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Corporate Address
30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
Phone Number
(717) 761-2633
Fax Number
(717) 975-3754
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What is Rite Aid’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Rite Aid’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-717-761-2633.


What is Rite Aid’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Rite Aid’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-RITE AID (1-800-748-3243) for prescription refills or customer service. Alternatively, call Rite Aid at 1-800-821-1833.


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Call the numbers above or via:

Rite Aid Live Chat available here.

Rite Aid Email Address: Email Rite Aid at [email protected]

Rite Aid’ Contact Us page can be found here.


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Rite Aid on Twitter: @RiteAid

Rite Aid on Facebook: www.facebook.com/riteaid


Rite Aid Executive Team.

Rite Aid’s management team consists of:

John Standley – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Kermit Crawford – President, Chief Operating Officer
Darren Karst – Chief Financial Officer, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Bryan Everett – Chief Operating Officer
David Abelman – Executive Vice President – Marketing
Derek Griffith – Executive Vice President – Store Operations
Jocelyn Konrad – Executive Vice President – Pharmacy
Matt Schroeder – Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer
Michael Regan – Lead Independent Director
Joseph Anderson – Independent Director
Bruce Bodaken – Independent Director
David Jessick – Independent Director
Kevin Lofton – Independent Director
Myrtle Potter – Independent Director
Frank Savage – Independent Director
Marcy Syms – Independent Director

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  1. Prescription drug labels. I picked up prescriptions drugs (site DEA: AR 5252313) today and the print on the labels is so small that I had difficulty reading it even after putting on my glasses. The print needs to be made larger. You also have senior citizens who need to be able to read the labels without difficulty.

  2. I drove through the drive thru here in Fayetteville NC and the employee never greeted me or said she will be right with me I sat in the drive thru waiting for at least 10 minutes or longer she wasn’t courteous or polite so I drove off and took my prescription to Cvs very rude and unprofessional I may say it’s located on Ramsey St Fayetteville NC right across from Walgreens

  3. The reason why retail stores are going out of business because of bad customer experience. The clerks seems as if everything you ask is foreign. There is no supervisor semminly the only one who can answer is not on site and the have to text and hopes she answers w hole they leave the customer standing like an idiot. The story location Santa Monica and Vermont Los Angeles,Ca

    1. There are two Rite Aid pharmacies in my area I need to complain about. First one is the Pharmacy department on 9th ave Altoona Pa 16602 they are always closing early then when I need my medication on a day they are closed the Rite Aide on Chestnut ave Altoona Pa 16602 has have me a hard time so here I sit on a Saturday and I’m out of medication. What do I do? My only answer is to change my pharmacy all together.

  4. You don’t have permission to access “http://www.riteaid.com/shop/info/customer-support/contact-us” on this server.
    Reference #18.8b991002.1527682260.c1cc78 This is the information I receive when I try to access Rite Aid on line as I’m blocked access. Why in the world would Rite Aid block access to their website when there are US military service personnel overseas, US Citizens like myself doing work overseas that have people traveling to and fro the US and could bring back quality products from the US. I wanted to order a couple vials of skin glue but was denied access. Pure stupidity on someones part for putting up this block

  5. Riteaid in Hopkinsville Ky told me that they did not have to furnish public restrooms any more. I will be checking in to the legal matters of this.

  6. A few months ago I went to pick up a prescription for my allergies. Had Dr. Call both Qvar and Flovent in because I wasn’t sure which insurance would cover. Went to pick it up and was told insurance wasn’t going to cover either unless I paid $200 for the deductible. I told them I’d take “whatever one they will cover after deductible”. I paid for the prescription through my Care Credit and it posted on 3/26/18. Went to pick up my prescription of Flovent from the pharmacy a week ago expecting to pay $50 and was told it was over $200. Described the situation to the lady checking me out AND then the pharmacist. They told me to call insurance which I did. Upmc told me that Rite Aid never put in a claim to apply it to the deductible! Went back in Rite Aid and told her what was told to me by Upmc. She states that the prescription I got in March was for Qvar not Flovent which was why it wasn’t applied to my deductible. Pharmacist then states that there was no way they would’ve charged me $200 without telling me. My response was, I understand that it was $200 I’m not disputing that. I am, however, upset that you gave me the wrong prescription and I paid $200 for it which didn’t even apply to the deductible. I asked her what sense would that make? Why would I pay $200 for something that isn’t covered in March then, when I need the prescription again I wanna pay another $200 so it then would be applied to my deductible?!

  7. 1212 summit jersey city nj. A bottle of finger nail polish in the sales bin. Was marked 58 cent it was a 8 dollar bottle of course since I was doing my nails anyway I thought I’d take advantage of that price plus it was a color that I liked which recently they haven’t been stocking my favorites gold” any way the cashier said no that it wasn’t. That price but the listed price on the bottle weather it was mark wrong most stores would have given it me for the low price on the bottle the manager after called said no I’m not going to sale it to you. And took the bottle back. Like I said most stores would have given me. The listed price. So I ask her name. T by e two girls at the counter Miriam is one and Roxy the other. I know their names because for the past 7 years I am a frequent shopper in that. Store in there at lease 3 or 4 timers a day .Miriam wouldn’t tell me the managers name neither would Roxy in fact Roxy called thee manager the ask her name she ask why I told her that I would call corporate tomorrow about the listed price. Issue. She refused and in fact said that shed ban me from the store. What is that .nd who does she think she is. Banning me from the store for something like this. I am a gold card member I spend lots of money in rite aid check it out.I want her fired IMMEDIATELY .this is not the first time. .she’s not. S very nice person


  9. To whom it may concern my name is sam saleem i live in Upper Darby pa i am been your rite aid customer for many years and also for pharmacy but I haven’t seen any of pharmacist like i have meet in Upper Darby 69 street rite aid her nam is ( MOLLY GRAVINA)
    She is a great asset to your company she loyal she is honest she is hard worker she gose beiond her job she is the sweetest person i ever met in my life with that kind of stressful job please give a big huge aploise for you are a lucky company to have her in you teami wish i was rich I would give her $ 10000 check for her wonderful services i sulute her

  10. I been trying to order a eyeshadow for 2 mnt i knw i wasnt gone get the first order because the clerk wrote dwn all the info in a marker and gave me the copy she was suppose to keep to contact me so i called walked in no luck so re ordered and now still waiting on an item that normally takes 3 days however im so glad they gave me the run around cause i went on line to see if a different ritaidhad it and come to find out i can get it on line for 350 less then what i pay rite aid and get in 4 days thx rite aid for your unprofessional rude clerks not doing these job you saved me lots of money i been coming here for 2 yrs buying this eye shadow at 6 dollars where now i can get for 2.50 im so happy thx

  11. The pharmists think they are Doctors and tell you when you can get this or that. They have no right calling you and telling when to get this or that.The flu shot is up to the person. People who don’t get the flu shot don’t get bugged about it.

  12. Cal City Pharmacy, in California City, California recently sold to Rite Aid. We have been informed that our personal information, prescription records, and prescriptions were forwarded to your company without our permission. Please delete ALL such information pertaining to, Glenda L. King, Harold G. King, Katherine Delucia, Damion Solmarin, and Krystal Solmarin from your databases immediately. You may reach any of us at (442) 285-xxxx.
    Thank you,
    Glenda L. King

  13. About two weeks ago I visited your Keeport Drive store in Pgh,PA and told the manager how dirty their pharmacy area was. She said she would take care of it. I just left that store and nothing has been done. Looks like someone sneezed on the credit card machine and there must be two inches of dust all over the area. I would like a response before I call the health dept.

