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Company Website
Corporate Address
2800 Executive Way
Miramar, FL
Company Contact
B. Ben Baldanza
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(954) 447-7920
Fax Number
(954) 447-7979
Employee Count
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  1. August 7, 2018 – red eye from CA to Detroit Metro. Damaged baggage. Paulette took claim (DTWNK00371834). Sent replacement bag [nice one] to CA address which arrived after I returned to CA. Had to purchase a bag in order to get home ($70). Was to receive $50 coupon against future travel – Never received. Continued to confuse with my sister with whom I traveled. Please send $50 coupon asap.

  2. I am unable to get though on the customer service hotline. I would like to know if there is another way to contact customer support, like an email address or on Facebook or similar. Thank you.

  3. I would like to apply for a job with you, but I dont know where to sent the job application to. I need to know if the Corporate Office address is the same as the Human Resources address.

  4. Dear Spirit Airline

    Im highly disappointed. On 04/04/2021 I booked and online flight through Spirit Airline. I experience so many issues with the website it froze payment cliche I cancel the reservation twice the system keeps rejecting the payment. When I call to cancel by phone waited on hold for three hour then
    They sent a text to chat I chatted with Lisa told her I need to cancel this flight IG6T7D. She then said I can cancel the the flight but I will have to get a voucher credit. I need $127 put back on my creditcard. Also Spirit a known company you guys need to do better with the System and technology and update the website . Please refund me my money or I will go to help me Howard or CNN. You all are Scamming people. I will take this matter to a legal department you been on the news for Scammong traveler. This a known issues.


  5. On April 19, 2021 I had a scheduled flight ticket and confirmation number NI8LYQ terminal 4 NK380 originally to depart at 521pm that had gotten delayed to 553pm as departing. On the speaker those flying to Detroit NK380 would need to move from gate 14 to gate 4 as the flight was full. I received an email asking would I like to place a bid on my seat in which I did not place a bid due to I wanted to keep my seat. Time went by and the announcer stated for everyone to move back to gate 14 in which we all did only to have sat there for a while with an huge crowd of unknown ill individuals only to have been told we had missed our flight. There is over 20 people on this flight that has supposedly missed this flight. We all missed our flight due to the lack of communication coming from spirit employees. I have the screenshot of all of the updates of the emails and text messages that spirit had sent regarding this flight. There was absolutely no error on my part regarding my flight. The only accommodations that they were able to provide were to put us on a waiting list and to wait for another flight the next day. This is unacceptable as the fact that the employee working behind the counter that was being extremely rude and non helpful. She told myself that I was the blame for missing my flight. Who talks like that to an paying customer. She had also said the same thing to an young lady that had an full blown mental breakdown. The customer stated and showed papers stating she has an mental issue and that she was here all alone due to us all supposedly missing our flight. With us all crying for the customer and for ourselves things got out of hand. Everyone emotions are run high due to being mistreated poorly. How are we on standby but can not get on the next Available flight on the same night. I do not want to be thinking this but I truly feel as if the lady behind the counter was racist. But I truly feel as if that was the case. Alfred was very helpful with trying to talk to us. But we still do not have an clear understanding as to why more than 20 different individuals had missed the same flight. I was told that there are no accommodations that can be given to us due to the mix up. The flight was overbooked and how can that happen when the airlines know the number of tickets that have been sold for the number of seats that are on the plane. How can you all sell more tickets than seats. I am reaching out to any and everyone that is apart of this team to correct this situation. It is 830pm and now we are being told that this flight NK 1243 gate 13 is overbooked and we can not board. They did not use the speaker to call out the names of those that did not board. Why is this airline so unprofessional. This is my very first time flying with spirit and it’s a huge joke. Are u telling me that I have to repay for hotels and another flight just to get back home. I would like for someone of high authority that can help me understand as to what has happened and how this can be corrected not just for myself but for others as well. I really feel so damaged and destroyed by the way we all were treat. This is terrible as an black woman to be treated the I was. I will not be comfortable flying with spirit from Fort Lauderdale. To be treated as if you are less than any other human is beyond me. I really need answer and help fixing this as I will be reaching out to everyone and anyone that can help. Spirit airlines here in Fort Lauderdale are very unprofessional and lack compassion and empathy. I even had an issue with the flight attendant. I am only 4 feet by 11 and I can not reach the over bend to place my carryon. The flight attendant told me that I had to place my bag up there myself and I told her I was too short I could not reach it and she told me it was too heavy for her when it’s just a carryon bag. I feel as if I was treated as less than an equal. I am devastated about how myself and others were treated that night. This is the worst experience I have ever had with an airline and with an employee.

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