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McDonald’s Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Mcdonald’S Plaza
Oak Brook, IL
Company Contact
Chris Kempczinski
Phone Number
(630) 623-3000
Fax Number
(630) 623-5004
Employee Count
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McDonalds Email – McDonalds CEO Email Address:

Mr Chris Kempczinski
McDonalds Ceo Email[email protected]
McDonalds Corporate Phone Number(630) 623-3000
McDonalds Corporate Website
McDonalds CIK Number0000063908

What is McDonald’s’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

McDonald’s’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-630-623-5004.


What is McDonald’s’s Customer Service Phone Number?

McDonald’s’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-244-6227.


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Call the numbers above or:

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Write to McDonald’s Mail Address at:

McDonald’s Corporation
2111 McDonald’s Dr.,
Oak Brook, IL 60523

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McDonald’s Executive Team.

This is McDonald’s management team:

  • Steve Easterbrook
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Francesca DeBiase
    Chief Supply Chain and Sustainability Officer
  • David Fairhurst
    Executive Vice President, Chief People Officer
  • Robert Gibbs
    Chief Communications Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations
  • Jerry Krulewitch
    Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
  • Silvia Lagnado
    Executive Vice President, Global Chief Marketing Officer
  • Kevin Ozan
    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Mason Smoot
    Senior Vice President, Strategic Alignment and Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO
  • Daniel Henry
    Executive Vice President, Global CIO
  • Lucy Brady
    Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development

USA Team.

  • Kristy Cunningham
    Senior Vice President, Strategy
  • Marion Gross
    Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management, McDonald’s USA
  • Charlie Robeson
    Chief Restaurant Officer
  • Mike Soenke
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Morgan Flatley
    Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s U.S.
  • Chris Kempczinski
    President, McDonald’s USA
  • Jano Cabrera
    Senior Vice President, U.S. Communications, Global Media, and Public Relations

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  1. I have called #18779 many times and they do not answer. I left my wallet there, so I anxious to talk to someone. Can you help?

        1. Raymond make order in advance get there is never ready and never get the order correct and then they always have a attitude with me like they don’t want to be at work l didn’t tell them to take that job they asked for it. This is at the Jonesboro Louisiana zip code 71251. They to have more customers caring.

        1. that was a very rude answer, sounded like it came from an uneducated person who has no respect for the feelings of others. Good job lady, i hope you don’t hold a corporate position!!!

          1. It likely was another person like me who doesn’t even work at the company. I suspect nobody. Even sees these comments except other commenters.

          2. You are so right!!!!! How an uneducated employee can hold a position with the company and speak like that is beyond me. I to have had the same/similar experience with various locations through out the Houston area.

    1. This was written 5/21/18. I see no responses. I just wrote to request to buy micky-d’s tea bags. Is my request (and yours) echoing in outer space? Is this whole thing a place to make people feel listened to when micky d could not care less

    2. The last three times I’ve been to Mac’s at 452 Nepean hwy Frankston the ice cream machine been out of order I’ve been four time in the last five months

      Oh come on surely they can do better like get a new machine

      1. I know how you feel. I’ve been going to different McDonalds trying to get a frappe. Every week something is broke or they dont have ice. How hard can it be to get ice. It’s the people that dont wont to work and they are so rude. I’m in South Carolina. Mcdonalds corporation needs to take a look at what is happening in the stores

  2. I went to the McDonald’s in Burnsville, Minnesota on Nicollet Ave. That store is filthy! The pop dispensers haven’t been cleaned for months. The deep fryers from the ordering counter looked like it has grease build up. I took several pictures, l wish l could upload them. If I’m not mistaken, l believe this store is a “corporate” store. I hope they get there act together soon.

  3. Apparently McDonalds just ignore comments. McDonald’s is not above anyone. I have a compliant but obviously there’s no point to it.

