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Dollar Tree is a retail store chain specializing in items priced at for $1 or less. Items available include Dollar Tree name brands and generic brands. Dollar Tree is a Fortune 500 company and they operate 14,835 stores throughout the 48 U.S. states and Canada.

Dollar Tree operates 1-dollar stores under the names of “Dollar Tree” and “Dollar Bills”. The company also owns and operates a multi-price-point budget chain bty yhe name of Family Dollar.

Dollar Tree Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
Dollar Tree Headquarters
500 Volvo Pkwy
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Company Contact
Gary M. Philbin
CEO of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Inc
Company Contact
Bob Sasser
Executive Charman of Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, Inc
Corporate Phone Number
+1 757-321-5000
Employee Count


What is Dollar Tree’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Dollar Tree’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-704-847-6961.

What is Dollar Tree’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Dollar Tree’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-866-377-6420.

What is Dollar Tree’s Headquarters Address?

Dollar Tree’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Dollar Tree Corporate Office
  • 500 Volvo Pkwy
  • Chesapeake, VA 23320

How do I Contact Dollar Tree Customer Service?

The Dollar Tree Customer Service phone number is:  1-877-530-TREE (8733).

Call the Customer Support Center 24/7 .

Contact Dollar Tree via:

Dollar Tree’s Email Address: Use the Customer Service Email Form to ask a question.

Dollar Tree’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Dollar Tree on Social Media:

Family Dollar on Twitter: @Dollartree

Family Dollar on Facebook:


Dollar Tree Headquarters Executive Team.

Dollar Tree’s management team consists of:

Gary M. Philbin
President and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Sasser
Executive Chairman

Kevin S. Wampler
Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. Witynski
President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree

Duncan Mac Naughton
President, Family Dollar

Neil A. Curran
President and Chief Operating Officer, Dollar Tree Canada

Betty Click
Chief Human Resources Officer

David A. Jacobs
Chief Strategy Officer

Joshua R. Jewett
Chief Information Officer

Gary Maxwell
Chief Supply Chain Officer

Thomas R. O’Boyle, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer, Family Dollar

William A. Old, Jr.
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary

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  1. I was just in a Dollar Tree on the corner of West Esplanade and Lakeview,in Kenner,La.It was close to closing time so me and my family rushed around and got what we needed, and the young lady that was working was very rude and was not helpful at all,she lied to us about the store not carrying an item,then we found it. When we were checking out she made several unpleasant moans and things under her breathe and I was finally done after my $67 bill ,she wouldn’t even give me my change ,she set it on the counter. After I walked out my friend and daughter were left to check out, when the young lady started calling me a crack head and several other things, my friend then told her basically that was uncalled for and she then continued with cursing and calling us names. I and the rest of my family and anyone else I can spread this too will not be back to that store.Ever!!

    1. As a victim of a discrimination act that took place at store #11760 in S.I. N.Y. I’m still waiting for response from CEO Michael Witnyski and legal counsel Sara Berg Rafal. They refuse to provide me with the law/statute that justified their discrimination act done by store manager “Jerimiah”. As I’ve stated before I will not cease until I get remedy for the unlawful behavior and act of Family Dollar.

      1. As a disabled veteran I was discriminated against today as well. I was treated extremely poorly by employee and manager.

  2. I was at the Dollar Tree, 257 Barnett Road in Medford,
    Oregon on 2/10/2021. My purchase came to $8.00. I wrote a check like I do every time I go in there. The cashier called a man over and he looked at the transaction. He then said that I was trying to commit “BANK FRAUD” in front of all the customers in line behind me. I gave the clerk who looked startled $8.00 cash and told her to give me back my check. She gave it to me and I took my purchase and left. I called my bank when I got home because I thought that something must be wrong with my account. My reputation means a lot to me. The bank said there was nothing wrong with my account and that the check would have cleared, that there was plenty of money in the account to cover the $8.00 purchase. I am almost 70 years old. My reputation means a lot to me. I was very embarrassed by this. If I was going to commit “CHECK FRAUD” I wouldn’t do it for $8.00!!!!!! I may never set foot in your store again, and I have already been asked why.

  3. Corporate will not uphold any face covering policies in store and cashiers are NOT verbal punching bags for these people who feel the need to take it out on employees. I am an associate at one of the stores and I have been verbally assulted every day I have worked the last week and even had one person throw a fit so huge they gave themselves an anxiety attack, for which they then blamed me, and NO ONE said a word to this person about them not wearing a face covering, they overheard OTHER customers commenting about some people being entitled, they assumed I was the one who said it and proceeded to scream in my face. this is NOT an ok way to treat people and employees again, are NOT verbal punching bags and Corporate needs to step up and have our backs on this issue.

  4. Just left your store on South main in High Point, NC.
    One of your associates name Wendy (non white) Bellows across store at me (Caucasian) Hey hey m’am. Where’s your mask? And apparently kept yelling at me because everyone in store was staring at me. I told her I’m sorry ,I’m partially deaf so I didn’t hear what she said. and no I did not have a mask on because I have damaged lungs from radiation treatments that I’ve been going through for cancer, so I have a hard time breathing. The lungs have been damaged from the radiation. When I did find out what she was saying I told her I can’t wear a mask I have damaged lungs. Which by law I don’t have to give any explanation on what my disability is. But I did give her the answer and she still glared at me.and I could hear her over there still talking about me as I’ve come to in my shopping. That’s very disrespectful for people with disabilities and she could have walked over and asked me politely about a mask and I would have respectfully told her as I had to yell back to her I can’t wear one. I believe anyone that is customer service to the public needs I guess more training on respect for people with disabilities. The non-white gentleman behind me that was blind got all the respect.I have been in the store many times without a mask. But I will not be using this Dollar tree any longer ..there was never even an apology.

  5. Dollar tree stole over 100 bucks and nobody will contact me answer me or nothing. Next step is contacting the police

  6. Your store managers are not taking the time at least 1 hr and 1/2 at least before closing to check things that are hazardous or can cause a health risk or damage the property of customers. You will all are just putting things on shelves and are not thinking of the consequence to others. You need to improve that part of your business. For example, I was shopping at store 4718, 2645 n hiatus rd, cooper city fl 33026. When I picked up a bottle of glitter nail polish in an attempt to put it in my cart when the bottle cap unknowing to me, was not closed properly, fell on my right foot, then hit ground causing glitter to go all over the front of my suade shoe and the end of my black pant. As a result I’m unable to bring my property to the way it was prior to this occuring. To get shoemaker to work on the shoe cost and my pant is also costing me. I will like to be compensated for my inconvenience and my property because if you had signs letting those who open things in store and not close them can be liable. In addition supvs on a daily basis need to have staff check liquid bottle lids making sure they are properly closed and from time to time during store hrs, staff need to browse aisles near those products keeping an eye on customers making sure that they are doing the right things with the products and if they are not, correct them. For the most part, dollar tree stores keep things neatly stacked but what I mentioned need to be addressed . My shoe was purchased at Nordstrom Rack and need $60.00 to replace or run around to diff places to see who can bring it back to what it should be and for 1 pair of pant $40.00. Awaiting your reply.

  7. I’m at your location at 1820 I don’t know the street number what’s in Chicago Illinois right off of Doty Road Maybe but it’s 10820 and I know the street numbers in Chicago on the Southside in the freezer they have a fruit bag that strawberry blueberry and mango and all of the bags are punctured all of the bags have little holes in them and I asked associate don’t you think they should be removed because they are exposed they are contaminated and he says no they should not be removed I asked you would you let your mother have anything that’s open that’s contaminated he goes to know so why would you allow your Associates to sell merchandise that’s contaminated it’s the strawberry blueberry mango frozen fruit in the freezer all of them have holes in them

  8. I went to the Hannibal missouri store to buy 1.25 oz diet Pepsi. I have bought this product at this store and many other of the dollar trees. The clerk at the store stated,” you can’t buy them for a dollar.” “when I stated I have bought at other dollar stores she stated then go there.” The store was very dirty and half the lights were out. The store had a bad oder that several of the customers were complaing about. I shop alot in many dollar trees I live 35 miles at least from any of your locations ,but don’t mind driving to one. This store will not get any of my business anymore if I will be treated like this and the store is so dirty. Thank you Paul Golian 573-560-xxxx.

  9. I was treated poorly by the employees at dollar tree store2834 when I went in to refund of items I had purchased for Easter. I was one day after Easter and was told I couldn’t be given a credit on seasonal items. My receipt does not indicate that nor is that posted anywhere in the store. I believe I have been treated unfairly and should be issued a credit for my purchased. The dollar tree in my area is never stocked nor does it have items that are currently in other stores. I’m a very unhappy customer.

  10. I went shopping in your dollar tree store in Monteagle Tenn and they charge my dept card twice l had spent 157.02 and that was easter l call you’re customers services line they gave me a lady number which l have called left message never hear l would like someone to please give me my money back my name Laurie garner my phone 931588xxxx l look forward to hear from you soon

  11. My Manager embarrassed me today while I was chatting with a Man that I was buying a book off of while I was working. She said no personal business on Store time in front of him. She made me fill like a fool.

  12. I was shopping at Dollar tree today and when I checked out I told the cashier there was a woman not wearing a mask. She told me she was not allowed to say anything, company policy. Why is it posted you have to wear mask to enter store and not I forced. I was very unhappy about this.

  13. Our Dollar Tree, that I have shopped at, ever since it opened in Mishawaka/Granger, IN is a mess!! There are boxes and boxes on top of each other and are 3-4 deep!! It’s hard to get a cart down the isles! And, two carts does NOT work! When I checked out last time, I made a comment how bad the store is and the young gal who rang up my items, asked me if I wanted a job?? I am going on 80 years old and always enjoyed shopping there until the past couple-three months! There’s things I like to purchase, but the thought of all the disruption in that store holds me back from wanting to go in there! It’s terrible! I had to go through boxes to find gift bags!! Nothing has been put away and is so disorderly, except, I think, the greeting cards! It really makes me sick to go in there and see all the mess!!! There’s things I need, but couldn’t find! I felt a need to contact you!

