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GameStop Corp. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
EB Games, Micromania
Corporate Address
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
Company Contact
J. Paul Raines
Phone Number
(817) 424-2000
Fax Number
(817) 424-2002
Employee Count
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What is GameStop’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

GameStop’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-817-424-2000.


What is GameStop’s Customer Service Phone Number?

GameStop’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-883-8895 or 877-676-4263.

Gamestop PowerUp Rewards customer support phone number is: 1-877-676-GAME.

How do I Contact GameStop Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or via Facebook Messenger or Twitter Support.

GameStop does not have a Live Chat support service.

You can email Gamestop PowerUp support on: [email protected]

Email Gamestop Support via this Email Form.

GameStop’s Contact Us page can be found here.

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GameStop on Twitter: @gamestop

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GameStop Headquarters Executive Team.

Gamestop Corp. Key Management Personnel.

  • Daniel A. DeMatteo – Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & Interim CEO
  • Robert A. Lloyd – Executive VP & CFO
  • Janet Bareis  – Senior Vice President of Collectibles
  • Jason Ellis  – Senior Vice President of Technology Brands
  • Bruce Kulp – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Refurbishment
  • Cathy Preston – Publisher of Informermagazine
  • Marc Summey  – Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Development

GameStop Corp. Board of Directors.

  • Daniel DeMatteo  – Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & Interim CEO
  • Gerald Szczepanski
  • Jerome Davis
  • Lawrence Zilavy
  • Stephanie Shern
  • Steven Koonin
  • Shane Kim
  • Kathy Vrabeck
  • Thomas Kelly Jr.

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    1. I would like to speak to the ceo in reference to a long term value proposition for the company I have a prepared business plan that could definately increase revenue substantially in store. A fun topic that would be a great fit for you guys in my eyes. Please give me a chance give me a call I would like for you to sign my bda and I look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you for your time.

  1. Dean leffew elite pro member
      Account number  38870xxxxxxxx
    I have been a loyal GameStop customer since 2002 17 long years I would appreciate being treated like a valued elite pro long-term member..

    My problem is I made 39 entries in the sweepstakes for the razor game room setup & this is why we never hear about people winning the sweepstakes cuz gamstop is ripping people off their entries in the form of rigging the entries & breaking the law I used all my PowerUp Rewards points for the sweepstakes & all my entries went through fine except I made two 2,000 Point entry it should have gave me 15 entries per 2,000 points spend and it only gave me 1 entry, over the past 8 days I have emailed you guys multiple times and have gotten no response besides a computer-generated greeting, until recently and it’s been two days and I still have heard nothing I have called GameStop customer service just to wait 30 minutes then get put on hold indefinitely to which I had to call back just to get no help because of no offense corporate bull crap!!! so I did a little research and it turns out there are laws for doing a sweepstake on your GameStop main page for the Razer sweepstakes it says and I quote* no purchase necessary to enter or win in the Game Stop PowerUp Rewards Razer gaming room sweepstakes* then you contradict yourself in the upper right hand corner of the page saying and I quote
    *To Enter Purchase any Razer product or digital PC game in-store or online
    or Use your PowerUp Rewards points to enter for a chance to win!
    So I asked you how do I get the same number of entries without making a purchase???, cuz you charged me to enter the sweepstakes when you asked me to use my PowerUp Rewards points I earned those points and considering that they’re not good for much anymore cuz you guys did a way with physical merchandise sweepstakes are the only thing I can use them towards anyways I digress
    When you read sweepstakes rules, you’ll see these terms come up regularly: “no purchase necessary” or “no purchase necessary to enter or win”. This seems strange when the goal of any giveaway is to increase business for the company that’s sponsoring it. Wouldn’t it be more effective for companies to only give away prizes to people who buy their products?
    Making a purchase to enter a giveaway is also known as “consideration.” What does consideration mean? In sweepstakes terms, consideration is simply exchanging something of value for a prize, or for a chance of winning a prize. In the United States, sweepstakes that award prizes by chance cannot require any consideration or they will be in violation of the law..
    No Purchase Necessary Meaning & The Law. If your company is running a contest or sweepstakes, you can’t ask entrants to purchase something as a means of entry. And if your company isn’t a non-profit, you cannot run a raffle. unless you’re the government, it’s illegal to run a lottery.

    Let me tell you what I’ve gotten for being a long-time loyal GameStop customer I’ve gotten screwed I’ve entered I can’t count how many sweepstakes and won nothing every time I email you guys or call you with concerns or advice it’s a headache & hassle you guys are so caught up in self-interest and greed that you don’t see what you’re doing to your customers when Gamestop first came out I would recommend that place to anyone and now I feel like it’s became something unrecognizable it’s not the store I fell in love with anymore, as much as I’ve had to go through to try and fix your guyses error with the sweepstakes so I can get a fair shot at it, I feel after all of that I deserve to win that sweepstakes, but knowing the way the world is someone’s going to get it that don’t need it, instead of someone that deserves it like me..I don’t know much about the law but I was thinking about contact my family lawyer to see if I have some kind of case here I feel hurt and betrayed by a company I’ve grown to love. Instead I have a whole bunch of screenshots proof evidence that GameStop is rigging their sweepstakes I have screenshots of my email I’ve sent GameStop I have voice recorded conversations with GameStop customer service how to fix the Sweepstake error and getting no assistance in the process then come to find out there’s all these laws for having sweepstakes here in the United States…. I just wish GameStop would do more hearing and listening to their customers instead of lining their pockets and self greed and personal interest…

  2. I was suppose to get the beta code for xbox one. i ordered it 16 days ago and it said it would email it to me in 1-3 days So WHERE IS THE BETA CODE FOR X-BOX ONE
    Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition 1 $79.99
    Date Ordered Aug 16, 2018, 6:44 PM

  3. Gamestop is the worst place to pre-order on non-game related ever. I had buy and pre-order many things online from many different company or places and they are the worst. Take my words for it. They don’t honor what they advertised online. I put a claim for pre-order issue and they rejected it saying it was invalid without letting me know. No calls, no email. I had to call and ask for it myself! Gamestop don’t care about their customers and that just plain aweful. You would think a big company as Gamestop would do or help their customers then you will have to think twice. They have ZERO interest in you except your MONEY! If anybody plan to do pre-order on things that are not games, then go somewhere else. Gamestop is the worst place to do pre-order for non-game items. It’s a shame, they got a lot to offers but have no care for their customers and terrible terrible terrible customers services. Stay away from GS. Will be hitting up Walmart, Target, Walgreen, Bestbuy, hell, even Amazon and ebay, I am done doing business with GS and you should too.

  4. Since 10/21/2018 i placed an order of 2 games and have yet to receive thwm. I keep getting emails that the order was cancelled. Ive spoken to several of your employees and their supervisors and they all have told me the same thing that i will get my order the next day but yet it gets cancelled. I need to have this problem resolved the games are for my grandson which were supposed to be a birthday gift for him. His birthday was monday 10/22/2018 and he still doesnt have his gift due to your companies inconvenience. Please help me out. The person i spoke to was Mary her employee i.d. C104755 and her supervisor Lee didnt want to provide her i.d number

  5. My son purchased a game two years ago that was released this week. He kept the receipt for two years and when we went in to pick up the game the Webster TX store said they couldn’t find the transaction and then said we canceled the purchase . That didn’t happen. We have been shopping at this Game Stop for years so imagine our surprise when the clerks did not honor the original receipt we brought in. We will never go in that store again and will definitely tell everyone about the deceptive practices this store uses. We had the receipt , kept it for two years, had it in hand and they still did not honor it. How can you deny the paper receipt. I would like someone to explain this practice to me. Not to mention we are out $65 when all we wanted is the game we purchased. I am beyond disgusted with this store. I would really like someone to explain how this is good business.

  6. HELP!!!
    I am having a nightmare with your customer service department providing proof of purchase or sales receipt so my son can file for a warranty claim on a Ferrari Driving Wheel that was purchased at your store. I am on my 4th call with your customer service and now totaling in excess of 3 hours. They say they sent it but it is not received and not in spam or junk filters. THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please send it to [email protected] and [email protected]. You find records of all this under my e-mail address. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… JUST DO IT!!!

    1. I cannot believe this garbage company is still in business. I ordered a Christmas gift on December 10th and paid for 1-2 day shipping. I got a tracking # and estimated delivery of Dec 13th. Now on Dec 23rd, it still hasn’t been shipped. I cannot reach customer service by phone, and their recorded message claims it is all the carriers fault for being behind. At this point, I’m pretty sure I’ve just had my money stolen by Gamestop

      1. John, I’m having the same issues as you. I ordered four items on November 22nd. I received carrier updates until November 27th. I gave them an extra week to process my order given that it’s COVID and understand there’s a lot of shipping delays. I contacted customer service to get an update. I filed a complaint against UPS and USPS and upon further investigation, they never received a physical package from GameStop. Both carriers stated they only received a shipping label that was processed electronically but no physical package! I contacted customer service and even emailed them numerous times…can’t even get a live person when you call. It keeps ringing nonstop! Ridiculous. Went ahead and filed a BBB complaint!

        1. STOP Lying cos in 20 years I can always reach a Gamestop Employee when I call… You are clueless and Im sure you exaggerated, lying.

  7. I’ve been dealing with the issue of a used Xbox 1 I purchased at your Cumberland Mall location in Atlanta Ga. I purchased a 1 year warranty and tried to return the Xbox the next day because it didn’t work and they refused to swap the system or give me a refund. I called the corporate office 5 times and was told that a district manager would contact me within 3 days and it has been 3 months with no call or help with this issue.

  8. I am leaving a complaint because I went to put a Nintendo switch in layaway and thinking I was going to get a good deal for what was advertised for the
    Black Friday sale of $199.99. Upon filling out paperwork I was informed that the final total would be over $300. I was crushed and disappointed because the guy informed me that information was leaked and prices where changed I informed him that was the only reason why I came because your price was better than everywhere else. As a consumer I was wanting to know what can be done to honor the price that was seen and acknowledged by store associate too before this leak. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

  9. I don’t appreciate the way your manager here in Sebring is tryin to run things he is rude as hell I tried callin to talk to somebody but it doesn’t go through

  10. hello
    what is going on with you customer service number….its been busy for a couple of days…and when you do the call back you are put on hold for an hour or more never talking to anyone…last 2 days!! i just have a few questions on my order!!! is this how you treat customers? i understand its the busiest time of the year but no reason for this…..209-768-3976 BS

  11. The Gamestop company is terrible I will never buy anything from u again. I paid $50 for ncaa football 14, waited forever to ge tit shipped and I get it and it doesn’t work

  12. Good Evening,

    I hope this finds you well. On Monday November, 26 2018 I ordered the PS4 PlayStation Spider-Man bundle online on your website for $199.00. I also paid $9.99 for 1 to 4 day shipping and purchased the 2-year insurance plan for $19.99. This brought my total to $250.38. The console was supposed to be shipped in 1 to 4 days. Today makes five days and now my order has never been shipped and I’ve been told my order is now cancelled?? And on the fifth day!!! My money was held and I received an email confirmation and confirmation #5181126051864617 upon purchase. I’ve been trying to call customer service since yesterday and haven’t been able to speak to ANYONE! Your automated system says that if you received an email confirmation then your order will be shipped shortly. Nowhere does it say it will be cancelled. WHY WAS MY ORDER CANCELLED???? THIS IS VERY UNACCEPTABLE AND HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I understand it’s the holiday season and you guys may be swamped but you guys owe me a PS4 Spider-Man bundle for $199. I wouldn’t be so bent out of shape but I already told my child that it would be here for his Birthday. I am a single mother and this is the one thing my son wanted for his Birthday/ Christmas. His birthday is in 2days and the PS4 is back at full price and I refuse to pay any more than I already have. I’m usually not one to complain but I really hope you all understand how unacceptable this is. I hope that I don’t have to escalate this issue any further than this complaint. I am owed a PS4 for the price I paid for it originally. Thank you for your time. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

  13. I recently visited our local Gamestop on Cyber Monday looking for a Playstation 4 VR Skyrim Bundle. The store was out of them but the Oxford MS store had some. The clerk called the Oxford store and they were going to ship one out to our store. I have been contacting local store constantly and when someone does actually answer, I’m told they are still going through boxes. I called again yesterday and when finally able to speak to someone, they checked and said Oxford still had in stock and was going to call and see why they haven’t shipped it out yet. Clerk did return my call only to tell me that no one was answering the phone and she would call me this morning with an update. I still have not heard anything from anyone. I tried to pay for the item while there to guarantee the sale price when arrived and was told that she did not foresee the price increasing. Looking online now, the price increased $100. I am now looking at ordering from another company if this can not be resolved ASAP as I need this item before Christmas.

