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Corporate Mailing Address
P.O. BOX 2006
Birmingham, AL
Company Contact
Claude Nielsen
Chairman of the Board
Phone Number
(205) 841-2653
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Coca Cola Corporate Office Address.

Coca Cola’s Corporate Office address is:

  • The Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc.
  • One Coca-Cola Plaza
  • Atlanta GA 30313.

The corporate phone number is: 1-404-676-2121.

Coca Cola Customer Service Phone Number.

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Coca Cola’s customer service phone number is: 1-800-438-2653.

You can also contact Coca Cola via their Contact Us form, at:

Coca Cola CEO Email.

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Coca Cola’s CEO is Mr James Quincey

Coca Cola’s CEO email address is: [email protected]

Corporate Switchboard Phone Number: 1-404-676-2121.

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  1. Bought 2 12 pks for family get-together two wks. ago. Today I went down to vacuum and load the refrig. The floor was wet under the cartons. After I got the cans out of the soggy cardboards carton to clean the cans up – discovered that 4 cans in one carton and 6 in the other had tiny hole barely visible in the top half of the cans. Now I will have to hire carpet cleaners to clean the carpeting after the mess of cleaning all the cans and putting them on/in trays just to make sure I got all the bad cans and no more leaking. Maybe your bottling/processing had a problem when filling? Just to let you know.

  2. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  3. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  4. My family will no longer being purchasing your products because of your racism toward white people. My families happen to be very very diverse. We will no longer purchase , coke, Vitaminwater, simply juices,Fresca bargs and fairlife.
    No coke, Pepsi is what we will purchase.
    Bye bye Coca Cola for us

  5. Due to your racist policies and employee training my family and I will no longer purchase any of your products.

  6. I will not buy your products until you stand up for voting rights in Georgia, as well, as other states, who want to End Democracy

  7. Until the CocaCola corporation makes a strong public statement condemning voter suppression legislation in GA, as well as ceases supporting legislators and politicians who support such efforts, I will be boycotting all Cocacola products. I have also stopped getting my regular lunch at Carl’s Jr. where they serve your products, and am now getting my lunches where Pepsi products are served.

  8. Your recent statement on the voters law just passed was totally weak! Please be the leader you were and take a stand for the people who buy your products across this great country. Speak up or I switch to another beverage

  9. I will no longer buy from any company that is affiliated with your company, Until you support American’s right to vote in a free and fair election. What is going on in States is wrong and anti American! You should put your corporate power behind the American people, not a bunch of selfish right wing politicians.

  10. Bravo to standing up to the Bad Vote Bill in Georgia!!!
    How bad is that Bill?
    They won’t even let a kindhearted person give a bottle of Coke to a tired thirty old lady waiting in the hot sun hours to vote!
    Now that is bad!😩

    1. It’s not “bad,” it’s dead wrong. A “kindhearted” person can hand out food and water to voters standing in line in Georgia, but not if that person is a political advocate or associated with a political organization.

  11. You make soda. Stop trying to control social construct in this country. Stop trying to be political. You will lose money. NO Coke products ever in this house!! O and btw, I am white. And unapologetic.

  12. Have been buying coke products for 30 years but if you can’t keep out of politics I will not be buying anymore of your products..Please stick to making your product.

  13. 75 million people in the United States think the New Georgia voting law is good. Coke needs to make coke and stay out of politics. If you think Coke can survive on only one half of the population you are wrong.

    1. Jack, I completely agree with you. I drink Coke every day..but no more. I refuse to use coke products or any products made by Coke. They are so ignorant to make statements based on a lie.. I hope 75 million people agree with us. Pepsi, drink of the Carolinas, willl be my choice in the future. Helen Oleyar

  14. I do not support coke’s woke approach to Georgia’s voting reform. Will now buy Pepsi products and sell all coke stock Monday when the markets open.

  15. The Democrat Party gave us Jim Crow laws, as well as slavery and segregation, and now anti-white. The voter fraud perpetrated in Georgia might be reduced by this bill, which you failed to read. US Constitution gives state legislatures all power over elections, not the federal government. Concerned about supremacy? Quit your CEO job and give it to someone black or brown. It’s all about race, isn’t it?

  16. I think it is disgusting that Coca-Cola has anything to do with politics and furthermore how come you asked for Picture ID to get into your meetings but you don’t think you need a picture ID for voting and don’t you think it’s kind of racist to say that Black people aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get an ID or driver’s license you are disgusting and I will never buy your product again nor will my family or friends

  17. I will no longer purchase coke products (and will encourage friends and family to do same) because of your stance on the voting bill in Georgia, which you haven’t even read. Stand up to these groups who want to destroy this country and stay out of politics!

  18. I can’t believe how you are responding to Georgia voting. I am not buying your products because you are a coward giving into “woke!!!!!

  19. I’m extremely disappointed that you have allowed the Black Ministers to blackmail you. How dare you let them push you around. As long as you allow this, I will stop my consumption of coke. I cannot see where the new law does anything by improve voting. They want the opportunity to cheat. You must be a despicable Democrat to criticize fairness.

