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1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, WI
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Todd Wanek
Phone Number
(608) 323-3377
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(608) 323-6008
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Todd Wanek

President & CEO
Ashley Furniture Ceo Email[email protected]com
Ashley Furniture Corporate Phone Number(608) 323-3377
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Kroger CIK Number0000056873

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Ashley Furniture’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-608-323-3377.


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Ashley Furniture’s Customer Support phone numbers are: 1-800-477-2222 or 1-866-436-3388.


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Asheley Furniture’s customer support email address is: [email protected]

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Founder: Carlyle Weinberger

CEO: Todd Wanek
CFO: Dale Barneson
COO: Dwain Jansson

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  1. Dear Sir

    I have been a long time Ashley customer with my whole house furniture bought from Ashley.
    It is very much frustrating to do business with Ashley at every stage of this order i have faced issues and it is so much annoying to do business . The order was purchased in Jan 2018 .
    The order was to be delivered initially in 2 weeks. It was postponed multiple times and finally, today 20th May (after 5 months), I was going to get the delivery.

    I was provided the option of cancellation earlier as it was getting delayed from long.
    But instead I opted to wait for 5 months.

    At the time of purchase I had told the sales staff the current selection i am doing is based on that I wanted my existing Ashley bed to shifted from my bedroom to guest room, as I wanted to put the new furniture in master bedroom.
    Since I am not a handy man, I asked them to put in the purchase order that the old bed has to be unscrewed and moved and reassembled in the other room,at the time to make the sale, the sales person said no problem, we will put in order the needful to be done.In my purchase order they made comments that old furniture to be re-positioned. If he would have told me to I have to unscrew my bed i would have gone for the other bed.

    Today, after waiting for the order, when it finally came, the delivery guy refused to reposition the furniture inspite of it being in the order. He asked to show the purchase agreement. First WHY THE RE-POSITION WAS NOT MENTIONED in Delivery, than he asked to to unscrew the bed and then i will re-position.
    Had the sales guy not provided me misleading information I would not have purchased the bed as they are many other retailers willing to do so.
    I had specifically asked the same to be put in the purchase order as I am not able to do so myself.
    I talked to customer service and instead of resolving the complaint they told me a restocking fee of 25% will be charged !!!!!!!

    I had to return the order as what was promised and committed to on purchase as per my understanding was never delivered.
    I have had other issues with the quality of bedroom furniture and living room furniture, but it has always been amicable resolved and the reason i have stayed with Ashley is because of customer service.

    But today i have been highly disappointed and the disconnect between what is being communicated to the customer at store and the after sales service has left a bad taste for me.
    I am apprehensive of ever buying from Ashey.

    Request your intervention to resolve the issue as per two options below.

    Dissemble and re position the furniture as previously promised and put in the purchase contract.

    2. Cancel the full order with extended warranty without any restocking fee (as offered earlier during delay).


        1. The quality of the furniture is unreasonable.. I am aware the prices or much lower the quality furniture stores. However, I would not aspect to have rates in the cushions on one couch. A broken arm within 5 weeks of the other sofa.. Filed the claim with Big Sandy Furniture. In August. The piece of wood “basically” 2 months to arrive at their repair location. Schedule and confirmed multiple repair dates. As of today March 29, 2021my furniture is not repaired. Nor do we have a date scheduled. I will never do business with Big Sandy Furniture, or buy Ashley Furniture again..

      1. I WELL BE DROPING OFF YOUR  Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach on mattresses 2 items # 2717231M and 2 motion bases TXL item #75486020A IN FRONT YOUR STORE .THANKS FOR ALL YOUR POOR SERVICE see you in court To: emcustomercare @ashleyfurniturehomestore.coSent: 1/12/2021 6:50:35 PM Eastern Standard Time Subject: STOP PAYMENT- PICK UP YOUR JUNK FULL REFUND STOP PAYMENT- REFUND LORRAINE To: emcustomercare @ashleyfurniturehomestore.coment: 1/5/2021 8:56:17 AM Eastern Standard TimeSubject: ASHLEY POOR SERVICE Attn. Customer CareCUSTOMER ID Date 09/07/2020I purchased from Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach on 9/7/2020 mattresses 2 items # 2717231M and 2 motion bases TXL item #75486020A. They were delivered 10/9/2020. One of the bases looked like it was a repack for parts were missing and the vibrating part did not work properly. On 10/10/2020 I called Ashley Furniture to replace the defective base. They gave me a case # 00001888. Made numerous phone calls to Ashley Furniture and they said they were going to replace the base. The next phone call they said they were going to give me a refund on the base and on the third phone call they said they were going to fix the base which I did not agree to I want the base replaced with all the parts. It is now Jan. 4th. 2021 and Ashley has done nothing or even called me. POOR SERVICE. Lorraine

        1. Have ran into a similar situation with a loveseat that we’ve been fighting with for a year, and now it’s discontinued. They got our money, no refund, we too will be returning it to the front of the store too, but not in Daytona Beach, “Ashley Stores, this is not home!!! People if you’re thinking on buying from them run, run as fast as you can they’re Crooks!

          1. Have the same problem. Been dealing with them for 10 months on damaged loveseat. Everything I hear from them is a lie. They have finally won as I’m tired of fighting them. The loveseat I have is now discontinued also so I’m stuck with it. Thanks for the worst customer service Ashley.

        2. Wow! Worst system ever! My husband and I went to our nearest Ashley furniture to purchase over $5,000 in bedroom/dining/living room furniture and boy are we disappointed. Avoid at all costs! Our original sales rep told us 6-8 weeks. It is now over 8 weeks and our delivery continues to get pushed out. We called several times to customer service and the dispatch department with no satisfaction answer. First it was January, then today feb 8, now its pushed out until 3/1. NO one has called to inform us the delivery date is yet again pushed out. I have lost multiple PTO days from work because I took the days off for no reason! When you call customer service its over 30 minute wait. I went as far as Facebook messaging the Ashley furniture webpage because the wait for Customer Service is outrageous. I think they need to restructure their workflows and time to schedule delivery. The sales people literally say say ANYTHING to get your business and you’re left in Limbo to find out when your delivery is. To the CEO, CFO and COO – PLEASE PLEASE HEAR OUR NEEDS! There are hundreds of people on here complaining about the same things!!!!! SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE- YOU CANT TAKE PEOPLES MONEY AND NOT DELIVER, AND LIVE UP TO WHAT IS SAID.

    1. Hello, I have a BIG issue, for the past 8 months we have been trying to get our issue resolved, my parents spent $8,000 dollars in Ashley Furniture in Burbank CA, we have spoken to customer service and have not resolved my issue. We then proceeded to go to Ashley’s Furniture in Burbank, and we asked to speak with the manager who then took us to Customer Service in the store and Luci who was supposedly helping us, she started screaming at my mother and father telling them that she was going to hear it but not listen to her, then she proceeded to tell them to sit down, like is we were dogs, because she had no time to help us, this company is horrible, we have been fight to get the issue resolved, all that it was, was to get our 3 broken Cabinets that were delivered to us replaced. It is unbelievable that we give you guys $8,000 and yet we can’t get our issue resolved, horrible customer service. And we will right a yelp review until we get our issues resolved.

  2. I spent 30minutes on the phone trying to talk to someone at the downtown Los Angeles Ashley store. No one ever picked up the phone. I am upset at this kind of service after spending money there. What is going on at that store?

  3. For the past week I have called Ashley’s corporate number hoping to speak with a Cherie W. in the donations department. Each day I leave a detailed message including date, time, and contact. I have yet to receive a response. And the receptionist is just utterly RUDE!!!!!!! I can not believe the ethics this company practice. I was placed on hold for 38:41 before being abruptly disconnected. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED. I INTEND TO TAKE TIME AWAY FROM MY BUSY SCHEDULE, FAMILY AND WHATEVER ELSE TO POST MY EXPERIENCE AND CHALLENGE SHOPPERS TO PATRONIZE OTHER COMPANIES THAT APPRECIATE, RESPECT, AND VALUE THE CUSTOMERS AND THE COMMUNITY THEY SERVE. #NO BUSINESS MEANS CLOSURE OF STORES!!! #JOIN THE MOVEMENT

  4. I am having a problem with getting my furniture fixed. I purchased some furniture in October 2016. I noticed my chair is coming apart on the left side in the back and the leg on the sofa on the back right side is broken. I have pictures for someone to look at them if needed. I called the store and was told I could pay $150 to have it repaired. I went to the store to pay and was told it was normal wear and tear, which is in my opinion 100% FALSE. There is NO WAY that furniture after a year and a half would look like that and on one side not the ENTIRE chair and sofa. I paid the $150 to have the store call me and tell me I have to pick up my money because I am past the 1-year warranty. I know i am but, I was told if I paid the $150 outside of the warranty, I would be able to get it repaired. I am frustrated, disappointed, and aggravated. I am getting the run around. I just want my furniture fixed. This is unacceptable and it is not fair that after 1 year and a half I am stuck with broken furniture. It is embarrassing to have company over seeing this. It really makes me wish I had gotten the furniture from the company in the first place if this is how a customer is treated. No one should have to keep broken furniture only after a year and a half because the warranty ran out. Have some decency about this situation. I could understand if I have the furniture 3 or 4 years. It only been a year and a half. You cannot tell me that the furniture you are selling is only worth that long before you need to buy more and you are not willing to fix it. This is so disheartening seeing how I just moved into the apartment about 2 weeks before I came to the store to furnish my apartment and this is the thanks I get for shopping in your store. I hope you reconsider my situation and reach out to me with a positive outcome.

    Feeling Hopeless,

  5. I was told that if I refused furniture that was too large for my living room that I would be refunded via check – even though I purchased part of the set with a prepaid debit card i received from credit card points. They refunded the card I no longer have because THEY ABSOLUTELY PROMISED i would get refunded via check. Their customer service repeatedly told me it was my fault and they can’t help me. Now I’m out $500. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General. I will never step foot in any location again.

  6. Ordered a stove was told it was out of stock but Would be in Canada on the 3rd of AUGUST and would have it delivered on the 9th !! Still NO God.damn stove and getting the fucking run around as to.when I.MIGHT get it I played for the stove in cash right out I OWN it and they are NOT bring it to me I want my money back and NO is picking up there damn phones this company is.crap

      1. I purchased from them several years ago and they never delivered the furniture I paid for. Follow up now…I loved a dining set they had and fue to laspe of memory I orderedit. The table and 2 chairs came in dsmaged. I have called, e-mailed sent pictures (delivery person also sent pictures) and am getting a run around. DO NOT buy from them. Their customer service is a joke. On several of my calls I have been lied to, hung up on, and just treated rudely.

  7. I recently purchased a dining table from Ashley HomeStore in SF, and when it was delivered it wobbled. After numerous attempted to reach a manager I finally spoke to Kevin who explained to me that this table had a lot of problems that were not disclosed at the time of purchase. He then proceeded to correct the problem with replacing it with another dining table. He set up the order for Thursday, which came and left no delivery? I then spent more of my time trying to resolve this problem. I was given excuses left messages a number of time for Gary the district manager to contact me. To this day 2 weeks later I’m still waiting on a phone call as well as this delivery to take place. I spoke with Dave who is your store manager, he could really care less and told me I apologized for your experience what more do you want me to do? With that type of attitude and lack customer service I guarantee I will never shop at your store again!

  8. I purchased furniture from Ashley Furniture it took awhile for it to come in it was finally delivered today 8/30/2018 the sofa was damaged had a rip due to being hit against something prior to bringing it to me, the back of the sofa the nail screw or staple used on the back was protruding against the material, I’m sure this was a manufacturer issue regardless it will eventually work it’s way through the material, and they sent me the wrong ottoman.
    The delivery guy wanted me to sign saying furniture delivered in good condition with no visible signs of damage I refused to sign it as that wasn’t true.
    Customer care wants to send someone out to repair the damage said someone would be calling to set that up, they also said I would be getting a call from the store about getting the correct ottoman sent out to me.
    I called the store trying to speak to the store manager I was told he wasn’t accepting calls.
    I then tried to contact corporate headquarters I received the same run a round, no one could let me speak to any of the corporate people, a CEO or the store owner, I was told they didn’t have a number for them or an email.
    With all this being said I am very sorry for making a purchase from Ashley Furniture…
    Ashley Furniture has the poorest customer service department to say the least as well as it being impossible to contact anyone over and above the customer care reps.
    If I owned a store or business that dealt with the public I would want to know if there was a problem it seems the store manager, the corporate people or Owner doesn’t mind the handling of this Ashley store if they don’t even make themselves available to hear complaints from customers…even an email would be something…
    Word of mouth can promote a business and bad reviews can ruin a company…
    In my lifetime I have seen many who thought they could act like they could careless and nothing would happen and many of them are now out of business or have few store left opened now…
    Maybe if customers keep complaining and out it on every website they have access to more and more will see the issues dealing with Ashley Furniture and they to will stop buying from Ashley Furniture until Ashley Furniture does something about the way issues are handle. A store manager should accept calls and there should be a way to contact someone in the corporate headquarters.
    I’ve dealt with numerous stores in my lifetimes, Lowe’s, Walmart, Haynes Furniture to name a few…and I never received the run a round like I have with Ashley Furniture. When there was a problem with my order the managers corrected it by a credit to my account for my trouble and even given an upgrade to a more expensive item when the one I wanted was damaged and they couldn’t get another one. They went out of their way to correct the issue..That is good customer service.
    I would recommend that anyone looking to buy furniture please check reviews before purchasing anything from these stores before buying…

    1. I have similar experience and just sent a complaint off to 7-on-your-side in Northern VA. I am sure if we get enough complaints and boycotts, we can can get these Independent cowardly owners to give their managers the autonomy to act upon complaints.

      1. I am going through a similar situation with Ashley furniture right now. I have damaged furniture that they will not replace and I have not received the majority of what I paid for. I am also in Virginia and would have no problem letting 7 on your side know your case is not an isolated one.

  9. Hi Mr,CEO my name isMohammed Rahman.I went parched on of your store which is located. 14250 Smoketown Rd,Woodbridge,VA-22192. Date 8/8/18 to now 09/01/18 I don’t get delevar.How that serves.I went insulted in ur store.I want to say lots of things.If ur reply my mail.

  10. Horrible experience with customer service after our Ashley-purchased power love seat broke for the 2nd time about 6 months ago. Ashley strung us along for 6 mos. Three new motors were delivered to our house over 6 months. A repair person came 3 times. This required us to rearrange the family room 3 times–wrong motors sent each time–then put the room back together again each time. When our new love seat was purchased, the right side motor worked for about 5 days then quit. Ashley did make that right by sending a repairman out to install a new motor. We appreciated that. The Customer Service Rep in this case stopped communicating with us for awhile, ignoring our emails. As this continued, she started responding again. Her tone was becoming sarcastic, dismissive. She recently ended our email string with …”there is no way we would be able to give you a new loveseat…Have a great day!” Now, silence…. Contact with central office was deflected, we were told to take it up with the local store. But when we contacted the local store, the woman seemed clueless. She finally looked through her computer and found a note saying a new motor had been ordered for us; should be arriving in a few weeks. This is classic “pass the buck” technique; sending us in circles. We were always willing to pay for the new motor and service; we knew it wasn’t under warranty. We even paid for the first motor that didn’t fit. They kept ordering the wrong parts & sending repair persons with no results. Not fair to the repair techs, or us. We just want our loveseat fixed! The motor died Feb 2018 after 7 years. Can you imagine buying a brand new car, driving it 7 years and it dies? Then having the auto dealer and/or manufacturer string you along for 6 months, then saying they can’t fix it? We’re disappointed with Ashley’s treatment of us throughout this ordeal. We’ll never again buy anything Ashley-made–either at one of their stores, “sister store” Furniture Mart or any other outlet. We’ll be going to Slumberland. Finally, Ashley needs to know that disrespectful customer service and broken promises is bad business and unsustainable.

    1. They are full of bs I will be closing my account shitty service and representative and sales people who tell you you getting warranty and when you need warranty oh we didn’t purchase it that’s bs I buy warranty on couch and not fireplace tv stand wtf

  11. Creepy delivery driver. Very scary. Wanted me to meet him somewhere instead of just delivering to my home. He told me it was another customers house he wanted to meet. Beware. When he finally showed up at my home the item was damaged as if he angrily destroyed it. I did refuse it but beware after reading all the reviews it’s obvious customer Service is not a priority for this company. So safety of their customers is probably at the bottom of the important list as well. I will see how long it takes to get a replacement for the refused damage item and will have a police officer family member here for delivery. I was also told by my store rep whom so purchase the item from that this driver has had other similar complaints with no recourse.

  12. Purchased my new (expensive) sectional from Ashley Furniture in Columbia SC in June 2015. Early this year I noticed one of my cushions had split on the side seam. Bought the protection plan when I purchased. Called them to file a claim and it was denied. In August, I noticed 4 out of 5 cushions had also split at the side seam. Called again and of course my claim was denied because it was not a accident. Called store I bought from to hear that the manufacturers warranty was only a year so there was nothing they could do. Asked them why the furniture I purchased only lasted 3 years when they advertise top quality furniture. Called corporate office to hear the same thing except they did offer me the option to buy more cushion covers at $25 each, BUT, this furniture had been discontinued. Cannot believe a company does not stand behind the furniture they sell. I was offered absolutely no offers, no solution, other than ditch this sectional after 3 years. I am a single 59 year old female, it’s not like I have pets and or children jumping all over my furniture, half of it has barley been sit on. Customer service and satisfaction is a thing of the past. Will never purchase Ashley Furniture JUNK again.

  13. I purchased and paid for $8200 of furniture from Ashley Furniture in Sterling, VA. Two attempts were made to deliver the main item, a 6-piece sectional,. Both time multiple pieces were damaged. I requested a refund after the second time and have been given the the run around since. They never called back when they say they would. I have spoken to Debbie and Natasha personally in the store and Natasha on the phone; spoke to Danielle, Sharita, Assata, and others on the phone. Debbie, a store manager, promised to call back, but never did.
    The furniture was purchased on July 19, 2018. The first attempted delivery was made August 24th, 2018. The sectional was damaged and I rejected the delivery. The bedroom and dining room pieces were good, and I accepted those. The second attempt to deliver the sectional was made on September 7th, 4 of 6 pieces opened, 4 pieces damaged. That delivery was also rejected. I asked for a refund. Customer service spoke to me on the truck driver’s phone and promised to submit my request to his management.
    I called the store Sep 10, 2018 for an update, only to be told by Sharita that she would submit the request to management. She told me she would call me back with an update; and also, Debbie would call me back. No call-backs resulted. I called September 12th, 2018 and spoke to Natasha repeating my request for a refund. Her manager, Debbie was busy and couldn’t come to the phone. She said they were working on my request and that Debbie would call me back. No call-backs.
    Called Ashley HQ in Wisconsin and was told the stores were independently owned and to talk to Customer Service. Customer Service gave me the number for Customer Service in Fredericksburg, VA telling me Danny Tripett owned the Sterling store. I called Fredericksburg and Danielle said the store had to submit the request and they had not done so.
    I went to the store on Friday September 14th, 2018 and spoke to Debbie who promised she would help and would call me back. I also called Fredericksburg while at the Sterling store. Customer Service contacted the store and had them submit the request since they did not have anything in the store that would satisfy me. I was told that it would take about 72 hours to process.
    I called Tuesday, September 18th, 2018. To be told there was no update and Assata said she would research it and call me back in about 30 minutes. That was over an hour ago. No call back yet.
    I would warn anyone doing business with Ashley to only buy what they can carry or have delivered immediately. I personally will not do business with Ashley furniture in the future.

  14. I placed an order for a sofa at a Pune, India branch on the understanding that the sofa was in stock. It is not in stock and the company as yet is not refunding the money. My wife and children have recntly moved from the UK to India and have no sofa to sit on and unable to buy another until the store refunds the cash. They would like us to buy a different sofa from their store but there are none we like. Can’t the company do the decent thing and give a full refund?

  15. We bought a bedroom from Ashley Egypt, the bed broke down within a month of installing.
    I attached the pictures and receipts.
    We contacted their customer service repeatedly over the past 3 weeks and all we got is promises but they did not do anything.
    We thought Ashley is a decent company to buy from. Please rectify the situation.
    Thank you
    Sent from my Huawei Mobile

  16. UNresolved, UNprofessional, UNsatisfied, Disgusted and Frankly PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!

    This is now the 6th time I am reaching out to your company. I have tried to resolve my issue at the store level, then the district level and the corporate level, even the warehouse, [email protected] and even attempted to contact your CEO.

    I left reviews on YELP and GOOGLE reviews and still no one wishes to address my issue.

    Every single time I have been put into contact with the same employee at the Fairfax, VA location and it has been made very clear that the resolutions I seek are above his management level. I have reached out to WILL HALL several times, A DISTRICT MANAGER MIND YOU, and he has called me from a blocked number and given me ZERO responses in writing, which I find interesting. Although HE PROMISED to get back to me!

    I have been promised several resolutions from the District Manager, the Store Manager and Service Manager all promises range from delivery dates, products I would receive, compensations for the service that was given to me and NOTHING has been resolved. I am now being expected to pay for this furniture that was received: LATE, DAMAGED and was not given to me within the agreements that I purchased them under.


    The LACK of responsibility taken by the franchise owner, district manager and store manager at the Fairfax, VA location is exactly why ASHLEY has had such a bad reputation.

    I know your CEO’s principles very well and I bet if I could speak with him for 60 seconds about what has transpired here there would be an entire division of stores either closed or completely gutted of current employees.

    I have been treated as if I am an annoyance when I did nothing wrong. I have been patient in waiting for resolutions and compensation but I purchased this furniture in APRIL….IT HAS HALF of a YEAR PASSED!!!!

    I need someone, who can actually help me to contact me as soon as possible. I would like an e-mail and a call so I can begin to document some sort of response from you all…this is ridiculous and I cannot believe ASHLEY calls themselves a Customer Service business. AMWAY at least calls you…

    I have been in retail management for a very long time and ASHLEY would not know how to treat a customer if it was their own genitalia.

    I AM PISxxxx, I AM DISAPPOINTED and do not know how any of your company values are being represented.


