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  1. Hi there been going to your taco bell for years off 52nd an wards the people u have working today like your manager telling out the window at customers not let use add food at the window cause there rushing is to order them tell me they can’t swip my card or I try to most disrespectful store I ever been too I want to go in your store an slap everyone I’m pisted

      1. Dear corporate,
        It has come to my attention y’all once again removed highly purchased items that slap on the damn menu. For what what is your though process when removing items? Do you honestly think ur nasty bean paste burrito sales more than the cinnabuns and nacho fries that will make your granny committ murder if she had to so she can have a cinnamon filled bun that melts in your mouth. Get your shit together put the poplar items back on the menu and for god sakes do the numbers and get rid of shit noone wants or purchases. I know it is hard for y’all’s small minds to comprehend what supply and demand means which means that you clearly need to be reeducated. Now add the damn cinnabuns and nacho fries back to the menu. Thank you so much and have a blessed day

    1. It’s a shame the way Taco Bell treats their customers I don’t see how they are in business when the food sends you straight to the toilet food poisoning is what they are good at nothing is ever fresh

  2. On June 17th 2018 at 2:27pm I went to Taco Bell At 9802 Two Notch Rd, Columbia SC 29223,After Work To Get My A Snack Before I Headed Home, As I Pulled To The Window I Was Greeted And Then Asked What I Would Like As I Began To Tell My Order I Was Rudely Interrupted And Asked To “ Hold On” And Well I Held On For Approximately 7 Mins Before I Was Allowed To Order. First Of All They Did Have Not One Of The Freezes I Wanted They Explained That They Weren’t Selling Them Because They Where “Watery” So I Settled For Pink Lemonade And I Also Order Two Shredded Mini Quesadillas. I Received My Food And Continued To Drive Off. As I Got To The Next Parking Lot I Took My Food Out The Bag To Eat And Took a Bite Into The Mini Quesadilla And Realized That The Cook Didn’t Toast My Tortilla Like It Normally Comes , It Was Very Doughy And Unpleasant. So At The Point I Turn Around And Went Through The Drive Through And Explained That The Cook Didn’t Cook My Food Properly And I Was Asked To “Show The Quesadilla” Which I Did And The Drive Through Cashier And The Cook Went Back And Forth About If It Was Cook Properly Or Not , The Cashier “Arianna T” As it States On My Receipt Explained That The “ Quesadilla Wasn’t Cooked Properly” And The Cook Argued It Was With An Disgusting Attitude. At This Point He Had Taken The Quesadilla And I Couldn’t See Him Anymore. They Handed My A New Bag With The So Called “Correct Items”. So When I Returned Home I Checked The Food And I Realized That The Quesadilla That I Had Bitten Was In The Bag And Now Cooked Properly, So It Came To My Understanding That He Just Threw The Quesadilla I Bit Back On The Toaster And Gave It Back Which Is Highly Offensive And Disgusting. It’s Very Unsanitary And I Can Just Imagine What Other Unsafe And Disgusting Things That Are Done At This Place, I Just Moved To Columbia SC and That was My First Time Eating At That Taco Bell Location And I Will NEVER!! return. Horrible experience! I Also Preceded To Call And Report This Incident And No Answer I Call Approximately Three Times And No Answer But I Should Had Figured That Coming From This Disgusting PlAce ! Do Better

  3. Sorry to say this is the dirtiest store I have ever been into, Taco Bell, Shasta City, California.
    Employees are not well kept, dirty uniforms, floors black and sticky, bathrooms overflowing and in need of serious cleaning. Will not be stopping her again.

  4. Why does Taco Bell continue to throw money at the disgusting Samantha Bee? I will NEVER go back to Taco Bell even though I enjoyed their products. NEVER!!!!

    1. Losing customer by asking for credit card only System in Stone Montain Georgia Freeze up too often Fix it for your customer or close the door for business

      Loyal Customer

  5. You need to be and under cover boss to your store on 15 mile and Wixom ,MIchigan.
    I have never seen a Manager dress so unfit , her clothes were wrinkle filty!!! After a 45 minute wait to get 3 taco supreme, which I received 3 taco with meat for a baby more lettuce more tomatoes you could barely see the meat. Got home and had to drive back to get my refund, will never go back!!!!!!!! I know this is as far as this will go, SAD

  6. I was just at Taco Bell at 1717 Morse rd in Columbus ohio and was turned away. They said they can’t take orders for 10 minutes because of a shift change !! My granddaughter just got off work and was hungry !! This is the most unprofessional and most insane thing I’ve heard of in a long time !! I am pissed as well as EXTREMELY disappointed in this company !! WOW,WOW,WOW !!!

  7. my credit card information was stolen by an employee at the taco bell in wilkes barre PA #28968 on 11/25 and given to an employee at a taco bell in NY #026014 who used it at that taco bell and then online for purchases. i’m furious and want to know what you are going to do about it. If I do not receive a response in 24 hours, I will contact your headquarters and file a complaint to Mr. Masino.

  8. I went to the Taco Bell in Waynesville NC tonight at approximately 10:30 pm and ordered 11 beefy fritos burritos and only got 8 of them. I circled back around the drive-thru and politely informed them of this and they STILL only gave me 2 more which were only about half the size they should be and had an attitude about it. Please make sure your employees can count properly Taco Bell! I won’t be going back to this location until these rude employees are trained properly or fired.

  9. My complaint is Taco Bell on Saginaw st in Mt Morris Michigan 48458 Mistakes with orders is a common issue. Items missing or the food is made incorrect. I was told grill was down so no chicken nor chalaupas. Taco had sour cream added to wrong tacos. Asked for crispas, told they were out and fryer was down. The entire order was messed up or unable to get. The hard tacos is ridiculous, the filling including ch and lettuce doesn’t even fill shell maybe half full, mostly just shell. This Taco Bell has a terrible reputation for messing up orders and how tacos are made and has for quite some time.



  12. I was at the taco bell located at 3191 S. 76th St. In Milwaukee Wisconsin today at 3:29 pm. That is what time I placed my order according to my receipt I did not recieve my food until 3:56 pm. This is ridiculous considering this is supposed to be fast food. I wasted almost 30 minutes of my life waiting for a 12.13 order which btw was made incorrect so after I drove halfway home I had to double back to get it corrected so by the time I got home my food was ice cold besides the fact of being irritated most of it ended up in the garbage. I did not see a manager on duty there was a heavy set girl in the drive thru just literally standing there the whole time while 2 young girls and a young guy ran back and forth making the orders I didn’t receive an apology for the wait nor was I told the wait would be almost 30 minutes. I have this problem almost every time I go there so what is the issue with this taco bell?! I’m a manager at Boston market and I have NEVER RAN a shift as poorly as this store is ran and yes I do understand things happen such as employees not showing up or not being as fast or knowledgeable or whatever the case may be I have encountered it but still no excuse for service to be this horrendous. Unfortunately this is the only taco bell by my house so I’m stuck but honestly I’m to the point of just going elsewhere. Qdoba may be more expensive but I have never waited that long nor had an experience like that there I’m hoping this gets looked into because I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person with a complaint. Thank you for your time.

  13. the website contact form does not work on safari or firefox, had to use chrome.
    Usually the internet fails, same problem year after year, PC, Mac, iphone, ipad, itouch.
    WIFI sucks.

    Then there are the management/staff weirdness. company seems to be in decline.

  14. This feedback/complaint refers to a recent incident where prejudice by your employee(s) in South Stockton, CA was experienced. Apparently, while waiting to pick me up from a corporate conference I was attending, my husband (who incidentally is diabetic and needs to eat intermittently), stopped at the area Taco Bell. While deciding what to order, he asked to use the bathroom (thinking he needed verbal access). The employee told him it was occupied, at which point my husband pointed out that it was “vacant”. The employee shrugged with no response. At this point , my husband decided he would order his food. While doing do, a Caucasian person walked in, asked to use the bathroom, and the same employee accessed the bathroom for him. My husband asked the employee why he gave access to the “white” guy to which the employee had no response. My husband ordered his tacos and was waiting for his change. He was approached by a Mgr who asked him if he needed something as he was still standing at the counter. My husband answered he ordered but was STILL waiting for his change. He explained he gave a $20 but after taking the $20 bill, the employee walked away. The others waiting in line corraborated his explanation. When the Mgr opened the cash register – the receipt was still inside. This is a very unsatisfactory manner in which to treat a customer. The treatment towards my husband is an infringement of the Disability Act; providing.access to the Caucasian Person (and not to my husband) is a clear act of prejudism; and let’s mention the suspicious nature of your Mgr. there. My husband isn’t an Illiterate who isn’t able to read the word “vacant” on the bathroom. Rather so, with a BS Engineering degree, I’m sure the word “vacant” is within his ability to comprehend. This is ridiculous to treat him with callous indifference and ignorance. This is not a good image Taco Bell should project. In advertising, the number of people who will be regaled with recounting of bad reviews outweighs those who hear about good reviews. I will definitely share this with my friends and acquaintances through all avenues including social media. Please provide us a viable explanation for the way he was treated. We’ll be awaiting a response.

  15. Not sure what type of Mexican or Taco Bell food you represent, for me I do enjoy mostly all your items on your menu. I’m TexMex, everyone has their own tastes and likes. Personally for myself I would prefer torrialls that are cooked, heated more if you will. I won’t order flour tortillas for the fact they ate still raw. Most people believe that’s the way to eat these torrialls. My family and I have made homemade torrialls all our lives coming from a family of 14 children. Not asking for more time in cooking or heating the flour tortillas instead maybe use a supplier that cooks their torrialls more. In my belief it will make a big and new original way to make flour tortillas. Get ahead of all the bigger Mexican Restaurants and chains. I have never had a cooked tortilla in any restaurant in the US, fast food or high price. It’s a turn off for me. Just food for thought. Thanks for letting me give my comments.