  4. I went into the Mc Donalds at 2608 BRAKER LN W AUSTIN, TX 78758. 512-837-8616 I noticed that the American Flag was still at 1/2 mast weeks after it was to be raised again. After service, I asked for the Manager and told him they needed to raise the flag to the top. He chuckled and said “okay yea” so that was almost a week ago. Your corporation needs to contact him to put the flag back up! Disgraceful!

  5. I gave up on Mcdonalds having any semblance of tasty food long ago. But I found something out recently. I happened to eat a big mac at the el segundo one on sepulveda and El Segundo blvd, and it was great! Even though It is combined with a Chevron station, the dining room is really nice with (believe it or not) fresh cut flowers on the tables. But its really the food that is different. All McDs in my area, 2 on lincoln Blvd. and one in CC on sepulveda, and also the one at overland and venice suck so bad its pathetic. I went to El Segundo a second time with a friend and he agreed it was really good. So I heard that the reason is the El Segundo location is franchise owned and the other ones are corporate locations, Supposedly the franchise owned ones are more concerned with quality. All the money that corporation has and they can’t afford quality at their own stores? they should be ashamed of themselves. Or if you read this, please stop by the El Segundo and find out what they are doing and make it happen in my area so I don’t have to drive all the way over there to get a good Big Mac.

  6. This place is ridiculous, ive had foot surgery & cant drive so my husband gets me a vanilla ice coffee every day. They forget to add the vanilla on the average of 3 times a day & my husband has to take it back!! Its not that hard what is the problem with this restaurant????


  8. I was in line @ the restaurant #7596. I order a 20 piece chicken nuggets & large sweet tea. There was a car in front of me. The driver & the manager was talking. Another employee waved me around the car to the 3rd window. The manager said i well i never. Well i never. I said ur employee waved me around. When i got my order the car & the manager were still talking. They were @ the second window doing the talking. This happen on 6-30-18 @ 3:59 pm. Order #79.

      1. What do you mean like newspapers? As found a fly stuck 2 a piece of lettuce in my Chicken Legend nearly swallowed it !!! Yuck I have taken pictures as was thinking about seeking LEGAL ADVICE!!!!!

      2. I use to love their fish sandwiches until I started getting them with only half a slice of cheese and you’re paying full price and the cheese tastes like that garbage that doesn’t melt going to burger king their sandwich EST are better even if I have to drive a little further this I s the one on Midlothian Blvd Youngstown

  9. I have no idea when did McDonalds stoped being a fast food restaurant. But as a dinner McDonalds sucks. 10 to 15 minutes to get our foods. Every McDonalds is like this now

  10. Someone needs to seriously get in contact with the owners or area/district manager for the store located in Harker Heights Texas on Indian trail. My spouse picked up a quarter pound meal last night and the MEAT wasn’t cooked. The burger maybe sit on each side 30 seconds.. I have tons of photos of this sandwich.. I am sooo angry still with the situation, these employees bitch wanting 15 bucks an hour and they can’t even cook a burger with the timer settings.. give me a freakin break.. if someone was getting their meal to eat while driving they would have never NOTICED what they were eating.. when I called I wasn’t ready for a conversation, trust me on that. I automatically went from zero to diggin ass in .001 seconds.. sadly the employee who answered didn’t know if he was working drive thru or answering the phone. I’m not even gonna ask if employees are drug tested because we all know that’s not gonna happen.. and no one should ever tell a pissed off customer who just chewed up a raw burger to come up to the store.. ummm no.. I did tell them that they ALL needed serious training and seek out classes for the prevention of food dangers when they are cooking for the public.. I still have the burger and tons of photos.. I have NOT decided on my next plan of action, health department should be first, next will be city council of Harker Heights and possibly seeking the advice of my Attorney. Let the games begin..

  11. Was at the bethel mcdonalds#10535 . At 4 in the afternoon 8/29/2018.i stopped there with my 2 year old grandson. The experience was not the best. Girl at the counter training another no personality almost felt that i was in there way. But the real reason for this post is while eating the manager told someone in the back that she pushed some button and her loud responce was i didbt push sxxx. Not a very family friendly place.

