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The Walgreen Company specializes in filling prescriptions, health products, and photo services. The company operated 8,175 stores in the U.S. Walgreens was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 1901.

In 2014 Walgreens bought Alliance Boots and the companies has been merged under one holding company, the Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. Walgreens is a subsidiary of the new company.

Walgreens Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
200 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, IL
Phone Number
(847) 914-2500
Fax Number
(847) 914-2804
Twitter IDs
@Walgreens, @WAGSocialCare


What is Walgreens’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Walgreens’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-847-914-2500.


What is Walgreens’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Walgreens’ Customer Support phone number is: 1–800–WALGREENS (1–800–925–4733) or 1-877-250-5823 (24/7).

Walgreens Membership phone number is: 1-855-225-0400.

Walgreens Hearing Impaired (TTY) phone number is: 1-877-924-7889

Walgreens Home Delivery Pharmacy (Toll Free) phone number is: 1-800-797-3345

Walgreens Online Pharmacy AUto-Refills Toll Free phone number is: 1-877-250-5823

Walgreens phone number for the Hearing Impaired (TTY) is: 1-877-924-7889

Walgreens Patient Support Center phone number is: 1-855-WALGREENS (855-925-4733).

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic Management Offices phone number is: 1-847-607-3045

Boots Pharmacy (UK) customer service phone number is: 0345 070 8090

Boots.com (UK) customer service phone number is: 0345 609 0055

Boots Opticians (UK) customer service phone number is: 0345 125 3752


What is Walgreens’ Headquarters Address?

Walgreens’ Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • ATTN: Consumer Relations
  • Walgreen Co.
  • 200 Wilmot Rd.
  • MS #2002
  • Deerfield, IL 60015
  • USA

Walgreens plan to move 1,800 employees to the old post office att 433 W. Van Buren Street in Chicago.
Walgreens will retain its corporate headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois, however.

How do I Contact Walgreens Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Walgreens via:

Walgreens Pharmacy Live Chat customer support: Live Chat

Walgreens’ Customer Service Email Address is: [email protected].

For Patient Support Center, email: [email protected]

Alternatively, use the Email Form to ask a question.

You must select “Store Service”, “Website Service”, “Product Quality”, “Online Pharmacy”, “Store Pharmacy”, “Heath Care Clinic”, or one of the other options to continue to the email form.

Walgreens’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Walgreens on Social Media:

Walgreens on Twitter: @Walgreens and @WAGSocialCare.

Walgreens on Facebook: www.facebook.com/walgreens

Walgreens Headquarters Executive Team.

Walgreens’ management team consists of:

Stefano Pessina
Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

James A. Skinner
Executive Chairman of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Ornella Barra
Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Alex Gourlay
Co-Chief Operating Officer for Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

James Kehoe
Executive Vice President and Global Chief Financial Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Ken Murphy
Executive Vice President of Walgreens Boots Alliance and Chief Commercial Officer and President of Global Brands

Marco Pagni
Executive Vice President, Global Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Kimberly R. Scardino
Senior Vice President, Global Controller and Chief Accounting Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Kathleen Wilson-Thompson
Executive Vice President and Global Chief Human Resources Officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Board of Directors at the Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

James A. Skinner
Executive Chairman, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

Stefano Pessina
Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.

José (Joe) E. Almeida
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Baxter International Inc.

Janice M. Babiak
Former Managing Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

David J. Brailer, MD
Chairman, Health Evolution Partners

William C. Foote
Former Chairman and CEO, USG Corporation

Ginger L. Graham
Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Amylin Pharmaceuticals

John A. Lederer
Senior Advisor, Sycamore Partners

Dominic Murphy
Founder & CEO, 8c Capital LLP

Leonard D. Schaeffer
Judge Robert Maclay Widney Chair and Professor, University of Southern California

Nancy M. Schlichting
Former Chief Executive Officer, Henry Ford Health System

Other Walgreens Executives.

Richard Ashworth
President of Operations

Joe Hartsig
Senior Vice President, Chief Merchandising Officer

Adam Holyk
Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer

Elena Kraus
Senior Vice President, General Counsel

Stephen Lehane
Senior Vice President, Business Transformation

Alan Nielsen
Senior Vice President, Property and Store Planning

Reuben Slone
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Steve Turner
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

DISCLAIMER: Names, phone numbers and email addresses are for informational purposes only and are up-dated periodically. If you detect any errors, then please let us know.

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368 Reviews and Complaints for Walgreens Pharmacy Headquarters

  1. I ordered a refill online on December 26, knowing that the refills expired the next day. I got an order confirmation. Went to pick up the prescription and the pharmacy said they have no record of it and would not help me. It’s for my dog and the vet is now out of the county. I will send you the order confirmation if you tell me where to send it. The location in Washington MO is the worst in every regard. Please let me know what to do now. I did what I needed to on my end. Bridget

  2. I waited three hours in drive through for my script because hibbing,mn is understaffed

  3. Please do something about your store in Port Orchard, WA there hasn’t been a pharmacist there for some time now and I’m getting tried of running out of my medication, traveling pharmacies doesn’t work in getting prescriptions filled in a timely manner. Do something!!! I’m out of my major medications now! Please help!

  4. Walgreens on Pleasant street, Noblesville,IN. The phone system for RX ordering today is busy. Yesterday, 12/29/21 it didn’t work. It automatically transferred me to another location that told me the store was closed. It wasn’t. I just came from there. Today, I asked the people at the pharmacy about this and they told me that the store was closed so I couldn’t use the auto refill line WHICH IS COMPLETELY WRONG!!!! since I use it at 2 in the morning often!!!. Then they told me that I could go to the Westfield store and get one of my prescriptions today. The clerk then gave me the wrong address. So…again I still had to order my prescription since she sent me to the wrong store. Then, at the other Noblesville store on Westfield RD, I was told to get the Corporate office number from the cashier. She tore off part of a receipt and gave me a “Survey Number”. I tossed it back to her, told her I would look it up on the internet. Additionally, the Pleasant St. location told me I had refilled a prescription when I hadn’t. The correct date is on the bottle.

  5. Why won’t the corporate office register to dispense Clozapine. I can’t get it at Walgreens anymore. This medicine saved my sons life. He has been on it over 20 years. He has not been in the hospital since he started taking this medicine. Please register

  6. Is it common practice for your pharmacy to take the phone off the hook because they are busy-

  7. The Covington ga branch has one customer at the window for over 45 minutes. The line is wrapped around the building. This is unacceptable to wait hours to pick up medication.This has happened repeatedly.

  8. Poor Pharmacy service at your Los Gatos Store on Blossom Hill in CA.
    Refused to give a booster. Somehow the appointment was made at a store 20miles away. I explained I had also called the Pharmacy to confirm. I asked since there was NO ONE waiting would they give the booster there. The female Pharmacist actually told me they had NO extra vaccines and it wasn’t possible. REALLY??
    I am a RN for over 40 years and know how important these boosters are to help fight this pandemic.
    I have a problem with a company that will NOT go the extra mile for their customers. I would have fired any nurse who had her attitude.
    Shame on her and shame on Walgreens.
    BTW…this appointment was for my son who has EXTREME social anxiety. An observant Pharmacist should have seen him and realized it.

  9. Poor Pharmacy service at your Los Gatos Store on Blossom Hill in CA.
    Refused to give a booster. Somehow the appointment was made at a store 20miles away. I explained I had also called the Pharmacy to confirm. I asked since there was NO ONE waiting would they give the booster there. The female Pharmacist actually told me they had NO extra vaccines and it wasn’t possible. REALLY??
    I am a RN for over 40 years and know how important these boosters are to help fight this pandemic.
    I have a problem with a company that will NOT go the extra mile for their customers. I would have fired any nurse who had her attitude.
    Shame on her and shame on Walgreens.

  10. I was at the Walgreens on Circle and Galley tonight at 7pm trying to fill a prescription that i called in that morning. On my way to Walgreens I attempted to call the pharmacy after being on hold for 25 minutes I was disconnected. Upon arrival at Walgreens I was given a medication it was not the one i needed. I asked for my auto refill medicine Pramipexole and was told it would take 45 minutes to fill my moms prescription. I asked if there was any way to get it quicker since it was called in and is two days past due. The pharmacist then proceeded to inform me she had a lot of scripts to fill by 9pm. I will be honest I was not as polite as I could have been but i did not use any profanity I simply stated I would wait right there at the drive through until it was ready. I told them there were no signs saying i couldn’t wait there. The pharmacist was argumentative and rude. She then proceeded to open the prescription drawer and scream at me that the medication would be filled tomorrow. My mom began to cry and then i waited over an hour for a prescription that should have been ready when I arrived. I was disrespected regardless of how I behaved the pharmacist was unprofessional and verbally abusive and rude. This is completely unacceptable from a professional. I do have expect to be contacted in regards to this matter. Thank You.

  11. I made an appointment to have my 85 year old mother booster shot yesterday on 12/27/2021 at 5:00 pm. at the Walgreens Pharmacy,734 E Pleasant Run Road, Desoto, Texas 75115, 972-274-2178. Confirmation # IMH6QM2UQ7KGB5. When we arrived the pharmacy had closed at 3:30pm. I did not receive a phone call or email to reschedule the appointment. Now the US President, CDC, State Governor and Doctors are encouraging everyone to get vaccine. When a person try to get it they can’t because the damn place has closed and the person goes through all the formalities to get it done. I myself tried to go do a walk-in a few weeks ago to a different walgreens and that pharmacy was closed be their normal time, due to not having a technicians to administrate the shot. I am highly vexed about this situation. You all need to get a grip on this problem before it gets out of hand. I have cancelled my appointment as well as my husband appointment with walgreens. I will not be going to any of your establishment ever again. What if someone needed their insulin or any other life altering medication and could not get it because the damn pharmacy closed early. Explain that shit to me.

  12. Walgreens pharmacy 6330 is a total train wreck! As a pharmacist myself, corporate needs to step up and do something. Dropped off Rx this morning and told pick it up after lunch. Went back at 3:30 and still not ready! Unacceptable! Then they said we could transfer it to another store but that store had to call them. That’s fine except NO ONE ANSWERS THEIR PHONES! At all. Nothing. Multiple tries. Furious doesn’t even explain what I am!

  13. Your commercial son of a (we all know next word)
    Is very inappropriate who approved this should be fired

  14. I dropped off a paper prescription on December 13, 2021 only for the prescription to be lost and to be told by the manager of the location that I did not drop it off.

  15. Your store at 104 Asheville Hwy in greeneville tN has been drawing some serious concerns on trustworthiness of your pharmacy. Prescriptions have been said to be shorted w pills, patient complaints are being said ‘and your pharmacist says ‘cameras’ show nothing however pills r less in patients bottles. Many in town have caught wind of this and many more have stepped forward w concerns and are going elsewhere for their medicine. We personally haven’t been affected by this complaint however my medicine is a refrigerated injectable and was found on the shelf after being filled. Pharmacist blew off the seriousness n said it was fine despite manufacturers mandate of handling. We love our Walgreens and have been customers for 20 plus years but we are looking to move ourselves in the above concerns being brought to light by our community leaders. We can’t trust much in our world, but our pharmacy should NEVER be a concern to our daily lives. We press upon you with urgency that you look into this matter.

  16. Yesterday I went to the pharmacy on 31st and Garnett to pick my medication up they gave me the right back but when i got home I opened it they gave me someone else medication that will interact with my medication so I took pictures of the paper and the bottle for proof when back to the store talked to the pharmacist and he blamed the other pharmacist and would not give me the corporate number I have it recorded on my phone saying it was a mistake a mistake that could have put me in the hospital.

  17. The Walgreens manager in Shallotte, NC hung the phone up on me because I asked him to educate his staff on the interchangeably booster shot per the CDC guidelines! The CDC website states that any US approved Covid-19 vaccine is approved for the booster, no matter which shots were given previously. My wife made an appointment on the Walgreens website after being told that walk-ins were not accepted. Then, after the appointment was made on 12/18/21, the sales associate turned her away because she had Pfizer shots for the first 2 shots and he said that Moderna was not authorized for her and told her to leave

  18. I think Walgreens should review and rethink your 2021 commercials. Why must inappropriate word implications be use to sell your products. This may be humorous to some people. But is it? As a society we need to do better, be better. Change starts small.

  19. I do not like your new ad on tv in which the actors come just short of saying ugly words, unnecessary and not up to your usual higher standards.

