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Starbucks Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
2401 Utah Avenue South
Seattle, WA
Company Contact
Howard Schultz
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(206) 447-1575
Fax Number
(206) 682-7570
Twitter IDs

What is Starbucks’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Starbucks’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-206-447-1575.


What is Starbucks’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Starbucks’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-782-7282.


What is Starbucks’ Headquarters Address?

Starbucks’ Corporate Office mail address is:

  • Starbucks Headquarters
  • 2401 Utah S. Seattle, WA 98134
  • USA


How do I Contact Starbucks Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Starbucks via:

Starbucks Email Address: Starbucks customer suppor email address is [email protected]. You can also use the Feedback Email Form to ask a question.

Starbucks’ Contact Us customer service page can be found here.


Contact Starbucks on Social Media:

Starbucks Twitter Help: @starbuckshelp or @Starbucks

Starbucks on Facebook:

Starbucks Headquarters Executive Team.

Starbucks’s management team consists of:

Howard Schultz
executive chairman

Kevin Johnson
president and chief executive officer

Andy Adams
senior vice president, Store Development

Luigi Bonini
senior vice president, Global Product Innovation

Rosalind (Roz) Brewer
chief operating officer and group president

Brady Brewer
chief operating officer, Starbucks Japan

Martin Brok
president, Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa

Michelle Burns
senior vice president, Global Coffee & Tea

Cliff Burrows
group president, Siren Retail

Chris Carr
executive vice president, chief procurement officer

Rajiv Chandrasekaran
senior vice president, Public Affairs

Michael Conway
executive vice president, president, Starbucks Canada

John Culver
group president, International, Channel Development and Global Coffee & Tea

George Dowdie
senior vice president, Global Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory

Jason Dunlop
senior vice president and chief operating officer, Starbucks EMEA

Kris Engskov
executive vice president and general manager, Business Integration

Chris Fallon
senior vice president, Business Technology

Tom Ferguson
divisional senior vice president, West Division

Leanne Fremar
senior vice president, executive creative director

Mark Fordham
senior vice president and deputy general counsel, Law & Corporate Affairs

Sumitro Ghosh
chief executive officer, Tata Starbucks Private Ltd

Rachel Gonzalez
executive vice president general counsel and secretary

Pam Greer
senior vice president, Global Strategy, Insights and Analytics

Beto Guajardo
senior vice president, Global Strategy

Lucy Lee Helm
executive vice president, chief partner officer

Aimee Johnson
senior vice president, Customer Relationship Management

Scott Keller
senior vice president, Store Development & Design

John Kelly
senior vice president, Global Public Affairs & Social Impact

Sena Kwawu
senior vice president, Supply Chain Finance and Shared Services

Janet Landers
senior vice president, Business Technology

Angela Lis
senior vice president, Partner Resources, Global Retail

Gerri Martin-Flickinger
executive vice president, chief technology officer

Tony Matta
president, Global Channel Development

Scott Maw
executive vice president, chief financial officer

Bill McNichols
senior vice president, Corporate Development and Business Alliances

Hans Melotte
executive vice president, Global Supply Chain

Takafumi Minaguchi
chief executive officer, Starbucks Japan

Carl Mount
senior vice president, Logistics & U.S. Retail Supply Chain

Liz Muller
senior vice president, chief design officer

Paul Mutty
senior vice president, deputy general counsel, Law & Corporate Affairs

Denise Nelsen
senior vice president, Operations Services and U.S. Alignment

Mark Ring
senior vice president, U.S Licensed Stores and Latin America

Rachel Ruggeri
senior vice president, Finance, Global Retail

Matthew Ryan
executive vice president, chief marketing officer

Tal Saraf
senior vice president, Engineering & Architecture, Starbucks Technology

Katie Seawell
senior vice president, Siren Retail Operations

Maria Sebastian
senior vice president Brand, Starbucks Europe, Middle East and Africa

Zeta Smith
divisional senior vice president, East Division

Sandra Stark
senior vice president, U.S. Beverage Category and Global Innovation

Matthew Swaya
senior vice president, chief ethics and compliance officer, Law & Corporate Affairs

Richard Tait
senior vice president, entrepreneur in residence

Sara Trilling
senior vice president and president, Starbucks Asia Pacific

Leo Tsoi
chief operating officer, Starbucks China

Vivek Varma
executive vice president, Public Affairs

Ash Walia
senior vice president, Corporate Finance

Jeff Wile
senior vice president, Retail and Core Technology Services

Rossann Williams
executive vice president, president, U.S. Retail

Belinda Wong
chief executive officer, Starbucks China


Starbucks Board of Directors.

Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer, Starbucks

William W. Bradley, managing director, Allen & Company LLC

Rosalind Brewer, president and ceo, Sam’s Club, and executive vice president of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Mary N. Dillon, chief executive officer, Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrances, Inc.

Robert M. Gates, former Secretary of Defense

Mellody Hobson, president and director, Ariel Investments, LLC

Kevin R. Johnson, president, chief operating officer, Starbucks

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, executive chairman, LEGO Brand Group

Satya Nadella, chief executive officer, Microsoft

Joshua Cooper Ramo, co-ceo and vice chairman, Kissinger Associates

Clara Shih, chief executive officer, Hearsay Systems, Inc.

Javier G. Teruel, retired vice chairman, Colgate-Palmolive Company

Myron E. Ullman, III, retired executive chairman and ceo, J.C. Penney Company, Inc.

Craig E. Weatherup, retired chief executive officer, Pepsi-Cola Company


DISCLAIMER: Names, phone numbers and email addresses are for informational purposes only and are up-dated periodically. If you detect any errors, then please let us know.

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35 Reviews and Complaints for Starbucks Headquarters

  1. Why is it everytime I get a decaf mocha Frappuccino it taste different , looks different. For the money you pay for these drinks they should taste the same each time. I’m tired of waiting on line getting it only to have to turn back around to complain. This is ridiculous.

  2. Starbucks stores near me are no longer selling coffee beans. They want me to drive to other towns in the hope they will have beans.
    Are you trying to lose my business?

  3. Mr. Schultz’s verbal attacks on the people who earn him a paycheck were disgusting enough. However, hiring a Pinkerton is sinking to a new low. Stop terrorizing your employees.


  5. We are a twice a day customers at the Lakeside Omaha location for many years & have heard many complaints about several managers including the one in place presently;is choosing a worker friendly one that hard?

  6. Howard Schultz so you think the issue plaguing your stores is due to democratic mayors and city councils?? Hello YOUR Republican President Ronald Reagan opened the flood gates when he kicked out all our servicemen in VA hospitals who were diagnosed with multiple issues. Reagan started the Issue years ago … don’t blame the dems!!
    Another reason to boycott Starbucks!!

  7. After years of bombarding neighborhoods across the country, establishing Starbucks across the street of independent coffee shops, driving them out of business and setting up on every corner, you sell out to Nestle, resulting in a once good product turning very inferior. I first noticed the difference in your French roast coffee pods, then your americanos – iced and hot .

    I’m sure you realized a high financial gain but, you have decimated your reputation. I think the real reason for this move is that other roasters have established themselves (think Mostra – coffee roaster of the year 2020 -and Better Buzz) and discerning coffee drinkers have gone over to them, myself included, and will no longer be a Starbucks customer. This is a perfect example of corporate greed that turned around and bit you in the ass, causing you to shut down many of your shops.

  8. I have been a Starbucks customer for years, frequenting Manhattan stores, especially in the Columbus Circle area, where I have worked for years. I refuse to go to a Starbucks store to purchase my coffee if Mr Schultz refuses to recognize or negotiate with the fairly elected unions in his stores. He is violating labor law, and lying about the impact on customers. I am a long term customer, and I want to see the workers in his stores treated well, with safe working conditions and good pay. I have worked in union-represented places, and unions do not impede good service to customers. They do the opposite. I have urges all my friends and family to also refuse to buy at Starbucks until Mr. Schultz changes his attitude..I am disgusted by the statements he has made about unions. It shows his disregard for those who have made his business successful. Shame on him!
    Lisa Bilander-Gray

  9. How dare your CEO Howard Schultz openly target union positive employees. I rarely go to Starbucks but until they are all unionized I will never go back.

  10. I can NEVER get my emails to actually SEND to Corporate !??? Extremely frustrating.

    Coffee is sometimes wonderful.Usually less than mediocre. Been drinking Starbucks daily for decades??!!
    Consistency is a dream.

  11. Tik Tok, Tik Tok : Entitled, unoriginal, 5th place trophy winners are the staff Starbucks employs to serve your coffee. How do I know: because I read news article about Starbuck’s employees shaming customers all the time. What petulant little antifa brats Starbuck’s supports. They prefer worms that think tik tok will make them famous by degrading your customers, than their own customers.
    This nasty group of irrelevance Starbuck;s thinks is so darling, is actually the reason I and many others Won’t go to Starbucks to be get pitiful service. Most are tired of your rainbows, and nose pierces, haughty impatient baristas, expensive inconsistent drinks.

  12. Terrible coffee frap. All slush and ice. Henderson NV. Store 29260. What is happening with your drinks?

  13. I went to Starbucks this morning I wanted to redeem my points I have 130 they first told me I only have 25 then they told I can’t use them until I have 150 points so I leave and pay with my app it’s double points day and I didn’t receive any points . I’m not happy with the incompetence and rudeness of those people working there today I also want the points from my visit today.

