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Company Website
Corporate Address
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Company Contact
Mr Sundar Pichai
CEO and Director of Google Inc and Alphabet Inc
Phone Number
(650) 253-0000
Fax Number
(650) 253-0001
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Google Inc & Alphabet Inc Email – Google CEO Email Address:

Mr Sundar PichaiCEO
Google Ceo Email[email protected]
Google Corporate Phone Number+1 650 253 0000
Google Website
Google CIK Number0001288776

Where is the Headquarters of Google?

The Googleplex (Google Headquarters) is at this address:


1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy,

Mountain View, CA 94043


The original corporate office complex is the Google’s second largest corporate site, with 2,000,000 square feet (190.000 m2) of office space. The largest Google building is the 2,900,000-square-foot (270,000 m2) 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York.

What is the Phone Number for Google Headquarters?

The phone number for the Google Corporate office is: (650) 253-0000


What is Google Customer Service Phone Number?

Google’s customer support phone numbers are:

United States: +1 855-836-3987
United Kingdom: +44 (0)20-7031-3000
India: +91-80-67218000
Mexico: +52 55-5342-8400
Canada: +1 514-670-8700
Germany: +49 30 303986300
Russia: +7-495-644-1400

Google on social Media.

Google on Twitter: @Google

Google on Facebook:

Google’s Executive Team.

Key Executives at Google LLC

Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Brin Co-Founder, Director and President of Alphabet
Lawrence Edward Page Co-Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet
Eric E. Schmidt Executive Chairman
Ruth Myrna Porat CFO & Senior VP

Google LLC Board Members

Eric E. Schmidt TomorrowVentures, LLC
Sundar Pichai Google LLC
Lawrence Edward Page Alphabet Inc.
Sergey Brin Alphabet Inc.
Diane B. Greene Google LLC

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  1. My name is Manuel Hernandez and I owned Medi-Stop in Bakersfield Ca. 93304.
    I have a problem with my google site, the business name is blurred on the picture of the building that I am in. How can this be corrected? and how did this happen?

  2. I was scammed using $800 worth of google play cards. It took me 15 hours to get a live body on a telephone call. When I finally got a fraud investigator, I was instructed to go to Google in Ann Arbor MI. The receptionist was the rudest individual I have met in a very long time! Your company is the hardest organization in the world to work with and I have worked with various forms of governmental my life. I am handicapped. I don’t do computers. Please call me you can get my number online from what I understand. I live in milan mi. I am filing complaints everywhere I can

    1. have you got an answer yet i am 64 don”t play google games when they took this money out of my account still waiting for refund

  3. i don’t know how many people will see this but you really need to look at your bank statement to see how often you are being charged by google without you tell them its ok but i did check my bank account and found out google had taken out over $600.00 dollars from my account now they claim they cant find my bills and that it was a family member that took money to buy games from google not true i ask for a refund to no avil its been over two months now


  4. This is a heads up on a gmail user. It amazes me that in this age of technology scammers are so bold. I had one that tried to get me to buy her a new phone. Being cautious I had waited until she had sent me several photos (12 total I believe). The concept being that I wanted more of selection to verify with via google’s image search if her photos were stolen. Sure enough several of her photos were indeed stolen and were of a well known webcam model. She goes by the name of Jannah Jones in Google Hangouts she later confessed that her real name (sic) is Jannah Armiyau her google email address is jannahjones111 Her phone number is 619-378-xxxx. I suspected early on that she was going to try to scam. All the signs were there ………….she rushed to get me on google hangouts, I recognized that she had a US phone number yet said she lived in Ghana, her English was different than that of a US gal, she was living with her mother yet called her mum, as well several other minor things that in themselves wouldn’t trigger alarm bells but when added with the rest of the differences would paint a clear picture.

  5. i had to go to the bank,because,with all the depaartments,a rep who found my gmail account had stated they had 575.75 and it was to go under tthe google ads,whichi did not want my public charity listed in the irs,wich i only do fund raising so i pay no taxes and make no monetary value. i did not mind listing my gmail,but that is not the business [the business is seniorsofohinc,so someone made an honest error,so needs to be correcte the 500 taken out is ok if i needed to advertise but the utbe is more valuable only because i am a sultant f

  6. I need help please call me at 781 -598-xxxx house phone number I can explain better than I can text I am Slow At the technology stuff

  7. A charge was put on credit card I didn’t make plus when one of your numbers ,they said I had to buy google play card of 50.00 and so now I put that plus 42.40 charge to my credit card.