  12. Went this morning to the store on Cleveland hwy ga. Was given wrong food had to have it replaced. Just went to walnut a.c. store # 2219 was given short change and cold food. If problems can not be corrected I guess I start going to burger king. My way
    Murray Schisler (706)639-7140
    417 A Cattleman Dr.
    Dalton GA. 30721

  13. I took my granddaughter to McDonald’s on 92 east in Lakeland fla and we was setting there and this guy sets down at next table over and starts talking to his self so my granddaughter gets scared and goes under the table so I make her get up and told her he will not bother her so then he decided to come to the table by us remind you my granddaughter is already scared tthen he starts asking for money so I gave him a dollar to get him away he leaves and goes to another table that haves kids bumming them so what I’m trying to say is they let all the bums hang in there and the kids are scared to go there then the bums was coming from outside with a cup and coming in filling it up then leave no one says anything to them

  14. Went to McDonald’s on Mountain Industrial in Ga it was closed but it has a sign saying open 24 hrs due to not having no staff but the manager was very nice and professional and he said that he was sorry for my inconvenience. He gave me the number to get in touch with the supervisor but that number was disconnected.The sign shouldn’t say 24 hrs thats false advertising.Thats not the first time it was closed.Something needs to be done. The supervisor was supposed to be there to help cover the shift and the manager on duty said he wanted to opened up but he dont have the staff.

  15. My complaint/suggestion is the new style big breakfast tray. This little plastic tray has “divets” in the bottom which trap product “food”. This design holds your syrups, gravy, etc which leads to bigger waste etc. Would not want that in your pipes in production facilities. Also probably more plastic for production at higher production cost. Just saying flat trays were better. I figure it a design to help trap food grease but not really worth it.

  16. Store #5897 needs some attention the gm there picks and chooses who he suspends. The gm targets myself and other coworkers we need hire up people to help

  17. 10/9/18 2:30 visit Ridgeland ms 1196 hwy49 S. Ordered at kiosk for dine-in. Selected pay cash at counter. Took over 10 minutes before being help. Only one person in front of me. Ticket #308. It was 2:44 printed on ticket. Got my food at 3:06 in a Togo bag. Asked for s tray, cashier grabbed an empty tray, put a liner on it and gave to me. My hand which grabbed the tray was so greasy from the bottom of trsy that I had to wipe it with napkins. During the meal, I observed at least two parties came in saw many people waiting and walk out.

  18. 10/9/18 2:30 visit Ridgeland ms 1196 hwy49 S. Ordered at kiosk for dine-in. Selected pay cash at counter. Took over 10 minutes before being help. Only one person in front of me. Ticket #308. It was 2:44 printed on ticket. Got my food at 3:06 in a Togo bag. Asked for s tray, cashier grabbed an empty tray, put a liner on it and gave to me. My hand which grabbed the tray was so greasy from the bottom of trsy that I had to wipe it with napkins. During the meal, I observed at least two parties came in saw many people waiting and walk out.
    10/10/2018 2:45 visit another McDonald’s on hwy 49 just south of Ridgeland store on the other side of hwy., a normal experience, nothing to write about.
    10/14/18 9:40 a.m. visit 7101 Winchester Road, Memphis Tn, ticket#1346. Service was super fast, food was the best I ate in McDonald’s. Mcmuffin was hot, soft and crunchy like just out of the oven. My opinion as a professional chef for 38 years, it was a 10+ at the very top.

  19. Helloy name is Stephanie. Me and my friend and just went to the location in Erie PA on 26th and elm Street in Erie PA. That location just lost our services. This is not the first time they pissed us off. Last time, I was pregnant and I ended up craving g a big Mac and got stuck with a Whopper because THEY decided that since they weren’t busy, they were going to close an hour early. This time, I got tired of waiting at the front of the line just because they want to chat with other customers who were already served. That location needs to be taught how to APPROPRIATELY do their job, not their customers. I feel like it is not who you know with that place, it’s who you blow. And I am engaged so. They need to go somewhere. Put that location on undercover boss. Maybe then you might see why that location has a 2.2 rating out of 10 at night time. It’s not my fault they didn’t get laid before they came to work. And it’s not the customers job to do it.
    Have a nice day.

