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Company Website
Corporate Address
201 James Record Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
Company Contact
S M Kim
Phone Number
(256) 772-8860
Fax Number
(256) 772-0628
Yearly Revenue
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27 Reviews and Complaints for Lg Electronics USA Headquarters

  1. LG washing machines are defect and the company knows it! I bought a second washing machine because I thought it was broken and got a new one with the same problem so it can’t be a coincidence! I would like a refund from Home Depot since that’s where I bought it from in oct 2021 and haven’t washed cloths for over 2 months! A repair person came and told me what the problem was which was a week ago and haven’t heard from him or lg on anything

  2. I need the phone number of The LG Vice president now! I’m done explain this over and over!!!!

  3. I purchased a refrigerator about a year ago. It was out about 2 months ago before the year warranty went out. As of today I still do not have a unit and they are giving me the run-a-round. Now they want me to have it removed from my house, give a check for much less, and no reimbursement for the extended warranty purchased. I have emailed the CEO still no resolution. LG customer service stinks. I have medical issues which require my medicine to be cool and my daddy a 90-year-old need meds cooled also. we don’t even have cold water now that it has completely stopped cooling but LG acting like it’s normal or just doesn’t give a damn. I have put in the BBB report and will update it today with the new particulars.

  4. I have an issue with a new LG stove I purchased. The technician has rescheduled 3 times. How do I get my stove serviced?

  5. my comment is simple:
    No techs available
    RUDE AF customer service
    the whole company SUCKS.

    Buy from somewhere else….. read reviews if you don’t believe me.

  6. LG customer service, supervisors and techs have the lowest standards, been trying to get a repair since 9/21 and all that is given is a runaround!! Arthur the supervisor told me yesterday that customer service agents “tell lies and untruths” to customers because “they don’t know better”…that is a LG issue in their training, not my issue when I call and am told a replacement was ordered and will be delivered due to the part to repair is back ordered until march ’22 the latest….. UNACCEPTABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE UNACCEPTABLE ANSWERS UNACCEPTABLE COMPANY TO BUY FROM. they take your money and refuse to repair./replace.

  7. Appalling customer service. After my washing machine blew up and broke a pipe case submitted on 14 of September by technician Jose Rivera. Was told someone would be in contact within 72 hours. After calling each day finally got wonderful person Jasmine from Tennessee who got someone from RA Dept to contact me however still waiting on the broken pipe damage resolution and every different customer service agent tells me I will hear from product liability team I 72 hours. It’s been almost 2 weeks. This is unacceptable customer service tells me they have no contact with them other than online. My plumber is coming to repair pipe after being without a washer which malfunction for almost a month. A big co like LG needs to reaccesstheir process or get help that does their jobs.

  8. We had a repair person Steve come to our house to fix our washer on July 7. He ordered the part which was delivered to our house on July 9. He stopped by that day to install it. During the process he broke a hose, which had to be ordered as well. It was delivered the next day but the problem is our repair person Steve is on vacation this week. He told me via text that he would ask one of his colleagues to stop by on July 12 to install it. No one came. I got a message from LG that indicated a repair person was coming Tuesday, July 13, with no timeframe. I took a second day off in a row to wait and no repair person ever came. I am out pay and patience. I spoke with a customer service representative today named Allen who said to text him at 5 pm today if no repair person came and he promised to schedule someone to come out. I did that but 55 minutes later he has not responded and I am at my wits end. Please rectify this situation as soon as possible. Ellin Walsh Murray 330-730-4948

  9. Good afternoon,

    I purchased an LG Microwave (Model #: LMV183ST) in March 2021. I moved into my new home on April 06, 2021, and the microwave was delivered to my new residence on April 14th. I purchased the same model microwave in my previous home and loved it so much that I bought the same model for my new house. This new microwave has given me nothing but problems since the day it was installed and I have gone through numerous repairmen trying to fix the problem (Reference #: RNN210609088990). The last repairman (A&E Services) stated clearly that my microwave needs to be replaced, that there is nothing he can do to fix the annoying vibrating noise that the other repairman thought was the magnetron (which he replaced). I have tried to reach out to my “Case worker” named Jason (with LG Electronics) and have not received any response from him. He gave me a contact number and instructed me to text on (1-256-857-6807) this number, however, he has not responded to the texts that I have sent.
    I have other appliances that I need to buy for my new home and I was considering all LG Electronics, however, this will depend on how LG Electronics rectifies my current situation.

    Dawn Smith

  10. Hey I bought an LG Stylo 6 about 3 months ago and I’ve had nothing but problems the phone will lock by itself while I’m in the middle of an app or text it’s done it twice since typing this and on top of that it will randomly meaning I can’t figure out what is causing it but it will pull the notification bar down ever time I press a button or click on anything then after that the hole screen won’t work besides on little spot in the middle or it will randomly click the wrong button on my key pad meaning I go to click G and it types S if I can even type anything I always thought LG made good phones but I will never buy one and will be telling people not to do so

  11. I Purchase an LG stove and refrigerator on November 28th 2020 from Home Depot. It was delivered on February 10 2021. There has been a gas leak and our first contact was on March 30th 2021. People gas shut down the stove on April 8th 2021 because of a gas leak and carbon monoxide. I contact LG again on April 9th spoke to Danielle. A technician came April 27th to do an evaluation on the stove, he order a part for the stove; A few weeks later another technician returned to replaced the part. Some days after the smell of leak from the stove again. I contacted LG on May 17th. Today is May 27th and STILL UNABLE TO USE THE STOVE. I didn’t buy a stove to have as a piece of furniture, at this point my wife and I are very frustrated. I don’t agree on continuing waiting and having a stove NEW continuing been repair. It is obvious there is a problem with the stove, and we should get reimburse or replaced the stove. NOT a happy customer

