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Corporate Address
6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights, MO
Phone Number
(314) 633-7100

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33 Reviews and Complaints for Panera Bread Headquarters

  1. I love the vibe of restaurant and use sip club as I am a traveling nurse; however, this week I have been to three different locations in Louisville Kentucky and had to leave outside seating due to smokers
    Can you please make this area smoke free. It has been used by guest as well as employees for smoking area.
    Thank you for your consideration

  2. I want to commend ENTIRE staff at E Longmeadow, MA location for handling of an unusually irate customer who was making quite a scene. They handled it calmly and apologized to entire restaurant.

  3. Went into your establishment today and I asked the cashier for a chocolate croissant after seeing a large tray being walked across the kitchen I was told I could not get one because they are for tomorrow. How can you say that after I saw you move a full tray to the shelf. That’s absolutely terrible customer service.

  4. So disappointed when a Panera Bread did not honor the military discount on Friday 11/11,, my husband served US Army and thought his lunch would be complimentary due to his military service, however it was denied when we attended our Panera restaurant,,,so disappointing for us and him,,,,

  5. I went into Panera in Independence Oh today. I think the self ordering computer is an awful idea! This is why; very impersonal & it takes longer to order. Also this location could use some detail on cleaning the entrance floor & windows.

  6. I am trying to locate a corporate email address to explain a situation, I do not wish to make a “public post” to air my concerns. How do I find a corporate email address?

  7. Would love for you to open a shop in downtown Anchorage, Alaska 7th and “G” street. (Or come scout our beautiful state! There is literally no other sandwich/salad/soup/breaksfast chain up here. And please Subway doesn’t come close!

    Please please consider!!

  8. Why did you change Chickem Walnut sandwich? Only thing I ate there. Then they were out of large cups, too.

    P.S. Don’t like grapes on my sandwich

  9. I went to my Panera bread today to use my free sips . Worst experience ever . I was treated awful and embarrassed by employees and manager . I wanted to get my free drink and the employee helped me I then told her I would like 2 squirts of vanilla syrup I was helped and sent on my way to get my ice and coffee as I was retrieving my ice and putting sugar in my cup I was chased down by an employee who stated I needed to pay for my Syrups ?? I said I’m sorry I don’t have my wallet the manager then came by and said yeah you need to pay it’s not included . I was embarrassed I said well I’ll toss it out , so I was allowed to leave with no drink over a confusion !!! Why was I not told at register they allowed me to walk off with cup . I suffer from depression and this put me over notes

  10. Dear Sir, good morning, I would like to Thank you for having such. Excellent staff, customers in New Bern NC. The Hospitality has been excellent where Panera Bread is and has been so much. more. Thank you

  11. I just watched your new ad for a chicken sandwich. What is CLEAN about it? You use chicken, eggs in the aioli, and probably in the bun, too.
    Clean eating means no dairy or processed food.

  12. The Edmond Oklahoma location is what I am commenting about. As of this morning there were 162 additional strong complaints about your once thriving,,bustling location. There are soooo many things wrong ,,I cant list. The complaints are listed on Nextdoor. Please do something or your store will lose all its once happy customers. Do something please…

  13. The Ukrainian Hero Sandwich

    Sent to Panera Bread, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Embassy in Washington, D.C., White House, NATO, JCS and 174 media in the U.S. and Europe

    As heroic Ukrainians continue their fight against the invading Russian Army, it would be nice if Panera can create a new patriotic sandwich called the Ukrainian Hero and include Ukrainian foods in this Hero. Panera can even sell a soup called Ukrainian Borscht for which there are many recipes on the internet. Then widely advertise the Ukrainian Hero and Borscht on television and in the print media world – wide. Perhaps include them both as a sandwich/soup combination for sit in customers.

    Panera must do this quickly while the war continues and Ukraine needs help. Also advertise that a certain percentage, such as 50 cents of each Hero sold will be donated to an organization conducting humanitarian relief and medical supplies such as those mentioned on CNN. There are a half dozen cities with large Ukrainian populations such as New York City where Panera could test this idea.

    John Lemandri
    Williamsburg, Va.
    757 968 xxxx

  14. We had lunch at the Panera located in Clearwater, Florida today .
    I am sorry to report that the beverage stations were very dirty and sticky. There were homeless people begging at the front door with no response from management.
    Also, the staff members at the counter were very rude about the necessity for exact change.
    Please contact me regarding these concerns.
    Thank you.

  15. What a horrible experience at the Panera bread Levittown pa. I ordered fior rapid pick up for 530 on feb 18th . I placed order at 900 am. I went to pick it up at 6 pm and the staff were completely rude and didn’t even start the order. The manager was as rude as can be telling me the order went through at 12 and it was busy because of lunch snd then busy with dinner. She didn’t apologize or nothing. She had a complete attitude with me. Not sure how u train your managers but she should not be one. Disgusted with the staff at this location. I spent 150.00 to be treated terribly with terrible customer service. Rapid pick up not so rapid

  16. Teriyaki chicken and broccoli bowl is great but always sold out. Told they only make 12.
    Why is it on the menu if not available all day like other menu items

  17. I was at Boca Raton Panera’s,1600 N Federal Hwy at 3:30 pm. It was pathetic!!! No bread for Chicken Sandwich. I ordered an apple as side, completely rotten inside. Got another one, frozen inside. Where I cut it in pieces to eat it (I can’t bite an apple) within 15 minutes it all turned brown. I never ate it. Manager not professional at all. I’ve eaten at this one a thousand times. It has gone downhill terribly! What is going on??
    I am very disappointed!!

