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AT&T Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX
Company Contact
Randall Stephenson
Phone Number
(210) 821-4105
Twitter IDs
@ATT, @ATTBusiness

Where is At&T’s Corporate Headquarters?

AT&T’s corporate office mail address is:

AT&T Headquarters

208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202



What is AT&T’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

AT&T’s headquarters phone number is: 1-210-821-4105. Please note, that this is NOT AT&T’s the customer service phone number.

What is AT&T’s Customer Service 1-800 Phone Number?

The main ATT Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-331-0500 for mobile phone customers.

For Uverse products, please call: 1-800-288-2020.


AT&T Email Address.

AT&T can be contacted on the email address: [email protected]


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AT&T Executive Team.

Randall L. Stephenson
Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President

William A. Blase, Jr.
Senior Executive Vice President – Human Resources

John Donovan
CEO – AT&T Communications

David S. Huntley
Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer

Lori Lee
CEO – AT&T International & Global Marketing Officer

Brian Lesser
CEO – AT&T Advertising and Analytics

David R. McAtee II
Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Robert W. Quinn, Jr.
Senior Executive Vice President – External and Legislative Affairs

John Stankey
Senior Executive Vice President – AT&T/Time Warner Merger Integration Planning

John J. Stephens
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


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243 Reviews and Complaints for AT&T Headquarters

  1. File a complaint with customer support I’ve been on hold for almost an hour now with no response. Looking to talk to a supervisor or take this matter to court because this is ridiculous.

  2. I have phone, etc. all services from ATT. I have been with ATT for many years. My problem is that all of what I have is from ATT. Last Thursday all television, computers, etc. stopped working. We have called all day long for help since last Thursday. Nobody has come out to help us. We are not able to get anyone to help.

  3. on September 15th I was signing up services with AT&t got two iPhone 13 pro maxes was the happiest person pretty much on the Earth right then and there that night I went to go over I was held up at gunpoint they stole my phones some other personal items out of my car as well as try stealing my car if it wasn’t for a police officer in the area that witnessed this they would have gotten away with my car I called asurion that night to file a claim on both my phones cuz they were guys took off come to find out they denied it didn’t want to give me an explanation of why I called AT&t then in Africa Williams from The office of the President calls me took about 40 days I think to get in touch with me when she finally got in touch with me she said and AT&t are both not going to cover it have a good day pay your bills later I feel I was railroaded not only do I have to go through the pain of having a gun put to my head over the stupid phones but to the fact that AT&t doesn’t even stand by your guys’s customers or assurion after I paid the insurance fee

  4. When I sign up for AT&T Internet service in March 2022, I was told I will receive an award of $250. I have not heard About this award for the last seven months. I called AT&T customer service I was told that an email was sent to me in March which I never received about this reward. The reward center has told that I no longer have a reward as I was expired in June.
    I’m reaching to you because I feel I have been misled by AT&T customer service in the beginning. I would like to remind you that under integrity is one of your principal corporate culture principal.

  5. Contacted ATT service repair at 8:01am for Residential landline. After being transferred almost 12 times only to be told each time I was being told that only Delco handle my request. This is extremely frustrating to the customers that are still on the old system.

  6. I need to speak to someone about the services I received with regards to my cell phone service and wireless service. I am not happy about what I have experienced and know one has reached out to resolve the matter.

  7. I’d like to file a complaint against your employee who gave me her Gmail and asked me to send proof of payment of my hotspot. I filed a complaint back in May with the Better Business Bureau and the FCC. My hotspot was paid off back in May. The agent I spoke with today told me that the hotspot was not paid off and she needed proof of payment and gave me her Gmail account she identified herself as Cheryl and I spent 41 minutes on the phone with her. The conversation was picked up on our security camera. I sent my personal information to Cheryl on her Gmail account. I called back firstnet and was told this should have not happened and there was no problem with the hot spot and I don’t owe anything on it and it’s eligible to be unlocked the two that I have. This employee should be fired for giving me inaccurate information and taking personal information of mine on her Gmail account. I want to be contacted by a manager before I file a police report and file another complaint with the FCC because this shouldn’t have happened. I had to call firstnet five times today and waste 3 hours of my day.

  8. I seriously think that a representative accessed my bank account without my permission. I called to speak to someone in corporate! NOW it really will be of interest if he did actually access an unauthorized pmt! He said my account balance was zero, and I could relax. I didn’t call to make a pmt, I told him I was going to mail a check. I want my bank card REMOVED and someone in authority to call me BEFORE this gets uglier!

  9. I’m looking to contact Office of the President. I delt with them and thought issue was resolved. My money was supposed to be returned to my account on 8/22. It has not come back to my account

  10. I want to know why I have to do all the work for At&T to get my TV to work when it’s your job to come out and hook it up so if I got to do the work I want to get paid for my services I had to do myself

  11. AT&T continues to subject its customers to unwanted excess spam emails. This is my second complaint to you. I received a call from someone in corporate — he left a message when I didn’t answer and hasn’t been available since. However, I really don’t need to speak with someone, I need someone to demand your hired email service provider (Currently/Yahoo!) use efficient spam filters. What is going on? Saw about a week reprieve but it’s back to 30-50 per day. I don’t have this issue with Gmail so why would AT&T, which I pay for, want to treat its customers so poorly? A Google search reveals that numerous customers have this irksome issue. Thank you for your time.

