me on the landline? I SAID, I DON’T KNOW what time, because now my whole life and job is screwed up because of YOUR ERROR!!! So, now I’m going to have to stay home and wait for Metro to call me sometime between now and Saturday??? SERIOUSLY? THEY ARE THE WORST, I’ve had many issues over the years, especially with the tower problems but they were always able to reconnect me once I called in. This time they disconnect me and aren’t able to reconnect me. I’m switching providers tomorrow. THIS IS JUST COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. ADDITION: I just went to the Metro website to officially send this complaint to them electronically HOWEVER, the form has a drop down menu toward the bottom asking you what Market, with a drop down box to choose your market BUT there are NO OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM and you can’t proceed with your submission without choosing a market but the only choice is “please select.” Can this company get anything right???

  164. URGENT MESSAGE: I was sold a Stylo4 phone in Vero Beach that is a fire hazard. Within the warranty period, I called both MetroPCS and LG to inform them that It is overheating, the battery is expanding and pushing the back cover off, not charging properly, changing the system language from English to Russian, does not respond to touch commands. Before I alert the media, I’d like to talk to a corporate manager for a mutually agreeable solution.

  165. I’ve been with Metro PCS for 4 years I asked about an upgrade and they want to charge me $300 for a new phone I think that is ridiculous since I’ve been a faithful customer

  166. I am a former employee who had a issue with a Manger on 11th st she wanted to come to my home she filed a fake complaint which costs me my job. This Manger has also attacked and chased customers out of her store. I was treated unfairly and harassed by your on your mangers and the DM did nothing and neither did Matt bleache.

    1. Sounds like the ignorant so call manager at Union Deposit Rd store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She is so ghetto. She was arguing with a customer while sitting outside the store for 2 hours. I hope she report them to better business bureau.

  167. I was trying to make an attempt to change my due date. I called literally a half dozen times with no results.

    1. I am having a lot of problems when u call a number want even ring and talk to someone on messenger and then hang I can still hear there conversation with someone else . I’m wandering my phone be tap . I would really like to know. If a individuals is I’m telling u this is wrong and my phone should not be tapped

  168. Metro has been charging me for 2 phone lines for 14 months. I asked thst the second line be removed 10/4/2019. Today it is still on and they will not refund my $480.

  169. I am extremely unhappy with your company. I have been told that you do not support any calls from a jail. I have a family member that is trying to reach me and can’t. I need to talk to them to figure out what to do. You cannot take my right to talk to whomever from wherever they call from. I will be changing companies and looking into a lawsuit. These are not collect calls. They are paid for in advance. And your customer service people need to quit ignoring me.

  170. My wife and I have had issues with emergency calls only and updating wifi preferences for 2 months. Spent hours with customer service and went to many stores with no fix.

  171. I have $60 plan.covers free amazon prime. I cannot register to get amazon prime, but am being charged nonetheless. I expect technical intervention to correct this inequity in my account.
    Cara Leslie Berton

    1. I went to metro pcs corporate office in Jacksonville Florida about both of phone stolen, I told her to cancel the lines, she did not, I have a police report

  172. I was told on the 8th Nov 20, my Bill was $60, I paid it an received a confirmation number, today I used my phone approx 3PM, my phone was disconnected, I was shocked sn extremely disappointed because I’m a Senior an voild have been were ther wasn’t another phone.. I wss disconnected for a fee of $3.33 I wss told on the 8th I did not have a fee.. I this is your policy I will drop Metro. I’m a Customer of 30 years.. NOBODY’S phone should be disconnected for $3.33
    Customer’s Service was very respectable an connected my service mi is the $3.33

    1. I have to agree with you I’m 51 years old I paid my bill Tuesday 10 tonight and Wednesday 3 p.m. my service is yet to be provided to me and from there it just unbelievable disrespectful people that I had to deal with I just cannot believe this company still around

  173. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  174. Can someone from sales or customer service please reply to my complaint on your Facebook page. I sent you a message with my problem, but have not heard back yet. That was 2 days ago

    1. I’m still waiting to hear how to solve this problem on how to get my Facebook and messenger back on my phone I have had nothing but viruses on this phone and I just bought it they’ve replaced the phone I called #611 like the store told me and all I got was some company wanting to sell me an insurance package from $39 to $59 and then they would turn my Facebook and messenger back on I also want my bill credited because I didn’t have my phone for a month I just recently got it back they had to replace the phone and I cannot get Facebook or Messenger on it I’ve been in three different stores now and I’ve got nowhere can you please help me?

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