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Corporate Address
2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
Phone Number
(214) 596-6700
Fax Number
(817) 571-5841

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. which also owns the Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 and Yard House chains.


What is Cheddars’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Cheddars’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-214-596-6700.

Call (407) 245-4000 for Darden’s Restaurants, the parent company.


What is Cheddars’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Cheddars’ only Customer Support phone number is that of Darden Restaurants: 1-407-245-4000.


How do I Contact Cheddars Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or:

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To send a letter to Darden Restaurants, use these corporate addresess:

Darden Concepts, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando,Florida 32837
United States


Darden Restaurants Mailing Address:

Darden Restaurants
PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011
United States


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Cheddars on Twitter: @Cheddarskitchen

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Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Executives.

CEO: Ian Baines
CFO: Donald Breen
COO: Doug Rogers

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426 Reviews and Complaints for Cheddars Headquarters

  1. Date night with the husband at Cheddar’s in Mishawaka, IN. Disgustingly dirty restaurant. The floors were covered in crumbs, paper debris and bits of food. The chairs were dirty and our table was sticky. We asked to be put in a different location and the hostess said they didn’t have anything available. The waitress moved us herself. We we then in a booth with ripped cushions and crumbs and food bits on the booth ledge. Our waitress was excellent, the food was great but the condition of the restaurant was deplorable. Spoke to the manager and although he agreed with us about the condition of the restaurant, he said his hands were tied because of staffing issues and CORPORATE. NEVER EVER will we be dine at a Cheddar’s restaurant again.

  2. We have been waiting for OVER a yr to go to Cheddar’s with friends and have a good lunch with ONION RINGS and yesterday we had lunch but were told they no longer have those fantabulous onion rings!!!!! WHY!!!! The servers said MANY were complaining about that and rightly so! Cheddar’s are THE BEST…..WERE the best.

  3. Absolutely the very worst service we have ever experienced food came out burnt and then we were told they ran out of that item server was very rude and the manager was just as rude

  4. I had lunch with my husband on Friday, 4/2/21, at your Goodyear, Az location. On Sunday my bank reported fraud. I called and spoke to the manager “Laura” at the Goodyear restaurant and gave her all the details of what happened and the receipt information. She said I would be hearing from you, but I have not. I don’t believe I was talking to the manager when I reported the problem. After my meal at Cheddars, an additional $5.00 was charged from a “vending machine” at that location. Then charges at other places. I notified the manager with the table number, etc. hoping there was not a skimmer on the kiak. It started at your restaurant, I thought you would want to know.

  5. Your service in Warner Robins GA is horrible. Waited 1 hour for drinks, never received appetizers, food was cold when we finally got it. Waitress never came back to our table. Manager was ridiculous. Never offered to compensate us. Also your home office number does not work. NEVER RECOMMENDING OR GOING BACK. YOU SHOULD JUST CLOSE DOWN PERMANENTLY

  6. We had terrible service. We waited almost an hour to be seated after being told 30 mins. Once seated the waitress came in a reasonable time frame and food was received in a reasonable time as well and the food was good, but this is where the problem began. The waitress disappeared and we sat for a while waiting on sour cream, refills, etc. It was never noticed by anyone, nor did we receive these things once we finally able to ask. We spent another hour + to eat, get boxes, refills, have the check adjusted because something was wrong. It just wasn’t a great experience and it was only my 2nd time ever going there, but probably the last. It’s hard to have a waitress come to your table after not seeing us since u gave us or food and then look at a completely empty soda cup and ask how we are doing and did we need anything? At this point still waiting on sour cream and a refill. 2 + hours later we were done and out, but the service made our experience not great.

  7. My family of 6 had lunch Saturday and and it was the worst meal we ever had and the manager come and he was not dressed appropriate the waitress was nice but didn’t do her job my name is carol Gilmer 6782325399

  8. I work at the Ashland Cheddar’s! The management staff there is amazing except for one! How bad is it that I’d read it everyday to go to work because of one person! How can one person bring so much negativity that that bad outweighs the good! To see her standing around on her phone won’t work surrounding is above disheartening! I know this is not the place however I cannot deal with any more of her retaliation she doesn’t even speak when I enter the building! Please do something about Kelly

  9. Had really terrible experience at your McDonough, Georgia location. I came in to make an order April 9th at 9:27pm and I spoken to the greeter and she did not respond, I did not geet a hello. She had me waiting until a gentleman (Isiah) ask me can he assist me and taken my order and gave me an estimate time for my meal to be ready. This was the first time I patronized Cheddar and it will be the last. Customer service goes a long way especially when your greeter alway set the expectations of your experience. I DO NOT KNOW IF SHE WAS HAVING A BAD DAY BUT SHE SHOULD BE IN THAT POSTION IF SHE CONTINUED DISPLAYING SUCH DISPOSITION.

  10. Enter Cheddar on Friday,4/9/20. to place
    a to go order. The cashier in formed me
    it would be 1hr wait. No sign was posted about wait time. The cashier remained seat while giving me the information. I informed her it would have been nice to see this posted . Unfriendly atmosphere.

  11. I didn’t receive my bacon and cheddar mashed potatoes from the Columbia, MO location in my to go order. They are also not answering the phone. The order was under Carla.

  12. The Cheddar’s restaurant in Denton needs to wake up. Been going there for a while but will not go back. Went there to night and walked out. Set for over 5 minutes before being greeted by a waiter, that told us to wait while he went to talk to someone. That is when we got up and left.

  13. Cheddars at 879 Osceola Parkway
    Check number# 12842
    2 words
    Dissatisfaction and Disappointment

    We sat down around 7:15 order drinks an appetizer once we got them we order our entrees 7:30 we order kids chicken fingers smoke House Burger 5 ounce of salmon and a 8 oz steak the food take a lot of time and even the server came a couple times saying it should be here in a minute it didn’t till we got our food around 8:45 hour and 15 minutes later at this moment im mad already….and once we get the food it was everything wrong I asked for 8 oz of steak and a 6 ounces was put in my plate with the wrong sides I ask for French fries and I loaded potato and I get a baked potato with sour cream and the other side was corn I told the server about it…. And he said he will get the fries …the salmon came without the steam broccoli he said he will bring it while we were waiting for the fries and broccoli…that took like another five to 8 minutes no need to say the food got cold and when i cut the steak it was well done when I asked for a medium well steak plus I told the server that was a 6-oz steak…..and he said that was at 8 ounces… I’ve been in cheddars lots of times and order the same plus I work for the food and beverage Industries and I know what a 6 oz steak look like…..but anyway needless to say the the frustration level get to the point that i just ask for the check pay and go but im going to be honest
    I was a regular customer of Cheddar’s till tonight I never thought I was going to say this but from this moment I will think it twice before I go back….i might explore my options

  14. Scratch kitchen in London, Ky needs a manager. I couldn’t use the handicapped stall in restroom because two waitresses were on it. Restroom in general was dirty. Paper all over. Didn’t get any dipping sauce for my coconut shrimp. French fries were horrible. Half my steak was okay. I had to go tell the hostess to find someone so we could pay our bill. Waitress disappeared. This was on 4/4/21, about 4:30. I wouldn’t give it one star! The buns were good!

  15. Good morning, I was having lunch with a friend catching up yesterday (April 3rd) in Chattanooga, TN. We was not happy with our service at all. Our servers name was Megan. We felt her coworkers was more important to talk to then her table. She really should pay attention to her table. We had to ask twice for a drink refill.

  16. Worse experience ever at Cheddar in Roanoke Va. Waited over hour to get table, then had to page server, no bread brought out, floor was filthy and food sucked… What the freak happened?

  17. For what good it does I am complaining about the restaraunt in Bedford TX. My brother in law ordered a hamburger and was told they were out. He ordered chicken tenders and asked for gravy. The grave came about 15 min. later and was cold. My Monty Cristo tasted like old grease. When we were ready to leave we asked for to go containers and was told they were out. I paid for my food and when change arrived my 29 and change meal, I paid with a 50, they brought me 20. At that point not having the 20 broke down , which I would have left a decent tip, my server got the coin change instead. Use to love going their, unfortunately not anymore.

  18. Awaiting my refund for god awful food I received from the Newport News , Va store I purchased on 3/23

  19. Its very inappropriate that when me and my husband come to eat there we have to look at half naked servers, the dress code is inappropriate! See through pants, really?, are we out to eat or on a stroll thru Vegas?

  20. I visited the Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen located on Woodruff Rd Greenville, SC on March 29, 2021 about 6:42pm. I placed a curbside pickup order for 5 sides of seasoned rice and 8 croissants. Besides waiting over an hour, I tried to speak with the manager about my issue but she never came to the phone. I am a handicap so I had to crutch inside the restaurant. When I informed the host yet again about my wait and order, she walked straight over to the pickup rack and grabbed my bag. When she gave it to me everything was cold. I informed the manager then and she put the food inside a microwave. The croissants was hard and the rice was as well. You can tell it was over cooked. I then called the restaurant back when I got home to inform them yet AGAIN about my food the manager NEVER came to the phone. I waited over 30 minutes on the phone for her but she didn’t care enough to correct the problem. I also paid $7.97 for what was supposed to be 8 croissants but I was only given 5. This located needs better management or needs to be shut down because this is by far the worse experience I’ve ever encountered and I am not a happy customer.

  21. Hello my name is Terrence McNeill I made two orders yesterday I was told come pick my food up at 7:20pm. I arrived on time waited until 7:47 pm still my food haven’t came. I got mad and left because my wife was on a break from work so I decided bring her some food. I called back spoke with a manager name Sandra who told me she sorry and that she had my food and a voucher for my wait,but I already left. Manager Sandra told me personally she was going to e mail me cheddar voucher and It would take 45 mins for me to received the e mail. E mail never came & she lied to me. The way your employees moving like they on some type of drugs. U can reach me at 706-836-xxxx

  22. On Sunday, 3/28/21, my family and I were celebrating a Birthday. It was (12) of us, three people ordered the ribs, (30) minutes after ordering, the manager came and barked at us “we are a scratch kitchen, we dont have ribs and that’s out of our control”. Our drinks were not refilled and my sister never got her chicken fried steak. And it was over an hour before we got our food we ordered. What can corporate do to make amends for this visit?

