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Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
175 Berkeley St.
Boston, MA
Company Contact
David Long
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(617) 357-9500
Fax Number
(617) 350-7648
Employee Count
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2 thoughts on “Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc. Headquarters

  1. Horrible. This company has made my life a stress-filled hell. June 15, 2018, I was rear ended by one of their clients, by her own words, was “adjusting the visor”. She hit me hard enough to shove me into the car in front of me. Since then, has been a horrendous near nine weeks. Raychelle Holland, who is, only in title, a senior claims resolution representative for Safeco, is a horror. She is belittling, degrading, badgering, unprofessional, unethical, crude and hateful woman to have to deal with. Instead of being easy to work with and accepting all of the damages, she stopped payment on the repair check. Safeco completed an estimate by pictures. The auto body shop I had my car towed to, Extreme Auto Body and Paint in Jefferson City, MO, has had an equally difficult time with Raychelle Holland and Safeco. She refused to answer the phone when Gary, the auto shop manager, called to talk to her in regard to the damages. Safeco came up with $2660. Extreme Auto Body and Paint’s estimate is over $4600. August 13, 2018, I was contacted by Raychelle Holland and badgered and interrogated in regard to the damages to my car. She accused me of lying about the damages. She also lied to me by telling me the auto body shop told her to call me if she needed information regarding the damages that exceed the $2660 Safeco estimate. This is a nightmare. My life has been turned upside down from this accident anyway, I have missed almost 40 hours of work, I have had to pay for rides since Safeco does not completely cover a rental car. I have been treated horribly by this company damn near 100% of the time. If this is how you tell your employees to treat people, to scare them, to threaten and bully them, you should be ashamed of your company. No wonder the reviews are so bad. I will not stop, I will not go away. I am contacting attorneys, I have already contacted better business bureaus, the federal trade commission, the entity who mandates insurance companies and a multitude of other agencies. I have left reviews warning others about Safeco and Raychelle Holland. Those phone records should be reviewed. I am asking attorneys to take my case in order to get the money I am owed. The stress alone is monumental and overwhelming. I have had no transportation for nearly nine weeks. The way Raychelle Holland speaks to people should be, if it is not, illegal.

  2. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

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