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Company Website
Home Depot
Corporate Address
2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Nw
Atlanta, GA
Company Contact
Craig Menear
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(770) 433-8211
Fax Number
(770) 384-2356
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Home Depot Email Info – Home Depot CEO Email address.

Mr Craig MenearCEO
Home Depot Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Home Depot Corporate  Office Phone Number770-433-8211
Personal Twittertwitter.com/HomeDepot

What is Home Depot’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Home Depot’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-770-433-8211.


What is Home Depot’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Home Depot’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-466-3337 or 1-800-553-3199.

Homedepot.com Customer Care phone number is: 1-800-430-3376

Homedepot.com Major Appliances phone number is: 1-877-946-9843


Other Home Depot customer service phone numbers:

Home Depot Consumer Accounts:

U.S. 1-866-875-5488
Canada 1-800-747-3787

Home Depot Commercial Revolving:

Cards U.S. 1-866-875-5489
Canada 1-800-668-5336

Home Depot Commercial Accounts:

U.S. 1-866-875-5490
Canada 1-888-308-5080


How do I Contact Home Depot Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Home Depot via:

Home Depot’s Email Address is [email protected].

You can also contact Home Depot with SMS by texting your problem to 38698 .

Home Depot’ Contact Us customer service page can be found here.

On the Home Depot customer support page, you will also find a Live Chat option.


Contact Home Depot on Social Media:

Home Depot on Twitter: @HDCares

Home Depot on Facebook: www.facebook.com/homedepot

Home Depot Headquarters Executive Team.

Home Depot’s management team consists of:

Craig Menear – CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Matt Carey – Executive Vice President

Cara Kinzey – Senior Vice President

Tim Crow – Executive Vice President

Bill Lennie – Home Depot Canada President

Craig Menear – Retail President

Giles Bowman – Senior Vice President

Marvin Ellison – Executive Vice President

Ann-Marie Campbell – Southern Division President

Lyne Castonguay – Senior Vice President

Aaron Flowe – Northern Division President

Joe McFarland – Western Division President

Marc Powers – Senior Vice President

Gordon Erikson – Senior Vice President

Kevin Hofmann – Senior Vice President

Mark Holifield – Executive Vice President

John Deaton – Senior Vice President

Hal Lawton – Senior Vice President

Trish Mueller – Senior Vice President

Kevin Scott – Senior Vice President

Teresa Wynn Roseborough – Executive Vice President

Ricardo Saldivar – Home Depot Mexico President

Brad Shaw – Vice President

Carol Tome – Executive Vice President

Ted Decker – Senior Vice President

Richard McPhail – Senior Vice President


Home Depot’s Board of Directors.

F. Duane Ackerman

Craig Menear

Ari Bousbib

Gregory Brenneman

J. Frank Brown

Albert Carey

Armando Codina

Helena Foulkes

Bonnie Hill

Karen Katen

Mark Vadon


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913 Reviews and Complaints for Home Depot Headquarters

  1. I want to let you know I am totally upset about your company speaking out about the Georgia election laws and I and all of my 5000 followers on Facebook will be boycotting your company until you change your views.
    I personally have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with your company and have no problem at all giving all my business to Lowes. So you might want to rethink your radical left stance on this issue

  2. Due to Home Depot’s support of politicians who shun democracy, shun the Constitution, and suppress voting rights, I must boycott the Home Depot. I am allowing my credit card to expire, and will not longer choose to shop at Home Depot.

  3. I am trying to contact a Katricia @ Benefits Choice Center, @ Orangelife, regarding a change of address for former employee Joycelyn W. Chun. She contacted me by letter dated June 13, 2018 regarding her savings benefits. I need someone’s help in HR to contact me. I am Joycelyn’s sister and Power of Attorney for her financials and as I understand being a former employee she has currently savings or a funds to be dispersed.
    Your attention to this grave matter would be most appreciated by lettrer or calling me at 602-750-xxxx. Please leave a contact number to call back in case of no response. Thank you and looking forward to hearing back from someone in your corporate office.