  23. Ordered food on March 20 to go. Order was not right, called immediately and spoke to Louis said we would receive a $20 coupon in our email within 2-3 days. Never got it. Called called back on March 26th, spoke to Janette she looked into the matter said we would receive the email with the coupon in 1 hour. Its now March 27th and we have yet to receive the coupon email. This is terrible customer service! From the start of the order to this point. You have lost 2 customers over this matter. The Chedders 2171 is in Harlingen, TX. Person who took the the Order was Mario C, Check # 74478

  24. Awaiting a refund from bad food I got from Cheddars Newport News, Va ID 1144 34365 0929. Food was old , cold and overcooked. Returned it to MGR of store yesterday. Please do not issue a gift card b/c I don’t wish to eat from this particular restaurant anymore

  25. I had a bad experience at your restaurant with a takeout order so March 24th I decided to eat inside my order was Texas cheese fries that work home I ordered the double chicken fried chicken with broccoli casserole and sweet carrots I got broccoli cheddar casserole and mashed potatoes so the food was still cold it was still not hot what do you have to do to get hot food when you dine in

  26. You need to bring back the tower of onion rings. That’s what made us want to go to you restaurant

  27. This happened on March 20, 2021
    Cheddars located @ 5445 N President George Bush Hwy, Garland, TX 75044 on March 20, 2021.
    Me and my little family went to this Cheddars on yesterday at 8:43p. We were told there was a 1 hour wait. We were cool with it, put our name on the wait list and gave the hostess our phone number.
    We decided to go next door to Target to kill some time. We weren’t in there too long. We made it back to Cheddars around 9:18p.
    I parked my car in front, backed up, so I can see the front door. At this point they have 1 hostess sitting outside with a clip board and I’m wondering how their system is working because it doesn’t add up, to me.
    Around 9:28p, my husband goes to check and see where we are on the list. He speaks with the hostess outside first and then I see him walk inside. He comes out around 9:33p and tells me there are 6 parties in head of us and it will be 20 minutes from now. We’ve waited this long so we decide to continue the wait.
    As we’re sitting in the car, I’m noticing several people walking out. I’m talking huge parties of people. I notice a lot of black people standing outside. There were a few white people that walked up and talked to the hostess and then went inside but never came back out. I’m thinking they must already be on the list so I brush it off.
    As we’re waiting I’m starting to notice that the majority of the white people are staying in and not coming out but several black people are standing outside waiting.
    The time is now 10:03p and I decided to go see what was going on. I’m expecting to see several white people standing around waiting for a table but NOPE! I saw one white woman and her daughter waiting to talk to the hostess. When the hostess got off the phone she asked the woman, “how many are in your party?” and the woman answered, “it’s just me, her, and my husband…her dad,” The hostess said, “oh! I can seat you now.”
    I immediately stopped her and said, “how are you going to seat them when you have people who have been waiting over 1 hour and she just walks in here and don’t have to wait?” The hostess said, “she’s on the list.” I told her “she’s not on the list because if she were you wouldn’t have asked how many are in the party, cause that information is given when you get on the list.” Now she’s looking all dumb at me. I grab the list and I’m looking at it. I see names, phone numbers and some notes to the side… description notes of the parties. I said “how the you gonna seat them when my family has been waiting for over 1 hour?” She gonna tell me, “I can seat you now.”
    I called my husband and told them to come inside. As soon as we got seated I asked to speak with the manager. I explain to him what happened and honestly y’all, I did not explode like I normally would have but I did mindfully select a few curse words to express my concerns.
    There were so many unoccupied tables in there, that were still socially distant. I’m telling the manager there are black people on the list waiting for no reason because there are tables available. I’m telling him the hostess is immediately sitting white people and making black people wait. I don’t know what was said or done to the hostess but I got the DM information. I will be calling him Monday.
    I’ve been to this location several times and never have experienced racism until last night. I don’t know if it was just the hostess doing or if she was told to do it. What I do know is that I’m not giving them my money!

  28. After 2 hours of being at cheddars in york pa we left with no dinner because they didnt even put in our order in well they said it got mixed im

    In another table but then they wanted to retake our order the waitress didnt even remember that my husband ordered a salad n thought we ordered diet cokes it was ridiculious 930 pm n no dinner then the manager says im sorry hope u enjoy the rest of your evening when decided after 2 hours we werent going to reorder

  29. I was just wondering what the Cheddars chain requirements are for families who are waiting to be seated? I was recently at our favorite Cheddars restaurant and my family and I were asked to go wait outside or sit in our cars and wait. We were more than six feet across from an elderly couple who were also waiting. My family and that couple were the only two waiting. The weather outside was in the forties and having a 1 year old in my arms, waiting outside wasn’t an option. We parked our car in the back of the building and didn’t want to walk all the way to and from multiple times. Anyway, we decided to take our name off of the wait list and leave. We do plan to go back in the future but would like to know if what we were told was standard per y’all’s protocols?

  30. I have eaten at you Johnson City, TN location many times, but I don’t intend on going back there again. Myself and two others were there on March 09, 2021, and the food and service was horrible. I had the white fish grilled and blackened and broccoli casserole. The fish was undercooked and hardly any seasoning, the casserole had crunchy hard rice and had a bad taste. The others in my party ordered the coconut shrimp and several of them were burnt, the dipping sauce was good. The tea was very weak and not so good. The server couldn’t remember what we asked for ie: drinks, tarter sauce, what we were drinking. He never did bring us any drink refills, we each only had one drink each, and we shouldn’t have to ask for a refill. I had to ask three times for the tarter sauce. Finally brought the requested extra napkins…after three times we asked. He was more interested in talking or disappeared for long periods and there were hardly any customers. What has happened there? We had always had great experiences and food there. The restaurant wasn’t even very clean. This was a weekday parking lot not full, no one was waiting.

  31. I frequently visit your location in Alcoa Tennessee. And every time for the past years we have always set first come first serve at the three high tops around the bar. The host told me it was still that way and when she spoke with the bartender she said she wasn’t taking anymore people and it was 7:25pm and she only had 4 people at the bar. Then the fill in manager chase said it’s her choice if she wants to wait on people in the bar where there is tables available and no stickers was on the tables saying closed for Covid. Sorry customer service from your rude bartender and fill in manager

  32. Simple …placed order Jan.18th,delivery scheduled for March 3rd …changed to March 18th or 19th… changed toMay 3rd changed to May 8th … what do I do … no living room furniture. guests and family aririving for the holidays
    Note sales person Nancy Shapiro The only bright spot in this entire mess.she really did exceptional work and should be recognized.
    the store manager tried her best to help.
    So, what is corporate going to do? Incidentally, I am a fifty year veteran having been a major patio independent rep…so I have first hand experience in the retail/wholesale and import business. Having recently retired
    Let me hear from you

  33. I have a group that goes out to lunch at least four times a month and we have taken Cheddar’s off our list because you don’t have onion rings anymore. you lost at least 8 people as customers. Congratulations corporate another marketing genius blunder

  34. Connie England xxx Prentiss Ave Findlay Ohio 45840. I expect this matter to be addressed says:

    We had a very unpleasant time at cheddars in Findlay Ohio tonight. There were 17 of us I believe. We got there at 615 and never left til 830. Service was terrible and food wasn’t very good either. It was not hot like it should be. Waitress didn’t come around and ask about drink refills til like an hour after we got the first drink. Took for ever to get the first drink and appetizers took another 45 mins at least. Waitress said they were short handed. I guess they only cared about keeping the tables of four or less first . We told them we had 17 people. If they didn’t feel they could accommodate us cause we were a large party they should have said so. We didn’t leave there very happy.

  35. March 12th, Friday night I had the worst customer service by your manager that I can remember in a long time. Me and my husband were meeting a couple for dinner and brought my mom along. The waiter was nice but the way the waiters drop food, run and don’t come around is not very attentive. My mom ordered cheese fries and then later she ordered a medium well steak. Her stake came out raw. She sent it back because she couldn’t eat it and then it came back burnt. She returned her meal because it was in edible. Then when the receipts came around she gave hers to the waiter to give to the manager because they ruined her meal. The manager came out to our table in the extremist cocky manner and asked who had the fries that they weren’t paying for. Then she started questioning my mom if she even cut into the steak. Her mannerisms were so offensive that my mom got irate and started telling her about her customer service and what happen with her meal. Your manager was not going to let up even though she said she was upsetting her and she should leave and continue to talk over us. I confronted the manager on her attitude and how she started the conversation and how she did not have any customer service abilities. This ruined not just my mom’s meal but all of ours. Neither us or our guests will ever return to that location because of the manager that you have hired that has no clue about customer service. Her entitlement attitude does not work when you’re in a customer service atmosphere. I should know because I’ve been in it for 40 years. I will write a review online and make sure that everyone knows how they service the customers there at that cheddars. If you want that business to thrive I would recommend that you rehire a different manager that actually knows how to apologize to a customer and let them feel that they are welcome back.

  36. stop ads..we no longer go to Cheddars as they no longer have onion rings and I know about 10-15 others who no longer go

  37. I have tried to contact my local cheddars 3 times with no response. I love cheddars but i ordered 2 meals two weeks ago and they were very wrong. I had picked them up to take them to childrens hospital. It was the one meal my daughter wanted when she could finally eat solids again. So to open the bag to the wrong food cause tears! Im less than pleased.

  38. Jacksonville, FL Towncenter location. Meeting family for dinner at 5p. Came in 10min 2. Restaurant is COMPLETELY dead. Said we couldn’t wait in the lobby. What’s the point of masks? And, again-the place was dead. Where is your common sense. Clearly, your restaurant is hurting for business and this is how you treat customers. Well-played.

  39. On March 7, 2021 my boyfriend and I went to a Cheddars’ restaurant in Terre Haute, Indiana. We ordered the Cheddars’ Cheese Fries appetizer. While I was eating a portion I bit down on a hard object. When I removed it I discovered it was a sharp shard of porcelain from a plate. A manager was notified. This could have potential been a very dangerous situation. We refused to eat our main course meals that we had ordered. The manager took my name and phone number and said he would call to see if I experienced any further injury to my mouth from the sharp porcelain piece. Today is March 9th and I still have not received a call from him.

  40. Hello, I’m writing this to make a complaint against the Cheddars in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We love the food and that is what always kept us coming back so we were really excited that they are now open again for in person dining. Today was a special day as it’s my husband’s birthday. We were the second group to be seated and once we were seated we realized how dirty the inside of the window were, the blinds were covered in a layer of dust and we had to use wet wipes out of my purse to clean the table. Also when we were seated the benches for the booths are so cracked and worn out to the point that they were uncomfortable to sit in. Like I said, the food keeps us coming back but it looks like it will be awhile before we bother to visit again any time soon. We just can’t believe that the manager would let it open for diners with dust covering blinds and the windows being disgusting. It would of been proactive that the dining rooms were cleaned thoroughly during the shutdown.