  20. I have been a Coke fan forever. However, that is changing because you are too stupid to read & comprehend the entire GA voting bill! Go back to Britain!

  21. I cannot believe that you are moving your business out of Georgia because of the law requiring voter ID. How is proving who you are racist? It’s not and more importantly it is not your place to play politics. You make soft drinks which I have consumed my entire life but will not now based on principal.

  22. Didn’t you read the Georgia voting rules. I don’t believe COCA COLA should be involved in Politics! I have been drinking Diet Coke along time. Never again. I’ll miss it. So It’s Diet Pepsi always. They aren’t Political. My friends are upset also upset. I’m sure citizens in Georgia are upset even though your headquarters is there. Seems you like China more than Georgia.

  23. As a result of your stance on the Georgia voting law and on your stance on being less white my family will never buy anything that coca-cola is connected with

  24. I’ve drank my last coca cola unless you let me know 1 good reason to be against the new ga voting law!!!

  25. You will be reeling from the feeling. Your woke idea in Texas election will cause me to switch to Pepsi. We are also aware of all your products. Go Woke with Coke and get broke. What a feeling to have a Pepsi!

  26. Kevin Perry is a little Wimp, caving in to peer pressure. I applaud Georgia for saying Coke is taking a step backwards.” I personally loved coke, Not any more I will switch to PEPSI. Less sugar and does not cave in to peer pressure.

  27. Who are you to get involved in politics? You are a cowardly institution and keep showing your true colors. I will devote myself to making sure as many people as possible stop buying your products. The Democrats quant it to be easy to cheat when voting and you’re helping them. Who doesn’t have an ID in this country…you need it for just about everything and especially vie voting . Coca Cola who’d think it would be communist!

    1. Where do you learn these idiotic ideas? You’re just another white woman who wants to DECIDE WHO GETS TO VOTE! My UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION doesn’t allow you to do that! I learned in grade school: ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE. But then, I didn’t grow up in the South, with an inbred racist attitude.

  28. Congratulations, as an exclusive Coca-Cola drinker, your decision to be a woke Corp backing MLB decision on Georgia’s Voting decision , I am now a Non Coca-Cola drinker. Keep up with stupid decisions.

  29. Should not have gotten into politics. I am no longer purchasing coke products. I know as one customer it does not matter much. Sad being a person raised in coke. Goodbye.

  30. SO you require and ID to attend your shareholders meeting but don’t think we need one to vote in free and fail elections???
    please tell us EXACTLY what you have against the law, not the media talking points
    Come on COKE be better

  31. After your CEO, Mr. Quincey, denounced Georgia’s new voting integrity bill I told my wife to stop purchasing Coca Cola products and further instructed my financial adviser to sell my Coca Cola stock. Stupid, stupid move by your CEO. Advice – stick to your knitting; stay out of politics!

  32. We on Facebook are boycotting all your products until you read the Georgia legislation! Get out of politics! The legislation is more fair than the voting rights in Biden’s home state! You are ill informed and racist. Democrats wrote the Jim Crow laws! Research it

  33. What a shame such an iconic American brand is so cowardly and spineless. Perhaps you should have read the new GA voting law before condemning it. Coca Cola should stick to what it does best – making soft drinks – and stay out of politics. Take a lesson from Hyatt and stand your ground serving ALL Americans. Thank you for helping me make healthier choices. My family and I will be drinking non-Coke water and iced tea products. We can no longer support a brand that hates America and lacks strength of character.

  34. I’ve been voting for 50+ years and have always had to show an ID. I’m all for mail in ballets but with proof of ID. Stay out of sports. I’m done with Coke products. NJ and NY require IDs for mail ins. One cannot solicit within 150 feet of a Polling place. They opened early voting to 17 days and from 7AM to 7PM.

  35. I am very disappointed in Coca-Cola in their statements about the Georgia voting law. I am a dedicated Coke drinker but will not be buying your products if you take this any further. I am an independent voter and believe that American companies should be apolitical. I am a very disappointed consumer.

  36. I have enjoyed your product since I was a child. You were just like Apple Pie and baseball, but you actually decided to join the MLB with this nonsense of the Ga election law boycott. Your decision to join politics has guaranteed that I am now a Pepsi guy. Oh, and by the way, I have influence on many young people in a private school setting. I will convince them that you are not for America simply because it is true.

  37. Why can’t you just make your products and stay out of politics. No one asked for your opinion. You have forced me to stop drinking coke products that I have purchased my entire life. I am 62 years old and now a Pepsi drinker. Hope you learn your lesson but I doubt you have.

  38. Why can’t you stay out of politics and just make your product? No one asked your opinion. You have forced me to stop buying your product and support your competition. Maybe you will learn a valuable lesson from this but I doubt it.

  39. I’m hoping your comments on Georgia are compelled speech and take the necessary steps to expose that organization. The truth will set you free.

