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Macy’s is a U.S. department store chain, founded by Rowland Hussey Macy in 1858. Macy’s Inc, the holding company, operates 888 stores, including Macy’s, Bluemercury, Backstage, Bloomingdale’s Outlets, and Bloomingdale’s stores.

Macy’s Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
7 West Seventh Street
Cincinnati, OH
Phone Number
(513) 579-7000
Twitter IDs
@Macys, @hallawton (CEO)

Macys Email Info – Macys CEO Email Address:

Jeffrey GennetteCEO
Macys Ceo Email[email protected]
Macys Corporate Office Phone Number513-579-7000
Macys CIK Number0001026179

What is Macy’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Macy’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-513-579-7000 or 1-212-494-3000.


What is Macy’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Macy’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-BUY-MACY (1-800-289-6229).

Other Macy’s Customer Service phone numbers: International Customer Service phone number: +1-513-573-7912

Macy’s Credit Customer Service: 1.888.257.6757

Macy’s Furniture and Mattress Sales: 1.800.BUY.MACY (1-800-289-6229)

Macy’s Wedding and Gift Registry: 1.800.568.8865


What is Macy’s Headquarters Address?

Macy’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Macy’s Headquarters
  • 7 West Seventh Street
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
  • USA

Other Macy’s Mail Addresses:


151 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

9111 Duke Boulevard
Mason, OH 45040

500 Meadowlands Parkway
Secaucus, NJ 07094

11 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 10001

5985 State Bridge Road
Duluth, GA 30097

680 Folsom Street, Suite 1200
San Francisco, CA 94107

1000 Third Avenue
New York

How do I Contact Macy’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Macy’s via:

Macy’s Email Address is: [email protected]

Use the Email Form to ask a question. Another Email Form for Macy’s can be found here.

Macy’s Contact Us page is located here.


Contact Macy’s on Social Media:

Macy’s on Twitter: @Macys

Macy’s on Facebook:

Macy’s Headquarters Executive Team.

Macy’s management team consists of:

Jeff Gennette
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Macy’s

Hal Lawton

Karen M. Hoguet
Chief Financial Officer

Elisa D. Garcia
Chief Legal Officer

John Harper
Chief Stores Officer

Robert B. Harrison
Chief Operations Officer

Cheryl Heinonen
Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications

Jeffrey A. Kantor
Chief Merchandising Officer

Danielle Kirgan
Chief Human Resources Officer

Richard Lennox
Chief Marketing Officer.

Justin MacFarlane
Chief Strategy, Analytics and Innovation Officer

Jill Ramsey
Chief Product and Digital Revenue Officer

Douglas W. Sesler
Executive Vice President, Real Estate

Rachel Shechtman
Brand Experience Officer, Founder of STORY

Tony Spring
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Bloomingdale’s

Marla Beck
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Bluemercury, Inc.

Barry Beck
Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder of Bluemercury, Inc.

Macy’s Board of Directors.

Francis S. Blake
Former Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer
The Home Depot

John A. Bryant
Former Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer
Kellogg Company

Deirdre P. Connelly
Former President, North American

Jeff Gennette
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Macy’s, Inc.

Leslie D. Hale
Chief Operating Officer,
Chief Financial Officer and
Executive Vice President
RLJ Lodging Trust

William H. Lenehan
President and Chief
Executive Officer
Four Corners Property Trust, Inc.

Sara Levinson
Co-Founder and Director

Joyce M. Roché
Former President and
Chief Executive Officer
Girls Incorporated

Paul C. Varga
Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer
Brown-Forman Corporation

Marna C. Whittington
Former Chief Executive Officer
Allianz Global Investors Capital
and Lead Director of the Board

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  1. I purchased a mattress from Macys in 2015. The mattress was defective after a year and after inspections your company replaced it. Roll forward and the 2nd mattress is worse but between floods, fire in area, I put it off till this spring to get it inspected & replaced. We buy a better mattress and a date for delivery is set. (May 29th). We received calls & emails reminding us of the delivery. We got the bed ready for the delivery men. I left with my husband in the house and found a card on the fence…>”Sorry we missed you”. We were in our home, no calls no nothing….they did not open the gate to enter (no fancy locks…this is a farm. I call and complain. Told they cannot reschedule until mattress is locked back in, 3 days later it is still not in the system. I call and nice lady says she will try to reschedule it. Four days later, I call again. WAIT 37 minutes to finally talk to a supervisor to get the mattress rescheduled for delivery. It is scheduled for the 6/12th. I want to know WHY your lack of service required me to: 1) get ready for delivery when they will not open a gate or call me; 2) get told I cannot reschedule delivery until you have it back in the system (not my mistake….I should have been called for rescheduling); 3) Wait on line after time of scheduling then wait for delivery date; 4) Beg, plea for my new mattress to be delivered before Christmas!!!!. I was told I would have to wait till the end of the month, ie…I Want to Talk to the Supervisor…..They thought after 37 minutes I would give up but I outlasted them….The supervisor was nice and took care of it but I am STILL IN MY SPARE BEDROOM AS MY HUSBAND REFUSED TO PUT THE BLOODY BED BACK TOGETHER TO TEAR IT APART AGAIN. He is livid. This is not a cheap blouse….it is an expensive mattress. What happened to service and communication. Why as a customer am I chasing you down for delivery? I have yet to hear about what happened to the no call no open gate guys who didn’t want to work after a holiday week-end. I spend a fair amount of money in Macys department store but the Furniture section needs an overhaul! They will lose you business!!!

  2. The Macys in lake grove is run by a weak woman who favors some brown noser employees who curse and disrespect people. Her name is Christine Trent and the one she favors Is Donna Nucci

  3. Please forward this to the head of the appropriate department. I received a refund from Macy’s which Macy’s sent me on a “happy returns card”. When I tried to use this card to pay for a new order online, Macy’s required a security code. There is no security code on a “returns” card and the person I spoke with did not know how to help me. Please help. Thanks

  4. Dear Executive Leaders,
    I take drastic measures in writing to this team. I am not typically someone who writes into complain center regarding any issue, especially a “credit card application” process. I, however, have been embarrassed twice with Macy’s process.
    Approximately five years ago when the sales representative ask me to apply for the Macy’s credit card to obtain a certain percentage off of the purchases, I did. I was denied the credit and I was so surprised because I have a excellent credit rating, pay my debts on time and do not have debt. I am a professional in human resources and make a respectable annual salary, own my own home, etc. The credit department told me that I was denied because I “own my home”. That my ratio to income was not enough to get a Macy’s credit card. I had to laugh, because I can’t believe that people who own their home are turned down for the Macy’s credit card. But I was. I boycotted your store for several years and asked everyone I knew to do so as well. Further down the line, I reapply and get the card. But since I do not use the card often, I use my Amex card and by the way, pay my monthly bills off every month, the card automatically closed.
    This past Saturday, 10/24/20, I went through the process of reapply and was denied again! Now I don’t know how your credit services works, but a women in my category, single professional, home almost paid off, credit rating of over 820, very small debt to my name, gets DENIED something is very wrong with the system. Not only am I humiliated in a public store, but I find this absurd, ridiculous and points to a systemic issue.
    I would like someone to please look into this matter. I am willing to provide you details of my background, etc. in order for someone to tell me why? how does this happen. I guarantee you, your system probably has tons of people who get credit and barely pay their bills. Now, that may be an income provider for your corporation, however, it is not normal to get denied a credit card from any store in today’s world unless you have awful credit. Not I!
    Thank you in advance for your review of this issue.

    1. Go get ’em girl! Somethings are really wrong with Macy’s and they need to look into these issues and fix the problem.

      It is pitiful that you had to deal with that. Personally, their Customer Service Dept. is horrible. I don’t want to talk to. Someone in Asia for issues in the USA.

  5. I had Covid this Spring while having an abdominal problems. The Covid went away but in AugustI learned I needed abdominal surgery. It went well but healing time is taking longer than expected. So now I’m starting to walk my dogs short distances. Several of my returns haven’t been made for lack of energy and mainly because it is impossible to talk with anyone when calling customer service. Frankly I desperately need the money from returns. Is there no help from an extremely wealthy company to a 73 year old woman? Please find someone who can refund returns without your customer service people putting me on never ending hold? I do want a positive response immediately.

  6. I am very disappointed with your customer service. This is the fourth time I had to schedule a delivery for my mom (who is 94 years old) Because a person does not reach out to me to tell me the item cannot be delivered due to the manufacturer this process is being done on line and when I scheduled it for the third time it never went through. Customer service was of no help. They told me that there is nothing they could do. I asked to speak to some one in the delivery warehouse and was told no. I feel that Macys does not care about their customers. All they care about is making money.

  7. Why does my credit card not work in placing online orders.
    It is.

    Why does my credit card not work when I place on line orders? I know it is not a credit problem. This is very frustrating as I know I am a so called platinum customer.

  8. To Macy’s Inc.

    Good afternoon all,

    It is with the deepest sadness that I find myself giving up on my relationship with Macy’s.

    I am a devoted, dedicated, and never yielding to another as my go to store for quantity, quality most of all customer service. My husband and I both are Macy Platium card holders.

    A few year ago, I had an occasion with Macy’s that left me no choice but to close my account after 20 years. In spite of my experience JCPenny just did not hold the same level of quantity, quality and customer service that I was accustomed to at Macys.

    Unfortunately, is too little time I find myself in the same situation of loss in quality and customer service.

    On October 30, 2020 (Friday night) I purchased a power recliner on for my 94 year old mother. The details said the chair would likely ship for the vendor in 3-5 business days. After receiving my confirmation email to review my order I discovered that the chair swiveled and would be unsafe for her. On Sunday night I telephoned Macys customer service and was advised that they were unable to help me and to call on Monday and request to speak to a representative from Macy’ (that they would be able to cancel my order) as they did not have access.

    Monday I called CustmerService the same number and was given the same information and only then after a 20 minute wait was transferred to a Macy’ representative.

    After, several conversations, and 45 later I learned that in the attempt to gain more of the market share in furnishings that Macys now transacts with Vendors directly and the rules are different from Macy direct.

    There was no way to cancel or change the order except to refuse the delivery. I was told that there was nothing Macy’s could do. I must be the gatekeeper to refuse the order and still be charged a 15% restocking fee.

    To be clear, my request was simple; cancel one chair and purchase another (safe) chair (which was several hundred dollars more that the swivel recliner).

    Therefore, my only option with Macys was to purchase another more expensive chair, hope to catch the delivery of the unsafe chair to refuse delivery and be charged a 15% restocking fee.

    I am not willing to trust the process nor incur additional fees for a delivery that should never reach my door.

    Therefore, I will do my best to refuse the delivery. However, I will not purchase the more expensive, safe chair from Macys warehouse.

    In my opinion, while Macys may be gaining market share, you are losing purchases and customers.

    I know change in inevitable and often time good. However, the change in rules and Macy’s lack of customer support with Direct Vendor purchases is punitive to the customer in cost and quality.

    I am closing my account for good this time as soon as this issue is closed.


