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Corporate Address
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX
Company Contact
Randall Stephenson
Phone Number
(210) 821-4105
Twitter IDs
@ATT, @ATTBusiness

Where is At&T’s Corporate Headquarters?

AT&T’s corporate office mail address is:

AT&T Headquarters

208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202



What is AT&T’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

AT&T’s headquarters phone number is: 1-210-821-4105. Please note, that this is NOT AT&T’s the customer service phone number.

What is AT&T’s Customer Service 1-800 Phone Number?

The main ATT Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-331-0500 for mobile phone customers.

For Uverse products, please call: 1-800-288-2020.


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AT&T can be contacted on the email address: [email protected]


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AT&T Executive Team.

Randall L. Stephenson
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

William A. Blase, Jr.
Senior Executive Vice President – Human Resources

John Donovan
CEO – AT&T Communications

David S. Huntley
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Lori Lee
CEO – AT&T International & Global Marketing Officer

Brian Lesser
CEO – AT&T Advertising and Analytics

David R. McAtee II
Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Robert W. Quinn, Jr.
Senior Executive Vice President – External and Legislative Affairs

John Stankey
Senior Executive Vice President – AT&T/Time Warner Merger Integration Planning

John J. Stephens
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


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  1. Calling one number says to call another for billing complaints. Then when you call it, it tells you to call the original number. A true loop to no where. My bill has triples and no change. I am frustrated beyond belief from the craziness of my inability to reach anyone. Yuck !

  2. I was told by an AT&T representative that if I switched to their network I would be able to get a free iPhone, unlimited minutes,txts and data, hot spot, and Direct TV for $180 a month. I have had your service for 6 months and have had to call and beg or threaten to get any amount taken off my bill, and just my wireless service is over $200 a month and forget Direct TV or free phone. Now I’m being told there is nothing they can do and I’m pretty much with them for 3 more years. I would love to get another wireless service but can’t afford to pay $700 for the iphone to cancel the service

  3. Please help, somebody from ATT. I need to get internet up in Royston, ga.
    My cell ph, 706-xxx-xxxx

  4. AT&T has a payment processing glitch that is allowing multiple payments to post to customers bank accounts and the customer service representatives are not trained or informed on how to deal with complaints or answer any questions regarding this issue. I have been on the phone for 1 hour 45 minutes with AT&T customer service today and transferred to 5 different departments and each time I was told the technical outages have been corrected as of yesterday and they are not aware of any new issues. In this extended conversation with multiple agents at AT&T no one ever understood that I was trying to report that they were having problems as my online payment made this morning posted to my account 8 times within 15 minutes. My bank was on the line and explained that indeed there were multiple payments pending submitted by AT&T but each agent stated they had no record of any such transactions and would not be able to assist me. After 1:45 min the 5th customer service representative just hung up on us in the middle of the conversation. This is the worst customer service company I have ever dealt with. I have had to freeze my bank account so that no more pending charges could be made against my account by AT&T and will now start the tedious process of rerouting all my automatic payments from this account elsewhere. What a huge pain this company is causing me and no one even bothered to recognize that there is still an ongoing issue that needs to be resolved. What a shame.

    1. Join the Discussion – OMG!!!! I am attempting to call corporate because the same has happened to me as well! I am beyond pissed!! My payment has posted to my account 2 times and I am so aggravated that I have to constantly call and call……. with constant LIES and bs. PLEASE stay away from this company.

  5. You are absolutely the most horrible company on the planet. My service has been down for over a week and each robo and occasional human has a different story to tell—although they may thank you for being an AT&T customer and just hang up. How’s that for problem solving.

  6. AT&T is the most horrible customer service I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Upgraded two phones one in January and one in February. At that time I had the option to send back my old paid for phones in order to receive a rewards credit for each phone up to $200.00. I did that in February and again in March. I have been on the phone for 4 hours total off and on from being put on hold, being disconnected, being spoken to rudely in a condescending manner as if I’m just another degenerate bothering them. I have been a loyal AT&T customer for years since they were cellular one. Each individual I speak with I again have to repeat my entire scenario to them and let’s face it they could give less then a shit. I’m more then frustrated because this is NOT the way you are supposed to treat customers that have been with you for a long period of time. I feel as I have been scammed by AT&T and clearly taken advantage of. No one knows what I’m talking about except after about the 10th person today. She found what I was speaking about and had to put me on hold to gather my rewards but guess what….. I was disconnected and once again no one knows what I’m talking about. AT&T I will be leaving you because there is too much competition out there to be dealing with this nonsense. I wouldn’t normally post such nonsense however I feel it is very important to let it be known in case any of y’all are thinking about switching to AT&T. Don’t do it!!!🚫

  7. I cancelled my DIRECTV four months ago and you all owe me a refund of $113.00 and I ‘ve called over and over and even chatted and everyone all gives the same lie. You’ll get your refund in 3-5 days so far nothing. I am going to inform the Georgia BBB real soon. I am getting all my refund notices together and I am going to send them to the CEO of AT&T so that he can see what incompetent people that are working for AT&T. AT&T is the worst company in the USA in my opinion.