  4. deceptive advertisement, went to home depots altoona pa. internets web site to see availability of 80Lbs. concrete bags. Read the descriptions ect. scrolled downed saw much smaller photo of said product and price 5.37$. went to store for purchase then discovered they were only 50lb. bags. Purchased them came home and reread advertisement closer and gleaned could have purchased at another store the larger bags however I was on the altoona web site not the store 40 miles away. not happy with the four bag purchase.

  5. I want to cancel my home depot credit card . If you can not standup for what is right you do not need my business .

  6. Please publically denounce GA’s horrible law to suppress voters. I am a customer of your company.


  8. Drove right past HD on my way to Lowes. Never again step foot in HD as long as you sit silent while the IMMORAL voting rights are stripped from citizens.

  9. I have been regular customer of Home Depot for 20 years and have consistently been happy with your products and staff. However I intend to stop shopping at your stores until the state of Georgia reverses its recently adopted voter suppression law. I am asking for Home Depot to take a more aggressive role with the state on this issue. I am sad to not remain a customer but feel this is the only practical thing I can do. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to be heard.

  10. Please use your substantial influence to stand against the voter suppression policies enacted in Georgia. Your silence is complicity.

  11. In mid-December of 2020 I went into your Lake City store and was treated like dirt. I tried to purchase a circuit breaker that you didn’t have and was going out the store and walked past a return counter going to the exit when a young man apparently some sort of lower management stopped me with the question “Can I help you?” I stopped turned around showed him the breaker I had in my hand and explained that someone else had tried to but they didn’t have what I came in for. He then begins to tell me that I was in the wrong area that there were open “tills” in the area, etc. I replied that there were no signs saying I couldn’t exit that way. He then steps toward me in a threatening way saying “Don”t raise your vioce to me!” I told him if I was going to be treated like this I wasn’t sure I wanted to come back at which he told me to “NEVER” come back. At this I asked for his name and that I wanted so see a manager. He then quickly starts toward the rear of the store and wouldn’ t talk to me any more. I headed toward the check outs where I found another person who claimed to be management. He then tells me I have “no common sense or I would have known not to exit in the direction I did. I had walked past a stack-out of merchandise and as I told the first person there were no signs saying “do not enter or employees only” I was taking the shortest route to the exit which “by-the-way” is common sense. Your management and employees are in serious need of training in “customer relations”. I have always been told if you don’t know about a problem you can’t do anything about it. Well, after being advised to let you know, I’m letting you know. Thanks

  12. As a consumer with a Home Depot Credit Account, I am writing to the Executive team asking you to turn away from the Republican State Legislatures efforts to destroy the right to vote for a few million people in Georgia and other states like Florida and Arizona. What the Georgia Legislature has done is wrong, it’s unAmerican, and borders on criminal. When you deny people the right to accept a water or food(diabetes) while waiting in line as a poor person, the state is acting in a criminal manner. HP needs to step up and demand that the laws be recinded. I need a new Stove and frig, in my home. I can go to Lowe’s or another box store! I was going to get these at HP as I have done in the past. Make a public statement condemning Kemp’s moves to suppress black voters or face a nation wide boycott. Up to U??

  13. I’ve sent the following to the CEO. The delay at this point is totally unacceptable! And as I stated, the problem is caused entirely by the ineptitude of Home Depot, HD employees and contracted shippers.

    Dear Sir, 

    I am furious and my wife is unspeakably mad right now. 

    We ordered cabinets in January. My carport has been filling up as they are delivered. Yesterday after we were told they had all been delivered the contractor tore out all the old cabinets, sink and stove. And they began installation! Only to find out two were damaged in shipment and two were never ordered apparently. Corporate office said yesterday there was nothing they could do to expedite delivery…that would be the responsibility of the ordering store. We’ll they just called. Two of the cabinets will be in around 2 weeks. But even worse 2 are out of stock and will be at least 4 weeks. So we are completely without a kitchen for over a month…our new floor can’t be installed till that’s done…even our bathrooms will be delayed because of this. This is entirely the fault of Home Depot, their employees and their contracted shippers. 

    If you cannot help with this I am turning this complaint over to the Attorney Generals Office. 