  40. Because of your decision to not want “fair and honest elections in Georgia I will not be buying your products,
    and my family of relatives will not be buying your products either. That is about 60 people.
    After talking with the people in my City, Canyon Lake there also are about 100 more people who will not be
    buying your product. We will continue to talk to as many people as we can and spread the word!!
    Don’t need you.

  41. I am no longer buying any coke products becasue of you open , liberal views. I am organizing a local bocot in my community.

  42. Coke a Cola has lost me as a customer. I am now a Pepsi drinker as a result of this phony political position it has taken. I will not buy Coke not any of its other products. You should have kept to producing a product not taking up a phony cause for the sake of the Cancel Culture. I hope Coke suffers a great exodus of their products. Never again Coke after having been a lifelong consumer of your product. Your Ececutive staff should all be fired with this stupid decision. Study the facts and you’ll find how ignorant you are. Please don’t communicate with me because I have had it with Coke.

  43. I will no longer purchase your product because I am white, your policy is racist not me. I also disagree with you on you supporting the all star game being moved. You must understand you need a ID to purchase a hunting or fishing license so why not to vote. It’s corporate BS like this that is hurting America. PS wasn’t coke invented by a soldier who fought for the south who was in favor of slavery. Wow you are racist!

  44. Your political activism is offensive and I will never buy any Coca cola products again. Pepsi cola here I come.

  45. Hi my name is umair live in Pakistan i am really loving and user your product’s my wish worked with your company i have done MBA i am very hardworking person please if you do some for me any kind ho job.
    Your thankfully !

  46. I’m a lifelong Diet Coke consumer. Probably a little addicted to it. All that is about to change. I will no longer consume or purchase any of your products. Your boycott of Georgia over the new voting law is reprehensible. You were so misguided and happy to cave to the woke crowd. Goodbye Coke. Hello Pepsi!

  47. Didn’t anyone notice that when Mitch McConnell denounced Coke and Delta that he had a can of Diet Coke on his desk?? As usual, he speaks with a forked tongue. I’m not in Georgia, I’m not black but I do stand for democracy.

  48. So u think it’s ok to vote if you are not a citizen? Send ballots for other people? Vote multiple times? An informed electorate should vote, not people dragged to the polls! Voting is such a privilege and should be looked at it as such. No more coke products including Minute Maid for me. Sooo disappointed in you!

  49. How about you just make your product and stay out of politics!! Stop bullying Georgia! Americans are sick of this! It is foolish of you as a corporation to cater to one political party’s attempt to influence a state’s laws. Guess you forgot…Republicans and conservatives drink coke too. Or they did… Pepsi will be getting a big boost from your ridiculous attempt to join the “woke” culture.

  50. Be less white is actually a racist statement. The content of your character has nothing to do with your skin color. You are not woke. Stay out of politics, you are clueless

  51. Thanks to Coca Cola’s comments on new Georgia voting law I’m getting healthier. I knew coke was not so good for me but i drank it anyway, but now due to me boycotting coke I will be healthier.

  52. dear ceo of coke my friends and i are very offended that you are trying to interfer with my private right to vote i consider this a violation of the constitution and my friends and i will be switching to pepsi products siccerly tom chastain

  53. Goodbye Coke, hello Pepsi or another soft drink that doesn’t try to force their political views on their customers. You made a poor decision to support the screwing over the people of Georgia. I’ll come back as a customer when reasonable people again run Coca-Cola.

  54. Sports and politics should not be mixed. It should strictly be entertainment . By taking this position you have lost me as a consumer.

  55. Hey Coke, why don’t you go back to sleep, sell your over rated over sweetened diabetic causing soda, and stay the hell out of politics !!

  56. I am thankful to live in a state with voter ID laws. All Americans of every race deserve voter integrity. I am changing from coke to another cola because of your efforts to punish Georgia.

  57. I have a 70 year old photo of my husband holding up a Coke. He is in his Roy Rodgers outfit & his sister is in a poodle skirt & cat eye glasses. It’s an original print 5×7. Made in Dallas, Tx. It would look great on a wall or shelf . My husband is 77 years old. I am willing to sale it, not for alot. Thanks, Linda K. Anderson

  58. You don’t want to play by the Constitution and voting rights? You’re kaput! Bye all Coke products. There’s way more of us than you.

  59. It has been over a week now since I had any of your products because of your company entering poltics. I feel better – thanks, cutting out 6 cokes a day probably wasn’t a good healthy choice anyway. Hope that there are others doing what I am

  60. You and other corporations should stay out of politics unless you are willing to lose 75 million customers. I will no longer buy any Coke products. Are you willing to lose 75 million consumers? Maybe the board should decide?

  61. Mr. James Quincey: I feel your comments regarding Georgia SB 202 represent a poor understanding of that legislation. As a result, I will avoid purchasing Coca Cola products in the future.

  62. Once again the woke executives stuck there foot into something they were better off staying out of. Why don’t you donate money to Stacy A and buy a woke-coke you would be better off than penalizing all the hard working Georgians. Good riddance.

  63. I disagree with your decision to move the all-star game to Denver. I will no longer buy coca-cola products.

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