  20. Hello, I frequent the Walgreens on the Blackhorse pike and Evesham Rd in New Jersey for all my photo needs. There is an employee there by the name of Betty. This is not like me to complain about someone. Every time I am in the store and waits on me and other customers she has such a rude attitude. I think most likely I will use another way for my photos. I have never have seen this woman be nice at all.

  21. Rancho Mirage CA pharmacy hangs up after you are on hold for 15 minutes. Takes days to get a refill. Store manager called me “Karen” and said his staff are busy. Filing a grievance with my insurance company. This is not ok

  22. Pissed that I cannot get my prescription authorized to authorized to get filled because it’s saying that corporate needs to get involved and stay at OK for them to order it and I wanted to resolve right now. I have been on this medication for over a year and there is no reason for this I need it I am out and I don’t know why you guys think you can hold up my medication You are not a doctor and my doctor authorized it. 630 562 xxxx Nor do I feel I should have to be subject to having to wait for you guys to tell me it’s OK for me to take this med or not be quiet now because now the store has to order it once you guys approve it you guys approve it and there’s no guarantee of when it will come in I need my medication and I need this, this is not something new

  23. I would like to make a report about a hair color product that you sell that is toxic carcinogenic and band in France Europe Italy Germany it contains chemicals that put me in the emergency room and out of work. I assume when I went to Walgreens that I would not have to be concerned about buying a toxic product I found all this out on my own as a consumer you as a corporation aren’t aware of what you’re selling on your own shelves that’s very negligent when you say I tried to get a call back from anyone from Walgreens I got one call back and they never called me back like they stated who makes a decision on what’s safe on your shelves

  24. Walgreens is really failing right now. Unfortunately I do not have the answers but you need to address the issue. I will be leaving but I am only one person. Cannot imagine I am the only one. Maybe pay more. Not sure.

  25. You’re current ads are offensive. While a curse word is not spoken, I am not stupid. The implication is there.

  26. The Georgetown Kentucky store wait times are horrible, every time I have to pick up something I am waiting over 30 min in drive thru or in the store. Can call in his a nightmare trying to get someone to answer.

  27. I go to wall greens at six Avenue South and Dixie Highway, Lake worth fl. This drug store has gone downhill they don’t answer the phones in the back for prescriptions you have to ride over there just to tell them to get a prescription filled and no one is there on Sundays not answering the phone for patients it’s horrible they do not answer their phones I still love Wallgreens I’ve been with you guys for 22 years but it’s gone downhill over there and this is been going on for months and months

  28. I have been having problems with the pharmacy located at 2233 Masonic Dr, Alexandria, LA 71301, for several months now. I have been using this pharmacy for several years. I have been getting partial rx’s but nobody saying anything, pharmacy trying to fill old RX’s even though I have a newer script with refills, Telling me it’s too early to fill a Rx even though I’m trying to fill it at my 30 days when I’m on my last pill.. Whenever I call the pharmacy I tell them what I’m having problems with and I end up getting transferred to at least 2 different people. They either act like they don’t have time to look things up or will tell me an incorrect answer or just tell me they don’t know. Half the time they do not have rx ready when they say they will. My husband will go pick up rx’s and they do not give him all my rx’s so he has to go back. Most of the staff in pharmacy are very rude to customers. I do not want to transfer my meds to another pharmacy but I also do not want this poor service. Thank you for listening to my complaints.

  29. Walgreens in s main Spartanburg sc is so rude and disrespectful and never has my medicine filled on time

  30. Tech at Walgreens in Safety Harbor Fl turned my son away from getting his Booster saying with his insurance he had to be 18! I had made an appointment online. Pharmacist there told a woman with two teenagers they were understaffed and he couldn’t give her kids the vaccine. No a soul was waiting-just us with an appointment they cancelled. I will never set foot in Walgreens again and will spread the word their customer service stinks.

  31. I’ve been having my prescriptions filled at my local Walgreens since May. I’ve been fairly satisfied with the business. But suddenly it’s beginning to fall apart. Last month my scripts refill were delayed due to the item being out of stock. It ran over to the weekend so needless to say it was quite an inconvenience. On top of that. They charged one of my scripts to the wrong insurance. And this month was trying to do it again. I’ve ask several times for them to take the information for that company out of their system. They did not. The medication I take is important that I take it as prescribed. So delaying them being filled causes a problem for me. After last months delay I’m dealing with an additional problem with the delayed filling. My doctor informed me to try to have a few days meds stored. So if there is a problem I have something to fall back on. That’s becoming impossible with this type of service. I guess I should change pharmacies. I haven’t due to convenience for me. I hope to get help from someone higher up with these issues

  32. Not pleased with Christmas commercial. I feel it is inappropriate in the wording. It is offense to Christmas holiday

  33. The Army needs a copy of my prescription history since 2016. What would be the best way of sending this to them?

  34. Your Pharmacy Telephone Automated system is NOT working. I am having issues in Kentucky and in Pennsylvania. Someone really needs to check into this. You are working with everyone’s Medical Health. We can NOT be without our meds. I have had to wait weeks to have prescriptions refilled and available to pick up. Your system says they will get them ready, but does NOT notify doctors offices, and/or your pharmacies correctly. You have multiple customers in the store at one time, trying to get the meds they need. that are NOT ready.

  35. I have been on a phone hold now twice for over 30 minutes each time and no one has picked up my call this is with your store in Emerrton In BelAir MD their phone number is 410-569-xxxx

  36. I’m having trouble get through to book an appointment for a Covid PVR test being a Canadian it won’t take our information and just cut this off

  37. Pharmacy was rude and spoke to me like I was a child. I asked to be given a moment so I could find my insurance cards— she continued with “I can always just give you your prescriptions back.” She then passed me up and help 3 cars in the other line before coming back to me… what happened to common courtesy?

  38. We are experiencing severe problems with the Pharmacy at your store #05432 1581 Bella CruzDr in the Villages Fl. Almost every time we put in a prescription to be filled they claim the Blue Advantage has denied the request or that the med is not available and want us to accept a substitute or if we ask if they would apply the copay to tricare for life they say they also deny it. But when we call both Blue advantage and tricare they inform us that the pharmacy first did not submit to Blue advantage and tried to apply primary to tricare for life or some other excuse and we either pay the full price and try and submit to blue advantage and tricare for possible reimbursement. One of your personnel in the store told us the equipment is not properly updated to cover the proper way to submit prescriptions for proper payments!

  39. I ordered my medicine online at Walgreens for home delivery on 11/23/2021. As of now, i have not received the medicine. Mooresville, NC 28117

  40. I’ve been a customer with Walgreens since the beginning, now I’m unable to reach them by phone only reaching automation kept on the phone 30 -45 minutes at a time until they end my call without I’ve ever talked to anyone. This is an ongoing situation with at least two of your stores ( Baseline and Geysers springs, and Stagecoach and baseline ) I’m sure I can’t be the only one with this complaint. Secondly my medication is not available after I’ve driven a long way to get there because can’t talk to anyone on the phone, just to be told that they’re out of my medication. I’ve enjoyed a numbers of years as a satisfied customer with this store, very unhappy at this point it’s very hard to believe you are aware of just how bad the services is at this store. It took some time for me to even write this, I’m so fed up and confused with what is going on with your stores.

  41. unable to get meds filled due too no pharmacist for 3 days now,can not go to a different walgreens due to rules. This has happened the last 2 weekends. Beech Grove ind store on Albney st. me and my familey has been with walgreens for 15 years.

  42. Told prescription would take hour and then they closed before the hour was up. Website says open until 10 and closed at 6. Now without antibiotic for eye infection. If would have known could have had it sent somewhere else

  43. After 24 and 9 months I got fired for something we did all the time. If someone did not show up for work or we was trying to reach a employee at there family’s home we looked up phone numbers. I received unemployment for 3 weeks and then got a better job. Walgreens was going to fight my unemployment but they never showed up for the hearing. I received a letter that my old manger Misty Harvey accused me of.She stated I gave out the wrong medicine and said I did intentionally and tried to hurt people. I have seen a lawyer and if I don’t get a apology in writing from her I will let the lawyer go forward with this in court. Misty Harvey needs to be fired

  44. I went to the Walgreens on 34th and Broadway and the cashier was rude and did not want to open the case to get me some batteries and told me to go to another store only because I asked her if she would call some one to assist me. I talk with the manager Jeremy who assisted me because she was unwilling. I am a Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and that was so unprofessional my mother gets her medication from that store and I feel to embarrassed to even go in to get that type of treatment

  45. The Walgreens in Muscatine has issues with the pharmacy department. It’s ridiculous that I have to wait to pickup my medications as long as I’ve been in my vehicle. I need my medicine but I’m also hungry and need to get to work! Fix the issue please!!!

  46. I got a new drug plan for 2022,it said,perfered pharmacy Walgreens,I live in Newington,Ct. they are located on Cedar St. in this town. I went there and asked for help switching my meds over to them,the girl told me my pharmacy had to call them,I went to mine,they said they should called them and tell them the ,drugs I am on,they are not very customer pleasing there,I take several drugs,I am staying with my old pharmacy.

  47. When are you people in the position to remedy problems going to get a grip with your North Adams, Ma. store?? I have been insulted, not to my face mind you. My prescriptions have apparently been picked up by someone not authorized, when you call the pharmacy, your damn lucky if they answer the phone, and then luckier if they don’t hang up on you!! I could go on but I think you should be able to look into this because there are alot of people not happy with this store.. oh, they are also having a problem with opening the pharmacy and to stay open the posted hours.. I along with many others hope you do something, right and in the best interest of your customers, in a speedy manner.. I for one am going to change pharmacies if this store isn’t fixed soon… Thank you..

  48. Need to find another Walgreens pharmacy near me, another main supplier for Walgreens that distributes Actemra injections for hrumatoid arthritis. I’m in Margate, fl.33063. I’m not happy with the one I’m dealing with at the present time.

  49. Store # 7021
    I went into this Walgreens 15 minutes before closing time which is advertised at 12am. Before we could get all of our things to the register to paid an employee came and found us 5 minutes before closing and kicked us out of the store. He said their registers were shut down and we could not check out. I actually needed things to cover a surgerical incision that couldn’t wait till the morning and had to leave the store without them. We were told that it was due to security reasons and they lock their doors at 11:55 and there was nothing they could do and we would just have to wait till morning. I’ve never had such horrible customer service before. We had no intention to be there past closing time and have never been kicked out of a store before because they decided to close 5 minutes early with customers inside. There was no announcement made while we were in the store that they would be closing the registers 5 minutes early or anything. We were completely caught off guard by this. I will Never step foot into this Walgreens ever again! I’ve worked in customer service before and the companies I’ve worked for has never treated customers this way. If the business closed at 12 we were expected to help that customer even if they walked in right at 12. I’ve worked at a bank also where we could technically said we can’t help you because it’s a security issue but we never did that to customers. How we were treated was absolutely unacceptable. I personally think that some of the staff that works the registers needs training in customer service on how to treat customers. One girl in particular is very rude and dispite that we still shop there anyway because it’s close to where we live. I will definitely be taking my business elsewhere from now on even if I have to drive further out to do so. They don’t seem to care about their customers.

  50. Last month the Walgreen on Cox Road, North Dinwiddie, VA only had 15 of my medication so I had to call are other Walgreens to find the other 75. This month I went by the store and asked if they would have them so I could pick up Sunday. I receive an email stating they only have 13. I call and they say they might get them Monday. She also said I should call a couple days ahead to make sure they have them in stock. I had physically been by the store Monday and I also received an email Monday or Tuesday saying they were ready but we delayed by insurance which I thought meant they were ready but they were not supposed to be given to me until tomorrow Sunday. Now they are telling me they only have 13.

  51. Weekly Ad -where did it go? Bring back the weekly ad! I haven’t shopped at Walgreens since you no longer have a weekly ad. Who’s bright idea was it to not have one.

