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Company Website
RBS Citizens Financial Group
Corporate Address
1 Citizens Plaza
Providence, RI
Company Contact
Ellen Alemany
Chairman, President and CEO
Phone Number
(401) 456-7000
Fax Number
(401) 456-7819
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28 Reviews and Complaints for Citizen’s Bank Headquarters

  1. Customer service calls route overseas. They have very little knowledge about their procedures and policies. Come Monday I think I will close the account and put my few dollars elsewhere.

  2. Citizens allowed non-authorized charges on a non-activated account after taking over HSBC. They never informed us that they activated this account themselves, and accepted these non-authorized charges. They then proceeded to issue delinquency reports to three repositories crashing our credit. They refused to reverse them. Absolutely unbelievable, and there are no access numbers to reach anybody to rectify this fraudulent situation

  3. I have a complaint about the handling of fraudulent withdrawal from my checking account. It was an obvious fraud withdrawal since the person committing the fraud at least 5 other times and it was caught by the fraud department. However it took almost 3 months to have my money returned. The manager at the bank assured me it was fraud and will be corrected in a couple of days. It was not and fraud department also assured me be corrected in a couple of days-it was not. Never could connect with the claims department -on phone as much as over 2 hours-no response. Customer service was terrible. Finally contacted another official at same bank who connected me with an advocate. These two people corrected the problem in 3 days with the return of my money. I have banked with Citizen Bank for 80 years. Needless to say you no longer have my business. Did not even get an apology.

  4. My name is Eugene Warnken, I took you up on your offer of $600 $300 checking $300 savings I completed my obligations and now you’re telling me you don’t want to pay me my money what kind of operation are you running this is not over I’m not happy!

  5. Angela, I need your help. Citizens is allowing two fraudulent companies to keep taking funds out of my account. I have three letters from your bank who apparently think these withdrawals are just fine. They don’t have any idea why these funds are being taken. How can they draw a conclusion about something they have no understanding of. All three of these letters are about different occasions where $88.54 was removed. This “fraud department” is not picking up on the fact that this amount of money is taken out sometimes two days in a row. There is so much that they miss. I don’t know why Citizens even bothers to say that there is such a department. I want my money back.

  6. Hello, I am having a major issue with Citizens Bank Citizens Bank they are not are not taking in my mortgage payments that were transferred fromthat would transfer it from HSB C they are seeing IO escrow when escrowhen esquirrel was never in my contact I pay my taxes insurance up front and gave extra gave extra taxes to HSB C that they finally sent back after 6 months . I’ve been trying to straighten this out with the office of the chairman chairman her name was Chris, comma we’re supposed to have the investigation going on this was 4 months ago nothing is being done they ruined my credit ruined everything in my life my health is being distressed by all of this aggravation dipdeformation of character With harassing letters And cold try to straighten out with supervisors sent copies numerous times of all the statements of everything paid and it’s of everything paid and still nothing is being done it’s being done I have an attorney who unfortunately now is in the hospital but this has to stop and be repaired. Next I have to go to the news or some higher Archie because no one is helping me with this situation. Someone higher up please read this and contact me my name is Joseph devimage Joseph DeVito 646436xxxx And the loan number is 00189xxxx. Please someone try to help rectify this situation. The credibility of this bank is a 0 to me. With no one capable after seeing proof not being able to straighten this out

  7. To whom this may concern,
    I am writing this to bring awareness as well as express my utmost disappointment within the student loan funding system.
    I hade over the last several years co-signed for student loans for my daughter, she since has graduated and I went to refinance her student loans with Citizens bank and gave them all the documents they were asking from us.  I was sent several emails stating all was good and waiting for last minute stuff before they approved it.  I was sent an email last week stating the loan was denied.  I was sickened.  She has 1300 a month in loans on top of her federal.  By refinancing she would be at 800 a month with an interest rate of 6.5-7 percent.  The reason given was that my credit to debt ratio was too high.  This makes no sense to me and the loan officer could not explain either.  I have no debt other than the loans Citizens continued to let me  have, even thought they claim my debt/ratio is to high.  I have one credit card, no car or mortgage loans, only the student loans.  I was told buy Citizens that co signing does not have the same affect on credit as a normal loan.  This was a lie.  I can’t believe that an organization would think that this is even financially responsible.  We are not asking for loan forgiveness.  We are asking for a 23 year old new college graduate who’s wanting to still survive, be able to responsibly consolidate her loans.  I am so devastated by this injustice and only doing this  to line the banks pockets.  Not looking out for the consumer.   I want to take action.
    Traci Metz