  14. I have spent more hours trying to resolve my GameStop issues than I paid for the product I preordered and never received. Customer service is horrendous after calling four times, waiting for a representative for over an hour and two times being disconnected. Still no video game waiting for a refund and after hours of my own time wasted, I am left with nothing but a complete understanding of how this company has not operationalized service or taken on a vision and mission to service the customer. I wouldn’t doubt that no one responds to this because some real feedback is not something anyone is taking seriously based on the countless awful reviews. Hoping for some follow up, we shall see.

  15. I need this to go to the CEO… my nephew was born at 20wks !!! And LIVED !! He is 24 now and is a big gamer. He is slow but, one hell of an athlete, as he has won 27 Gold medals in Special Olympics. He has saved his money for months for the PlayStation 4 pro Kingdom hearts bundle. The day it was released he was online and got confused and it sold out !!! We have a very disappointed young man that his mom is avoiding a scam on eBay and paying close to 1k !!!! Is there anything you can do to make this possible for him to get one HE SO DESERVES THIS AND IS WILLING TO PAY WHAT HE HAS SAVED!!! PLEASE HELP

  16. I’ve been waiting three weeks for the xbox one x I ordered November 26th. It said it was shipped November 30th however I have yet to receive the item I paid 429 for the bundle package. This is a Christmas present and yet it’s not here. I’ve already contacted customer service and they said there was nothing to do about it. I asked for a refund and said I couldn’t get one because they dont know where the package is. They said they would send me a new one that was Monday and never received an email about the xbox being resent or any information. Not sure what I’m supposed to be doing and now the one gift I thought I was ordering ahead of time isnt gonna be here.

  17. Please let me know if its protocol for your GameStop shops to close out their doors to people and have them wait out in lines because they cannot manage the register lines . This is the first time i have encountered this and im bothered. Please advise if this is one of your protocols . Store i am complaining about is the Weslaco Texas branch

  18. Two weeks ago I went into the Game Stop store on Highway 35 in Hazlet NJ. I frequently go to that store because the store Associates/manager are very accommodating and helpful. I puchased a Nintendo Switch for my son as a gift and three games. The service was excellent, the one Associate took me to where the NS games were and helped me pick out the ones that my son would enjoy.
    I cannot say enough about the service I received. Everytime I go in there everyone goes the extra mile for me. I am a Mom that has no clue about video games. And also disabled. Usually I bring in my list of games ( for Christmas gifts ) and they are always helpful.

  19. Very disappointed tried to get a game and funko held and store refused when I arrived at store they wouldn’t sell me new item wanted to sell open item and the funko pop that you have in Stock they refuse to sell because they can’t find in system when your system online said only two stores had it I would like to purchase my red nose raindeer fortnite or I want a rain check or something

  20. The GameStop In Succasunna New Jersey is a complete rip off. My husband and I have fallen on hard times we called to sell our PlayStation 4 we were told that they would give us $160. When we arrived the woman said she would charge us $50 for dust. Are you kidding me? They would just clean it and resell it for close to $200 They woman offered us $60 for an almost brand new PlayStation. I have been a customer of GameStop for years. Sad to say I will not return. Streaming will get all my money!

  21. I called my local Gamestop to see if they have the game “Big Chungas” only to be hung up on. So I called back thinking maybe it was a accident. I was hung up on again. If this is how GameStop treats customers then I think it’s not “Power to the Players” and the last time I shop at Gamestop.

  22. Everytime I call Gamestop thy always have on voicemail nobody picks up the phone the message always says we are busy with customers. I went there on Monday nobody was hardly in store.portrichmond 2477 Aramingo 19125 phone 215-425-3680 I called the store 2 times at 10:23 in the morning

  23. Absolutely awful online customer service. Ordered a game online, after not receiving the game after 10 days, I contact them to either track package or replace package. They refused to even look into it because it had not been long enough. I call back 5 days later and then they contact ups and learn they hadn’t shipped it but now they are out (was instock first time I asked them to look into it). Then they expect me to pay 3x the price for a used version of the same game. Buy your games anywhere but here.

  24. The reason that Game Stop is sinking because you guys are to greedy. People were trading up to date games and you aren’t giving them jack shit for them. So who wants to keep getting ripped off. If you gave fair price it would be better. Also certain games cost more at your store than it does online what’s wrong with that picture.

    1. Its not a rip off and your USED ITEMS are not worth as much as you think…. If you don’t like the price they’re offering then don’t sell it and it’s not a rip off if you agree to it. Duh

  25. I bought an iPad today and it was in poor condition and was locked. when I called, I was treated poorly and they didn’t know what to do. My case number is 20000047446796




  27. Game stop customer service is a joke. I have called three times to reset to log into my rewards to access them and it is still not fixed. all three calls were over a hour wait to talk with anyone, then an additional hour to speak with supervisor. And i still can’t log into. I would really just like a refund. GameStop has lost my business.

  28. Today due to me not saving a receipt I was cheated out of the borderlands 3 pre order or 100 dollars, take your pick. I’ve kept a level head all day trying to figure out what the hell went wrong and I simply cannot. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it was entered into your system incorrectly. I’ve spoken to the manager, district manager, and both of the customer service departments taking a grand total of 7 hours to only be told the same thing. We can’t help you without a receipt. This world is full of some of the most sophisticated and amazing tech yet this mystery cannot be solved. I’ve even thought about seeing your company today for basically and quite frankly stealing my money. This is the game I have ever most anticipated in my life, and this disappointing chain of events has lead me to one conclusion. THIS COMPANY GIVES NO SHITS FOR ITS CUSTOMERS! 90 percent if not more of your comments and complaints have went unanswered with no feedback on your sites, which shows a real lack of sympathy for your customers. I even thought about going back to the store to destroy merchandise to equal out my debt that you guys owe me but I didn’t. I tried to find a logic and smart solution to the problem to only find out I can never get it back. I am beyond disappointed in you gamestop I’m immensely furious, and I will do my best to down your company till I get my refund. My friends and Facebook all ready have heard and vowed never to purchase from you again, I wonder how much longer it’ll be before your company is extinct and nothing but abandoned buildings and shitty memories of a time when your were something. Contact me if you would like to make this better if not let it stand and it’ll be known you cheat your customers that have been loyal to you for years.

    1. It is your fault for not checking your receipt to make sure it saves your account and you should always save your receipt but if you checked it initially and it was saved to your account I know 100% it will stay saved in their system. So, honestly it’s your fault for not checking your receipt and it is not their fault.

  29. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  30. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  31. I purchased a Persona 5 Funko box for my son at the GameStop on Highway 1 in Iowa City Iowa. The box wasn’t sealed like other boxes had been in the past. The Arsene pop has a damaged box. It’s looks like someone spilled blood or ketchup on it. I called the store only to be accused of having done it myself. I was hung up on, accused of lying, told that I damaged the Pop myself, and I was not greeted properly when the phone was answered. I was greeted with silence. I sincerely hope you record calls that are made at the store. Elijah is a terrible person and has the worst customer service skills that I have ever seen! This individual has crossed a line. I requested that the store manager (taylor) call me back and that never happened. I also requested a call from a district manager and that hasn’t happened either. I’ve made quite a few purchased from GameStop over the years. After this last transaction and experience I will think long and hard before purchasing something from your company. Likewise I will make sure I tell every single person I know that frequents GameStop to avoid making purchases from any store.I felt like I was treated like a piece of trash and being accused of being a liar and doing the damage myself?! You’ve got to be kidding me! I would like someone from corporate escalations to call me at your earliest convenience. My phone # is 319-535-0035

  32. I ordered a game and never received it, they wrote me and said it was sent.. when was it sent and I need a tracking number

  33. I went to gamestop location at 5949 Broadway blvd ste 130 this morning at 4am to get in line to preoreder a ps5. The sign on the door said 6 available units and I was number 6. At a little before 11 am marciela got there opened the doors without saying anything went inside and removed the sign saying 6 units available for preorder. Then a few minutes later she came back out and said a mistake was made and yall only had 5 units available for preorder. I took off work and sat in line for 7 hrs because I was number 6 in line and the sheet said 6 units. How could that mistake be made. How can this issue be corrected so I can get my preorder ps5 done. Please help!!! I also do have numbers of the others guys in line in front of me to verify this information

  34. I sent in my console months ago and still haven’t received a word or replacement. I email gamestop on the daily and get nothing but a pre written email.

  35. We purchased a Madden 21 game from the store in Hanover, MA, on 9/20/2020. My 10year old son said it only worked once. I brought it back in today, 11/9/2020. Due to Covid 19 I couldn’t bring it in sooner. I explained to the person at the register that it only worked once. He said I didn’t purchase a warranty for it and there is nothing he can do about it. I asked to speak to someone that is higher ranking than him in the store and asked him his name. He said he was the store manager. I asked his name and he refused to give it to me. I then asked him for the number to the corporate office and he told me to find it myself. I want this person to be fired from the company. He was the most unprofessional “store manager” I have ever had to speak to in my life. I told him that he was rude and that he is showing poor customer service and he said too bad. I will be going to social media, the Better
    Business Bureau, and to the local news channels about this imbecile that you have working there. I will make it my business to see to it that he no longer is working there anymore. I am disgusted by his behavior, even more so in front of my 10 year old son.

    I have been on the phone with this corporate office on hold for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I’m glad to know that your customer service sucks through and through. Better Business bureau and tv stations are next.

  36. After waiting in the line for a playstation 5 at about 6:15 am a white male manager came out wearing a black hat, black shirt and jeans said rudely… you all can leave .. get gone we don’t have any playstation 5 yall can get gone. Really? That was rude first of all and no way for a employee to talk to potential customers. some people had been out there over night. Ridiculous

    1. Well, one store clerk I asked about the waiting process and how they would determine the customer who was first versus third and his answer was: “I can tell you that it’s already been determined since there will be employees inside the mall who have access to the store overnight and they would probably be first in line”. Then I asked if it was a good idea to wait till after Christmas or just go gray market and he said “expect prices to go up to 3k by then so buy gray market now”. Then he said something that was just the reason why he said it was determined when he added “I already purchased 14 consoles and am selling each over 1K now.” I made sure to confirm that he had acquired those purchased consoles at retail via buying up GameStop inventory before you or I even saw it on the shelf. Store employees are snagging up consoles right off the trucks and buying them to sell on the gray market.” This was witnessed by 4 other people and sure videotaped on their cc cams. But the customer can be right but they have little right to become one customer when there’s that type of tomfoolery. Shame on GameStop.

  37. I been in GameStop line since 4 am to get with my husband and brother to buy a the ps5 and the lady’s that work here said that they aren’t opening just because they don’t want to …we been here since 4 am just waiting in line this is really unfair now there’s cops here telling all of the people here to leave

  38. I sat out on Thanksgiving day from 5pm till 5am the next day due to the manager telling me the day before that they would have 10 ps5s for purchase. When 515 am came he showed up and then informed all the people waiting outside in the child that there were only 2. I am very upset that they could not gave the curtosey to put a letter in the window notifying people how many they had and how he miss informed me the day before. I ruin my Thanksgiving by being there AND I could of went to Walmart to purchase a ps5. This is ridiculous and I’m really upset over this.

  39. I recently purchased a nintendo switch refurbished for 269.00. When we got it home to play it seemed to have a battery issue. My 12 y.o. son was compelled to replace the battery to see if it would solve the issues. While this helped, it became evident that the machine had other issues. The fan did not work, and the left controller has an inability to charge. The game system powers down due to overheating (original issue since time of purchase) and even with the new battery the controller still does not work properly. All in all the system sold to us was completely defective since day 1 and should have never been sold. Now that we have altered the system, while it is actually better than it was when it was sold to us at 269.00 is unable to be returned. I should fairly say, that in the process of removing the back we had to drill our stripped screws, and that now those 3 screws are missing. I have spent a whole buinch of money at gamestop over the years. I am extremely disappointed that this product was sold to us. I have spent over 800.00 in 2 days at the Harwood Heights IL location and am pretty willing to spend. I am not a person who nickel and dimes over money, but when I get screwed I get upset. Please don’t bother stating your return policies, or that I should not have altered the product. It was garbage at $269.00 when you sold it to me and it is garbage now. If you expect your customer to have a garbage product for $269.00 then you should be just as willing to pay $269.00 for equivalent garbage or make an effort to make good somehow. I appreciate your time.

  40. I purchased a digital game and has not received the code. I was told they ran out of stock. Why are you still selling a game if it is out of stock? The customer service rep sucks. Him and his supervisor Anibal says that their manager does not have a phone when I asked to speak to one. Hell they probably gave me the wrong name. The game I purchased still shows available for purchase so I don’t know why it’s available for purchase if they are out of stock. Ps5 doesn’t show available when they are out of stock.

  41. I would like to leave a really great feedback to one of the customer service rep named DeJon. He was very pleasant and knowledgeable on helping me with my online purchase. I was about to cancel my order, but he took the time to make it possible for me. Thank you so much for making my service wonderful. I would gladly use Gamestop again.

