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Microsoft Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Zune, MSN, Bing
Corporate Address
1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA
Company Contact
Satya Nadella
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(425) 882-8080
Fax Number
(425) 936-7329
Twitter IDs


What is Microsoft’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Microsoft’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-425-882-8080.

For the Microsoft Headquarters Visitor Center, call: 1-425-703-6214.


What is Microsoft’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Microsoft’s Customer Tech Support phone number is (USA): 1-800-642-7676.

Microsoft Product Support phone number (USA): 1-800-936-5700.

MSN Customer Service Phone Number (USA): 1-800-386-5550.

Microsoft Canada Customer Service Phone Number: +1-877-568-2495.

Microsoft United Kingdom Customer Service Phone Number: +44-344-800-2400.

Microsoft Mexico Customer Service Phone Number: +1-52-55-47772929 or +1-800-123-3353.

Microsoft India Customer Service Phone Number: +91-1-800-11-1100 or +91-1-800-102-1100.


How do I Contact Microsoft Customer Support?

Call the listed numbers or visit the Microsoft’ Contact Us page here.


Contact Microsoft on Social Media:

Microsoft on Twitter: @MicrosoftHelps

Microsoft on Facebook:

Microsoft Heaquarters Executive Team.

The Microsoft management team consists of:

  • Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Officer
  • Judson Althoff – Executive Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Business
  • Chris Capossela – Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Marketing and Consumer Business
  • Jean-Philippe Courtois – Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations
  • Kurt DelBene – Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Core Services Engineering and Operations
  • Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + AI Group
  • Kathleen Hogan – Executive Vice President, Human Resources
  • Amy Hood – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Rajesh Jha – Executive Vice President, Experiences and Devices
  • Peggy Johnson – Executive Vice President, Business Development
  • Terry Myerson – Executive Vice President
  • Kevin Scott – Chief Technology Officer
  • Harry Shum – Executive Vice President, Artificial Intelligence and Research Group
  • Brad Smith – President and Chief Legal Officer
  • Phil Spencer – Executive Vice President, Gaming
  • Jeff Weiner – CEO of LinkedIn

Microsoft Board of Directors.

  • John W. Thompson – Chairman
  • Bill Gates – Founder and Technology Advisor
  • Reid Hoffman – Partner at Greylock Partners
  • Hugh Johnston – Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer, PepsiCo
  • Teri L. List-Stoll – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Gap, Inc.
  • Satya Nadella – Chief Executive Officer
  • Charles H. Noski – Former Vice Chairman, Bank of America Corporation
  • Dr. Helmut Panke – Former Chairman of the Board of Management, BMW AG
  • Sandra E. Peterson – Group Worldwide Chairman, Johnson & Johnson
  • Penny Pritzker – Founder and Chairman, PSP Partners
  • Charles W. Scharf – Chief Executive Officer, The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation
  • Arne Sorenson – President and CEO, Marriott International, Inc.
  • John W. Stanton – Chairman, Trilogy Equity Partners
  • Padmasree WarriorCEO and Chief Development Officer, NIO USA, Inc.

Microsoft Brands include MSN, Outlook, Xbox, LinkedIn, Yahoo Bing, Skype and Windows.

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62 thoughts on “Microsoft Headquarters

  1. I have a complaint about your customer service. I think there is definite room for improvement. I had to wait a long time on old to get through on the customer support phone number.

    1. I called,never identified as Microsoft just leave a message. Then they wanted me to get $2500 8,giftcards to get a ck for $ 3000. Contacted the BBB, my attorney, law enforcement my bank. This was such a scam life a fool almost for it.

  2. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  3. I have repeatedly tried to contact your company to cancel a re-occuring xbox charge on my credit card. My son does not recall his user id and password and no longer even owns the xbox. I have not had any success therefore needed to file a charge back on my credit card. Please contact me back asap to resolve this issue.

  4. I am disappointed that I’m not able to reach tech support for OneDrive back up issues. I pay for your product and should be treated properly as a paying customer. Email takes twice as long to convey the problem and solution.
    Please call me at: 862-686-xxxx

  5. I’m sorry to say the Microsoft Customer Service function is inexcusably horrible. It’s like putting plastic tires on a Ferrari. The people answering Customer Service calls are extremely robotic, largely unable to resolve issues presented to them, and have difficulty speaking English.