  14. This is Lori King I was at dollar tree in pontotoc and Everytime I come in there there is this girl at register all by herself and never gets any help at all she sat there from 1-9 didn’t get a break they didn’t give her
    The manager just sits in office most of the day and she will work but she doesn’t want to help when on people are on register that is not right and this girl is my daughter I am talking about she work there

  15. My daughter works at the dollar tree in pontotoc Ms and my daughter worked 9 hrs straight without taking break and was left on registered with no help only came to help her a little bit and this is not just yesterday it’s all the time I watched the manager as I walked out the door from checking out and the manager just was outside on her phone smoking a cigarette it’s just ridiculous how not just her but people have to stay at the register with a whole long long line and no help even if you call on the thing it’s getting ridiculous

  16. Why do you have “mask required”signs posted at your Spencerport, NY store and on their website? When I told the clerk a customer was t wearing a mask all he said was “Im sorry”. Well Im sorry. i wont be back.

  17. On 5-9-2021 had to use bathroom at 11:30a.m. A Sunday. Filthy , filthy,FILTHY!!! Never ever will I use their store again. This is in St. George, Utah, River Road. I have photos if you want.

  18. Get the boxes out of your isles in all of your stores within 30 days or I’m filing 10billion dollar lawsuits for my broken hip

  19. I would like to file an complaint I was wrongfully terminated by Dollar Tree General Manager..Anna

  20. Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    ——– Original message ——–

    From: wschoen

    Date: 5/22/21 3:40 PM (GMT-08:00)

    To: contact

    Subject: FW: Dollar Tree Store #5544

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

    ——– Original message ——–

    From: Wendy Schoen

    Date: 5/22/21 3:08 PM (GMT-08:00)

    To: gphilbin

    Subject: Dollar Tree Store #5544

    I went to the referenced store to purchase party supplies.  I wanted to purchase some balloons and waited in line and asked Tyla how I could get some balloons.  She pointed at a man named Brian that was filling balloons with helium.  I asked if they had balloon 371 in stock.  He said no.  I asked how do I know what balloons are in stock, and he said the balloons that were blown up are in stock.   I walked away and picked 3 balloons that were blown up.  I then noticed customers getting other balloons blown up.  I walked over there and asked if I could get some balloons blown up.  He told me I would have to wait in line at a register.  I said I waited in line and you told me the only balloons were the ones that were blown up around the store. He said no I didn’t say that.  I said why would I make up something like that. I asked to speak to the Manager.   He said he was the Manager and if I did not like it to leave the store. I asked him where the customer service was as without customers they would not have jobs.  I told him I was not leaving as I have a basket of merchandise to pay for and I just need balloons.  I asked him if he was an owner of the store and he said no and again told me to leave.  I told him I was going to purchase the merchandise in my cart then leave. He said leave now.  I said if you would like me to leave I will do so with a police escort.  I asked him to call the police.  He said I am not going to call the police on a stupid ass like you. I purchased my merchandise and left. I am still mortified that as a paying customer I was spoken to in that fashion. Thought you might want to know what is happening in your store.  Very sad experience and will not be shopping at that store unless a new manager is hired.


    Wendy Schoen

  21. I have concerns about the store on Laskey Road in Toledo, Ohio. In the first incident, I witnessed an employee using the frozen ice cream cooler to store her personal water bottle, which she kept taking in and out to take drinks. In a separate incident, another employee pulled her mask down, pulled a wad of gum out of her mouth using her fingers, threw it in the trash, then proceeded to scan my items at the checkout . Even without covid still being active, these behaviors are not acceptable. Thank You.

  22. Good Day,
    My Name is Prestine McClain, I am writing to report an incident that occurred on May 7, 2021, at the Dollar Tree located at 1631 University Blvd Jacksonville, FL. 32216
    I went into Dollar Tree to pick up a couple of things, as I do at least 3-5 days a weekWhen I got into the line I started putting my items on the belt, then said to myself out loud “I’m not going to get all of these I’ll put a  few of them back ”.  When I said that,  the gentleman ringing me up (I believe his name is Nick or Nicholas) said, “You need to pay for this before I ring up anything else”(the amount was I believe $18 and some change).  I said, “I’m good just ring it up”.  At that point in an aggressive tone, he said, “No! you pay for this first!”  His voice was very loud.  The 2 women behind me looked surprised and asked him if he knew me and why was he talking to A customer like that.  He shook his head to say yes.  I then said, “You don’t know me to act like that”. It was around the time the store was closing and the other Manager named Carly or Caley, opened up her Register and heard everything that was going on. the women behind me went into her Line to get checked out and started complaining to her on my account. I did not know or was with those 2 customers but they were appalled at his actions towards me.  I decided to also go in her line, But when I started to move my carriage “Nick” Forcefully Snatched the carriage out of my Hands!    I am a disabled woman and Usually walk with a Cane,  The force pulled my shoulder causing me pain in my shoulder and Neck After this occurred, I asked the manager Caley, to file an incident report, which she refused to do.  She stated she could not write a report because “The guy is a TeddyBear and that she had never heard him act that way before”,  and she “had not gotten his side of the story”.  As I mentioned earlier, the 2 women behind me were complaining to her about his behavior to me as a customer.  I also asked for the District Manager’s Name which she replied that She could not give that to me.  I am a disabled woman and Usually walk with a Cane,  The force pulled my shoulder causing me pain in my shoulder and Neck
    I would like the store to take action against both employees, first the young man for being rude, disrespectful, and overly aggressive. The assistant manager failed to respond to the staff’s behavior.  She failed to respond to a request from a customer knowing there was a physical interaction and offered no follow-up or apology for her staff’s behavior.

    This particular Dollar Tree is right around the corner from my home and I frequent it often as I do many other Dollar Tree’s in the different locations around Jacksonville.  
    If there was a Gold status membership I would be one of the top members as I spend More money than I would like to admit at the Dollar Tree.  I Rave about all of your new items to family and friends and at times even hold off purchasing items at other establishments until I confirm with the Dollar Tree There is Absolutely no Reason for an employer to treat a customer the way I was treated.
    You May contact me at Prestine McClain 203.482,xxxx prez.mccxxxx

  23. Why do I have to order so much of one product? I would love to order but can’t because I must order some many units of the same item so I never place an order. If I could order a smaller amount I would actually place an order all the time. I believe you would make more money if a smaller order could be placed. I am not able to shop in the store so I have yo take my business else where because I can place a smaller amount of an item and end up spending more money with them. I get say 50 different items than 50 of the same item and shop with the other business all the time. I just wish I could shop as if I was in the store online like I can with other stores. So is there a way to place a order like that?

  24. I was shopping in store #3687 waiting for the salesperson to come check me out there was a sign that said press red button for service, I was looking for a red button when she finally got to the register, she said rudely you should have pressed the red button told her I looked and didn’t see no red button. She’s like it’s right here on the phone all you had to do was push it. Never saw a sign that said that. Last time shopping there. Date 5/27/ 21 19:53 Aailyah sales associate.

  25. I have a very urgent LEGAL ISSUE!!! One of the women who was working in your Dollar Tree store #4670 on 05/29/21 did something illegal and embarrassing against me. I want her FIRED!!! When I left the store she came out and got into her car with a walkie talkie and said something to someone else in another vehicle I recognized. When I returned to work Monday everyone started looking at me and acting weird and my regular customers I have known for years acted different. The fellow associates outside of the pharmacy did not even speak to me. No one has told me or shown me what she did but apparently she took a picture of me and a video and put it on her phone and spread it to her group and to the pharmacy I work for. She had one lady actually show whatever it is to my manager!!!!

  26. Store 2974 in Goodyear, AZ is so hot inside, it’s uncomfortable to shop there. I would appreciate a cooler atmosphere to shop.

  27. Trying to learn on my first day and had a manager call me a bitch and lazy. Then tried to tell me that it was my fault that registers at the end of the night were off.

  28. I work at dollar tree in Poughkeepsie New York I need someone here from headquarters we have an New employee a Peekskill a New York. We have a cashier name Rose that is yelling at customers yelling out employees yelling at the management

  29. Customer service manager Sandra gave bad customer service, had a bad attitude, and was not very friendly, store located at 814 Russell PKWY Warner Robins, Georgia on 6/04/2021 at 4pm. I also called the District Manger Marcus Alton on 6/04/2021 but did not receive a call back.


  31. aberdeen,sd poor working conditions. this matter will be reported if it isnt taken care of.workers are working under very warm tempertures with no air conditionners. i will take you to court on there behalf if needed. other thing will apply like dirty inside bath rooms etc.

  32. I just left your Dollar tree store in Sebring FL at 760 Hwy us 27th n 33870 have picture also the inside very clean out side looks like a junk yard very bad full of trash phone number is 941 592 xxxx please call or text me so I can send you the pictures

  33. The new store in my Vernon Missouri is a great looking store. My big complaint is the music is so loud and annoying. I’ve heard so many people complain about it. I’m actually a vendor. Several times while I’m there customers are saying negative things about the music.

  34. Your store in Opelousas, La. is unwelcoming to white customers. The radio station/talk format tells its listeners why and how they should hate white people. This is broadcast throughout the store. Definitely not a great shopping experience! Black artists, sure! Black hate mongers, no!

  35. I am wondering what kind of management you have in Mitchell, SD. I called them and told them about an employee that has many felonies for stealing and i know that she stole from her last job here. Your manager told the gal that I called and I have had retaliation from her. I called because as a business I would not want employees stealing from me. We are limited on where i can shop and Dollar Tree was a store that I frequently shopped. Now I fear to enter store. Look up Lisa Janis criminal history. The only reason I think that the manager told her is because there manager is stealing as well. I could not work for a company that allowed stealing and I will not be able to shop at the 2 stores in Mitchell, SD

  36. I was at walmart on veterans parkway in Springfield ll. Bishop there all the time . But this time l believe l was short changed . I believe l gave the cashier a 20.00 bill . I believe l should have gotten 15.00 change back . But I didn’t get a receipt. So l have no proof. She had glasses on and they were all fogged up. My bill was 5.40 cents . She said I only gave her 10 40 cent .l am sure it was 20.00and 40centBut like I said I have no receipt. Tank You

  37. I attempted to make a purchase at store 2609 at 5686 s redwood rd. in taylorsville, utah. I had waited in line for approximately 7 to 8 minutes to pay for my purchases when a clerk summoned a couple of customers having just joined another line to a third line she was opening up. I rushed over to this this third line and placed my items on the belt. the clerk absolutely refused to ring me up first although i immediately advised her that i had waited longer than the customers she decided to ring me up first. She became exceedingly, loudly and aggressively argumentative with me while setting the merchandise i had selected aside. It was a
    extremely upsetting and embarrassing situation and i finally left the store without the merchandise. In addition I, an elderly individual after recent heart surgery was so upset that i either left or lost approximately $20.00 in merchandise i had purchased next door at TJ Max on the counter. Shameful customer service at best. Most of all I came by bus and hurried to get to the bus station before the rain. Instead i got drenched before i got there, and without not only the merchandise i had selected but the merchandise i had paid for in the store next door. I am retired from more than 30 years in retail and i am shocked over this clerks outrageous conduct. NEVER EVER ARGUE WITH A CUSTOMER!!!!! Especially not in front of a line of other customers.