  8. Pop-up on my screen- ‘we want to thank you for loyalty to Google and therefore offer you unique opportunity to obtain a phone X today. Click Ok to claim prize.’ No other option on screen- killed screen now- Is this legit? shows on screen

  9. Why is it Google has my email address and I am getting drug ads ,cheating ads involving illegal activities ,unwanted ads all to my surprise a company so big would stoop so low with this type of behavior.Not one time have I asked for this treatment. But all day every day you are using my personal email for advertising disrespectful and unwanted advertisements .How do I get all of you to respect my wishes you have literally invaded all my business fileschool from 1994 to present. Sad part I created a second Gmail account that you don’t even invade .. Why are you guys so crass and annoying and intrusive. On each email item or any accepted of terms agreement .I have never went further or accepted so why all the intrusion to pay your bills .This email is only for online medical records and other like material. Could you please stop using this email for advertising Please. Thanks in advance . Sincerely [email protected]


  11. Now that you have acquired land in San Jose, I hope you will remember all of us dedicated social service workers who are struggling to live in this area and supporting the San Jose and surrounding communities. We can’t struggle much more. Please do not allow what happened in San Francisco happen again and be giving generously and creating an abundance of ( for us) affordable housing and not displacing us. If more of us leave the area, who will Nurse the ill, provide ER care, Teach your children, provide Childcare, Police the City, Fire fight, take care of Hazmats, and Come when your loved ones needs live saving EMT care…I don’t think you are hiring or paying for these needed positions…and we cannot afford the housing YOU can. Please apptour dedicated work by being instrumental in maintaining ZERO displacement and ABUNDANT AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Thank you

  12. Would like to speak to Larry Page if possible.
    Not a complaint. Positive call that i’m sure he will find of interest.

  13. You’ve tapped my cell phone by the Worst Kenyan Non-President Ever! That is a violation of my 1st Amendment rights! Am also a 9/11 victim, HIPPa violation plus World Trade Center Violation! Have heard many clicks on my phone, plus payments made to creditors are wrong, medical paperwork not sent, an important medical appointment was cancelled (brain seizure) you are going to get SUED by my lawyers for every Dollar you HAVE.

  14. Seems my phone is hacked. Unable to access mail. Password changed, but still meeting with interference from unknown source. When asked for password, screen will not change to enter. Message received stating my info may not be secure!. Very confused. How is this possible? email address: [email protected]. Phone/ 205-760xxxx. Please investigate this problem NOW! THANKS IN ADVANCE, J. HINSON

  15. Y’all’s Customer service people are the most worst people i have to deal with. Somebody took money off my card well 2 of my cards and i dont have even have my cell phone nomore. This people well website took money from me and i want it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. My 3 mo. old pixelbook i7/512 was suddenly defective a month ago by keyboard going out first, then the screen went out. I go thru troubleshooting a couple of representatives and weeks later. I then email the info and photo of my serial number with case number written in, as they asked, etc. I have been DENIED over and over and over again because my “BRAND NEW” Pixelbook is out of warranty because I’ve already been refunded on it. HUH??? Yes, refunded on it in June 2018 when I didn’t even own this Pixelbook til November of 2018. So even though I have the physical computer here with me, they are saying that they sent me a refund by only asking for it over the phone, meaning Google let me keep the computer and gave me a refund!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!! THEY ARE BASICALLY TELLING ME THAT I STOLE IT AND I AM TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ON IT AGAIN!! Isn’t that terrible? SHAME ON YOU, gOOGLE

  17. Dear sir,
    I have Received one Email from google, please read the message below. It is true or not. If it is fake message, please take action against him.
    Attn winner,

    We do wish to inform you that the raffle draw number for this Month,January 2019 is out: raffle draw number: 05-12-30-11-17-43 Bonus 42.

    The memo have come to us that your email account has won you $1,000,000,00 USD with the Serial Number 902-66 that was confirmed on our Data Base System (DBS) which brought out your email address from our DBS of the Internet email users’ that qualified you as a lucky winner for the GOOGLE LOTTERY 2019. congratulations!

    For proper verification and how to claim your winning FUND, do send along the details below for confirmation.

    1. Full Names:

    2. Sex:

    3. Country:

    4. State/City:

    5. Contact Address:

    6. Mobile/Tel Number:

    7. Marital Status:

    8. Occupation:

    9. Date of Birth:

    10. Have You Won Before: Yes Or No:

    Yours sincerely,

    Amit Singhal,
    Senior Vice President Google Inc.
    Googleplex, Mountain View, California,
    United States.
    Email 1: [email protected]
    Email 2: [email protected]

    Copyright©2019 winners circle awards live Inc.

  18. Google is charging my account 9.99 every month for a service I have not since 2018. I cannot reach them by phone since no human beings evidently work there. I have an e-mail account at ncjn if anyone would care to answer me. this is not a comment THIS IS A DOWN RIGHT COMPLAINT.I NEED TO KNOW WHY I AM BEING CHARGED FOR SOMETHING I DO NOT HAVE??????

  19. I am desolate. I have learn’t all i know about computing from google. At 82 yrs old I do not know how to cope without you to hold my hand. There must be others who feel the same. I do not k ow what info I have stored away and where do I find it . It will mean a visit from my computer “man”to be able to carry on the basics. Is this absolutely necessary. You will be missed vety much a nd if it is then thank you for being there.

