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        1. I am writing this comment to bring your notice that I am looking out for contact details and registered office address in india on urgent basis.

      1. Same has happened to me they changed all emails associated to my Facebook account and now I have no way of getting in.

      2. Same here. I have all the contact info from the person/person’s responsible. They hacked an old friends page and used their id picture into getting me too with the same tricks. Knew I shouldn’t but did, now they have effected my business by taking over my page that had major companies follow. Now when companies or future partners google my Facebook they will get a non updated page that’s been hacked and Facebook/ mark has done nothing. DESPITE multiple people reporting the page as a scam. No wonder so many people have more than two or three accounts! They all eventually get hacked and Facebook does nothing but “monitor” what’s going on and not giving two craps. I even had to make a bs page to look at what they are doing. They have a picture of my id and trying to scam more people but Facebook is ok and encourages that since they do absolutely nothing

    1. Someone change my number and my name now I don’t have access to my account again please I need to get my account back

      1. Well I have had Facebook for years and because stupid me allowed someone to use my phone and they go into my living room where onced again stupid me forgotten about my debit card laying on my table and this girl pulled up my Facebook because I stay logged in and she used my account with my debit card and she sent herself my last 250.00 and I report it to Facebook as fraudulent activity and I’m told nothing can be done about the matter because when it goes out of my account it went straight into hers for which I’m not settling for by far they also decided to suspend my payment account everything is being pointed at me for no reason and Facebook refuses to do anything regarding my money the way I see it I’d they allow fraud to be committed but im giving them 24 hours to get it fixed or im filing a lawsuit I’ve done spoken to a lawyer.

    2. I can not get back on my facebook account I have packages on market place I have recieved I need the tracking numbers please

    3. I had my art page for about 6years, it got hacked and disabled for over 3weeks and I kept getting automated replies to my emails to support.
      A colleague at work recommended @stedcodes1 on Instagram. He’s a programmer and a Greyhat hacker. Recommending him because he’s fast and reliable.

    4. A russian man need help to move out from Togo 12kg of gold bars. Please send an email to ousmane3harxxxxx @gmail.com with your phone number if you can assist us.

    5. Facebook needs to be taken to court for the way it treats the Zulu and other african cultures . You cannot keep on demonizing Zulu. People on Facebook . It is not nudity , it’s our culture . You keep shutting down bBlack people accounts based on their cultures . Your community standards as Facebook is based on white community excluding th Zulu culture which includes the Zulu Read dance . How do we cover 1 million virgins on a picture . You are demonizing our beautiful culture and penalizing people for just being themselves and this must be challenged

  1. my feedback is this, Facebook is very unsafe, because someone hacked my account from another country and now he has my account in his name with all my kids and family and friends on a site that I created changed my password got my location where me and my wife and kids live and Facebook is not helping me in no kind of way to recover it they want to send a text to a phone that I set the Facebook account up with, a number that I know longer have if people privacy is being violated by people invading them whenever they want to by hacking into somebody account on Facebook and their personal information Facebook should be held responsible for that and will take every step there is towards seeing that done.

    1. Call the headquarters phone number +1-8OO-648_xxxx. The Facebook Customer Service email address for disabled account is: [email protected]. The average reply time is 72 hours. To submit an appeal for a disabled account, visit:

      1. I have been up all night working on my nonprofit business and creating a Facebook page. However, it is kind of difficult to implement and create a Business Facebook page. I am angry, upset, and disturbed. I was just working on my Business Facebook page when some mentally retarded person told me I was in someone else’s account, and she or he told me to send them pictures of me. This is harassment, and I know why I am being harassed, but I am LMAO. I had to try sending in pictures five times and two different sizes. Facebook link kept saying the pictures are too small. A 5X7 is not small. I sent in a 5×7 twice, and an 11×14 It is clear to me that this person is a crazy NUT. He or she disconnected me because he or she has previously been stocking my Facebook page and do not like who I voted for in the January 2021 election, and now the NUT has disconnected me for no reason.

        After I sent the pictures this message appeared. I have not been on Facebook since January “We Received Your Information If we still find that your account didn’t follow our Community Standards, it will remain disabled.” We are always looking out for the security of people on Facebook, so until then you cannot use your account.

        However, I am still LMAO. I need someone from the corporate office to give me a call or email me at nichols.xxxxx @outlook.com because I have not posted on Facebook since January 2021 and some NUT disconnected me because he or she has nothing better to do but harass people. Quest what is you are mad about who I voted for that is your business. Blue!