  12. A.T.&T. billing complaint on “Landline” account # 337077569022 dated Aug.,2,2022,Amt. $27.79 for billing ending date July 2,2022

  13. i am buying a phone iphone 13 pro , i cannot recurve or send photos to androids. i’ve been on the phone almost daily with the tex’s. no one can fix the problem. all of the settings are in order. They wrote a ticket and the tech wrote .. we cannot find what’s wrong. i called apple and they said it is att dept. i’ve been a customer for 22 years and this is causing undue stress . i’m 73 years old and this stress is hurting me. i want help.. like another phone that actually works. it’s wrong charging me for a phone that is not working . id line to know if you will help me. if not i’ll have to stop my service and stop payment on this phone. louise lichtenstein , louise nelson .. before , 805-698/xxxx
    old address 270 coleman ave santa barbara, new address 640 black bear rd . port townsend wa 98368
    22 years is a very long time and i’ve been treated poorly . please help louise

  14. When I try to sing in to my email account I get an Endless loop of “Looks like you’ve tried to sign in unsuccessfully too many times. Recover your ID or reset your password to continue.
    CARE CODE: 205.xxxxxx”.

  15. I got a at&t phone and it’s not working right at times I can’t call text or have data or wifi . Then next min I can call n text and that’s it’s I called customer service and they didn’t fix nothing. It’s a glinch on y’all’s end I want my phone fixed

  16. hola hoy vivo en la ciudad de puebla mexico soy handy cap pero los de la tienda att de la sucursal de la plaza san pedro chlula de la calle camino a morillotla se burlo de mi y me tratao como una persona sucia un joven no portaba gafete solo queria un chi con mi numero y se burlo que me hizo semtie impotente y denigrado lo hacen aquí por la policía y el gobierno de aquí no hace nada al maltrato de personas como yo yo trabaje en USA por 25 años pueden verificar las cámaras de vigilancia y como se burla de mi al ultimo y rendidamente que por lo que había hecho me quejaría aprendí en <usa y de pequeño pueblo de donde vengo el respeto atados formas de existencia humana y diferencias pero ellos no sabe de las dificultad que uno pasa toso los día y todavía se burlan de uno por que creen que estan detras de una simple computadora se sinte con un poder o semi dios para decidir a quien atiende de acuerdo as su condicion física forma de vestir o extracto social yo no busco nada de rompesacion económica ni nada solo que despidan a es tipo de odia dores clasistas predomina en esta sociedad clasista e elitista del 'pais de mexico y una compañía que he usado dese hace 30 años cuando trabaje en usa hoy este tipo d epersonas la manchan por contrataciones de personal sin calida humana solo queriendo ganarse su comisión de venta pisoteando los derechos humanos de las persona agradeco su amable tiempo de haber leído esto god bless u social security num 412 46 xxxx lloro de coraje ojala fuera joven de nuevo par demostrarle que es ganase el pan trabajando doro y con el respetos a las persona s no importando su condición social u origen gracias por su atencion

  17. It is à big one i need for u too call me bk asap 662-740-8824 about a att worker that got fired bc she credited over 700 bk to my card that i never received and yes some workers have been great and other omg but pkease call me bc today i paid what the corperate office worker told me to 111 and 2 weeks ago i paid 170 and my tv is off and he said he credited 50 for restoral and late fees

  18. I was visited buy a corporate employee Gregory sessions when I got my U-verse service upgraded and now I cannot get in contact with him at all. He offered me a deal on wireless and I cannot get that deal now through the internet or through customer service or in the store and I want the deal that he offered me

  19. I went to the att store to pay my bill because you can not call anymore. I also wanted to switch to auto pay and update plan, but after two hours in the store I never got a hello. I left very angry. As a 20 year att customer. It will stop

  20. Since November of 2021, we have been having issues with our internet connection. I was told that there was a problem with wires underground. I was told that a dig crew was coming out to fix it. I have not seen or heard anything for AT&T on this issue. They have been out to our house around ten or more times.
    My daughter has been having problems with her phone. This issue has been going on for over six months. They have been sending her refurbished phones. Every phone had problems. I try it resolve this issue and was told that we could not get a new phone. The only way that we could get a new phone is to add a line. We only need four lines, not five. She lost her job last week and needs a phone that works. She cannot call out, receive calls, or text messages. The employer tried to call her six-time for an interview. They sent her an email telling her that they rescinded their offer because she did not them back. She never got a call or voice mail.
    I have been with your company for 30 plus years (when they were Southwestern Bell).
    Can you help with both matters? The cell phone that we are having problems with ends with 6651. My wireless account number is 62157xxxx. The U-Verse / Internet account is 11629xxxx.

    Thank you,
    Steven Zook

  21. Hello this is Edward curry.6 days ago I called customer service.the reason for my call was my hi speed data was not working right.the person that got the call re set my plan.witch did not work. So I called back this person did something that changed my plan.but still didn’t work.the next person told me I had to change my plan to a lower one witch I really didn’t want to.but they gave me no choice.she told me that I would have a 30$ credit.i checked to see if it was on my account but it was not there.called and they told me that the credit was used to reactivate my plan that they changed me I was not eligible for refund.why am I being penalized for at&t mistake

  22. I wold like to know the name, title, and contact individual to whom I can direct a complaint with Directv customer service and support. We have a time sensitive issue which after multiple calls and extended and repetitive “chats” with operators and supervisors is still not resolved. I think it may be a programming or perhaps a copyright issue but we still have no answer from Directv.