  8. Nightmare from day one. We signed up for internet and directTV. When they came to install the internet the technician said that we had cancelled the order for directTV. We had not. They had made a mistake. It took almost a month to get someone out here to get it installed. Then while they were installing it a representative shows up and talks us into switching to AT&T cell service as well saying we would be paying around $150 a month for service. He lied. Our bills are around $280 a month. They took this months payment out 21 days early which completely screwed up our budget and I hardly ate anything for a week just so my kids could eat. Now our internet is has been shut off due to no payment even though they are the ones that took the payment out 21 day early. When we call we get different answers from everyone. AT&T are lier’s and crooks and they refuse to fix any problem. They are a huge company who makes their money off of being con artist and they do not care about their customers even a little bit. Oh and we were also promised a $300 visa for our troubles. LOL! You think we ever saw that? NOPE!

  9. Our cell phone service does not work in and around our home and att has jerked us around for months—each time we’ve called the reps are inconsistent with their support. Customer service kept me on the line for 2.5-hours today, transferring me to different agents 5-times!! Last transfer to a department that was closed!!! First rep, Natasha, troubleshooted my phone for about 30-min and when she couldn’t fix the issue she said she was helping another customer and told me to call customer loyalty. I called and the next rep, Trendo, transferred me while I was speaking with her…and to another tech (Jacob) for troubleshooting. Jacob was rude and treated me like I was an idiot. I asked for manager, held on the line for a long time, Arnish listened and then transferred me to Dave. Dave was very hard to understand but said he would help us resolve the issue. After a long wait on the phone Dave transferred me to a department that was closed.
    We are paying for 4-cell phones that do not have service in and around our house and att continues to give us the run-around. This is so unethical of att. I will be seeking legal advice because my daughter couldn’t reach us at home when she was driving home alone from college and her tire blew out on the highway—our phones didn’t have service at home to receive her emergency call!!

  10. Customer service is the worst I have ever worked with. I have been with DirectTv since 2008 and then when you merged with AT&T I switched my cell service. This was the worst thing I could have done. I might be canceling all my services here soon with you. Please give me a call.

  11. Att added some showtime etc channels without my consent..and forcing me to pay a bill i dont owe..i never asked for special Channels…if this matter is not handled i will be contacting higher ups


  13. AT&T is without a doubt the WORST company I have ever tried to deal with. I have 4 cell phones, a landline, a tablet, a watch, WIFI, and AT&T U-verse with these folks!!

    I can’t get my business cell phone to call forward to my landline. It states that this number has been forwarded to many times!!! I was NEVER told that I have limited times to forward my business number when I spoke to the Rep. I asked her if the cell number could forward calls, she said, “yes”, she never once mentioned I have a limited amount of times to forward my calls.

    AT&T Corporate, how about doing all your customers a favor and retrain you CSR’s, because as it stands right now, I can see many people going with other companies.
    Absolutely ridiculous!!!

  14. I am not happy with att I have been trying to get att to pay out my old phone contract when we switched over we switched during that promo and I still do not have that pay out. All I want is it paid off. I cant get any where this is very frustrating to the point I want to leave the company. The sad part I pay them more then what my pay out is a year. NOT HAPPY as ALL.

  15. Now that AT&T owns CNN I hope AT&T cleans up the Fake News of CNN and has CNN report the news in a fair and balanced way. AT&T needs to send some of its reporters to manners school.
    I feel CNN is a blight on the excellent reputation of AT&T.

  16. I have been a long time customer of AT&T and it seems that the company AT&T used to be no longer exists. I purchased an iPhone X as a Christmas gift for my son. I ordered it by phone through AT&T. It was the wrong one so I returned it by mail and purchased one at the AT &T store. Big mistake …Now they are billing me for 2 phones even though they sent me an email stating they have received the original phone I ordered. I have been calling them every month with promises that it will be taken care of. It’s been 9 months! Today they finally told me that my credit for the phone was denied because they received the phone after 30days. This isn’t true because I purchased the phone on December 8th of 2017 and returned it on the 27th of December through the post office. I have the tracking to prove it. They said they didn’t receive it till January 12,2018 so that it’s passed 30 days. It seems to me that once it’s on its way and tracking shows it that should be it. Anyway I told them I will just take the phone back. But I’m not paying for a phone I don’t have in my possession. So now I will have to see if I can get the phone back through the store which they say I can. But I will have to see how the whole billing situation is going to turn out. It seems they are no longer customer service oriented. And very disappointed with their service. I guess that’s what happens when a company gets to big. Once I’m done with all this I will be shopping around for a different provider.