  18. Boynton Beach Fl store on Congress Ave. Had gone there tonight at 7:30, three customers in store and every table and floor was dirty. This place is disgusting. Was never dirty like this.

  19. I love Panera Bread but why isn’t the bread put in a bag or box instead of throwing it in the bag with the salad. It isn’t sanitary. I’ve asked them before but it still happens.

  20. Your company works did a hate crime on a DISABLED person there was a police report done I noted my lawyer too so he or she knows too by email address. In downtown columbia sc 29201 xxxx Gervais St columbia south carolina 29201

  21. Hi. I was in the panera store around 8:30 this am. I got two cinnamon crunch bagels and it came over 4.00. I was shocked but I paid it and left. Not the girls fault. I think you and your store is a disgrace. Older people like myself Cannot afford this. I will from now on out go to whole foods next door. .99 a bagel. Shame on you for allowing this. You have lost me as a customer. I cannot afford this

  22. I would like to file some complains and exposed the manager who name is PRISCILLA at this location today.
    Panera Bread Cafe #: 204089
    7240 S Rainbow Blvd
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    I went to this location this afternoon ordered a hot tea. After I finished drinking my first hot tea so I asked the same refill since the subscription said unlimited refills for same drink. So PRISCILLA was standing there said to me
    “No, you can not get another same drink unlimited refills right now. You have to wait for every 2 hours”.
    So I was nicely clarified with her that on the subscription says I can get unlimited refills with the same drink. And then she still said “No”.

    So I said to her nicely “please don’t started”
    And then she said to me “You are being rude to me, I have the right to refuse the service”. “I wanted you to get out the here now. Otherwise I’m calling the cops”. “And don’t come back to this restaurant again. The cops will arrested you if you come back here later”. So she picked up the phone and called the cops on me. I was standing there listening she on the phone speaking to the cop so I left immediately with upsetting and pissed off the way she treated me unacceptable when I didn’t do nothing wrong at all. I was so shocked and disbelieved it. No ones entire my life have never treated me the way I experienced and witnessed it a prejudiced manager that I encountered today.

    What kind of a manager is that??????
    Just because she’s the manager it doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants against the company’s policies(Panera Bread) and treated so badly. She had no rights and authorities to treated me like that.

    P/S: I have another complaint of this manager(PRISCILLA).
    On April 1, 2021. I came in to order a hot tea, Priscilla was the cashier took my order. After she rang me up proceeded to make the hot tea for me. I was watching her carefully that she did not put on gloves on both hands. So I asked her softly and nicely “would you please put on both hands gloves for me please”. And then she got an attitude and bad behavior gave me an awful dirty look. So I confronted her and I said “you’re the manager and you should know better to put on both gloves while you serve to customers during COVID-19 pandemic. The other employees whom served me have always been worn both gloves when they served me. And then she kept frozen stared dirty look directed at me. That was so nasty and terrible. She’s from up to no good. Panera Bread company has been wasted money to pay her salary when she being a prejudiced called the cop on me when I did not do anything wrong. She took matters into her own hands and went against the restaurant policies by did not wear both gloves and called the cop on me when I didn’t do nothing wrong.

  23. I wish to speak to someone regarding your stupid rule for the coffee passport or whatever it is you call it I want to talk to someone that can sit down and understand just how stupid your rule is my phone number is 215-251-xxxx how is it that I am a member of the coffee passport and I go up to Panera with my father every morning who is 86 years old and we only go for coffee once a day and yet I am unable to buy his coffee along with my coffee on my coffee passport I don’t care to go back at every 3 hours to get another copy I just want to purchase two copies at once on my passport

  24. Hi, Good afternoon 🙂
    Are you the right person to speak to about
    your job posting ?

    Please let me know.
    Thanks, Julie Small

  25. I went to Panera bread in Fort Gratiot, Mi and ordered a loaf of sour dough bread and 2 Bear Claws. When I got home and wanted to serve the Bear Claw. I opened the bag and the bread was in plastic but the two claws where just in there no bag or tissue not wrapped in any way and all the nuts where laying at the bottom of the bag. I ws very disappointed. I could not serve them to company. No place I have ever purchased bake goods just throw them in a bag. I am sure the heath department would be interested in this. So my food touched the outside of a bread bag and the inside of the plastic bag. I am not happy.

  26. My experience with the company is that once they have you as a customer then they make it hard for you to contact them with any problem. For example i was unable to get through at all on the customer support phone number today.

  27. I have tried to contact you though the corporate office email address, but to no avail. So I am writing here. I need a customer representative to reach out to my as soon as possible. My phone number is 6543899xxxx.

  28. price of a CUP of black beans soup 4.99. Tasted no different from a heated 3/4 can of black beans (.99 retail, your cost probably .15.) Add about $1.50 to your cost (generous, for management, product, personnel, damage, breakage, shipping, licensing, etc, the cup of bl bean soup should have cost me about 2.50 at most.

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