  23. Have been trying to resolve billing issue since 2/23 when I spoke with Mackey, then Eric who quoted $131.12 monthly bill. Following month bill increased. On 3/18, Jorge assisted me but was unable to provide email address that I requested to contact you.

  24. I have a cell phone that I can only use when I am not at home. Ever since AT&T changed to 5g, I have had so many dropped calls.

  25. I hate y’all drop one American news my favorite news if y’all don’t get them back I my find another network that has the & take people with me thanks.

  26. I am using this site to give a Service Representative a heartfelt and hearty thanks.
    Early in February I was told that 3g landlines had to be updated and that I would get 2 new black boxes to replace what we had.
    The boxes were replaced and after a third was shipped to replace a new one, we were told the SIM Cards needed to be replaced, that one would be shipped and we should go to the phone store for the other. For the past 7 weeks there have been many calls and tens of hours in time for support without resolve.
    Last night in forty five minutes the Rep resolved our issues. She is a gem. She is courteous, knowledgeable and patient. I hope that you value and hold onto such employees. They should be highly esteemed.

  27. Complaint against AT&T Aman named BERTO came to my house to make sure that a service call for direct tv was going well. He said that he had an unbeleivable. deal on FREE cell phones with a 250 VISA CARD PER cell PHONE phone. I have In my possession conract for 2Iphones and 2 Samsung phones and 1000 Visa card at the end of 2 biiling cycles. The first month was 193 and every month after should be 160. or slightly under. MY FIRST BILL WAS 397. and the second bill is 555. If I call customer service I get an Indian reading s script that I can Hardly understand. A 4 phone plan from AT&T cost 105. plus isurance ia 145. Plus taxes and other charges comes to about 158.-18-0. just what Bertom sold me. Your robots keep on trying to explain the first 2 bills thatr dddo not exist because I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THEM. Noone will answer direct questions about WHAT WAS ACTUALL SOLD TO ME. Bert does not answer my calls and your robots hang up on me and the corporate coward criminala hide like politicians. Answer the email and questions.

  28. I have not been able to get into my email for 4 months! I have done all your staff has asked hundreds of times and still nothing. This is effectiving my business and at a loss on how to get this issue resolved!

  29. I have not been able to get into my Emails in 4 months . I am at a loss on how to get this fixed since the dept I have been talking to for over 4 months has been no help!

  30. Please ask your on-site repairmen to kindly refrain from giving their personal opinions on controversial issues. Thank you.

  31. I have had ongoing issues since Dec. 27. Not sure if I have multiple accounts. Is account 53419522xxxx still active? What was it replaced with? What is my credit balance? My husband’s return of a Samsung to Samsung purchase was processed as a trade in for an iphone with much less trade in value. The store confirmed they made an error but said it’s out of there hands. When will I get my rebate checks fo trade in? I want my bill to be paid with credit card. Was dealing with a person by the name of Sam who has not responded to my calls for 2 weeks.

  32. I recently just trading my iPhone 11 to at t store for an iPhone 13. When I didn’t get my credit for my phone, I went up there and they said that they didn’t have record of my trade in.

  33. On Oct.24, 2021, I was offered a free iPhone 13 pro max because I’ve been a loyal customer. the representative’s name was George and the phone call was recorded. I asked if there were catches or attachments to this free iPhone and he said no. he said that I only had to pay sales tax, which we did.
    the next month I was charged for the phones. I’ve been talking to customer service for 4 months now about this. The next month they charged me for 6 iPhone 13 pro max. Any way, They said that there was a promotion going on at the time but he did not tell us about the promotion. He clearly stated that there were catches or attachments. It’s on the recording.
    Customer service will not honor what was given to me. Clearly in a court of law, you would have to honor it. They’re going to shut my service off because I refuse to pay for something that was given to me. Meantime, George no longer works there. They said that they could not take the phones off the order. So I said that corporate would do it. Please help me. I don’t want to go the News stations in Philadelphia. Thank you.

  34. I have been dealing with porting my number from a landline to wireless and then get emails it’s being processed and then it gets cancelled! I have been dealing with this since 12/8/21 and this is unacceptable for customer service.. It was cancelled 4 times now I have been from loyalty Dept to landline line to wireless to porting back to land line that I’ve had to do 2 new Accts already regarding my number . loyalty Dept was suppose to follow up with nope didn’t call then the supervisor was supposed to call me and nope no follow through I finally get a hold of customer service that seems like they know what they are doing I get a SIM card and then I’m call porting and it’s still not done !! I have been on this phone for over 4 hours in 1 day going back in fourth like a yo-yo and then once that’s done the process is cancelled again !! Each time I am having to be in the phone for 2 hours and then I get put on hold and someone else comes on the phone in a different Dept and then start all over again ! Then I go to the corporate office in Cerritos and they call customer service only to get hung up on and don’t want to listen to me or the representative at the store .. I ask the manager there for the corporate office number and gives me a customer service number not corporate.. They don’t want to give out the number for a complaint!!Someone needs to contact me regarding my acct this is ridiculous!!