    Like many other Microsoft customers, I was double billed for a Microsoft 365 subscription and would not have known about it if I had not closely checked my bank statement. From the thousands of online posts I see for this same problem, it is bordering on criminality that Microsoft does not monitor the purchase transactions of its products and refund these billing errors. Instead, it appears Microsoft just happily ignores such problems and pockets a nice (illegal) revenue stream.

    It must be nice to have such a controlling monopoly that Microsoft can do anything it wants, whether unethical, illegal, or just a malignant lack of oversight and caring.

    Very, very sad.

  6. Can’t get a human on the line. Took my money but did not give me the product and refused my refund when i requested it. Unacceptable.

  7. I need assistance now please! 365 technical problem, I have not been able to create documents in 365 for 6 days! An expert is never available. I need a solution today. The rep is difficult to understand, rude and dropped the call. No one calls back.

  8. Office 365 has not worked for 6 days. I have not been able to get help only receptionist-like information. Reps are rude and dropped the call. No one calls back. Support 24/7 is a slogan not proven as a Microsoft practice.

  9. I purchased a Microsoft Surface Go on 03/19/2021 in Boca Raton, Florida. I purchased a complete full warranty to extend it for two years.

    The complete warranty ends on Friday, 03/19/2021.

    I purchased on Monday, 03/01/2021 an Assure Software
    Support for $99.00 for Software Support only, order # 1481936072.

    I am not able for Microsoft to tell me when the Assure
    Software Support Contract begins. It should start on Saturday, 03/20/2021. I have made several calls & keep getting transferred to other Microsoft Departments with
    & telling me that the purchase doesn’t show the beginning date when the Tech Support begins.

    The purchase invoice says that I will be billed automatically to renew the Tech Support for the $99.00
    for the next year March 1st.

    If the Software Support does not begin on Saturday, 03/20/2021, I will cancel the Contract & ask for a refund.

    I will then purchase the Assure Software Support Contract on Saturday, 03/20/2021. The reason for requesting the date when the contract begins, will be paying again for tech support that expires on Friday, 03/19/2021.

    I do not want this complaint published on Microsoft Website.

    I will await the response of my complaint.

    Mark Wizansky

  10. i would never use something that is trying to be forced down my throat like EDGE. You wont let me uninstall it and keep annoying me with the app. Sooooo, that makes you a jerk. I would go without the internet b4 i would use your browser.

  11. I’m passed frustrated because I purchased a xbox live card on 02/05/2021at a Walgreens location. However, the printout of the receipts is readable and I’ve gone back back and forth with Walgreens with this inconvenience. Only to have spoken to three different people (Dianne, Belen, and Vergel M) for this matter not to be resolved. I no longer have the card because Walgreens has the print out of the code. I don’t have $24.99 to just throw away. It would be really nice if someone is able to follow up with me in regards to this matter. Thanks

  12. Why do I spend almost $1000 on a computer and I get a error code screen every 2 months. There r people that run businesses and have to home school kids because of the pandemic and I cant do those things because you send me a update and it destroys my computer for the next 2 days.

  13. Case # 1019279896 did the verification with your tech folk Microsoft locked my account open it so I can reset my password

  14. I am thinking about filing a civil suit due to Microsoft stall tactics in this reset process

    1. I think we should start a class action law suit against this company. I have been trying to turn off the auto pay for 2 years with no success. Now the account is locked. And I can do nothing they have been sterling my money for many years and still have not been able to use the program

  15. I think your company riped me off of $134 annual fee for technical support. I used to be able to talk to a live person he/she would take control of my comuter and fix the issue. Now everything is go to website and figure it out. Hell I’m 80 years old do you think I could figure it out. Where in the hell can I find a person to talk to to fix my word issue