  16. This is the 3rd time in less than 2 months that location 032962,22645 Morton Ranch Rd.,Katy,TX has been out of items. Pepsi for the last 3 times and lettuce the last time. How does a Taco Bell run out of lettuce? Imagine if McDonalds ran out of coke? Since this location has been opened in the last 18 months the service and management has been terrible. I actually drive to another Taco Bell 6 miles away to make sure I can get the menu items I want. Even the Nextdoor app for the area around this Taco Bell says don’t go to this location.

  17. every time,i want to fill out an application for taco bell,in taunton,mass.02718,all i get are these companies that make you fill out a bunch of bs,has nothing to do with the application.is there anywhere,i can go to fill out a direct application?thanks bill at otis340 @comcast.net

  18. Well south hill taco bell on 29th missed again. Orded food with extra onions. Got no onions at all. No napkins ,no reciept. Will you evwr get it right?

  19. I love taco bell however when i go to my local bell they are rude. they dont make the food right at all. i got a burito supreme and it had no meat. i give the benefit of the doubt but it is fact i know now that if i go to taco bell i wont get what i ordered and ill receive very poor customer service. Taco Bell 4025 holcomb bridge rd norcross ga 30092

  20. I’m very disappointed that after awaiting your new London branches, I find that your staff keep placing chicken into vegetarian dishes…
    I bought a takeaway item, quesadilla nachos, at your branch in Southampton Row…which was meant to be vegetarian. It looked like all was ok and came with guacamole etc, but when my vegetarian family member at home ate it, they ended up EATING CHICKEN. I’m particularly cross because this mixup happened in your Croydon branch as well, where chicken was laid on top of a vegetarian dish so I caught the problem in time as it was obvious. But now this second time, it LOOKED like the vegetarian quesadilla but it WASN’T inside! I cannot trust your brand to supply precise menu options. How are your staff getting this wrong?

  21. I’ve been waiting several days for a response from the corporate to contact me about the refusal of waiting on me I was told to leave the taco Bell in Indianapolis Indiana on county line road and Emerson because he said it was too long of a wait is 20 minutes wait and they wasn’t going to wait on me they sent me out of the restaurant I complained about this several days ago and still have not gotten a response

  22. I went to Taco Bell today. I was in the process of paying for my food and the manager, Corbin, came and said to the cashier, “I’m taking your paper”, then proceeded to open the register and pull out the roll of receipt paper making it impossible for me to get a receipt. They were busy and he needed it at the window. That was rude and also unnecessary as the person at the register looked under the counter and pulled out another roll. Why didn’t the manager do that instead of interrupting my transaction? That’s what you call poor customer service. I informed them that I needed a receipt and he just ignored me. I asked three times. I was getting food for other people and without the receipt I could not get reimbursed. Taco Bell owes me $15.00.

  23. Employees shouldn’t ask do u want a senior cup to drink I found this highly offensive wen not senior

  24. Hello, I had a very bad experience with one of your taco bell store. I went into a taco bell store to use the Wi-Fi for a few minutes, because at the moment my cell phone is disconnected. As I was sitting in the store quietly and texting only 15 to 20 minutes the assistant manager came up to me with a rude tone of voice, her words where, are you gonna order something to eat.
    Coustomer- no ma’am I have no money to order any food not even a drink, I’m sitting here using the Wi-Fi for a few minutes texting my girlfriend I will be out shortly
    Assistant manager- well Wi-Fi is for paying customer only your not a paying customer get out of my store now or I will call the cops.
    Coustomer- I said ok apologize i will leave and I got up and walk out of the store. I am very upset for what i had just experience never in my life have I been to leave the store for not being a paying customer, you’re assistant manager was very rude and degrading. I am a Hispanic meal. Store location 1901 N. Bryant San Angelo, Texas 76903.

  25. Check out this review of Taco Bell on Google Maps.
    goo.gl/maps/m97GWPBw6Hs2m5619 (Now Removed)

  26. Manager at 35th and 8th Ave taco Bell abusive and very disrespectful but I was on the bathroom to banging on the door and trying to put the key to open the door when I was in it and something truly brought to her attention

  27. Aug 20 2019 at 6:40pm

    My experience was horrible, I walked into Taco Bell in Downtown Cincinnati
    580 Walnut St Suite S800, Cincinnati, OH 45202 and first thing I noticed was someone’s kids running playing tag all over the place, and the mom was smack talking to her own sister who was the cashier there.
    As I go to order my food, they tell me to go place my own order, as I do that’s when the sister who is the employee. ” the cashier” gets into a huge verbal fight with her sister who is the ” free eating customer” it was a loud cursing fight then the sister/ customer starts to yell at her own kids and calls her 2yr old a Bit** out loud. As i placed my order in I go down to the end of the counter to wait on my food. The sister is still crap talking trying to show out. Then the people making my food was making food to just give away to the employee/ cashier sister and her family, so i had to wait an extra 15mins for that.
    Then they dropped some food on the floor and was gonna put it back but noticed I was standing there and they put it to the side.
    They got my order wrong etc…When I received my food of Crouse I lefted
    So the minute that I did I called back and asked to speak to the manger…..this man sound out of energy and lazy i mean honestly no professionalism at all like he could care less.
    So as I’m telling him about the whole story and then as i get to the end…some how the cashier girl who got into a fight with her sister she gets on the phone and starts yelling at me at everything I THOUGHT I WAS JUST ONLY TALKING TO HIM ABOUT.
    I told him omg you have me on speaker phone? He toke a pause because he was busted and he didn’t know what else to say but hung up the phone on me. I WANT SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS.

  28. Hi I was at Taco Bell yesterday with my daughter. I didn’t get anything to eat but she did and we both had the mountain dew blast frozen. I’m convinced our drink was tainted as we both start experiencing stomach pain and had diarrhea I had alot more than her and begin vomitting. We were at the Fairlane Mall location in Dearborn Michigan. Pretty upset by this will NEVER eat there again.

  29. Just went to my first 3rd world country in the USA !! If I wanted to go to Haiti I would have gone…NOT INTERESTED! Your franchise owner of Store # Taco Bell 019579 must have hired all Haitians in a community that is not used to the 3 year old mentality that puts the tacos together. This was my first and last time, enticed by your adv….I ordered 6 varied supreme (?) hard and soft tacos. Handed to me in a bag disheveled wrapping, cold and not certain if I got anything edible in it. Is that how they come to you cold?….Taco Bell does not belong in this neighborhood (33064-FL). I tossed it out….
    One or two positives, clean restaurant, as I walked in, and the first order taker as well as drive-through order taker spoke relatively good English THEN a call came in and he left with another fellow who barely spoke English repeating the order back to me. I wonder what his computer looked like on his side?! maybe in Haitian?
    I suppose this has gone on for years with Haitians….American blacks would probably snub their noses at this job….
    One last comment, before writing this comment, I read other comments from other states and I guess I have my answer…

  30. It really pisses me off when it specifically says Friday the drive thru closes at 1:00am and not to mention I speed there because of my work schedule and its the only thing open near by and therea people outside smoking and im there at 1245 and they say there f ing closed it just earks my damn nerves just because it’s Friday and they wanna get out of there maybe because they were slow or whatever the reason being is but who are they to make that damn decision because tbe decision. Was alrwady made by the CEO and whimever that may be says it spefically closes at 1:00 am drive thru on Fri and sat nights only so I in the is it closed 15 to thirty minutes early??? For one they should be thankful they have a damn job in the first place and for two that jobs specifically states you close at 1:am on Friday and Saturday correct and foenthree if they dont like there job and dont want to abide by the rules that are applied when they got hired then they should go so damn where else period I just wanted sime damn tacos its not like you gotta cook a full on well done freaking steak here its literally a minute or two out of there so busy life to make some damn tacos this ia ridiculous I just dont get it why would they close but it clearly states there open till one am on fridays it pisses me the off yeah I am mad about this cause I drive and rush take the risk of speeding cause im craving taco bell and it’s telling me yes there open and when I get there they are not they closed early and are outside smoking a cigarette god for bid you take my order and make some tacos which takea two minutes but you can ait outside and smoke a cigarette and play on your phone for ten freaking minutes god for bid that who ate they to make that decision. I just dont get it and this was in niceville Florida the taco bell off John sims Pkwy ive let it slide over and over this time it was the straw that broke thw camels back it furioutes me if you could please email me back or idc I’ll put my number on here so the world can see and you can give me a call at 7062893744 and I’d love to talk about this which you make enough money im sure whats ten fifteen more dollars …and whats one customer right but I just think its bullshit if your going to say your going to be open till 1:00 am drive thru on a Friday night then by God be open till 1:00 am on a Friday night good god but I look forward to hearing from you which i probably wont but I just had to get this off my chest because I wanted to smack the cigarette out of whomever hand it was in and tell them about themselves its bad for business period

  31. I was at taco bell yesterday and I went inside. And there on the wall you had a screen to place your order. If I go to fast food places I want to talk with someone. Not a screen to place my order. I will never go back to Taco Bell. If my mother or grandmother had went in they wouldn’t be back because they wouldn’t know how to order. I have some older people tell me they didn’t understand it. So please fix this problem

  32. Obviously, you do not read any of this, but I will add my two cents anyway. You seriously need to do a Google search for the Taco Bell at 2971 Shallowford Rd, Marietta, GA and read the customer comments. I do not know if there is a new manager there or what, but the past several months have seen an incredible decline in service at this location. It used to be really great and now, we no longer go there. Chipotle just opened across the street. You might want to think about closing this location or getting a new team in there. It is AWFUL!

