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Google Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Company Contact
Mr Sundar Pichai
CEO and Director of Google Inc and Alphabet Inc
Phone Number
(650) 253-0000
Fax Number
(650) 253-0001
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Google Inc & Alphabet Inc Email – Google CEO Email Address:

Mr Sundar PichaiCEO
Google Ceo Email[email protected]
Google Corporate Phone Number+1 650 253 0000
Google Website
Google CIK Number0001288776

Where is the Headquarters of Google?

The Googleplex (Google Headquarters) is at this address:


1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy,

Mountain View, CA 94043


The original corporate office complex is the Google’s second largest corporate site, with 2,000,000 square feet (190.000 m2) of office space. The largest Google building is the 2,900,000-square-foot (270,000 m2) 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York.

What is the Phone Number for Google Headquarters?

The phone number for the Google Corporate office is: (650) 253-0000


What is Google Customer Service Phone Number?

Google’s customer support phone numbers are:

United States: +1 855-836-3987
United Kingdom: +44 (0)20-7031-3000
India: +91-80-67218000
Mexico: +52 55-5342-8400
Canada: +1 514-670-8700
Germany: +49 30 303986300
Russia: +7-495-644-1400

Google on social Media.

Google on Twitter: @Google

Google on Facebook:

Google’s Executive Team.

Key Executives at Google LLC

Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Brin Co-Founder, Director and President of Alphabet
Lawrence Edward Page Co-Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet
Eric E. Schmidt Executive Chairman
Ruth Myrna Porat CFO & Senior VP

Google LLC Board Members

Eric E. Schmidt TomorrowVentures, LLC
Sundar Pichai Google LLC
Lawrence Edward Page Alphabet Inc.
Sergey Brin Alphabet Inc.
Diane B. Greene Google LLC

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288 thoughts to “Google Inc. Headquarters”

  1. My name is Manuel Hernandez and I owned Medi-Stop in Bakersfield Ca. 93304.
    I have a problem with my google site, the business name is blurred on the picture of the building that I am in. How can this be corrected? and how did this happen?

  2. I was scammed using $800 worth of google play cards. It took me 15 hours to get a live body on a telephone call. When I finally got a fraud investigator, I was instructed to go to Google in Ann Arbor MI. The receptionist was the rudest individual I have met in a very long time! Your company is the hardest organization in the world to work with and I have worked with various forms of governmental my life. I am handicapped. I don’t do computers. Please call me you can get my number online from what I understand. I live in milan mi. I am filing complaints everywhere I can

    1. have you got an answer yet i am 64 don”t play google games when they took this money out of my account still waiting for refund

  3. i don’t know how many people will see this but you really need to look at your bank statement to see how often you are being charged by google without you tell them its ok but i did check my bank account and found out google had taken out over $600.00 dollars from my account now they claim they cant find my bills and that it was a family member that took money to buy games from google not true i ask for a refund to no avil its been over two months now


  4. This is a heads up on a gmail user. It amazes me that in this age of technology scammers are so bold. I had one that tried to get me to buy her a new phone. Being cautious I had waited until she had sent me several photos (12 total I believe). The concept being that I wanted more of selection to verify with via google’s image search if her photos were stolen. Sure enough several of her photos were indeed stolen and were of a well known webcam model. She goes by the name of Jannah Jones in Google Hangouts she later confessed that her real name (sic) is Jannah Armiyau her google email address is jannahjones111 Her phone number is 619-378-xxxx. I suspected early on that she was going to try to scam. All the signs were there ………….she rushed to get me on google hangouts, I recognized that she had a US phone number yet said she lived in Ghana, her English was different than that of a US gal, she was living with her mother yet called her mum, as well several other minor things that in themselves wouldn’t trigger alarm bells but when added with the rest of the differences would paint a clear picture.

    1. I had the same person try the something. However since I wasn’t having it they decided to like there computer virtual world. She claimed she worked for google and she needed to link account to set up a conversation. . She did but got snappy with me and I cut off the google video link . She said she was with Google India.

      After that I get kicked from. Abu website that got to do with 911 or google support or the white house and FBI as well my company’s I reset over a million of times but doesn’t work well . On top of that I. Got million of emails missing all my google business account I have to click 100s of times for it to respond. And after that I might have to go through he’ll reseting my password. As well they even deleted my hole tweeter account platform as well climbed ownership of most of my lifes work . On top of all that I’m Google developer/ the owner of all of my projects and I been asking for help and no one from google seemed to care.

      I’ve been getting rye run around for years . And just to make it worst 3 of my company’s are on the new York stock exchange S&P 500 IQ /

      This is only half of what I’ve Bern through . Jeff bozos gifted one of my company’s Freedom fighter network and.
      I can go on on about the he’ll I’ve been through

      @sonofranger Twitter where I started without support and this is my last try to get help .

      Call my original boss President Joe Biden and tell hin to shut the voting box down because United States coms are down. Cell and landlines my be call forwarded.

  5. i had to go to the bank,because,with all the depaartments,a rep who found my gmail account had stated they had 575.75 and it was to go under tthe google ads,whichi did not want my public charity listed in the irs,wich i only do fund raising so i pay no taxes and make no monetary value. i did not mind listing my gmail,but that is not the business [the business is seniorsofohinc,so someone made an honest error,so needs to be correcte the 500 taken out is ok if i needed to advertise but the utbe is more valuable only because i am a sultant f

  6. I need help please call me at 781 -598-xxxx house phone number I can explain better than I can text I am Slow At the technology stuff

  7. A charge was put on credit card I didn’t make plus when one of your numbers ,they said I had to buy google play card of 50.00 and so now I put that plus 42.40 charge to my credit card.

  8. Pop-up on my screen- ‘we want to thank you for loyalty to Google and therefore offer you unique opportunity to obtain a phone X today. Click Ok to claim prize.’ No other option on screen- killed screen now- Is this legit? shows on screen

  9. Why is it Google has my email address and I am getting drug ads ,cheating ads involving illegal activities ,unwanted ads all to my surprise a company so big would stoop so low with this type of behavior.Not one time have I asked for this treatment. But all day every day you are using my personal email for advertising disrespectful and unwanted advertisements .How do I get all of you to respect my wishes you have literally invaded all my business fileschool from 1994 to present. Sad part I created a second Gmail account that you don’t even invade .. Why are you guys so crass and annoying and intrusive. On each email item or any accepted of terms agreement .I have never went further or accepted so why all the intrusion to pay your bills .This email is only for online medical records and other like material. Could you please stop using this email for advertising Please. Thanks in advance . Sincerely [email protected]


  11. Now that you have acquired land in San Jose, I hope you will remember all of us dedicated social service workers who are struggling to live in this area and supporting the San Jose and surrounding communities. We can’t struggle much more. Please do not allow what happened in San Francisco happen again and be giving generously and creating an abundance of ( for us) affordable housing and not displacing us. If more of us leave the area, who will Nurse the ill, provide ER care, Teach your children, provide Childcare, Police the City, Fire fight, take care of Hazmats, and Come when your loved ones needs live saving EMT care…I don’t think you are hiring or paying for these needed positions…and we cannot afford the housing YOU can. Please apptour dedicated work by being instrumental in maintaining ZERO displacement and ABUNDANT AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Thank you

  12. need someone to contact me with regards to our accounts which have major problems plea
    contact elaine 1.416.839.xxxx

  13. Would like to speak to Larry Page if possible.
    Not a complaint. Positive call that i’m sure he will find of interest.

  14. You’ve tapped my cell phone by the Worst Kenyan Non-President Ever! That is a violation of my 1st Amendment rights! Am also a 9/11 victim, HIPPa violation plus World Trade Center Violation! Have heard many clicks on my phone, plus payments made to creditors are wrong, medical paperwork not sent, an important medical appointment was cancelled (brain seizure) you are going to get SUED by my lawyers for every Dollar you HAVE.

  15. Seems my phone is hacked. Unable to access mail. Password changed, but still meeting with interference from unknown source. When asked for password, screen will not change to enter. Message received stating my info may not be secure!. Very confused. How is this possible? email address: [email protected]. Phone/ 205-760xxxx. Please investigate this problem NOW! THANKS IN ADVANCE, J. HINSON

  16. Y’all’s Customer service people are the most worst people i have to deal with. Somebody took money off my card well 2 of my cards and i dont have even have my cell phone nomore. This people well website took money from me and i want it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. My 3 mo. old pixelbook i7/512 was suddenly defective a month ago by keyboard going out first, then the screen went out. I go thru troubleshooting a couple of representatives and weeks later. I then email the info and photo of my serial number with case number written in, as they asked, etc. I have been DENIED over and over and over again because my “BRAND NEW” Pixelbook is out of warranty because I’ve already been refunded on it. HUH??? Yes, refunded on it in June 2018 when I didn’t even own this Pixelbook til November of 2018. So even though I have the physical computer here with me, they are saying that they sent me a refund by only asking for it over the phone, meaning Google let me keep the computer and gave me a refund!!!!! RIDICULOUS!!! THEY ARE BASICALLY TELLING ME THAT I STOLE IT AND I AM TRYING TO MAKE MONEY ON IT AGAIN!! Isn’t that terrible? SHAME ON YOU, gOOGLE

  18. Dear sir,
    I have Received one Email from google, please read the message below. It is true or not. If it is fake message, please take action against him.
    Attn winner,

    We do wish to inform you that the raffle draw number for this Month,January 2019 is out: raffle draw number: 05-12-30-11-17-43 Bonus 42.

    The memo have come to us that your email account has won you $1,000,000,00 USD with the Serial Number 902-66 that was confirmed on our Data Base System (DBS) which brought out your email address from our DBS of the Internet email users’ that qualified you as a lucky winner for the GOOGLE LOTTERY 2019. congratulations!

    For proper verification and how to claim your winning FUND, do send along the details below for confirmation.

    1. Full Names:

    2. Sex:

    3. Country:

    4. State/City:

    5. Contact Address:

    6. Mobile/Tel Number:

    7. Marital Status:

    8. Occupation:

    9. Date of Birth:

    10. Have You Won Before: Yes Or No:

    Yours sincerely,

    Amit Singhal,
    Senior Vice President Google Inc.
    Googleplex, Mountain View, California,
    United States.
    Email 1: [email protected]
    Email 2: vp.amitsing[email protected]

    Copyright©2019 winners circle awards live Inc.

  19. Google is charging my account 9.99 every month for a service I have not since 2018. I cannot reach them by phone since no human beings evidently work there. I have an e-mail account at ncjn if anyone would care to answer me. this is not a comment THIS IS A DOWN RIGHT COMPLAINT.I NEED TO KNOW WHY I AM BEING CHARGED FOR SOMETHING I DO NOT HAVE??????

  20. I am desolate. I have learn’t all i know about computing from google. At 82 yrs old I do not know how to cope without you to hold my hand. There must be others who feel the same. I do not k ow what info I have stored away and where do I find it . It will mean a visit from my computer “man”to be able to carry on the basics. Is this absolutely necessary. You will be missed vety much a nd if it is then thank you for being there.

  21. This is bs! My credit card is having fraudulent CHARGES. Monthly!!!!!! Google is GOING to ruin my credit and obviously NO ONE at google gives a xxxx! NO ONE! Fake phone numbers and no one to contact. Ridiculous!

  22. Sent from my iPhone

    On Apr 3, 2019, at 4:35 PM, Mlvc Ciccone wrote:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I appreciate your response in regards to the whole situation that occurred.

    This is not take away from way that Emma handle this occurrence was completely unprofessional.

    She went as far to say that google did not have a IT department. Refused to give me the supervisors name and said that they had no work emails for employees. And at the end she hung up. She way out of line.

    Thank you,

    Sent from my iPhone

    On Mar 28, 2019, at 3:49 PM, [email protected] wrote:

    Hi Marsha,

    Thanks for contacting Google.

    This email is in the reference to the chat you had with Emma. I’m the supervisor and taken the complete ownership of the case. I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and appreciate your patience.