  16. I have been trying to use my account for 2 years because it would not except passwords and phone numbers. As everything is on line I have now successfully lock the account you have a terrible setup. No one to help or at least no one you can understand. You are the devil for sure you take my money every year and I have no product to use can’t use it it because my password don’t work and then you ask for numbers I no longer have so you locked me out you are an evil corupt company

  17. My account is being charged ridiculous amounts of money DAILY. Same thing happened with my stepfather and my fiancé. This is a common thing as I’m seeing from talking to people and I want all my money refunded. I’m tempted to contact someone about this! My stepdad was charged up to 1,000, I wasn’t paying attention and I will be contacting my bank to add up all these charges. I’ll pay for my sons Xbox live and that is it! That is all we signed up for. Scam

  18. Thank you to Microsoft for signing the Joint Statement on Protecting Voting Access!
    As a customer, I am glad to know that Microsoft leadership is standing up for democracy. I believe all people are created equal and ALL have the right to vote. I am frustrated with the way the members of the Republican party seem to be working only for their own personal gain and interests, rather than for the interests of the majority of Americans. I think the fact that one party has the ability to constantly hold the entire legislative process hostage and prevent policies that most citizens support from being enacted is just wrong. And the fact that they are now focusing on limiting citizens’ right to make their voices heard in order to get their own way is incredibly disturbing. 
    Keep up the good work – stand strong for EVERYONE’S right to vote!
    Dana Jacobson
    Bellevue, WA
    PS – it would be so great if you’d also take a firm stand for gun control; it’s ridiculous that we continue to deal with so many shootings – especially mass shootings – in this supposedly rich, developed, first-world country.

  19. What a scam!!! Microsoft is now too important to even answer phone calls??? R U KIDDING ME??? What kind of service do you offer your customers? Oh wait, I can answer that NONE! Where the hell do you get off not providing customer service. Dont tell me you have a ‘Chat’ for service thats absolute garbage.

  20. My Windows Live Mail account does not receive my incoming mail anymore. The page is completely blank, I wish to restore my acct. Can someone there walk me through what I need to do please???? Note: My Windows Live Mail has a different email address.

  21. I have been trying to get in touch with a technician with no avail, I built a computer just for your flight simulator and every time you have an update something goes wrong no I can’t even download the game because it gives me error 0x80070424 can someone please call justify this 347-490-xxxx

  22. I bought a Wireless Keyboard 3050 which malfunctioned after a few months. Microsoft agreed to replace it but only had a lower-end 900 available which is too small and not the same at the 3050. I’m not happy and would appreciate escalating to senior person for resolution. I’ve expended several hours trying to resolve this warranty issue. PLEASE help. Thanks

  23. You automatically withdraw $99.99 out of my account this middle of the night and you overdrive to my bank account by $38 I did not ask for a note 4 automatic payment taken out actually I told you when I got it not to take out the $99 until I needed it so now you need to put that money back into my bank account and pay the $38 overdraft fee

  24. Hi, I received my series x back from the repair place for the 2nd time on Saturday may 22. It powers up and everything just fine, but whenever I try playing a game, it shuts off. So, I talked to a game expert via chat, he gave me all the steps I could try to resolve the issue, to no avail, it still shut off on me. I then called customer support, who I talked to a male who couldn’t help me out one bit, worst customer service rep I’ve ever encountered. Monday may 24th, I called again, got another gentleman, who seemed to know how to help, he put me on hold for 42 minutes, and then hung up, no return call or anything. So I called again this morning, may 25th, I got a female caller this time, she was helpful, she said she had to wait for someone to contact her within the hr, and I should expect a call. It has been almost a full day now, no call. Idk if this is a game to you, Microsoft or not, but I spent my hard earned money on a great piece of your technology, I’ve had it “allegedly repaired” twice, and it’s still not fixed, and all I seem to be doing is being jerked around and severely inconvenienced. Now I come to you, the corporate office, because if anytjing can be done, it’s through you all. Please help me with my problem. Thank you.

  25. Microsoft screwed up my DELL laptop and will not man up to replacing it. How do I go about fixing this?

  26. I have an EMERGENCY!!!!! I am an attorney and one of your represents wrongfully REMOVED office suite from my computer!!!!