  9. I have a merchandise certificate from Macy’s dated 7/9/19. I would like to convert this to a Macy’s gift card so I may order merchandise online rather than going into the store during the COVID outbreak. I’ve been told by store and customer service this conversion is not possible. I’m asking for an exception to your policy for this instance and under these circumstances. Thank you.

  10. I ordered a mattress in August, 2020. Macys’ cancelled the evening before the delivery on four separate occasions. The last appointment for November 10, 2020 I just cancelled. My confirmation number is 38280xxxx. I and my family have shopped at Macys’ for over 60 years so I am particularly disappointed. Aside from the disappointment though I do not want to be charged a cancellation fee because I couldn’t wait on the mattress any longer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Regards, Shirley Stewart

  11. I ordered a coat less than 24 hours ago from Macy’s online. I just found out my child needs medicine I cannot afford. The coat has not been shipped. I have shopped with Macys for years and never will again. I plan to go on social media immediately. This us an outrage.

  12. I purchased the Matteo bedroom set almost a year ago. At that time I told the sales lady that I was not sure if both nightstands would fit. (Nightstand # is 1041946). I said, should I order it and if it doesn’t fit in the room I will return it. She said, wait and if you find that it fits then come back in and get the nightstand. She never at that time said that I COULD NOT pick it up at the store nor if I came back it would have to be delivered by their white glove people and it would cost me $100.00 to deliver a night stand that could fit in my vehicle. Had she said that I would have ordered it with the set and returned it in my vehicle if did not fit in the bedroom. I have been arguing this for a year now and I feel they took advantage of me by not telling me when I purchased the set. I go to many Macys’s and find this nightstand in the store. I tell them I will take the one in the store and they say you have to pay an extra hundred dollars and have it delivered. Why should I pay an extra $100.00 for delivery. This should have been told up front. You can see how small it is and it would fit in my vehicle. Please get back to me.

  13. I placed an order today my order# 20620xxx0, and initially, the purchase was for 152.00, and I noticed that I had made a few errors that needed t to be updated on my profile. I called the 800 number quickly before the order shipped out, and I updated the customer service agent with the proper information which was an address change. After she corrected the mistake my order had increased to $165.49, which the representative stated it was for shipping fees. However, according to the Special that Macy’s was running Shipping was supposed to be free. She said it was a $6.00 shipping fee, I needed the order placed so I didn’t mind; however, after I hung up the phone I looked at my Bank Statement, and I noticed I was billed 3 times for this one purchase ($154.76, $156.27, $165.49), I immediately called my bank to stop the 2 other charges. I was told to also contact Macy’s. I contacted Macy’s and was told that the extra charges were placed on my card for an authorization hold. I can’t believe this, after I requested to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on by the customer service rep. Please help with this matter.

  14. I have just spent 35 minutes speaking to incompetent staff in your International Customer Services dept who have now left me on hold for 10 minutes. I am trying to place an order for a gift to be delivered to my friend who lives in South Carolina. I live in London, England and my PayPal, Klarna and all my credit cards (inc my Amex) are registered in the UK. Your website will not allow me to place the order as it does not recognise that I don’t live in a United State and that my friend’s mobile number is not registered in the US. These 2 idiots with whom I’ve been speaking for 35 minutes do not understand how to help me either. I don’t know what else to do but the telephone call probably cost nearly as much as the gift and I’ve had to hang up now as they’ve left me on hold for so long. Please help me to place this order so it I delivered before her birthday which is on 5 December.

  15. I bought a furniture protection plan that promised to refund the money if I don’t use the plan. Now I can’t file a claim and I’m getting the runaround from Noworry and Great Give Back. Please help me. Policy 2372840 9/23/13

  16. I wanted to order a Ladlow 90″ sofa in Open Grey. I typed in on line and the order did not go in. I called and held on for over2 hours and typed in to Virtual Agent. No one has helped me. I can not get a live person to speak with. I am ashamed at Macys knowing i have been a customer for over 40 years and I am disabled. PLEASE HELP ME !

  17. I was in your store today at lynnhaven mail I seen some boots that I liked and the sign said $19.99 and the guy said they forgot to take down that sign that said the boots were $19.99 but I were supposed to get that item for that price because that’s what the tag on the boots said $19.99

  18. This email is directed to anyone at the top who care about “Customer Care” as it is called. After two weeks of repeated attempts to get help to resolve my issue; I have only received the same generated message over and over! Does anyone care to hear to a legitimate complaint from one of your customer?!! Is it to much to ask to speak with an individual who can actually do something about my issue? Bottom line, I have a purchased that was sent to me instead of to my intended delivery address!! AND PLEASE, do not tell me to refuse the delivery…too late for that!!! Or to return it to the store….VERY INCONVENIENT!!! Does anyone in this corporation care! Is it to much to ask for a hearing p, competent ear!?

  19. On 11/18/20 I placed Order#2125099623 which indicated free shipping at check out. Upon tracking the item I noted a shipping charge of $38. I called customer service to inquire and was told since it’s bedding a surcharge is always added after the fact, since the packaging is extra heavy. I spoke to “Lynn”. I am beyond frustrated as this was not indicated on the website. If I was to purchase the item again, it still says free shipping. I have purchased bedding from Macy’s in the past and have never been secretly charged $38 for it. This is definitely poor practice. If that was listed in the checkout I would have opted to ship it to the store for free. Once I pay my bill, I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere.

  20. Hello sir I’m having a problem with your customer service.they are so rude I’m just trying to order and they are hanging the phone up before this black Friday weekend.please help.

  21. Utter DISSATISFACTION with so-called “Customer Service re: Order # 2043442616 placed 10/18. On 10/22 I was notified by email from Macy’s that the items were backordered. Since 10/22, I have contacted the Customer Service phone # 289-6229 five (5) times to get the issue of cancellation, return, and refund resolved. Every time I have been lied to. As of 11/26, it will be more than 10 days past the date I was told I would receive a refund. Your so-called “customer service” is so poor it does not merit the title. As a consequence of this appalling experience, I will NEVER buy from Macy’s again. On 11/23, I had an email exchange with customer service: Incident: 201123-008734. You can find my complaint there.

  22. Hello , I want to discuss a serious concern I have with your companies handling for items in the store , I was recently in your store in woodfield mall in Illinois, I purchase a down coat for my girlfriend, she really liked , when she got home she found a receipt in the pocket, belong to another person , thos coat was obviously worn and returned to Macys not cleaned or sanitized, with covid 19 going on ,I cant believe, MACY doesn’t take it serious , your practices are putting people in great danger , with returned items, I demand a timely response and a solution to thos ,my girlfriend who also has a small child , is very worried and is trying to set up a covid test , I have both receipt to show you ,we bought the coat and what was found in the pocket

  23. I am unsure as to why Macy’s has decided to outsource its customer service department, but that was not a wise choice. I have been hung up on 3 times and then left on hold for more than 5 minutes. I was informed three different things regarding the order that was never delivered. At this point, I am looking at this as fraud as that is what it appears to be. Lastly, if you have customers who wish to speak with someone based in the United States, that should not be an issue. Macy’s is one step above JCP and Macy’s poor customer service is five steps below JCP’s.

  24. Worst customer service, I’ve been trying to mattress exchanged for 3 weeks now was supposed to take 3 days. First they wanted to exchange for a chair? then they cancelled my order? You can look back at my account used to have ballance $500-$2,000 consistetly for ever. Hell I used to work there I haven’t shopped there in 2 years because of horrible customer service

  25. I don’t understand why you send out coupons because when you go to use them they say that doesn’t qualify for the coupons. I was going to spend around $ 80.00. I picked up a wallet , shaw and a piece of jewelry. The checker said that none of it qualified for the coupons. I can go to Kohls and use my coupons, no problems. This is why i quit going to your store along time ago. But i thought I’d give another try.

  26. Hi,
    I would like to share our 1st experience with purchasing furniture from Macys. We moved into a new house back in March and made a purchase of a sectional (Salescheck # 36753939) in March. I’ll spare you the details, the frustrations, and countless hours I spent on the phone with customer service. Long story short, it took over 8 months for us to finally receive the sectional on 11/13, that’s 8 months where my family and I had to sit on a fold up mattress because we did not have a sofa. Although frustrated, but understand the delays due to the pandemic.
    When the sectional arrived on 11/13, one of our console was missing, so they had to come back the following week, took 2 separate installations. Again, we didn’t make it into an issue. I also purchased warranty for the sectional for $399 (Salescheck# 39357924) a furniture care kit and our contract was supposed to be mailed to us separately. To sum up:
    1) Our warranty was mailed to our old house that we sold 9 months ago and no longer live there. I’m not sure why it was shipped there when our sectional was delivered to our new house. How and when will i get my kit and contract?
    2) There was a price reduction during the 8 months waiting period on the sectional, i was told that a credit would be refunded to my credit card once the sectional was delivered. It’s been 3 weeks, i still have not received the credit on my card.
    3) I sent an email to furnitureandbedding to file a compliant as I did not want to have to call into customer service, it’s impossible to reach anyone without having to wait for over an hour or simply not reachable. The response i received was we can’t help you, please call our customer service.
    This is our 1st time purchasing furniture from Macys and it has been a nightmare! I still need my refund of $300+ for the price reduction and my furniture warranty kit and contract!

  27. It is a shame that Macy’s is not able to produce any item offered in their newest catalogs with a web ID. I had to have a customer service rep look it up only to find out they did not have the product. It is a shame to put all this money in a catalog and not be able to produce. Very disappointed in Macy’s and I don’t know if I will be shopping there again. Great marketing. However I think your catalogs are a big scam. Shame on Macy’s

  28. I had ordered item 505742 a snowy bristle pine snowflake wreath and instead I received a item that resemble a snowflake. I called customer service and told them of the mix-up and instead of her trying to help resolve the problem all she could say was “what do you want to do.” I told her that I wanted the wreath, which at this time was sold out. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she sent me to an associate. What is an associate going to do??? The associate kept asking do you want to purchase a different item or we can send you a return label. I ask her if UPS could pick it up at my home. She told me that that is the Macy’s policy. What kind of customer service people do employ? I told her if this is the best you can do you can have the platinum card back, because you have lost a loyal customer over something that was very easy to resolve. You sent me the wrong item; therefore, you need to send me what I ordered

  29. I have been waiting for 10 days for a return label to go to UPS. I have made numerous calls to your call center. I have been told different stories and hung up on. Your call center should be in the US. I have been a customer for many years. I am totally disgusted with the total lack of “ customer service “ !

  30. I was given two Macy’s gift cards for my birthday.
    When the scratch off was removed, it is almost impossible to read the number. I am unable to use either card .

    1. You can take the cards to macys at your service counter. A manager can look up the purchase of the gift cards if they were purchased with a card not cash and if the original purchase is located they will issue you new gift cards loaded with the original amounts.