  38. My daughter went to your store in Wheelersburg Ohio and asked if they blow up wedding balloons and they said yes for.50 a balloon. So when she went there the day of her wedding they refused to blow them up and they got some items to buy and the rude cashier told them that they need to go to a different register. Now the problem is that my daughter and new husband have court custody of 2 little girls that they are in process of adopting and their mother Stephanie Webb works at this store and when my daughter walked in she whispered something to the other workers. This person lost her children because of drugs and for the other employees to be so rude was totally uncalled for. We will not be shopping any dollar tree stores again. This was my daughter’s wedding day and she did not deserve this

  39. There is a woman who works at the store at 274 Eastchester Dr in High Point, who conveniently never wears a name tag (I assume she is the manager). I can only identify her as a dark skinned woman with multiple facial piercings. My husband and I were in the store early last week and she had earbuds in running a register. Nothing was ever said by a customer, but she volunteered that she was “wearing headphones so she could ignore everybody.” This past weekend, she acted like being there was at the bottom of a list of things she’d rather be doing. I’ve been a cashier, and I know it’s not a glamorous job, but part of any customer service associate’s job description is to be polite, and I swear she forgot that.

  40. Bought poster board was marked 69 cents was charged 79 cents told me no refunds buti was over charged and you Customer service didn’t want to hear about it hing up on me

  41. I am writing in regards to a recent transaction at the Dollar Tree in East Meadow, NY on Bellmore Avenue. There were only two registers open and there was a VERY long line running down the store for people to be rung up. I had no problem waiting because I understand they may have been short staffed- that was not the problem. The problem was that when it was my turn to be rung up and I got to the cashier (who also happened to be the store manager), he was on his phone Facetiming. When I told him how unprofessional that was and that’s partially why there is a huge line of customers waiting so long, he said “So what? I rang you up, didn’t I?” I said again to him “That is not the point, customers are waiting because you are being so unprofessional and on your phone instead of doing your job appropriately.” He again said “So what.” This man was setting a poor example for his employees and the store. The other cashier who was not the manager, was actually ringing up customers while also answering the store phone to help customers who had questions over the phone, meanwhile the manager is Facetiming his family while at the register. He was not on break, he was doing it while he was working. This is not a good example for a manager or for the store.

  42. i was overcharged at DG. i bought 4 sugars was charged for 7. i bought 3 applesauces and was charged for 5. The cashier was terrible and i tried to call the store immediately and no answer, sent to a full voicemail box where i could not leave a message. i need my money back immediately

  43. I just want you to know that I used to go Dollar tree almost everyday well they got where they won’t take a 20 anymore and that’s usually what I always have I had to leave the store couple times because it didn’t have anything smaller so I don’t go in there as much one day I went in there and the lady only head a 20 she walked out and I told her I do the same thing to the cashier she said well y’all don’t understand we don’t have a cash carrier like Walmart does. Maybe y’all should get one I remember back in the day the stores or any restaurant manager would have to go to the bank and get we never want our customers to walk out. I just get upset cuz I love that store thank you I just want to get that off my chest

  44. I have been trying very hard to get my W2 for 2020, but have not been able to do so. Even my emails have been rejected. I enjoyed my time working with DT, but had to quit because my son’s physicians recommend it because of the pandemic. He is a liver transplant recipient and has to take immune suppressants. Please help me. My next step has to be to file a complaint with the IRS and I do not want to do that.

  45. The supervisor that is over Daleville’s Dollertree Mr. Rob is rude disrespectful he tell his employees that they are a Disease that spreads in the store. He do not have the appropriate information in the office for an accident.7/6/21 bout 7 pm his assistant manager Cherry Ellis asked about the accident paper that was not anywhere to be found.instead he asked her if he need to come up there do their damn job in front of customers treat all employees as if they’re his child and states one customer in the store this is my store can you go by my room rob rules. When customers ask him if he I talked with respect to tell them to back up this is door and he is handling his employee. I truly don’t understand why this guy still have a job he has no one to deliver to the store because they were fused to deliver to the dollar tree and I will based on how he talks to them he do not want them to park on his property to unload the truck the store stays a mess it is a hazard and if I’m not mistaken corporate came down not even two weeks ago but he was kissing ass then what time do you laugh he started talking that’s on the floor you I am a witness to this I go in that store every day to see this hear this as a witness it I wouldn’t even talk to my dog the way he talk to his employees his customers or vendors this guyNot to be a manager or even in the store tell truth and Daleville that’s wrong I built it was sold not have any customers that want to go in that store because of one supervisor and y’all when I do anything about so if you have any questions please give me a call .while this is going on there are kids in the store while he is doing this. Customers have walk out with their children

  46. Hi, I was wondering if dollar tree would like to donate to our community event for West Virginia Junior College in Bridgeport, WV

  47. I shop at at DG on Socrum Loop in Lakeland FL. Too many times when I go in there the prices ring up incorrectly. I was told they have no control over the price changing. It is done at corporate office. I am a person who checks the prices whether to my advantage or yours. Its not fair to the customer that every time we go in the store there is a wrong price. Also we can’t see at the register what price is being rung up. That would be helpful on our part to watch as its being rung up. I hope there is something you can do to fix this continued problem. I shouldn’t have to check out the tell cashier the price rang up incorrectly after paying and then she has to call a manager over to fix it. I appreciate your concern in this matter.

  48. Visited store 459 today, won’t visit it again. Only one cashier and the line was all the way to the back of the store. The manager was there playing with balloons, then just went and began fooling with stuff out of the way in a basket. When she was asked about the long line she was nasty and disrespectful. People started leaving stuff in the baskets and leaving the store but the manager never made any attempt to open another register. The one cashier just kept apologizing to people and when asked why the other person wouldn’t help she replied, “she’s the manager”. This was on 7/10/21 @ 14:11. I have pictures of the line and manager ignoring the customers in line.

  49. i will also submit this letter to HR. We have a new manager Mohammed Zohensky that came in the store and introduced himself when we had Hugo Guzman a manager. He introduced himself to Wendy Robison a cashier and myself Gayla Primus as the new manager. i found that strange because we had a manager and managers normally have no idea where they are locating. He hasn’t been in the store less than a week and he’s submitting write-ups to bring his own team in and our store looks like a garage. I have other concerns that I’m going to address with our district manager. Store 1326 in Addison Texas

  50. I Just wanted corporate to know your store’s dollar tree and family dollar located on Middlebelt and Ford Rd. in Garden City, Michigan is loosing your company money. On more than one occasion I tried to get money back after my purchase and have observed lots of people wanting cash back. I believe your company gets a portion of the fee to get the cash back. Your employees are not honoring that to receive cash back, they always have a hand written piece of paper saying no cash back. This needs to be addressed I work in the area and I’m usually at one or the other daily, and I know this is affecting the bottom line and could be costing your company thousands weekly. Just wanted y’all to know as I always watch my bottom line so I can bonus in tern the store profits good luck.

  51. Yesterday July 12 2021 my mother and I went to your store located at 7311 B Ritchie Hwy glen burnie md. We had a young male cashier who quickly became irate-he threatened my 87 year old mother and continued to say threatening things to me as well/ for he had messed up the transaction and needed to do a complete re-ring on all her items. The manager intervened and finished the transaction after sending him out of the store to calm down. As we left the store the man cashier was standing out front and continued to bully my mother and my self(I’m 60 years old. This was my afternoon shopping at your store-This has upset us very much and would like to know how you will rectify this situation.

  52. I recently worked for the Dollar Tree in Lake Geneva, WI. After 2 years of working more hours than was told when hired, 13 people, including myself leaving because of bad management, underpaid and unfair treatment, and now being told I won’t receive my PTO because of circumstances of my quitting and receiving harassing text messages to my phone, I would like to find someone in Corporate to lodge my complaints with. I do not wish to see another employee go through this treatment. Thank you and waiting for your responses, Mart Todd

  53. I shopped at store #7152 Lehighton today, buying a cart full of items. The numbers on my receipt are 8234 07152 02 022 21712781, my associate was Beth ( who was very helpful). After paying I realized carts are prohibited from leaving the store. I am a senior citizen with a compromised knee, so this was a huge problem for me. Also, it was completely unexpected, as I shop at the Tamaqua/Hometown store often and carts are not an issue there. Beth told me that I could leave my full cart with her and retrieve a cart from the Giant parking lot next door, which was very kind of her. So I got permission from Giant to borrow one of their carts and brought it into your store to switch my products over. Upon leaving, Beth held the doors for me, as they are not automated. This extra walking aggravated my condition. I understand there is a reason for keeping your carts secured, but it creates a hardship for many customers. Having to carry heavy bags through doors that are not automated is impossible for some people. If you are looking for a solution to keep your carts on the property, this one is unrealistic and will cause some people to stop patronizing this location. Perhaps “quarter” carts might be a better solution for this particular store.

  54. I went by your 4430 Dallas Fort Worth Turnpike, Dallas, TX 75211 location today around 1:45pm. Upon walking up to the store your security personnel came out and said “we are closing at 2:30” I checked the time and it was 1:48 and I said great, it’s not 2 yet and continued walking. She then yelled out 2:30 and closed the door and signaled 2:30 with her fingers and came out again. Once again I said, I understand but it’s not even 2 yet. Then she said “and I’m security and I’m Not going to argue with you. 2:30” In a mocking way. I understand being short staffed and having to close early. No reason was given as to why they closed early but to have rude members be a part of your team is a different story. Does your management or company not care for customer service? It’s very unacceptable on how I was treated. Not sure if I will be taking my business to dollar tree anymore after that incident. Any feedback would be appreciated as to how your employees are getting away with treating customers in a disrespectful way.

