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Company Website
Home Depot
Corporate Address
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Company Contact
Craig Menear
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(770) 433-8211
Fax Number
(770) 384-2356
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Home Depot Email Info – Hoem Depot CEO Email address.

Mr Craig MenearCEO
Home Depot Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Home Depot Corporate  Office Phone Number770-433-8211
Personal Twittertwitter.com/HomeDepot

What is Home Depot’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Home Depot’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-770-433-8211.


What is Home Depot’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Home Depot’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-466-3337 or 1-800-553-3199.

Homedepot.com Customer Care phone number is: 1-800-430-3376

Homedepot.com Major Appliances phone number is: 1-877-946-9843


Other Home Depot customer service phone numbers:

Home Depot Consumer Accounts:

U.S. 1-866-875-5488
Canada 1-800-747-3787

Home Depot Commercial Revolving:

Cards U.S. 1-866-875-5489
Canada 1-800-668-5336

Home Depot Commercial Accounts:

U.S. 1-866-875-5490
Canada 1-888-308-5080


How do I Contact Home Depot Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Home Depot via:

Home Depot’s Email Address is [email protected]

You can also contact Home Depot with SMS by texting your problem to 38698 .

Home Depot’ Contact Us customer service page can be found here.

On the Home Depot customer support page, you will also find a Live Chat option.


Contact Home Depot on Social Media:

Home Depot on Twitter: @HDCares

Home Depot on Facebook: www.facebook.com/homedepot

Home Depot Headquarters Executive Team.

Home Depot’s management team consists of:

Craig Menear – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Matt Carey – Executive Vice President

Cara Kinzey – Senior Vice President

Tim Crow – Executive Vice President

Bill Lennie – Home Depot Canada President

Craig Menear – Retail President

Giles Bowman – Senior Vice President

Marvin Ellison – Executive Vice President

Ann-Marie Campbell – Southern Division President

Lyne Castonguay – Senior Vice President

Aaron Flowe – Northern Division President

Joe McFarland – Western Division President

Marc Powers – Senior Vice President

Gordon Erikson – Senior Vice President

Kevin Hofmann – Senior Vice President

Mark Holifield – Executive Vice President

John Deaton – Senior Vice President

Hal Lawton – Senior Vice President

Trish Mueller – Senior Vice President

Kevin Scott – Senior Vice President

Teresa Wynn Roseborough – Executive Vice President

Ricardo Saldivar – Home Depot Mexico President

Brad Shaw – Vice President

Carol Tome – Executive Vice President

Ted Decker – Senior Vice President

Richard McPhail – Senior Vice President


Home Depot’s Board of Directors.

F. Duane Ackerman

Craig Menear

Ari Bousbib

Gregory Brenneman

J. Frank Brown

Albert Carey

Armando Codina

Helena Foulkes

Bonnie Hill

Karen Katen

Mark Vadon


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  1. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

    1. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  2. I have been dealing with Home Depot for years. I’m on a fixed income. Your 12 months has helped me greatly. I pir refriger

  3. In the fall of 2015 my kitchen was remodeled by Home Depot. This included a full cabinet re-facing, stone countertops, hardware on doors, appliance package and floor installed in the Kitchen and den. The work was completed in about three weeks. During the floor installation in the kitchen the contactor dropped a tool and damaged the floor. It was never repaired. Since then the dish washer has needed repair twice and we are still waiting for the repair or replacement of the dishwasher. Appointments have been set by Home Depot but were never kept. The facing on the cabinets and molding around the cabinets is coming apart and cracking. I have repeatedly provided photos to the local store where the services were procured with a promise of contractors coming out to assess what has to be done. Nothing has happened.
    After paying over $20,000.00 for the remodel, this level of service is unacceptable. I would like have these complaints addressed and repairs done as soon as possible.

    You may contact me at 404-316-xxxx.

    Dale Butler

    1. I am experiencing similar issues with Home Depot Design Center.
      I have posted on our neighbor hood nest door app to never ever use home depot design center
      Very small kitchen upgrade —–now into 4th month and still missing 2 cabinets

      1. Hi carol,

        This is what we have come to expect from any Home Depot projects. I agree whole heartedly that they need to be held accountable!! I wonder if enough of us got together if we could sue? It sure seems like many customers have issues and the company just does not care. We should never have to keep calling and following up for months and months and with their “I do t care attitude” it’s a wonder people still shop at Home Depot. I too am going viral with my issues and we have documentation going back to August of last year regarding just one project not resolved and another from December we hope to have resolved in March…. people must be warned…

        1. Let me get on the issues of problems with this company. My credit card of service since 2008 now being canceled, reissued for $500.00 limited considering 8th limited. PROBLEM, The Bank they used for billing was suede for defrauder opening of credit cards. Well they can keep their card until the hell of gates open.

      2. I am extremely dissatisfied with your Kitchen Design Service offered through your Phoenix (Camelback) store. I have been waiting since September 3rd for my kitchen to be completed and you have done nothing but drop the ball on us since. From sending the wrong cabinets and offering to “just show your wife and see if she likes them” as advice, to making me wait for 6 weeks at a time to get a subcontractor for installation, to delivering broken cabinets that were not duly replaced on time, to telling me point blank that you did not have delivery people on staff to deliver my newly replaced cabinets while the installer was waiting at my place (when they were promised the day before) and have ME get one of your trucks to deliver MY OWN stuff, to making me spend more money than needed to put the cabinets in storage because you could not find a new installer WITHIN 6 WEEKS again, to missing pieces every single time and needing a new waiting period all the while I have NO kitchen to feed my kids…. This is UNACCEPTABLE and I’m looking to hire a lawyer to throw a lawsuit your way while sending this message every single day on social media!

    2. Me too. They lied to us about the quality of some expensive windows that are worse than normal windows and refuse to do anything decent about it. They will NOT provide any Information we ask for. They are liars!!! and the lack of customer care is atrocious!! We have been calling them for over 7 months now and they just do NOT care!! We have spent over 20,000 with Home Depot over the last 5 years and we will NEVER!!! Use them again for any reason EVER!!! They also botched up a simple countertop install and 3 months later we still do not have it fixed!! As long as they received their money we the customer can just rot In hell…. and yes we have reached out to 3 levels of management and there answer is “your lucky we are letting you keep the windows and this tiny credit we think is fair”. May there souls rot in hell for the amount of customer complaints this company gets and does not resolve…fairly…

    3. They are the worst. Today is the last straw. To date, I have had to refuse two dishwashers…. First came with the wrong installation kit… I was told I could call a handyman or refuse… gave them a second chance… it came dented….
      Ordered carpeting to get installed today… no phone call saying they’d be there between x and y.
      Guy shows up at my door. I’m not there. He calls and asks how fast I can get there….
      Told him to call his boss… typical sing and dance…he has not gotten back to me today….
      Going to cancel that tomorrow…

  4. I just want you be aware my Snapper 82 volt weed eater came in the mail scratch. I am not asking for anything,anyway, just want you to be aware si your company might want to pack the weed better before shipping.

  5. Unable to return a refrigerator, it came the wrong size and I just want a different size . 7 hours of phone calls.. still unresolved!!

  6. your Harlingen, Tx. store needs some help. An example, went to buy hornet spray, so sorry none in stock. Many other things no in stock as well. So went across the street to Lowes. Guess what no problem. This store need help bad. Will not shop there any more until it gets fixed. 815-871-xxxx.

  7. To whom it may concern,
    On Wednesday morning, November 4, I ordered a dishwasher online through your website with a delivery date of Nov. 7.  When I checked my emails later that same day I had received an email from HD stating there was a connection problem and I needed to reorder. I reordered and was given a delivery date of Nov. 10. I then received an email on Nov. 5 stating there was a new delivery date of Nov. 18. On Nov. 8 I received a new email with a delivery date of Nov. 10. Also on that same day my credit card was charged again for the dishwasher. Today, Nov. 9 I called customer service at 800 4303376 and spoke with Stephanie. She told me she completed a refund to my CC, however my new delivery date would be Nov. 18.When I inquired about reinstating my Nov.10 delivery date I was put on a long hold and eventually disconnected. I recalled the same number and spoke with Donnie regarding my delivery date and he indicated that my actual delivery date would be December 28. At this point I cancelled my order and he indicated that both of my refunds would take three to five days. I think the refund timeframe and my whole experience with ordering a dishwasher through HD is totally unacceptable. I am a contractor and I purchase about 90% of my materials at HD, however after this fiasco I will return to purchasing my supplies to my local wholesalers and Lowes. I understand appliances are in short supply right now but that is no excuse for this  experience. If you can help me get a dishwasher in a timely manner that would be great. 
    Thanks for your time.
    Jay Bacon 909 991 xxxx

    1. Hi Jay:
      Consider yourself lucky. I ordered a dishwasher on Sept 21, 2020 online. Delivered October 16, 2020. The deliveryman stole the install kit and left the dishwasher in the crate on the front porch. After having to buy a new install kit and having it installed it was beyond the 48 hour return policy set by Home Depot. The dishwasher was a lemon doesn’t work properly–dishes not clean, despite my rinsing before I put them in, the machine doesn’t heat and the dishes come out wet. They sent a repairman out THREE times. He said it couldn’t be repaired most likely damaged before delivery or was a manufactured lemon. Home Depot put it on Dispute but the next day took it off because “it’s a warranty issue”. I have spent 12 hours waiting for a human to answer at Whirlpool. I was told they would replace the dishwasher in 4-6 weeks (read end of January beginning of February maybe) but refuse to put it in writing. In the meantime, despite making small payments to keep my credit from being ruined I get DAILY HARASSING collection calls from CitiCards–another crooked company. I told them when I get a replacement dishwasher that WORKS I will pay the bill in full. They expect me to wait for a dishwasher but they can’t wait for their UNDESERVED payments. I will never, as long as I live, set foot in a Home Depot.

  8. I called your corporate escalation line to help me with exchanges on damaged curbside products received and they said I have to go back into the store to return the items, rather than just have someone simply acquire replacement items and exchange them at curbside and help me in my time of need! All I wanted was to have the items exchanged and not even returned, and your rude “supervisor” at the customer complaint hotline told me sorry, store policy nothing we can do! Then when I asked to speak to someone else, Tashbka informs me there isn’t anyone else, she’s it! Case # 22656156. No one from corporate HD cares enough to even respond. I’m the sole care provider for a 93 year old that lives in my household (and a 9 year old) and Home Depot has abandoned their good customers with ignorant responses like Tashbka provided. You don’t care about people, just profit. How do you people sleep at night? My family has spent well over 500,000 dollars at HD in the past several years and this is how we are treated?

    No one was even willing to pass my escalation onto anyone else, even local management at the Hilliard store and just help me in my time of need. Now, my entire family (including multimillion dollar construction accounts) are moving all business away from Home Depot as a direct result.

    Why is your corporation not caring enough about your customers to do the right thing? COVID has been here for how many months and yet your team still ignores requests for minimal risk contact by demanding your customers exchange curbside items in the store? No one cares enough to respond, and I’m sure this email will also fall to the bottom of your trash pile. Just another example of how big corporations only care about profit and not about the customers paying EVERYONES salary at Home Depot.

    I’d greatly appreciate a better response than what Tashbka informs me there isn’t anyone else within Case # 22656156, however based on previous people ignoring me from your company I guess I’m yet another one no one cares enough to help. What happened to human compassion and corporations that do the right thing? Oh, profits out weight anything?

    I’d greatly appreciate a response from someone and address this gross negligence.


  9. I am profoundly disappointed in your company’s decision to support the DIVIDER IN CHIEF in his continuing war on democracy and the American people. Now I understand you are planning on financing his tv network. I am joining the Boycott of your stores and will encourage others to do so. How can you support the lies and nastiness he spreads. He already gave you a phenomenal tax cut. Are you, like him never satisfied? You have your tax free stock options. If the American people are impoverished they will not be able to buy stuff-including the stuff you sell. We are the locomotive of the economy. We have options-your competitors. Or we can put what money we have under out mattresses. He and his family will not be shopping at your stores and a lot of us will not be either. Some say he just wants a pardon so he will not be held responsible for his crimes-like tax evasion. I hope that is true. This long nightmare has to end if we are to survive as a country. You and he should go to The Cayman Islands or wherever you all keep your money. As a patriotic American taxpayer, I just want him out of my life and my head. Did I mention that my 32 year old daughter almost died of COVID? She got sick last march. She is a “long hauler” who is still removing and now on cardiac meds. She works in a hospital as a phlebotomist and still does not have the proper PPE that he disdains. I would appeal to your sense of shame, but obviously you, like he has none. Since bankruptcy is his fallback business plan, It may soon be yours. Sincerely –


  11. To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to express my experience with your store’s product. In August 2020 my husband and I purchased a Sinkology sink from your store in Des Moines. We live in a small town 2.5 hours away from Des Moines. We then made custom concrete countertops so this particular sink fit within those countertops. Upon completion, my husband went to install the sink and noticed a large crack in the corner of the sink. We then called the NW Omaha location to inform them of this and were able to exchange the sink. Although this sink was exchanged, it still caused my husband at least 5-7 extra hours of work and supplies because the countertop was made for that sink, and not all sinks are created equal although being the same brand. It also caused my family of 6 to be without a sink for a few days while my husband had to adjust the countertops before putting it in. This is a huge inconvenience to any family let alone a large one that is home all day everyday. This also caused a trip one hour away to exchange the sink.