  31. I have been trying to speak with someone order, i have been placed on hold six times for a period of 40 minutes. each time someone gets on they say they will connect me to a supervisor and I get an agent instead. I have spoken to many agents who have not been able to help me. each of them have been from the Philippines. I was not connected to a supervisor nor was I connected to someone in the USA . This problem of not having someone help me or not connect me with a supervisor occurred several times since December 3 after an order was cancelled three time after being verified. This problem also occurred when an error occurred in an order that was made. I have been a customer for many years and this past time I am questioning whether I should continue to shop at MACYS AGAIN. I want to speak to someone who may help me and not give me the run around. My number is 407-446-xxxx. Thank you

  32. “ … we are Christmas balls to the wall …” Really, do you know what “balls to the wall” means?, did you stop to vet that language before you broadcast it to the Nation on morning television? I am … offended … as I am certain are many hundreds of thousands of other Seniors who know this expression’s origin. Really, do a little research on expressions your young sales people want to use when they represent you on National media.

    1. In fact it is from fighter planes. The “balls” are knobs atop the plane’s throttle control. Pushing the throttle all the way forward, to the wall of the cockpit, is to apply full throttle.

  33. I placed an order on November 2,2020. Never received the item. $164.58 called several times finally asked for a refund. Never got refund. Just called and agent said I would get a gift card!!! Really! I want a credit. Now I’m told a credit in 14 days. That brings us to nearly 2 months without merchandise or credit.

  34. I have tried to reach the number on the back of my credit -ez exchange card for a week, different time and the call hangs up. I’ve tried going into the local Auburn, ma store to speak to manager who told clerk there is nothing she can do- I AM just trying to use an old credit to purchase an item at the store/ website and it does not recognize it-8370005783xxxx 006- the clerk stated you no longer use these types of cards. According to Massachusetts rules, gift cards cannot expire, so can someone please HELP ME!!! The amount is $31.86 as written on the card- thank you

    1. Call 800 229 6229. You have to hold a while but if you do not use these cards for a certain length of time they lock them and if you call they will unlock it and activate it.

  35. I have a very complicated regarding my international order with Macy’s. I am communicating from ireland and as a final resort I am contacting you for help!!

  36. Why does it take so many weeks to get a order delivered? ALL other retailers deliver within a week . Macys takes 4 days just to process order . Unacceptable. This is why your closing stores

  37. Good morning, you guys made a big mistake, I send my daughter some pans and you guys forgot to put the apartment number, when you guys emailed me that you got my order, it has the apartment number, but whoever send it out, did not put it, it will get lost, I need someone to respond, I’ve been calling customer service and you guys Place me on hold for 20 minutes, I finally talked to Jane, and she knew my situation, and she was going to transfer me and it hung up, why do your representatives don’t call back? You guys need to send another package, I know it’s going to get lost,,,order # is 210229xxxx
    I need to talk to a manager, please please call me 915-249-xxxx, I’m going to report you to the Better Business Bureau, I need this package in her apartment before Christmas
    My name is Maria Guerra,,, contact me ASAP

  38. You are guilty of fraud! You charged my credit card $50.00, but did not send a gift card to my sister, Janet Stoeckle. If another card is not sent to her immediately, I’m filing criminal charges.

  39. To whom it may concern.
    Good afternoon.
    My name is Maria and would like to tell you, about my experience at Macy’s today 12/11/2020 at approximate 2:10 pm. I went to the store located on Cherry Hill mall, NJ to have a sensor tag removed( security tag ) left on the merchandise from a purchase I made in Quaker Bridge NJ a few days back ( Christmas gift ) thats not my issue, as I understand we all humans and we all make mistakes. After the security tag was removed, I decided to go to the second floor and look around for a gift for my daughter. When I was looking around, I witnessed a woman ” almost like yelling ” saying ” YOU NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE ” I looked back thinking she was talking to me. I realized she was talking to a cashier, which she calmly replied ” I was taking care of a customer ” . The woman then goes to the cashier pointing her finger at this cashier and told her to stop being disrespectful. The cashier stated ” I am not being disrespectful, I just said I was talking care of a customer ” the woman replied ” don’t you ever talk to me like that .. and don’t disrespect me like that, and raised her voice . As an outsider… I was dumbfounded and felt sad, about the way this cashier was being talked to. She absolutely did nothing wrong or raised her voice or disrespected this woman in any away, shape or form. I asked the cashier , after she took care very professionally another customer, for that woman name and asked her if she was a Supervisor or a Manager. The cashier name tag ( Toni ) stated she was a Mgr and her name was ( Lissa )
    I thanked her and left the store. I couldn’t find myself to get on the Christmas Spirit and shop for my daughter after that. What and who gave that Mgr the power to belittle a cashier and speak to her like shes was a nobody? When humans can treat each other with respect, no matter what class, title you hold, makes me wonder if Shopping on line is the place to go.
    I needed someone to know about this, I sincerely felt sorry for this cashier.
    My name is Maria , my phone number is 856- 298-xxxx.
    Please reach out if you need better details.
    Thank you

  40. I purchased 2 authentic COACH, bags from your store. Coach only sells to legitimate retailers, as MACY’S is one of those. It also should have the actual Coach box with it, which i didnt receive. I contacted customer service, only to be laughed at, hung up on, I called back, to be told to ship them back for a refund if I didnt get a box and maybe they will have one when I reorder. If these are authentic, any coach product comes in a coach box or bag.

  41. Macy’s cancelled my order and proceeded to charge me 6 times for over 4000 dollars! I’ve spent hours with customer service who told me I could be without those funds for 7-10 business days that’s takes all my Christmas money and rent money that is unacceptable.

  42. I spent three hours today trying to resolve a problem that was not,y fault.
    My order MSA 2033000986 was sent to Colorado instead of Canada. I am told the order was returned to Macy and my account was credited.
    I spent hours trying to reorder similar item for the same price. A very kind and helpful employee got me the sale price but just as we were about to check out I was cut off.
    I called back, the other employee now was not able to give me the sale price. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was cut off.
    No one calls back!? After I spent hours trying to resolve this.
    Should the employee not call back, he or she has all my information including my phone number.
    I did a lot of shopping at Macy’s over the years without issues. Love your selection.
    Now I would like to purchase a substitute PJ
    11241091windy floral Large . The one I ordered in November was shipped to Colorado I was told!!
    Phone. 905 940 xxxx
    I would appreciate a call to resolve this and assist me to get the deal I got in November.
    Thanks very much.
    Teresa ramcharan

  43. Spent 45 mins on phone. Had not received 3 $50 gift cards ordered on Dec. 1. Order tracking said to expect by Dec. 8. Tracking box said tracking not available. Customer service rep today said was in process but could not tell if done. He said would transfer me to resolution dept. after 10 mins. Ended up in Spanish dept. was transferred to gift card dept but ended back in Spanish dept. then transferred to gift card and then transferred again. Finally was told money would be refunded in 3 to 6 days. Had to repeat problem at each transfer. Terrible experience.

  44. I placed this order on Nov. 28. It is still not here. You can see, below, it was sent from Peabody, MA to Arizona. WHY? Peabody is the next town over. The irresponsible shipping clerks at Macy’s, UPS or UPS Mail Innovations must be drinking on the job.

    Instead of sending my package from Peabody, MA to Danvers, MA they sent it to ARIZONA then CONNECTICUT. I’m still waiting for it to get back to MASSACHUSETTS!

    How stupid can you get? I’m fed up with Macy’s for using this irresponsible service.

    Order #2135335884 · 7 items

    Shipped with UPS Mail Innova
    Tracking # 9261290105300655314978xxxx
    Saturday, Dec 12, 2020
    9:43 AM
    Package departed UPS Mail Innovations facility enroute to USPS for induction
    Windsor, CT
    Saturday, Dec 12, 2020
    7:20 AM
    Package received for sort by destination UPS Mail Innovations facility
    Windsor, CT
    Thursday, Dec 10, 2020
    2:50 AM
    Package transferred to destination UPS Mail Innovations facility
    Tolleson, AZ
    Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020
    10:56 PM
    Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility
    Tolleson, AZ
    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020
    11:46 PM
    Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations
    Tolleson, AZ
    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020
    5:56 PM
    Shipment tendered to UPS Mail Innovations
    Goodyear, AZ
    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020
    11:30 AM
    Package transferred to post office
    Peabody, MA
    Thursday, Dec 3, 2020
    5:07 AM
    Shipment information received by UPS Mail Innovations
    Shipping Address

    Sandra Kay
    xx Holten St
    Apt xxxx
    Danvers, MA 01923-

  45. I have an issue with my order that is yet to be delivered. I ve been calling your customer care but no one can help me. The last agent hung up on my face.

  46. To whom this may concern:

    I went into your location in Orlando at the Fashion Square Mall. I visited the customer service department to pick up my purse that I ordered..I asked an associate to open the box to check my item before I left the store. The representative by name of Tara was very rude and didn’t try to assist. I explained to her that I didn’t get a receipt. She told me it should be in the box and it wasn’t. I asked her if I could have one, she went back and forth with me. I told her that I didn’t want to go back forth with her, I only wanted my receipt for a return if I needed it. She was very rude and walked off and mumbled under her breath. I feel that this very unacceptable.

  47. I ordered a $100 Macy’s gift card on November 20th I still haven’t received it. It was supposed to be a birthday gift for my daughter in December 11th. I want a refund

  48. I am submitting a complaint in regards to the one day sale, which I have a catalog. I am referring to the diamond stud earrings for $29.99 with $25.00 purchase. I made a purchase of $39 and change, and the earrings were sold out. I had a chat with two employees, with the lase chat with Vikas P. who told me he would basically look out and when the earrings are back in stock, notify me. I repeated what I received from him, and he said with purchase. I told him I was making the purchase when I am done with him. It was then back tracking on his words. I then called Macy’s and spoke with a supervisor, which I do not recall her name, and she was telling me they was offering flatware. I do not need flatware and she proceeded to tell me that the earrings did not qualify. This is not true, and I need Macy’s to honor their sale. It is not my fault about running out of stock, as the sale was until Dec. 12th; either a “raincheck” or I can purchase at a later time with the sale price, WITHOUT making another purchase of $25.00 or more. I did that.
    Thank you

  49. I have been trying to get a refund for 770 dollars since Nov 25. Daybed delivered and left in rain ,next was broken etc,etc. hours on hold, another 12-15 days wait . Can you help me?

  50. My wife and I are experiencing very poor customer service. After three hours of working with incompetent people, the last of which was a supervisor, hung uo on me. We are fed up. The problem is we cannot use our Macy’s/Amex card because your fraud department is unable to verify our identity because our caller ID doesn’t match the cell phone they have on record. Other retail establishments including Amazon are easily able to do this. Other organizations ask multiple questions to verify the account owner. The result is Citibank will send us a letter in 7-10 days. We were interested in shopping online at Macy’s for Christmas. Christmas will be over by the the time this is reconciled. Please have Jeffrey Gennette call me since he has the authorization to get results. 516,606.xxxx. I look forward to a quick response.

