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Dollar Tree is a retail store chain specializing in items priced at for $1 or less. Items available include Dollar Tree name brands and generic brands. Dollar Tree is a Fortune 500 company and they operate 14,835 stores throughout the 48 U.S. states and Canada.

Dollar Tree operates 1-dollar stores under the names of “Dollar Tree” and “Dollar Bills”. The company also owns and operates a multi-price-point budget chain bty yhe name of Family Dollar.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
Dollar Tree Headquarters
500 Volvo Pkwy
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Company Contact
Gary M. Philbin
CEO of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Inc
Company Contact
Bob Sasser
Executive Charman of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Inc
Corporate Phone Number
+1 757-321-5000
Employee Count


What is Dollar Tree’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Dollar Tree’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-704-847-6961.

What is Dollar Tree’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Dollar Tree’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-377-6420.

What is Dollar Tree’s Headquarters Address?

Dollar Tree’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Dollar Tree Corporate Office
  • 500 Volvo Pkwy
  • Chesapeake, VA 23320

How do I Contact Dollar Tree Customer Service?

The Dollar Tree Customer Service phone number is:  1-877-530-TREE (8733).

Call the Customer Support Center 24/7 .

Contact Dollar Tree via:

Dollar Tree’s Email Address: Use the Customer Service Email Form to ask a question.

Dollar Tree’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Dollar Tree on Social Media:

Family Dollar on Twitter: @Dollartree

Family Dollar on Facebook:


Dollar Tree Headquarters Executive Team.

Dollar Tree’s management team consists of:

Gary M. Philbin
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Sasser
Executive Chairman

Kevin S. Wampler
Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. Witynski
President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree

Duncan Mac Naughton
President, Family Dollar

Neil A. Curran
President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree Canada

Betty Click
Chief Human Resources Officer

David A. Jacobs
Chief Strategy Officer

Joshua R. Jewett
Chief Information Officer

Gary Maxwell
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Thomas R. O’Boyle, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer, Family Dollar

William A. Old, Jr.
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

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  1. I was just in a Dollar Tree on the corner of West Esplanade and Lakeview,in Kenner,La.It was close to closing time so me and my family rushed around and got what we needed, and the young lady that was working was very rude and was not helpful at all,she lied to us about the store not carrying an item,then we found it. When we were checking out she made several unpleasant moans and things under her breathe and I was finally done after my $67 bill ,she wouldn’t even give me my change ,she set it on the counter. After I walked out my friend and daughter were left to check out, when the young lady started calling me a crack head and several other things, my friend then told her basically that was uncalled for and she then continued with cursing and calling us names. I and the rest of my family and anyone else I can spread this too will not be back to that store.Ever!!

  2. I was at the Dollar Tree, 257 Barnett Road in Medford,
    Oregon on 2/10/2021. My purchase came to $8.00. I wrote a check like I do every time I go in there. The cashier called a man over and he looked at the transaction. He then said that I was trying to commit “BANK FRAUD” in front of all the customers in line behind me. I gave the clerk who looked startled $8.00 cash and told her to give me back my check. She gave it to me and I took my purchase and left. I called my bank when I got home because I thought that something must be wrong with my account. My reputation means a lot to me. The bank said there was nothing wrong with my account and that the check would have cleared, that there was plenty of money in the account to cover the $8.00 purchase. I am almost 70 years old. My reputation means a lot to me. I was very embarrassed by this. If I was going to commit “CHECK FRAUD” I wouldn’t do it for $8.00!!!!!! I may never set foot in your store again, and I have already been asked why.

  3. Corporate will not uphold any face covering policies in store and cashiers are NOT verbal punching bags for these people who feel the need to take it out on employees. I am an associate at one of the stores and I have been verbally assulted every day I have worked the last week and even had one person throw a fit so huge they gave themselves an anxiety attack, for which they then blamed me, and NO ONE said a word to this person about them not wearing a face covering, they overheard OTHER customers commenting about some people being entitled, they assumed I was the one who said it and proceeded to scream in my face. this is NOT an ok way to treat people and employees again, are NOT verbal punching bags and Corporate needs to step up and have our backs on this issue.