  33. You might want to send your employees (managers) to the Chick-Fil-A training school or any management training school. It is also apparent that this is a very wide-spread problem. Your lack of attention to training is apparent and you will soon be a thing of the past if this lack of professionalism continues. There are WAY too many choices for fast Mexican food out there, i.e. Willie’s, Chipotle, Del Taco, etc. Keep ignoring all these comments and your business will fail. Also, since you are the parent company of KFC who now owns Panera bread, you have completely RUINED Panera. It used to be wonderful and now, I never go there anymore due to the several awful experiences I’ve had since KFC bought them. Seems to be a trend with your companies YUM.

  34. I was disappointed that you no longer have the cheesy gordida crunch,that has been,my favorite item to eat there and by far the best item there that I have eaten.please bring it back

  35. You all should be ashamed of the food coming out of the Pittsburg Kansas store. Soggy cold tacos, steak quesadillas that the contents barely cover a tortilla, and nachos bel grande without one shred of meat and two chips had beans on them. Not to mention everything was half the size of recent orders and prices have gone up. Ridiculous! I would even mind paying more for the same size portions if it was such crappy food. I wont be back. Good luck keeping the doors open!

  36. I work at Taco Bell at 660 Nut Road, Phoenixville, PA.

    I was working on Saturday October 12, 2019. I am a cashier. I heard people on the line talk about no seasoned beef. I was told that we had to pull the beef because of contamination. I continued to take orders offering chicken or steak. I few minutes later I spoke to the MIC who said that he had spoken to the GM who told him to use the beef. The MIC did not want to do this but he had to do what the GM said. I don’t know how it worked out or if our beef was part of the contaminated batch but at that point in time we continued to use beef that may or may not have been contaminated.

  37. Your 9211 4th st no st.pete, fl 33702 store needs to be managed more appropriately in regard to the music played. During a visit on visit Sunday 10/13/19 I walked into the store blaring music with offensive lyrics & far to loud for the venue. Not to mention someone coming in with impressionable aged children. After making a call to complain & a follow up I received a very non corporate professional call from a supposed manager of the store. Quite honestly it sounded like a employee or assistant manager that got wind of the complaint and thought they’d make the call to follow up on their own & possibly save their own behind. They did not give their name nor did they give the name of the store manager when asked for it. Blew right past it. Just kept saying the music is corporate approved. I would like to hear from someone that is truly in charge & corporate. Not this slight of the hand attempt to deal with something that is a public nuisance in the capacity it was experienced.

  38. I am on the Keto diet. I have been getting a bowl with three or two sides of chicken and steak and cheese with side of Pico and sourcream. Last night at the Farmington MO location on Karsh Blvd, I was informed that corporate no longer allows this to be done. I had to order the power bowl enable for me to receive what I wanted which ended up being around 10 bucks because I would have been charged for that price even though I didn’t want 80 percent of tbe stuff that comes with it. I drove away, as this is absurd. Just because I don’t eat shells, rice, beans, or chips. I can’t order with out getting charged for something I’m not getting nor going to use. This makes no sense. Yesterday a couple hours before this incident I had order the same only two times the serving and no one said anything or argued. This is just ridiculous,

  39. Went to Taco Bell here in Chambersburg Pa this afternoon around 3:30 to pick up free taco’s as being offered. Was told we are temporarily closed because workers didn’t show up–Drove 6 miles (round trip) for nothing

  40. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  41. I would like to explain to you in music what happened to me; at the Taco Bell I worked at…in Junction City, Ks.

  42. There are several young people working at a Taco Bell in Jackson Ohio who are going to school and are made to work past the time BY LAW they are supposed to work. The manager (Andrew) tells them that they can leave but will be written up if their work is not done. If this is not resolved soon, I am going to go to the labor board. This manager is also dating a young girl who he manages and shows partiality to. This is not to be condoned. I don’t care if they date, but he should not be in charge of someone he is dating, she can work under another manager. I am very disappointed in this store. They have a lot of wonderful, dedicated kids who work there who get treated terribly because this manager would rather hand with his girlfriend. Please resolve this.

  43. Vernonburg, GA

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    This Taco Bell is always Dirty, Can never find TP in the restroom, And almost always out of soap, Counter help is almost always very rude and the Manager is worse! There are many better ways to spend our money than at this taco bell If I could give you a, -1, I would!

  44. I didnt know if you was allowing managers to have the cashiers lock doors with people in the restaurant and turning people away cuz i heard a manager tell the cashier. “We are too busy. Lock the door” this was at 630 last night at the st joseph mo north store

  45. I placed an order thru Door Dash for a crunch wrap and was almost hospitalized because it had bacon in it and I am a vegetarian. I double checked my order online to makes sure the option for NO BACON was checked, and it was. I also order a breakfast burrito with sausage and steak was put in its place. I called the store first to speak with management, but was unsuccessful after 5 attempts of the line just ringing IN ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL – 495 W STATE RD 436. I am unhappy with the customer service received and the lack of attention that was given to my order. If needed a receipt can be provided. Thank you.

  46. Taco Bell must do something about your regular crunchy taco shells! They get soggy and stick to the wrapper after 10 minutes! Hence, you can not buy and take home without them falling apart after 10 minutes from purchase. What’s worse many of us out there would like to buy large quantities for parties, tailgates and such but because of your soggy shell problem we can’t. We have to go to Dell Taco or such. You people at Corporate need to check this out for yourselves!! If you make a noticeable improvement you would sell many more, even if there is a modest price increase. And you could even advertise the important so those thousands of us know about it and start purchasing again. Everyone I know from CA to PA all will not buy your tacos because of this, unless they eat in where they can eat them right away! Taste has never been an issue, as they are good before they get soggy!

  47. Hi. I just left the Taco Bell on Brookville road in Indianapolis Indiana. I was treated rudely by the guy taking orders. He was short and curt with me. He cut me off twice as I was trying to give him my order then after I gave him my full order he didn’t say anything. So I waited. Then he said is that all you want? Then I told him he was still being rude. Mostly it was the way in which he spoke to me that made me so mad. I saw that my order was 21.47. When I got to the widow and handed him $21.00 I had the change in my right hand to give him but before I could he said “your order was 21.47“. Like I said the tone and way in which he spoke to me was really rude. So I reached out and got my 21.00 and told him I didn’t want to buy my food from him because he was a rude ass jerk. I can tell you that I have work fast food and there is no reason to use that tone and attitude with people like that. I don’t have the time to put up with rudeness. I will take my business elsewhere and not return to that location ever again. I don’t know his name but he had longer brown hair and a beard and he looked unkept. I also had noticed that he was rude in the way he acted with the people in front of me. Just so you know what is going on when people quit coming to this Taco Bell. I came through there on Tuesday December 3rd just before 8:30pm. I guess I will go to McDonald’s tonight instead.

  48. thought you should see this facebook post;
    Kala Michelle Sexton is at Taco Bell (610 Fairview Drive, Kendallville, IN).
    5 hrs · Kendallville, IN ·

    If I were you I would AVOID the Kendallville Taco Bell from now on, here’s why! Tonight we decided to go in and eat. We waited got our food and sat down. We noticed a man sitting reading a book, minding his business. This man appeared to be struggling and just wanted a warm place to sit for a while since its December and cold out. He was very nice and smile when we sat down. He however is not the problem here. The MANAGER.. DAWN! Is the issue. The man mentioned stepped out of the lobby to get to the restrooms, when he came back he moved tables and was sitting beside us at a table at the pop machine. The MANAGER DAWN proceeds to say (where the lobby full of people are sitting) “Oh! Guys the homeless man finally left!” And walked behind the counter. Everyone was speechless. The man sitting beside looked crushed and just buried himself in his book. Shi and I were instantly fuming, Shi went up to the counter and told the MANAGER DAWN that what she said was unacceptable and she needed to go apologize but she never did. She didn’t show her face again
    Shi, my dad, I and most of the rest of the lobby gave the man the cash we had, food, words of kindness and introduced ourselves to him. This man was appreciative and so kind to all of us. He didn’t deserve what this MANAGER did.

  49. Taco Bell in Charlottesville,VA. the pantops location is doing some grimmy, unprofessional rip-off bullshit to their customers. Thursday morning my wife and I was apartment hunting and was off to an early start. As loyal customers of 2+ years we met at the Pantops Taco Bell in 2 separate cars around 8:30 a.m where we looked on the net for some apt. leads. We were hungry and wanted to grab something to eat from there. Well since taco bells breakfast sucks we decided to wait until they started serving lunch. Around 9:30 we got an invitation to come fill out an application for an apartment. So we got in my wife’s car and I left my car there while we’re and filled out this application. We was gone about 40 to 45 minutes long enough to fill out the application. I figured we would do that while we was waiting on them to serve lunch. So when we got back to Taco Bell and we were starving and couldn’t wait to eat. To our shock my car was not sitting in the parking place I left it in. I’ll look over I see this tow truck hooking up to a car. I thought to myself no way they just towed my car. Is the tow truck driver and he confirmed they had just towed it. I said what the hell we got here about 9:30 which I meant to say left about 9:30 and he told me no you was here way before that. That told me he had been out there watching me in a regular car. That is what they called predatory towing. Taco Bell managers are getting kickbacks for the cars they have towed out of there. Now with it just a few days before Christmas and still needing to buy our kids Christmas. We had to spend $150.00 to get our car out the tow yard. We have ate at this Taco Bell at least once every 2 days for the last 2years. We both had interviewed there and was offered management jobs. They know us or should know us by now. Now for the store manager Tammy to have our car towed away was not only morally wrong it is illegal to work with a tow company to gain proffitt. I’m a loyal customer and in the restaurant business that’s what keeps a store open. Tammy didn’t only tow our car and $150.00 away she towed our kids Christmas away. The next morning at the tow yard we was there at first light for our car. There was about 6 other people there to get their cars back. Now I can only be sure mine and one other was from Taco Bell but I bet a couple others were too. This is robbery but instead of a gun they used my car. Something has to be done about this. What manager would do that to loyal customers? Tammy at the Pantops taco bell would. While her kids have a wonderful Christmas my kids will be wondering why Santa didn’t treat them like they deserved. It’s wrong and someone from corporate taco Bell needs to address this. Someone owes my kids Christmas and me an apology. I would understand if my car had been there a couple days or was broke down. We was just wanting some lunch. Now we can’t afford lunch. I will never eat at anyTaco Bell ever again. And I will tell as many people as I can about the story and beg them not to ever by Taco Bell 🌮’s….ever again.

