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Corporate Address
1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
Company Contact
Todd Wanek
Phone Number
(608) 323-3377
Fax Number
(608) 323-6008
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Todd Wanek

President & CEO
Ashley Furniture Ceo Email[email protected]com
Ashley Furniture Corporate Phone Number(608) 323-3377
Corporate Website
Kroger CIK Number0000056873

What is Ashley Furniture’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Ashley Furniture’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-608-323-3377.


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Ashley Furniture’s Customer Support phone numbers are: 1-800-477-2222 or 1-866-436-3388.


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Asheley Furniture’s customer support email address is: [email protected]

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Ashley Furniture on Twitter: @ashleyhomestore

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Ashley Furniture Executive Team.

Founder: Carlyle Weinberger

CEO: Todd Wanek
CFO: Dale Barneson
COO: Dwain Jansson

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831 thoughts to “Ashley Furniture Headquarters”

  1. Dear Sir

    I have been a long time Ashley customer with my whole house furniture bought from Ashley.
    It is very much frustrating to do business with Ashley at every stage of this order i have faced issues and it is so much annoying to do business . The order was purchased in Jan 2018 .
    The order was to be delivered initially in 2 weeks. It was postponed multiple times and finally, today 20th May (after 5 months), I was going to get the delivery.

    I was provided the option of cancellation earlier as it was getting delayed from long.
    But instead I opted to wait for 5 months.

    At the time of purchase I had told the sales staff the current selection i am doing is based on that I wanted my existing Ashley bed to shifted from my bedroom to guest room, as I wanted to put the new furniture in master bedroom.
    Since I am not a handy man, I asked them to put in the purchase order that the old bed has to be unscrewed and moved and reassembled in the other room,at the time to make the sale, the sales person said no problem, we will put in order the needful to be done.In my purchase order they made comments that old furniture to be re-positioned. If he would have told me to I have to unscrew my bed i would have gone for the other bed.

    Today, after waiting for the order, when it finally came, the delivery guy refused to reposition the furniture inspite of it being in the order. He asked to show the purchase agreement. First WHY THE RE-POSITION WAS NOT MENTIONED in Delivery, than he asked to to unscrew the bed and then i will re-position.
    Had the sales guy not provided me misleading information I would not have purchased the bed as they are many other retailers willing to do so.
    I had specifically asked the same to be put in the purchase order as I am not able to do so myself.
    I talked to customer service and instead of resolving the complaint they told me a restocking fee of 25% will be charged !!!!!!!

    I had to return the order as what was promised and committed to on purchase as per my understanding was never delivered.
    I have had other issues with the quality of bedroom furniture and living room furniture, but it has always been amicable resolved and the reason i have stayed with Ashley is because of customer service.

    But today i have been highly disappointed and the disconnect between what is being communicated to the customer at store and the after sales service has left a bad taste for me.
    I am apprehensive of ever buying from Ashey.

    Request your intervention to resolve the issue as per two options below.

    Dissemble and re position the furniture as previously promised and put in the purchase contract.

    2. Cancel the full order with extended warranty without any restocking fee (as offered earlier during delay).


        1. The quality of the furniture is unreasonable.. I am aware the prices or much lower the quality furniture stores. However, I would not aspect to have rates in the cushions on one couch. A broken arm within 5 weeks of the other sofa.. Filed the claim with Big Sandy Furniture. In August. The piece of wood “basically” 2 months to arrive at their repair location. Schedule and confirmed multiple repair dates. As of today March 29, 2021my furniture is not repaired. Nor do we have a date scheduled. I will never do business with Big Sandy Furniture, or buy Ashley Furniture again..

          1. They do not stand by the warranty on their products!!! I’ll never buy their products again!

          2. Same….
            We bought out furniture for our new house at Ashley in Ponchatoula LA the summer of 2019 and had it delivered Oct 11, 2019.
            By the end of October I was calling because my sofa and loveseat needed to be repaired. I called for months before someone could actually find our purchase and help us. The extended warranty company we paid for also had no record that we had purchased furniture and a warranty.
            We were finally sent out a repairman on July 2nd, Sept 19th and Nov 13th of 2020. On his first visit he stuffed things in the frame and said they never told him the cushions needed replacing but that he could see they clearly need to be replaced. On his 2nd and 3rd visit he stuffed more thing in the frame and never replaced cushions. His notes didn’t match with what he told us. He said he was unable to repair it do to poor quality.
            At that point I kept trying to contact someone for a refund. After several calls a woman named Carrie called and set us up for a reselect for our sofa, loveseat and extended warranty.
            We went to the Gonzales store to do our reselect as the service at the Ponchatoula store was sub par. We did the reselect on November 27, 2020 and paid extra as our reselect price was higher. We purchased a sofa, loveseat, warranty and a chair. We didn’t receive it when we were suppose to. I kept calling and would get a new date every time.
            On May 15, 2021 I spoke with Mia who told me she would process a refund for $2,037.26 and we would see it within 10 days and that the furniture would not be picked up. We never received the refund and had put it in our garage to dispose of.