  17. The new format on direct tv is absolutely horrible. I have been a customer for many years. The customer service dept has been wonderful in helping me with other issues. But this new format is still enough to make me leave Direct TV. I have spoken to no one who likes this new format. the old one wasn’t broken, why fix it? All you white shirt people in board rooms, listen to your customers and go back to the old format. You’re going to lose a lot of business.

  18. AT&T have committed a criminal act by misrepresenting a promotional deal to me, which I accepted. As soon as I found out the scam, I called ATT customer service, where I had (over two days) 4 representatives tell me they would correct the problem. They didn’t. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY IN THIS CORPORATION. YOU DESERVE TO BE SUED. YOU ARE COMMITTING CRIMINAL ACTS by lying to your customers. CONSUMERS BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Called Direct TV, to find out price of Direct TV and/or internet service where I moving to. After almost a ten minute wait and no button to press for my question. Service rep answered, speaking very poor English, says she can’t give me information because if internet only I have to talk to ATT. So I was told to hang up and call ATT, so I asked to be transferred, told different company??? I asked could she call, she seemed troubled by such a request. Next customer service rep answered, better English but did not understand me. She asked if I was talking via speakerphone, I stated yes and I that I had severe medical problems with my neck, so I had to talk with the speaker, she then stated she could not help me. What type of company is this? I have already canceled my phone with them from past customer service issues, now it seems it is time to part with them completely, my long history of non-customer service it way too much!

  20. I have been with AT&A now over 20yrs, We are in technical way that Teller Market can call me anytime they wish to. I am not sure how there are getting my number but, all day they call me and I block them and then another call me again. You are my provider it should be a way for you to help me stop them. I believing every time they call me it has an impact on my bill. it using up my mins unnecessary. Please support me in getting them off my cell phone. If you can’t help in anyway, I was thinking to get to get rid of my phone for a while to stop this nanoring problem. Being your are a technical company are you work on ways to block them from getting access to service of your customers. I am a senior and I can take these call.

  21. I was told I was getting a certain phone and now nobody wants to honour it, all managers want take my calls, reps staest that they will transfer my call instead they disconnect them, I’m fed up

  22. How on earth does this pathetic company stay in business?
    I. like you, have NEVER been treated so horribly and lied to repeatedly during the entire time I’ve been involved with them!!!! I’m so Tired of all this BS!!

  23. I have tried every method of seeking help that I can find. While using ATT pre-paid I activated a phone for my mother in law. I had issues activating it and called customer service. They should have ported in her old number and they did. In the process they activated another number and never cancelled it. That number is 5706003612. We were billed from November 2017 until July of 2018. We never used this line. While admitted they can see they made a mistake. Everyone has said they do not have the power to correct it. I have talked to the dispute line, the social media department, my credit card company, billing, and customer service. The card is a joint credit card and may be under my wife Sarah McDonald. Please help me fix this issue. 5708094762

  24. When we purchased our phones, I asked if I qualified for a discount as a retired veteran. I was told you did but you failed to honor that discount. You even advertise it on TV.

  25. 11/11/18
    I Fred Gholston, has been scammed by one of your sales people, I’m very disappointed and dissatisfied. Back in the beginning of summer I had some work and upgrade done on my direct TV system, however doing the time the service technician were working in my home he asked me, who I had as my cell phone carrier, I told him Verizon, who I’ve been with for over 20 years, he informed me at that time he has a friend “Daniel” he can save me money on my direct TV Bill and get me a lower cell phone bill as well. So Daniel came by my home and talked to me about switching to AT&T. It took me some time to make the switch, but however I switched. Daniel told me I will and upgrade on my phones from iPhone 6 to iPhone 8 for free no charge and get an iPhone 5 no charge. Which I informed him my wife iPhone 6 was new we owed $291 on the phone he told me that AT&T will pay off that bill up to $700 per line, I sent 3-4 copy of my Verizon bill, each time I sent him a copy it were not the correct copy. Daniel told me my direct TV Bill will be about $166 per month and my AT&T cell phone bill will be about $133 per month. My cell bill has being $211-$222 per month. And he left my blue AT&T folder, but took my signed contract.. I informed Daniel we have a vacation home in Alabama and the property are in a rural area, I asked him are we going to be able to get a signal down there, he insured me yes! I will get a signal In that area in Alabama, l have no phone service at my home in Alabama. DANIEL DIDN’T INFORMED ME I WAS SIGNING A 4 YEARS CONTACT! I’m asking someone from AT&T to please help me resolve these issues. I talked with AT&T customer service agent Casey Strong on 11/6/18 Casey informed me she sent an email to the management department and a manager will be calling with them 48 hours. Thanks