  52. I choose to get my medicine from you corporation after workers compensation accident but I always receive a bunch of question because the medicine are narcotics I gave them my ID and information and they still made a lot of questions and try to make look like is fraudulent they tome that word on the brunch on Century village on Inglewood California after they doing the same on the brunch on Hawthorne California specifically Hawthorne and 120 corner and now I receive a letters from my own insurance because they call them directly I have a carpal tunnel cirugía and before they program one for my back and same problem with the medicine with the farmacéutico and helpers

  53. I have had multiple issues with this pharmacy. Including receiving someone else’s prescription. That I paid for and brought home with me. When I got home and noticed the mistake, I called immediately and brought the prescription back and was refunded. I have a photo of the prescription and receipt.
    Also Friday I had someone question me multiple times regarding a prescription I’ve been filling at this pharmacy for more than 5 months. There are multiple other issues I have encountered. You are more than welcome to reach out to me. However, I am transferring my family’s prescription ASAP.

  54. Cannot get through on the phone, after 23 minutes holding it cuts off.
    Walgreens @ B V L Osceola Blvd in Kissimmee Fl.407-348-2323

  55. Hello it would be really nice if you guys had Petshoppe XL Dog training pads on your shelves and in stock. Every time you have buy one get one 50% off I always stock up on them because they are the best to use. It’s sad that I have to check every Walgreens in St Peters and St Charles mo to check who has them in stock.

  56. When you pull up to the pharmacy pickup window, the person behind that window should acknowledge a customer instead of cleaning the tray and counter first. That lady needs Publix customer Service training. Lake Wales, route 27

  57. I am at Walgreens and have been dealing with nasty, rude people I. The pharmacy. I choose Walgreens because I have always gone there and trust them. I have never dealt w such incompetent awful staff. I had a confirmation for booster but the computer didn’t have it. I showed her a screenshot but had to argue w them to do it. I was her 50 minutes early. And asked if I could just wait. It was a horrific experience. Not sure I will use Walgreens agaiin

  58. I called Walgreens on Lincoln trail in Fairview Height, IL 618-394/8744 informing them of a FDA recall on Hydrochlorothiazide. I asked if they knew anything about this and if the drug that I’m taking is on the recall list?
    They could not tell me because they had not received anything from corporate informing them of a recall so they recommended that I contact you. This drug is listed and if it’s not the same as manufacture that is on the recall I think you all should send something to your stores do the pharmacist can give a legitimate answer instead of tell the customer to contact Corp to find out. This is unacceptable and shows a lack of concern and respect for the customer. I am a cancer survivor; therefore, I’m concerned about a drug that is recalled because it could cause cancer which I expressed to them. The lack of respect and concern shown to me has left me not wanting to do business with your company. I am transferring my prescription to a private owned small pharmacy in my area where I’m sure I will get respected and professionalism that is due to a customer. The customer is who keep your doors open. Walgreens is not the only pharmacy in town and your staff need yo know that. It is my money that help keep you in business and I am taking my business elsewhere. I would like to have a response to my email. Thank you.

  59. My son transferred to a walgreens in Bakersfield, CA. In August. He was just terminated because of missing Sudafed, which when he asked what should he do with the old merchandise they said not to worry about it and they would have his back because it came up missing the next day. They did not have his back nor did the person who disposed of the product spoke up. I would like to address this issue with you before I have him look into wrongful termination.

  60. Hi, I wanted to compliment a great pharmacist. Her name is Amal from store #06629 in Hometown, IL. My daughter’s insulin pump ran out of insulin on a trip to Chicago. I had left her insulin in Indiana where I was staying. I went to Walgreens to see if I could buy a vial of insulin. Your Phamacist Amal said I couldn’t purchase insulin without a prescription. My daughter’s blood sugar was 500 and I was in a panick. Amal said she would contact Valerie’s doctor to get an emergency prescription. Her insurance wouldn’t pay for the prescription because she just had it filled. Cash price was around $165.00. Amal kept working on the prescription and ended up getting the price to $57.73. I told her she was an angel. I was crying and upset when I walked in but smiling when I left the store. She went above and beyond. She was truely an angel sent from God on that day. (7/03/21). If she didn’t help me, I would have had to take Valerie (Slusarczyk) to the hospital. Covid was going on strongly so I was extremely relieved that I didn’t have to go to the hospital. I’m sorry that I haven’t written before now. She deserves wings.
    We have so many complaints daily so I thought I would let you know about a beautiful caring pharmacist. I am now working for Walgreens in Arizona. Thanks for hiring a great lady.

  61. I would like to tell someone that I got exemplary service, above and beyond the call of duty, with pharmacist Cindy And Andy at the Walgreens in Hixson. They helped me get my insulin for free through my insurance, as it should’ve been. They made phone calls and did a lot of investigation and took up a lot of time for me. I wish that I could do something very special for them, because they definitely stand out as excellent employees and you are very fortunate to have them!

  62. Parkway, Pigeon Forge, Tn. said prescription would be ready in 1 hr. went back, said short of help, busy, waited 1hr&45mins while they gave covid shots..Very rude to Cynthia Miller-customer We will never do business with them again

  63. I have been in line at the Drive In window at your Store In Pembroke Pines and 184th Ave. Pembroke Pines. Fla . for over 1 hour to pick up my wife prescription.
    Not a way to run a business.

  64. Is this genuine?

    CVS Pharm/WALGREENS Store ® is starting an exceptionally huge research project in the general vicinity. This project happens each week, so we need to choose Shoppers to work as a store evaluator. You will get $350-$450 on each Task. Every task requires 20-30 minutes of time at the store in addition to time to review your post-visit reports. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO PROCESS YOUR

    Karen Wooten
    HR (Manager) Walgreens Survey

  65. I recently visited Walgreen store -#19210 where Brad Tennessee; store manager waited on me. He was rude, abusive, shouted at me, flung my Rx at m me and yelled that if I was not nicer, he would NOT serve me. This was In front of my female companion, other customers, and Walgreens staff.
    I am a 79 year old woman. I was humiliated. He also verbally assualted my elderly female friend. Mr. Tenney appeared to be on the
    verge of out of control. B

  66. The Clinton, Maryland location has extremely poor customer service. I have been on hold to speak to someone in the pharmacy for an hour. I shouldn’t have to drive to the location to get assistance with a delayed prescription.

  67. Yesterday I was on hold a total of 6 & hours on the phone about every 45 mins they put you on hold for a 30 min lunch break then at the end of that 30 mins they hang up on you and have to start all over. So I get into my car and drive to the store still on hold and I get there no one is even on the phone. Then they are smartasses to me when I ask about it, was told I could go to another pharmecy

  68. NOT a complaint…but a compliment😊. Pharmacist, Samuel Spahr, made the RIGHT executive decision and corrected a miscommunication between customer and doctor’s office error today in Brattleboro VT , Canal Street pharmacy. Very pleasant and understanding 👍🙏. Wonderful sensible young man.

  69. You recently bought up my small pharmacy when the owners retired a few weeks ago.
    You need more staff!! They are so busy with new customers and old right now that my meds are a complete mess.
    I won’t tolerate it if it goes on. I’ll just go back to Hyvee. I used them before Monroe’s pharmacy.
    I’m seeing this trend of understaffed pharmacies across the Kansas City area and I’m not at all a fan. Is it really a wonder why this region has grown to despise corporations and their way of operating? We see you a as companies that only care about your bottom dollar. If you can’t care about taking care of your own employees, I can’t trust you to care about me.

  70. I took my husband to our local Walgreens to get his flu shot, and the Doctor there was very very rude, shoving things around up,like she was mad, we asked her if she was ok, she said , she was in a hurry because she had a lot to do, there was no excuse for how she treated us. ALBANY, GA. THE CORNER OF Dawson Rd and Slappy.

  71. Walgreens Saratoga Springs RT 50 518-580-8850 My prescription bottle said to Refill 9-25-21 called pharmacy, the pharmacy tech said she could fill my prescription any time she likes !! I asked to speak with pharmacist. I asked her why she would not refill prescription, my Doctor called In yesterday . The prescription was filled on 9/25 /21 asked her why she would not refill and she hung up on me .

  72. I have recently had the worst experience ever with the pharmacy in New neighborhood. 1) failed to fill 2 prescriptions timely and allowing them to expire, then refusing to fill them without new prescriptions. That caused me to incur doctor’s bills ahead of scheduled times. 2.) Failed to refill prescriptions for which refills were available, saying they needed new scripts from doctor. Ultimately doing so after I pointed out their error, but costing me time and gas to go physically to the store personally to tell them how to to their job. 3.) I have made 3 visits to store and each time there was a wait of 30 min. Minimum including visits to correct mistakes by phcy. Staff
    Due to inattention or imcompetence. 4.) When I spoke with pharmacist Tyler H. About problems was told he could do nothing and referred to 1800walgreens, called same and ended call after 48 mins of waiting to speak to someone. 5.) Please look up my account and verify how much is spent on my prescriptions yearly. It is considerable and worth your trouble to investigate and respond to this complaint. I have been using Walgreens pharmacy for better than 40 years, But will not hesitate to switch to another unless I receive some satisfaction on this. I would be pleased to discuss this matter further if you wish to do so. My phone #508-965-xxxx. The store involved is located @1930 Kings Hwy., Port Charlotte, FL 33980. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and response to my concerns.

  73. I was on hold for over an hour. Then they hung up on me. I called back and still no luck. I called my insurance company because they keep telling me my medicine wasn’t approved and my agent called them and approved it and my agent said it was waiting on the pharmacy to approved it. They keep saying it’s the insurance

  74. I am Robert Williams and I would like to file a formal complaint about the way I was treated by the pharmacy technicians when I called to get a prescription filled. They put me on hold after they told me that they would be right back after they were connecting me with the pharmacist but instead they never came back to me but hang up on me. This has happened to me at a number of stores in the Shreveport Louisiana area but especially at the Walgreens on line and Kings highway and just this evening at the 24 hour store on Burt Kouns Industrial Loop and Mansfield Rd. I do not appreciate this type of service, it unprofessional and down right discourteous, and I think that this type of service should be addressed immediately; not tomorrow are at some later date. In addition I want a letter of apology from the president of the company.

  75. I went to my local walgreens today for a covid booster so I was there for about a half an hour. The female employee who waited on me was so rude not only to me but to every single customer she waited on. I especially felt sorry for an elderly man. She was of no help when he asked about the covid shot. Just told him to look online. He explained to her he didn’t have the internet several times but she just kept repeating it. It was the walgreens in elkhorn wisconsin. On Sept. 26th. I will not return.

  76. FYI Walgreens in Greenville SC at Pelham Rd and Roper Mountain Rd is telling people that folks 65 or older don’t qualify for Pfizer booster unless they have an immune compromising condition in addition.

  77. Trying all week to place aN order for Home Health Product calling 1-877-250-5823. Keep getting message
    Can’t take call building Emergency. I really need this ASAP. Last order 204237789631 need two order. PLEASE Help me
    I’m 75 years old

  78. Walgreens pharmacy on Main Street and Indianapolis Blvd in Schererville has the absolute worst customer service. Went in 20 minutes early for my appt. yesterday for 2nd Covid vaccine, 2 walk-ins filling out paperwork, and a guy with an earlier appt still waiting. He had been there for 30 mins and the pharmacy tech tells him to have a seat, she hasn’t even mixed the vaccine yet. We were told 20 to 60 minute wait, even though we had an appt because they take walk-ins. Walgreens website says to be at your appt 15 mins early or they can take walk-ins. We were there 20 mins early. I told the pharmacist what it said on the website and she rudely told me that was not “their” policy. Both the pharmacy tech and the pharmacist were rude to all four people that were waiting and stood in the back laughing like it was funny that people are sitting in that tiny waiting area a good 40 mins after their scheduled appt. Total lack of customer service skills and total bs.

  79. My rx every month cost approx 15.99 for 75 films. The Walgreens on military Slidell la is charging me 21.00 for a 7 day supply which will make my total cost for my full rx over 80.00 for the month is sept. This appears to be insurance fraud since my first rx states partial refill. I understand if they don’t have the entire rx but to charge me for each one till I reach the 75 films is suspicious! Please respond I am on a limited income with Medicare. I would like to see this resolved thru the corporate office before calling Medicare. Ty

  80. I went to the pharmacy dept. To explain I had Covid symptoms, and a tall blonde lady told me that I needed to make an appt. Online, then drive thru to get tested. I told her I didn’t have a car. She looked at me like she never heard of anyone not ever having a car before, then proceeded to tell me there’s nothing she can do to help me. So, I bought the test, and took it home. Don’t you agree compassion is needed instead of turning sick people away? CVS is right across the street. They are nicer. I will go there from now on.

