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Company Website
Diner’s Club, Pulse
Corporate Address
2500 Lake Cook Rd.
Riverwoods, IL
Company Contact
David Nelms
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
(224) 405-0900
Fax Number
(800) 347-2683
Employee Count
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5 Reviews and Complaints for Discover Financial Services Headquarters

  1. I just realized that my rating went from one star to 3 stars. I tried to change back to one star and said could only leave one rating. Proof that my first one star rating was changed. I’m sure they banked on me not scrolling up to check it. I am more and more thinking omg

    I will be checking to see if any of my comments will be published in one week to give plenty of time for review. After all, hard to believe only one comment in Nov. 2019 and no more comments since then. Also, the fact that avg. rating is 3 and I left a one rating which was changed to a 3. I guess they didn’t want it to look too obvious. EVen a three rating is not good enough for credit card or any investment I would make.

  2. so I go to the trouble to post my honest experience w/Discover who I have had credit card since 2012. Not like I just decided to write a rude comment. Anyway, it literally says at top of my comment….

    Your comment is awaiting moderation. This is a preview: your comment will be visible after it has been approVed.

    so, I just wasted my time. Another confirmation, I am going take time today to cancel my card before the security of my digital wallet through discover is not safe at all. And I truly believe after it has happened so many times that the criminal activity is within Discover. (esp. billing and payment dept) CANCEL YOUR CARD NOW

  3. I had a payment clear to discover thru my bank auto pay for $1500. I am still trying to get this payment recognized. It was my fault because I had forgotten to change on my bank the new info. This has been at least 4th time Ive had to change my card due to frequent fraud charges due to digital wallet. Somehow, my auto payment to State Farm was taken out using my old card # info. which I was very clear that I wanted completely new #. State Farm would have let me know immediately if payment did not go through. I realize too that my old card was used for online purchases with no problem. I also made one or two other payments to old account # and they cleared fine. I have spent so much time on this. have made couple trips to the bank and I am 70 yrs old so this is not easy. I have had over hr. conversations w/discover ( your reps are very helpful and friendly) UNTIL I am transferred to Billing and Payments. I was treated very rudely every time. My bank manager tried and tried to get info. to Payment research, however, the fax # I was given and confirmed w/discover payment rep. and then I confirmed w/bank manager she tried several times. On other disputes, I get emails updating me. I even have it set up now so even $1. charge, I get a text and an email. It wasn’t until I checked my online account I cannot even tell you how many times, because this case has been opened and closed 3 times and the $1500 payment which was temporarily credited put back into account because after couple weeks they had not received documentation from me. Although it is stated that it could take up to 90 days to resolve dispute. So, without informing me, the $1500 kept being added back as though I owed it. In later Dec. I even made a payment which was not due to avoid any penalties or interest. Yes, I was told they would all be taken off. Hard to trust that when so many times have had to call after a fraud charge to get charges off. It is a lengthy process to get to the correct dept., esp. when some reps send you to wrong dept. first. It was worth it to pay ahead of time to avoid another call. discover has some serious problems with the payment and billing customer support reps. Discover also has a serious problem with digital wallet and fraud. I have never had this problem with AmEX or I actually use to have 3 chase credit card accounts. I was on phone to cancel my card and the gentleman I talked to was extremely nice, however, he put me on hold to talk w/billing and payments because he said after reading all of the notes he could not believe all I have been through. I have been a customer since 2012 and usually pay the card in full at time I receive the statement, sometimes, I pay it down mid month. anyway, we somehow got disconnected and I was on the phone already 1 hr and 15min. that day. This has seriously caused me stress to the point that I had to get a psychiatrist and start on anxiety medication. More because of how I was talked to by billing and payments and thinking there must be some scam within the dept. It is usually only those trying to hide something that lash out. And it is hard to believe that as much as I have called in and my bank manager actually talked to someone in billing and payments and she was told by that rep. that he could see the payment, however, is not sure then where it went and he did not have authority to research it. I see the millions CEO has made and wonder if he realizes there could be possible scamming in his own co. Come on, why is it only Discover in which I get these odd charges? All I want is my $1500 credited. There is temporary credit again and a $0 balance. I have a freeze on my account. I have wanted to terminate my discover card anyway because I was orig. told that I got 5% back on all charges and could use for whatever I wanted. So, I had an Amazon Prime Visa which I cancelled and thought I would just use discover and get the 5% rewards points. Im not sure when I realized what I was told was not true. I lost a lot of points which I could have used for Amazon purchases. This card has cost me a lot. Now, I realize I need to check to see when my annual charge is taken out. I hope wasn’t charged that again.

  4. I did not have a the greatest experience with contacting the corporate office. They seem to be a bit annoyed with dealing with customers, so I recommend that everyone contacts customer service directly through their phone number or contact them on Facebook.

    1. customer service, esp. billing and payments are so rude. BEst thing to do is realize this is not a good company and if you have a credit card, shut it down. Problems w/fraud through digital wallet is frequent. I have had a $1500 payment which cleared the bank on 11/16/2021 that my bank manager has spent so much time on and they are still not recognizing payment. If you have investments w/discover, pull out your money. Look up worth of CEO and former CEO. FRAUD across the board

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