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Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. owns hte Arbys chain of fast food restaurants. The chain offers sandwiches, burgers, salads, drinks, and desserts, sliders, chocolate milk, and fries.
Arby’s Restaurant Group i sowned by Inspire Brands.

Arby’s was founded in: 05/14/2004

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Arby’s Headquarters
1155 Perimeter Center West Atlanta, GA 30338 United States

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Arby’s Executives.

Jon L Luther
Paul J Brown
Chief Executive Officer, Arby’s and Inspire Brands.
Jim Taylor

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Jon L Luther
Inspire Brands Inc

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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Mark Kocer is Sr. Director of Operations, and his email addrress is [email protected]

Arby’s Vice President, Restaurant Experience.

Rick Gestring
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Operating Officer.

John Kelly
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email-: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Executive.
Rob Lynch
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Arby’s CEO Email: [email protected]

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  1. I live in Sun City West we are served by store #0334. While food and service is excellent the inside of this restaurant is deplorable. Dirt and filth every when. The carpet has runs in all area. Dirt on the chairs and cushion which has not been cleaned in a long time. My guess is if you ask for photo, you will be declined. Lined up against local competition you come in dead last. Interesting that I have not received a response to previous complaints. Remember I am a fan of Arby’s. Thank you.

    1. Anybody with some common sense could come to the conclusion that the people who run Arby’s could care less about your complaint. Why should we go and support a business that blatantly ignores a customer’s reasonable feedback about the deplorable conditions at a food establishment? At this point, it would seem that not only are some of Arby’s stores mismanaged but also leadership all the way up the ladder is lacking . No customer should be subjected to a food establishment that is in dire straits of the basics.

  2. just to find your E mail address is ridiculous. Post it other cites
    I just wanted to know if you sale arbyss barbeque sauce in Carson City or Reno NV

  3. Hello,
    Why does Your commercial state, “Five Roast Beef Sandwhich” instead of, “Five Roast Beef Sandwhiches”?
    Just an observation! I Love Arby’s , just confused with the language.
    Thank You, Raymond Elmore from Mechanicsville, Va.

    1. The commercial keeps us away from Arbys. A” man “advertising with a big , loud, annoying mouth!! Commercial should be changed.

  4. Hello my name is Stacy Jones I had came to Arby’s two days ago and that was on Saturday I have order of to roast beefs one with cheese one without cheese and two curly fries seasoned curly fries and it was hard fries they gave me I want to see could I get my right order what I had pay for I’ve been having complaints about this isn’t the first time that happened to me and this one’s was on Sunrise going towards to Beach I wants to know could you can contact with the office and let them know that I’m coming to get my right order and they had gave me with no receipts and this is not the first time they had gave him with no receipt and I had a soda with that as well what I didn’t even get my drink I don’t have time to be playing with nobody special I spend my money for food with no every seat of nothing like that so I’m calling for making the coupling of that restaurant

  5. Yes I have sent this i. And talked to the store manager didn’t get any response. So I went into the store by the lake square mall to get happy hour ask the cashier us was still happy hour. She said no I guess you should have been here sooner. So I order my food humalte in front of my company. Ima manager at publix I didn’t need the savings I make plenty of money. So I sat down ask to talkbto the manager he said it will be take. Care of. Well she. I was leaving they were standing there laughing. So that’s why I’m sending this the last person I talked to said they would send me a 50 dollars gift card. That would be nice if I ever get it. My address is xxxx lakeshore blvd tavares Flo 32778 my name is Amy Horton. Thank you hopefully you will respond and do what you said you would do

  6. I’m lisa taulbee I worked for Middletown ohio arbys For almost three yrs my gm was bobbi null she just fired me because I asked for weekends off for my family I want something done about this please

  7. I stopped to get some food and a small drink I was told they were out of small cups but yet they wanted to charge me for a medium when I wouldn’t drink a medium why not charge me for a small and give me a medium or fill the medium halfway Why is it my fault and why should I have to pay when the location can’t manage to keep small cups in stock

  8. I went into the Springboro Arbys facility to see the GM, I think her name was Cari. Yelling at what looked like a young teenager employee of hers. Scream all up in her face, I would recommend having someone secretly watch her and the way she treats her employees.