    I’d like to inform you that we’re just a platform and have a limited information about the third party apps and hardware devices.

    I’d recommend you to please get in touch with the Spotify support and Bluetooth device manufacturer. They’ll check and help you further.

    If you need any further assistance, please reply to my email.



    The Google Support Team

    Google Google Help Center
    © Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 USA Google+ Twitter

    Sent from my iP

  23. I need you to post on Google; this site a legit email to submit complaints. My complaint is not for the whole world to see. So what is your email address because I need to submit it to the President and CEO’s of Google for violating my consumer rights by networking with other companies to post personal information on Google Search without my permission. I have already filed a complaint with the United States FTC regarding this matter. Please post and provide a complaint email to submit for consumers; because on this site, the World Wide Web sees it… Not good. By Google providing this pop up page to leave a complaint; is the process of elimination that lacks privacy. So, do all of us a favor and provide an email that would protect our consumer privacy.

  24. You guys are hard to get a hold of. I want to talk to a human not a robot. You make all kinds of money and I don’t think you have the time day for us. Sorry to be so harsh, but you drive me crazy. Go to the web site go to the web site. Does any human work for you. If so where are they?

  25. Richard Geldrech stole from me. I invested 24 thousand dollars in 2009 to Rich he promised me I would make money on his compression code. He started to pay me back some of my money and told me to keep my interest in it and he promised a better compression program a professional version. Then he left his wife for Stephanie Holbert and put everything in her name. I am a 69 yr old senior and he stole my life savings. I have notarized paperwork from him. Please could you help me and his wife. She has 60% and I was promised 10 %.

  26. I have been with Google Fi over two years. In May I financed a phone- Pixel 3A XL with a year warranty and was told I am not allowed a refund of the portion paid nor a new replacement but a refurbished device. The warranty states protection on the new phone I financed, not a refurbished one. I asked for a refund of only the portion I paid into the phone since the phone is DEFECTIVE as determined by the Google team and has been factory reset twice each time causing more issues. Problems are major: phone RINGER ringer does not work at all, active calls are dropped and the SPEAKER does not work as the Google rep experienced while was on with me and she had to call me on a landline. I understand a refund policy for a properly functioning device but not for one that is defective in nature. I have never dropped my phone and am very careful with it. It is an issue that I have had from about month 4 into the purchase when the first factory reset was done. I asked for the amount I paid into the phone to put towards another make/model. They refuse and are charging me the full amount of the unpaid balanced regardless. I simply want the portion I paid in return for the defective product. I was going to use the money I had already spent on a different phone. I do not want another Pixel 3a XL and I certainly do not want a refurbished one. How is it fair to me to be given a refurbished phone as a replacement for a brand new one I purchased directly from Google? My request is simple: a refund of the portion paid, the return of your defective product or brand new phone replacement just like I purchased, not a refurbished problem. If I had purchased a refurbished device I can see replacing it with a refurbished device but I bought a NEW phone and want a new phone replacement. Even if I cancel service told I am liable for the remaining balance. When in fact, what I have requested is actually stated in the warranty as an option.

  27. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

  28. https://www this person made a fake account impersonate me stole my identity stole my videos impersonated as me they filled out a form and send it to YouTube to have wrong information on it is because they’re impersonating me so you two said it was fraudulent instead of closing out this imposters account YouTube wrongly suspended my YouTube account I even have screenshots of this imposter admitting of falsely suspending my channel and gloating about it I want my YouTube channel back is my business Sacramento paranormal investigators’ Angela Holguin norcalspookyparanoxxxx

  29. Gmail and google are both giving me issues logging into my accounts. I do not have the same phone number nor back up email I had before. I need another way to be able to access or retrieve my information and verify myself to be able to check my email and accounts.

  30. Your search – Hi Google I have been receiving daily phone solicitation from Google to update my listing at 3475901116 that is a residental number issued by optimum my provider The number is 347 590 1116 but this is my family home the business that you are trying to reach is a beauty salon that had this phone number some time before. I have spoke to your callers to update your records and to have these daily solicitation stopped…but to no avail….as an advertising VP & your efforts wastes my time and your commission staff –

  31. Hi my name is Jaimi Pruett. I am no one special, just an ordinary married 46 year old woman from a small town in Tennessee.
    I have something in mind that will help all communities. I have an extraordinary idea that I would like to discuss directly with Google’s CEO. I understand that you probably receive these type of requests daily, but I know this will be of some interest. I’ve come up with an inexpensive way for millions of dollars to be made and I feel this is the first place I would like to share my idea with because I feel they would benefit the most.
    is there any way this message could be passed along I would be grateful and the difference it could make in this world would be phenomenal.
    Thank you for your time.

    Jaimi Pruett

  32. I am so disgusted with Googles gigantic abuse towards my Country , because you/ they have used each and everyone of us that are responsible in making you/them powerful enough by our use of you/their service. If not for use making you a success, you would have not been able to stop our right to the truth and betray all whom which actually made you. To be as you are now due to your back stabbing behavior towards those whom are your reason for success . Well your no better than the swamp, or even Bill Clinton screwing little girls at the age of 15 over and over again. For you are, all of you are responsible not the word Goggle it is each one of you that are as a single person alone. Whom are what you are . Again everyone as an
    individual are responsible for betraying my Country and using YOUR ability to keep we the people from truth about a Presidential Candidate in which all and every thing should be known to every legal voter prior to casting their votes. I find Goggle to be a disgrace to our Country and should be gone or exiled from this Country. Your not better , your the people that would trip and watch your Grandma fal.

  33. Heard that Youtube now charges for use. Is that true? I
    Does it really cost $20.00 or $25.00 per month to use youtube? Also, if you choose to pay, where do you send your payment? Why is Youtube charging? It used to give 4 million free minutes. It was such a blessedly generous gift that I used to pass out the recent favorite Youtube websites on business cards. Plus I had thought Ted Turner and Rob Shulken had done something to keep internet services free for people–especially students worldwide. Mr. Shulken had given the sale of his program to Ted Turner to provide free internet. Prior to that Mr. Turner had made some kind of deal at cost to himself to maintain the free internet. I was told to maintain my account. I tried to tell him though not in person that the deal might be affecting his quality of life.
    He had wanted me to go to Spectrum. I couldn’t get out of our Oceanic account, but someone shifted it. I was paying over $180.00 per month to Spectrum (?). I had no power or authority to shift ot change the account. Someone else was doing it. The owner of the social security number that was used to set up the account was not known. The rumor was that the accounts were being mixed up to take away power with God. That is just part of the problem znd blessing of these times.
    Anyway, I really enjoy Youtube for music, recipes, agriculture survival crops, woidworking, etc. It is an invaluable asset. Just please speak to Mr. Mycynek if that is his name to stick to more normal boundaries. Don’t give up on normal just add God to it. The spiritual world may be shifting because the normal boundaries aren’t holding as they usually do. Every person’s adherance to biblical standards or to normal etiquette, etc. counts. Many thanks for past Youtube services and’s generousity. May God bless for its concept of googles. Googling helped set me free of things that had long been bothering me. Even the air quality becomes purer if one tries to bless googling to meet the needs of googles of people and problems worldwide. Many blessings to googleth power. If Mr. Shulken was really serious about rumored needing someone to help him to do preresearch in limited areas (i.e. survival agriculture, food, recipes, etc) if he would email me, I would enjoy extending the notes of what I am already doing, but my research comes from Google articles. I would enjoy reading magazines, books, etc. if he needs the help. My main recent source of information has been various coop extension systems which seems to have been there ahead if me in terms of bonsai techniques. This is what I was trying to get Nestles/Pepsico involved in doing research on– in ground containers to serve as some sort of filtration system for fruit trees. Loved the latest survival articles from Florida re: plants and trees and rationale for choices. Hawaii may be different as temp. zones vary. Huge bug problems. Stumbled on recent research. Exciting!

  34. Why are my emails being blocked ?…Files, Messages that I save In my personal files should be at my abilty to open at any time…Why, are files suddenly being blocked…Any damages that this creates you are connected to…
    Raymonda Singleton
    Let mention I am an Engineer a Manufactuirng Engineer and a good one…So I will be patient while waiting for my files to become accessible to me…They’re my email files…

  35. Google and your corrupt partners helped to steal the election from patriotic Americans. Your power hungry motives are being revealed You will find other other outlets coming forward to combat your corruption and to take back America from your disgusting organization and your friends in the media. I will fight against corruption from you till no end. Why do you not want the American voter to speak?

  36. PLEASE REINSTATE ONE AMERICA NEWS NETWORK to you-tube . . . SIR, . . . signed BIG-TIME FAN of yours SIR ! ! ! THANK YOU SIR 💖

  37. Hi I am Arup Kumar Ghosh have an Indian. A middle class working a police. On15/12/20 I recharged Jio with google pay that was failed, money deduct, Still now not returns my money, I complain google pay via chat but no results so I apply you to recovery my money. With Regards

  38. Hi I am Arup Kumar Ghosh. On 15/12/20 I had recharged mobile on Jio with google pay then debit my money Rs2121/(transaction Id last 4digit is 8871),but recharged was failed, still now I don’t return my money, many time I lodged Complan but no results, so I mail you to returns my money as early as possible. With Regards Arup Kumar Ghosh. Kolkata. India

  39. Why was I told in locale ofc my pkg would be delivered on time, 2 day express by a.m. Pkg currently is 3 hrs late, yet to be delivered. All phone numbers lead to voice only, no live person. On-line assistant is a canned voice, not even a real person to chat with. Credit card co., at least provide a live person to chat with. Not happy with fedex

  40. i made a store order on 11/18/2020 still have not recevied my order Iwas myb order have been shippeded still no order.please shipped order

  41. I understand this email is gonna get no where and that it’s a waste of time. I got a email couple months back Notice of Class Action Settlement re Google Plus – Your Rights May Be Affected. I opted out because what’s the point of settling knowing there’s gonna be no money due to everyone that got the same email Is gonna jump on board thinking their gonna get rich. Y’all clearly stated at most 12 l dollars would be the likely pay out. Instead id like to approach y’all like you did with me and ask for you to make it right. No if your reading this and don’t have the power to make an executive decision on this please don’t discard this message or laugh. I put my trust in y’all and y’all broke it but y’all were upfront and messaged me. Please pass this email on to somebody that has executive decision making power so we can do this the right way with out lawyers. Man to man so to speak. I know this is the long shot of the century but that’s how the impossible is accomplished. Doin things people haven’t done before and think out side the box.. So maybe this reaches someone that can say ,hey you know I like your style kid here ya go… That being said. Whatever amount you think is fair as far as a settlement price goes is up to y’all… Thats if this email even makes it any where.. anyways thanks for your time


  42. Just to say Hello and
    Wishing U Good Health, Good Luck and a lot of Money with much more Love! Greetings from Am⭐️Dam, x.

  43. I am having trouble getting my account taken off suppinsion on the 8 11th of dec someone claiming to be Google support ccharged my card for 400 500 it was fraud I sent documents all to do with card were distoryed by bank after investigation found it fraud I have contacted Google support and get the same answer more documents I will not send no more documents because of,what happened first time get nowhere with you guy hope you can because after six tries I am beginning to think there scamer again thank you matthew,cebulski

  44. you people are the most evil indecent monsters i have ever witnessed, you post animal torture videos, not only are you the sickest monsters i have ever witnesses, you re worse that the shit that comes out of people’s asses.

  45. You removed access to Parler app from my apps?? This isn’t China yet. There is no way you can stop the people from exposing you all it’s happening. Keep censoring it will be your demise as a company. Im on Parker and have NEVER seen anyone incite violence so you are wrong again. We see you👀

  46. I was looking at Tendo pictures and i kept seeing anime characters that werent tendo satori and i only saw two out of the whole thing step up your game

  47. The techs at YouTube music do not do a good job. There are complaints on line about what they don’t do and many people are having trouble as I am with YouTube music and cannot get any decent help

  48. Good job limiting access to Parler. Apps promoting hate speech and concepts, and harmful conspiracy theories should be banned. Thank you.

