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Company Website
Verizon, WorldCom
Corporate Address
22001 Loudoun County Pkwy.
Ashburn, VA
Phone Number
(888) 444-3333

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3 thoughts to “MCI Headquarters”

  1. The number above gives three choices to participate in various programs, then cuts off. How can anyone communicate with you????

  2. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

  3. I have not have a phone for over a week, there is something wrong with my line. Twice I was told MCI will send a technician, on 2 different days, but they never did and I waited for nothing! It is a disgrace how you treat long time customers like myself. I am in El Paso, TX. Account: 5F195707, phone: 915-351-2309.
    I feel like switching phone services to another more professional, serious company!

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