    Just 2.5-3 weeks after installation, we noticed a large crack in the sink that developed. There was nothing dropped. We contacted again the NW Omaha store, as they were the only Home Depot within the area with the Sinkology sinks in stock. They said we could exchange it.

    So we drove another hour to exchange the sink and checked it over for visible cracks. Although we appreciate the exchange, this has now cost our family more money—because taking the previous sink out caused damage to the new countertops so he had to spend overall both times about $300 in sandpaper to fix the previous brand new countertops. And it has caused our family to be without a sink for almost a week now. So there has been mileage spent driving back and forth for these returns, then extra money spent repairing the new countertops because of the faulty sink and time where our house is torn apart and we do not have a way to use the water or wash dishes other than our bathtub.

    I am not pleased that after the 2nd sink, nothing besides the exchange was offered to us. I feel that this was not an issue that we as the customer had any control over but a product issue. Unfortunately we designed our countertops around this particular sink and since they are made from concrete, we are stuck with this sink and model. I am concerned this may happen again and we cannot continue to rip out the sink, damage our countertops and spend 30+ hours to fix it on top of the cost for supplies to fix it.

    The sink alone cost us $400-500 I cannot remember the exact amount. It is a Sinkology Josephine Quick Fit sink made from fire clay. The first one was paid for online with our PayPal account and I can provide that information.

    We have remodeled our current and previous home for the last 12 years and have been faithful Home Depot customers and have spent thousands of dollars with your store on all kinds of materials. We have never encountered this issue before with any of your products. I trust that your company with make this situation right and I hope that we can continue to do business with your company and recommend Home Depot as well.

    Thank you for your time and consideration to this matter!

    Best Regards,
    Stephanie Latta

  12. I searched ONLINE, found an item I wanted, asked if I could come into the store and pay for the order. I was told YES! However when I arrived, they sent me to the appliance department to speak with that person. I showed him the washer/dryer from my phone (which I had searched online) the man told me there was no such product!!! Are you kidding me? I have done everything the way the law allows to stay “COVID compliant”. So I finally get out into this “world” to be told, there is no such item, when I pulled up the item from the Home Depot site!!! Well if that is how you do business, I am switching to Lowes!!!
    I have been “Home Depot” LOYAL for years!! I have spent thousands of dollars there, but NO MORE!!!!

  13. Hello the reason for this email is because I can‘t understand why I wasn’t notified via phone call-email-text or correspondence for the reason I did not receive the delivery of my new stove which was scheduled for November 20,2020. I went to the Home Depot store which is located at 40 West 23rd Street New York City on November 11,2020 because I was in need of a stove. The sales associate was courteous and answered my questions accurately. I asked him if I could give a date and time for the delivery and he advised me that the system gives the date which I would be advised of that day and that the time is a four hour window which I will receive a call as to the delivery time. I was also advised that Home Depot does not install the stove and that I will have to hire a license plumber.On November 19,2020 at 10:17am I received the automated notification of my four hour window time frame. The time was from 11:00am-3:00pm on November 20,2020. I called my building’s Asst super to let him know the time period so that he can let the license plumber know to be there on that date. So far so good. On November 20,2020 the day of the delivery of my new stove the license plumber is at my apt at 11:00AM. He does what he has to do. He turns off the gas valve and disconnects my stove so when the delivery person shows up they pull my old stove out and put in my new stove and in the process the plumber is there to hook the new stove and turn the gas valve back on and to make everything is working properly and in order. The stove has not been delivered as of yet. It is not really a problem because of the 4 hour window. The plumber leaves my apt but is waiting for me to let him know when my stove will arrive. I then call at 12:30pm and spoke to the store Rep to ask if my delivery can be given a higher priority because I have the plumber on standby.I was asked my name and address and put on hold. The rep came back on the phone and said that the delivery person was at a site already but would call me when they finish. I was then called by the buildings Asst Super inquiring about the delivery of stove this was at 1:58pm I advised my Asst super that the allotted time from 11:00am to 3:00pm but I called again in which I was advised by the Rep that she could not advised the Delivery person because they were on route and they could not contact them and that it’s not perfect. The next time I get the call from the Asst Super concerning the delivery because the plumber is still here is at 3:10pm which is now 10 mins after the allotted time. I explained it to the Asst Super no one contacted me about if they were still coming to deliver my stove but I’m calling now. The Asst Super advise me that the plumber is willing to wait until 3:30 pm. I thank them and call the store. I waited until 3:30pm to attempt to call because I had a feeling that they would not show. The Asst super calls back to state that the plumber has to leave they will be back on Monday under the impression that I would have received the new stove by then.When I finally got into contact with the store Rep it turns out it was never a delivery problem . When I finally came into contact with the store Rep Ms Minoi (First Name) at 4:30pm I explained to her that I had a scheduled date and gave her the four hour window time frame and that it is now One hour and 30 minutes after the hour. She asked me my name and address and put me on hold came back on the phone to say she could not find me then she asked me for my order number after 3 tries she finally located me and then proceeded to tell that GE did not send the stove to Home Depot! I’m very confused because number 1 when I order the stove the sales person stated that it was available because they had the stove in inventory the secondly no one from Home Depot advise me from November 12,2020 to November 19,2020 that there was a problem with the delivery of my stove notified for November 20,2020 I could have cancelled the appointment for the plumber.Then she stated that the sales associate who I dealt with did not submit the order which was the next step. I feel that it is wrong to blame the sales associate because a supervisor should have been there to make sure that the Order went thru properly!! So to make a long story short I was told if I canceled the order I will not be entitled to the reimbursement from Home Depot And GE. I not sure as to why GE is involved I did not order from GE directly I was not advise that GE was supposed to ship it to your distribution center which is a ware house. Now because the ball was dropped im being penalized and was given a date for December 3, when I should have received it on November 20,2020 and was told that it could not be expedited for a earlier date because the computer could not be override. Mr Dre who is the Asst Mgr at the store at first seemed like he was going to help and stated he would contact the dept that he felt was the caused of the problem on Monday November 23,2020 then he left and returned with Ms Minoi who stated that she already gave me the date of December 3,2020. This occurred on Saturday-November 21,2020 at the store.Please help me I need my stove definitely before December 3,2020. I need my stove before Thanksgiving it was supposed to be delivered on November 20,2020. December 3, 2020 is a slap in the face. On top of that if I canceled I won’t entitled to the reimburse from Home Depot and GE and she also told me that she did not know what amount GE would give me. The reimbursement amount of $135.00 is the amount that will be charged to me each time the plumber comes out so now it is $270.00 and the total amount for the stove is $775.18. Total Amount is $1045.18. I need your help in this matter. I’m requesting for the delivery of my stove to be Expedited delivered before Thanksgiving or I be able to get a full refund for the stove and in addition to be reimbursed for the two days that the plumber had to come out and that was on November 20,2030 and November 23,2020 to re-hook my old stove back because I had no stove for the weekend. Again I receive did not receive any notification from November 12-November 19,2020 and I could have canceled the plumber from coming out in time. Please assist me. My cell#number is 1-646-512-3000. My is Order#H6175-197032- November 11,2020 is the date the Order was put in. Thank you-Marsha Slaughter

  14. I wanted to buy a low-profile microwave at one of your stores yesterday. They told me there was a mandatory $59. delivery charge . It needed to be ordered and I told the salesperson it is small and I can well manage pick up at the store. He said it was ‘policy’ for it to be delivered. So, I went down the street and purchased it at Best Buy. No mandatory $59. delivery charge there!

  15. I purchased an LG washer and dryer over a month ago and it was scheduled for delivery on 10/23 but I had to reschedule… it was delivered on 11/6 but the delivery team could not install the pedestals for each because they were missing the accessories. I called and spoke with LG rep Christine who gave me a ref # 331033 when the new pedestals arrived I was told by her that installation would be complimentary but the delivery team did not install… I called the complaints dept and spoke with a Brandon Tyler X410 who gave me a ref # 315137 and said that last Friday they would be installed… no one has shown up! What the heck is going on with HD?? I am this close to returning ALL APPLIANCES for a refund and buying from LOWES! My cell is 770-596-xxxx and I live in McDonough GA at 467 Noblewood Dr 30252

  16. Hello the reason for email is because I can understand why wasn’t I notified via phone call-email-text or correspondence the reason I did not receive the delivery of my new stove which was scheduled for November 20,2020. I went to the Home Depot store which is located at 40 West 23rd Street New York City in November 11,2020 because I was in need of a stove. The sales associate was courteous and answered my questions accurately. I asked him if I could give a date and time for the delivery and he advised me that the system gives the date which I would be advised of that date and that the time is a four hour window which I will receive a call as to the delivery time. I was also advised that Home Depot does not install the stove and that I will have to get a license plumber.On November 19,2020 at 10:17am I received the automated notification if my four hour window time frame. The time was from 11:00am-3:00pm on November 20,2020. I called my building’s Asst super to let him know the time period so that he can let the license plumber know to be there on that date. So far so good. On November 20,2020 the day of the delivery of my new stove the license plumber is at my apt at 11:00AM. He does what he has to do. He turns off the gas valve and disconnects my stove so when the delivery person shows up they pull my old stove out and puts in my new stove and in the process the plumber is there to hook the new stove and turn the gas back on and see if everything is working properly and in order. The stove has not been delivered as of yet. It is not really a problem because if the 4 hour window. The plumber leaves my apt but is waiting for me to let him know when my stove will arrive. I then call at 12:30pm I called the store to ask if my delivery can be given a higher priority because I have the plumber on standby I was asked my name and address and put on hold. The rep came back on and said that the delivery person was at a site already but would call me when they finish. I was then called by the buildings Asst Super inquiring about the delivery of stove this was at 1:58pm I advised my Asst super that the allotted time from 11:00am to 3:00pm but I called again in which I was advised by the Rep that she could not advised the Delivery person because they were on route and they could not contact them and that it’s not perfect. The next time I get the call from the Asst Super concerning the delivery because the plumber is still here is at 3:10pm which is now 10 mins after the allotted time. I explained it to the Asst Super no one contacted me about if they were still coming to deliver my stove but I’m calling now. The Asst Super advise me that the plumber is willing yo wait until 3:30 pm. I thank them and call the store. I wanted until 3:30am Because I had a feel why call they are not coming today to deliver my stove. The Asst super calls back to state that the plumber has to leave they will be back on Monday under the impression that I would have received the new stove at that time. As it turns out it was never a delivery problem . When I finally came into contact with the store Rep Ms Minoi (First Name) at 4:30pm I explained to her that I had a scheduled date and gave her the four hour window time frame and that it is now One hour and 30 minutes after the hour. She asked my name and address and put me on hold came back to say she could not find me then she asked me for my order number after 3 tries she finally located me and then proceeded to tell that GE did not send the stove to Home Depot! I’m very confused because number 1 when I order the stove with the stove the sales person stated that it was available because they had the stove in inventory the second no on from Home Depot advise me from November 12,2020 to November 19,2020 if I would have been notified I could had the appointment canceled before the plumber came out!! Then she stated that the sales associate did not make that the order went to the next step. I feel that it is wrong to blame the sales associate because a supervisor should have been there to make sure that the Order went thru properly!! So to make a long story short I was told if I canceled the order I will not be entitled to the reimbursement from Home Depot And GE. I not sure as to why GE is involved I did not order from GE directly I was not advise that GE was supposed to ship it to your distribution center which is a ware house. Now because the ball dropped the ball im being penalized and was given a date for December 3, when I should have received it on November 20,2020 and was told that it could not be expedited for a earlier because the computer could not be override. Mr Dre who is the Asst Mgr at the store at first seemed like he was going to help and stated he would contact the dept that felt was the caused of the problem on Monday November 23,2020 then he left and returned with Ms Minoi who stated that she already gave me the date of December 3,2020. This occurred on Saturday-November 21,2020. Please help me I need my stove definitely before December 3,2020. I need my stove before Thanksgiving it was supposed to be delivered on November 20,2020. December 3, 2020 is a slap in the face. On top of that if I canceled I won’t entitled to the reimburse from Home Depot and GE and she also told me that she did not know if GE would give me the reimbursement amount of $135.00. This is the amount that will be charged to me each time the plumber comes out so now it is $270.00 and the total amount for the stove is $775.18. Total Amount is $1045.18. I your help in this matter. I’m requesting for the delivery of my stove to be Expedited delivered before Thanksgiving or I be able to get a full refund for the stove in addition to being reimbursed for the two days that the plumber had to come out and that was on November 20,2030 which was the original delivery date and did not receive any notification that they did not have my stove from November 12-November 19,2020 and I could have canceled the plumber from coming out in time and then the stove was never delivered! Sir please help. My number is 1-646-512-xxxx. Thank you Order#6517-19xxxx

  17. I have purchased close to $9000 in appliances. Today I had a delivery for a microwave, stove, and dishwasher all to be installed. The installer said that he didn’t want to be responsible for installing the dishwashing incase it leaked. He did not have the tools to install the microwave, and the oven isn’t completly installed as it is far from the wall due to the hose being large. I am very unhappy. I can not cook due to the oven not being installed. This is the worst service ever and I have been buying from Home Depot for years. I call the store back and was told it would be another week before someone could come back and install.