  41. I went to cheddars in London Ky on 2/28/21 very disappointing service was awful called next day spoke to manger Chris he apologized and told me he would send me a certificate to my email and I’ve still not received it we spent almost 55.00 that night have ate there several times this is first bad experience I had

  42. Went to eat at the Cookeville TN Cheddars. Once we get finished eating, our waiter brought out bill. I paid and left him a 5.00 tip. Our waiter proceeded to come to our table look at the receipt with tip then started Mumbling under his breath then started slamming our plates together. I looked at him, he Shook his head-then again started talking to himself. I feel that was very unprofessional and rude.

  43. I went to Cheddars recently for a pickup order and we had a horrible experience with our meals. The food was not fresh, cold, and we had items missing from our order. I contacted the restaurant and there was no resolution.


  45. Bolingbrook Illinois restaurant dirty. Service for food wait long. Not busy. Sidewalk not shoveled. I would like to send pictures.

  46. I was in one of your restaurants tonight Saturday night, around 9:15 and I went to the bar and said that they would not serve me. I had to basically come up with my own solution to the problem in order for them to serve me a drink. Then I watch them go over to the hostess station after I had the host seat me and they were talking about me behind my back. then the bartender and her proceeded to talk about me as well because I went around them. All I wanted to do was have a drink and get a to go order and they told me that I couldn’t sit inside because of that. I have never had a great experience with Cheddar’s service and that is terrible because the food is pretty good. I expect communication from this.

  47. I love eating at your restaurant here in Macon, GA. I ate there last Thursday and ordered fried fish which was great tasting but was disappointed NO HUSHPUPPIES!!

  48. Most unpleasant and dissatisfying interaction with manager at Cookeville store nite of Feb. 17
    Wait staff was as accommodating

  49. Just left Cheddars in McDonough GA. To begin with we had to wait for the hostess to clean a table even though there were loads of clean, empty tables. Once we were seated it took several minutes before we even saw a waitress. She finally showed up and took our order. We ordered chips and salsa to begin with. She next brought our drinks. At least twenty minutes passed and no chips and no waitress to be seen. We got up and left. On the way out, two young men were walking in. We told them about our experience and they left too. This occurred around 4 pm and they were not busy at all! In addition our waitress was in her cell phone with ear buds in her ear. This entire experience was most unpleasant and not professional at all.

  50. Cheddars in York, PA is a total disaster!! I have eaten there over a two year period & if my order was wrong it would be corrected while I was in the restaurant. Since eating restrictions, every, every take out order has been a total failure. Missing items, side items portion definitely unacceptable, always unsatisfied with this location. I won’t be going there again. Manager & workers definitely not doing their jobs

  51. Cheddars in Melbourne, Florida is engaged in blatant FRAUD and management knows it! The device on your tables for payment are automatically adding $1.99 plus tax to your bill. Today, I happened to look at my receipt and the first item on it is “Table Games $1.99” which I didn’t purchase. When raised to waitress she didn’t know what to do, while speaking with manager right by my table, he told her “just give them their $2.00 they know it’s happening, don’t know how to fix it, can’t do anything about it once the tickets been rung up.” What kind of response is that?!!!! I was also cheated out of the tax and tip that was associated with this FRAUDULENT charge that you knowingly put on my ticket! a $1.99 charge times all the customers is a significant amount of money you are cheating hardworking customers out of (1.99 and 7% tax plus a 20% tip is $2.56), but manager says “give them $2.00”.
    Your food isn’t great anymore…food is overcooked and I pointed this out to the waitress, took too long for food. I used to dine at Cheddars 2 times a week…unhealthy options (brown sugar soaked carrots!, everything laden with creams and sauces…even the lemon pepper chicken which was supposed to be grilled was fried! Horrific! I want this FRAUD rectified.

    No response to this = Better Business Bureau and local government with my allegation of FRAUD! FIX it and educate your staff.

  52. I ate tonight at your Melbourne Fl. Location and it was the worst food I have ever seen in a long time. I have a picture of you want to see it. Email me!

  53. Our local Cheddars is located in Fairview Heights, IL. Since the pandemic started we’ve ordered to go frequently. Orders are routinely wrong in one way or another. Food has been too salty, shortchanged a side or croissants, order takes much longer than what I’m told on phone for pick up, etc. A mistake occurs 4 out of 5 times. Come on, you don’t have a restaurant full of people and there are only a handful of cars waiting for pickup. No excuse and certainly no way to run a successful business. I would like a call back from corporate ASAP please!

  54. I am requesting a refund for a $100 Cheddars gift card that I bought. As it turned out the person that I bought it for does not like Cheddars. I’ve been trying to cancel this request two hours after I purchased it and have not been able to get in touch with anyone. Can you please help me. I am on a fixed income and need that money to pay bills. Thank you in advance. Order number: 2TMEZ0N7xxxx

    My email address is: tia.poeticlixxxxx

  55. I purchachaes a $100 gift card about 2 hours ago and it turns out that the person that i bought it for does not like Cheddars. Can you please refund my money back to my account. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Gift Card Order Confirmation: 2TMEZQNxxxx

  56. I went to the cheddars in Allen and they did not have queso at 11:50 AM on Sunday morning. I was told by the waitress it would be 1 to 2 hours before it was ready. Ridiculous. Also there was a big black something in the gravy that was so hard, may be a bug but I just didn’t care because I was frustrated. The waitress was fine but it was a very bad dining experience

  57. BRING BACK THE DAMN ONION RINGS already!!!!! Gosh! Bringing back all the nasty old items. Bring back your guys most POPULAR item already!!!!

  58. Today I went and got my order I waited over an hour. Got home and my order was cold and no sides. With four croissant rolls I didn’t ask for. Before going back up there I called and called no answer. Stayed on the phone my entire drive there. After asking for a refund. Everybody kept saying they had to get the manager and “he’s coming” and “he’s somewhere around here”. After waiting another hour for him to come out I asked for a refund. He told me he couldn’t give it back because there was no receipt. I told him the person who brought my food I received no receipt. I didn’t even sign a receipt. He said a gift card would have to be given but I didn’t understand why when it’s his employer who didn’t give me one. Everyone around me was there waiting 3 hours plus. Ever since COVID this cheddars is the absolute worst and it needs to be shut down!!!! I will be disputing with my bank as well.

  59. I went to Cheddars in Asheville NC today.Got it to go. I got a loaded potato that consisted of a plain potato with sour cream & cheese in a separate bowl. That’s not my idea of a loaded potato. No butter and no salt and pepper. And I thought my rice was supposed to be seasoned.

  60. My personal information was stolen from Cheddars and I received a letter saying so. I was never concerned because I’m disabled and didn’t think I would ever be affected. Low and behold, I still have the letter ,however, I need another one for my credit report to contest some issues. Can you please assist me in this matter?

  61. The manager Casey in Fredericksburg, va has been the most unprofessional, rude, and arrogant person I have ever met. She has no knowledge on how to be upper management. I had an awful experience because of the main manager.

  62. My supervisor order me something from Cheddars Thursday and they mess up my food by giving me the wrong item so,I call the manager back at the store about my food and she was suppose to be send me a gift card to my account and,I’ve not receive it from her and it’s the Cheddars in Smyrna Tennessee they always mess up orders at that restaurant.

  63. My family and I ate at the Warner Robins, Ga location! We had the worst experience ever the waitress was rude and made us feel threatened! The lady manager came and made it worst because she defended her until another one of my family members stopped her! We waited over an hour and a half as the hostess said “we got to figure out what to do with y’all” as if we were some type of animal. The male manager came and apologized and spoke with my family and attempted to make the situation better but it was a nightmare!

  64. I just left Cheddars in Valdosta. We had to search for our waitress to ask about our food after 35 mins & the restaurant was not busy, then we had to go & find someone to check us out. The so called manager did not apologize & told us we should’ve paid at the kiosk- which we were not aware we could pay at. We love the food at Cheddars but the service is awful. I’ve heard nothing but complaints recently & after today my husband said we will not go back.

  65. I have tried to get in touch with someone from corporate I called the manager at the Bristol restaurant Bristol Virginia and ask for a phone number he gave me a health line phone number I need help on this restaurant

  66. The last visit to one of your Cheddar’s franchises there were no onion rings offered. This is the ONLY reason I choose Cheddar’s over other dining options. Each time I call a local Cheddar’s to ask if onion rings are now back on the menu to determine if I will go to dine there I am told NO. When if ever can I go back???

  67. Hi. I placed a curbside order today and I’m very disappointed that the they served my child SPOILED milk! This is very unsettling as she drank the milk and told me it tasted funny. I am beyond upset. I called the restaurant to explain their error and was told before i could even speak that they needed to place me on hold. I went on to explain that i was calling to speak with management and the young lady said “ma’am I’m gonna place you on a brief hold”. I waited on hold for 5 minutes. That’s not brief. No one came back to phone. We placed our order as curbside because we have had horrible experiences inside of the restaurant. You guys have definitely lost us as customers.

  68. On Monday, Dec. 7th, my wife and I went to your restaurant on Spencer Hwy in Pasadena, Tx. It was a few minutes before 3PM.
    It took us 5 minutes to be seated. The waitress came over and took our drink order. While we were waiting on our beverages to arrive, we went to the bathroom. On our retur less than five minutes later, the waitress asked us our order. We asked for just a few minutes to look at the menu. Keep in mind it was before 3:10PM. At 3:25, the waitress had not returned to the table. We left being disappointed with this franchise. The manager on duty would not even address our concerns. Wow. What has happened to the integrity of Cheddars? This issue needs to be addressed with this crew and manager on duty, or you will (and have) lose business at this location.

  69. You took one of the most sought after items off of your menu and it’s hard to go to your restaurant knowing that the Pork Chops are not on the menu. Do you ever plan on returning it? If so when? So that I can plan my visit (s). Thank You!!

  70. While visiting Tyler Tx the manager Jason would not accommodate my family which did consist of 23 people whereas we all agreed to set with our own families individually. The manager was very rude, very unprofessional and I felt like he discriminated against us because our color. The reason to which I say this is because we were asked to wait outsiduntil they called us on our phone but there was several White individuals there in the lobby waiting when we arrived and were still there when we went outside.
    There was so much wrong doing done with this visit I can’t type it all.

  71. I visited Cheddars in Garland, TX on 12/5/2020. I ordered my food to go and asked for a burger with only pickles and onions, extra pickles and extra onions, as well as the chicken tender platter. My food was not prepared the way I asked and when I addressed it I was greeted with an attitude. Now if I’m paying for my food, then I should be given what I asked for. This is the second time ( the first time was dine in) where my order was messed up and no one addressed it on a professional manner. I hope this is something that can be rectified professionally. I’m looking forward to hearing from someone regarding this matter.

  72. I when to cheddar on 113020 and try to use my free chip coupon and I end up paying extra money I was not expected pay because they could get the coupon code to come up and did not tell me until I eat the food

  73. Im currently an employee at store #2013 id like to speak to someone about my job and how that store is ran and how us employees are treated. If u could please call me at 419-408-0395 id greatly appreciate it.