  55. I was at Dollar Tree in Granite City on Nameoki Rd and this lady was cursing out the two worker out . She said she called off Friday and she can call off when she wants too. If she that tuff big and bad why she working at Dollar Tree she need to be in a boxing ring. I thought she was rude and had a very nasty mouth that was not called for at all she could have handled that another way. I guess she felt ok talking like that cause other people where around, but very very rude and nasty and the other workers where saying anything to her.

  56. I went to apply for dollar tree in Washington NC and the manager goes to hite me and tells me I’m a no rehire… I’ve never worked or applied for any dollar tree / family dollar ever. I’ve lived my entire life in Washington NC 27889. Iam very upset. I had the job but the computer said she cant cause I’m under a non hire… please contact me so we can take care of this please 252-751-xxxx thanks

  57. I Dana Goldstein filling a complaint againstjvv be Dollar tree in Hudson Ma. Sunday afternoon July 18 2021.I was shopping in the stores and Iwent to check out I spoke manager MAnny did knot haven’t anyower cashiers over. Too other employees were on break at 12:30 I asked him to get another cashiers .he reply no!I am only cashiers here…A long line back to the end of the store.It’s was unacceptable and I was extremely dissatisfied. Sincerely Dana Goldstein —-you many at 978 310 xxxx. Call me

  58. I ordered a shirt and a fleece jacket for my girlfriend I only get bill for one item could u pls advice me on this matter

  59. I work at store 652 in Balitimore.
    My stocking hours were 5a.m. to 1p.m.
    BUT the store manager stated they needed to cut hours. They paid me for three hours. I was told that I could not leave until my u boot was empty.
    I want to be paid for the work and hours there

  60. I have always shopped at the dollar tree in clarkston, Michigan on Sashabaw Road. Being a general Manager for 16 years at a restaurant, I understand the frustration of sometimes dealing with the public. But, the store manager at that store is the rudest person I’ve ever come in contact with. She is always complaining when I go in there about how she is over worked and how rude the customers are. She’s very verbal and very loud. I have actually walked out with out purchasing because of her. Today we were passing by each other in the store and I smiled at her. Instead of saying hi and smiling back soon as I rounded the corner she said to another lady working “ I can’t believe she just walks past me and didn’t say excuse me.” I thought to myself why would I say excuse me when we were passing in the isle? She’s very confrontational and clearly hates her job. I will not be back to that dollar tree again. I will go out of my way to go to a different one. Thought you would like to know who you have representing your name.

  61. Hello,

    I worked for the Family Dollor Distribution Center in Ashley, IN a few years ago. I left my job there due to some difficult to handle personal issues that I was suffering with. Since then, I have reached out on multiple occasions seeking employment again. I was told to give it a year and try again. I did just that and still receive no response when I apply. I understand if I am ineligible, however, no one has let me know if I am rehireable or not. I call HR and never receive a response to my voice-mails. I feel as though I am being intentionally ignored. I have felt attacked since I initially reached out after I quit. When I was working there, another past employee was rehired and she flaunted that she was once on the do not rehire list. I do not believe that it is fair to continuously ignore someone who was great at the job and is more than willing to come back and work hard.

  62. Goodafternoon my name is antoinette berry and i worked for dollar tree on Columbus blvd last year for a short period if time because someone stole my money out of my pocket book i called the police and filed a complaint and i felt as tho no one was gonna do anything about it being as tho they ran the cameras and said they seen no one steal my money. K so after that day i never returned. What i did do yesterday was fill out a application for the dollar tree out folsom pa so when i call to see if i can come in for a interview the manager tells me they have me in the computer as a person they can no longer hire. Im confused because i did nothing wrong someone stole my money i would like to speak to someone about this if possible

  63. The store on n.oak and berry Rd. In Kansas City Missouri.
    Shelf’s are always empty. Never stocked. In the past 3 months

  64. Myself and approximately 20 store attendees were subjected to being cursed out by Store Manager Avis Brumfield at the Dollar Tree on Morrison and Bullard Ave when asked can another register be opened since there was only 1 young man cashiering. There were approximately 20 people in line to check out. The store Manager stated that if we need another register opened we can call and apply for a job…she had a belligerent altitude while stating this. One older woman asked her to lose her altitltude..and Avis replied to us all you can call who you want to…get the f…out of here; which cause an uproar in your store. Some of the people put their items back and left. Please address this situation before you continue to lose business due to this disrespectful young lady who is your Store Manager.
    Thank you

  65. I was hired by dollar tree to do cashier and stock I told them I was on disability and they still had me doing trucks management needs better training I’m gonna sue because i got fired for not doing trucks and I’m disabled

  66. The store in Stoughton, WI is fairly new, and has really gone downhill fast! I have gone in almost every day for a week now, to find the same stack of unpacked boxes, piles of summer merchandise on the floor, many empty shelves and a disappointing inventory. No chippy brushes, hardly any wooden craft cutouts. When I ask about a product I am met with a shrug. We waited so long for this store, but now have to go out of town to find a decent Dollar Tree.

  67. The store manager is unfit for her position. She is unable to keep the store stocked, she is always causing drama between associates, she doesn’t appreciate her workers and she is very unprofessional. She doesn’t care for customer satisfaction.

  68. To Whom It May Concern,

    I am a regular Dollar Tree shopper, and want to congratulate you on your clean and organized stores in my area. I particularly want to point out 2 employees in particular at your La Mirada, CA store who showed exemplary customer service. Firstly, your clerk Joseph opened his register due to the long line that had formed at the one register that was opened, and his first customer was an elderly woman who could not pick up the jugs of water in her cart which he walked around and scanned, then he helped put her other items on the conveyer belt so she didn’t have to bend to get them. He showed such kindness and compassion towards her I was very impressed considering the fact he appeared to be so young (18, 19?) . The woman was very appreciative as well.
    The other employee I wanted to praise is Bri, another clerk. I had first overheard her asking a customer to wear a mask who said he didn’t have one nor was he vaccinated, and she explained, with kindness and sincerity, that the store has opted to require masks due to the spike in cases rising in LA county. She handled herself with grace and didn’t embarrass the customer or raise a big stink. She then helped out a kid who had spilled his drink and again, didn’t embarrass him or get mad, all the while continuing to work her register. If she isn’t a manager, she should be. She appears to be young as well, maybe in her early 20’s. Once again, I am extremely impressed with her manner and professionalism.
    I know many have complaints, but I hope that you will commend Bri and Joseph for their outstanding job performance and work ethic. Thank you for hiring such great employees.


    Ms. Hamamoto
    (P.S. I notice that the register receipts don’t print very clearly at the La Mirada store, which is a problem for those of us who submit receipts for ledgers. Can that be rectified? It may be a mechanical issue. Thank you.)

  69. Need to get the freezers filled at the Dunlap dollar tree please its been over a month since they got in any supplies and they sell a lot of eggs and cheese and other refrigerated items

  70. Hello, this is a complaint for one of your locations. This location is located in Crystal MN. I came in on 7/21/21 to purchase 12 birthday balloons for the celebration of a recently passed loved one. The customer service I received was by far the worst of all in any retail store. Your employees by the name of Pam and Scott (store manager) made me feel as an inconvenience to the store. What I came in for was to purchase not begged for or asked for free. She was huffing and puffing and only gave me 6 balloons. This is not only a bad experience but it was also heartbreaking as again there are sensitive feelings behind the whole reason for the purchase! I hope this gets handled as it should be. As they need to be better trained as customer servicing employees.

  71. 200 so 600 east near that salt lake city. Managment watched as new teller was learning. Even though line7 long. Nearing 5 pm. They did not help.
    Previous new registr ask for quarters. Many in line was appalled how manager, less tall blond. Talked to thos new person, who nervous stayed claim continued. No one deserves to be talked at like that.
    If that’s success tactics, I’ll not shop dollar tree, will shout out

  72. Hey I would like too talk to someone about A manager at dollar tree that has fired two people for no reason and I am one of the two people and I know the other one we were both like go for no reason i’m only wanting to talk to somebody about how their behaviors is

  73. I have went to 2 different dollar tree stores in Wisconsin and both times I have now got out dated food I now won’t be probably going to dollar tree anymore

  74. I was at your store on 2500 Wharton Steet Philadelphia, Pa 19146 on 7/2/21. That would have been my Sister’s birthday. She past recently. I was having a memorial dinner that evening. I wanted to purchase a few balloons. The cashier , which I found out was the manager, asked me if I wanted yo prepay for them along with the rest of the items that I was purchasing. I said No because you probably won’t have them. I had been to several dollar tree locations that day. She said she would ring them up after the cashier came from break, although she was on a register about 4 ft from the helium. I waited approximately 20 minute. After all that the store was out of what I wanted, but I bought another one just because I waited that long. That experience just added on to the list of things that did’nt go well on what would have been my sister’s birthday. I asked for the manager, and she said I am the manager. That wait time was unacceptable. There is always a long line there and a few other locations. Lately , the balloons are blown up early for the entire day at most locations within 10 miles or so .
    Most of the time most dollar stores are out of most balloons on display. Maybe dollar tree shouldn’t sell them anymore.

  75. Shopped in store #1305 and thought you should know the condition of the store. Not just messy, and fewer products than my local store, but filthy. My grandchildren even noted how dirty the store was. So much merchandise in the floor that you also face a customer falling and being injured.

  76. I was thinking of contacting a lawyer about Amber denying me my service dog in the Iron mountain store. You better train her on ADA laws!

  77. This dollar tree In Lafayette Indiana on teal rd is so dirty inside , I’m scared to buy any kind of food . I’ve seen floors cleaner in a hog barn ..

  78. Went to dollar tree in Conway sc today know they items that are 3.00 and 5.ok how can you call the dollar a little misleading I think

  79. Why is there not a live agent to talk to you when giving a complaint I just had the worst experience of my life and I have no one to talk to

  80. The manager in Oneonta Alabama highway 75 he is not stoking the store properly it has been over a month and a half there is no new merchandise being put back on the shelves your coolers there are slap full of nothing but icees no food products whatsoever this is a disgrace he needs to be reprimanded

  81. I would like to file a complaint against one of your employees. Your store #4767. I have shopped here – having spent HUNDREDS of dollars – since you first opened at this location. This morning the check out person told me to “Don’t forget to return your basket.” I’ve never been TOLD – nor asked to return a basket. I shop here – I do not WORK here. After telling the clerk that she yelled at me across the store saying, “Maybe we shouldn’t provide baskets if customers are too lazy to return them.” This is unacceptable – to say the least.