  18. I purchased two home dynamic Cafe Jardin scatter mats shown on the web site. 2 were available at the Orange, Ct. store 7 miles from my home. I selected curb side pick up because I’m 82, female and did not want to get out of my car during COVID 19 virus. Not hearing back from the store after almost an hour I decided to risk going inside the store. I waited in the Returns/Order pick up for 15 minutes. Finally it was my turn. I handed the young female cashier my receipt for the purchased mats. She checked the website and told me there was only one left. “There should e any left. I bought the last two.” She picked up the phone talking to someone, again I waited. Finally she told me I could have the only one left. I asked for a full refund on our HomeDepot credit card. Apparently, no one was monitoring on-line purchases. There is more than enough stress right now. I should not have risked getting sick and still not have the mats I purchased. Horrible customer care .I put my husbands email on the online order so that he could pick them up for me edxxxx @elemkin.com

  19. I need a corporate member to call me i have a problem with one your stores. It better talk to someone. Thomas Rider. (504)738-xxxx thank you.

  20. Purchased a GE Washer and Dryer 6 months ago when the company The Home Depot hired to deliver them installed them the hose to the wash machine was not tight causing leak and water damage the Fullerton Home Depot passed us around to so many people husband fixed dry wall himself . We notice a dent in the dryer from the delivery Brittany said that we could get a new dryer now they have a new manager Anthony he has been avoiding us not calling us back so we went into the store he said he would let us know today no later than 2:00 p.m. no call so I called tonight and spoke with Jeff . We would like this resolved ASAP really tired of the Home Depot block wall ;-( The dryer does not heat up lemon dryer. Respectfully Mrs. Patricia Van Vuren

  21. All managers at home depot needs to be surprised with an under cover boss. Everytime they have a visitor from corporate office or DM they come to the store early and start pushing for cleanups and arranging the store to look organized after the visit everything goes back to normal discusting place to be in.. The are not treating employees equally. They have pick and choose policy. They inforce home depot policy in a way that makes them look good in a very selfish way. They take advanteges of any situation to show their bosses they are on top of everything.

  22. I have been waiting 16 weeks for my kitchen refacing .This is totally unacceptable .Was told 6 to 8 weeks it’s now 16 weeks.Had to cancel Thanksgiving company .Now it’s 3 weeks before Christmas ,still getting the run around!!!!!!

  23. Dear Sirs:

    I’m requesting that you require all customers wear masks while shopping at your stores here in the Villages , Florida. We are a retirement community with a vulnerable population and with the rising covid-19 cases it is in the best interest of your customers and employees. I know the state has not seen fit , for political reasons, not to have a mask mandate but Walmart, as a community leader, needs to take a stand. I have always been a loyal shopper but am now unwilling to risk my life and that of my family to shop in your store. If you take a stand others will follow and you will save thousands of lives. How important are we to you? Your actions or lack there of will tell us. To make this possible you need to hire security guards and not expect regular low-paid employees to enforce this. Once this action is taken, and you show you mean business, people will co-operate. It is the few that are the ones that cause a problem and they should not be allowed to effect my health or dictate your policy in protecting your customers and staff.

    Thank You,
    Charles Tortorete

  24. On the 24th of November Vinyl was to be installed in my pantry. However, when the installation guys the following was needed: We need 2 sheet of underlayment, a stair nose and a new toe kick to install under the cabinets. It has been several weeks and I’m still waiting for an installation date. After spending $5,000 on flooring (wood flooring already done) this is beyond compression of unacceptable customer service. My order is with the Home Depot on Howe Avenue in Sacramento, CA. My contacts are Gene & Shelly. Please have a resolution with a date this can be installed

  25. Must I open an account to buy online? I would much rather have the option to place a order as a ‘guest’ customer. Doing so frees me from having to manage another account as I have multiple accounts to manage already. Please allow ‘guest’ purchases.

  26. At the Sylmar, CA store today I was called a “SMART xxx” by your employee (Jose) and refused to sell me computer ink. I will be filing a complaint with the Los Angeles County Bureau of Consumer Affairs. I had hoped to find someone to talk to but could not contact anyone at Home Depot. Please call me at 818-625-xxxx.
    Dean Cohen

  27. Why send a $5 coupon that takes away my military discount ? Had to return toilet with coupon to get my military coupon. Ergo: coupon is no good.

  28. I have refund check pending for $4000 now over 7 weeks my store at Bartlett says they haven’t received it. Refund was processed & approved on October 24th 2020. Ater my several calls and inquires from Bartlett store , IL no one is giving me any correct stastus of my refund. Where is my money?

  29. I am an ex employee with the home depot and I need a document showing I worked for the company. I went to the website affiliated with the home depot (work number website as I recall) and I am getting a message saying I cannot be verified with the information I am entering, and for me to contact my former manager. It’s been over 5 years at this point so I cannot remember who or how to contact that person. Thank you.

  30. Hi Craig – I want to share my bad experience today at Home Depot Store.

    Customer services in this store is awful and I would recommend buyers to heck the price and quantity of items as they sell couple of items in the pack, but when you open there is only one. Cashier scans an item and it is not showed in your receipt. Management is poor and customer services is not appropriate. Stay away from this store at 2350 Cortez Road West Bradenton, FL 34207
    · Cashier Jodi is putting customers on hold for too Long.
    · Agent Wandy is using negative language.
    · Assistant manager Rikki is asking customers to repeat and answer a simple question many times.
    · Assistant manager Rikki and other agents Offer no empathy.
    · Agent Wandy and manager Jouli are rude behavior and bad attitudes.

    Stay away from this store at 2350 Cortez Road West Bradenton, FL 34207

  31. I am a Home Depot credit card holder and plumber. My complaint is that I had a $50 balance and made a return. I was advised by Home Depot that I now have a $700 balance which I don’t know how since I didn’t purchase anything. Please help me resolve this matter.

  32. CASE NO.23267218


  33. I am very displeased with the customer service phone service regarding card payments. I am not due for a payment of $29.00; until January 14,2020 and on 12/21/2020, they withdraw $130.00 from my bank account and they do not want to put it back now I have wait for an investigation. How easy it was to take my money and nit put it back. I need my money back in my account.

  34. Trying to get service for washing machine purchased in July 2020, LG product in which an extended warranty was purchased. Have been trying to get this resolved for the last 2 weeks to no avail.

  35. Home depot is a big disappointment. I need new floors but I will go elsewhere instead of giving them my business. I’ve been waiting almost a year for my custom mirror closet doors. They have ordered them 8 times cause they get broken in the home depot warehouse. Unbelievable that they can’t get it together. They offered to give them to me free and now I feel they will never give me my mirror doors. I never dealt with such incompetence.

    1. Helli Marlene,
      Perhaps you would be willing to contact me by email at scripxxxx @aol.com. I also am totally frustrated with Home Depot contractor services and now the inability of headquarters to get the local store to act.

      Perhaps we can get ourselves together to get media coverage to get a better Home Depot response


  36. Grand Junction store #1513 refusing to sell me my counter tops, slander by Dori, James, Heather, Dave Bowler. Discrimination.

  37. I have tried for three days to reach the St Thomas, VI Home Depot by phone. Hours and hours worth to inquire about an expensive product. I’ve also tried the website with no success. Is this standard operating procedure? Do you NOT wish to sell your products?
    Bret Cook
    Islandxxxx @gmail.com
    Next message goes directly to CEO.

  38. Hello my name is Ivon Carbone I have been a loyal home depot customer for many years, we have spent thousands of dollars in home repair items purchased at our local home depot. On January 2, 2021 I bought a samsung dish washer I paid for installation and for the delivery people to pick up my older dish washer. I have had one after another disappointing experiences. I was scheduled for my dishwasher to be delivered and installed and my old hauled away January 11. 2021 I was sent an email January 10, 2021 saying I it would be delivered on on January 11, 2021 hours 1pm to 5pm. I made arrangements at work to leave early so I would be there. 4.30 pm rolled by on January 11, 2021 and no one showed up. I then decided to check my last home depot email and decided to track my item. I then realized I had been re scheduled with out even being asked if it was ok for January 15, 2021. I then called the number of the company that was delivering my dishwasher to find out that the delivery crew had got sick and could not deliver and install dishwasher. I told the gal at the delivery company call center that I could understand people got sick especially now with covid but, I could not understand how I couldn’t have got a courtesy call letting me know that I did not have to give up hours of work. I got rescheduled for January 16, 2021. I got my notice the day before that they would be at my home between 11:30 am to 3:30pm I made sure I was at home. The installers show up with my dishwasher . One of the installers came inside my home looked at my old dishwasher and looked under my sink and turned my hot water valve off. After he looked under sink installer went outside. Installer then calls me outside to show me that my dish washer door was smashed in. Installer told me that home depot would be reaching out to me and they would have to come back at a future date. Installer never came back inside my home. I tried running my hot water but no hot water would come out. I then remembered the installer had turned hot water off and had not turned it back on. I tried to turn it on myself but the installer had some how made the valve hard to turn valve on. Resulting in valve handle breaking off. I had to run over to hardware store to buy a new hot water valve and replace it. Its now January 18, 2021 and I get a call from samsung order and delivery support line saying I would get my dishwasher until January 22, 2021. I dont feel like am a valued customer that has spent thousands of dollars at home depot. Today January the 18, 2021 I called the customer service number for home depot and talked to Michelle the customer rep. I explained my situation. I explained to Michelle that I was tired of being disappointed and January 22, 2021 would not work for me to have my dishwasher delivered and installed. I told Michelle that I needed my dishwasher between January 19, 2021 or January 20, 2021 as those are my only days off. She told me the installer company was closed and a manager from my local home depot would call me tomorrow January 19, 2021. I told Michelle if I could not get it installed those days I wanted my money back and would rather give Lowes an opportunity. I have gave home depot a number of opportunities and everyone that I have spoke to about my dishwasher seems to have no regards for a loyal customer. I ask for your help.
    A frustrated, unsatisfied customer

  39. I would gioe that Home Depot would take action against the lawmakers that opposed the election results. I have been a customer for years and if Hime Depot does not pull back donations against these lawmakers I will no longer do business with you and encourage friends and family to do the same.

  40. As a frequent shopper at Home Depot in Kerrville, TX, I urge you to end your financial contributions to all of the members of Congress who challenged the results of our free and fair national election. Their actions were dangerous for our democracy and do not deserve support.

  41. Why are you still supporting congress members who did not accept our elections? I will not shop Home Depot as long as you support treason

  42. We’ve shopped at our local Home Depot for years, but will shop elsewhere until Home Depot stops sending contributions to republicans who opposed election certification of Biden.


    Lawmakers who objected to election results have been cut off from 20 of their 30 biggest corporate PAC donors
    Nine companies have taken no action to cut off donations to the campaign funds of lawmakers who objected to certifying the presidential election.
    By Douglas MacMillan and Jena McGregor


  43. I just read in the Washington Post that you still are supporting congressman that elected not to certify President Joe Biden. This is absolutely shameful. I have been a long time customer of Home Depot. Now I and my family and small business will strongly reconsider my relationship with you. You should not support people that try to destroy our country… You’re a company should not support congressmen whom were trying to undermine our electoral process!!!

  44. I think it’s reprehensible that Home Depot has not withdrawn it’s political support for the Republican lawmakers who opposed certification of the presidential election.
    I’m happy to switch to Lowes

  45. Never new you carried MyPillow brand. As a Republican, with a family history going back 100 years, I can’t continue to give you my business. I’m a strict Constitutionalist and those who defy and defile the Constitution do not represent me or my beliefs. Thank you

  46. RE: Invoice H1236-188773 Home depot store Bridge St. E Syracuse New York. COMPLAINT. We have purchased over $20K at this store over 2 years. Three weeks ago, spent $900 on a washer. You refused to deliver due to driveway (specifically EXPO sub contractor), This was UNFOUNDED as the driver didn’t even attempt. Canceled this order 3 WEEKS ago. Still no refund. Had to buy the washer elsewhere now I WILL HAVE YOUR CHARGE ON MY CREDIT CARD. Called to (1-21-21) spoke with Bonnie Richisn, STILL NO REFUND she claims IT problems. I NEED MY REFUND. Cannot afford paying for TWO washers. Expect immediate action. Would like some consideration as we are great customers. I need a shed. Would like my refund and substantial sicount on same. Otherwise. If this is not remedied within 5 days. I may elect to go public. VERY disappointed in Home Depot. PLEASE CALL ME IN THE AFTERNOON 215 569 xxxx

  47. I would like to know the name of the Home Depot Store Manager in Schererville, Indiana. No one at Home Depot will give it to me.

  48. What a shame that this corporation thought that financing an insurrection was a good idea. Why can’t companies be satisfied with running their business and being good caretakers of customers and other stakeholders.

  49. HOME DEPOT BUYER BEWARE….I paid my CC on time every month for a purchased appliance. I miscalculated the last payment, with a $102.08 remainder balance. Home Depot charged me $446.00 interest on balance. I think this is robbery and have not shopped there since original purchase which was riddled with problems in the first place. Finalized…never again will I shop at Home Depot. Buyer beware!

  50. we just purchased a home. Over the last month my wife and I have spent over 10K in Home. Depot Denham Springs. Nothing but problems. Cannot get the store manager to contact me. Always on Vacation. Left numerous messages for District managers. Filed claim for damages on one issue. Sedgwick waiting for store to provide info. Caprpet install on a separate issue damaged multiple floors. I am about to rent a truck bring back all the fencing after I rip it out. Rip all the carpet out return all of it and sue for the damages. I spent 35 years in retail. This is unacceptable horrid customer service and I want a call back TODAY!!!!!

