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Corporate Address
1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Company Contact
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(313) 322-3000
Fax Number
(800) 392-3673
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18 Reviews and Complaints for Ford Motor Company Headquarters

  1. my 2017 ford focus needs a fuel line. We have been working to find another fuel line since June 22nd. Part has been unavailable and still remains unavailable. At this point in am very disappointed in Ford. I will very buy another ford product.

  2. I placed an order for a Bronco on 12-14-2021 and have not heard anything about it. Not even an email saying that it was going to be a couple of months. Absolute silence. That is NO way to run a company. After owning 3 Fords as of now, I think if this is not addressed I should look at another company to see if they will keep me in the loop. Your vehicles are not cheap, I as a stock owner, I am very worried about your company as a whole. PS. Most of my work trucks are also Fords for now!

  3. The multi-function wiper switch on my 2017 F-150 is stuck in the intermittent mode. I’ve read that this has been a chronic problem. Does Ford have any active recalls that help defray the cost of dealing with repair/replacement costs to resolve this malfunction? I’d appreciate any information or help that you can provide. Thank you very much.

  4. My name is jessica and iv always wanted to work for your company I currently live in cleveland ohio , I applied last year after waiting so long for hiring process , I lost my social security card and had to wait up to 3 weeks to get it by which in time ford let me go because I couldn’t prove I was a citizen ? But I am , its covid everything is slow it got sent to the wrong address which took more time and I also caught covid I just would really love the opportunity to come back it’s been my dream to work there , I did the orienration happily & i was told i cant work at that ford anymore which is unfair because i live in cleveland I’d have to move to apple again , i have my social security card and I’m ready and willing to work thank you for your time i know it may not seem important but i am the first to work for your company in my family without the help of other family i did on my own ! Thank you for your companies inspiration!

  5. Cam phasers are going on my truck I’ve always had Ford trucks and I’m very disappointed because Ford won’t fix it

  6. The case number 32897534, Truck VIN # 1FTFX1EF3EKG45357

    Good afternoon
    I have been trying to get my 2014 F150 truck repaired for over the last 4 months and I am being told that Ford does not have any parts in stock to send to Milnes Ford in Lapeer Michigan. The (Lead frame) started do the same thing that Ford had a recall back in 2013 shifting from 6th gear to first on its own. The recall was for F150’s built in Kansas & Ohio and this truck was made in Kansas. I cannot believe that there is not 1 Lead frame that will fit this truck in the united states. Any help you can do would be appreciated.

  7. 2014 Ford Focus from Bill Collins Ford Louisville, KY. Check engine light came on they fixed it after holding it for 3 weeks. Paid $2,771. Next day check engine light came on. Brought it back. Said needed part and it would take 3 months. Will not give me a loaner. I’m leery of driving it far as check engine light has come on a few times. Since I paid almost $3,000 I feel I should be able to get loaner and not be afraid of making situation worse with car. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Joseph Fitzpatrick, 502 297 xxxx kevinfitzpatricxxxx

  8. I have a problem that needs to be addressed. My sons car was brought in to put tires on his vehicle, mustang (he is only 19 years old and the car is in my name also (I’m his mother) The mechanic took the car for ride after it was done and redlined it flooring the gas pedal on a car that is not made for it. (it has small engine). Racing it the most the car can go. The mechanic shared it on social media (we have all the tapes) and made fun of the car as well. Meanwhile, my son sat in the Mall for four hours waiting to get a call. He kept calling the dealership in the meantime and they said car wasn’t ready. Also when he finally came to pick up his car, his keys were not in the car. They had to go and find them, because the mechanic supposedly was the last one to have them. When he got his car, there were two added miles added on it and tire was flat. Brand new tires. (have all evidence). He filled them up with a kit I bought from HSN. My son has proof of everything and I am so upset as I am the primary owner of this car. I also purchased a 2017 Ford Fusion from another one of your dealerships, which I have had no problems with. But this dealership, which my son has spend a lot of money servicing his car in the last six months or so, was so upset. My son has a dash cam and and he noticed it was tampered for those few hours. I can send attachments to higher ups who will help me with resolution. I spoke with the dealership and thought I should be compensated. He gave me a credit for the tires to be put on the car and a $500.00 voucher for service. I thanked him because I was on a zoom call and had several clients waiting for me and feel we were shortchanged but didn’t feel he appreciated what we went through as a customer. I am hoping we get a call back because this was not acceptable. I believe the employee was let go. But my son and I believe that this was a horrible experience, unauthorized use of red lining his car and posting on social media, and after all the business we have given them, this was a betray of confidence. I would like to be compensated further. I can be reached at 781-521-xxxx or 781-526-xxxx

  9. We are a family of loyal ford owners several members of our family are retired employees we have a 2013 ford explorer we purchased new that leaks water when it rains the dealer said that the body seam sealer has cracked and missing in some areas of the roof. We feel this is a manufacturer defect and that ford should take care of this issue

  10. Bought a 2017 FORD EDGE SEL AWD from WAYNE FORD, less than 24K miles, when I picked it up damage was done to the dashboard speedometer plastic, scracthed my front and rear doors, dealer refused to repaint it or fix it. The vehicle had a major recall on brake lines that could rupture not done and a clang in the rear end (they say) I hear it when it changes gears. Anthony the manager rather than fix it, was nasty and says I am arguing with him. Buying preowned apparently means they can damage your vehicle and they dont worry about it. Anyways after numerous calls, I am getting nowhere, no car and I filed the lemon law. Hope if youre thinking FORD, FOR-get it!