  51. My Niece, who shops at Macy’s store quite a bit, was profiled, while exchanging her purse, the cashier that was assisting her with the transaction called Loss Prevention to come and watch her as she was exchanging her purse! In no form or fashion would my Niece ever consider stealing anything, and while she was being profiled for being a black woman, doesn’t warrant a call for Loss Prevention to watch her as she is exchanging a very expensive purse that was a gift to her. Now I really would like to hear back from the Regional Manager from Sommerset of Troy Macy’s , address is xxxx W Big Beaver Rd, Troy Michigan 48084. If I can not get a response back, I will be contacting the local news trouble shooter because, she very hurt. I am very upset that she even had to deal with this. She did speak with a manager, but I want to speak with a Regional Manager, who can deal with this cashier and her issues she has with people of color. You can contact me at 313 970 xxxx. Again, I would Like this to be address and what are the procedures for handling difficult cashier who profile black women.

  52. Good Afternoon,
    My husband and I have both been avid Macy’s customers for years.I recently went into the Northlake,Atlanta Macys on Briarcliff Rd.,only to be talked down to by one of your employees named Jo(Joanne). She had people entering the line at the register from both sides. While I was trying to social distance she was telling people to alternate coming in from both sides of the register entrance. So really no place to exit safely without coming close contact with other customers. She talked to me and several other customers in a rude brash tone. My husband and I are both business owners here in Atlanta for over 50 years and would never even think to talk to a customer in that fashion. We are very disappointed customers and don’t see ourselves going back to that store in the future.
    Thank you in advance for your time.
    Michele & Michael Principe

  53. I bought a chair on line. Read the review which was a one..and called to cancel. Was told by representative that was done then received a shipping notice a couple days later from UPS. Called again was told Chair had been canceled. Received a shipping notice telling me would receive in 3days. Called CUSTOMER Service again..was told canceled..if received refuse. UpS dropped Chair last Friday. They told me they would pick up Saterday. Did not. Called again..they told me Sunday. Did not. Spoke to supervisor..she said Monday. Did not. Spoke to another supervisor told definitely Tuesday 15th..chair is still here. Want it picked up and my account credited.

  54. Application for a card was refused…21/2 to 3 hr. for 2 days attempts to question reason as my rating is EXCEPTIONAL…only recordings…FINALLY a chat with efficient “Brien” gave the right # (which was also bad recording for line to info ) . ..first agent was polite… referring to the super who was combative and offensive from the beginning and rudely continued with rudeness in not even attempting to help answer my questions…just rude conversation….. Good customer no longer interested in Macy’s

  55. I want to express my dissatisfaction with Macy’s online and customer service. An item I ordered over 3 weeks ago has never arrived. At first there was no information on the track my order site regarding when shipped. After 2 weeks, I called customer service and was told it was going to arrive that day. Never arrived. Several days later the track order site indicated it was shipped and would arrive on Dec. 14. Again, no delivery. When I tried to contact a supervisor at Customer Service several times, once I was told that no supervisor was available and could not call me back when available. The second time, I finally reached a supervisor, but in the middle of describing the problem was disconnected. (I was polite). My problem is not that there are delays in shipment (although I was SO disappointed when I was unable to give the item I ordered as a present despite 3 weeks lead time in ordering), but is with the poor communication on the ordering website regarding the possibility of a package taking a month to deliver. I could have decided at that point whether to order from Macy’s or not. The service I received from your phone line workers has been terrible — unable to be helpful in any way and often difficult to understand due to heavy accents. I cannot imagine how Macy’s as a business can survive against the competition of Amazon, who’s shipping and customer service are hassle free. I will NEVER order anything from Macy’s again. With this kind of service — both online and by phone with customer service — Macy’s is a business that will fail.

  56. I have been a Macy’s credit card customer for 40 years as my Mom was a customer for 80 yrs I have never experienced such rude non helpful hep in a sleeper couch I purchased 3 yrs ago and fighting for service or replacement of a couch that is not able to sit on unless you fall off I have No worry warranty and they said it is not covered they sent me inspector from the furniture warranty and said it is not covered. I’m still stuck with a couch that is physically not able to sit on comfortable. Please help me. Otherwise I will make sure everyone knows that Macy’s does not stand behind there products

  57. I ordered a Macy’s credit card a month ago. I called four times because I never received my card in the mail. I applied for the credit card to use during Christmas. I was approved, I have an account, but can’t use the damn thing because I don’t have a card! I am 100% frustrated and now want to cancel unless someone helps me. I’ve called customer service four times. WTH???

  58. Customer service on phone is the worst for Macy’s. People do not speak english or do not understand English. I tried 5 times to get return ticket before I got someone who understood me.

  59. Macy’s Money if you do not have a Macy’s account no one knows how to redeem or access this money. I bought a gift and I am entitled to $30.00. I call your customer service line and got a run around.

  60. To whom it may concern,
    There is a serious drug problem at the where house in Martinsburg, WV. 80% of the people that work there would fail adrug test. I don’t know how they got hired in the first place. This ridiculous. I will take further action if something is not done. I will take it to the DEA.

  61. I am very disappointed in Macy’s online shopping this holiday season! Yesterday, I had an order marked discontinued. I ordered this product on November 27th! I had just checked with customer service last week that this was not going to happen to this order as well, they said it would be shipped out by December 31st. I thought, ok it is a christmas gift but I can wait. I checked on this order after a second order I had placed in the beginning of December was marked discontinued as well a week after I had ordered it! I will give you some grace in knowing these are UNPRECEDENTED times but I am angry! I feel like these were deals to get you in the door or in the least poor inventory control. I have never had these experiences with Macy’s and will be extremely cautious in using your company to order from in the future. I hope to hear something back from this complaint as I have not received anything back from the last. When I was questioning why you would let me order an item and then discontinue it within 1 week! I know my not shopping with you will not impact your company but I would like to hear some explanation or an apology? Thank you

  62. Customer Service both In Store and Online has hit rock bottom. The checkout prtsin had no clue as to how to do an exchsnge. She said she was new and sent me elsewhere where I stoodbin line for approx 30 minues. Secondly, I placed an ordrt on line on 12/4 and someone at Macys cancelled. I hadvto call back and reordered. No one knew why it was cancelled. The reorder wasvon 12/5 and as of today 12/18 I have not received all of my order. I like shopping Macys but ifbthusbis thevservice U mustvaccept, I will go elsewhere to shop.

  63. I am very upset about not being able to get the mattresses and furniture we bought recently. My husband has colon cancer and is having difficulties sitting and needs a soft comfortable chair / couch. We purchased a leather couch and chair with recliners. We also purchased an adjustable bed with two twin extra long mattresses to be a king size bed. I am not getting through to the store and just spoke to an agent who says the mattresses won’t be on
    The warehouse until January 4th. I was told they would be in by the end of December. I was also told the mattresses were in but just waiting for the adjustable frame. I would hope that someone at a senior level would have compassion for my husband suffering from cancer and get us this furniture to help him. We are so devastated and now we can’t get furniture that we paid over $4,000.

  64. I order something and pay for express shipping but have to wait a week for my purchase. Whats the point of express shipping if I’m not actually receive said item within. Those 3 days. I’m highly disappointed in the service and want my express money back

  65. Extremely disappointed in Macy’s this Christmas season. I’ve ordered several items — all of which were shipped by USPS and they have done a poor job. Today I called Customer Service to track where my order placed Dec. 3 was. No tracking info since paperwork was transferred on Dec. 9th. Today I learned my gift item never shipped and there are none in stock. I have received no prior information from Macy’s. I have always called Macy’s my store but your on-line performance is terrible.

  66. Why would a customer service employee assure me when I called on the 17th that Macys would re-ship an order from Dec 9th that I never got and it’d arrive in 2 days which was supposed to be today the 19th. Now the email says it shipped standard rate and won’t arrive until the 29th. It’s bad enough my order never arrived the 1st time but to lie to me on the phone is certainly not what I thought Macy’s would do. I complained again yesterday and while your employee Cess apologized, it certainly didn’t come across that she or Macy’s really cared about the 1st agent lying to me. I asked to talk to a supervisor but never got to, nor has anyone called me back today as requested. Is this really how Macy’s treats their customers? I certainly had higher expectations than that. My phone # is 407 451-xxxx. I hope a manager/supervisor responds, an automated email is not enough. Thank you

  67. Mr. Jeffrey Gennette,
    I’ve chosen to write to you or your office because I have not received a response from Macy’s when I posted a complaint through the online portal a week ago.
    Why did I have to make the following phone calls at the following times and durations over a two-day period, simply to inquire as to why an item ERROUNEOUSLY indicated received, but was not received: 4:57 pm (18 minutes), 5:16 pm (14 minutes), 5:31 pm (37 minutes), 6:08 pm (18 minutes) on 12/11/2020 and then at 1:42 pm (14 minutes) and 1:58 pm (14 minutes) on 12/12/2020 and still got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED. Why?!!! I’ll tell you why…Macy’s decided to outsource [customer service] for “CHEAP LABOR” at its Customer’s Expense because I’ve never had such an experience before.
    My final call was at 2:06 pm on 12/12/2020 (43 minutes), which overlapped another call because I decided to place this call on hold while I’m on hold and dial another number, which landed me in the same place. This time I spoke with Jess, who is a manager and said she is going to follow-up with me via a phone call on the
    re-shipment when the system allows her to re-ship my order, but I never heard from her again. She also said she was putting my information in her file on the re-shipment of my shirt and sending me a $50 Gift Card, which I had to ask for due to my troubles. The Gift Card wasn’t offered and I don’t understand WHY?!! Their only offer was to refund my money. 
    Every representative who took my call either LIED to me, or was just PLAIN INCOMPETENT. One representative was looking at the wrong order, another one tried to re-ship the shirt, but in the wrong color, while others told me the order had been delivered, and still others told me it will be delivered later that evening. Guess what?!!! That item wasn’t delivered.
    Although I explained to them I did receive two separate packages that day and that an item was missing, some of them just couldn’t understand it…it was like pushing a snowball uphill.
    To exacerbate my annoyance and total aggravation with this simple inquiry turned into a Behemoth, some of them then LIED to me by telling me the item was no longer available when I could clearly and easily see the item there and available for sale on Macy’s website; I simply clicked on it, clicked my size and added it to my shopping bag, but didn’t re-order the shirt, yet, they BLATANLY LIED and told me it’s no longer available in NO SIZES…NONE. One representative even challenged me to the veracity of me seeing the availability of the shirt, and I said I will send him a screen shot, which he agreed and when I asked for a number, he hung up on me.
    On the next call, I asked for a manager and was told with the unmitigated gall their managers don’t take calls from customers and I constantly have to repeat myself. After being on hold for about five minutes, she comes back and tells me her manager will call me back after she gets off the phone with a customer. Imagine that?!! So I immediately asked “what call is your manager on, because you told me when I asked for a manager they don’t take calls from customers, and now you just told me she’s on the phone with another customer?” So, which line she told me was a lie: their managers don’t take calls from customers, or the manager is on the phone with another customer? Mutual Exclusiveness comes to mind…it can’t be both: don’t take calls from customers on one hand, and then on the phone with another customer. A lot of rambling I know, but it’s your representatives’ fault for this circuitous route in detailing my HORRIBLE Experience with Macy’s. Keep in mind and please do the math, that was 158 minutes of my time WASTED, (22 minutes south of THREE HOURS) to check on an item that was not received.
    It seems Macy’s has chosen to rid its business of [customer service], if that’s what they want to call it now, and replaced it with incompetent people who just answers the phone and lie to you. It appears Macy’s has started a foot race to scrape the bottom of the barrel…ABSOLUTELY NO DUE DILIGENCE…nothing but LIES from its incompetent, lazy representatives.
    Can we all agree and say this is “TOTAL INCOMPETENCE?” This is the “WORST” experience I’ve had in dealing with Macy’s in all the years I’ve been a customer, and it ties with AT&T hands down, which I dropped a few years ago. This was Horrible [customer service] and like a never-ending NIGHTMARE for one item. 