  74. WHERE ARE MY ONION RINGS??????????? Of all things to take off the menu this has the be the worst choice. This was the only thing that separated Cheddars from all of the other cookie cutter restaurants. Onions are very cheap so this can’t be a cost saving issue. You will lose customers (me) over this I’ll conceived idea.

  75. We ordered two shrimp dinners to go from cheddars in Bolingbrook the shrimp was overcooked ,Any chef would know that who took pride in their work. I really hate to complain during these hard times for restaurants but I felt it was necessary. I have pictures of the shrimp and of my receipt if you need them. Good luck to you all during these hard times for restaurants I will continue to support my local restaurants
    Thank you
    PS my Bolingbrook receipt number is 76055.

  76. My husband and I drove over an hour to get to the Cheddars in Roanoke Virginia to have lunch. I was so upset when I received my lunch. I ordered the Monte Cristo it looked totally disgusting soaked grease. It dripping this dark brown grease the fries were dark as well. I have had this sandwich before at Cheddars and this time it horrible I picked it and showed the server as I pushed on and all this brown grease poured out, the dough is supposed to be white, well it was a wet disgusting grease soaked brown. I didn’t even taste it, this totally messed up my day I had waited a week to come and I left unhappy hungry oh and my spinach dip was like water.

  77. My very first time at Cheddars was November 7th 2020 in Valdosta Ga for my birthday. It was the worst experience I’ve ever had a a restaurant. My party got there at 625 pm we were told there was a 35 min wait which was fine with us well the 35 mins turned into a hour and a half. Finally when we were sat at our table it was totally disgusting none of the chairs were wiped down there was food all over the floor under our table. We finally order and none of our salads came out when out food came out the kids grilled cheese were on hamburger buns , the salads came after our entrees came out . Sides and entire entrees didn’t even come out until 20 mins after the kids food was brought out no drink refills it was horrible! The manager didn’t not even offer to comp the cold food or anything it was a horrible birthday dinner and im was looking forward to a great dinner but it didn’t happen.


  79. I live in Jonesbro Ar and miss our Cheddars terribly ours was hit by a tornado and destroyed back in late spring early summer and I know i spreak for Alot of our Jonesboro and surrounding communities when i say we would love nothing more than to have our wonderful Cheddars back! Chedders for me is filled with memories of my little family it just the 3 of us my daughter 7 my husband and I thats our date night spot my daughter as always picked there and I would love love for you guys to rebuild you guys were always busy! Please consider my plea. Thank you Cheddars Company we all miss you terribly!

  80. Why have the onion rings been removed from the menu?!? It’s a customer favorite and will impact further patronage.

  81. Ordered takeout on 10/25/2020 at 4:24pm. Waited for 30 minutes. Someone finally came out to tell me there would be a thirty minute wait on broccoli. I took loaded mash potatoes instead.I said I didn’t want to wait. Another 30 minutes go by before I got my food. Got home, ribs so hard they were inedible. There’s was two containers of cheese,sour cream and bacon bits. No potatoes at all. No take out silverware or napkins!! Now I have to drive all the way back to take the food back! Was asked if I wanted the order redone. Why on earth would I wait another hour for some more food. I am highly disappointed. I eat here often but never has it been this bad! Check #45680

  82. Will be calling main number for bad experience at new location. Not up to standards I expect from Cheddars.

  83. I would like to register a complaint for your cheddars located in Tamarac,FL this evening 10.19.20 I tried on several occasions to place a to go order over the phone. I was placed on a hold of 6+ minutes and then hung up on. This exchange went on for about 30 minutes each time they would answer the phone right after they hung up and then proceed to place me on a 6+ minute hold to hang up again. When I was able to finally get a hold of someone she was rude in taking my order and then hung up on me without verifying my order. Please make sure the closing staff is held more accountable because this type of behavior is a poor representation of your service. I have been to other cheddars in various locations like Tampa and Orlando and your service is great. However in Tamarac,FL it needs a great deal of work.

  84. Im from Houston and We would love to have a Cheddar`s in Spring Branch area.In zipcode 77080 or 77055
    Believe me this restaurant will make a lot of business,we drive 2
    About 15 to 20 miles to the nearest Cheddar`s so I really hope you guys will consider opening o e I. Our area ,we have e all types of Restaurants around our Area but we are missing. CHEDDAR`S

  85. Had a small dinner party if 4 for my husband to celebrate his birthday at the Cheddars restaurant on University Center Blvd, in Charlotte, Nc 28262-1513. What was suppose to be a birthday celebration, ended up being a evening of disappointment. All guess had placed their orders, the first: steak (medium well) and chicken tenders, w/ sides of steamed broccoli and broccoli casserole. Next order : chicken pot pie, house salad (ranch dressing. Next order: 8 oz. Salmon w/Biurbin glaze, Broccoli casserole and green beans. Lastly : An order of grill chicken salad w/ thousand island dressing. The grill chicken salad had to be cancelled due to no thousand island dressing, which then became a Chicken tender platter, green beans and steamed Broccoli. After waiting for 45 minutes the meal arrived only to be like warm. The steak never arrived due to it having ribs (which was not ordered), cool, broccoli and broccoli casserole. The chicken pot pie was the only thing edible (like warm) and salad. The salmon arrived with no Bourbon sauce (had to be requested again), brocolli casserole like warm (cheese not melted, green beans cool to taste. Lastly, chicken tenders batter was fried too hard ( not acceptable for consumption, green beans and steam brocolli cool to taste. Waiter was notified and we had to send back food, but it was still unsatisfactory due to the amount of time wasted (the restaurant was not busy) so we couldn’t understand the problem with our orders. We went and got the manager Emily who was apologetic and offered desert. I didn’t want desert, for we came for complete meals. I have been a customer of Cheddars in Gastonia, Nc in which I was very pleased. I know that it could of been an exciting dinner, but it wasn’t. I don’t know if I would ever give this Cheddar a second chance or refer to friends. I am a very unhappy customer. This event took place yesterday, October 15, 20, at 19:48:33. My name is Margaret Wallace, tel: 704-515-xxxx. I’m hoping to hear from you in the near future.

  86. always my favorite place to eat…but they no longer have the fried onion rings in Columbia, Mo so I..along with sevewral friends and relatives will never go again.

  87. went to Cheddars in Athens GA Saturday October 10 about 5:30. The manager Renae was very rude and would not allow us to sit where we could see the TV to finish watching the GA game. The hostess (didn’t get her name) blonde, was so embarrassed because of what she said which i did not hear and was very apologetic. Cheddars was my favorite not sure i will go again.

  88. On the ninth of October 2020 during my dinning at Cheddars with family I was victim to a waitress mishap, damaging my entire attire, most significantly my shoes. I am looking for compensation for the shoes that of which I can provided, proof of purchase, cost and miscellaneous details.

  89. My taxes was send to wrong address that’s y I never got them I would like to give u the right address

  90. My husband and I went to Cheddar’s in Charlotte in nc. We are from Columbia sc which is about an hour and a half away. We were told the wait was an hour . After an hour went by no one sent a text to inform me If a table was ready. I went inside the restaurant and asked how much longer for a table only to be told rudely to wait for the hostess . I realized this rude employee was the manager . I let the hostess know we had been waiting for a table and she finally escorted us to be seated . The server seemed annoyed with work and took forever to bring our drinks . I ordered New Orleans pasta and my husband ordered the steak and tenders meal . His side was a Caesar salad and Fries. The salad arrived and the lettuce was old and kind of warm which was odd. When the food arrived my pasta was cold! From the plate to the pasta everything was cold. I let the server know I wanted it cooked over and she told me she could microwave it for me ! My husbands steak was dried out and his fries were not only cold but looked like they had been recooked in the same grease because that’s what it tasted like. Grease! I asked to speak with a manager and she told me that sometimes the pasta dries out and there’s nothing they can do about it. I told her that is the most ridiculous thing ever . She offered to re cook the fries and that was it . I was so upset that I didn’t even eat my food we decided to pay and leave which we should have done hours ago. This was between the hours or 8-10pm. I really like the Cheddar’s food chain but my service last night was the worst I ever received! My contact is 803-814-xxxx


  92. The manager and the waitresses was rude. They serve me food that wasn’t suitable to eat. And then the manager didn’t care.

  93. My family are regular customers at Cheddars and have been so disappointed lately. I do understand that the restaurant business has changed this year due to covid but your menu has not changed at all over the last few months. Normally very busy, I can tell you that the restaurant is definitely not as busy. Although some of this is due to covid and your limited capacity requirements, much of it is not. I have witnessed customers leaving because of the menu, or lack thereof. I have heard numerous times, servers apologizing for not having an item on the menu right now. A few examples are: onion rings, potato soup, key lime chicken & shrimp to name a few.
    While onions are readily available to put on burgers, and the fryer is in use, with French fries being cooked, but yet they aren’t in the menu. The chicken & shrimp are on the menu in other recipes, so why not the meal that many people love. Including my boyfriend & myself. While he orders the lemon pepper chicken, which he likes, it is getting a little boring with not having more options. In the lobby, there is even an advertisement for the potato soup, which is not available. I am writing this letter to give you an opinion and which is certainly coming from a regular Customer and not a corporate opinion.
    I am a precious owner of a restaurant and I think it is always good to have feedback. Both the good and bad. We love going to Cheddars for lunch or dinner at least 2 – 3 times a week.

  94. Thomasville, Georgia would be a great location for a Cheddar’s! Potential locations include 15370 US-19, Thomasville, GA 31757 or 15047 US-19, Thomasville, GA 31792. The closest Cheddars is over an hour away in Valdosta, Ga. Everyone always says they enjoy Cheddar’s.

  95. We went to Chedders in Brentwood TN tonight. If it was my first time it would have been the last time. The waitress was very nice. My husband ordered your famous chicken tenders dinner with FF n Coleslaw! I ordered the 5oz grilled Salmon With broccoli n baked potato with sour cream n butter. And both had 1/2 cut sweet tea! Well it took so long to get our food our waitress didn’t bring us our food someone else did by then it was getting busy. Well my husband had 3X the amount of FF than Chicken and no slaw and only one tiny cup of buffalo sauce, She asked him what kind he wanted when we ordered and he said mild she said buffalo only came in hot but she recommended another honey hot and said she would order him both to try witch one he liked better! My plate had a little scoop of rice with the tiny piece of salmon and a plain potato that was lukewarm! The girl that brought us our food just gave it to us and said our waitress would be by shortly! Well about 10 minutes later she did come and we told her about our missing items and she went back to get the coleslaw, broccoli, butter and sour cream! Salt n pepper. We felt sorry for her and felt the kitchen staff really was at fault! The people who came in way after us food was delivered right after ours and there was 4 in there party. We have been to many cheddar’s from all over the us but this was the worst ever food we had served. Like I said if this was our first time we definitely would never go back but we know that your food is usually great and we end up taking home half but not this time my potato was not just warm but smaller than the plan of my hand and I’m only 5’2” my husband is 6’3”.