  81. The service and attitude at the pharmacy in Exeter NH leaves a lot to be desired.Rude service, slow service, are common responses you get with shopping there. I cancelled all my prescriptions there and will never go back.

  82. Your walgreens at 17811 us e 24hwy in INDEPENDENCE. Mo 64058 totally needs something done with the pharmacy staff drive thru . Chandra is slow as they come sat in drive thru for 20 minutes and she has 2 speeds that is SLOW AND STOP . SHE ALWAYS HAS CARS BACKED UP . NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE I GET THERE AND MY DAUGHTER AND MYSELF GET SEVERAL PRESCRIPTIONS THERE

  83. Please tell me how to get in touch with the district manager of the Walgreens Pharmacy in East Hampstead, NH. Thank you.

  84. I am afraid for my brother’s health. He is a store manager at a Walgreens. He started with Rite Aid 20 plus years ago. His Rite Aid was bought by Walgreens. Since then, he has worked so many hours in the week, with the “week” being Monday-Sunday. He needs help. He cannot continue to do this. Nobody can. Would you work seven days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.? On top of that, he is “salary”. I will be discussing that issue with the Department of Labor, because he was salary with Rite Aid, then Rite Aid converted him to hourly because the DOL told them they had to pay managers the HOURS they WORKED. Why doesn’t Walgreens have to follow the same DOL requirements? Money is secondary to his health and well being. I am afraid he is going to die at Walgreens. Please let me know what Walgreens is going to do to prevent this from happening.

  85. The Pharmacy on riedville rd. In spartanburg. I called to check on a prescription today. My doctor called in 2 prescriptions on july 8th. I got no call ,email or text from wallgreens. I went by drive thru last week to pick the prescriptions up because the online app said they were ready. I picked up a prescription that I didn’t even request to be filled. I ran out of Ozempic haven’t had it since june 16th. The person I talked to said both prescriptions had been called in but were out of stock.
    I asked if they would call me or text me when it came in and never heard anything. Now I called this morning and after waiting on hold for 22min. Was told that the doctor called in the wrong prescription on the Ozempic. Don’t know about that but now I’ve gotta call back tomorrow to see if its straighten out. The girl I talk to said she was a floater. So now I’m out of Ozempic and all most out of Lantus. And don’t know if I’ll get either one this week. There has got to be something done. This happens to me all the time. Am I gonna have to take my business elsewhere. If I do I’ll get everyone I know to change. Please can I get help. Christopher Dean Ford. birthday is 05/02/1966

  86. Hi. My name is Jessica renfurm, I work at Walgreens 1911 Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica I’ve been working there for 2 1/2 years , I’ve been having problems with the manager Cindy have been unfair to me and my coworkers I’m steel getting payed the same amount for 2 1/2 years $15.39 she have not upped my salary and That goes for the old coworkers when she hired the newbies there wages are 16.50 and she hired siblings with the same last names.she threaten me yesterday at work I’m there everyday working my but off.and she told me that I have three doors to choose from to leave I was on the floor helping stock she doesn’t aprshiate me.i feel threaten and depressed, not safe I feel like she bulling me and I don’t feel happy when she’s around. And she has favoritism at work. I love this job it’s just her and picking on me, by cutting my hours at work.she does not like me,I get along with everybody I like the job. She tells the coworks who are not Manager’s about what’s going on
    in the store, I’m not the only one who have a problem with her at the store, she hires relative’s to. I have bills to pay she’s playing around with people’s money hours ,when I was in school I ask to have Monday and Wednesday off she said okay.i thought I was going a good thing by telling her but no she gave me 6 days off for no reason and paycheck was all messed up. I’m standing up for me and my coworkers who are afraid to stand up for themselves because Cindy will talk crazy to them and take away their hours. Thanks for reading this I’ve been going through this for a while with her. Thanks again, From Jessica

  87. Yes my name is teddi Day and I have sent previous complaint about your store located Mt. Vernon Ky I feel that I have been discriminated against because of the medication that I’m precribed for addiction to began with this is why I was always giving the run around

  88. I have used ur Walgreens in Dallas tx on Beckley & Colorado for about 6 months. I am Brenda Lou Bennett DOB 5-7-xxxx xxx E 6th st Dallas tx 75032. bbpittsbennxxxx @gmail.com i am very disgusted wth ur Walgreens there & I get 21 scripts a day so I bring u lots of business. Ur pharmacy never gets my medicines right when Brittany isn’t there & they’re rude! But today a little guy that said his name that I believe started wth a Z & was a short name FORCED ME TO PAY him for my Dr pepper & chetos that I got while waiting on pharmacy to fill my scripts & my sugar dropped as I’m insulin dependent so I had to get sumthin fast & I was going to pay for them when I paid for my scripts so that my card didn’t charge me service fee twice & I explained this to him but he was hateful & said NO!! Iam still in awe! How does a pharmacy place do this to ppl! I am 67 yrs old & very sick & that Walgreens knows I’m insulin dependent because they fill my insulin & rt now I feel like suing yall but rt now I know yall need to reimburse me for those service charges I just had to pay because of ur awful employee. He said he’s the mgr but I rather doubt yall wld employ a person like him. Plz text or email me 469 508 xxxx bbpittsbexxxxx @gmail.com thank u

  89. I take xtampza 36mg, I’ve had 11 surgeries & 5 on my spine. I’ve been seeing the same pain management dr for 6 years . The problem I’m having is walgreen pharmacy is out of them every month, I usually have to wait 3 to 5 days to get them. My script was sent over wednesday the 7th of July, The meds were ordered the same day & now they dont expect them until monday & their not sure they will be in Monday as I was told by the pharmacist that she may be over the allotted amount for the month. Can you help & see what you can do to make sure they are in stock or explain to me what to do. I’m a ball of fire from all the back surgeries. Without xtampza i dont get around well.

  90. I have been recently berrated, threatened and cursed at by Sarah of the Freehold, NJ Walgreens. I have been a customer since the store opened. This all stemmed from complications with a prescription refill on Workmens Compensation claim ongoing since 2005

  91. 7/8/21 I Went to walgreens in Aurora, Colorado. My husband and I decided to get our COVID-19 VACCINATIONS. After checking in and waiting 15 min or for an 11am appointment. The Pharmacist Mgr ( Mason) called my husband back for his shot. He was called into a small room and administered the shot. I was called next and asked my husband to stay in the room with me. Mason refused to administer the shot with my husband in the room. He stated it was WALGREENS POLICY to have one person at a time. I asked to see the policy in writing he said it would take 2 hours to pull it up. We waited because I wanted my shot. He pulled up a policy for washing hands, wearing masks etc. We were both masked!! Vaccines have been administered all over the country in community centers with large numbers of people in a room. We’ve seen recordings of family members getting vaccinated together. Mason refused admitted the shot with my husband in the room. He absolutely refused and stood his ground about this fake policy. The traveling pharmacy tech administered the shot because Mason’s refusal. I don’t know if he was just having a bad day or if he was posturing because we are a mixed couple and I’m black. I explained to him that I would just feel more comfortable with him in the room. Mason REFUSED. I recorded the exchange and will bE sending it over to CDPHE. As the head of a pharmacy during a pandemic that affected the world, he needs to do better.

  92. My Name is Mark Turner Jr, I l have been going to Wallgreens Pharmacy for years now and I went to pick up my suboxen and when i got home I seen I only had 23 pills and I was supposed to have 28. I went into Wallgreens in Stanford, Ky 40484, They treated me so awful and there were people in there waiting and the main woman there tried to say that I took the 5 pills out and kept them. They looked into the computer and seen where they messed up and shorted my five pills. I was treated with the upmost disrespect.

  93. Julie, the head pharmacist, at the Walgreen’s store #09383 is a horrible manager. She picks and chooses her favorite employees and targets the ones that actually work hard to make that pharmacy work. She yells at employees and berates them in front of customers. She intimidates customers and acts like she is above everyone. This woman is a manager that fills her own children’s prescriptions, gives customers the wrong prescriptions and creates chaos in that pharmacy. If you wonder about the turn-over at this pharmacy, she is the reason! Do something about this woman before she runs your employees and store into the ground!!

  94. 12222 viers mills rd silver spring MD 20906 dont have enought staf and when 3 peopne person stil walgreen contmers waiting a long time stap stil inside and medisine and refill dot doing proper way and it hapen wityh me my dostor priscrib 3 months tablets and give me 3 tablets and did not say to me that wil order for me and giving 3 tebles rest of them gine me pickup when order come and my docton ask me r u taking tablets for sezer calostron and xarelto and somr others medicine thanks to concernce malik fayaz 240705xxxx

  95. I was in the drive thru line at your 181st NE Glisan location for 23 minutes before being greeted. I pressed the call button twice and was told they would be with as soon as possible. It is difficult to not lash out at your employees while my ice cream is melting in the back seat of my car. I did want to drop a note to upper management that I am doing everything I can to encourage people to leave your business. I am fed up after nearly 20 years of using your pharmacy exclusively the last five years have been mostly horrible service. There have been months here and there of great service but those people never stay. Deb seems to be the only employee you’ve been able to hold onto and she is top five worst retail employee I’ve delt with in my life. I hope you start treating your employees better so you can have staff at your stores but you’ve lost me. This is my last complaint not that any of you really care about the customer.

  96. I was a customer off your store in North Augusta SC. On knox Ave.
    Last month I went to the above location to pick up my test strips for checking my diabetes. I was informed that they lost my refill. According to the store they could not find it and looked for about 3 hours for it while I waited. They had 3 employees looking for it. They never founded it and said it was there fault they lost it. However they contacted my insurance company and put it off on them. They told me there was only 1 box of 100 strips available when I was too receive 2 boxes totaling 200 strips. They said I would have to come back in 30 days to receive the other 100 test strips. Medicare could only do it this way, even though it was your store fault they were lost. Today I go into receive my other 100 strips and I was told they could not be filled because I was no longer a customer of your store that my prescriptions had been transferred to Kroger. Which I never authorized. Upon going to Kroger was told they didn’t have any of my prescriptions at any of there stores. I spent 2 hours in Kroger trying to figure this out with a pharmacist calling back to your store talking to someone and after all was over with I was not able to get my strips because Walgreens said they didn’t have a hard copy of my script any longer since they transferred me out of there system. After all the issues I have had I hope to never step foot back in your store. I hope other customers have better luck then I have at your business. Because today was a waste of my time and I live over an hour away from your store

  97. i brought my mom for her COVID vaccine and the lady who helps us was incredible rude and so prejudiced because my mom is from Mexico she didn’t speak English I was helping her and this lady keeping asking her asking questions about the day she born… she didn’t let me to help her with the questions and when she saw my mom that she didn’t reply then she asked my to answer… I also wanted to record my mom to sent to my siblings in Mexico and she didn’t allow me to record I told her I’m not going to take her just my mom and she said super rude no!! That she didn’t care but the thing that really bothers my is that she was so rude with my mom during the vaccination she took very rude her arm… OMG IM SOOO MAD AND FRUSTRATED!! And of corse I gonna include the news I have the video that I took from my mom when she was confronting us! Please help with this lady! This was at the town center in Laguna niguel Walgreens!
    I have two videos of this lady being sooo rude.

  98. I was told a script would be ready on a monday.ngot a text went there and the said Friday. The pharmacist was rude the lady that answered the phone was rude I told him it was a life-threatening script they said I had to contact my doctor because all they could get was 5 mg but it would have to be okay by the doctor I just got out the hospital I spent two weeks in the hospital I don’t even know how to get a hold of the hospital doctor and they got all crappy with me and said well just call call corporate so I’m calling corporate I’ve been dealing with Walgreens for 25 years if you guys can’t help me then I’ll go elsewhere I promise you I am very upset you can contact me at Tommy f 1950 excuse me Tommy 1956 f @gmail.com my telephone number is 813-603xxxx

  99. To whom it may concern
    I have a complaint about your Walgreens pharmacy on preston highway in louisville Ky 40219
    When you call the wait is 20-25 mins before anyone answer
    The line inside is 10-15 people
    The past 3 months something changes
    All the employees are new ones
    They are rude they don’t care
    I have been a regular customer for more than 20 yrs
    The service is awful,
    My medicine was was due on the 20th
    Everyday they tomorrow tomorrow comes they tomorrow w
    For 6 days no medicine, they had no clue on what to tell me they don’t answer the phones in the hopes that you will not wait
    What happened to this store
    Rude ohh did I mention that
    Now you lost me my family for good
    You probably wouldn’t care

    You all need to know
    Someone should call the number just like we do
    And see when they answer
    Their number is (502 -964-xxxx)

  100. My name is Margaret Mathios and in the past I have been very satisfied with Walgreen’s Pharmacy on Missouri Road in Clearwater, Florida. However, I have been helping my neighbor and she uses the pharmacy on Indian Rocks Road in Belleair Bluffs. I didn’t see any reason to change and I am happy to pick-up her prescriptions.