  51. Good Morning, My name is Scott Gray, my number is 910-358-0315. This is concerning the Reln (pro 10.75in x 40in) Commerical channel series system. I have been in contact with my local Home Depot several times concerning the catch basin shown in the pictures when I pull up the product on the Home Depot web site. I have also spoke with various Home Depot customer service concerning this issue. I can order the drain system however not the catch basin. My local Home Depot can not give me any answers and stated they have sent the issue to Corporate. Four weeks and several visits/phone calls and Home Depot can not give me any information on the product. Please advise!

  52. Hello, my name is Garth Gardner
    I have been trying to obtain help from your San Diego store on Genessee.
    I am not one to complain but I have been trying to get help on some 1×8” and 1×4” and 1×3” material since Jan. 10th
    I have left my measurements with the Pro Desk with the assurance that I would be called back the next day which would have been Jan.11
    Once again, I left measurements again on Jan 25th with assurance that I would be called back that day.
    I called again today, Jan 26th and spoke with Juan at the Pro Desk who was kind but was just finishing his day and could not help me.
    I live in Arizona but trying to order lumber for our house in San Diego and needed it for this coming weekend as I have a plane ticket to go there to work on the house.
    I am retired but was self employed and if this was my business, I would want to know what poor service was being provided.
    I have spent a lot of money at your store in San Diego and at the Kingman , AZ store. Thank you, Garth

  53. I would like to know if GE water filters that are packaged with the GE logo and MEF on them are true GE filters or are they a knock-off. Thank you.

  54. My complaint is store credit gift cards not working online, had to go to the store (during pandemic) to place an online order and will call to get an item I could have stayed home if the gift card was allowed to be used by the customer it was given to. Please change this policy.

  55. Hi I can’t give you a accurate review because I haven’t had my package delivered yet but I do have some feedback for you you might want to mention on your app when certain deliveries are made they are made to the carrier who’s going to be delivering the package to you rather than saying it’s been delivered already to the final address. This would save a lot of confusion with your customers and also save you a lot of time answering phone calls with regards to this question. Please pass this on to the powers that be as this may streamline your system a little bit more . thank you

  56. I just got back from your N. Hollywood, Florida store in Oakwood Plaza. Price on the 3M hooks I needed showed 8.87 (aisle 9, Bay 30). I was going to purchase 3 packets. Register rings up 10.87 each. I’ve just stood in line for almost 15 minutes, get to the register, ring up my goods, and it shows $2 each more than the price in the aisle. I call for help, gal tells me I need to take the scanner and go back to the shelf and scan from there. I do not work for you, she does. What happened to your customer service? And why are the computers not updated to the shown price in the aisles? Not the first time this has happened, but it will be the last. I found the exact product on Amazon for 8.88, only a penny more than the aisle price in your store. I used to absolutely LOVE Home Depot, but lately I’m rethinking my decisions. By the way, I’m a credit card holder for your company.

  57. Please call me regarding a washer I purchased delivered 12 30 doesn’t work I called and was directed to manufacture went through your protocol as this is where you directed me. I still have no working washer I asked for a new washer or the money taken off my account. I called and left a message but not yet received a return call. I would rather speak to someone about this issue instead of emailing my issues. My landline home number is 706 327.xxxx Debra Pate last 4 of acct number is xxxx

  58. Hello, We are a pro member and military family that appreciates and thanks you for the discount you provide to veterans. Did you discontinue the military discount for online orders? The last time we ordered an item online at the store location, customer service applied the discount. Today on a large order we were going to make online customer service informed us the discount no longer applies to online orders?

  59. Good Day,

    I hope your day is going well. I am writing this email on behalf of John and Olivia Walker at address 4 Moss Field Court Columbia SC 29229

    Their phone number for reference is 803 865 1020. I want to first say that I have recently purchased customer made blinds from my Home Depot in Hybla Valley Alexandria VA and have been a customer for years now and have never encountered these types of issues. In fact, they have excellent customer service with the recent purchase of my customized blinds. With this said, I want to write this email to you because I have a complaint on behalf of my parents.

    I find that this is very disturbing. On 3 November 2020, my parents John and Olivia Walker (a long time customer of your stores) purchased the following

    General Electric
    Three-year warranty

    The final cost of items $2000.00. This included a delivery deal with purchase

    I am not satisfied because the Washer and the pedestal continues to be faulty to this day. The Home store is still not helping rectify the issue. They are giving my parents a run around, by continuously referring to dead ends.

    A solution to this is that they want to return all items for a complete refund. The primary reason once again is that the merchandise is faulty despite multiple reissues. The primary faults of the merchandise are that the tub is off balance meaning that it is making too much noise during operation. In addition, the entire washer and pedestal is damaging our laundry floor due to its constant harsh vibration resulting irregular movement. My parents cannot reuse it at this time.

    3 November 2020: At this receipt, we encountered harsh vibration and movement. (A technician recommended after inspection to reissue due to tub being off balance and poor installation)
    27 November During delivery at this receipt the driver asked if we would accept a dented washer in which we declined
    On the next delivery sometime in January they delivered another faulty washer. The washer is coming out of the wall due to harsh vibration resulting irregular movement

    We tried to rectify the matter by contacting our home store associates and store managers on six different occasions. At this time, I have not received feedback to a solid solution.

    Request for intervention to so that we may receive our monies for the items. We do not want to purchase anymore merchandise from your store currently. This is very unprofessional customer service. From delivery technicians (with nasty irate attitudes) who refused to take out our previous washer and dryer despite the home store telling them that they would. Now not honoring a refund for faulty merchandise despite many attempts to rectify. Please help us (my parents) with our request(s)

    Shelly L Walker

  60. Re: Order WJ28495566

    I purchased a freezer and signage for $ 940.52 on January 24th, 2021 for my store at SouthPark Mall, Strongsville, Ohio.
    The freezer left unsecured outside in front of SouthPark Mall, February 2nd, 2021, while the mall was closed by your delivery company.  
    Your delivery company never contacted me that the item was delivered or left. I was notified by SouthPark Mall Security that the freezer, was sitting in the parking lot at the mall.
    I drove over 2 hours, to find a horrible mess and should not have been faced with such a situation. With piles of snow from the day before, I had no way to move the item which had to be left.
    I call the Home Depot Customer service line, who indicated she could not help, and that she would dispatch someone, but didn’t know when they would arrive.But could not refund my money for the purchase. I expanded that the item was not secure, and would remain in the parking lot of the mall, numberous shoppers visit the mall daily. 

    Robin Rogers
    Macaron Cafe Ohio, SouthPark Mall, Strongsville, Ohio
    216-270-xxxx Cell
    440-268-xxxx Store

  61. my washing machine I can’t use! it has been 2wks and I have a warranty! The Tech Lucas R job#474269 VIA ,Inc ph # 410-451-4104

  62. We ordered windows through Home Depot. We have a window that the seal has gone bad. We have been trying for a year to get it replaced!!! Every excuse in the book has been given including making appointments to replace it and no one showed up or called!!! Today is another one of the more than 15 times! Guess we need to call the news media. Maybe they could get it done.

  63. Hello! My name is Rosa N Vargas. I placed an order with Home Depot in Orlando, Located at 6130 E. Colonial Dr. Tel # 407-275-5771 for a security screen door and told them the exact measures. The door does not fit because it was too wide. Now the store wont take back the door. It was their mistake. I am 79 years old and don’t own a car, no husband and no children. I placed the order on 10/26/20 and paid $283.78 for it. Cannot get anyone to help me solve this problem. Please help me . Rosa N Vargas Thanks

  64. Lost my business. Needed to change address on my order that I just placed. Had it going to the wrong city. Told can’t be done.

  65. Dear Sir :: I request your assistance .

    My name is Karl Leppanen . I live in Thunder Bay , Ontario , Canada . I shop at Home Depot located at
    359 Main St., Thunder Bay, ON, P7B 5L6. Store # 7102.
    807-624-xxxx .

    My home telephone # is 807 767 xxxx. My home E-Mail address is Leppxxxx tbaytel.net .

    On Friday February 5th , 2021 at approximately 7 pm I called up the in – store manager (female) at Home Depot. I asked her “how do I arrange for a refund ?” .
    I told her that I have two defective Home Depot plug – in circuit breakers. The breakers will not switch to the on position. I told her that I have not used the breakers because they are both defective. She told me that Home Depot will not give me a refund for the defective breakers. I told her that I have , over the years , spent multiple thousands of dollars at her store , and that I have never before been refused a refund for a defective item.

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Home Depot stores , in Canada , have a return policy that has been extended to 180 days of purchase. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic Home Depot has no in store shopping and only has curb – side pickup.

    On December 31st , 2020 I went to Home Depot and I received one “ Eaton Br 20 ampere 2 – pole plug – in breaker – part # 1000410356 “. Order # 213690647 . Later that day I discovered that the breaker would not switch to the on position.

    On January 10th , 2021 I went to Home Depot and I received one “Eaton Br 20 ampere 2 – pole plug – in breaker – part # 1000410356 “ . Order # 214168490 . Later that day I discovered that this second breaker would not switch to the on position. I now have two defective Home Depot breakers that cannot be switched to the on position.

    I then went to Canadian Tire , in Thunder Bay , and I purchased (on – line) one functional and working “ 220 volt Eaton Br 20 ampere 2 – pole plug – in breaker” that can be switched to the on position.

    Please note :: Had there not been curb – side pickup due to the Covid 19 lock down then I would have been inside the Home Depot store and I would have immediately told Customer Service that the plug – in breaker , that I had just purchased , was defective and I would have requested a refund.

    Please help me to get a refund for these two defective Home Depot circuit breakers. I thank you.

    Sincerely ,

    Karl Leppanen.

  66. I would like to do store evaluations on home depot targeting there employee treatment of the public,sterio typing,friendliness to costumers etc

    1. The ‘NEW’ elec. breakers that was referenced to as being defective due to
      the fact that YOU COULD NOT CUT THEM ON – just maybe the following info.
      **PS: Most ‘tripped’ breakers will indicate such by being able to see SOME
      RED COLORED indicator near the flip-switch…
      Hope this shared information was helpful, or may be helpful to OTHERS!!
      Regards, LaCoste

  67. We purchased a dishwasher from Home Depot in Nov 2020. The dishwasher didn’t work, Samsung’s technician couldn’t repair the machine. He said the machine was damaged during shipping. Home Depot’s manager from 1 800-910 6704 said they will solve the problem on Feb 5, haven’t heard back from them. (order number WJ22744408)

  68. In 2015 purchased LG refrigerator for my new house most excited about your product the 1st year started leaking they came out took a look at it he said that the defrost pipe What’s clogged I sat there with the gentleman as he explained the process to me he pulled the hair out of their not a long here just a little literally piece of hair Hey tell me that was the issue and he left after that I was to call LG they send somebody from ultimate Springs which is 2 1/2 hours away took the guy 3 to4 hours to get here Upon his arrival he assessed the situation and once again told me that has something to do with the default pipe I started cleaning in back to me up underneath the refrigerator to make sure that nothing will get up underneath there Once again I started having issues with it maybe a little bit on the year of course now during this time it’s been several years and the guy that came in told me the same thing about the defrost pipe I call algae algae would not be responsible for it I had originally called home depot where I purchased it they were not interested in helping at all I want very Hard for my money and expect when I pay as much money as I do for refrigerator it would last longer than 5 years from the time I bought it to the time it starts leaking over freezing making funny noises and sounds like it’s going to blow up I am at my wits and with home depot and LG No one seems to care and no 1 wants to assume responsibility for the damage goods that they are selling and putting into people’s home I understand this is a common problem with all LG’s and I don’t understand why home depot has not stood up to algae instead fixed a problem or we will no longer carry a product I’ve tried calling corporate office I spent up to our half being most around To no Avail never being able to speak with anyone I think that is ridiculous I did not run across this problem with lows when I bought my refrigerator for them called them up and they had a fixed no problems I unfortunately have run across this problem countless time with your company home depot I think that someone needs to make this right and I am not going to stop until someone figures out the problem or returns by money or replaces my refrigerator you guys want to get paid on your credit card when you want to get paid But yet you can’t fix my problem Sincerely Al Rivera

  69. I ordered a water softner at home depot in marion Illinois to be sent to my home. Supposed to be delivered on 2/4/21 never got it . The store cant find it gave me number for carrier they dont know anything. No one will call me back. I spent over 1600 dollars at home depot that day. I’ll never buy anything from home depot again

  70. On Saturday February 6, 2021. We shopped at HD Store # 1220 in Queens, NY. We encountered many employees wearing face masks below their noses & some employees with face masks under their chine. One employee sitting at the window & door dept desk either texting or playing a game on his cell phone. At the cash register area there are no marking for 6ft social distancing and the employees at the front were not asking shoppers to social distance. Please look in to this possible health hazard.

