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Ashley Furniture Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Company Contact
Todd Wanek
Phone Number
(608) 323-3377
Fax Number
(608) 323-6008
Twitter IDs

Ashley Furniture Email Info – Ashley CEO Email Address:

Todd Wanek

President & CEO
Ashley Furniture Ceo
Ashley Furniture Corporate Phone Number(608) 323-3377
Corporate Website
Kroger CIK Number0000056873

What is Ashley Furniture’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Ashley Furniture’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-608-323-3377.


What is Ashley Furniture’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Ashley Furniture’s Customer Support phone numbers are: 1-800-477-2222 or 1-866-436-3388.


How do I Contact Ashley Furniture Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Ashley Furniture via:

Use the Ashley Furniture Email Form to ask a question.

Asheley Furniture’s customer support email address is: [email protected]

Ashley Furniture’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Ashley Furniture on Social Media:

Ashley Furniture on Twitter: @ashleyhomestore

Ashley Furniture on Facebook:


Ashley Furniture Executive Team.

Founder: Carlyle Weinberger

CEO: Todd Wanek
CFO: Dale Barneson
COO: Dwain Jansson

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892 Reviews and Complaints for Ashley Furniture Headquarters

  1. Nobody ever answers or returns calls at the 77380 store. I can never get help via the online chat since I purchased in store.

  2. We bought almost $9000 worth of stuff from y’all in the sales lady told us we had 30 days to return the mattress if we were not satisfied and your online policy says it to She said we could get a refund we don’t want to bring it all back just mattress it’s way to hard for my husband to sleep on he has fibro she told us we had to sleep on it 30 days and then we could just exchange it but not get a refund this is bad buisness we only had the mattress two days and we bought the 309$ sheets to cover it so we would have warranty

  3. Yes good afternoon, my name is John Broussard. I received a letter informing me that I have a store credit of 280 dollars. Don’t want to buy anything at this time. But you guy are sending my money to a comptroller. Could you just mail me a check. It would be appreciated.

  4. Spent $4000.00 worth of furniture, paid for it, and they never brought it to me and nobody answers the phone

  5. Advertisement on TV of two unsupervised children running through the house and jumping into a swimming pool . What happens if your commercial or advertisement intices a child to follow through what they are seeing on TV . What I see is a dead child , floating in a swimming pool . Someone needs to take a serious look at the negative results that your promotions may unknowingly encourage !

  6. Yajaira cantillano works at Colton store she is selling your customers personal information she is a very dishonest person she steals credit card info and she cheats the company out of your money beaware

  7. Had a delivery not successful missing the correct size railings. Didn’t get a call back from anyone to tell me when they were going to deliver the right one or remove the boxes that they left my salesman made a mistake on the order . I have a $2600 mattress sitting on the floor because I don’t have a bed to put it on and now they’re telling me corporate’s gonna call me on Tuesday or Wednesday. This is Sunday it was delivered on Saturday I would like to be compensated for delivery fees.

  8. Worst customer service team I have EVER interacted with. It should not take 20+ minutes for my wife to authorize that I can speak to someone about our account. We are trying to get statements MAILED to us. I spoke to someone regarding the account (strange no authorization was needed then) and was told they would be sent. Still no statements since June 2022. If by any change a payment is late, I fully expect it to be forgiven and all penalties removed or waived.

  9. The GBS warranty service is absolutely a scam. I will never purchase furniture from your company again as a result.

  10. We bought a king size bed and it was delivered on Oct. 12th of this year. Around a week later, the right side rail became detached on the side where attached to headboard. After inspection, we found only ONE of FIVE screws was holding it together. The other 3 sides had all 5. I called the store in Hunt Valley MD where we purchased. They asked me to send photos. They supposedly ordered some parts and told me they would be sent to me then the assembly company would send someone to repair by November 14(today). I never received anything and I doubt they were ever ordered. I called again today and they had no information!! I asked to speak to a manager and they said they were not available. I was told they only communicate with the assembly/ repair company by email and they could not phone them as I requested. I asked to get a phone number for someone who could help me. They gave me a number for corporate headquarters. I spoke to someone who called the repair company and was told it would be early December when the parts should arrive. I am getting a complete runaround. I would just like for them to replace the bed since the repair is such an ordeal! I am very disappointed that a company as large & widespread as Ashley has such terrible customer service.

  11. I bought 2rocker recliner chairs just before covid i noticed that my husbands chair is not the same chair has same material.when he sits in it ,it looks like he is slouched in the chair but he is sitting all theway back the chair is bigger.i have tried to call store is covered for 5years but all i get is the run around i want the chair replaced for the right one. Poor customer service

  12. I had the worse shopping experience ever today at Ashley furniture upon Orland. Know one would assist us, when I went to front desk it’s just got worse the store Mgr had a answer for everything never apologizing for the horrible behavior of her staff and had the nerve to go tit for tat with me in conversation. It was made clear to me that she was defensive and wanted argue about how I was treated. A simple apology with out cutting me off would have survive. It’s was disgusting and made me feel like my money and buying power was worth losing, Bc of the Mgr back handed comment. I’d like to req a c/b at (708) 759-xxxx, regarding my complaint from someone other than the store Mgr that was here today

  13. I bought some furniture from your store in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Including a therapeutic mattress. I told sales person due to family issues I couldn’t accept October delivery. the only part of bedroom suite that arrived was dresser and mirror I told her that was not acceptable and canceled my order she said I would have to talk with manager for over a week I tried calling and emailing the manager with no response I have the emails I sent when he finally sent an email he just said your order was canceled I sent another email asking about my deposit he said it would be applied to the mattress I went to the store to pay off the mattress since this would make me oh only about 100 or so dollars when I got there I was told I owed $600 for restocking I talked to your customer service a week before and they had told me none of my order would be delivered before October I told the sales manager I would not pay the 600 since none of my purchase had arrived he said oh yes you will you sign a contract I looked at my contract when I got home and it is not a signed contract but the statement on a re-stocking fee says may be charged not will be charged. in front of other customers the manager very loudly told me that because of what I did I took food from the mouth of the sales person children. I cannot believe a company would hire a sales manager who yells at 75 year old women over how they spend their own money. This was done within hearing distance of other customers. I did spend $5000 in your store on my mattress I do believe I should expect at least t A little respect

  14. I would like to know who to contact regarding money that is owed to me from Ashley Furniture. Case #06287404, Sales Order# 201005450. We have been dealing with this issue since May, 2022. Please designate one person to research this complaint. Telephone number is 404-768-xxxx.

  15. I originally went in to the store here in McDonough Ga. To purchase a dining room set. The young lady ended up overcharging me by almost $700. I went in 2 days later to advise them of the erroneous charges, they did offer to refund the difference, but I used $1000 on my synchrony account and paid almost $1200 out of pocket, they wanted to refund the difference to the credit card company, but I didn’t want to do it that way so they said they’d cancel the order refund both my credit card and my debit card. It would take 1-2 business days on my debit and they said they called the credit called to re-release the funds. Today is 4 days later and still nothing on my debit and when I checked the credit card, there are actually TWO charges on there!! I called today I was in hold for 15 minutes and someone picked up the phone and hung up. I was in the store the second time I went for over 2.5 hours! THIS IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! AVOID THIS PLACE!! At this point what should have been an around $1600 table has cost me almost $3700!!! If I could do zero stars I would. Only saving grace is that Debra is really nice. When I went back in, the young lady “Kay” who was the original person I dealt with didn’t even acknowledge me nor apologize!! Almost two weeks and I still haven’t received my refund