  9. The Arby’s in Eden, North Carolina is constantly closing the restaurant before their scheduled time. I have called many different times, to ask about the closing time (since COVID) to be sure I knew the store and drive-thru hours. The store hours that I have been told multiple times by employees and management is not the actual hours they stay open. I have used the form on the website twice, to leave a complaint and nothing has changed since. This is very disappointing when I have a neighbor who is sick and needs meals which I am unable to cook because I work full time. I usually get her a meal from Arby’s in Eden and most of the time will get my dinner there as well. Not now, unfortunately.

  10. I bought french dips today at the Arby’s in Pickens SC and they both had the taste of a gyro. Does anyone clean up at this store? store number is 7342.

  11. We ordered 5 beefNcheddars and a wrap they would only give us 4 sauces refused to give us our receipt cause we wanted to make a complaint wouldn’t give us area managers name or way to contact them if I don’t receive phone call 270590xxxx I will file complaint with better business Bureau within 3 business days thank you

  12. My name is Eric Freeman and I was writing to inform whoever it applies to about an employee and also manager of arbys on east stone drive kingsport TN. My wife of 8 years just recently started work there as a member this week. Today 1/31/20 I went to the restaurant to inform the manager that she was under the influence of drugs .she had been up for two days on meth the manager name is Tammy on 2nd shift she would not even give me a chance to explain the situation to her but rather got a attitude with me and instructed me to leave the premises or she would call the law. I told her I would leave but she needed to drug test her if she didn’t believe me and she still was being very rude and not listening when I was only trying to do what was right. Victoria Freeman is the employee my wife . Thank you for your time

    1. Maybe your wife is a good employee. What was the reason for telling the manager she was on drugs? Strictly to get her fired I presume. Maybe you should do an intervention if your goal is to get her off drugs but getting her fired isn’t going to solve her drug problem. Neither is complaining to Arby’s.

  13. Hello,
    I am a local customer to the Arby’s at your location below
    4219 W Saginaw Hwy
    Lansing, MI 48917-2111
    Store ID: 532

    This is the second time in 3 weeks I have been verbally assaulted by your team. I was there at 7:21pm on 2/4/2021, attempting to get shakes for my son’s birthday using the drive thru. The first time an incident occurred was also in the evening

    The girl at the speaker welcomed us and asked us to order when ready.
    I began to speak and was rudely interrupted. Telling me to wait! I said oh okay, you said you were ready.
    2 or 3 females got onto the speaking yelling and cussing at us in front of my young children. I am very concerned the team you have here is very unprofessional and unpleasant. After arriving home I called the restraunt to speak with the manager. I spoke to Felicia. When trying to explain what happen and our experience Felicia called me a liar and told me to never come back there again! Accusing me of swearing at her for not being ready to take our order which was not the case at all. I tried to assure Felicia that we would not speak to anyone that way she also began to get loud with me interrupting me getting louder and louder over the phone to the point I just hung up. I did not be feel like being verbally assaulted for the second time by your employees. I will not be returning with my family again.
    I believe someone in management needs to access the disrespectful children that are representing your company.

  14. I am a regular, loyal, and years long (maybe 30 years) happy Arby’s customer. The recipe for the Mac and cheese is not up to a taste I expect from Arby’s. I was hungry for Mac and cheese and saw it on the menu so I ordered two orders. The size of the containers and the appearance of the food was very good. However, I could only eat half of the first carton and threw it and the unopened carton away. I am not going to eat anything that tastes like that. I am a customer who actually calls friends to tell them when Arby’s has exceptionally limited time menu items. We are waiting for the return of the fajita steak roll up. It has been a long time wait.

  15. Me and my wife were promised free meal tickets in the mail for receiving someone else’s order and that was 3 weeks ago. Seems like we were lied to from someone representing Arbys. I wish I would have gotten the man’s name because he is a disgrace to Arbys and he should be ashamed for being inconsiderate and self centered and be reprimanded for telling lies to customers and not doing his Job. I guess me and my wife are out of a dinner that we actually paid for but received a single meal for an elderly person. Shame on Arbys for not keeping they’re word. I bet Mc Donald’s would have done a better job at keeping they’re customers satisfied. Its just shameful and pathetic to be lied to after getting served somebody else’s dinner.Woe is Arbys. Shame shame shame.

