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Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc.

Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. owns hte Arbys chain of fast food restaurants. The chain offers sandwiches, burgers, salads, drinks, and desserts, sliders, chocolate milk, and fries.
Arby’s Restaurant Group i sowned by Inspire Brands.

Arby’s was founded in: 05/14/2004

Arby’s Corporate Office Address.

Arby’s Headquarters
1155 Perimeter Center West Atlanta, GA 30338 United States

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Arby’s Executives.

Jon L Luther
Paul J Brown
Chief Executive Officer, Arby’s and Inspire Brands.
Jim Taylor

Arby’s Board Members.

Jon L Luther
Inspire Brands Inc

Arby’s Email Contacts.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Arby’s Social Media Contacts.

Arby’s Executive Contacts.

Mark Kocer is Sr. Director of Operations, and his email addrress is [email protected]

Arby’s Vice President, Restaurant Experience.

Rick Gestring
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Operating Officer.

John Kelly
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email-: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Executive.
Rob Lynch
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Arby’s CEO Email: [email protected]

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  1. I live in Sun City West we are served by store #0334. While food and service is excellent the inside of this restaurant is deplorable. Dirt and filth every when. The carpet has runs in all area. Dirt on the chairs and cushion which has not been cleaned in a long time. My guess is if you ask for photo, you will be declined. Lined up against local competition you come in dead last. Interesting that I have not received a response to previous complaints. Remember I am a fan of Arby’s. Thank you.

    1. Anybody with some common sense could come to the conclusion that the people who run Arby’s could care less about your complaint. Why should we go and support a business that blatantly ignores a customer’s reasonable feedback about the deplorable conditions at a food establishment? At this point, it would seem that not only are some of Arby’s stores mismanaged but also leadership all the way up the ladder is lacking . No customer should be subjected to a food establishment that is in dire straits of the basics.

      1. Why did you stop selling your sliders for one dollar and jump to one dollar and sixty nine cents a 69 cent jump is a lot they are to little to be worth that much guess it’s the rich robbin the poor you will lose business over this on hickory nc on springs road

  2. just to find your E mail address is ridiculous. Post it other cites
    I just wanted to know if you sale arbyss barbeque sauce in Carson City or Reno NV

  3. Hello,
    Why does Your commercial state, “Five Roast Beef Sandwhich” instead of, “Five Roast Beef Sandwhiches”?
    Just an observation! I Love Arby’s , just confused with the language.
    Thank You, Raymond Elmore from Mechanicsville, Va.

    1. The commercial keeps us away from Arbys. A” man “advertising with a big , loud, annoying mouth!! Commercial should be changed.

  4. Hello my name is Stacy Jones I had came to Arby’s two days ago and that was on Saturday I have order of to roast beefs one with cheese one without cheese and two curly fries seasoned curly fries and it was hard fries they gave me I want to see could I get my right order what I had pay for I’ve been having complaints about this isn’t the first time that happened to me and this one’s was on Sunrise going towards to Beach I wants to know could you can contact with the office and let them know that I’m coming to get my right order and they had gave me with no receipts and this is not the first time they had gave him with no receipt and I had a soda with that as well what I didn’t even get my drink I don’t have time to be playing with nobody special I spend my money for food with no every seat of nothing like that so I’m calling for making the coupling of that restaurant

  5. Yes I have sent this i. And talked to the store manager didn’t get any response. So I went into the store by the lake square mall to get happy hour ask the cashier us was still happy hour. She said no I guess you should have been here sooner. So I order my food humalte in front of my company. Ima manager at publix I didn’t need the savings I make plenty of money. So I sat down ask to talkbto the manager he said it will be take. Care of. Well she. I was leaving they were standing there laughing. So that’s why I’m sending this the last person I talked to said they would send me a 50 dollars gift card. That would be nice if I ever get it. My address is xxxx lakeshore blvd tavares Flo 32778 my name is Amy Horton. Thank you hopefully you will respond and do what you said you would do

  6. I’m lisa taulbee I worked for Middletown ohio arbys For almost three yrs my gm was bobbi null she just fired me because I asked for weekends off for my family I want something done about this please

  7. I stopped to get some food and a small drink I was told they were out of small cups but yet they wanted to charge me for a medium when I wouldn’t drink a medium why not charge me for a small and give me a medium or fill the medium halfway Why is it my fault and why should I have to pay when the location can’t manage to keep small cups in stock

  8. I went into the Springboro Arbys facility to see the GM, I think her name was Cari. Yelling at what looked like a young teenager employee of hers. Scream all up in her face, I would recommend having someone secretly watch her and the way she treats her employees.

  9. The Arby’s in Eden, North Carolina is constantly closing the restaurant before their scheduled time. I have called many different times, to ask about the closing time (since COVID) to be sure I knew the store and drive-thru hours. The store hours that I have been told multiple times by employees and management is not the actual hours they stay open. I have used the form on the website twice, to leave a complaint and nothing has changed since. This is very disappointing when I have a neighbor who is sick and needs meals which I am unable to cook because I work full time. I usually get her a meal from Arby’s in Eden and most of the time will get my dinner there as well. Not now, unfortunately.