  14. Worst service ever this is my second visit and the cashier had a horrible attitude she had help me in the past and she’s always on a bad mood she definitely need to get another job gave me an attitude I asked for consultation and she said call back …… she was on her phone the all time while she was helping me , it took her 5 minutes before she could come to the window . Plus I left without consultation I won’t never go back again .. 0 customer service … btw her name was karem she try to cover name batch

  15. – [x] Store #0555 Sylmar, Ca.
    After constant harassment every time my boyfriend and I enter a The store, My boyfriend was attacked by your employee, Salvador Correa on Sunday November 11, 2018 at approximately 6pm. As my boyfriend is exiting the store, after trying to shop for some personal hygiene items, He was followed and confronted by Mr. Correa and two other cashiers, Maricela Rangel and Ana Melgar accusing him of shoplifting. Wondering why all the cashiers walk out leaving the registers and store unattended Feeling like all 3 cashiers are going to attack him, My boyfriend turns around, reentered the store again and exchanged words with the rude employees that were yelling at him. As he is exiting the store once again, Mr. Correa attempted to stop him by hitting him hard on his chest. My boyfriend having quick reflex’s and his fear of being attacked by Mr. Correa or the other employees, pushes him backwards. Mr. Correa then started swinging his fists towards my boyfriend hitting him in his face a few times, headbutts him under the right eye, My boyfriend then, in self defense returned the hits. The cashiers broke the fight apart and my boyfriend then left the store. No manager was on site at the time to file an incident report. Approximately half hour later, my boyfriend returns to speak with the manager Oscar Sanchez to file a incident report about being attacked by the employee Salvador Correa, but the employees in the front Ana Melgar and Maricela Rangel and Salvador Correa refused to assist in getting the manager and kept taunting, laughing at him, threatening, teasing him, making faces at him, threatening an arrest on him. Instead they jumped on their cellphones to record my boyfriend. Salvador Correa even tried to come towards my boyfriend from being the counter to attack him again but was held back by Ana Melgar and Maricela Rangel. So feeling harassed, fear of being attacked again and not being able to speak to a manager or file a incident report, my boyfriend left and came home. He returned with such anger from not being treated like a customer, he felt bullied, made fun of and belittled. My boyfriend was a victim of an unnecessary, outragous assault by your employee, who was not even doing his job. Instead he was trying to be a security guard instead of your employee. Mr. Correa didn’t follow the Rite Aid policy rules which states there is a “NO HANDS” rule, referring to placing a hand on any customer at all no matter the situation. Mr. Correa failed to follow the rule, and instead used violence to try to resolve the matter.
    We feel disciplinary actions again Mr. Correa should be given, and RITE AID and RITE AID PHARMACY has lost myself and my boyfriend as very valued customers.

    I am also in contact with my lawyer in regards to filing a lawsuit against Rite Aid Corporation and your employee Mr. Salvador Correa for pain and suffering, embarrassment, defamation, harassment and felony assault.
    We have not yet filed a police report for the assault case Against Mr. Salvador Correa. It is against our beliefs to do so. Yet, if told by my lawyer that it is in my best interested to do, I will.

    Thank you
    – [ ] Erika Christopher

  16. I would like to commend a young man in employ at the Rite Aid on Columbia Pike and Walter Reed Drive, Arlington, Va.
    I am physically challenged so when I and a friend entered the store about 2:15 on Thursday. Nov. 29th, I searched for a cart to lean on and, seeing my need, the young man immediately brought me a cart. I learned from him he is a security guard but I only saw a sweet natured, friendly “Santa’s Helper” asking if he could be of more help and, in deed, located something I was searching for. As we were leaving, I dropped my purchase and he was right there to assist and offering to help me to the car. That wasn’t needed but he was just such a wonderful representative of your store and of a service spirit. I don’t know his name but he wore dark casual clothing and a BIG smile.

  17. So. There is a major problem at your Rite Aid on Lincoln Ave in Bellevue, PA.
    My husband went down with a check I gave him to use that day (we don’t use checks often but he left our debit card in the ATM and we aren’t able to get it back until Monday.) He was REFUSED service and talked down to like a common criminal. He came home, told me what happened so we had to take our 2 month old down to that Rite Aid so that I could make the purchase.
    Well. We got there and was greeted with the most rude, ignorant manager (her name is Debbie) I’ve ever met in my life. When I got to the front of the line and went to pay with the same check my fiance was refused with, she had the nerve to question MY OWN SIGNATURE. She actually said this signature doesn’t look right. WHAT?! WHO QUESTIONS SOMEONE’S SIGNATURE? ARE U JOKING? I had my ID out, I was being respectful despite how rude she was being and she continued to give me issues about the check FOR WHATEVER REASON I have no idea, this had NEVER happened to me EVER. She then proceeded to ask me: WHY ARE YOU EVEN USING A CHECK.
    I’VE NEVER BEEN TO ANY ESTABLISHMENT TO HAVE SOMEONE ASK WHY I USED WHATEVER FORM OF PAYMENT I WAS USING. WHO DOES THAT. THAT’S NONE OF HER BUSINESS WHY I’M USING A CHECK. PEOPLE USE CHECKS ALL THE TIME. As she repeatedly questioned MY OWN SIGNATURE and ASKED WHY I WAS USING A CHECK she said I can refuse any customer I want to because I’m the manager. WHAT??!? I’ve never been so insulted in my life. You guys have a serious problem at this Rite Aid.
    What’s even more is my husband has been to this Rite Aid multiple times in the past, USING CHECKS, and has never had any issues. She made my finance and I feel like some sort of criminal today, when we’ve done nothing but been awesome customers there. I wish I would’ve recorded what happened but there was a person behind us and I didn’t wanna draw any more attention to what was happening because I was already extremely embarrassed as it is.
    Something needs to be done about this. This is completely unacceptable.

    Amanda Taylor.

  18. Good afternoon Rite Aid, I read in the news that Provision Holding Inc. is removing Kiosk in 650 Rite Aid Stores. At I & E Company, we supply over 30 chain store kiosks threw out the USA and Canada. I would like an opportunity to speak with Derek Griffith Executive Vice President of store operations in regards with a better kiosk opportunity for Rite Aid.
    Thank you for passing my information onto him. 973-579-xxxx

  19. I am 61 years old and I have pneumonia. I went to Rite Aid Pharmacy at 560 Georgia Ave to fill prescriptions of Zithromax and Promethazine on Thursday 12/13/2018 at about 11am. I got the anti biotics they did not have the other med in stock. I had to ask how can I get it then I was told they would have it delivered. I had to ask hen to expect it and was told in 24 hours. 24 hours later I was told they cannot have it delivered but I can go all the way down (with pneumonia) to get it on Connecticut Avenue at the Dupont Circle Location. When I got there – there was no Rite Aid There, only a CVS. Frustrated, I went home and searched the net and found a Rite Aid on Connecticut Ave at Thomas Circle.
    I hope it is there when I call them this morning – Saturday 12/15/2018. Then I will need to take a long bus ride there exposing the public to my pneumonia in record Rainfall here is DC this weekend with my lungs hurting.
    I have mail delivery from CVS but I need my meds now and thought I was better off picking up at a local store. The antibiotics are helping but my lungs still hurt and pneumonia makes me tired and I don’t have any help at 60 years old.
    In the future I will not trust Rite Aid with my health. This is not the 1st time they have been unable to deliver. I’d like to say more but I don’t know how many letters this app will accept

  20. Yesterday I received a call from Rite Aid saying my meds were ready ONLY I didnt NOT order any, so called the Freeport Blvd store here in Sacramento and asked the people there to PLEASE once again remove my name from their phone contacts as I have asked 3 other times to remove my phone number from their contacts and after trying to explain the girl said we didnt have any meds to pick up and then she ended up hanging up on me Her name was Diane,and I have since transfered my meds to another drug store and today calling the new store found out that Rite Aid has ONLY given half of my husbands and my meds to the new store. This is uncalled for and I will NEVER shop or go in to another Rite Aid store again and will let all my family and friends NOT to support Rite Aid again. I also intend to follow this up with a letter too.