  50. Very disappointed again. Why do you offer an app and a pickup time if the food is only made when you get to the window? Every time. And the order is usually not correct either. Today, was no exception. Food not ready, food hardly warm and sloppily put together. The girl who came to the window said nothing and obviously had food in her mouth. There wasn’t anyone in the drive-thru and only 3 cars in the parking lot. So not busy at all. Ridiculous. Unacceptable.

  51. Hi!
    I wanted to say thanks and give the Asst. Manager at my local Taco Bell kudos. He was super friendly and helpful when I called today to say that I had placed an order for my sister who lives about 15 miles from me. I wasn’t able to have it placed there because the website wouldn’t let me change the address of the place I wanted the order to be picked up at. So, she ended up paying for an order at the Taco Bell at 4315 N. Hwy 231 in Panama City, Fl, I had also paid for it with my debit card, then we still had an extra order here at the Taco Bell closest to me, which is 17120 Panama City Beach Pkwy. So, my friend had to pay cash for it when he went to pick it up because they didn’t realize that it was already paid for. So we paid $17.41 3X for 2 orders. Dee, the Asst manager was super kind and gave me a credit for 17.41 to be used next time I go there. He was very kind and helpful and I look forward to going back! Again, his name is Dee and deserves Kudo’s! 🙂

  52. Either they are high, I asked window person taking order he could not comprehend a hard shell taco order for 1.89$ he rang up 15$ orders 35$ dollar ordered of burritos and every other item and drinks after waiting 15 in line I asked him is there a problem so you need help or ambulance he said no A I was so disgusted I said never mind as the cars were backing up window person could not comprehend and he just stared so either heroin or medical I called Eastgate Ohio – could not comprehend a hard shell taco for 1.89 get it together people get it together – franchise down hill

  53. On 7/1/20 I got a take out order from store 030375 which included 2 vegie bowls with beef which came to $7.05 each including tax. When I got home, there was only one bowl in the bag with the rest of the order. I tried to call the store but could not get through as i got the tone when you try to sent a fax. Today I asked them to not charge me for one of the beef bowls that I ordered and they refused to make good on their mistake from last week. This was from the manager on duty. My visit was at 6:29 pm at the same store. I would like a refund for the amount I was charged last week. The receipt # is 358435. We have been going to this location about once per week since it opened a couple of years ago. If we are going to be treated like this, we may have to rethink it.

  54. My original email sent to corporate on July 8, 2020:

    As you can see below I made an online order to be picked up at the Syracuse Indiana Taco Bell at 7:15pm. It was prepaid. I arrived at the drive-up at 7:05pm. I waited in line for 20 minutes to get to the window to be told my order was not ready and to drive to the parking lot to wait. I waited on the car ahead of me for 10 minutes and they were not told to go park, why me? I drove away to get my son to return back to the Taco Bell to talk with the Manager, Shana at 7:36pm. Still my order was not ready. I was told mobile orders do not come to them in time to have it ready for the time requested. I was also told; they do not give compensation for not following through with mobile orders and no receipts are given. Shana is a piss poor manager who does not follow through with mobile orders and tells certain people to pull forward but yet make others keep the line held up for 10 minutes. I think I need a compensation for this and I am VERY UNHAPPY with the service there. I will NOT be returning and this was posted to YELP for bad service and bad customer service. My food was cold and I am NOT happy with this fast food restaurant Taco Bell has in this town.

    My new email sent on July 11, 2020:
    I guess my complaint was not worth getting back with me. This is very disappointing that such an outstanding company cannot return contact about a complaint that had been made about their order. I’m not sure this company should be in business if they cannot return an explanation or even a sorry to a customer. This is very bad customer service even from the corporate department.

    Thanks for not caring about your customers!!!!

  55. We ordered 4 nacho crunch, 1 cinnamon twist, 1 steak quesadilla. The tacos was not wrapped good all the ingredients fell out in the bag. The quesadilla was a mess in its self. We go there at least 2 times a week. This was the worst experience I have ever had here. And I heard the guy at the window tell the guy that put my food in the not to worry about it.


  57. Each time I went to Taco Bell the taco was terrible. Almost no meat. Only about the size of my finger. Nothing as advertised on TV. The last taco was very nasty looking. No meet in the middle. Only on each end about the size of my thumb. And some white cream in the middle. Very nasty looking. ,On 9 – 16 – 20 at 11:46 AM I called Taco Bell office to file a complaint and was told that someone would call me back within 72 hours. That was 2 weeks ago. And I’m still waiting for the phone call from Taco Bell . It appears that Taco Bell cares nothing about it’s customers only about their money. This location was on Asheville Rd in Leeds, Al.

  58. I was ordering food via service window drive through at one of your Taco Bell at 2420 Northampton St. Easton Pa 18042 , I questioned the server identified as Manager Kira Nelson to nodding sleeping like at the service window as if she were high on some drug (s) upon me stating such she stated “bitch” mind your business I requested to speak to manager she stated I am when I opened my food inside was a heroin type bag inside my Taco is there no drug policy there is there no urine test, camera to show the employee was clearly under the influence something , I am kinda scared as a senior to even provide my name

  59. Taco Bell 2420 Northampton St , Easton Pa 18042 , I was attempting to obtain service via service window I was approached by an employee extremely intoxicated by drug or alcohol slurring there words I requested her name and she stated mind your business bitch I found her name to be Kira Nelson is there no drug testing urine test for managers clearly not from my investigation into Taco Bell , but look forward to further investigation.

  60. They do not listen to their customers. They have taken popular items off the menu that life long customers almost begged them to keep on. The corporation stated that it listens to their customers, but that is a lie. I have been a customer for 35 years and I am terribly disappointed.

  61. Why, Why, why, did y’all quit making the Mexican pizza?😪 It was my favorite! That’s the reason why I go to Taco Bell. Is there not another way to package it if the box was the problem?
    Sincerely and saddened,
    Amy Owen

  62. Hello I’m a loyal customer and ex-manager of Tacobell. I would like to ask y’all to bring back the mini quesidilla melt. I know that was one of the best sellers. I also know this was my favorite item on the menu. Please bring back the mini quesidilla melt.

  63. I order a nacho party box and 3, $1.00 quesadillas. I reviewed my order and told the young lady that I ordered 3 of the $1.00 quesadillas not the more expensive ones, to which she replied with an attitude “that isn’t what you said and we don’t have those”. Having a background in fast-food the attitude she gave was not only unnecessary, but very rude and honestly had my husband not been so hungry I would have cancelled my order. We eat at this location often and have never had such rude service. The young lady’s name is Keira not sure of the spelling because I couldn’t see her name tag, but I did ask her name so if contacted I can pronounce it. I am in hopes that this will not be the new normal.

  64. I’m writing cause I cannot believe you have discontinue the Mexican pizza, if there was a reason for me to go to Taco Bell was the Mexican pizza. Please bring it back 🙏🏻

  65. So the last four times I’ve been to taco Bell I’ve had nothing but issues and my order has not been right there’s no point in going back because I have to wait in line for 20 minutes just to get the food and then if it’s not right I have to go back which is another 5 to 10 minute trip and they sit in line for another 20 minutes so all in all I finally eat an hour after what’s the point fast food I might as well cook it myself at home which is what I’m doing right now from Dollar tree so thank you for the shell taco Bell I appreciate it glad I could pay 15 dollars for it

  66. #1. I attempted to enter the $500 CASH TellTheBell and just kept getting directed to all sorts of other sweepstakes. Your site needs to be direct and simple.
    #2. I realize that marketing being what it is, I will never get a burrito supreme that actually looks like the advertised picture. However, it would be nice if I could at least get a burrito that doesn’t have all the beans at one end, and the scant dollop of sour cream at the other end, and the meat lumped in the center.
    For your demographics: I am a 65 year old retired Navy Nurse (BSN Nursing), female that owns my own home.
    Irene Abels

  67. To whom it may concern:
    This evening, I ordered & paid for 3 soft tacos, chips & cheese, an extra nacho cheese, & a Chalupa Supreme. My ticket # is 1454. When I got back to my dad’s & settled, I went to get the chalupa out to eat. It was missing. I immediately called the store & the young lady asked for my ticket #. She then put the manager, Stone, on the phone. He told me I must come back to the restaurant this evening (11/13/2020) before closing with my receipt & the rest of the food/order in order to get the chalupa. I explained that I could not do that. 1st off, the other food wasn’t mine & had already been eaten on. I also said that am a diabetic, I had to eat something right away & it would take 20+ minutes to get back there. I’m the only person here able to drive due to my brother’s disability & my dad’s age & health. I asked if I could return on 11/14 for the chalupa & was told No. I was stunned! I know there are people who take advantage, but I didn’t ask for my money back. I just asked for what I ordered and paid for tonight. Is this how your company treats their customers? When can I expect this to be made right?
    I look forward to your prompt response!
    Denah Wright

  68. I went thru the Taco Bell drive thru on 11/14/2020 and ordered a combo with a drink. I continued to drive home while drinking my drink. When I got home I looked at the cup my drink was in and it had a sticker on it that said (from the colonel’s kitchen to yours prepared for RICHARD). Clearly I was given someone’s personal cup. This during a pandemic. I am furious. How are you going to make this right. Please let me know
    Store in Holly springs North Carolina
    Store #029354 time 9:20pm.
    Cashier was Paula T
    Barbara McCurry
    xx Selby Court Holly Springs NC 27540
    phone 919-906-xxxx.
    email torrxxxx @yahoo.com.