    What would you do in our position?

    Rodney Quarles 


  14. We are considering closing our account with Home Depot. The Company does not support the black community, the black community should not support them.

  15. We have always been HD customers. We used your design staff, bought cabinets, counter, sinks and all new appliances for kitchen remodel. We have recommended your service to others in our neighborhood. Our 1940 house is always in need of something, in addition to Spring landscaping, we are now in need of LVF, re placement window and all supplies for basement remodel. We will NOT be purchasing items from Home Depot unless we see direct public opposition to the voter suppression laws recently passed in Georgia. Money talks. Make the legislators hear your voice. Please do not reply with a blah blah we support all people blah blah inclusion blah blah. Address this issue of voter suppression directly and loudly. Address it soon. We want to return to Home Depot.

  16. We purchased a washer, for my mother and father (Annie and Norris Tennent), from your store in Zachary, LA. (6600 Main Street, Zachary, LA 7091) on March 3, 2021. They said that they could not deliver it until March 23, 2021. My wife and I purchased a washer and dryer, from a different vendor and recieved it within four days.

    On March 23, 2021 the store called and said that they could not deliver the appliance due to “bad weather” and they would deliver it on March 29, 2021 (almost a week later?!). Then they called on the evening of March 29, 2021 and said that the delivery driver was “running late” and would deliver the appliance around 7:00 p.m. on the night of March 29, 2021. Well…it is now March 30, 2021 and they got no call last night and no delivery.

    My mother calls the store this morning and talks to several people and finally gets “Gary, the assistant store manager” and he says that she has to wait until some lady gets in at 8:30 am and then speak with her. I call and speak with Gary and he says that he can’t do anything until some lady gets in at 8:30 a.m. I told him that we want our money back and they need to speak with me because my mother is almost 80 years old.

    Then Gary says that they will “Look into it today”? Seriously! Is this how you do business?

    I also told him that I would be on a plane tomorrow to handle, it this did not get resolved today.

    Is this the way that Home Depot does business??? We give you almost three weeks to deliver an appliance and not it is approaching FIVE WEEKS and get no call and no appliance? Wow!

    Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service! Rediculous!


    T.J. Tennent
    Tennent and Associates/The Tyre Guy
    Nashville, Tn

  17. Hello,I’ve decided I’ve waited long enough to hear from Home Depot .I called on Feb.22,2021 and talked to someone there my complaint is as follows.I made a purchase of wooden shutters before Thanksgiving2020.The consultant came out &took measurements order was placed amount was $1980.or pretty close to this I was offered to have the manufacture come &install them which I agreed because I felt Rockwood Company would know what they were doing.Sometime in December Rockwood sent out installer named Jacob to take measurements again.In Later part of January shutters arrived & appt was set up for installation after installation I noticed that too much cocking was used at this time Jacob said this happens with older homes that evening my husband came home &was very upset about how installation job looked excessive caulking The concierge was contacted I sent pictures to Evelyn at Rockwood after 3 weeks no one called me I had to reach out to her &an appointment was made to have someone come out &fix problem Guess what same installer was sent out with another tube of caulking my husband explained to him how poor the work was done He stated that he would get our wooden shutters redone but a couple of days later Evelyn called &said the company decided that they couldn’t do nothing about issue.I’m reaching out to Home Depot because we charged this on credit card &need to have this issue taken care of after all it was not free we’re paying We are very dissatisfied with workmanship &need to get reimbursed if they are getting paid for installation or Home Depot needs to resolve this problem with Rockwood Shutters Hoping I will hear from someone soon on behalf of Home
    Depot. Thanks

  18. I’m an black female who’s a business owner and have spent a good amount of money in your stores. However I will never purchase anything from your stores as long as I live, since you support voter surpression laws. I feel bad that I didn’t read about you sooner. I hope home depot goes bankrupt. You are an morally bankrupt person