  16. The Arby’s in Plainfield sucks and don’t listen to what people order. The employees want the money but don’t want to do their job. I called the manager and she didn’t even care that they fixed it wrong, Something need’s to be done with this place and get someone in there that at least cares as to what is happening. This is why I haven’t been back in over 2 years. Do something about this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be plastered all over social media

  17. When are you going to open an Arby’s in Pelham NY,we won’t one badly. Buy out KFC ON 306 or 309 on Sanford Ave.

  18. I live near Amsterdam New York . The city has been growing and growing . Five guys ,jersey mikes have just opened up here. There are a other fast food options also but everyone wants an Arby’s in Amsterdam. It would do great . Contact me if you want any info by chance. Thanks for your time .

  19. I have already complained about very poor service and haven’t heard nothing back so…I will write another complaint. On November 10, 2020 at 4pm I visited the Arby’s in Greenville Ohio which I have many times before. I ordered a super meal. The Arby’s employee who made my sandwich had half of the meat, tomato and lettuce were outside of the sandwich and the top bun was split in two. Also the Arby’s employee who made my sandwich used the smaller regular roast beef size instead of the larger size buns used to make the Arby’s Super. The Arby’s manager told me the super is made with the smaller bun. I tried to explain to her I get the Super all the time and it is suppose to be made with the larger buns. The manager ignored me and walked away. I am of asian descent and my interpretation of this very poor service is that I am being targeted by Arby’s managers and employees. What can you do to make this right?

  20. I live in Mansfield PA and overheard an Arby’s employee state that he was happy he got a manager fired over a false statement. I have been in the store before and the man has been aggressive and violent. I watched him hold another employee against the wall and threaten him. This location used to be nice but it is now an unsafe environment. I do not know how you let someone like that work for you.

  21. I have not receved my w2 yet it is not a digital version but a paper version can you plus check if it’s been mailed my email is dragothehedxxxx plus reply if you get this

  22. I would please like this to be anonymous.Arby’s in mandan North Dakota is run by a bunch of manager and employees that smoke marijuana.Yes they do do drug tests but they ignore the emails about the positive tests and they also buy fake pee when getting a drug test. I have never worked at Arby’s before. I just know people who have.

  23. I never have wrote a complaint to a fast food restaurant, but tonight I had too. I order 2 sandwiches on the 2 for 6 and only received 1. I ordered 4pc mozzarella stick and received no marinara sauce. I ordered 3 sliders for my son, and 2 of them were wrong, and to top it off, i had to pull around to front and wait 20 minutes for this $14.86 order where only 1 sandwich was correct!! I am usually very undetstanding, but there were no cars ahead of me and only 1 other car came through while I waited. This was the Arbys on Troy Pike, in HuBer Heights OH, I will never go back to Arbys again

  24. We visited Arbys in Greenville Ohio. Worst experience you spend 20 on sandwiches you would expect decent food. Our beef and cheddar looked like someone smashed it. It was flat and a couple or roast beef was more bun than meat didn’t even cover and tops were like rubber and last fish was cold in middle hardly any tartar sauce. Like I said worst experience ever.

  25. A worker name Shavonda Pulley (5th ave Garner NC Arby’s location) was cursing at me and said white bitch under her breathe. I asked her for the manager and she told me this is where it is. She said the owner will tell you the same thing I am saying. One of the other workers told me that she is ignorant and unprofessional.
    I find it hard to believe that the owner would allow a worker to curse at customers. On my way out a customer told me that Shavonda steals food, borrow money from the cash register and takes inventory products home. They said she was smoking weed and selling it in the drive through and out the back door too because they purchased some from her. I am a retired school teacher, I have lived in garner all my life and I shouldn’t have to be called a old white bitch just because I want my sandwich warmed with cheese.
    I wish I could speak with the owner so I can file a personal report to have her removed. She does not represent the Arby’s model.

  26. went to arbys had a bad experience the food was terrible first the curly fries were cold and hard like they were old also got 2 bacon swiss chicken sandwichs the chicken was hard to chew and the cheese wasnt tasting to good could not take it back it was through drive-thru and didnt have transportation again to take it back dont eat out very often thought i would be a special treat wrong that i was . wish i could get my money back somehow . it was the arbys on rockville pike in rockville maryland . had other things in the past but it wasnt wow . gave them a try again and like i said very disappointed. thanks for letting me let you know my experience.