  20. I would like to receive a phone call from the highest CEO. I have some interesting news about McDonald’s on Elm Street. In Erie, PA. I am a nobody. Just a used to be customer of that location and would like to give my verbal feedback so to speak. My phone number is 814-384-xxxx.
    Thank you

  21. Commercial on superstitions. Please remove the black cat from your
    Commercial. They are NOT superstitious as Halloween approaches because of superstition black cats are subject to cruelty. Shame on McDonald’s for this

  22. Yes I went to the McDonald’s on 2809 North Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica California 90405 telephone number 310-314-6270 just wanted to leave a complaint that not only did the manager was very rude and argued with me about the fries I told him that my fries were overcooked he argue with me and said they weren’t basically told me no it was just a completely horrible experience

  23. On August 24th I purchased a chester burger at McDonalds,and it had mouse droppings in wrappings, I filled out incident report,and sent it to a law firm that contacted me,but have yet to hear back from them, it’s been at least 3 weeks,

  24. My son and I went through the Downtown Spokane ,WA , 3rd Ave. Location on Sun. Night, Oct 14 (2018) about 915. , pm. We recieved our drive thru order from s girl with red hair and glasses , a holloween costume , I’m sure , ($ 5.88 ) and parked to eat it . About 30 minutes later I needed to use the restroom in bad way ! My son said doors were open TILL 10 pm .
    I went inside and found restroom doors lock so I turned around to go to counter to ask for keys , and ran into a CHUBBY guy with glasses who informed me “they for paying customers “. I responded , saying I am , and I just finished eating in the grey car just outside and he looked at me like I was lying and demanded to know what I had ordered . At this time a lady came up and asked for restroom key as well . He told her it had been more than 30 minutes and since she left wouldn’t let her, unless She made a another purchase . After he told her that you have to be a paYing customer like I told him , pointing at me. Then he asks me whzt i ordered , he went to check. I said , i paid that girl with red hair right there !
    He comes back 10 mins later and says ” was it 2 orders , ? I replied NO , Like I said 3 times before , 3 McChickens. No lettuce , and I added a med fry . HElios at me and says well the only order of 3 chickdn sandwiches had a second order on it . You can’t use restroom ! ! I said you’re an a…… dude and went outside , returned with my reciept , slamed it down on the counter and told him , just because i had been working on a car before getting there , and had dirty clothes on does NOT mean that I am a drug addict, or bum from the alley and he shouldnt be judging me as such or calling me a liar . As I headed to thedoor , I turned to him and said , that’s GR8 CUSTOMER SERVICE J…. , I’M CALLING DISTRICT OFFICE , AND WILL EVERYDAY TILL YOUR FIRED !!!! HE’S THe night mgr I believe. I will call corporate IF I don’t get satisfaction !!!