    “The people of Ashley Furniture Industries also help this company truly define itself. Our team lives and breathes a “dirty fingernail” approach that breeds success unlike any other. And it gets the job done. That’s what we’re made of and what it means to be Ashley made.”

    PROVE IT!!!

  17. Hello dear
    To whom be considered, I am Moataz Ali from Egypt and I have a big big problem with your agent in Egypt that they took from me a lazy boy chair for maintain it for 5 weeks ago and never told me when it finished and when tried to make call for 2 weeks ago they answered me with “ we will see the case and call within 48 hours “ it never make any calls till I called them again after 1week and asked again (what is the problem with my chair ) they told me again “ we will the case and call you within 48 hours “ again they never did
    So I tried call them again today the customer service person has no idea about the case and I told him that talk with anyone in maitaince section or manager in customer services he told me that nobody is here now (it’s 2 pm in a working day)
    Please try tell me if you a good company what I shall to do with a very BAD agent in Egypt
    I very bad to lose your name and credibility in customer
    I am so dissatisfied that a big company have a bad agent in Egypt
    Please reply me as soon as possible

  18. I am complaining about the inconsistent communication with customers about when merchandise arrives. I have called corporate on October 24 2018 in regards to my situation and never received a phone call back or any response whatsoever. Store :506 Boston Post Road Orange CT. 06477. Customer ID: 203-589-2400. sales no. : 2218150

  19. Good morning, I m from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan . My son and I went in to one of the Saskatoon outlets . I found what I was looking for a bunk bed . What got me was the heavy price and the condition of the bunk bed . So I also look around and found meny item damage , I’m sorry to say I won’t be buying anything from your outlet in Saskatoon the outlet is on 22st

  20. I have received terrible customer service from Ashley furniture in Fountain Valley. The order was put in incorrect and delivered incorrect. Mistakes happen. However when I initially went in looking for a specific furniture peice the sales rep and manager took us all over the store, even showed me what he thought was the furniture only to find out it was mislabeled! When I have asked to speak to Jose’s manager I was given a name. When I called in to speak with that manager, I was told she no longer works there and I called 5 minutes later. Ashley Furniture automated phone states “Ashley Furniture they design their own furniture, stock in their own distrubtion center, and ship it with their own delivery fleet”. If this is the case why is delivery such a hassle, headache, and completely unprofessional…and takes sooooo long. The delivery guys and dispatch said they could not get the correct furniture to me same day or next day due to they have nothing to do with Ashley furnitures mistake” Dispach and Ashley furniture should be able to correct errors in a more timely manner especially when the mistake was made by Ashley. My son had to miss out on his soccer game and birthday party due to Ashleys mistake and unable to correct their mistakes in a timely manner. I had to wait for two weeks for intial delivery. I ended up buying a mattress from sit and sleep instead because they delivered 1 1/2 day!!! Ashleys automated phone message also states furniture shopping should be fun, exciting, and easy. It has been everything but that!!!!!! Terrible customer service and professionalism by Jake Smith, and Jose, and apparently Dana who no longer works there and the sales rep Justin who messed up the entire order and took me all over the store with mislabeled mattresses, with my disabled mother. I still have not received a call back or the gift card!

    I have asked repeatedly for whomever is in charge of this store or a corporate manage to contact me repeatedly since delivery fir weeks now. Still have not received a phone call and also have not received a gift card corporate office advised they would send. Every time i call I’m on hold for 30 mins +. This furniture shopping and experience has been nothing but terrible from the beginning. Ashley Furniture get it together

  21. I was told by a previous employees. That works at another furniture shop. Do not purchased anything from Ashley furniture. I did not take their advice. I thought maybe they were scorn. People should be reading the complaint doing their homework and i’m listening to previous employees. On the website there is not one good referral. I believe everyone should contact a lawyer. Every number I tried to call from the website to the stores to the service department. Even The delivery people are not honest. They will promise you the world and give you the run around shaft. Please …. please spread the word by mouth . Best advertising ever . Never …. Never … Never again buy from Ashley.

  22. Complaint, I have been calling customer service about my sofa sinking in when you sit on it since July this year and I haven’t heard from anyone and when I called they tell me someone will call me, I have done everything they told me to do and send pictures someone needs to get in touch with me.

  23. My name is Jessica Gruber and seeing from your 1/2 star rating I’m sure I’m not the first to complain. I ordered a table and received it early December 2017. In August I notice different peeling marks. I called your mentor store and the protection plan September 6th. Today is December 6th, marks 3 MONTHS WITH NO TABLE. No call from you and I’m pissed. I had a ugly table for thanksgiving and now it’s almost Christmas and I DEMAND A NEW TABLE. I’ve paid it off and did my part I want it now!! The protection company has been prompt on returning my calls and kind. You, on the other hand have been the exact opposite. I don’t need the pandering and constant patronizing from a girl who’s 18 years old. I need professional and a table that I paid for. Please make this happen or I will file a Complaint with the BBB as well as 32 others I’ve found with complaints on you. Good day

    Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  24. “Ashley funiture” is the reason the government is
    involved in “YOUR” business. It was my bad doing business with them. Before entering a store google it and look at their rating. Ashley is a California based company. Need I say any more.

  25. I have a huge complaint..i purchased 2 over sized leather power recliners. After waiting for 3 weeks they were delivered to my residence on saturday dec 15 2018 by a subcontractor for ashleys. They removed the first base by my front out of the box and stood it on end and rotated it on my pavers which ripped the leather. They brought it into the room and went out to get the back. I went in and examined it and saw the torn leather and when they came in with the back i told them to put it back on the truck.The response was no ashleys would send a repair guy to examine it. Well they did the same with the 2nd recliner !..they refused to put them back on the truck. They took pictures and called dispatch. After talking to dispatch they gave me their phone and said dispatch wanted to talk to me..dispatch informed me that someone would call in 30 to 45 minutes. Well no call and a text later that night saying a call would be made in 24 hrs..Well no phone call again !..I called my salesman and he gave me the number to call to dispatch. I talked to a nice lady who said from the pictures it could not be repaired. I called again today and was told a repair tech would come on the 20th of december to look and it would take. 5-7 buisness days for the paper work to go thru..I then asked if they had replacements available and was told no…So i then talked to the office manager in lakeland fla and was told they need to let the repair guy look and i should of refused the furniture..well i did but the Subcontractor delivery guy said No ! here we are in the holiday season with company due in and no resolve..Very disappointed in the poor customer service. We bought a double living room set 3 yrs ago and were happy..not this time..I wont recommend or buy from ashleys again.

    1. After reading all these complaints I see I’m not alone with my feelings regarding Ashley furniture store. I purchased 4 complete bedroom sets and have been given the run around for my delivery date. Also I purchased a mattress and was told after purchase and time fir delivery it was out of stock. The sale person was horrible with my order completely messing it up. I have been in contact with the general manager also at this point I feel very disappointed with the Ashley store inPineville N C

  26. Ashley furniture must have confused my furniture with the garbage. When the furniture was delivered it was trashed and broken. No signing was done and the furniture wasn’t accepted. After waiting a month for this to be delivered I would think it would be in good shape. I recommend other stores for furniture not Ashley’s.

  27. I have purchased a “Wilcot 3 piece RAF Sofa Sectional”. It is listed as 4 piece but I requested only 3 piece without the corner chaise.

    It was supposed to be delivered Dec 20th, it got very conveniently rescheduled because 2 pieces hasn’t arrive.

    Sure I agreed calmly to Jan 6 or 7th because that sometimes may happen. I got second call that items hasn’t arrived yet and I have been assured I will only get another schedule once all pieces arrive. I agreed with slight disappointment but I let it go.

    I got another call that all pieces arrived and scheduled my delivery for January 13th. I was finally happy as they assured they will only call me when all pieces arrive. So there was hope that this time it is final.

    I got another call from guest care today that one piece did not arrive and again rescheduled and third time.

    This is when I lost my patience and lost it on the poor guy who has no control over this. I lost my temper to the point that tears rolled out of my anger and frustration.

    I informed the guy that I was assured it won’t be scheduled unless all pieces arrive and it did. Like what’s going on?
    Are my pieces being shipped off to more preferred customers and I am being side kicked because I was being tolerant?

    The guy assured he will personally handle my case and will only call me when all pieces arrive.

    Surely I got a call that it will get delivered on Jan 17th and I asked “Has all pieces arrive?”. He confirmed yes with a very stern voice and I know it is the same guy on whom I lost my temper.

    Oh but I got another call today Dec 16th that corner piece has not arrived so will need to be rescheduled 5th time! So basically either it is a lie that all pieces has arrived or there is a gap in shipment being updated in your system.

    This is my first and last purchase from Ashley. I have never ever faced this with any other competitors. It was my mistake that I chose to give Ashley business the first time.

    I don’t really complain but believe me this is my first email of my lifetime that I took this initiative to reach out and vent it out.

    Ashley is about customer satisfaction but I have 0 satisfaction. There is no compensation for this inconvenience that has been caused me mentally and stressing me out.

    Even if they call me again to reschedule, I will not trust them because they bluntly lie or don’t know.

    Ashley Furniture has not lived to its customer satisfaction and definitely not trustworthy.

    For the $$$ I paid, I am just a very very dissatisfied customer.

    I want this to be escalated to the top level.

    Shahela Faroque.

  28. I use to to love ordering from Ashley furniture but now they are so unprofessional, the nasty lady who answers the the 901-501-8870 needs to be let go. If someone asks to speak to a manager obviously there’s something wrong. She got mad and hung up, she was that upset that I wanted to speak to someone over her. She doesn’t even answer the phone announcing the business. Like hello thank you for choosing Ashley furniture how can I help you today, she sounds as if she doesn’t even wanna be at work and for the record I’m what helps you keep a job I’m a paying customer shameful.

  29. Can’t believe the CEO of this company can show his face to anyone who has dealt with this company.You should hang your head in SHAME + BE EMBARRASSED to be in charge of a worthless pitiful excuse of a company like Ashley Furniture. A CEO worth over a billion letting hard working people be treated with such ( Could Care Less For You) attitude.That is beyond my comprehension how you + your company can still be in business with all these absolutely horrible reviews— Not One Satisfied Customer. Calling the news channels— they’d love this!!! FIVE ON YOUR SIDE is one. ch#2 +ch#4 too. Can’t get anywhere with CEO or BBB but bad reputation which you already have.

  30. This has been the worse experience ever. I spent over $16,000 on furniture and trying to get it delivered is a joke. They first cane with a large truck and didn’t want to go down the driveway. I was in an empty house with a child and no furniture and they wanted to wait a week before delivering it with a smaller truck. I had to complain and the manager, Tom, was able to get it delivered the next day. Only some side is it was around 830 at night. Then, the second delivery was supposed to come the 28th of March between 3 and 6. I adjusted my work schedule just to get a call that morning saying they were coming between 10-2. I told them I was at work and that wasn’t ok. The girl was totally rude and didn’t care at all. Then I called the manager who said he was handle it. It didn’t get handled. The truck, a large truck, showed up anyways. Well, I asked them to make sure to note a small truck was needed. That didn’t happen! No delivery. I three was told they would try and come next day…. that didn’t happen. Then the manager assured me they would come out Wednesday, April 3rd. Guess what? That didn’t happen. Instead, they scheduled the delivery on yet another work day. Unacceptable!! Now my furniture isn’t coming until the 9th. This is ridiculous. I have half a bed, half a couch and half a fireplace! I don’t want any of this anymore! I was told they won’t take the furniture back. So I’m stuck? The managers just want the sale. They could care less about customer service. They lie and promise things that don’t happen, and say they will call you back and ignore you. I will never ever buy furniture from Ashley Furniture again…. not will I refer them. This has been a horrible experience in which I spent a lot of money and am sitting in a house 1/2 furnished!!!!

  31. To whom it may concern my name is jason Gordon I bought furniture from Ashley homestore March29 and it was supposed to be delivered on April1st which it did and pout together and they didn’t do that because of the commutation was messed up and the stuff was broken and I never got contaced that my bed frame was broken and my bed is still not put together this has been going on way too long and I’m ready to return this stuff and get my money back this was the worst experience in my life I should be composaied i n some type of way there is no way my wife should be sleeping on the floor this is crazy 412-6281337 is my number where someone can reach me

  32. We purchased a loft bed from the Capital Blvd. store in the beginning of March. I explained then to the salesman I had done business with Rooms 2 Go for years but because of a recent delivery that went very bad I would not buy from them anymore. I was told not to worry that Ashley Furniture had hired a new logistics company with professional installers and would not have any issues. The furniture was delivered on March 21st. My wife and mom were home for this delivery as I could not be because of work. During the delivery my Mom questioned the installers about several loose bolts and handles being put on the chest of drawers. For the chest of drawers she was told that was not their job and responsibility of the homeowner. On the bolts she was told they could not tighten them as the bed was assembled. When I got home and inspected the furniture there were several nicks in the wood and almost half of the hardware was missing and not installed. I first called the store and was told to call customer service and after speaking to 3 different employees there spoke to a manager that provided me the number. When I called the number it was non-existent. I called once more and there were no records of any previous conversations or calls as I had explained to them about the unacceptable delivery. So, I then went by the store and the manager had given me a bad number but explained I must deal with customer service even though the sale came from this store. The next day I spent hours on the phone with several employees and was told to send photos immediately so we could get this resolved. I sent photos to 2 different customer service reps and never got any response. I called again to follow up and no one there knew the other reps I spoke to and was asked to send to a different email address. I forwarded the many detailed photos to that address. At this point I asked just to have the furniture picked up and I no longer wanted it from them. After the rep looked at the photos she stated she could clearly see where hardware was missing and the various damages. She offered to send me new pieces and in return compensate me for all the troubles. She also stated they would not discuss compensation until they had made a good delivery. I was most upset for the fact that where most of the bolts were missing were the boards that actually hold up the mattress. I explained my 5 yo daughter or one of her friends could have been injured if this fell. I agreed to receive a 2nd shipment with the understanding of compensation. Today April 9th I received the replacements. The delivery went pretty good but the installers struggled a bit to put this together. I did observe them the entire time to make sure it was right. I was satisfied with the end result. Later this afternoon I called customer service to discuss my compensation. Then I was explained that their compensation is in the form of a gift card to purchase more furniture at the store. I explained this was not acceptable and was looking for something that assisted towards this purchase. I was told after speaking with a manager they would take $50 off this purchase. This was a huge slap in the face and I told them to keep their card and the $50. I will not ever be doing business with Ashley Furniture ever again. I explained if I had known compensation was a gift card to buy more furniture I would have just had the original shipment returned and been done. This is very poor service and feel I was mislead throughout this entire process.

  33. Ashley Furniture has the worst Customer Service and even worse follow up and courtesy. They do not back their products and try to string you along until you quit, multiple contacts, multiple appoints, 30 minute waiting times for customer service, Rude and unprofessional, never again. Don’t buy

  34. Order couch, 4 piece sectional, on March 1st. Every time they would send me a delivery date two days before they would cancel due to back order. I was suppose to receive two pieces today, but one piece was damaged. This is unacceptable. I am livid. My daughter goes to prom on the 4th of May and graduation on the 31st. I have relatives and friends coming in from out of town. This is not right! The service has been terrible, they are not given me no other options but excuses. I received the payment for the delivery the third time there was a cancelation. This is April 11, 2019. I have one piece out of 4 this is ridiculous!

  35. Dear Todd Wanek,
    I have been lied to hung up on and told multiple stories.from the store of my purchase to this corporate office. How anyone of you can live with your deceitful selves is beyond me. I want my money back ,I did not buy what this store is ripping me off for. I have proof and multiple pictures along with your so called warrantie lies. I am going to take you to court if I do not hear from you tomorrow. I want my return made,

  36. My name is Teresa A Lockhart. I purchased a 3 piece living room from your Charlotte NC location on Mc plough drive.. I made the purchase on 4/6/19 and was told that I would get delivery on 4/12/19. Well 2 days before delivery I was informed that delivery would be 4/20/19. Two days before 4/20/19 on 4/18/19, I was advised that delivery would not be until 4/25/19. So, I have been lied to 3 times so far. I work and was having a family member can into town just for the delivery because I would be at work BUT, now, after 3 calls to your customer service, I was told that II will receive 2 pieces on Monday, 4/22/19 . So, iI get the pleasure of spending my day off waiting for some hope that 2 peices of my furniture maybe delivered. Since, I work and dont get home until 7pm. Your customer service is stating that they will request that I be the last drop off on 4/25 in order to get the last piece of furniture that I HAVE ALREADY COMPLETELY PAID FOR. So, it is going to take 5 attempts to get my furniture to my home. This is shameful. And I cant even cancel the order without a 10% restock fee. I will NEVER purchase anything else from your company. This was my 3rd and last purchase. Also cancel my ashley credit card.
    Since, it is going to take at 5 attempts or more for delivery, I am requesting a Full refund of the delivery charge due to the lies and waste of precious time. I dont want to hear excuses because I didn’t make any when I paid you in full.
    If you have any questions, you may contact me at:

    Teresa Lockhart

    1. Hi Teresa, My name is Megan and I too ordered from this Charlotte location and have experienced similar issues to you. Delivery communications have been horrible! I was scheduled to take delivery on July 20th. They did not show up during my time window and I sat around for 7+ hours waiting. They never called to give me my 30 min heads up, they just showed up. To make matters worse, they only delivered 2 of the 3 pieces. I have been going round and round with Customer Service ever since trying to figure out how I am going to get my last piece of furniture that I also paid in full for. They told me it was damaged and someone should have called me on the 20th, which they didn’t. They also told me that it would be delivered on August 2nd and I requested to be their first available delivery as I too also work and have nobody at home to take the delivery. I received a call on MONDAY, July 29th saying they were 10 minutes away from my house!! Nobody called to say delivery date had been moved. When I called Customer Service AGAIN, they said it was noted that I wanted delivery ASAP. I said while that was true, don’t they think a good best practice would be to inform the customer more then 10 minutes in advance they were moving your delivery date up 4 days??! Now I am once again in limbo. I hope that your situation got resolved. I will never purchase from Ashley again.

  37. Hi, I am writing you due to the terrible business I have encountered with your company. My wife and I originally made purchases with your company on February 4th. We have bought over ten different items from you all. We have had a problem with every single item that we purchased. Due to these problems, we had to live in an empty condo for several months. I have never reached out to a company’s corporate office before, but this has honestly been the worse experience I’ve ever had with any company. We have spent $1,547.80 in cash, and 1901.99 in store financing. To have spent so much money with a company, as the customer we feel like we have been mistreated by your company. A huge part of me wishes we never gave this company any of our money. Below I will list details of every problem that we have encountered with your company.

    – We ordered a queen sleeper on 2/4/19. We were told we would receive it 3/31/19. The Delivery was pushed back to 4/4/19. When the delivery came, the drivers looked at the hallway, and decided that the furniture wouldn’t fit and they wouldn’t even attempt to see if it would fit which I believe it would have. They took the furniture back with them and we were forced to pick a new furniture set.

    -We ordered a dining room set on 2/7/19. The delivery date we was given was 4/6/19. The deliver was then pushed back to 4/18/19. We got close to that date and it was pushed back again to 4/25/19.

    – We ordered a cocktail table on 2/4/19. The date of delivery that we were given was 3/31/19. The delivery date was then pushed back 4/11/19. Once that date got closer the date was pushed back again to 4/18/19. The delivery was finally made, but once the drivers were attempting to put the table together they said it was a defect in the making of the table so they could not put it together. They took the table back and we are now still waiting to receive another.

    – We ordered a sofa table on 2/4/19. The delivery date we was given was 3/9/19. The date was eventually pushed back to 3/26/19. The delivery was made, but the sofa table was damaged and we had to wait until 4/15/19 to receive another.

    -We ordered end tables on 2/4/19. They delivery date for them has been pushed back three times, and the latest date that we just were told is 5/4/19.

    – Once we were forced to pick a new living room furniture set, we were told that it would be delivered Tuesday of date that I cant remember ( I can find it if needed) .The Sunday before that Tuesday, we received a call saying that our furniture would be here in 15 minutes. Due to the furniture coming days early, we had not planned for anyone to be home. I was headed to work, but called off for the day so that I could stay home for the delivery of the furniture. The drivers get here, bring the furniture in our unit, and it was the complete wrong furniture and had someone else’s name on it.

  38. I bought 8 dining chairs from the Snelville Ashley Home Furniture store. All 8 chairs have not been sanded down properly so they are full of splinters that keep hurting us. They sent a tech to look and he reported back to them that he “offered to sand it but the customer declined”. In reality the tech said there were too many areas that needed sanding and he wouldn’t be able to do it. He had lied in his report but Ashley Home are standing by that and refuse to do anything further. Was he actually trying to sand and re paint 8 dining chairs in the customer’s home? Terrible customer service if you have any problem with the furniture you buy so be aware. Needless to say this is the last time I will purchase from them.

  39. I had such a bad experience, I was treated great as for the sale, but then I received a used sofa not just once but twice, I really think this was bad business.

  40. I placed a order scheduled a delivery for June 12th was told the truck broke down so they were behind a few hours I spoke to a dispatcher and six different representatives everyone said it would get delivered for sure I took off of work and waited 12 hrs for nothing, everyone expecting a delivery on that route received there delivery except me I spent over 13k for my furniture to furnish my new home and now I’m getting the run around and they have the audacity to tell me I have to wait a week as if it was my fault and here’s the kicker the said they can refund half the delivery fee like that’s comparable
    To not receiving my furniture unbelievable the worst experience ever horrible customer service

  41. Absolutely the worst company ever. I have contacted an attorney to file a class action lawsuit against Ashley funiture. They need to be exposed for there garbage funiture. Horrible custom service . There warranty of funiture is also a scam. I really can’t say enough about this disgusting company.

  42. I put in order for almost $7,000 on July 19th. I just bought a home in a new city and I expressed the need for items asap. The manager, Brandon put in my delivery for August 8th and stated he would notate my account for sooner delivery and would give me a call. I’ve tried calling him twice, but he has no voicemail so I’ve left messages with other staff for him to return my call which he hasn’t. My husband recieved a call that pieces of my order are on back order and set up two additional delivery dates for August 20th and September 3rd. I am almost 9 months pregnant on bed rest with no furniture in my home! My due date is September 5th and the last thing I should be worrying about is this enormous inconvenience! The sale to get my money of course went great, but everything there after has been a nightmare. I will never shop from Ashley’s Furniture again and do not recommend anyone to either!