  20. This is bs! My credit card is having fraudulent CHARGES. Monthly!!!!!! Google is GOING to ruin my credit and obviously NO ONE at google gives a xxxx! NO ONE! Fake phone numbers and no one to contact. Ridiculous!

  21. Sent from my iPhone

    On Apr 3, 2019, at 4:35 PM, Mlvc Ciccone wrote:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I appreciate your response in regards to the whole situation that occurred.

    This is not take away from way that Emma handle this occurrence was completely unprofessional.

    She went as far to say that google did not have a IT department. Refused to give me the supervisors name and said that they had no work emails for employees. And at the end she hung up. She way out of line.

    Thank you,

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Mar 28, 2019, at 3:49 PM, [email protected] wrote:

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for contacting Google.

    This email is in the reference to the chat you had with Emma. I’m the supervisor and taken the complete ownership of the case. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and appreciate your patience.

    I’d like to inform you that we’re just a platform and have a limited information about the third party apps and hardware devices.

    I’d recommend you to please get in touch with the Spotify support and Bluetooth device manufacturer. They’ll check and help you further.

    If you need any further assistance, please reply to my email.



    The Google Support Team

    Google Google Help Center
    © Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA Google+ Twitter

    Sent from my iP

  22. I need you to post on Google; this site a legit email to submit complaints. My complaint is not for the whole world to see. So what is your email address because I need to submit it to the President and CEO’s of Google for violating my consumer rights by networking with other companies to post personal information on Google Search without my permission. I have already filed a complaint with the United States FTC regarding this matter. Please post and provide a complaint email to submit for consumers; because on this site, the World Wide Web sees it… Not good. By Google providing this pop up page to leave a complaint; is the process of elimination that lacks privacy. So, do all of us a favor and provide an email that would protect our consumer privacy.

  23. You guys are hard to get a hold of. I want to talk to a human not a robot. You make all kinds of money and I don’t think you have the time day for us. Sorry to be so harsh, but you drive me crazy. Go to the web site go to the web site. Does any human work for you. If so where are they?

  24. Richard Geldrech stole from me. I invested 24 thousand dollars in 2009 to Rich he promised me I would make money on his compression code. He started to pay me back some of my money and told me to keep my interest in it and he promised a better compression program a professional version. Then he left his wife for Stephanie Holbert and put everything in her name. I am a 69 yr old senior and he stole my life savings. I have notarized paperwork from him. Please could you help me and his wife. She has 60% and I was promised 10 %.

  25. I have been with Google Fi over two years. In May I financed a phone- Pixel 3A XL with a year warranty and was told I am not allowed a refund of the portion paid nor a new replacement but a refurbished device. The warranty states protection on the new phone I financed, not a refurbished one. I asked for a refund of only the portion I paid into the phone since the phone is DEFECTIVE as determined by the Google team and has been factory reset twice each time causing more issues. Problems are major: phone RINGER ringer does not work at all, active calls are dropped and the SPEAKER does not work as the Google rep experienced while was on with me and she had to call me on a landline. I understand a refund policy for a properly functioning device but not for one that is defective in nature. I have never dropped my phone and am very careful with it. It is an issue that I have had from about month 4 into the purchase when the first factory reset was done. I asked for the amount I paid into the phone to put towards another make/model. They refuse and are charging me the full amount of the unpaid balanced regardless. I simply want the portion I paid in return for the defective product. I was going to use the money I had already spent on a different phone. I do not want another Pixel 3a XL and I certainly do not want a refurbished one. How is it fair to me to be given a refurbished phone as a replacement for a brand new one I purchased directly from Google? My request is simple: a refund of the portion paid, the return of your defective product or brand new phone replacement just like I purchased, not a refurbished problem. If I had purchased a refurbished device I can see replacing it with a refurbished device but I bought a NEW phone and want a new phone replacement. Even if I cancel service told I am liable for the remaining balance. When in fact, what I have requested is actually stated in the warranty as an option.

  26. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  27. https://www this person made a fake account impersonate me stole my identity stole my videos impersonated as me they filled out a form and send it to YouTube to have wrong information on it is because they’re impersonating me so you two said it was fraudulent instead of closing out this imposters account YouTube wrongly suspended my YouTube account I even have screenshots of this imposter admitting of falsely suspending my channel and gloating about it I want my YouTube channel back is my business Sacramento paranormal investigators’ Angela Holguin norcalspookyparanoxxxx

  28. Gmail and google are both giving me issues logging into my accounts. I do not have the same phone number nor back up email I had before. I need another way to be able to access or retrieve my information and verify myself to be able to check my email and accounts.

  29. Your search – Hi Google I have been receiving daily phone solicitation from Google to update my listing at 3475901116 that is a residental number issued by optimum my provider The number is 347 590 1116 but this is my family home the business that you are trying to reach is a beauty salon that had this phone number some time before. I have spoke to your callers to update your records and to have these daily solicitation stopped…but to no avail….as an advertising VP & your efforts wastes my time and your commission staff –

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