  82. I have a complaint I have been working at Dollar Tree for 2 years and for almost a year now I have been full time. My manager keeps scheduling me full time but won’t make me full time on the computer. I cashier stock clean even done truck a few times. I have cancer and I very rarely ever take off I come in sick and leave sick. But when I do have to call off I need those days paid for and I would also love to have a few vacation days paid but my store manager won’t put me in as fill time! It’s not fair I mean we don’t get paid well at all but I still give it my all and make sure I keep my customer happy at all times. But I only think it’s fair that he gave me full time work for about a year and he won’t put me in as full time and if he don’t do it soon I’m out of there

  83. So I visited your Dollar Tree store in Hilliad, Columbus, OHIO. This store is off Fishinger Road. Now, this is the second instance this issue has occured. There is this manager called Angela – she is an elderly lady (who refused to provide her last name for obvious reasons) this manager is extremely rude. When she is at the check out she is extremely rude. She asked me to set my items on the conveyer belt in a very rude and obnoxious manner, since there was another customer paying for her items, I informed her that its fine and that I will wait for the customer checking out ahead of me to finish paying for her items and i will then be ready to check out, she then raised her voice and said “just put the items on the conveyor belt and i will ring you out” I informed her to tone her voice down and to not speak to me in such a condescending manner, she then raised her voice and said “what was my problem” – thats when I raised my voice and said please do not speak to me in this tone as I am your customer and you will not talk to me in this way, she then picked up the intercom and paged her colleague to call the police. Call the police ?!?!?!….What did I do to her that she wanted to call the police on me??…I have been going to this store since the last six years and have never had any issues when any associates at this store. I have never felt so humiliated and demeaned. I spend hundreds of dollars every month, however, I will never shop at the Dollar Tree anymore if this is how you treat your customer.
    Im not too sure if anything will be done about this, but you have just last a customer for good.
    A very unhappy customer.

  84. I has a horrible experience and was humiliated at a store in Arizona. I was told to leave and was threatened to be arrested. I was calm and did not raise my voice but did point out that what the manager was staingvwas incorrect. I have left two message on your customer serviceine with no results.

  85. I bought the wrong ear buds at the dollar tree on Westman and drake they didn’t fit my phone so I took them back and when I returned them the manager started taking to me like I couldn’t returned them she started taking real shitty to me like my money was not any good and telling me that couldn’t get the right buds saying I couldn’t check to make sure I have the right ones this manager is black and since I was complaining she told me to get out of the store so I couldn’t get what I wanted . Now what kind of people does dollar tree hire. Now this manager works in the evening and shouldn’t be working at all because she has no skills to deal with the public or problems that arise all she can do is put you out of the store .I have never had a problem at any other dollar tree store so to me you have the wrong person as a manager

  86. Dollar tree on 14 mile & Crooks in Clawson Michigan it so trashy! It use to be the one to go too! Now, it’s dirty, cluttered and the isles are filled with boxes, the floor hasn’t been vacuumed in months or even years. It’s appalling that corporate hasn’t updated or looked into it!
    Please tell me it’s not another place where corporate pockets big revenues regardless of the stores appearance! Do something about it or close it! it’s an eye sore.

  87. Have you pervasively reviewed your Dollar Tree in Ontario Oregon…
    ????? This place is an absolute embarrassment to the name!!!
    Look like a rummage sale !!!!
    Have you seen the pictures people have post in your reviews??????
    Those were 7 months ago🤔🤔🤔
    Either you dont care what your stores look like … Or your just not listening🤔🤔
    This is the first time I’ve been here at this one and it’s 10 times worse then those pictures on your reviews 💯💯 ….
    Plus your Employe lady was soo out of her mined and said she was on break …. 3 sheet to the wind on who knows what ???
    Proceeded to take money out of the till an put it in her pocket🤔🤔 and people walking with handfuls of merchandise…

  88. The store on n tamiami trl Naples Florida 34108 is a disgrace dirtiest store of any kind I have ever seen

  89. My name is jammie fierros I’m a current employee at dollar tree and Ive had a situation happen with me and I need to find out if I am in the computer on the do not hire list and if so who I contact about it

  90. Restroom at 2506 W Parmer Ln ,Austin,Tx 78727 is deplorable it should be closed, I asked an employee why there was no toilet paper, soap or paper towels and that the commode and floor were disgusting her response was we have been busy for the last few weeks.
    When I got ready to check out she was a cashier and was extremely rude to me , she did not have a name tag on so I can not tell you her name but she was in a wheel chair.

  91. I would appreciate contact information to the Legal department and a name in order to send a letter to them regarding a copyright infringement. I would appreciate the information. THANK YOU

  92. You went up on your prices at Dollar Tree in Danville, VA on Mount Cross Road without warning your customers. From $1 to $1.25. That’s unfair and greedy. 1.25 * 4 = $5.00 plus tax.

  93. Manager “Carrie” at the dollar tree store on hooper Rd in Endicott NY, commented “nice ass nigger” and then proceeded to slap my butt. She also stated all her stores cameras were just for show and that she would not get in trouble.

  94. Complaint about store# 5854 date 11.21.21 time:1400. At register male at counter had no customer service skills , did not greet me or tell me my total nor did he count my change back to me. He then moved on to next customer so I went over to a closed register and counted my change $16.72. There was a lady there at closed register . Instead of asking me if anything was wrong she just stared at me, so I told her I needed to count my change since the person at register did not. As a customer your stores are open and running and if I get bad service I will address it. I called the store as I was walking not my car and male picked up, I asked for a manager he was he was the manger , so I asked are you working the register since there is only one male and one female at register, so to make sure it’s the right person I’m speaking to I described who I am complaining about. I told him if he is the manger he does not have any customer service skills and then he HUNG UP on me. What kind of manager is that?! He was rude in person and over the phone. I then called your cooperate office and left a complaint and my phone number the. I was getting a call from that store and another call with a no ID phone number. If it’s him calling why would you call me back after you slammed dunked the phone on me. Rude and inappropriate conduct. I want to speak to someone in your corporate nofgice regarding that manager.

  95. The Doller Tree in 18 West Court Street Woodland CA on 10/24/2021 . There’s a manager there named Christy or Kristen White short and above the shoulder blond Hair. I’ve been going to the store for 2 years and I spent a lot of money there and normally the customer service is awesome but one day I went in to the store and surprisingly there was some other manager there and I gave $100 bill to the cashier and this woman comes over and tells me she can’t accept my money because it wasn’t made after or before a certain year? And as she’s explaining this she’s being as nasty as she possibly can be for no reason like she didn’t have to explain to me that she couldn’t take my money I don’t know if she made this up because of a racial thing that black people have fake money or she’s misinformed and this is not a rule or she just being a you know that sort of thing when someone’s being really nasty and they’re laughing at the same time that’s particularly evil so I’m not sure if she brought something to work with her from home or she’s just a really rude person who doesn’t belong in customer service I’m not sure but I need to know the answer to this before I go back into that store. She never once apologized for me having to put all my stuff back she was absolutely horrible and then I asked the cashier’s what number is the store and they’re all looking back at her like they were scared of her well if that’s how she acts I’d be afraid of her too if I was Employee.

  96. Store 4162 768504162 04 004 27097118 I think the store has been selling meth in the back and today they said that everything in the stores now 1.25 at the dollar tree. My honest opinion well if they stop selling meth in the back and then maybe we could all just pay a dollar at the dollar tree

  97. Mr. Witynski,

    It is unkind to many very poor people to increase the cost of all of your goods by 25%. I am upper-middle class, but I am a kind person. It is very misleading to state that stakeholders will have more value. They will have more profit, not value. The very poor will suffer because you are extremely selfish and greedy.

  98. There is a lot of things going on at Dollar tree in Cambridge ohio .. there is a worker on drugs meth and I guess that’s okay and stealing from the store

  99. I want to speak with a manager regarding the store on Pineville Matthews Road in Charlotte NC.
    Today is 12/13/21 an incident happened at 7:45 today that I am lodging a complaint against. Have a manager of the Charlotte headquarters be in touch with me.

  100. The store @ University @ St. Augustine Rd is a menace 2 society. I personally & proudly worked there 5+,years. Within the last 2+ years the store has been humiliated 2 enter. I have never ever seen the shelves fully stocked. I went 2 x’s yesterday with both trips severally embarrassing & disappointed. The 1x I went in their was at least 6 employee’s in the store. Some employees sweeping right where i was trying 2 shop & a few standing around talking. When i got 2 the check outline I was 3rd in line with approximately 5-7 people behind me. I asked if they could open another register & was told it was a shift change?? 5+ people??. The registers should have been ready 2 go. I hope this matter is taken seriously or u will be losing a lot of customers @ this particular store. Please review & respond. Respectfully.

  101. I work for dollar tree in price utah and I’m trying to get my direct deposit takin off my account with you guys and add your pay card instead but we can’t seem to get it done before payday on the 31st of December. My bank account has been put on hold, my bank account was hacked so right now there is no way for anyone or anything can put money in or even take it out so can you please take it off so we can put your pay card on so my pay check will go on it instead I would really appreciate it a lot,

  102. Yesterday on Dec 23, 2021 I went to a local dollar tree at Crosstowne Mercado
    4873 W Commerce Street
    San Antonio, TX 78237 I went to buy some groceries. Im a regular customer of that store I went to buy groceries I saw that the prices have gone up to a $1.25. I check the website that the prices are still $1. I believe I was over charge for the groceries I bought at this location. The store # 6363. Recepit 1438 06363 01 026 26170955 12/18/21 9:14 AM Sales Associate Maeve. This receipt #1 total price is $11.25
    Store # 6363. Receipt 7464 06363 03024 27188096 12/23/21 10:33 AM Sales Associate Eva This receipt #2. I have check the website the prices are still $1 I have been checking my receipts I made myself aware that the groceries i have purchase I have been charge extra when I check at the website the prices are still $1 at the website. I have been charge for groceries that In now aware that the prices are still $1.