  68. I ordered on Macy’s website and my packaged was delivered to Amazon and not my house. I’ve had to call customer service 3 days in a row to try and get refunded. I spoke with a supervisor woman named Shawn and she was absolutely HORRIBLE. Super condescending and had the worst attitude I’ve ever come across on any customer service department. I under stand I was frustrated but she made it worst with her attitude. My order number is 214005xxxx. It shows on the confirmation tracking it was delivered and if you click on the link it shows that it was delivered to amazon and not my house. I want to be refunded for the package that was never delivered and apparently that is the most difficult thing in the world. I have proof on my ring device it was never delivered and I just want help getting refunded.

  69. Hello! I am writing because my fiance’ proposed to me yesterday (12/19/2020) in your Macy’s store with the help of one of your amazing employees. We were in the Wilmington, Delaware store and Bill had pre-arranged for this wonderful woman to basically act out a scenario of “pushing” a ring on to us. I was absolutely shocked, emotional, and over the moon all at once. The experience is way too much for this little comment box, but I want you to know that your store has extra special meaning to us since we were literally engaged there and I would like to know the name of the woman who was such a great help. Her name starts with a T and we were engaged the morning of 12/19. Also, if there is any way of getting any security footage of the moment, it would be so fabulous. Nothing was recorded and pics weren’t taken. We are both essential workers. We were unable to travel for this special moment. So, this was truly history in the making…getting engaged at the store. 🙂 Thank you so very much for a sweet, memorable, and very special place in history which means so much to us. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you for any help with learning the name of your employee who helped Bill with this. She was truly an angel and so sweet in the way she proceeded with everything. Please share with your corporate office. Thank you so much for your time and any help!

  70. I purchased a ring from Macy’s an the finish is coming off. This isn’t the quality I expect from Macy’s. I am stuck at home because of the pandemic what do I do

  71. I noticed a price reduction on a Calvin Kelin Modern Cotton Padded Bralette QF1654 (Order #215586xxxx) for $33 and went down to $30.80 on 12/19 Can you help me start a price adjustment refund please? Thank you.

  72. Who is responsible for online account information?? Was told by online person that it was the customer that input account information. And she deleted my in-store and outside account so there is nothing there now.

  73. I ordered two fit bits from you. You only sent me ONE!
    This is a gift for a set of twins for Christmas. On Saturday night after I received by package I called rightfully complaining. I was hung up on twice by a rep and then a SUPERVISOR. I was LIED TO and told that my missing item from my order that is for CHRISTMAS would be available for pickup at the store location near me. When the supervisor was done lying, I asked for his name and a reference # for the call. He hung up. When I called back, i was told that no fitbits were available within 100 miles for me. THIS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE BEFORE A HOLIDAY. HOW HARD IS IT TO PUT TWO OF THE SAME ITEMS IN A BOX?

  74. So Macy’s has decided to no longer provide customer service? What a disgrace! I have been trying to find out where part of my order is/ to speak with a supervisor but to no avail. I have been hung up on twice and the third time I was bounced from one department to another. The Philippines? Really? I either want the rest of my order or I will cancel my payment on the whole order. I’m done trying to take care of a problem on Macy’s side. I believe that over 2 and a half hours of my time is far more than I should have to give and still not have an answer/resolution. What a wonderful way to do business. Merry Christmas!!!

  75. This was the worst shopping experience and the reason I don’t like shopping online. Too hard to cancel orders and CS sucks. Who argues with the customer?

  76. I ordered a mattress and boxspring in Nov.
    Macys have had it delayed twice. I called the service number twice and now am told it will be January. The first call the person told me i would get anadditioal 20% off. An email would be sent in 24 hours. The next time i called the lady said i cant get 20% off and they dont send out emails. What is going on and why different answers

  77. Happy Holidays! I attempted to place an order on line 12/21/20 Web ID: 5855xxx, Michael Kors Mott Pebble leather phone crossbody wallet. As of now I am still on hold waiting to speak to a supervisor. I’ve been on the phone with your customer service for 45 minutes trying to place my order. I’ve been a shopper at Macy’s for quite some time & this is the WORSE online experience I have had. The first representative kept me on the phone for 20 minutes & failed to place my order. The second representative had no idea what she was doing & the third representative wasn’t much better. After being placed on hold for 10 minutes I finally spoke to a supervisor, Anna B. After speaking with the supervisor I was advised I was not able to make partial payment on my AMX gift card & pay the balance on my MC. It took 45 minutes for someone to explain this to me resulting in why my order was not being accepted. Communication was horrible due to the language barrier. The amount of time spent on the phone placing the order & end up not placing the order due to method of payment, was horrible. Sadly, after this ordeal I made my purchase elsewhere. It was frustrating & the experience left me with doubt about returning to online ordering.

  78. I have been trying to send an e-giftcard for 3 days. When I go to fill in FROM: the space lights up telling me I can use letters, numbers, exclamation points and periods. Like I’m setting up a password!!! So frustrating!! It will not let me put it in the bag. Tried to call customer service…..does the call go to Mexico???? Couldn’t understand what they were saying. I would like to spend some money at Macy’s…..Too much work.

  79. I was purchasing an item from the 70% off area. There was a price of $49. Something and when thecwoman put the price gun it came up $50. Something. I said that wasn’t what I saw. She proceeds to take the discount ticket off and says it was glued on. Using the price gun it came. Up with a $59.00 price. I refused to buy that item but I already had put my card through the machine. Please check why this happened in the South Towns Mall and check to see if I was actually charged on my Macy’s card.

  80. Macy’s Customer Service is worthless! I have called at least 4 times trying to resolve the the same issue and every time the call gets “disconnected” when I ask a question the rep cannot/will not answer. I have asked each time to speak to a supervisor and they will not put the call through or they say they will and again the call gets disconnected. Macy’s wants your business…if you don’t question anything at all about the items that you pay for with your hard-earned money. Just give it to Macy’s and they’ll be happy. I have had this same problem with them on numerous occasions…I guess it’s time to find another go-to store.

  81. On 12/10/2020 I ordered an item (#2107443149) which was received as ordered. I was to receive $10.00 Macy’s money of $10.00. On 12/20/20 I contacted customer service who informed me I should get an email in 15-20 minutes and to follow the instructions. After several hours and receiving nothing, I called again and spoke to 5 different people. Finally the last person told me she would process the item and it would be in my wallet in 24 hours. It is now 12/22/20 and there is nothing. AND I’ve been told it expires Christmas Eve. Wow! Now what?

  82. Hello: Macy’s is one of the last remaining department stores in my area. I as happy that during covid 19 you offered curbside pickup of things I ordered off the website. Very convenient. However my question/comment is( this is the 10 cent version) I went to pick up an order. The people were super helpful when they were unable to find and eventually found. I then had another pickup… when I went back they couldn’t find that order and I assume there was something that was mixed up when I picked up the order a few days prior. This person was also extremely helpful and nice. She stated that I should call customer service. I did immediately. This is where everything fell apart. All the people I spoke to were very nice. However it took 9 or 10 calls including 7 in one night and 2 hours of my time. My frustration lies in the fact that you have outsourced your customer service to Asia. Although everyone I talked to was pleasant and obviously reading a script… the fact that I needed to call 9 times shows that there was a definite communication problem. They obviously had no idea of my situation. Again no fault of there own, as English is not the first language and there was definitely lost in translation situations happening. I was told 3 times and reassured that my order was being shipped to my house and will be there in 2 days. When I didn’t receive an email I called to verify each of these 3 times was told that. The next day I received an email from PayPal saying I was getting a refund. I called again to your customer service and was told … the item will be sent to your home address and will be there in 2 days. I did not believe as I had gotten the email about the refund. I called and the person assured me again my item was coming. I had a vision of a Miracle on 34th street in my head. When my item didn’t come on he day it was promised I called back. This was last evening and I spent 2 hours on the phone. The item is a bed skirt. I could have gotten this any where and I could have just ended my crusade. I heard so many different stories and also was disconnected and then told that I hung up on them and they didn’t disconnect from me. Finally someone helped me reorder . Again small item I could have gotten anywhere. All that I spoke with were polite and kind my complaint is why would an iconic American company outsource customer service to a foreign company? This was extremely disappointing and distressing to me, especially when we in the US have so many people who are unemployed. I don’t expect you to change because of my email. But because of my experience with customer service and the disappointment I have that it is outsourced really saddens me. Again A Miracle on 34th Street (the original) is an annual tradition to watch with my family this time of year. I feel as though a pin was put in and I am so deflated and disillusioned that iconic Macy’s isn’t all that anymore.

  83. After reading numerous comments on this page, I’m surprised how many people think this is a message board TO Macy’s Corporate Office. This site has no specific relation to Macy’s as its primary purpose is to allow customers a forum to share their experiences for other customers to read.
    This is not a place to expect actual responses from Macy’s Executive Office, yet, many comments are requesting assistance, which won’t come from posting here.

  84. On dec 15th the I placed an order. I had a $10 credit which I added to my order. The total amount with the credit was $26.63 when I completed the order. When I looked at the total afterward the $10 was added back to my total was $36.63 Right away I called and I was going to cancel my order and try again if I couldn’t get it fixed. But was told that she would fix it and I would receive a confirmation email
    I waited but nothing changed. So I talked to some one on chat and was told that she could not help me at all. Then I called again and I was told again that they could not help. She gave me a 25% discount coupon. And both told me “don’t worry you have until jan 1 to use your $10 neither would transfer me to a supervisor, both apologized and acknowledged that I was correct. Both of these responses are insulting to me. I just want my $10 credit on my credit card. Or a substantial gift card. For my trouble and time. I truly expect both.
    My order # is 215858xxxx
    I have always trusted Macy’s and this is heartbreaking, I do not like being lied to and when there is a mistake someone should have the authority to fix it.

  85. I have a complaint about a very bad experience I had with customer service online agents on 12/26/2020 and using my expired macy money worth $100

  86. Macy’s 1/2 ct Diamond Stud Earrings order placed on 12/18/2020 was promised 12/24 delivery. 12/22, item’s shpg label created but no movement. Christmas came and went…no earrings. Called 10x before today and spoke to CSRs & 2 Supervisors (the 1st hung up on me — unacceptable for mgmt). I called 2 more times today because 2nd Supervisor last spoke to said she was reshipping free and expediting it. Ckd 2 days later and Tracking # remains unchanged stating UPS SurePost (not expedited) but still marked created 12/22 for delivery 12/30. They never updated tracking # and 2nd Supvsr. lied to me. Not acceptable for a 2nd Supvsr.
    Please forward msg to Macy’s CEO, Jeffrey Gennette at [email protected] … thank you.
    Robin E. Piller (rpixxxxx optonline net) 12/26/2020

  87. I held a Macy’s credit card for a number of years. Admittedly, I didn’t use it much, but I DID use it on occasion, and paid all balances immediately. I just found out, courtesy of Credit Karma and Equifax, that Macy’s closed my card.