    Fred Gholston
    xxxx S Zeno St
    Aurora Co
    [email protected]

    1. So sorry this happened to you. We are experiencing the same thing. I wrote this letter today.

      AT&T Executive Team~
      Congratulations! This letter is going to all social media platforms, the Better Business Bureau. KXAN and Fox News and the New York Times.
      I am sure you are extremely proud of your Sales & Marketing Teams for a successful 2018. I have no doubt about this because I am one of the victims of your scam. The really sad part is that you don’t break into people’s homes and steal, rather you send your team out with fake smiles and people let them in. Promises are made to buy a new phone and get one free transfer from current carrier and. AT&T will cover termination fees of current carriers plus pay the new customer a trade in fee for their old phones. ALL LIES or half truths. However you want to look at it. I am really angry with myself for being gullible ; angry that I did not have AT&T put everything in writing that was promised. Now as a result, I owe Sprint $1,400 that will have to go to collections. THANKS !!
      ATT promises $700 minus trade-in per phone. Get up to $695 for device plan balance and/or other cancellation/termination fees. ALL LIES……The 4 phones we turned in were all practically brand new and we were not given full credit for them. How ironic is it that the one phone we sent back with your label never made it to you and you were unable to track it ? How convenient…..AT&T has sent me 3 giftcards that amount to approxmiately $300, and plus I have a new account with AT&T and that I must make a monthly payment to or cancel and owe astronomical fees. I wish someone could explain how this is a good deal for me. The really sad part is that it is the working class that suffers the most in these scams.
      But hopefully your sales and marketing teams got the bonuses they deserved at my (and many others’) expense. I am sure it is just business. Your word should be your bond and it is NOT. The bull…. has to stop somewhere ! I got screwed but prayerfully someone else will read this and be saved ! SHAME! ON YOU AT&T

  26. I have been given horrible customer service for the last three days. Service appointments were cancelled by the supervisor without my permission and I was given an ultimatum by the operator after waiting 6 hours that if I couldn’t waiting any longer that I could just cancel my appointment and reschedule; although my appointment window was from 8:30am-9:30am and it was now 11:00am. All in all I have been a wireless customer for over 20 years and decided to get cable and internet with them and in return was offered a $13.00 credit.

  27. Hi my name is Alberta,I have called at&t about having my phone service relocated for the 24 of November. I wanted it turned on at new address on 24 and turned off on the 24 at the old address. I spoke to someone on the 12 or 13 of November. They called me on the next day and left me a message about turning off my phone and internet. I called back and said no, your dates are wrong. I repeated it again and low and behold, I came home on the 16 and no phone service. That was on Friday. I continued to call back to get it turned back on. Long story short, I did not get service until the 24 of November. I use my cell phone with WiFi at home but since I had no wifi it ran my data out faster and they began to text me and say that your internet will slow down be ause you are using it too much. Well if you all had not turned it off, I wouldn’t have. I called to get my bill adjusted on Monday and they wanted to take off 8 dollars. After going back and forth, the gave me 16. I seem as if I paid the price for their mess up. I have been with At&T over twenty years. I would like to speak to someone about this matter.

  28. I was on the phone with your company for over an hour, spoke to five different representatives about a bill dispute. Spoke to supposed supervisors, who transferred me around to five different representatives. I will be transferring my TV service to another company very soon, if I don’t get a call back from somebody in the company that has authority to correct my situation.

  29. Cricket Wireless is owned by ATT. There is NO CONTACT INFO FOR CRICKET when you have been screwed over?? Everything is disconnected!! I get off shore people to talk to!! MY PHONE DOES NOT WORK and NOONE with cricket cares… Can you assist YOUR COMPANY??

  30. I have spent several days and more specifically 7 to 10 hours of dec 23 and christmass eve trying to get an offer by your sales staff honored. I am desperate for help. I need to speak to someone at at&t to help me!!! I have been a loyal customer for over 15 + years. I do not want to talk to sales, customer service, or wireless loyalty, been there done that. many of them tried their best. some not at all. I need to speak to some one who can actually help me if they accept my story. please call me at 516 385 xxxx. add. 786 park lane, east meadow, ny, usa , 11554-4509. please, please. I am 72, my wife is in rehab and I must get my phones back.
    please contact me personally by phone or e-mail. I do not know that I can reach this page again.
    surely 15 + years of loyalty must rate something? pleas phone or e-mail. I am desperate and I must speak to somebody asap.