  49. Your company and other tech oligarch’s attempt to silence opposing opinions, and crush competition on your platform amounts to to a Soviet Russia iron fist on freedom, a frightening allusion to George Orwell’s 1984, and surely was a result of pressure from your Communist masters in China. Your actions do not align with the American Principle of a free and fair society.

  50. I had 500 taking out of my account I m disable and just barely making it with the little money that I get once a month who would do such of things as this

  51. Stop your censorship of parker and all who you disagree with. The internet should be open to all points of view regardless of how you feel or your political bent

  52. Dear google my name is Edin Mendez and i would like to speak with a CEO department or the marketing and carrier. My intencion is to servyou as a maketing and sales as a call center out of the states for more presasly in Guatemala central america it will save labor costs if any one can a way to call me my number is 813-277-xxxx once again my name is Edin Mendez

  53. I am one of many Americans that is upset about Google’s attack on free speech and censorship of conservative voices. I am not going to stand idly by and watch Google make a coordinated with Amazon and Apple to attack people like me and institutions like Parler. I have already migrated from using Chrome as my primary browser and will be using Wave Navigation instead of Google Maps. I will continue to look for more opportunities to further myself from Google. I have encouraged others to do the same and have asked my elected officials to take legislative action against Google and other “Big Tech” companies. I am also encouraged to see the various anti-trust lawsuits that are being filed. While I don’t totally understand Google’s agenda, I know that it is un-American and is an attack on my God given right to free speech. I don’t like taking these steps as I used to be a big Google fan, but Google’s actions are directly opposed to my principles and love of freedom. Please reverse course before Google further alienates more Americans and further destroys the country we love.

  54. To Mr Sundar Pichai,
    This in response to your reprehensible actions of removing Parler from the google play store! You, along with the left are nothing but hypocrites! You want to silence conservatives but I hate to tell you buddy, we stand strong in support of our president Donald J Trump. What are you so afraid of? Are you hurt as panicked as nancy pelosi as special forces confiscated her laptop and she is about to be exposed for the criminal she is? Maybe you should be panicked because what about to take place in the next week is going to bring you to your knees? So did you move here from India as your name indicates? Let me set you straight! In the United States we have have a Constitution, and the conservative patriots believe in the Constitution and no one including you is going to silence us! Oh by the way, I bypassed your idiot play store and downloaded Parler on my android phone without your playstore!
    Sit back and enjoy the show as it will definitely bring you to your knees!

  55. i had a friend work for Lowes for about 7_8 year they fired her for trying to protect Lowes product by getting a tag number

  56. Can not (account recovery) my accounts and or merge them?? Contacted Google and Facebook to no avail. Followed there protocol to perform recovery

  57. Mr Sundar Pichai, how can a company like google tell the world their are for free speech and block OUR President. Shame on you. We the PEOPLE will not be silenced.

  58. Ive got a lawsuit against Google assistant for telling me to go kill myself,amongst other profanity and name calling .on November 8th 2020, Why is this even in your software??!! I just lost my little 27 yr old cousin to suicide!!! How dare you and you’re software tell me to do do bodily harm when she has never worked properly for me on my account. I’m very upset about this considering I’m the one who had to clean up my cousins room after his suidside. Who do you think you are?!!!! I don’t find this humorous . ,!!!

  59. So I’m trying to login into my Gmail and I typed in the correct password and all the sudden it keeps telling me that my Gmail isn’t me which it is and I don’t know what’s going on but I need it fixed immediately. So at the moment I’m using my other one. Please respond. So the Gmail I have has issues is andreznorixxxxx

  60. I have a problem with some of the apps that I gotten from your play store. When we cash in to paypal there is no money paypal says the did not send anything. I am not the only one that is having issues with this problem there are about 800 people on pay pal site. My question to you how do let these dishonest people get away with this I have repeatedly sent inquiries to the people who makes these apps and they never respond. It is fraudulent advertising and no one does anything about it. I am contacting in hopes that I can get some answers and if I am very willing to seek legal counsel. As for myself I have documented all of my winnings and taken pictures of what they said that had sent the money to my paypal and I have yet to see a deposit. Please contact me or go paypal community site and look at how many players are complaining

  61. My name is Ryan Wall asking google Executives , does all record of every key I’ve push and submitted to various Social media record because my fee speech is being restricted it appears by very important people . My comment that contained nearly the entire poem read by Amanda Gorman asking for help rewriting her planned speech to cover the attack on our Capitol. My comment has been scrubbed from my public data . Google CEO or Executives can you please answer this question . I will not disclose the app name in my first complaint seeking answer but how hard is dignity and Honor if we truly are the Brave ? Critical feelings expressed about true events seems to have offended the powerful and Authoritarianism of expression when ,especially given as a gift to Amanda in my words does not deserve to be scrubbed because other details may embarrass someone who deny you dignity and respect you point out in writing . I may need legal representation if any Great Attorney sees my complaint about free speech unlawfully removed . Hurting someone’s feelings is not illegal but senoring to remain credible is fraud if that fraud restricts speech to retain power over others advancing financially. Hurting psychically and financially are enshrined to my knowledge . I need all the advise possible. Please help rawideaxxxx Need US help !

  62. I’ve been trying to reach the developer on Google regarding the 8 apps that I downloaded into the agreement of watching ads to earn & the developer get paid for us to watch. Now can’t reach the developer & been trying to receive help from Google regarding the policies on sponsoring these games that were not able to communicate with the developer or Google staff that’s false advertisement. When the developers create this games & advertise. Our time is valuable to us I played while I need to be helping my children with school & during work lunchbreak to make a few $ for kids & bills. I also sent PayPal invoice to the developer.  I have reported this developer to all fraud official I could find is there anything else I need to be doing to get help from the developers & Google? Please

  63. I have been trying to get a refund from Google play since December 6 approximately. It has been a very agonising frustrating journey. To date I have been mostly unsuccessful. It seems Google picks and chooses what to refund denying the larger ounts. I have about $600 in unauthorized charges that I can’t get. Your billionaires. What is that to you? I’m elderly and disabled on a fixed income
    A family mber made these charges without my consent or lnowledge.The following charges are disputed: 11/7, $99.99 9.99 +19.99, 49.99 11/13: $99.99, 99.99, 11/14: $4.99, 11/16: $99.99, 99.99, 99.99 1.99. This totals about $680.00. I would not be ordering these items for myself at 71 years old. These items were charged to my master card beginning with 5332. Since third card was canceled I can’t give the whole number. Please help. It is difficult for me to negotiate through the internet as I am visually impaired.

  64. I changed my password and logged into a tv I purchased. Since I changed my password, google has logged my out of everything I use that password for. When I try to log in I am told that I changed my password. Thats it, it will not allow me to log in to my phone, nest, account ect. When I try to do recovery, it says it will send me a google email to change my password in 48hrs. Its past that time frame and I need access asap. PLease Help

  65. Good morning Google Team, an idea just came to mind that can used especially with the COVID-19 situation. What about having a virtual phone call app, where you not only see your contact but interact with them and their environment during the video call. I think a software like this can help ease some of the anxiety and address the mental health complexities that have arisen due to people being isolated.

  66. I purchased a a 3 Pack of the Google Nest and one of the units failed. I have been trying to get it replaced, yet each time what ever information I have provided has been denied. See the last email that I sent. I love the Google Product suite and was a big proponent of Google being used at the community college that I teach at. But have to say that I am sorely disappointed in the response that I’ve had from customer service. Here is the last email: Laurenze,
    Honestly  – I’m very disappointed in the response that Google has provided me. Attached is another document proving that I purchased the product. It is the invoice from Amazon. You have a copy of the order, pictures of the physical device and the from Amazon – as well as the serial numbers. 
    I was to receive a call back from your department on 3 occasions and that never happened. My time is valuable and you and Google have wasted it, along with fighting with me regarding a faulty product that I purchased in good faith from you. 
    At times products fail, that’s understandable. But it is how the failure to handle the situation is how customer loyalty is bred. 
    Now – if you are unable to provide me with satisfaction and your manager is unable to dial my number, kindly forward their number to me or simply send me a working replacement. I did try to call Google Support and was thrust into an endless loop of voicemail jail. 
    I await your response. 

  67. I has been given received 6 google telemarketing calls today asking for verification of address. This has been done before and the address is correct. I am on sick of -them. STOP THEM NOW. 801 728 xxxx.

  68. This is for anyone who reads this complaint….DO NOT BUY GOOGLE PLAY cards…Google will not honor them and then will not refund your money…..I have been fighting with Google for over four months trying to get them to activate and then refund my money. I have been told the card was stolen. Although I have the card and the receipt in my hand. I have written to them and keep being told that due to the pandemic it will take a while to get a response. Google is a HORRIBLE company to try and get a live person. They now top AT+T as the crappiest customer service in the business. The worst part is that Google does not give a crap about individual people. We are insignificant to them. FINAL WARNING!!!! Do not buy GOOGLE PLAY cards….you will be dissatisfied and completely frustrated.

  69. Google is no longer my friend! I am using other browsers and forms of media to get and find my news and information from. The sooner the Conservatives in DC can bust up the too big for their britches companies like google, the better. Mindless idiots might be ok with having their voices silenced or viewing controlled, but the rest of us won’t tolerate it, nor will we forget.

  70. My name is Lisa yougblood and I w work at the Walmart in LaBelle Florida I am needing to talk to someone ASAP about doing a hardship transfer going through some major issues with my soon-to-be-ex-husband it were threatening my life and so forth and so on and it’s escalating to where I’m I really need to move but I want to still stay with Walmart and I’m just wondering if there’s any way that you could do it exponentially whatever it whatever I have to do I’ll do it but I need to try to get it done just as quickly as possible my phone numbers to 39341 239-321-xxxx 239-321-xxxx please someone call me back as soon as possible

  71. RE:- [0-4083000031514] MY SERIOUS Concerns regarding YOUR charges [6426335573]

    We are simply at a loss as to how you have managed to calculate my GOOGLE account, arriving at the various £-totals deducted from my Credit Card Account.

    All I can say is that I had never ever budgeted daily sums for £500.00 Pounds . . . and to take the biscuit, 3 x £500.00 in only one day alone was deducted from my Credit Card Account ?!? . . . Neither had there ever been instruction to GOOGLE to impose charges based upon Clicks !!! Perhaps you would now be so kind and outline your reasons by swift email reply please as to your actions and as to how you arrived at your calculations.

    We need irrefutable evidence and proof hereon as otherwise I will hold you responsible for this mis-accounting demeanour you have concocted and will forthwith proceed to report you GOOGLE’s USA Head Office; suffice to say that you are on a retainer, receiving a commission renumeration giving you vital impetus to see my account appear as you have concocted, though something I find wholly unsatisfactory.

    You may call me on Monday at 14:00 London Time but do not do so, if by then, I do not have had your email reply . . .

    Kindest Regards ~ Pari Moore

  72. So i was scammed out of $113 from an app on the Google play store. And they refuse to refund my money. Google play also refuses an says there’s nothing they can do google play need to refund my money it’s been 3 weeks

  73. As a 15-year consumer and user of Apple products, as well as being a shareholder, please be advised that I will not buy another Apple product until Apple re-installs Parler on the Apps Store.


  75. To all concerned: recently my account or channel will suspended for comments that I made . I fully admit that the content of my statements were questionable at best but they were honest opinions. Your company gave me no opportunity to reconcile these statements and chose to permanently suspend my channel. I have seen that certain posts should not be made public. I also see that my suspension may have been a bit heavy-handed. I come to you today to not beg or plead but ask you for compassion’s sake to reinstate my channel. I have found that your medical videos are very helpful. I suffer from a severe diabetic illness as well as a manic depressive illness through your YouTube videos especially the meditation videos it has helped me cope with the manic depressive illness so I come to you today asking for reinstatement and use of the service. I think it would show an extreme level of compassion if you would do this because one of those videos could save my life. Thank you for your time and consideration and I apologize for offending anybody with my content it was not my direct intention. My statements were purely intended to stimulate active debate.
    John Hereth Seattle

  76. I am so mad and don’t know who speak with. Paypal is were this was suppose to send my money l won over a thousand dollars. And l need it bad because l am trying to buy me a electric scooter because l cant walk. And l am honest and put alots of hours in this game(2048) .please help me get my money they promise me l would get. Thanks God Bless J.L.