  96. I called cheddar’s in Roanoke,Va as I was about to leave the downtown area. I called the store number and was transferred to 2 different people to place my pick-up order. It began to rain and since I was still on hold to place my order I decided to pass on by and see how long it would take to get my order taken. Needless to say I drove all the way home, past Cheddar’s and I remained on hold a total of 23 minutes at which time i had reached my home and so i disconnected and called the store back to report my disappointment in customer service and the 1st young lady I spoke to I informed her of the above and she is now available to take my order….hmmm….well why didn’t you take it the first time…next i requested to speak to a manager and she again tells me she would be glad to take the order now, well I have arrived home and I am not about to go out in the rain after I had already passed Cheddar’s at Valley View Mall on my way home, hence the purpose to order prior to starting my travel home. I screen shot the time I was left on hold and I have that available on my phone, she did take my phone number to have the manager call me back and I was on the phone for uber delivery from another restaurant….as much as my family has patronized that chain I am very disappointed in their service…..they should be following the social distancing guidelines and not have a crowd waiting for tables as well as on the phone. Please provide follow up on how you plan to prevent this from happening in the future should I decide to go there later, needless to say my family was disappointed and angry at having to wait even longer to find another restaurant they we could all be happy with, our order was simple, not like when we present with 15 family members to cheddar’s to eat dinner.

  97. Cheddars in Odessa Tx 79762.. we did not get our correct order. Manager was not to helpful. Argumentative. Not a good experience.

  98. Very unhappy with the quality of the food we received. I would appreciate it if someone contacted me.

  99. Huge mistake doing away with the onion rings. It was the REASON we came. Very much disagree.

  100. 14oz ribeye steak was cooked well done baked potato wasn’t loaded spinach dip, but no chips! Call in order Cincinnati, Ohio on Springdale Rd

  101. Worst place ever I had the upmost rudest and just horrific things happen to me at the spring Texas location seriously they gave me open ranch in a bag, didn’t wanna fix it , hair in my food , manager got so rude over the phone , they forgot some of my order, worst customer service I ever received in my life I WANT THEM TO SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. We went to cheddars in mid west city Oklahoma, our waiter did not check on us but twice. We ordered drinks from the bar and didn’t receive them until after our meal came when we told them to cancel the drinks, in which our food came out cold. The drinks were horrible, I asked the waiter to take it back as I could not drink it. He didn’t offer to take it off the bill or get me something else instead him and the bartender were making fun of me. We go to cheddars at least once a week, and this by far was the service we’ve ever received. Based off this experience alone I don’t foresee us coming back, and we will be letting everyone know just how bad it was. I expected a lot better service.

  103. After waiting 45 for a table we waited 1 hour and 15 min I think that’s unacceptable. I told the manager and he apologized however offered us nothing. We had 8 guests and 2 children. It was the location in Pigeon Forge.

  104. Our family has been going to Cheddars for a long time for the onion rings. Now the onion rings are not in the menu, so we left Cheddars and went to another restaurant. I dont understand what Corona virus has to do with the menu downsizing. Cheddars lose customers!

  105. Hello, I recently placed an online order # 11266727xxxx. My husband and I live 30 min from the nearest cheddars and were very disappointed to find that we did not receive our side salad with our meal. I know it seems minute but when you pay money, during these trying times, and you drive a significant distance-you have your meal is what you ordered.

  106. We went to eat on Friday July 10th in Murfreesboro TN and my wife had the chicken tender salad and I had the ribs and chicken tenders and her food was not good . We do not normally complain but our meal was not good at all we only ate about half of it

  107. First of all Cheddars used to be my favorite place to go to eat. This is my 3rd time receiving bad service with this restaurant. I order 2chkn tender platters and told my daughter to pick them up the order was to be complete at 7:20 she called me at 8:00 saying that they have not bring the order to the car I called and was placed on hold and the RUDEST manager named Gabby told me that my daughter had to come in the inside and pick the fd up I told her no one called my ph -which my number is on the order- to tell me anything such as that then as I was continuing to talk to tell her what color car she was in she hung up the ph so I called bk was placed on hold again hung up called bk again the RUDE Gabby answered the ph I was trying to tell her that she hung up on me which was rude she was talking over me like she was trying to be sarcastic I told her to plz let me finish talking and she continue to be rude if this is the kind of service you guys have to give I will NEVER come to Cheddars again and you can thank Gabby for that. Any questions plz call at 386-292-xxxx

  108. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE A FULL MENU AGAIN??? Sick of not having onion rings of all things! No dijon chicken (best you had!)! Why should WE be punished?

  109. After reading the motivated comments from Valdosta Ga Cheddars chef Dahvee L West, myself and several hundred other potential customers will not be giving our business to Cheddars due to the concern over what the chef will possibly due to our food before serving it to us.

  110. I called for a curbside pickup and the front seat swiched me to another phone, it rang and rang no one answered. Called back a black girl hung up on me when I told her no one answered in the back. I called a black girl took my order but hung up in my ear. This happened at 6:00 pm Valdosta Ga. not sure if this is a management problem, a covid problem or a black and white problem

  111. Is Cheddar’s having a new building built in Conroe, Texas & what will be the address? We will be ever so happy to have one! Our closest one is in Spring, TX.

  112. Hi my name is diane. Went to cheddar and order was messed up never got a manager on the phone stayed on the phone both times for over 15 minutes

  113. I purchased dinner takeout and spent 32.00. When I got home never had the sauces for my onion rings. I only ate a little because they were so dry. I never have an issue when I dine in. I love the food. Just had a bad experience. Cheddars in camden delaware

  114. First time I have visited cheddars is a few months, and experience was not good. Server was not attentive, food was poor quality and I could not get a diet soda. Not at all happy with this dining experience. Sometimes when a person dines out there might be one thing not up too par, you guys scored the trifecta. Check #53:09, Cheddars store 2138. 12/09/2019

  115. I love cheddars but today I got meatloaf green beans and mashed potatoes.. the green beans were so sweet I couldn’t eat them( diabetic ) the meat loaf was also nasty needless to say all I ate was macaroni. Maybe someone needs to cut back on sugar cause sweet meat loaf sucks. Still loving cheddars

  116. I have been a customer several times in Bristol VA since Cheddar’s came here. My last visit was very unpleasant. The bathrooms were so nasty & the restaurant was a wreck. The service was NOT good. We ordered chips & queso with beef. The beef was like a hamburger patty instead of crumbled beef. Also ordered nachos with beef, got nachos with chicken. At that point, I had decided that I had no interest in future visits to this location. Now it’s been publicized that there was an employee working there with hepatitis A on Nov. 16 & 17. It was this time or one week prior that I & my girlfriend were there. I would like to know how management allowed the restaurant to get in this shape & allow this to happen? Also how is this being handled & what kind of danger are we in?

  117. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  118. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

  119. I would like to speak to someone in your marketing department. Your NEW Cheddars is coming in near me. I am a Family/Veteran owned business called Massage Elements of Hot Stones Inc. We have been in business for 8+ years in the
    Spotsylvania/Frederiscksburg area…..and I am very excited that you will be my neighbor. I would like to discuss some advertising we could share. Please contact me. (540) 412-xxxx Thanks in Advance

  120. I worked at Cheddars in Pooler, Ga and everything about them is just nasty , they went from having rats and now they have roaches all over the kitchen , mold in the dish area. Molded buns and everything else ! The place is just nasty and the manager David Light is a sexual harasser man. All he ever does is stand around the kitchen and flirt with all of the servers in the kitchen instead of doing his job. The food is always served cold and all they get are a bunch of guess complaints about how nasty the food is. The salad mix is always old and brown and they still serve it to customers like that. They serve customers RAW and EXPIRED FOOD , MOLDED HAMBURGER BUNS! They never give the staff a break even with working a DOUBLE ! DAVID LIGHT TOLD A EMPLOYEE THAT SHE NEEDED TO GO BUY A BOTTLE OF LIQUOR FROM THE LIQUOT STORE AND DRINK HER PROBLEMS AWAY ! He’s not the type of man who needs to be in business ! THE PLACE IS NASTY NO ROACH INFESTED PLACE SHOULD BE SERVING FOOD TO CUSTOMERS !

  121. I live in LANSING mi and the Cheddars on Saginaw have some nasty waiters attitudes can’t serve correctly does not know how to tell you if there is nothing on the menu don’t know how to tell don’t have corn beans that goes on the nachos

  122. Iowa City Cheddars experience was terrible! The fish I ordered came out in tiny 2 inch pieces cooked in old oil! My mother in law was served raw chicken. The female manager told us that the kitchen fries chicken and fish in the same oil. What? It was a disgusting experience to say the least. We usually love Cheddars but will never eat at this location again. We were in Iowa City to attend the Model A festival in Amana Ia. We traveled 5 hours and were starving. What an eye opener and a HUGE disappointment!

  123. I find it hard to believe you offer no Military or Senior discounts. Abilene Texas is a huge military community and the majority of all businesses offer a Military discount. Why is this?

  124. Horrible experience. The air conditioning was leaking on or table. We asked to be moved or to have our bill adjusted. Neither option was provided to us. The managers Kayla and Marc were very unaccommodating and down right rude. I do not recommend Cheddars restaurant in West Melbourne, FL

  125. Your restaurant committed theft/fraud of my debit card! I was charged a 34% tip ($12) where I didn’t add a tip to my receipt. I left a 20% tip in cash. I was told when I called about it that it was done accidentally because my card was similar to someone else in my party or it was another party sitting close to us. How can that be when I put $0 in the tip line and totaled out the ticket? No one in my party has a card similar to mine and didn’t leave a $12 tip! The manager said it would take 5-10 business days to refund me the entire amount of the ticket! I’m not satisfied with this at all and won’t be until my attorney gets done ! Why should I even have to wait for something the manager says was an “accident” ? It was no accident! She brought me my card back after running it for the $35.39 and I signed it with $0 tip and $35.39 as the total! There is no way she should’ve been able to add a $12 tip to my card without me actually adding it to the receipt I signed?? I need answers and a much , much better resolution than refunding me money that was taken from me. That is theft!!!