            I called again on June 2, 2021 and spoke with Pamela whom said she would process it for $ 1,805.30 which is an incorrect amt. I also spoke to Derrick and Angel who said they could see the conversation with Mia and Pamela but that I needed to call the store. I called both the Ponchatoula and Gonzales stores and left a message with no return call. I called back and requested a manager call me. At this point I had been dropped from all 3 customer service reps. A woman named Vanessa Castillo called me and couldn’t figure out what was going on to forward it to her boss Sharon Harris and that Mia would call me Friday June 4th. Nobody called. The following Monday June 7th I left 2 messages for Vanessa. I called again on June 9th and she answered. She advised me Sharon was suppose to call me on the 4th to tell me she wouldn’t approve my refund. She never called or emailed. When I asked for Sharon’s contact info she refused to give it to me and said she would email me the info right away. Hours later no information. Waiting on Sharon I called Ashley corporate, Ashley consumer affairs, CS, and the stores. All of which I did several times trying to get help. I also took to social media for help. I contacted Ashley Ashley on IG, FB, Twitter and tik tok. Ms. Sharon finally called me but I missed the call as I was speaking with customer service. I called her right back and no answer. I also called Ashley consumer affairs back and Tammy said she would forward to the business to business department. It is now 5 pm and no call back from Sharon. I started at 11:30 today and got nowhere in 5.5 hrs. Now let’s go back to the initial call with Vanessa on the 2nd. She told me they credited $159.99 to our Ashley account for a king head and foot board. We never bought a king head and footboard so someone else’s credit is not on their

            I have contacted Ashley every way I possibly could since the end of October 2019. Phone, email, social media and have 10 pages front and back of names, dates and conversations. Yes 10 PAGES…. The amount of time I have put into this is not only frustrating but ridiculous. It shouldn’t be that hard to get a refund on furniture that was never right to begin with. I will continue to fight for what’s right until this is handled

      1. I WELL BE DROPING OFF YOUR  Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach on mattresses 2 items # 2717231M and 2 motion bases TXL item #75486020A IN FRONT YOUR STORE .THANKS FOR ALL YOUR POOR SERVICE see you in court To: emcustomercare @ashleyfurniturehomestore.coSent: 1/12/2021 6:50:35 PM Eastern Standard Time Subject: STOP PAYMENT- PICK UP YOUR JUNK FULL REFUND STOP PAYMENT- REFUND LORRAINE To: emcustomercare @ashleyfurniturehomestore.coment: 1/5/2021 8:56:17 AM Eastern Standard TimeSubject: ASHLEY POOR SERVICE Attn. Customer CareCUSTOMER ID Date 09/07/2020I purchased from Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach on 9/7/2020 mattresses 2 items # 2717231M and 2 motion bases TXL item #75486020A. They were delivered 10/9/2020. One of the bases looked like it was a repack for parts were missing and the vibrating part did not work properly. On 10/10/2020 I called Ashley Furniture to replace the defective base. They gave me a case # 00001888. Made numerous phone calls to Ashley Furniture and they said they were going to replace the base. The next phone call they said they were going to give me a refund on the base and on the third phone call they said they were going to fix the base which I did not agree to I want the base replaced with all the parts. It is now Jan. 4th. 2021 and Ashley has done nothing or even called me. POOR SERVICE. Lorraine

        1. Have ran into a similar situation with a loveseat that we’ve been fighting with for a year, and now it’s discontinued. They got our money, no refund, we too will be returning it to the front of the store too, but not in Daytona Beach, “Ashley Stores, this is not home!!! People if you’re thinking on buying from them run, run as fast as you can they’re Crooks!

          1. Have the same problem. Been dealing with them for 10 months on damaged loveseat. Everything I hear from them is a lie. They have finally won as I’m tired of fighting them. The loveseat I have is now discontinued also so I’m stuck with it. Thanks for the worst customer service Ashley.