  19. My name is Arlene Vinciand I live in a senior citizen development in Stuart, FL. I am a 79 year old widow and I recently purchased new countertops for my kitchen from the Home Depot store in my area. Home Depot contracted my purchase, which was paid in full at that time, out to PlastDesign Products Inc. to remove and haul away my existing countertops and install my new countertops. The appointment to do this was Thursday, March 25th. The workers arrived at my house, which is a mobile home, at about 11:35 am. I was told beforehand to have the existing sink removed and to disconnect the dishwasher, which I did the day before. When the person came in to check out the job he noticed that there were many nails underneath the countertop which made it difficult to remove the counters. He then proceeded to rip a portion of the formica to see just where the nails were. He took a small section of the countertop off with no problem on one side of the kitchen then tried to take the corner of a larger part of the countertop off on the other side and that’s when he ran into some difficulty. He then got on his phone and in his native Spanish was telling and showing his manager the countertop. After a while he hung up and was gathering his tools. I asked him
    If he was leaving and he said he couldn’t do the job because if he damaged my cabinets under the countertops he couldn’t be responsible for new ones. I was never told that if there was a problem they might not be able to do the job. I told him how could he leave me with no sink and water, an open hole where the sink was and the damage he did to my existing countertops. He just said he couldn’t do the job and that I would have to get someone to remove the countertops then they would come back and install the new ones.

    Why would it be my responsibility to get someone to remove my countertops when that was part of the contract for them to do. Here it is 5 days later and I’m still without a sink and water. Whatever dishes, pots and silverware I use I have to wash in my bathroom sink, which is inconvenient to say the least. No one should have to wash dishes, etc. in a bathroom sink.

    Well Home Depot made a deal that I would only have to pay for the countertops and not the labor. That’s all fine with me but why can’t Home Depot supply the people to remove the countertops. I don’t think it’s my responsibility to find someone to do this because that was part of the contract.

    If I don’t get any satisfaction with this situation I will have my son write a very bad review on social media on Home Depot and the people they contract out to. I want you to know how disappointed I am with Home Depot. If I ever have another home improvement project to do in my home I certainly will not trust Home Depot and I will tell everyone I know not to trust them either.

  20. From now on it will be Lowe’s or Menards for my family since Home Depot supports voter suppression in Georgia. Shame on you. ALL voters should be provided as many avenues to express their opinion at the polls as possible.

  21. I have instructed my contractors to avoid all Home Depot stores until Home Depot takes a corporate stand to help force the state of Georgia end voter suppression.

  22. is your company planning on keeping its corp.headquarters in georgia? if so, i and my friends are switching our business to lows.

  23. Voting rights in Georgia! I’m a pro member I’m a woman union electrician I will boycott Home Depot and tell union to do so too.IBEW very powerful!

  24. I rely on Home Depot for all of my gardening and home needs throughout the year. However, as a Georgia based company I will no longer shop at Home Depot until you UNEQUIVOCALLY CONDEMN the new, prejudiced laws designed to suppress the Black vote. They are undemocratic and unAmerican laws and I look forward to your company supporting the right to vote that ALL Americans are guaranteed by the Constitution.

  25. We will not be purchasing any more products from your company until you denounce in the strongest possible terms the recent changes in voting rights in Georgia

  26. I bought all my kitchen cabnits, plus install and delivery over 8 weeks ago and still no cabnits nor does anyone know where they are at. I contacting better business burea and my attorney

  27. Home Depot Execs: Please help Georgians by speaking out and condemning the recent voting restrictions passed by our governor. Please support our democracy, the citizens of the state, by standing up for your customers. We need help and there is overwhelming support that the latest bill is not supported by Georgians. No water shared while we stand in long lines that will obviously be created and forced upon us? Abuse and not “for the people” and our democracy. Money talks and I write to request your help for reversal of these changes, putting pressure on a bill that will hurt and punish Georgians. Help us and I will return the favor and vow to shop Home Depot more- traveling 45 minutes! Exhibit social responsibility for Georgians, please. Talk of boycotts are getting stronger. Georgians are angry. Thank you.

