WalmartOne Login –

WalmartOne Login.

WalmartOne is Walmart’s very own employee website, where you, as an Walmart Associate, can log in and check your Walmart schedule, past payslips, benefits plans, as well as check for new job offerings within the company.

WalmartOne war briefly renamed as Onewire Walmart, until they settled on the new official name: OneWalmart.

WalmartOne Wire Associate Login.

The simplest way to log in to is the open your internet browser on your home computer and navigate to

On the homepage click on the blue “Sign In” button in the top right hand side of the screen. This will take you to the official WalmartOne login page, which will look like this: login-page
Log in to Walmartone via this login page. Enter your Walmart username and password.

Once on the login page enter your Walmart User ID and WalmartOne password.

The click on “Login”.

Onewire Walmart – The New Walmart Associate Login Page.

As per 2019, WalmartOne and Walmart Wire have become one platform. Though, the above login page will still work for the foreseeable future, Walmart are genly moving associate to the new combined portal, found at

The new portal has was renamed as Onewire Walmart, but is now branded as Onewalmart, and to login to the website, associates must sign up for 2-Factor-Authorization at an in-store Walmart computer first.

Several login pages exists for the new Onewalmart Portal, including the original, and

One the new combine Walmart Wire and Walmartone portal at, you will need to locate the sign in page first: Open in your browser and click on the yellow Walmart Spark logi in the top left hand corner to load the login page.

WalmartOne WM1 App.

Yes, if you prefer logging in from an app on your mobile phone, then go to Google Play or the iTunes store and search for “WM1”.

Locate the WalmartOne app, download it and open it. You will then be able to log with your WalmartOne login credentials.

WalmartOne Schedule.

How do I check my Walmart work scedule online?


Log in to, go to the menu, select “Schedule,” then select “Show Weekly Schedule.”

Via WalmartOne App:

First you have to download the Walmart One app (WM1) from your play store, then open the app and click on “Work”. You can now view your schedule.

Walmart has also recently introduced a new app for Walmart employees to manage their shifts and schedules, aptly named “My Walmart Schedule”. However, reviews for the new app are horrible, so you are probably better off with sticking to the WM1 app.

WalmartOne Login Problems.

I can’t log in to WalmartOne from home. What could be the problem?

Please be aware that you must register for an WalmartOne account first, before you can log in for the first time.

Go here, if you have not already registered a new Walmartone account.

You will need to enter:

  • Your Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  • Birthday
  • Date you were hired
  • Email Address
Your Walmart WIN number is the number that was assigned to you when you were hired. Ask your supervisor or visit the Walmart Wire to find your WIN number. Go to “Online Schedule” on the Walmart Wire to see your WIN number.
If you already registered, and you cannot log in, try:
  • Open a different browser, e.i Mozilla, Chrome and Internet Explorer etc and try logging in again.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies.
  • Makes sure the CAPS LOCK button is OFF on your keynoard.
  • Try to log in from another device, mobile phone, ipad or computer.
  • Log in through the “WM1” App or the “My Walmart Schedule” App.

I Can Log In to WalmartOne at Work (Walmart Wire), but not at Home.

Please note, that the in-store Walmart Wire system is different from the portal, that you access via at home.

You cannot use the same username and password that you use for the WIRE, for logging in at, unless you have set it up that way.

WalmartOne Contacts.

How Can I Contact the WalmartOne HR Department?

The phone number for Walmart Associates to call for WalmartOne assistance is 1-800-421-1362.

The Walmart headquarters (corporate office) can be reached on the phone number: 1-800-925-6278.

The Walmart “Call in Sick”/”Report a Tardy” phone number is:  1-800-775-5944.

Still having problems? State your issue below, in the comment section.

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170 thoughts to “WalmartOne Login –”

  1. I had to change my password , still can’t access the site .David Johnson Cabot Walmart associate

  2. I am a retired employee and am unable to use my discount card on line, I first have to use the employee log in…..I can’t I’m not an associate just a 20 year retiree….help!!