  21. I have just had the worst experience with a drug store in my life. I have been using Rite Ade Pharmacy for almost twenty years, this Pharmacist Dr. Eli Ayettey is the worst most unprofessional pharmacist I have ever had to deal with! He talks over you and does not listen to explaination, says Rite Ade computer system is not working and wants to charge me over $300 for my medication that normally costs $4.00 to $30.00. I called the drug company and he explained to me what they need to do, but this Dr. will not allow me to speak! He says he knows he did not make a mistake it is the Rite Ade computer system. I have been trying to get my medication since December 19th. Today is December 31st. This is a real problem as the medication is for my anxiety and my anxiety level is through the roof right now! I am going to hold Rite Ade accountable for any unfortunate things that I may do today or in the future until I receive my medication!

  22. My complaint is is with associate Melvin#2713, my wife was returning items, she recieved as gifts,they were unopened in original packaging, She explained the reciept was lost. According to Rite-Aid return policy, a customer without a store receipt, is entitled a store credit. Assoc. Melvin#2713, was very desrespectful and unprofessional as a customer service associate. Surely this not a clear representation of how Rite Aid treats it’s valued customer. Melvin#2713,needs to be disciplined on sensativety to the customer.

  23. My name is Charles Herman Cooper. I am 63 years old and have been a Rite Aid customer for many decades. Currently I am in your system under my telephone number (973) 336 – 7214.

    On the night of February 22nd, 2019 I had a Very Disturbing experience at the Rite Aid Store located at 441 Valley Brook Ave of Lyndhurst, New Jersey. I and a friend went to the store to purchase some items. As my companion proceeded down the ailes, I stopped at the counter and asked the cashier where the rest rooms were. The cashier told me that they were inoperable. I found this to be suspicious and when I asked which corner would I be allowed to relieve myself in? Another employee suggested that I try a nearby Dunkin Donuts. After leaving the store to address my Emergency as best as I could I reentered the store and requested the name of the store manager and the Regional Manager. A lady who identified herself as The Assistant Manager came out. I explained that I had been ill treated as a Customer and that I was a Registered Nurse and MBA. She then went to the back of the store to Check the Condition of the Rest Rooms. At that time my Physical Crisis had been abated. I feel that I have been the recipient of discrimination both Racial and Age. Age because it is not unusual for a person of my age to suffer from Bladder urges.

    Really Pissed Off !
    Charles H. Cooper MBA/RN

  24. Just wanna let you know…. I do not like RiteAid pharmacy. Needed my Percocet filled a whole 18 hours early & they wouldn’t do it. Not even with my dr’s consent. I was told to show the pharmacist my itinerary. How would one do that when it’s a weekend trip to your parents? I live in lake county, my mother is visiting the Bay Area Friday & Sat (Oakland), then to my gma’s in Fairfield (Saturday) for my great aunts 100 birthday, then church (Sunday), Easter dinner. Then, back to lake county. All this driving, & stopping periodically because I have a bad back & cant take anything while driving. I’ll let you look at google maps for exactly how much driving that entails. Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen. I wanted to visit my mother, guess I can wait to see her in July.

  25. May 24, 2019
    Rite Aid Coporate Office 30 Hunter Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011 (7170 761-3633
    Executive Vice President *Pharmacy :Jocelyn Konvald
    or John Standley CEO
    Senior Patient with Rite Aid over Forty Years in California
    Subject: Pharamacy Emplyees Misconduct and Mistreatment of low-income patients and customers who come to the Pharamacy to place prescriptions and pick up medicines. Horrible mismanagement in the Slauson Pharmacy going on several years now.
    There must be an upgrade and change in the medical people who come in and serve us in our community and not treat us as though we are not intelligent human beings. The tone and speech toward me is as though Im illiterate. I may not know all about the meical fiels, however, I can be treated with respect and ask questions and file a complaint when I feel my rights as a patient is in jeporady. The fact is I have had several issues over the pasy years with this Slauson location in Los Angeles.
    On May 16, I brought in my prescription to be filled. I asked the Pharamacist to be sure and call me when the medicine is ready and or if there is any problems in getting my medicine with my insurance. I also asked for a phot copy of the prescription and she did so. From that day on I never heard from the Pharmacy. Today this morning when I called the Pharamacy to ask about my medicine is it ready and why had they not contacted me. The lady was rude on the other end and said they had a San Jose Number. I was upset and let her know that is my daughter’s emergency number. You have my L.A. phone number in the system. Why have you not contacted me in over a week now? The lady just hung up in my face. So please have my meicine dleivered or mailed to my home immediately. I will not continue to be mistreated this way. I need my medicine and this has caused me more pain and injury because of this inconsiderate and intentional misconduct of the Pharamcy that has all of the information on my name and phone number. I am considereing filing a Civil Complaint against Rite Aid. On another occassion I was given meication that made me ill and I filed a complaint with the Pharmacutical Company of the State of Califonia. This can not continue in our community and I will be sure to write the Governor about this. I see numerous compliants about all kinds of mistreatment. I am a Constiuent and voter in this state and there must be some changes in this industry now. Thank you.
    Ms. Solomon


  27. I am so disgusted with the phone service or shall I say lack of that I am going to change pharmacy. it is bad enough to not feel well and to have to put up with this sloppiness is too much. There are others!!!