  35. I strongly request that att reconsider dropping OANN!! Will this affect both U-Verse and Direct TV?

  36. When will internet, Wi-Fi, @ broadband get in our area, a tower nearby so we can get more than 1GB or whatever coming in on John Owens rd Braxton 39044, we have sent a petition to AT&T over 7/8 yrs
    Ago. We have letters to our congressmen
    And to the White House we are so tired of paying out money for NOTHING. It’s on both ENDS of our street but not in the middle where we live, has money for
    Broadband been sent to Ms. for RURAL Area to have internet svc. Your immediate attention is very appreciated.

    HOW DO WE GET OUR MONEY BACK FOR 2 5G cell phone that never worked worth a flip from day one, we are still paying for garbage. We might get a bing from someone’s else tower after midnight or later. We have to leave the house in a car and go to another city, 2 out of 10 times I might be able to walk dn Str & hold it up to the SKY to get a signal. We have complained to att for yrs, the tech get tired of coming making money, they say the equip, is out dated, they have fiber optic, they say we r close to outdated dial up. When the rain come the land line mess up. I pay att & DTV TOOOOO much
    Money. Who can I refund my money for cell phs, when will we get svc for John Owens rd on the middle. Some of your employees say we have U verse or tower out here. I wrote to the att engineers.
    ADT CAME OUT TO put security on my home, they could not do it, we had no signal when the called their signal lady. They tried for days, ADT had to refund my son all his money back he had it in full for me.ADT said I need to call att.
    You can’t see customer stuff that don’t work. Is it legal to put svc on a street and skip us in the MIDDLE. We are important citizens too. We have a lot going on in this area, We need a LOT OF HELP

  37. AT&T Office @Hand has been a hot mess since Oct. 11, 2021; currently the service people still have an Aurora, Illinois phone number on an Austin, Texas number. Patients will not pick this number up. I am using my Verizon wireless cell with a caller ID which uses my name, so that patients will pick up

  38. I heard that you are removing OAN news. Is that true? If so when as I may change my service.Thank you.

  39. Yesterday, I called AT&T because an issue that was addressed in November 2021 had not been resolved. My fixed wireless internet bill went up but no one could tell me why. I asked someone in the Phillipines to send me to the customer cutoff line and they said AT&T no longer did that in the states. They said that they would be glad to terminate my service and I was so stunned I just hung up the phone. Can someone tell me if this is true? I talked with someone in the states in November and he said he would fix the problem. Now my wireless bill is 70.00 this month and I really can’t afford it. At&t is letting the overseas cheap labor ruin the Company and what is left of your reputation and good name. I promise you that if the people of our community had a option to choose something elsee, we would all do it. Please answer my complaint back to georgehulxxxxx

  40. I need some one to please contact me. I have never been treated so bad and dealt with the absolute worst representatives . Please contact me 1 315 313 xxxx

  41. I have called AT&T U-verse 4x now trying to haggle out a new deal for my internet & cable. After spending over an hour EACH phone call, I thought it was all squared away in Dec. 2021. When I received my latest bill, not only had the price jumped, but nothing I agreed to was what my new promotion promised. After calling again for over an hour to rectify THIS problem the supervisor said he could NOT help me get what I was quoted, promised & emailed. He also said I could call back Next month to see if there were any specials, & if that wasn’t good enough, I could write the President of AT&T.What I would like is that your company stand by its word & when you negotiate a price & promise, that you stand by it. I should NOT as a LOYAL AT&T u-verse customer have to make this many calls just to get a new plan that only lasts a year. What’s REALLY irritating is this happens more often than you know. In 2015 I wrote explaining a similar practice that AT&T misrepresented itself again & I had to start all over again renegotiating. If you truly VALUE customers & you truly are HONEST then you should do the right thing & stand by your word! Please have someone contact me, so that this can be rectified.

  42. I can no longer access my email sdelxxxx for
    2 weeks. I have tried all the online sites and phone numbers I have also been hung up on numerous times

  43. On Tuesday evening, one of the numbers in my plan stopped working. Wednesday, I called AT&T to see what had happened, as it was no longer showing in my plan, and someone had stolen the number and requested it to be transferred to T-mobile. I told them that I was the primary account holder and nobody else had access to the account, so I didn’t understand how this was happening. They said that since the porting had already begun, they couldn’t stop it, and I would have to contact T-mobile. I live in Charlotte, and the person with the number that got stolen is working in Miami for ESPN for bowl games, so he has not had a phone since Tuesday. I went into an AT&T store to see if they could do anything, and they just reiterated what I had been told on the phone.

    I then went to a T-mobile store, and they gave me the Customer No-service number to call, as there was nothing they could do in the store. I was finally able to get the number released from T-mobile yesterday, and a T-mobile rep spent two hours on the phone with me and AT&T trying to get the number ported back to AT&T. We were sent to many IVR black holes before we finally seemed to receive the correct human. Or so I thought.
    After all that time, all they did was open a ticket and tell me that my issue would be addressed within 48 hours.
    The T-mobile rep and I asked if it could be expedited, since this had been an issue since Wednesday, and the AT&T rep, who barely spoke English, reiterated that it would be 48 hours. So, I have someone stuck in Miami without a phone and no help from your company, who let the number get stolen in the first place. I also have no way of knowing the status of my ticket, as I was not given a ticket number. You might be one of the worse companies in the country, and I hope you go bankrupt.

