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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 540
Addison, AL
Company Contact
David Roberson
Phone Number
(256) 747-9800
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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3 Reviews and Complaints for Cavalier Homes Inc Headquarters

  1. Just a heads up for your customer service team. Most companies have a Twitter or Facebook customer service account these days, where customers can get fast help. I only have a small problem that i think could be fixed in 30 seconds. I dont want to be on hold for 10 minutes on the customer support hotline for that.

  2. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  3. Very poor completion of work. Very dissatisfied. Should have just built a home! Numerous unfulfilled promises on so many levels, especially repair/finish work. Unable to use all of home due to plumbing issues. Master bath…inadequate hot water flow, can use toilet and only cold water in sink. Cannot use master bath shower or tub…2nd bath…cannot use sink at all due to water leaking everywhere. Had to shut off that altogether. Utility room light fixture found on floor upon delivery, paint drippings on floor…they have our repair list. Told by seller to call plumber if we want and they may be able to reimburse. Not paying upfront with no guarantee. Manager of business where home bought through (Mason Quick) provided me with multiple excuses and poor return of voice mails, rarely in office in afternoon although office open until 5 PM. Next contact is an attorney. Purchased through KY Dream Homes. Home delivered about 10-6-18, repair list faxed 11-2-18, told 12-15-18 that crew on way within 2 weeks, ruined Christmas holiday with no call/no show. Then told repair crew took vacation through Christmas holiday as if they didn’t take Vaca, would lose it. I began phone calls again 1-7-19 , Next call 1-15-19, told would arrive in “couple of weeks” for repairs from an Alabama #. Now, 2-20-19 and still no repairs done and no return calls. Will never recommend this purchase as our initial process began a year ago. Financing was a nightmare with recommended institution. Told more than once that distance was a problem;however, we are within delivery/service area. Paying for a home for 6 months now and cannot enjoy. Just sick at decision.

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