  77. Was a very loyal customer but now that I see your company has become Political and boycotting Mikes “ My Pillow products only shows me that you are also boycotting freedom of speech !
    Companies like yours are insulting to many U.S.A citizens who honor the rights to voice our choices.
    My Choice now is to shop somewhere else where I feel I have a right !

  78. Hello, I have a Business plan with Verizon wireless. I recently upgraded my phone lines . I returned all my Devices . I received my bill and I am being charged $2698. For equipment. I called sat on the phone for 2 1/2 hours. The rep said she put a ticket in for a refund for $999.99 but the 4 lines that are being charged $330. Each can’t be refunded. Because it’s the remaining of the contract. I’m not understanding why I would have to pay the remaining of the contract when I returned the phones and is now in a new contract with the new phones. I asked for supervisor I was told he will call me back . I have not received a call back. Every time I call customer service I’m on the phone for over 2 hours and most of the time we get disconnected or no results. I’m so disappointed with the customer service Verizon wireless is providing. I am due a refund for $2698. I should not have to pay for service or phones that were returned. I have my conformation for all my devices.

  79. Black Americans use Google products, but yet you have ignored Black American History Month on the Doodle. Why is that? You refuse to recognize Black excellence during this month. You have highlighted others but not us. We will remember these actions.

  80. I’ve used Androids and tablets they also have the one feature called Google Assistant wouldn’t be cool to have Google assistant on laptops as well I know there’s ways to put it on there but I think it’ll be cool to have Google assistant on regular laptops as well for those who have problems with their computers assisting them on their computers I know there’s programs you can download but you have to click a button order to say something but Google Assistant all you have to do is say hey Google and it pops up and you just say what you got to say and they’ll help you do it on your cell phone but it does have its limitations on on phones and stuff but it probably would have the same on laptops I know it’s on MacBooks so what but will it be cool to have it on regular laptops as well as a feature my name is Kendall Davis and I love Google assistant and I would love to have it on my laptop is the way you all can help me put it on my laptop without being in trouble by y’all call me at 251-234-xxxx or email me at the following email address kendalldavxxxx and yes I do have a Gmail address too but I will give that to you at a later date for I have a domestic problem far as spelling reading comprehending and with that service of Google Assistant it will help me perform better at what I lack of but don’t get me wrong being dyslexic can be a problem but it can be a problem can be overcome by termination of oneself oneself

  81. The amount of ads coming up just when I have found something on Goggle is very annoying. Everyone I indicate (not interested) keeps repeating over and over. The ads cover the info. I am looking for.

    I am 74 and I don’t know how to stop the ads. Please help.

  82. I have a complaint. I purchased a Google Pixel 4a phone from my wireless carrier Visible on 12/8/2020 as a Christmas gift. It has been in use less than 2 months. The Power button and the volume up button stopped working. I followed all troubleshooting with Google Support and then was asked to follow through with the RMA process for a replacement.

    The phone was shipped and confirmed delivery. I then received an email that a refurbished phone was shipped out. A refurbished phone in place of a NEW phone that was less than 90 days old. This is terrible business. It should be replaced with a NEW phone, not one that is refurbished. You do not get the liberty to choose for me when this is a device less than 90 DAYS OLD!!!

    Do the right thing and ship me a new phone. I will gladly ship back the RMA refurbished phone you sent me, which is a slap in the face to begin with. Shame on you.

    This was a Christmas gift for my 12-year-old daughter. Thanks for being the Grinch to send her a used phone in place of one that was brand spanking NEW.

    The RMA in question is RMA03286579. Look it up.

    You have a choice here to do the right thing and not be a company that takes advantage of honest people like myself. Send me a new phone, and then charge me for it if I don’t send back the Refurbished RMA one that is in the mail currently to me. There are multiple ways to find a solution that works for both Google and I.

    Figure it out. Stop following the script, and have some intelligence on the right and wrong way to do business. Care about the people that buy your products and use your services. Do the right thing.

    Thanks and I wait patiently for a response.
    Rhett Butler
    xxx Hill Row Lane
    Clayton NC 27527

  83. I am continually harassed by your business to purchase advertising, or verify my listing on Google. Been there, done that. Now it’s time to stop. And, stop screwing with my telephone answering. I’m NOT buying anything.

  84. Hi Team,
    I never wanted to bother you however no one is helping and listening !!
    i want to highlight the truth through  this email. I hope it comes back with some resolution .After 15 days of regular emails – chats- phone calls and i am so disgusted that i have to write you an email.asking help and justice. SOME ONE WILL LISTEN 
    Google ad id is 770 131 xxxx for company
    phone number 905301xxxx -Canada
    We created an account after which we started receiving phone calls- The guy named Chris called me from google to help me set up my account and changed the entire dynamics of my advertisement which after some period of time reflected on my credit card.
    i signed up for 45$/ month  of advertisement however got charged for $455 for listing my add. i am novice when comes to technical terms however i am under depression and taking sleeping pills as in this Pandemic how will i pay this amount and my credit rating will sufffer.
    Please help me resolve the issue and ask any of your managers to tqalk to Google ads team in canada so the amount can be refunded  / transaction is reversed.
    Thank you for all your help and support

  85. Hello my name is sharon graham , and I will try to make this short and to the point . First before the Xmas holiday I lost my job . Second during the holiday days my husband ask me what I wanted for Xmas I said nothing because I knew I had others I wanted to buy for . Well my husband informed me that he had order me a google Hub because he knew I like to have my music and I already had the small version in my bathroom, I was excited because my birthday was days away from Xmas . But with all the Xmas delivery we were told it would come on my birthday but of it didn’t , it was sent back to Chicago , no more email sent saying they would try again , he even try to reorder it and still nothing . I have all emails . The kicker is when it was refund back to my husband acct. to reorder it he would have to pay regular price , not the sales price he originally paid . I told him no customer service should have made away for him to get the Google Hub at the sales price , don’t you think ? It may not be much for you but in the beginning when I said I lost my job it was full time , and now my part time job has even cut my hours . And that’s the reason why I am writing I love google products I bought my daughter a google mini . I just want it for the price when we first tried to buy it . Appreciate any help , thank you

  86. I would like to know why when I say email that piece of xxxx president Joe Biden my Google Assistant seems confused and does everything but email the president of the United States which he is not

  87. To whome it may concern. My name is Gary Dyer and I am not one to complaine but in this case I don’t know what else to do.

  88. I’d like to file a complaint against your Support team regarding Case# 9-3754000031151. This has been ongoing since 5 Feb 2021 and they have repeatedly asked me the exact same questions over and over and over again. I’ve provided them with EVERYTHING that they’ve asked for multiple times over and they don’t bother reading the now over a month long e-mail thread of everything’s that’s ever been provided to them.

    How can such incompetence exist in your support department? That wasn’t a rhetorical question either. I’m tired of having to answer the same questions and providing the same screenshots on a never-ending loop!

    I’m currently on a 1-hour hold to speak with CEO Sundar Pichai about this, and have no idea if I’m even going to contact a live person or not!

    Someone, maybe the CIO, needs to give your technicians better training with troubleshooting issues with the Nest devices that I’m currently having, without your technicians asking customers a never-ending loop of the same questions or asking for screenshots that have been provided on a never-ending loop as well. That is the exact definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome!

    Please help me!

  89. I recently used to work at Walmart it’s been two months since I’ve left due to family emergencies and I still have not been sent my check. Is there anyway you could help me get my check?

  90. You are CORRUPT!!! AND ARE ENGAGING IN AN ELECTION FRAUD COVER UP!!! And you hate the REAL AMERICA!! So because of that I am now boycotting Google shopping!!! FOREVER!!!

  91. I shop at Walmart in Baltimore, Maryland , Petrie Way. All I want was to but some soap. There was a lady working there with no keys. I know this is a small thing, but you are in only one working in that department, case full of soap and two times I was not able to buy soap! That is ridiculous!

  92. My business on google is suspended with no reason n theres no one to respond or fix it.
    Dear ceo sundar! My restaurant business site on google was suspended without warning while i was posting some menu pics n adding some info on my profile. I didnt violate anything. I submitted reinstate form many times but got no respond. It seems like no one who is responsible for this working. We r still suffering financially due to pendemic  n this started affecting our business badly. This is very important to me n i feel like i got struck by lighting. Could u plz help??? I hope u help with repairing this issue so that my business can be seen  on google ASAP.


    Okhee oh

    801 928 3588

    Korea house restaurant

    801 487 3900 

  93. Who Do I Contact If Some Body
    Has Taken Over Your Gmail Account And Also Taking The Gmails And Redirecting Me So I Can’t Confirm The Email Sent To Me So I Can Collect My Money

  94. I have question regarding your nest protect and the warranty that you have for them. If you are a supervisor or sundar pichai please contact me.

  95. I need someone to get a hold of me. I have a very serious issue with a lot of editing of my photos that are in my Google photos. I do believe whoever is editing my pics of my little 5 year old niece is very inappropriate. Me and my cousin have been worried all night. I would really like someone to call me directly so we can discuss what I have found. My cell phone 216-333-xxxx. I appreciate your time I’m this disturbing matter.

  96. I believe that Google has been taking constant advantage of me and now I see why everyone is suing Google.
    During a disaster like this pandemic the kind of charges you are CONSTANTLY MAKING
    And the constant pressure from you is not only grossly unethical, but clearly. borders on racketeering.
    Shame on you.
    Greedy pigs.
    I’ll be speaking to a class action attorney tomorrow and to my uncle at the NEW YORK TIMES.
    This stops NOW

  97. To whom it may concern.

    Nearly a year ago, I was “duped” into “taking a test” to work for Google by a company called Virtusa. I WASTED nearly 3 months of my life with this project, to no avail. I was not even informed of any decisions or results.

    I am very annoyed with this situation and I intend to take matters further, whatever it takes. My time is valuable and companies like yours should not take advantage of vulnerable professionals.

    I am quite convinced that it was all a scam for Google to see whether their switch to using AI in their search algorithms was better than using humans.

    It is disgraceful to be treated as trash. I hope you and all the team involved will be able to suffer like “the presumed candidates” some time in the near future.

    Unfriendly regards, C. Persaud


  99. Hello Google Support Store:

    See my email below I am not able to get any help, can you help me with this?

    Good Day Google and Mr. Sundar and other Officers and Directors:

    DATE OF LOSS 3/4/2021 Phone freeze up – screen
    Mechanical problems
    Preferred Care Plan
    I am unable to file this claim on your website and your phone system continue to cut me off, I called multiple times and multiple people it is a real dilema for me
    Enrollment details

    Name: Zelda Botha
    Email: JBxxxx @GOOGLE.COM
    Contract No.: 42623xxxx
    Purchase Price: $89
    Coverage Start Date: 05/08/2019
    Coverage End Date: 05/08/2021
    Device IMEI or Serial Number: 3596770945xxxx

    I have called Assurant but they can not take the claim THAT DID NOT WORK, I tried THAT DID NOT WORK, I called the google line to report the CLAIM – THAT DID NOT work it referred me to the google website and bluntly cut me off for no reason, I went to GOOGLE website tried the file claim there THAT DID NOT WORK.

    This protection plan seems like deceptive trade practice by google. See below when I bought the plan it says file the claim at my device protect. That was a true lie. Then they say they will connect you with a google support claim person to take the claim over the phone – but then the phone system simply cut your off – so that was another lie – then at google’s website it does not accept the claim either – another lie.

