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Corporate Address
1800 Family Dollar Pkwy
West Memphis, AR
Company Contact
Allen Wright
Phone Number
(870) 732-3264
Fax Number
(870) 732-3127
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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10 thoughts to “Family Dollar Store Headquarters”

  1. On 15 June 2018 time 1720.hrs I visited /went Store #09199 to Shop But SURPRISED because their was No shopping Carts in the store for me to shop. I informed the store Manager MR.Vance he was Rude and disrespectful to about the situation I departed the store. On 17 Junew 2018 1137 hrs I visited the store again to pick up last minute Father’s day things
    Again the Store had No shopping Carts. THIS A POOR EXCUSE FOR a BUSINESS. I’VE BEEN VISITING THE STORES FOR OVER 20 years.The problem is Your management Mr.Vance meaning PISS Poor. Please Fix this problem ASAP.Thank you for your time.

  2. Well i have a complaint about the family Dollar store next to foodcity in nogales Arizona I have applied serval times but the hiring manager is best friend with a person i just don’t get along with and she calls and tells Maro don’t give this person a job and she doesn’t give me one and she said that I went to the store on June 6 and yelled at her and desrespect her and that is a lie before the eyes of God she is lying and I think that is very unprofessional of her

  3. You need to do something about the Family Dollar store in Trinidad, Colorado. It is a mess. Boxes all over the floor and merchandise hardly ever put on shelves. The shelves are always empty also. The store in Walsenburg, Colorado is in much better condition. I will shop there from now on. I wrote you a few weeks ago and never heard back from you.

  4. The family Dollar on west 117th Cleveland Ohio 44111 im thinking about getting a lawyer because I had a book bag on almost got me shot by the manager he said he was going to shoot me and all I ask for was a bag so I can put my personal items in it he would not give me one so i went and stated shopping and I know is all hell broke loose the cashier ran for behind the counter and she was about to attack me and then he came and said get out he’s store before he put me out I had no idea family Dollar imployees was aloud to put there hands on the customers and because he told him that I wish would he said he will us his fire arm or have somebody up to the store in 10 minutes to kick my xxx and all of these over my book bag I am not theve I came to the store on my bike my baby needed diapers i needed soap power and a few more items and by the way my baby went with out diapers I had to wait till the next day to have never been so scared in a store need different employees that has training

  5. Its a problem for me that the company is not open all days in calender year. I know that everyone are entitled to their holidays, but you could atleast have a skeleton customer service phone number that is open on weekends and at all public holidays.

  6. I have a problem with my debit card I went in the one store spent $12 and I look at my car again there’s a bill on there for $30 I have no idea where it came from so I’m calling you in regards to the $30 that’s being charged on my car can you help me with that

  7. On Jan. 30th I was in Family Dollar shopping and I have never been treated like I was dirt. Walked up on,accused over and over of stealing after I spent $182.00 in this store. It was rude unprofessional and just animal like. Anna the manager and Kate need to be ashamed of themselves. The only person who had any sense was Karen with the Red hair. I’m offended I was totally disrespected and want my Moscato wine that I didn’t break back or refunded. To treat someone as I was treated in that store is pitiful in 2021. A gift card or something would make me feel a little better. Because in all actuality bKatie us a fat slob that needs some diversity training she has no clue!!! I will continue to call and send until this corrected .
    Thank you for your time…
    Marvin Johnson

  8. My name is marily Franco and I have a complaint to make me and my daughter who is 9 years old were kicked out of family dollar for being falsely accused of stealing I feel that we were discriminated for the fact that we got kicked out for no reason at all. I would like to see proof that it was us and I’m very upset we were humiliated in front of the customers please contact me as soon as possible thankyou

  9. As a victim of a discrimination act that took place at store #11760 in S.I. N.Y. I’m still waiting for response from CEO Michael Witnyski and legal counsel Sara Berg Rafal. They refuse to provide me with the law/statute that justified their discrimination act done by store manager “Jerimiah”. As I’ve stated before I will not cease until I get remedy for the unlawful behavior and act of Family Dollar.

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