    1. Wee u hear trump hung with mikel jaskcon he own the place look it up he is one of the ones mikel said lays with boys

  25. This is about the McD’s at 6401 Camp Bowie, Ft Worth TX 76116.
    For the 2nd time within 7 days I’ve had a problem this particular manager (the only short white one they have in the am). I was eating, drinking coffee & minding my business on my phone conversation. Hours pass, & a white man sitting a table away made it his business to come try to regulate how I talk in my conversation. I wasn’t loud or beligerent; but obviously I was just enjoying myself too much for his liking. I politely told him he can’t regulate how I talk anymore than anyone else that comes in here & expresses themselves – these are no longer the days a black man had to put his head in a barrel to laugh in public because that was “the law”; and if he wanted to regulate anything he should speak up on behalf of all the people that die unarmed & innocent at the hands of police. So he went told the manager whatever lie he created. She came and told me to keep it down for his liking – as if I was in her store yelling; when the truth is they just didn’t like that I wouldn’t concede with their racism. I reminded her I was not loud in her store and raised my voice to compare the difference & make my point. 10 minutes later, SHE lied to police & said she asked me to leave and I wouldn’t. The white officer came in ready to be violent with me based on her lie – and threatened me based on her lie as well. With the times that we live in, I can’t help but believe she lied to the police on me, knowing full well the climate of the times that we live in now. It just so happened that the other officer recognized I not only knew my rights – but had no intentions to break any laws. I told them if she had asked me to leave herself I would’ve left long ago: but she lied. So even though I was compensated with 7 free coffees for the last incident not even a week ago – she had me put on a criminal trespass without committing any crime. I’ve seen customers come in & act a DONKEY cussin’ loud… no police; I’ve heard employees cuss on their shift behind the counter – and no police, firing or complaints even. So basically she made my existence – & the fact she’s biased against it – criminal. She criminalized my being a black man who refused to be singled out from any & every other adult who uses cuss words in their from of expression in that building. I’ve seen women threatened by men customers in this store not be put on a criminal trespass – but I’m a criminal because I can’t be controlled or manipulated with foolishness. The GM was so good to me the last time I had a complaint, I thought I would never have a problem at this location again. But this lady has allowed her bias against me to blind her to her business code of conduct as a Mc’Ds representative. I really need this to be resolved so it doesn’t happen to anyone else; so I’ve decided to post my expeerience with the BBB and anywhere else relevant. I’m certain that legalese research will uncover some right of mine that was violated – twice… and it’s not only embarrasing for each party involved – but the real criminal activity was th lie her racism caused her to create just to throw her fake weight around and make a spectacle of me.. so the lesson gets shown: you can’t be a black man & enjoy the same liberties & rights as every -or any- one in this particular establishment. The message that someone can create any lie to cause havoc in another’s life experience – unwarranted – whenever they feel like it, makes it seem that this is the attitude Mc’Ds shares against people like myself. I never got loud, or beligerent or disrespectful. I just didn’t shut up fast & long enough for her liking – which was shown in the same aggressive behavior I encountered the last time she tried to provoke me out of my cool to justify her racism… & failed. Not only should this behavior be erradicated from your culture – but this experience requires reparation a free cup of coffee can’t cover – based on human rights & law, that is. It happened between 10:40 & 10:50 this morning. A lawyer will be contacted to pursue & help fix these issues on a corporate/brand level. Thank you for your assistance on your end, to make this unlawful retaliation not be accepted as a regular business practice in any of your establishments – worldwide.

    call me at 610-333-xxxx to follow up – only if her lying & dangerous behavior is beneath your standard of ethics as a international corporation.

  26. The Mc Donald on Bethlehem pike in Montgomeryville Pa doors are not open at 8:00 am very upset I come here every morning Monday thru Friday guess I need to go to Dunkin’ Donuts next-door

  27. I visited the restaurant on Roosevelt Rd in Wheaton. Waited in drive through to order. Long wait, but busy. Ordered a caramel macchiato. Once I paid they asked me to wait in the designated area. After 15 minutes, I went in, waited in line and just got a coffee. The manager apologized but did not offer a refund. They said they had a big order before mine. I feel they should have told, as I would have cancelled my order. Waiting for 15 minutes for my order, then going inside and no refund is unacceptable to me. Will not visit that establishment again

  28. Rainbow & Saraha. Las Vegas Nv. I’m always a paying customer and this McDonald’s treated me like a animal wouldn’t give me toilet paper so i had to take my sock off and wipe my ass. Because the porter was racist. I spoke with manager and she blew me off. Not sure how I’m going to handle this. I’ve never been treated this way

  29. Your new system of ordering on touch screen will lose s lot of customets including me, twice during the last two weeks i went into the McDonald’s located on six mile road, Livonia Michigan and both times I walked out because no one would come to the register to take my order. I am paying with cash and will not use a credit card to order. I have been a customer for many years.
    Dick Westemeier
    Cell 734 218 xxxx

  30. The new Slidel Louisiana McDonald’s just lost you a life long customer. No more terrible tasting drinks. Too long a wait on the drive though and then pull up and wait longer for tasteless mochas and a dish water hot choc.