  71. purchased windows from home depot august 2020 installation started 10-12-2020 today 2-12-2021 they finally completed the installation of the windows, many issues remain unresolved, this is unacceptable

  72. Is it normal to hire people with a warrant for carrying a hand gun out of a different state she works in Ohio the warrant is in Indiana

  73. Mr.Graig Menear my son-in-law purchase a dishwasher for me on December 12, 2020 on the day of the purchase he had the installment purchase to to have it installed it was on back order for delivery date would be February 11 I had to call on February 11 to see if it was being delivered yes it was delivered on the 11th The incompetent installer is very rude poor customer service when It was purchased there was no mention that they would not have the proper tools to install the dishwasher after all of that when the installer taking the old dishwasher panel off and said that he could not install The dishwasher because the legs on the old dishwasher had to be cut in order for them to remove it so as I said he took the panels off and I asked him to put them back he said he could put them back because the screws are rusted when you unscrew them and left the screws on the floor I have the screws are not rusted and also we turn my hot water off I didn’t know that until after he had left I feel when you pay for installation the installation person should have the proper tools to install the dishwasher here it is February 13, 2021 I was on the phone today over five hours on February 11, 2021 when I called back to let them know that we did not install the dishwasher and then he refused to put the panels back I was told by an associate that someone will come out on 13 February 2021 and and put the panels back on as I said before I was on the phone from 930 to I would assume it was around two thirtyish and when I called that’s when I was told that no service person was coming on February 12, 2021 I was told that they were coming out and install the dishwasher they would have someone to come that would be able to install it as a come to be no one was coming and if I wouldn’t of called I would’ve been sitting all day for a service person to install the dishwasher that was purchased from Home Depot and I’ll address it one more time I feel that installment means the person will have the proper tools to install the dishwasher thank you Mrs. Barbara Riley be safe be blessed

  74. Tupelo store in Mississippi are very rude and hollow at people on the phone This store not first time this has happened I can’t understand why you don’t clean this store up

  75. I have had an install for hardwood floors scheduled and this has been going on for over 6 weeks. I’ve had nothing but problems since placing my order and no fault of my own. Home Depot has managed to make this a terrible experience. I’ve had the product (hardwood) delivered in the rain and I myself had to bring it all into the house to stop it from getting wet. Unfortunately, I could not save it as it warped and the installers stated by the delivery left in the rain the wood is no good. Some of the wood was installed already. We were told to put our heat up to 80 degrees to dry out the wood so we wasted money on our heating bills. We also had a Covid scare as we were told that an installer might have Covid and still waiting to hear the full test results. We were told on Friday afternoon the installer had a negative result for the rapid test but that we would find out today, Monday, 2/15 with a call from the store by 9 am. That call has still not happened and it is 2:30 pm. No one has been responsive and everyone gives a run around and it seems like no one cares that our house has been in flux for 6 weeks and we can use most of the 1st floor. I want someone to contact me regarding this ASAP. Thank you.

    1. Hello Rob,
      Perhaps you would be willing to contact me by email at scripxxxx @aol.com. I also am totally frustrated with Home Depot contractor services and now the inability of headquarters to get the local store to act.

      Perhaps we can get ourselves together to get media coverage to get a better Home Depot response


  76. I’d like to speak with Mr. Menear whom I’m sure would be interested in hearing all about the deceptive sales tactics that have tarnished my long time respect for the Home Depot organization. To date, the matter regarding my Kitchen Cabinet Refacing project has not been corrected and it all started in October 2020. I’m tired of trying to work with Home Depot ‘Corporate’ and it’s vendors. Each point fingers at the other and nothing is being resolved. I placed my faith in Home Depot and this is the type of service (or lack there of) I receive. Shame on you. Please do not refer me to another one of your people. Been there, done that and it hasn’t worked.

  77. We do business with Home Depot a lot we are in construction and your company has given store credit to employees that no longer work for us. You let people steal from the company! Taking this all the way up!

  78. I need to contact the billing department. I need a direct number for them instead of using the touch dial system. Thank you.

  79. As vietnam veteran i just want to thank you for helping veteran and 1st responders as I’m as retired from doing that also as a volunteer fireman for 41years.God bless you. Sfc(Ret) Dirk Wright 54 Ridgeway Dr E. Elizabethtown ky 42701

  80. hello, i’m writing to inform you on saturday 02-13-21 around 11:30am my husband and i were shopping at store #1064 located at 8700 rosedale hwy bakersfield, ca 93312. my husband went to use the mens room and left his cell phone on the counter. he returned for it not even 5 minutes later and his phone was gone. we used a app to track my husbands phone which remained in your store until around 5pm. then our phone was tracked from the store to the walmart next door and was deposited in the ecoatm machine. which is a machine that give cash for phones. i have filed a police report and retreived the phone which was heavily damaged and is no longer able to be used. i have reason to believe it was a employee that took my husbands phone. i want you to be aware there is a thief working in this store. i can provide picture of the damaged phone, tracking proof and the police report.

  81. I b ought a 518 ze snowblower on, on line oct 26th through our local home depot in cedar rapids iowa. I did not get a proof of purchase from the store on line, I have been to the store to get it and they say they can’t go back that far. I then contacted the home office and they say they don’t have any record of it. I furnished them with the date of purchase, amount of the sale and credit card #. The model # is 38473 and the serial # is 408737397. The office said they found the serial #, but no sale. My credit card paid the home depot $442.98 for the blower. My problem is I need some warranty work done and I have no proof of purchase receipt.
    Can you please help me with this problem, maybe the headquarters can help.
    The purchase was Oct 26th 2020 and payment was made by the card company was Oct 29th.
    Thank You

  82. So far I been 15 mins to pick up an order. Still don’t have it. One person on the pickup desk and on the phone since I arrived. Horrible service. I’m still waiting

  83. I was contracted by a lady through a friend of a friend. She had bought tile for her house about two months ago it was delivered on pallets. Had to do the job later in the afternoon into the night, when I arrive the next day I looked there were two different kinds of tile,,she did not notice tell i said something,,After further investigation we discovered that Home Depot in Yucca Valley California had shipped three pallets one of them being a different die lot.
    She immediately called the flooring department in Yucca Valley California Home Depot spoke to a lady for a very short time ask the lady questions she couldn’t answer the young lady at Home Depot said she would call her back in about an hour never heard back from the rest of the day. At the end of the day she called Home Depot back and was referred to another lady after conversation back-and-forth the lady at Home Depot informed my customer that is 66-years old that she needed to Place the boxes of the wrong dialogue tile back on the pallet shrink wrap it so the delivery guy could pick it up,,i was shocked and in aww of the servise and rudeness of both Women at the flooring department Home Depot Yucca Valley california,,they treated her like it was her fault that she received the wrong tile and told her it was the installer’s fault for installing the wrong dye lot tile .im the installer i informed the very nice lady to stop talking to those people in the store and call home depot corporate,,Monday morning she will b contacting them .
    I just have to say I have been installing floors for over 20+ years on and off for Home Depot, Lowes, and various carpet stores in California and Georgia and I have never heard or been around anything quite like this .
    The rudeness and unprofessional manner was totally unacceptable.i will be present on monday and will be giving her all information on this matter and hope that someone can resolve it some compassion and some kind of compensation for Home Depot‘s rudeness and unprofessionalism from the flooing department at yucca valley ca.store.
    Has for me i will NOT step foot in that store again ,i will drive 30 miles to a lowes or other home improvement center

  84. too long to explain on email. can someone call me at 309-839-xxxx. I have a letter I’ m trying to send to you as well..I was lied too 3 different times and it cost me 70.00 of my money to resolve the issue


  86. It is stated on your website that employees and patrons are required to wear a face covering. The store in Hendersonville NC is not complying with this and if your corporation feels this is ok, remove your statement. I am appalled this is allowed as we round the corner of a half million deaths in the United States.

  87. I purchased few items worth $36.80 on Saturday, 2/20/21, from Home Depot. When I went to return the items today that I did not use, I was told they will not take them back. The receipt was given to the cashier. The reason that I was given is that I used a gift card for $35 and remainder a store credit ($1.80) that I received sometime ago. When I purchased them, the cashier told me you can return them within 180 day if you did not use them. This was a frustrating experience stuck with the things I did not use.
    You did not treat me fairly, and in future I may have to look else where. Please train your front line employees in regards to the use of store credits. You wasted my valuable time. Please resolve. Thank you.
    Receipt #: 6674-00002- 42024
    Denial receipt #: 0651-00024-61473.

  88. Hello I would like to contact Bernard Marcus or Arthur Blanks
    about Veterans not looking for money seeking advice

  89. I’m a Viet Nam veteran and states clearly on my driver’s license. I tried to use my Veteran’s discount today and was told didn’t have a card for disabled, active etc. I have in the past received the discount. I asked for the manager and she was very rude to me. I left very upset.

  90. I have been a HD customer for numerous years. Recently I had a HD statement that I did not receive and was subsequently charged $30. on a $31. bill for being late. I have sent payment but it will be the last payment that I ever send to HD. JUST wanted someone to know that perhaps 30+ year customers should not be treated that way

  91. Hi , My name is Mandy . I ordered Porcein tile from Home Depot ,San Ramon . I want get installed from Home Depot , I was told that Porcelain tile installation is 5.50 .someone from Home Depot came to take measurements and I was charged $50.There was no reply after that for a week . I called 5 times but the person in the flooring department hung up on me every time. Finally I had go to the store . I have auto immune disease and in Covid I was forced to go the store.
    On Saturday I went to the store again
    Someone from flooring help me with selecting tiles for 3000 sq feet house. He showed me flyer saying no cost to remove your existing floor. Then he called the office get quote . After that I waited for around 45-50 min. He told us go home and once the quote is ready I will get an email. In the evening he called me to inform quote is ready for the kitchen and he will send the rest of the quotes after lunch. When I reviewed the quote there was charge ($1300) to remove the existing floor. When I asked him this misleading information he said I am not responsible for any misleading info it coming from corporate office.
    No one got back to me for another quotes after two days I called 3 calls person will hung up on me . Fourth time I called and talked to the manager and he connected me with Ken and Ken told me send me quotes in 10 mins . I requested home send me quotes of dining , living room , foyer and bathroom separately , I called him after 1 hour 3:30 pm Tuesday , he told me he is going for lunch he will send me after he will finish his lunch . I again called Home Depot at 5:30 , lady told me he will from lunch at 6:00pm . I again called at 6:30 . He said he will me in 15 min . Finally I got the quote . But they told me that my bedroom , dining area is 1050 SQ feet although it is 367 sq feet . On top of that I had carpet in my living room and dining room and I already removed all the carped. The person who came for the measurement took pictures of the entire house. Still on the quotes it shows 1300 to remove existing floor and haul the same.

    I am so disappointed with the customer service . With the company like home depot I was expecting honesty and professionalism but unfortunately what I got is misinformation and Un professionals in every step of way. I am filling a complaint in small consumer court for misleading customer by hiding and advertising wrong information.

    1. Hello Mandy,
      Perhaps you would be willing to contact me by email at scripxxxx @aol.com. I also am totally frustrated with Home Depot contractor services and now the inability of headquarters to get the local store to act.

      Perhaps we can get ourselves together to get media coverage to get a better Home Depot response


  92. Having a very hard time receiving cabinets from Home Depot that are not damaged. I’ve had to re-order just about every one multiple times and I’m still waiting close to 3 months with no kitchen! They are in-stock cabinets! Please help me! Store Managers and customer service are very empathetic but have no control over this circumstance. I look to you as my last resort.

  93. Hi, I was making a bid on eBay and noticed the items seem to all be Home Depot items on this sellers items. It may be clearance or disposed of items but thought may be worth looking into. I was looking for some elect items and noticed some items are available at Lowes but all the items I checked were available at Home Depot. Sellers address is Cottage Grove MN 55016 and closes HD is 55077 . Great prices on these new items and cheaper than HD. Thanks, may be nothing.

  94. November 14,2020 kitchen upgrade – all designs were approved on this date and ordered.
    Multiple multiple issues. Now into 4th month and still missing 2 cabinets.
    Cabinets were lost then not ordered then have to order them again…..it’s been a nightmare. I am exhausted from all the follow up I have had to do and the disappointments with non-delivery on dates set for delivery. I wrote the CEO I note with dates of errors, lack of follow up and pertinent e-mails.
    This was a couple weeks ago and no one has responded.
    Great leadership. Perhaps this is why there is such negative customer service. I have requested monetary re-imbursement for all the problems associated with this very small design. I have yet to hear from anyone.
    I will not sign off on this projects until this is completed.
    I am about to go to small claims court.
    I have alerted all my neighborhood not to use Home Depot Design Center Services as well as my plumber, electrician and contractor.
    I will report to BBB if this is not attended to by March 1,2021.

  95. Ordered a washing machine and dryer and there was an issue with delivery for both. Each appliance was set to be delivered on different days. Somehow both of them got screwed up and ended up with me on the phone for a while trying to straighten the mess on your end. It shouldn’t be this difficult in having appliances delivered. I will never purchase an appliance again from Home Depot.

  96. Store # 6329 Sawgrass Mills: The parking lot markings, IE: loading zone stripes , lot stripes are extremely slippery when wet. During a recent visit after a light rain shower, I witnessed several slip & fall incidents.
    As a Facilities Manager/Director (former first responder) what I found most surprising was the response to the issue information being given to the customer service desk, “There’s nothing we can do about that.”
    Obviously not the correct response, so the information is being sent to you.
    It is an issue that requires immediate addressing.

  97. We are tring to find a person to talk to an d schedule a visit to replace our kitchen cabinet doors, We have not been sucessful in reaching anyone, we are naples Florida, 34112. My wife Michelle Smead has done search work for Aurtur Blank and his family office. I would hope for a better experience with Home Depot, thank you, Charles Smead 312.953.xxxx charles.sxxxx @gmail.com


    I have been upgrading my home and I thought some nice crown molding for the kitchen cabinets would look good.