  42. Been a long time customer. I know the PS5 and Xbox Series X are high demand items. However, our local Walmart’s are getting limited supplies in every day. Your business is focused on gaming and gamers. How can you not get supplies but Walmart is getting them? That is your focus is games and gaming. You should be the solid go to store to get one or order one and let’s face it online orders do not work because of the bots and scalpers. You should put people down on a list that come in and then inform them on when you will be getting some. Somebody has to know when you are getting them. If not then what are you in business for when you let Walmart out sell you on your niche product. By the way…I’d rather buy from you than Walmart.

  43. I ordered a ps4 off the website paid for 2 day shipping and not only did it take over a week to receive but i received an xbox instead of a ps4. I 12/10/2020 6 times and each time i was hung up on. i did get to talk to a rep 1 time and he told me that the only thing they could do was send me a return label and then once they received the wrong console back they would send out the correct one if it was in stock. i informed him that option would not work for me seeing as how Christmas is right around the corner and he told me that they would send me a refund but that would take 3 weeks to do so. i then asked to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on. I called back and asked for a supervisor and was hung up on again. This happened 6 times in a row.

  44. this company needs training in customer service. the stock holders need to pay attention to the feed back from customers.

    if you advertise a product it should be to the best of your ability to provide honest and adequate information.
    I purchased a gift card online through the GameStop website 11/27/20.
    I received a confirmation that my order was received and it was being prepared for shipping. as of today 12/12/2020 it still indicates bringing prepared for shipping.

    I call the 1800 number to be on hold for over and hour, only to hang up to call again. I have sent emails to ask for an update to no avail I haven’t received a response.

    I have family members who patron Gamestop, where it makes a difference or not I will ask them to stream games online. this was a gift I guess not anymore.

  45. I stool in like for over four and a half hours with my ticket today for the bundle in store online ordering site crashing off and on and for digital to be never sold as promised this is ridiculous I had a ticket only to be told that it was out stock and it never was optional in the first place being lied to standing in line for nothing

  46. I placed an order on 11/26/20 , I was sent a confirmation email with details and then a 2nd email stating item had been shipped, after waiting for stated delivery date and still no package and then another week, I tried to contact gamestop customer service multiple times both by phone and by email to find out the status of my order. Finally I contacted ups for status on it only be told that the item had never even been shipped at all. That only a tracking number had be issued and nothing had been done since then.Now I have had to try to do a replacement order and hope it possibly gets shipped this time and gets here before Christmas. How does this even happen? It is absolutely ridiculous. So all I can do now is hope that I’m not short one of the main gifts my son wanted for Christmas.

  47. This is how GameStop treats people, especially if they are Mexican and of course NO ONE has reached out to me.
    1. I was in game stop and had a friend with me
    2 Friend was 2nd in line to purchase a game and informed them the type and kind
    3. The line had formed out the door, I was 1st and my friend was 2nd.
    4. Friend was called to counter and guy says oops sorry for your luck, I mis counted and didn’t know you were getting one also. (Let’s not forget to mention he sent people outside earlier if they were with someone and not purchasing!!!! )
    5. He was so insensitive and rude and said sorry it is already promised to the people at the end of the line…
    6. I said let me get this straight, she is #2 but ….it is promised to #20 and whoops sorry for your luck.
    7. He was so ugly and rude and I am sure it was his friend that showed up so he just said no worries I got this….
    I am frustrated and this should be fixed. Never in my life have I witnessed such poor customer service!!

  48. I have not received my gamestop magazines #330 and 331 I have repeated sent in email when I logon at GameStop website and some name Michelle Biros, keeps emailing first saying no one is in the shop to send out magazines but yet I spoke to three different stores and they have their magazines so they told me contact the head office. Then I get another email from the same person wanting my address when GameStop should already have it because I have received magazines before. Please, response and tell me about my subscription and why I have not received my last two magazines.

  49. I was waiting in line for 5 hours on 12/12/20, and i ordered an Xbox series X bundle IN STORE. Got the receipt and it said that my order is being processed. I got the email that my roder was cancelled after 5 days and called the corporate and they told me everything is fine, tonight i looked at the order it says cancelled and to wait for my refund. So you are telling me that i was waiting for nothing 5 hours in the line, spent all my money and i can’t get the order that i have ordered and even your customer service was saying how everything is fine? So i know the status of my order before the customer service would know? I was told only online orders will get cancelled because they were buying it over the available stock, and us who were standing in line and got the tickets will have it for sure. Now i have to wait for the refund few more days and right before christmas i don’t even have chance to buy anything else because im not gonna get the refund on time. I just want my order as promised.

  50. I ordered an Nintendo Switch game Zelda on Nov. 24th. Order # 110000002012xxxx.My e-mail still states preparing for shipment. I have called the Tx. Number & Had 3 different people tell me they would correct the problem & re-send . I even got a reference # 2020121112181555545xxxx & was told I would receive it within a week. I have never received an e-mail that it has ever re-ordered or shipped. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM ??

  51. Hello. I order an PS4 console on Nov. 13th online. It was originally suppose to be delivered on Nov. 21. It is now Dec. 17 and I still have not received my product. It now says it won’t be here until Dec. 28. I am not happy with the service I have received because I am unable to talk to anyone regarding this matter because I can not get anyone on the line when I call customer service. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift foe my daughter and now she will not get it on Christmas. This is very disappointing when I ordered it over a month ago. I need to be compensated for this inconvenience and poor service. I really would like a resolution on receiving the product I ordered before Christmas Day.

  52. Horrible customer service 11/21 I placed an order that I never received. I was told for two weeks the order would be replaced and that I was guaranteed a replacement that I have not received. I was told the item would be expedited after calling every other day I was just told the order was cancel!!!! I waited on this call over 4 hours and was told no management no no supervisor available,

  53. I’m not getting any answers over the phone I ordered a Nintendo switch from gamestops website when we opened it it didn’t work I waited on the phone for 1hour45minutes for the guy to help send me a return label I sent it out over 2 weeks ago and still never got an email that the item would be sent back or a full refund please help!

  54. I am very disappointed with how Gamestop has handled of an issue with their gift cards not being valid. My son received 2 gamestop gift cards for his birthday. He redeemed them on-line for x-box codes. The X-box codes we received from GameStop did not work. We spoke with X-box and they confirmed that it was a Game Stop issue. I have been calling GameStop customer service since the beginning of November and I keep getting passed around. I am busy too and do not have time to get pushed around by different customer service agents that never intended to help me. I have been given bogus information and bogus new X-box codes. It is my belief that GameStop does NOT want to help their customer resolve their issues. I have wasted so much time on the phone with customer service and today, 12/21, I still have no resolution, and I did spend more than 1 hour again today trying to get someone to help me… and still my son does not have his birthday present. He is very upset and that makes me very upset. It is very unfortunately, that I have friends that wasted money buying gift cards from GameStop and GameStop has my son’s money. Shame on your company!

  55. My order was suppose to be delivered 3 days ago.
    Order # 110000002282xxxx
    Tracking # 9495881xxxxx
    Fedex says gamestop still hasn’t given them the package. I paid the extra shipping cost to make sure my package would arrive before Christmas. I have currently been on hold 2 hours waiting for customer service to answer. I get possible delivery times, but gamestop at least as to give FedEx the package.

  56. I preordered a game on approx. Dec. 9, 2020 to be picked up on the release date Dec. 15, 2020. The game was not there & here it is Dec. 21, 2020 and I haven’t gotten any call back from the store manager and I still don’t have my game. This location just keeps giving me the run around. Please help.

  57. Placed an order on Dec 11 th expedited shipping received a confirmation no movement no information. I am understanding of corona related issues but I also understand customer service. After calling 16times to a number where no one answer I found a number where no one could tell me anything except we will try and send another one. So now I am out the Christmas present and 400 plus dollars. I need answers. Tracking information and confirmation that this order has been picked up and shipped.

  58. Hello,

    Gamestop still have not delivered my package for the order I placed in 12/12, Fedex says I must contact Gamestop to have them get the package into the hans of Fedex. If my son does not have his PS by Christmas we will have a Better BBB issues on our hands. Shipping number is 94993409xxxx

  59. My name is Ryan Fitzpatrick waited my 7 bussiness days for my refund. my order number is 1100000021628463 And im getting sick and tired of being hung up on everytime i call the 800 number i just want my money. will contact lawyer if it is not resolved

  60. I recently purchased a PlayStation game for my grandson from the local GameStop in Aiken, SC. GameStop did not have this particular game in the store, so the associate ordered one for me online; however, I was not told that this game was “pre-owned.” Since this was intended as a gift, I am very disappointed that it isn’t new.

  61. I purchased an Oculus Quest 2 from GameStop online on 12/11/20 and paid for express shipping. The estimated delivery date was 12/16/20. It wasn’t picked up by FedEx until 12/19/20 and was supposed to be delivered on 12/23/20, then was rescheduled for 12/24/20. I sent messages to GameStop twice to ask for assistance and to request the refund for express shipping. Also tried contacting FedEx several times to try to pick package up at facility since they didn’t seem to be able to deliver it. This is a Christmas present for my grandson and it has still not been delivered as of 12/24/20, 8pm. This is a horrible way to conduct business and no one will respond to my concerns, either from GameStop or FedEx.

  62. Cheated out of a PS5. Got a PS5 Bundle before Xmas online, Checking everyday on the status, it was in my orders in my profile. They said email confirmations would be slow. Today, the day after Xmas, it’s gone out of my profile! My daughters are real happy now. Thanks Gamestop, hope you going the way of Radio Shack.

  63. Hello,
    I was recently at a couple of your stores, one in our hometown and one an hour away. My son wanted to buy pre-owned games and we thought it would be easier to go into the store and pick them out. BOTH of the stores were out of what we wanted. We spent all of that time standing there picking out games for my son to be told AT BOTH STORES that none of the 6 games he wanted were in stock even though they were up on the wall. I was really excited to get my kids the membership because they both have new game systems. These were the most frustrating days of shopping. Everyone around me seemed to be having the same issues. I felt sooooo bad for the employees. It wasn’t about the games not being in stock but the time we were all wasting looking at games that weren’t there and then not being able to know what was in the store unless we went and picked out more. Having the selection available is probably more convenient for your shoppers. I really hope you change that. The whole reason I went to game stop was for convenience. If I just have to order them online anyway I might as well do Walmart or Amazon and get them faster. If things change, I will return but not until then because I have never felt so frustrated… I understand the idea behind the marketing but it’s really not geared towards customer satisfaction, which should be your priority. I was told not to bother with the store but I tried it anyway and will not be back unless it changes. Thank you!

  64. On 12/13/2020, I purchased four Steam gift cards for Christmas for my 13 year old. Only one gift card worked and three came up invalid. Today 12/27/2020 I went to GameStop with pictures of the front and back of the card, invalid error populating and my receipt. The Sales person directed me back to Steam and informed he is unable to assist or provide direction. I am indirectly being told I paid my money and any issues is between the Gift card merchant and sorry out of luck. I want my gift card amount or my money back.

  65. From: Joseph Elrefaie
    Sent: Sunday, December 20, 2020 9:10 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Cc: Elrefaie, Joseph (Consumer Foods) ; Joseph Elrefaie
    Subject: Re: Your order has arrived!

    Caution – External Email Message
    Dear Customer Service,
    FYI, I have been holding on your Customer Service phone line for over 45 minutes.
    I hope you can help me. On 5/28/2020, I bought Online one of your Steel Series Arctis 9X Xbox Headsets. Great headset. Unfortunately, a month ago it stopped charging or turning on. We called Steel Series and they tried to help us reset it. Nothing worked. They checked the serial number and they said the unit is still under a 1 year warranty. Unfortunately, since we did not buy it directly from them, they can’t help us with repair or replacement. They said that we should contact GameStop. You will be able to help is with the repair or replacement. They said that they can only work with GameStop for any repair or replacement needed.
    Could you please let us know what we need to do so you can repair or replace the unit. Please note that we do not have the original packaging. We can securely package it if that what your direct us to do. We can also take it to our local GameStop in Omaha is they are still open. Thank you for looking into our request.
    Best wishes for a Happy and Safe Holidays Season and a Very Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.
    BTW, I am still holding on your phone line, now it is over an hour. So, I am going to hang up and hope to hear back from you. Thank you

    Order Date: 5-28-2020
    Order Number: 110000001126xxxx
    Serial Number: 6148330527132003326

    Best Regards,
    402-980-xxxx (Cell & Text)
    From: GameStop
    Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 2:46 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Your order has arrived!

    Shop GameStop >

    Order #: 1100000011265782
    | Order date: May. 28, 2020

    Your order has arrived!

    Hi Joseph,
    Your package with Xbox One Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset and 1 other item is here! Thank you for shopping with GameStop!



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  66. Ordered a new Switch and total of 12 new games. The Switch came and it had already been opened as well as 3 games. They sent me already used items when everything should have been new.