    However, I believe you advertise that you will coordinate the pills so that they can be picked-up at one time. I am extremely unhappy with your program as I have been asking and begging for a year to get her prescriptions on one trip.

    Ms. Boukalis has (5) five prescriptions. Three of them were on a 30 day schedule but each a different day. I requested help in getting them on the same day. It didn’t happen. Finally, I went to the doctor’s office and got three (3) new prescriptions for 90 days hoping I could get them all on the same day. NO, I got two them on one day and the other a few days later. It was told to me that the pharmacy’s practice was to fill prescriptions that came directly from the doctor’s office on the same day. Well, finally those three (3) prescription were coordinated and received on the same day. BUT, the other (2) two prescription that were originally 90 days were not on the same schedule. 6/22/21 I picked up five (5) prescriptions…….unfortunately two of them were for 30 and 31 days. (Those two prescription were originally for 90 days) I could understand if it was done to coordinate the prescriptions with the other three. BUT it doesn’t . I’m tired of begging for a service that you advertise and I cannot seem to get.

    Ms. Boukalis has 17 pills and with the 30 pills I just picked-up, in 47 days I will need more pills and she will still be working or the 90 day supply so I don’t see how they are going to come together.

    Frankly, I’m fed-up.

    Margaret Mathios

  101. The Edgewater Md store employs a Pharmacist who is not professional. This Pharmacist Jeremiah Brooks has given me other people’s prescriptions. He also has arbitrarily refused to fill my physcians prescription.

  102. I just tried calling the pharmacy I use in Fayetteville, GA on 975 SR-54 W (770-719-3340). I was put on hold for 20 minutes and then disconnected. I called back and was put on hold for another 10+ minutes and disconnected again. Now they’re on break for 30 minutes. This is ridiculous! I’ve been using this pharmacy for over 15 years, starting back when it was a Rite-Aid pharmacy, but don’t have the kind of time to deal with them anymore. It always takes a long time when you call to speak with someone (although I have to say today was a record). Even when picking up a prescription, and even if no one is in front of me at the drive-through window, it still takes a very long time for someone to come to the window – almost always! I hope you can resolve this problem because other people besides me will be changing pharmacies if they haven’t already.

  103. Visited the store on Ramil Rd in Memphis TN on 6/19/21 @ 9:45pm was greeted with…we close in 2 minutes. Then the product my husband and I wanted to purchased was locked up and the manager on duty (Chloe) informed us she didn’t know where the key (without trying to attempt to find the key) was to open the case. The experience was very unpleasant and unprofessional.

  104. My comment is my family lives in Gillette Wyoming and on May 19, 2021 were able to get their first dose of Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine from the Walgreen store in Gillette. However it is now a month later and although they have called continually back to the Walgreen store there is no Second vaccine shot available. Is there anyway you can get vaccine routed to Gillette Wyoming so my family can be safe? It seems that with all Not wanting vaccines that we at least should have enough to cover the people that are willing to get them. Agreed??

  105. -5stars. Seriously find a manager in pharmacy that actually cares after many many years I certainly will be taking my business elsewhere it seems as though the last three months it’s really really gone down customer service that is I think what you should do is put a comment box on the counter with the lock I could only imagine the comment you would receive it maybe that’ll wake up corporate

  106. I would like to know if you still have the Neticap by sinucleanse in stock and if I could purchase one? It was very effective for my situation. thanks

  107. made an appointment on Walgreens website for COVID vaccination. Drove 90 ONE WAY only to be told they did not have the vaccine until tomorrow!!!!

  108. Let me do whatever I want I can do whatever I want let me buy anything however many bottles I own medications

  109. I generally remain on hold when attempting to contact pharmacy in the south Holland location fir approximately 11 minutes and then face a disconnected call which forces me to call back several times. Today June 13, 2021 I experienced this with 2 back to back calls and still never was allowed to speak with the pharmacy department to discuss my auto refill problem.

  110. Yes this is Charles fanelli I’ve been going to the Walgreens on Bella Cruz in Lady lake for the past 15 years I’m having a problem picking up my hydrocodone the pharmacists are Jessica turns my order down every time says there’s an insurance problem it’s due on the 6th of each month every month is delayed on insurance I’ve called my insurance company three times they said there’s no delay she says there’s no order for it I call my doctor he said he put it in I’m 73 years old I’m going to ask jockey a resource flipped over in the starting gate and crippled me Jessica is very rude on the phone when I call her I wish there was something you could do to help me with that thank you

  111. My address got changed in my account, and I can NOT get anyone to help me. This is sensitive information and therefore, a matter of urgency. Please contact me ASAP at 216-469-xxxx

  112. Office manger wad very disrespectful .416 walgreen in Boston mass on warren street very mean to customers this. is my second time compllaining about this manger .

  113. We are Municipal Court, City of Pelham, AL. We provide financial payment for prescriptions for jail inmates. Do you offer an account billing service for Pharmacy purchases by local government entities

  114. I sent a correspondence earlier today, regarding your policies and regulations for prescriptions. I was using a voice to text option on the device I was using at the time and had concerns if I was representing myself appropriately. I have been seeing a pain management clinic on a monthly basis after an extensive spinal surgery I’ve recently had. My Husband stopped before work this morning at the Rogers, Arkansas location on Walnut St. He went inside to hand deliver after getting no response at the window. Most likely due to back log after holiday. But after being notified he’d need an ID, he informed them he was dropping for his wife who would pick up later. They confirmed ID would be needed at that time. They probably wouldn’t be ready for pick up until this afternoon. This is all fine and well. My confusion comes from my call to them about 30 minutes later with the question of ETA. I was informed he was just about to call my Husband back to let him know that because I was given a 31 day prescription on the 5th that I would have to wait until tomorrow or possibly Wednesday to pick them up. Seeing how I should still have part of my prescription to last. The date on my prescription is for last Wednesday on the 26th. Per my Physician. I pay cash for any and all of my prescriptions and require no medicaid hold for payment. So after waiting 5 days past the date I was actually allowed to pick them up. Is this a regular policy of Walgreens pharmaceutical to withhold a customers prescription until walgreens pharmacists see fit to release them? I understand the conditions of the current opioid crisis across the US. But still am slightly concerned about a pharmacists capability of withholding medications of a customer with no restriction on pick up from their own physicians or medicaid or insurance payment ability. Thank you for your concern in this matter.

  115. My question is this, is it customary for a pharmacy to withhold medications that you pay cash for and not through Medicaid service that has been dated a week prior just because it’s a narcotic? I paid cash for my prescriptions and my prescription for 5mg hydrocodone is dated last Wednesday yet my local Walgreens has informed me I should have had enough to last 31 days so they will not be filling my prescription for another day or two! Is this customary for Walgreens stores in pharmacies? I understand be opiate issue! But I also understand that Medicaid with colds medications and narcotics until the refill date. But my prescription dated Wednesday of last week but was turned in this morning I’m being told possibly in the next couple days is when they’ll be able to fill it because I should already have my prescription and enough to last. As far as I knew I thought on the refill date on the Prescription from my position is what the date is supposed to be home too. But I’m assuming since my husband went in with a small attitude about not finding someone at the drive-thru window to turn in a prescription might have created me a couple of days inconvenience to pick up my own prescription I pay cash for. The Rogers location in Rogers Arkansas on Walnut Street I have never had a problem with before! I have never had to wait to pick up any prescription unless it was just 20 to 30 minutes. So I know the opioid crisis has caused lots of issues for lots of people I understand that! But never once have I ever been told by Walgreens Pharmacy I have to wait till they okay my prescription release when it was dated 5 days ago!

  116. My name is Linda A. Anderson I ordered 2/ 2pk ZZQUIL the carrier was Insta Cart when I got the package carrier had left and it was only one 2 ok zzquil I paid Walgreens 44.79 the money came out of my CREDIT ONE charge plate. I called Insta Cart they said I have to contact the merchant and Credit One said the same thing.

  117. I went to the Menlo Park Walgreens in Portland OR yesterday and spent 38 minutes in the drive thru line. There were only 2 cars in front of me. When I got to the window the tech said they were busy and he was sorry. 38 minutes waiting in line was ridiculous and I was dumbfounded. I called the store and asked for a manager. A young lady answered and was very rude and stated that they were giving Covid shots that day! Funny a sign on the drive up window said that they were out of Covid shots. LIE #1, she then stated that I was mistaken and I must of been looking at the clock wrong, LIE #2. Then she actually hung up on me! I did not raise my voice, curse nor say anything rude. I just asked why it took so long! Walgreens is the “WORST” pharmacy of all time. If there was a word could use other than worst I would use it. If I could give it minus 5 stars would! Unfortunately because of health issues I have 12 prescriptions. I have now transferred all 12 to Safeway, where they are friendly, care about people and don’t hang up on customers!

  118. Your delivery service is attempting to charge me hundreds of dollars for a prescription, stating, it’s not covered. I have been receiving it at Walgreens Locations, and my insurance covers it, in full. What is going on? I am Disabled, I can’t afford for you to wrongly charge me for anything covered. I have been on this medication, covered by my United Healthcare Community Plan, for multiple years. Only difference is I attempted to have it, delivered! Please explain how this can be, please.

  119. Your pharmacy at Desert Inn Road and Fort Apache in Las Vegas, Nevada is abyssal. The techs there are rude and disrespectful. As a senior citizen of this great land of ours. I will prevail upon my friends, family members and clients to use any pharmacy other than Walgreens anywhere. I have had it.

  120. Walgreens no longer has an open phone line to the local pharmacist like Rite Aid. Walgreens does not email you to let you know your order is ready. Walgreens does send a thank you email offering additional services. That is why I changed to another pharmacy Learn from my comments.

  121. Your computer system in ASBURY Park, NJ is ancient and inefficient. It continually shuts down and creates customer frustration and a colossal waste of employee time. THEY NEED A NEW SYSTEM! This is a multiple contact issue!

  122. I went to pick up my script that they filled yesterday, but the pharmacy was closed for today and tomorrow they did not even guarantee Monday!!! I ran out this morning therefore I cannot take my medication as my doctor prescribed!!!! The Plymouth Indiana pharmacy manager would not even talk to me she had the photo center employee talk to me ! I cannot have my script filled by another Walgreens without a new script from my doctor and they won’t be in til Monday!! This is not right I should be able to count on your pharmacy!!!!

  123. Went to Walgreens to get a Covid vac for my 12 year old and was denied. Thought the President said all Americans get a vaccine for free!!!!

  124. At about 3:30 pm EST I called the Walgreens in Williamston SC to transfer a prescription from Publix In Anderson SC. At approximately 5:30 I go to Walgreens to pick up the prescription and they say they don’t have anything. I mention that they were supposed to be transferring it from Publix in Anderson. They say they haven’t received the fax. I called back at 7:30 pm to see if my prescription is ready and they say they still haven’t received it. They had even called Publix again and ask them to re-fax it again. I asked them what was wrong with asking for a verbal prescription they didn’t give me an answer as to why they didn’t get a verbal prescription and I explained that I have been waiting on this prescription since 8 o’clock this morning and then I understood it was my doctors mistake in sending it to the wrong pharmacy but had I known at 3:30 that it was going to take over four hours for them to transfer a prescription and fill it that I would’ve drove to Anderson and picked it up. I have worked in pharmacy for over 15 years as a pharmacy technician myself I know how to take a verbal prescription and it takes less than two minutes usually take take a verbal prescription so why they didn’t do this originally I do not understand and I thought the customer and care of the customer was the highest priority this is very poor service and I will never fill another prescription with Walgreens pharmacy due to the poor service that they have given me today!!!!! It is now 802 and I am sitting in the pharmacy still waiting on a prescription it was called in just after 8 o’clock this morning.