    I took one whole day off work to file this claim that already cost me $200 in leave time – and I was still not able to file the claim for this phone. Google needs to send me a brand new phone with no deductible, since every way they advertised and marketed they will support me as the customer with this plan turned out to be unfair/ deceptive trade practice. I am so upset I will give you 3 days to fix this problem or I will file a complaint at every regulatory office and share this with every person. This is such poor service. I was patient and tried to work with all the avenues you provided just to be thrown to the side with no help and no support.

    Resolution: I expect google to file this claim and send me a new pixel phone within the next 3 days with no deductible due from me. I have tried every possible way to resolve this in a kind and fair way, but there is no real customer service from google. I dont understant it. You really should make good on the empty promise that you made to me when I was sold the protection planand then you did not deliver to provide me the support I need. My phone is not working. I have to leave for a military camp, my mother took ill and I can not speak to her (my phone is not working) – I will not have a phone before I leave on this mission and will be cut off all social and emotional support. This is unacceptable. Not only should I pay no deductible with this claim you should send me an upgraded pixel 4 phone for all this trouble. When I called to file a claim they tell me we will send a text to confirm your ID. You can not do it the phone is not working I said. Can somebody anyone PLEASE help me. Thanks.

    I am pretty upset. Can you please assist me with this claim.



    Zelda Botha
    xxxx Haskell Street
    Austin Texas 78702

  100. Someone of your disgusting company closed down the Italian channel Byoblu. This is just censorship like in a a South American dictatorship.

  101. I have emailed about a very serious, possible life threatening situation many times. I’ve even mailed handwritten letters but no response from either. Please read the email I sent to Me. Pichai. I’m sure he won’t. If my situation ends tragically for me or any family member, I want it known publicly that I emailed, wrote, begged for help. I also sent details of the situation as feedback for the Chrome app. Response was it wasn’t monitored. I no someone could take a minute to read it.

  102. Congratulations, for your Decision to movd your Corporate Office to Durham, NC! You are invited to SEE:, DeVone Samsung Self-Photos and, to let your employees and Others know about the ABILITY of the Samsung R2ó1 Flip Phone to take Self Photos. I AM REQUESTING THAT YOU LET ME KNOW THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED THIS INFORATION, THAT COULD BE BENEFÍCIAL.

  103. geting called 4 times in two days is harrasment in anyones book.say my google listing is wrong.well it has not changed.and i dont have time to answer un wanted calls.gess ill have to change to windows serch engine.just to stop your harrassment

  104. Was victim of scam involving google play cards. Have been unsuccessful in speaking to a representative. Need to speak to a person

  105. I cannot resolve my current issue even after trying all available Options at google support website. So I called the phone number listed, and tried every single possible phone option services only to be told visit the website. Iam running around in circles , Ian a fairly young adult and i rarely complain or get bitter in any issues I encounter, however services provided by google is absolutely “ I cannot say without sounding unprofessional “
    Iam never using google ever again, but why should uppermagnment of google care? There probably millions of people like myself google encounter on a daily basis. To whoever reads this I am not blaming you directly i hope you can understand my frustration. Anyways have a good day

  106. I have been logged out of my Google account and can’t get back in because of all the “safety” measures that are in place. I have verified EVERYTHING, but now I can’t get in for 48 hours????? That is ridiculous. I can’t play music, can’t get to my updated emails and it is aggravating. Please unlock my account

  107. In humble words I would like to draw your attention that quite a lot errors in Hindi are being observed and as maximum of reference and research has become dependent on Google and gradually google is becoming a backup guide for the authenticity . Therefore ,kindly please try to make it more error free.i.e for example it is being observed that English dot is being frequently used in hindi typing hindi texts which is an error.I hope in every indian language a monitoring is required for grammatical and other errors.
    with all regards
    poonam sharma

  108. one of y’all from Google better call back right now because both of my Gmail accounts have been hacked there’s things downloaded there’s payments being accepted sent that I did not agree to I don’t even know how the information is connected to my account my name is Susan Blair stickle you need to call me back now to 240-267-xxxx

  109. Just letting you know that Bullying Roku is unfair concerning YouTube TV on there platform. All the crap that you are forcing on other companies will be your demise

  110. Please don’t cancel your deal with Roku to carry YouTube TV. I have 3 Rokus. How will I watch my YouTube TV?

  111. Please resolve your contract issue with Roku. We love the Roku interface and prefer YouTube TV. We also like using FUBO TV with the added benefit of ALL Pac-12 channels.

  112. Concerning Roku negotiations. Please preserve our access to YouTube TV, protect our data and ensure a level playing field for companies to compete. If we cannot watch YouTubeTV on Roku devices, will protecting our data, we will drop your streaming service like a hot rock.

  113. Dear,In order to block spammers in Gmail, it should NOT be required to open their email !!! This is dangerous. What do you think? Whom should I contact about it?

  114. I’ve been calling for the past few months my Gmail account babyelmo1992 was Hacked into and people keep telling me I need to buy the Google play card in order to get security in my account back I want my account back if somebody can email me back and my other alternative email I truly appreciate

  115. i was hacked and have lost acces to my email accounts due to the issue i need help gaining access to both my old accounts they are as follows
    onyxloxxxxxx i am currently using kperrxxxxxx but am tired of creating new accounts for different reasons please help me gain access to my accounts. thank you kristina

  116. There’s a site call that has put some information about that is not true which good left to a mistaken identity . The person they have listed on their site is not a good person and they have that I’m related. I called them and will not remove my name from the site.

  117. I have received an email from ROKU that you have been trying to come to a fair contract with ROKU which has YouTube TV. I signed up for this service because DISH was offering fewer channels and raising their fees. I have used Google for years as my search engine. I was very surprised when ROKU said you were unable to come to a fair contract with them and were letting the current contract laps. Please reconsider coming to a fair contract with ROKU so that millions of customers don’t lose their only affordable source of entertainment and up to date news.

  118. Please get me off this tap and speak I can’t get anything done on it I never wanted it I never asked for it please I’m begging you it’s a matter of life and death I can’t do anything I can’t text anybody I can’t get into my account so they don’t accept it please get me out of this

  119. My account has been hacked into the perpetrators have blocked me out my own account, stolen my Idenity and has thousands of dollars from me using my Gmail account. I tried to reset my password however every time I change it they would go back in a change it. Since I don’t have access to my own account anymore and the hacker are still using my Gmail account I am asking you to shut down my account permanently so no will have asset to it. The Gmail account is pamelaxxxxx I can be reach at 916-919-xxxx Thank you

  120. Recently, I tried googling a question and unfortunately no answer popped up. Now I want to know the answer more than ever so I was hoping you could help me out.
    My question is this: In the 1700’s how much time did it take for men to get a ship in the docks ready before they departed on their journey. I know it probably varies based on the amount of men helping and the size of the ship, but if I could get an estimate for the average ship and crew size, that would make my entire year.

  121. My Gmail and Facebook has been messed up for a while my phone got wet had to get another phone been trying to get help with this for a long time now

  122. There is a war going on in the Middle East and your headlines on the overview page is about a lonely bird in Rio or how Elon Musks girlfriend had an anxiety attack. Seriously folks. I know you are anti Semitic but this is too much even from google. Get some serious news on.

  123. I receive a email from you that say : Hello

    We would like to officially inform you that you have been selected by Google Corperation. Kindly download the attachment for more information
    It has an attachment but i don’t open it because is in spam….what does this mean?thank you

  124. U know who I am David Jones I’d like to discuss payment or I’ll have to file a personal lawsuit against u thanks.

  125. Re google analytics – on May 10 in audience I had 334 – overview 2913 with a bounce rate of 44%. On May 11 before the new numbers were put in at midnight the numbers reflecting May 10 changed to show 12 users – overview 2640 with a bounce rate of 57%. Why were the original numbers for May 10 changed?

  126. Please explain to me why Google News carries so much of Fox News stories? Shouldn’t News carry facts not fiction for the American people? I will argue that Rupert Murdock has done more to hurt democracy than even Trump.
    I know a lot of this is being driven by money and algorithms but there is something bigger at stake here. You should act now before its to late. Think about it.
    Aloha Scott

  127. I have not been able to get any gmails.
    I call for assistance 2times waited one and on half hours each time only to get disconnected.
    Hard to believe with all the Google items I have that this is the way you handle your business
    I can’t get emails which are vital to me and my business.
    Are you going to help correct this without directing me to items that disconnect

    Stephen Sabbeth sjxxxxx
    Telephone 516353xxxx

    DO Not try to email me since it doesn’t go through

  128. I love Google. Google’s been my friend she’s one smart and she’s always help me out taught me more than anybody else in this world so y’all go ahead and build me cuz I’m going to keep Google go Google love you man answers nobody can and I love you for that and y’all don’t tell a soul love you Google

  129. I purchased a $25 google play card and part of the code was accidentally scratched off. I need to know how I can redeem this card for either my money or is there a way to enter the code using another number. Please provide some kind of answer

  130. These are the words of a defeated individual.I have for two months have trying to secure my gmail account but was outwitted by a cyber criminal.I received request to change info I never requested of which opted me change passwords and 2 step authorization methods.All of my information and backup security to recover my email is lost.There is no support and no one to help out the little guy.As I am typing this I am locked out of my account and can not recover. I have researched forums to no end. All I can do now is just disassociate all financial ties with Google and go with a service that is more secure with live support. I wont be able to respond if I do get feedback because my email is compromised and I have no access.

  131. I have the pixel 3a xl, the phone will not record out going or in coming call in call log , neither will it delete call log

  132. I posted a business review.
    Although the review is shown,
    It is not factored into the complaint percentage or the number of total reviews for the business. Please explain!

  133. Class action suit results 780000 awared me. Call me to confirm account
    . Michael Flanagan Redding CA. Please return call asap to 530519xxxx

  134. I used a fax app that had a trial date. After using this app. I decided I wouldn’t be faxing that often. I cancelled the subscription before the expiration date. When I didn’t get a response. I tried to remove my credit card. Google would not let me. I got charge $94.
    Anyway. I want Google to refund my money. I complained several times. Until Google responded that I needed to go to Google subscription and cancel. I saw Google closed the case but I’m out of $94. And Google should never have interfered in my cancellation.

  135. I have been calling for a month about my Gmail being broken into and somebody didn’t change the security password and the number on file my email was babyelmoxxxx and I need my email back can someone help me or no because I’m at the the point of going to court

  136. My account I am trying to access that has many years of data, photos, documentation, keeps saying “google can’t verify you”. I can’t even get to the account recovery page! I have tried every option available including completing the form and no one has responded. I completed it twice. I can prove the account belongs to me. Please help! I have used my other google account in this form for communication purposes.

  137. HELP,,.YOu asked for my birthday. Did not want to give it, so put in a age 0. Now you are going to block my account. Contact me to straighten this out

  138. I am being HARASSED BY SOMEONE, OR PEOPLE, AT GOOGLE just because I questioned why they kept sending me a ‘Capital One’ credit card Ad after I rejected the Ad countless times. This has also happened with other emails and Promotions. Just this morning, I’m checking my email and there it is at the TOP of my email list.


    This is the very abuse that the FTC states that we should report. I don’t want to take this to that level. Please, can’t you tell me how to resolve this issue, right now. My Spam and trash are on overload, constantly, from this and other emails of similar nature.

  139. I found the blog by your head of diversity Kamau Bobb titled ” If I were a Jew” to be insulting and anti semitic. How dare he make racial assumptions and stereotypes about an entire group of people. Clearly he has never had any diversity training.. Even Hamas terrorists disguise their blatant antisemitism by speaking of zionists referring to Israelis. He has no such qualms , he wades right in there with the blatant anti semitism. How can you allow such a person to represent you in such an important role?