  69. My wife and myself stoped in Saturday 11-21-2020 at Taco Bell 028991 in Williamsport , Pa 17701 for lunch to take home to eat . We live about 12 miles away from Taco Bell , my wife ordered a Nacho bell Grande that was horrible ! The corn chips was not cooked and was soggy and on edible , and I got 2 Burrito Supreme meal with the soft taco that comes with it and I got more filling in my soft taco than I did in my burrito supreme . I was never so disappointed in my life as I was Saturday at Taco Bell , we go there at least twice a week and to have this happen . I know they was busy at the drive through but come on . didn’t have time to go back because of a wedding we was getting ready for .

  70. I went to the Taco Bell in Callaway, Fl yesterday 11/29/20. The order taker/ cashier Nykerya V was very rude and short. We wanted to order more and she cut us off and said just drive around. She was not pleasant and act like she hates her job. This was not a good experience and I told them that. I asked for the manager who I was told was Megan and she never came to addressed my compliant. My family loves Taco Bell, but this experience was not ok. I have worked in customer service for years and the way the cashier talked to us was not good and not a good look for your company. I just want this issues addressed as it was not okay.

  71. We order 3 of the $5 cheesy gordita boxes the tacos fell apart the gordita tasted cold n old n nothing was hardly in them the drink tasted like they needed to be changed it tasted like carbonation. I couldn’t take it bk bc I don’t drive.

  72. Taco Bell use to be a great place to get my all time fast food chili cheese burrito. It’s very very rare that I will eat there now. They took alot of great stuff off the menu. The chili cheese burrito was around for a long time. Looks like their gonna loose another unsatisfied customer. Wouldn’t be surprised if the company goes belly up for getting rid of things that were on the menu for ages. Lokks like my new spot is gonna be Taco Casa. Audios amigos!!!

  73. I have been a regular customer every week – I would get 5 veggie power bowls. Today, after getting stupid cardboard boxes, good bye Taco Bell. I understand your brain dead Missy Schaaphok is responsible for this ridiculous disgusting decision!! Is she NOT aware (she’s not aware of much of anything) that when cardboard gets food stained, it is then NOT recyclable???????? So waste of time and very thick cardboard – out of 5 cardboard boxes, I could only recycle ONE – ONE just ONE. I came home and transferred the meal into a reusable plastic container so my son could take it to work. The rest went into the trash and then to the landfill. Previously, I could just rinse the PLASTIC containers and put them into recycle which does get picked up! Also, it was so DISGUSTING eating out of those gross boxes – so GOOD BYE Taco Bell and you can thank Missy Schaaphok for it – she deserves a stupid person award!

  74. I spoke with a lady from corporate that told me I would here from a general manager from this area regarding my refund of almost $30 dollars it’s been a week now. My service was rude and when I went to get refund for bad food she took my bag and told me she wouldn’t refund it kept it and ended the conversation I have my receipt and I demand my money back the food lacked meat in my beef crunchwraps they only had lettuce and my chicken chipolte was like rubber and no chicken to speak of one tiny little bitesize piece and microwave dried it is as lousy and deserved my money beack $25.41 approx. So I want my refund of money. I’m on SSI and eating at taco Bell is a luxury for me . My wife is terminally sick I bought lunch as a surprise and after this I will not use taco Bell again . They consistently get worse each time we go there the help are terrible and the food is reflective of it.

  75. Good morning,
    Last evening I visited the Taco Bell located at 5765 Old Hickory Blvd. in Hermitage, TN. I was just after 6pm. I ordered in the drive through and when I got to the window, I gave them my debit card. I then waited and waited. When the young lady opened the window I asked for my receipt. This must have turned the place upside down. I say several people come to the register and do something. After five to ten minutes, the manager came to the window and said that they could not give me a receipt. I said to cancel my order since they still hadn’t given it to me. I also told him that my card should not be charged since I hadn’t received anything from them. The total was not much but it was supposed to be rounded up to $4.00. The original amount was $3.70. I again told the manager that I card better not be charged. He turned around and asked where my food was and I again said to cancel my order and that I had better not be charged. I then drove off and went two doors down to the Hardee’s to get dinner. While I was in the line, I checked my back account and sure enough I had been charged. This is theft. I want my money put back into my account today. The amount that was deducted is different than the $4.00 that was supposed to be charged. It is $4.13 which is an odd amount. This is not the first time this has happened with amounts different that what I am being told is charged to my card. I didn’t say anything last time because again they couldn’t give me a receipt. I have dashcam footage as evidence of my visit. It also records voice as well as video. If this money is not returned today to my bank account I will be stopping by after work and I will call the police and have the manager charged with theft. Mistakes happen but this is not the first time this has happened and I am now angry. If you are that desperate for money then please find someone else who has more than enough to take from. I know I don’t. Again you can warn the manager that I will be stopping by around 5:30 and will call the police to meet me there. I will insist that he is charged with theft. I know that this must not be the only time this has happened to others. It can’t be. I want the account back in my account where you TOOK it from. I will not accept cash back. I didn’t pay in cash. Thank you and sorry for being such a problem but if it is not put back today, there is going to be a problem at the store. If you would like to have someone call me after 3:20pm central time I will be available at (615) 347-xxxx. Thank you.

  76. I went to the Conway SC taco Bell on Church Street conwaysv and Blake the manager escalated a situation. Hes a very unprofessional manager. He picks on me now because I had reported him another time I’m

  77. Does Taco Bell follow minor labor laws? Asking because my daughter is 17 and works at the painesville Taco Bell and is scheduled till 2am. From what I recall minors are not suppose to work after 10pm. 2am is a bit late for a minor as well as liability.

  78. Its pretty awesome, when you complain to corporate, asking them to get back to you & not even they will respond to a complaint when a response is requested.

  79. I went through the e drive thru on pines rd. In Shreveport la. When the girl working there handed me the bag with food in it she didn’t wait for me to get a good hold and it ripped and the food fell all over the concrete. Another lady came to the window and told me they weren’t responsible if I didn’t use both my hands to get it. But the girl didn’t give me time and the bag tore lose. The lady refused to give us any more food or a refund because she said it was my fault.. she argued and closed the window and would not give us either one and repeated she wouldn’t give us a refund. So my wife called the police and they refunded us as soon as they saw the police. This situations was rediculous rather than correct the problem they slowed up the customers behind us and then started taking their food out to them. I have it on video if you would like to see it. Also I’ll send a copy of the receipts. My wife and I both grew up knowing how to treat the customers and this will not do… we are in our 60’s and usually eat at home. We will not be going to Taco Bell again.. we were treated very discourteously.. I hope that y’all can correct this because no hardworking person deserved to be treated this way.

  80. Hi I had a very unpleasant experience at one of your locations in oak Park Michigan the address is 21350 Greenfield the time was 11:50 p.m. with a very rude employee who refused to give her name who worked the window

  81. Last three visits my order was wrong! Driving back is not always convenient. I would check order at window but why should everyone behind me have to wait?? The Bell has reputation of screwing up orders.Employees could state order when I drive up. Culver’s does. They really don’t make mistakes like the Bell does!!

  82. Your $5.00 nachos don’t exist in 80863. What a rip-off. Hello Any body listening. And I know you people don’t care. I can manage your whole company make it better. Because you never drove around to different location and tried the food. 719600xxxx. I fire everybody and start over.

  83. To whom it may concern,

    I have been extremely dissatisfied with Taco Bell’s service lately. I hate to complain, as that is not the type of person that I am. This last visit tonight has pushed me to write this complaint. I feel that the staff could use a LOT of extra training, especially when it comes to listening to the most simple requests. I went to the location on Hampton Ave in Saint Louis, MO tonight and did not receive what I have asked for, for the umpteenth time now. I only ever request to have sour cream removed from whatever item I am ordering and this request is rarely fulfilled. I would really appreciate a refund, as I didn’t realize my order was wrong until I got home. Thank you for your time.

  84. I really want you all to bring back the smoothered burrito. I was so disappointed when you took that away and i have been craving for it for a while. Please bring it back.

  85. I just spent $38.83at store 036530, they messed up the order, I told her at the window, she was rude and said I can’t take it back! I said can you make it right, she told me no, and shut the window. I waited, she would not come back. I am stuck with all this food that is not what I ordered!! I am very upset, and She should of made it right, while I was there. She refused, and said not her problem and closed the window again, said she was too busy! I am sorry but I do not believe that this is the way a customer should be treated, on top of that, the food was smashed and shells broken, when I had specified soft shells. Please tell me how to make them make this right. I tried to call and no one will answer the phone. This is just wrong, this was a special dinner and now it is ruined, with no help to correct it.

  86. I visited the location on Seneca st Wichita Kansas. On 12/22/2020 at 7:14 pm I placed my order and the receipt was correct but when I got home with food my order was wrong and was extremely in eatable also when I got my drinks told them the soda tasted nasty they didn’t care. This store has gone down since you can only go through drive thru. Last time I went there the steak was rancid tried calling store and just goes to the fax machine. This place is going to make people sick and needs to have something done about it.