  43. Ordered the Raelyn Vanity and Mirror with stool from Antwan Blackwell June 9, 2019 over the phone from their Prineville, NC location. Mr. Blackwell informed me he would follow up with a delivery date for the item.
    Weeks pass, no phone call or email about a delivery date. I then called their Pinevile location the second week of July 2019 for more information on my order. They informed me that I could pick it up July 19. I asked if I could get it delivered, I was then informed that if i choose to have it delivered it wouldn’t be available until August 2nd. I decided against that and said we would go ahead and pick it up July 19th. I was then informed that July 19th was no longer available ( so in that 2 min window my pick up date vanished???) and I could now pick it up July 30th.

    I called July 29th asking for hours when I could pick up this item, the lady informed me that July 30th was not a pick up day. We had arranged our schedules to pick up the item July 30th. So, inconvenienced twice at this point. She informed us we could pick it up Friday-Monday 9am-5:30pm. My brother and I had arranged our schedules to fit August 4th at 9am. We show up to the location at 9am, no one is there. Inconvenienced THREE times at this point.

    I follow up at the Prineville,NC location where I am not only hung up on once, but three times by the following people : Anna Herbert, Brian Clark, and Kevin Kuhlman. None of these people were helpful.

    We need this delivered THIS MONTH. FREE OF CHARGE.

    Your customer service has been a complete nightmare. Which is terribly shocking, because we bought most of the furniture in the house from Ashley Furniture and had nothing but rave reviews. All we want is this vanity, delivered free of charge since we were incredibly disrespected by your employees and inconvenienced several times.

  44. At this point I am frustrated and beyond disgusted with my experience with Ashley Homestore at 2034 Green Acres Mall Valley Stream, NY 11581. Multiple deliveries requires multiple time off from work and multiple hours spent to try and resolve issues via phone calls and it’s still not resolved. I work full time and after a long day of patient care I do not have the time to physically walked into Ashley HomeStore to follow up due to lack of trust of sales representatives. Further, I do not understand why deliveries of mattress and box springs arrive first and thereafter the headboard and frames arrive on multiple deliveries approximately one month apart. I do not appreciated the false information provided by sales representatives on behalf of Ashley Homestore 2034 Green Acres Mall Valley Stream, NY 11581.There is a lack of knowledge regards to descriptions of the furniture. I was not aware I needed to prepare myself with the knowledge of the type of box springs that was appropriate for a bed frame that was not physically in the showroom. I was under the impression that if a trusted adviser of Ashley HomeStore is suggesting information per their review and they are employed by Ashley HomeStore, they are knowledgeable about the furniture sold to customers. I do not appreciate false information regards to delivery dates and false reassurance for resolution of my concerns.
    I have a damaged headboard and box springs that’s inappropriate for the bed frame. At this point customer care and home store representatives are just ignoring my concerns.

  45. I purchase a leather couch and love seat from Ashley furniture in Tigard. The company delivered the furniture and notice that the motor in the couch wasn’t working. The delivery guy notified the company. I wasn’t home so my son signed for the furniture.
    I spoke with customer service and they WON’T refund or exchange the furniture. My son sign for it so were stuck with it.
    I spoke with the Tigard manager Kristina who also inform me this is Ashley policy. They don’t refund your money or replace the item only send a tech out to fix it. The tech is scheduled a week out. So i bought 3000.00 of furniture that was delivered broken.

  46. Paid hundreds of dollars for the “white glove delivery” that is supposed to come with “careful inspection” it was delivered when I was out and my wife signed for it. When I see the bed frame it has a massive crack (separation through the head board frame) glue and paint stains on the railing and crack as if someone tried to fix it. Not even an hour after the delivery I called and asked Ashley (called the customer service number) to come back and replace it or at least pick it up. They refused and said I had to submit a claim with pictures and wait for an agent to get back to me. Waited two days and they finally called and would only replace the damaged part, and normally that would be fine, except in this case someone has clearly tampered with this product and tried to hide the damage and I wanted to exchange the whole thing. The sales representative said they could not do that and if I wanted to return it would a 25% charge. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was told I would be given a call back by a supervisor shortly. Was never called back, so I called back next day following-up and was told they would NOT replace the whole product only the damaged parts, as that is the policy from the manufacture. Ashley furniture brands itself as being the manufacture, they make all their own product! I spent hundreds of dollars on a product I am not happy with, that I want replaced and I am being forced to keep. How is a business that advertise a great return policy and customer service not able to simply allow customers to return defective products (1 hour after receiving it). Be warned Ashley Furniture misleads its customers!

  47. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  48. We purchased a accent chair in Davenport Fl and someone sat in the chair and the leg fell off. My husband checked out the chair and the leg was never screwed into the chair at all. This put us in a dangerous spot as we could get sued. I’m asking for some compensation due to this huge Mistake and liability.
    My chair should be checked this week if I can get service rep out.
    Not real happy about the chair someone could have gotten hurt very bad.
    Jan Randall

  49. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  50. Hi my name is keith hughes. Is it possible for the ( credit card) department to retrieve a (credit card ) purchase date between (10/15) and (11/15).

  51. My wife and I recently ordered a couch from the Jackson, TN location. We ordered it the week of October 7th. We were told first it would take 10-14 days to come in. We were then contacted and told it would be delivered Nov. 16th. We waited and it never came. We called and were told that the system was showing it was not to be released for delivery until Nov. 20th. We got another call and finally it was delivered Nov. 21st. It was not wrapped in plastic, some of the cushions were on the truck floor, there was a staple sticking out of the back of one piece, and large sticker residue on the back as well. When we called guest services multiple times to rectify the situation they were rude, could only tell us wht their system shows, and when we asked to speak to their manager they said they do not accept incoming calls. One service rep continued to tell my wife no ma’am to every request she made to speak to somebody that was in authority. We finally have our sales rep and other working on issuing us a full refund. I am an Assistant Principal at a High School in Tennessee and am responsible for over 700 students who all have parents. If I handled any of my many situations with kids and parents the way your service representatives handled ours I would not be terminated from my position. My wife and I don’t expect perfection, but we do expect customer service that is prompt, polite, and consistent. This has been a ridiculous situation at the start of the holidays. I inform you of all of this in hopes it does not happen to another family like it has happened to mine.

  52. Absolutely the worst experience I’ve had in my life. I have had better service from Big Lots that I have had from Ashley. I would have been better off buying from them. When an organizations hows you they do not respect you or appreciate your business, believe them and go somewhere else. This was my first and last purchase from Ashley.

  53. In Sept. I acquired a 3 piece sectional which is a Ashley’s. It was missing all 5 cushions. So I contacted the closest Ashley’s Furniture store which is 30 miles from me. In Victorville, California. I discussed the cushion issue and Margie said we could get these ordered. But I needed to come in. So I went into the store. Now I could tell Margie wasn’t too sure of herself on ordering these cushions because it took me well over an hour to get them ordered and $311. So I get a part of the shipment in and it’s the wrong color. 2 weeks later another order and it’s covers. Totally wrong. I contacted Ashley’s to let them know and they decided to tell me that they didn’t take no order there because you’re not supposed to take orders in the store. But I did order in that store. So I’m wondering how I’m going to get the right cushions or even get my money back. During this time i have had a suicide in my my home. Which has kept us away from home. And lacked me staying on top of this issue. I’m back at home and ready to fix this. I really hope you can help me resolve this please. Thank you, Rhonda

  54. We bought new mattresses and headboard and footboard. We were told when the new bed was delivered they would take the old mattresses away all we had to do is have them in plastic. New bed was delivered on 11/30 but we were told they would not take the old mattresses away. After trying to call the store and being cold transferred numerous times I went down to talk to Isaac Retail Dales Manager he said he would work with the warehouse and give me a call. I came home and waited. After a few hours I called him and since they were bringing me my headboard and footboard on Monday I agreed it was ok to pick the old mattresses on Monday. Forty five minutes later a female from the store called and said they would pick up the mattresses at 7pm after their last delivery. Well we waited no one showed up or called to say they were not coming. Fast forward to today Monday. We had our delivery but was told once again they would not take the old mattresses away. I called the sore and talked to a gentleman named Gabe ( I was told he was the store manager) at 10:30am he said he would check into it and give me a call back. At 4:45pm I called the store since he never called me back. I was told he was gone for the day he had a busy day. I only want the old mattresses removed like I was promised would happen. I never thought I would have such a bad experience with your company. The Ashley store I used is in Tempe, Az phone number 480/562-5900. Thank you for any help you can give me.

  55. I purchased a whole bedroom set from Ashley. The delivery was the most disgusting experience I have ever had from a furniture company. They left without putting any handles on any of the furniture and left my mattress after knowing they were supposed to take it by saying “yep, we see you have removal, someone else will pick it up,” and just took off. Now I’m left begging for you, Ashley to do your job. I paid for this. Zero response from my salesperson Nancy. Ashley customer service continuing to tell me they are coming to get it, but still haven’t. What kind of company does that, how awful, just awful!!!

  56. I’ve visited one of your stores on 12-24-19 in Salt Lake City Utah and made a purchase of 2 recliners. I was told and have the receipt which states delivery on 12-26-19. I was informed that I’ll be called about possible time if delivery.
    12-26-19 at about 10:13 a.m. I was concerned that I haven’t been notified, so I called the store. I was told by a woman I think her name was Kim (?) that they don’t have me for a delivery today. I told her that was was told and I have the invoice which states 12-26-19 delivery. She then stated that it was put in after the cutoff time and she can schedule me for a Saturday delivery. She was very nonchalant about my concerns. I told her that I wanted a refund but was told that I had to go to the store, which I did. Ive noticed that an hour after my initial call I recieved a text to schedule a delivery date. I went to your store and was told that my refund will take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. Your company was quick to charge my credit card account but not quick to return my money.
    This left me with a bad taste in my mouth and to add to the injury I was sent a text to schedule a delivery date after I visited your store.
    You just lost a customer and I’ll follow up with a complaint with the BBB and anyone who’ll listen.
    The lack of good customer service shows that it appears that we don’t matter.

  57. Due the the virus you are Charing me 30% restocking fee since I’m not allowed to have my furniture delivered in my home like I was told at the time of sale! I would like all my money back. This is an act of God and put of my hands but I are keeping my money!

  58. I’m writing this letter as a formal complaint. I’m emailing due to never being able to get through on line for customer service or head office I will NEVER order from Ashleys again. I brought chairs and they were not as the picture one was ripped and I decided I didn’t want them could not take it to the store because it was an online order. What frustrated me the most is that it take 96 hours for a call back then to get a call and have to pay 85.00 for shipping. I talk to Chelsea Lopez she told me its no way for her o refund me back my shipping fee for the ripped chair but when my items are shipped back to the warehouse and I send her my tracking she will refund my card only I have not received anything,. So at this point I have speak all this money and no refund this is beyond a mess and I will never order again from Ashleys.. The worst service I have ever had. All I want is my money refunded please its been over 2 weeks. I work for a bank it does not take this long

  59. I have contacted everyone I know about your third party delivery driver destroying my mailbox by backing up in my driveway to deliver furniture that wasn’t mine. I would think you all are a reputable company and would resolve this situation ASAP. Your driver did a hit and run on my property and never stopped. I have spoken to many people from Ashley with no results. I’ve even driven to your Stone Crest store and your distribution center in East Point. This has been a big inconvenience for me. I’ve contacted the Police department and spoke with officer Walker. I can be reached at 404-573-1651.

  60. I have had an experience of a lifetime with this furniture company. They hire 3rd party drivers to make deliveries and they are allowed to run over your mailboxes and leave without saying anything. I have spoken with so many people, but nothing has been done. Each one of them just pass the buck. This suppose to be a reputable company, however, they treat people like nobody’s. I was home minding my own business and their driver came on my property and backed into my mailbox. I couldn’t get my mail on Saturday the following day because there was no mailbox so I had to wait all day for the mail-lady in order to get my mail. This company is a joke. If I were anyone, I would find another place to purchase my furniture because they don’t give a dam about you and God forbid you to have problems with them. You want be able to contact anyone, they play games. Also, I have driven different places trying to find that driver with no luck.

  61. Hello. I have been trying for days to get a hold of someone over telephone and online with no luck. I did get through yesterday with someone and they disconnected me which i felt infuriated because it takes forever to get through to anyone. I ordered a coffee table and the UPS driver dropped it and stated it was extremely heavy. When we finally opened the box the table was cracked really bad. I am trying to return it and I can’t get anyone to help me to save my life. I thought that by ordering online it would be better but it has been a nightmare. The fact that someone disconnected our conversation shows they didn’t care enough about the situation. Can someone please contact me as soon as possible so I can’t get this table returned.

  62. I purchased a sofa and loveseat in May online from your store. I was sent an email that both were being delivered on June 6. I had my existing couch removed. As the day went on, no one came. I called and was redirected several times until I talked to customer support and the company that was supposed to be doing the delivery. I was told that I was NOT scheduled for delivery and that the items were not even there at their place to be delivered. Now my delivery date is supposedly June 20. In the meantime I have no where to sit but on the floor or one chair of my daughters. Why would your company send me an email telling me the delivery date and then not show? Your prices are good, but this is no way to treat customers and I will not shop here again. I request that someone contact me and make an attempt to rectify this situation, This is completely unacceptable. I also have a screen shot that I can email to you showing the delivery date to be the 6th.

  63. Thomas D Nowland
    Reynolds rd. lot 380
    Lakeland Fl
    Dear: to who it many concern
    this letter to complain letter from service on 6/15/2020 I to make an order this day. I spin the wheel said I got extra 10% off but trying to order it I did not. I was looking at 12 Inch Hybrid California King Mattress in a Box Item: M69751 Color: White Bed Size: California King Qty: 1 Original Price $649.00
    Sale Price $360.99 Est. Taxes $26.17 Est. Total $387.16 but with extra 10% off the price is 324.90 with 7% tax 22.74 so price should been $347.64 but it not . I call store been on hold from 5.10 pm gave up at 7;10 pm to talk to the store. I am not happy bad service. I wish to file a E.O. claim for the 10% I win with your spin wheel and for bad service please contact me for I can do so thank you for your time.
    From US Highway 98 N, Lakeland Sales 863-816-1330
    Thomas d nowland
    p.s. Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O), a form of professional liability insurance, is designed to protect employees and employers against clients’ claims of negligence or inadequate work.

    E&O policies usually cover legal costs associated with the claim and most or all the ensuing settlement, though a policy may not cover the entire settlement if the amount exceeds the limit specified in the insurance contract. In many industries, lawsuits happen whether the associated claims are legitimate or not. Court costs are normally high even if the claim is baseless and ends in the defendant’s favor.

  64. I purchased a canopy bed from Ashley, it was delivered last Tuesday without hardware. Bed was left all over floor. I went a purchased some parts, the warehouse supplied some, one week later they came out and still not able to assemble. I’m at a loss. We’ve been sleeping on a mattress purchased from Ashley that’s on the floor. The bed is purchased Im paying for it and its on my floor in pieces. Hardware is scheduled to come in, in two to four weeks. This bed is available online, can it be expedited to OKC? Can I get a full refund?

  65. Worst customer service in the world.. can’t get anyone one the phone can’t get anyone’s attention in the store. A complete use of space and should lend out customer service to some one that gives a damn. I am so angry. No one helps

  66. Ashley Furniture is a fraud. I have purchased and paid for my furniture and nothing has been delivered. This is stealing. No one answers phones nor emails. Web sites are not correct. There is no delivery to my area code which has the Joliet store. I intend to call the lawyer today due to your misconduct, false advertising, lack of customer service and stealing.

  67. No one in the entire company answers phones, emails. Web sites are not working condition. False advertising. No way to find out if the furniture is coming. Even corporate phones and emails are not correct nor does anyone answer. There are message operators on the phone and these are the only voices heard for this company. I will be writing all of the reviews to BBB and my lawyers due to their stealing.

  68. I made a purchase from Ashley on 5/10 during the pandemic. It was supposed to be delivered on 6/25. Well, I took off work and no delivery came on 6/2, never received a phone call from them nothing. once I contacted them they were rude and unprofessional. I decided to give Ashley another change to delivery my furniture for a second try. That day is 7/14, I now received a text stating is now being cancelled until after 8/23. Now they want to throw at my face that is due to the pandemic, why open the stores if there was a pandemic? They have my money a good $3,000 and I have no furniture. Worst service ever!!!! Please don’t buy from Ashley save yourself a headache.

  69. I bought a motorized chair in January 2019. I also bought a warranty. Trying to get through the the store to see if the motor came in is harder than it should be. I called 3 times. First time was on hold 43 min. I hung up. The second time, was on hold 20 minutes and got hung up on. Never got to speak to anyone. I am currently waiting again and it has been 20 minutes! And no answer. Do I really need to go to the store to find out if a part has come in? I will not be shopping here anytime soon.

  70. I am writing to you out of desperation, since I cannot stay on the phone forever or wait weeks for someone to contact me. I have made numerous calls to you and have waited more than 2 weeks for a return call which has not happened. I purchased 4 pieces of furniture, 2 of which do not match. I need Larry Lamb to call me to straighten this out. Your call center is ridiculous!

  71. Ok sorry ldont speak enghlis yo desde febrero 2020 compre muebles en Ashley y Asta ahora 8 6 20 no me an respondido sobre mis quejas de Los muebles que compre solo Mandan tecnicos Pero salen. Mas defectos en mis muebles les pido que Porfavor me den una respuesta. Y me llamen al 9097497xxx estoy muy enojada . mas aparte El manager de la tienda no da una solution a nosotros Como clientes. Gracias

  72. Dear Mr. Wanek,

    I am writing to make you aware of my recent experience, and also to inform Ashley that I am disputing your charge with my credit card company.

    I purchased a cave warrior recliner sofa on the evening of August 13th, and my total purchase was $2348.62. At the time of my purchase I was told I needed a 4-inch clearance in order to clear the wall behind the sofa. The sofa was delivered on Sunday, 8/16, late afternoon. The delivery people unloaded and completed set up very quickly and did not go through any usage with me, nor did they test the furniture to ensure placement properly cleared the wall. Upon trying the sofa later that evening I became aware that 4 inches was not sufficient, and moved the sofa away from the wall to ensure it was not touching. I also noticed they had left the electrical cord under the frame which was crushing the cord, and did not even plug it into the wall. I have a very small and narrow apartment and after making the necessary placement changes and looking at the sofa in my space, I became extremely displeased and distressed with the purchase and noticeable gap from the wall.

    The following morning ( 11:30 AM), less than 24 hours from delivery, I visited the Pinellas Park store where I made the purchase. I explained my situation to store manager (Gilbert) and told him I wanted to return the sofa and would pay for the necessary fees (additional pickup fee). I also told him I would accept credit so I could find a suitable piece of furniture. I was told there was “fine print” that I could not make any returns and the store was completely unwilling to work me. I was also told that had I made the purchase online, I would have received a 30 day return window for the purchase. I further found online that Ashley states they allow 48 hours to make adjustments if the customer is not satisfied. Finally, the store manager told me the delivery people should have gone over everything with me, and that was my opportunity to not accept the furniture. Gilbert said he would check with management to see if there was anything they could do, and later in the day informed me I had no options and was stuck with the purchase.

    I read my receipt information and there is nowhere on the paperwork that states final sale. It also states the delivery people are only required to drop the furniture off; this is a direct conflict of what Gilbert told me. Ashley had no downside to helping me out with this request. They would not lose any money over this return as I specifically recognized I would accept the additional delivery/pickup for the item and take a store credit for a repurchase of an appropriate piece of furniture. The store has officially informed me they are not willing to help. I have a sofa in my apartment that looks ridiculous and I will not be able to use this piece of furniture.

    Ashley could have resolved this situation very easily, again with no loss on their part, and would have had a happy customer. Instead, they refused to help in any way. At no point during the sale was it mentioned that this sale was final and there would be no options if I was not happy. This is so unreasonable and unacceptable and your company should be embarrassed to conduct business in this fashion.

    I need to hear back from a corporate representative at Ashley and hope that someone there has a desire to make customer service a priority to your business.

    Philip Aruffo


    1560 Central Avenue

    Apt. 139

    St. Petersburg, FL 33705

  73. What if we all file a claim against Ashley Furniture together. Whether any of us get anywhere with the claim it could get them some really bad publicity. I am willing to put a group of us together and look into the next steps. I am no Erin Brocavich but this is terrible. Ashley Furniture just keeps selling furniture and provides absolutely no resolution to mistakes made by the company. I had one person in Customer Service tell me when the problem I am having with them is resolved Ashley Furniture will apologize very generously with special offers on future purchases. OMG I almost started to cry at the thought of ever having to speak to anyone who works for that company again. So if you’re interested I guess just reply to comment. I’m Meri and as I type this I am remembering a man on some news show used to have a thing where he tells someone’s bad experience with a company. I am also going to look into that. If I remember what that is called I will add it to this. I just think the time has come. By the way I bought a dresser in March , it was delivered broken, they have acknowledged blame for delivering a broken dresser and I am still waiting for an exchange and it is the end of August.

  74. 20 weeks for delivery of a bed and mattress with no communication from the store or the salesperson is completely unacceptable. I should not have to call weekly to check on the status of my purchase. this just reinforces that this company doesn’t care, once they get your money, we paid in full when we ordered, they no longer care about you. BEWARE and don’t waste your time or your money

  75. I was delivered a defective piece of furniture and have been trying for 3 weeks to get it resolved. Ive had multiple technician appointments one on september 25 and then a reschedule on Oct. 2 that no one showed up for. Every time I call customer service it takes 45 minutes to get a person and nothing gets resolved. I’ve emailed the guest response team with no answer and have called the store where i bought it in pflugerville, Tx 3 times and no one has returned my call. My next step will be to take the defective furniture back to the store for a refund since I cannot get any customer service.