    This is completely unacceptable, and infuriating. You have no customer service, there is no way to check on my issue, and it does not seem like it will ever be resolved, in addition to the fact that your call center workers barely speak English.

  44. I attempted to log into my email via home PC about 1 month ago maybe more and recieved message…
    Looks like you’ve tried to sign in unsuccessfully too many times. Recover your ID or reset your password to continue.
    CARE CODE: 205.2 [LU003]
    I have tried to reset my P/W, waited weeks and re-tried with the same failure. I have called many different phone numbers for assistance… I get the same answer every time. ” We are working on the problem” I have requested to speak with US tech support and they refuse to connect me or get them on the line. I spoke to somebody today with a heavy accent and said he lives in the US. I asked to speak to his manager and I waited for over an hour and then I hung up. Is this how you treat customers? I have no access to my email and need to get into it!

  45. I’m contacting you in reference to my filing a action lawsuit against AT&T . We’ve been told that our fiber optic wire would be bared almost 4 months ago . And it hasn’t been done . Every 2 weeks it has to be repair and we go without tv and internet. The wire is running down the street about 2 block and the neighbors don’t won’t it in the yard . Somehow it keeps ending up be cut .

  46. I called about the availability of a certain phone at my address. With no permission or homeowner authorization they entered my property while I was gone and trenched over one hundred feet in my FRONT YARD out of the easement area. I’m contacting the sheriffs department, Better Business Bureau, a landscaper and an attorney if necessary!

  47. I recently ordered a new phone in att store and paid $48 taxes on phone and have not been able to find anything out about where it is or if it was ever sent out all information keeps saying invalid and customer support either reroutes me to another place or call drops completely. Is there anyone who can please help me I am disabled dyslexic and currently without any phone because I had att prepaid was spouse to get the new phone over a week ago so my service ran out. Please please please will anyone help.

  48. Okay what’s going on with my mou has warners put me on pay roll nd it’s my bday tomorrow I’m supose to. E at the ten ten Wilshire

  49. Why do all ATT stores not have my protector in their stores.I paid to have them replace mine if something goes wrong and no stores have it.They ask me to go thru another place to get it and I am not pay 40 dollars and postage for my protector that I have Att plan

  50. I have just changed our lines to at&t and our internet we live in reno nevada when we purchased our iPhone 12 we are promised that we are going to have our AirPods with the 2 phones and other accessories but we ended not getting
    Them according to the person who sold it to us that they didn’t have the AirPods that time and we will get it when we get our phones finally when we got our phone we went back to get our AirPods the guy who attended to us said the person who sold us the phone didn’t put a note in our record that we are getting the AirPods and she is no longer there and was assigned to another store I think this the scam that they are doing will give you promises and once you buy it they will just disappear I think at&t should know this or this is really your practice to get away with it every week they change staff and send it to different store so this a practice of your company I will go thru consumers affair and complain will post this on fb so everybody will know how your people in McCarran branch in reno nevada practice this kind of scam I hope and pray that you will look in to this

  51. I really am very angry The last two times I have dealt with AT&T I was not subjected to this abuse, but yesterday got me back to it. I spent some time yesterday looking for new providers, and I am seriously considering changing providers. We have had an account with them for years (my answer to the people I have talked to is “since Noah was a baby.”). Our password is a name which was something we could both remember. The account is in my husbands name, but due to the fact he is out of the country, I am the ones who pays the bills. I have always paid the bills. He never has done that. Since my name is on the account, I don’t understand what the problem is anyway. It should allow me access to all things and the ability to do all business. Is this a male dominated society. Do you think I am stupid because I am a woman? Since I am that stupid as you treat me, maybe I should stop paying the bill. What happened is I received a text supposedly from AT&T, but it was suspicious, so I called. The little gal I talked to wanted the password. I told her the name, and she INISISTED it was a number. No. We have never had a number. Maybe your husband changed it. I don’t think so. He has never dealt with minutia, and to him this was always minutia. It irritates me to no end that this is an endless problem. It is on our records. Some people can find it and some cannot. What is the problem? Can they not read?

    I am most seriously considering changing providers. As a senior citizen I am feeling angry for this treatment. I am 99% sure this was a hoax text, but I still don’t know. I would just like to know.

    I would also like to call ya’ll and have it be a consistent thing that the people who work answer the lines can always find me.

    Dorinda Hickey

  52. Rude Customer Service Agent!! My 84 year old dad has been without phone service for three days and no one will help him because he can’t remember his 4 digit code or the answer to his security question. We went thru this last Spring and I ended up filing a complaint with my state attorney and escalated up to Washington, DC before it was resolved due to the reluctance of someone from your corporation to fix the problem!! He lives in a very rural area and needs a phone that works!!

  53. I live in Illinois and I am always getting reps from out of the states, get transferred multiple times after giving specifics of why calling. Issues are never resolved.
    I am 65 have been with AT&T since age 16. Customer services has been less than stellar over the past 10 years and moving to another service the only option left. We are sure this will go no where but the satisfaction is the try.