  27. I called & said I wanted a domain, but it is licensed and didn’t understand that not everyone could use it. I was helping the company from home & talked to 4 PEOPLE FOR 4 HOURS! I finally hung up. The 3rd person gave me case # 1524256707. The salesperson changed what I was telling him & said tech support could help! Albert gave me the purchase + & wS great. Again changed to 855-270-xxxx. JEA asked me how I could help! She wouldn’t let me talk to the supervisor or the case no. & wanted to know the story! I about crawled out of my skin! This is only $5.33. I don’t have high blood pressure but today to an exception. I want the BUSINESS MICO CANCALLED! I still am keeping my person account since I have had it for 3 to 4 years! I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  28. Mr. Bill, tried to reach you. The best I could. I don’t have enough money. My best to your wife and yo.

  29. I have a great concern. I was on an online chat support for approximately an hour and twenty minutes with a customer service representative with a very simple problem. She spent more than an hour remotely working on my computer. I am extremely uncomfortable with this. I finally gave up and told her I needed to end the call. I found an article online which provided me with directions and I was able to resolve the problem myself within 15 minutes. She looked at a lot of my internal system files, and even went to the terminal area of my computer and asked me to enter my password, which I did. I felt this was too invasive and unnecessary as all that was required to to reinstall the Word software. She promised to email me the transcript of the call, and the next steps to follow, which she did not. The name of the representative is Busola. The ticket number is 1023754996. I am feeling extremely uncomfortable about this.

  30. I have an issue with a Microsoft tech support person. He repaired my laptop but now will not stop going on it daily. He is annoying and I’ve told him to stop that he is done. He charged me a fortune to do updates. I tried complaining to the corporate office but no reply. Now I have no choice but to buy an Apple laptop. Very sad and I would not recommend using a Microsoft service person if you happen to need one.

  31. Do all corporate no bbtcm I call them devices are who made need what to work who benefits company’s law firms networks I have proof plane numbers above no airports if no would you help find 100 %all ever thanks my phone #is 507 476xxxx thanks eric

  32. Yeah , This is Robert James Anderson, & I am having a problem about my account & it will not keep me sign in after i signed up & i needed it to be fix so i am still be signed in to your account, okay. Thank you

  33. My Microsoft account that is connected to my Microsoft word account disappeared. I pay a monthly bill for Microsoft word and now I am unable to log into my MCW account,

  34. I purchased office 365 and your employees have breached my contest, breached covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and have contractually interfered with my livelihood. You dared to extort money with your other company. Last year I demanded you remove [email protected]. And my number ending in 43. I have NOT had that number in years. You changed my password without my permission and caused n
    Me emotional DURESS with your con-artust co. associated with Microsoft. You caused my blood sugar to go above 470. I cannot get into my computer BE OF YOU GATES! I called the WA Bar demanding that person’s phone number for govt. TRANSPARENCY and govt
    ACCOUNTABILITY! WHO DIED AND MADE YOU GOD! You better find a way to give access ADA and change my password or I am filling against your attys for a CLOSED TOTALITARIAN ILLEGAL PRIVATE CORP. 60 2551 5334

    I AM AN ATTORNEY. I have No access to my email

  35. I have had a Microsoft account for over 10 years. I changed my phone. Now for months I have tried to log in. I am an international famous actress. All my business is in my account. Please e so I can talk to.a human being. You have locked out of my business.

  36. Microsoft has disabled most of my features (Cortina, one drive etc. I had Skype and looked and forwarded some dirty pics. All the choices to get a new password for any Microsoft app is closed to me.
    I is over 6 month of this. How do I fix this? PLEASE

  37. I feel I can help you with your problem with sales towards minorities in exchange for a deal. In exchange for my idea the cost is $50,000/month, because it will be time consuming for me to complete the task. Contact when you are ready to negotiate.

  38. Hotmail is threatening to disconnect my email account, but I have tried and do not know how to delete enough to save it. I need to be able to talk to a human being. I don’t understand what is in writing about it.