    When I called Macy’s to find ou why, the rep told me that the card had been inactive for 18 months, I believe–some length of time–and Macy’s policy was to close the account. When I asked her why I never received notice, she said that the policy was in the card’s Terms of Use, to which all cardholders sign. Of course, as you know, NO ONE slugs through an incomprehensible legal tome in 4-point type. Do you?

    Here’s the thing: Had Macy’s bothered to mail me or e-mail me a notice that unless I made a purchase within x weeks my credit card would be canceled, I WOULD HAVE DONE SO–to preserve my credit card; my credit rating (though it declined only two points, to 818); and my overall relationship with Macy’s. Now I will not shop at Macy’s again, in your stores or online. Nor will I apply for a new credit card.

    With Amazon (and other online retail companies) breathing down your neck and threatening you
    r existence, don’t you think your customers deserve even a hint of service? Apparently not. No wonder Bezos has $182 billion.

  88. I have been dealing with an online order issue for about two weeks and ask for the corporate office number and is getting the run around about the issue..I will NEVER ORDER from Macy’s again!

  89. Good morning . Happy holidays to you and your family . I’m a very good customer of Macy’s,I have been shopping there since 1983 almost every thing that I own comes from Macy’s. I have never been so disappointed when I ordered 4 pieces of under garment online since December the 10th 2020 I finally received 3 pieces on December the 19th till this day I haven’t receive the other piece this was supposed to be a gift for my 94 year old auntie I tried to contact them several times no one knows when I would be delivered today is the 27 of December , don’t I have the right to be angry . Please find a way to help me . My order # : 215287xxxx . Things got to change . Thank you for your time .

  90. I am more than livid about the customer service provided by your help in the Philippines. I have been hung up on 4 time is a 2 hour period. I have been treated beyond rude and have been refused a manager. I placed 7 items in my cart yesterday on the MACYS app 6 of them were 14.98 and 1 item was 9.98 and now they are all showing up at 34.99. I showed an associate in the store when it was the discounted price and they said I had to order through the app. The first representative said oh yes that was a big mistake and we cannot fix it. Then a supervisor Marie said she never said that which she did I have witnesses and then she refused sending me to a manager and transferred me to Macys Harold Square after 1 hour 47
    minutes. Francesca the manager hung up on me after 2 hours on the phone. I called back and no one would help me at all and transferred me to a warehouse where people were just yelling then I was hung up on again. I am now back on hold in the Philippines where the service is awful. I never thought I would have to screen shot a price and make the company honor it when they know it was there. The one person said it was never less than 34 and that is a lie I have a picture that we just took from the website that says 27 on Macys. This is the worst treatment that I have ever received from any company.

  91. To the CEO of Macy’s
    I purchased a 14 piece Martha Stewart bed set from the Valley Stream Macy’s as a birthday gift to myself. It was very important to me since I have always taken care of everyone leaving myself behind. So I thought it was not only a good idea, but somewhat of a reward to myself. I waited until Christmas to open my well deserved Comforter Set only to find that there were so many pieces missing . A 14 piece set was now a 6 piece set. No sheets, 2 pillows. It almost gave me a heart attack.
    Imagine keeping your purchase for a special occasion then being so disappointed. I contacted the store and was told that there was nothing they could do. Had I opened it immediately after purchasing it, then I would have returned it to the store., but I kept it unopened until I needed it. How do I get compensation for this wrong. I have been a devoted Macy’s shopper for years and have never experienced this .
    I am a Senior on a fixed income and every dollar is precious to me.

  92. I am deaf. Tried to order online. Sales person wld not give me supvsr. Accused me of using profanity. I copied out exchange. NO PROFANITY

  93. It took me over 3 hours to try to place an order with multiple gift cards, over the phone and on website. I was so frustrated with the customer service.

  94. I ordered a Shark vacuum on 11/27/20 and still not received it. Was told by customer service in the Philippines that it could be months before it’s shipped. This was a Christmas present and was ordered in plenty of time for before that day. I need answers. Order # 208681xxxx Phone # 972.974.xxxx

  95. I have had a very unpleasant experience with the customer service representatives about an online order that I had placed with a rep.

  96. All my orders been canceled with out my permission i dont understanding why. I call custumer service and they just have the the trun

  97. Day two i tried to place an order using my visa gift card. I once again tried to use my star reward money, using my visa gift card i talked to three representative after giving my info three times along with my visa gift card # and Macy’s card # to use rewards for the purchase to be transferred again to another person. I was holding for the confirmation # for the order and i was transferred. Poor service in need of training. Again i missed out on the sales.
    I wrote in on service three days ago about not being able to use my star reward money, know one has contact me with a response. I have been a loyal customer but the service has been poor.

  98. I signed up for order/shipping alerts but didn’t imagine that those texts would arrive at 3:00 am! A text in the middle of the night scares you. That needs to be addressed. Needless to say, I replied, “Stop.”

  99. Macy’s Kings Plaza Brooklyn, hours 11 when the mall opens at 10am. Great way to expose more people to the virus since a brunch of customers waiting to go into Macy’s. Ridiculous, during this time retail is suffering I would think you would make things easier for your customers .

  100. My mother is 85 and my father is 91. They live in an assisted living facility. They purchased a mattress from Macy’s and it was too big. They were unable to get on it to sleep. I then went into the Macy’s in Lansing Illinois. To try to return the mattress and purchase a new one so that they are able to use it. That was done. On the date of the mattress is supposed to be Delivered they picked up the old mattress and never brought in a new mattress. Due to a Macy’s error A new mattress did not go through in the system. I then went into the Macy’s to let them know of the air and that I had an issue because my mother and father had no bed. I tried to contact the store manager several times to resolve this issue and I have not received a return phone call to date! No one could at least call and have them return the old mattress to my mother until the new one can be delivered. Again my mother is 85 and my father is 91. This level of service is unacceptable. And I plan on contacting the news media.

  101. I do most of my shopping at the Macy’s located in Greensboro, NC at the Friendly Center.
    I went there the week of Christmas to pick up some last minute items for my husband. I had already bought him some pants(at Macys) and he wanted a couple more.
    I was honestly taken by surprise at the condition of this store. My grandaughter expressed it as it looked like a volcano exploded. My expression was it looked like a tornado/hurricane had hit it. I did not see one single sales associate on the floor, but only the associate at the register. I have been there earlier in the year and have noticed how register stations have been closed, I have noticed only a string of products in the houseware and in other departments, the childrens dept. is always in a disarray and there are no associates to help in any way shape or form. It is desolate to say the least.
    I went to your competitors Dillards where It was a joy to see the mens pants folded and in the size order. They did have an associate at the register and another floating on the floor. I found the pants and purchased them. I went on to JC Penneys to the childrens area and found the clothes neatly folded in their perpective area and sizes. I also saw several associates on the floor as well as the ones at the register.
    I have my ideas on “corporate” issues, but I think it’s a disgrace how the Macys here is being handled.
    I choose not to look through the mountain of clothes or where there is truly no customer service. It has made me sad Macys is in this condition.

  102. My Name is Sherese Gardner I am an essential worker I purchased furniture from you seven years ago that now have cracks and peeling l purchased the extended plan from your third party company my warranty has 12/20 no exact date when I called the third party company they told me that they couldn’t help me because my warranty expired on 12/8/2020 please help.

  103. Hello,
    It took 21 days for the correct item which was some Chanel makeup to arrive as a Christmas present! The first time you sent rouge which I definitely did not order. After talking to countless number of your representatives (many I could not understand and one who hung up on me) I finally received the Christmas present on the 30th after ordering it on the 10th. Next time I will order from Nordstrom’s, Saks, or Neiman’s. Never will I order anything from Macy’s!

  104. I am a loyal customer with Macy’s for over 10 years. I placed an order online on 12/25/20 for Christmas plates and mugs. The items arrived on 12/29/29 at 7:46 pm and was left on my porch . If I would not have peaked outside my window those items would have been outside all night and anyone passing in the streets could have taken them. Anytime I placed an order with Macy’s it is being delivered extremely late at night. The courrier could have been rushing and dropped the box. I opened the items on 12/30/20 and two of the handles in the mugs was broken and there was no receipts in any of the boxes for either items. How is it the customer’s fault if an item got broken in transit. I called customer service and spoke to a gentleman I did not catch his name sine he had a heavy accent and I could barely understand him. After giving him the information to look up my order he said that nothing can be done due to my history. I asked to speak to a manager h placed me on and hold and the phone was hung up on. I called backed and LynnC answered the phone right away she said that I called earlier and ask to speak to a supervisor I said yes. She said I cannot speak to a manager she will send an email and I will receive an email in 24 hours. I know this will not happen. She refused to give me her ID#. She said I am not allowed to even place an order online anymore. I should have been informed of this when I placed my last order on December 25 and then I would have taken my business else where. I placed an order for over $700 for Christmas and these items was shipped extremely late at night and place outside. The items was shipped in about 7 shipment which is hard to keep track of.

  105. My wife tried to place an order online Dec 31, Jan 1 & 2, but was unable to complete checkout, waited ten minutes for the connection before she gave up. Today, Saturday, she tried again, but now the star rewards did not appear so she phoned customer service and was told the star rewards appeared on his system; he transferred her to place order with agent. She told order agent the numbers for the items she wanted to purchase, verified all information, agent told her the total then she asked agent to apply the star rewards. She said okay, then put her on hold and when she was connected it was a credit department recording, “select either 1 for Macys or 2 for Bloomingdales.” What the hell. She tried again, was transferred to an order agent and repeated same information for order, items, name(s) address etc but she was told she could not use the star money b/c she was not the primary on the account. Note: The first order agent did not speak well, transposed numbers, had a screaming child in the background and transferred the call incorrectly instead of completing the order. I don’t know if Macy’s is trying to go out of business, but it surely isn’t promoting sales by having a faulty online service and poor (foreign?) order agents. We will take pause or look elsewhere before making further purchases from Macy’s.