  103. The woman at the new dollar tree in paoli are so freaking unfriend they should be fired. Been in there 3 times and they have all made you feel like u were bothering them. The hell with that store

  104. Store 5570…I do know this is a trying time for all. Store 5570 is one of the most disorganized, messy and dirty store I’ve come across. The inside is a hot mess and the grounds outside are filthy with garbage and overflowing garbage cans. The aisles are always filled with boxes and of course, the shelves are empty.
    The neighborhood was very happy when you came in but why shop in a store where the shelves are always empty and it’s filthy inside and out.
    I’ve visited other stores and they seem to be running just fine.
    Please send someone on an observation mission to find out what’s going on.

  105. I was discrimination that I cannot bother my boyfriend but someone else can they were teillg my off about it but then someone else can do the same thing towards him and bother him when he working it was not right for them to tell me off and not someone else that used to work at dollar tree along time ago but not more and still bothers my boyfriend.

  106. On January 7th at 12:33 a couple of my coworkers and I went to the Dollar tree 7067 that’s the store number. It was probably one of the most dirtiest places that I have been I’ve been there before and it’s been dirty but this was really dirty and they had one cashier and then one lady I believe she was the manager and when we got up to pay there was a couple that was in front of us one had oxygen and they were older people and the cashier allowed them to take the card out because they had several bags that they had and they couldn’t carry it all the gal that was in the back kept yelling at this cashier in front of everybody and this cashier was yelling back at this person and the cashier was the cash I was saying they were older they needed help and the manager was I think she was a manager was saying that we don’t offer them to take carts out you shouldn’t have done that and they screamed at each other for like 10 minutes in front of a line full of people the cashier was really honestly trying to do her job and it was that I think she was the manager that was the rudest one of them all and I just was so disappointed in my experience there with the dirtiness and then the yelling about somebody taking a card out the door seriously I know that there’s missing cards but that store had probably 10 15 carts full of things and that store and that’s what the cashier was trying to tell that lady. Very very extremely upset with that store and we will never come back there.

  107. Since the increase in price, to $1.25. I will not frequent Dollar Tree store as before the price increases. I will limit my purchases to 4 items, knowing that I am spending an additional $1.00 ,for the same items, is all I can justify. My 50 + yrs as a consumer, vs your 35 years of business as the $1.00 tree. Because of your decision, to raise prices by 25%, for reasons of inflation, shipping costs, manufacturing, the $1.00 tree is no longer my favorite store. I am a black belt shopper. The quality of some your merchandise, has decreased over the years.

  108. As a manager myself, I was disgusted with customer service at Dollar Tree, 12244 SW Scholls Ferry RD., Tigard, OR. Checker not wearing a mask, coughing out of control.
    Young, inexperienced manager was rude and refused to help. She told me “she’s got a face shield,” and that I was the rude one, for asking. I have informed our community to avoid that store, and why.

  109. Hi my name is Sheila Smith I’m interested in working at Dollar tree Miller road Governor printz I work everyday even weekends and holidays you can give me a call at 302-440-xxxx

  110. I have a complaint on the dollar store located on Lincoln Ave and Euclid st Anaheim CA
    A young slim Hispanic employee was very rude and would not let me in to get one item when yet she still had 6 customers inside the store shopping, she locked the front doors as I was in my car looking for my wallet it was 8:54 it’s now 9:02 and she let out the last customer. She claimed she has to close the store and do something in the back I told it’s not even 9 pm And there are other ppl inside still she cut me off while I was talking and quickly locked the doors in my face. Very unprofessional and just disrespectful.

  111. The store location on the complaint I made a few minutes ago is 1821 Lincoln Ave Anaheim CA
    I hope this gets addressed

  112. My name is Linda Munford living in Columbus Nebraska, 68601. I shopped, for several years, at the Dollar Tree near the corner of 3rd Avenue 23rd Street in Columbus Nebraska. The morning cashier, first name Carol, is rude, always chatting with other eployees while a five plus deep line is waiting and then yells at you when you ask for help. I have Complained to her store manager, first name Tina, who admits to getting many complaints from other customers as well. The store Mannager Tina says she can’t fire Carol or discipline her and says I should shop there when Carol is not working. If a Dollar Tree Manager can’t discipline or fire unruly employees ,why have a manager at all. I will never shop at Dollar Tree again and if you don’t want to keep loosing paying customers, get rid of the employees that cost you money.

  113. My name is Linda Munford living in Columbus Nebraska, 68601. I shopped, for several years, at the Dollar Tree near the corner of 3rd Avenue 23rd Street in Columbus Nebraska. The morning cashier, first name Carol, is rude, always chatting with other eployees while a five plus deep line is waiting and then yells at you when you ask for help. I have Complained to her store manager, first name Tina, who admits to getting many complaints from other customers as well. The store Mannager Tina says she can’t fire Carol or discipline her and says I should shop there when Carol is not working. If a Dollar Tree Manager can’t discipline or fire unruly employees ,why have a manager at all. I will never shop at Dollar Tree again and if you don’t want to keep loosing paying customers, get rid of the employees that cost you money. P.S. I saw that my complaint will appear on this page, question is, what are you going to do about this issue?

  114. I am a 65 year old woman and just left the dollar tree on West Broad Street in the Galloway Ohio area,I had a big cart full of can goods bleach and other heavy items as I was leaving they tpld me I had to carry everything out I also have a Very bad shoulder the big guy who was not busy and told me I couldn’t take the cart out didn’t even offer to help needless to say O am in alot of pain right now what happened to helping the elderly. I will never shop there again.

  115. why did Dollar Tree raise the price to $1.25 ?
    normally, most corporations gradually raise prices over time…the World is requesting that you lower your price back to $1.00. we are asking why the drastic jump in price ?

  116. I Patricia Kerber used to work for Dollar Tree I have not got my W-2 forms online I have tried several times I have tried to contact them no one is helping me even when I’m having problems online I am trying to call around to get someone to help me so I can get my W-2 form sent to my address I’ll be happy to pay for a copy this is my problem

  117. Hi I’m sending this in regards to the Winston Oregon Dollar tree. Yesterday evening I walked in and immediately was hit with a harsh chemical smell. Moving about the store by valentines n cards it was bad. My lungs began to burn j started coughing got a wicked headache. I asked a clerk what the smell was n he said he’d been asked a lot n was told the fertilizer bags got wet or something . I got a good chemical burn from that. Today I’m still wheezing n not feeling good. The smell is not healthy not only to sakes people but customers. I have light asthma n it was really hard in my lungs. I know that smell of amonia , I mixed coney n bleach together to clean a guys bathroom n nearly killed my self. Very naive 21 yr old. Please contact me n let me know the product has been removed. I shop there regularly n I won’t be back k til this is resolved . Thank you

  118. I was being frauded atbthe cash register by the girl runnung the register at dollar tree 4065in concord nc and the manager would not do anything about it after i confronted the girl on trying to steal 20 dollars

  119. Brenda management over here for Vidalia before she went back to Natchez I was working for her it’s got me down 24 hours a week and Company in in the middle of the night I could not do that so I quit and she put me down for no higher and the one here in Vidalia Louisiana wants to hire me back I did not do anything wrong to her she did it to me and I’m not the only one that she’s been doing stuff too pictures of her friends over everybody else they get all the hours everything open the store in Vidalia I would really like to have my job back if possible

  120. I work for DollarTree over 3yrs. I put in for PTO on Feb. 8th 2022. To take off For Feb. 26 Saturday 2022. My head manager schedule on top off My request without any reason. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! Who do I contact???

  121. There’s trash all over our yard doesn’t the alley from your store in Onawa made complaints to the store nothing gets done tired of the mess

  122. I would like to order some deodorant online, I believe that hat you still carry Tag deodorant. Please tell me if you carry it and how to get it online. Thanks

  123. Customer service was terrible. When I asked the checker if she had another checker she was rude. She never responded. The store number is 5366. My name is Larry Benjamin, phone number is 951448xxxx. thank you.

  124. At 7:32 PM February 22, 2022 I made a purchase for five items at $1.25 a piece with tax added on 6% in the state of West Virginia the total came to $5.30. I handed the cashier a $50 bill in return I got $14.70. I was shorted $30. I called later once I got home and realized I was short. The evening manager said that she would count the last drawer and if over let me know. I’ll call back this morning February 23, 2022 at 8:42 AM. The morning manager said all of the drawers were correct and the bank and the amount that they were supposed to bring in was also correct. Someone pocketed $30 rather they’ve rang another person up incorrectly a couple of times I don’t know. But I will let everyone out of Cando on social media and by word-of-mouth to not shop at the dollar tree in Logan.

  125. An employee at the Lynn, MA store at 759 Lynnway was making comments and snickering at my purchase of St Patrick’s day decorations that I was purchasing for my classroom. She asked if I was Irish and laughter at me when I said yes. Also, she made numerous comments about witchcraft and was telling me how to hang a scented decoration on my wall for witchcraft purposes. I was very offended that this girl was so outright rude and pushing her evil spells on the line of customers in the store. Very uncomfortable being waited on by this woman. It was this past Saturday around 11am.

  126. Daughters’ car would not start after getting done shopping at store #8377 on 3-3-22 at approx. 6:30 PM. She went back in and talked to the Night Manager about her car and left her name and phone number if there were any questions. She asked the Night Manager to please forward the note to the day shift Manager, again to call if questions. This did not happen: and the car was towed within a 5 hour window after being posted at 6 am. The store does not open up for business untill 9 am; I find it hard to believe that a Manager shows up that early for work. We live 2 hours away and by the time I was able to make arrangements, leave work early, pick up a car dolly and get onsite to get the car, the Day Manager, Cheryl, was already gone. I talked to the Night Manager and asked where the car had went. I was informed finally at 7:30 that it had been towed during the day at 11:00 because it had been called in as abandoned. The Night Manager produced the note from the office that my daughter had left for the Day Manager. After tracking the car down and getting it home, it was 11:30. We drove back up to the store the following morning and talked to Cheryl about the car being towed and was she instantly confrontational about the situation. She said that beings it had Scott County plates and a dent in the fender it was abandoned. I told her my daughter is going to College in Cedar Rapids hence the Scott County plates. Cheryl did not care and said the cops told her to have it towed. I called the cops shortly afterwards and the Day Commander said that they do not tell someone to have a car towed, but they could if it was on Private Property. No where is there a sign saying the lot is Private or Public or that it is a tow away Zone. Cheryl acted inappropriately by calling in a tow and should have at least made an effort to find out what was going on before doing so. I am looking to be reimbursed for the cost of the Tow in the amount of $422.65 as shown on the receipt from ProTow due to the actions and failure of duties by Cheryl. Please respond promptly. Thank You

  127. On march 09, 2022 I was charged 10 cent tax on a food item, which is over the regulated tax rate and also a nontaxable item. I was also told to leave my backpack at the door while shopping. I was at store #2881 in Odessa TX 79761 sales associate Amry at 16:02.