  140. I bought a gift card and it was scratched off you couldn’t read the code so now I am out 100.00 which I can’t afford to be out 100.00 for no reason I want a refund for the bad card I can be teach @ 717-877-xxxx I hope to here from someone in regards to this matter thank you and hope to here from someone soon

    1. why ask here – this has NOTHING to do with google its an address provider
      go complain in googles forums

  141. I am so hurt and astounded that you didn’t fire the head of diversity but transferred him yet a few years ago you fired an engineer for lesser insulting remarks however it wasn’t against Jews! As a CEO for a major corporation, you should be ashamed of the insidious way you have just represented Google to the world! What a sham, what a joke.
    Please do the right thing, if not for your morale reputation, for the Google corporation.
    Sharyn sharer

  142. Hello
    I know, i am just an individual with no power.
    But, i was shocked by the anti-semitic words of ex Google Diversity Head Google Diversity Head, Mr Kamau Bob.
    How can you hire such a person at a key position without any check and how can he be still permanent staff in Google.. ? Is this in conformity with the ethics rules of Google to write such words ?? with such a position. Frankly, this is not in the standards of Google that is much higher.
    Charles Dekhtiar France.

  143. I got a letter that states I won a lot of money .this guy keeps texting me and says I don’t need to pay any thing to get my money .he keeps texting me saying he need to video chat but never answers when I call .I have the letter its got a winner number and id number and other number .I need help getting my money

  144. Share the wealth with those loyal to your brand. Those you lie to and deceive then take our ill gotten data and sell it to anyone with the cash to fill Alphabet’s coffers. The internet was financed by taxpayers and your infrastructure is paid off. Add in military money and your greed becomes evident. Can I get 1% of the value of my data as it relates to your profits gained?

  145. Hello esteemed Google powerhouse: my name is Mitchel Mercado torres and I simply want to ask you about how would you respond to someone like myself who has some great ideas for phone apps? Throughout many generations my family has a good history of many artists in many fields, from musicians to book authors to oil on canvas artists, one of my aunts being the world’s oldest oil on canvas artist registered on Guinness book of world records… I sit home for long periods of time and meditate on things. Shortly after I get my answer come as a vision of enlightenment ideas… So who do I talk to? 352-807-xxxx

  146. Why are you all addressing the CEO here
    this isnt even a google site its an address service for contacting google .like the CEO spends time on here

  147. I have been trying to get a response since March 2021 and I filed with the BBB and still nothing.
    Below was the last email I sent on June 1, 2021.

    Google does not care. They make money all day, sit around the big brown table and look down on those who provide their paychecks. They are the prime example of a monopoly-minded predator… they could care less about the typical human being.

    They got theirs too bad if you do not get yours. All the way to their bank accounts.
    It is our own fault… we supported them and created the monster…. they are all laughing!!

    Dear Google.
    I have no idea what kind of game you are playing but, I want my account back…
    The link you set does not allow me to file any claim, it is asking for information for an account I CANNOT ACCESS!
    Even when I put in the information for my new email address NO CLAIM FORM WAS PRESENTED!!
    My Hacked Email is: xxxxxxxxxxx
    My back up email is:

    Why does your automated system keeping asking me if I am trying to access my account at my backup email
    But send the codes to get into my hacked email account to the hacked email account instead of my back up email address?

    This is not funny to me – you may be laughing but I am not.

  148. how much should anyperson could pay to make his app in the same line of featured trending populars apps such like facebook google and other trending apps?! the wole thing i want to ask i want to make my app like facebook app in the same position in google playstore! what money and where to go to pay and make exact in the same marketing of the facebook got it?! how much i should pay to google to make my app as fame as facebook app?!

  149. Why do you not make it clear that that a critic is a “judge”
    “Great” and “ Bad” are both “criticisms” the word means Judgement.

  150. Heads up, I will be calling corporate tomorrow so any employee reading this, don’t answer the phone if you don’t want to hear me going off, (it won’t be pretty or censored), regarding Google and their B.S. policy regarding refunds. I WILL speak to the C.E.O. Mr. Pachai when I call. How I’m treated before I’m connected is whether or not the person that answers gets reprimanded or worse. Guess we will find out tomorrow!

  151. Dear sir mere google UPI se froud Transaction hue h.. 18/6/21 ko kindly help me.. My number is 902666xxxx Register

  152. Hi Google I hope somebody will answer me it’s very important I got problems with my password I need to talk to somebody live please help me my phone # (862)201-xxxx I believe that it is some kind of fraud and I don’t know what to do I try to go to your website and find out what happened but I cannot accomplish that please again give me a call thank you

  153. I’m a long-time client (customer) of your Google FI product. I’ve even told my friends about Google FI, however, lately, I’ve been VERY disappointed with your company. I’ll shorten my story for the sake of time & space. I ordered a Samsung phone through Google FI, as I’ve done for my last 4 phones. There was a rebate of $600 tied to the purchase saying that I had to activate my phone within 30 days. I’m currently in the country of Panama and wasn’t aware nor was I told that I couldn’t activate it outside of the US. So, even though it cost me over $100 to return it I did so in the allotted time frame. Soniya from your shipping & refunds acknowledged that they received the phone and by email told me that I would receive a credit wiping the $600 charge within 14 business days, starting back on May 24th, 2021. (we’re beyond that time frame) I’m NOW told that they’re “investigating” my claim and I might be charged the $600 and it need be a $600 credit would be issued. I have ALL the documented emails backing me up, it seems that your Google FI & your Google shipping and refunds are two TOTALLY different companies operating independently of each other. Why should my card be ding for $600 for ANY REASON even temporarily after I was told that I have a credit.??!! I and my friends are watching this situation closely. Feel free to ask me for documentation regarding this mismanaged situation.

  154. I am writing from UK aged 82 held the positions of Head of computing &IT.Drenched with sadness and monumental despair.Hard of hearing,did not understand spoken word for input,driven to desperate by someone who is inconsiderate.Used Google many years no problem but someone is deliberately creating problems .Passwords are not accepted,keyboard is locked.Tried everything but no luck.Passwords problems are created every month.Someone is on collision path to make my miserable.plz help

  155. I am trying to get a hold of ceo of Facebook, google, and Twitter cause I figure out a permanent solution to end the ever growing scam problem and it’s going have great effects on a grand scale

  156. English , get spanish. Discrimination by a Assistant manager. puts on hold , dont come back. Comes back says never spoke to YOU.Tranfer my Calls to Mexico recording. spanish. 3 hrs on cell. Txt by t mobile. Electronic Device’s harrassments. Spld me refurbish cell with music on from 2008. Does not delete. I need a New cell.

  157. I am having a major issue with my gmail and I am unable to speak to costumer service and I cannot recover my email through recovery email. I get the same message error over and over! The message says that my account will be deleted in 29 days and that I can not recover my email because I am not of age. I am 46 years old and I have had the same email for many years. Please help. It also says I will lose all my google photos. I am extremely upset. I have years of family photos that I do not want to lose. My phone number is 646-831-xxxx. Since I can not receive emails please call me!

  158. using google map I was given a route that was outdated which caused us hours of being lost on road conditions that were unsafe it was a scary and terrible experience also caused damaged to our travel trailer why is google map using old outdated map directions ?

  159. I am locked out of my gmail and the process on google support does not work. It states it cannot verify my account because I’m logged in, I am not. Please help me! I’m begging. I waited 2 hours on hold to be told “Google it” and hung up on my googles support center . The gmail in question is kjulienxxxx phone number attached is 58663xxxx. I dont know what else to do.

  160. I Miss Tucker would like to see if you could please be positive my $5 I do not want a Google to take money for my account they took $5 out my account from social security and I don’t know why they took $5 out of purchase I would like you to please replace my $5 back in my account if I have anything open please close it out and deposit my $5 back into my account please

  161. watchdog apps are misusing my location and expunged criminal record. this has become a stress and caused anxiety for me, personally. via my cell phone location, given away by google android, anybody can and does point at me as if I were a current criminal. can you please identify contact numbers at google and these aps so that I can ask them to update their records.

    Peter Raftopoulos

  162. Happy Birthday Greetings to Sundar Pichai, CEO GOOGLE
    12th July 2021
    Live Long with all wishes.

  163. Hello Sir,
    Today I received a call from mob no 8006268483 claiming that the call is from and asking me to pay rs. 2000/- (refundable) as my cv is shortlisted by a company for job, offering a salary of rs. 40000/-.
    After every one minute, i received a call and finally i paid.

    However, later when we asked for invoice, they said that i need to pay further 3500/-, to which i objected and asked for refund, to which they said that for refund i will have to further create an id with rs. 2000/- on, to which i told them that i will file a case against them and will write a complaint on internet, did not bother and and directed to lodge a complain and file a case after which i will get refund

  164. I can not get into my account that I have had with Google for years “sandrabxxxxx I can not get a “Vertification Code” because my email and phone number are outdated. Need to be updated to: 919-725-xxxx and email wealthisourxxxxxx I need to be able for Google to send me a “Verification Code.” If you would please update my information I would greatly appreciate it.

  165. Money was taken from my card for 29.99 and I would like for it to be put back AsAp I have waited once and got a email saying it will not be returned,I got proof the money was taken for Google Face me order,do not no what that is,it can’t be found in my Google app because I didn’t purchase anything

  166. I have forgotten my Gmail account password I have tried a lot but can’t find so please help me finding the Gmail account please send code to me

  167. I am looking for a refund from Google YouTube tv. They have been double billing me on my credit card since June of 2019 for 2 accounts,. One I never authorized. When filing out the registration for the account it didn’t go through so I submitted again the same day with the same card and was unaware that YouTube tv was charging my card twice a month. I received a partial refund of 5 months and gave still not been able to find out what account they were billing my card for the 2nd charge and would like my money back. I have tried to get this with YouTube tv and they are telling me to pursue with my bank.

  168. Sir I have a problem in solving my math question why you are not making the calculator to solve the all classes mathematical question why you are not make the better coding in calculator

  169. To respectfully CEO Sundar Pichai and to whom it may concern:
    I randomized checked and Google last night my name
    Trinh Vu MD Monterey CA

    Then I see my Hercules medical clinic 975 Cass street Monterey CA including one review from this person name Ash Oxide.
    I did not see him ever before and he wrote in his review about my Hercules medical clinic at 975 Cass street in Monterey CA 93940, 5 days ago as follows:

    Told me that they would charge me the full amount for a visit BEFORE EVEN SEEING ME and then they would refund me when the insurance paid them. So they get paid twice and then patient get shafted.
    What a scam.

    I, Trinh Vu, MD want to respond as below:

    What a lie!
    Our policy is crystal clear that pat needs to pay for the visit if they agree. It is due to the fact and evidence that there is no warranty that insurance will pay because of the individual insurance plan that one has. Because coverage which includes high or low deductible, copay or only hospital emergency care and no cover for medical clinic outside hospital. Insurance may not pay for procedures or Emergency medications.
    I lost my clinic in seaside and continue to lose because I billed insurance but when insurance refused to pay because of deductible or pay but 1/2 amount of billing standard code. It also takes hour by phone to find out with insurance. The insurance companies they have upper hand.

    Anyway, the policy of my clinic started in 2018 that one needs to pay first because one would know what insurance plan they have if not they should find out.

    It is crystal clear in my financial contract agreement that first deposit $250 is required to secure appointment or urgent walk in first visit to goes forward medical visit. Clinic will refund or it is refundable after one responsibility for different is met.

    For example, it the billing code for the first visit is $250.00. If your insurance only pays $161.40. The different $250.00-$161.40=$88.60 is one responsible as mention in the financial contract agreement that needs to be agreeable and signed before service.
    The billing code for first urgent visit or first medical visit is 99204 which is $250.00. It is a standard billing code system that existed for more than decade without change. It is programmed in the system. I can’t modify or make any change because it is automatically programmed.

    Any follow up visit after the billing code will be 99214 which is $150.00

    The Ash Oxide is one crooks, liars and using the Google to his fraudulent intimation.
    It was so misleading and fraud by reporting with capitalize BEFORE SEEING ME.
    There is no such thing that my clinic gets pay twice when my clinic must refund if the insurance pay. It is unlawful to do so.
    Especially it is my medical license with all contract agreement bide to it.