  11. We bought a 2017nFORD ESCAPE last year and the paint around the front windshield on both sides is cracking and coming off. I took it to a body shop to be looked at and they told me that it would really be expensive to fix because it is a pearl white color. Took it to a Ford garage and they told me because of the mileage that it was not under warranty. The guy at the body shop said the primer was too hot when they painted it at the factory causing it to crack and now my car is starting to rust. I am very upset since this is no fault of my own and it is definitely not my fault. I will never buy another FORD and will also tell others about it.

  12. Ford. We may be hundreds of miles away but you’re still treating your ex employer like garbage. AFTER TEN YEARS of zero issues, zero write ups. Yet are refusing to pay back wages, multi billion dollar company and you can’t give him the 5k he is owed. SHAME ON YOU FORD SHAME! Make it make sense. #fordmotorcompany #Ford

  13. Conversation between DTP chair man Nick kottalis

    Hello Amanda Rogers here Mike Rogers wife, I’ve set back and waited patiently for some answers and yet it’s still silent. How come you gave me your word you’d help mike after you won? You did nothing of the such, he was fired that’s fine we’ve accepted it. Filled a lawsuit and go from there because it was wrong how you guys handled this whole situation. He couldn’t wear a Ford mask wanted to wear his own or a face shield. Y’all wouldn’t allow it when A.B and C are wear their own all thru the plant. ( even shields at other plants liviona confirmed) You even seen it with your own eyes. Fine he was fired, sold our house. Cashed out 401k and moved to a new state because of this… and we are ok with that, however what I am not ok with is the company withholding funds from my husband to which he is owed. How come no one followed up on his grievances from 4 months ago. How come he’s being denied unemployment when he worked for the company for 10 years and you guys fired him with no leg to stand on but got away with it anyways. How come you guys sent him home with ” no work available” when their was work you guys just couldn’t accommodate him like the law states you have to, why is it ford thinks they are above the law? He’s owed over 4k in back wages you want us to ignore that forget the money? everyone from union, to labor to you are ignoring us? Why is that? Why are u no longer trying to help him get back payment even though you promised you would. ” ask about my record with grievances” I’ll get you your back wages is what you told us. Instead you’re sitting on your ass not helping. I hope that makes you feel good at night knowing YOU turned your back on a union brother because he medically can’t wear a ford issued mask. And you did NOTHING. Shame on you Nick, shame on you.

  14. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

  15. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

  16. I have a 2013 Ford Escape. I had an appointment for October 28, 2018 at 8:00 AM with Dana Ford, Staten Island,NY. I brought my vehicle in to have the front end looked at. My vehicle is under warranty. As of December 10, 2018 when I spoke to my service advisor at Dana Ford, her name is Michelle, she informed me that she had no updates at that point because the service techs have not looked at my vehicle. The dealer has provided me with a loaner. As of 8:00 AM December 12, 2018, Dana Ford will have my vehicle for exactly two weeks and still hasn’t been looked at. I tried twice on December 11, 2018 get in touch with the Service Manager. As of 2:15 PM December 11, 2018 I have not had my phone call to address the issue of the Dealer having my vehicle for the time frame they have is and not being looked at. I’m not sure if this will go anywhere but I don’t know where to turn to.

  17. A ongoing issue with airbag. This has been going on since 2016 where I have been back and fourth with trying to get this fixed and the airbag light is on as of 11/28/2018. I need somone with Ford to take care of this problem. Randell Reed Ford in Garland, TX is aware of this and think I should pay for the repairs and car rental. I need Ford to take care of this issue, not me.

  18. I own a 2013 Ford CMAX … I have only owned it 3 months. Saturday, the wrench light came on, the check engine light and the over heated light. I had it hauled to the Griffeth Ford Garage in Caribou, ME. They tell me every wire harness and contact is corroded by water damage. The pump for the coolant has quit working. $2400.00 in damage. Tell me what would cause this much water damage in the electrical circuits…and why would it not be under Ford Warranty … there should be no reason water should get into these circuits if they were protected correctly. There has to be some cause … It does not make sense to say it came from the road … There has to be something wrong for the water to gain access to these wires. If Ford is going to push more Hybrids this is a problem that needs to be looked into. I was giving advice to people who asked me about the Hybrid..I told them all how much I loved the car. But if driving down the road in rain or snow allows water to get into all these circuits …there is a defilnite design flaw. OR the wires were not treated or protected properly…please contact me and let me know your opinion…I truly believe Ford should cover this under their warranty…it would be only right!!!

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