  128. When are the. W2s going to be sent out? Because i have moved from 2026 pinehurst ct. Apt m 18109 Allentown pa. Back to 14 east 28st Appt xxx new york N Y. 10016

  129. The store u have in Philadelphia Mississippi 39350 Philadelphia Shopping Center LLC, 3119 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11234. The parking lot is so bad we have had to stop going pot holes just really damaged pavement

  130. Today I was in Dollar Tree #8483, Mars Pa. A neighbor of mine (who is a disabled veteran) was shopping via a friend of hers helping. My neighbor was 3 people ahead of her. I heard her ask the older lady cashier a question. The cashier said she’d have to ask a manager. To which my disabled friend friend said “no that’s ok, never mind”. The cashier still called for the manager regarding a question my neighbor no longer wanted an answer to. When the “manager” got to the register she was quite rude and dismissive to the the disabled veteran; followed by similar rudeness from the old lady cashier. How horrible. I was embarrassed for my neighbor. She is the sweetest, kindest soul I know. Being rude to any customer should be unacceptable but But it’s sinful how this veteran was treated. Someone whose life is forever changed by her decision to protect rude employees like she. She willingly gave up so much for these rude employees – but I guess she fought for their right to be not held accountable for their horrible behavior.
    Unacceptable. When word gets around the Adams Ridge Community I hope you experience a loss in business.

    This occurred on Friday, March 18 approximately 11:05-11:10AM

    Thank you for reading my concern even though it’ll probably lead to a dead end on Dollar Tree’s side.
    Her Marine Corps motto is Honor, Commitment and Courage, this might be something well worth for Dollar Tree employees to learn.

    Shame on Dollar Tree. Disgraceful.

  131. Yes I was just like to inform you that the Dollar tree on West trade does not be open after 3:00 or 4:00 in the evening and this has been going on for the last 2 weeks

  132. I have worked for dollar tree going on 3 years and I have been full time for a year and a half or more!! But my former store manager said he took care of it and he did not and ok got a raise for working full time but no paid time off or vacation days
    But I take .y che.o and come in sick most days
    I was a .nurse 31 years previously before coming to work for you and I have private insurance so I dont need that but I do need paid time off and vacation time bc I put myself out there and I work very hard for you but I’m not full time in the computer !! I get t bgg d ccx raise and told I’m full time many times Nd my new Store m.h manager is awesome but she told me to call you and see why almost 2 years I haven’t got pto and they want to cut our hours except for the stockers and assistant managers also full time and you can ask anyone I work very hard with 4the stage metastatic cancer but I dont want no one feeling sorry for me I just want to be treated like everyone else but I need my full time put in the computer so I cc’d an start getting my full time hours and also I’m a stocker/ back up cashier. I do anything I’m told, ask anyone!! Please put me in the computer as full time something my former store manager( God rest his soul) but my name is Deborah Pittman and my phone number is 937-580-xxxx. Please contact me today

  133. Location: 166-10 Archer Avenue, Jamaica NY
    At 8:30 pm I got on a long line to check out with 6 items. There were 2 cash registers opened. Both lines were long and most of the people had lots of items. While standing on line I saw the store manager “Maurice” standing near the front door by the cash registers. It was a woman but the name confused me because her badge said “Maurice”. I kept on waiving to her from my position on line. She was looking my way but ignored me. I kept on waiving and she was about 15 feet away and we were face to face from that distance. I called out to her saying “excuse me”. She looked at me but said nothing. Then after 10 minutes she started pushing shopping carts out of the way at which time she was very close to me. I said are you able to open another register and she said we are working on that. If she was working on that, no register opened in the next 10-15 minutes and if she was working on it that meant she started this process before I was able to get her attention. By the time I left the store no other cash register was opened and she was standing in the same spot all this time. She was not as far as I can tell arranging for a third register to open because it would have happened in th 25 minutes we waited on line and that was a lot of people in front of me and behind me. The service was horrible. And others on line were talking amongst themselves that it was taking too long.

  134. I live in Akron, Ohio. There is a Dollar Tree located on Copley Rd. The store inside is a Total mess and the trash outside is worse. I go to the store in white area and the store is neat no trash. I
    I live across from the Copley Store and I care how my community looks. Better management should be done at that store location.

  135. Raising price to $1.25 is a big mistake. For $1 I would come and buy 10-12 items each trip. I will no longer shop there for $1.25 because I get same items cheaper at grocery store. Not only did you raise the price 25% (btw–a raise in price by 20% or more is considered PRICE GOUGING) but you also put fewer items in the package. Do one or the other but not both. I bought a pkg of paper plates that only had 30ct for $1.25. At grocery store I got 80ct for $2. Which would you buy? I returned the dollar tree paper plates plus several other impulse items. No more shopping at Dollar Tree for me.

  136. My money was taken off my card and wanted it back because cashier made mistake and wouldn’t give me my money back thief I don’t want to get a Lawyer just want my money back 🔙 on my card

  137. Dollar tree has done wonderful in McMinnville for years! Family dollar was a joke when it was there years ago! I’m so upset that you guys messed up a great store with that family dollar crap! Those stores are just nasty! No one trust you guys now!

  138. Associate at the location in orange city Florida made a comment that, should I called the police about a robbery is in progress my phone number is 407 782 xxxx

  139. I am a former employee of dollar tree, and would like to be rehired. gone through the app & assessment but manager says un hirable? I want to know why? The stores here are all hiring and I want to work.

  140. I am so upset regarding my experience at Dollar Tree here in Vernon Texas this morning. I had walked in and asked an associate that had no customers at this time if they had rubber door stops. She just pointed and told me in hardware. I went to look for quite a while. I never could find them. I went to the checkout lane (to workers were standing at the registers but only one light was on.) No one was in line, and I set my things down and let her know I could never find the door stops. She was on her cell phone texting or something. She did not offer to go help me find them, and the other worker just looked at me. A couple minutes passed by and I’m still waiting to get checked out. All of a sudden an older lady comes up and says”I’m getting these” or something to that effect. And the worker started checking her out or finishing checking her out, I don’t know. By then I was really upset and said,”Wow, just forget it” and I said I don’t want these anymore and walked out. This happen at 11:40am this morning. I go in there quite a bit, and when the male worker is there, he is very kind and helps when asked. But, if I walk in and see these two female workers there, I will turn around and walk out. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please don’t mention my last name to them because this is a small town and I get really scared being an older female of retaliation. I have seen it happen to others too many times.

  141. I’m very disturbed by the treatment I got from the cashier at my local dollar tree. The cashier was rude about the price hike. By adding .25 on every dollar does effect people. As a customer that overhears an associate of Dollar Tree talking about how “it’s only .25, people need to get over it” really upset me. I was trying to ask her if the store carried rubbing alcohol. She looked at me & kept talking so I didn’t interrupt. I tried but she didn’t care. So when I got to the register I found out that it’s true, prices went up. There’s no sign and cashiers were very rude.

  142. I have been harassed,bullied,and physically assaulted at work at Dollar Tree and it seems like no action is being taken. What do I do?

  143. This is not a complaint.well maybe.please gets more shopping carts at rancho codova store on zinfandel and are losing custermers.i need a cart to get food and supplies for the whole month.please do this for this store.thank you in advance.

  144. The staff at the location on Manzanita/Fair Oaks in Carmichael are horrible. After standing in a long line, the back-up cashier started to call customers from the one long line and did not track others coming over into that line and those who walked up were out the door quickly while the rest of us had to wait. When I commented this to this associate, she snapped back that they were short staffed. That had nothing to do with it. Yes a back-up cashier was called but she did not take notice of the customers like me that got stuck in a long line with customers with loaded baskets. She was also rude when she responded back. This was on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at 11:00am. I tried calling your office but was on hold for a long time two days now. This employee, a young caucasion female needs some customer service training, I have no desire to shop at this store.

  145. Dollar tree on Michigan avenue in Jackson michigan is the worst store I’ve been in stock is always sitting around shelf’s are not stocked the floor doesn’t look like it’s seen a vacuum,mop,or broom in a long time store is dirty they never open at 8 a.m. I’ve mentioned on several occasions about why they never get the shelf’s stocked and it’s always the same answer we don’t have enough stocking hours well I suppose if they got to work on time and didn’t spend as much time out front smoking and visiting more could get done and the management should probably not be wearing sweat pants looking like they just rolled out of bed. So I’m done going to that dollar tree I hope someone can get that store straightened out.

  146. Hi, My name is Jennifer Mills I am a assistant manager for dollar tree store number 01103. I’m writing this to maybe get help with How the store manager treats us employees. Her name is Helen Cummings and the names she calls us is very uncalled for… she calls us lazy and fat. stupid and talks about us not caring if we hear it even the customers have said stuff to her because they hear it I’m hoping this will maybe get her to stop her ways

  147. We have aad a Dollar Tree in Montgomery , Tx. for four or five years now and it has been a welcome addition to our small town, especially for the many senior citizens on fixed incomes living here. The store was always, clean and well organized. However in the past couple months it has gone downhill quickly and now it is reminiscent of shopping in the old Dollar General here. The aisles are cluttered with empty and full boxes, mdse . all over the floors so sometimes you can’t get your cart down the aisles. Why ? I notice the employee turn around is pretty high but is there even a manager ? Please address this issue or you will see a lot of defectors going to the newer and cleaner Dollar General. I would hate to see that happen. In spite of the 25 % price increase I would like to continue going there but I can’t handle the disarray.