  31. Val Timmons

    12:27 PM (4 minutes ago)

    to info

    To Whom It May Concern:
    On Monday, December 24, 2018, I dialed 611 from my ATT cell phone to pay “auto pay” my cell phone bill for three lines of $133.32.
    The card your system had on file is the one I initially used and the charge was declined by ATT. I attempted again because I had just checked on that card’s balance and limit the night prior and it was fine. No holds, limit far exceeded $133.21.
    I also attempted to use 2 other cards and the same response.
    When I contacted all three of those cards, they did receive a request for payment from ATT and all three have that amount pended to pay to ATT BUT…I was also told that if ATT does not “respond” with a ticket or response, the money will just show as pended by the Mastercard or Debit card until ATT responds first and then the money is sent.
    Your office said they showed all four “attempts” by me on the 611 automated line by three different customer service calls.
    Capital One BuyPower Card even tried to call your customer service with me on a three way call to verify they are showing 2 attempts from ATT that hit my card and are pending response from ATT. Your representative hung up on Emmanual from Capital One and myself when he was asked why ATT was “declining” and the Mastercard had acknowledged and can pay as did Discover and the Bank Debit card which both show pending payments for 133.32 and do not have a HOLD or other issue on the accounts? .
    What gives ATT the right to place a “pending charge” on 3 of my credit cards, not respond to the credit card providers and “decline” my payment four times and hang up on a representative from Capital One BuyPower who verified the payment was available, no HOLD and all they are waiting on is ATT to respond as they have always done in the past with my payments?
    ATT looks incompetent and its three personal cell lines and I have been an account holder since 2013, I own the phones and have not had any prior credit issue with your company…nor adequate explanations.

    Valerie Timmons
    440.901.xxxx-Primary line an recently switched numbers from 215.287.xxxx due to fraudulent calls that started with a divorce in 2011

  32. several days ago I submitted a complaint and request that you contact me. you have not. I do not understand why you have not gotten back to me, hopefully by phone. I have been a customer since the 1990s or mid 80 s. my old account number was # 512053615366, my cell phone numbers are 516 244 xxxc, 516 244 xxxx. home phone is 516 385 xxxx. not sure of current account number. I am desperate to talk to some one at corporate complaints. please do not leave me hanging any longer. I am confused and at a loss as to why I have had complications and poor treatment. isn’t loyalty worth something? jeff Schneider please call me!!!

  33. No service for 4 days. They completely disconnect phone, tv, and internet by their mistake. Only giving me $40. credit on my bill . Really? $40.00? It was their error and they couldn’t supply a technician for 4 days.
    Plus, I called at&t on November. 28, 2018 to disconnect my iPad since the 1 Year contract was up, and they failed to do it. I called today to beg them to remove it from my bill, which I hope they finally did.
    But $40.00 off my bill for 4 days of complete no service due to their error is unacceptable.

  34. I have tried solving my complaint with your representatives in 3 different countries. Your service is terrible.
    How can I speak to someone in the US?
    please advise

  35. I have tried solving my complaint with your representatives in 3 different countries. Your service is terrible.
    How can I speak to someone in the US?
    please advise

  36. I really need to get to the root of my issue without being passed onto to customer service reps to handle the issue. Att is over charging me for my bill, the DSL service is horrible, my services has been cancel with charging reconnect fees that will only increase my bill even more without me being informed over the phone. Your customer service department should be held accountable for not notating accounts and it appears the one lying here. I am being charged restoral fees with a phone line of $70.00 each month for basic services, why? Comcast has asked me to return…

  37. I’m about to write a complaint about being lied to with the BBB. I need to speak to someone is speaks good English. I added something on my phone and they have charged me double and no one will do anything about it. I have been a loyal customer since 1997 and tired of the run around. If I can’t get this resolved than will be switching cell services. This is totally unacceptable. Regards, Brenda Galloway

  38. There is no way to contact anyone of authority at the ATT Corporate Offices to discuss any serious matter of misfeasance or malfeasance. It appears that the only solution that ATT wishes to provide is for existing customers to find an alternate vendor, or to suffer through the substandard service, and unsatisfactory reliability that they feel that they are willing to provide. Even your own Service Techs. have advised that ATT has no interest in upgrading obsolescent services such as DSL, even when there are facilities like newly layed fiber optic lines within one (1) mile of the existing customers, as those services are reserved for new construction or new customers. Their solution is to simply find a non-wireline provider because ATT assumes that existing customers will not bail out, so there is no need to provide them with the same level of (modern) services as new customers, or customers relocating to new construction area, especially in areas where cable, or Verizon is non- competing.