    I got everything ready, then went to my Home Depot in Boynton Beach, FL and rented a miter saw. I think it was around 3 pm. After work, around 8 pm I tried making my first miter cut. immediately the room got full of smoke because the blade was burning the pine crown molding wood. It was so bad I could not finish the cut.

    The next morning I took the machine to Home Depot fully expecting a replacement machine at no cost. After all, I lost a day and had to lug the machine back and forth. At 76 years old, that is not easy.

    As soon as I began explaining what happen, the two clerks at the rental counter got nasty and argumentative. They kept repeating that I should have called. I don’t see what difference calling at 8 pm would have made since they were not going to come to my home. They also immediately said they would not return my money…..The machine was useless to me. I deserved my money back. Actually, I would have wanted a replacement.

    I showed them where someone prior to me had cut into the machine’s metal at the bottom of the tray. The clerk said that did not matter. Then he got a piece of soft 2×4 and cut through it. I felt he had to push hard but he said the machine was cutting fine. He did not use crown molding pine which is harder wood.

    All along they were blaming me and being argumentative, although cutting wood with an electric saw is not rocket science and I have been doing it for years. He even said, “the problem was the operator and not the machine.

    I expected a solution, some help from Home Depot but after he cut the 2×4 he said he would return my money but I would have to go rent somewhere else. WAY TO GO, HOME DEPOT!

  99. You have a Frigidaire gallery 27” electric oven on sale on your web site. But no one has it in stock. Can I get a rain check, or place it on order? Please advise Dennis

  100. Hi. My account number ends in 5403. I opened a credit card account with Home Depot in December 2920. I was suppose to receive a 100.00 dollars promotion for a purchase I made of 1,800 dollars. I called customer service twice, and I was told they had sent an email to get my promotion. Today I called and they told me I can’t get it because the purchase was made 30 days after I opened the account. I never read that, but I’m thinking it was in those little letters that an old person can’t read. I was not even notified. I think is unfair, because I didn’t take that long, and it was a large purchase. I think I should get my 100 dollars credit. Please see what can be done. Thank you.

    1. They did that to me, never got my $100 credit on card, Home Depot doesn’t care, I’m so tired of dealing with them

  101. I, Anil Pendse 77 years of age and my wife Mrs. Ratna Pendse, 76 years of age, bought a GE dishwasher from Home Depot in Germantown, MD on Jan 21st. 2020.
    order# ID H2560-201808, Price USD $ 954.14, payment by charge card. This dishwasher stopped working on Jan.26th. 2021. We had an extended warranty on it for 5 years. Jan 27th we called Home Depot warranty service dept. Since then we have been trying to get someone from the warrantee department to fix it and unable to do so. They promise to call back but do not call back. It is over a month and our dishwasher has not been repaired or replaced.
    The first time we called Home Depot got in touch with their repair dept. around Jan. 28th.2021 and told me earliest appointment for repair will be 4th Feb. The service person came on 4th Feb. He diagnosed the problem stating that some computer strip needed to be replaced.
    Two servicemen namely Pablo and Bobby came on 12th Feb. with the part (computer strip) and found that they could not make it to work. While leaving he mentioned it has a weak motor or bad motor and he said he will report this to his boss and order the part and get back to us.
    They did not get back to us, there was no follow up either nor did they order the parts. Instead they sent us an email saying that the work was completed and that we should take a survey of their services.
    After that I called Home Depot warranty dept. The Manager from the Home Depot warranty department issued a new work order and told me that job will be done on 15th Feb. On 15th Feb no one came or called us back with the status.
    We contacted the Home Depot warranty dept. and we were told that part is here and on Feb. 19th they will come and repair the dishwasher. But on Feb. 19th no one came or followed up nor contacted us about taking care of the repair.
    Next we called Home Depot warranty dept. again and talked to supervisor Ms. Gladney. She told us that the repair company will come on Feb. 24th to repair the dishwasher and if they can’t fix it then Home Depot will replace it with new dishwasher. Ms. Gladney did not call us back or follow up with the status.
    We called the Home Depot again on Feb.23rd to make sure that someone will come as promised by Ms. Gladney. We spoke to Mr. Andrew who listened to our entire story and said that he will talk to the manager and get back to us. He too did not call us back.
    Next day on the Feb.24th we called Home Depot again and spoke to the customer service department, Ms. Johana. She listened our story and told us that Ms. Gladney’s request was denied. When we asked her why did Ms. Gladney not follow up and contact us to let us know that her request was denied and that no one was going to come and repair the dishwasher, she had no answer.
    Then Ms. Johana arranged a conference call with the service contractor Anthony, who talked for a while and said he will fix it by Fri. the 26th.Feb. But no one came or contacted me. When I asked him “why did they not call us back or follow up after the second problem about the weak motor, was detected, they hung the phone up.”
    We kept calling the Home Depot but no one contacted us from Home Depot till to date to let us know the status of my dishwasher repair instead, the repair company sent us an email stating that they have ordered the part to my home and when we receive it we should call them and have them come to my house for repair. We do not want any parts to come to my home and we take no responsibility for any parts sent to my home without my consent. I only want my dishwasher repaired or replaced.
    Today is the Feb. 26th, over 29 days for our complaint for the repair of my dishwasher.
    Need help.

  102. I WAS an employee of Home Depot
    I truly enjoyed working for the company
    Store 3516 is run by nepotism
    This store is run by family members or friends
    Reported to the manager
    Wrote a grievance on a head cashier
    Instead of moving myself or the associate I was scheduled with her
    The retaliation against me me was intolerable
    I am 70 and my manager would comment “your old school “ her words were very discriminating
    Can’t believe that this company would allow

  103. Hi,

    I had ordered a fridge in Nov 2020 from one of your stores in Fremont, CA and was promised it would be delivered on 12/29/20. It never arrived on that day and no notification was sent to me about it. When i called a few days later i was given a new date of 2/27/21 and i planned my day around delivery but it never arrived on that day.

    I am very frustrated without a fridge. It is terrible customer service to not abide by the promised delivery date twice. Moreover, no notification or apology about not meeting promised delivery dates.

    I am so frustrated with this horrible customer service. It is a formal complaint.
    Order Number: H6964-14xxxx
    Store Number: 6964

    Please tell me what you would do to compensate me for living without a fridge for so long and not meeting the promised delivery dates. I am contemplating a consumer court action as this is a very painful situation for me. I am being treated very poorly.

    Best Regards,

  104. Hi, my Name is Roelof Elzinga. I am very disappointed in the customer service at the store located on 35 Pine bush Drive in Cambridge Ontario. I ordered 2 items on February 25 February 2021. The order was to be picked up on Saturday February 27 at this location. Order # 216161097. I have called several times unsuccessful to the store and did not get an answer. When I finally got through to some one I was told that the have no idea when it would be ready. When I asked why they could not get in order of two items ready in 3 days I was told they had no idea and hung up. Later I called again. After several unsuccessful attempts to call the store.I had a nice lady who told me she would look into it and call me back. That never happened. This was supposed to be a surprise for my son. but Nothing happened. Now it is 8.45 Pm and still nothing. I am so angry that nobody seems to care in that store. When I asked for a manager I was told there was no point because he would not be able to help me. So now my son never got his gifts and I have paid for it. I usually shop in the Nanaimo or Courtenay location and the service is always great. So what am I supposed to do now,I live on the other side of the country and nobody knows what is happening to my order. I am so pissed off right now. Please help me out here.

  105. A few months ago we were looking for a kitchen suite. there was one on sale from Samsung for 2600.00. we weren’t quite ready to buy. well the same set came back on sale for 2700 . we do not need a 36 inch refrigerator we don’t have the space so the young lady checked and told us the 33 inch wasn’t available for order till March. we went into the Ocean City Md store on Saturday Feb 27th they were packed so we waiting till this morning and went back in. I asked if i could sit down with someone about the set that was on sale. I was told that set was no longer on sale and that was that. My complaint is that when it was on sale you couldn’t order till March. I go back in to check and am told oh well you missed that sale. No one said lets sit down and see what we can do. Just oh well theres nothing we can do its over. You are the ones that told we had to wait. I feel somethings wrong with this whole situation. I’m sure this will fall on deft ears but just wanted to let you know how a customer was treated.

  106. Home Depot Order Number: WM31807774
    I DID NOT “return” this order. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS TOILET TO BE DELIVERED!!!!!!! It is over ONE WEEK LATE!!! I am FURIOUS with Home Depot. This ordeal has caused my anxiety level to shoot through the roof!!!! I WILL NEVER SHOP HOME DEPOT AGAIN. You are unorganized IDIOTS. You charged $55 shipping and cannot even manage to ship it. IDIOTS!

    Mrs. Jan Suche Nevitt
    xxxx Viewridge
    San Antonio, Tx 78213
    jansxxxx @aol.com
    210-342-xxxx LAND LINE no texting!!!

  107. In 2016, we opened a home depot credit card to have our roof done by Home Depot when we noticed the leak on 2/21/21. I visited the local store in Florence, SC and spoke with the manager on duty Ron Holiman. I was told Home Depot roof job came with a lifetime guarantee. The company Syntac 833-250-xxxx has not called me about coming and fixing this leak

  108. We had ordered a dishwasher Feb. 5th to be delivered, installed and haul away our old one. The first delivery we refused because the dishwasher had a dent in it. The second delivery they wouldn’t hook up because our pipe was corroded but did leave the dishwasher. A few minutes after they left I realized it wasn’t even the right dishwasher they left. I called and they came back that same day to exchange it for the correct one. We had the section of pipe replaced and called for installaiton and haul away. After being passed around several times, we were scheduled for this past Friday. After waiting all day no one came or called. I finally called was was told now it was scheduled for the next day, Saturday. I didn’t agree to Saturday, I wouldn’t even be in the state. I am SO disappointed in the customer service by Home Depot. We had considered getting flooring through them as well, but now will not even consider buying anything that we can’t just walk out with. We have two dishwashers and neither one is hooked and and STILL haven’t heard about when they are coming back out to hook the new one up and haul away the old one. Never again!!!

  109. I placed and paid for lumber on December 28,2020. I have yet to receive my order. I also paid the 75.00 delivery fee. I have called the home depot store where I placed and paid for the order still no resolve. I tried again today for 2 hours no answer from home depot. At this point I either want a refund or my order filled. My name is frances Lopez 510 368 xxxx. I need help resolving this issue thank you

  110. I recently purchased a steel roof at Home Depot, Valparaiso IN, and had it installed last Summer. I guess there was a discrepancy between my contractor and the Pro Account Sales Associate named Paul Glass. Not sure who’s fault it was that the order was incorrect, but a second order had to be made delaying the whole job. And the second order was made at a different price than the first..No 5% discount, no zero percent for 2 years, which angered us since we believed the error was not our fault. What I didn’t expect in the whole business transaction, was a very poor attitude by Mr Glass in front of a bunch of customers on Christmas Eve about the whole situation. Mr Glass insisted that I bring my contractor next time and have a materials list ready to order the next time, to which I did today. My contractor was denied his order because Mr Glass demanded he know how many sheets of steel he needed for roof. My contractor said he thought that’s what Mr Glass was supposed help him figure that number and when my contractor asked to see his manager, Paul’s manager came and gave a very poor attitude to match Mr Glass’s attitude. I don’t know how much money I’ve spent at Home Depot, Valparaiso over the years fixing up two homes but it’s quite a large amount but not nearly the amount my contractor has spent in all of your stores and we both found Paul Glass to be unprofessional and unreasonable, making demands that the other Home Depot stores don’t. And, if I didn’t already spend the money on the classic green roofing panels at Home depot for the garage last year, I would of taken my business elsewhere just because of Mr Glass and how he handles his customers. I told him on Christmas Eve that I’ll take some responsibility for what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen on the second project of roofing the house and that my contractor was a 3 state contractor who does over 800k of business a year and things should go much smoother with him. Well,my contractor had it out with Mr Glass today and we were forced to take our business to the Schererville Home Depot so that my steel roofs would match at the one residence. The actions and words of Mr Glass were uncalled for and I’m done dealing with Mr Glass in Valparaiso

  111. I need to make contact with accounts payable/finance. When I call the number provided it states that the office is closed due to covid-19. I am trying to understand the email contact , but I am having trouble understanding the email link. Can you please provide me with the email for accounts payable?

  112. I am a former employee of home depot store in norman oklahoma.. I have still not received my w2 form to file my taxes!!! I contacted the store hr (tammy)…no help…called number to have them send me one…never got it..called and they said it was closed!! Called again and they said there were expediting it to me asap….nothing again….I need that W2 form to do my taxes and get stimulus checks….why can’t HD get this right???

  113. I purchased a washer and dryer on 02/21/21, with delivery for my son as a gift . The delivery was scheduled for 03/05/21. I was advised by the salesperson Jackie, that I would receive a phone call 24 hours prior to delivery to give me the window of time that my washer and dryer would be delivered. No 24 hour notice was given. The delivery driver called my son and advised that the washer and dryer would be delivered within 30 minutes of the call. Although, there was indeed someone at my son’s apartment, the delivery driver rescheduled the delivery for 03/17/21, stating no one was home. Missed appointment. This is unacceptable!! Unfortunately, the delivery driver never attempted to deliver the washer and dryer to the apartment. Your company has deprived me of the joy of providing my child with the ability to wash his clothes COVID-19 free.
    To resolve and/ or rectify this problem, I am requesting delivery of said washer and dryer within 24-48 hours from today 03/05/21, with 24 hours notice of the same. It has already been 2 weeks. Your company must honor it’s delivery policy. You did not give the 24 hours notice and you did not attempt delivery to the apartment.
    I look forward to your reply and expedient resolution. I will await 24-48 hours before contacting the BBB and my Attorney General. I will not accept this poor customer service.
    Feel free to contact me at townsendaxxxxx @gmail.com for order# H3013-23xxxx

  114. it takes long to talk to a person for you complaint. I was treated pretty poorly on my delivery and was left with half an install and no one knows how to contact the installers that you use. I will not pay for this kind of service. You should care who handles YOUR CUSTOMERS! H3913-148844 order #

  115. In Dec 2020 I bought a bunch of appliances from Home Depot for my new home – a GE washer/dryer, Samsung oven and microwave and a Maytag dishwasher. This has been one horrific experience after another.