  125. I would like to file a formal complaint against Elissa pharmacist at 200 SW 13 street Miami Florida when she told me that she was calling the police because after I made a long line outside in my car and my mother’s medication was not ready.she pretended to me to go threw line again. I had ordered meds last Wednesday the 21st and medication was not ready. She also said there were children with fevers and parents in the line and I was preventing them from getting their medication and she was calling the police. I think Elissa probably had a crystal ball!
    I then asked to speak to the manager and a lady named Laraya came to the window I explained the situation and how disrespectful and out of line Elissa had been. I also told her I was out of gas and could not go threw long line again.
    Laraya would not give me Elissa’s name even though I asked her several times. She said when I came back.
    After putting gas in my car I went inside the store and spoke with Andrew the general manager and explained the situation to him. He listened and went to the back spoke with Elissa and wrote down her name and gave it to me .
    It should be noted that my mother’s medication was still not ready! Andrew went to the back and she filled it then.
    This pharmacy does not operate properly with these two rude women. They need to attend a training on how to treat people with respect at all times.
    Wallgreens needs to look into this store because the pickup window is not very efficient. They constantly have issues with no meds and didn’t receive and mother excuses.
    I demand to be treated with respect at all times just as I treated her with respect. How dare she tells me she is calling the police!!

  126. I’m asking for a someone to give me a call from headquarters complaint line and seem my request as a call back being denied.

  127. I have been a customer over 10 yrs at the store in Metter Ga you supposedly have a Mgr name Aaron who took Adams place
    I need to talk to someone who is a district Mgr over this area since she would not give me their name or phone number. She withheld my med from me for 4 days lying n Inwant her reported

  128. My Walgreens 24 hours store was closed this morning at 5:30 am, it is located at 3180 SE Federal Hwy Stuart, Fl 34994
    I am very upset I needed over counter medicine. I was driving to West Palm. This is unacceptable I will have to look for another 24 hour drug store. I have a long memory I want soon forget how you all let me down!

  129. This store supervisor’s attitude and actions defied all objective reasoning and professionalism.  It appears that she is either incompetent or allowed her own personal prejudices to overwhelm her commitment to customer courtesy.

    Does her attitude and behaviors exemplify “Living Our Values, Vision and Purpose?”

    Question:  What has been done to rectify this embarrassing and very disturbing company policy she alluded to in this video?  facebook.com/biphakathi/videos/449205829473764       

    My followers and I eagerly await your response!

    Thank you.

  130. SStauber
    Apr 11, 2021, 12:16 PM (2 days ago)
    to Sherri, support-bfcarr0bftkvmuauea8p0by6a8uwf7, me
    TO: Sherri Brewster
    Consumer Relations
    Case #: 14372842
    Sherri Brewster

    Hello Again Sherri,
    Well I thought this issue would be resolved, but as you can see by the email I again received today at 11:43 AM SUNDAY April 11th
    there seems to be still a fly in the ointment!!!

    THIS TIME……..I DO WANT TO ME CONTACTED TO CONFIRM THAT THIS IS FIXED !!! Or I will write to Corporate office and have
    a conversation with them about it.
    I appreciate anything you can do to fix my problem.

    Sharry Stauber
    Hanover Park, IL

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Walgreens
    Date: Sun, Apr 11, 2021 at 11:43 AM
    Subject: ** We’re reminding you ** Join by 4/16 to keep all your member benefits

  131. Corporate Walgreens is treating your pharmacy staff very badly. I tried to get an answer to a question and was placed on hold three times for over 10 minutes. I finally drove to the store, and was told there was only one pharmacist working.
    I talked to the Manager who told me that the Corporate Office knows of this problem. So, what are you doing to be kind and helpful to your staff?
    I have always got EXCELLENT service from the staff at the Walgreens on Green Bay Avenue and Spring Street, Mt. Pleasant. Why are you not helping?

  132. My name is Randy Melton. On April 1, 2021 I went to Walgreens at 18550 Green Valley Ranch Blvd, to get my medication. On my arrival there, I went to talk to the pharmacist Brittany about misunderstanding that one on the tech had in formed me over the phone. After about a minute talking with the pharmacist Brittany and getting no real explanation, I started to walk away to get my medication. At that time Pharmacist Brittany said “don’t walk away from me you’re going to stand here and listen to me” as if I was a child. I am a disabled senior and did not deserved to be talked to that way; I said no I’m not and walked to the register to pay for my prescribed eye drops. I have severe Glaucoma in which I had over 10 surgeries on my yes and at that time I could feel that my pressure in my eyes was high because it was painful, and my eye drops is what brings the pressure down. As I stood in front of the tech to pay for my medications Pharmacist Brittany walked over to where I was and began to talk again. I informed her that I did not feel like talking I just want to pay for my medication and leave. Pharmacist Brittany yelled no! you are going to listen to me. At that time, I walked away from her once again. For about 5-minute Pharmacist Brittany just stood there near the register. My eyes started hurting more and more. I walked back over to the register and tried once again to pay for my medication begging her saying please can I just pay for my medication and leave. Pharmacist Brittany said to the tech NO! do not give him nothing. As I walked away once again she began yelling at me from across the counter saying I was disrespectful. Standing there dumfounded I felt really embarrassed as people gathered looking at me. At that time I informed her that “I’ve been coming to this Pharmacy for more than 10 years. Know everybody in here and they know me and I have never ever disrespected anybody.” At that time she walked away and picked up the phone and called the police on me. I can hear people saying “why is she calling the police.” I asked her why are you calling the police I just want to get my eye drops and leave. Pharmacist Brittany said nothing but stood there on the phone with a grin on her face talking to the police. For the next 30 minutes I have never in my life felt as scared and terrified as I waited there for the police to arrive. With all this stuff going on about unarmed black men getting killed by the police. All I could think about Is that the police were going to come in Walgreens and shoot and kill me o choke me to death for absolutely nothing. Why did she call the police on me when I did absolutely nothing that warrant the police being called. If I was a white disabled senior would she had called the police on them? At this time, my eyes were really hurting so I begged her again please can I just get my medication and leave, Pharmacist Brittany refused to give it to me. When the police came I was a little relieved when I seen it was a black officer. Pharmacist Brittany did not even talk to the officer. She did not even fill out any kind of report; So its obvious the true reason why she called the police on me. This experience was the worst experience I had ever had in my life, but it didn’t end there.
    A week later April 9th, after coming back from my doctor I went to Walgreen Pharmacy and dropped off my prescription for my pain medication. The Tech told me that my prescription would be ready in a couple of hours so I left. Hours later I received a phone call from Pharmacist Brook. She told me that I can not get my medication. I asked her why and she said because I said so. I told her that’s not right I’ve been coming to this Pharmacy for over 10 years. All of my doctors and insurance company is connected to Walgreen Pharmacy and I do not want to go nowhere else. She then said to bad and hung the phone up. I’ve been laying here in bed in severe pain since Saturday because they refuse to give me my medication. They have my prescription, and they refuse to give me my medication. Why are they treating me this bad. I’m a disable senior, what have I done to be treated in such a manner. This is my community, this is where I live. Why do I have to rearrange my whole life all because they don’t like for some reason. It’s not fair that Walgreens would treat it’s disabled seniors this way. I request a copy of the security video from April 1 that will show that I I’m in the right and they are wrong. I ask for you to watch the video and you will see that Pharmacist Brittany refused to give me my medication and how I walked away from her several times and she followed and harassed me. This need to be looked into and should not be ignored. So I ask you for help. Please do not allow Pharmacist Brittany and Pharmacist Brook to kick me out of a Pharmacy I’ve been going to for over 10 years. Please I’m begging you can someone help me.

    Randy Melton

  133. What is the phone number to the legal department. I am calling from a law firm in SC seeking to subpoena pharmacy records.

  134. On 4/10/21 Your Saint John Indian store made me and 15 other Pharmacy customers wait 40 minutes and in several cases told those customers to come back because the Pharmacy employees were taking care of CoVid shots, this is unacceptable, you’re a Pharmacy first and a CoVid shot site as a secondary. Paying pharmacy customers should not be told that “a mistake was made on your prescription, sorry.” CoVid shots never take precedence over making certain Walgreens prescriptions are correct when a prescription customer comes to pick up their prescription. This is a disservice to your Pharmacy’s customers and their safety.

  135. hi i can not believe your in business i did a short two hour review of the time i spent getting four prescriptions a month from my local Walgreens with average of 35 minutes a month on phone now thats done the dreaded part going to wait over a hour in drive thru window their is no way your making a profit with the pad leases process your paying in new jersey impossible totally i would like to apply for the head of operations of Walgreens i do not want a pay check i will take one percent of the money i earn above what each store is taking in now i will be a rich man feel free to forward this to the vp the only thing keeping you afloat is cvs is just as bad

  136. The Pharmacy service is really bad. They make many mistakes and I have experienced waiting on a long line no matter what time I go for a prescription. In addition I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people say I got a message my prescription was ready and it wasn’t. This has happened to me also on numerous occasions. If this happens again I will always change pharmacy. The staff needs training and whom ever is supervising really lacks.

  137. I made a purchase of a Great Call Lively Flip Red. When I asked if it was returnable, I was assured that it was,or I would not have purchased it. When I tried to return it, the manager said it was NOT returnable. I paid $90 for it on senior day. This was unjust.

  138. I am a former employee, I worked at the Walgreens store in Soldotna Alaska. I have not received my W2. I moved to Utah. My new address is 641 Oakwood Dr, Heber City Utah 84032. I’m not able to sign into the employee portal so I can’t get it on line. Who do I need to contact to have my W2 emailed or sent to me? Thank you! Josh Darrow

  139. I want to praise David at your 2850 Rt 112, Medford.
    I was very upset about my husband’s 2nd vaccination not being scheduled (I did the first on computer and it did not schedule a 2nd and I was unable to book a 2nd. It would show…Appointment completed. I made many phone calls on many different days and spent many hours trying to book an appt!
    When I finally spoke to David at the pharmacy, he was so caring and kind and took our number. He was wonderful! Thank him!!!

  140. I tried to call and talk to the manager at your Chico store and and the manager. The store manager was. Not there and the pharmacy manager was even more rude than the staff that waited on me. I was told it was my fault that they treated me the way they did and was basically called a liar by the pharmacy manager. She didn’t use the word liar. But I felt that is the way she thought about me. And it sounded like that. I would appreciate it if you would notify both the store manager and the pharmacy supervisor and let them know that I don’t appreciate being called a liar or having a clerk acting like they are the store manager. So I don’t get my complaints heard. Thanks

  141. Why are we not getting more help in the pharmacy while we are doing covid shots. We are still doing lots of scripts. We was told they are cutting our hours even more.20 covid shots ,350 scripts with just 1 pharmacist and 2 technicians. Please help us.

  142. How can our two grocery stores schedule a vaccination clinic for our associates. We are located in MD which makes our associates eligible. It is our understanding that you recently held such clinics at a local Aldi’s store

  143. Little Soccer girl ad implies little girls are stupid. Hope she is making a bundle on your incentive ad agency.

  144. Does Any Walgreens Pharmacy Bubble Wrap & Deliver To Phoenix Of Milton a
    Assistant Living In Alpharetta Georgia??

  145. I apologize for bothering you but I have a real problem. I have stage 4 liver and colon cancer , I get all my medicine from Walgreens, yet they know in advance when my pain medicine is so yet each time I run into a problem of having to wait a extra week or two before the order was never sent in , or they don’t have enough I been through this for almost 4 years . I don’t understand it when they know when my dr appointment is and should have my medicine ready!!!

    1. On myGod I have been transferred to Walgreens from food city n this is what they tell me every time I go for my neds only a few came in you will have to cone back in 2 days .im a senior n cannot drive very far n now they have me coming 3 or 4 times to get my meds ?? Unacceptable plus they are Ok so rude n hateful they need to be shut down n sent hone!

  146. HELP needed asap! My husband and I need the second Covid shot from a local Walgreens before March 28, 2012. Can someone please get in touch with me asap! Thank you.

  147. Good morning,
    For 3 weeks now every time I try to schedule a covid vaccine I get the same error message…
    Site cannot be reached how is anntone supposed to get vaccinated WHEN YOUR SITE NEVER WORKS?????