          2. Hello my name is Troy Johnson my address 3627 booker trail. San Antonio, TX 78223. My mother purchased a table and a chair for me at your military and Zarzamora location. It was supposed to be a surprise gift but somehow they were sending the information to my house so that spoiled the surprise that was the first of the disaster. The table was delivered with no problem but we found a scratch on it,I took pictures and submitted them to the location which it was purchased from .so they ordered a replacement table which I’m still waiting for because for some reason the contractor delivery service that you’re using can’t find my place. I have my 82-year-old mom sitting here waiting. so far they’ve been a no-show. they keep giving me the runaround on their location and then deciding to reschedule. I filed two complaints also ask for a refund for the chair because they asked me over and over to reschedule but it’s getting frustrating dealing with this I purchased many things from Ashley also my family and friends, but I no longer will. And will discourage anyone else to buy. I’ve called the location where it was purchased and talk to a young lady and she said she was going to talk to her manager and call me back with information but nothing yet. please help with this matter thank you.

        2. Wow! Worst system ever! My husband and I went to our nearest Ashley furniture to purchase over $5,000 in bedroom/dining/living room furniture and boy are we disappointed. Avoid at all costs! Our original sales rep told us 6-8 weeks. It is now over 8 weeks and our delivery continues to get pushed out. We called several times to customer service and the dispatch department with no satisfaction answer. First it was January, then today feb 8, now its pushed out until 3/1. NO one has called to inform us the delivery date is yet again pushed out. I have lost multiple PTO days from work because I took the days off for no reason! When you call customer service its over 30 minute wait. I went as far as Facebook messaging the Ashley furniture webpage because the wait for Customer Service is outrageous. I think they need to restructure their workflows and time to schedule delivery. The sales people literally say say ANYTHING to get your business and you’re left in Limbo to find out when your delivery is. To the CEO, CFO and COO – PLEASE PLEASE HEAR OUR NEEDS! There are hundreds of people on here complaining about the same things!!!!! SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE- YOU CANT TAKE PEOPLES MONEY AND NOT DELIVER, AND LIVE UP TO WHAT IS SAID.


        4. They are horrible nobody cares to call me and tell me what is going on with my order they workers suck so bad they forgot to bring me the most important part of my bed frame causing it to break into pieces and it’s taking them forever to exchange it!!!! I Will never do business with Ashley’s ever again!!! Don’t waste your time or money

    1. I don’t believe they are in the business of wanting to resolve the issues and gain customers. I have been trying to get a table and chair replaced – riddled with defects – and after numerous attempts (6 e-mails follow up, and calls), finally got a call today requesting pictures!!!???? Their own service tech-man came to my house and took picutres in May!!!! I have requested a cancellation of the order as well. I am requesting they come get the table and chairs and refund what I have paid. Such disappointing experience.

    2. I am going through the same thing! I will never purchase from them again! Destiny Robinson from the Grapevine, Texas location LIED TO US about the return policy. She never mentioned that they have a no return policy once the item is delivered in the house. Also she charged us over $500 for a protection plan that we DIDNT ASK FOR. She said it wasn’t an option. I went to a different location to ask yesterday and they said she screwed us over. That it SHOULD be an option and she should’ve given us 20%. All she cared about was making commission! We are trying to exchange them and they won’t help us. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! I never had an issue like this with Nebraska Furniture Mart.

    3. Good luck getting refund. I’m calling corporate tomorrow and if they don’t want to give my refund asap then we will be in court.

    1. Hello, I have a BIG issue, for the past 8 months we have been trying to get our issue resolved, my parents spent $8,000 dollars in Ashley Furniture in Burbank CA, we have spoken to customer service and have not resolved my issue. We then proceeded to go to Ashley’s Furniture in Burbank, and we asked to speak with the manager who then took us to Customer Service in the store and Luci who was supposedly helping us, she started screaming at my mother and father telling them that she was going to hear it but not listen to her, then she proceeded to tell them to sit down, like is we were dogs, because she had no time to help us, this company is horrible, we have been fight to get the issue resolved, all that it was, was to get our 3 broken Cabinets that were delivered to us replaced. It is unbelievable that we give you guys $8,000 and yet we can’t get our issue resolved, horrible customer service. And we will right a yelp review until we get our issues resolved.

  2. I spent 30minutes on the phone trying to talk to someone at the downtown Los Angeles Ashley store. No one ever picked up the phone. I am upset at this kind of service after spending money there. What is going on at that store?