    On Dec 23rd I got a delivery of my washer/dryer and dishwasher. Both deliveries were screwed up. First – for the washer/dryer – they never removed the shipping label. See pictures. So when I went to use the machine – it broke the agitator inside. Any idiot would know to remove it. But your idiots did not know that. They only checked to see that it turned on which it did – but no one checked the shipping label. So I had to have it replaced.

    Then on Jan 5 – yes I had to wait that long – I was supposed to get the next delivery of the washer/dryer. BUT . . . . – they delivered a defective machine – also see the pictures. SO . . . . I had to decline the delivery. BUT THEN . . . . . – they told me that I had to wait yet another week for the next delivery. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!. What did I do – I cancelled the order, went to Loew’s that day and ordered the same washer/dryer – got it 2 days later without a single problem.

    Now for the dishwasher – they never installed that properly either. I had to call a repairman to install it properly. He said they never secured it properly – and showed me the bracket that was damaged as a result – see pictures.

    Is this the way you do business? You have no business being in the appliance business at all. Customers pay a premium – they should get what they pay for. No one wants to take responsibility. Home Depot says it is the delivery company’s responsibility. BUT WHO HIRED THE DELIVERY COMPANY? Shame on you Home Depot. You don’t even own up to the mistakes.

    Of course this delivery company – Forward Final Mile – is a horrific company. They should not be in business at all. It’s no wonder they got an F rating with Consumer Affairs and the BBB. You should read the reviews. I can’t understand why any company would use them. They don’t deliver when they say they’ll deliver. And when they do deliver – the merchandise is damaged. It is impossible to get someone on the phone. When you do – they give you incorrect information. I was forced to wait all day at home for a delivery that never arrived – and then they said the next time someone can deliver is NEXT WEEK!!!!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!. They should have their license taken away.

    I am going to make sure that the CEO’s of GE, Maytag and Samsung get a copy of this letter. These appliance companies should know how Home Depot is handling their merchandise – RECKLESSLY. That is costing them a wad of money – which of course the consumer has to pay for. I have cancelled my card with Home Depot and hope to never walk into that store again. I also have already filed complaints with Consumer Affairs and the BBB. Next I plan to contact the Department of Transportation.

    Helen Rosen

  116. Hi
    Thank you Home Depot
    I have no complain what so ever. I am a current HD associate and have ideas and concerns that can improve the values and efficiency of associates and overall profitability of Home Depot business. Please give the best email and phone number of a decision maker(S) in Homedepot, since my proposals had to do with corporate, not store!

  117. Service was unfair and just awful. I’m sending information however from other complaints I’m worried Home Depot just doesn’t care.

  118. Hello,

    I am contacting you about store # 247 at 30144 U.S. Highway 19 N. Clearwater, Fl.
    My friend and I have been loyal customers for over 20 years. The past two years or so, we’ve noticed a serious decline in customer service. Super bowl Sunday was our absolute worst experience not only at the Home Depot, but in both of our shopping experiences throughout the entire course of our lives. Needless to say, neither one of us will ever shop at any of your locations or online. Our attempt at addressing the issue to the store manager went nowhere and only further aggravated our experience.
         I had put 10 bags of dirt and 20 stepping stone pavers on a cart (with no one offering assistance)and also a few clearance items that I had grabbed the last one of and pulled it up front by check out.  I asked the woman at the register if I could leave the cart there because it was too heavy to comfortably push, while I took a separate cart to get the rest of the items I had gone there for.  She said I could leave it there, it wasn’t a problem and I put a quick note on it as well, because of prior experiences. I met up with my friend and attempted to find some hinges for a shed. It took almost 20 minutes just to find someone who worked there to ask and the response we were given was “I dunno, I don’t work in this department,” and walked away. He didn’t bother to see if he could find anyone who worked in that department or who might know. When we found someone in that department, they didn’t know either and couldn’t help. So, we just had to take our best guess because even the workers in the right department are uninformed. It took almost an hour to ultimately buy the wrong item. The last thing  we had to get was 10 foot wooden posts, so we could leave. Again, no one there who could help and another waste of about 45 minutes. Finally someone did show up AND helped us both load and push the cart back to the garden section. 
         This is where everything took an even worse turn. When we got back to garden, they informed us they had put my entire cart away. I asked one of the workers if they would replace the entire contents of the cart and told them what they were. That’s when I realized the last of the clearance items I had were now put away and there was no guarantee they’d still be there. I hurried back to the clearance rack to go look. I gave up after about 10 minutes of searching and when I went back to the garden section, saw my friend with a broken hip, mind you, pushing my original cart they had said they had put back. Now there’s also a line of about 10 pissed off people waiting and they have a whole other cart to ring up as well. I’m getting dirty looks from the people in line. It was complete, disorganized chaos, nothing I had purchased was bagged either. Just rung up and placed back down on the cart. After I paid, my friend told me that as soon as I had gone back inside to try to find the clearance items, one of the workers, Virginia, got my cart that had just been pushed to the back and left it about 20 feet from my friend by the register. My friend, Wendy, asked her if she minded pushing it the rest of the way, and she just stared at her and left, prompting my friend with a broken hip to push it the rest of the way. She was very upset and rightfully so. Two gentlemen helped us load the Jeep, but the window would not roll down and she told them. They insisted it would fit and I couldn’t oversee this whole idiotic operation because I was busy bagging the useless shed hinges. When I was done I asked the guys what the girls name was who left the cart and wouldn’t help my friend. They claimed to not know and walked away when they were done. As soon as I looked at the posts, it was an obvious hazard, nothing was tied or secured and there was no way it would fit without the window going down. Then we had to unload, 3 hours and counting. If they would’ve let me leave them up front by customer service, I could’ve come right back and picked them up. I also was supposed to get my phone turned on that day after the Home Depot, but was now running out of time. I asked to speak with a manager to inform him of our experience and to ask the girls name in gardening. He was just as evasive saying well a lot of people work in gardening. I described her as heavy set wearing glasses. Again, he says “ that could be any number of employees.” Besides I don’t discriminate, I’m heavy set myself.”  He then said I had to either return the wood or do a will-call. I let him know I wouldn’t be able to come right back for them if I had to do all that and that if I didn’t leave in less than two minutes, the store would close and I wouldn’t be able to get my phone that day. The whole will- call process took over 10 minutes and even though I had clearly told them I was in a hurry and the reason why, they must’ve asked for my phone number half a dozen times. I had to give them my friends # bc it was obvious I wasn’t getting my phone back on that day. The whole process was a major unnecessary inconvenience and caused me to not only not be able to have a working phone that night, but now I had to have my friend pick it up and now later in the week because of the amount of time that was wasted.
       Even him picking them up was an ordeal. His phone had died and was unable to show them the email that had been sent, so he had to go back a day or two later. When he returned to pick them up with the email, they told him they had it marked in their system as him having picked them up already. This was totally not the case and completely untrue. But now, we have to wait for a manager to investigate the camera footage. I was so livid, two days later, when he had the green light from management stating the obvious, that it had not, in fact, been picked up, I told him to just return them and get my money back. This whole trip should’ve been able to be done in under an hour. Instead it took over 3 hours, with barely anything accomplished because I had gotten the wrong hinges and due to the amount of time everything took, couldn’t return to get the posts that night. Three trips and still didn’t get them; it was a huge waste of time and resources. I was even more inconvenienced by not having enough time to get my phone on and my friend Wendy further aggravated her broken hip because of an employee’s (Virginia) refusal to help push my cart closer to the register where my friend was staying. The cart that should never have been moved to begin with, because I had cleared it with an employee and put a note on it. Rather than tell me someone had pushed it towards the back of the garden center, they told me everything had been put back.

    Update, I returned to this store one more time in the hope I didn’t just caught it on a bad day. I have a feeling it’s normal for most of the employees to be uninformed, unhelpful or nowhere to be found. I do know my way around the store pretty well, but usually need help finding certain things. This is where the problems begin, because if I’m lucky enough to find an employee to ask, more than likely they don’t know or don’t work in the department and walk away. I tend to get there an hour before closing due to my work schedule, but shouldn’t need close to an hour to find 3 or 4 items. Then the 15 minute announcement is made and everyone starts rushing you.
    It gets worse as the clock starts ticking down, and I still can’t find what I came there for. Two minutes before closing I was told they were waiting for me upfront. So now I have to leave without what I originally came for because no one knew where anything was. It looks to everyone else that I’m taking my time and being inconsiderate

    Thanks for taking the time to read. I just thought you should be aware of what goes on in your stores and what it’s like from a customer’s standpoint.

    Susan Stanger


  120. I am in Lebanon Ohio & am wanting to purchase 3 barn-like storage sheds. The sign on display unit states $7.00 a month. I see that the other style units are more expensive. I can afford 3 at this price. Please lmk if they can be delivered as i live 2-3 miles away. I can send pics if necessary. I’ve been thinking about these sheds for a few days now, since i noticed the price.
    Please lmk about delivery options. Thank you,

    Lisa B. Brauninger

  121. It is absolutely infuriating that I can not order an item and pick it up in the store but you will deliver it to me for $50.00. If you can deliver it to me you can deliver it to the store and I can pick it up for free. Also an extended warranty for the item I want is $25.00. The same item in a different finish is $35.00. The in stock item is $229.00 and the item I want is $185.00.

  122. Two large purchases and nothing but absolute run around and bs from H.D. Sent to what we were originally told was their insurance company- Sedgwick- but what today found out was a 3rd party claimed examiner. No honesty anywhere! Them passed on to Forward (Air) Final Mile… to be totally and completely ignored. ZERO FURTHER CORRESPONDENCE. Multiple phone calls? emails etc. And passed around to hit yet another dead end at Sedgwick (I called H.D. Corporate!!) No one cares about the customer despite their bs that “you bought this from and orange apron and an orange apron will take care of it.” NOT TRUE! The store management doesn’t respond. Corporate doesn’t respond. Bottom line… HOME DEPOT HAS OUR MONEY AND DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN THAT THEY HAVE NOT DONE THEIR PART IN DELIVERING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE NOR GOOD DELIVERY AND/OR INSTALLATION. THEY HAVE OUR MONEY. THEY PROMISE SULITUATIONS TO BE REMEDIED WHICH TAKES YOU OUT PAST THE RETURN TIME AND REFUSE TO ADDRESS THILE ISSUES FURTHER.


  123. I had ordered an interior door back in January the 17th.. the door was then delivered on feb 10. I didn’t not receive a call from Home Depot letting me know or making me aware that my door was available. I had to call repeatedly to see when the contractors was gonna come out and install, none the less it took the contractors forever to call to set an appointment, I was scheduled for March 9 (12-2p). Contractor did not show up til 6pm only to install a door that was not the correct size..I’m very frustrated with this whole experience with Home Depot this is total unacceptable and very much so inconsiderate of my time.. there should be some type of discount, compensation for such matter..

  124. Good morning I am filling a complaint with Home Depot, Appliance and delivery department.
    November 2020 I order a LG ref, and microwave to be installed I paid for the hook-up to the refrigerator and haul away, install for my microwave and haul-away To this day March 10,2021 “I still do not have a refrigerator
    or microwave. 1 your customer service people do not take the time to explain to the customer their order to them. I paid for installation for both appliances, 2. When you driver came to my home I was told that they could not install, or hook-up my mic, We asked why, We do not do that. ok they took it all back, ok I called your customer services we will send some one to install the water line. ok this company is a cash only, they sent out keep in mind I have already paid for this service. We had to give this company $ to install the water line, ok I was told they would refund us our money. we set up another delivery date, here we go again, we cant install the microwave why” we don’t have the tools, and we are not sure if it will fit. Ok they tool it all back again at this time it’s February 2021 we have not appliances” at this point I give up. and you still have my money, November 2020 when I pd. ok you rep have nom clue I went to this dept. and that one., finally I get someone she said give us another chance this in in end of February, or I order a Whirlpool Ref, and Mic. they re-charge my account again for $2000.00 still have not received my money back from the LG appliances. March was the delivery day
    these Guys were the worst”” they never took the Refrigerator or microwave off the truck, they walk into my home telling us what they can not do, with sunglasses on, what is it this time well u have a back a backsplash, what back splash, sir, Iam going to call Home depo, they both walk out the door and said this to my daughter, what kind of company is home depot running again” No Refrigerator or microwave and you have almost $ 4000. of my money tied up. I took A picture on March 3 2021, your delivery day, I went over to” Best Buy bough the exact Ref, ,and Microwave at Best Buy “they could not under stand why Home Depot could not install, it cost me more money at Best Buy but they got the job done in 11, days March 19, 2021 for install. I am so disappointed with Home Depot.