  14. I have been going to the Starbucks on Highway 72 & Jeff Road Huntsville Alabama every morning for the last month. And half The espresso machine I am told every time I ask for an Espresso that the machine is not working & they are waiting on another.

  15. Good evening Office of Starbucks headquarters. I am writing this complaint for store #1445 being last stop from 4 different locations with all these Starbucks being close upon arrival. I arrived at the Starbucks#1445 and the young lady said we’re closed. I in return say it’s 7:25, she walked behind the counter and continue to say we’re closed, I said well the website states you close at 8pm, at that point she asked what are you having? I said a White Mocha. Her response was the espresso machine is cleaning, I said a whole 35 minutes early she said we’re close and I’m cleaning. This type of customer service is unacceptable especially to a loyal customer such as my self, I have never experienced any type of services such as this from any other Starbucks location.

  16. Opportunities
    I Notice a decline in baristas attention to orders, and enthusiasm for customer satisfaction.
    I reported back in January a ridiculous time I waited in a drivethru in Katy Tx. Im not talking 5 min, it was 30min…Customer service was contacted and said they were sorry to hear and would send me a 10giftcard. I never received any giftcard, nor was 10 dollars anything i couldn’t live without.
    I spend like many americans a good amount on coffee drinks at Starbucks, however notice the service is declining nationally as far as the drink order or the baristers attention to customers. For example placing mobile orders to expedit, often when i arrive several of employees are just wandering back and forth talking and not acknowledging your presence or arrival. I have found myself getting into a line, which defeats the mobile order pickup option.
    Kevin Johnson will be notified additionally. An overhaul on ordering assigning and customer focus needs a revamp. Americans are paying on average 5dollars an order, this is close to what someone gets at happy hour, served quickly and usually by happy barmates. I am a leader in the healthcare industry, customer service makes or breaks our business starbucks is no different. Its time to do a lean six sigma overhaul on the services at Starbucks with attention to specialty drink orders, excessive wait times and friendliness. Review the team’s assigned roles and expedit the outcomes!

  17. I understand that you are discontinuing peppermint syrup, which in my opinion is a huge seller. You will lose me and a million others as customers. Is there a specific reason that you would discontinue a favorite?

  18. I guess I am at a point where I am experiencing sticker shock with increased pricing.
    It is not because I have a problem in paying for my drinks , it is turning me off as a customer as it appears the price increases you impose are not congruent with the same or less than service and the same drinks I like to order.
    1. Vente mocha frap
    2 Venti Hot Chocolate
    I am slowly defying away from being a customer as I am most shocked at the price increases
    Your store personnel have no idea about pricing as they simply charge what the corporate pricing is imputed
    Getting a bit too pricey for my drinks

  19. Loud music at park lane shops Dallas, Texas. I tried to use my ear phone and I can still hear your speaker is playing loud music. There should be a mechanism that the staff can control the volume. I just felt that I was in a club while I stayed there. I have been a customer since 1997 and it’s very frustrating.

  20. I was gifted a 4 pack of gift cards a few months back. I’ve tried to use them on numerous occasions and have been unsuccessful. Today I spoke with someone and learned that 3 of the 4 did in fact go through for the transactions AND I had to pay out of pocket for those transactions- and have bank statements to back those up. I’m literally fed up with going back and forth with “corporate”. I would like to know where to go from here because i still technically have $40 worth of gift cards because every time I’ve tried to use them, they don’t work! Yet, and here’s the catch- some have been used! I’m beyond irritated with the run around I’ve been getting and hope to get somewhere by writing this here.

  21. Annoyed….

    Today I ordered the new strawberry funnel cake Frappuccino and the caramel Frappuccino and they were both terrible. So disappointing. My husband loves the caramel one and it was absolutely watery had no flavor just plain milk..the strawberry one was definitely a joke. It was also extremely tasteless.  Milk and a little bit of syrup.  The company really needs to train there workers. They don’t know how to make those Frappuccinos. Is just annoying when you crave one and is just nasty. So far the Starbucks here in yonkers are all in need of training,  plus the one inside the target in white plains that one is the worst. Is a shame that no matter which one I go. I can never get a perfect Frappuccino. There not cheap. But, I guess I just need to stop going. Is just not worth the aggravation.


    Rosalie Ramos

  22. The problem I have is Starbucks pushing for an agenda of wokeness that is contrary to any and all factual situations. Your perception is entirely unwarranted and deserves to be commented on and action taken. Therefore I will not be purchasing ANYTHING from your business. I hope there will be many more that follow my example!