  8. Good Day,
    My Mother purchased CDs for great grandchildren, with my niece be surviving custodian. I am POA and GUARDIAN for my mother. We would like to cash them out, realizing there may be penalties, so they can reinvest. I provided my POA and after 4 weeks if call back, call back. I was called about a half hour be fore my appt and told not to bother, my POA was not good. It’s been good for everyone else including the Federal Government. Please advise if there us a special POA for Citizens Bank.
    Thanking You In Advance,

    Samuel J Pierce
    610 207.xxxx

  9. Citizens recently took over HSBC; I remained a customer but am having second thoughts. I felt it would be a great experience focused on retail customer needs but finding not the case. Years ago I purchased EE US Savings Bonds via payroll deduction & they are now maturing each month. The branch will NOT cash them in at Citizens yet they gladly keep my account with funds. I can go to TD bank as a non-customer and cash the savings bonds. Why should the competition cash them but not Citizens bank? It is a waste of my time to go to TD to cash them & then walk over to Citizens to deposit the funds. Shame on you Citizens Bank! I called customer service in inquire re the rule and if can be changed and the rep filled out a report/gave me a # but there will be no follow up with me. I just have to call again to see if the policy was changed in general as comments to my reported incident will not reflect the update. Soon I will leave the bank which is disheartening since I have lived through three bank iterations (Republic, HSBC, Citizens). I am a loyal customer if treated right, not so much if feel cannot serve my needs. Will be sad to move yet have no choice as do not want to spend time running around to a different bank for a service Citizens Bank will not provide.

  10. I have been a member of Charter One and now Citizens Bank for over 30 years. The idea of Gold Circle Checking is what attracted me to this bank. Charter One has moved far from the initial mission it was set for. A lot has happened in 30 years, yet the mission should still remain the same and it is far from this.

    Back in 2019, I was made the guardian of my father and his estate. The branch manager, Sandy, at the time set up a checking account where I would receive monthly statements along with check images for legality purposes. Sandy understood the dynamics of my father’s special situation and helped me to feel more secure with his money and the legality of the guardianship. I felt confident using Citizens bank.

    And on March 28, 2022, that confidence in banking changed. Let me explain how.

    On 3/28/2022, I went to the Pleasant Valley branch in Parma Ohio to deposit some checks and money. While there, I asked the clerk if she could assist me with the online banking since I could not log into it. She referred me to the the assistant manager, Ellen, who was in place for the assistant manager who was not present and instead at the Independence office. I asked Ellen to assist me with the online banking since I had bank slips I had to print out for an account. I am the guardian of my father and it was a legal issue. She referred me to the 1-800…, handing me the card and phone number and would not assist me, telling me to call that number. I explained to her several times that I have attempted to log in and still could not get the statements. I needed help as to find where the statements were. She explained to me that statements only were available up to 6 months after. I explained I was the guardian for my father and had to submit statements along with check images that was set up for this account due to the Estate. She refused. I told her about the legality and need for the statements. She said she could print the statements for $30 fee and $6/per statement. I needed 2 years worth and agreed to it. This would cost >$244. Also I asked how long and she said it would take 7-10 business days and that the branch call when it was ready. I explained if she could show me how to get the statements on my own, I would not need to use the bank and spend the money, yet she refused to assist me. I could easily print the statements from my own printer if I could obtain the statements. Ellen continued to refuse to show me how to use online banking. I asked to talk to the manager, John Mazarella, he was off. I then asked to talk to the Assistant Manager and she was at the Independence Branch. I had no choice but to put in for these statements because Ellen refused to assist me with the online banking. I also asked for my statement for my dad’s Investment account and she said she would email the Investment broker. As of today, at 1845, I have not heard back from Ken either. I then left the bank. While in the bank , I was the only customer there to start. As I sat in Ellen’s office, 2 customers came in. Neither had an appointment. One was there because he had written the wrong address on his checks and the other gentleman came to open a CD. As I left she called the first gentlemen into the office and he did NOT have an appointment, yet Ellen chose to help him?