    Melissa Streit

  87. I was at the shepherdsville location yesterday and I ordered the chalupa box and wen I got it it was wrong I ordered beef not chicken it showed up on the screen I don’t eat chicken! And wen I went into the store to have them fix it she said they don’t do beef chalupas which I no they do I’ve got them . And she didn’t give me a receipt but she went and printed one up for 515 was the time I was at the window at 510 and got my order it took her like 5 mins to make the reicept I was mad and told her she’s a dam liar then she threatened to call the cops on me because I cussed at her! This is not the first time they have messed up my orders it’s happed numerous times I dnt think I will go bk to that Taco Bell again she was very rude!!!

  88. There are quite a few of us in Houston, TX that will not go back to Taco Bell due to the cancellation of the Mexican Pizza!! We don’t understand why you would take one of the most popular items off the menu. I personally have learned how to make them (better than yours) but considering the time it takes it’s much easier to drive thru and get 8 at a time for my family! I understand new year and ppl wanting to eat healthy but we eat quite healthy alread and would love to have the opportunity to drive thru on our cheat days!! PULEEEEEESE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. I’m complaining about the taco bell in caledonia much,we have ordered there four times and all four times we payed but did not receive our cinnabons not our nacho fries, I’m tired of them hanging up on me when I call and tired of paying for things I do not receive,you better take care of this ussue

  90. I just purchased a chicken power bowl at. your drive/thru in Elyria, Ohio. While I get them regularly, I was surprised to find the entire bowl dumped into a cardboard box instead of the usual plastic container. Please go back to those containers! This meal was about as appetizing as dumpster diving for dinner – ewwww. I ended up throwing it out. No more cardboard boxes, please.

  91. I have nothing but issues with the taco bell located in kendallville,In and im sitting at the store 035411 located east dupont fort wayne,in and they for got half my order and forgot a bunch of items ive never had issues like this before

  92. I am very unhappy with the Taco Bell in lake worth Texas . I paid for spicy ranch and didn’t receive it. I asked for sauce and they did not put any in the bag. I had to completely pick apart my taco because they made it wrong. This is the worst service I have ever received

  93. I was a Taco Bell customer for close to 60 years. I stopped going to Taco Bell when your green sauce option was terminated. My favorite since I was 11 was a green chili bean burrito with onions. I used to buy food from Taco Bell food 5 to 6 times a month. I would like you to restore the Green Chili option. I will not go to any Taco Bell until that happens. Sincerely submitted 1/17/21

  94. This evening i visited Taco Bell in Waveland,Ms after shopping at Walmart next door. My wife and i like stopping in at least once a week at our local Taco Bell.
    Last Thursday evening around lunchtime we stopped and ordered 2 #3s with sweet tea and requested lots of mild sauce : While we sat in their parking area to lunch we noted the taco only had some lettuce ,small amount of diced tomato and cheese;the burrito was fair but lacked the normal taste
    Today,Monday around 3pm after shopping at Walmart we again stopped in Taco Bell Waveland in drive thru and ordered 2 #3’s with sweet tea as preferred drinks we mentioned to lady on intercom about condition of tacos last Thursday asking if something was wrong as
    normal taco included sour cream a generous amount of meat tomatoes,lettuce to which she replied(she had no idea why What happened . Today after receiving our order we noted our order was in same condition as last week and instead of mild sauce was hot sauce.
    What is going on? I’ve eaten at this Taco for several years never had a problem.

  95. Why do you keep changing your menu. Ie tostada, Mexican pizza. Tacos are worse too. You are losing me and my family. As customers.

  96. Travel often to Newport Ar used to be best Taco Bell, food always hot. Courteous employees. Tea delicious. Since Covid everything good EXCEPT TEA. Consistently taste like water. Please tell them to go back to good tea.

  97. Dear Taco Bell,

    Your company really sucks right now. I really don’t appreciate you guys taking away the Mexican Pizza, Nacho Bell Grande and Supreme (Mini) and the Toasted Cheddar Chalupa. What is going on with the menu-please explain. Taco Bell was my favorite place to go but now I just drive by???

  98. I went to Corcoran Taco Bell today, and while I was ordering I asked the lady behind the speaker what kind of boxes did they had and she tried to cover the speaker and she told one of her coworkers “ this costumer is so annoying and stupid can’t she read the board”. When I came to the window to pay I asked for her name and she just ignored me. Well I got her name because another lady in there told me her name I guess she knew I heard. Well her name is Liz and she works at the Corcoran CA Taco Bell.

  99. I have spoken to someone already about my complaints. I was told someone would be calling me back from Taco Bell in my area & one I had bad experiences at. Well I had one person to call me, and I was in restroom & seen I had missed call so I called back an it was the Taco Bell but person that answered phone had no clue why someone had called me from there. She didn’t ask any other employees or manager if they knew who had called me. Well person that had called me from Taco Bell DM never called me back again & did not leave me a voicemail.. I would like to get resolved. I was told I’d be getting refund. If District Manager handles issue with customers about there focus stores and issues with their employees not getting orders right, DM may need more training also.. My local Taco Bell I’m referring to is one on Milgen road Columbus, GA. 31907. My cell # is 334-540-4757 I will do my best to not miss call but if so please leave me a voicemail. Ty Mrs. Gibbs

  100. I am Jason Christopher Case I worked at the taco bell on Hendersonville ROad Asheville NC. I went to get a check I still had there and they told me it was not any good and to get ahold of corporate.

  101. Taco Bell on possum run in Mansfield Ohio is the location I visited tonight! It was somewhere between 7pm-7:30pm. The people at the window were extremely nice!! Super awesome experience! Today was the first day I took a break from mommy duty in 6 months. I sent my 18mo and 6mo to Mamaw’s. 6MONTHS I HAVE NOT HAD A BREAK! Also have been on a keto diet for 3 weeks, no cheat days! So extremely emotional about leaving my girls, super pumped about the carbs and was going home to cry and ugly eat until I fell asleep waiting on my husband to get off work at 12am. Get home and the belle grande loaded fries barley filled the boxes (I took a picture) it was slopped into the bag so everything was all to one side of the box. Again I could fit the amount of food in there into 1 hand! Also did not receive my steak quesadilla…. I did order $40 worth of food (they did not give me my receipt but you can check your computers for my transaction, it’s there) did not realize I had ordered so much and apologized a couple of times at the window. I worked retail. I’m not just a Karen with nothing to do. I managed a B&N Cafe and worked it for 13yrs. Today of all days I get a problem with my food? Maybe I’m being to emotional who knows but I was very polite and apologetic for how much I ordered and don’t feel that was fair for them to throw my food in a bag and then I get forgetting the quesadilla I ordered a lot but come on… ugh thanks for listening I guess… please refund my money on the steak quesadilla and the belle grande loaded fries and I’ll be out of your hair. Thanks for listening and for your time who ever has to read this sad pathetic story of a woman who finally got a break and being so starved of carbs she actually was upset enough to write in about the injustice that had taken place late one evening in podunk mansfield Ohio… (possum run TB)

  102. Why was the Taco Bell on Guadalupe St. in Austin, TX closed? It was very popular among the college kids and I am upset that it is gone.

  103. Disgusting cinnamon twists !!!
    I just had Taco Bell delivered, the twists taste like oil with sand. St this rate you’re definitely will be losing our family’s business. Shame on you for the incredibly inferior quality of food your are providing to loyal customers.
    ( purchased at the Taco Bell in New Hyde Park, NY Jericho turnpike)

  104. Bring back the Mexican pizza and Chicken Gordita Supreme. The Ludlow, Massachusetts location says these are discontinued.

  105. i went to the taco bell in whiteoak pa 3 times now and they was closed once at 6pm once at 9pm and tonight at 8pm..what is going on. i dont live real close this is crazy. do they have covid or something. 3 times i wasted gas now..not happy

  106. While in the Drive-Thru around 2:54 p.m. today your cashier drive-thru person (Ralinett W) was extremely rude to my father she was not responding to his request at the drive-thru speaker so he said hello to get her attention. The cashier (Ralinett W) yelled at my father “I’ll be with you in a minute I said I heard you the first time”. We had already been waiting in the line around 15 minutes with no cars in front of us. When we arrived at the window my Dad told the cashier that she should not be rude to customers and speak to us in that manner. The cashier slammed the window in my Dad’s face without giving us a receipt. My Dad knocked on the window because she wouldn’t open it. Finally she opened the window and gave him the receipt. I’m a business owner and there’s no way I would allow someone with her ignorance to represent my company.

  107. I went through the drive through in Adairsville around 10:30 on Saturday night. I ordered a number six with a berry blast and a steak chalupa and an order of the Grande nachos with no guacamole. My food was very slow getting to the window and when i did recieve it the chalupa bread was too hard to eat on the chicken chalupa. I went back through the drive through again and returned home hoping all was right in the world to my dismay they left the chicken off my chalupa and it was a salad sandwich.

  108. I was disappointed in the Power Bowl with chicken. I did not receive guacamole and the green sauce we ordered was the avocado ranch sauce. My husband ordered the power bowl with steak and had a nice amount guacamole in the box.
    Our “bowls” were served on a piece of parchment in a cardboard box. Beans not placed on parchment. They were in the box since the parchment was carelessly placed in the box.
    As we went to the website to review the menu the picture of the Power Bowl represented the item was in a black bowl so I expected the presentation would be the same. Food in a bowl. Not a box.

  109. Hello to whom this may concern,

    I had a proposal to make in regards to Taco Bell “on the go”. What if, there was a Taco Bell truck service that is a similar concept to ice cream trucks. Taco Bell Trucks go around neighborhoods and people can order quick tacos, burritos, etc from the truck?