  12. We purchased a frontload washer and dryer (separate units). The washer makes significant ‘thumping’ with the front door popping back in forth and leaking h2o during the spin cycle. We have had your maint team out MULTIPLE times, being told this is normal. I have owned now three washing machines that were front loaders over my life and none have acted this way. Your customer service team is condescending when trying to solve my problems, at multiple points not having records of our previous conversations and/or actual site visits by your technician. The unit continues to act up and leak onto our floor from the door.
    At this point in time I would like LG to just take our machine away…we are frustrated to the point that we don’t want this machine in our house. We have had well over 5 visits by the technician and the unit is NOT operating as designed.
    Please call either myself or my spouse (jackie) to coordinate removal of the maching at:

  13. I have not had my new LG tv since March 12. I bought this tv Feb 22. Apologies are no longer sufficient. This tv needs to be repaired or replaced now. My ticket number is RNN210312029595.

  14. I purchased an Lg fridge and within a year it started having vibration problems along with a loud humming noise. I had a certified technician investigate the problem and was told it needed a compressor – little did I know this was a continuing problem with Lg knowing about this particular compressor. I will not annoy everyone with all the calls I’ve made to Lg’s customer service nor will I tell you it took 3 qualified technician and 6.5 months to have this repaired. Oh it’s scheduled to be repaired April 1st. I’m wondering if this is an April Fools joke. Now a new problem has shown its ugly head – yup the timer on the Lg stove doesn’t work. What good is a stove without a working timer. I have asked for a total reimbursement of the fridge and will also ask for a reimbursement of the stove. Like all the calls to Lg this will land on deaf ears also. NEVER EVER BUY AN LG. THEY ARE A PIECE OF JUNK!

  15. Good morning, my name is Donna Contreras and I purchased a 55″ LG TV 22 months ago and it is in the repair shop. I love LG TV’s. The picture is beautiful and I’m so disappointed with this purchase. It was purchased from Costco in May of 2019 and now needs a component to be fixed. It will cost me $200 to fix (this was the initial estimate). We just got a call from the repair shop and the tech said it wasn’t good. It may be more then the component. TV’s should last longer then 22 months! I did not purchase the extended warranty because I’ve purchased LG’s in the past and they are GREAT TV’s. Is there a way we can get some compensation for our soon to be loss.
    Thank you in advance,
    Donna M Contreras
    DMart1xxxx @aol.com
    xxxc Morocco St. Alta Loma, CA 91737
    (626) 222-xxxx

  16. I purchased an LG washer and dryer recently and have nothing but aggravation. The washer came unboxed and was damaged. It took several phone calls to have a replacement installed. Finally it came yesterday and is leaking. I regret this purchase and wish I would have gone with a Samsung which I have had good fortune with in the past.

  17. I had my New LGK51 phone for a week bought the best case with the extra protection layer and it fell off the coatch maybe a 15 inches and the screen shattered. After i went and spent my whole paycheck on the phone.

  18. I do have a really big concern. My spouse works for LG in Clarksville, TN. Every factory here is closed right now, when I’ve called LG phone number they are not operating on first shift. I called this number 615-985-9101. Only 6 people showed up in my spouses department. The roads are very bad here because of all the snow and ice we got. My husband and the other 5 are working while the plant is shit down.

    My next complaint would be when my spouse called this morning nobody changes the record to say it shut down, so of course he left in this s Hazardous condition. I feel like LG here in Clarksville has no care for their employees. There is a lot of country roads here and people definitely should not be out. If the plant is closed these people should be going home. The main line in LG isn’t even running today because nobody is working the main line. To me this is very bad Business and hazardous to the employees.

  19. Dear sirs, I just want to ask you a question:
    Can you connect the lg slim portable dvd writer to an analog tv using RCA composite audio/ video cable or it work only on modern TV with USB port.

  20. Worst company ever. Bought a brand new LG 65 inch tv January 2020, worked for 2 weeks it died, took a month to get fixed, it died again 3 weeks later and it’s been dead ever since after numerous repair trust and no parts avsilt. Finally got LG to send me a refund check after sending out the TV. Check was mailed 12/4 never receiv d it. Had to wait 30 days for them to be able to send out a second check. Still waiting. Called over 70 times to this piece of shit company. Can’t believe how they handled this mess, will never ever buy another LG Product again, even if it was the last company on earth.

    1. WOW. It is just shameless how bad this company really is. They have customer service reps in other countries, and they could not be more rude, nasty and disrespectful if you paid to do just that.

      NEVER ever in this lifetime will I give this garbage scam company one penny of my money. Not even for free

  21. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  22. Just purchase a wm3500cw. Need info on how to do something and spent a half hour on your chat bot. What a complete waist of time.extreamly user unfriendly.
    Perhaps I should have spent my money elsewhere

  23. This is what has been happening for 4 years now!! I had a LG TV for three years and in that time span I had to replace the motherboard three times! I work paycheck to paycheck and I cannot afford a new tv. Plus the motherboard went out again. LG will not do anything for me. I am very frustrated and will never again purchase a LG product again. It would mean the world to me and my wife if you can send us a new 4K hdr 60 inch tv. I would review it online and everywhere that it’s the best product ever!! The LG was so bad I left it at the repair shop cause they said even if they put in a new motherboard it would definitely need a new motherboard eventually. The LG was poorly designed. They were only going to give me 20% which is $50-$100 a check from the difference. This is NOT good enough. I would like a 55 inch 4K HDR for free this once. I am over everything and would like a new tv now!!!

    1. I have the piece of garbage from them. They have by far the most NASTY RUDE customer service reps.

      Loud and clear, they simply do not care.

      Never ever in this lifetime will I buy anything from LG only to have to walk it to my trash can

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