  28. Unless Home Depot takes a stand on the new Georgia laws and a substantial stand I will refuse to shop at Home Depot yes I’m a contractor

  29. I am sorry to say to say but I have a complaint on multiple levels. On 3/27/21 my wife and I visited your Lee’s Summit Mo store we saw a lawn mower priced at 1499 approximately 4pm upon trying to purchase it was found that it was priced wrong rather than honoring the advertised price tried to entice me with we will give you 200 off the price. Then stated that they have had a problem with customers changing their pricing. First of all this is no fault of mine. Second of all I watched the employee check the price of every mower out front every mower was priced correctly except for two. My question is if you have acknowledged this is a problem why didn’t you address it in the morning rather than allow your product to be falsely advertised. Number three why did my wife and I have to walk from one end of the store to the next looking for an associate just to find the proper associate to ask for help? Number four twenty minutes after I left my brother came in and bought a 50 inch toro on what was supposed 24 months 0% financing after all the papers were signed he stopped and said wait this says 6 months 0% this was supposed to be 24 months the promptly said you are going to have to take it up with management he said no what about the sign that you have posted at the front of your store? Oh that expired two weeks ago. MY question is your slogan is “Where Doers get more done”. When do you plan on hiring doers? Because right now I see your staff wasting your customers time and money. About 6 months ago I came in and bought 16 pre-made fence panels 6 foot tall 8 foot long heavy why did I spend an entire hour and a half loading these by myself?

  30. I have a complaint on home Depot in St cloud Florida I am a plumbing contractor and what I’d like to speak to somebody about a situation that happened to me

  31. Have been trying to order 12′ clear Palruf roofing panels for months now. Could you please let me know if they will ever be back in stock. Thank you.

  32. I agree with Anonymous on March 28, 2021 about Home Depot’s failure to stand against the Georgia State Legislature’s new voting laws. We had 3 vote counts for the 2020 election that proved there was little to no fraud in our system. One could say they are pandering to the former guy in the White House. I will put a hold on making purchases from Home Depot until they show their support the the people they serve. I have made many purchases since moving to Georgia and hope I can resume one day soon.

  33. I want to let the board know I just made my last purchase for your Home Depot retail store. I will direct any future purchases elsewhere. I will do this until your corporate headquarters speaks out against the recent voting law changes made the the Georgia State Legislature.

  34. I spend millions of dollars with your company.
    My corporation will not do business with your company anymore until you stand up for voting rights IN GEORGIA!!!!! If you are a good corporate citizen and a US corporation that cares about racial justice..THEN STAND AGAINST VOTER LAWS IN GEORGIA!!!

  35. Expecting to hear Home Depot take a very vocal stand against Georgia voter suppression legislation. Here in Canada we expect corporate citizens to stand up and be counted. Not shopping at Home Depot until I hear your company speak up loudly. Shame that you have not already. You know this affects your employees and customers

  36. I purchased custom made Doors for my linen closet in November 2020. They are still not installed.. every time they say they’re going to install them, I get a phone call with another excuse about the installer. I understand the back up because of the coronavirus.
    This is getting ridiculous. Home Depot install the other doors for me and I did not have a good experience then. The doors kept coming in damaged.
    I am sorry that I gave HOME DEPOT another chance
    Please help me and I really think that I should get my money back for the doors. I need to have them installed.

  37. Today I paid off my HD credit card in full. I will do all my building material shopping at other stores unless and until HD actively works for repeal of the new GA voter suppression law. I have been a Realtor, Landlord and Renovator for 30+ years. I will cancel my credit card if you do not act as requested in the next 2 months.

  38. Why is Home Depot still headquartered in GA? And did not work to defeat GA law on suppressing voting rights? Shame on Home Depot CEO, management and Board. Do the right thing!!

  39. Rapid Install promotion is the a textbook case of false advertising and an absolute misrepresentation to the public.

  40. I implore Home Depit to condemn the latest action by Republicans to suppress the votes of minorities in GA and other states. Only by showing your disgust for these action by withdrawing your corporate dollars, and openly condemning Republicans latest efforts to destroy voters rights, will they stop. Elections must be fair and open to all Americans. We should be making it easier to vote NOT more difficult. Margaret Evans

  41. I will not buy at Home Depot again until Georgia rescinds its new Jim Crow voting laws.

  42. I ordered kitchen cabinets from local home depot in my area, the cabinets were installed. After installation, realized that the pantry was missing a cabinet. I called customer service and I was told that I had to make my own shelf because the store did not have in stock. They did say that I could return the pantry but the cabinets are already installed too much to pull them apart just to return the pantry. I only need the one shelf that was missing.