    I went home, very disheartened that not one person at the bank could help me how to get into ONLINE banking and I went to the bank to ask for help. I did not call, I went there to be helped. No one would assist. As I drove home, I thought I would call Frankie, the assistant manager, who was at the Independence office. I called and she again told me she could not assist me with logging into the online banking. I explained I needed to print off the images of my dad’s check and bank statements for the past 2 years. She too refused and told me she could not help me. She too gave me the 1-800 number. I asked her to set up and appointment with the manager, John Mazarella for Tuesday at 3:30 pm. She affirmed the appointment and told me he would be at the Parma office at 3:30 pm.
    Later, I thought I would again give it a try. I again called Ellen and asked if I could bring my laptop up to the PV branch and she told me she could not assist me, because she had no available appointments. This was the same message Frankie, Assistant Manager told me as well when I tried to call her for the same thing.

    I went home and had told my neighbor about my experience. She told me to try another Citizens Branch. I called Broadview Heights branch and asked if I could come up for an appointment. They made an appointment for 3:15pm. I went into the branch and explained to them the issues I had with the PV branch. First Damion, the manager had no problem showing me how to use the online banking. He assisted me with creating a password and explained how to get the statements. Tracy helped me to retrieve the images of the checks for which this account was supposed to be sending me and set up this way. Neither Tracy or Damion asked for any money, and I think the whole process took less than 20 minutes. I questioned the authenticity of the online research for >$244. As I looked at the checks that were printed out for me, I had an image of a check for $30 that the PV branch charged me 2 years ago, made out for cash. I questioned in my mind where this money went and why. Both Tracy and Damion were very helpful and so nice. There was no issue of any problems and they wanted to help me.

    Today, Tuesday, 3/29/2022; I received a call while I was at work on my cell. It was John Mazarella asking to talk to me at work. Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury of talking at work and that is why I made the appointment with him. I could hear in his voice he did not want to meet with me. I told him I would be there at 3:30pm as arranged. I got to the PV branch exactly at 3:30pm to find out that he was at the Independence office. I know he did not want to meet with me but really couldn’t he have just cancelled the meeting instead of me driving back and forth, gas is $4.19/gallon. Just another dig to me. I drove from Beachwood and Independence is on my way from work. So I left the PV branch and called him on my way to tell him about the confusion, in no way did he ever say he was at the Independence branch. I just told him I was on my way and I definitely needed the Regional Manager: John Wooley, phone number.

    When I got to the Independence office, John was waiting . I asked for John Wooley’s phone number, he handed me a card with John Wooley, Regional Manager, phone 330-835-2862. I explained to John M. about the need to reach out and go into the branch for help for the online banking. He too handed me the same card that Ellen handed me for online banking. I told him I had called that number and there was a 45 minute wait to assist me with the online banking, yet I had my phone and asked Ellen to assist me while I was at the branch, his reply was, “Did you have an appointment?” I said no and there was no one in the bank when I went in yesterday and the 2 gentlemen after me did not have appointments either yet she assisted them. He did not answer that. He explained that her role is to assist with online banking and I told him, I wanted her to help me and she referred as he did to the 1-800 number.I told him I had my phone and even later offered to bring up my laptop. I told him I even called her and Frankie back to help me on my laptop and both told me no b/c I did not have appointment. I then went on to explain about how it was crucial I got the statements with the bank images of the checks for which the account was established for. He told me about the $30 Research fee and $6/ month statement fee. I asked him why Broadview Heights helped me in less than 20 minutes without any problem. He was unable to answer this.