  148. I worked for dollar tree 4 years I did my job very well when we got a new manager she wasn’t very nice I told her I’m part time so she said I was gonna go down on hours so I applied to another job told her I was gonna do 20 hours she had 3 weeks notice I started my new job she made it where I couldn’t work for dollar tree anymore I hurt so bad cause I put the tree first before anything I’ve missed appointment for work I was like a on call doctor I worked other stores I worked alone and I was forced to leave and I reach out to my DM he was left a msg instead of calling me he reached out to her I lost my job she lied said I quit no I was forced out I was working 40 hours a week there and getting part time benefits my dad died I wasn’t paid cause they said your part time I kissed my dad bye and went to work I should be able to work there again why am I not rehireable when my DM reached out to her and not me I just wanna know why that’s all

  149. I live in moraine Ohio and I was wondering when are you going to ship the turkey hill tea with the tan lid to the store’s. I get 2 cases a week and none of the 5 stores that I go to find the tea hasn’t had any in a few weeks they are telling me that they put the order in for it and they are not receiving it or they only get one case or something totally different. I would appreciate it if you could send it to the store’s.

  150. I was just on a chat with ‘Ellen’ I’m in Ky. I had a serious complaint about witnessing child abuse by a store employee to her about 4/5 yr old daughter while on the clock. Apparently your company doesn’t choose to Or have the Dept to handle these things. I brought this problem to your attention in a very lengthy message and all I get is sent to a site (that I have to pay for) to resolve this issue. NO I’m not! Maybe the company doesn’t care to handle problems. This isn’t my problem it’s yours. That’s why I’m telling you. My obligation is to inform! Yours is to pick up the ball and carry it!!! I hope you do. I’m not saying she’s a bad mom, I’ve never seen her before, I’m saying she made a very BAD choice that needs to be addressed. Thank you I pray you’re going to handle this

  151. I I went in to buy supplies and the bagger did not put two of the security cones in my basket when I got home I live pretty far from the dollar tree I went in this afternoon and she said sorry we cannot refund you the purchase items had to be coming in within the two days

  152. To Wom it may concern,
    I am a frequent shopper at your store in Groton Ma. It has always been a wonderful place to shop. I am writing today to unfortunately relay a complaint about your interim manager. I do not know her name. I went today to purchase Balloons for a new mom on my way to visit her. The young gentleman at the register was helping a line of customers. I looked at the balloon selections to write them in my phone to help with the order. I could hear the manager in the little office with one way glass and no ceiling, having a personal phone call with a friend.The line got long and a lot of people had many items. No big deal, I went and picked out a card while he helped customers. When I returned, there was an older woman standing by the managers office waiting, she had been there since I entered the store. I asked the cashier if there was anyone who could help with balloons because I could see the line would take a long time and I didn’t want to make him feel like he had to rush to help me. He said “I can do that”. In the meantime I went to the balloon racks and pulled my own balloons so they would be ready for the cashier when he was done. I waited, and waited and waited. The older woman was waiting. The young man apologized, the manager was still on the phone with everyone able to hear the conversation. This was to now be at minimum a half hour since I came into the store, chose my items. The older woman finally asked the cashier as he was finishing with the last checkout before me if the manager could help her.
    She had been waiting to pick up an online order. When the cashier knocked on the office door, it was a “Who is it” answer through the door instead of answering it. Then asking what he wanted she was Annoyed she had to hang up he call, she said “I’ll call you back” and then came out.Very unprofessional all the way around from her.Not very pleasant with the customer about the online order either. The interaction ended and she went back into the office. I appreciate the young man trying to do everything himself. When asked he says she(the manager) is like this all the time, and doesn’t like being out on the floor and dealing with customers. Well it shows. For the store to have her as a manager will only ruin what is a great store. I hope you will take this email as it is intended, Your staff is a reflection of your brand, and reputation and I would hate for someone like this to tarnish it.Thanks for listening.

    Ayer, Ma 01432

  153. The Dollar Tree store in Montgomery, Tx. is disgusting. When it first opened it wasa pleasure to shop there. As a disabled senior on a very small fixed income I was delighted to have some competition from the only other store, a dirty Dollar General or Walmart. In the past few months, however, the prices were raised, more expensive products have been added tand the store is in shambles. Have you changed managers recently ? It used to be so organized and clean. Not any more and I find fewer people going there. If there is a regional manager is it too much to ask them to inspect this place ? it is on Walden Rd., next to Walmart. I would like to continue shopping there but there is a brand new Dollar General now between me and D.T. and it is clean and organized.

  154. Why do products cost 1.25 in some stores and 3 to 5 dollars in other stores
    The DFW metroplex does not seem to get the better items in our stores
    I watch Dollar store hauls and most of the better items do not appear in my stores

  155. we have tried to shop at the Dollar Tree on Chastain Meadows in Marietta Georgia–It is without a doubt the filthiest unorganized store in the area–spilled food drinks trash all over the place–will not go back

  156. I walked into the dollar tree store in Edgewater MD. Got in line in the cashier was very rude. He told me to get out of his line and while I was walking away. He told me to shut my mouth. He turned around so I could not see his name and he was racist. I told him I was going to report him to the manager when again told me he did not care and again told me to shut my mouth. I was shocked never in my 60 years of being on this earth have I ever had a cashier talk like that to me.

  157. Dollar Tree in Jacksonville,AR is one of the most dirtiest stores I’ve ever been in and the customer service employees are not helpful.

  158. I need to talk to someone about being put on the non returnable list back in 2013 . I gave a month in advance to quit was always on time never called in so I want to know why this happened

  159. I am an experienced retail person 6+ yrs . I had put In for a job in the hannibal , mo store. Found out that they said I was not hirable I worked for a family dollar several years ago and when I quit I DID give my 2 week notice , this was several yrs ago . I had previously worked with the manager at the hannibal store Pam She can tell u I am a GOOd EMPLOYEE , always show up on time … always willing to help . Stock shelves , freight truck and more my cell 573-406-xxxx I have put my application in at the store . also I’m on disability looking for part time to help need my needs . Please check with the Manager with the Hannibal , mo store ( PAM )

  160. I have never shopped at Family Dollar Store before yesterday 9/14/2022. Located on Howdershell Road in Florissant MO. This store is filthy. Floors, shelves with black and gray crud, and dust. Trash on the floors. Stocking is a mess, all over the place. And worse, when you first walk in you get hit with the smell of a filthy store. Im not a scrubby dutch person, but this is not good or pleasant for shopping. I wont be back, and I will tell others.

  161. What happened to your store in Tampa Fl Citrus Park, it is so dirty and looks like a dump? It was never like this. Trash and boxes thrown all over the store floor.

  162. I texting which I will make a call tomorrow
    I was in the $TREE STORE NUMBER2453
    I have been going to that for over 10 yrs,
    It was kepted up and clean store, until I found out The Black manager who is a very nice person and he was nice to the people. Now the store is run by a redneck manager who comes in the store with filthy clothes on looks very unclean dirty looking I went into the store yesterday 5 October, The store is dirty the manager was rude towards me she had areas that were blocked off that I needed to get something so I left my basket aside walked in to get what I wanted and then get out of the spot she threatened to throw me out of the store and on top of it called me a bitch, The only one that I know that is a bitch is the manager that you got in the store if you wanna keep your business is going you need to be more picky about the person who works for your company there was only one cashier and the people that had come in to volunteer in the store quit. She’s got a dirty mouth and a dirty wave about yourself and that store has been totally wrecked nothing cleaned up it’s filthy since she’s been there and people don’t need to be treated the way she treated them and to me. You’ll lose customers in the store and all the other dollar tree stores if somebody doesn’t stand up and do what is right for the people who come in there and buy your stuff. I’ve already in not to enter into the store again and I’ll continue doing so until you figure out what you’re gonna do with the manager or the store. Not a very good manager at all and you people who round the dollar tree stores don’t look too good right now either . I would good mine to have called the police on her and you continue to keep her don’t be surprised that she doesn’t steal from your store that kind of person is guilty of a lot of things and one with A mouth Full of filth coming out of her, she told me to get out of the her stores!!!! I have read all the complaints from all the $ dollar stores Throughout the United States. If you don’t do anything that I even talk to you about this woman it’ll be you who’s going to lose the business at the dollar tree store. My name is Suzanne Amodio xxx HARBISON BLVD APT C304 COLUMBIA SC 29212
    Cell number is 803-470-xxxx The last thing I’m gonna say if you don’t do anything with this person you’re a company will go under And your doors will close for cell number is

  163. I’m a weekly customer at store #3294 @8676 Hwy 121, Mckinney TX. Today, I witnessed something extraordinary! It was about 4pm. I’m a regular customer so, I know my way around. I grabbed my items and headed to check out. Only one person was at checkout and the line was all the way to the refrigerator area and just unbelievable. Customers kept thinking that another station would open but, it didn’t happen! Customers continued to move up an inch whenever possible. Finally, I got close enough to see the clerk. I watched her as she worked under all this stress I felt. She was incredible!! She remained calm although it was overwhelming to us because although she was surely stressed because if the never-ending line, she remained attentive and courteous with the customers. It was unbelievable! I really admired her attitude. When she started checking me out, I watched how calm she was and I had to know her name. She said her name is Cindy. On my receipt it’s Cynthia Bennet. Some of us In the line felt it was inhumane for just one person to go through that much repetition and remain calm. Wow! I can’t fathom this because this is a busy shopping area and surely, there is more than 1 clerk. It was amazing to those of us who were chatting about it in the line. We watched her and we all felt that there should have been some more help but, I left at 5 and she was still working alone.I’m going to hold on to my receipt if you need more info.

  164. I purchased a number of picture frames at Dollar Tree in Reno, NV. I wanted to purchase extra because items can sell out quickly at your stores. I told the manager that I was buying extra and asked if I could exchange them if I didn’t need them all. I was told, “yes.” I did buy extra and returned to Dollar Tree to exchange them where I was told I couldn’t return them without a receipt! Most of the time people don’t want/take their receipts because “everything’s the same price!” The new manager was quite rude and said the policy came down from the District Manager and he/she checked every single paper transaction at every store to ensure compliance. This doesn’t even make sense for items which are still in their original packaging. I am 70 years old, don’t have a criminal history and am too frail to run! How could I possibly have stolen 12 frames without someone noticing? The fact is I paid for each of them and as a senior citizen, I am requesting permission to exchange them at the Dollar Tree Store in Sparks, NV. I do want to point out that when I purchased them, I paid $1.00 each, not $1.25 each. Can you help me?

  165. Damaged box and missing two thirds of of my order. I contacted UPS to file a complaint and UPS told me that Dollar Tree has to start an investigation that I don’t have the authority to start one

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