  126. I just went for an employment interview at your location in Columbia Missouri. They were all ready to hire me until I told them I was a minister and needed Sunday days off. I am available from 8am to 4pm Monday through Saturday. As well, I tried to compromise and said I could work Sunday evenings from 5pm to close. I was again told no. I have to be able to work Sunday days or I can’t be hired. They said they were hiring for all shifts. I have over 36 hrs of availability for all shifts with the exception of Sunday days when I am full filling my job as a minister and man of God. My concern is that I am now being discriminated against in employment because of my faith. Please explain to me how your company can allow such illegal activity and actions to occur.

  127. Dear Corporate office of Cheddars Scratch Kitchen in Avon Indiana.

    My name is Kristi. I am a very unhappy customer and ex-employee. The reason why I am so unhappy is due to management or lack of management. Today is May 13th, I went to cheddars around 12 today to pick up my food I had ordered. When I got there the managers did not discount my food. I had just worked Saturday the 4th I believe. Not only did they not discount it they didn’t come out of the office to give me an explanation or talk to me about it. Instead, they told my personal business to another employee and had them come to tell me. What they said was slander to my name. I have worked for Cheddars around 3 years and I just had a baby May 2, 2018, I worked literally up until the day I had my baby which I had to call in and call off because I was in labor while I was supposed to be at work. (my point here is I called even while in labor.) Around April 22 this year I started a new full-time job I notified Cheddars a week or two before this. When I started my new job I believed I could work both but around the 25 of April I relied I couldn’t as it was 7 pm and I had been up since 4 Am got off at 2 went home ate seen my one year old for an hour and had to be at cheddars at four, I was exhausted. It was around 7:30 when I went to Cuco my manager on duty and told him I could not work both jobs I was too tired I quit, but we then decided I would just be on pickup and he would not schedule me. He told me I had to pick up one shift every 3 weeks I told him okay. Saturday, May 4th, I picked up a night shift at cheddars when I came in, I was not on the bored when Cuco saw me he added me on to the board I worked all night that night. While I was working Cuco asked me if I was scheduled to work that Saturday, I said no I picked it up. He went on to say good next weekend Talking about Mother’s Day. I cut him short and said no Cuco next weekend is Mother’s Day and I already have plans I can’t work that’s why I picked up tonight. He went on to say no no you don’t have plans and tried to get me to work. I told him no again. At this time, it has been two weeks since they have scheduled me, and we agreed I was pickup only. When I went into Cheddars today May 13th to pick up my food the had Melissa (an employee) inform me I would not be getting my discount because I no longer worked there because I had missed yesterday (mother’s day Sunday, May 12th.) and was a no call no show. Why this is slander is because the whole 3 years I have worked at cheddars never once even in labor was I a no call no show. I never looked to see if I worked Sunday why because 3 weeks prior I was taken off of the schedule and put on pickup only for two weeks they did not schedule me and then on Mother’s day after I told my Manager no a week in advance they want to schedule me anyway and then slander my name, when I come up there as a customer to get my food. My Husband worked Mother’s Day from 7 am until 2 pm I had to be home to watch the baby until 12. At 12 my dad came and picked me and my son up and took me to work where I worked my full-time job from 1 to 5 while my dad watched the baby. My job paid me 18 an hour to come in on Mother’s Day and work. Cheddars wrongfully fired me and then slandered my name it was none of Cuco’s business what my plans were on mother’s day, but it turns out my plans were to work and watch my kid even if I wanted to come into cheddars to work I couldn’t. I work Monday through Friday 130 to 830 at my job and I told them I work some weekends. They have known this for a month now and don’t appreciate being slandered being manipulated and being wrongfully fired from a job. I know several employees working there still that have been no call no shows plenty of times and had to sign write-ups and they still work there I have never signed a write up never been in trouble and never had a no call no show so why is it right to fire me when the managers messed up not me. I feel discriminated against and I feel that slander is being put on my name all because I found a better job opportunity and went to advance myself. I did not have to stay at cheddars I could have quit and at this point, I wish I would have. They didn’t even make my food right and they embarrassed me in front of everyone at cheddars and overcharged me for my food. I only went to cheddars because I believed I still worked there and would get a discount. Instead, I was mistreated lied about and embarrassed by management who would not even come out and talk to me like a manager should. I can’t believe this is how we treat an employee of three years I will never go back to cheddars and I will make sure nobody I know goes there ever again. It is nasty anyway they don’t wear gloves there is always hair in the food they can’t cook the steaks right they salmon is raw like mine was today. They serve food that has fallen on the floor and nobody actually cleans or works there it’s a disgusting cheddar and it is all managements fault. They never once tried to call me to ask me what happened or to inform me that I was no longer employed. I feel my rights were violated and I want an apology. I want someone to make this right I told the managers to get ahold of me or I would be writing corporate as well.

    Sincerely, One mad customer.

  128. Cheddar’s #2112 at 875 Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL 34741-7551, Table: 18, Server: Raquel, Manager Partner: Joe Brooks 407-348-2159, date of incident: Monday, 04/29/2019 Time of arrival and seated: 8:45 PM Time when check was given 10:50 PM. Check #’s: 14042(Total:$52.27), 14040 (Total: $11.06) and 14039(Total:$34.68). Table of 8.

    I am reporting here and not directly with the manager Joe Brooks because I believe that he has some serious fault. Raquel was wearing a certified trainer uniform and quite frankly she does not qualify to train if she is such a terrible waiter. The service and attitude from her was so bad that by the time my food finally arrived I didn’t trust her enough to eat what she had brought me. She ruined a very special family occasion with her microaggressions and bad service. No waiter at Cheddar’s has ever treated us so badly. I honestly think she had something against us since we constantly received microaggression from her for example, dropping the plates on the table when serving us, giving us dirty utensils, taking forever to give us a refill of water, no straws, my mom wanted a frozen drink without the alcohol but the waiter said that it’s not possible, every time Raquel would let the plates fall even harder when serving us and we all felt the passive aggressiveness from her. All 8 of us left disappointed because of her. I waited till today to report this because I wanted to write this while being calm. Please don’t let the manager Joe Brooks enable the pseudo-waiter Raquel to victimize any more clients that just want to enjoy their food and special family time in peace. Please follow up with me ASAP.

  129. Cheddar’s Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga Tennessee poor service I understand why they have poor service I talk to the manager he put me on hold and never came back today is Monday is 4:30 p.m. I was on lunch I didn’t get to eat lunch because of the service of my way

    1. I’m a manager at a business next door to Cheddar’s when Cheddar’s first came to town they were the best now Cheddar’s at Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga Tennessee has got to have one of the worst service in town

  130. There was a coupon in the local paper so we made plans to eat at Cheddars in College Station Texas. When we got the ticket they said they couldn’t honor the coupon since they were not a Franchise. This was very disappointing and not a good promotion. How is the public suppose to know if they are or are not a Franchise? Seems it would be valid at any Cheddars. It was only six dollars but we were disappointed.

  131. I talk to a manager concerning the food ,oh his name is mike no one new his last name , because he just brush me off , the food made me sick

  132. We have dined at the Cheddar’s Restaurant in Ocala, FL several times. My husband and I went there for lunch today and ordered two sandwiches and two Corona beers and were shocked when the bill came and it was over $31.00. The beers were $5.98 apiece! Are you kidding me? We will not be going back, as we can’t afford it, especially for lunch. You can’t expect people to pay these ridiculous prices, particularly when most restaurants have drink specials.

  133. I would like to make a complaint about the kitchen manager, Mr. Tucker, on April 12, 2019, at the Cheddars on Clinton Hwy., Knoxville, Tn. around 3:30 P.M. My sister-in-law, Emma Dunn, my niece Sharon Norton, and myself, Ruby Nichols had ordered dinner and the food was cold. I didn’t say anything except that my butter was suppose to be hot was cold; and could I have some hot butter to pour over my rice and chicken. I ate my food anyway because I felt like the waitress, Debbie, was getting aggravated because she had previously told us that all of the food was hot when served; because they had spent thousands of dollars making new renovations to the kitchen. I did tell the waitress after I finished eating my food that the food was not hot. She asked if I would like to talk to the manager. She went and got the kitchen manager instead of the manager. He approached the table and said very rudely “Oh, you all are the ones that are always complaining that the food is cold. I had never seen this man before and asked him where did he hear this from because I never have said anything unless there is really something wrong. He began to argue and this was embarrassing as I I have no idea why he said this unless the waitress had told him this and was afraid of losing her job. She had previously said that Mr. Tucker had fired her boyfriend who was a cook. She complained about her job the whole time that we have ever visited Cheddars on Clinton Hwy. I have the right to be treated as a paying customer and not be talked down to because my food is cold. When the food is served; it should be hot. I think that the Kitchen manager’s name was John Tucker and I think that he needs to learn how to treat paying customers and to be reprimanded for his actions. I have a disability and could go higher up. His manager needs to know about this incident as well as the waitress who is always complaining about her health issues and working conditions. If you have any questions; feel free to contact me at 865-806-xxxx.

  134. Hello,
    My family and I (party of 5) went to your Bloomington Indiana Cheddar’s this past Sunday, April 7th…
    We arrived about 12:30…our waiter was nice, brought us drinks right away…we had waited about ten minutes for the last two of our party before we ordered our food, so our order went in about 12:45…it took over two hours before our food came out…
    Our waiter kept apologizing and bringing us rolls while we were waiting…
    By the time our food came we were so full of bread, we barely touched our meals and had to box up to take home…once our food was boxed, it was about another hour before our food bill came…the manager did give us each $10 off (big whoop!), which in NO WAY made up for our lost afternoon…
    From the time we were seated to the time we got our bill and could leave, we had been there three and a half hours!!
    This was totally unacceptable, our whole afternoon was gone!
    The same thing had happened the first time we went to Cheddars, and I said I would never go back…but, my mother-in-law wanted to go there, so we gave in and decided to give you all another chance only to have the same thing happen!
    Even with the $10 off on our bill, it wasn’t worth the wasted afternoon…I understand having to pay for our alcoholic drinks, but in my opinion, after waiting that long our total meal should have been “comped!”…
    I don’t know if it is the manager’s fault or what…but, that is “BAD BUSINESS” practices!

  135. It very sad when my boyfriend filed a complaint against a employee at one of your restaurants that nobody cared enough to even call him back . About two weeks ago we were going to eat at Cheddar’s and we called to see if they were open because we seen on face book that someone commited suicide And we did not know if it was a hoax or not. Now we refuse to return because no one from cooperated cared enough to call us about what had happen. When the employee said they were closed my boyfriend asked if someone commited suicide And the young lady laughed about it. Laughing out loud and said if you seen it on face book it’s got to be true. No respect at all We usually eat at Cheddar’s about twice a month. We now go to o Charley’s. Kenny’s phone number 478283xxxx

  136. I’m very frustrated that there is no sweet potato on the menu any longer. It is a healthy alternative.
    PLEASE PLEASEsweet potatoes back in the menu. This is a loyal customers request. Avon, In. Location

  137. Yesterday, March 24, 2019 after eating lunch in your Alcoa, TN store; my friend suddenly became faint, nauseous and clammy. Your personnel: waitress, receptionist and managers ( one female and two males) were very compassionate, efficient and professional in their response! They called EMS with her permission and had her assessed by medical personnel. I was very impressed and so thankful we have this caliber of people serving our community! I do wish I had each of their names but I do not. It was around 130 -2PM on Monday March 25! Keep up this excellent service!