  27. I would like to find out how to petition to have a Arbys Restaurant located in Rhode Island. There was one in Providence RI back in the 80’s. There are a number of us who miss the roast beef.

  28. I am an employee at arbys in Schaumburg I have a question on your sick leave time I was asked to work during pandemic I couldn’t I have 5 kids at home due to remote learning I tried to to use my time I gathered vacation and sick and I’m told I can’t use my sock unless I’m fired and now when I check the system I dont have sick time but I’ve been paid for my vacation time I dont understand please explain

  29. I got poor service and did not get all of my order and I tried to go back and get my money back and they told me they couldn’t give me my money back and addressed me as a white mother fucker which I am very offended by being as I’m NATIVE AMERICAN AND I WANT EVERY ONE OF THEIR JOBS OR I WILL BE TAKING THIS AS FAR AS THE NEWS AND EVERY OTHER AVENUE I CAN TO GET THIS DONE I WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH ANYTHING LESS THEN THEIR JOBS THEY DO NOT DESERVE THEM AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CARRY THEIR SELVES IN SUCH A POSITION AS MANAGER OR STAFF MEMBER

  30. I have tried so many times to print the Arby’s $1.00 fish sandwich coupon without success. I do not load coupons onto my phone, so is there a trick to get the $1.00 coupon to print? I have tried everything.

  31. Good day my name is David Perez I was in training for a Shift Manager position at Arbys in 3710 Easton Nazareth Hwy Easton, PA 18045 Store ID: 6526 My Store Manager at this store treated me unfairly and overlooked me on every occasion.He is not training people right and he does not listen to his leadership team only clash with them.He lets employees sit down and be on the phone with out sanitizing work stations counters dining areas when sales come down he doesnt designate no one and is about favortism with certain employees who gets hours that leadership team shouldve had..Its really unfair that he let me down but when I spoke on this unfairness he fired me… Hope you send someone to evaluate the Store manager and see how employees are performing… Thank you

  32. Good day my name is David Perez I was in training for a Shift Manager position at Arbys in 3710 Easton Nazareth Hwy Easton, PA 18045 Store ID: 6526 My Store Manager at this store treated me unfairly and overlooked me on every occasion.He is not training people right and he does not listen to his leadership team only clash with them.He lets employees sit down and be on the phone with out sanitizing work stations counters dining areas when sales come down he doesnt designate no one and is about favortism with certain employees who gets hours that leadership team shouldve had..Its really unfair that he let me down but when I spoke on this unfairness he fired me… Hope you send someone to evaluate the Store manager and see how employees are performing… Thank you

  33. Yes my name is Charlene amerson an I applied for a position at the Smithfield location an the manager has been trying for two weeks to get someone to send her my background check

  34. I have started out with Arby’s 880 from day one and they didn’t put me on next week’s schedule I worked hard from time I got there til I left everyone else standing around talking can u plz tell me why I really liked working for Arby’s was proud of my job that I so need. Thank u

  35. The closest Arby’s in 25 mi both north and south. Commercial land for sale on RT 17 in Hampstead, NC. Please consider putting an Arby’s there. The only fast food there is a Bojangles….highly overrated. Arby’s has a wide range of products, and I feel would do very well there.

  36. I went to Arby’s in Bedford Va. on Monday and the manager was very rude. I called Customer Care on 1-800-599-2729 on Tuesday and filed a complaint. Someone was suppose to call me back but I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I told them I wanted an apology from the employee face to face. I am 61 years old and have never had someone at a fast food act in such a way as she did. My name is Sandra Krantz and my number is 540-297-xxxx. I hope to receive a call very soon. Thanks

  37. Hi,

    I received a message from In Moment last year that I won $500 for taking a survey. I have had many emails back and forth with Erin Birch of In Moment regarding when I would receive the check. I finally received it and my bank rejected it and charged me $12.50.

    I would appreciate hearing from someone at Arby’s regarding this matter.

  38. Just wanted to let you know I was in the Arby’s yesterday in Lebanon Missouri. We were inside placing our order the staff had their mask on but nobody was covering their nose. How do you expect us to go to your store without getting sick since they don’t cover their nose up. I was not impressed I will not go back!