  23. hi! hello there! i was an “EX-COLLEAGUE” in one of your corporate stores, and i was fired for a mis- understanding that i was accused of “stealing” the ONLY reason i found out about this was cause i ‘ STARTED WORKING AT YOUR CORPORATE STORES again!” and when i was about to get HIRED not ONCE BUT 4 TIMES ALREADY !  they told me my situation, what “THAT SO CALLED MANAGER  DID TO ME ” and when she fired me she let me know she was just letting me go “FOR GIVING -OUT A DISCOUNT ”  and she left  the “STEALING” PART out of the story, i was really YOUNG when i worked at your corporate stores and that was my first job ! i been wanting an EXPLANATION WAT she did to me .. on my RECORD ! i been working at FRANCHISE STORE! and there are the ones who hype me up to message YOU GUYS ! i told them my situation ! its been 11 years i havent worked at your CORPORATE STORES ! and  i was PROMISED that i would be hired after 6 months and i NEVER WENT BACK ! i started working at different places! …. i REALLY WOULD LOVE TO GET ANOTHER CHANCE ! ….. THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ THIS!

  24. I called customer service regarding a hold on my account he said he would address in 48 hours called back after 3 day initial request never had to repeat entire process again

  25. Have Starbucks considered adding supercharging station. For electric cars? I think it would be a wise investment.

  26. I am very disappointed I just lost some of my reward points. I had no idea they even expired. And it has been hard to use them this past year.

  27. Im going to start here and see what comes of this I was going to email Kevin CEO instead-but being corporate I will Start a little lower with my complaint. I have in the past reached out to Starbucks because of an incident where my disabled Veteran dad was treated horribly, NOT OK. This time its personal I have been going to Starbucks on an everyday basis for almost 2 years my individual coffee runs anywhere from $7.50 on up sometimes I buy for other people or go more than once a day on average i spend roughly $4000 a year on coffee in a small town in Montana. In a large city probably no big deal which no matter economy every customer should count equally. Even when I was in a very nasty car wreck I still went to Starbucks that day. Let me tell you I m dedicated. I live about 20 mins each way and go through a mountain pass even in the snow to go. S here is my complaint I have become quite addicted to your Carmel crunch topping with the red lid. I ask for a lot of extra crunchies is what I call them and a side cup full. I am willing to pay whatever they are literally my food for the day crazy I know. At first everyone was very accommodating but as of late they make me feel like I’m trying to buy something illegal. My main store stopped giving them to me completely so I ONLY GO when I have to now. I get inventory and making them stretch till your truck comes on Thursdays but as a store manager or whoever orders order extra, I have been coming every day for two years. I pay extra so it should even out cost-wise. The way I have been treated by your Safeway Store and your Prospect store in Helena Mt is ridiculous. Whatever happened to making the customer happy. At one point all I had to say is I need Denise’s drink and everyone knew exactly what that was and my mom’s too. Now I barely go to that store. The point being is every customer should count and I am not asking for anything for free, so what is the deal. Obviously, if I’m here writing to you there is a problem. For one I should not be embarrassed because I ask for something out of the ordinary when its a simple request. If i could I would have a bottle of your crunch topping a day. So I’m sure you get my point by now its a very simple request from a paying customer.My second complaint is store hours all the stores close pretty early there is nowhere even on weekends for someone to go have coffee. But most of all here lately it seems that the hours are always changing and when I google what location is open and i go there right before close…..NOT OPEN sometimes I go to town just for coffee. Again I know I’m only one customer but Starbucks was built to be a mega-franchise one customer at a time. Without solid customer service and open hours of service don’t see why people would continue to go and being COVID and all that I still take hard to come by money and spend it with your company you should be grateful because there are a lot of businesses not open right now because there was no money to stay open, I Appreciate your time for reading this I won’t go on anymore hopefully you can see this from the my point of view.

  28. Please discontinue using plastic cups in your K – Cups. Removing the coffee & filter from tbe plastic casing, and washing plastic the cup out is too laborious for recycling. I’ll be switching brands until Starbucks becomes ore environmentally responsible. I’ll buy if you change. Thank you.

  29. starbucks, if you want to give free coffee the the front line employee, don’t give cheap stuff, don’t ever post on any news, because starbucks id xxxx just give to the dog drink ok.

  30. Complaint Starbucks el Norte store Sunday 5:45 pm. Ordered online. Got to store in 5 min. Building closed and 20 cars in line. Lost my business and my money… said they were short staffed so hd to lock up. Why were they continuing to take mobile orders?? . Totally understand if they are shortstaffed but they need to put some kind of block on so that we don’t get the short stick which we all did there was many people that were very upset$6.50 does matter to me

  31. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  32. They need to put some more resources in to their customer service department. My problem was easy to fix but its too hard and takes too long to get though on the customer support phone number.

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