  28. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

  29. I was hacked on facebook lead to believe a trusted friend portfolio was hacked taken over told me get hold this company they would get me a business loan so I did the people were scammers I was dooped into purchasing two $500 dollar google play gift cards to pay for the business loan after buying was told to send pics of receipt and cards front and back and give them numbers I became suspicious and contacted the friend again through facebook and decided to ask her a question to see how she answer and answer was not what I felt was accurate enough so I held off and realized I was being scammed I talked with google they agreed that since I did not redeem the cards the transaction was not finalized to google and my two $500 dollar gift cards were still in rite aids availability and that rite aid could cancel the sale and reimburse me my $1000 dollars cash I paid to rite aid google talked to manager as well as I did and manager refused to acknowledge I believe that not only statutes of lmitations as well as customer relations and manager and sales clerk I spoke to both knew I was scammed cause they said why would you buy that much on google play gift cards I replyed that is what this scammer told me to do to get a business loan I was back in the store first and second third days manager stated we have no way to load the cards and we have no way to take the money off and the cards are preloaded I replied that was a lie and manager was speechless I said the cards are not pre loaded as the card said 5 dollrs to 500 dollars so had a way of loading the clerk stated if he would have been at te cash register he would have talked me out of buying them he said they have people coming in two three times a week being scammed to buy google play gift cards the cards should not even be out for sale googles policy is that if its a requirement by law then should be refunded or money shall be returned being scammed is against the law I believe this falls in that category let alone good customer relations and the concern for customers especially a homeless elderly disabled senior citizen I request that my $1000 dollars be returned and the transaction cancelled as soon as possible I was lucky to finally realize that this was a scam in time where I did not send all info off to the scammers as they would have took off with the money please I desperately need this money I am 63 years of age and I already feel bad enough almost being scammed all the way can you remedy this situation as soon as possible the manager at riolinda rite aid store on rio linda blvd have them cancel out te cards as google stated can be done as they know I was subject to scammers and have concern my name is Richard Gerber my number is 9168707146 mailing address 2048 bluebird ln sacramento calif. 95821 please treply with a positive response as soon as possible I have been courteous throughout this whole ordeal and manager was rude and very uncaring for a customer of his store I hope this does not have to go on as I have already been trying to get this resolved several times and cannot keep my frustrations at bay and I have had a triple bypass and cannot get upset and I have to take time away from this matter so I do not cause myself to have a heart misshap please I am at your mercy and I beg you this money I have had to do without a lot all this time being cold and this money was to buy me transportation and help keep me out of the weather thank you Richard Gerber

  30. Upon entering my local Rite Aid on 6.7.20 there was a sign on the glass door espousing the Company’s intolerance for a list of “social” issues.
    My family doesn’t patronize your pharmacies to be lectured, admonished or to cater to the fear of your executives that they might lose business if they don’t join the completely dangerous/phony ‘woke’ crowd by posting the Rite Aid corporate ‘virtue’ like an Edict on the entrance door.
    It’s insulting to your patrons and an infantile ‘marketing’ ploy on its face.
    I’d be taking our patronage elsewhere but we’re in very small town and our neighbors need their jobs.

  31. I would stay away from the Turlock Pharmacy on Monte Vista- JUST AWFUL! They call your doctor and tell them terrible things about patients? Patients who go to Rite Aid on Monte Vista- I highly advise you get your medications through mail order! You can get a 90 day supply delivered to your door and the pharmacy is not in your personal business. I had the pharmacist say people abuse prednisone- YES- PREDNISONE! WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD DO THAT? TO GET BIG AND FAT? TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT EATING TO GET BIG AND FAT? TO GET AWFUL ACNE?? STUPIDEST THING I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE! Pharmacies are like high school rally courts…. get your medications from a place that knows nothing about you. These are “allegedly,” medical professionals but not really. You only need a GED to be a pharmacy tech- and it shows at this location. The way these pharmacists speak about patients… yeah.. I don’t think so. I have seen more professionalism from my dog. This will all come back around.

  32. Great service in depew site in buffalo ny. Got covid vaccine shot. Received excellent care and service. Very refreshing to deal with professional staff.

  33. Hello,
    This is directed to CEO Heyward Donigan.

    I noticed the ant-racism signs on the entry doors at all Rite-aids. The sign states that this is a safe space and racism, injustice etc. will not be tolerated. I don’t recall when Rite-aid was not a safe and just place to shop! I never saw a problem before so why the sign? I am sick of seeing signs like this that make me feel as though I am inherently prejudiced. Yeah, all of us white shoppers are in Rite-aid thinking about how we can hurt a black or LBGQTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ person. Does that cover it? I’m hot mad about this big lie that was started because a drug addled criminal who is now a martyred saint died. Don’t think that the Antifa rioters care about your signs either. They’ll burn and loot your stores no matter what.

    Michelle Hoak

  34. What exactly is your procedure for scheduling clients for the COVID-19 vaccine when it is available? I am aware that your store In Peekskill is compiling a waiting list of customers awaiting the arrival of the Covid vaccine. When I attempted to find out their policy regarding the 1000 doses of vaccine received from the county, in the Peekskill store, I was told that the staff at the store was not allowed to schedule appointments over the phone. I was referred to NY.GOV website for scheduling all appointments. The New York State website is not scheduling appointments for private pharmacies only state run facility at this time. Hitting a roadblock, I contacted customer service and was again told that employees are not allowed to schedule Covid vaccine appointments. It seems the matter is going in circles. Despite the fact that I am being told by customer service and Rite Aid employees that I will not be able to schedule online Rite Aid is compiling a “waiting list“ that customers can sign up in this waiting list. I do not understand the purpose of the waiting list if employees are not allowed to do the scheduling over the phone to what purpose is this waiting list? Can you please explain to me the proper Procedure to schedule a Covid vaccine when the Covid vaccine becomes available will it be scheduled by store employees or will it be scheduled online on the website either state run or private thank you.

  35. The lady who is trying to hire me for Warehouse wanted me to reach out to corporate to change my status as rehire since they got to the bottom of the situation and found out someone was changing things in the system of employees back in 2013.

  36. COVID Vaccine. I scheduled an appointment for Dillsburg PA. I want to know if it went thru. They said they couldn’t tell that far in advance Feb. 25 at 3:45. Do you have the schedule?

  37. Some Riteaid pharmacies are giving the Covid-19 vaccine. Once a vile of 10 doses is opened, those doses need to be used within 6hours. Every day precious doses are being wasted for lack of appointments. Customers are begging for a vaccine and are willing to come in at a moment’s notice to use remaining doses . Unfortunately, many of these customers are not in the “”tier” to be eligible. Thus, doses are wasted and customers are not vaccinated. What can you do about this. ASAP!

  38. i appreciate that rite aid is administering a covid vaccin in new jersey, but the pertinent website is too complicated. instead of having to determine eligibility each time, it would be simpler to first see if any appointments are available and where. or set up a registration system.

  39. Today, got prescription. It said no refills! Why not refill 3 times? I have to call the doctor every time my blood pressure med needs to be refilled? I am 85. This Rite Aide
    Is making my life very difficult. They 1st said they had no 100 mg. but I could get 50 mg and take 2 each time or drive to Oceanside where they had 100mg. I do not drive. I asked if they could get them from Oceanside. They couldn’t.
    Pharmacy # 05622 @
    7100 Aveneda Encinas, Carlsbad, CA. 92011..760 431 7380
    My sister write doctor Johnson:
    Prescription Question
    Dr. Johnson, could you please submit a prescription for atenol 100 mg. once a day for blood pressure to the Rite Aide that states a 90 day supply each bottle.
    As you know, Jim Downes has a really bad ankle and does not drive.
    (That pharmacist gave him 500 mg tables to take twice a day!)
    Please underline to her that he need a 90 day supply ea h time with 100 mg. tablets. ….

  40. How can Rite Aid legally not offer a full time supervisor heath insurance until she works there for 6 months? In these times we all need health insurance.