  39. Have been requesting to speak to area manager regarding the general manager behavior and attitude towards co-workers at the store in Brentwood, MO.

  40. I’m at the Arby’s in Hogansville Ga. and the lady in the drive thru isays her name is Kayla, she w is very rude and try to over charge me and my mom. She had a very nasty attitude. My ticket # is 317202

  41. Anyway possible to open a Arby’s in The new Legend shopping center in Linden New Jersey? We travel 40 minutes to get to an Arby’s.

  42. Today I bought 2 orders of your 2 for 6 fish sandwiches. Well they sure didn’t look like the one on your TV commercial. Fish was not larger than bub, no leaf lettuce but shreaded lettuce, no tomato and very little tarter sauce. Won’t trust your commercials in the future if you continue with your bad advertising.

  43. I need to speak with someone about an experience at one of your restaurants pls. I can be reached at this email mlhunxxxx or I can be reached by phone @ (865)828-xxxx. My name is Michael Hunley. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and have a great day.

  44. I was at arbys in Trussville Al. Last week its was one minute until 11:00 am the door was unlocked my wife and I stepped inside the person behind the counter was very rude we were told we would have to leave until 11:00 am before we could come in she was very rude to us, with glaring eyes. Um

  45. On March 20th 2021 at 5:01 p.m. I went to the drive thru at store number I believe 476 or 8410 in Davenport Iowa The drive thru person altered one of my sandwiches and because so I’ve been sick since then I am contacting a lawyer right now I’m going to the hospital I’m hoping someone from your organisation contacts me and tries to help resolve this issue And also gonna press charges on your employee

  46. Why would you drop regular fries. Don’t care for curly fries

    Would be willing to pay upgrade for onion rings or onion petals

  47. We just went in thrugh one of your drive throws, located in Front Royal Va,22630 @ exactly 8:23 pm March 27,2021 we my husband and I sat at the drive through waiting for some one to take our order,we checked the time we seen we still had more than enough time to place our orders, after6 min
    Of waiting and honking, we got the most rude response the _she said st we are closed, he replies with it says your open til 9pm, she one of your employees said that the could not take our order because they are short staffed , only 3 ppl there . So how many people doit take to drop some jalapeno poppers in a fryer?

  48. Urge you to ask Governor Kemp to rescind his restrictive voting bill which is anti American and you as a large Georgia corporation have power to do this!

  49. Where is my April 1st coupon you talked about in the Monday email? 5 classics for $5 ? Saw your sponsored ad a ton of times. WHY LIE, WHY SCAM your customers. Shame on you. I WAS a great customer. Shame on you, I was planning to go to Arby’s, now NOPE

  50. Is it not discrimination to send an email then refuse to honor it when the elderly do not have technical ability to print or a cell phone to show the code. I took a picture and was refused because a picture isn’t good enough. Shame on you for getting me to leave my home and then refuse service. The younger generation owes their existence to those of us who served and fought for your right to be here. Shame on you

  51. Cashier was nice but the person who gave me my order was very rude accused me of speaking to her she snapped at me and I explained to her that I was not talking to her . She gave me an order I did not pay for which I returned to the cashier when I returned home I received the wrong sandwich.
    I went there today the lobby is closed and a long trail of cars waiting . I had to turn back home . My total purchase is $10.49
    2 roast beef
    1 gyros 1 roast beef
    Lg potatoe cakes

  52. went to a restaurant in Fairfield, 2 chocolate medium milkshakes tasted like no chocolate in them, told lady at window before we left and she had a I don’t give a shit attitude, got home and chicken sliders couldn’t be eaten as they were gristle all the way through, asked for horsey sauce, got none, asked for senior discount as we are in our 70s and did not get it or would she change the bill. I consider this piss poor service and won’t go to arbys again. Also can not get a phone number to complain where some one will answer. Shity way to run a business.

  53. My complaint is I went to your Clearwater location on Gulf to Bay and they would not Honor on their Marquis 2 for $6 crispy fish sandwich I called up the phone call the location they said yes that special is still running when I was in the Drive-Thru at the Gulf to Bay location I was hearing someone speak to me but I couldn’t make out what they were saying they were talking on the microphone and then someone got out and walked forward the drive-thru and said we’re not honoring that sandwich the general manager will be coming in tomorrow to remove what is on the sign out front I said but it’s on the sign you should honor it. He did not.