        1. Wow…and did you really say “mentally retarded”. You don’t need to tell us what color you voted for.

      2. Dear Sir/Madam

        I am the victim of criminal activity that is being perpetrated on your platform. A video of me engaged in a therapeutic act, due to a recent prostate surgery, was intercepted, uploaded to a fake google account, and is now being illegally shared on Facebook. The video is being shared from fake pages created in my name. Please act to discontinue this activity, and reveal the URL AND IP addresses of those engaged in this. Included in this email are screenshots of 1) a link to my iCloud of the video being shared. This video from my iCloud is faded out but the one being shared is the original, 2)my driver’s license with my picture, 3) the fake profiles. I’d be most appreciative if you take steps to remedy this problem, and a screenshot of my personal profile page. This email will also be copied to my attorney. Thank you.


        I could not include the screenshots but I’ve emailed them to
        Zuck @fb.com

      3. APPEALS PROCESS OS A JOKE, I SENT PRROF OF ge/68yrs witjin minutes of you claiming I am not old enough after having FB acct over 10yrs. That was 11.inths you still ignore all my messages & appeals, chsnged my passwd & email Ddress as well

    2. I think there should be a class action suit brought there is no management of this site but they make money hand over fist and the ceo was corrupt himself and stole the idea from a fellow student. No wonder they don’t care and there’s no accountability on there part. They have no problem shutting people out of their accounts where they can’t access their money I’ve read a multitude of reports where people are scammed blocked or suspended for no valid reason while others where there is ample reason such as prejudicial comments harassment defamation and so on go unsanctioned. Time for that to change maybe when they start loosing revenue they’ll care I’m sure another person can come up with a more improved site. Shouldn’t take much.

      1. I do to I feel totally violated there more or less giving the hackers the go ahead to ruin our lives and send us to the poor house

    3. Very same thing happened to me..and the person or whoever that took over my account tries to solicit money from my friends and family pretending they are me. In addtion, the post very inapptopriate pictures on my account!

  2. They send me a code to change my password i enter password it won’t accept it been trying forever to log in but won’t let me & it won’t let me put in my new phone number I have complained many times with no response

    1. open an investigation with the Facebook team in Morocco, with the approach of bias with the Moroccan intelligence services to suppress freedom of opinion, and this matter does not apply to me alone, but to a number of many human rights activists who expose violations of children’s and women’s rights in particular and human rights in general and they suppress freedom of expression by exposing the dictatorship regime in Morocco, headed by the King of Morocco.

      I did not post anything that is against the Facebook policy or Community Standards, this is completely wrong and I hope you will investigate the reported complaint that has been reported to you against me.

      I fully believe Facebook is supporting free speech, freedom of press and against any form of human rights and child abuses committed by the Moroccan monarchy dictatorship regime and other Arab dictatorship regimes.

      1. This is what I’m experiencing now Facebook has blocked me wrongfully for a post they claim go aginst Facebook standards yet I see similar comments and these people are not blocked this has happened to me several times and now I feel like I’m being harrassed

        1. Me, too. I am a realtor and I have been blocked on marketplace because I advertised a home on Gray FOX run and they said I was selling an animal. FIVE weeks!! This is my INCOME! I got it back for 19 days and now I am blocked again. Said they would respond in 7 days on my appeal. TODAY IS DAY 14

  3. You guys don’t have a Facebook lottery right because someone contacted me about winning a Facebook lottery of 500,000,00 dollars please get back to me asap thank you Mr Ronald R Williams

    1. Dear Ronald. Facebook doesn’t operate a “Facebook Lottery.” The email or message you received is a scam. Spammers and scammers sometimes create fake emails or posts that look like they are officially from Facebook.
      If an email or a Facebook post looks strange, don’t click on the links in it and do not open any attachments, and please report it to Facebook.
      If you received an email, please forward it to: [email protected].
      If you have received a Facebook message, then report it by blocking the sender.

  4. I have attempted to call 3 tech companies with a business idea, all three companies fail to have an option to speak with a live person . The reason I was calling is to discuss the fact that the tech world continues to fail to include “all people”. My ideas was to tap on that market “ the forgotten one”

  5. there is a company named luckystore selling on facebook .Ordered from them two times and both times they have sent me the wrong thing. They refuse to send me what I ordered.I hope facebook will not let them sell on facebook

  6. I have a problem in facebook..
    One man post various naked pic and video which is my wife..
    That I’d name is shahirun nesa rima..
    Please help me by deleting this id from fb..