  31. I was horrified by the tape of McDonald’s managers trying to throw teens out pf the restaurant where a man was waiting outside for them with a guy. When I called corporate customer service they had no statement about this incident and only read me a statement from the franchise holder saying they were “investigating”. Really!!! The tape is absolutely clear. One manager said she knew there was a man with a gun but she didn’t “care” and continued to yell at the children to “get out of my restaurant”. It doesn’t seem an investigation is necessary. Furthermore, McDonald’s bills itself as a safe. family place, an image totally at odds with such behavior. I am amazed and dismayed that the corporation has not responded. No mre McDonald”s for me and mine, and I will actively discourage everyone I know from going there!! If this compant doesn’t have a problem with this consumers are going to have a big problem with them!!

  32. I am a manager at McDonald’s on cooper dr in ardmore Oklahoma store number 24471. I dnt feel that it is right to make me pay 151.00 for other people’s drawers being short and not mine

  33. why when I ordered McChicken sandwich from the dollar menu, they charged me $1.79. the server said that wad the price and walked away. not using Mcdonald anymore

  34. www.

    This is disgraceful! No customer should ever be treated like this!

  35. The McDonald’s store# 2130 located in Chambersburg PA 17201 on Lincoln Way East is the worst fast food experience I have ever had. And not just once. Numerous times this restaurant has gotten my order wrong with no apologies. An order that should only take 10 minutes at the most usually takes 20 when you use the drive thru. If you ask for any sort of alteration on a sandwich you can guarantee an extra 10 minute wait, again with no apologies. There is absolutely no communication with the staff atall. At any given time the staff just seem to be in thier own world each doing their own thing while ignoring the customers as much as possible. This McDonald’s is 10 minutes away from my house, but now I drive 25 minutes out of my way to another McDonald’s where I know there are employees that value thier customers.

  36. Warrensburg, McDonalds is the worst!! 5 people in hold spots this morning. Waiting on drinks!!! I spent 20 minutes in line and parked to the side waiting on a mocha. Had to leave without it because I was now late to work. Piss poor service every single time I go. I have had to pull forward for tea. Will NOT be going back to that store ever again.

  37. The cups for yalls soft drinks are terrible now. The star foam cups were so much better. Sorry to be so picky but I am a long-time customer and me and my kids eat there every day.

  38. Aloha, I’ve been trying to get my W2 for about a few years now and everyone one that I spoke with on the or email couldn’t help me. If I’m not correct I was last employed with McDonald’s 2014. Please if someone could help me get ahold of these documents. Please contact me around 10am to 11pm I’m out here in Honolulu . Mahalo

  39. Just went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s in Kentwood, MI on 44th Street between Breton Avenue and Kalamazoo Avenue. I waited in line for a Diet Coke for approximately 20-25 minutes. They never took my order at the right side speaker as I waited in line but took orders on the left. Finally I drove up to the window to order and pay behind the other cars who were waiting in line five, ten or fifteen minutes after getting to at least place their order. When I got to the window, I asked politely, after paying, for a number of McDonald’s to call or a person who owns the franchise. The girl twirling her tongue ring while talking didn’t have one. I then asked for the manager and told her what happened and she said, “I don’t have no number to call.” (Great English). How much are they getting paid per hour? Hmmm. Thanks for letting me vent.

  40. I just went to the new McDonalds at the intersection of Roosevelt, Oakley, and Western in Chicago. It opened about 2 months or so ago. I was disappointed when I ordered a coffee and gave them my reusable mug; they refused to fill it and came back with coffee in a to-go cup. I use a reusable mug to be environmentally friendly, it’s disappointing that McDonald’s makes it difficult