  138. We had 3 adults 1 nine year old and a baby i paid the check and my dad paid 25% tip in cash my phone got an alert and you all had taken out more than was authorized. I am very upset and qould like a refund for stealing money from my account i wrote cash huge in the tip line and i will never be dining here again if money is not refunded im going to file a police report and press charges. Im ao frustrated you stple money.

  139. I an m

    My family went to Cheddars to eat at cheddars as a party of nine. Our waiter was man Juan he preceded to take our drink orders and we ask for 3) Margarita swirls 1) on the rocks and a pain killer an water with lime. Juan came back to the table and said the frozen margarita machine was broken that we could order some
    Presidenť on the rocks . We change our order to regular margarita, pina Colada and pain killer. My family saw the waiter at another table serving frozen margarita so two family went to the bar and spoke to the bartender. Juan came to table with the frozen margaritas swirl, I ask Juan about the he said they had been cancel there was a mix up of communication between him and the bartender and everything was straight. After so got through with half of my drink a waitress came with more drinks and I said we have our drinks and she said no these are you all, I told her those drinks were cancel she set them down anyway.. My both of my niece came back to the table and express how rude the manger was and how she didn’t want to disclose her self as the manager when they ask to speak to one and how rude she was Jessica at resturant 206 San Antonio Tx. Jessica was handling another table problem and comp them. My nephew said I wish she would have been that nice when she was speaking to you all about out situation and the conversation rolled. Jessica finish with the customer and stated I heard you talk about me so is it something you to say to me. Nephew spoke up an said since you ask I said I wish you would have been more accommodating to us age ask all of us to leave an said someone called her a Bitch we stated none called you that then she stated calling security his name was Martin S. She kept putting her hand over her name. We ask Jessica why did we have to leave so when Martin came an then I left than Juan had the bill that his manager could pay for it.. I told Jessica I was 58 years old an I had never been treated like that an I was you going to call corporate she stated have a nice day sarcastically in front of everyone have a nice day I said you have a nice day sarcastically back in front of everyone. Jessica in my opinion is not manager material she treated the situation poorly and she should be reprimanded and demoted because she came to a table of paying customers like she was coming to a fight there was Mother, Auntie, Sister , Wife, Husband and children and I do not appreciate that kind of service at all. JESSICA RESTURANT 206 3/10/2019 @3:30 AND Waited 45min then 1:00 for food and I sent back the fish plate because it wasn’t right to salty.. My sister 63 and my self 61 didn’t eat anything.

  140. Cheddars University area should be TORE DOWN !!! VERY BAD PEOPLE , SERVICE , AND VERY UNITELLIGENT AND GHETTO !!! From the manager to the server to the hostess TOTAL CHAOS AND NASTY ATTITUDES

  141. Food quality is dreadful. Has gone done considerably over the last year plus. 3/4/19 we were served leftover mashed potatoes and carrots and cold chicken and fries. The quality of the chicken was also deplorable, something I have complained about since they changed vendors. We keep trying to give them another chance thin;king the food will surely go back to the quality it used to be; however, no longer. The leftovers did it for me. The manager has no clue (Josh). We literally could not eat the food. We paid for it but will not return. It is obvious that there is a problem in this restaurant with management. There is always a lot of open seating, a thing that never used to be – no wait lines anymore. We will never again eat at the Cheddars 2132 Morgantown WV location. We used to eat there 3-4 times a week, but that was until the past year or so. Product is poor and the quality of the food by whoever is on the skillet is even worse. The manager didn’t even bother to deny the mashed potatoes and carrots were leftovers. He agreed the quality of the chicken is poor. As for being cold, obviously it was made well ahead of the time it was ordered. None-the-less, the fault falls on the manager because he is completely clueless. Food like this should never leave the kitchen, let alone be served. The waitress should have refused to serve it. Table 52 Check 75142 3/419 Thank goodness we ordered light this day because we wanted to give it another try because it used to be our favorite. Left hungry and mad again so now we are truly done. A comment I have heard from several people.

  142. I sent a complaint/email on Monday and have yet to hear back from ANYONE!!!!! Highly disappointing

  143. On 2/28/2019 at approximately 338 pm I entered into Cheddards location # 450 on Peachtree and was told when the resultant appear to be empty that there would be a 10 min wait. After waiting approximately 30 min and party of 7 entered into the restaurant and was seated and was told that they can have two booths if they need it. When I husband inquired about the seating she stated “ I know I know it’s alright”. I requested to speak with a manager and he was very understanding and acknowledge the situation and assured us he would speak to the host.

  144. Hello there, this is Jadeann Dahlem. I’ve been trying to reach out to Cheddars several times this week to receive my w-2 since it was not mailed to my current address, is there anyway it can be resent or I can reactive my profile so I can view it?

    Thank you,
    Jadeann M Dahlem
    [email protected]

  145. Hello, I had received a e-card from your office a few weeks back for poor service that I received from the Louisville Westport road restaurant and I did not use all the monies on the e-card and I had computer issues and the text deleted all my emails before I could print the e-card. Is it possible for you to resend the balance in another ecard. It was about $14.00
    Thank you
    Rossie Head

  146. The most unique menu item was the mini glass desserts. My Cheddars in Pinellas Park, FL doesn’t have them. Any eatery can have mini cakes, etc. but your mini glass desserts were the best. Just so upset you stopped having them.

  147. I love the food at Cheddars,I have been going to the one in Bedford,Texas forabout 20years. I was disappointed that you took the nachos off that was so good andwas an exclusive for Cheddars. Please put it back on the menu.

  148. Good Afternoon:

    We had been to Cheddars about 6 years ago, the food and service were awful.

    However, today we gave Cheddars a second chance. What a surprise we had, the food was wonderful and the service was absolute hands down the best we have experienced in a long time. Every thing was so perfect that I asked to speak with the Manager (Hunter) to give him feedback on our experience. Alexa was such a good waitress that I told Hunter the she had to have gone through the Ritz Carlton’s training program (as I worked in a customer service job previously). I highly recommend her to be the trainer for that store. Hunter was exceptional as well, he took the time to sit with us for a few minutes to receive my feedback. He made our conversation a personal and pleasant experience (like visiting with an old friend). Please be sure to recognize the two employees above for exceptional service, as well as the chef and kitchen staff. These are the types of employees that a corporation should feel honored to have as employees.

    Cheddars has done a great job turning the store and our opinion of them around. Keep up the good work!
    Please confirm receipt.
    We will be visiting Cheddars again.


    The Siweks
    Cheddars 2059
    1340 Toronita
    York, PA 17402

    Check #72620

    Table 34

    2/6/2019 13:54:50

    ID# 5214 39460 5629

  149. I am planning a 70th birthday celebration for my brother at your Walton Way Extension Augusta Ga location for this Friday night about 6:30 PM. The party is about 16 to 20 people. I have never visited this location because I live in South Carolina. It was suggested as a good place to have the event. I called to get any kind of helpful information in planning the event so it would not be a disaster. The person who answered the phone was very rude and tried to hang up before I could finish getting my questions and concerns addressed. He stated your restaurant did not do reservations. I would have to arrive early and sign a book. I am wondering if I am making a mistake to use your establishment. He offered no suggestions and I have no idea what the seating set up is in the restaurant. Will it be impossible to sit a group this size in the same area? Can someone help me with this dilemma?

  150. On behalf of the Cincinnati Fire Department we are conducting the Annual Fire Administrative Assistants Roundtable at the Ohio Fire and Emergency Services Foundation 2019 Administrative Assistants’ Conference in Columbus, Ohio, scheduled for the dates of April 25 and 26, 2019.

    We are inquiring if the Cheddars Restaurant would consider our request this year for any gift cards to place inside of the packets being assembled for the conference.

    This year we have an estimated count of 55 Administrative Assistant Attendees.

    We graciously await your reply and thank you in advance for this consideration.

    Kimberly Drummonds
    Assistant to Fire Chief Roy E. Winston
    Human Resource Liaison
    Cincinnati Fire Department Fire Chief’s Office
    Direct Office: 513.352.xxxx

  151. Dear people with Cheddars, this is Nicholas Street. One time I went to Cheddars, and I wanted to order the “Baked Spasagna”. And I found out that the “Baked Spasagna” has been discontinued. Now I can’t make up my mind on what I wanna order. Is there a way that anybody can please put the “Baked Spasagna” back on the menu where it belongs? Because it was so delicious. Please contact me and let me know if anybody can help using my information below. Thank you and have a good day.

    Nicholas Street

  152. Cresants served cold
    Spinach dip salty salty
    This was my favorite restaurant but they have failed me
    The cook only knows salt
    Ordered bourbon salmon served ice cold sauce I just wanted too barf
    I love Georgia Cheddars this place needs to close again horrible
    They messing up the name badly
    They going to poison someone with all this salt OMG

  153. Good evening I’m writing this for whomever it may concern on December 28 2018 I went to Cheddar’s in Slidell Louisiana me and my girlfriend we ordered our meal which was steak and loaded potato and side,her meal came first when the waiter sit her meal on the table she was preparing to eat ,there was some type of paper stuck to the plate so the meal was taken from the table shortly after my meal came to the table the plate I received was Chip as if it was dropped before the manager came out apologizing inconvenience but nothing was resolved I intern spoke with the manager because there was like a over an hour and a half of waiting after that incident whereas no one came with a meal or anything someone needs to look into that particular location it’s not being ran properly the cleanliness of it is not being overseen properly the restrooms are filthy and the service that we receive was majorly poor and I’m sorry to say I definitely would never go to that establishment again at that location ever again!!!

  154. My family went to Cheddars in Dallas at Hwy 635 & Greenville Ave. We came from a funeral, having just buried my grandmother. After waiting over an hour for our food, only half the food got served & my salad had raw chicken on top. We were outraged. I will never step foot in this restaurant again.