  43. I will no longer use Home Depot until the State of Georgia repeals its new voter law. Stand up for what is right!

  44. I am disgusted and appalled at the Governor of Georgia’s law restricting voter participation. I expect HomeDeport to denounce this undemocratic action and support the workers and customers of this industry.

  45. Mr Menear,
    I live in Exeter NH. I am shocked by the vote in Georgia in regard to voting rights. This is your home base. Just spent over $200 at Home Depot. I will spend the rest of money on Spring supplies and more at Lowe’s until the Georgia decision is revoked. How can you continue to do business in a state that clearly is prejudiced.

  46. I have noticed in the past year, the amount of people that bring their dogs into Home Depot in Carrollton Ga.
    I do not think that it should be ok to bring animals into a store, unless they are legal service animals.
    My family and I were at Home Depot last weekend and there were two people with large dogs in the store.
    One was a young German shepard. It was with a family with two young children, a mother and father.
    The other dog was with a man and it was a Labradore.
    We saw them at differnt times in the store and then we heard them fighting. You could hear it all over the store and it went on for a minute. There were a lot of people in this store and alot of children, including my three
    grandchildren, who were very upset by this whole thing.
    I think that it is very dangerous to have dogs inside the store. I hope that Home Depot will make it a rule that no animals ,except service animals are allowed inside the store.

  47. I’m a disable veteran. I lost one of my hearing aid in home depot , in the Pooler , Georgia store. One of the employee found it and turn it in . when I went back to inquire about. They told me they probably threw it away because it been over a week
    and they can’t find it. I would appreciate you looking into matter for me. Thank you

  48. Dear Sir,
    I was shopping in store # 4007, Portland, Oregon and was disgusted how poorly it looked. The floors had not
    been swept, merchandise was left all over the dept and store, clutter was every where. It definitely needs some Love and someone who is dialed in, on top of store merchandising and practices Clean! Clean! Clean!.
    The once poorly merchandised, low morale and dirty
    looking Lowes store in the nearby Hayden Meadows, Portland, Oregon area has improved 100% while HD store#4007 looks like a combat zone.

  49. We are disappointed and angry at your waffling position on voting rights in Georgia. The Georgia Legislature’s attack on voting procedures is nothing short of a revival of Jim Crow and an attempt to subvert the rights of people of color. The fact that you came out against the legislature and then stepped back from that position proves to us that you are in favor of Jim Crow and all it stands for. We can’t support that position. We have spent about $50,000 in your stores in the last year and a half as we renovated 2 houses. We will no longer buy products from the Home Depot if you continue to “sort of” support the side of racial justice in this fight against Jim Crow. It’s all or nothing in our view. Furthermore, we intend to convey our position to our family and friends many of whom are in the construction industry and encourage them to boycott your stores as we intend to do.

  50. Went to Home Depot to check on buying a New Refrigerator . Got No help , young lady at Kitchen section sat on her butt and never offered to help . I sent Email to Craig Menear , Waste 15 to 20 trip there and another 15to 20 minute trip back for no help ! I respect the Owner and try and support Home Depot , but Customer service is as poor as I have ever seen anywhere ! I guess I’ll be buying my appliances / Refrigerator else where , Not begging for help to spend my hard earned money !
    Home Depot needs to , Hang a sign out side in Front .
    ” Saying if you Expect Customer Service or even any help finding a item or info about a item , Please go elsewhere. Its Not In Our Job Description

  51. Dear Mr. Menear,
    I saw on the news that Home Depot has decided to straddle the fence on a stand for voters rights! Therefore, my family, friends and myself will no longer shop at your stores! We have spent a lot of money at your stores but we will all take our dollars to stores that uphold our values.

  52. I will not be buying from home depot since you do not oppose voter suppression bills