  54. So there was a problem with my service which I thought was corrected until I got my bill where I was double charged and now my service is off. In my defense we have been through COVID in March and then my son had COVID and then had a stroke he still can’t walk talk or open his left eye. I had to stay out of work from March til July 27 when I hope to return however my son is still not able to walk talk or see out of left eye. Today July 20 my service is off and I don’t understand we even had technical issues I was promised service wouldn’t be turned off but another lie it is.

  55. Who made decision to donate $100,000 to the PAC of Gov Abbott on the same day Abbott called special session to pass law to limit voting access in Texas!!!! Selling my 1300 shares tomorrow and switching to a different phone company

  56. At&t’s technicians have not completed there work on placing new cables for faster service on wifi. I have had 3 men come by to connect me to new wifi and they say they can’t because at&t’s technicians have not finished connecting new cables for faster wifi.

  57. I have been promised over & over, lied to over & over by service techs for the past year about my internet & residential phone services. I have waiting for over five (5) days for get my home phone services; as of today, no service tech. I just talked to Antone Taylor on yesterday and he promised that he would be at my home today no later than 8:30am to have my services restored. It is 9 am and no text or phone call saying he is in route. I have never in m life been lied to so much by AT & T employees. All you get is excuses but I have NEVER missed paying my bill and never been late. I am so sick of this! I run a business and I can’t run my business with when I am unable to use my internet or have phone services. I will be contacting the Federal Communication Commission today and I will provide them with all the dates/times that I have been deceived by AT & T about restoration of my services this last time. This is pitiful and so unfair when there is no integrity present and you can’t believe a word than any of the employees say. Just lies!!!!!! (Still no phone servide today). (769-798-xxxx) (601) 446-xxxx. I need my services fixed.

  58. As a customer for many years now. I think it’s very important that great employees / Managers are recognized for their great customer service. I live in North Huntingdon,Pa and dealt with Reggie in your Irwin, Pa 15642 I commend him for his outstanding service and personality to match. Please let him know what an outstanding team leader he is.

  59. I have been on hold with ATT for over 30 minutes trying to get some assistance in a matter that I spoke with someone about this morning. However, what I was advised to do, did not work and I had to call back. This is absolutely unbelievable. There may be higher volumes of calls but this makes no since.

  60. I need someone from AT&T corporate office to contact me ASAP. I have been dealing with the same issue since January when I upgraded I had not received no promotions not been reimbursed all the money that I have paid since January and I keep getting the runaround I’ll get it next month I’ll get it next month I’ll get it next month enough is enough someone needs to contact me ASAP I need this resolved because I’m not paying another $300 phone bill thank you again Dawn Hadder
    # 302-249-xxxx

  61. I have had dispute with at t wireless over being sold a defect phone for ongoing of 2 months I was without a working phone for 5 weeks the phone it was only 2 months old I didn’t receive replacement until 6 weeks after calling everyday several times a day several hours on phone where I was hung up on several times and treated unfairly and like I was a dishonest person . It cost me over $200.00 hiring rides to at t stores where I was refused help, then had to go to a dollar store and buy a phone to have one after receiving the new phone from at t they hung up on me several times when I called to get it set up and a new Apple ID made. I have been so tore up over this I had to go to dr for my nerves. Please be advised I won’t withdraw my complaint and will take it to the next level. I have never been treated so poorly by any company, Thank you

  62. I made arrangements to move from your local competitor to AT&T for internet services on 7/7/21. Installation was scheduled for yesterday 7/15/21 and I had to be at home to have the work completed. I scheduled the cancellation and turn off on my other account for 7/15/21. Well I was home all day- and i waited for the technician to come – when the 4 hr schedule window was closed and the tech was a no show I called At&T spk to someone in Bangladesh and was put on hold multiple times before I was told that there was some kind of outside line issue so that the technician could not complete the installation. No reason was given for why I was not notified even though I was at home. I did not receive a call, text or email even though I had received notification of my order no less than 3 times via email and text. I literally stayed home on a work day for nothing. Suffice it to say I had to call my previous service and stay on the line to stop the disconnect order. Finally when I asked for the complaint department I was told to discuss my concern with a provider rep. What a nightmare.

  63. My account had fraudulent activity which we caught in time almost 5000.00 worth of phones were ordered on my account. Everything was cancelled yet the balance still remains on my account. I can’t order anything because it has a outstanding balance as nce of 4939. 00 from those fraudulent charges. I need it removed immediately. It’s been 4 months

  64. Your customer service rep supervisor Louis hung the phone on me when i asked to please talk slowly as i am hard of hearing, she hung up the phone. I believe there was a problem with a malfunction with the site i paid my bill of 32$ or so on around the end of June and then said I was due another bill of $32 around July 10 or so, They (Louise) never bothered to check the history of my data. I have always had a warning at the end of the month concerning my data usage, not being charged at or around the10th of the month, in essence i have paid $64.00 for appx. 12 days of usage. NO WAY. your supervisor Louise caused me to leave ATT with her poor customer relations. I was with ATT for many tears, never a problem until your supervisor Louise entered the picture.