  41. I have an appointment for my 2nd dose of covid-19 vaccine My confirmation # 445545-2 The date of appointment is April 2 2021 at Rite aid # 833 Cinnaminson nj 08077 I can not make this appointment and have looked and tried several time to re-schedule this appointment but unfortunately and quite frankly your websites are horrible and unfriendly there was no place to allow me to re schedule to put it nicely. I would respectfully like someone there to look into this matter and reply to me with a re-scheduled date immediately. I am not available to receive my second dose until AFTER April 6,2021

  42. I have been going to RiteAid in West Berlin NJ for over 20 years. WHY am I know unable to refill my Pain Medication as it has been for YEARS..Every 28 days. You are the ONLY PHARMACY doing this and at this point I may be leaving. I need a schedule every month to be the same due to the fact that I take care of my Autistic Brother. Please ADVISE!!! Thank you.

  43. After what I saw on the news today about rite aid refusing a woman a vaccine, I will no longer give my business to your prejudiced store. Seriously, a pharmacist said priority goes to US citizens? How about acknowledging SHES A HUMAN BEING! AND SHE NEED THAT VACCINE! AND I THOUGHT I WAS PISSED ABOUT BEING CARDED AT 65 YEARS OLD!!! I’ll take my business elsewhere, this was the last straw.

  44. My daughter had a name change years ago do to adoption. For some reason, we still get reminders about her RX orders under her incorrect first name. I have tried to get this fixed. Everyone at the store level has the correct name. Can you help me?

  45. i was physically assaulted falsely accused of shoplifting my property is now damaged and missing i have a bruise on one arm and mark on the other from one of your rite aid employees

  46. I received the first of two vaccines at Rite [email protected] wilmington ok, Dayton, Oh , on Weds,7/31/21.
    Although it went smoothly, my arm was NOT prepped with any type of alcohol or disinfectant.
    There was no wiping with any alcohol after the injection.
    There was ZERO information given ahead of the injection pertaining to the mfgr of vaccine.
    After the vaccine was given, I was given several information sheets which informed me (for first time),that the Moderna vaccine is not FDA approved, etc, etc.
    This should be addressed prior to scheduling appointments so that recipients are made aware ahead of time.
    My primary concern is that my skin was NOT prepped ahead of the injection. I believe the pharmacist came out of the door with the syringe uncapped.
    Things can happen,ie, accidentally coming in contact with objects and becoming contaminated.
    High standards are important even though it may be inconvenient.
    Thank you for your time.

  47. I had an egregious experience with Customer Care. I wrote it up carefully here. I hope someone higher up in the company reads it and takes it to heart. Thank you.

  48. Rite Aid Pharmacy store number 5400 in Ontario Oregon. Just before 9 p.m. closing time the pharmacist on Duty, refused to sell me my insulin syringes because I did not have a prescription. She said with a snarled nide attitude that if we sell to just anybody we won’t have enough for the people who really need them. She said no this is not corporate policy but it is this pharmacies policy. So could you people at corporate headquarters please describe for me the scenario where this pharmacist knew that I did not need my insulin syringes I feel that your policy of autonomy at desperate locations needs to be controlled it a little bit better especially when you have Rogue pharmacist or pharmacy technicians who are making policy it may affect people’s lives!

  49. Went to the Rite Aid store at 10502 St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland Ohio twice this week to pick up my mothers script and the pharmacy was closed one of those days and the other day the pharmacy only was closed. No notice as to why? I was livid. The staff was not concerned and brushed me off with the excuse that they were cleaning. Both days were during business hours and nothing posted on the door. I have had other encounters with this particular location and will be moving elsewhere.

  50. Hello my name is Joslynn f. Last night at your establishment in moline Illinois. Your staff locked the customers inside at 6:30 pm because they said they were closing when on the door and site it says 9 pm. Well then they proceeded to curse and throw hissy fits. It’s was very uncomfortable and I really didn’t feel safe that I couldn’t walk out if I wanted too I needed someone to unlock the door. My food was also burnt and missing items. But I was too scared to knock on the door and say something. Because that’s something I should have to do

  51. I want to compliment nurse Sharon from the Lorain, Ohio Rite Aid on 2853 Grove Ave. I had my second Covid vaccine shot. I was very nervous about side effects and apparently had a brief panic attack after the first dose. I explained this to her and Robbie the Pharmacist. Sharon stayed with me for at least 15 minutes and chatted. Then asked if I could please stay another 15 minutes and checked with me to see if I was ok. I was very appreciative, the pharmacy was very busy and I am thankful for the great experience!

  52. Hi i have a question about my manager did to me.
    One day i called in sick because im realy not feeling well that day im too much bleeding because of my period plus my migrane attacked that day. I called 4hrs ealier before my shift that i cannot work because i am realy not feeling well. Then my manager told me that she need me to work that day and call again lets see if u going better because i have 3 to 4hrs more before my shift… then i said sorry i can’t. It’s only 1 day that i called in sick because nextday is my off that’s why is good too because i have time to rest… Then next day i came in at work i saw the new schedule for nextcoming week im suprised she cut my hours from fulltime to partime without any notice. Supposedly 30 to 32 hrs but down to 18. Then i felt bad that day and i have a instinct she mad because i called and sick. But i think that’s my right to call in sick because im realy sick. She said i could do bathroom everytime i need i felt harshed ;'( then i moved on for that schedule ok and i decide to work only 2days a week saturday and sunday for morning shift. I gave my 2weeks notice from date today 5/5/21 that my availability is 2days in a week only in morning shift only… because i need to find another fulltime job i have expences that i need to pay then shes said she cannot give me for that morning shift only she said i need to be flexible too… im suprised! Then i have no choice i ask her so what going to happen if i cant so she said nothing i quit. It’s very unfair to me! Im working too hard im giving best always at my work but then 1day im sick then she cut my hours right a way because of that.;'( i didn’t meant to quit but she said i have no choice because she want me to be flxible even if i am working 2days only. Offcourse i need to work fulltime in other company too i need to find because right a way she cut my hours but she did that to me! I feel so very bad and sad! Very dissapointment for what she did to me….

  53. 2/3/21 I went to store #05612 purchased a Waterpik with discount and paid by visa $59.96. 02/05/21 I returned the item because I found one with lower price. Instead of refund the cashier #56123185 charged me another $74.96. When I saw March bank statement I was shocked. I called Rite Aid and the lady admitted the mistake and wanted to correct. However I already filed dispute. In April bank statement the charges was rebilled due to Rite Aid rejected the dispute. Ride Aid made mistake and I got nothing and I have to paid $134.92??? I go to Rite Aid for prescription medication and like the pharmacists. Now I do not know how to trust Rite Aid.

  54. I would like the security cameras checked at the Queens Village New York store for employee shenanigans with the New York State Lottery consumer vending machine. I bought a ticket that came out cut the wrong size. The other half of ticket was not in machine. I want the cameras checked to see what the em ppl loyee did who serviced that machine last. I have filed a complaint with New York Lottery to remove the vending license from that store as no employess sell tickets, know how to use ticket b printers or address any lotto questions a customer may have. I want a response on this. I intend to, if there is no cooperation on this matter to get a court order to enable me and my attorney New York Lotto and the Police if needed to see what happened to that ticket.

  55. Are there photo printing services in store 10541 on Broadway in ZipCode 10463?
    The website shows yes. When I called they said No.