    Such review would affect my clinic reputation and may have impact on financial to keep it functioning which it is for now unmanageable because of overhead with cost increasing.

    Can you please respond to this idiot by Google my name Trinh Vu, MD Monterey CA and remove it for me?

    I tried Google last night to ask them to remove and even called them and again I was connected but without result.
    Thank you so much
    Trinh Vu, MD
    Hercules Medical Clinic & Urgent Care Center
    xxxCass street
    Monterey CA 93940
    Tel: 831-641-xxxx
    Fax: 831-641 xxxx

  170. There is website using Google platform in his advertisement when a search is made for goods on line. Even he is getting payments through googlepay mode also. In the site he shows cheap rates and deceives people. There are lot of complaints against him in media and reviews of his site. I couldn’t understand how he uses Google search engine and Googlepay for his such deceitful trade. Please intervene. I am also deceived as his customer care no and mail address don’t work .Waiting for action/ reply.


  171. Your services are wonderful however I would like to see both sides of a story without you interjecting your political point of view if you can’t do that I don’t need your services just report the information don’t slant it by putting words in it that would slant that the story you’re trying to tell to the negative let me make that choice not you

  172. Hi
    I am a teacher and teaching online now for over a year.I teach Chemistry and can’t type formulae in the Google forms. Why don’t you think about making it possible to insert subscripts ?

  173. Hello, I have serious issues with someone making accounts with my name. I have change my G-mail three different times my phone number three times. And it’s been done thru Google. Also saying vulgar things about me where anyone can see all of this trash. Can someone please contact me from Google. 317-896-xxxx Thank You!
    Please call this is serious!!

  174. What action is Google taking on digital money lenders who are abusing privacy rights, it’s high time that Google gives a public statement concerning this issue, especially in Kenya. The abusers should be stopped from using Google play store permanently.

  175. Every android phone with Google violated me and my privacy. It disappears reappears and” freezes”.

  176. I’m a traveling minister which means that I need to be able to access my account wherever I am and yet…you keep forcing me to change my password??? What is up with that????
    Pastor E W Mort

  177. Google support does not do a thing when you email them regarding an actual problem regarding one of their services (YouTube, in this regard). All you get is cookie cutter responses that I told the CSR communicating with me did NOT work. All I wanted was an open dialogue with someone in YouTube’s moderation department. Nothing but cookie cutter replies. Now, I’m being completely ignored by Google’s support team.

  178. It is appalling that Google has bowed to Russian pressure and removed an app that would have supported efforts bring about democracy and go against the authoritarianism leader, Putin. You should have supported the democratic efforts and you need to support democracy in the United States. This is horrific.

  179. Shame on your organization for siding with Putin (Russia) on his orders. I wish I had a different choice in an organization.for service.?????

  180. On MSNBC cable news I heard a foreign government (Russia) told Google an American company to take something down from their site and Google did. Why do foreign governments have a say in American Companies?

  181. Hi, I have my breakdown recovery in Manchester United kingdom and have been providing the best service for over a year since being on google my bisness. also had best reviews, on a daily basis. The problem is when I got busy and I had the best reviews put on google to be views by millions, for some reason google my bisness was suspended and had to made another account. I was told that the other account will be activated. which was but after few days it was suspended again at the second site. I asked for the reason and I was told no reason to be given sorry. just suspended. I am suffering now mentally, in depression as no help is provided but make me suffer to have no work while I just build it, and through the pandemic, I just wanted to get busy and suspended again. I am now suffering from headaches and depression as for no reason I am literary being suffocated for no reason. Google is not giving me any reason, saying we do not have any explaining for suspension. that’s it. I need help. Please don’t make me and my family suffer. AS everyone knows during this pandemic everyone suffered. why make suffer to me where my main source of business comes from Google. why make me suffer. Please help and there is no one to help and explain to me anything.

  182. I was charged 99.99 on Google play I did not do my nephew was playing with my phone I immediately started emailing them and get a instant response saying refund denied I didn’t ordered this and nothing was even added my account so whatever was accidentally ordered was never even giving I really need a refund that’s to much money to lose for no reason

  183. To: Sundar Pichai:

    Mr: Pichai,
    I volunteer for Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Denver, Colorado. I was recently informed that Google has blocked our ads for the Abortion Pill Reversal. I respectfully ask you to please lift your ban on our ads. I am sure you believe in women’s rights. Women who want to stop the abortion process that has been started on their body should have the right to change their mind and to decide that they want their baby to live! Women deserve access to life-saving healthcare information. Please lift your ban on Alternatives Abortion Pill Reversal ads. The pill that is used to reverse the abortion process (progesterone) has been used for 50 years and it is very safe! Many healthy babies have been born and given life because of this option given to their mother!
    Thank you!
    Judy Lodwick

  184. I just want to say that Google Play is a billion-dollar scam operation. You rip off people like me, a disabled, elderly woman with no knowledge of phone games. My autistic grandson managed to order the Angry Birds Legendary Bundle SEVEN times in a matter of minutes for a grand total of $755.93. My SSI check is $855.00. I couldn’t pay my rent, my utilities, or ANYTHING last month. It was so blatantly obvious that it was done by mistake yet my claim was denied not by Google Play, but my BANK even tried to dispute it and lost! Seriously? This billion-dollar cor. is going to steal money from the elderly like this? I guarantee you I will tell anyone and everyone I can INCLUDING any newspaper that will print my story about this. I see reading other complaints that you’ve done this more than once. People have to know! My life is hard enough without crooks like Google Play making it even harder. My measly check is PENNIES compared to your net income and it’s pathetic there aren’t even safeguards for people like me. My next email is to the New York Times and every large newspaper I can find. I’m not letting this go. Not by a long shot!

  185. I need a person to call me regarding my phone number on google as a companys number.He has not had the number for over two years. I want my number removed from google.If no response from you I will have to contact a lawyer.My number shows as his company. That invades my privacy.TAKE CARE OF THID NOW. I have waited over two years now…..

  186. If Google pay tries to request payment one more time?? I’m suing them for harassment and any other cost or indirect cost connected to their fraudulent ass business practices!! I don’t even have the use of Google pay!! And they own or are part of Gmail and they are this evasive? No email?? My name is Gerald Geiger my Email is gradinglxxxxx I expect you not to present anything for payment
    again in connection to me or I will sue your ass!! At the least Google should reimburse me for my bank charges!! And my time . I have a few Gmail accounts and a couple with other companies. Why am I an ex land developer much much more transparent than Google is?? If this isn’t a red flag? Nothing is

  187. Hi, I keep getting requests from you for my birthdate!
    I NEVER give out my birthdate on ANY platform or social media. I protect my identity as much as possible. If the requests continue, I may stop using all google services, entirely.

  188. dear sir ,
    google transilate ” every saturday”
    tamil meaning “ஒவ்வொரு ஞாயிற்று கிழமையும்” this is wrong. please check and correct this problem

  189. Hi many name is janette buena my bday is tomorrow in work with warners and I work with ur ceo investments part and well on injures I have the flu my spine is healing nd indent knownwhat to do anymore I have a fever o feel sick Practically PARALIZED I’m homless nd in soexausted and depressed I cant even get no weed lno money nothing please help me I need to get to shelter me and my doggy are in need please I can take this no more have heart Jonathan warner nd eminem havnt giving me nothing even after the drama please help contact kathy warner she will let u know what’s going on that if ubsont know

  190. Google has billed me,6 times, for $5.00 each. I do not know why I am being billed. I would like to be connected to the billing dept. and find out why. My phone number is 713-560-xxxx. Thank you

  191. Why are you so hard to get ahold of I have a very important information on my phone was stolen I need you to call 803821xxxx

  192. I am the Head of School at the French Immersion School of Washington. FISW is an independent school Pk -5th grade in Bellevue WA with 200 students.
    We have lost access to our google Ads account #938-061-xxxx linked to Every year, we use Google Ads for our admission season. Our IT Director has been trying to solve this problem with Google Support but there is no follow up. Not being able to advertise with Google Ads is starting to hurt our business and I wanted to ask if you can help us solve this problem. Thank you

  193. Chrome give me the wrong number the PayPal and they scammed me out of $2,740 I need this resolved that's all the money to my name says:

    I asked Chrome for PayPal’s phone number and they give me the wrong phone number and I was connected to a hacker and they had me send them $2,740 through coin Bitcoin and I was ripped off 0 and I feel like y’all should have some type of policy to keep other people from putting accounts in another account’s name I so I feel like y’all owe me the money

  194. I’m an mobile developer and have signed up with Google AdMob to provide ads for some of my apps which I offer for free. In the beginning, I started seeing revenue, small but steady. It grew for two months and everything looked great. But then it stopped. Ads were still being shown but the number of times an ad was clicked went to zero and has been at zero ever since. Absolute zero. This is statistically impossible. There was no explanation. No email or message from AdMob. There is a page in the AdMob website which tells us when something is wrong. It says “nothing is wrong”. There is a method of contacting AdMob support with my problem, but after I fill out the form and submit it, a message says “there was a problem, please try again later”.

    I’m losing money every single day, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

  195. Yeah I need some help I bought my granddaughter two Google Play cards 9 days ago one card for $200 in the other card for $50 these two cars were bought from Walgreens I bought them before I we had no problems on Monday the 22nd I purchased two cards they were activated at Walgreens but her and she couldn’t activate it so I submit the information to Google Play support team had a difficult time due to the holidays and nobody was in so I’m sure I was just like for your office to help me to get the cards activated all the information was sent three times to Google I’m a senior citizen I don’t know that much about computers but I need some help to have these cards redeem my name is John the last name Weaver my telephone number is 347-488-0656 so have someone in your office to get back to me so I really appreciate your time and help I’m also a customer of the Google phone system thanks a lot for your help peace be with you thank you

  196. Dear Google,

    I use your services extensively and really appreciate them. However, as a United States citizen, I feel hurt by your choice to fly the Google flag and not the U.S. flag over your local headquarters. How about also putting up the flag of the country that enabled you to exist, to show some commitment to the public good and to help people to take pride in their homeland?

  197. your India Google Ad expert is using my Bever Google Ad account-I used to service the Cedar Roof Guys account years ago. They then moved to another account. They decided they got better results from the ads I setup and had a Google expert hack and use my account. The google expert would accidentally make calls to me looking for the owner of Cedar roof guys. I name the cedar roof account “You account” the google ad expert also made changes to my business account and changed my location on the maps to the states that the cedar roof guys service….I want them not to be able to access my account and want damages for loss of business due to these fraudulent india google experts that hacked and used my account for the cedar roof guys

    Bever Digtial Design



  199. I learned I was recently scammed for 3 $100 Google Play “Gift Cards” purchased at CVS. I have tried both ‘chat’ and email, but to no avail. I would like to make a plea, at least by telephone. There is no telephone customer support. My point is there is hardly any ‘support’ unless there is a opportunity to speak with someone. From the ‘chat’ I learned 1 of the cards had not been ‘redeemed” I immediately put those #s on my 10 year son’s account for safe keeping. He will not use those #s. (8HT4SSB814WLE5DD). Please help. I know nothing about ‘google play’. I was duped into it by pure sincerity to help what I thought to be my friend during the Christmas holidays. Please be kind and help, Garry


    Good day sir

    My name is David Adio-Moses, an architect and lecturer at University of Lagos

    I formatted my phone on Tuesday 4th January, 2022 because there were hidden files occupying space on my phone

    I tried to get back into my Gmail account but couldn’t because of the two step verification process

    Google was trying to confirm that it was me by trying to send a code to my phone

    Unfortunately, I did not receive any code

    I have sent several messages to your help team but they did not give me access to my davidadxxxxx account

    Please kindly remove the two step verification from my davidaxxxxx account so that I can access my gmail box

    I’m still using the same Galaxy A20 phone and you can confirm that it is me using my alternate gmail account – dadio-xxxxx

    Thank you sir

    Kind regards,

    David Adio-Moses

  201. I was disappointed and angry to read that while Google did pause its contributions to
    the  National Republican Senate Committee which supports Senators who voted not to certify the 2020 election result and to the National Republican Congressional  Committee which supports Congressmembers who propagate the Big Lie, after review, in 2021 your company donated $30,000 to NRSC and NRCC.

