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Corporate Address
101 Sivley Rd SW
Huntsville, AL
Company Contact
Joe Austin
Chief Executive Officer
Phone Number
(256) 517-8020
Fax Number
(256) 265-8921
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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3 Reviews and Complaints for Huntsville Hospital Headquarters

  1. To whom it may concern:
    My name is Rebecca Urban. I came to the emergency department on August 23rd and wound up being admitted to the hospital. I was placed on 4th floor north.
    I am sure that you all get plenty of phone calls, letters and emails when things do not go as planned. Or when someone feels they were treated poorly in some manner.
    I, however, am writing to compliment how well I have been treated. I have, during this week, came in contact with many Dr’s, nurses, techs, xray and CT technicians, the ppl who bring you to and from xray and CT, physical, respiratory and occupational therapists, cleaning personnel, cafeteria workers who bring and pick up meal trays, etc. I even, after a fall in the bathroom, came in contact with maintenance workers and even the security officer. (Because a sink broke and he had to make sure it was not a malicious act). I also had contact with financial counselors and Boulder outreach. And EVERY single person has treated me with kindness, caring, compassionate, helpful, respectful, etc care.
    Normally when a person comes in contact with that many different people, there is bound to be atleast a couple that can ruffle someone’s feathers. But I honestly did not experience one negative moment. I could not have paid hundreds of dollars at a 5 star hotel and been treated any better.
    The purpose in me writing to inform you of this, is that I feel it is even more important to give the wonderful workers a pat on the back, than it is to discipline the ones who are negative. I’m not sure of every person’s name or title. All I know is I feel it is very important to let them know what a wonderful job they have done and are doing. I think that will encourage them to continue the good work. Or at the very least, put a smile on their faces… let them know that their kindness and professionalism is definitely noticed and appreciated.
    So I wanted to ask if it is possible that there be some sort of way they can be told they are doing a great job.
    I feel if there is any training to be done for new employees or any employees that may need a refresher course, these are the people that would train them to be excellent employees. 👍
    I’m not sure if I am even sending this to the right person. But if not, I would love for my email to be forwarded to the correct person. And maybe even sent to the charge nurses on 4 north, or whoever could let the employees under them, know what a great job they are doing.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or cell phone.
    Thank you very much.
    Sincerely, Rebecca Urban

  2. Just a heads up for your customer service team. Most companies have a Twitter or Facebook customer service account these days, where customers can get fast help. I only have a small problem that i think could be fixed in 30 seconds. I dont want to be on hold for 10 minutes on the customer support hotline for that.

  3. I am trying to contact to apply for a job. Do you have a jobs and careers phone number, or can I submit my job application online?

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