  110. Yes I work here and I’m complaining about the manager she is very unprofessional and rude.My name is ShaMia Brown I’ve been working here since the 13 of this month and my manager Blanca is very very rude. Instead of giving us feedback on what to do she makes us rush and do everything rapidly.I’m new and I still need time to understand things and she isn’t help AT ALL.I would gladly like to get this fixed or maybe get her checked.Today I wasn’t on schedule and the night before we’d gotten so busy I lost track of time and had forgetting my charger the manager started point to the door telling me “we don’t come behind the counter we don’t come behind the counter you need to leave” I didn’t cause any problems i simply came to get my charger and this is what happens.I would not like to keep working at a place that was never welcoming from the beginning!


  112. Came into lobby at east lin Norman on east Lindsey and 12th St waited at register for 5 minutes we were not greeted nor asked if we wanted to order. Rude and unprofession noal. Order took 6 minutes before it was ready.

  113. I need someone from your Corp office to address an issue that is always happening at your location near ann st in Montgomery alabama everytime I go threw the drive thru I can hear unprofessional language and conversation going on as if no one is in charge and I you have ppl being rude so I would like for someone from your office to contact me back not that location cause nothing is being done about this issue from that management ppl

  114. Waiting in line for 15 to 20 minutes why they’re joking around having a good time inside not being professional at all.

  115. Pulled into drive thru in Cincinnati and they said there would be a 30 minute wait on beef. How does a fast food restaurant run out of food? Never was happy with this location for bad service in the pass. I guess this location won’t have to worry about our family returning.

  116. I am totally beyond upset at the LACK of customer service at your Taco Bell in Sterling, CO, (only one there). We were there Saturday at 3:55pm and didn’t get to the window till 4:00pm. The lobby is closed due to covid. The order taker took my order 2 times!! She asked me if my order was cash or credit? I asked why did that matter (because i wasn’t sure at that moment) and she didn’t respond. When we reached the window she proceeded to ask me what my order was after I had given it to her 2x and TOLD me she did not have my order and what did I order because she didn’t have it. Then she said AGAIN I don’t have that order and went to get someone in charge (The manager on duty wasn’t there and wouldn’t be there for several hours later) and to come back, I told her we couldn’t come back because we were visiting our grandchildren and on our way out of Sterling. She did say they asked cash or credit because they only had one machine, and I said why should that be a problem when the LOBBY IS CLOSED it shouldn’t take them 35 min to get my order. The “acting” in charge person asked me AGAIN what my order was and she did punch it in and i asked how much she told me and asked cash or credit, I told her cash. I understand when there is only ONE machine but THE LOBBY IS CLOSED and the drive-thru is the only way to get food and how does that pose a problem when they are taking and filling one order at a time? She proceeded to tell me ” I don’t have to put up with my attitude , gave me my money back and wasn’t going to give me my order!! I would have left but once you are in the line there is curbs on either side and parking blocks and you can not go over them. One person sped right by the window and i’m sure they were upset too. I later learned that there are a LOT of people that DO NOT go there anymore because of their attitude and horrendous customer service. The phone number to reach the Manager is no longer in service!!! THEY NEED SERIOUS TRAINING IN MANAGEMENT AND SERVICE, WHAT A SHAME That Taco Bell is giving your corporation a VERY BAD NAME. I and MANY MORE people will NOT and are NOT SUPPORTING Sterling CO Taco Bell!!

  117. For one thing your on line complaint form won’t recognize the time of day regarding the initial issue I wanted addressed. I had just gone through a negative experience going through a local Taco Bell and I couldn’t submit a complaint form trying to describe it. I consider the options in trying to contact your office to not be user-friendly

  118. Jodi Voors one of the managers for the location off 6608 Lima Rd has engaged in relations with an employee who was in a relationship with another employee. This caused a huge scene at one point. Jodi Voors and Devin Walker have continued their relationship and have continued to work in the same store on the same shift regardless of the countless issues there have been with them arguing. Stephanie has known of these issues for quite some time and still takes no action. This has caused a very uncomfortable and toxic work environment for other employees as Devin also gets into frequent arguments with other employees that have nearly turned physical on more than one occation but Jodi lets everything slide. At this time i am seeking higher managment to step in and help out because the rest of us on the crew are very unhappy.

  119. Jodi Voors one of the managers for the location off 6608 Lima Rd Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825 has engaged in relations with an employee who was in a relationship with another employee. This caused a huge scene at one point. Jodi Voors and Devin Walker have continued their relationship and have continued to work in the same store on the same shift regardless of the countless issues there have been with them arguing. Stephanie has known of these issues for quite some time and still takes no action. This has caused a very uncomfortable and toxic work environment for other employees as Devin also gets into frequent arguments with other employees that have nearly turned physical on more than one occation but Jodi lets everything slide. At this time i am seeking higher managment to step in and help out because the rest of us on the crew are very unhappy.

  120. So I see are taco bell in molalla is closed but the food is cold not at a safe temp there always out of food I have never seen a place ran like this one .Not sure why its closed up but I think it needs to be moved out if you can’t serve safe food . Molalla taco bell why is it closed up

  121. Could you please bring back the steak bowls? It was the best thing on your menu and better than other places bowls!

  122. Your store in st Augustine at st road 16 is probably the worst I have ever been, the employees are like you pulled them off the streets

  123. i have call you people several times my name is joe washington and my social sec is 349-56-xxxx im disable and i receive a letter from social security that i was working for taco bell on king drive in chicago which i dont went i call ss they told me dont worry call the person who last name is hollind information does match how can you let someone who probably had a fraud social card use someone else info place get this straingt out

  124. Hi was recently at Taco Bell on olive and Jetta I ordered 40 dollars of food recirved one sauce packet talked to Maria who did no offer comp to come back talked to her again she lied and said she did and bc I was upset would not now comp I want a refund or I will sue

  125. I was totally disappointed with my order tonight. My bean burrito was cold, my beefy 5 layer burrito was far from beefy it was also cold, my nacho fries were cold and limp not crispy,my chicken chanukah had only 1 tiny piece of chicken was also cold and soggy not crisp
    The only item not terrible was the regular nachos but only a lame could mess that up. My order totaled $13.71. Please respond to me via email on how this matter can be rectified at ernestmusuxxxx @gmail.com. thank you

  126. My girl and I went to Taco Bell on 8 Pearson blvd in Gardner ma and the girl working the window wasn’t doing anything right and was acting really weird and our food look gross so we called to talk to a manager (Courtney) answered and we were telling her and she started to be mad rude and hung up on us.

  127. My love affair with TB is over! You have taken all of my favorites off the menu. There is nothing I can or will eat at TB any longer except for the Power Bowl, which has now become a “rice” bowl — way too much rice, almost 3/4 of the bowl. They started out good. When I questioned the Mgr. she said they come that way. Very rude woman and that was a couple of months ago. The Mexican pizza has been my favorite ever since it first came out – gone! the Tostado was next and I always got it with a taco or two – gone! I loved the Frito Burrito – gone! And the small Cheesy Rice Burrito – gone! I went there at least 2 times a week. I really miss all of that great food. I have OD’d on tacos so you have left me with nothing! Shame on you! I live in a small town with not too many food options here. Can you add these back please?????? I miss my all of these A LOT!

  128. The taco bell in Central islip New York continuously makes my food wrong and when I call to get my food remade the manager destiny gives me a huge attitdude

  129. I went to the taco bell located at 15701 Annapolis Rd, Bowie, MD, 20715 at 1:30am and I was told the restaurant is closed and when I said but it’s only 1:30 and you guys close at 2:00am the employee told me we’re short staffed tonight. I said but it’s always only one person at night and he then told me that they sold out of everything so there is absolutely nothing that he could make for me. This has happened more than enough times and I have been told the same thing at the one located at 16300 Heritage Blvd, Bowie, MD in the past. I work night shift and look forward to getting a meal but I have to drive further away to Gambrills location to get food every time. I feel like its not fair to customers. Please address this matter. Thank you

  130. My name is Jennifer Guzman this morning on February 13 location 840 S. Bascom San Jose California the lady working the drive-through in the morning around 10 o’clock told me that she was going to throw my food at my face because I asked for the manager and I asked her why she was being rude but it was not the first time she proceeded to scream I am also five months pregnant and I had my two-year-old daughter in the backseat I have a video showing proof and I have a photo of this lady something needs to be done please my telephone number is 408497-xxxx

  131. Just want to say, charging me $.50 for 8 tiny pieces of onion for my tacos is a load of krap. I was about done with taco bell, when u discontinued the green sauce. The franchise in Ridgefield, Washington is especially skimpy on the filling anway, now no onions without paying extra and no green sauce for my burrito. What possible reason would I go back there. Sorry, moving on to the Mexican taco joint in Woodland.

  132. I’ve been eating Taco Bell for a lot of years, but today I ordered 3 soft taco supremes with steak and the meat is just awful. Salty. Looked like dog food. It has always been good. If this is the new norm I won’t eat there again

  133. I got a chalupa today and I pulled it out a hour after the car ride to eat it and it had white moldy looking stuff around the tomatoes… I took a picture this really grossed me out and ruined it for everyone I didn’t let me family eat their tacos either

  134. I was discriminated against at work and I feel like they aren’t taking the proper procedure for the situation.

  135. My daughter in law works at Russel Kentucky tack bell, last week we had a ice storm and all the roads closed, and the. Gm would not let her leave, had to stay till 2:00am. She had to walk a half make to her house because LD the bad road conditions, and we all call the gm and begged him to let her leave early, he said no! Yesterday we had another bad ice storm, and we begged him to let her go early, same thing no if she leaves she will be fired! All roads were closed at 9:00pm , he would not let her leave until 2:00 am, on her way home she wrecked because of the bad road conditions, while he was bragging on Facebook about having his generator fired up and being warm, we are all lividof this guy!!!! He don’t care nothing for his employees and now my daughter in law has to pay a tow bill and have her car fixed! This guy is a piece of shit for doing his employees like this, the other two employees live only a little distance from the job site.