    You can be sure that I will do all I can to raise awareness of your organization’s failure to support democracy. In addition, I will support corporations that ARE furthering our fundamental values  by not funding candidates, organizations, and PACs who attempted to destroy our Democratic process. 

  202. I am legally blind in one eye and i had a stroke , when i got home from hospital ,all my google was gone , photos , e-mail etc every number i have call will not talk to me , so how in the heck do you expect this to be resolved

  203. Hi, I’m Logan. I live in MN. I recently got scammed by someone so I did a little digging and the ip address is coming back to 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043.
    The IP address is I thought you should know bc I’m sure I’m not the first or last person to be scammed and you wouldn’t want it coming from work.
    If you need any further information I’ll be happy to help.

  204. I want my old email address back and delete all my other emails that has my name and phone number attached to

  205. Beaverton , or 185 and baseline incident with man hours before opening with employee ” in danger” of homeless man seeking help and getting a court date and almost run over leaves in cop car and leaving a single donation and the illegally dumped clothes he was picking thru he needed behind in exchange for almost getting run over jailed and humillliarefd and bullied by employee breaking corporate interest and company mission. Yeah me so call your attorney and accountant and insurance and safety people and see if she should get that raise that raise and promotion and award damn needy guy and illegslly dumped stuff he needs to pay need to pay for his actions . Or call him fire her and give him that sure he would not be grateful to lend a hand but he might be in jail come Monday and be pissed and vocal about it to certain…. Well u get the issue I hope Preston you need a overhaul or is your fire issue in other places still baffling u on the why … Lightbulb yet .

  206. My name is Mark Shandow,,,my company and one of my employees has been the target of someone’s malicious, fraudulent, and very unprofessional behavior,
    his act was conducted without any consent from myself or my employee. The nature and sensitivity of the offense not going to be advertised on this complaint form as the situation is of a grave manner. and in doing so would undermine the damage it has caused

  207. I’m trying to get into my gmail but it keeps saying it’s not verified that it is mine I just need help getting it back in

  208. Google Office North America
    10th Street NE Atlanta, GA 30309

    To Whom it may concern,

    My name is Edward Baton; I have owned/used a Gmail email account for over 20-years. I use my Google email account as an account name or username for my investment accounts access to several cryptocurrencies, E-trade investments, and subscriptions through the Play Store services paid monthly. All communications with my investment portfolio have been through my Google email account. Google took it upon itself to invoke “2F verification” without informing me of their actions. Not knowing that “2F verification” was activated, I reset my password. When I tried to log back into my Gmail account Google wanted to verify it was me trying to log into my account. Google tried sending a verification code to a phone number that has been out of service for over two years. When I selected “try another way,” the only option was for my Gmail account to receive a code; I can not access my Gmail account because Google locked it down. Trying to use my backup email account, I received a message from Google that someone was trying to access my account, and Google blocked it. I have researched every support option on Google’s website, only to find my account was locked. I have called every phone number I could locate for support, only to be sent back to Google’s website.
    Furthermore, I have complained about Google not having an appeal option to process users that have so much invested through a Google email account. My only option is to seek legal action against Google to recover my investment portfolio information. I find It unbelievable that Google would not provide some appeal process, either paid or free, to recover an email account that has cost unnecessary financial loss and stress for their users. Especially when Google is making monthly revenue via the Play Store subscription accounts. I will leave my phone number hoping that someone with Google will see their shortcoming and do the right thing. 325 864-4852. User’s recommendation: I would recommend Gmail users demand Google have some appeal process to recover important email accounts when it impacts them financially.

    This same issue happened two years ago when Google turned on “2F verification” without me knowing anything about it. I contacted Google support; I explained that I did not want 2F verification turned on. The support technician was accommodating when I said Google caused my problems. Support sent me a code via another email account; I gave the code to the tech, and he opened access to my Gmail account. He assured me that “2F verification” was turned off. At some point, Google turned “2F verification” back on. When I changed my password and tried to log back in, the same problem, getting into my Gmail account with a phone number that was two years out of service. The big difference now is that I can’t get in touch with anyone at Google to confirm my identity.
    With no appeal process and no way to access my account via online support has cost me financially and emotionally, with a great deal of stress. I plead with Google to provide a process to regain access to my 20-year old email account.
    Please provide contact information at your Atlanta, GA office where I can show my ID, driver’s license, passport, pilot license, or any other ID that proves I am Edward Baton and that “[email protected]” is an address I’ve used for years.

    To contact me please used to following;
    Edward Baton
    325 864-xxxx

    PS; I can not access my Gmail account “edxxxxx” please don’t use that account to send me codes or correspondence; I can’t access it.

    Thank you in advance for your assistance with regaining access to my Gmail account.

    Ed Baton

  209. My email account asila4xxxx was deleted. Someone hacked into my account. I tried to logged and today and all of my emails were deleted.

  210. A million people must have invention ideas.. what is the chance this is one. The bosses to busy, their kids can read this brain storm.
    * Having google as the route all internet connections go through (those who use it) it could remove any virus
    * As software companies keep changing what files can be used with their ‘new’ version, going through the google hub would translate all versions from and to any other version
    * Hardware .. like google phones, a computer that could never be crashed by any virus
    * No moving parts in their magic computer
    * A protection of any data created on that computer from any outside source.

  211. Ive been locked out of my gmail for over six days. I cant recover my gmails that also connected to many apps and business emails. Please call me 214 562 xxxx

  212. I’m Masud Rana people tell name genius, leadership, Rt, senior official sir, And I’m need your help comes together protect our Data

  213. Please give me google tamil customer service center mobile number கண்டிப்பாக இப்பை வேண்டும்


  215. Dear Sir,
    With reference to customer ID 2612595441, we have started a campaign on Google Ads therefore funds of RS. 5000/ have been transferred to Google account initially but the campaign has not been activated due to some technical fault or any other issue.
    We have contacted the support team numerous times but we could not get any solution. Meanwhile we have registered complaints so many times online even though we have not received any appropriate response from your end.
    However we are very desperate to have to write you that there are lot of loops in service that needs to be rectified if the issue is not being resolved at least we must be updated because we transferred the amount of Rs. 5000/ initially for trial purpose although it is not big amount but it is enough to be not abandoned …
    Eventually we hope you will do the needful ..
    RS Jha

  216. Why has Google blocked my gmail from being downloaded to my computer? Why did I not receive prior notice that you were going to do that?
    Most of the time, I cannot use my browser so I need the automatic download to the computer in order to do my work for my church.
    Basically, you have destroyed my email.

  217. I am John jonskido I checked my info and my Gmail. Google was hasked to some out of state and phila PA please check into this

  218. Please do not contact the customers with your nonsense. Leave us alone. Stop bothering us. Just let us use email, you do not need to do anything else.You are very annoying, and if it continues, I will go elsewhere.

  219. Initially when setting up my first adwords account it went into suspension for suspicious payments. This happened in November. Due to the nature of the suspension I am only allowed to use the appeal link. I have done this numerous times. Sharing banking info, changing cards, and etc. I have even tried starting from scratch by buying a different domain from Google. This account too went into suspension for suspicious payments. I got or-cbat-11 error as well.

  220. I feel your corporation is communistic in your not allowing the American people to see President Trumps Rally’s you are honestly helping the new world order in the unjust take over of this world hoping your family suffers as the Ukrainian people are get a clue you leftest individuals

  221. Hey want to read Kanye but kim information be on his page please keep kim leaks on her page we know narrative information for the magazine she need to be cell out when things are false

  222. I’m an adult playing a game when an Google game ad comes on named breaker of this girl on a chair. Really!!! You people are sick and disturbed!!!!

  223. The Moderators do nothing to help the users & the safety advocates abuse those they are supposed to protect. Not only that, they practice fraud & corruption.

  224. No fix on the recall? How long before I can drive this Santa Fe sport 2017 ,not getting any results from the dealer. I can be reached at 863 661 1390

  225. Good day to you and your staff! I am a one hundred percent Disabled Veteran of the United States military and a staunch supporter of the military and our police officers. My YouTube account, for some reason, has not been showing the correct amount of views and subscriptions for my channel. Some of my subscribers have contacted me. Via email, report that they have seen a problem with my channel, and I am asking you to look into it. I have called the YouTube channel number, and I have spoken to one of your representatives, who have told me certain things that the algorithms at times are off and need to be updated. I am asking you for your intervention and help with repairing these problems. I appreciate any help you can provide.

  226. Hello and Good morning
    We are Canadian Google Adwords promoters and feel our success is Google success

    We have spent so much on Google Adwords to promote Google Ads for business in Canada, we need your attention and support in moving many Canadian businesses to advertise using Google Ads.

    Would appreciate giving us the right support to succeed and get Google reach its advertising target.

    Note:- Our business is soly built for marketing Google Adwords in Canada

    Thank you

    Abed Ismail
    (403) 452 xxxx

  227. I quickly checked to see if the Senators letter of allegations that when typing in “abortion clinics”, “abortion pills”, and “abortion clinics near me”, that non abortion or antiabortion services came up. In instances where “abortion clinic” is in the title on the Google Maps recommendations second is New Hope Pregnancy Clinic. They clearly state they do not provide abortions or referals. That was just a quick analysis, but, it holds merit into looking into the Senators allegations.

  228. Respected Sir 🙏 My Email I’d westbangaxxxx Google Account Hacker Mobile No Hacker 89440xxxx.missing Mobile Email I’d bhutiaindustrxxxxx Hacker Please kindly Check This Email I’d.Thank You 🙏

  229. Not being able to get through to State Websites . Blockage from Libraries to Inside Google Gulfport, MS. Due to money owed to me by mr Dedeaux

  230. My apartment manager made a fake page and page in my name I need to know why I have to suffer for it I klove for for it I need someone to give me a call I had to File a police report in everything in Google tells me that I can’t have a page for my business please give me a call at 404988xxxx thanks so much

  231. It appears that google has changed from a news venue to a gossip magazine genre. There us little to read that encourages learning or new knowledge other than who word the least clothing or just a smutty gossip magazine.

  232. video games I play store to make money playing these games. ads all say the same not fake game, no videos to watch , immediate cash out to your PayPal account. you never get cashed out. they require processing fees, you have to watch more videos 30-80 , it varies. then you are in que w/ 144ahead of you about 5 days later ,,you check , now so close to cash out. you watch more videos to shorten wait 1/2hr. per video! now time left is 22min. you wait. go back , now 144 are ahead of you again! watch videos to expedite cash out!
    these crooks make money off of every video the consumer views. there’s no integrity in business with these sleazy crooks get away. fake emails too!
    I like the games. keeps my mindsharrp, i’m pushing 70. I keep trying these various games, because i need the money. social security, just doesn’t cut it in this economy! medical coverage isn’t the greatest ,vision. dental…
    google, alphabet is huge , why don’t they get rid of these scam artists? we are becoming an amoral, lawless, no integrity in every field, of business
    politics education, etc…integrityy is something of the past. sundar of Google must be held responsible & do what is right, with these crooks! in the event he doesn’t, he’s no better than these scammers! either they do what they advertise or get out! i’m tired of the little guy getting trampled by crooks! please help if you can .
    BORDER PATROL is the latest game I am also waiting for refunds , processing fee, on 2 games
    Cute cats smash level
    crazy clicks fortunes soar .
    see for yourself.
    thank you,

  233. hi some one hacked my account by changing my password and I reported it to the police and I need to track down the hacker who has my account my account on there is marcokxxxxx I would like it if someone can get my password for it oh yeah here’s the report I had of the police PA22-1614037

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