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Company Website
Corporate Address
PO Box 40700
Mesa, AZ
Company Contact
David Schaben
Phone Number
(480) 446-9010
Fax Number
(480) 446-7695
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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6 thoughts to “Preferred Homecare Headquarters”

  1. To: Mr. David Schaben, I am having trouble understanding why it will take 45 working days as I was told today to get a refund of $ 9.49 for an over payment that I was incorrectly invoiced for. The claim was generated by a young lady named Christine on 3/5/19 when I questioned 2 additional invoices foe $ 9.49. It was confirmed that the invoices were in error and the person generating the claim for the refund advised me that it normally take 5 to 7 working days for the refund check to be mailed. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer in resolving this issue thus I won’t have to wait until May for my refund. Thank you for your anticipated response and support regarding this issue.
    Jim Sullivan

  2. I would like to know if there is an alternative customer help phone number that i can call. The customer service phone number on your website did not work for me, I only got an automated message.

  3. My complaint: I had an issue with my last order, and they make it really difficult to get through to a real live person on their customer service phone number.

  4. Hi, I just spent 40 minutes on the phone listenig to awful music. Found out I was connected to the “Wrong” office. I grew tired f waiting and now am writing . I reiceved my Oxygen supplies but the order was not correct. I ordered ONLY the 7ft nasal cannula, I wanted 6. In the box I got 2 cannulas and 2/25 ft tubings. I did not order ANY tubing. But if I had It would have been 50 -100 ft. Please do not charge me for unwanted tubing. Also I find your company hard to do business with. Even when a Department calls me about a order its long, long waits to speak with any one. I want more of he nasal cannulas sent to me, and nocharge for what I didnt ask for please.

    1. Horrible Customer Service! You can never connect you with a live person. You go into the automated answering queue which keeps you on hold forever! They must not want my business!

  5. You have terrible customer service!!! Your people never answer the phone and it is impossible to get through!!! The automated system keeps you on hold forever!!! Literally kept me on hold for 32 minutes before i finally gave up! What a pathetic company!

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