  106. I am trying to get a problem resolved with a expired gift card. after calling the gift card department it was confirmed that the card has a balance of $100.00 and received verbal confirmation that the card would be ok with any purchases. Unfortunately this is not the case, the gift card was declined on more than one purchases and no one can provide me with a formative answer and now I have been told that there is no longer money on the gift card.?! I had been placed on hold and was disconnected after many attempts to get assistance!
    What happened to Macy’s? Macy’s was always my favorite place to shop and I had always been treated with respect which unfortunately is no longer the case,!
    After my own research I found on the internet the statement that Macy’s gift cards do not expire nor is there such a restriction in the back of the card!! My card # 652000xxxxxxxx. – 040
    I would appreciate if someone could provide me with a clear explanation,
    my question:
    what happens to the money if no purchase was ever made with this card??
    Why am I unable to get the card re-activated if there is no expectation date?
    Why is your customer service by phone trained to be rude and to hang up on customers if they cannot supply a honest answer?.
    Someone can always reach me @786-257-xxxx or by email!
    I appreciate your respond
    Doris Aponte

  107. Just so you know, I can’t connect to macy’ (I made several tries) because Safari asserts that it can’t establish a “secure connection.” I don’t know if this is affecting many people or not.

  108. A returned item was signed for by a Rodriguez on 12/10/2020 @ 11:31 am at Macy’s docks. I have called CS approximately 5 times to get the returned item credited back to my credit card and keep getting the same explanation that it will be credited in 72 hours, it has been 18 business days. The tracking number UPS 1Z876A3R037196xxxx. The amount to be credited is $381.62. Can someone please resolve this issue. Thanks, Ann Furstenberg

  109. II just received my Macy’s statement and they had tacked on a $29 late fee. I pride myself with paying my statement on time and in full every month, this bill was mailed 7 days before the due date. I never have a problem with these false late feels except with Macys. In calling the 866 593-2543, I was forced to listen to at least 5 solicitations for sales on other products/services…unable to opt out by pressing 0 or pound, I finally hung up. I then had to call my local Macys and after several attempts, was able to talk to a representative to have these late fees taken off. I never do this, but was so irate and frustrated, i attempted to call their Corporate Offices, only to be connected to a Call Center and after hearing my complaint, she promptly disconnected my call. I have had a Macy’s credit card for over 30 years, now a Platinum, but am very tempted to cut it up and throw it out, unless the store closes before then. So very disappointing.

  110. I returned an online order item to Macy’s and the item was received by Macy’s on 12/10/2020. I contacted Customer Service (CS) to find out when my credit card would be credited for the returned item, I was told it would be 72 business hours, 72 business hours came and went. I called again and was told the same by a supervisor in CS the very same thing, again, 72 business hours came and went. I called CS again today 1/4/2021 and was put on hold for 33.11 minutes and no one ever came back to the phone, then I called a corporate headquarters number which put me in the Philippines with a person who told me that I would see a credit to my Visa in 7 to 10 business days. I am still waiting for my money to be returned to me.

  111. Your service is terrible. My first complaint is your company farming out phone calls to foreign countries. It was obvious that your rep didn’t understand my issue and I was transferred 6 times until I hung up
    My second issue is why your company sent me a delivery date and nothing arrived.
    Maybe you can help me with my order. My order number is 212387xxxx

  112. I have been on hold with your customer service department for 1 hour. I called yesterday also and was on hold for a long time also. I tried to order a pearl necklace on line on Jan. 1 but when I put it in my cart it was full price. In the after Christmas catalog I have it was on sale for $99.00. The WebID 262xxxx. When I spoke to a woman tonight she said it was never on sale for that amount. I told her I have the catalog in front of me. She told me that I was not correct. I told her I would send her a picture of the catalog right in front of me. She told me she couldn’t do that so I asked for a manager. She told me it would be a long hold but the manager would not honor that price. I am so upset with the way your customer service handles problems. And your supervisor wouldn’t even come to the phone. I expect a call back from you in regard to this problem.
    Thank you
    Joyce Feldman
    914-588-xxxx cell
    914-698-xxxx home

  113. I returned 2 items on 12/26 via UPS and received a email from Macy’s stating a refund will be processed within 3-5 business days. Today is 1/6 and I called and spoke to someone overseas who took forever to locate the order and said it was going to the warehouse today. But now it will take another 7-10 business days for my refund. This is unacceptable and I will never shop with Macy’s again. Very poor customer service

  114. Good afternoon I purchased Children shoes on Dec 4th, with finish line, I didn’t know they were separate from Macy or would’ve have never purchased, as the customer service is not right. Within a week the shoes lights stopped working this is the second pair I buy for my daughter never had issues, because the shoes obviously have a malfunction I went in the store on Monday abs was told because they were worn, I couldn’t exchange them. I wasn’t asking for refund i just want an exchange, they argued they were worn, I would never and have never returned a used item but these were malfunctioning, supervisor customer service rep kept moving waiting in line to go in sane circle. I understand their policy but it is not fair to a consumer to buy in large store to be told too bad if they don’t work. That’s terrible customer service, I buy from Macy because of hood customer service. It’s the principal in this scenario. Any help is appreciated all I would like to exchange the shoes they stopped working within a week I stood in line for an hour to be sent back to the representative who told me to call she could help, finish line clearly states if shoes are defective they can exchange
    Order number is 10805498.

  115. We ordered two large sofas, rugs, comforters and accessories for our home, MACYS CANCELED our order without telling us!!??? When we called they told us that our credit card cancelled it—- that was not true! After two weeks and 7 hours on the phone , NOTHING has been resolved? I’m extremely disappointed, our friends, family as well as myself had the upmost respect for Macy’s products and service…. that has changed. I would like to get this issue resolved to where we get the original sofas at the same price. Thank you for your time, Bob Kistemaker 440-899-xxxx

  116. I have been a loyal Macy’s customer for well over 10 years. I have two items of concern.
    First, I received December’s billing in the mail today, January 7, 2021. The due date was January 4, 2021. I know the mail was really awful this Holiday season, but, an email telling us that we are not going to be charged late fe would have been late. The little touches that keep a great company great.
    Secondly, my wife went Christmas shopping on Good Friday and happened to purchase a couple of items from the last chance area. She purchased other items also. I think we spent around a $1,000.00 this years a Macys this Holiday season. I’ve been a $1,000.00 customer each year at Macy’s.
    Now the complaint. She bought the items on Black Friday gave them to me on Christmas. On December 29, I went to return the last chance items that didn’t fit and buy something that did fit. I found out that Macy’s has a 30 return day policy on the last chance items. I was 32 days. Your policy cannot be any less crummy.
    I’m a long term customer that Macy has done wrong.
    I am not sure the $30.00 you have screwed me out for two pieces of clothing is worth my giving up on Macy’s.
    It is your choice.
    I am not sure I can continue being being a Macy’s customer anymore. I await your response. My wife and I both have Macy’s Credit Card at the platinum level. Which we will cancel if you don’t take back the $30.00 in clothing. I expect a response. If I do not hear a response quickly, I will contact the President of Macy’s
    Thank you
    Frederick Keller
    xxx Farnham Pl
    Bel Air, MD 21014

  117. Currently, Macys standard of customer service has been unacceptable . In the last 3 months i did not not recieve items from my orders inn two occasions . Even after promise from the customer service no money was refunded to my account . I am a long time Macys customer and I am thinking not to purchase from Macys anymore . My money was lost along with my time.

  118. I sent you a complaint regarding my order #2114535359 with Klarna and my bank account. You responded by sending me two complaints (#210108-001221 & 210106-003247) from other customers that had nothing to do with my complaint. If this is the competency in customer service, Macy’s should prepare themselves for BK. This is truly unacceptable and those at the top should be aware of what is being dished out to their customers; especially when there is a complaint and especially when if not resolved could cost you revenue as well as the loss of customers.

  119. I am disgusted with this company. I have tried to resolve my card issue and still can’t seem to do so. I want someone to contact me by phone as soon as possible. This type of service is not acceptable. I want to speak to a USA based supervisor not some from
    Another country I can’t understand. My
    Number is 941-504-xxxx.

  120. Hi i purchased a gift for my wife after i saw various reviews of the quality of the perfume. I showed the associate a picture of the perfume i wanted she gave me to choose the correct fragrance and we told her that was it . It was a gift of anniversary for my wife, also the associate told us there are no suitcases of additional items to that product they had ran out , no gift cards either . When I opened the box and she sprayed it the fragrance was not the one i showed her my wife cried and had to take a bath to eliminate the fragrance. This service is not acceptable they should not concentrate in selling quantity but quality service . We are so disappointed because every associate represents Macys i haven’t made my review in the social media until this matter be evaluated by Corporate on a final decision

  121. I purchased pants on December 2nd, 2020, and didn’t received them on the date I expected, so I called customer service, once, twice and they were always telling me to wait. Last time the associate told me to go to the store, which was Cross County, NY, and they also told me to wait. Today i noticed that my address was wrong in the receipt, and I called again, customer service and finally the associate told me I had been refunded on December 20th, 2020.
    The complaint is, how come they didn’t have the information clear in the system before? Why did I have to waste my time checking and checking for that and didn’t receive any information that I would be refunded?
    Hope you fix this. Thanks!

  122. Credit for chair returned ups December 14th is still not on account. This 4th inquiry. Was referred to a customer service number. WZHICH i called and spoke to 9 different agents who kept transferring we around. Was assured by .com..that account would be credited in full. Has not. Chair was a phone order November 27, canceled same day. Was delivered December 14..and Returned as REFUSED by UPS. Still have not been credited..nor is there a temporary credit on account.

  123. complaint..I understand the policy of 10 days after purchase you can not get the the same price you paid for an item. However I ordered a pair of pants on December 22 and did not receive them until Jan 4 2021. As they didn’t fit, I tried to reorder them for the same price I paid and was unable to do so. Just feel it is unfair to punish me for the late delivery. My original order was 2118842960 and my reorder was 2127272378. I realize it is only a matter of $3 but the principle. I have been a regular Macy’s customer even thru this epidemic.

  124. Your company will not honor our warranty. It has been 3 months of nonstop excuses and outright lies from your Kennewick tapteal branch furniture store.
    Lies after lies from the saleswoman , service department, manager etc.
    They sent a guy out who intimidated my wife.
    They lied about replacing a couch that broke.
    They don’t have a replacement and that is the excuse now.
    They hang up on phone calls.
    We paid $299 for care warranty and one person after the next makes excuses and blame the other.
    This is the worst experience we’ve ever had with retail.
    I’d expect Macy’s to be more honorable.
    My wife was intimidated by your representative who came to our house.
    Now they are hiding that fact.
    The customer service rep said on 12/12/20 That it would be replaced, now your store said he was new and didn’t know what he was doing,,,
    One bs excuse after another.
    When I call they hang up, or put the phone down…
    I need an answer now, it’s been three months!!
    509 539-xxxx

  125. Hello. My name is Laurie and I live in North Olmsted, Ohio. I am working on a mental/behavioral health start up company.

    I recently read an article about the Macy’s location in Mentor, Ohio will be closing in the 1st quarter of 2021. I am inquiring about the office furniture used by the staff. Do you donate the furniture or sell the furniture? I am interested in either the donation or purchase of the furniture, hopefully at a discount. Who can I contact regarding the used furniture? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  126. Refused returned Dec 14..receipt form ltr saying chair was delivered and signed for..was delivered..but UPS picked up as refused and was sent back December 14. Spoke to Cess in CUstomer Service .com..she advised me chair was returned to ACE..receipt Jan 4. CREDIT WILL APPEAR ON ACCOUNT Jan 18..big. I appolize for being skeptical but I keep getting answers that do not materialize.