  65. 15002 SW 74th Place
    Palmetto Bay, FL. 33158
    July 14, 2021

    Randall Stephenson
    CEO, AT&T
    ATT Corporate Headquarters
    208 S. Akard Street
    Dallas, TX 75202

    Dear Mr. Stephenson,

    I am writing with a formal complaint about the service provided by ATT. I have spent more than 15 hours (closer to 20) on the phone with more than 11 departments and representatives over the past 6 weeks trying to get a few very simple problems resolved, and even after this, they remain unresolved. I have been an AT&T customer for multiple services since AT&T was formed after the break-up of the Bells, and my services have included a land line, a family mobile plan, a hot spot, several data plans for phones and other devices, AT&Ts highest level internet, and UVerse for TV that changed to Direct TV when that switch occurred. I am one of your high-user and longest-term customers.

    Our problems began when we bought a new house and moved 5 minutes from the home we lived in for 34 years. During the transition between houses, and because of COVID, I had to establish a second internet connection at the new home (address 15002 SW 74th Place, Palmetto Bay, FL, 33158) while maintaining the landline services and internet at the home we were selling (8221 SW 133rd Street, Pinecrest, FL 33156). At the end of May, I spoke with an AT&T representative and closed the account and transferred all services to the new home in Palmetto Bay. Unfortunately, two accounts were established (102696904 for the services at 8221 SW 133rd Street and 303106993 for the services at 15002 SW 74th Place).

    This was the start of multiple problems. First, after speaking with a number of representatives, I was told that it was impossible to transfer the landline with the number (305-232-9077) that we had had for more than 35 years within the AT&T system (transferring it to or from another company was not problem but it couldn’t be done within the AT&T system). I was offered several options- (a) discontinue the internet service that I had started at 15002 SW 74th Place and create an entirely new account for all services (this was not an option because I was told it would take several days to set up a new internet service, and I am working from home on Zoom 12 hours a day, so that would not work); (b) contract for a new landline separate from the rest of my AT&T package, or (c) drop the landline altogether. We opted for the latter (although the change never occurred).

    I then had major problems with the mobile phone coverage at the new home. Despite being 5 minutes from my former home, we are unable to obtain more than 2 bars of signal coverage on our mobile phones, and most often this is a single bar with multiple dropped calls. One of the AT&T representatives did do a tower reset that helped somewhat, but the service is still below standard.
    I had contracted for the new fiber internet at my new home. AT&T sent me the equipment for personal set up without the assistance of a technician. I’ve done things like this a number of times, so that wasn’t an issue. However, since set-up, the gateway modem crashes multiple times a day, often in the middle of a meeting I am running. I do a hard reset (unplug for 30 seconds, then restart) each time. I worked with the technician on the AT&T Smart Home Manager app for remote assistance and he did a remote reset, but noted in his notes that a technician visit might be needed. I went away for 2 weeks vacation, and when I returned, the problem persisted. I went onto and requested a technician visit. That was easy and was scheduled for the same day. At the time of the scheduled visit, the technician called to tell me he was at the house but I was not there. That started a long set of problems.

    Despite my billing address being 15002 SW 74th Place, Palmetto Bay, having an internet connection (athough not a good one), and having had Direct TV come to physically install a new disc and equipment for our TV service, all at the 15002 SW 74th Place physical address, our service location and association of our mobile services remained linked to the account 102696904 associated with the 8221 SW 133rd Street address. The technician called me to say he could not come to the new house since his order for the service was the 8221 address (which we sold and moved out of on May 29, 2021).

    He told me to go to an AT&T store to ask them to change the service address. I did, but they could not. I then managed to connect with an AT&T representative who was unable to fix the problem, but referred me to another department for assistance. That turned out to be Direct TV movers, unrelated to the mobile or internet issues. After nearly 5 hours on the phone and multiple transfers, a very helpful representative (Andre) told me that the solution would be to put in a move order for all services to the new address, and this would take 24-48 hours. This was on Friday, July 9. Today is Wednesday, July 14, and the Service Location on our MyATT account remains 8221 SW 133rd Street and the account remains 102696904. I still remain unable to get a technician to my home to help with my internet, which has crashed 5 times today.

    I am frustrated but also appalled that an organization as sophisticated as AT&T cannot change an address and transfer a landline phone number and appropriately merge accounts for a customer after a simple move. I realize that the fact that I had to maintain internet at two homes during the transition may have created an issue, but I had a long conversation with the service representative at the time this arrangement was made and was assured there would be no problems.

    I am asking for your intervention on several issues.

    1. I need to have the service location for my all of my services changed to 15002 SW 74th Place, Palmetto Bay, FL 33158, consistent with my billing address. Changing an address should be the simplest of tasks, but no one I spoke with was able to accomplish this task.
    2. I need to have all of my services (mobile, devices, internet (fiber, not 45), and Direct TV integrated under a single account and bill, and have the app reflect this account and all services.
    3. I need to have a technician sent to my home at 15002 SW 74th Place, Palmetto Bay, FL 33158 immediately to address the issues I am having with my fiber internet.
    4. I need to know whether my landline number (305-232-9077) can be transferred to a landline account located at 15002 SW 74th Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33158. If this is not possible, I need to cancel the landline portion of my account and terminate the voicemail account and have any charges associated with this landline dating back to April 19 reversed on my account. Similarly, any duplicated charges for anything other than internet for April, May, June, and July need to be reversed.
    5. I need to have someone from AT&T assess whether it is possible to improve the cellular reception at the 15002 SW 74th Place location. It may be that AT&T does not have tower access in this area, but since it is only 5 minutes from my prior address (where I consistently had 5 bars), I must admit that I am amazed since you advertise the best 5G coverage in the US and this is a populated residential area in a major metropolitan market.