  54. I filed a complaint a few weeks ago about a young girl working in the Bedford Va store having a very ugly attitude and all I ask for was a face to face apology. I’m assuming since I haven’t heard anything back from you all, that you don’t care about your customers. I will never be eating there again. Should this be the only restaurant there is to eat at, I would pack me a sandwich and carry a soda or bottled water and eat that before I ever purchase from your restaurant again.

  55. I went to apply for shift later and I need a place on there to so I can fill out a resume I have been working the Arby’s for 6 months know how to do everything in the store I mean everything and don’t never miss work and I think I would be a good qualification for a shift later

  56. First of all I would like to start out by saying I’m a restaurant manager myself. But at 10:38 this morning we had went to the Arby’s in Fairfield, Ohio. We visit this location very often and everytime we go the workers here are very rude. This has happened on more than 2 or 3 times. My kids love Arby’s. I understand that everyone has a bad day and I do understand it’s fast food but no reason to be so rude I always tell them thank you and have a good day and no response just closes the window. Also I ask for extra dipping sauce and the act as if it’s a.big deal. I don’t mind to pay for it.. I have a child who can’t eat meat wo dipping it every bite. My most concern is they act this way in front of children. Just thought someone need to know how these employees treat your customers.

  57. I want you to know what a GREAT store you have in Somerset Pa 15501 The food is always good, but your best asset is the employees. They are always efficient but very pleasant. It is so nice to go there to eat and feel like you are welcome, especially in the crazy times we are living in with so much division and anger. GOD bless you all and keep you safe. Thank you.

  58. I don’t know how old this roast beef is that the store in McMinnville TN is trying to feed people but its just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like paying 11.00 for something you can’t even eat….

  59. I would like to file a complaint against the manager & staff of Arby’s in Kannapolis, NC. It is located at: 1315 S Cannon Blvd, Kannapolis, NC 28083. (704) 932-3300. This conflict occurred today, Tuesday 4/13/2021 around 4:15pm. I experienced very poor customer service. The cashier in the drive through window charged purchases for the incorrect order to my bankcard. The manager could not provide me with proof that the money was returned to my bank card. I explained to her that I really need my money because I’m currently going through hardships. The manager then told me, “Well don’t go out to eat!” I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  60. Hi I worked 3 years 1980s for Arby’s . Just wondering if the Roast beef deluxe or the Super will ever come back.? To this day I add lettuce tomato and Mayo on a regular roast beef with cheddar. Can’t make a super without Super sauce. Really think these sandwiches will be a hit for those who never had and especially those who miss them like myself.?

  61. I’m calling about a manager named Austin at Indian Trail North Carolina Arby’s hurt my grandson and then I told him he could try it and so he don’t he think he needs to look for another job and he was real rude and nasty about the way he said it so I need to speak with somebody as soon as possible

  62. Why is it such an expensive charge to change from onion bun to Sesame bun? I’m allergic to onions. But love your sandwiches. But to go from $12. To over $20 to change a bun is ludicrous!

  63. I wanted to let you know that I have been having sleepless nights and day dreaming of being robbed at gun point, 3 times, when I was 17 , years old, and I have been working with ptsd, and still the images keep up, so I am curious, what your protocol is in helping with this issue, it has bothered me for 50+years, and was never offered any help, except a 50.00 bonus check, and after these years I have more time to realize, the trauma that I received working for Arby’s, has been a great mental disability I received from the trauma. I worked at the talmadge rd , Arby’s 1977 in Toledo Ohio from the months September-October

  64. I went through drive through on April 16 and ordered $21.00 worth of food. I ordered the Reuben without dressing the sandwich was wrong and had sauce all over it. I didn’t want to drive all the way back. Had to throw out the sandwich cause I couldn’t eat it since I gave allergies to sauce why I asked for it off. You can’t go into building to have it fixed because of Covid and if I had all my other food would of been cold . This was the Arby’s on Telegraph Rd. In Flat Rock Michigan. So I want to know what is going to be done to fix this problem. Nichole

  65. After my experience today at the Arbys on Harding st. In Indianapolis. I will never eat at a Arbys again.

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