  4. Just left your store on South main in High Point, NC.
    One of your associates name Wendy (non white) Bellows across store at me (Caucasian) Hey hey m’am. Where’s your mask? And apparently kept yelling at me because everyone in store was staring at me. I told her I’m sorry ,I’m partially deaf so I didn’t hear what she said. and no I did not have a mask on because I have damaged lungs from radiation treatments that I’ve been going through for cancer, so I have a hard time breathing. The lungs have been damaged from the radiation. When I did find out what she was saying I told her I can’t wear a mask I have damaged lungs. Which by law I don’t have to give any explanation on what my disability is. But I did give her the answer and she still glared at me.and I could hear her over there still talking about me as I’ve come to in my shopping. That’s very disrespectful for people with disabilities and she could have walked over and asked me politely about a mask and I would have respectfully told her as I had to yell back to her I can’t wear one. I believe anyone that is customer service to the public needs I guess more training on respect for people with disabilities. The non-white gentleman behind me that was blind got all the respect.I have been in the store many times without a mask. But I will not be using this Dollar tree any longer ..there was never even an apology.

  5. Dollar tree stole over 100 bucks and nobody will contact me answer me or nothing. Next step is contacting the police

  6. Your store managers are not taking the time at least 1 hr and 1/2 at least before closing to check things that are hazardous or can cause a health risk or damage the property of customers. You will all are just putting things on shelves and are not thinking of the consequence to others. You need to improve that part of your business. For example, I was shopping at store 4718, 2645 n hiatus rd, cooper city fl 33026. When I picked up a bottle of glitter nail polish in an attempt to put it in my cart when the bottle cap unknowing to me, was not closed properly, fell on my right foot, then hit ground causing glitter to go all over the front of my suade shoe and the end of my black pant. As a result I’m unable to bring my property to the way it was prior to this occuring. To get shoemaker to work on the shoe cost and my pant is also costing me. I will like to be compensated for my inconvenience and my property because if you had signs letting those who open things in store and not close them can be liable. In addition supvs on a daily basis need to have staff check liquid bottle lids making sure they are properly closed and from time to time during store hrs, staff need to browse aisles near those products keeping an eye on customers making sure that they are doing the right things with the products and if they are not, correct them. For the most part, dollar tree stores keep things neatly stacked but what I mentioned need to be addressed . My shoe was purchased at Nordstrom Rack and need $60.00 to replace or run around to diff places to see who can bring it back to what it should be and for 1 pair of pant $40.00. Awaiting your reply.

  7. I’m at your location at 1820 I don’t know the street number what’s in Chicago Illinois right off of Doty Road Maybe but it’s 10820 and I know the street numbers in Chicago on the Southside in the freezer they have a fruit bag that strawberry blueberry and mango and all of the bags are punctured all of the bags have little holes in them and I asked associate don’t you think they should be removed because they are exposed they are contaminated and he says no they should not be removed I asked you would you let your mother have anything that’s open that’s contaminated he goes to know so why would you allow your Associates to sell merchandise that’s contaminated it’s the strawberry blueberry mango frozen fruit in the freezer all of them have holes in them

  8. I went to the Hannibal missouri store to buy 1.25 oz diet Pepsi. I have bought this product at this store and many other of the dollar trees. The clerk at the store stated,” you can’t buy them for a dollar.” “when I stated I have bought at other dollar stores she stated then go there.” The store was very dirty and half the lights were out. The store had a bad oder that several of the customers were complaing about. I shop alot in many dollar trees I live 35 miles at least from any of your locations ,but don’t mind driving to one. This store will not get any of my business anymore if I will be treated like this and the store is so dirty. Thank you Paul Golian 573-560-xxxx.

  9. I was treated poorly by the employees at dollar tree store2834 when I went in to refund of items I had purchased for Easter. I was one day after Easter and was told I couldn’t be given a credit on seasonal items. My receipt does not indicate that nor is that posted anywhere in the store. I believe I have been treated unfairly and should be issued a credit for my purchased. The dollar tree in my area is never stocked nor does it have items that are currently in other stores. I’m a very unhappy customer.

  10. I went shopping in your dollar tree store in Monteagle Tenn and they charge my dept card twice l had spent 157.02 and that was easter l call you’re customers services line they gave me a lady number which l have called left message never hear l would like someone to please give me my money back my name Laurie garner my phone 931588xxxx l look forward to hear from you soon

  11. My Manager embarrassed me today while I was chatting with a Man that I was buying a book off of while I was working. She said no personal business on Store time in front of him. She made me fill like a fool.

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