  10. I bought french dips today at the Arby’s in Pickens SC and they both had the taste of a gyro. Does anyone clean up at this store? store number is 7342.

  11. We ordered 5 beefNcheddars and a wrap they would only give us 4 sauces refused to give us our receipt cause we wanted to make a complaint wouldn’t give us area managers name or way to contact them if I don’t receive phone call 270590xxxx I will file complaint with better business Bureau within 3 business days thank you

  12. My name is Eric Freeman and I was writing to inform whoever it applies to about an employee and also manager of arbys on east stone drive kingsport TN. My wife of 8 years just recently started work there as a member this week. Today 1/31/20 I went to the restaurant to inform the manager that she was under the influence of drugs .she had been up for two days on meth the manager name is Tammy on 2nd shift she would not even give me a chance to explain the situation to her but rather got a attitude with me and instructed me to leave the premises or she would call the law. I told her I would leave but she needed to drug test her if she didn’t believe me and she still was being very rude and not listening when I was only trying to do what was right. Victoria Freeman is the employee my wife . Thank you for your time

    1. Maybe your wife is a good employee. What was the reason for telling the manager she was on drugs? Strictly to get her fired I presume. Maybe you should do an intervention if your goal is to get her off drugs but getting her fired isn’t going to solve her drug problem. Neither is complaining to Arby’s.

  13. Hello,
    I am a local customer to the Arby’s at your location below
    4219 W Saginaw Hwy
    Lansing, MI 48917-2111
    Store ID: 532

    This is the second time in 3 weeks I have been verbally assaulted by your team. I was there at 7:21pm on 2/4/2021, attempting to get shakes for my son’s birthday using the drive thru. The first time an incident occurred was also in the evening

    The girl at the speaker welcomed us and asked us to order when ready.
    I began to speak and was rudely interrupted. Telling me to wait! I said oh okay, you said you were ready.
    2 or 3 females got onto the speaking yelling and cussing at us in front of my young children. I am very concerned the team you have here is very unprofessional and unpleasant. After arriving home I called the restraunt to speak with the manager. I spoke to Felicia. When trying to explain what happen and our experience Felicia called me a liar and told me to never come back there again! Accusing me of swearing at her for not being ready to take our order which was not the case at all. I tried to assure Felicia that we would not speak to anyone that way she also began to get loud with me interrupting me getting louder and louder over the phone to the point I just hung up. I did not be feel like being verbally assaulted for the second time by your employees. I will not be returning with my family again.
    I believe someone in management needs to access the disrespectful children that are representing your company.

  14. I am a regular, loyal, and years long (maybe 30 years) happy Arby’s customer. The recipe for the Mac and cheese is not up to a taste I expect from Arby’s. I was hungry for Mac and cheese and saw it on the menu so I ordered two orders. The size of the containers and the appearance of the food was very good. However, I could only eat half of the first carton and threw it and the unopened carton away. I am not going to eat anything that tastes like that. I am a customer who actually calls friends to tell them when Arby’s has exceptionally limited time menu items. We are waiting for the return of the fajita steak roll up. It has been a long time wait.

  15. Me and my wife were promised free meal tickets in the mail for receiving someone else’s order and that was 3 weeks ago. Seems like we were lied to from someone representing Arbys. I wish I would have gotten the man’s name because he is a disgrace to Arbys and he should be ashamed for being inconsiderate and self centered and be reprimanded for telling lies to customers and not doing his Job. I guess me and my wife are out of a dinner that we actually paid for but received a single meal for an elderly person. Shame on Arbys for not keeping they’re word. I bet Mc Donald’s would have done a better job at keeping they’re customers satisfied. Its just shameful and pathetic to be lied to after getting served somebody else’s dinner.Woe is Arbys. Shame shame shame.

  16. The Arby’s in Plainfield sucks and don’t listen to what people order. The employees want the money but don’t want to do their job. I called the manager and she didn’t even care that they fixed it wrong, Something need’s to be done with this place and get someone in there that at least cares as to what is happening. This is why I haven’t been back in over 2 years. Do something about this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be plastered all over social media

  17. When are you going to open an Arby’s in Pelham NY,we won’t one badly. Buy out KFC ON 306 or 309 on Sanford Ave.

  18. I live near Amsterdam New York . The city has been growing and growing . Five guys ,jersey mikes have just opened up here. There are a other fast food options also but everyone wants an Arby’s in Amsterdam. It would do great . Contact me if you want any info by chance. Thanks for your time .

  19. I have already complained about very poor service and haven’t heard nothing back so…I will write another complaint. On November 10, 2020 at 4pm I visited the Arby’s in Greenville Ohio which I have many times before. I ordered a super meal. The Arby’s employee who made my sandwich had half of the meat, tomato and lettuce were outside of the sandwich and the top bun was split in two. Also the Arby’s employee who made my sandwich used the smaller regular roast beef size instead of the larger size buns used to make the Arby’s Super. The Arby’s manager told me the super is made with the smaller bun. I tried to explain to her I get the Super all the time and it is suppose to be made with the larger buns. The manager ignored me and walked away. I am of asian descent and my interpretation of this very poor service is that I am being targeted by Arby’s managers and employees. What can you do to make this right?