  76. Issue Re: phone charging device not working on sofa
    1-I called Ashley in September
    2- Ashley transferred me to GBS Enterprise
    3- GBS said Tri County will call me with appt date
    4.- September 10th tech from Tri County camezzz took pics.. wrote up claim.. said I should be getting replacement in mail
    5- it is now 10/13/20 and I haven’t heard ANYTHING from anyone
    6- I called Tri County they gave me to GBS
    7- GBS tells me they are waiting for confirmation from Ashley and could not give me a date when they would hear back from Ashley and can’t do anything until they get response from Ashley
    8- I called Ashley and Lauren from Ashley says nothing they can do I need to contact GBS

    So NOW.. I have come full circle! The claim # is 466183. Where is this claim sitting and WHO can or will help or find out the status and call me back? This is ridiculous!!!
    My number to contact me is 815-690-xxxx. I would like a call back regarding this issue.

  77. I purchased furniture on 12 Aug 2020 (spent approx 3g) I cannot get through to any representative! I have called twelve diff times/ so unprofessional. I have purchased furniture from Ashley many times before, if I cannot get any help I will cancel get my refund and buy elsewhere!! We have a business ourselves.. and this is NOT how you keep yourselves in business! Please respond.

  78. Where to begin? My review will sound just like the others. I will also be send a copy of this review to the CEO of Ashley, Mr. Todd Wanek in hopes that he will look into the many deficiencies within the company. Multiple (4) delivery cancelations happened to us. Ashley is great for making phone calls asking you to confirm your delivery but somehow it just doesn’t happen. Three times the delivery was canceled because we were told that there was damage noted on the piece of furniture while it was being placed in the truck. It’s great that it was noticed before arriving at our home but all I could think of was the quality of the product as well as the the how transport is managed. The fourth delivery date and TIME was set up with strict requirements for the delivery time frame. The Certificate of Insurance as well as a phone call from me clearly stated that delivery needed to be started no later than 4:00 PM to insure that it would be completed by 5:00 PM. When I called to reiterate this information we were told that the delivery was expected to be around 2:00-2:30 PM. At 4:00 PM (after waiting 15 minutes to get someone on the other end of the phone) we made a call to find out the status and told we were Stop 14 and the truck was at Stop 12. We went to the computer to see the tracking and the estimated time of delivery was 5:15-5:45 PM. At this point we told customer service to just cancel the delivery since the building would not allow it to happen and it would be a waste of their time. At no point prior to our wait was there any attempt to communicate that there were delays. With all the tracking that can be done with traffic and the logistics of trucking I find it amazing that communication is so lacking. At 5:00 PM I called my local store to cancel our order and please issue a refund. Guess what happened next?? At 7:15PM the driver of the truck called to see if we still wanted our delivery. More communication issues again. A good, hard look needs to be done by Ashley to improve their whole business approach.
    Eleanor Dunn

  79. I ordered furniture from the Ashley store on Stanley Rd in Greensboro nc inJuly. My order was to be delivered in August. I was contacted before the delivery and told all of it could be delivered except for the recliner. They said the recliner would be delivered three weeks later. I am still waiting for the recliner. I have contacted the sales person numerous times. The most recent time I was told the middle of December. I need my recliner. I feel that I am being lied too. I want my recliner. This has been paid for since July. Anything you can do to speed this up would be appreciated.

  80. I am a handicapped person on dialysis and bought a lift chair a little over a year ago. The controller went out over a month ago and I have tried numerous times to get replacement. I have gotten the run around every time I talked to store or customer service. I am 85 years old and need help. I have talked to 3 different story managers at the webster, Texas store and get different story each time. Please help.

  81. I buy sofa 7_18_20they dilver sep 30 and sofa have big spouse I call to many time do not respond my phone 559287xxxx

  82. I’m so dissatisfied with the process of receiving my furniture that I purchased in July. Today is November 2nd as of today like all the calls in the past. I’m being told a new date each month. I purchased my home in July and as of today I still do not have any furniture. This has left me in an inappropriate situation and I’m extremed frustrated. Ashley furniture has run several commercials indicating that they will waive the tax and delivery fee on orders and can’t deliver the products. I asked for a store manager to call me. As of today no one has returned my call. My purchases made in the Waldorf store in Maryland. Can somone please contact me, by email with a solution for the inconvenience this has continued to caused me and my family. It has been 4 months and counting. No furniture for the holidays etc.

  83. Hi. I purchased a tempurpedic mattress at the ashley furniture emeryville location 2 years ago and when I lift it up I notice that it has dark spots and stains underneath it looks like mold. We are suffering from allergens and my son is being treated for asthma. I spent $6000 dollars for this mattress it is a huge amount of money for it to be giving us problems like this. My son is suffering SOB whenever he has a cough. We are very concern with our health rightnow and I cant bare for any of my family to be gotten sick because of a mattress thats being moldy. I tried to call the warranty department and they would not even do anything about it. I cant believe that I just spent that much money for something like this. Please help me resolve this issue I am a single mother and I cannot afford another mattress again. I just finish paying off the credit card I used to pay for the mattress.

  84. I purchased a sectional at one of your locations in new jerse y on July 27th and I have not yet gotten my furniture and local store has no idea what’s going on I have called every week and the last response they gave me was maybe nov 10 . I’m ready to cancel order because it’s now been over 3 months soa-#50000xxxx but I really like this sectional and would like to know if it’s still available ballinasloe collection .


  86. I ordered furniture almost 6 weeks ago, i was told it would be ready in 3-5 weeks and every time i visit the store or call to find out where my furniture is and when it will be ready i get a different story. i need to know EXACTLY WHEN my furniture is coming and i want everything that is ready to be delivered ASAP or i will be canceling my order

  87. I have been waiting 2 months for a mirror, chair and ottoman. (Bedroom set and bed was delivered). They said it would take another 6 weeks to 8 weeks to get my stuff Are you going to Viet Nam to get my mirror? You have my money for all this time. I want a discount at least!

  88. I was in the Henderson, NV store as they had a 3 piece living room set on sale. When I got there they said it was discontinued. I asked them why it was advertised in the newspaper. They didn’t know. I went to the sales manager and he was most unhelpful, telling me they had 1 set in the back and I would have to pay full price. In my book that is FALSE ADVERTISING. Obviously this manager does not want customers. If I don’t hear from you I will take this further as I feel you are misleading people.

  89. I am in need of a call back. I keep getting extended dates for my online order #02123993. Twice, the day of delivery has been extended. I have even asked if I can pick it up from the warehouse and was told no. I have paid for this table and VERY UPSET that the dates keep changing and with the rude service that I have received. I can be reached at either 678-707-xxxx cell or 770-997-xxxx

  90. Dear CEO,
    I have a very big problem that I am dealing with at your San Antonio store located at 12493 IH-10 West. I bought 2 couches at this store on 1/30/2018 and one of them broke. I am attached all documents. I filed a claim with Montage in June this year and finally got an email back from them on 10/28 after they kept telling me that parts would be mailed to me and kept extending it month after month. They advised me that they are not able to get parts for my couch because it was discontinued and therefore I am able to get a replacement. Please see the letter attached. I went to Ashley on 11/1 (a Sunday) and spoke to a salesman Hector as well as a so called supervisor Jacqueline Goodpaster regarding a replacement. I picked out a couch that pretty much matches the other couch bought at the same time as my broken one but Jacqueline told me that she had to get an approval from the corporate office before it can be ordered. She said that it should be within a week and Hector gave me his cell phone to call him on Wednesday, 11/4 to see if anything had come in. I called Hector at 956-771-2083 which is the number he gave me and he said he was at dinner and would call me back. He never did. I called him several times through the end of the week and there was no answer or voicemail. I text him as well and no response back. I never heard from Jacqueline either. I went in yesterday, Sunday, 11/8 and spoke with Hector again. He said nothing has been resolved yet. I told him that I would like to speak to a supervisor and he eventually brought out Jacqueline after about 40 minutes of waiting. She said the same thing, she has not received back an email from corporate stating that she can let me pick out a couch. I asked her who I could talk to above her and she actually told me that she didn’t’ know. This a supervisor! I asked her for her card and she told me she didn’t’ have one. I asked her how to reach her and she told me that I needed to go through Hector, seriously. I then said I tried calling Hector as well as text him and no response. Jacqueline told me to call her today to see if anything has been done. I can’t wait any longer. I have been without being able to use this couch since June. I feel very mistreated and the staff that I have dealt with at Ashley is horrible.
    My next step is to contact News 4 Trouble Shooters to get this taken care of it I don’t get a response back and closure by Wednesday of this week. I need to order the couch this week and pay the difference between the 2 couches.
    You can reach me at 210-589-xxxx and my email is swixxxx
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this ongoing matter. I would like to be able to go in and order my couch this week and have it before family comes over the holiday. I can pick it up at the warehouse in New Braunfels as well.
    Donna Bakeman

  91. We have been customers for the past 10 years and everything was great until our last purchase. We went into st cloud mn store and Ray Drown waited on us, nice enough guy, but worst experience we have had there. He quoted us a price on a sofa and loveseat set, we went up front and done the paperwork like normal. He didn’t show us anything, didn’t explain anything, just was really quick with things. We got home and looked at the paperwork and the price was 450.00 more than he quoted. I called him and didn’t get an answer so i emailed him and asked him to explain things. He didnt even appologize, just said he would give it to us at the quoted price. BUT, he told us that furniture is on backlog for 3 months because of covid but our specific set is only out 2-3 weeks. So the other day we sold our old set thinking the new stuff would be here any day now (sunday was 3 weeks) because thats what Ray said. Now i called and asked where the furniture was, the lady told me tentatively mid December, thats bullshit, now we dont have furniture for 1-2 months because of his lies. We have litterally spent over 10,000 dollars in your store through the years but no more. This is how we are treated, my business will be elsewhere pretty damn quick, i will never buy another item from Ashley again

  92. I went to Ashley furniture on greenwood and bought coach and a dinning set, and they Persuaded me to fill out the insurance to cover my dining And couch
    And I spent $6500. After 3 months I notice That there were no Springs and the leather cover was not fully around the inside of the chair and there were leaks of the filling inside And the dining set started peeling, I want back to Ashley’s to explain and they said I should call my insurance company and the insurance company said its a factory problem so they couldn’t do anything, so I went back to Ashley to explain and they said they would do something about it and it’s been up to 3 years now and they did not do anything So it feels like I wasted all that money for nothing They said they were gonna call me One day and it’s still been up to 3 years now and there’s nothing They have done I have been going back and kept going and I kept on explaining’s but they had done nothing , I need them to start doing Things It’s like you’re lacking, we have expected it for over 3 years and they don’t call us or do anything to us, we call them and they keep on answering with you have to wait, so we keep on waiting and again it has been upto 3 years and they still have not called back If this problem does not get fix I will give Ashley a badd review So please fix this problem thank you.

  93. On June 28, 2020, I was at your Cherry Hill location and ordered a new sofa and love seat. We were so excited to get new furniture. I had no idea what an ordeal it would turn into.
    I understand we are in the middle of a pandemic and orders are being filled slower and delivery is slower. However, the pandemic does not equate to terrible customer service.
    When we placed the order, we were told 8-10 weeks for delivery. After 12 week, I called the Cherry Hill store several to inquire. That’s when the ordeal started. I was told it would be available in three week. Four weeks later, I call the Cherry Hill store. Same thing – three more weeks. Again, in four weeks, I called the Cherry Hill store. This went on for a while.
    My sofa was finally delivered on September 23, 2020. But where is the matching love seat made by the same manufacturer. No idea. Again, the calls to the Cherry Hill. This time Michael, one of the managers, take my calls and I hear the same excuse. So we go back to the phone calls every 3-4 weeks for an update.
    On November 5th, I spoke to Michael who promised me he would personally be calling me on either 11/7 or 11/8 to arrange for delivery the week of 11/9. Guess what – NO PHONE CALL! Why am I not surprised? So I called the Cherry Hill store on 11/10 and I assure you, I was not a happy customer. If the love seat has been discontinued, then be honest with me and just tell me instead of stringing me along for five months. After having to explain everything again, I was placed on hold and my call transferred several times with nobody picking up. Finally someone came back and it was like a miracle – my love seat is scheduled for delivery on 11/15. Or is it? We will see what happens on 11/15. I honestly do not hold any hope getting the call on 11/14 for my 4 hours window nor seeing the love seat on 11/15.
    I have worked in customer service for over 30 years. I have a director of a very large customer service team. I train on customer service. In my training, Comcast has always been my example of poor customer service. I have now replaced Comcast with Ashley Home Furniture as the epitome of poor customer service.
    Throughout the five months of waiting for a loveseat, whey didn’t anyone ever reach out to me with an update on the status of the love seat? I am the customer who is paying YOU money for a good and a service. Why was I the one constantly reaching out for updates? Surely you have a call tracking system and your agents make notes on the account when customer calls. Surely you have a tracking system to see how long customers are waiting for their items to be delivered.
    I will see what happens on 11/14 and 11/15. I am not holding any hopes of seeing the loveseat this weekend.
    At the end of all of this, one thing is true: you have lost a customer.

  94. We ordered furniture in middle of October we’re told we’d get get as early as November first week then it turned into middle of December and today we’re told Jan! My family and I are furious. They lied, we paid up front spent close to $3000, and they have made our experience a terrible one? And I will do my part in bad references of ashly furniture as they have really let us down. They were informed we had company coming and our furniture kept getting later and later, November December and now Jan. Worse of all they insist we cannot get our money back but only store credit after all the problem they caused I’d like this matter looked into. Because we were excited about our purchase we told our aunt she ordered a mattress they called her and said mattress would arrive at 3 pm on such date then after 3 pm they called back saying sorry your mattress will be in next month? I can’t express how furious we are!

  95. Not happy at all with my Love seat and a couch I bought them Ashley furniture in Kenosha Wisconsin
    Especially they are discontinue
    The loveseat needs to be fixed and they cannot fix it.
    They won’t take it back the couch and the love seat and they are a set and I only have them for 4 months.
    Ashley headquarters didn’t help me at all they took forever to answer the phones
    Not happy at all
    I will not buy nothing there anymore
    People ask me about Ashley furniture I’ll tell the people the truth
    Please don’t buy anything there that they rip you off I even contact six News from Milwaukee see if they could help us

  96. Hello

    My husband and I are so extremely frustrated with Ashley’s. We have tried to be very patient.
    We purchased our sofa in the beginning of September and only received half of it almost in November. The other half is expected to arrive on the week of Christmas.
    This is absolutely ridiculous! We need our sofa before thanksgiving. We need our sofa before Christmas! If we would have been told at the store that there would be a back order, we would not have placed an order! We would have bought a couch somewhere else.

    Please send the rest of our sofa order ASAP.

    Thank you

  97. Where is my furniture ???? i have contacted customer service mutiple times and every time it changes spoke to a sales manager in albquerque nm about this and still have no information or furniture/ sales order #041470xxxx

  98. Five years ago we purchased a bed and mattress spending around $3,000+
    We purchase the warranty which we’ve done in the past with no problems. Fast forward five years and we try to go in to use the credit for not having used the warranty. First we were told that it had expired as we only had one day to use it. Then we are told no it’s 180 days but you have to spend $599 or more to use it. Several years ago we had a credit to which I went in and used it to purchase a small table with two stools. I paid nothing. The cost of the warranty was the same price as the table. Now I feel like I’ve been scammed and don’t want to go back to this store. I might add that we are looking at purchasing a sectional for the LR and theater seats for the den. But not from Ashley. Very disappointed. If you changed the program shouldn’t you phase it in with new purchases and not one that was sold five years ago?

  99. I understand the current situation we are in right now, but don’t tell me I am getting my furniture in September 23 and here it is the middle of November and no furniture. Every time I get a status they keep pushing it back a month! Very disappointing!

  100. I want to cancel my order entirely. This is ridiculous. My order has been screwed up. And the manager is pointless. And Someone needs to pick up the 1 nightstand they were only able to drop off. Also your phone is the worst I’ve ever experienced.
    My order number is #055499xxxx
    Pick up this nightstand and reimburse me my now two deposits. Now.

  101. I ordered a mattress from Glasgow ky Ashley furniture Sept.25 2020 i paid half down at the time .i got phone call from Amanda that works at Glasgow store the 16 th of november 2020 and she told me my mattress was at Somerset Ky, and that i had to pay it off so they could deliver it to my home so i go in the store at around 12pm to pay Amanda took my check the complete pay off and she said they Somerset Ashley Furniture would contact me to set up date to be delivered .i got call from Somerset this morning at 1120 am the lady there said my mattress was on a truck on the way to Somerset Ky we set up a time for deliver for Wed.the 1oth of Nov. 2020
    at 10 am i feel someone has lied to me . Amanda said i had to pay before deliver that it was Ashley policy Is this so

  102. I ordered a mattress from Glasgow ky Ashley furniture Sept.25 2020 i paid half down at the time .i got phone call from Amanda that works at Glasgow store the 16 th of November 2020 and she told me my mattress was at Somerset Ky, and that i had to pay it off so they could deliver it to my home so i go in the store at around 12pm to pay Amanda took my check the complete pay off and she said they Somerset Ashley Furniture would contact me to set up date to be delivered .i got call from Somerset this morning at 1120 am the lady there said my mattress was on a truck on the way to Somerset Ky we set up a time for deliver for Wed.the 10th of Nov. 2020
    at 10 am i feel someone has lied to me . Amanda said i had to pay before deliver that it was Ashley policy Is this so and i have read this morning about all the complains about your stores about deliver i hope i dont have to complain again i try to be honest about everything and i expect everyone to be honest with me

  103. To the CEO,
    I purchased my furniture on 9/5/20 and paid in full via cc. I have yet to receive the furniture because Ashley said that their bank has not received the money. I have contacted Chase Visa numerous times and have been assured that the payment is with the Ashley’s Ledgewood, NJ store’s financial institution. I have spoken to the store manager (John) numerous times but can’t get the situation rectified. I just want my furniture, nothing more. I called you HQ customer service line and they told me to contact Ledgewood???
    I really need this resolved. The sale number is 1026xxxx.
    I can be reached at 973-714-xxxx or email jandolino
    Thank you,
    Joe Andolino

  104. I purchased furniture back in July. They said it wouldn’t be in until august or early September. That was fine. Then they pushed it to October, November. I decided to cancel the order on Oct 17th. They said I would have my refund in 7-10 business days! It’s been a month. Every time I call they give me the runaround. I’m going to call my local new station to complain about this store and to let people know that the service is crappy if I don’t hear back from your regional Mgr or any manager

  105. My name is Michael Willis. I purchased furniture on Oct. 12, ’20 at your store in San Antonio, 12493 IH 10 West (store #203) as our son is moving out into an apartment. Sales Order (2035185688). We were specifically told the furniture (bed, couch) would be delivered on Nov. 10th. The total bill was $4738.57. The sales person was Stephen Agostini. We did not hear anything from Ashley, so my son called on the 9th and was told the delivery was scheduled on 11/18. It just did not seem right, so my son and I went down to the Ashley store to inquire, talked to a manager, Pete. Pete stated the furniture was scheduled on the 18th, but did ask why no one contacted us as we were expecting the delivery on the 10th. Our son signed a contract to move in on the 10th. If we would have known, he could have delayed the move in and saved some money. So, Pete waived the delivery fee for our inconvenience, and was told he would waive the 10% cancelation fee if the delivery did not make it by the 18th. Pete also committed to call me to confirm the delivery on the 18th, which he never did call. So, a few days ago our son was contacted to see what day he wanted wanted the delivery, “strange again”. He ask why he was not receiving on the 18th. The Ashley representative finally told him he would get the delivery on the 18th. Everything still not adding up. I went to the Ashley store today inquiring again about the delivery, looking for Pete. I was told Pete was not there but on his way. I ask for Michael Christman as I was told on 10-12 that he was the manager. A man approached me today while I was in the lobby as ask “how could he help”. I ask if he was Michael Christman, he was not wearing a name tag as others in the store were. He again said , how can I help you. He also wanted to know how he got his name. I informed him that one of his people gave me the name, he seemed to be challenging me on that. I told him again, I wanted to talk to Michael Christman about a delivery issue. After going back and forth, he finally told me, “he was Michael Christman, a manager. I felt during most of the conversation with this manager that he was very condescending, not necessarily rude but definitely not someone I felt was going to solve the issue. I provided him a copy of the Ashley furniture order and he said he would be right back. He came back and told me that the lady that deals with the deliveries was tied up on an escalation, what ever that is but said he had this and would call me between 2:00-3″00pm TODAY. Before I left he repeated himself saying he would call me but said he would call 3-4pm. I am writing this complaint at 7:45pm CT. and have not heard from the Ashley Store. Here are my issues,,,,,,the sales person should not have guaranteed a delivery day if it could not be followed through with. Pete said he would call me to confirm the delivery and he did not call. The person I talked to today (allegedly, Michael Christman) guaranteed me he would call Today, which I never received a call. Pete told me 3-5 bus. days to receive my delivery credit, never got it. This manager, allegelly Michael Christman told me I would receive the credit in 2-3 more bus. days. Look, I have run a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of employees and have dealt with many complexed issues, I get it, things happen. I just wanted an apology for the lack of communication or misrepresentation of the purchase I made in good faith making plans based on what your folks told me. I also had issues around the managers saying they would call me but do not. I really question whether I talked to the manager, Michael Christman today. I just want our furniture delivered when they say it will be delivered. The $200 delivery fee reimbursed is not a big deal, but it is more of a principle now. Unless this situation gets recovered correctly and quickly, I may question whether we shop Ashley again. Regards, Mike Willis 210-663-xxxx
    (The order is under our son’s name, Chase Shaner, as it is going to his delivery address, but your records will indicated I paid for it)

  106. I’ve been waiting for more than 3 weeks for someone to come pick up a damaged table.

    I cancelled the exchange and then I cancelled the entire order and I’m still getting charged for a table that is still sitting in my garage. I can’t get a refund until the table is picked up!

    This has been going on for almost 3 weeks already. Every time I call customer service I get transferred 3 or more times!

    On Thursday I spoke with who I was told was a supervisor, she told me someone would reach out to me within 24-48 hours and no one has contacted me.

    I don’t understand what the hold up is. All I want is the damaged table to be picked up so I can get my refund. Two of the chairs have been picked up. I’m waiting on the refund to my account on that also.

    This has been the absolute worst customer service experience I’ve ever had.

