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  1. Hi there been going to your taco bell for years off 52nd an wards the people u have working today like your manager telling out the window at customers not let use add food at the window cause there rushing is to order them tell me they can’t swip my card or I try to most disrespectful store I ever been too I want to go in your store an slap everyone I’m pisted

      1. Dear corporate,
        It has come to my attention y’all once again removed highly purchased items that slap on the damn menu. For what what is your though process when removing items? Do you honestly think ur nasty bean paste burrito sales more than the cinnabuns and nacho fries that will make your granny committ murder if she had to so she can have a cinnamon filled bun that melts in your mouth. Get your shit together put the poplar items back on the menu and for god sakes do the numbers and get rid of shit noone wants or purchases. I know it is hard for y’all’s small minds to comprehend what supply and demand means which means that you clearly need to be reeducated. Now add the damn cinnabuns and nacho fries back to the menu. Thank you so much and have a blessed day

          1. To whom it may concern,
            I absolutely love Taco Bell and have never had a bad thing to say about them. However, I drove through the Greensburg, IN location yesterday after and was extremely disappointed! I ordered three crunch wrap supremely, which are now $4.59 each. You’d think if you were paying that much for one item that it would be full, as seen in the image on the menu board. That thinking would be incorrect, as they were extremely flat and had barely anything on them. Most of what you could taste was tortilla shell. And then they girl taking orders/at the window was extremely rude! Definitely not someone who should be working in customer service industry. I’ve never had an experience like this before, but this one will detour me from eating there again, for awhile! I would give a review of one star out of five, only because they were serving more quickly than normal.

        1. I can think of a much better way to say this too them. So disrespectful. Learn how too talk to people 8nstead of barking orders. That won’t get what you want talking like that. Have a nice day.

        2. Learn how to put a sentence together with real English.
          Why do people with such horrible language skills think they should be writing publicly? Egads. I hope this person didn’t go to school in the USofA. If they did, doesn’t say much for the school system they came out of.

    1. It’s a shame the way Taco Bell treats their customers I don’t see how they are in business when the food sends you straight to the toilet food poisoning is what they are good at nothing is ever fresh

    2. I went into the Mulberry,Florida store on Sunday Jan 9 and ordered 2 combo meals and was so disgusted by the conditions and the flies ,I threw out the food….. I have pictures if your interested.

  2. On June 17th 2018 at 2:27pm I went to Taco Bell At 9802 Two Notch Rd, Columbia SC 29223,After Work To Get My A Snack Before I Headed Home, As I Pulled To The Window I Was Greeted And Then Asked What I Would Like As I Began To Tell My Order I Was Rudely Interrupted And Asked To “ Hold On” And Well I Held On For Approximately 7 Mins Before I Was Allowed To Order. First Of All They Did Have Not One Of The Freezes I Wanted They Explained That They Weren’t Selling Them Because They Where “Watery” So I Settled For Pink Lemonade And I Also Order Two Shredded Mini Quesadillas. I Received My Food And Continued To Drive Off. As I Got To The Next Parking Lot I Took My Food Out The Bag To Eat And Took a Bite Into The Mini Quesadilla And Realized That The Cook Didn’t Toast My Tortilla Like It Normally Comes , It Was Very Doughy And Unpleasant. So At The Point I Turn Around And Went Through The Drive Through And Explained That The Cook Didn’t Cook My Food Properly And I Was Asked To “Show The Quesadilla” Which I Did And The Drive Through Cashier And The Cook Went Back And Forth About If It Was Cook Properly Or Not , The Cashier “Arianna T” As it States On My Receipt Explained That The “ Quesadilla Wasn’t Cooked Properly” And The Cook Argued It Was With An Disgusting Attitude. At This Point He Had Taken The Quesadilla And I Couldn’t See Him Anymore. They Handed My A New Bag With The So Called “Correct Items”. So When I Returned Home I Checked The Food And I Realized That The Quesadilla That I Had Bitten Was In The Bag And Now Cooked Properly, So It Came To My Understanding That He Just Threw The Quesadilla I Bit Back On The Toaster And Gave It Back Which Is Highly Offensive And Disgusting. It’s Very Unsanitary And I Can Just Imagine What Other Unsafe And Disgusting Things That Are Done At This Place, I Just Moved To Columbia SC and That was My First Time Eating At That Taco Bell Location And I Will NEVER!! return. Horrible experience! I Also Preceded To Call And Report This Incident And No Answer I Call Approximately Three Times And No Answer But I Should Had Figured That Coming From This Disgusting PlAce ! Do Better

  3. Sorry to say this is the dirtiest store I have ever been into, Taco Bell, Shasta City, California.
    Employees are not well kept, dirty uniforms, floors black and sticky, bathrooms overflowing and in need of serious cleaning. Will not be stopping her again.

  4. Why does Taco Bell continue to throw money at the disgusting Samantha Bee? I will NEVER go back to Taco Bell even though I enjoyed their products. NEVER!!!!

    1. Losing customer by asking for credit card only System in Stone Montain Georgia Freeze up too often Fix it for your customer or close the door for business

      Loyal Customer

  5. You need to be and under cover boss to your store on 15 mile and Wixom ,MIchigan.
    I have never seen a Manager dress so unfit , her clothes were wrinkle filty!!! After a 45 minute wait to get 3 taco supreme, which I received 3 taco with meat for a baby more lettuce more tomatoes you could barely see the meat. Got home and had to drive back to get my refund, will never go back!!!!!!!! I know this is as far as this will go, SAD