    1. I get hundreds of naked women on my page . My girlfriend accidentally posted a picture where you cannot even see a nipple. The fb creeps blocked me for 30 days yet the and others on my page get by with it. Fb is corrupt . PASTOR DALE

  7. My password was changed, and I am now unable to change/update my password or secure my account. The system says it is sending a 10 digit code to my email address. The email address is correct, but nothing has been received after numerous attempts. I tried calling Facebook Corporate, but the only thing I got was recordings. Apparently, they don’t want to actually talk to users who have problems with their system when it is not working correctly. If anyone has a solution, I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

  8. 2 in a half month’s ago i lost my account to a hacker from Georgia ATLANTA THEN NIGERIA SOMEBODY in face book tell me they got my account good they are telling me i have to pay $100.00 to secured my account no it’s free why do i have to pay ?????????? I LOST OVER 1300 HUNDRED FRIEND’S BUT I KEEP GETTING ON MY E-MAIL THEY ARE TRYING TO CONTACTED ME AN I CAN’T WITH THEM I DON’T HAVE THEY E-MAIL SO CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

  9. My account has been locked and I have been unable to unlock it. The system says it is going to send a 6 digit code to my email address, but I never received one. I sent an email to the disabled accounts address 5 days ago, and have not heard from them either. Apparently, FaceBook does not want to provide any customer service to it’s users.

    1. After you complete a security check, you will have to wait 24 hours to log into your Facebook account.
      Also, check your spam folder and other email accounts that the facebook code may have been sent to. If you have not received the code, click on ‘Didn’t receive a code?’ to re-send it.
      If you no longer have access to the email address and phone number you once added to your profile, Facebook allows you to specify a new email address, which Facebook will use to contact you about recovering your account.

      To start this process, click the link on ‘No longer have access to these? in the bottom left side of the reset password page to start the recovery. Facebook will ask you for a new email address or phone number. Enter a new email and click Continue to proceed.

      1. Security check my aunt fanny. Your company failed to close all fake accounts on me. My ID was used and account hacked when Ihad been warning you many times. By allowing them AFTER you had been made aware. Including letters. I will and anyone else that wants to join, admin if you had done what your own TOS you could have stopped them from hacking, impersonation, fraud and and more over ID theft, start a class action suit.

        You knew it. And while you had to block the accounts and all the alts. I would not now being facing severe monies loss.

        So at this point yes….you knew and allowed it- stuff the TOS. TOS doesnt supersede Federal Law. No excuse. 30 plus alts friends and my self. No judge in the world is going to let that slide.

      2. I would like to know why admin only responds to certain people. You locked me out of my account because somebody complain and there is nothing wrong with my account. You asked me to do a damn video to prove I am real which I did. After I submitted the video you sent me a message saying oh sorry we have no people working so we probably won’t get to this to verify it anyway so you’re just out of luck start over. Seriously? You locked me out because someone is harassing me and I have no idea who it is and you don’t even bother to check to see if I have broken any rules which I have not. You don’t provide a phone number for anybody to get help when they’re locked out of their account by you over some fake garbage but somebody complained about because they think it’s a fake account and guess what I’m not fake.

  10. I am disgusted with this limiting algorthym for seeing our friends. PLEASE stop limiting WHO & HOW many we we will be able to see daily. The reason we are on FB is to visit our friends freely daily.

  11. I have seen some posts that contain very vulgar things. I have reported these posts and you all came back and said its NOT against your STANDARDS… however in reading your standards it clearly states that such content or implied acts are all not allowed.. You just keep saying to block these people and I will but still that doesn’t do anything… We enjoy seeing good things on FB, families, vacations and offering support to our friends and families… Kids use facebook too and this is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! You all need to check yourself… Seems like you may enjoy these things being on there and that’s perverted!!! Clean up your act as you need to clean up such nastiness on Facebook!!!

    1. I agree. However Facebook cant go against the 1st amendment. You can control your account. And if the parents aren’t watching what the kids are doing. that’s not on Facebook. In those cases and I hate it too. Put the soe on the other foot. No excuses. They have way more serious criminal situations. We are grown ups. that’s why the are there. The random things they “decide” based upon little information acting as if they are fact checkers is silly.