  148. I want to compliment a pharmacist from 4000 27th Street, Kennewick, WA. The pharmacist is Madison, a young woman with blond hair. For the past 2 days I was trying to get my medication refilled; I had to call my insurance company first and get approval for full coverage, then I called my Doctors office to make sure they received the paperwork and that they faxed it over to my Walgreens. I then called the Walgreens through out the day’s (Tuesday & Wednesday) to check and see if the medication was going through. I spoke to Megan on several occasions telling her how important it was to get this medication filled. As time progressed I was beginning to feel very nervous that I wasn’t going to get more of this Much needed medication. Finally, yesterday my husband went to our Walgreens and spoke to a young woman; Megan and asked her if he could buy just 4 pills and she told my husband to wait a few minutes while she tried to help. Within a relatively small amount of time she was successful!!! She refilled the prescription in full with our insurance coverage. When my husband came home with the full bottle, I literally broke down and cried! The pain I experience w/o these pills is absolutely horrific and debilitating. I’ve tried so many things and nothing works as well as the medication, once the spasms are over, which generally last up to an hour, I fall asleep for several hours. Megan, in my opinion, went beyond the call of duty! She literally saved me and I want her to get world wide attention for her amazing genuine customer care!!! On a personal note: the USA is a sad place right now, we are so divided, so many people have lost so much and to find someone who does all they can to help has become such a rare experience. Megan is an angel, she has given me faith in humans again. I will never forget what she has done for me, pure concern for another human!

  149. Serious complaint about your employee in Franklin, NC store who is giving vaccines. His name is Stephan Canady. He gave my friend the 1st dose vaccine and complained to her about the politics of even giving vaccines [to make $ for the pharmacies] and he does not believe that the pandemic is real but politically engineered. He also complained that he was told to give 60 shots in one day. Our local Health Dept. is doing a much better operation here and the people are great and appreciated!

  150. The customer service at the 10453 Walgreens pharmacy have been extremely disappointing. I have never been inconvenienced to this extent.
    For one week I have tried to obtain refills for my asthmatic children. I went in to request what I knew had active refills and was told that I didn’t have any refills available. I then informed the tech that I did and asked if she could confirm. I was told to contact my provider. As a nurse who works in a clinic setting and having experience with pharmacies, I knew that there was more that could be done. Without argument, I left and contacted my provided as advised. My provider called the pharmacy on 3 way and confirmed that there were refills available. We were told the prescriptions would be available at 5pm that day. I then went back to the pharmacy and told to come back the next day because the orders weren’t submitted. After dropping my kids off, I went to pick up my order and was only given 1 of 4 prescriptions. The tech could not here nor understand me and then told me that I the other orders weren’t submitted and to come back in 20 minutes. I came back after picking my kids up from school to ooh he told that my daughters advair was not available and left it at that. There was no solution offered, I had to ask if they could order it and when it would be available or if they could transfer to another pharmacy. Once she check with a peer, she informed me that it would be ready later that day. Now, for the available prescriptions, I had to make split transactions because the prescriptions belonged to two different people. One transaction was completed for $6.00. The other transaction was declined, I double checked my account and politely asked her to swipe again. I also know that the chip can act funny and after 3 attempts, we’re able to swipe. Normally when this happens, the cashier would try and help out. But with this pharmacy, I have to provide all solutions because there is never any effort coming from the tech. After all failed attempts, I offered a new card and was still being declined. At this point, I’m a little frustrated. I have several obligations and constantly waiting in a pharmacy line isn’t necessarily something I can do regularly. I went inside because i received a text and a call from my bank asking to confirm if I want to make a $321.94 sent purchase at Walgreens. The tech admitted that there was a mistake made and she doesn’t know why it did that. She went and spoke with the other tech then went down to speak with someone else. When she returned, she told me that tricare( my insurance) was down. I asked if they went down after my 1st purchase. I was asked if I had another insurance and asked if I really needed my prescription today. It’s asthma medication for my children. Of course I need it. She doesn’t know when it will be back up and encouraged me to call back later. I bet my daughter advantage hasn’t been requested and I’ll ask my husband to try again on his way home. Hopefully the order was submitted correctly or that tricare isn’t down or the orders were even submitted. I’m not a complainer and don’t typically take time out to make a complaint because mistakes happen. However, the attitude and the lack of effort, accountability and competence that this pharmacy demonstrated had truly upset me. There was no sense of urgency in my situation. I have to find a more affordable and convenient options for my prescription. I’d like to also add that this isn’t the 1st time I’ve dealt with this at this pharmacy. It’s by far the worst and I’m just fed up.

  151. Walgreens is NOT scheduling people who received the Pfizer covid vaccine first dose 21 for their second dose. They also have made mistakes and scheduled people who received Pfizer for the first dose schedule at a pharmacy administrating Moderna for a second dose. The pharmacists AREN’T being reassuring that they will insure that the customer gets the correct second Covid vaccine. The new CEO has her work cut out for her!!! The worst customer service ever with major errors!!!

  152. Why is Walgreens limiting the covid vaccine shot to people 75 and over outside the City of Philadelpia? It is only Philadelphia that has the 75+ restriction. Here in Media, PA (and other areas) it is 65 and up. People in that age bracket are waiting and you have turned your back on them. Adhere to the rules and not make up your own. Peoples health depends on it.

  153. The store at 6649 Morrison Blvd charlotte nc 28211 has an incompetent manager named Josh. He ridicules employees for practicing safe habits like mask wearing. He is abusive to employees especially reliable ones, ridiculing the fact that they show up on time and work hard. He needs to be fired immediately.

  154. Oregon – 2nd Pfizer Shot
    Walgreens has not confirmed a send shot appointment for my wife post receipt of the first shot.
    Attempts to resolve via computer or 1-800# have not been successful.
    As the time clock is ticking on the efficacy of a second shot, your prompt resolution is needed. Please advise?

    1. Thank you for allowing me to see your comment. I will also be contacting the NC State Pharmacy Board about the attitude of the vaccine giver in Franklin, NC store. His name is Stephan Canady and he complained to my friend about the vaccine being a political lie to the American people and intending to benefit $ to pharm companies and etc.

  155. HELP!! I have ticket #14069896 I have been waiting for 72 hours for a call back, I was told this was escalated- I canned again and was on hold for 1.5 hours and told this was NOT escalated … I need help !

    My husband made an appointment on line for his Covid-19 vaccine he received both appointment 1 & 2 at different location conf# GC67CSYKC8GZC3- he had his vaccine in Round Lake Pfizer on 3/1, I called location 2 in Mundelein where he is scheduled for 3/31 and was told they do not use the Pfizer so he shouldn’t get it there– I asked what should we do — I was told we need to figure it out…. NO ONE will help us! your system made these appointments my husband Daniel Patrick has MS and I do not want him to waste this vaccine and start over with the other one….. what do we do?? I called and was told someone would figure this out and call me back in 24 hours — that was on 3/1 today is 3/4 ???

    Please help us – Annie 847-630-xxxx

  156. I have been trying to call the pharmacy at 302 canton road, 44312 for over 40 minutes. I held for over 20 minutes — 5 minutes of which no one was ahead of me. then I called to talk to SOMEONE at the store — also no answer. HOW DO YOU DO BUSINESS THIS WAY???????

  157. i have been trying to reach someone about the screw up on my dads covid vaccine…he recieved his first shot on 3/1/21 and is scheduled for his 2nd shot on 3/31 at a different location only to find out that it is moderna not pfizer that he got the first time…..please help me straighten this out…you cannot get through to anyone i keep getting disconnected on every line…he is 95 years old and this is absolutely ridiculous that it allowed you to schedule 2 appointments at different locations with different vaccines

  158. I was at Walgreens store 1508 and they hired this ignorant black woman who I believe is prejudiced when i asked for a reciete she said i don’t have time for this and she left and went away and left me standing there and never came back.

  159. I have a very serious problem that needs to be taken care of ASAP. I have been lied to time and time again, and I am getting really close to being forced to take legal action. Would someone please contact me.
    Thank you for your time,

  160. After years of picking up packages that were delivered to the local Walgreens 10147 in Quincy, Florida, I was rudely told by employee Sandra not to have anymore packages from UPS delivered to that store….they only receive FedEx packages. I never thought thar over the many years that I’ve been a loyal customer to Walgreens that I would be so rudely spoken to that l would find myself writing a complaint about the service. I honestly don’t know what more I should say. HELP!!!

  161. Ive been waiting since the 21st of February for meds. Store on Wade Hampton in Taylors SC keep tellinf me theyve ordered it more than twice and i still haven’t received ir can someone please help me

  162. Not a complaint but rather to commend one of your employees for being the best advocate of Walgreens and Customer Service in your network. I would like to highly compliment Peggy Blue who works in the pharmacy at the Walgreens located in Palm Springs, California on Vista Chino Road and Sunrise Way. Peggy is the most pleasant, upbeat, caring, and wonderful employee I have ever met at a Walgreens anywhere. I might even say she is one of the nicest and most caring employees I have met at any company or store I have visited. She knows your name, she engages, she asks how she can help, and she genuinely just seems to care. You are a person to her and not just a number in the computer system. I cannot commend Peggy Blue highly enough. Thank you.

  163. I called Walgreens consumer affairs 4 times and got nowhere about the wrong date for the vaccine if this is not resolved I will write to the better business bureau

  164. I have been unable to contact anyone in your company thru phone, chat, complaint dept. I am a cancer patient if your plan is to wait me out until I die I can see that it seems a good bet to me. I have a friend who sells thru Facebook marketplace . This person does 7 figures a year that is a lot of customers. They have agreed to attach a short review of Walgreens to each sale. Being a Senior citizen I feel I am being treated unfairly by your company. I have asked for your help in understanding the process on several occasions only to be ignored and treated like a number rather than a person at this point I’m not sure what I even want from you. Rest assured I will spend my remaining time enlightening anyone who will listen thru whatever venue I can use to educate people about the stone wall that is Walgreens idea of communication.

  165. You want me to pay 5.00 for your help? I am worried about that considering your track record with me so far

  166. My. Name is Kathleen. Davis and. I. Have been. Very discriminated. At. The age of 68. Years. Of age. At Walgreens. Store. At 2001 n Milwaukee. In. Chicago. Please have. Some. One call me
    So i can futher. Explain. 312316 xxxx. Ive filed a complaint. But. No one ever
    Gotten back. I need. To speak. With. The ceo. Whom. Will. Take my complaint seriously.if not iam seeking leagle attys for . harrassement. And pain and suffering . defamation.and disrespect.please. have .the tex o. Director.thank you i hope. My request. Will. Be honored.by march 02. 21

  167. I got my first vaccine at Walgreens in bklyn it says all over the interent maderna they give but they gave me phyizer they made my second appointment in 4 weeks my dr said not 4 weeks 3 weeks I want a new appointment

  168. i have done business with the pharmacy at store #11348 for at least 8 years. I have never had a problem until recently. For about 6 or so months every time i go to refill my 2 inhalers (symbicort and combivent), there has ben a problem with one or the other not in stock. until now. There is a new person answering the phone in the pharmacy that i have gotten for the last 3 months that has told me wrong, wrong information about my insurance and /or inhalers. The last 2 months he said they weren’t available and they would have to be ordered. This month he told me they were both out of stock until some time Monday 3/1. When i told him that was unacceptable he told me he guessed that i should find another pharmacy. I hung up because i was and am so frustrated I didn’t what to yell! So I called this morning and was told that they had the symbicort filled and was ready for pick up. The combivent could possibly be on the incoming truck and she would call me if it was. She called me about 1:45 and there was no combivent but she would call the other Walgreens on Watson and would call me back in 1/2 hr to let me know. I waited 1 1/2 hrs and called her back and was told she was gone for the day and they knew nothing about what i was calling. So i went to pick up my other meds thru the drive thru and i asked again about the combivent and was told the other store had none in stock. How hard is it to stock these inhalers when people get them every month? This has happened so many times lately, I’m about to give up on Walgreens. I don’t know who this new person is that keeps giving me the wrong info but someone should retrain him and set things straight!

  169. I have just been spoken to very rudely about a very difficult situation i am in with a prescription. I am unable to reach a doctor at this late time of night and the pharmacists refuses to fill the script. He had hours to let me know this. If he wanted to dig in and refuse my care then let me know so i could have the doctor call him. Although i say a doctor would not order you something you should not have….and a pharmacist is NOT my doctor. Because of his ‘feelings
    I will suffer all night long. I have been without post op drugs now for 24 hrs. I resent doing his job by calling the doctor. He should call if he wants to chat. And he should do it quickly, i am waiting for treatment not his moral judgement!!!!! I left one of your Walgreens because of the pharmacy workers attitudes and this time i will leave for good and make sure everyone i know knows why!!!!!!! I am sure i will never hear from you and i am sorry you run your business this way. There is a compromise for everything!