  56. Why is Rite Aid in Turlock Ca using a different company for the pain relievers {Norco}….I was surprised to pay 30.00 less this month.They are cheap and they do not work very well…You are only causing people to suffer more….I have used this new brand before and I had to spend half of my normal day in bed because they do not alleviate the pain,and you can’t take more or you will run out of pills…I appreciate trying to lower costs but you can’t when it comes to pain relief…{You get what you pay for}…I hope someone listens to the people complaining

  57. Twice this morning I have been put on hold for 20 minutes trying to get a hold of my pharmacy to speak with someone. This is unacceptable! The Rite Aid store in question is at 1511 route 22 Brewster, New York. They shouldn’t be so understaffed as to not be able to pick up the phone and answer it instead of putting people on hold. All I want to know is has my daughter’s prescription been filled yet or do I have to call her doctor to straighten out the hold up!!!

  58. Hello,
    I would like to make a formal complaint regarding the way I was treated in store #05908, the store on 18th st in Antioch California, on father day at approx 3:40 pm. I needed card and stopped by on my way to a family get together. I entered the store and was ‘greeted’ by one of your employees, a tall young white gentleman with blond and pink colored hair, i didn’t ask his name but easy to identify. He was moping the floor near the front entrance. He told me to ‘put my bag over there’, over there was next to the homeless lady’s shopping cart and stroller that were over flowing with garbage. I told him I couldn’t leave it it had about $2 thousand dollars cash, my keys and my cell phone in it. He sternly told me to ‘leave it over there or get out of the store’, I once again told him I was not going to leave it next to a shopping cart full of trash. At this point he square up to me taking a firm grip on his no handle and told me ‘it’s my store and my rules’ and ‘to get out’. Mind you I’m a 60 year old, well dressed, clean shaven retired medical professional that has had 2 open heart surgeries, I can barely walk.. he once again told me to ‘get out of his store’. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video going around on the internet of the Ace Hardware employee confronting the man with the baseball bat but it was headed there quickly, I honestly thought he was going to take a swing at me with the mop, a very hostile and aggressive individual.
    If this is the image and level of professionalism you want to project in the community that’s your business, not mine. I been a decades long customer of Rite- Aid, to the point of when a triple scoop ice cream cone was 25 cents… I’ll tell you the same thing I told him leaving that store,
    ” you, keep pushing that mop, you’re going to be doing it for the rest of your life”. I will not EVER step foot in a Rite- Aid store again in my life, and I’m more than happy to share this experience with everyone in my gated retirement community. Please do not feel the need to contact me expressing apologies for your employees behavior toward me, it’s a mute point. You have lost a very loyal, life-long customer over this incident.

  59. 110street and 101 ave I went to the store for reload but the store manager was saying that they don’t do reload at night time so question is why you guys are leave the store open please let me know

  60. I would like to know why when you call in for a refill they tell you a time to pick up but never have it ready ? this is the 3rd time and they doubled the price they are getting so slow

  61. One (or several) more bad customer / patient experience(s)…

    “Rite-Aid” / (“Thrifty’s” in California) advertises that it admininsters vaccinations, in addition to “filling prescriptions”. Or does it really? A visit to the store on 12511 Magnolia Blvd. in Valley Village, CA 91607 on December 1, 2021 showed that to be false. A taller black middle-aged man in front of me was turned away, as was I. A look through the waiting area showed two older senior women, aged 70+ to 80+ plus, and one middle-aged woman. Count FIVE people total, waiting for either prescriptions to be “filled” or for vaccinations to be administered. The loud-mouthed, rude store clerk or “pharmacy technician” working the intake window at the pharmacy complained (to us) that they didn’t have time to deal with us (all FIVE of us) at one time. “Do you have an appointment?”, she asked (as if it mattered any, since no Pharm.D. – pharmacist – was adminstering vaccinations to ANYONE that any of us could see.) Her likely boss, the pharmacist, didn’t stop her or scold her for her behavior.

    One of the older senior women complained (to me) that she’d been there since 1:00 PM. It was past 2:00 PM when I went there. Their website claims that they “accept walk-ins” from “2pm to 3pm” but not this location at least, if any of them. Want to book an appointment? Go ahead. You can try, but it may not work out so well for you. The first appointment screen after filling out their various forms will show a date like the 13th (of December) but when one clicks on that date, the whitewash / dialog window which pops up over that one won’t show that date – it’ll be disabled / whitewashed out. Instead, only dates towards the end of the month will be enabled. Yet no time slots will show up for any of those dates. Only if one clicks on another “enabled” date will time slots show up, but none of them for the first date chosen (the 12th, 13th, etc.)

    So… “riddle me this, Batman” – how is someone, someone willing, who wants to get their vaccinations, supposed to comply? Is it OK, acceptable, to outright turn away a black man? Is it acceptable to keep some little ole grannies waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for hours at a time? How about middle-aged or other older women? Anyone else? (In case you don’t relate to black men, older women, etc.)

    Read again – they had just FIVE people waiting – at least one or two of those waiting for over an hour – appointment or not. Read again – two people TURNED AWAY – no reasonable, acceptable excuses given, no options. (Nasty store clerk / “pharmacy technician” didn’t even bother claiming something like, “Well, if you just give us a minute, we think we’ll be able to get to you by 2:15, 2:30, etc.)

    Don’t want to hear lame excuses from someone on “yelp” identifying herself as “pam f.” claiming to be the “business owner” and saying that one should call the company’s toll-free number or write them via their “contact us” form online – they won’t bother to do anything, and I don’t care to be kept waiting on the phone for half an hour or more just to get some dimwit making lame excuses either, reading a “canned script.”

    A request to speak with the store manager yielded a Mexican or other such man who came out from behind the office with the “one-way mirror” – likelier to be “security” or a lower-level assistant manager, at best, than the actual store manager, who reiterated what the clerk or “pharmacy technician” said minutes earlier, “Well, the 2 to 3 hour time slot is very narrow, and…” (lame excuse – you’ve had three people waiting for more than an hour and have two line, just rejected by said nasty rude clerk.)

  62. Does anyone have a clue what your pharmacy’s are up to?? You should be embarrassed how disabled people are treated

  63. RiteAid business model apparently includes not answering the phone in the pharmacy dept. How do I know this? I’ve tried for 3 days now to reach the pharmacy in the 8th Ave./24th St. (Manhattan, a dozen or so blocks south of Times Sq.) Ring, ring, ring — 12 or 15 rings before I give up. No voice mail either. What’s been happening to my — and other people’s — prescriptions?
    My hypotheses: 1) they ran out of drugs. 2) “Corporate” forgot to pay the phone bill. 3) all the pharmacists there suffer from narcolepsy. 4) pharmacists have been re-assigned to sell Nestles drumsticks, Frito Lay products and to guard the Tide jugs. 5) pharmacists there quit, realizing they’d make better wages — and tips — as deliveristas.
    Add your hypothesis as to why the pharmacy dept, at “my” RiteAid seems to have shuttered.

  64. There is a sign on the door at Rite Aid- 47 East Prospect Avenue, Mt Vernon, N York 10550-2225 . Masks are required. I was horrified to see a mask less employee stocking the shelves in the area of over the counter children’s medications. If customers are required to be masked, what right does an employee have to go maskless and be among people ,elderly , immunocompromised and people trying to reduce being infected with Covid. Please respond, if Rite Aid is not trying to reduce the spread of COVID the general public needs to be told.

  65. My name is Angel Alicea. I am scheduled today Friday 1/14/22 at 6:20pm for the booster vaccine. I have to reschedule because this past week I was very sick with a lot of symptoms of covidt.