    I”m about to contact the Better business bureau and then contact my lawyer if this isn’t resolved.

  107. This is now my second time trying to reach anybody at Ashley. Cancel order and pick up the 1 nightstand they dropped off. This is the worst customer service and vendor I have seen. My order number is #055499xxxc. Why is it that no one responds from Ashley furniture. And the store manager is useless and doesn’t respond either. Terrible!

  108. I’m very disappointed with your customer service response. I bought a leaving room from your store in sterling Virginia less than a year ago, and already had staples popping out. I called customer service to complain, I was told some will come to check it out. It took a month to send someone and when he came he said Someone has to come fix it. I told them I have kids in the house and it’s not save especially for my one year old. I have been very patient with your company until today when my 6 year was hurt by the staples from the sofa. I need answers and I need them now or I will be filling a complaint with the better business bureau. If It was a white family, I bet it won’t take this long to take care of this problem. The next time you hear from me would be with the better business bureau.

  109. I purchased a dining room set and was assured it would be here for Christmas. The delivery date was scheduled for November 29th. When I called today for an update, I was told it would be delivered by December 29th. We weren’t even notified of this change. Now, it’s to late to get the table we need or want for the holiday. I was assured it would be here in November. David our salesperson promised us several times it would be here in November. I would have never ordered it if I knew it would arrive after Christmas. I turned down several other options at other stores because it would not get here on time. I am amazed at how nonchalant everyone has been about this issue. This is not only extremely disappointing but jus NOT OK. If this is how Ashley Furniture conducts their business, I will not be visiting again. The whole process was handled very unprofessionally. I am extremely disappointed. As a professional, I pride myself on caring about the people in my care, it was obvious today that my problem is of no importance to your staff.

  110. Ordered furniture paid cash 3 months ago. Have made multiple phone calls told something different everytime. I want my furniture or a refund TODAY.

  111. Purchased furniture in September. It arrived mid October but we were not able to be here to receive it. Re scheduled delivery multiple times. Now they are saying February for delivery. No one will tell us where the furniture is that was in town. If they gave it to someone else, then where is the furniture they were to receive. No one will talk to us. The manager is not helpful. They will not give us to the regional director. We are very unimpressed and have been very patient. Please call me at 503484xxxx. Thank you Jeff

  112. website will not accept my order…called headquarters # and was told that problem caused by different shippiong and billing addresses…was told yesterday that my account would be fixed within a couple of hours…as of today still not fixed…very frustrated!

  113. Hello,

    Now that I am sending this email I am very frustrated and probably you will disregard or not even pay attention at it.
    2 months ago I went to the local store to choose my furnitures. I was very happy since all my family has been customers of yours for years and they were thinking to buy again for the new home they are getting now which of course they will never come back after everything I am going through. I made the choice of the furnitures with my boyfriend and asked several times ” All these are available or we need to wait? The order that was placed was scheduled to get delivered after 6 to 8 weeks not immediately but still we wanted to make sure we would get on time because the house would have everything new from Ashley and was empty. The sales representative made sure for us that everything was ready. Well only 1 week before we have the delivery to get done we get notified that a good part of our order (the whole bedroom set and the mattress) was in back order and would be delivered in december but not guaranteed. An order that was placed more than a month before we get notified only one week before delivery where we did all the closing and everything ready. Which doesn’t make sense anything till now. I went back to the store and change the bedroom set more expensive and I pay more just to have everything delivered on time because we were not going to sleep in the floor with nothing and adding this that I am almost 8 months pregnant. I choose the other bedroom set to have it delivered on november 17th where was previous talked about and I receive 10 different phonecalls from warehouse saying that my order was again back order, then that my order cannot be delivered again etc. Going back and fourth without understanding what was going onnnnn finally they come on 17th to deliver. Butttttt they deliver the wrong dinning table. I call the manager of the store to see what I should do. she talks with the delivery guys and tell them to get the table back and advise me for not accepting something that I didnt order. I refuse it and the delivery guys dont want to get the table back, slam the table in the floor set up the bedroom set in completely another position from what I wanted telling me that as long as they set it up thats all matters they dont care if I like the position of furnitures or not slam the door of my house and leave without me signing for anything. So till now I have a bedroom set in the position that delivery guys wanted not signed anywhere for anything what was delivered and with the wrong dining table. I call again the manager and I say I dont care about anything anymore I just want my table for what I paid for and get this table back and I never want to see ashley again in my life. The manager tells me that the exchange has been scheduled on 11/24/2020 for the tables and they will let me know for the time. I received a message yesterday telling me the delivery is scheduled between 3 and 7. I make arrangements with my job to get out early and I reschedule my doctor appointment to be on time for the delivery. And I am at work and just received a text message saying that order will be processed between 10:30 am to 02:30 pm. I called to ask what was going on because I am not home and I wasnt told for 2 different times and first representative hangs up the phone with me. The second one tells me that they will pick up the table I have between 10:30 and 2:30 and deliver the right table between 3 and 7. Without any notice before at all that was a pick up scheduled . All I got notice before was only the delivery for 3 to 7. So am I supposed to wait from 10:30 till 7 pm for the exchange? Without any notice at all before? Is this acceptable? Do you think this is the right customer service for this company? If my parents were getting ready to make the purchase of furnitures in december for the new house with Ashley now of course they dont even think about to come there and to buy. I have been disturbed in my condition so much for what? For an order that I paid and people that work at ashley treat me like I am getting for free? Treat me so bad that I have never been treated before. Hanging up the phone on me and talking to me like animals? For furnitures that I wanted to enjoy for the new house I have to go through all these because people dont know how to do their job? I have been working for years and years in customer service and I have never seen a service like this never before in my life.

    My name is Anisa Bardhyli and my phone number is :941-586-xxxx. If the lines are recorded lines you can very easy prove everyphonecall I have made from my number and verify if what Is said is true.

  114. I’m writing to express my total dissatisfaction with your company’s ability to meet your commitment.
    I purchased furniture on 11/13/20 (order 77881150) from the Laburnum store in Richmond, VA.  At that time and on my contract, I was told that all pieces except the chair & 1/2 and the ottoman would be in the following week.
    I contacted my sales rep (Greg) again yesterday and was told that date is now the 2nd week of December.  I also spoke to your ETA department and was told by Journey that is a “moving” date but as of today, scheduled to be in 12/16/20
    Dishonesty is a terrible way to do business.  From reading posts on the internet and Facebook, your company is coming up very short in the delivery department and not advising the customer of that before they purchase.  Had I known I would not receive any furniture for a month, I would have taken my business elsewhere.
    Please contact me at 804 461 0451 to further discuss.  If I can’t get my furniture in a timely manner as promised, I would like a refund.  Thank you.

  115. I want to say that I know COVID has slowed deliveries. I was called on Thursday November 19, 2020 scheduling delivery of my furniture on November 23, 2020. The furniture never arrived. I called customer services he next day, Nov. 24th at 10:37am and David the customer service rep asked for my number and was going to check status of delivery. He put me on hold and it went to asking me to press number for customer service. I called back a second time at 11:10am and David the customer service rep put me hold hold and it went to rating the service. I have been a customer since 2010. I am disappointed in the service I didn’t receive. I will not be buying any furniture from this company anymore and will let others know not to do so either. I know it doesn’t take too much time to check status of a delivery. You have lost a customer.

  116. I have had the worst experience with you all have been giving the run around when first they told me they was coming one day and waited until the day of to say they wasn’t coming due to order on back ordered which I had taken my son bed apart now he still doesn’t have a bed abs it’s been 2 months abs I’m still getting the run around I will be contacting the local news station and let them know what is going on

  117. Need to cancel our furniture order, and nobody from the Louisville key store will contact me back. Please cancel our order. Our phone number is +15023370xxxx

  118. Let me share my experience with Ashley HomeStore.
    I have been customer for the past 17 years and I just purchased a new house and I decided to order my furniture from them and they told me it will take 4 to 6 weeks for everything to arrive and it ended been 3 months.
    Finally the order arrived today and everything they brought was wrong and missing part of the order. Really bad experience I had to sent everything back to Ashley HomeStore because is not what I order. And the manager couldn’t resolve anything or give me a solution I will never order anything else from Ashley or recommend to anyone. Please stay away from this store!
    0 ⭐️ stars for this store!

  119. I live in Grand Blanc Mi. I went to the Flint Mi store. I bought a dinette set in September I was told it would be in by mid October and ready for delivery by early November to this date I haven’t got my order. I went into the store they informed me they wouldn’t get another shipment until December 3rd. This isn’t the way to do business I want my dinette set. Would you please get me my order please. Thank you in advance

  120. Terrible service with drivers will not let me return dresser. Customer service terrible took 9 weeks for furniture to be delivered

  121. Hello,
    I tried for over an hour this morning to buy couches but was unable to complete my purchase because my credit cards have a po box for the billing address. Three online customer service agents were unable to help me and said I would be contacted in 5 business days to confirm whether or not I can complete my purchase. This is the worst customer service I have ever received. I shop a lot, and my credit cards have all had a po box as the billing address for 40 years. I was planning to purchase 2 couches for my house and one for my daughter’s house, and your web site will not allow it. I tried three different credit cards which all work at every other store.
    I would like to be contacted as soon as possible and would like to have this problem fixed.
    Karol Haydon

  122. How do I speak to a manager? We received a call saying our chair would be delivered today. Stayed home waiting for it. Finally at 11:30 called to find out what time it would be delivered – unbelievable. The man said it wouldn’t be delivered because if was damaged??? How can that be? We get a call saying it was being delivered. All of sudden it’s damaged? Sounds like it was sold to someone else? Please get back to me so I know who I can talk to. Order #500078880. Tried calling messaging but can not get thru.

    1. This seems to be there way of business. We took vacation day because the delivery was going to be made between 10 and 1. Five minutes til one we called saying they have not arrived yet. They said they would get ahold of dispatch and dispatch would call us. 3pm still no delivery or call. So call them back now store tells us truck was in our driveway and items were damaged so they were not deliverable. LIARS!!! We were home the entire day. Then, GRT said drivers said they arrived and we refused the order. LIARS AGAIN!!! They were NEVER at our residence!!! The customer service lady basically said we were lying by saying”why would the delivery driver say that if it wasn’t true” that call ended in a disconnect because obviously she was calling us LIARS! We will never ever purchase from this company again! I pray they go out of business!!!

  123. Purchased an adjustable bed for my mother who has recovered from COVID. The main reason for the purchase is due to life threatening side affects of the disease which is blood clots and swelling in her legs. Purchase date was 11/14/20, delivery 11/20, frame broke 11/24. Ashley tech couldn’t fix the issue and escalated it to other techs and his manager. It couldnt be fixed. I’ve spent at least 10 hours on the phone with the store Assistant manager. They refuse to just replace the frame, they say they are required to allow Sealy to try and fix it. I asked several times to have the one at my mom’s removed and Ashley deal with Sealy. We have also been in contact with Sealy, the parts after 4 days have not arrived. Ashley’s store policy online says a faulty item can be replaced immediately. Yet the store says they will not take it back. This is no longer an operational issue, it is escalating to concerns of causing health issues for my mom. She has ankles the size of an elephants that need to be elevated to promote circulation and reduce the chance of blood clots. We ensured delivery of the bed the day she arrived at her new senior living home. Ashley has been a nightmare to work with, please help!!! My email scoarxxxx

  124. This place is awful. Ours is so bad that we had to enlist the help of an attorney to try to get the matter resolved. we’ve contacted the store 30 times and have yet to have anyone bother reaching out to us.

  125. My granddaughter is trying to get a refund for the furniture she and her ex-boyfriend bought., The store in Hagerstown MD. did refund him. However, he is wanted for MURDER, yes murder and is on the run. She is a good girl with a child. They bought this together but only his name was put on the account. The store assistant manager told her to FORGE his name. Seriously? Ccommit a felony? It is so important for them to put this check in her name. She is behind on rent because he left her high and dry. Otherwise, I will have to take out of my retirement to pay for her rent. She is being evicted on Dec.10th if she doesn’t have 2500. He has paid the rent up until now. Can you please help. Thank you. The Grandmother, Shawnna Burt

  126. I purchased some mattress and I haven’t been pleased yet. I had a warranty on the first ones and they didn’t want to replace them. After 3 months or longer they decided to replace it. The mattress I got had a bad smell and they gave me some more and they were the same way. All I wanted was a refund or a store credit. I have never been so disappointed. I appreciate it if you correct this or I can shop some where else in the near future. Thank you.

  127. Doug Barnes bought dining room chairs from Lansing Ashley Furniture Store even though I paid for new ones I got delivered the showroom floor chairs covered in covid-19 disease and a strong urine smell manager Yasir will not return my calls since I’ve already paid for the chairs in full. what kind of store would sell you an item that could possibly kill you, I’ll bet both my testicles they did not disinfect the chairs not to mention they are covered in urine stains and rips

  128. I bought a $2500 couch was told maybe 4-12 weeks before delivery…but everything is coming in at 8 weeks the manager said. This was September 8th. Since then I have called multiple times and the only answer is get is the date has moved and its due to Covid. The managers have not been responsive and the entire experience is miserable to say the least. We have been waiting for 13 weeks and the new date is Maybe 21 December and then delivery in January. Its concerning that I paid in full with full confidence that I would get my furniture on time and in great shape but apparently the model has changed for ashley. I have bought 7 sets of furniture from Ashley and you have continued to decline and this is the worst. Now after 4 months of waiting without a guarantee of delivery the store told me I can cancel and find something else. But there is nothing in stock so. What is going on?

  129. We purchased or new bed frame and. Mattress Tempur-Pedic mattress on September 5th 2020 it was delivered on November 13th when a gentleman came to deliver it after I looked at it and he was talkin to is dispatcher I told him that there are scratches on the post of the headboard he took pictures that somebody would get back to me and to go ahead & for it on November 16th I went to the Ashley store and Manassas Virginia spoke to Associates there she seen what was said in the system she said it says that it was received excellent I say no I said it was damaged she saw the pictures emailed somebody and corporate as of today nobody from corporate has responded to me this is December 5th I finally got hold of somebody and customer service who was trying to help me I was supposed to get word back Friday December 4th no word I want this resolved or a new bed that’s right I guess I have no choice but to go to Yelp and give the store a very very bad review just like I told my sister do not do not purchase from Ashley Furniture

  130. I need you assistance, as support at the local level is not working. I understand the challenges this year has produced, but I have a problem with a power loveseat that has issues with the cupholders. They keep cracking and leave sharp edges, which to me is a safety hazard. Please contact me so we can address this problem. Thank you

  131. I purchased new furniture through the military exchange website back in July of this year… We still have not received our furniture. In the past we have always purchased Ashley furniture… After the run around that we keep getting by both the exchange and Ashley I can’t say at this point that I would ever want to purchase from Ashley again or give any kind of a positive referral to anyone I know… Right now I am starting to think that retaining a lawyer is my next step… When I purchased this furniture the site showed that the product was in stock. And then after completing the purchase showed sold out… We have been waiting for six months now… Is this really how Ashley Furniture does business? I want to speak with Me. Todd Wanek. (785)275-xxxx

  132. I purchased a mattress as bed frame on October 24. They told me my mattress would be in the next day for pick up but my frame would not be in till first on November. So when we went there the mattress was not ready , but they gave me my mattress cover I bought for $109.00 . So they called me again and said it won’t be in till middle of November. I just moved and need a bed to sleep in this was my first purchase at a furniture store. So they called me again and told me December so I ask to cancel my order over the phone on November 23. I never heard anything from them to get my money back I put down. So I called again was on hold 45 minutes, they said they would cancel it. Still no money back so called again same thing. So called in December 4 they told me I had to go to store to get my money back. They also told me I could take the mattress cover back because it never bent opened. When I got to the store Rodney offered to help us. Told him what happened and he said he couldn’t take back the mattress cover , I told him they said we could . He argued with us for a good while. He said he had to protect his customers from covid so I can’t return it . I would like to know who protected me from covid when everyone touch the bag the mattress cover is in . I then asked for the corporate office number he said I could google it . I told him no I want it he said very rudely that I can look it up myself . I will never shop there again worst experience ever, I want my 109.00 back for the cover . My order number is 262524xxxx . Phone 713540 xxxx. Please get back with me ASAP .

  133. This location has ruined my Holiday. We ordered a dinette set with server back on Oct. 2020.They promised it to us before Thanksgiving, well a week before Thanksgiving they called and told us the furniture was not goin to be here on the date promised. That put us with no table to entertain our immediate family so instead w had to do go out into the public and putting us at an extra risk of catching this virus going around.
    That date would be changed 3 more times with still no site of our furniture arriving. I finally went down to the store to speak to the SM. I was told he was not in and that the gentleman in ccharge was an ASM of mechandising or something like that. I had tried calling the store multiple times before heading down. I tried calling the store for 3 days only to get home office. Home office could not or would not tell me why the store was not answering their phones but ask what my concern was. After telling them my story they replied, you will need to contact the store????? WHAT!

    I litterally went into the store while noticing several people including the ASM behind the front desk. I made a call to the store and nobody bothered to touch the phone. I ask the manager why they would not pick up the phone and he told me everyone was busy?????? REALLY!

    After finally getting to talk with the ASM he promised me that my furniture would be here this Friday. Just like Thanksgiving we took him at his word and made plans for Christmas. Well today on 12/08/2020 we dreceived an email telling us that our furniture would now be pushed out another 3 to 5 weeks.
    I immediately placed a call to home office to complain. I got nowhere with them either. We finally had to cancel our order and cancel another holiday planning due to this Ashley furniture and the managment staff working in this location here in spring tx.
    After we finally got the approval to get our money back they decide to let us know that it will now be 5to 7 days to get our money back. They had no problem taking our cash that night but now it will take at least a week to give us our money. So now we sit here with no furniture and no money to go buy furniture because Ashley furniture is holding both.

    nI cant believe that a company that says its the biggest furniture company in america treats its customers this way. At the very least they could have offered us the display for our troubles but did they, no. I mean this store did nothing out of their way to try and help us out.

    We will eventually get our money back and a dinette set in our home, but in the meantime I will continue to spread this post not only on all social media but also theough word of mouth and local community facebook websites. What is going to hurt this store is I ama local citizen that deals in lots of community subdivisions and have direct contact with several new home buyers. I know first handjust how damaging the web can be and I will get my voice heard. This couldhave all been avoided if the store and the company would just have taken care of us.

    You obviously have lost my business but its the future business this store needs to worry about. If I wastreated this way, more of your customers are being treated the same way, and someone needs to speak up. I will not let this rest until I have been satisfied.

  134. Hi Folks. I have been going through hell trying to get a couple recliners picked up so I can get a refund. Took 3 months to get them delivered and they were not what I wanted. Now. I have been on the phone 3 times at an hour each and have been transferred repeatedly while listening to how great Ashley Furniture is. On hold each time for ever. I can see why the company has a 1.5 star rating. I was bounced back and forth between online and local sales in Grand Rapids Michigan. As it stands right now someone named Trevor in GR assured the lady that called for me from online that the Warehouse would get the proper information from him and they would call me. You understand I am quite skeptical. Can someone from Corporate follow through on this and make sure it gets done? David Zimmerman 231-246-xxxx Park Estates Ln Muskegon Michigan 49442 bigreddxxxx Thank you.

  135. Hello, i ordered a storage bed, 2 night stand and a dresser October 4th. My delivery was today. I had been checking on the status of my order all of this time. Ashely home store in ofallon mo, as wel as the call center all told me the everything was in except my bed rails. Well my delivery came today and i inly received my bed. This is unacceptable Why are items being sold tat dint exist. I was told several different stories while waiting in this day. The bed is in but the night stands arent, the dresser is in but the bed rails arent, its all here but its not. All the items i was scheduled to recieve where actually in the delivery list! Only the bed was on the truck. I financed these items. Now i have to make payments on items i dont have!

    I look forward to a legitimate response Asap!

    Kirk L. McPike
    1xxxx Lyric Ct Apt 103
    St Louis mo 63146

  136. It’s been 6 weeks since we made our first claim when the furniture we bought was delivered and the “white glove” service damaged our home. We’ve since spent 10s of hours on the phone with customer service, escalations, and third party vendors trying to get reimbursement for the damages. We’ve submitted pictures, estimates, and been told by multiple associates our calls will be returned but NEVER are. We are being lied too and it’s not appreciated, especially with the money we paid. I will continue to pursue this matter until proper actions are implemented, we have been reimbursed, and the case has been handled appropriately and closed. If there is someone at the corporate level that can reply with assistance, please email me back. Otherwise I will continue to find email addresses for senior level personnel until this matter is addressed in an expeditious and professional manner.

    This is in regards to Claim#: #02147282
    Order Number#: 800570870
    Name on account: Katie O’Dunne
    Phone: 410-707-xxxx

    I’m the fiancé and as Katie is a teacher, I’m easiest to reach. I can be called at: 954-592-xxxx

  137. I bought 5 bar stools at the location in Greece NY and I have called and texted several times and I still haven’t been told I am getting the right bar stools I picked. The stools I picked had the wrong tag on it and therefore I received something I did not picked. Either I get the right product or I want a refund.

  138. I purchased a sofa/loveseat sectional in July from Ashley Furniture located in Waldorf MD and when it was originally delivered the love seat was damaged. Since then, I have been checking in weekly to see about an estimated shipping date and they change the expected shipping date every single time. They have not tried to find another loveseat and claim that it is shipping but from another warehouse but has no tracking number. I paid for the sectional in full so they have had my money for 5 months and I have not received my product. I am sure that if I did not pay for my item for 5 months they would be breaking down my door for their money.

  139. So agree with all these issues. Talk to a customer service agent to hello me then the tech appt gets mysteriously cancelled over and over and over again and then I cant ever talk to the same agent and NO ONE takes my case seriously. ZERO customer service and I am still stuck with broken furniture! I wish I would have read all this before I bought from them! Never again!!!!

  140. I went online to speak to an online representative through chat. The first time I had Monica, she refused to answer. I exited out of her chat and rated her. I went back in thinking I could get someone new. I got her again. When I told her what I needed, she refused to help me by telling me to call during normal busniess hours. I told her that I had always used this method of communcation and to have a nice evening. I rated her again. She then popped back up on chat, taunting me, saying “You really like that survey haha”

    THis is not a professional way for someone hired to act toward a customer. Once we pay off our stuff, it will be slim that we never return. Sadly, this is the first time we have had poor customer service.


