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PETCO Animal Supplies Stores, Inc.
Corporate Address
9125 Rehco Rd.
San Diego, CA
Phone Number
(858) 453-7845
Fax Number
(858) 784-3489
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22 Reviews and Complaints for Petco Headquarters

  1. Case #03766209 opened 3/27/22. Had dog groomed 3/23, petco app never updated for grooming, and then lost all tracking of prior nutrition purchases. Called several times and got nothing but run around. Told had to wait 24 to 48 hours for updates to occur then told would have to wait 10 days. When ticket was opened technician stated problems would be resolved in 24 to 48 hours. No respinse since 3/30 on status. Total joke!! No experts there. Vital care plan is a ripoff. Grooming costs, have increased faster than inflation rate over past 6 months. All groomers at local store have resigned. Contacting consumer protection and attorneys general office in my state. Disputing all future vital care charges until issues are resolved. Thank goodness my plan expires in August. Have turned off auto renewal feature in the app. Last but not least “edit” feature in petco app rarely works. Have had to get customer service to fix contact number and dog breed multiple times because edit feature didn’t work. Poorly constructed system and customer service lacks the expertise needed to resolve issues.

  2. Went to get my dog groomed at arcadia crossing those girls are horrible did a really bad job on my dog they didn’t cut her toenails her hair is totally uneven I’ll never go there again want my money back .

  3. I am very sad sad I can not never afford to buy my dog food
    Because its too expensive as well the toys and medication

    Hopelly one day I can buy my dog something from this store my dog has an estimate of life 10 years this his 5 year and I still can’t afford to buy him anything from this store my doggy cries

  4. I am very sad sad I can not never afford to buy my dog food
    Because its too expensive as well the toys and medication

    Hopelly one day I can buy my dog something from this store my dog has an estimate of life 10 years this his 5 year and I still can’t afford to buy him anything from this store my doggy cries

    Very sad people is like that with animals
    Cats by ocean suffering
    Shelters made for them can’t and won’t help these cats

  5. I had purchased a Halti harness for our puppy based on your stores recomendation. The Puppy did not do well with it and fought the Harnees, so we brought it back. We were told the store was not excepting returns at that time and to hang onto it for a full refund as we then purchesd a new EZ walk harness. I called the store several times to be told ech time they were not taking returns. Today i wasw told this was to long ago and and could only recieve a store credit. the resolution would have been to honor what the customer was told and give the refund

  6. I am an angry customer. Stylist Bry S from Huntersville, NC PETCO called me from my work in my rush hours, between my meetings to push my grooming appointment earlier than originally scheduled time. I was guaranteed if I come earlier then original schedule time I would be all right. I went there 1 hour early (from the original scheduled time) with my dog in my car and I was informed that I lost my original spot and . I was also 30 min late for my somewhat early scheduled appointment. All I understood was this stylist cares about her tips more than her customer satisfaction.This kind of employees are shame on PETCO!

  7. For the second time I drove from home to be there for an 8am grooming appointment. This morning I was up at 7 am to be at the 8am appointment at the Meridian, ID location for the 2nd time. The person who was there so, “Oh I guess you didn’t get my message!” I was driving and it’s against the law to be on your cell phone in Idaho!! So was rude and told me that my groomer had called in sick and there was no other appointments open until next Wednesday. I told her I had just driven 30 minutes from Nampa. She looked at me and said, “So? There’s nothing I can do about it!” I was furious. When I asked her for the name of the CEO for Petco she said she didn’t know who that was. Oh, come on. You work for PETCO and you don’t know who your CEO is? I don’t buy it. I’ve spent a lot of money at PETCO since we have a dog and 2 cats. I’ll never cross the doors of a PETCO again!!! It took 2 seconds to Google his name, but do you think there is any contact information for this guy? Heck no! I want someone to contact me and tell me how I can get a letter directly to him. I don’t play games with the peons in between!!

  8. Absolute worse customer service!! After being a Petco costumer for years,I will be going to for all of my repeat deliveries now!! Would be happy to discuss further since I have screen shots of my communication with Reprentative and then told on phone (3 days after order) that prescription dog food is on back order!

  9. Honestly I walked in around 5 pm and went to look at the reptiles, pet are treated poor didn’t have the right lighting and we’re getting sick, there was a lot a Chamaeleon tank that had one alive and one dead. The dead one had been there for a minute because the crickets had began to eat it. Honestly can’t believe I spent any money at this place.

  10. I filled a complaint and have a case #02714579 I called 5 times in the last 2 weeks in regards to this matter,one of you district manager promised to call me back,at to this time no calls,I will like to talk to upper management asap.Thanks

  11. location -veyangoda coop filing station.kerosene oil pump has been out of order for the past two months.please take action to rectify this problem. thank you.

  12. I purchased an Aqueon 10 gal aquarium kit May 15, 2021. The light switch broke off on top hood after using less than 2 months. Took top to local Petco in St. Lucie West, Port Saint Lucie, FL. to see if they would make it right with me. Young lady at register was very kind, but when she asked mgr. how to handle situation, mgr. just told her to get new top from store shelf to sell to me, offered no credit at all, since she said my hood was part of kit & had no separate skew #. The hood cost more than I had paid for the entire kit – seriously!? The mgr. did not even make any conversation with me, but put the entire matter on the cashier. I left & went to Walmart where I purchased a LED top for $23. Not happy Petco wasn’t more helpful, have fish, cats, & a new parakeet I just purchased there with cage & all necessities, have spent a lot of money there over the years.

  13. False information on their website to say something can be delivered same day if ordered by 2pm only to finalize the order to find its going to ship. So NOT same day delivery smh so much for truth in advertising

  14. Pet o! Blackstone & Ashland avenues! Store is always out of shopping carts! Wanted to get cat litter and 4 cases of cat food! Can’t carry all this so I went to PetSmart instead! Won’t be going back!

  15. Petco is full of it. I bought a dog crate but couldn’t use it. I charged it on my credit card but could not find the receipt. They refused to give me a refund and could not give me store credit because their system was down. Like this was my fault. They have lost my business for good.

  16. I ordered cat bed and scratching post over two weeks ago and received an email will delivered by 12/19. When I called the Petco 877-738-6742 that was listed on my confirmation number I was told this order number was not valid. Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted my email with tracking information. I placed this using a Petco gift card. I did not keep the gift card because there was no money let on it. I was told management would call be within 24 hours. This is unacceptable. Please contact me either email or 303.947 xxxx. I have spent a lot of money on products including Petco Foundation donations.

  17. I want to sent a complaint to the appropiate HQ department. Is the corporate office mail address listed here the correct masil address to post my complaint to? Thank you.

  18. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

    1. Yeah me too! I won’t be going to petco anymore!I’m shopping at PetSmart instead!

  19. I placed a 1st time order online for cat food the order was confirmed, the money was taken out of my account when I checked my email the order number was not there never got a email telling me purchase was ready when I call about it I am told the order never was placed and told well maybe it didn’t go thru because of lack of funds Seriously!! then she says I will get a refund in my bank account 5-7 days Well the company sure took the money out right away but I have to wait for a mistake on your part and not one I am sorry this happened I had a coupon to use that has expired I will never order online from Petco again and may have to shop elsewhere

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