  39. I need to speak to someone as soon as possible / someone from your company is taking money out of my account / which I am going to send it to fraud through my bank and the police if someone doesn’t contact me asap

  40. I’m 80 yr old due to covid unable to access my Toshiba computer forgot called micrsof team they changed access.kicrosoft refusing me access to critical medical info.

  41. i renewed my policy, but could not activate. when i tried again, and was charged again, i sill could not activitate. does microsoft have no 800-tech support number? do i have to cancel?

  42. Voice accessibility issues: 1) Make Dragon NaturallySpeaking available in Windows 10 now that you have bought Nuance! DNS is far superior to the speech recognition program that is currently part of Windows 10. DON’T ABANDON DRAGON! It’s the superior product for us hand-disabled users.
    2) Make Edge be hands-free and work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Currently disabled users have to use Firefox or Chrome with a Dragon extension, since the passing of Internet Explorer, which worked great with Dragon products.





    +91-981889xxxx NEW DLLHI INDIA

  44. You guys have the WORST computer support online and worst office product for Mac. I have been dealing with nightmare.

  45. I’ve just had a rude operator attempt to assist me the conversation ended with me being Infuriated after he utter a threat to me to “shoot me”!

    I want him fired and want someone to call me immediately regarding this !!

    Peter Wendel


  46. I have been trying to get hold of someone and resolve an issue of my account that is to close Jan 5, 2022. I have not been able to into in and wrote a letter to the Corp office Legal team about my issue and now just left a message for someone. I showed proof it is my account and still nothing. Help me ASAP!

  47. I have been trying for 3 years and months now to get someone to email and call me about my account that is to be closed because I do not have my old number and fat fingered my password in the night before. I have legal doc’s that I need for court this next month, I even mailed a letter to Corp and still nothing. Call me ASAP!

  48. I hate my xbox I hate Microsoft I can’t get anyone to help with a simple solution.. this dumb game keep asking for a password that I can’t get that I don’t know and I keep getting locked out EVERY DAY

  49. I would like to bring an issue to the corporate executive team regarding an expanded battery that I experience with my surface book 1 and your customer support contradicting themselves in writing on how they plan to assist but then don’t. Considering that expanded batteries are extremely dangerous and I reported this issue on February 11th, 2022, and yet no resolution has been made is truly unacceptable. At first I was told that I can buy my same surface book 1 for $599, which I find that appalling considering that this expanded battery could have caused tremendous damage at home with my children. I was then considering buying the surface studio along with a surface 8 pro for my son, but after looking at the cost I opted to wait and just pay the $599 to repurchase my surface book 1, now all of a sudden after I was told to dispose of my device I’m being asked to send it in, which that’s not what your rep said in writing to begin with. I hope someone from the executive team can look into this for me and assist me in straightening out this experience. I have been a loyal Microsoft user for years and if I’m going to be treated like this, then I may just consider switching to another brand going forward. I appreciate your help and attention to this matter. (Service Request #: 1035351774)

  50. Very very unhappy with xbox support making it impossible to recover my son’s account since we have no access to the phone number or email associated on it even though I can prove they have charged me for the last 7 years. After calling and speaking with multiple people I have been told there is no resolution. And to even speak to a person I had to call for business sales department as their self help online is built to loop and not provide an actual solution or an option to speak with a human. I had to demand to speak with a human in xbox support in order to get transferred in the first place. over the last 17 years my husband and I have spent thousands on Microsoft and xbox consoles and games and accessories. They know I can prove the charges but they can’t give me access, this is wrong. This is not customer service.

  51. I have been trying to update my telephone number for past 7 months. There are methods, but not completely clear ways. There’s no profile found for easy solution. Also, same as ways to solve for Forgot Password to update the Password is the same, the method is not very clear. You have to know the old Password in order to create a new Password. At the same time, you have to get a varification code, but there lists is an old telephone number. It should have more clear ways to update tel and the Password. Simply it should be able to find your update profile section. There shows many ways to do update, but not clearly stating. Please show exactly how. The method are all incomplete.

  52. hi. is someone looking at my message postings in the feedback hub on Windows 11 and previous windows 10 on different computers to do anything about my feedbacks????? Microsoft stock will go way up when you implement all I said.

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