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Company Website
PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
Corporate Address
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
Phone Number
(858) 453-7845
Fax Number
(858) 784-3489
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11 thoughts to “Petco Headquarters”

  1. I placed a 1st time order online for cat food the order was confirmed, the money was taken out of my account when I checked my email the order number was not there never got a email telling me purchase was ready when I call about it I am told the order never was placed and told well maybe it didn’t go thru because of lack of funds Seriously!! then she says I will get a refund in my bank account 5-7 days Well the company sure took the money out right away but I have to wait for a mistake on your part and not one I am sorry this happened I had a coupon to use that has expired I will never order online from Petco again and may have to shop elsewhere

  2. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  3. I want to sent a complaint to the appropiate HQ department. Is the corporate office mail address listed here the correct masil address to post my complaint to? Thank you.

  4. I ordered cat bed and scratching post over two weeks ago and received an email will delivered by 12/19. When I called the Petco 877-738-6742 that was listed on my confirmation number I was told this order number was not valid. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my email with tracking information. I placed this using a Petco gift card. I did not keep the gift card because there was no money let on it. I was told management would call be within 24 hours. This is unacceptable. Please contact me either email or 303.947 xxxx. I have spent a lot of money on products including Petco Foundation donations.

  5. Petco is full of it. I bought a dog crate but couldn’t use it. I charged it on my credit card but could not find the receipt. They refused to give me a refund and could not give me store credit because their system was down. Like this was my fault. They have lost my business for good.

  6. Pet o! Blackstone & Ashland avenues! Store is always out of shopping carts! Wanted to get cat litter and 4 cases of cat food! Can’t carry all this so I went to PetSmart instead! Won’t be going back!

  7. False information on their website to say something can be delivered same day if ordered by 2pm only to finalize the order to find its going to ship. So NOT same day delivery smh so much for truth in advertising

  8. I purchased an Aqueon 10 gal aquarium kit May 15, 2021. The light switch broke off on top hood after using less than 2 months. Took top to local Petco in St. Lucie West, Port Saint Lucie, FL. to see if they would make it right with me. Young lady at register was very kind, but when she asked mgr. how to handle situation, mgr. just told her to get new top from store shelf to sell to me, offered no credit at all, since she said my hood was part of kit & had no separate skew #. The hood cost more than I had paid for the entire kit – seriously!? The mgr. did not even make any conversation with me, but put the entire matter on the cashier. I left & went to Walmart where I purchased a LED top for $23. Not happy Petco wasn’t more helpful, have fish, cats, & a new parakeet I just purchased there with cage & all necessities, have spent a lot of money there over the years.

  9. location -veyangoda coop filing station.kerosene oil pump has been out of order for the past two months.please take action to rectify this problem. thank you.

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