  3. For the past week I have called Ashley’s corporate number hoping to speak with a Cherie W. in the donations department. Each day I leave a detailed message including date, time, and contact. I have yet to receive a response. And the receptionist is just utterly RUDE!!!!!!! I can not believe the ethics this company practice. I was placed on hold for 38:41 before being abruptly disconnected. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. I INTEND TO TAKE TIME AWAY FROM MY BUSY SCHEDULE, FAMILY AND WHATEVER ELSE TO POST MY EXPERIENCE AND CHALLENGE SHOPPERS TO PATRONIZE OTHER COMPANIES THAT APPRECIATE, RESPECT, AND VALUE THE CUSTOMERS AND THE COMMUNITY THEY SERVE. #NO BUSINESS MEANS CLOSURE OF STORES!!! #JOIN THE MOVEMENT

    1. I will join the movement too. The local Ashley store where I live has demonstrated the same, type of rude and disrespectful customer service, telling me out right that “I will get mad if the manager gives me a wrong price.” I replied, “ You don’t know me well enough to tell me something like that, and how can you talk to customers like that.” I will not shop there ever, especially after reading the reviews! I’m also not encouraged about calling the corporate office either, since they don’t answer the phones.

  4. I am having a problem with getting my furniture fixed. I purchased some furniture in October 2016. I noticed my chair is coming apart on the left side in the back and the leg on the sofa on the back right side is broken. I have pictures for someone to look at them if needed. I called the store and was told I could pay $150 to have it repaired. I went to the store to pay and was told it was normal wear and tear, which is in my opinion 100% FALSE. There is NO WAY that furniture after a year and a half would look like that and on one side not the ENTIRE chair and sofa. I paid the $150 to have the store call me and tell me I have to pick up my money because I am past the 1-year warranty. I know i am but, I was told if I paid the $150 outside of the warranty, I would be able to get it repaired. I am frustrated, disappointed, and aggravated. I am getting the run around. I just want my furniture fixed. This is unacceptable and it is not fair that after 1 year and a half I am stuck with broken furniture. It is embarrassing to have company over seeing this. It really makes me wish I had gotten the furniture from the company in the first place if this is how a customer is treated. No one should have to keep broken furniture only after a year and a half because the warranty ran out. Have some decency about this situation. I could understand if I have the furniture 3 or 4 years. It only been a year and a half. You cannot tell me that the furniture you are selling is only worth that long before you need to buy more and you are not willing to fix it. This is so disheartening seeing how I just moved into the apartment about 2 weeks before I came to the store to furnish my apartment and this is the thanks I get for shopping in your store. I hope you reconsider my situation and reach out to me with a positive outcome.

    Feeling Hopeless,

  5. I was told that if I refused furniture that was too large for my living room that I would be refunded via check – even though I purchased part of the set with a prepaid debit card i received from credit card points. They refunded the card I no longer have because THEY ABSOLUTELY PROMISED i would get refunded via check. Their customer service repeatedly told me it was my fault and they can’t help me. Now I’m out $500. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General. I will never step foot in any location again.

  6. Ordered a stove was told it was out of stock but Would be in Canada on the 3rd of AUGUST and would have it delivered on the 9th !! Still NO God.damn stove and getting the run around as to.when I.MIGHT get it I played for the stove in cash right out I OWN it and they are NOT bring it to me I want my money back and NO is picking up there damn phones this company is.crap

      1. I purchased from them several years ago and they never delivered the furniture I paid for. Follow up now…I loved a dining set they had and fue to laspe of memory I orderedit. The table and 2 chairs came in dsmaged. I have called, e-mailed sent pictures (delivery person also sent pictures) and am getting a run around. DO NOT buy from them. Their customer service is a joke. On several of my calls I have been lied to, hung up on, and just treated rudely.

  7. I recently purchased a dining table from Ashley HomeStore in SF, and when it was delivered it wobbled. After numerous attempted to reach a manager I finally spoke to Kevin who explained to me that this table had a lot of problems that were not disclosed at the time of purchase. He then proceeded to correct the problem with replacing it with another dining table. He set up the order for Thursday, which came and left no delivery? I then spent more of my time trying to resolve this problem. I was given excuses left messages a number of time for Gary the district manager to contact me. To this day 2 weeks later I’m still waiting on a phone call as well as this delivery to take place. I spoke with Dave who is your store manager, he could really care less and told me I apologized for your experience what more do you want me to do? With that type of attitude and lack customer service I guarantee I will never shop at your store again!

