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Corporate Address
4693 County Road 636
Enterprise, AL
Company Contact
Robin Stevens
Plant Mgr
Phone Number
(334) 347-0515
Fax Number
(334) 393-0868
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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27 Reviews and Complaints for Pilgrim’s Pride Corp Headquarters

  1. Someone is lieing to HR and trying to get me fired. I’ve had problems with this woman before and I admit it was my fault. Out of the blue I get called to HR and now on final write up because she said I had said something to her in our breakroom. I have not said a single word or even looked at her for that matter since I last talked to HR! What can I do?

  2. I work in douglas ga evening shift in marination. I’ve been there 3 months and love my job. Last week I contacted Mrs. Vivian in hr and asked her if I can go morning shift due to trouble with babysitter. She was suppose to contact me back but never heard anything. Well since then I have found a babysitter and was trying to see if I could return to work. I’ve contacted several people and they keep telling me they will have someone or Mrs. Vivian to contact me, but still havnt heard anything from anyone.. I really want to return to work and would like a call back from someone to let me know if I can return to work.. will u please help me or give me a number to someone I can talk to about returning to evening shift. Thank you

  3. My name is Kiki Thompkins..ID #893552..I have not received my W2s..I can not access the portal. Trying to contact someone who can help

  4. In case u all didn’t get the memo slavery was abolished in 1865 no one like working 7 days a week. I bet u wondering why your turnover rate is so high obviously this comment doesn’t mean anything to u because nothing ever changes

  5. What’s the chances of getting 1 day a week off to rest and spend time with family here at moorefield wv they alway find a way to work u 7 days a week

  6. I love being a boss for u guys
    I make my people work every day even on their days off we don’t have time for family here at moorefield wv

  7. Keep working the shit out of us every weekend we hate being with our families. Whatever we can do to make u more money

  8. We do not want a rendering plant in Gadsden or Etowah County, AL. We have protested, filed multiple lawsuits, contacted Senators, State Legislatures, FAA and ADEM trying to stop you. Just go away!

  9. Please stop your aggressive attempts to place one of your “rendering” plants in Etowah County, Alabama. We have all told you loud and clear. You are not wanted here. I’m sure people in your JBS’s home country need jobs, put it in your own backyard, you can’t have ours! GO AWAY!!!!

  10. I as a life long resident of Etowah County Alabama do not want your plant here. In all my life I never felt the need to go to work for a chicken plant or rendering plant. I worked 3 jobs same week to feed myself an 2 sons don’t want any of your plants here I lived 3 miles from one plant until I could move to a better place. Go to China, an take our present City Mayor an Ms Toles with you

  11. Here at the processing plant in Athens Ga HR has discriminated against 2 Africans who has been very good workers for years. I am writing this complaint on their behalf because their English is very poor so they can’t communicate their problem effectively. There is an African women by the name of Berhan Teklemariam Id: 00536233 who was fired earlier this year by a supervisor named Rasta Heirs… The supervisor had her working another job differently from what was her normal would do and the job that he chose was not ergonomically correct for her body (size). She complained that her stomach was rubbing against the machine and she could not do that job. He took her in the office for insubordination… They gave her a paper to give to her Doctor to fill out on what jobs in the plant that she can and cannot do. She had to have the paper completed in 3 days which is virtually impossible. Doctors don’t set up appointments that early and neither did her Doctor. When she could not get her appointment to get a physical they fired her. The paper only allowed 3 days. Now she is all alone in another country trying to figure out how her bills are going to get paid. She tried to get unemployment but they was shut down. Her health is getting worse as time goes by… This company has a people first program and this program is not working. This company has alchemy learning program which teaches finding the job that fit the people instead of having the people fit the job… Ergonomics. A supervisor will have your job if you defy his orders (Bullying and Intimidation)… HR backed him and it put her in a situation of almost being homeless… No money coming and bills growing daily… On another note there is this African male (Afework Habte) who had to go back to his country to take care of his mother. She later died in his arms and to make matters worst when he tried to come back to work HR told him that he was fired after 3 days working. I looked at his paper work and I saw that he did not sign it meaning that it was not completed. Completion was required within 15 days. Can anyone tell me how such a tragic lost of his mother dying hold him accountable for not signing his name and everything else was there. Surely this could have been waved but not by HR standard he is just a number and not a human… This company cannot keep people employed and they are paying bonuses to get people to work here but will fire a good who has a known good track record of attendance… Something has to be done to correct this problem… These people are suffering during the holidays when everyone is with their families

  12. Ive realised that we will always stand for anything because we will not stand for something we have all seen different races come in get told what too put on a resume for the looks have little to no experience and be blue are dark blue that’s srt8 favoritism along with discrimination but everyone afraid too speak on it we have no one in high places to make decisions for us and we dont get a option to be on the board too pick are chose who should have those position its always someone already higher up picking in choosing who should come up next how is that fair when there not working with a person are know a person work ethic just like for instance I get into with the higher up he tells his higher up he doesn’t want me there they make it as if they have too many maintenance men on shift a week later they start hiring for maintenance so since I was still working at the plant and had passed my a and b test shouldn’t I had been considered a option too come back before a new hire but I wasn’t so that was all in the plan. So now that hasn’t worked they salt every manager feel like im a problem but when yall fired the lead in I ran waste water night shift before anything was automatic a two men job i wasn’t a bad apple then when u hired a new manager with no experience i trained there wasn’t a bad apple now that I’ve trained everyone at the back including the maintenance guy to fix pumps take them apart taught him about the check valves how to oil the pumps how to wire floats three phase motors how to clean sprayers on screens how to stop screen from over running how to treat the water how to tell when water has to much chemical to know how to know if the water will flock at a high ph are low ph depending on product that’s been ran inside yall take all my credit even when i was coming in as a lead never got lead pay but I excepted all of that just so yall can put all friends back there in make it seem like the very ones I trained could actually know more than me simply because yall plant a seed constantly about me simply to keep me down I’ve known more about waste water than both of the last two managers u guys have had then on top of that yall dont even have in my file that I worked mantanence for a entire yr and past my a and b test the cover up is real at waco pilgrims man