  39. we were very UNHAPPY with ATT customer service. we changed to ATT to leave Sprint because they have the worst data and i was recommended to ATT by a mutual friend. i decided why not give it a chance and do a change to financially do better for me. we switched to newer phones because that was the switch’over deal and i got a tablet and watch for my family as well internet – directv for my house for the bundle deal i signed up with since it was better than i was paying before. after our first bill we never received our $200 credit gift card for joining with wireless-cable. i called customer service 5 times and only was able to receive one. they say it would take 28 business days to send another card. thats ridiculous. why not as once and as promised. i called 3 times again and back to back agents and nothing resolved. the card never made it here. after 4 months of explaining customer service and from in store associates assistance, the lack of effort and their grimy smiles is all we got and we were done with ATT. i changed carrier to metropcs and got a 100 bundle of 4 lines. im satisfied the process was simple and easy bill. the ATT account was cancelled because they noticed i wasnt paying for the fees, i decided why pay for a service thats not being resolved the issues or giving the service they promised us. so now im stuck with wireless fees and nothing resolved AFTER after speaking with multiple people with ATT. the internet data is also slow! the promise a high speed internet and it doesnt even reach 2 mgb per sec! had slow internet to do my pc work and watch shows with my family on my smart tv. WORST company i decided to switch over and on top of that was never told if i didnt want to pay the wireless i had to return them all in 14 days after signing up. i thought i gained myself leaving from sprint and ATT has succeed being more sleazy than them. ATT are scammers and lazy. they give you little time to try the service before fucking over with new fees and its a bs service to gain people´s money and leave the customers on stand by as time passes. wish i had known this before bother signing up. The ATT manager roger who helped us sign up did not do anything he promised he would help and resolve for us with any issue, i had to blow up his personal phone for him to help the customer service issue and was upset i told him i would take it to corporate if things dont get resolved soon before next bill, he stopped answering my texts-calls. He doesnt deserve the commission he got over our sale. bringing it to your attention i´ve been a customer since may and this is still a problem now with additional monthly late fees, you guys are sending it over to collection. Disappointed that its gonna affect my credit but i will dispute myself because why pay for something they never helped with. get your shit together and do your customers right if you want to keep them. you were a big mistake in 2018!

  40. my wife recieved an email ([email protected]) telling her that her auto pay was not able to be completed (we no not have an AT&T account), it was sent as account #0093 telling her to go to to complete or , we are doing nothing, has to be a scam! thanks, Woods [email protected]

  41. I have been tying to reach a customer service manager – I will not speak with the representatives as they don’t have a clue on what to do.
    I expect a return call or I will be calling the corporate office.

  42. was on the phone over 1 hr for a so-called cust. serv. rep to help with uverse issue. She said I need a new receiver, would b mailed to me, tech would b here 9 days later. I told her totally unacceptable, she clld me 1 hr later, said she spoke to expediting, the date for tech would b 4 days, rather than 9, she gave me time & date, which I put on calendar. I clled att today to confirm that date, now they say 6 days. I asked to talk to mgmt, she said no one was in the loyalty prog dept today cause its Sunday….wow how loyal is that. I got in o n uverse on the ground floor, this is the service (or lack of) I get. I’ve already cancelled my phone, next in the agenda looks like will b internet and uverse. I should b able to talk to anyone in any dept with the $ I pay them every month. This is absolutely unacceptable. Of course they want me to call back tmrw and waste more of my time to attempt to get thru to someone in the “loyalty dept”.

  43. This is a terrible company to due business with.For some reason they will not let me pay with a e check.They keeptelling me there s a fraud alert on my account,and there is not one.

  44. I am at the end of the line in trying to resolve my problem. I am a retired attorney who is going to file a lawsuit against AT&T. I have spent more than eight hours on the telephone trying to deal with the problem; however, I keep getting switched from department to department. I’ve explained the problem numerous times and there’s not enough room here to explain it again. AT&T has installed DirecTV receivers with known “backend” problems and has continued to charge its customers for defective reception. In my case, I’m being charged for canceling my contract after many hours of trying to correct the problem and three service calls.

  45. I have been an AT&T Customer for a well over 15 years. I recently found out that att was offering First Net and First Responder discounts. I went into the office in Detroit to receive my discount. they informed me that I would have to drop the current discount I have in order to receive this discount; which I agreed to. I was informed that the discount would kick in/start within 2 months. Since they removed my discount, my bill went from $147 to 172 plus. I’ve been waiting for several months for the discount to start to find out today that I am supposedly not eligible for this discount. I customer service representative offered me $20 to resolve this matter, and stated I would still have to wait for 2 months for my original discount to start again. I feel as though my original discount (I work for an educational facility and my discount was:

    17 percent discount on qualifying plans.
    Government level equipment pricing on new activations and eligible upgrades via the Premier ordering portal.
    20 percent discount on some devices and accessories.