  142. The delivery person became very aggressive when we did not want to accept the damage base. He started kicking boxes around then cussed. His voice/tone and language became very loud and when asked why is he upset? He become violent. My husband then asked him to leave. This was only one driver. The other guy was telling him (Al) to calm down, calm down. At the time he put up his fist as we wanted to punch my husband.

  143. I am discouraged. For seven weeks I have written, called to check-in and been patient in asking for a call back from the delivery company for Ashley. Damage was done to my new front porch railing (snapped at the bottom) and on my banister in my foyer (chunk of wood taken off and pain chipped). I sent pictures immediately as requested by the Leesburg customer care associate in an email. She promised she would write the company that delivered and I would receive a call back. I kept calling weekly (sometimes multiple times) to check-in as I had not received a call back in now 7 weeks. I’ve left voicemails on the supervisor of customer care at Ashley in Leesburg and no call back. I’ve honestly been polite, patient and trying to just get this resolved. But no one will call me back or even acknowledge an email.

  144. I have had the worst experience with your sales people in Niles, IL. I ordered furniture from Sara in September and was told that the product would be here in November. Due to Covid, I understood the delay in delivery.
    Sara texted me in December and said the pieces would be delivered on 12/22. I told her, that I would not be home to accept it. She said that I needed to contact her sales manager Fred. I called Fred on 6, yes 6, different occasions and he never had the decency to return a call.
    Frustrated, I went back to the store and was told to speak with Diego Herrera. Diego said he would change the date to 12/29, gave me his card and asked that I email him to double check on delivery. I did and he too did not respond. I emailed him again and again nothing. Seems to be the culture at your store and of your employees.
    Your distribution company called me to confirm delivery for 12/22. What? Diego changed it? But he did not do his job. Was I surprised? Not in the least. On a scale of 1-10 your customer service is a 0.
    I called the shipping department and asked to speak to a manager. I was hung up on. I called the shipping department again and explained that I needed to speak to a manager. I was transferred back into your general phone system. I waited for 14 minutes and then I was hung up. Are you kidding me? Is this the way you do business? Ridiculous and appalling.
    I have since changed the delivery address and have furniture going to my husband’s office. His people will accept it and then I have to pay to have it brought to my home.
    It is shocking to me that you are still in business. I have been in sales for my entire career and manage a team of 40 people. I would be fired. My team would be fired and our company bankrupt if we did business this way. This has been the most horrific experience and I will recommend your company to no one.

  145. Dear Mr.Todd Wanek, I ordered furniture from your Westland MI store on July 18, 2020 order# 039470xxxx. It’s 7 months later and it hasn’t arrived. I called and was told I might not get it till February. Is there anything you can do to speed this up, my living room has been empty all summer. please reply.

  146. New mattress smells, been airing out for a month. It is a strong mold or mildew smell that wont go away. We were told to put a cover on it but it still smell. We had to remove from house.

  147. I visited the Ashley’s Furniture in Torrance, Ca and had ordered a bedroom set on Black Friday 11/27/20. I was told by Sales and Customer Service delivery date would be 12/10/20. I am upset because until now, I was not given a straight answer of a delivery date or a same day delivery. No email was sent regarding my order. I called dispatch and they had no record of my delivery date. I called the store which wasn’t easy and customer service said my order can’t be delivered until 12/15/20. Delivery service comes but ONLY DELIVERYED MY MATTRESS (INCOMPLETE ORDER). I call back again and was told by the Store FURNITURE IS BEING BACK ORDERED. The staff has been unprofessional by lying to customers and not communicating at all. I had to go into the store and hoped for a result but still walked out disappointed. Wasted my gas and time to look for another bedroom set but because of the pandemic delivery service would be January. I witness at least 2 other customers with problems since my visit as well. Also, I asked to speak to the store Manager and the Greeter directs me to Customer Service. The Manager Tony never came to ask what he can do to help me or resolve the issue. All Staff listed who I spoke to could not help nor could they give me a straight answer:
    Sales- Daniel and Yvonne
    Customer Service- Christian
    Managers- Stephanie and Tony
    Dispatch Center
    Acceptance Now- Angelina
    ***A horrible experience for a first time customer at this Ashely’s Location***

  148. We bought a sealy mattress from Ashley furniture, within 2 weeks its broke down. We have a ticket in for them to come and inspect January 5 or 7. Its unbearable to sleep on. We need something ASAP.

  149. Hello,

    I am very upset with my current situation. I was supposed to get a delivery today and was supposed to be contacted 30 minutes prior to the delivery which was confirmed on Friday when I called and spoke to someone at customer service. When calling today to check in, the delivery driver was at my house given until 11:21 for the truck to wait. I had my mother in law run over (10 min away) who arrived EXACTLY at that time (the delivery truck had left at 11:17 and did not wait! Non the less I never received a phone call that they even arrived! I have never been so disappointed with a delivery. If you had called me 30 min prior LIKE YOU SAID I wouldn’t be in this situation. I feel customer service is not working with me at all with this situation as the fault is not to blame on myself but on the phone call I did NOT receive when we confirmed that someone would be calling you. NO one even called me UPON ARRIVAL OF THE FURNITURE. To say the least, I am extremely disappointed and would like a manager to contact me TODAY. Due to Covid not one email about face masks or if I have been in contact with anyone putting your delivery people at risk. Poorly run company.

  150. I have purchased side rails for a Coralayne King size bed sales order 0135213854 . I have a contract for this to be delivered December 17 th . I have been told by 2 distribution centers that it was in Laverne, TN. And Memphis, Tn. For me to pick up. I have talked to 5 different ppl who have promised delivery, none have called back. I have the headboard and footboard but no side rails. I am angry to say the least. I am very disappointed in your company some of the ppl I have talked to have been rude and hung up on me. I was going to buy the chest of drawers and dresser, but my experience has been terrible. I call and I’m put through to voicemail. Please , Please , email me when you have checked on my order, Thanks Frances Jane Massey.

  151. Morrow, Georgia location is HORIBBLE. Management needs training. My Spouse, and I have imconvenienced. We were told by numerous people we would receive a call back regarding our purchase that one of the receptionist messed up. It’s been 2 weeks no call back, or email. There was no empathy. Management was no where to found. Our order was input incorrectly into the system we waited for over an hour just to make the down payment for the sectional. We were told we would have all of our furniture by Christmas that was a LIE. We’re missing 2 pieces of the sectional that’s on back order. We were not told that during the time of purchase. We were told to come back to the Morrow location for verification when we arrived there NO ONE knew what was going on??? We waited again for a while just to figure out we did not need to visit the store for verification. Management did not come over to introduce themselves, or apologize. No organization at all. Customer service is a 0 across the board. I have never experienced this while purchasing furniture. As of today we have yet to receive a call back from anyone. I would NEVER EVER shop here again. POOR SERVICE. This situation is UNACCEPTABLE, and needs to be fixed IMMEDIATELY. Tina was the only person who went above, and beyond to assist us. She was phenomenal. If Tina isn’t The Manager then she should be!! I’m a Business Owner I would definitely hire her.

  152. I have a list of complaints about my experience with you that is quite lengthy. I am angry and disgruntled. I have asked repeatedly via your customer care line to speak with management and been denied. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  153. Hello my name is Ramona , I just move to Florida AND decide to shop at Ashley , my shopping became a night mare . please reach out to me .

  154. I am writing in regards to some furniture I purchased from Ashley furniture in Dayton, Oh. First of all I purchased it the first of November, it was delivered about a month later, the movers were dragging it on my concrete driveway, a sectional-sofas and a dining room table and 6 chairs. The chaise and loveseat were both damaged. I contacted my salesperson, she said it would be replaced. She never explained to me that there were different items to this sectional, I found out online. I contacted her to switch out the chaise for the cuddler, she said fine. I also purchased the chair. I found quite a difference ( almost $300.00) difference in the price. 5his is when the real problem started. Every time I would contact her, she wouldn’t respond. I called the store several times, no answer, I even went there and no one would do anything. I would appreciate if you could help me.

  155. We bought furniture a year ago and both times our delivered item were incorrect …..we have had multiple conversations with the store in Sarasota that clearly acknowledges we DO NOT have any items from our original date and the item was ordered using the WRONG order number! We have endured so much suffering with this and synchrony bank will NOT drop the charges we have on our account even though we DO NOT have any items !!!

    Can you please help us …..we have a recipe from the store in Sarasota clearly stating we do not owe anything and do not have any outstanding items….

  156. Ashley home store and furniture is HORRIBLE!
    I purchased a new bedroom set and i was so excited to get it! I finally received half my order 2 days before Christmas! The assembly team came to set up the furniture they left and once i was able to exam it more the head board was uneven by a few inches, missing bolts in the bed making it movable by just touching it with my finger & cracks in the slates on the bottom of the bed!
    I wasn’t able to use my bed at all bc i didn’t even receive a mattress on top of that! The mattress got lost in transit and wasn’t able to be tracked. On top of that the night stand wouldn’t arrive for another month or 2.
    The best part is I’m sleeping on the floor right now and I’m almost 8 months pregnant and supposed to be on bed rest due to being high risk!!!!!
    Iv called customer service multiple times. Literally over 15 times in about 3 days. Sent emails and proof of damage. I called literally hours after the assembly guys left after installing my bed to say I’m unhappy with the product. They customer service person wanted to keep the sale so they said they’ll fix the problem by sending a new head board, nails and slates to fix the problem.. I said fine bc i wanted my furniture. Without receiving any follow up emails after the phone call or even a phone call i called the next day furious again. To get a run around transferring me from department and department. Finally i asked to speak to a supervisor which they refused to transfer me to bc “ they were busy”. Not one supervisor called me back to follow up still. Finally after so many transfers to how many different departments a manager gets on the phone to tell me that there’s nothing they can do and i need to keep the damaged furniture without a mattress and with night stands. What good is furniture i can’t use with all the parts?
    Then he proceeded to tell me the store policy saying i need to cancel within in 72 hours! First off i tried to the next day after i received my order so that was less than 24 hours and on top of that i tried again sent emails of proof of damaged items and cancel within 72 but then one day was a holiday so all corporate stores are closed so technically the following day is a business day and i tried again to cancel! I tried within 72 hours!!!!!! Ashley corporate has horrible horrible customer service and should not be in business! I have no idea how they are in business still. I thought i was making a good investment with them and i was so wrong!

  157. Malay, I am very disappointed with Ashley.

    I would like for your boss to give me a call on my cell at 708-536-0589.

    I placed my order for my sofa in September. I have been rescheduled 3 times.

    I was supposed to receive my order last week before Christmas. I was told that one item wont arrive until Feb.

    The other item was damaged when they arrived.

    So again, I have taken a day from work and haven’t received anything.

    I haven’t even received a follow up call regarding when the damaged love seat will arrive. Totally unacceptable business practices.

    I attempted to file a corporate complaint and was informed that this store is not corporate owned.

    I have been a loyal Ashley customer for years, but will never do business with this location ever again.

    This experience has been very disappointing.

  158. I have been waiting since August for my furniture. Your delivery people came to my condo for delivery today and left with my living room and bedroom furniture. The doorman went to let them in and they were gone. If there was an issue they could have called me as my home and cellular phone is in my records and we were waiting for them to come up. I have many more complaints like the delivery of a mattress without the bed. However, I just want what I have paid for. I have been calling all day and I’m still waiting for a callback. I understand COVID-19 has affected business but to be at a location and not wait for someone to let you in the building and not call the customer is poor service and obviously they did not care about the delivery or the customer. I will not be recommending your store.

  159. On 11.19.20,I put in a request to have my Storage Cabinet with bin, to be rescheduled to be delivered to 95 ne 159th street,north miami beach,fl33162,it has not arrived ,I have not received an email, informing me, about the hold-up, the order# is 725004310942. I was told it would arrive in 48 to 72 hours, nothing has happened.

  160. Please have your star stop lying to me! We bought a sofa and loveseat to be delivered today, which they did but forgot to tell us the loveseat won’t be delivered until AT LEAST Jan 5th MAYBE! Why didn’t my sales person tell me this when you took my money? Why didn’t customer service tell me that for two days to confirm OR LOSE GETTING IT DELIVERED! Your GRT is useless. They’d be better if they’d just answer the phone, but they don’t with any sense of urgency. Perhaps they’d be better working for McD’s cause they will t helping you! I’d like to renegotiate the price on my order based on the frustration factor alone! We have 3 bedrooms to redo so you’ll definitely get some of your money back, MAYBE (I’ll play your game now!). Call me 713-899-xxxx, I promise I’ll answer!

  161. I purchased a dinning room set over 10 months ago and still haven’t gotten one with no problems. They have been to my home about 10 times either something is broken, damaged by the person bringing or wrong piece. The delivery department send young people and they don’t want to do their job and report back lies, the last one which is today that I said we had covid. I am so upset because first he lied and secondly they left a damage China cabinet in my home. They did not want to do their job, left the China cabinet in middle of the floor along with the chairs. I am a senior citizen and cannot move any furniture. I am so disappointed in Ashley Furniture and my next step is calling our local channel news to see if he can help. I have been more than patient with you all and after 10 visit to my home it should have been corrected and it is not. I would like to hear from the owner of Ashley Furniture in Charlotte, NC ASAP

  162. I have made several attempts to get an ETA on my purchase.ABSOLUTLY no cooperation at all from the store in LABURNUM SQUARE IN RICHMOND ,VA. It has been several calls and several days and not even a courteous call back!! I was warned by other customers. once my purchase is complete I will cancel my credit card and most likely not be a return customer. Just terrible management!!!

  163. We purchased over $20,000 from Ashley. After 3 months and no mattress for our bed I agreed to take one that had been discontinued …..the only king size in the warehouse. It has NEVER opened out, still totally flat on corners. I’m told you won’t be replacing it. My husband side requires a foam wedge under his pillow to sleep. Thank you for looking into this issue.

  164. Well I have a rant and that’s with Ashley furniture I went in October and purchased a couch and was told it would be in December 19 I called on December 18 to see what time they would deliver my couch on the 19th they informed me at that time that they did not have me down for a delivery and it might be the end of the year before I get my couch.  No one from the store called to tell me my couch wasn’t going to be delivered I had to call there it’s right on my bill of sale to be delivered on December 19. (I know things are slow with Covid) On December 22 I got a call from Ashley furniture regarding my couch telling me that it may not be in until February then on December 23 I get a call from Ashley furniture informed me that my couch has come in they could deliver it on Saturday, December 26. On December 26 in the morning I got a call telling me that the couch will be delivered between 12 and 1230 well at 2 o’clock I called them because my couch had not come and they informed me that my time slot was 12 to 4 which is not what I was told , when the guys got here at a quarter till five to deliver the couch they cannot get it in the door there’s a couple things I could’ve done but they didn’t do that they just said we can’t get it in the door and what do you want us to do about it. I told them to take it back to the store I got on the phone with Ashley furniture told them what they did but they couldn’t get it in the door I was informed by Ashley furniture that they took a picture of my doorway they could not understand why they couldn’t get it in the door and I was told that they would bring it back that evening no one came back and the woman also told me to call her first thing on Monday morning(which why do I need to call her she should be calling me). Monday morning I called Ashley furniture the person I talk to on Saturday was not available of course I spoke to another gentleman and I told him what happened and what were they going to do about it and he said that he could refund my money which would be a credit to my credit card that’s paid off. I told them to cancel my order and credit my account a few minutes later after I got off the phone I get a call from a guy name Dave he asked me if I would explain everything that had happen. He ask if I would come in Saturday look at their inventory and see if I could find something else that I liked and they would make it right with me. I went in today and Dave came out to speak to me he act like he didn’t know what I was there for he was kind of arrogant with me I asked him what they were going to do for me for all the crap they put me through and he said well already did we had to pay to have the couch shipped here we had to pay to have the couch put together (how is that my problem) At that point I told him to credit my account and I won’t be shopping at Ashley furniture anymore nor recommend Ashley furniture to anyone very disappointed in their customer service very disappointed in this person that I met with today. I told them I was not going to give them a good recommendation anywhere.. I was at the Ashley furniture on Dublin Granville Road major disappointment 

  165. CUSTOMER ID KUBILEOS6ZC7 Date 09/07/2020

    I purchased from Ashley Furniture in Daytona Beach on 9/7/2020 mattresses 2 items # 2717231M and 2 motion bases TXL item #75486020A. They were delivered 10/9/2020. One of the bases looked like it was a repack for parts were missing and the vibrating part did not work properly. On 10/10/2020 I called Ashley Furniture to replace the defective base. They gave me a case # 02081888. Made numerous phone calls to Ashley Furniture and they said they were going to replace the base. The next phone call they said they were going to give me a refund on the base and on the third phone call they said they were going to fix the base which I did not agree to I want the base replaced with all the parts. It is now Jan. 4th. 2021 and Ashley has done nothing or even called me. POOR SERVICE.

    Lorraine Kubinski
    xx Curry CT.
    Palm Coast FL 32137
    386 775 xxxx

  166. I purchased an ACCRINGTON SIGNATURE sofa on 10/29/2020 on the Invoice (#1084) it states delivery on 12/5/2020. MAYA FURNITURE says it cannot deliver it because ASHLEY in WI. is closed due to the pandemic, Are You or are you not able to deliver my sofa to here in South Amboy NJ 08879 to MAYA FURNIYURE, 49 Victory Plaza, South Amboy NJ 08879. phone 973-563-xxxx.

  167. I finally purchased an accent table that I have wanted to a year. You can imagine how disappointed I was when I found parts delivered were defective. I called customer service at HQ and was hung up on twice. One of the staff was a customer service supervisor and not once did the return my call. I finally called my store-disconnected yet again. Called again and spoke with Destiny Moore in customer service. She walked me through the process and provided me clear direction and resolution process. I was so amazed by her professionalism and customer care! She was amazing! She processed the order for the correct parts and informed me I would receive them with in 5-10 business days. I wish you employed more staff like her. You almost lost a customer for life.

  168. My Fiancée Suzanne Hanna and I are very upset that our fireplace entertainment center arrived broken. We were told we would need to wait 3 weeks to get replacement glass shelves. We are not happy at all! How are you going to fix this situation? (4775 Gardenia Street Oceanside, CA 92057).

  169. I purchased a sectional sofa from Ashley Furniture in Brentwood, TN. on November 21, 2020 (Sales Order 0155406319). I decided to purchase the sectional because I was told by the salesperson that it would be in around December 10th. When I called customer service on December 11th, I was told that the sofa would not be in until February. As a result, I canceled my order on December 11th and asked for a full refund to my credit card. Since then, I have called the customer support line on three occasions, visited the store on one occasion and yesterday I called the store, all in an attempt to get my refund. In December, I requested that a member of management from customer service give me a call about the delay in getting my refund. Unfortunately, I never received a return call from management. Yesterday, when I called I was told that I had been mistakenly given a credit to the store instead of a refund, and that the $1,190.78 would be credited to my credit card account. It has been almost a month since I canceled my order and I still have not received a refund of my money. This is, by far, the worst experience that I have ever had with a retail store. I am very disappointed in my experience and I do not plan to ever shop with Ashley Furniture again.

  170. I went to Ashley Furniture online sales site to purchase a living room cocktail table. I clicked the button in the lower right hand corner to have an online attendant to assist in purchasing the order. I typed in exactly what I wanted to buy and immediately received a written response from the sales person. I successfully purchased the item. I received my receipt via email immediately after purchase. I proceeded to print a hard copy for my future reference. Three weeks afterwards, I received an email from Ashley Furniture Warehouse indicating your purchase has arrived at the warehouse and to set up a date and time for delivery. I called the toll-free number given in the email and requested to pick the item up directly the next day. The representative on the phone said that’s not a problem. I will set it up so you can pick it up yourself tomorrow. Fine. I traversed 50 miles to pick my item up and the assistant at the drive thru window asked for my receipt. I promptly put the receipt in the pull-out draw. I sat for 15 minutes with no communication. The drive-thru window assistant (Janet) sat back down at her. I blew my car horn after 10 more minutes to find out why it was taking so long. She got up from the chair and approached the window and said, “I don’t know why it taking so long to get a response from pickup.” So, I waited for another 20 minutes. She came back to the window and asked me if I placed this order on-line. I said yes. I just spoke with an Ashley Furniture rep on the phone who explained to me that from what she can tell my item was right there in the warehouse. The window assistant comes back and said, “I cannot release this item to you.” I asked, why not. She explained, it appears you have not paid any taxes on this. I asked to speak with the warehouse manager. She explained, “He’s in a meeting and will not be available for the next two hours.” Well, needless to say having driven 50 miles to pickup my own item, I was frustrated. If Ashley Furniture Online Sales did not assess tax, I feel it’s their mistake, not my mistake! I paid with the understanding that what I purchased was all transacted by Ashley Furniture Store. When I signed of on the online purchase that constituted an agreement between both parties on the purchase. It’s poor business to return later and invalidate my order while at the same time hold onto my money. What kind of business is this? I can assure you that I do not intend to make any purchase or carry-out any business with Ashley Furniture. I believe the most important thing is the customer service received at the drive-thru window with the assistant (Janet). It was unprofessional to have me sitting for over an hour with very little information about what’s going on. To top that, you then tell me that the warehouse manager will be unavailable for the next two hours. Never have I been more humiliated while making a purchase. The Ashley Furniture Warehouse Address is xxxx Green Park Drive, Green Park, MO 63123

  171. The unprofessional and careless rudeness and misinformed information from your delivery warehouse is terrible. at 1-866-787-7930 (amber and Courtney csr rep; I was misinformed by the store in lou, ky Jefferson st location. I purchase a expensive temper bed, was told that the old mattress would be removed from my home. the rude and irate rep who hung up on me stated that is not there policy refuse to let me speak with a Manager and refuse to give names. and refuse to transfer the call, I callback then Courtney answer and kept me on hold for 20min dilbertly so I can speak with a manger. If this is how this company handles customer services. I will not be purchasing another item again. The manager at the location did not tell me that was the rule about the old mattress, and did not tell me that was policy. I am very very upset of how your warehouse csr takes calls. I want this matter handle and I cant believe the unprofessionalism of your reps.