  3. I get fed up with all the problem I have when I need to sign in I miss looking at my wages to c if they r write and anything else I need to do

  4. Full time worker and your hours get cut from 40hrs week to 25 hrs then to 11 hrs. I’m always on time have no absence do what management ask from me have badges for management appreciate you. I don’t think we should have our hours cut when we are there all time cut the part time workers they are there for for part time work. Also not enough workers to help customers and to keep the facility clean.

  5. I just want to see my schedule. In order to see my schedule I now have to log on at work & sign up? Why do you keep changing things about simply getting schedules & payroll. The only things I usually do but now I am thinking it is hardly worth it because once I get it fixed again to see it then it will most likely change again. Really please stop fixing what is not broken.

  6. I can not get my work schedule.What did you all do ??? I have be trying for the last hour doing what you tell me to do.

  7. don’t have a cell phone& i can’t find instructions for the 2 party verification thing for my pc. any help would be appreciated

  8. I think the new Walmart1 website is terrible. And I think you should’ve left it the way it was, it was much easier to look at.

  9. I’m full time have been for 20 year. My availability is the hours of the photolab. I’ve been in photo the whole time and was an assistant for 5 years over photo , elect, and connection. I’m not getting enough hours to maintain only have 20 next week. yet they are hiring part timers and they get more hours than I do. who , what, how, or when are they going to get the scheduling worked out. I have worked 8–5 9-6 now 5-9pm or 3 to 8. all over the clock. I would be happy with 35 hours but nothing under 32. my open hours are 8 am to 9 pm photo hours

  10. Getting my schedule is the most impossible thing there and if I do there is no lunch schedule posted. Please go back to the old method until you get the “wire thing” working in a way that is (at least) usable. Maybe the programmer should be replaced.

  11. we have started a new Walmart wire and trying to get a schedule or paystub on a home computer is next to impossible . Who ever thought up this new program has got to be crazy. Why can’t we get our schedules and pay stubs at home I did the 2SV program and BYOD program at work?


  12. I find it impossible to login to my Walmartone Associate Login – have never seen such a complicated process!

  13. I am employed by Walmart like the job piss poor management, not exactly the company I expected don’t treat workers fair.

  14. Getting your schedule etc now, is really a pain. It use to be so simply. Why didn’t they just leave it as is?

  15. My Walmart sign in page should show United States Only Not some foreign country. Please correct permantly as I have tried to do. Thank you

  16. I hate this system or what ever you call it ! I have gone to personel and still have not been able to get my schedule or my paystub. IT IS A NIGHTMARE !

  17. The system is way to complicated and klunky to use. The pictures to identify items are way to small to see and having to get a new code from my phone EVERY time I log in is ridiculous.

  18. Walmart makes it to hard to just see a Doctor. when you change the whole site ,and then you don’t want anyone to call in, I can’t even look up a clinic to go see a Doctor

  19. I can log into the new website, you have to link in on your phone while at work but when I log in I still can’t do anything because page not found or bad request. Worse than the old walmartone

  20. everyday I work an hour trying just to find the associate login clean up your site and maybe I can find it I did find it once but it wouldn’t accept my password trying to fix it it just botched everything up

  21. they say they don’t know anyone having trouble loging in to walmarts new wire system but I cant even find where to log in

  22. I am trying to log on to get my new schedule at my new store location, can’t get logged in. Why?

  23. I was able to access the new site, once. After that I was not able to access it. Walmart has made the mistake of trying to “fix” something that wasn’t broken. Walmart needs to learn to stop “fixing” things that aren’t broken!

  24. I want to get my earning statement on my home computer. Your directions to sign in is okay, but this page does not come up. I got a code number once and it worked but the next time I tried to get in on the site it wants me to start all over again. This is frustrating…

  25. This is really annoying!!! I’m with the others, why do you have to keep messing with things that are not broken?!?!? Please FIX this back to the way it was and then leave it alone!! PLEASE!!!