  155. Called in to make up curb side pickup order and who ever answered the phone told me I had to come into order came in to order at front they told me had to order at the bar, this is ridiculous no one knows what they are doing. Will not come here again. As I sit here the complaints from people coming in waiting on curbside order telling g us we have to come in to order. Called 11 times. Way under staffed in Ocala fl

  156. Called in to make up curb side pickup order and who ever answered the phone told me I had to come into order came in to order at front they told me had to order at the bar, this is ridiculous no one knows what they are doing. Will not come here again. As I sit here the complaints from people coming in waiting on curbside order telling g us we have to come in to order. Called 11 times

  157. Called in to make up curb side pickup order and who ever answered the phone told me I had to come into order came in to order at front they told me had to order at the bar, this is ridiculous no one knows what they are doing. Will not come here again

  158. I was at Cheddars in Gainesville,Ga. 1195 Dawsonville Hwy. on Sunday December 16 th for lunch. The line was out the door and we were told that it would 30 to 35 minutes wait. It was much longer than that so we ask how much longer would it be and they seated us then . We got to our table and to our surprise there was 7 or 8 tables empty in this area as well as other areas also . We sat there for sometime before being waited on . The girl took our drink order and brought it to us and we ask for napkins and lemons for our drinks and she forgot to bring them and was taking orders from another table so we had to get her attention and she finally brought them and took our order. We waited a long time for her to come back and finally got up and asked to see the manager. She finally came over to our table and we told her and they brought us napkins and lemons . We told her the table was dirty and the blinds and window sills had food stuck on them. Would they please bring us a wet dish towel so we could clean off our table. So they brought us one and we cleaned off our table. We finally got our food and it was cold . Then we had to ask for silverware and wait for them . We had to wait for more fries and baked potato to be hot . We never got but one refeal on our drinks. Then we had to wait on our bill and she rung it up wrong. She charged us for two bills. She said that she corrected it but if it didn’t come off to call back and let them know. Well I just called and called them back and they was two busy to take care of it right now and they would call me back later. This is the worst service I have ever had. The place needs a good cleaning and better management and servers. No one wants to be treated like that. My check number was 75318 table 15 Jazmine H was our server . Our bill was 23.29. Then the second bill was 20.31 check number 75320 . I am very disappointed in Cheddars at this time. Sincerely Bobbie Page
    Email nannybobbie1@bellsouth. net

  159. I’m at cheddars in Columbus ya right now. My food was horribly cold I bit the chicken sandwich and she took it back and told me she threw it away, ten minutes later she brings me the same cold chicken that I bit from and it was cold again. The waitress as well as the so called manager both said they physically threw the plate away which was a lie..I’ve never had a bad experience with Cheddar’s but this was just horrible.

  160. I’m at cheddars in Columbus ya right now. My food was horribly cold I bit the chicken sandwich and she took it back and told me she threw it away, ten minutes later she brings me the same cold chicken that I bit from and it was cold again. The waitress as well as the so called manager both said they physically threw the plate away which was a lie..I’ve never had a bad experience with Cheddar’s but this was just horrible.

  161. Made a complaint about your restaurant at 15607 I-10 West San Antonio Tx,78249-1367 store # 2054 few days ago and no one has called or emailed me for nothing wondering if ya’ll even care about customers or not. Your employee was rude to us on 11/23/2018 @ 07:41pm Jose C who was supposed to attend us and didn’t. Talked to management and just apologized and that was it employee still ignored us afterwards still. And now ya’ll showing me that ya’ll are rude to will post on internet all over to show what bad service and care ya’ll have for customers.

  162. I was in the Vienna WV Cheddars and my server was blantently hitting on my partner and I and even wrote his phone number on the check!! I will never eat there again if this is the kinda person you employ. I’m gay so that’s not the issue, but the behavior is disgusting!!!

  163. We usually always leave Cheddar’s happy but not today I think it was just to busy for them to handle. Food took forever at least 25 min and it was overcooked I saw my mom take a few bites of her usual order Monte Crisco then say it was too hard also her side item was missing. I had the chicken tenders and shrimp which was very dry and tuff I have been in the toilet ever since. Cheddar’s is a wonderful atmosphere great servers but the service and quality of the food has definitely changed. It’s unfortunate we won’t be back for awhile.

  164. went to beckley, west virgina location service was awesome and the ribs fell off the bone and were perfectly done, manager was sweet and when we asked to speak to her and compliment the staff she was nice enough to bring us out fresh baked cookies on the house. so a month later i find out there is a location near my home in charlotte nc . it was a completely different meal. the ribs were the worst i have had anywhere ever. hard and fatty and covered in a slop of sauce probably to hide the three day old ribs. i should have sent them back but felt uncomfortable about doing it. live and learn. i willl travel back to beckley wv again and ill eat there again but never in charlotte ever !

  165. Had the worst experience with the waitress at the Cheddars in Clarksville, Ind. She never brought us our croissants and kept saying they were making more, while we saw other people being served. When she did bring them they were tiny and burnt, I was supposed to get 2 she brought 1, when I asked for my other one she got huffy because we had complained to the manager, He compensated us with half price meals, but her attitude stunk towards us. She was not friendly and warm to us like she was to the other customers. I am not trying to get anyone fired, but please hire people with personality and poise who are willing to treat all customers with concern and respect no matter their color. She acted like we were bothering her everytime we asked for something. Her name is Michelle Shepard.

  166. Yes the Dallas location on Greenville an 635 has cockroaches in the dining room so I could imagine the kitchen but we called the manger over an he had the nerve to ask my girlfriend to kill it with her napkin

  167. I am really disappointed that you no longer have spazania. Was my very favorite Italian fish. Will go back to Texas Road house till you bring it back. .. best food ever. Please bring it back🙏🙏🙏

  168. I have very horrible experience I will never come back Here again your service sucks one of your manager suck it took a One hour just to give you 🥗 And your waitress. Really need to be retrained He forget all bout us didn’t even tell us what was going on just keep walking pass us over and over . I had a bad experience last time I came here that’s why I stop coming but now this takes the cake I will never ever come here again

  169. My name is tye my wife and I and our two twins that are 10 months went on a little dinner date last night around 10 pm which Cheddar’s is one of our favorite restaurants but we went to the one on hwy 6 and 90 when we got there we ordered they brought our food our 10 maybe 15 mins later food was not hot to touch it was warm not even usually when we go to all other Cheddar’s food be so hot you can see the steam from it anyway my salmon was hard my broccoli chews casserole was undercooked my wife chicken fried steak was undercooked her food was warm also not hot my wife accidentally left her wallet at home so me and my twin daughter stayed til she got back so during that time I even asked the waiter could she get her supervisor supervisor never came so supervisor finally walked passed my table I told her food was warm cold undercooked and over cooked she said she would have to speak to the GM she came back and said he only took $2.48 off of my meal what kind of hospitality is that when my food was horrible I’ve been throwing up and in bed all day with my tummy hurting and my twins and wife also this is unacceptable and when my wife left to get her wallet she was gone about 15 20 mind it was taking hard so she couldn’t speed back the waitier kept coming to my table asking well did she find her wallet is she on her way back but they can ask constantly about payment but not fix the damn issue of our food we will never go back to that Cheddar’s ever again on West Park location in Houston Tx will get our service we have plenty of family dinners there and this what happens to us it’s not right guess they was rushing because of closing if that was the case they should stop allowing customers in at 10pm hwy 6 and 90 has unacceptable service contact me through email to get my number if needed thanks

  170. We ask for tables for a family of 16 for dinner. We waited over an hour to get the tables then we were seated in four booths. It was very disappointing, as our first time in your restaurant. I would not recommend it to anyone else and would not come again.

  171. We see sweet potatoes have been taken off your menu. We eat here ateast twice a month but won’t if they are not available anymore

  172. THIEVES> Cheddars Scratch Kitchen The Colony- I ate at the the colony location on 09.27, the waiter Nick told us he only had been there 3 days. As to why his service was inadequate. I end up leaving my card in the black reciept book. I called the location first thing Friday morning when they opened. Spoke with a Kedran Bell who told me he was the manager. He said he looked for my card and could not locate it. I told him I knew the card was there and to please check with the waiter. He told me no one had my card. No more than 1 hour later I receive a notification of a transaction with my lost card, GUESS…. FROM Cheddars Scratch Kitchen The Colony. Now my lost card is now Stolen, when I call back to report this to Kedran, he is not able to locate the transaction at all. I provided my last 4 of my card. He told me he would report to corporate and get back with me. Nothing has been reported to date. Stay away from Cheddars The Colony- Thieves are managers

  173. I would like to make a complaint against the Cheddar’s in Grand Prairie Texas 4106 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 on 08/31/2018 between the hours of 7:40pm-9:30pm. It had to be the worst customer service I had ever encountered. The waitress was very rude and treated everyone at the table with disrespect. The entire night was a disaster due to the waitress. I complained to the manager about her and he did nothing about it!

  174. I have been to the Cheddars in Brooksville Florida numerous times and on two occassions i have been short changed any and all change from my bill. They have returned the bills but no change no matter how much it was. I have written cheddars twice and spoke to the Mgr Mike at which time he said he would make it right but nothing ever happened. This happened several weeks ago and still noone has contacted me.

  175. Couldn’t contact corporate office at all!
    All the customer service numbers are not working!
    I want to complain about one Chadders restaurant on Barker Cypress on 290.
    It is one of most dirty restaurant I ever seen!
    It’s not just once in awhile, it’s every time!
    They don’t wipe down the chairs, booths, head rest areas, even the tables are so discussing and dirty
    food crumbs are everywhere!!!
    I showed the manager all dirty places and told her they need to clean better, then she definitely agreed!
    Only one reason we go to Chadders because we like
    one menu they’ve got.
    I hope they have really clean place next time
    we visit them!!! Please clean and sanitize!!!

    1. Beaumont TX cheddars is the same way as you just described. The restaurant is horrible and the waitress to waiters don’t ever care about serving you. The spinach dip is thick and like it is microwaved. I do not know what has happen to this place.

  176. Every time I go to cheddars in Chattanooga Tennessee I order a painkiller drink. But when I get it there is no fresh pineapple, no cherry. And no explanation. Certainly looks different in picture and I paid for the drink in the picture. When I bring it to their attention they just say they are sorry they are out. EVERY TIME!!! They should tell you this before delivering drink or knock some off price! Rip off!!! No more for me !!!!

    1. We have been loyal fans of your restaurant for MANY years. We have had meals at your Tulsa, Joplin and Kansas city locations but mostly at your Springfield, mo location which is close to us. OUTSTANDING food EVERYTIME ! I had a new menu item just 2 days ago which was outstanding—-coconut shrimp.

      But the artichoke dip which we have always ordered has seemed different and not as good as in the past. It seems to have lost a little “zip” or “kick”. That has been dsappointing since we have ALWAYS ordered it before we order our meal. We send this comment to youl not as a complaints since we love Cheddar s but as a concern with one of your memu items that now seems lacking. Change in ingrediants? Thanks, Dave Bryan

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