  172. I would like to receive all of the furniture I purchased (paid in full) in November 2020. I’m now being told it won’t be delivered until March 2021. I have NO furniture in my home and would like the order I’ve paid for delivered. Expected delivery date was 01/05/2021. Just simply would like a real answer if the furniture I paid for will ever be arriving? Do I need to purchase furniture somewhere else so we have somewhere to sit in our home?

  173. We purchased the Boulanger counter height set last year. We have 3 adults in the house and are very careful with furniture. The table top is peeling . We purchased through Curley Furniture in IL. They offered to try to do a repair , but I feel that will not resolve the chipping . It is a smaller area now, but just by gentle cleaning, it has the potential to spread easily. Please advise

  174. Hi I have spoke to 5 reps and 4 varies supervisor of both customer care and finance. I have an brandypolsxxxx with a statement stating that if I donate my chairs then I would be manually issued a check since my card is closed. I just spoke a rude supervisor who refused to give her name. However she is the last fiance supervisor I spoke with just 20 mins ago. She was supposed to transfer me higher up and instead I was on hold for 20 mins only to be told no and hung up on. My card is closed and I just want my chairs.

  175. Ordered a dining set for my mother for her new apartment in November. After waiting three different days for delivery, and assured by Mohammed in your victorville california store that it was in stock, the facility was then closed because of covid. I then requested cancelation and refund on my credit card was only offered 40% had to appeal to card company for difference. I will never enter this store again. Was promised $200 in gift cards for the inconvenience never received that either. Will shop elsewhere for my living room furniture we are about to purchase. Thanks for nothing! Michael percy

  176. Ashley lies and lies and lies!!!!! They don’t tell you about delays, they don’t call you to cancel your delivery, they lie about everything from the time you walk in the door! I will NEVER EVER use Ashley again and I will NEVER EVER recommend anyone else does either!!!!

  177. I am going to order both a bedroom set and living room furniture from Ashley. I asked if I could get the dual loveseat with a console but without the drink holders. I was told probably not. The drink holders look so cheap, are plastic that will scratch, and I do not want them in . The Fort Atkinson dealer will be calling in to find out if you will make a love seat without these drink holders. If not we will have to look at another brand. Please see what you can do.

  178. We purchased Dining Room Table and Chairs-We have had nothing but issues-the chairs are breaking, the leaf doesn’t even fit-apparently the 5 year plan we paid for you no longer use?? We want a new table or a $2308.29 refund-if fact this warranty is still good was a 5 year warranty

  179. Good Afternoon Customer Care, Hoping all is well & that you all are staying Safe &Healthy. My father & I went into the Baltimore Region Store that’s located in Rosedale back in October 2020. We purchase a bedroom set & living room set.  Our tranaction consist of cash, credit & financing.  I received a phone call mid- December stating that our purchase will not be available to mid- January.  I then called the Rosedale store early January 2021 to check on the delivery status of our purchase. I was then informed that my purchase was put back & is now out of stock due to the financing being expired. I am not clear on how the financing expired & why are we being penalized for it? I just purchased a new home & I wanted to do business with Ashley to insure that my house is furnished with quality products. I an very UNSATISFIED with this whole ordeal. Please inform me on how this can be corrected?

    Name: Inga Drewery

    Address: xxxxxx Garrett Court Owings Mills,  Maryland 21117

    Contact Info: Loveislxxxx

    (410) 215- xxxx

    Thank You In Advance Inga

  180. I am not happy with the type of chairs they sell because it is defective and they do not want to fix it at the branches

  181. iNV. 682001733 My couch purchased on 10/9/20 was deliver today (outside the contract of 10 weeks). It is broken. It is a recliner and neither recliner functions properly. Neither is secured properly and lift off the floor causing you to fall to the ground. The one headrest remote does not work at all and the outlets inside the console as well as the USB do not work. I want service but am being told that someone will call me in 7 – 10 days. This is unacceptable.

  182. I would not buy my dog a leash from Their customer service department is a flat out joke. All they can do for you is say, and I quote, “ oh I’m sorry that is not my department, call this number or hold (for 20 minutes only to be disconnected) and let me transfer you, only to be told, oh I’m sorry this is not my department let me transfer you.” Over and over no matter how many different numbers I called that I was given. Honestly, they have 4,000 dollars of ours, delivered a sectional without the end pieces and after calling for 7 days no one can tell me who to contact to get the remaining furniture pieces. I did find out the sectional has been discontinued so I guess they are so incompetent they just delivered what they had left in the warehouse. Incompetent rude disorganized THIEVES because they have my money however, I do not have what I paid for.

  183. I purchased furniture at the Ashley Store in Joplin, MO. I was told it would take 10-12 weeks. I am now going on 16 weeks without more furniture. It is almost impossible to reach them by phone. I will stay on hold for 20-30 minutes. Each time I call, they tell me a date that my furniture will be ready and it is never ready on that date. Last time I asked for a Manager. They could not get a Manager on the phone with me but said the Manager would call me. I undertand these are difficult times but there is no excuse for not calling someon back. It appears no one at this store has any pride in what they do. Iam just looking for someone to follow up with me. You can’t blame that on COVID

  184. Recently my wife and I visited the Ashley Store in Rockford, IL. looking for recliners with lumbar support. My wife has arthritis and back issues.

    We met the salesman {BEN} who was very friendly and showed us the various recliners they carried.

    The problem/issue is one of the recliners my wife tried out apparently has a battery in the chair, we both though it was electric. My wife sat in this chair and had it in the recline position, when she went to set back up the chair would not allow her to go back into the upright position.
    Ben the salesman then mentioned to us that the chair has a battery which operated the chair and that there was an alarm to notify when the battery was low, which he didn’t know why it wasn’t working.

    When I asked if he please plug the chaair in so my wife could get out of it, “BEN” laughed and said it was impossible since there was no electrical outlets in that part of the store.

    It was very hard on my wife to get herself out of this chair in that reclined position with her arthritis and back issues.

    We purchased our complete bedroom set from Ashley in Rockford some years back and have thought very highly of Ashley.

    This incident was unnecessary to happen and my wife suffered pain for it. We both thought it was very unprofessional that the salesman laughed when he said that there was no electrical outlets in that part of the store.

    We both weren’t happy with how my wife was put into a position of causing her additional unnecessary pain.

  185. Good morning Mr. Wanek,

    I wanted to share with you my experience with Ashley Furniture Home Store the past several months. In the past, I have purchased several pieces of furniture from various Ashley stores, all with a pleasant experience. However, this past experience was less than pleasant and definitely lacking in quality customer service.

    In October 2020, I made an online purchase of a Shay King Poster bed with 2 storage drawers. A few weeks later I received the bed, but it was missing the drawers. I wasn’t worried; I was sure all I needed to do was call and explain the situation. I called several numbers, and waited on hold for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, I got a voicemail message stating that I needed to leave a message and someone would return my call. I left a message. No one called. I tried several different numbers that I found on the online website, and each number had me on hold for 15 minutes and then this same voicemail message.

    After two days, I tried again, with no luck. I then reached out via the chat function on the website. After an entire day of waiting to be helped on the chatline, I had to close it out because I was leaving work. I was waiting in the chat 7 hours with no help. I tried the next day and eventually after several hours, was assisted. I explained the missing parts, and was told they would be shipped. I received the drawers on November 20, over a month after I had ordered the bed.

    This is not where my experience ends, however. I received two drawers, yes, but not the parts that the drawers slide into or that attach to the bed. I couldn’t use the drawers without the entire assembly. Again, I reached out to Ashley. I tried calling several times. No one returned my calls. I tried the chat function. That person gave me yet another number to call. Again, I could not reach a person, and no one called me back.

    Desperate, I tried the chat function again. By now, it was January 5, 2021. I was told the parts had shipped and would arrive in a week. Great! I requested a tracking number. The person on the chat replied vaguely that they didn’t have one and it would be emailed to me when they shipped, which was a contradiction to their first reply, which told me they had shipped. The person on the chat then told me that the request had been sent to UPS, who would deliver the parts, but that they hadn’t actually shipped, and when they did, I would receive an email with a tracking number.

    Which brings us to today, January 19th, two weeks later. I still had not received a tracking number or the parts. So again, I reached out via chat. After an hour, the very helpful representative, who had to call the parts department in order to track down the parts, provided me with an order number and has promised the parts will ship out and I should receive them in 10-14 days. This is wonderful, and I appreciate this representative’s customer service and tenacity. However, I wanted to make you aware of just how much time and stress this entire process has cost me.

    In my opinion, no customer should ever have to make more than one call to get helped. And they should not have to search and search for help. They should always receive a call back and when mistakes are made, someone should immediate make it right and apologize. Maybe offer a discount or coupons, but this is not what I experienced.

    Ashley is known to have good furniture at affordable prices, which is why I have purchased so many items in the past. However, this experience has been so difficult that I don’t know how I could spend my money at Ashley again in the future.

    I know you are a busy person, but I would greatly appreciate a response.

    Thank you for your time

    Elizabeth Brown

  186. Purchase a couch from Ashley’s Stockton Ca store on 10/28/20. My delivery date has been changed 4 times. Original delivery date was 12/11 Received 2 calls on 1/19 that the couch would be delivered on 1/21. A couple of ours later received another call that the delivery date had changed again to 2/27. An absolute horrible experience with Ashley’s. I want the couch delivered on 1/21. I want communication today from Ashley’s stating it will be delivered on 1/21. Customer ID is REYSTA.

  187. as a customer I think I should be able to have my monthly payment drafted from my bank account each month but have been told I have to go online to do so,and set up an acct online,I don’t feel comfortable putting my bank information online,I’m afraid of my bank info getting into the wrong hands,I have not received a bill twice now and had to pay by phone both times and guess I will have to do so every month,so I don’t get a service charge,your company should be able to set up a draft over the phone,but reading the complaints from customers I won’t be doing any business with your company when my acct is paid in full.Your customer service is lousy.

  188. I am so upset about my recently purchased 6 piece sectional couch only got 5 pieces missing a recliner side.its been a month and no piece. 4 calls,no credit, no call back im ready for u guys to take back the couch.

  189. Dear sirs:
    We have bought several pieces from Ashley’s. Now we realize of the COVID 19 issue, but we bought a sectional back in July 2019. We were told that we would get it in Septerber, then we were told in October,, next November,, etc.etc. We were told that we were going to get a text for sure today saying that they were bringing on this Friday, but we have no text. We just want to know what is the hold up, we understand COVID, but none of the other furniture took as long7 months. We feel that we should at least get recieve half off if we do get it.

    The order is under David Graham, xxxx Joshua Tree Drive NE Rio Rancho, NM 87144

  190. We ordered and paid for a couch on October 25th, 2020. Most recent communication with customer service seems to indicate that it “may” be ready for delivery by February 12th, 2021. In the intervening almost 4 months, Ashley has confirmed 4 separate delivery dates with us. If the couch was not ready, why were delivery dates given!? We sold our old furniture when we got the first delivery confirmation. Now we’re two months without furniture!

  191. I placed an order on December 6, 2020 for a dresser, two chests, and two nightstands. I was told my order would arrive the week of January 18, 2021, which is also what is says on my sales receipt.

    After not receiving ANY notification of an expected arrival date, I called Ashley Furniture in Manassas, VA where I originally placed my order and was told my shipment would not arrive until March because for SOME REASON my order had a quantity of FOUR chests on it instead of the two that I ordered. I later learned that the salesman who took my order in the store apparently had to make the quantity of chests four to fulfill some kind of price threshold to qualify for a package, but had NOT passed that information on to an associate or annotated that on my order. I also learned that January 18, 2020 was the date the furniture was anticipated to make it to the distribution center and NOT to my home. Again, a HUGE ERROR in communication on the salesman’s part.

    Had I not called the store on January 19 2021 to inquire about the status of my order, would I have received ANY notification that I wasn’t going to get my furniture until March?? According to Stacy at the Manassas store, once March rolled around apparently my projected delivery date would have been pushed AGAIN to May and would keep repeating that cycle until God knows when. Would anyone have caught the humongous error that was made by one of your associates had I not called? From the sound of it, I would just never receive my order which is completely ridiculous and unacceptable.

    Additionally, after speaking to Stacy on January 19th and being told it was an IT error and that she was going to get it resolved, I received absolutely NO follow up on the status of my order and to put an even WORSE taste in my mouth, NOBODY picked up the phone at the Manassas store yesterday, January 21st and I called literally FOUR TIMES. I called just now and again, no answer.

    For having spent over $3500 at your store, I’m extremely disappointed and unimpressed by the customer service I have received. At this point, I’m likely going to have to take even more time out of my day to go to the store in person and see what the problem is with my order.

    I would like this issue to be resolved ASAP and I sincerely believe some sort of compensation from Ashley furniture is in order because this entire ordeal is ridiculous.

  192. I have never experienced such frustration and dissatisfaction with a company as I have thus far with my only transaction with Ashley Furniture in Pottstown, PA. My wife and I paid for a kitchen set in full at the beginning of November and we were initially told that everything looked good for an early December delivery which was perfect. That is why went went forward with our purchase in the first place.

    Our delivery date came and there was no contact. I arranged my schedule o be available the delivery and it was obviously frustrating when there was no call and no delivery. I had to reach out to the store to figure out what was going on and was told the warehouse was waiting on one more piece so it would be the end of December for delivery. This was extremely inconvenient since we had to arrange things with someone else to help with the delivery since we were scheduled to be out of town.

    Again the delivery date came and no call or delivery. I again called up to the store and they told me that it was my issue that I arrange my schedule to plan for a delivery that I was told would happen since they never called to confirm. At this point I’m extremely irritated but my wife liked the set so I asked when to expect the delivery. At that point I was told it would be another month. Seriously!?! I’m extremely confused how it went from waiting on one piece to now at this point only having one piece in the warehouse.

    Trying to be understanding with the current conditions going on in the world I reluctantly allowed myself to wait for the additional month to pass.

    We are now at the end of January and had to call once again. I called a the store and they refused to talk to me. They put me on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. I called corporate and they said they would call the store to get us through. When the person in corporate called the store the sales person I. The store said they didn’t want to talk to us. We were then advised to go up to the store to confront the employees there.

    The absence of customer survive, and fact that we were sold on a false possibility to make a sale with over promising and under-delivering has resulted in the loss of a customer for life along with passing this experience along to everyone my wife and I know. If I allowed my 28 stores that I run to operate this way I would have to shut my doors because we would have no business and I would have no job.

    You should be ashamed as a company to allow this to happen because it is the worst customer service a company could ever provide.

    I expect a call or a response in regard to this message.


  193. I was using chat feature to solve my issue with a payment, see chat below, this is very rude and not professional

    Kevin at 17:03, Jan 23:
    one moment please
    You at 17:13, Jan 23:
    that is one long moment if you ask me
    Conversation closed by the agent at 17:14, Jan 23:

  194. I ordered a sectional during CO vid I understand it took time to get but I got the run around continuously trying to receive it on and off when it came it was all broken then it took them forever to bring that back and then when they brought the piece back that was broken forgot the legs to another piece it was the worst purchase in my life I will never purchase from your store again and was promised a $250 refund which Steve sanchez has gave me the run around sent me to Paul Wilson which doesn’t return messages it’s been one complete nightmare all I want is my refund and I will never visit your store again

  195. I have a problem with your cooperate office and the clackamas or office. Please have someone get in contact with me. I have been dealing with this since June.

  196. I spent $1200 on sofa/loveseat and quality is very poor. Cushions are not reversable for rotation. I spent $30 on a matching throw which I ordered on November 25, 2020 and delivery has been delayed 4 times. I still have not received it. It is impossible to reach Ashley by phone to speak to a live person, including at my nearest store! My nearest store is a 45 minute drive away. I will NEVER purchase from Ashley again. I will share my horrible experience on social media.

  197. I have been trying to get a answer from somebody from Ashley furniture. They ignore my emails and calls. I am hoping you can help me out.

  198. I have been having a problem with Ashley Furniture store in Murrieta Can since December 2020. I have gone up to the store several times and have not resolved this problem. When I call I never get an answer and I am transferred to customer service where they tell me that I have to go into the store. I explain to them that I have gone several times and still no help. My name is John Dodson phone number is 562-213-xxxx. If I do not get a response from you I have no alternative but to contact the better business bureau because this is not good customer service. Thank you

  199. Good Evening,
    I made a purchase on 11/2016 which included sectional sofas, cocktail table and kitchen table with four chairs and a large upholstery bench. I called a week ago for services on the table and for stains on the bench. Yesterday a tech came to my home who at first was pleasant. He explained he was just here to inspect the table and try to clean and remove the stains from the bench. He took pictures of the table said he will submit to the office. He worked on the bench for less than five minutes and when he finished I told him the stains are still not off. His response to me was what do I expect I’ve had the bench for three years which is not acceptable to respond to any customer that way. We purchased a five year warranty that clearly saids you will replace for any stains on the fabric doesn’t give you timeframe of when to get it replaced. The sales person told us anytime within those five years I call it in. I spoke to Maria from customer service that they were sending out another tech to look at the table because services was refused and that was not the case! He stated he couldn’t service it he was there just to inspect it and then stated my bench can’t be replaced because it looks like accumulation of stains! Are you kidding!!! I will never ever buy from your store and will not recommend any family or friends either. On top customer service out me on a dead silent pause on the phone and she wouldn’t give me a manager name that I can talk to and told me I had to wait for one to call me. Then calls me back to ask me if I want to cxl the service and I said no I asked to speak to a manager.

  200. Please help me,,I bought a cal king mattress from the Missoula mt store,,after I had done the paperwork to purchase with the understanding I had 30 days . The manager a man named Jeff told me I couldn’t do that with a cal king.
    That it would be to hard for him to sell it ..I expressed my fear of ,,what if the mattress hurts my body? I paid 2400.00 dollars for this bed .it is causing me so much pain,,its just to hard,,I’m in tears rite now because of how much my hips hurt from it… the manager told me well if you cancel were still going to charge you 20 percent to restock even though the bed hadn’t been pulled..It took 6 weeks for me to get it….A very kind gal there I spoke with later said she had never heard of such a policy..I cannot afford another one now,,,I need the softer bed ..PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME!!! sherrie Harguess
    406540xxxx please help me

  201. Good afternoon,
    My daughter who is a high risk pregnancy is sitting on a mattress on her living room floor because they are now pushing back her furniture purchase to April which is unnacceptable. She is been given the run around on this. I plan to escalate this if I do not receive a response. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Denise Moss

  202. I purchased a bed and mattress in Dec. 2020. The bed that was sent to me was used, scuffed, and paint chipping. The wrong mattress was delivered. I have contacted the store several times as well as gone down there. I get the run around each time. Please call me regarding this matter or I will have no choice but to make a complaint with the better business bureau.

  203. Always getting the run around about my remote control for my fireplace. Delivered without one. I want you to come take your stuff back.

  204. The two deliveries guys that built my dining room, and my bed room stole one box with jewelry and my engagement ring.How we can I get my stuff back.? I still on shock how they will do that.I was alone with my newborn when they where in my bedroom.I’m 💯 % they took it no one has being in my house since I just move in 1 week ago.And when me and my husband start counting the box in our bedroom we noticed that we missing the whole box 📦.One guy delivered was name Erick Cortes I don’t know the offer guy name.I will have to do a police report ASAP.And hopefully u can find him and returned jewelry specially my engagement ring .Please call me back 201-310-xxxx

  205. Good Morning. My husband and I purchased a bedroom set from Ashley Homesite back in August or September of 2020. We have had nothing but problems since purchasing our bedroom set. After waiting 3-4 months they delivered 1 item! And it was damaged and didn’t leave the truck. After that they delivered the bedroom set and the same item was damaged again along with the bed. We exchanged that set for another. The drivers said they couldn’t get it upstairs! Wow! The other bedroom set is up there. They damaged my home and left it in disarray! Also, they left us with 2 dressers and no Chester draw! And they ripped our mattress and didn’t bother to tell us. Yes, I am omitting a lot due to length of time. We took photos if everything. We would like to hear from Todd Wayne on how we are going to resolve this matter. We hope to hear your response soon. The Palmers.

  206. We would like to have an executor member call us. Ashley in Austin, Texas has given us the run around so bad. We are on our fourth table, first one was wrong the last three were water damaged. We have been ingnored and treated like shit. We are going to get on every social media platform we can find blasting the sheer poor customer service we have experienced. We try to call them, we were told their phone system was down for more than four months, just on and on.

  207. February 2, 2021
    Mr, Wanek,
    I sincerely hope this email will be read by you directly. My name is Marina Thorne and I live in Sparta, TN. I purchased a desk from your Cookeville, TN. store located at 620 W. Jackson St. 38501. The phone number is…
    When this desk was delivered I paid to have it assembled by Ashley employee’s. During assembly they turned the desk upside down and caused multiple scratches and gouges. After I discovered this I called the store to complain. I was given an email address with instructions to send pictures which I did. I never received any correspondence back from them. So I called the store back and they made arrangements to receive a new desk. The catch was it wouldn’t be delivered until mid-May. Then about 10 days ago they called back to make arrangements to deliver the replacement desk.
    Today was that day. When the delivery boys arrived, it was then that I was informed it was a drop off delivery only!!! A I was never made aware of this in advance. I’m livid to say the least. What kind of customer service is this? Ashley employees are the ones totally responsible for the damage caused to this desk, and they don’t have the common courtesy to assemble the desk for me by order of another employee?
    I’m a 66 1/2 year old female veteran who is 100% disabled. I was on SSDI until I turned 65 in June of 2019. I need assistance with ADL on a daily bases and I have a service dog. I’m not capable of assembling anything. The original desk took two physically healthy delivery boys almost a hour to put together. But Ashley expects me to to do this myself? I had no choice but decline the box. I’m at very high risk for Covid and I don’t allow anyone into my home. But I have made a few exceptions. The desk was one of those exceptions. Before the delivery boys left I was on the phone with Ashley Furniture. I asked for a supervisor. I was connected with Rob. He made it perfectly clear he had no intention of righting the wrong of Ashley employees. So I asked him for the name and address of the owner of Ashley Furniture. He told me he had no idea. I told him I didn’t believe him. He claimed to not have an employee number when I asked. The only thing he would give me was Rob, and his ext. number. So I told him I would get that information from the internet.
    I paid over $400 between the desk and assembly. I didn’t pay over time but rather with a cc. which was paid in full when the bill came in.
    Last night I found an entire bedroom suit on line sold by Ashley. But after the very unprofessional response that I received from Rob I’m reconsidering having any further dealings with Ashley Furniture all together. My plan was to purchase a complete bedroom suit for my master bedroom/suite that will be completely remodeled into a farm house bedroom in the near future. Shiplap included. I now have to rethink purchasing anything more from Ashley. All I was asking for was this supervisor to have the desk sent out today assembled for me at no charge.
    What has happened to respect for the elderly, veterans, let alone the customer? If you are so inclined please call Rob and introduce yourself.
    Thank you for your time.
    Marina Thorne

  208. Hi, I am first time buyer at your store and was very satisfied with my sales guy but I opted to go to the Gran Prairie Warehouse to pick up the items that I purchased and was very disappointed at the customer service. The people in the front office were rude and I had to wait 1 hour to pick up 3 stools that were in stock. Your system is very antiquated and I will no longer shop at your store

  209. I bought a bedroom set at the Ashley store at Alpharetta Georgia last December. I waited 3 weeks and delivered the bed and a dresser. I was asked to wait for a delivery. nobody communicated with me regarding my purchased. I contacted the store and scheduled a delivery that included a dresser with a mirror and a nightstand for February 7, 2021. I received a delivery that included a dresser with a mirror. I am missing a nightstand. I payed for the furniture at the time was ordered. I want accountability and compliance on the e services requested.