  127. I just read about Macy’s decision to close some of it stores. You might as well close the one in Bakersfield, California at the Valley Plaza if you aren’t going to put more effort in providing quality and quantity products. But you haven’t for several years. There IS money in our county, but because of the lack of quality merchandise and selection, many residents shop down south in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties for a good selection. We would love to have Macy’s upscale our store – it is the only anchor store in the plaza. Please make an effort to serve our population. Thank you.

  128. Please review the order # 2105216540 for the Wilshire Love Seat that I ordered for my son who lives in a apartment building. I tried to cancel the order because I was told UPS would deliver this 500 pound love seat to his apartment lobby but not to his room. I made numerous calls and was told I could not cancel this order. The individuals I spoke with never gave me complete information of why and I was just told it could not be done. After repeatedly calling I learned one of the reasons was the person that took the online order put my son’s name on my credit card. I became so frustrated with the scanty information and feeling I was being dismissed I called the corporate office.
    I was fortunate after attempting to get this issue resolved for 1 month with repetitive calls to connect with Christopher Ames. Christopher listen to the events that transpired, acknowledge why I would feel frustrated and assured me that he would follow up until this issue was taken care of. I wanted to acknowledge the extra effort he made to resolve this frustrating experience.
    Christopher Ames is incredible asset to your department.

  129. I have been promised the Macy’s Friends and Family 30% discount multiple times on order 2093152382. Each time I was told to allow 7-10 business days for the discount to process. I’ve now received a portion, but not all of the discount and have been told too much time has passed to process the balance. Too much time has passed because of delays y Macy’s! Please advise.

  130. I am writing to complement one of your employees, Jessie Nocella she is part of your AST team at your store in Peabody Massachusetts she is an asset and she’s the only person that’s been so gracious and helped me with an issue I was experiencing. Macy’s should be happy to have her working for you and your customer service department she is definitely an asset to your company and should be rewarded for her good work.

  131. I have returned two lotions that were damaged. I have been on the phone for over an hour tonight. I have been hang up on, transferred & then disconnected. I
    I have given them the return tracking numbers twice & they still don’t understand. I am done shopping at Macy’s. In these times you would think you have better customer service !

  132. I can not reach a live person on any of your customer service lines. The store does not answer the phone. I have been double billed in a store and can’t reach anyone to help me. The store is an hour away so its not that easy to get there. I need a person who can actually help me.

  133. very disappointed in service I received today regarding order number 2119906502. My tree was not shipped even though I received an email saying it was. this is the second time this has happened with your company. The item is now out of stock.
    when I called for service the first time the agent put me on hold and connected me to the automated system for UPS.
    the second agent was kind and helpful but my item is out of stock. I would like for someone to find and send me a comparable item

  134. I requested some male and female fragrances samples before Christmas to help get and ideal of fragrances to buy family and friends for the holidays, someone took my information d said sure, so as time passed I return a call to the fragrances department because as of today I still hadn’t received any samples, someone rudly said oh no, we don’t do that you can purchase fragrances, that was so rude and disrespectful, I was just going by what I was promised to receive them at first, how can I get my samples promised sent out.thanks

  135. How would you like to buy a mattress, and box screen and get an email that it will be delivered between 11:45 and 1:45. Then call at 2:00 and be told it would be delivered at 5 and when it isnt call again and be told it would be delivered at 6 and when it isnt call again and be told it would be delivered at 8:45. And then after hearing all that call back to speak to a supervisor and be told there are no mpre deliveries. I ask the supervisor why I didn’t get a call and she has no answer. I ask when its going to be delivered and they don’t have an answer. I’m told they will send an email and when I ask when can They expext a response they tell me 22 hours from now by 3 pm the next day. I got assistance and moved my box spring and mattress to make it easy for the delivery people. Now I have no mattress to sleep on. Not even a courtesy call to tell me that they arn’t delivering. Not to mention that on my initonal call to checkon the status I was put on hold for 20 minutes and the person never got back to me. I had to recall and speak with a different person. The manager (Kelly) says she is going to give me a 15% credit for the inconvienence. That hardly compensates for what Macy”s has put me thru. I will never buy another thing from Macy’s again.

  136. To whom it may concern! During the holidays I made purchases like I do always. I had problems receiving them even after paying to get them faster I called and let them know. These were birthdays and Christmas gifts therefore I had to buy other gifts to replace them. I don’t know what happened the reason I didn’t receive them , but I don’t appreciate not have my money refunded. I usually watch out for my packages, but they lady on the phone told me it was coming on 1/22 but, than they say it came earlier. I have ordered from Macy’s for years and the service I’m receiving is unacceptable. And I don’t intend to let them keep my money. I have been sick going back and forth to the doctor. And if they are leaving packages on the end of the porch as I have seen on others. There’s no telling what happened to them.

  137. If someone doesn’t contact me soon I will have to contact the CEO of Macy’s.
    I called the number and pushed 4 for complaints and they said it is not a workable number. This is ridiculous what kind of company is this!!!! I WANT ANSWERS!! Not a big run around. NOW

  138. Visited Livingston, NJ store (Jan 18th). Found the store manager, TARA, to be most helpful, informative and pleasant. Happy to hear the store is to remain open.

  139. Order # 2120033987
    I am very disappointed in Macy’s Customer service. I had ordered 4 sweaters for my co teachers and when I received it only 3 sweaters were in the package. I went to the local Macy’s and they gave me a list of Macy’s that carried the sweaters. I called Macy’s to tell them they needed to send me the sweater that they did not include in my order and the supervisor Lina, # 91183522 was very abrupt and said there was nothing she can do and had already issued a refund. I told her there were 4 sweaters at Idaho Falls Macy’s and I did not want the refund and she said there was nothing she can do. I will not shop at Macy’s as I only deal with people who have good customer service skills and this supervisor definitely did not.

  140. I purchased a mattress on 11/29/20 – salescheck ID 39697433. I heard nothing back for a week so I called 888-822-6229 to inquire and the 3rd party vendor had no update so a customer service rep contacted asking when it will come, and I was supposed to hear back in a few days. I did not hear back so I called again, customer service rep contacted asking when it will come, and I was supposed to hear back in a few days. I did not hear back so I called again and stated that I no longer want the mattress as it should not take AN ENTIRE MONTH to get the mattress and it’s unacceptable that nobody has communicated the status with me. Paperwork was filed with the customer service rep that works in the Macy’s department (forgot her name, but she’s the ONLY person I’ve spoke to all the times I’ve called that has half a brain) to cancel the order. She said if it arrives anyways, refuse the package so that it gets returned and I don’t pay for it. Today, 1/19/21, nearly TWO MONTHS later, a mattress shows up. I’ve been on the phone for three hours, speaking to people I can’t even understand who absolutely do NOT care and either pass me to different departments or send me to an extension that just rings and the line goes dead. I was told that if I want to return the mattress, then I lose 15% of the cost. I am stuck with this mattress I don’t want, have spent HOURS dealing with people that have the IQ of a rock and am just supposed to keep this? I had to keep calling to see where it was at, I requested it be cancelled. I NEVER received ANY communication from Macys or the vendor. EITHER WAY, MACY’S, SHAME ON YOU! YOU REPRESENT THAT VENDOR – OR DON’T BE THE MIDDLE MAN! I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at Macy’s – I encourage you to give me a call and look up my account – and guess what? I will absolutely NEVER EVER EVER shop in your store EVER again and I am posting this on every available social media site, yelp, BBB, etc. SHAME ON YOU and you REALLY need to do an audit of your employee’s capabilities at the furniture/mattress customer service branch, they are INCREDIBLY not helpful!

  141. I have a major complaint!!!
    Yes, my name is Karen Clement. i have been waiting for my sofa since October 24, 2020 every time I speak with a representative from Macy’s furniture department they keep advancing my date by 2 weeks on when my sofa will be at the warehouse. One representative had told me my sofa was at the warehouse in December and told me, someone will be contacting me within 10 days to setup a delivery date. I was told later, that was not true. It started that my delivery date would be December21, then January 11, then January 27 now today the representative from Macy’s says the sofa won’t be delivered to the warehouse until February 1.
    I asked the representative could they give me your corporate number, they told me to look it up online…no help at all, he just passed me off.
    I have neighbors that have ordered their sofas from 2 entirely different stores after I placed my order and both of them have received their orders at least 2 weeks ago.

    I need to know when can you deliver my sofa, I have already paid a $500 deposit. I need my sofa…
    Very upset customer!!!!

  142. I have had the worst experience in my entire life on the macy’s online website I made a purchase on 12/12/20 and only received half of the order and have not as of 1/21/21 been refunded UPs screwed up my delivery and im being prosecuted, and constantly lied to by the customer service representative who tell me something different every time I call

  143. I am a very loyal customer but around Christmas I requested some male and female fragrances , to help me with my fragrances gift choices was to I could be sent some , never received them called back to check on it was pretty much talked to as if I was lieing and rudly was told , we don’t do that , wow how sad to be treated with that type of customer service , over fragrance samples and am always shopping there

  144. I have a simple request that 3 of your outsourced operators couldn’t resolve. They either misinformed me or hung up. I have patience to email you, but think of the customers who wouldn’t tolerate the incompetence, lost money.
    I just need to be able to receive your email mailings (sales/promotions). It isn’t in my SPAM, and when I sign into my Macy’s account to request mailings, it says that I am already in the system. Please assist.

  145. I am cancelling my card and will no longer shop at your stores. Politics and retail do not mix. I will support businesses that do not use cancel culture to try and destroy someone ( my pillow) that doesn’t support your personal choices. Cancel culture is going to bite you back folks. Not all will write you, but many will boycott you. Not for your politics( because really, we don’t care) but censorship/ cancel culture affects everyone and you played right into it. Hope it works out for you. Sincerely, Dawn Sackman, DVM; small business owner; shopper extraordinaire; quite disappointed with mindless fools

  146. I place a order on December 27 and I have not received I have called once a week and still no order. Since I have ordered some items are out of stock. I have since ordered these items from other businesses. The customer service is awful and don’t speak English very hard to communicate. I am done with Macy’s. My phone number is 931-265-xxxx

  147. I called Macy’s telling them that I had a charge on my charge card for leggings I never bought. Now they took away my Macy’s charge and instead of issuing a new account which they told me they did but I never received they keep sending me letters every week telling me they are looking into the problem. At this point I am really disappointed in Macy’s. I put in a complaint and I’m being treated as a liar and thief.
    I’d appreciate a reply as I’d like to know do I have a Macy’s account and is my refund happening or not.

  148. I went to the northpoint furniture macys. It was the worst service I’ve ever had in my 30 years shopping. The store manager was aggressive towards her employees loud very rude. I had to see her about a order she didn’t know how to help my stituation obviously she lacked training.Ill never shop there again.

  149. Sales check #3986-8297
    Reservation #290-144-17
    Very poor customer service, no feedback whatsoever on delays. Unavailable merchandise should not be advertised and given a ship date.
    I am very disappointed with Macy’s.

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