  26. Walmart was always a good company to work for.i have been with Walmart now 15 years. have always worked full time. now they have cut my hours to part time and I cannot make it on these hours. what happened to employee benefits and work. guess people don’t have a say so anymore especially the handicapped disabled and seniors

  27. The new Onewire Walmart system does not do what the hype says. It makes no effort to assist in either recovering or reassigning a password or your username. I still cant figure out how to resolve the sign in process



  30. why does this have to be so hard and why do I have to go to a store to initially log in? why can’t I do it from home and not be such a hassle? why does everything new have to be a hassle?

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  33. NEW ONE.WALMART. To sign in to see paystub from home computer, I send push and get an error code 6010.

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  35. I am a senior, and have trouble navigating thru the whole walmartone web site. Can’t we get a user-friendly program?

  36. So I see most of the complaints on here are from employees. Lol… well just imagine the complaints from customers. I have quite a few but can’t post them all because it will take me forever to write them, but this one just happened today. I belonged to Savings Catcher and accumulated a lot of money on a gift card from shopping at Walmart I used some of it but still had over $100.00 on the card and I was placing an order and was going to use the gift card BUT IT IS NO LONGER IN MY ACCOUNT, it seems like since the Savings Catcher ended something happened to customers gift cards hmmmm 🙄😡🤬so I called Walmart about it and after being transferred to 4 different people and on the phone for 51 minutes was told they had to send an e-mail to the second tier Savings Catcher team and it would take 5-7 business days to research it. I was also told by one of the 4 I spoke to that my account was compromised, YES it was compromised for sure by Walmart because it’s awful funny that my account was fine and my gift card was there up until Savings Catcher stopped. Walmart is a joke anymore half the time the store shelves are not stocked, the employees are rude and give you an attitude when you ask them where you can find something, online ALWAYS has items out of stock and are out of stock for months, then they sell items that don’t even come from Walmart they come from someplace else and try to charged 2-3 times more than it’s worth. I really hate to say this but Walmart deserves to lose business and go out of business because they are by far the worst anymore and most of their prices are not much cheaper or are more expensive than other competitors, and when they raise a price it’s not by a few cents they raise it from .50-$1.00 ex: I use to buy chicken finger lunchables for my grandson, I use to pay $1.00 they now cost $1.98 and that went up all at one time not over a period of time.

    Frustrated with Walmart!

    1. I am so with you! I used to work for walmart and they seem to favor the rude employees over the ones that actually try to do their job. They also favor ones that will basically kiss their hindside. I absolutely hate walking into Walmart now, because I too, always get the rude employees!

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  39. I have spent 3 hrs trying to login at some point just to check my work schedule and have had zero success! This is ridiculous!! I have entered my correct user-id and password and the system as “no record”! I have been logging in at work for 3 months so what is the problem???? I am completed frustrated and find this to be totally unacceptable for a company like Walmart! Who can do something about this problem??? lw

  40. Constantly having problems every time try to log in. Error messages galore. I usually have to try to log in 4 or 5 times and for each time I get phone call with a new security code to enter. Please fix this mess. I had less problems before you changed it.

  41. I spent 1.050 on employee day in my store. I bought my son some coveralls and they were the wrong size. He lives in zsyracuse so he went to the Syracure Walmart to get a bigger size. They gave him so much crap he felt like a criminal. They told him without a receipt, they wouldn’t exchange it because it was over 50.00. He came to my house and got the receipt. He told them his mom works for Walmart for 14 years and they still treated him like he stole it. He is a doctor and a great honest person. Just because there is scum out there, you can’t treat everyone like a thief. He said his name was Micah and I didn’t appreciate it. I’m a faithful employee of the Walmart company.

