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Company Website
Corporate Address
1501 SE Walton Blvd # 213
Bentonville, AR
Company Contact
Tilman J Falgout Iii
Phone Number
(479) 273-7556
Fax Number
(479) 273-7556
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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13 thoughts to “America’s Car-Mart Inc Headquarters”

  1. Without a doubt ACM is thee most juvenile acting personal. The accounting dept who takes a week to issue out a reimbursement check. Talk to her Thursday. She said it would be at Searcy dealership after 430. So Friday 430 I ask for the check.Woman informs me she printed them out earlier. Ask cam we call her. She is gone till Monday. They all leave early on Friday
    So you could write a check. Too much brain overload. So like a little kid you lie saying it will be there when you know everyone will be gone. What are 10 years old.Try having what you say to people is bond
    That you achieve what you assure people you will accomplished.

  2. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  3. My review: I have nothing to complain about. I had a problem but customer support was really helpful and sorted it out for me pretty quickly.

  4. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  5. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  6. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  7. Good company, I have one small complaint though: It would be great if they had a chat function or online email form where you could easily contact a customer service representative.

  8. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  9. If I am purchasing a vehicle thru u all should there already be an emissions test done for me to retrieve my tags

  10. My son got a car from car mart not even a month ago.and a censor went out on it and the drivers window is messed up on it they will not fix the if something isn’t done he will not make another car payment on it until it is fixed.if they cant stand behind their word then they dont need to sale vehicles.

  11. Carmart in Tupelo Ms came and repoed my car this morning. All over a payment that was suppose to be waved till the car was fixed. I have no problem paying for the car!!! It’s just they have gave me and my husband the run around. We pay for road side assistance as well. This is the third car we have finance and paid for.

  12. I bought a car on oct. 23 2021. I have only made 3 payments. The car has been in thd shop fof a week now and i still dont know when i will get it back. Meanwhille i have had no way to get to work and another payment is due! I can just trade cars i dont care i NEED A CAR NOW!!

  13. I bought a car at car mart in milledgeville ga. After my second payment it left me on the side of the road. The roadside assistance that they set me up with would only tow my car for 6 Mi so my car sat on the side of the road for three days and someone tried to steal the Cadillac converter when it got to the shop they thought that’s what was wrong with it and replaced it so my car still wasn’t fixed any time it runs low on oil it just shuts off and it’s burning oil a lot of it and I can’t take my car to back to them because they’ll leave me with no car while it’s in the shop and I then I can’t get to work and make my payment so I’m just stuck with a car that burns oil I’m paying $700 a month for. If I ever get out from under them I’ll never go back and I’ll tell everyone I know not to go there!

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