    Yet, the store removed this discount; my bill increased 30-35 per month, and now I find out that I am not eligible per the person on the phone. Stating the store should have never removed my initial discount because I am not eligible for the First Responder nor First Net discount even though my co-workers are receiving the benefits. I am highly frustrated and disappointed in the services I am currennly receiving from AT&T.

    I would like to purchase another phone, but I will be charged for the upgrade and not receive 20 percent discount on devices because they state I have to wait 2 months for the discount I’ve used for over 10 years to be reinstated. At*T, please help a highly frustrated long time customer resolve this matter. I work in law enforcement, my co-workers are covered by the plan; and I do not understand why I am not eligible..

    I asked for the number At*t Corporate , and the person on the phone gave me the telephone number to the local non/corporate store to file a complaint. I explained to the person that I needed to speak with management and not the same store that actually told me I was eligible, yet; i’m not.

    Even more to the store when I first went into the office, I was told no changes had been made to my account. It took so long that I said I was ready to leave. called the 800 line to be informed that the discount could not be added because there was an outstanding bill in my name for DirectTV. I know I haven’t used DirctTV so I filled a Fraud report with the department in which I was cleared; but yet the store could not or refused to inform me when I was in the store that there was an outstanding bill in my name. Once I found this out, I had the problem resolved with ATT within 7 days (FRAUD)..

    Please help, I am highly frustrated with the lack of services/services received from AT*T. I’m asking for my initial discount to be reinstated immediately. I am asking to someone to contact me and let me know why my co-workers are eligible for first Responders/First Net and I am not. They state it’s because I do not have unlimited minutes. I was told the increase in my bill was because I was switched to unlimited minutes and once the discount kicked in; the bill would be adjusted. Guess what, the bill was never adjust; I lost my benefits and my bill increased. The cute service man said the maximum he could give me to resolve this issue is $20 and I still have to wait 2 months to have my benefits reinstated. Event hough I am ready to purchase a new phone


  46. 2387450
    17% off the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans, including Mobile Share PlusSM
    Waived activation fees with select activationsc
    Waived upgrade fees with select upgradesd

  47. Medically needy-I’ll. 87 y/0 I’ll mother living alone without phone for a week

    Re: Joyce North
    Apt xxxx
    xxx SW 137 Ave
    Pembroke Pines, Florida 33027-3554

    # 954-433-xxxx

    Account 954 433-1411 515 xxxx

    My mother, Unable to reach her family due to ATT switching her lines to wireless, where they wont ring at home has left my mother panicked. “I WANT TO GO TO THE

    We have done everything in our power to get them to leave her landlines as they are because she cannot use wireless! She cant see and has memory problems. If her
    Landlines are not restored IMMEDIATELY, than ATT will be solely responsible for
    An independent woman having to move to assisted living!

    All attempts have failed to call ATT. From a simple landline device issue which was replaced you have taken the lifeline away from my mom.

    Restore her LANDLINE TODAY! They threaten us if we call to check on the line, each time it will take another 3 days to start over??? What is this? If there is a death
    Due to inability to reach 911 ATT has been warned of the consequences.

    Thank You,
    Cindy North
    Randy North 954-483-xxxx
    Sherri North
    Sandy North

  48. Do all you know out there that AT&T is a piece of xxxx company?? I’ve had Directv for years now and when AT&T bought it the customers are nothing but xxxx to them. They are nothing but LIARS!! They sent me a letter telling me I needed to update my equipment or I would lose my local channels and it won’t cost me a thing. They came to my house and just changed the receiver that I used. THAT’S ALL!! I didn’t need a new satellite or anything else. Now remember they said it wouldn’t cost me a thing. I only have the very first package because I’m on a fixed income and that ways actually more than I could afford. My bill is normally $72 a month. This month after it “not costing me anything which I was told” my bill is $102. Liars!!! I have been on line tonight and so far 58 people are going to CANCEL Directv and there is many more waiting to discuss it with me and they are cancelling as well!! This is how these big companies like this get rich. They cheat their customers!! They must think we are stupid but I’M NOT!!! GO TO HELL AT&T!!!