    2. W

    3. Cry baby Tattletale. Stop reporting people just because you Don’t like what you read.
      What goes around comes around. You report, and your having problems.
      People like you cause other people problems.
      If you Don’t like what your read it see, then move on.
      Stop being a 3 and 10 year Old.

    4. Maybe check yourself as a parent. It’s not Facebook’s responsibility to make sure your kid sees nothing naughty on the internet. Plenty of grown adults use Facebook and shouldn’t be censored because you’re a lazy parent. Monitor your kids internet use, teach them, follow up, go outside and throw a ball….

  12. I commented on a post about theft that I hated thieves, and that muslims had a good cure for thieves – they chopped a hand off. That was it – 2 perfectly true sentences – and was ‘blocked’ for 30 days! Unbelievable!

    1. I agree. However Facebook cant go against the 1st amendment. You can control your account. I knew this was going to happen. If people dont like there is a little button called Hide

    2. I commented Truth about Females who killed get husband, because it was News Feed on Facebook. Females kill husband, all the time, for their money .
      I was blocked for 30 Days We’ll it’s The Truth.
      Also the next Day there was another News Feed, of Male who tried too kill his wife, left her on The Beach buried, he left, She Survived.
      People kill each other. Then people read comments, then They report, then Blocked fir True statement comments.
      So many people say the same thing. But some get Blocked
      Unfair ?

  13. Any humans work at “headquarters? I am trying to find out why I can’t share posts anymore. I went to, for lack of a better term, “customer support” The question I post above will cost me $47.00 for the answer. should change name to, “Customer Rip-Off”

  14. Using FACEBOOK, blocking people they keep sending me, under guise people you might know. Suddenly get: You’ve Temporarily Blocked It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it.

  15. Time to start a class action lawsuit against FACEBOOK for violating Freedom of speech, it’s only Freedom of speech on Facebook, if your prejudicedORGANIZATION, CALLING FOR THE DEATH OF ALL WHITE PEOPLE AND THE MURDER OF POLICE OFFICERS, OR A MEXICAN ILLEGAL OR A SUPPORTED OF OPEN BORDERS SUPPORTER OF MUSLIM CALLING FOR THE DEATH OF ALL NON BELIEVERS or AGAINST THE PRESIDENT of the USA. SAY one thing against them and you get a block for calling THEM OUT FOR WHAT THERE ARE. CRIMINAL TERRORIST!

    1. And since when does anyone or anything has the right to be responsible for everything. Best bet call FBI. Im not happy with Facebook. Either. But we are big kids. Facebook can only do so much. You report it to the FBI and they can look at it.

  16. How dare Facebook legitimize the lie of Holocaustdenial
    by creating policy that allows such content on Facebook?
    Shame on Mark Zuckerberg for not only tolerating lies
    but insisting on making them available!

    1. Shame on you for not using mute. Your a big kid. They dont have enough staff to read every report sent in. I just mute and move on. Whether we disagree or not, its still a first amendment right

  17. Expedien! There is a name Jayden K. Smith that is a hacker. It affects the person who clicks to be his friend and anyone that is friends with him. Facebook is so big, that predators are stealing identities!
    Please help facebook users in this matter!

  18. All of my photos from FB got downloaded to my Galaxy S7 phone and I didn’t do that. What’s up??

  19. As a stock holder I am disgusted with your purging of truth. Why do you have so many needs for children?
    Stop purging truth and lies and or fall down.

    1. A I feel your name is hypocritical. And needs for children? If you are talking security its because the parents responsibility to make sure the child is safe. Cant foist all of the crap on FB – when does it stop. When all of our country is entitled by the 1st amendment.

      Larry flynt said it best. If you dont like what I am selling then don’t buy it. But I have the same rights as anyone and if you dont like it. Mute it

  20. I was scammed for $400.00 and they tried to get more for being a winner in FB/Zuckerburg money giveaway. they are scamming a lot of people. the # they gave was 6146537291 , promising 50,000 if you gave them $400 which I did thinking it was legit. Name was Maria Catherine Mendoza Yuma, AZ 85350

      1. the number that was associated with this scam was 614 653 7291 Please, Please Help with this. I am 68 yrs young and can’t afford to lose $400. They assured me it was a FB/Mark Zuckerberg giveaway. Thank you for any and all help with this. cynmilxxxx @yahoo.com

    1. yeah I am Diana Holderbaum. This woman named Deborah Johnson, said I had won 6000000 and got my number then another woman text me and said i had won 9000000 she said i would have to pay a charge of 350 in order to receive the amount in a fed ex package. THIS IS A SCAM THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT. SHE SAID SHE WORKS FOR FACEBOOK.