  67. I contacted GameStop in San Fernando valley,when a young lady answered and was extremely rude and refused to help me when I asked her name she hung up on me,I’m extremely upset,un except able behavior

  68. I spend hundreds of dollars a year at GameStop. Tried to return a Xmas gift but had no receipt. The gift has the GameStop sticker on it. Mgr of store agrees it’s the store’s merchandise, but will not give a store credit or refund without a receipt. This is unacceptable and so unfair since the manager agrees it is a GameStop product. I purchased the product for $27.00 and would like a store credit.

  69. I never got my order and then a get a email asking if I could rate the order. I NEVER GOT IT. And on the website it shows it still has not shipped yet. I spoke with an associate that was super rude and couldnt give me answer as to WHAT IS GOING ON????

  70. It’s a shame that I purchased a remote control for a Nintendo switch. Was returning to store to get refund. Wouldn’t accept returned and receipt says different about return policy. You all need to change policy on receipt. I will warn people not to purchase from your company. Boy in store was very rude. Very poor, poor, poor customer service!!!!

  71. I have been a “member” of Gamestop for a long time and have bought a lot of games from you all through the years. I used to love shopping, but the last 6 months, your online store has become complete garbage. Every new game I have ordered from you all, you send me a used copy, like I’m not going to notice it’s open. Then I have to contacted you all to send me an actual new copy that I paid for. When it comes to used games, you all have sent me games in unplayable conditions. Some of them are in literal pieces. How does that even make it through your inventory? Is nobody checking the quality of the items you all ship out? As far as your point system goes, it doesn’t work. I have tried and tried to redeem the points I’ve earned for coupons, but you all never give me my coupon. Then I have to contact you all, just to have my points put back on my account, and be told to try again, and it never works. So, you all just don’t commit to what you offer. Hell, I tried for 8 months to upgrade my account and you all couldn’t even get that done. Now I have no interest, because what is the point of getting extra points, if I can’t use them? On top of all that, your customer service reps constantly lie over and over about what you all are going to do to fix things and it’s never fixed. In fact, while I am typing this, I am talking to one of your reps online that is giving me that same BS routine that you all always give me, about not being able to get my coupons for my redeemed points. This is why Gamestop is slowly going out of business. You all could care less about your products and more importantly, you could care less about your customers. I’m to the point I don’t even want to shop with you all anymore. You all really need to get your act together or your company is going to disappear.

  72. There is nobody helping me – I want my order to be available for pickup at fedex and NOT delivered – why would you want to deliver this, I have a busy job and do not have time to sit at home and wait for a carrier that does not know when it will drop by – this is shitty service

  73. Frustrated customer, I’ve shopped both locations in Abilene, Tx for many years, store on 4241 Southwest Dr. considered Southside. This store by far is the poorest ran example of either store. Employees speak and act like your a bother to be in their store, just do your business and please get out of the store quickly. Is this the representation of GameStop you want. I’ve noticed if it’s a customer that frequently comes in their waiting on that customer first. Don’t we all mater in sales to keep this place open? Today they have a hand written notice they will be open at 12:00 noon. They were not. A customer who went up to door was then told maybe 1:00 or 1:30 Maybe, because of remodeling being done in store and they should go to the one across town. Most businesses have remodeling done after hours or before hours so as not to obstruct paying customers. It’s been this way for years at this store. It’s poor management here

  74. I placed an order on 12/13 did not receive my order prior to Christmas. I cancelled my orders because they did not come in time. I put gases them at another retail store. Some home some of my order came. In one order I only Ed I one game and was told I would be getting a refund. I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for this refund and when I called today because it was promised by 1/8 they told me that the refund was cancelled and it will take 24 to 72 hours to be approved. GameStop can’t get anything right. Bi am being denied a refund that I am owed because I did not receive the game. I did return everything else that was sent at a GameStop. Please get me my refund I tired of waiting and talking to people that have no clues what they are doing. I have pictures of the chat from the Fenton hat said I would have the refund by today.

  75. I would like either George Sherman or J Paul Raines to contact me or I will be going to the better business bureau with my situation. I am not getting any help from the “wonderful” so called “customer service” y’all have there. They are THE worse ever!! My package is being rerouted WITHOUT MY CONSENT and is now 7 days PAST the initial delivery date. PLEASE CONTACT ME! Thank you

  76. I will like for somebody to give me a call or reply to my email regarding about the issue I’m having with Gamestop customer service is terrible the way they’re handling my issue is I’m acceptable the way they talking to me hang up hang up on me and treating me like my money is not worth nothing 863812xxxx

  77. My child received a game stop gift card for Christmas and we went to the store and bought the call of duty Cold War and we cannot get it to install on our Xbox I looked up and searched online and it seem like all these other people were having the same issues like a bug or something but I called the game stop here where I live in the guy told me that I have to download some add-ons individually and all this stuff and I tried to do what he said still won’t work I looked up other things on the Internet tried that they didn’t work I returned the disc to the store but she only gave me a exchange and she opened it before she gave it to me so I guess I couldn’t return it but when I got home same thing wouldn’t download and she said I was not allowed to get my money back. So y’all are telling me that I purchased a disk that will not work for some reason on my Xbox and it’s not my fault and I cannot return it?I pretty much just threw away the $60? is there anyway you could help me with this

  78. I live in a small town, we don’t have any big stores and i wanted to buy a TV. I looked online and saw that I could purchase the TV from games stop with promised delivery of 5 days. well big mistake! bought a vizio tv 75″ on January 30/2021 my order is still in prgress 3 weeks later i called customer service once a week and got i different story every single time. the first guy told me the order was shipped by a 3rd party company and would be at my door in 3 days. Yet he would not give me any tracking information sounds fishy right i felt like i was getting scammed. Then I called again because the order was never delivered and the guy I talked to another guy who said they couldn’t ship something like this and he would cancel the order and i would see a refund in three to five days. never received it. I called again and that customer service rep tried to tell me it was being processed and going to ship soon I said “no im done cancel it i just want a refund 1800$ for this mess”. then he said it was canceled and i would receive a refund soon. but then he wouldn’t give me a case number or cancel confirmation. what a scam, how dare you guys take so much money i will never go to this store again and i hope no one ever buys anything online from game stop because its a scam and they just take your money. still waiting for my refund!

    Sincerely, Disappointed Customer who feels scammed.

  79. Is it normal business practice to completely close a location for a lunch break? I ask because I just stopped at the Gamestop on Cortaro rd in Tucson, Az and they have the store completely closed “for lunch”. You guys are only open for 8 hrs per day.

  80. I still haven’t received my game I was so post to receive with my switch and controller and never received it it’s been at FedEx for a while and never been shipped and I bought expressed shipping I would love my game please

  81. November 22, 2020 I ordered Ps4 Slim game system and I haven’t received it yet!!!!!!! I’ve tried several times to reach customer service but no-one answers the phone and I’m always on hold for over 30 minutes!!!!!! I WANT MY REFUND!!!!!!!!

  82. My grandkids shop at gamestop regularly. I purchased several cards from gamestop at 16657 Shaker Plaza 44120 for Christmas. When my grandson tried to load his XBOX live card it said the card was not activated. I took it back to the store and the guy who sold the card to me said maybe I had not paid for it. He had taken the cards off the wall and rung them up as the camera will show. He charged me for the card and obviously kept the money. He knew I would not check the receipt. I was scammed. I can only wonder how many other people are being scammed at that gamestop. I don’t appreciate being accused and cheated. I am not a happy customer.

  83. very dissatisfied with lack of communication. order was supposed to be delivered over the weekend and I have yet to receive any updates at all. it claims shipped but tracking states awaiting carrier pick up. a late delivery wouldn’t bother me if it was communicated. very ready to take me business elsewhere

  84. I bought a new game for my kids witch they end up not liking for one day sow I tried returning it and they hit me with cant return a new game if it has been opened they’ll only give me store credit for half of what I paid for the game… this is total b.s.. yall need to do something about this. I’m never gonna buy games at gamesstop ever again and ill make sure to tell everyone I see what kinda of stuff yall are doing with sow called customers!!.

  85. I never received my order and was charged. I placed my order on 1/2/21 and it still says shipping but won’t let me track shipment? My order number is 1100000024691262 someone please refund me.

  86. I have been calling for weeks at this store but no one will pick up the phone. I go in and they are there with barely any customers every time I do go in. They say they are hiring online it everytime I ask the manager tells me he isn’t hiring even though on indeed it says so. Worst GameStop store I’ve ever been to. I have never been able to get a hold of anyone and when I go in store they are extremely rude when I ask questions about games. I had sit outside calling at one point to see no one inside but the employees ignoring the phone. 1735 W Craig Rd unit 3 Store 6427

  87. Can anyone respond to my repeated emails. Your contact Online form is not responding. Your 1-800 endless wait with no answer?.
    My Steel Series Arctis 9X Xbox Headsets stopped charging. It is still under warrenty. I would like help please. I called Arctis, they said I need to talk to Gamestop!.
    Order Date: 5-28-2020
    Order Number: 110000001126xxxx
    Serial Number: 6148330527132003326

  88. Hi, I have 2 charges from last month and 1 from today where you guys have taken out 15.87$ out of my account. That’s almost 50$. I have no purchased anything from you all. Please credit my money back before I contact BBB and tell them you guys are stealing money from people.

    Thank you!

  89. Fedex is losing to many of your orders why do you keep using them for shipping I have previously had a package lost or stolen and still have no idea what happened

  90. Gamestop app have to many issus don’t work right trying to buy something and won’t let me on less they don’t want me to purchase anything anymore

  91. Your customer service sucks. I have been trying to get a refund from an online purchase for 12 days, your rude customer service has no answers, they just keep saying it will be 3 to 5 days to see my refund. Last time I checked 15 days was longer than 5 days? Do I have to go to small claims court to get my refund?

  92. Good afternoon. I am very much interested in puchasing a Resident Evil Village Collector’s Edition for the PS5. Have been a fan of the series for nearly 20 years. I watched the showcase yesterday, and they said that pre-orders would be up. I found out that this collector’s edition is a Gamestop exclusive. I went online right after the showecase and twice later in the day and all three times it stated that the collector’s edition was not “yet” availabe. I woke up this morning and went online before work and it is saying that the PS5 version is “Not Available” but the PS4 and XBOX versions still are. Are they sold out already? If they are, I do not mean to be rude, but that is garbage. They are already on ebay selling for over $500. I live in Seattle, which means I am three hours behind the East Coast. I also found nowhere where it mentioned what time these would be going live. Can you please tell me if there will be more? If not, that is terrible business practice.


  93. I tried to place an order but the billing has to be different because I am ordering on my sons account. No contact information. So I’m assuming you prefer I buy equipment elsewhere?

  94. I just received a piggy blind bag and the toy is in bad condition it has marks and paint coming of I would like to return

  95. I placed an order on Jan 8th for a switch. It is now Jan 28th. At the time of purchase there was no wait time or preorder. The Oder has been canceled and then recharged twice. Today it charged again on my gift card. Now tour system says the payment was declined. This was a birthday gift for someone who has been ill and confined. I am beyond disappointed at the lack of customer service I received through this ordeal. I know the systems have been on back order but no one sent any communications on the delay. Then when I did reach out I was left hanging after your customer service rep decided to end our chat. At that time I wasn’t rude I just simply asked a question.

  96. If I could give GameStop online negative reviews I would! I ordered my son’s games on black Friday of 2020, it is now Jan. 29th, 2021 and I still have not received his order totalling $88.44. I have repeatedly called the corporate office and emailed customer service through the website requesting cancellation of the order and a full refund for products not received. Got Multiple emails saying that they would not give me a refund and that the products were delivered December 14th, but they never received the package at the store either. They also charged
    me $ 9. 99 to have the games delivered to the store. Customer Service representatives are rude and do not disclose supervisor’s names or information to assist complaints. All they do is repeat themselves with info that doesn’t help! Joseph, a customer service agent, told me he would expedite my refund but the next day that conversation was not on file. Every customer service agent After that conversation has hung up on me or stated that the package was delivered to the store even though the account tracking Number clearly States the package is awaiting Carrier pickup and has been delayed another week now at February 08, 2021. Every time I speak to a customer service representative I get the same BS response stating if you do not receive a confirmation email please call back within 24 to 48 hours, email confirmations take 24-48 hrs. Then refunds take 5-7 business days to process and due to COVID expect delays. Keep track of updates through your email and call us back if you haven’t received any information…repeat process! NEVER EVER ORDER FROM GAMESTOP ONLINE! I am canceling my pro membership as the company doesn’t honor or help even repeated customers.

