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Company Website
Corporate Address
4693 County Road 636
Enterprise, AL
Company Contact
Robin Stevens
Plant Mgr
Phone Number
(334) 347-0515
Fax Number
(334) 393-0868
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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  1. My name is Jimmy Daniels I’ve worked at live oak fla from 9/11/2009 to3/28/2018 I got into a fight with the manager I got fired but not him this is discrimination please check on this situation before I’ve to file a law suit against the company and put the company name on the news all I want is my job back

  2. My name is Mary Dove and I worked at the Moorefield, WV Pilgrims Fresh Plant for 25 years. I had a 1 1/2 years perfect attendance. I was fired because I got very frustrated and grabbed a co-workers apron. I was having problems with my boxes weighing. The packers weren’t packing the boxes right and I told my Supervisor Dustin Dyer. The packers were packing bags that didn’t have all the parts. I have them to Dustin and my Lead but the still continued to pack them. I had went to HR to Tracy Sherman and Herman Whetzel before about Dustin harassing me. I felt like I couldn’t do anything to satisfy him. They moved Dustin from my line Dapec 4 but when the Supervisor we had got fired They put Dustin back over our line. I need to talk to John Pastrana. John gave his name Jayson Penn and Bill Lovette to my dad and told him to give them to me so I could get in contact with him. Would you please have John Pastrana get a hold of me. I could go on about things going on in the Fresh Plant but it would take all day. That’s why I would like to talk to him. Management would not do anything about the problems I had as a Scale Operator. Thank you! I will be waiting to hear from John.

    1. I was wrong it wasn’t John that give his name and the other two to my dad it was someone who has chicken houses for Pilgrim’s. I would still like to talk to one of them. They can pm me on messenger at Mary Srout Dove.

  3. I work at the marshville NC plant and they use way too much bleach or cholrine it’s so strong the fumes I can smell it now and I work 3rd shift 11pm to 830am and it’s 648pm now my nose is still burning…. I been having headaches all day just on the fact that it’s 2damn much bleach in a close off work area no ventalation just a fan thats really no help

  4. My name is Tiffany Dawson I was working at the Pilgrim’s plant in Douglas ga, I got suspended Tuesday for leaving having to go check on my son at school which I drive over an hour and 20 min every morning to get to work, I was told to have documentation which I have but today they told me I was terminated, you have people that is over their points which is 6 points and still there and I don’t think that’s fair

  5. I placed an order for some prod. Payed with my card have not revived it yet I have Just the web for number to reach someone he customer service number no longer works I would like my product the order #580087585 I have ordered this product before have Never had this problem I’m very disappointed because I can never reach anyone when I have a problem

  6. Can someone from sales or customer service please reply to my complaint on your Facebook page. I sent you a message with my problem, but have not heard back yet. That was 2 days ago

  7. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

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