  8. I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture it took awhile for it to come in it was finally delivered today 8/30/2018 the sofa was damaged had a rip due to being hit against something prior to bringing it to me, the back of the sofa the nail screw or staple used on the back was protruding against the material, I’m sure this was a manufacturer issue regardless it will eventually work it’s way through the material, and they sent me the wrong ottoman.
    The delivery guy wanted me to sign saying furniture delivered in good condition with no visible signs of damage I refused to sign it as that wasn’t true.
    Customer care wants to send someone out to repair the damage said someone would be calling to set that up, they also said I would be getting a call from the store about getting the correct ottoman sent out to me.
    I called the store trying to speak to the store manager I was told he wasn’t accepting calls.
    I then tried to contact corporate headquarters I received the same run a round, no one could let me speak to any of the corporate people, a CEO or the store owner, I was told they didn’t have a number for them or an email.
    With all this being said I am very sorry for making a purchase from Ashley Furniture…
    Ashley Furniture has the poorest customer service department to say the least as well as it being impossible to contact anyone over and above the customer care reps.
    If I owned a store or business that dealt with the public I would want to know if there was a problem it seems the store manager, the corporate people or Owner doesn’t mind the handling of this Ashley store if they don’t even make themselves available to hear complaints from customers…even an email would be something…
    Word of mouth can promote a business and bad reviews can ruin a company…
    In my lifetime I have seen many who thought they could act like they could careless and nothing would happen and many of them are now out of business or have few store left opened now…
    Maybe if customers keep complaining and out it on every website they have access to more and more will see the issues dealing with Ashley Furniture and they to will stop buying from Ashley Furniture until Ashley Furniture does something about the way issues are handle. A store manager should accept calls and there should be a way to contact someone in the corporate headquarters.
    I’ve dealt with numerous stores in my lifetimes, Lowe’s, Walmart, Haynes Furniture to name a few…and I never received the run a round like I have with Ashley Furniture. When there was a problem with my order the managers corrected it by a credit to my account for my trouble and even given an upgrade to a more expensive item when the one I wanted was damaged and they couldn’t get another one. They went out of their way to correct the issue..That is good customer service.
    I would recommend that anyone looking to buy furniture please check reviews before purchasing anything from these stores before buying…

    1. I have similar experience and just sent a complaint off to 7-on-your-side in Northern VA. I am sure if we get enough complaints and boycotts, we can can get these Independent cowardly owners to give their managers the autonomy to act upon complaints.

      1. I am going through a similar situation with Ashley furniture right now. I have damaged furniture that they will not replace and I have not received the majority of what I paid for. I am also in Virginia and would have no problem letting 7 on your side know your case is not an isolated one.

  9. Hi Mr,CEO my name isMohammed Rahman.I went parched on of your store which is located. 14250 Smoketown Rd,Woodbridge,VA-22192. Date 8/8/18 to now 09/01/18 I don’t get delevar.How that serves.I went insulted in ur store.I want to say lots of things.If ur reply my mail.

  10. Horrible experience with customer service after our Ashley-purchased power love seat broke for the 2nd time about 6 months ago. Ashley strung us along for 6 mos. Three new motors were delivered to our house over 6 months. A repair person came 3 times. This required us to rearrange the family room 3 times–wrong motors sent each time–then put the room back together again each time. When our new love seat was purchased, the right side motor worked for about 5 days then quit. Ashley did make that right by sending a repairman out to install a new motor. We appreciated that. The Customer Service Rep in this case stopped communicating with us for awhile, ignoring our emails. As this continued, she started responding again. Her tone was becoming sarcastic, dismissive. She recently ended our email string with …”there is no way we would be able to give you a new loveseat…Have a great day!” Now, silence…. Contact with central office was deflected, we were told to take it up with the local store. But when we contacted the local store, the woman seemed clueless. She finally looked through her computer and found a note saying a new motor had been ordered for us; should be arriving in a few weeks. This is classic “pass the buck” technique; sending us in circles. We were always willing to pay for the new motor and service; we knew it wasn’t under warranty. We even paid for the first motor that didn’t fit. They kept ordering the wrong parts & sending repair persons with no results. Not fair to the repair techs, or us. We just want our loveseat fixed! The motor died Feb 2018 after 7 years. Can you imagine buying a brand new car, driving it 7 years and it dies? Then having the auto dealer and/or manufacturer string you along for 6 months, then saying they can’t fix it? We’re disappointed with Ashley’s treatment of us throughout this ordeal. We’ll never again buy anything Ashley-made–either at one of their stores, “sister store” Furniture Mart or any other outlet. We’ll be going to Slumberland. Finally, Ashley needs to know that disrespectful customer service and broken promises is bad business and unsustainable.