  210. The most stressful, horrible experience I have ever had as a consumer. The customer service is terrible. People lie constantly, pass the buck, and have absolutely no problem solving skill or empathy for the purchaser. I will never do business with Ashley Furniture again, and I will deter anyone who is thinking of buying furniture from you store in Plano TX, on 1201 N. Central Expressway, to go else were. The most dishonest business practices I have ever had the displeasure dealing with.

  211. Had a sofa delivered on 26th of February. Sofa is defected and I also got my hand stuck with a industrial sewing needle that was left in the sofa. I have rang and emailed but keep getting the run around. I need to speak with someone. You were fast enough to take my cash. But terrible customer service. This is ridiculous. Answer your customers. Store would not help in anyway, just took my money .

  212. I have made a purchase and I am due to receive a replacement for the damaged goods I have not been in contact with anybody they canceled my order abs YIUR customer service has been hanging up on my calls. I’m demanding a manager to contact me. I reached out to BBB and I’m going to contact the news. This company has been very unprofessional 631-678-xxxx

  213. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am very disappointment with the Ashley delivery services. I made a purchase of a dinning set and a living room set, both in January 4th. The delivery was broken in two different delivery orders. The first one was finally delivery a week ago after failing delivery in two different days. The second one was scheduled for January 22nd, then to February 16th, and now I was informed yesterday that will be in March 21st…that’s over 10 weeks which is the latest you guys “offer” to the public. VERY, VERY disappointed

  214. This complaint was also sent to the CEO Email.

    I am writing this correspondence because it is the only avenue in which I have as a consumer to express my extreme discontent and horrible experience as a consumer with your company. I won’t go into the unpleasant details since I purchased from your store located at 1201 N Central Expressway Plano Texas. I will say that since January 12th when I purchased the
    items in which I paid in full approximately $5,917.00 worth of merchandise, and up till now, what I have experienced from salespeople and customer service is consistent lying, and deceptive business practices. When presented with facts, they had absolutely no problem-solving skills and an outright disregard for me as a customer. Their lack of concerns, and a complete lack of empathy was infuriating. After a month of very unpleasant interactions with your employees, I finally received part of my items with one of my major items sitting at the warehouse unscheduled and did not arrive with the items delivered. No one had an explanation. Then to find out the same day, one of the major items I ordered was not even available for order. No one knew when it was going to be available or scheduled. I went into the store in Plano two days before my delivery to specifically make sure everything was to be delivered and I was lied to. I was never told by the salesman that one of the items was not available and they had no idea when it was going to be. Instead everyone was passing the blame from one department to another. After much confusion I decided to ask for a refund for the item that was not available. Back in January when I ordered the items and paid for them in full the salesman gave me 2 pillows free for paying in full almost $6000 in merchandise. When I asked the store for a refund the store manager woman called me back and said that she was now going to charge me for the pillows and deduct it from my refund of only 1 item out of seven. I told her that it was deceptive and unfair and she was to hold my refund hostage and not process it if I didn’t concede. I no longer wanted to do business with your company or argue with anyone else so she deducted the cost of the pillows from my refund which was $300.00 plus tax. Her name is Cathleen Foster and the telephone number she called me from was 1 (504) 952-1458. She was claiming that the pillows were free because I purchased the adjustable bases and they came with them, but that is not true. The pillows were free due to the fact I paid for the entire order in full. Your employees reneged on that deal. In fact I only asked for a refund on one adjustable base, the one that was not available, so I should not have been charged for two pillows only for one if that’s what she is claiming. You should know that these types of business practices are happening at your company.


    Diona Ellis

  215. We purchased a sofa in September 2020 and continue to receive the wrong setup twice now or empty delivers. Please help.

  216. I purchased insurance on for couch and loveseat for 5 years.I filed claim over a month ago and they have still not found company to come out and clean stains.

  217. Ashleys has nice furniture but by far has the worse customer care I have ever experience. On October 30, 2020 we received the full bedroom set however when the delivery guys were opening the boxes to install the bed, they noticed that the rails were scratched which they showed me. I told them I want a replacement but will take those as conditioned. They submitted the request as well as took pictures however it took almost two weeks before scheduling a tech to come out and see if it was fixable or replacable which never happened. I had to call to first set it up then when it was scheduled the tech never called to say he was on his way. It was until 2 weeks later when we actually got the replacement rails after talking to customer service for 2 hours and submitting my own pictures as well that the rep escalated the replacement rails to the exchange team. Then in January we noticed that the bed was falling about that the middle was broken and we cannot sleep on it. We also noticed that the chest dresser has a drawer that the sliders were coming apart loose. We submitted a claim to have a tech come out and take a look but never received any type of call or message. Then last week I emailed customer care to let them know about our 2 claims and just this week happen to see a response in my spam inbox asking for us to take pictures of the damage products and email them to customer care. I had to email them every day since last week before getting a response from them. We have even went into the store to talk to the store manager to see if we can exchange the bedroom set for a completely different one and with an attitude told us he cannot do that that he has not authority to exchange for different model that the only thing he can do is exchange for a new one of the same model. Well we told him that if the bedroom set keeps breaking and falling apart why would we go through with the whole submitting claim and waiting like a month before we get a response from customer care. We have even asked to speak with the general manager about this situation. Ashley’s has nice furniture but it is poorly assembled and worse the customer care just lacks service. Don’t blame stupid Covid on the lack of poor customer service when all of them are working from home. Do not blame the pandemic for that. Train your staff with upmost excellence in handling customer complaints in a fairly fast manner. I just don’t get the fact that they tell us a tech is supposed to come out then they tell us to take the pictures instead. And then its another 2 to 3 weeks before getting the replacement items. I’m never buying from Ashleys again after this incident. We will also be filing a complaint on the BBB of this incident due to the lack of customer service.

  218. I am waiting on replacement cushions. 3 weeks ago I sent an email to Marcela never heard anything. The last two weeks I called and left messages with customer servce. Never recieved a phone call back. I finally went in to find out what was going on. The customer service manager was not in. Spoke to the sales manager. He had the customer service manger call me the next day. Her excuse was they were very busy. I said for three weeks? Sorry that does not fly with me. Talk about poor customer service

  219. I bought furniture from your store in Claremont of CA. Very bad service and delivered damaged furniture to me. And never answer my email and never response to repair. Your company discriminated for I am a Chinese buyer and can’t communicate good. I want to complain it and hope you can help. Thank you!

  220. Hello, I am purchasing an Ashley Furniture Dinning Set and was wondering what do you use to clean the table top? The name of the table is Bolanburg and it has a number D647 (table has 3 drawers on both sides)

  221. I would like this message to go to the Corporate Office. In the beginning of January 2021 I received a call stating my sleeper sofa would not be ready until March 31st to contact the store in Modesto to discuss further. I did. I met with the store manager David. I even let David listen to the voice mail message. I told David I didn’t want to wait until March 31st. He said if I was willing to keep the sofa I have in my living room he would work out a deal with me I asked what he had in mind. He agreed to take $380.00 off of the price I paid for the sofa if I cancelled the sleeper sofa. I agreed. To date the amount has not been deducted from my account but I have received 4 phone calls saying my sleeper sofa is ready for delivery. Then I get a call saying no it’s not and won’t be until March 31st. I called the delivery dept They have no idea why I am getting the calls, they don’t even know where the sofa is at.

    My daughter lives in Fort Worth Tx. After all the trouble I have had I sent her to Ashleys to look for furniture because all she has had for the past 2 months since leaving her boyfriend of 8 years is a blow up bed and a folding chair. I was going to charge the sofa or bed whatever she wanted on my credit, 3 Sales rep literally laughed at her and said she would not be approved credit…without even running it or asking how she was going to pay for it. The last rep even said, really lets start over when she explained her situation. She left there telling me she must really have looked homeless,

    I;m not sure how Ashleys stays in business. Last time I was in the Modesto store waiting to talk to David, I overheard him telling another employee how worthless the mattresses were that they were putting on sale. Seriously, I have never been so discussed, so humiliated felt so bad for my daughter. or for that matter anyone shopping there. My daughter is going through depression because of her situation and all I want to do is cry for her.

  222. I am writing to complain about not getting anyone to refund my check. I purchased a recliner on Friday January 22. I canceled my order on Saturday January 23. My check was cashed by Ashley on January 25th. I can not get anyone on the phone. No one is assisting me. I am very disappointed in your company

  223. My husband and I ordered furniture on December 1, 2020 from the Reno Nevada Ashley furniture. We were informed there was a 30 day back order and completely agreed to that. After the 30 days I called for the delivery status and was informed that there would be another month and a half. That date was yesterday so I called today to get the delivery status to only be informed that our order was canceled. We did not cancel our order. We were also informed that if we want our order we have to come back in the store to re-sign the paperwork and the order would start all over so we wouldn’t get the furniture again for at least 30 days, at least. I have opted to keep the order canceled now due to the complete inconvenience, however, they were unable to help me with any of my questions about why our order was canceled. They just said I would have to start over. They said that there were no notes from the CSR that canceled the order and there was nothing they could do. If we would’ve known that we would never have bought the furniture or tried to. I usually don’t file complaints but I find the customer service extremely lacking. I also think it’s extremely abnormal for all of this to happen. Buying furniture shouldn’t be this hard. And we were well within the 90 day finance rule.

  224. Attn: Mr. Wanek, President and CEO of Ashley Furniture
    I hope you’re doing better than I this day. Of course this missive is addressing a matter of disappointment on the consumer end of an attempt to purchase your product here in Memphis, TN.
    My name is Donald Mooney and I’m writing you after numerous promises have been made but not kept from one of your franchises here in Memphis, TN. I have a payment coming due and only a portion of the items contracted with the furniture store have shown up. It’s been over a week since the latest promise and if I were the top guy of a national chain I’d want you to be aware of this kinda activity with hopes that its not common practice.
    I’ve attached the contract that was signed on the 12/21/21. Delivery date was scheduled for the 1-2-21. In the meantime got a call the mattress was not available and the only available mattress was one that cost more than the contracted purchase and couldn’t be delivered until 1-19-21. I went by after work and we worked out the mattress moved up the delivery date. Upon delivery of the furniture there were a couple of scratched areas. I was just wanting to get on with the purchase. The chest drawer was so damaged that it was returned back to warehouse. They would get back to me and schedule a date to deliver the remaining of our purchase agreement
    No word. Crickets!!! So I went by there the following Saturday afternoon and they seemed a little surprised and apologized nothing was documented and scheduled. They said they would call me with a new delivery date. I was in the area on Saturday the 30th of January, one week later and they again apologized and said they would get back with me on the following Monday with some indication on when to expect the remainder of my purchase agreement.
    As of super bowl Sunday it’s been over a week since my last contact and promise that “I would get a call on the following Monday.” It hasn’t happened yet. I have not heard a word and unfortunately I feel I’ve been strung along to the point I don’t believe they are forthcoming on their promises and I am notifying you. If this were you and you were in my shoes, attempting to purchase close to $3000 worth of furniture, from an industry staple for the first time, what resolute outcome would you be seeking? Your staff has been cordial in this matter, unfortunately just not very truthful!
    Don Mooney 2-7-21
    I sent this to the person named at the top. NO RESPONSE!!!

  225. First, please overlook my grammar, punctuation, etc. as I am writing this letter in a hurry because I need your help. I am writing about Ashley Furniture, 701 Skyland Blvd, 35405 and the phone number is 205-366-2295
    I received an incoming call from Ashley Furniture at 1:53pm on February 1, 2021 informing me that my new furniture has arrived and what day do I want it delivered. I chose Friday, February 5, 2021 of the 3 options of Friday, Saturday, or Monday. I asked the rep what time the furniture will be delivered, and he said he does do the scheduling and their scheduling department will give me a call.
    I have not heard anything from the scheduling department so, I called Ashley Furniture at 6:12pm, February 3rd and no one answered the phone. I then called back on February 4th at 11:41am and was transferred to the scheduling department because they do not handle the scheduling and I need to speak to the dispatcher. I informed her that I am calling a half day before my delivery is supposed to be made and no one has contacted me, to confirm the date and time of the delivery. She said I was schedule for Friday, February 5th and she could not confirm a time. I then replied and said I need a late appointment and the dispatch begin to tell me that I must wait until I received a call. I then told her how much longer I need to wait, and my delivery date is for tomorrow and I am the one who is calling. I was told that someone was supposed to call me 2 days in advance and it did not happen. I told her to cancel that delivery date if it cannot be made after 3pm. The dispatcher told me that it would be a $80 cancellation fee. Then I said, how can I cancelled something that has not been confirm without being contacted by the delivery. I was on this call for 14 minutes as I told her that I was not paying a cancellation fee for a delivery confirmation especially since no one has contacted me. I asked if the delivery could be scheduled Saturday, February 13, 2021 because I would be home all day and the time does not matter.
    To confirm if my furniture is scheduled for Saturday, February 13th, I called Ashley Furniture on 2-10-21 at 11:48am and was transferred to the scheduling department and I stayed online for 2 minutes. I called again on 2-10-21 at 12:09pm to be transferred to the scheduling department again and I was on hold for 3 minutes. I called back again on the same day and I was transferred to the scheduling department on 2-10-21 at 2:55pm and I was on hold for 9 minutes to speak to the dispatcher and she confirm the delivery date for 2-13-21 but no time.
    On Saturday, 2-13-21, I called Ashley Furniture at 10:46am and was on hold for 16 minutes to speak with the scheduling department. She confirms I was still on the route but could not provide an estimate delivery time and stated she will call me back in about 30 minutes to give me an update. I provided my name and number again as I waits for a return call.
    After waiting a couple of hours for her call and I decided to call again as 2 hours or more has passed. I called at 3:46pm and was transferred to the scheduling dispatcher and I was waiting to speak to her in the que for 22 minutes and after waiting at caller 6, when I was caller 1, the phone took me out of the que and asked me to leave a message. I called again at 4:08pm and spoke to someone at Ashley store and they said I had to speak to the schedular department. I called the scheduling department number directly (205-417-7776 or 205-417-7779). I called the scheduling department at 5:48pm (my call was rejected), I called at 5:50pm, 5:51pm. At 5:55pm, somehow an incoming call from Ashley was coming through and it was missed as I was on the phone and tried to answer Ashley’s call. A voice message was left so I listen to the voice message before calling back and the voice message said they had a glitch in the system and my delivery did not pull over. I am furious at this time as I waited all day Saturday, walked around with my phone in my pocket. I can understand if there was a glitch in the system, but I cannot understand why the scheduler/dispatcher did not know about this when I spoke to her at approximately 11:am on 2-13-21 and waited until closing to call me back. I understand glitches and I understand when thing is messed up and we then to use the term “computer glitch” as an explanation. However, this glitch is not my fault and I should not be penalized for it. This is horrible customer service and I do mean horrible. They claim to have tried to call me and I did not respond as this is a lie. I can prove how often I have called as I have been the only one making all the calls. I sure would like for Ashley store and the scheduler department to confirm how often they have call me oppose to the numerous of calls I have made.
    However, I did try to return the called 205-417-7779 and the scheduler department is closed. They waited until closing to return my call and request me to called them and reschedule. I then called Ashley store and spoke to a Manager by the name of Devin or Desmond (not sure) and I explain what was going on and he and Adrianna said they will try to reach out to the scheduling department and let them know I could be available all-day Monday, February 15, 2021. As I was speaking with Devin, Adrianna said she will request a Wednesday, February 17, 2021 a new delivery date and Adrianna said she will email the scheduling department to let them know that I will not be available until after 3pm on 2-17-21.
    All day Monday, 2-15-21 I have not received a call from the scheduling department. Remind you I have been told several times that they supposed to call me 2 days in advance (24 hours). Tuesday, 2-16-21 at 8:22pm I received a text stating my delivery has been scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, 2021 between 9:30am and 12:30pm. How and why would they wait all day long to reach out to me via text about my delivery. Again, this is very unprofessional with extremely horrible customer service. I was in the bed as I work from 6am to 2:30pm. This is unacceptable as to I did not agree to the time and if I could have someone home for me the late notification did not help.
    Today, 2-17-21, I call the store at 10:56am, 10:58am, 11:00am, 11:59 am and was on the phone for about 9 minutes discussing my delivery with the schedular department. I told her that I received a text about my delivery at 8:22pm and that was poor customer service. I told her that I could not be at home around that time and I requested a late delivery. The dispatcher did confirm she saw a note/email in the system that I requested a late delivery. She said the message said as late as possible for my delivery. I explain to her that I need the delivery to be made after 3pm. The dispatcher said she could accommodate me, and the drivers will call me when they are on the way. I told her that if they come before 3pm that no one will be home. The dispatcher asks me again, so are you cancelling the delivery and I said yes, if it delivered before 3pm. The dispatcher said okay and did not offer me another delivery date and hung up the phone. I guess my furniture will be delivery when ever she decides to schedule it and I suppose to be ready at all time. I have not heard anything from the scheduler department since that call earlier today.
    Again, I am highly upset and call the Ashley store and I spoke to Brandon. I explain to him the delivery situation and he apologizes but I prefer to have my furniture. I told him that as of 12:06pm, I have not heard anything from the delivery guys. At 12:16pm the delivery driver calls to say he would be 30-40 minutes before arriving to my house. I told Charlie that I would not be at home and not to make the delivery. I explain the so call Saturday glitch with my delivery and Charlie said they have been messing up a whole lot. What Charlie said confirms all this unnecessary drama of having my furniture delivered.
    I am writing all of this to say that I am unhappy, displeased, and disappointed with Ashley’s customer service that I have received. I do not know when my furniture will be delivered and to make things worst is that I live 0.08 miles from the store.
    Valorie Harper
    xxxx 61st Street
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

  226. Hi… I’m looking for particular coffee tables that the store can’t get anymore. Please can you find them?🙏 I have pictures of them. Thank you

  227. Hi, my name is Yolanda Bryant. I purchased over $10,000 worth of furniture from one of your locations on 4535 Galleria Blvd Birmingham, AL 35244. While purchasing no one told me that their would be significant delays due to COVID. Two months after ordering furniture my sales associate then informed me it would be 12-16 weeks. This was October 30, 2020 it is now February 18, 2021 and I still haven’t received all of my furniture. The 16th week mark was last week, we spoke with a representative that told us our furniture would be shipped at the end of March. In fine print it says 12-16 weeks, March is way over that. This unacceptable we don’t have beds, night stands, or dressers. They’re supposed to notify us and update us on the status of our delivery, they do not. They’re very rude and no help at all. Please feel free to contact us via email.

  228. Hi, I have had a HORRIBLE experience with my purchase and cannot get any help. They delivered a sofa that was damaged and getting it returned is a NIGHTMARE. Even the store manager told me that “it’s a nightmare” to return. The cushion was entirely busted and the delivery folks just turned it around so I wouldn’t see it. The sofa is damaged all around and smells. Also, the table they assembled had a nail sticking out of it and the delivery folks ruined my rug. So I have two cases opened for those. I can’t get a human being to talk to me – I just get the voicemail box dead ends.

  229. August 25, 2019 I purchased a living room suit. September 2020 one of the pieces the loveseat had broken, call the insurance that we had purchased they were going to fix it someone came out looked at it in October 2020 never heard from anyone again until December 23, 2020 and said that they were going to replace the piece of furniture because it could not be fixed never received a call back January 20, 2021 called said that they were going to replace the piece of furniture and was going to be at my house by 27 January 2021. Ashley‘s furniture called and said that our furniture had been discontinued that all they could offer us was a credit to our account and we could purchase something else. I looked at the show room Nothing their match the existing furniture that I have in my living room I do not wish to have furniture that does not match so then we tried to get a refund called several times to the insurance Ashley‘s furniture no one would help us and gave us the runaround now we have a claim number of 02570242 going to escalation because the Ashley furniture would not give us a refund so then maybe I could buy furniture that match I’ve been dealing with this since September 2020 and now it is February 2021 I just wish to have a refund instead of a credit so eventually I can buy furniture for my living room that matches.

  230. Purchased a clock in either August or September of last year and it has already stopped working. I called the store and the only thing I was told was that you have a 7 day return policy- I would hope it would not break in that amount of time. It seemed like we got the one off the wall even though we paid full price, over $300 for it. Seems like this type of item should last more than 6 months so I am reaching out to see if I have any options. I did not speak with our salesperson (Jake) but would like to note we spent about $8,000 at the store. Additionally, we brought in my sister in law, neice and nephew and they made purchases. Any help would be appreciated. Our orders are under my name below, or under Shane M. Noel- same credit card and the purchases were at the Coralville, IA. location. Thank you,