  97. My son Ethan has been going to GameStop since he was three or four You have some merchandise touching in his hands not so much an internet kid But if I would have known it Christmas you were selling stock I would have bought him some because he has been your biggest supporter I know him by name in our GameStop And they’re nice Thanksgiving posters off the walls when they’re done with them GameStop rocks

  98. I am absolutely sick of your customer service and will be cancelling my credit card once I pay it off this month. I called the useless number on the back of the credit card because your app as well as web site gave me the same error message it has all month-your order could not be processed, please check the payment information and try again. I was transferred and made to wait 30 minutes, only to be told they can’t help with preorders and use another card. By then, the elusive PS5 bundle was removed from my cart, and I can’t get one again due to extreme demand. Your service is pitiful and I will never purchase products from you again unless by some act of God you can restore my ps5 preorder, which the odds of are slim to none.

  99. Thank you for contacting GameStop, I will like to help you but I simply cannot if you continue swearing, If it happens again I will have no option but to close the case, please explain properly and we will move forward.
    GameStop Guest Care

    –Original Message–
    From: [email protected]
    Date: 02/09/2021 06:29 AM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Online Order

    Name: Derek Kenyon

    Email: derekkexxxx

    Phone: 574 217 4682

    Category: Online Order

    Subject or Question: Other

    Order Number: 1100000026393234

    Message: Hello my name is Derek and I’m having a lil bit of an issue my issue is that I ordered the bundle on the 3rd I received the PlayStation and the game Doom Within the time slot that was given play the three games that I’m supposed to receive Resident Evil left within and whatever the otherwise I have not gotten those and it is instead of waiting carrier since the third that’s crap because I paid extra money I’m pretty sure I paid extra money to have this shit hurry up and get here but there’s no excuses matter I would like a refund for those three games at full price I mean all three games refunded to me for the $16 they each are worth and I don’t expect any less than that I feel like you guys have screwed up the fallen short and you need to make up for it and not just put a Band-Aid over it and try to make it right without providing some sort of Lee Wafers with me and my money after I spent a hundred and $100 at your store I expect immediate and Swift response and have a great freaking day…..
    How lovely is it that I got told that you guys are really going to just steal my money if I swear I got it all proof right there buddy

  100. Why can’t GameStop offer classes how to play their games? Baby boomers are buying Nintendo and clueless how to play the games. Apple offer classes.

  101. This company is the absolute worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Their employees lie, and since their Customer Service is contracted with a country in the Philippines, they pay their employees $7-$9 PER DAY AND A REASON WHY THEY CONTRACT IT WITH ANOTHER COUNTRY IS BECAUSE THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I REFUSED A PACKAGE BECAUSE WHEN THE FEDEX DRIVER SHOWED UP TO MY HOUSE, (signature required), the box was not there. It clearly was rained on, the PS5 was damaged beyond repair, and the bundle that was supposed to be in the box was not there. After nearly 50 calls, 4 different requests of replacement orders were given to me. After arduous work on something I paid $770 for, GameStop’s employees that aren’t even in this country is yet another reason why it’s companies like this that will be shutdown. They don’t care about customer service, or customers in general. Something needs to be done ASAP for the 100’s of thousands customers that have suffered likewise scenarios. An absolute nightmare to say the least. Trying to get a hold of somebody in the USA, it’s not even an option. They don’t let you speak to anybody in the United States because of the laws that they would be held accountable for, another reason why they instill labor to a country that is paid pennies on the dollar, $7-$8 a week the Customer Service people make!? That’s just as bad as CHILD LABOR. Not only that, they lie like none other. The supervisors have the capacity to erase phone calls to protect their asses so that they can get away with absolute grand larceny. The only reason why this company has had a surge in their stock price is because of COVID PERIOD. This company will be out of business soon enough, just like Blockbuster videos and I will make sure that they don’t stay in business and will also be seeing them in Federal Court. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, TRUST ME!! IF YOU BUY ANYTHING, THEY WILL CONTROL THE NARRATIVE AND I AM SO GLAD I RECORDED EVERY CONVERSATION WITH THE PHILIPPINES IN REGARDS THAT WILL BE HEARD IN COURT. They are located in the United States of America, corporate office of GameStop. And they still have to abide by all of the national laws, regardless of their customer service being in a country where people are being murdered every day by vigilantes. So you have to understand that a lot of these people have drug dealers in their family that have been killed by these vigilantes that are paid by the government of Philippines. And that is who GameStop contracts to handle everyone in the United States of America. So do you think any of these people have any kind of fear or any kind of fear of repercussions of anything they say to you with her speaking to you on the phone. The answer is no. I will do everything to make sure this company goes out of business, The one thing they do not know, is my father‘s youngest brother is a congressman in this country, and he has a little more pull than I do. A year from now this company will not be in business, as they do not deserve to even be in business in this country. WORST COMPANY EVER GAMESTOP. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEM AND SIGN THE PETITION WHEN YOU HAVE IT. A CLASS ACTION SUIT WILL BE FILED AGAINST GAMESTOP AND A LOT MORE THINGS WILL SURFACE THAT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT THEY ARE ALREADY BEING INVESTIGATED ON. IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN WRONGED IN ANYWAY AND TREATED THE WAY I WAS, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS COMPLAINT. I ALREADY HAVE 1982 SIGNATURES ON PUTTING GAMESTOP OUT OF BUSINESS. YOU WILL HAVE A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME WHERE YOU ALSO CAN BE A PART OF THE CRIMES THAT THIS COMPANY DOES ON A DAILY BASIS. I AM SELLING ALL MY GAMESTOP STOCK AND GET READY TO WATCH THEM GO BANKRUPT. Enough is enough!

  102. I purchased a ps5 bundle in January. The fedex deemed it lost so I requested a replacement. I keep being told different things as far as my replacement. I was told that when it was available I could have it replaced and I wouldn’t have to call. It’s been about three times that it has been available but not processed. I’m not sure why I can’t get the replacement.

  103. Placed $700 order in December, items never arrived. Been contacting customer service since January 11, still unable to resolve order or receive a replacement. Please provide another point of contact if unable to assist. Order# 1100000023324033

  104. I have called the customer service number 7x since September 2020 regarding not being able to use my power up rewards online. I was promised multiple times that someone would get back to me within 24 to 72 hours. NO ONE EVER calls. I have went in the store I have called zero help. I was promised a credit for not being able to use my rewards online and even was told to wait a day mean while my preordered items were no longer available. There should be no reason a customer should have to call 7x and go into the store 2x to try and get a problem resolved. The last representative I talked to today said there are no supervisors available for 2 hours and someone will call me back. She kept telling me to go into the store which I have done 2x already. We are in the middle of a pandemic and I am immuno compromised. This is so not ok .

  105. I purchased 3 games and deadpool for ps4 contained no case or manual which was not stated in the item description and i would like the case that i payed for or a return of my money

  106. We have an Xbox one x console preowned with a purchased preowned one year warranty that they will replace it with another console or store credit if the system fails. My system went out and they had no replacements available anywhere. I spoke with customer service who had me ship my console back to their warehouse and I would receive a gift card for the value. It’s been a month and I’ve received NOTHING. I have called the customer service phone number NUMEROUS times and every single time I have been lied to. They sent me to a physical store out of my way for a refund to be sent away being told it’s customer service’s place. They said I shouldn’t have shipped the console BUT THE SAME PEOPLE TOLD ME TO IN THE FIRST PLACE AND SENT THE RETURN LABEL TO MY EMAIL. We also had to pay $10 to fedex WITH the label sent just to ship it back to them. I’ve been told every single excuse and lie about why I haven’t received my refund and they keep swearing it’s on its way or “we’ve fixed it, you’ll receive it in a few days.” I literally just broke down in tears at the frustration and trouble this company has put me through. You outright took my console and apparently don’t plan on refunding or you’ll hold it until the warranty is out next month and then send me a broken console back and say it’s my problem. I’ve never had a business treat me this way. Especially one I’ve always recommended and shopped with. No business has ever taken my property and not given me my money back. I feel like I’ll have to get a lawyer just for someone to take me seriously. I’ve been lied to so much about this. You blamed my email must not allow GameStop emails, but I receive ALL THE SALE EMAILS YOU SEND DAILY AND I RECEIVED YOUR RETURN EMAIL. None of your customer service people will leave names or employee numbers either as they promise. All the things they promise to email me is never sent either. I’m at a complete loss that you could take a customer’s property and not reimburse them for it as promised with a purchased warranty especially when it’s covered under said warranty.

  107. Was harrassed about a mask when wearing one but was in the process of drinking my beverage and the fact the employee had the nerve to harrass me about a mask when me and my party walked in and found the employee not wearing her mask at the time! I will be filing a complaint against the store as well with the county health officials since i was told to leave if not wearing my mask while im drinking my beverage and the employee was not when walking into the store. Will never shop at gamestop again and will inform others of this gamestop and how the employees treat you even falling rules

  108. I applied for a part time position at the Richmond VA store. I am a disabled veteran with all required experience the position asked for yet I never received a call for interview and the position has been listed again. Could someone contact me?

  109. Made customer service aware of this problem many times that I could not access your website all I would get on website was access denied made no effort to correct this situation.After months of trying to get a ps5 now I can not even get on website to try in purchase this item Gamestop should make available for me to purchase in store Very unfair.Please help & please respond

  110. : I ordered the oculus 2 256gb and was sent the 65gb every time I call support they hang up on me for 3 days now

  111. Very frustrated with the game stop in Hixson Tennessee. I took my son last night 2/27/21 to get the new NBA2K21 game for his Nintendo switch. They handed me a receipt telling me to download a code in order to get the game. He stated that they didn’t have any of the games that came with the disk. I came back 10 minutes later to return it because we found a store that had the game card. My son had no memory left to download and he prefers the game cards. The guy then told me that I could not return it because it was a code and had something to do with what they put in the computer?? That really infuriated me bc me because they should tell people that before you buy it because now on top of a 60 dollar game I just bought I now have to buy a memory card in order for my son to play the game. I feel like you all should still refund someone’s money back even if it’s the code especially if you don’t inform them before buying that it’s non refundable. We will not be going back to shop at any GameStop again.

  112. Hi my name is reginald Simon, an for the the past 2 years i have been waiting on the chance to show my retail management skill

  113. I pre-ordered a game that my home store “lost” every other store has it apparently but the manager who is new at my store just says I don’t know. I feel you guys should promote people with proper training into management who actually care about making things right and doing their job correctly instead of the customer having to contact corporate for a lost package. Being in management as well this was handled very poorly

  114. I have written your company for my last three orders without reply. You have been late on per-order and one pre-order you lost and now with a pre-order for Harvest Moon: One World, for Switch no one knows when and if I will receive it. Your company has went down hill for sure. Obviously since no one ever replies to my concerns and never corrects your short comings the customer does not matter to you. I will be cancelling all orders with your company and will not be using your company again. If I do not receive a reply to this email in the next 72 hours I will place negative, wait, you don’t care about that either. Oh Well, when a company does not care about the customer then there is not a lot a customer can do but take their business elsewhere. Guess that is what most will be doing.

    A Long Time GameStop customer who is disgusted with GameStop management at this time,
    Arthur J Wilson

  115. I am reaching out due to awful custom service I received today at the Fort Wayne Indiana Lima road location. We were looking for a specific game system for our 11 year old son and was informed it was not in stock at this specific location. So we asked the sales associate guy behind the counter if he could look in the system for any in stock at surrounding areas-easy enough, right? He then proceeds to rudely ask my husband “can you guys not call yourself to find out”? At this point we were in shock to say the least. This is the 3rd time we have encountered this specific individual being disgustingly rude to customers. Not only is he lazy but he is not in anyway helpful. We were there 3/3/3021 right at open (12PM). I work for my local hospital and my husband works for a reputable company and always try to be polite. We spend a good amount of money at Game Stop as we have 2 boys. We are not happy with being treated as such. I would not have gone out of my way to reach out if it was not something that has occurred prior as I do know what it is like to have a bad day; however, his day was just getting started and his behavior is unacceptable. Something needs done.

    Thank you,
    Brittany Schutt

  116. I bought a PS4 slim online and it was delivered on Jan 7 2021 , I need to know why my insurance wasn’t purchased when I placed order and if they didn’t hold money out for it how much it would be please

  117. I bought some shares in february at 400 dólars. I want you to give me back my money due to fraud market. How can i procede to reembourse my money back? The total amount 6000 euros aprox

  118. Been waiting on a game. Have been told its due to the weather, which i am finding it hard to believe considering its been 70 in Texas the last damn week. Ya’ll had plenty of time to get it out. Im about to just buy it online, and ask for my money back. I am very disappointed.

  119. Extreme rudeness and disregard concerning customer service during a call on one of your customer service numbers and the person was extremely rude and this is unacceptable. When asked to speak to a supervisor, the reply was there’s no supervisor here – good bye.
    What kind of people are you hiring?