    Mr. Stephenson, I am the CEO of a center with a $32M annual budget that serves children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. While $32M is insignificant compared to the value of AT&T, it is not an insignificant program and I am aware that if I couldn’t fix an address, I would be out of a job. I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for a long time, but I have to admit that not being able to get an address changed does not inspire confidence about any of the other services you offer.

    Your customer service system is not effective. Most of the representatives stick to a script, which means the call takes much more time than is needed. Many (although certainly not all-there were a few very helpful representatives who clearly worked very hard to fix the issues and were as frustrated as I was- you should check the notes and commend them for their initiative) are unable to deviate from the script and do not listen to the customer. Too many times I was told that AT&T couldn’t do what I was asking. That is not an acceptable response for any business. You need a system where a customer can immediately escalate to a supervisor or manager when it is evident that the representative is unable to address the issue.

    After more than 15 hours on the phone, I do not want to hear one more time that “I understand you are frustrated and I will try to help you with your problem”. That is a script line that loses its impact with the person cannot help with the problem. I would trade empathy for competence any day of the week.

    I look forward to your response and to immediate resolution of the issues I have outlined. There are extensive notes in my file. However, in case you can’t or won’t resolve the issues, I am initiating review of contracts with other mobile, landline, tv, and internet providers who can provide reliable services and competent support. Please let me know whether I need to leave AT&T. That would be disappointing, but may be necessary. I would appreciate a response in writing. I’ve spent too much of my life on the phone with AT&T over the past weeks.


    Floyd Daniel Armstrong
    xxxxx SW 74th Place
    Palmetto Bay, FL 33158
    Email: blkxxxxx or darmxxxxx

    Submitted electronically and by physical mail.

  66. I need a etter email text whatever to show proof we lost internet for 4 hrs bc my husband works at home

  67. My internet was not working Last thursday July 8th a tech came to repair the internet I was told a wire was wrong My husband needs the internet to nwork It was out for 4 hrs My husbands boss told him he needed proof that the internet was out If not he would lose 4 hrs of pay and possibly lose his job I live in Metairie LA the tech could not gib=ve us anything The superxisors of customer service and Tech support both said they could not send an email or mail us a letter to prove the internet was down I informmed them my husband could lose this job Ok they cant send a letter no email ??? Really ?? I asked them to send aniother text message stating the internet was out I was agin told they cant do that Really /I find this APPALING They cant write a letter ?? My husband may lose his job Ok here it goes no letter husband loses job because of attt LAWSUIT This is totally ASSININE Thanks my number is 504 339 8583 My address is 2345 MARYLAND METAIRIE LA 70003 I WANT PROOF OF THE INTERNET BEING DOWN Susan MARTIN

  68. I have been without internet service for more than two weeks when my box went bad..I took it into your Salem Ohio store and they said they would have me a new upgraded one in 2 to 3 days..that was over 2 weeks ago..I have called several times and this last time I was told it never got ordered..I have Kyle the supervisor there take care of me..I cannot order movies on direct tv…cannot use my Amazon prime. is also messing with our phones that we have from u. We have a total of 4 lines. I need my internet and also reimbursed for not having it when I do not

  69. An AT&T employee shows that he works for the company. He is posting false information about COVID19 on FB. Totally inappropriate for someone who shows that he works for AT&T it makes the company look really bad and ignorant. His name is Zach Achler.

  70. My wife and I have spent over a month trying to return and cancel cell phones the day after we got them. It took 2 weeks to get them to allow us to return phones. About 20 hours of conversation to credit us charges for something we never used and still trying to get them to cancel the service. I have been told several times all will go away on second billing but need to cancel with the canceling department. After 1 hour on phone today I gave up. Got transfer 3 times , asked the same questions over and over again and never got anyone to say it was canceled. What a waste of corporate money and my time.

  71. One of your employees was driving a company cat that had a bumper sticker that said Arrive Alive – put your phone down. But my wife and I noticed that your employee was driving distracted, and when we passed her – she was talking on her cellphone…. Why have the bumper sticker if your own employees aren’t going to abide by it? The car was a white Ford Fusion with Kansas License Plate number F011306. She was driving South bound on I-235 at 9:36am CDT on July 9, 2021

  72. To whom it may concern
    I am writing this emails as I am waiting on line to speak again to another customer care rep.
    I was promised to pay around $165.00 plus taxes and fees by a rep. That came in to my house and said if I bundle my services which I did I have attv, internet and cell phone altogether.
    I have been complaining about this since March (I believe this was my first bill)
    I am sure you can review the notes on my account, I will also try to
    Contact the corporate office about this issue. I will attach pictures of the quote he wrote and the text message sent by the rep.
    Thank you in advance.
    My phone number is 16573421lxxxx my name is Irma Garcia

    Sent from my iPhone

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