  13. My name is beli and I work at the Sanford nc plant and my complaint would be the over working of people who have been there a long time and giving all new hires benefits and they don’t even stay nobody is staying anymore at the plant I’m working at but yet everyone is still getting overworked we are so short staffed supervisors and leads be on the lines as well and NO COMMUNICATION !!!!!!!!! At all

  14. My complaint would be that Pilgrim’s is tiring their loyal workers out to the point where people that never ever had points are getting 2 3 4 for all these saturdays we working because lack of people something has to be done we are tired

  15. I’m having points deducted, for the most part, due to my being in pain from THREE separate on-the-job injuries and only ONE referral to the company physician at our location, almost a month after the initial injury…have requested a medical LOA,as the injuries have been exacerbated by recent winter storms and multiple evacuations of myself, my wife and 2-year-old daughter,as well as attempts to not only seek referral for followup on the first two injuries, but a subsequent injury that was reported to my supervisor, but not followed up; have submitted claims on the first two, along with my own notes of injuries, pain journal and the response by my management team, Occupational Health, etc.

  16. i like to complain about pilgrims in live oak fl. i have called literally 100 times and left voicemails. me and my bf worked at pilgrim’s for a due and unfortunately we had some family issues and had to quit within our first break okay well we was working threw a temp agency. Pilgrims is sayin we did not work on the 8th knowing we did they did. it have us sign in for one and of course we didn’t sign out bc we had left. so they owe us money and there not wanting to answer or give us our pay

  17. To whom it may concern I have some concerns i’m writing about the workplace in Sumter SC. Last week two employees got into a fight, it didn’t end well one of the employees went to the other employer house it ended up deadly,this was on the news. you have supervisor going with the employees which is prohibited married men and women are fooling in with supervisor and other employees no one is taking the job very serious no telling who has the covid-19 Noone get tested upon leaving the job no one wears mask so nobody knows who have what. Barbara Jenkins has been there over 15 Yrs. she fooling with a married man on the job by the name of Bryan Heyligar this is her third relationship with someone else men on the job I really would like to stay anonymous but it’s a lot going on at pilgrim’s pride they also need to be randomly drug test

    1. It’s the same thing at the Chattanooga plant you have a women he supervised sleeping with the production works approving fmla for some an pregnant women are being ask to provide sonograms . People in HR that don’t even have a High school diploma . They have there while family working people are not being provided correct information. This is the most unprofessional environment ever

  18. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  19. Can someone from sales or customer service please reply to my complaint on your Facebook page. I sent you a message with my problem, but have not heard back yet. That was 2 days ago

  20. I placed an order for some prod. Payed with my card have not revived it yet I have Just the web for number to reach someone he customer service number no longer works I would like my product the order #580087585 I have ordered this product before have Never had this problem I’m very disappointed because I can never reach anyone when I have a problem

  21. My name is Tiffany Dawson I was working at the Pilgrim’s plant in Douglas ga, I got suspended Tuesday for leaving having to go check on my son at school which I drive over an hour and 20 min every morning to get to work, I was told to have documentation which I have but today they told me I was terminated, you have people that is over their points which is 6 points and still there and I don’t think that’s fair

  22. I work at the marshville NC plant and they use way too much bleach or cholrine it’s so strong the fumes I can smell it now and I work 3rd shift 11pm to 830am and it’s 648pm now my nose is still burning…. I been having headaches all day just on the fact that it’s 2damn much bleach in a close off work area no ventalation just a fan thats really no help

  23. My name is Mary Dove and I worked at the Moorefield, WV Pilgrims Fresh Plant for 25 years. I had a 1 1/2 years perfect attendance. I was fired because I got very frustrated and grabbed a co-workers apron. I was having problems with my boxes weighing. The packers weren’t packing the boxes right and I told my Supervisor Dustin Dyer. The packers were packing bags that didn’t have all the parts. I have them to Dustin and my Lead but the still continued to pack them. I had went to HR to Tracy Sherman and Herman Whetzel before about Dustin harassing me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything to satisfy him. They moved Dustin from my line Dapec 4 but when the Supervisor we had got fired They put Dustin back over our line. I need to talk to John Pastrana. John gave his name Jayson Penn and Bill Lovette to my dad and told him to give them to me so I could get in contact with him. Would you please have John Pastrana get a hold of me. I could go on about things going on in the Fresh Plant but it would take all day. That’s why I would like to talk to him. Management would not do anything about the problems I had as a Scale Operator. Thank you! I will be waiting to hear from John.

    1. I was wrong it wasn’t John that give his name and the other two to my dad it was someone who has chicken houses for Pilgrim’s. I would still like to talk to one of them. They can pm me on messenger at Mary Srout Dove.

  24. My name is Jimmy Daniels I’ve worked at live oak fla from 9/11/2009 to3/28/2018 I got into a fight with the manager I got fired but not him this is discrimination please check on this situation before I’ve to file a law suit against the company and put the company name on the news all I want is my job back

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