  120. Good evening. My name Laura Lanphere, during Christmas I purchased an Xbox online and when it arrived at the store, I was unable to pick it up and was notified that they would refund my money/credit my card. So weeks pass and no refund. I phoned the store and spoke with Ashley. Once I told began to tell her that I purchased an Xbox online and was not able to pick up the console she knew right away and was apologetic and mentioned that someone put the Xbox in the back and it was sold on accident. Hmmmm how does that happen? And I would have to call the customer service line cause she couldn’t help me. Come to find out by checking my emails they said I picked up the Xbox 2 days prior. So either she took the Xbox or another employee did and claimed I picked it up. I’ve been calling since after Christmas and no refund no phone call nothing. I was robbed by game stop. Million dollar company robbed a single mom and her sons Christmas present. Your stores have cameras look up the 26th of December. Your store has ways of looking these things up. I am not a liar and all I want is my hard working money back for the game console I never received. It is March now and I keep getting the run around.

  121. hey gamestop why does your company refuse to give me back the sales tax on items i never even recieved? i paid for express shipping yall failed miserably at that so i wanted a refund on the rest of the items that i never received. the foreign people yall have running the customer service line have no idea how to solve any problems that isnt on their script of things to say. yall have stolen my money at this point with the refusal to refund the money i spent on the items. yall can not just keep the sales tax. i know how some retailers like to ignore the sales tax refund laws. it seems yall are one of them. i will contact a lawyer to get things straightened out if you guys fail to do so on your own. yall are a 6 billion dollar company and yall think its cool to steal $30 worth of my refund from a regular dude like me? despicable

  122. I made an online order Monday March 8th and recieved a the item has been shipped email that day. I tried to track it on the 10th and fedex said it hasnt been pick up yet. So I used the message feature and was assured it has been shipped and would be ariving by the end of the day. I called later that afternoon amd was told that it wasn’t even shipped yet and i would get it the 12th. I then called today, March 11th and was told it still hasn’t been shipped and now it will be the 14th. I will be calling the store it is shipping from to verify they really are shipping it.
    I feel this is rediculous that I recieved an email verifying it has been shipped 4+ days before just because someone printed a label.

  123. I recently purchased my first game at Gamestop. and I know it’s an old PS3 game, and I know it was pre-owned. But I was surprised to find out there is no guarantee that the game will work. So I purchased the 2.00 fee to make sure the game could be replaced. When I recieved the game was surprised to find out that it did not work. I took the game back to Gamestop in Sioux Falls SD, where i purchased it, and was told they can give me a new game, but i have to pay for shipping. So I paid for shipping on a product that didn’t work, and am expected to pay for shipping again on a product that may or may not work. I am surprised your company allows such a low customer satisfaction. If the store would have said, we will ship you a new game and that is that, I would have been happy with my gamestop experience. But after this last exchange, I will no longer be doing buisness with Gamestop. My son is 6 and is just getting into gaming, with a 4 year old hot on his tails. I know it’s only two people, but those two people could have brought in money to the store. Thanks for listening.

  124. Well, my complaint seems “small potatoes” compared to others. Yet I see an awful pattern to all these complaints, rude and or apathetic employees. A very pathetic low-morale work environment I’m sure. All I have been asking is a refund on a GameStop gift card. After 6 different calls with 6 different agents and each one giving me the similar line,” your refund will come through in 24 hours…” Plus I decided to do the online chat to resolve my issue after a “supervisor kept me on hold for 24 minutes, then came on to say, ” oh system glitches” and disconnected me.
    The corporate numbers only lead to the same customer service lines, with the agents off in a different country.
    Have learned my lesson, and will pass it on to anyone who will listen. GameStop hopefully goes under.

  125. Hi, I just received my pop figure (Shikamaru) that I preordered a few months ago and unfortunately the face of the box arrived damaged. The order number is

  126. Gamestop is false advertising games saying thats its available for instant download when its not. I think its wrong what gamestop is doing. I don’t understand how u can authorize a hold on my card but you can’t authorize your system to deliver my item I payed for. You can control my account but not yours? I will NEVER buy a digital item from gamestop again. This is a big inconvenience I could have brought my item somewhere else. PLEAS STOP FALSE ADVERTISING. IF ITS NOT AVAILABLE JUST SAY THAT

  127. Your customer service is the worst and so is your online ordering. Why would your website allow me to order something you clearly don’t have in stock. My order was canceled and the bad part about it is I was never contacted to let me know it had been canceled. I was waiting on an email for a pickup time and when I went to check the order status I see my order was canceled. This is such poor customer service. And to top it all off your manager at the Tri County Shopping Center in Schertz was very rude, unhelpful and unprofessional. She did not offer any advice, solutions or told me what would happen next. She only told what she couldn’t do or couldn’t find. I had to pry the info out of her as to when I would receive my money back. If the item was not available then I should not have been able to order it online. Additionally I should have been notified when the order was canceled and when to expect my refund. I would never talk to a customer the way your manager talked to me. Her customer service skills as well as your online ordering is the worst and I definitely will not shop at GameStop again!

  128. On March 15, 2021. I entered the GameStop located in the Loop (Methuen, MA). I was not greeted by the associate.l and initiated a conversation about the next generation consoles. The employee stated he had one in stock and had a person on the way. When I asked if I could purchase it, he stated yes but I would need to be quick. When I asked if I could reserve it by putting half the money down, he stated no. I had entered the store a few minutes later where I asked if I could purchase in full to which he stated that he was already processing the transaction that the customer was going to grab the money from the ATM. When the “customer” entered the store, it appeared that the employee and customer where friends. The customer stated he would give the employee an additional $200 on top of the cost of the system. Additionally, customer service was absolutely terrible. I will not be going back to this location.

  129. I have been a loyal customer for a while and now that I’m trying to purchase a ps5 bundle on your website. The problem I’m having is “access denied” pop up instead of your website. I have never came across this and I can’t figure out how to gain access. Please help I’m trying to spend $1000 dollars for for the love of god! Who would of guessed it would be this difficult

  130. I’m trying to get access to my pro account that I just purchased today but when I write in my email it says it will send an verified code but it never sends

  131. On 3 occasions I had to take back a wireless Ps5 control.. Let me just say, I am NOT very happy with how it was handled in the Wendover store, in Greensboro. BOTH EMPLOYEES ACTED AS IF, IT WAS OUR FAULT THAT, YOU SENT A DEFECTIVE CONTROLLER.

    I took the 3rd one back to another store, on New Gardern road. THEY WERE VERY APOLOGETIC and gave my money back. Thank you Josh and Hannah for such wonderful customer service.

    Nowadays, it seems as if companies do not care about their customers. Let me just say, if I was not for customers coming to your store to buy, could you have a business?
    Word of mouth can kill your busy!
    Thank you,

  132. I preordered headphones for the new series X weeks ago. The day of release comes and they say the took too many pre-orders and I won’t get my order, even though they sent me an email two days before saying they were preparing to ship my order. They also said they have no idea when or if they’ll ever restock. They told me I’m out of luck and basically to get over it. Was not helpful and this whole thing was super wrong

  133. three times i have place a order for a digital game all 3 times gamestop gives different answers as to why it is able to give u the code and even hangs up on u all i want is the code for my disabled child who has been quarateened for the last year because of a immune disease

  134. I have never received a game that was ordered from the store. No one will help me. My grandson paid for this game with his own money and I can’t get a refund.

  135. I bought a Xbox one game controller it said it was delivered to the post office but the post office says it isn’t there. I call the customer service number and the person I get on the phone doesn’t speak English very clear at all. I had a very hard time tring to communicate with this person. I need some answers from someone who can speak English clearly please. 909 648 xxxx is my phone number yvonbexxxxx

  136. You sold my Barbies after I bought them. They came in around December maybe November of 2019 and the dick in charge of the Van Nuys store said he would get them for me. He never called he never texted and so I don’t have my Barbies. When I called the other day the first thing out of the bastards mouth was I remember you. He even knew my order number and they couldn’t even find it on the system when I went in to bits about what an he was. Somehow my order got lost and I don’t have my Barbies and they wouldn’t send them during covid even though I stopped by the store several times around then when you still had the Barbies somewhere. I pre-ordered those and you want me to give give me my money back so I can try and find one on eBay and pay three times what I did you. I don’t think so. I am not that kind.

  137. Y’all take my money up front you don’t have to wait 15 days for it when I ask for a refund on an online order because I have yet to receive the package its still waiting on carrier pickup for 3 days I want be dealing with gamestop ever again I will never buy anything online again

  138. There are 7 Pre-Authorization Completion Debits on my trade card that happened on 2/24 in the amount of about $99 each so it pretty much took all the trade credit I had on the card. I called the gift card customer service many and many times. Tey tell me that they will escalate the issue and someone will call me in 24-48. Do you think I received a call back? No!!!!!!! Every time I call, I’m always getting the run around. I have never gave anyone my pin number or account number on my trade card, ever. Those completion debits were made for some videogame digital currency so someone hacked the system or something and got my information. The only place my pin number for my card was when this happened was on Gamestops website waiting for a pre-order to release. I just want all my trade credit back and like to speak to someone who can actually help because the gift card customer service aint cutting it.

  139. Why no store credit for a return just out of 30 days return. I had already spent $400 + dollars (on the same receipt). Seems like you would have considered that I spent good money, the product to return was only $15 AND it has never been opened. Annoyed. Please contact me

  140. I went to your GameStop store at the Broomfield Co flatiron mall when the new pokemon battle styles came out and when I arrived the employees of that store sold whatever was left of the cards to a couple. I understood that each GameStop can only sell 5 pokemon card items, but this customer had 5 big black bags filled with pokemon cards and they even had the booster cards all rubber band together and I would say about 8 cards banned together to make one stack and I saw 4 of these stacked. so clearly they sold more than what they were supposed to have. I then asked if they had any other cards for sale and they only saved about 6 or 7 boosters in the back drawer so I ended up getting 2 and I asked if they had any Vmax or shining fate and said no, honestly a min later the supervisor tells the customer that is buying the whole pokemon display that he has 2 shining fates in the back that someone did not come in to pick up and told them if they want to buy this too. and of course they but I then realized these employees might be close friends with this customer because they did not really care for much of the customers in the store but kept talking with the couple that is buying the cards and laughing it up with her. It was annoying to also see I was not the only customer looking for cards there was a kid and his little brother that also asked. I do wish I recorded this situation because they for sure were helping her out. So I went to another game stop and told them what happen and they said they are only supposed to sell 5 items not 5 bags full of cards and referred me to email HQ.

  141. I just bought my husband the PS5 bundle at $833. That was supposed to include a $20 gift card sent to an email address. I found out that the email used to purchase this bundle no longer exists. I called the 800 #, & gave my current email address. She said it would take 3-5 business days . Why so long for a Damn email? It’s been 8 days. Please send the $20 gift card to this email address Queenandkinxxxxx My husband would love to use it to buy another game for his PS5. Thank you,
    A Frustrated Wife.
    Michelle Donner

  142. To whom it may concern, This the second time I order stuff through your company and haven’t received it. Do know what’s the problem they keep saying it’s covid, it’s been 17 days covid excuse is done. Even tracking does give me an estimate date anymore. The kicker of this whole thing is they had the items.. Please find out we’re my items are thank you Brian.

  143. I’ve been waiting for gamestop to call me back for a instore incident complaint and I have spoke to several people that would say they would contact me and never end up calling me at all. I would stay on the line for hours and no response to my issue! Please handle this!!! I spoken to Adrian his employ number is #549497 and I have not gotten a return call back from him to handle this issue!

  144. I shop regularly at your wstchung NJ location. I was shopping there today when I picked up a Kabuto funko pop. I mentioned to my daughter it was pretty cool. I asked the young man working, do you have any more from this series. He said they only had pre-orders. I say alright. I continue browsing when another associate comes by and says “my bad that’s a preorder”. They both laugh it off but I am angry now. I say we’ll, that’s not fair to the customer, what can you do for me.
    The associate said just forget it, act like it never happened. I buy thousands of dollars of merchandise from Gamestop. But yes, I am than willing to stop shopping there over this incident. I was ignored and I did not like it. The older associates are good at the watchung store. But these two new younger ones have no interest in taking care of customers. Based on the response I receive from you, I will decide from that whether I continue to shop at Gamestop.

  145. To Whom someone can fix this mess,
    I was supposed to receive an Xbox one s digital edition in the mail on March 30th, 2021. That day I went back and forth between Gamestop customer service and FED-Ex shipping. It was a complete mess. One company (Gamestop) kept Saying FedEx had the package and the label, well FedEx told me they only had a label without a package. I was so confused that day, so I finally reached out to GameStop customer service at 5:00 o’clock as requested and they told me they were gonna do an investigation but if my system was to come in the Mail they would invalid the investigation. So, on April 1st 2021, I called FedEx to see if they have received a package yet from GameStop at 10 o’clock AM Eastern Standard Time. They told me on the phone that they did not receive any packages and they mentioned that the investigation did end. They told me that FedEx had nothing to do with the missing package. I needed to reach out to GameStop and figure out what was going on. So I did my own digging and GameStop around 10:30 told me there still an investigation going on that I didn’t need to worry wait three to five business days for it to end. I refuse to accept that answer because GameStop continued to blame FedEx saying their still doing an investigation over there.