    1. Same. Failure to close multiple alts created in my name caused ID theft, impersonation and more. I had been reporting them for a while. Facebook was hacked to control my account and they wouldnt do anything. Reported the one for years. So they already knew he was an issue and did nothing.

  21. Hello I don’t know if I’m sending this to the right place. I was inform through an Email that I won 950,000.00 in a Facebook Sweepstakes. All I have to do is call this number 650-503-9421 and send 300.00 dollars to claim it. My question is…. Is this real or a scam ?

  22. I am starting to get really bored with Facebook. I’m tired of seeing the same old Post day after day. Seems like I only have a couple dozen friends. I wish fb had some competition, I’d drop them in a heartbeat.

  23. Facebook is. Is crazy. I can’t post for my Electricity service but drug dealers have. There on page and they refuse to shut it Down told me they see nothing wrong with. Weed and pills being sold. On a site where kids have access to

  24. Facebooks refusal to stop when reported many times enabled the offenders to compromise, my abilty to communicate when they took my personal information. And now you are not the only one that touted wiithout listnening to me you have allowed this person to commit IDTheft, Fraud, and more over impersonation because now every male friend also has several fake accounts. Review these links. The woman had Facebook hacked. Started using my profile to spam my time line.

    Your now in action has enabled him to commit many more crimes. Here is one of many fake accounts I reported. https://www.facebook.com/jackie.peace.142, You will find many that were opened in the same month. I though have had only one primary name and account: Sinsationalyurs. https://www.facebook.com/jackie.peace.31586

    Newest freinds that now have fake accounts made by this person: Johnathan Goff, Robert Rabb, Mark Valentin and more.

    The woman I have her under Lorilynn Grimes. After pulling back ground check I find not only does she have aliases from Laurel Irish on down. And an convictions for fraud,

    In your cookie cutter TOS quote, Facebook now has cost me money I needed to live on, no food, no vital medicaions, not to mention, the personal costs of computer repairs and rentals for computers well in excess of 15K and growing.

    You had the chance to stop him. Robert W, Damm , Marysvlle CA, – it has been confirmed because he has gotten so arrogant he got sloppy and plastered his name on the phones used to get the phone numbers used in the crime. My credit reports yesterday I saw that ironically a Marysville Address popped up.

    Lori you have a huge exposure. She had you hacked through someone else. She has many many fake accounts. I use or used to have only one account. Sinsationalyurs, and an address created in 2009, with one email address [email protected]

    Lori live in Malvern PA and works for a place called, Turn,5

  25. Facebook was advised there was fraud going in and quoted TOS…TOS bottom. My this account was hacked. Impersonated me. They didnt even know they hacked Facebook but I shared. Reported everyone that I found. Your crew didnt shut any down so now using my name et al. And sharing my real life through their private chats. They knew they were allowing ID theft, Loans taken out in my name, etc. I have been reporting them for 4 years. Letters etc.

    Knowing they were harassing not only before but after here. Everything was tapped. Had Facebook done the right thing in the first place I truly feel they would have stopped.

    Facebook still has done nothing to closing the accounts. Now friends of mine are having the same thing. Robert Rabb, Mark Valentin, Johnathan Goff (east catch..she cant spell), Your company enabled this to happen to many.

    The true one has her family in picts. You had a chance to stop a crime from being committed. And I was brushed off. Check with your council to double check this. Law is knowing even not “participating” makes them I added as accomplice. I told you …so therefor it was though you your website you allowed them to impersonation, ID theft, harassment al. I have all the note cards. And names which FB were given before.
    I need to file another IC3 for both and will need to include with council on how that has a huge impact. Knowing someone is committing a crime but not doing anything about it in the FBI and FTC areas. My take on this that whom ever knows a a crime is being committed and doing nothing to stop it , make Facebook more look worse than him. They dropped the ball heavily. ( and his “girlfreind” has accessed my account (report) and sent out things I didnt..)…worse thing they are now using my id to open loans etc, impersonating me.