  66. never mind – I am simply switching drugstores – I don’t put my credit card info – “out there ” especially given my history with this company –

  67. Was told by rite aid stratford last week that my two meds got prior approved but not ready until 1/18/2022. I get text saying both are ready,go to store,suddenly one needs prior authorization still? Why didn’t they know this last week so I could call dr? Why did I get text saying it was ready for pick up? This has happened with my wife’s medication recently also, told didnt receive authorization, call dr,Dr, sent offer,please check again,oh here it is? Im feeling they are not clear on what they are doing? VERY CONCERNING…

  68. My name is John Cronin and I just had the most oppoling experience in one of your stores. I was carrying 2 things of top ramen and a 99 cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide and I was still looking around to see if u guy’s had a small garbage can and a lady that works there said in the most rudest way that I better not steal anything and I said are u serious right now and she again very rudely said yes. I was stunned I was over 10 feet from the door. So I dropped my stuff and left but that didn’t sit right with me I was completely offended so I turned around went back in and asked for the manager and even 2 people in line said good for me. So she came and basically just brushed me off. I go in that store probably 4 or 5 times a week cause I work across the street in fact it was my second time in there today. I’m no thief but I would like to think if I was I would steal something better then top ramen and a 99 cent bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I am a kitchen manager and if any of my employees treated a guest that way they instantly be fired. I’ve just never been so offended in my life and the manager could care less. I’m just hoping someone cares that the people that work in this store treat people this way.

  69. Why are your stores in Lima,Ohio not contacting customers about there refills and when one store is out of a med.the store doesn’t call and tell you, but that med.is needed that day,but they still don’t let you no they can’t fill it,if I didn’t call cause I only had a couple of hours left till I was out they didn’t even tell me or call me they where out and they don’t even answer there phones at these rite aid stores here any more that is a dangerous way to do business when some one needs there meds.I will be moving my med. refills to another pharmacy because you don’t care about my health then I don’t want to do business with a company that does business that way.

  70. Mio mi rite aid worst experience ever , 3 , three days trying to call at all hours , nothing moving my drugs anywhere else

  71. I WILL NEVER SHOP AT RITE AID AGAIN! Charged 50 cent recycling fee when all i bought was glue peanut butter and cereal…WHAT IS RECYCLABLE????????? the web site i tried to buy bread and milk with my order wouldnt allow those for curb pick up why? I AM SO ANNOYED AND ANGRY I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANOTHER DAMN THING HERE. ID RATHER PAY MORE FOR LESS HEADACHE AS THIS ONE SALE HAS GIVEN ME!

  72. The lady who helped me in the store named summer was so rude I have never been treated like this at the store I I feel disrespected and disregarded just because I’m older and they take a little bit longer I didn’t see any reason for her shortness and rudeness

  73. Hello. I’m trying to create a Rewards account, but it keeps telling me “enter a valid email”. What do I do? It’s a valid email, my email that I use every day, but for some reason, the form won’t accept it. Please help. Thank you!

  74. I have my prescriptions filled at the 9482 California City Blvd, California City, Ca and always have issues getting my meds their. My Dr’s have sent refills and yet they seam to not be able to fill them. When I go their to pick up all my meds, they finally check in the system and then tell me, oh…you do have refills and it will take 20+ more minutes to fill. Staff is nice but need to pay attention to what they are doing. I am on Medicare and Tricare which is supposed to cover all my meds w/o copays.

  75. Not very happy with the way RiteAid at Crossroads Plaza, Mt.Pleasant,Pa is handling a prescription for my husband. They have lied about it several times and not just to me. This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems. It was to be filled on March3, it’s now March 15 and he still doesn’t have his seizure medication.

  76. Imagine ordering a pizza for pickup online, paying for it online, and waiting for the “Your pizza is ready!” text to go pick it up.

    Then imagine arriving at the pizza restaurant to discover that you would have to wait for six other patrons to order, have their pizza to prepared, and paid for, before you can pick up your pizza.

    That was the customer experience today at 1950 Echo Hollow Drive in Eugene, OR.

    If you’re going to offer this service, you need to provide for a quick pickup as well. Otherwise, it’s only saving *you* time. As it is, I’m incline to look for a better pizza parlor.

  77. Again at the rite aide in brook park Ohio I was treated horribly trying to refill my prescriptions! This is not the first second or third time this has happened! They treat people like they are drug seeking! I get 40 Percocet that I get filled every 3-4 months and every time there is a problem! Today they told me that they do not do prior authorizations!!! That I would have to pay cash??!!! I am never going there again! I have moved my prescriptions elsewhere!

  78. Rite Aid – Kettner & Ash – San Diego 92101
    The employees are great, helpful, friendly and they always pay attention to their customers. My complaint is about the condition OUTSIDE the store. The sidewalks on the Kettner side and on the Ash side along with the main entrance are filthy, all the time. Why can’t they power wash the sidewalks a couple of times a month. It’s a great area with many residents and tourists. I usually hesitate when tourist approach me for a drug store because the outside is such an eyesore.

  79. I have been fill my prescription at Rite aide for over 25 years and never had a problem but now you can not get anyone on the phone at any of them in poughkeepsie NY the one at 790 main st they are rude and do not answer phone and the one on 238 Hooker ave they are nice but do not answer phone also do not know what going on with rite aid but not happy with rite aid.

  80. I have use rite aid for over 25 years never had a problem but now they do not answer the phone and the one at 790 main st they are rude at the pharmacy I do not know what going on with rite aid in poughkeepsie NY but I am not happy with them. The one on 238 Hooker ave does not answer phone also but at least when you go in they are nice.

  81. Employees are fantastic ☺️. If you are going to give shots bring in more people. Very dissatisfied that Corporate can’t see the or understand the problem.

  82. So I have been a customer of Rite Aide for almost 15 years. I have never had a complaint until now. Everyone is usually very nice and friendly and helpful. However, the new bathroom policy seems like it needs to be reviewed. I have IBS and so have come to rely on the Bucklin Hill, Silverdale WA Rite Aid bathroom for privacy and cleanliness when I am in town. I was there to pick up a prescription but really needed to use the restroom. When I went to use the restroom there was a note on the door that said the restroom was closed/locked and I needed to get an employee to open it. I was like, OK; no problem. I asked the nearest employee who was stacking wine if I could get the bathroom open. She was very curt with me and sent me all the way up to the front counter. I waited patiently, but there is a long line and this point I am getting worried. I jumped the line and asked for the bathroom to be opened please. They talked to each other for awhile as if they didn’t know what to do and then said I had to go all the way back to the pharmacy to ask them to open it. Just to be helpful I told the employee who was stacking wine that the bathroom key wasn’t in the front but rather by the pharmacy. She didn’t even acknowledge me. I asked her if she heard me she snapped; “I heard you”. Again, long line at the pharmacy, it has been over 10 minutes and I am stressed and thinking; do I wait and have an accident here or do I try to leave the store to find another bathroom before it is too late? I finally get the attention of one of the pharmacist and tell them I need to really use the bathroom could they please unlock it? It’s an emergency. About 5 minutes more pass, I ask again. Finally the pharmacist comes out. I just say; I think maybe your bathroom procedure might need to be revisited. She was very curt with me and said; “well, everyone is busy”. I have known this woman for years. She has always been friendly to me and I to her. Her remark was very dismissive and until that day I didn’t know they were locking the bathroom door. It was due to someone trashing the bathroom; I get that, but I, a loyal customer was snapped at, embarrassed and made to feel lower than low by the staff. I understand they are ticked and probably feel it is beneath them and a pain to unlock the bathroom, but I was made to feel like I was the problem! I have to say the blond, long haired pharmacist was super nice when I voiced my complaints to her. She was very apologetic and said I should not have been made to wait that long or talked to as if I was the problem. I think the two employees that were not nice about opening the bathroom have misplaced frustrations about the new policy, but if they are now locking the bathroom doors they need to be prepared to open them,especially in an emergency. Wallgreen’s locks their restroom doors but it is never an issue when I go there. I was so upset I just left with out buying the other supplies I was there to purchase and am transferring my prescriptions to another pharmacy. I really think this needs to be addressed. What if it was an elderly person, or a child who had an emergency? Would they be treated poorly like I was? I would hate to think so.