    So, come to find out FedEx was telling the truth GameStop tried to hide behind cover. I asked to speak to a supervisor they kept refusing saying “they’re going to tell you the same thing I’m telling you”. it’s not going to make a difference on the outcome which is very poor customer service. So I said please let me talk to a supervisor. he said but Sir I cut him off and said give me a supervisor he said OK Please wait he put me on hold for an hour without anybody talking to me . So I hung up and I called them back all of a sudden the investigation was over they said it was at the warehouse . OK mystery solved now what are you gonna do for me . They told me to wait three business days for them to reprocess the shipment and then they’re going to expediting one day shipping. OK I can live with that .
    today April 2nd 2021 I wanted forgot to tell them yesterday that the website for GameStop forgot to include my apartment number so when did package did come I would know if they drop it off by my door. When I gave her all the information she needed I asked her simple question . When am I expecting the next system. She told me all Sir we’re all out of stock I don’t know when we’re going to get a system.
    Are you serious? She told me it could be days from now pretty much and then when they do get a console I actually have to wait three to five business days going on two weeks we’re not even a next Gen console. I asked her if you guys found the Xbox that I purchased at the warehouse why isn’t it getting shipped to me supposedly they gave it to someone else!!!! so I asked him can I get a refund then I see all these new Xbox is dropping in stock I have a chance to pick one up. so I asked her can I have a refund she goes yes it’s gonna take 24 to 72 hours the process and then three to five business days . Mind you today is Friday. What is wrong with this company? I grew up loving this company I wanna have my kid grow up and love this company too at this point of how frustrated, upsetting, not understanding what’s going on how can you screw up a console. and if you had it why give it to someone else and say you don’t have any in stock? I don’t ever want to shop here again after I get this item at this point. I hope someone in the corporate office is reading this and can fix this mess. I hope we can fix this quickly. I am a pro member I have done everything I’ve even worked for the company. this is the year of my life the pandemic has not come close to what this company has done so far. Please find a solution that’s all I’m asking . And I know for a fact GameStop gets systems in for trade in you can’t tell me there’s no preowned Xbox 1S digital or regular with disk at this point.

  146. I’m a long time pokemon collector and a long time faithfull gamestop customer,
    and after waiting for more than an hour today they are releasing the POKEMON TRAIN ON CARD PACKS 2 per customer gamestop stores are only getting one box each and there’s 12 pack per box last month it was short 2 and my husband that was in line didn’t get any because of that , this time they only had 8 packs so there missing 4 once again my husband could not get any and that’s not fair that the manager allows this to happen when she’s the one who’s there were collectors and resellers have no limit they purchase everything they can and then store managers and associates also take advantage is there anything that can be done. It’s really unfair and this is a constantly.

  147. I have been waiting on my return on my Xbox since March it’s now April and y’all keep telling me it takes 3 to5 days and I still haven’t received nothing

  148. We pre ordered a game. It never showed. I called. Got a huge run around. Lied to and hung up on several times begging to just know where the game was. Was told it was because of expedited shipping, then it was refunded,then amazingly it was out for shipping. Then finally was told all of that was lies. Told it would be over nighted so would be here last weekend. And yes that was also a huge lie. Was told today it would be here.And your customer service hung up on me 3 times today and still would not tell me where it is. I have been treated horribly and your customer service just says anything to get you off the phone. They never answer questions or lie to get you off the phone. I want to know how you are going to make this right.

  149. on 3/26/21 I ordered the Nintendo switch monster hunter deluxe edition order number 1100000029051855. I received a confirmation email thanking me for my purchase. On 4/5/21 I still had not received and shipping confirmation so I called customer service who told me my order did not show up in any system and directed me to call the corporate number. I called the corporate number and was informed that my order was not processed, assured me that it was going pushed through and I would receive an email in 24 hours confirming that my order was processed. I never received that email so on 4/7/21 I called corporate again and started the process again. This time I was told that my order was canceled because of a problem with my card and I would have to place my order again with a different card which I cant because they are now sold out. This sounded suspicious so I called my bank and found out that on 3/26/21 my bank had received the request for the total amount and approved the purchase. My bank never received another request for the same amount on 4/5 or 4/6. This tells me that GameStop canceled my order on purpose and lied to me about the “problem with my card”. This is very upsetting and really makes me wonder why I would continue to spend money with a company that does this kind of thing to their customers.

  150. My name is Maureen Rodriguez and I was scammed. The scammers tried to purchase items from Walmart using my debit card number which I cancelled once I saw these purchases. I do not play video games and have no video game equipment. Could you please cancel any orders that were tried to be purchased.

  151. There was an accident on the highway where they closed all routes for 3 weeks due to the damage. This is area code 12065 in clifton park. I pre. Ordered and paid in full for 2 ps5 baseball games whi ch will come out April 20th. I called your customer service department and asked them to switch the order to the cross gates mall in albany. They said to call the store and ask them in clifton park. I called the store and asked them if I can’t get to the store can they hold the games for 3 weeks when the emergency construction would be done. They said they would hold it for 4 days extra. Then I asked them could they switch the order to the cross gates mall and they said they can’t do that I could go there when it’s released and if they have extra ones they would transfer the payment to that store. Why can’t you accommodate a customer do to the circumstances?

  152. My warranty expired and the stores were closed due to the virus. The store never answers the phone and the 1-800 number didn’t help. I think everyone should get a extension due to the stores being closed. I’m not one to buy online I usually go to the store, this is very upsetting

  153. I went to the GameStop location in Westchester Square in the Bronx New York and it had a sing on the front door that stayed out to lunch. The employee had the sign up for approximately an hour and a half. This is the last time I will buy from GameStop.

  154. Hello my name is Justin LaCombe and I would like to file a complaint on you’re Crowley Louisiana store and manager. I have been a loyal customer and avid Gamer for many years and more so recently with the start of my YouTube channel. More then one time I have went to the store and tried to purchase a item and or use my insurance on a item that was either defective and or just stopped working after awhile and both occasions she was very rude and did not try to help get the product I needed so as of 2 weeks later I still have no heard from the gamestop store and my insurance on the elite controller runs out in a few months. I have tried calling the store and no answer. I believe her name is Erica or something like that. And I’m not the first one to have a complaint on her that im aware of. That location and store use to be alot better. Now they just seem to constantly be out of stuff. And that is not good business. I hope something is done about this and I do hope I’m able to get my replacement before the expiration date. These past 2 experiences have made me want to stop doing business with Gamestop and that is sad seeing as I have always enjoyed going to gamestop.

  155. Waiting for refund 4weeks know they say there a different email on there wich there noway I gave my email know there’s a problem obviously gamestop employee screwed up and they wont give me a refund its always something still nothing

  156. I purchased a activation cod for my play station and it didn’t work, I called them and they told me they couldn’t do anything about it and couldn’t refund it

  157. This is the worst experience … I have ever had …. I’m now sitting on hold on two phones waiting for someone to give me a resolution about a console I ordered over a month ago and a refund was also issued that i haven’t received either … After being hung up on twice and ignored another 3 times … I’m on hold on one call for 18 minutes 53 seconds as I type this and another guy is on my other cell phone for 16 minutes listening to the guy on the 18 minute call whistle …… PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF … NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PEOPLE !!!!! YOU WILL REGRET EVERY SECOND MINUTE !!!!
    I just want my product or my refund because it’s obvious I WILL NEVER RECEIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!!
    UPDATE THE WHISTLE GUY NOTICED I WAS ON THE PHONE CAME AND SENT ME BACK TO THE CALL QUE 24 minutes in …. GREAT Let me repeat all of my information again ……. errrrrr ….. The guy that’s checking on the order is even shocked ……. Terrible people … Hopefully this guy can help ….. probably not … over a month issue still not resolved !!!!!

  158. There is an ad game stop put out, in this ad it states if you, purchase Mario Golf, you get a exclusive Mario, and Peach free pin set from Game Stop.I purchased 2 of these games, and was told I had to pre order the game to get the pins, no where in the ad does it say this.. I needed to pre order, all it states is I need proof of purchase, and Receipt. I did not receive my pins.. Please help me fix this issue.

  159. 1 of your employee lied 2 me and rip me off. i sold my ps4 pro with 1 t and i was suppose 2 get $220 in cash but he told me i would only get 200 unless i sign up for the rewards power up thing and ill get 220 he said then as he was doing the stuff on the computer and stuff he later on says oh im sorry your only going get 203.96 but at least you’ll be getting almost 4 dollars more he said at that time i didnt know how much i was suppose 2 get for my console i just knew it was like around 200 and he took advantage of that so basically he made me buy power up for 15 dollars what kind of crap is that? is it cause im asian? smh i still got the receipt and can pro my console was the pro version i still have the box and serial number

  160. I called the Inglewood GameStop confirmed that the PS4 was there asked if I could pay now in order for it to be there when I drove 30 miles thru Friday evening traffic. I was assured that I did not have to do that and to come on down and he said even if I got there at 1 min before closing that they would take care. So I battle la traffic only to arrive at 10 min before closing to find out that he sold it to someone else 10 min ago. I stood there in disbelief this employee of game stop just royally screwed me and did not even seem too bothered. If the manager dietrik had not at least tried to find anoth

  161. I urgently need to speak to someone with Game Stop regarding 3 fraudulent purchases, totaling $160.00 made yesterday, 9,24,2021 and charged to my bank account, Upon the advice of the Lee County, Sheriff’s office I am reaching out to Game Stop and trying to speak to someone and reach resolution so that I can remove Game Stop from the criminal complaint which I will finalize on Monday 9/27/2021. My telephone number 239-247-1085. Please call me between 2:00 p.m. 6:00 ET. An email or online discussion is not sufficient to address this matter.

  162. hello. i went to the london store today to pick up a hasbro pulse exlusive today. The staff said they sold out a bunch then had to pull it off the shelves. I undersatnd there was an error, but now it’s being re sold all over my city *london ontario* for crazy amounts basically auctioned.
    All i wanted was to buy 1 figure from the store. can I get some clarification on why I wasn’t able to but you guys are letting ppl buy multiples of a pre order exlusive toy for resale. I have been getting killed just trying to collect and have a hoby for myself. Is it possible the store sells to resellers first for a cash profirt?

  163. The GameStop in Sumter south Carolina is apparently allergic to their phone. I just called them 9 times and nobody will answer the phone. Apparently somebody needs to do a training course on how to pick up a phone

  164. On Oct.28 a gamestop employee charged my card but said it was canceled,but I was charged and gamestop wont give me a refund

  165. I have contacted you numerous times to cancel an order I placed with you last month and have been given the runaround. Order number 1100000037630211. You guys business ethics are terrible. My next step is to take this to the BBB,etc…..

  166. Hello my Name is Mark and I been complaining to your staff over phone for a few days about my purchase on November the 19th for a Nintendo switch oled and I still haven’t received my pro membership points for purchase and I was told you guys can’t help me I purchased it at the store on 10100 beechnut Houston Texas in the parking lot of her and beltway 8 I have receipt of purchase on that day one associate said they was sending it over to the reward department. So when I called back a supervisor and employee was rude telling me they can’t help nor do they see my purchase I’m like how when the young lady before viewed my transaction. I’m not trying to get extra points just trying to get mine that I get for my purchase like I told you supervisor I been a Value customer since you guys was funkoland most of your employees probably don’t even know that who can I please get to help me. I just need my points for my purchase for the Nintendo switch oled and warranty the total cost was 422.15 to whom is reading could you please help

  167. NICE JOB interrupting your employees’ Thanksgiving by making them work from 6-10 while the major retailers were closed. I can’t wait until the day comes when this piece of shit company DROWNS

  168. Call their Headquarter number and get to the HR Department. They can route you to an internal customer service rep who is knowledgeable and can help. If you call the normal customer service number, you have more than a 50/50 shot at talking someone who is rude or simply unable to assist. Funny thing is the one I talked to today actually gave me the HQ number! Results were call answered immediately, problem resolved in less than 5 mins. My guess is if everyone floods this line, they might fix their service center challenges.

  169. You owe me $340! I ordered a PS4 and you people never told me when it would he shipped, 2 day’s after it was shipped, I got an update from your company saying it was delivered! I went to check and saw it wasn’t there which means it was stolen! 2 day’s later it was found by maintenance and it was completely destroyed by whoever stole it! I called your company and they submitted a refund but then a few day’s later I checked my account and the refund was canceled and you people took my money! Ive been back and forth with your company and still this issue hasn’t been resolved. I am beyind livid, how dare you fail to tell me when the package was supposed to be delivered then steal my money after you cause it to be stolen! I will sue if this isn’t taken care of immediately!