  49. Can someone from sales or customer service please reply to my complaint on your Facebook page. I sent you a message with my problem, but have not heard back yet. That was 2 days ago

  50. I have been fighting with AT&T about a bill. I called to cancel my service on Oct. 17 2019 to cancel service. When I canceled my service with the rep on the phone I was told that she couldn’t cancel my service effective that day due to I had paid for my service till Oct. 19 2019. I have a direct TV bill as this is what I had that shows I owe $0.00 and I have an email showing that I have a $0.00 balance. The rep told me that I wouldn’t owe anything since I had already paid for my service. This would go with getting a bill showing I owed $0.00. Now I am getting letters from At&t saying I owe money. I have called a few times and many people have told me that their billing system is being updated and once they get the bill from Direct TV in the system I would have a $0.00 bill. I called today due to my bill and they told me they can’t help what the rep told me on the phone due to they gave me wrong information. I asked them to review the call and make it right and was told that they would “coach the rep” however their mistake would still cost me. That I would still have to pay the bill. Even tho I have statements saying I owe $0.00 to them.

  51. I am an AT&T Internet customer account # 156051387. I am contacting you in connection with
    a claim #5079259.
    At the end of March when I contact AT&T about this problem I was told that a refund check would be sent to me and I should get it in two weeks.
    When I did not get the refund I contact AT&T again and spoke with Erica who promised me the check would be sent out in two days. She was expediting this matter.
    Today is April 23rd and I was informed upon calling and talking with Era in your Philippines office that although the claim had been approved it was awaiting a second approval. When that would be she had no idea. Her supervisor was unavailable to speak with me.
    Upon calling back I was connected with Andy at your Philippines office who informed me that this claim was approved today April 23rd and it did not need a second approval. When the check would actually be sent out he could not provide. And of course his supervisor was also busy on the phone but Andy promised I would receive a call back within an hour.
    In that time I am writing to you.

  52. I am an AT&T Internet customer account # . I am contacting you in connection with
    a claim That is approved but is still awaiting resolution and completion.
    At the end of March when I contact AT&T about this problem I was told that a refund check would be sent to me and I should get it in two weeks.
    When I did not get the refund I contact AT&T again and spoke with Erica who promised me the check would be sent out in two days. She was expediting this matter.
    Today is April 23rd and I was informed upon calling and talking with Era in your Philippines office that although the claim had been approved it was awaiting a second approval. When that would be she had no idea. Her supervisor was unavailable to speak with me.
    Upon calling back I was connected with Andy at your Philippines office who informed me that this claim was approved today April 23rd and it did not need a second approval. When the check would actually be sent out he could not provide. And of course his supervisor was also busy on the phone but Andy promised I would receive a call back within an hour.
    In that time I am writing to you.

  53. Ashley I have sent an email to John Stankey at both his emails. I’m not getting and help from you guys. I hope to hear from him. All I want is a competent tech to come out and fix my ping issues and internet issues. I don’t have time to deal with your tech support who act clue less and I want someone to come in and fix my issues ASAP it’s affecting work for my partner in our home everyday she is on the phone with tech support . I’m emailing you this to keep a track record that way if job loss happens due to your guys negligence then I have proof that you guys did not help me

  54. Att is the worst company i have ever delt with to solve a problem. I was authorized to return a phone and givin a shipping label, I returned the phone, but im still gettingh billed for it. I need to talk to someone who can fix this problem. I have called numorus times to no avail. My next step is to take att to court! I am NEVER paying this bill for a phone i dont have

  55. I have been a long-standing 25+ your customer with AT&T I had an unlimited plan and I went to a local office I added a phone line for my husband and because I added that they deleted my old plan that gave me unlimited Internet I would like my plan restored to what I had previously as now the local store is telling me they cannot reinstate my old plan and that now I owe $60 in addition to my regular bill absolutely unacceptable please call me at your earliest convenience please correct this problem immediately thank you

  56. I was recently ripped off at your AT&T store at state college PA. The sales lady Olivia L. Sold me the wrong WI-FI device on purpose. I had asked her to show me it and how to set it up? She immediately put it in a bag and headed towards the door , i asked her for a receipt and she questioned me, a paper receipt? Yes I want a receipt. When I got home and had time to open it to see how to set it up . I saw that she sold me the wrong WI-FI device on purpose, this is why she wouldn’t even show me I was charged a $55.00 restocking fee for something I didn’t want. I am on a limited income I had told her that and wheN I was returning the device, I was telling the manager about its hard ti live on a limited income.and she just rolled her eyes at me.such an inconsiderate young college person. I want my $55.00 refund. And i think you need to watch the people that so called work at the 1725 North Atherton st. State college ,PA 16803. Store number #PH12. the manager was bouncing a ball against the door when I got there to return the device. And the other 3 were doing nothing.

  57. I have spent hours on the phone with ATT to no avail. I was treated with extreme racism, prejudice, and I was slandered in an ATT corporate store. I do not want to go to the newspaper or the news with this, I simply want to speak to someone way up in corporate to handle this internally without lawsuits and such. Please have someone with a higher position than customer service to call me about the racism and slandering at ATT. The local manager has stated that he would not do anything. My number is 901-461-xxxx

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