  136. I was fired for politely asking a woman to come to the front to get her order right and now I’m about to be homeless because of it and I did NOT raise my voice to anyone and my manager Chance fired me for no reason at all

  137. I have been waiting 11minutes and counting since I was asked to move from the drive through window and there was no one behind me because they didn’t want the wait time counted against them is this a way to run a business?? And I’m still waiting

  138. Please, please, please bring back Taco Bell Mexican Pizza! I loved it and there is nothing like it on your menu.
    Would appreciate your help with this!

  139. I just left your Calera store. The online ordering was down. And they wouldn’t help us place an order for the online special.

  140. So why do I have to pay extra for a supposably coin shortage at your store? Seems to me taco bell should eat the 14 cents rather than me losing .86 cents! How many customers are you doing this too?

  141. You really such as a company. First you take away the chili cheese burrito, then you take away the taco salad, then you take away the Mexican pizza…. and you’re stupid enough to think you’re going to replace those items for something better. That isn’t innovation and it’s not menu creativity, it’s ridiculous and you’ll continue to lose customers. You suck, and there’s nothing you can do to make it better aside from bringing back the only good items that you carried.

  142. Hello I waited in the Taco Bell link for over 20 min. It’s currently 9:50. When I pulled up they said they were closed. When I asked why they were closed they stated they couldn’t give a reason.

  143. I went through the drive thru on 2/19/2021 at 8:10pm. I ordered 2 Beefy 5 Layer Burritos, 2 Beef Supreme Burritos, 2 Steak Chalupa Supremes, and 3 Beef Crunchy Taco Supremes. I got home and I did not have the 2 Beef Supreme Burritos. Not happy! Taco Bell 031903
    736 South Meadows Parkway, Reno,NV 89521 (775)852-2204. Order #343142. Cashier- Andy B. My order total was $31.84. The 2 burritos I did not receive came to $7.98.

  144. I tried yesterday for over an hour to put through an order online, and I have been trying for the same amount of time today. I put in my credit-card information fifteen times, and every time your website erased it or sent me to a page saying internal error, “Let’s not taco bout it.” Ha ha ha, so funny. Finally I called your customer-service number, and I was told that someone would call me back to straighten things out. That never happened. I have tried again today, at least ten times. I have called customer service again, and after a twenty-minute wait a woman picked up, and hung up on me while I was explaining what happened. I have called again now and am waiting for someone to pick up. I called the local store, and they could not take an order over the phone. Shame on you people. Worst service I’ve ever received from any company.

  145. hello, I’m a huge Taco Bell enthusiast. In fact I might even be Taco Bell’s biggest fan. Regardless, I -along with many others- am saddened by the discontinuation of the Mexican pizza. I know this message might not get anywhere important but I think it’s worth a shot. The mexican pizza was at the top of my food pyramid, my go to comfort food and now it is gone. I would like to ask that someone in charge would consider bringing it back so that I can make my belly happy once more. please Thank you.

  146. I always order thru the app because its extremely easy. And when they ask if everything is correct on the screen it is. But two times so far when we have gotten home we have not had the rewards that I have redeemed.

    How is it fair that we earn those rewards but don’t get them.

    We go the the Taco Bell in Willow Street Pa 17584
    Store number 024410

  147. Hello if am a door dasher and I was in the Taco Bell in Placerville. Ca. Saturday around noon when I witnessed a customer being really rude and loud to the 2 ladies that were trying their best to fix what ever was wrong but he keep cussing at them and yelling at them I don’t know how they keep their calmness but thank you for having these 2 amazing women at your store i got their names from another employee they are Elden and Angela

  148. I pulled up to the drive thru with about 5 cars ahead of me. When I got to order, I had asked for nacho fries bel grande-no tomato along with 6 soft shell beef tacos, 2 chicken chipotle melts, 2 large Baja blast and, a burrito supreme-no tomato ( I had to repeat 2 times.) I finally got to the window, gave my card and paid and got my 2 large Baja blast. The order was taking a little bit, which I understand because it was busy. I got a bag and asked for fire sauce. I opened the back to check and it was 3 gorditas. As the girl was about to hand me the sauce, I let her know this wasn’t my food. She proceeded to tell me they can’t take it back and closed the window. After a minute or two she opened the window with a man they stated was the manager. They both looked at me confused and the manager says, “oh, you’re postmates?” I replied, “No.” then they closed the window AGAIN. I tried to get the girls attention to see if the lobby was open so I wasn’t hold up the drive-thu longer. There were at least 8-9 cars behind me! When she handed my correct food I told her I was going to ask if the lobby was open so I wasn’t holding up the line. She replied “yea , it’s open.” And closed the window. I checked my nacho fries bel grande and they were chips so, I drove around and went into the store. The girl at the drive through looked at me and I asked if the guy in the blue shirt was the manager. She said yes, and hollared for someone. A lady came up to help me and I told her the fries were wrong, then I opened my other bag with the remaining order and there were 2 bags of some kind of dessert in balls. (Not sure what they were.) I told her about being in the drive thru and if there was anything they could do or give me a discount for the mess up and inconvenience. She went back and talked to the manager and came back and said he could do anything. I was very displeased how every employee I came in contact with on how they went about the situation. They didn’t care!

  149. You guys need to bring back the mango frutista freeze. I tried the mtn dew baja blast slush and it was revolting. It’s like trying to drink a frozen monster energy popsicle. The frutista was the greatest frozen drink I have ever consumed. Who was the person that decided that the frutista deserved to die and be replaced with a beverage that closer resembles the blackened snow left behind in the street after being run over several times than something anyone would actually like to consume? Now, I am a reasonable man and I know some people like the dew, (just like some people like cocaine) but the mango frutista never deserved to die and I know there’s a lot of people out there who would agree with me. I’ll never be able to forget the horror when, one day, in 2012 my friend Jose said to me “Yo, let’s go get some Taco Bell, those frutistas are sick as frick!” And when we got there, they didn’t have any. And now, what with taco bell removing every good menu item, I find myself going there less and less. Bring back the frutista for the people who pay for your existence, Taco Bell. The frutista was the greatest and the Mtn Dew Baja Blast freeze is an insult by comparison, capisce?

  150. I can’t believe you even let the Cloverdale taco bell exist. They sell old food and have the rudest people working there. I went and they forgot to give me half the order and my drink. Pretty sure the cashier was drunk. When i called to tell them it was late and couldn’t drive back i to town. They said if I couldn’t come back right away to get what they shorted me it was just too bad and they couldn’t help me. Real good customer relations. I have no want to ever go back. And i will tell everyone i know how i was treated.

  151. I just spent 1.5 hours on your website trying to place an order. Every time I got to the end of the order process my saved payment card had expired and I tried to add a new card and delete the one no longer active. I tried six different credit cards and it would not let me complete the order. Finally I had to sigen up for Google Pay and complete the order using it (for the first time) You online website needs improvement in many ways. If you select an item to order and click place the order, in order to add another item you have to refresh the page to get a clean slate to add another item. All in all it was a totally disgusting experience. I have worked in IT for 50 years and your ordering website takes the cake for worst experience ever.

  152. Went to Taco Bell Saturday night when I got home and started eating I found hair in my taco. This is not the first time this has happened.

  153. Hey Taco Bell, I just wanna say please bring potatoes back. I’m really upset because there’s nothing I like there anymore (the only substitute is beans and they aren’t my favorite so it stinks). I promise I would go back to Taco Bell ALL the time. So just consider it please. Thank you. 🙂

  154. I ordered thru drive thru and they charge me didn’t but the menu out side didn’t have that price I was charged she said they u changing but not changed yet so why did I get charge for a menu that’s not been put out

  155. I don’t even knows where to begin. This is the second Tuesday in a row that we have went to your restaurant and they have got our order wrong, and it’s not that we’re given something different, they are always forgetting something that we paid for. Last time it was three things they forgot and we paid around $31 dollars so my husband was mad and I had to call and go back and get the missed items. This time it was only one thing but the fact that it has happened two weeks in a row at the same store is upsetting. I don’t want to get back and my car for one thing even though it was the one thing for my son. I just don’t understand how the employees can get away with consistently forget people food, or maybe that’s how you’ve built your empire off of ripping people off cause that what is happening. Last time I called the manager said she was sorry and would have it ready when I returned. Not the case, the employee had to ask the manager about it and then they started to put it together, wasn’t ready nor did she even approach me and say anything, horrible customer service!! Also the fact that you have to sit 25 minutes in a line just to have them forget something is even more frustrating. Both times we were not given a receipt either which after having to call last week and explain how they shorted us food but had no receipt to prove it wasn’t worth having to call and explain again what had happened. It obviously did me no good calling them cause if it’s happened to us two weeks in a row I’m sure it’s happening to other people too so I felt the need to bring it to the next level. The occurrences happened both at the Mesa Ridge Taco Bell in Fountain, CO

  156. I just visited your location on Bulverde in San Antonio, Texas and I’m disappointed that they are not providing drinks and would not even give me a cup of water. We have had some bad weather here which resulted in disruption to our water service but the water has been restored and the boil water notice in this area of the city was lifted several days ago. I placed my order using the app and was told at the drive through that drinks are not available but I would be able to get water. A different person at the drive through said I couldn’t. No explanation. I am sure water is being used for food preparation and dishwashing so they should be able to fill a cup with some water. I guess I could have cancelled my order but I had already paid through the app so I’m sure that would have been a hassle not worth the time it would have taken. If you are not able to provide drinks (which was part of the combination meal I ordered), you should at least be providing bottled water. Very disappointing customer service.

  157. I usually do not complain but I’m pretty upset with tacobell at the moment. Last night tried to order four five dollar build your own b