    1. The Walgreens that I’m having issues with is at 164 Holden road Mt gay Wv 25601 store # 17504 I’m having this problem now with my local Walgreens they are prejudice and discriminating against people on any controlled substances making people wait longer then usual they have gave me the run around for 6 months I stayed there because of most that work there are descent people without judgment this one pharmacist is letting his emotions do his job for him he’s very biased about controlled substances I overheard a customer asking about a price of Percocet & they had any in stock the girl relayed that message to the pharmacist he flipped out making scarcastic remarks I seen & heard it all I swear I was so embarrassed by his actions & things he said I probably should have took my script elsewhere at the point but you give people the benefit of a doubt anyway past 6 months since this pharmacist been working there I’ve had to make several trips they are either out of Med too early in which it’s not several exuses made to why I can’t have my medicine lies I caught him in lies we all have rights under the Americans with disability act I will be handling my situation in further detail He made me feel like a child & belittled over the type of medicine I get which is Suboxone it wasn’t early I was out I asked him to count over and over he still kept adding the days saying too early he sure needs a lesson in math I was dressed down my hair was thrown up never judge a book by it’s cover anyway it’s just this one pharmacist there he has issues with people on controlled substances he should not be in the field of being a pharmacist 1 he can’t add 2 I left the pharmacy without my stomach medicine & suboxone which was due 3 he’s judgmental 4 biased 5 discriminating against all on any controlled substances like I said we all have rights I’m standing up for mine long time coming frustrated customer been treated poorly for months i will be taking further action as far as I can take it . Fight for your rights

  170. My complaint is about the Walgreens Phoenix Arizona 7th Street and baseline. I’ve been taxed and emailed stating my prescriptions are ready I went down there tonight and they’re telling me that my scripts are not ready until tomorrow why was I text or emailed or even on my Walgreens page stating that I have two strips ready to pick up when they won’t give them to meif they are not going to be ready don’t send me a message telling me to come and pick them up to waste of my time I will find me another pharmacy to go to I also had to wait in line for a while before I got any help I had to go inside the store and talk to the pharmacist I don’t like my time being wasted you don’t like yours be a wasted don’t waste mine my phone number 602-904-xxxx my name is Albert Roberts I expect somebody to call me ASAP my time was wasted due to inadequate help 02/23/2021 745 pm

  171. Please have the Walgreens Store at 1633 W 95th St Chicago, IL fax number keeps calling my home phone. I called the store and they said they would take care of it and since have received 5 more calls

  172. I am a physician trying to set up a vaccine appointment for a patient. Please note that the Walgreens online tool to set up appointments for a covid vaccine does not allow patients to set up first appointments in NY under ANY circumstances, even when appointments are available. This is because the site requires that first and second appointments must be set up at the same time but the appointments do not extend the requisite 3 or 4 weeks.
    I would really appreciate help setting up an appointment for an 80-year-old patient who lost her husband to covid two months ago. I would appreciate a call regarding this issue and may be reached at 516-381-xxxx.
    Sara L Mendelsohn MD MPH

  173. We live in New York State. Although your site says that vaccines will be administered according to state guidelines, your NY pharmacies are not doing that. My daughter, 36, qualifies under the comorbidity eligibility as she is developmentally delayed and cannot walk or speak but your site will not allow us to make an appointment for her. Although we could take her to a mass vaccination site, that would be very frightening for her. I was vaccinated at your Ballston Lake store last week and it was WONDERFUL. This would be the perfect setting for her to be vaccinated. Her insurance is medicare as she is a dependent of ours and lives with us. Can you please please tell me when she will be able to be vaccinated at your pharmacy? Thank you so much for your assistance and response.

  174. Walgreens is not following new York State vaccine protocols. Deplorable. what is going on?

  175. I have had trouble getting a transferred prescription filled a 2 different locations. Both orders were requested on line, received an email with a pick up time, but neither was ready when I went to pickup. I called your customer relations and have currently been on hold for 36 minutes. I give up.

  176. There are people at your Brownsville Road, Powder Springs, Georgia location stealing customer rewards. My mother’s rewards have been diverted to an email address that does not belong to her. The clerk turned to the pharmacist and said something in her native tongue after realizing I am aware of what is going on.

  177. Walgreens should be ashamed of themselves for not allowing my 83-year-old parents to call to schedule COVID-19 vaccs. THEY DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO EMAIL!!!

    Walgreens is making a conscious choice to not take appointments via phone for seniors. I’ll never set foot in a Walgreens again. Shame on you.

  178. I received a Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine at Walgreens in Lee MA 0n 2/4/2021after scheduling online. My second booster show was scheduled for 3/5/2021 in Canaan CT. That has been cancelled due to a ban by the state. I have repeatedly tried to reschedule with no luck. I was told by our county health department that I should not have been scheduled in tow different locations for the shots and I was given no other recourse in the web site. I was on hold for 1 1/2 hours with customer service and finally spoke with a scheduler who said no vaccine was available in my area within the dates that I need to get the second dose. I do not know why it is limited to 25 miles- I would drive further. I need a second Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine.

  179. I am more than shocked by price increase of $5.19 per pack of cigarettes all of a sudden. Store in Powder Spgs, GA went up from $6.30 to $ 11.49 on this past Sunday I was told. They would not let my husband return them as he did not get a receipt in the store, was emailed. I called 15 minutes after he had been there with thinking there was a mistake but was told Corporate had sent them notice to increase. I’ve heard nothing about this increase and my husband (Jeff Banks) and I have been a contant and faithful customer of Walgreens. This puzzles me as to why Walgreens did this and then without us knowing, they would not credit us back. I am truly disapponted and upset with Walgreens so please let me know the reasoning behind such a tremendous increase. Almost double the cost is a bit much at one time.

  180. Unable to reach by phone or internet the Walgreens @ 866 Third Ave. in 10021, NYC to cancel a Covid-19 vaccination appointment scheduled for TODAY, February 9 @ 2:15pm for me. Please confirm receipt of this request and/or the appointment Confirmation Number. Thank you.

  181. The pharmacist in one of the Louisville stores was not wearing a mask when I was in there a couple of days ago. It’s not like he was doing the lame thing where someone has their nose sticking out, or wearing it down on the chin or whatever. I saw no evidence that this guy even OWNED a mask. He was going about what he was doing, talking to customers unapologetically, as if it were the usual, acceptable, business-as-usual thing. Maybe he’d already gotten vaccinated, but if so, there was no way for anyone to know that.

    It was repugnant.

    I didn’t say anything because I have to admit there was a pretty good chance I would have ended up shouting at him, and no one would have wanted that, least of all me. But there it is. And, by the way, you might want to issue a memo reminding all your employees to keep their masks up over their noses. It looks as if they have a way of forgetting to do that.

  182. Walgreens pharmacy’s policy is breaking the law in the state of Alabama. I have been a licensed veterinarian in AL for 32 years. On January 20, 2021, I wrote a prescription for a client’s dog. On January 21, 2021, I received a call from a local Walgreens pharmacist who refused to fill the prescription because I wasn’t “in the system” and didn’t have a DEA number or an NPI number. The prescription wasn’t for a controlled substance. Veterinarians don’t have NPI numbers because we aren’t M.D.‘s and don’t deal with insurance. I’ve had this problem several times before, as have some of my colleagues. My client got tired of waiting while the pharmacist argued with me, and left the pharmacy without getting the prescription filled. Licensed veterinarians are legally allowed to write prescriptions for their animal patients. Refusing to fill a prescription written by a licensed veterinarian on their legal prescription pad for a non-controlled substance is against the law. Quite frankly, I’m tired of dealing with this issue, and have contacted the Alabama Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners as well as the Alabama Pharmacy Board about this illegal policy. I recommend that Walgreens change its policy toward veterinarians before a lawsuit is filed.

    1. I am not an MD, nor an DVM, but a customer, a part of the largest dollar figure attached to any Current Asset on their Balance Sheet. I’ve been experiencing difficulty with my local Walgreens 1050 Redwood St Vallejo CA 94590 as regards to product inventory–milk, dairy, OJ, other food products in the cooler area; same with canned foods veg/chili etc; and cereal where 90%+ are the sugar coated sold for children. Yes, I could go to a grocery store but the convenience Walgreens offers–but doesn’t hold up–to purchase those kinds of items while picking up meds or when out and about and ya think, ‘hey, I’ll make quick stop at WGs for a cple things. Last year my Part D paid out close to $12k and my meds aren’t hugely expensive so it’s a lower fig than many.

      So, I’ve decided to move my stuff around the corner to CVS after 19 yrs w WGs. Not sure if you, or any other readers have that option but if ya do, really consider the move. Good luck and stay safe for you, ur family, friends and colleagues at work.


      1. go somewhere you are more valued as a person and a qualified worker. be sure to take your experience with you as you negotiate great pay and hours. CVS and other stores also need pharmacy techs

  183. Both walgreens in Bastrop,Texas provide my nephew and i the Moderna Vaccine on January 6th. They did not and still will not guarentee a second appointment on February 6th. I am going to file a complaint and possible be on on KVUE News! Walgreens is only Company not signing people up for 2 nd dose. They have also have NOT Given information to Bastrop Rx pharmacist. Please call me at 512 762xxxx for imformation and directions where to sign up! Sharon Agee 512-762xxxx thank you

  184. I was employed at Walgreens in queens ny as a pharmacy technician and due to the corona virus i left because one of the pharmacy tech died from Corona virus infection…also one of the managers was hospitalised the same time..hence my fear of the corona virus….now i am applying for reemployment without success…although i see many vacancies for pharmancy tech ar walgreens in queens ny…So i am thinking that walgreens will not employ me again because i left for fear on getting infected…at tnat time i left NY was having a death rate of over 800 daily…i like working for walgreens and hope to be part of this great medical care org

    1. go somewhere you are more valued as a person and a qualified worker. be sure to take your experience with you as you negotiate great pay and hours. CVS and other stores also need pharmacy techs

  185. What is the company employee login page or do is there longer a functioning employee portal? thank you.

  186. Pharmacy keeps saying my refill will be ready Thurs. 4 Thurs. have passed, no Rx I understand having trouble getting opioid these days, but now they say they won’t be getting them at all. This is a blatant Lie!! I’ve never been rude, unkind, or causing a scene. I can’t say the same for them! When I called this past Sat., the tech was rude, short with me, & generally seemed like she was pissed off at my questions. Any help with this situation would be appreciated.

    1. Walgreens on south street in Pittsfield mass. They are not doing their job. Change store hours. Don’t notified dr. Office went need new prescription. When I need my meds. Don’t have in stock. Been on meds for 33 years. Thinking about going another pharmacy. Walgreens is really bad!

    2. I’m full time Walgreens disurbution in Edwardsville Illinois 9 year lean and safety captain never miss or call out don’t feel appreciated or get perfect attendance award

      1. you deserve a week paid vacation! this corporation needs to recognize the loyal employees who always show up despite an epidemic.

    3. I stopped going to Walgreens for my pain control medications. I was always made to feel like a junkie, (I have 2 debilitating, degenerative diseases, but with pain therapy I continue to work and be productive) my meds were always late, and if they didn’t have enough meds to fill my prescription (despite the fact that I got the same meds every month and they should have been on hand) I was forced to make a decision; either I take what they had and accept that for the entire month, or wait until they got the shipment so they could fill my entire order. They would NOT do partial fills. As if this was my fault! I finally found a local pharmacy that has compassion and if they don’t have my full order, they give me what they have, then call when the rest arrives.
      I understand the opioid epidemic is real, and people have lost their lives, but it is very rare that these are people with legitimate prescriptions/conditions. Most fatalities are from illicit use/mixing with other substances. Those of us who take these medications for quality of life should be protected from being associated with this population of users. It’s unfair and discriminatory.
      I truly hope you find a locally owned pharmacy who can better help you!!! Godspeed❤️

      1. I agree and feel the same way walgreens pharmacy treats you like crap they get a rise out of making you suffer. It’s like they enjoy it.

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