    This is clear ID theft and fraud. And if they stopped I wouldnt be so inclined to file charges.
    LoriLyn Grimes has a criminal record. Nothing was done. Check with council. If I am correct knowing and I told you even just knowing and doing nothing makes the company worse by ignoring and subject to the same punishment. I will add Facebook to this last ID theft report as knowing and not doing anything. Seeing below comments, Hmm how do I put this….You are allowing too many to be compromised, and by sheer ignorance “New ID protection” my aunt fanny.

  26. I was asked to provide a picture with a face to secure my account and its been an entire day to review the picture and I’m not allowed into my account. I have not received any information as to what the problem is or how else I can get into my account. It if for my business and all of my friends have been blocked from being able to send a private message. When messaged are sent it tells people that they have been blocked or my account has been deleted or deactivated. I would really appreciate information as to when this matter will be fixed. Thank you very much for you time.

  27. I will not compromise my civil rights for Facebook’s views. I will speak as i please and I don’t need your platform . a relative put your sight on my computer saying she thought it would be a good thing for me. It isn’t and never was. I use it to kill time and read all the posts from all the nuts that use your sight. NO wonder your having problems, you are a s corrupt (maybe more ) than our present government. you deserve each other, you and the government are bilking the people of our country. to boot, you will never fix the problems you have created because you never thought you’d be caught. your a fraud and know it. by the way when you close my account you better not mess UP MY COMPUTER like you did the last time, or your going to pay the bill to fix it. GOOD LUCK, YOU NEED IT !

  28. It is bad when those that are suppose to be guarding against bullies become the bully, as well as their protectors.

  29. I hope the Facebook business gets sued for all it’s worth. That goes for the law enforcement thugs too, CIA FBI criminals!

    1. Don’t feel bad! I was kicked off for 30 days as well cause I called the mayor of Illinois lLightfoot BEETLE JUICE! They said it was against their community standards! More like against their communist standards!

      1. True , Truth , people don’t like. They report . If people don’t like what they see if read , skip.
        Same happens too me.
        There are a bunch of Tattletale s.
        Unhappy people, they act like 3 too 10 years olds.

      1. you guys are no better than Stalin! You take freedom of speech and make a joke. You let those crazy xxxxx ANTIFA make threats and spew there hate! I post a true story about a Michigan doctor performing xxxxxxx MUTILATION on female Muslim girls and I get 30 days! What the hell this was also on your favorite news network Communist News Network (CNN). They also were not in big favorite of theirs! So tell those commies to take off the 30-day ban I got! I cannot believe that Jerry Farwell Jr u guys banned him for hate speech? WTF? Are u serious I man of the cloth! You guys are sick especial when u let those crazies on Antifa spew there hate but someone who preaches God is hate speech?

  30. Why are you censoring Abby Martin “The empire files” You have become a tool of the Govt. limiting our freedoms to access information.

  31. I am trying to figure out if this email I got is a scam it said it was from home land sercurity then it went to Facebook asking how would I like my money there were three choices I think it’s a scam

  32. I received an email on 10/7 declaring I’d been reported to be an Imposter. I uploaded proof of my identity on 10/8 and have heard NOTHING in response and my profile has been shut down this whole time. PLEASE address this right away so I can get my profile back:
    Rhonda Wilson Collins / Hilliard OH and MOM Of two.

    Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else
    OPENCase #1021492663887xxxx

  33. I received an email from FB on 10/7 declaring I’d been reported to be an Imposter. I uploaded proof of my identity on 10/8 as requested and have heard NOTHING in response and my profile has been shut down this whole time. PLEASE address this right away so I can get my profile back as clearly I am NOT the Imposter here:
    Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else

    1. Anybody can report you on Facebook as an “Imposter”. To get your account back, do the following:

      Click log in on Facebook, click on Go To Help Centre at the left side of the pop window.
      Scroll down and click on the “use this form to submit an appeal”.
      After clicked on the use this form to submit an appeal. enter your account details. Your full name which you have given in your ID, after that opload your ID pictures front and Back both sides. You can use the following documents for ID proof:

      Driving License
      Voter ID card

      Then just click on the Send Button and your Appeal have been send. You should submit your appeal just one time. It may take time of 3-9 days for Facebook to reactivate an account in. Check your email on daily basis, which you have connected to your Facebook account.

      1. SO – my PDF was never recognized as being there (x the 20 times I loaded it) , so I converted my ID to a JPEG and they ca