    I do question the integrity of Ellen, Frankie but more so the manager himself, John Mazarella. I spent all day asking for help and no one would help me. I don’t have many days off, I work hard and I believe in common curtesy for which I did not receive. Today, the only I asked for was the phone number of the Regional Manager, John M. handed me a phone number 330-835-2862, and I called this number over 10 times, to which there is no voicemail, no answering machine and I am unable to leave a text or message. I do question John Mazarella as manager, but more importantly what kind of person and games are you playing and allowed to play with customers? I am a customer, I have reached out to be helped. Yet he sat there point blank and ruthlessly slammed me in my face with no respect as a person. He jagged me around from office to office, did not listen to what I was asking for help for, and could not even give me the Regional Managers phone number.

    I am so upset, I have spoken with Ken, Investments. Ken knows what type of person I am. I am so very upset with this bank. I have made several phone calls and have now escalated this up to the Office of Chairman at Citizens Bank in Rhode Island. If I could think of someone else to call to tell my story and the most horrible experience I have been put through, I would. No one should have to fight or write this letter to get help. This is not any bank anyone would want to use. I trust my money here, and question the authenticity of the management that they can abuse the customer with their authority. Why are you given this authority and think it is okay to treat others like this. This is not the bank I entrusted my money to, over 30 years ago.

    Citizens should be ashamed that they have this PV/ Independence branches with such horrible management. I commend Broadview Heights for helping me and understanding how I felt. Today, life is filled with such uncertainty why should a bank make life hard?

    1. I’d say its time to find a new bank who truly cares about the relationship. Sorry you have to go through this exercise for a simple request.

      Citizens just took over my long time bank and so far I am not impressed with customer service or the types of services they offer. Too bad as I stuck with them through the transition but am quickly discovering it to be a mistake.

  11. Stay away from this technology challenged bank. I won’t let me register online to pay my mortgage. I tired multiple computers and browsers. So I try calling, it is an hour wait EVERY TIME you call. First time I figure they were busy so hung up after 10min. Called back at night and since it took over an hour the mortgage department was closed. Called back in the morning and it was still an hour wait. If this is what their customer service is like, I’ll never do business with them again.

  12. I have a checking account with people bank , Citizens bank is pretty good , but you should offer something other banks do not, times are changing , why not be on Top??? If you can get cash from
    ATM’s ,, Why not Money Orders ?
    Just a thought

  13. Trying to get some body in the morage depth about my payments tried for two days what to change me 20 over the phone you need a better phone system call gary allen 607638xxxx

  14. Wrongfully charged fees. Bank does not refund. I will close account, withdraw remaking money and initiate lawsuit.

  15. I requested a credit card and you sent me one. I have used the card without a problem. Yesterday I received a second card (not requested by me as far as I know). Then, I was put on hold for 5 minutes to talk to someone about it. That was longer than I wanted to wait. I called later and the wait was then 10 minutes. The inability to be able to talk to a human being is ruining my experience with my new credit card (s?). Because the unwanted second card has my name printed on it I can’t give it to my wife and let her use it. So unless I hear from you not to do so I intend to shred the unrequested second card.

  16. Can’t resolve a problem because I can not talk to a person real person . I cannot resolve it on the web site ! I talk to8 people who just gave me a runaround

  17. In December 2020 Citizen’s Bank had a promotion : Open up a savings account with a minimum of $15,000 balance for 3 months, open up a new checking account and make a direct deposit of$500 or more within 60 days,
    and when you open both checking and savings account you will receive a total of $600. When opening these accounts I ask the employee if an electronic transfer of funds from another bank would count as a direct deposit —- she told me yes, she thought so. The employee’s name was Lisa Cross. Last week when making a deposit in my checking account I ask the teller if my $600 was credited to my account yet and he told me it did not meet the requirements—— the electronic transfer from another bank would not be considered a direct deposit even though I was told it would. Please Do Not get that employee in trouble. Am I eligible for the $600 or not ? The number on my checking account is 63149xxxx.

  18. hello,need to contact secretary of mr VanSaun but janet pipkens blocked me to all mailaddresses and fb.have an account at citizens

  19. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  20. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

    1. My complaint is your fraud department and claims you are very vague about helping your customers when they are scammed

      1. I agree & the longer they minimize the issue the more it spreads & grows!
        I’d get out as fast as you can due to my experience ! The only bank not securing my accounts is Citizens !

      2. It’s been a zoo trying to talk with someone & getting anything resolved. Worst customer service ever!

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