  125. I have a complaint about the Home Depot in calumet city, Illinois and gs staffing that is supposed to install my floors since December. I have been put off, r/s, no call no show. The excuse is always covid related. I am a really patient individual, but this is ridiculous! I have furniture in my kitchen and in the living room. The carpet is pulled up and have plywood on the floors with nails sticking out and my dog has stepped on them. My home is not comfortable because I have supplies everywhere. When I call Home Depot, they don’t answer the phone or they transfer me to someone who can’t help me , I’m transferred back and no one answers. I leave messages and no return call. This is very frustrating! When they schedule me I have taken off from work only for them to not show up. How inconsiderate can you be? I would like my money back for this last installation, they apparently don’t want the work. I’ll find someone who does. Please get back in touch with me. I called Home Depot to let them know this BUT THEY WON’T ANSWER THE DARN PHONE!!!!!

  126. Your Company has disrespected me not only as a person but as a Disabled veteran not only will I not shop with you I will make a post with the Air Force Base 1 mile from the front door from your store on how you treat and speak to Vets. You will also be getting an E mail from me. But I will tell you when I asked for the Dept. managers name he told me Home Depot and said that’s all I needed to know.

  127. Brandon, MS store #2907 has held my items for delivery for a week now. The delivery guy Mario has told me he going to deliver my things on 3/11/2021. I called again he gave a date of 11/13/2021. I called the manager (Nielson) 3/14/2021 he stated it was going to be delivered 3/15/2021. I called the store and now they are saying they do not who or when it will be delivered. If I paid $5,000 worth of merchandise. I should get my order on time. I should not beg for my merchandise.

  128. I purchased a washer and dryer set on February 10, 2021. They were grossly defective and we’re returned and replaced by a different set and model. They were also defective and the washer wasn’t new. The rotor needed replaced. They were also returned. It is extremely dissapointing that this company is sending used and defective appliances and pawning them off as new. I have yet to receive the receipts from the warehouse. They keep promising to send the. It’s been well over a month. I am currently awaiting a refund. This is the worst experience I have had trying to purchase new appliances. I feel for other customers that might be going through the same thing. This needs to stop.

  129. I purchased a LG refrigerator 2018. Sept 2020 compressor went LG had no one to fix it. I made several calls no one helped me . I am still paying on a refrigerator I no longer have. Now LG is refusing to reimburse because I don’t have an original tag with serial number on it. I am sick if this game. Sept 2020 till right now to help me. I purchased it from you. I am looking for some help. Never treated so poorly in my life. Awful way to treat customers.

  130. Got an issue with one of the managers leader Honoré the price and one floor that it was on the wrong place I will waste a long time in there more than an hour and he didn’t care even he was making fun when I try to fix stuff I told them he was having the wrong display and he didn’t wanna honor rate I went to buy 85 boxes because I’m remodeling my house

  131. I have been hounded by CITI you collection service. My HD acct was due on Friday 12/25/20 (Christmas Day). I mailed it as soon as I received it 12/21/20. I mailed the full amount $282.96. They charged me a late fee because they did not process it until 12/28/20. I have tried to have the late fee of $68.00 removed as I am not sure that my payment did not arrive on time but I was told that they go by processing date 12/28/20. They say there is not lag time on credit cards. Absent the 3 day weekend and mail delays, I think my payment would not have been late. I have had HD accts both Consumer and commercial never had payment problems. Now they have charged me a late fee on the late fee. Additionally, they are affecting my credit which is usually about 8 in range. I am 79 years old and would like to have the charge of $68.00 taken off and my credit restored. last 4 digits of card xxxx Please help. Thank you

  132. I was shopping yesterday with my daughter and we were having a good time buying $90.01 in spring flowers. When we were checking out the cashier popped into our conversation and said do you know who you remind me of???? I looked at her curiously and she said Madena. It took a minute for what she was saying to sink in…. I could not believe she was comparing me to a black man in drag who has dressed up as a fat frumpy old lady. I have never been so insulted in my life. I am white and I treat people as I would like to be treated. I was nice to the cashier, she was black. My daughter was nice to her. This is the most racist comment I have ever heard in my life. There is no woman in the world who would take being compared to a black man in drag as a compliment especially Madena no matter what the color of their skin. I had cancer last year and lost my hair due to chemo. So my hair is gray, curly and about shoulder length. But I look nothing like Madena. I had some serious self esteem issues losing my hair and being bald but I have never felt as ugly as I did after your cashier compared me to a man in drag.

  133. I purchased a patio set 2/25, delivered 3/8 with assembly service. The assembler stripped a screw to the patio bench and the backrest was not secured. I have been trying since 3/9 to get it replaced/repaired to no avail. I have spoken to several CS reps and Hampton Bay and of all the people I’ve spoken with I get a different answer each time. This has become a frustrating process to have the product assembled correctly and functioning properly. To date the bench can not be used as it is not secure. I need this resolved immediately!

  134. Dear Mr. Menear,
    I saw on the news that Home Depot has decided to straddle the fence on a stand for voters rights! Therefore, my family, friends and myself will no longer shop at your stores! We have spent a lot of money at your stores but we will all take our dollars to stores that uphold our values.

  135. Went to Home Depot to check on buying a New Refrigerator . Got No help , young lady at Kitchen section sat on her butt and never offered to help . I sent Email to Craig Menear , Waste 15 to 20 trip there and another 15to 20 minute trip back for no help ! I respect the Owner and try and support Home Depot , but Customer service is as poor as I have ever seen anywhere ! I guess I’ll be buying my appliances / Refrigerator else where , Not begging for help to spend my hard earned money !
    Home Depot needs to , Hang a sign out side in Front .
    ” Saying if you Expect Customer Service or even any help finding a item or info about a item , Please go elsewhere. Its Not In Our Job Description

  136. We are disappointed and angry at your waffling position on voting rights in Georgia. The Georgia Legislature’s attack on voting procedures is nothing short of a revival of Jim Crow and an attempt to subvert the rights of people of color. The fact that you came out against the legislature and then stepped back from that position proves to us that you are in favor of Jim Crow and all it stands for. We can’t support that position. We have spent about $50,000 in your stores in the last year and a half as we renovated 2 houses. We will no longer buy products from the Home Depot if you continue to “sort of” support the side of racial justice in this fight against Jim Crow. It’s all or nothing in our view. Furthermore, we intend to convey our position to our family and friends many of whom are in the construction industry and encourage them to boycott your stores as we intend to do.

  137. Dear Sir,
    I was shopping in store # 4007, Portland, Oregon and was disgusted how poorly it looked. The floors had not
    been swept, merchandise was left all over the dept and store, clutter was every where. It definitely needs some Love and someone who is dialed in, on top of store merchandising and practices Clean! Clean! Clean!.
    The once poorly merchandised, low morale and dirty
    looking Lowes store in the nearby Hayden Meadows, Portland, Oregon area has improved 100% while HD store#4007 looks like a combat zone.

  138. I’m a disable veteran. I lost one of my hearing aid in home depot , in the Pooler , Georgia store. One of the employee found it and turn it in . when I went back to inquire about. They told me they probably threw it away because it been over a week
    and they can’t find it. I would appreciate you looking into matter for me. Thank you

  139. I have noticed in the past year, the amount of people that bring their dogs into Home Depot in Carrollton Ga.
    I do not think that it should be ok to bring animals into a store, unless they are legal service animals.
    My family and I were at Home Depot last weekend and there were two people with large dogs in the store.
    One was a young German shepard. It was with a family with two young children, a mother and father.
    The other dog was with a man and it was a Labradore.
    We saw them at differnt times in the store and then we heard them fighting. You could hear it all over the store and it went on for a minute. There were a lot of people in this store and alot of children, including my three
    grandchildren, who were very upset by this whole thing.
    I think that it is very dangerous to have dogs inside the store. I hope that Home Depot will make it a rule that no animals ,except service animals are allowed inside the store.

  140. Mr Menear,
    I live in Exeter NH. I am shocked by the vote in Georgia in regard to voting rights. This is your home base. Just spent over $200 at Home Depot. I will spend the rest of money on Spring supplies and more at Lowe’s until the Georgia decision is revoked. How can you continue to do business in a state that clearly is racist.

  141. I am disgusted and appalled at the Governor of Georgia’s law restricting voter participation. I expect HomeDeport to denounce this undemocratic action and support the workers and customers of this industry.

  142. I will no longer use Home Depot until the State of Georgia repeals its new voter law. Stand up for what is right!

  143. I ordered kitchen cabinets from local home depot in my area, the cabinets were installed. After installation, realized that the pantry was missing a cabinet. I called customer service and I was told that I had to make my own shelf because the store did not have in stock. They did say that I could return the pantry but the cabinets are already installed too much to pull them apart just to return the pantry. I only need the one shelf that was missing.

  144. I implore Home Depit to condemn the latest action by Republicans to suppress the votes of minorities in GA and other states. Only by showing your disgust for these action by withdrawing your corporate dollars, and openly condemning Republicans latest efforts to destroy voters rights, will they stop. Elections must be fair and open to all Americans. We should be making it easier to vote NOT more difficult. Margaret Evans

  145. Rapid Install promotion is the a textbook case of false advertising and an absolute misrepresentation to the public.

  146. Why is Home Depot still headquartered in GA? And did not work to defeat GA law on suppressing voting rights? Shame on Home Depot CEO, management and Board. Do the right thing!!

  147. Today I paid off my HD credit card in full. I will do all my building material shopping at other stores unless and until HD actively works for repeal of the new GA voter suppression law. I have been a Realtor, Landlord and Renovator for 30+ years. I will cancel my credit card if you do not act as requested in the next 2 months.

  148. I purchased custom made Doors for my linen closet in November 2020. They are still not installed.. every time they say they’re going to install them, I get a phone call with another excuse about the installer. I understand the back up because of the coronavirus.
    This is getting ridiculous. Home Depot install the other doors for me and I did not have a good experience then. The doors kept coming in damaged.
    I am sorry that I gave HOME DEPOT another chance
    Please help me and I really think that I should get my money back for the doors. I need to have them installed.

  149. Expecting to hear Home Depot take a very vocal stand against Georgia voter suppression legislation. Here in Canada we expect corporate citizens to stand up and be counted. Not shopping at Home Depot until I hear your company speak up loudly. Shame that you have not already. You know this affects your employees and customers

  150. I spend millions of dollars with your company.
    My corporation will not do business with your company anymore until you stand up for voting rights IN GEORGIA!!!!! If you are a good corporate citizen and a US corporation that cares about racial justice..THEN STAND AGAINST VOTER LAWS IN GEORGIA!!!

  151. I want to let the board know I just made my last purchase for your Home Depot retail store. I will direct any future purchases elsewhere. I will do this until your corporate headquarters speaks out against the recent voting law changes made the the Georgia State Legislature.

  152. I agree with Anonymous on March 28, 2021 about Home Depot’s failure to stand against the Georgia State Legislature’s new voting laws. We had 3 vote counts for the 2020 election that proved there was little to no fraud in our system. One could say they are pandering to the former guy in the White House. I will put a hold on making purchases from Home Depot until they show their support the the people they serve. I have made many purchases since moving to Georgia and hope I can resume one day soon.

  153. Have been trying to order 12′ clear Palruf roofing panels for months now. Could you please let me know if they will ever be back in stock. Thank you.

  154. I have a complaint on home Depot in St cloud Florida I am a plumbing contractor and what I’d like to speak to somebody about a situation that happened to me

  155. I am sorry to say to say but I have a complaint on multiple levels. On 3/27/21 my wife and I visited your Lee’s Summit Mo store we saw a lawn mower priced at 1499 approximately 4pm upon trying to purchase it was found that it was priced wrong rather than honoring the advertised price tried to entice me with we will give you 200 off the price. Then stated that they have had a problem with customers changing their pricing. First of all this is no fault of mine. Second of all I watched the employee check the price of every mower out front every mower was priced correctly except for two. My question is if you have acknowledged this is a problem why didn’t you address it in the morning rather than allow your product to be falsely advertised. Number three why did my wife and I have to walk from one end of the store to the next looking for an associate just to find the proper associate to ask for help? Number four twenty minutes after I left my brother came in and bought a 50 inch toro on what was supposed 24 months 0% financing after all the papers were signed he stopped and said wait this says 6 months 0% this was supposed to be 24 months the promptly said you are going to have to take it up with management he said no what about the sign that you have posted at the front of your store? Oh that expired two weeks ago. MY question is your slogan is “Where Doers get more done”. When do you plan on hiring doers? Because right now I see your staff wasting your customers time and money. About 6 months ago I came in and bought 16 pre-made fence panels 6 foot tall 8 foot long heavy why did I spend an entire hour and a half loading these by myself?

  156. Unless Home Depot takes a stand on the new Georgia laws and a substantial stand I will refuse to shop at Home Depot yes I’m a contractor

  157. Home Depot Execs: Please help Georgians by speaking out and condemning the recent voting restrictions passed by our governor. Please support our democracy, the citizens of the state, by standing up for your customers. We need help and there is overwhelming support that the latest bill is not supported by Georgians. No water shared while we stand in long lines that will obviously be created and forced upon us? Abuse and not “for the people” and our democracy. Money talks and I write to request your help for reversal of these changes, putting pressure on a bill that will hurt and punish Georgians. Help us and I will return the favor and vow to shop Home Depot more- traveling 45 minutes! Exhibit social responsibility for Georgians, please. Talk of boycotts are getting stronger. Georgians are angry. Thank you.