  83. Horrible experience with your Rite Aide Staff on hempstead ave about the booster shot.

    Did i say, HORRIBLE, Yes, horrible

    tonya the pharmacist and the store mgr paul

    HORRIBLE and extremely unprofessional

    HOW are these people still employed?

  84. 1 week now that the RiteAide on High St, Millville NJ has closed operations at the window because of gate malfunction!

  85. When a person on medication and they have automatic refill and call Dr. When needed refills here my problem I take care of this lady she on automatic refills they do not bother calling it or even to Dr we call them they said they have to get hold of doctor well this lady was out of her main medication for a week we call number of time they said it the Dr not sending and the lady I spoke to said call Dr which I did the Dr office got all the other script but not the one she was out of it the nurse said they never requested it I know number of people have that problem with rite aid and they are nasty when you question them me personally quit getting my medication from rite aid I go somewhere else the store I talking about is in orchard park ny store DEA BR5273432 Thank you

  86. I shop and use the pharmacy at Bridgman, Michigan. I have been on hold for over 38 minutes. This is the standard at this store. I have to drive there place my request, drive home and once the prescription is filled drive back again. This is a restricted prescription that needs to be called in every month, even though it is on file. I know that sometimes only one person is in the pharmacy, today there are two. What is going on?? Do I need to go elsewhere?

  87. I went to store # 05497. I was paying for my prescription. I wanted $20 back the representative told she could not give it to me. She informed me she did not have enough cash. She told me cancel the sale and put my card back in. I told to cancel the sale to put the prescription back. I don’t want it. I had them print out my medications for me. This is not my first issue with them. I had problem a little over a week ago. I will move everything over to Walgreens.
    Rite Aid lost a customer of over 30 years
    This SAD

  88. At the pharmacy rite aid location in sw 185th, Hillsboro, Oregon I have experienced several problems with misinformation and having important medicine delayed due to a female colleague and male colleague not informing me correctly. It’s happened multiple times and I have witnesses, my sister and family. All seeing this behavior happen time and time again.

  89. Cashier was non responsive towards customer
    I was waiting on the line after buying stuff l missed at the pharmacy.
    The cashier was nice to the person in front of me..Once I got to her line, she said nothing to me, gave me my reciept And didn’t say hello or say anything, I then said “Thank you for your hospitality!” In which she sarcastically said “l’m sorry”
    I’ve been a customer for over 30’years and this is the first time I filed a complaint..

  90. I am a client of the Rite Aide Pharmacy in Burney Ca. I suffer from severe anxiety/ Have been on Ativan 30+years Lately my anxiety has become worse. My pills are starting to disintgrate there are better quailty pills depending on the manufactuer. Do you have any idea what this does to a person with aniexty? Instead of saving a dollar please think of the patient. Let your pharamist decide which manufactuer to use as he knows best Shouldn’t your patient come first rather than save a dollar. Peoples lives are in your hands Hope I get a reply but not holding my breath

  91. The pharmacists is yelling at me and telling me I have to come inside so he can count 120 pills out to me. He is very rude and all he is doing is arguing with me. I told him I was unable to come in the store. It is the rite aide on. Bear valley rd in Victorville. Store number 06514. A male pharmacists. I want him talked to.

  92. Witnessed pharmacist Maryanne, being very rude to the staff working with her at the Glen Cove store. This is not the first time either. She treats customers the same way.

  93. I have been having an issue with my local Rite Aid stocking my prescription. I have been taking Adderall for several years and since I can’t order it before I need it due to it being a controlled dangerous substance, if the store doesn’t have it in sick then they have to order it and it never arrives before i run out. This happens to me a lot and is currently the situation I am in now. It was ordered 5 (or 6) days ago and it is still not in and now I am completely out. I am told that it may be in tomorrow, after 4, which is too late in the day to take it. In the past I was told by rite aid pharmacists to call around to other rite aid pharmacies to see if they have it in stock. Please think for a minute how that sounds and the reaction I get when calling around to inquire about the inventories of controlled dangerous substances. Tonight I was told that a pharmacy 25 miles away had it in stock. Thanks but no thanks, I’m furious and frustrated with your completely unhelpful pharmacy employees and now you are going to lose me and my family as (longterm) customers. The customer service is terrible. I’m not sure why the customer should have to call around and be expected to drive 25 miles to pick up something that should be in stock. I’ve been getting it through the Tinton Falls location for years, this isn’t a new prescription.

    Terrible, terrible customer service. Instead of driving 25 miles, I’ll just go to the local CVS in the future.

  94. I am duly certified practitioner in State of NJ recently you stopped taking my prescriptions at Moorestown pharmacy 121 West Main st

  95. I just purchased 2 bags of candy. 2 for 3 dollars. I was charged $4.33. I was told it was due to tax. That means I was changed %44 tax.
    I am not going to argue with your employee over one dollar. But what she did was wrong and possibly illegal.
    Tomorrow I will be reporting this to the New York State Attorney Generals office.
    My purchase was at 8530 Transit Road in East Amherst NY

  96. There’s work place bulling and harassment going on in the East Batavia store with Julie (manager) and Michelle Pero.How do we get this to stop.Michelle is afraid to speak up in fear of loosing her job and Julie takes advantage of this and is getting worse! Other store employees are aware of this.No one should have to work like that!! Please help to stop this!!!

  97. How Dare you mishandle your staffing for your pharmacy on Farmers Lane, in Santa Rosa

    This Saturday and Sunday they were CLOSED! I am unable to get my medication vital to me

  98. Rite aid in Wyomissing, PA on State Hill Rd. Is absolutely terrible. I’ve tried being understanding but enough is enough. There are one or two people who work there that are nice to deal with. The rest are rude and do absolutely nothing to be helpful. Calling there is a joke. They didn’t answer their phone and sometimes after it rings back at least 3 times they pick it up and hang up. I’m tired of hearing they are short staffed. The home office if rite aid needs to do something. My doctor sent a refill prescription there either Wednesday 11/16 or Thursday 11/17. I’ve heard nothing and get get in touch with them to check out n it since they don’t answer their phone. Enough already!

  99. Rite Aid Pharmacy the workers are very rude. disrespectful to the customers me the pharmacy clerk and the pharmacy tech was very rude is very. rude. the talking about the customers go ahead talking about the customers me telling me I’m rude is this is how your employee treat the customers I wouldn’t recommend a dog to come to this Pharmacy

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