  170. I wasn’t sure who to direct this acknowledgement to say some encouraging words about a respectful and uniquely patient gamestop customer service representative, I spoke with, over the phone, at the Gamestop’s 800 number, by the name of Hunter M. I asked for his last name to make sure his much appreciate personality is acknowledged, by his employer. I asked to speak with a supervisor to let them know how unique his incredible personality is. He went on to say that it’s OK that, it is customer’s like you that make his job so rewarding. What? This is when I knew, I must let Hunter M.’s Administrators know, he exist! I don’t know how many Gamestop customers write in or call to acknowledge incredible customerservice, but this one is well deserved, Hunter M. I felt I had to take time out of my work schedule to give plenty of thanks to Gamestop Corporate Office for Hunter M. I am not a computer savvy geek or can navigate my on line order without a problem and I had a lot of things to sort out, in my on line order. Hunter M. was patient with me. The bumps, in my order were sorted out while I heard a smile, in Hunter’s voice letting me know it’s OK, we’ll fix it! Thanks, Hunter M.! You Rock and I appreciate the way you roll! I had been shopping, on the Gamestop and Best Buy’s website for hours and decided to purchase a bundle of PS5 games for my grandson, on Gamestop’s website instead. What a personality this young person exhibited while listening to me rambling about my order. I apologize Hunter M. and thank you deserve! You deserve the Corporate Office’s attention and I want them to know about you. Hunter M. gave me a good old fashioned customer experience, that is truly rare today. I went away from that phone call feeling respected, as a customer. I also want to thank the Gamestop Corporate Office for taking the time out to read my acknowledgement about their unique customer service representative. I even informed Hunter M. that his mom must be proud. Thanks for listening Gamestop! Have a great day and stay safe. Sharon W., New York, NY.

  171. My mom ordered a Nintendo Switch from on 11/24/2021 for my kids’ Christmas present, it was in stock. It was charged to their account on 11/25. So Gamestop got their money. Received an email that it had shipped on 11/25 with a Fed Ex tracking number. When we would track the package it said awaiting passenger pick-up, for 2 weeks. On 12/09, my mom called to inquire the status of the package and was told by agent it showed no movement so he generated a replacement item and we would receive an email with new order number as soon as it was generated. We had received nothing by 12/13 so my mom called again. This time agent told my mom they needed to do an investigation that would take 7-10 business days, (which puts us at 12/24) then the item might ship depending on the investigation. Spoke to a supervisor that could only say “This is our company policy in place for the holidays.” It’s so disappointing when a multi-million dollar company only thinks of their bottom line and not the customer, especially during the holidays. Based on other reviews, I am not holding my breath, and am pretty sure this console is never coming. If this console ever comes, I will be returning it and never shopping at Gamestop again, in-store or online.

  172. I had ordered a monitor on sec 4th the product was being released on the 5th they took a payment of 158.99 on the 10th I called because it wasn’t even shipped yet I was told it was on back order and would be released on the 13th the 13th I received an email to update my payment information I called they told me to disregard it my payment already went threw on the 4th 14th same email on the 15th I got charged again still no order confirmation. I called and cancelled my order one payment went back into my account the next day. They said the next payment should be 3 to 5 days . Still no payment . I called today and was told there is no other payment I was charged once and they already refunded it. No u took two payments tried to take four. Every time I ask to speak to a supervisor I get put back in the cue and have to start all over after the 4th time trying to get this resolved I came here. This is unexceptionable . Someone there need to see what’s really going on I seen 5 other ppl complain about the same thing. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. Ripping ppl off a week before Christmas is low . I will never purchase anything from game stop again. And I have four gamers at my home. Never again. Crooks. Three email to GameStop and not one reply. Disgraceful

  173. Your company is pretty bad!
    I bought 5 PlayStation 5 ‘s and 5 X Box series X from local retailers around the Indianapolis area and sold them myself. I sold everyone in 8 days, at $800 cash each.

  174. I do not understand why returning an item takes three to five days to clear a debit card when it shows pending in my account. My money was taken immediately when I bought the item. That is completely unreasonable. Customer service is typically good but thank God I can get what I need from Amazon moving forward. That is completely not reasonable.

  175. You advertised on your website the release of Xbox Series X to selected stores with a link showing specific stores that would be receiving stock and instructions to arrive early to
    make your purchase. Woodfield Mall store in Schaumburg, IL was listed as a location. I waited until the store opened and was first and only person into the store when it opened. Was told they had none for sale. Why do you advertise when stores either do not receive stock or most likely employees acquire the consoles for themselves or for friends and family possibly to resell for profit? Feel scammed.

  176. Hello. I purchased a pre owned Nintendo Switch last week, since all the new ones are sold out. I talked to four Game Stop representatives, 3 on chat one on the phone, none of them could help me figure out how to connect it. The one on the phone claimed it was broken, so he sent me a FedEx label to return it. The console was delivered to you last Friday, Jan 14th. I have spoken to several people this week on my refund for this console, broken or not. I was told tonight that the refund has not been issued because it “went to the wrong department”. So, it was “escalated” with ticket 2099145. Now they tell me it takes 1-2 business days for them to receive it, and then 3-5 business days to get my refund. I also had to wait to wait until the games were delivered late, so I could get the return label for that, as they came in two separate packages. I am livid because 1) I couldn’t get help connecting the console, 2) I was told the console was broken, 3) I had to take the time and money for packaging materials to return these products, when none of this is my fault, and 4) The refund will be late because somebody “screwed up”. I would like confirmation that I will receive the refund for the console for $299, and the three games for about $100, and that I have not been scammed out of $400 by Game Stop. This is absolutely the last time I will ever buy from Game Stop, and I will make it known that Game Stop does not pride itself on work ethic, integrity, or honest.

  177. December 9th I order the Xbox One it’s supposed to be delivered on the 12th it wasn’t delivered I called FedEx I called GameStop and GameStop keeps giving me the run-around I got 4 emails telling me that My stuff is going to be returned and it still hasn’t been returned I got an email the other day telling me that my order was canceled and that my money should not have been taking off my card still no money or no product and I would like my money back ASAP

  178. Carlos. I spoke with him on the phone and was very unprofessional and ignorant. Not very friendly . Made me not want to go and buy any items at this location. 11219 Potranco Rd
    San Antonio, TX 78253
    United States

  179. I was talking to someone that was helpful and got disconnected and went back on and got a service representative again it was someone different and she was not helpful at all her name was candy she needs more training

  180. Your Game Stop store on McCarren/maeanne in Reno Nv. My 77 year old husband has been trying to get the PS5 our family gave him as birthday $$ two years ago. He found out this store was getting 15 in the next week. He went to the store to see how it was going to work to get one. The clerk said they had 3 stolen from their back room the night before. Really?? Then two days later told my husband he’d only have 11 for tge people in-line yesterday. Sounded shady to me but my husband went down at 7am to wait. He gave up as about 15 people were there. They said you h had to buy the bundle which now was over $800. I can’t believe how this operation works. I would like an answer to this debacle.

  181. I purchased my son a ps4 from GameStop for his birthday. Never gotten my package…and they are refusing to give me my money back! I’m a single mother of 4 I can’t afford to lose almost 400 dollars and I’m also facing eviction I’m very disappointed and most of all stressed and really hurt by this! But I’m going to keep fighting for my money

  182. Calling from FEDEX Ground. We picked up 99 boxes from Gamestop in Aberdeen SD to be delivered to Gamestop in Fargo ND and they refused the shipment. What are we supposed to do with these packages??

  183. I returned a cell phone because tmobile said it could not be activated even though your site said it was a tmobile phone. I then ordered another phone from you which is activated. After not seeing a credit for the phone I returned, I called and was told that no credit was issued because the phone was not the phone I bought. I said check the serial number and you will see it is the phone I received. I’ve called four times and was always told to file a dispute with mastercard. Each time I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told none were available and one would call me when available. No one has called me. You have my $279 and the phone I returned. I would appreciate a call at 617-529-xxxx. The case ticket number is 3198923.

  184. Hi my name is elisa rice we went to gamestop in midland texas 2 days ago to buy game for my daughter’s Nintendo switch we don’t have idea what to get what is the game look like we ask for assistance one of the manager help we told him what we need he game us a Lil chip saying that we can download game for that chip he gave us and it cost 151.54 $ since my daughter’s birthday and her 1st game we went ahead and pay for it . When we insert the card we find out that he gave us just the memory card and cannot download any game at all . Came back to store to atleast exchange it or get game they told me that there’s nothing we can do because it was an open item and the Lil plastic cover was already thrown away . I was xplaining it to the employee why is that manager will do such thing he knows we have no idea and we told him what we looking for and his still give us memory card that cost a lot of money please hear me out I have four kids and single mom for a long time I just wanna make my daughter happy for her bday this time please understand my situation thank you for your understanding inadvance the guy assisted us his name is Justin and beside his name there’s this number 557001 thank u .

  185. Bought a controller refurbished from you guys six months ago. Didn’t get a warranty on it. Had it connect for one day. Disconnected it self. Wouldn’t connect for 6 months. Had to leave town for work. Couldn’t or didn’t at the time have time to bring it in. Today on my first day back home. Brought it in and was told I could only get store credit back on it. So I couldn’t get my money back. Nor did I need or want store credit I don’t go there all the time. What ever company policy that is. You guys stole 40 bucks from me. There was no point in keeping the control as it won’t connect to my console or even recognize that I’m pressing the connection button on that controller. What ever it is , I can guarantee I’m not the only one that has had this problem. And it’s just not right. I’m a little upset. The people I was working with were very nice to me it wasn’t their fault. I have notified customer service. I’m from Amarillo Texas. Customer service has notified the regionals. I’m just letting you know what ever kind of policy this is. It isn’t and will never be good customer service.

  186. Been buying steam gifts cards for the past 4-5 months now, and they sold me one that is bad, was already used up and I need either my $100 card replacement or my refund. My phone number is #1(571) 505 3745. I wouldn’t let my hard earned money go down the drain, just rest assured

  187. Employee: 405354 Anthony and Employee: 670209 Cade of the Tyler Tx store,3842 State Hwy 64 W Tyler Tx 75704. Are the most rude and evil employees GameStop has ever hired! They steal from the company and from the customers that help support the company. I have been a member and loyal customer to the GameStop brand since 2013 and over the many years I have bare witness to some of GameStop former and present employees and many were just blue-collar criminal’s. But these two are by far the worst. I love GameStop and the positive effects the local company bring to the community. But these guys aren’t GameStop material. I have collected proof of these guys and many others robbing the company from day after day. Please feel free to contact me about this matter.

  188. I bought a game at GameStop in Baltimore and Golden Ring Mall it was grid Legend it was priced at six or three dollars that’s what I paid for it the representative said it was brand new I get home there are four other price stickers that are on top of each other I peeled off the $59 sticker on top of a new sticker price that’s at $29 and there’s two more stickers underneath with that one all the numbers match up on both price tag stickers and I feel like I got ripped off it was not even sealed I don’t know how y’all going to take care of this but if you not get back in touch with me I’m going to get in touch with the Consumer Protection Agency I have proof I had the receipt I have pictures of all three stickers with the same number so I would like for you to get back in touch with me before I take legal action thank you.

  189. I would like to share my Sunday experience for the last two Sundays after church I picked up a dinner the signature dinner at the Lem Turner and store Jacksonville Florida 32208 over $25 almost 2 weeks ago they gave me five breasts five Short thighs I was supposed to get two breasts two wings two drumsticks four short thighs the special Popeyes signature chicken I didn’t get it
    Today Sunday August 28, 2022 at 3:00 – 3:30 pm Eastern daylight Time picked up a dinner to get home to have one breath one drum stick and 10 thighs I returned the order and manage you told me she can not f fix it because I didn’t have a receipt I told her to not give me a receipt just gave me back cash and where would I get 10 short thighs from, it’s 9:30 I’ve been on the telephone on hold for 31 minutes listening to your employees talk back and forth no one came back to the phone I only live a short distance she asked me for a receipt again I told her the young lady didn’t get me a receipt she didn’t have the proper change so she gave me the change in dollars without a receipt didn’t think anything of it after finishing my family business and returning the boxer thighs again because I didn’t have a receipt because I didn’t bring back the side orders because I did she did not even look in the bag of the box sitting in the drive-thru with all of it all of those things and I said to the manager if you would have fixed the order correct I would not be here she refused to refund me she talking to someone on her cell phone would not make it good with a line of people waiting for French fries in cars parked everywhere sitting in the line 30 minutes here it is 10:15 p.m. she refused to replace give me my money back I’m really disappointed with this experience fixing my order correctly the first time I would not be here and you didn’t give me my receipt and correct change I’m really disappointed every trip is a bad trip no customer satisfaction

  190. I was told my granddaughter s yearly subscription would be around $11.00 but I was charged $21.71. Please refund the difference

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