  42. I have been trying for the last two hours to log into ASDA site to request holiday, unfortunately I keep putting in the name given to me by my line manager and my password, I think the password is incorrect and I cannot find anyway to change the password. HELP

  43. I did the 2 step verification at Wal-Mart and when I try to login in it tells me it doesn’t reconized my information

  44. I can not login in past the push notification. My info is correct, it won’t send the push to be approved and be on.

  45. I am currently on a LOA due to many medical conditions. I received notice it is “Open Enrollment” time. I need to update my benefits; but I can’t get into the Walmart One
    to get into Resources For Living where I can update my information. I have been with my store since 1999. Can someone there please email me to let me know how to solve this problem? My name is Paula Treml, my win #103695387xxxx, & my Store is #2648 in San Leandro, CA. My email is: CVAngels lxxx2014xxxx

  46. I just got a new phone, my phone number is the same. I cannot sign on the wire on my new phone, but still can on the old one. Hiw do I fix this

  47. When I log into Sedgwick to check status on my claim it tells me to check my username and password and I do and it still doesn’t let me log in

  48. I am a former employee, WIN# 224394xxx. I need to request pay stubs starting 5/19/2018 – 9-28/2018 please. Also, the reason i am a former employee is because of store #2331. It is a very racist store and HR nor Management does anything to help employees who are NOT from Puerto Rico. I tried to transfer out and HR did something to block it, even the store i wanted to go to could not figure out what she did or why. I asked for help with this matter and was given NONE just mocked by HR Shirley and the manager. I was very happy working for Walmart, I even enrolled in college Prep classes and was 1 class away from going to a College. Thank you for your time.

  49. I have been trying to get ahold of Walmart concerning my Lifetime discount card I am retiring on Jan 29 2021 no one will answer the phone and I stay on the phone for over an hour..I need to get this taken care of my name is Deborah Knapp i work at store 0019 in Poplar Bluff Mo I am currently on leave due to having Covid-19 please I need an answer

  50. I have been trying to call my previous store to change my address to get my W2. They never answer the phone! It’s too far to drive to the store to get this done! Especially since apparently there are NO managers to be found after 3 pm. I would like an easier way to change my address Please!!!!

  51. My job was eliminated as of October 24th2020. I still have not been paid out for my hours. Do you know how long it takes? Thank you

  52. Need a simple letter stating I do not have dental coverage with Delta Dental. Have been trying to get this letter since December 22 of 2020!!!

  53. I have an android phone and I cant log into as I usually do. It says I have to have a 2step verification. Is there a new platform to get my Sam’s weekly schedule?

  54. Where could i find the correct information to fill out an application for Walmart here at 87401 area.
    Thank you.

  55. For the past 4 days when I’m on my one Walmart , it will not open my paystub and other things , I have tried on my phone and computer so I’m assuming it’s the site having technical problems ?

  56. I am a former employee, I retired this past April at Store 2772. I have worked for Walmart for 15 years, and I was told that I would be able to keep my discount card. My Husband also work for Store1750, but he past away in Nov. of this year, anyhow I went to use my discount card ans it was decline. It was the only card that I ever used and I don’t know why it had spouse on it. I started with Walmart before he did, I was 61 when I quite Walmart and I was told that I could use it the rest of my life. Please look into this.

  57. I need to talk on the phone to someone you can help me get a copy of my 2019 w2 I’ve tried to talk to the store hr no luck tried doing website no luck please I need this help I changed my phone number and don’t know any of old invo

  58. Thank you for every other wonderful post. Where else may anyone get that type
    of info in such a perfect approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week,
    and I’m on the look for such information.

  59. I changed cell phone carriers and now I can’t get the code to log into Walmartone. I’m home sick and need to check my attendance. Help!!

  60. Walmart Screeners should receive a pay increase. As a frontline worker they put their lives at risk daily and should make at least a minimum of $13-$14 per hour. Please reevaluate the Screeners pay. Thanks

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  62. I have logged in every sense I’ve worked for Walmart..why am I having a problem now..I’m trying to go to the hub discount and it keep telling me your login was unsuccessful..Really!!!

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