  20. I live in Mansfield PA and overheard an Arby’s employee state that he was happy he got a manager fired over a false statement. I have been in the store before and the man has been aggressive and violent. I watched him hold another employee against the wall and threaten him. This location used to be nice but it is now an unsafe environment. I do not know how you let someone like that work for you.

  21. I have not receved my w2 yet it is not a digital version but a paper version can you plus check if it’s been mailed my email is dragothehedxxxx plus reply if you get this

  22. I would please like this to be anonymous.Arby’s in mandan North Dakota is run by a bunch of manager and employees that smoke marijuana.Yes they do do drug tests but they ignore the emails about the positive tests and they also buy fake pee when getting a drug test. I have never worked at Arby’s before. I just know people who have.

  23. I never have wrote a complaint to a fast food restaurant, but tonight I had too. I order 2 sandwiches on the 2 for 6 and only received 1. I ordered 4pc mozzarella stick and received no marinara sauce. I ordered 3 sliders for my son, and 2 of them were wrong, and to top it off, i had to pull around to front and wait 20 minutes for this $14.86 order where only 1 sandwich was correct!! I am usually very undetstanding, but there were no cars ahead of me and only 1 other car came through while I waited. This was the Arbys on Troy Pike, in HuBer Heights OH, I will never go back to Arbys again

  24. We visited Arbys in Greenville Ohio. Worst experience you spend 20 on sandwiches you would expect decent food. Our beef and cheddar looked like someone smashed it. It was flat and a couple or roast beef was more bun than meat didn’t even cover and tops were like rubber and last fish was cold in middle hardly any tartar sauce. Like I said worst experience ever.

  25. A worker name Shavonda Pulley (5th ave Garner NC Arby’s location) was cursing at me and said white bitch under her breathe. I asked her for the manager and she told me this is where it is. She said the owner will tell you the same thing I am saying. One of the other workers told me that she is ignorant and unprofessional.
    I find it hard to believe that the owner would allow a worker to curse at customers. On my way out a customer told me that Shavonda steals food, borrow money from the cash register and takes inventory products home. They said she was smoking weed and selling it in the drive through and out the back door too because they purchased some from her. I am a retired school teacher, I have lived in garner all my life and I shouldn’t have to be called a old white bitch just because I want my sandwich warmed with cheese.
    I wish I could speak with the owner so I can file a personal report to have her removed. She does not represent the Arby’s model.

  26. went to arbys had a bad experience the food was terrible first the curly fries were cold and hard like they were old also got 2 bacon swiss chicken sandwichs the chicken was hard to chew and the cheese wasnt tasting to good could not take it back it was through drive-thru and didnt have transportation again to take it back dont eat out very often thought i would be a special treat wrong that i was . wish i could get my money back somehow . it was the arbys on rockville pike in rockville maryland . had other things in the past but it wasnt wow . gave them a try again and like i said very disappointed. thanks for letting me let you know my experience.

  27. I would like to find out how to petition to have a Arbys Restaurant located in Rhode Island. There was one in Providence RI back in the 80’s. There are a number of us who miss the roast beef.

  28. I am an employee at arbys in Schaumburg I have a question on your sick leave time I was asked to work during pandemic I couldn’t I have 5 kids at home due to remote learning I tried to to use my time I gathered vacation and sick and I’m told I can’t use my sock unless I’m fired and now when I check the system I dont have sick time but I’ve been paid for my vacation time I dont understand please explain

  29. I got poor service and did not get all of my order and I tried to go back and get my money back and they told me they couldn’t give me my money back and addressed me as a white mother er which I am very offended by being as I’m NATIVE AMERICAN AND I WANT EVERY ONE OF THEIR JOBS OR I WILL BE TAKING THIS AS FAR AS THE NEWS AND EVERY OTHER AVENUE I CAN TO GET THIS DONE I WILL NOT BE HAPPY WITH ANYTHING LESS THEN THEIR JOBS THEY DO NOT DESERVE THEM AND DO NOT KNOW HOW TO CARRY THEIR SELVES IN SUCH A POSITION AS MANAGER OR STAFF MEMBER

  30. I have tried so many times to print the Arby’s $1.00 fish sandwich coupon without success. I do not load coupons onto my phone, so is there a trick to get the $1.00 coupon to print? I have tried everything.

  31. Good day my name is David Perez I was in training for a Shift Manager position at Arbys in 3710 Easton Nazareth Hwy Easton, PA 18045 Store ID: 6526 My Store Manager at this store treated me unfairly and overlooked me on every occasion.He is not training people right and he does not listen to his leadership team only clash with them.He lets employees sit down and be on the phone with out sanitizing work stations counters dining areas when sales come down he doesnt designate no one and is about favortism with certain employees who gets hours that leadership team shouldve had..Its really unfair that he let me down but when I spoke on this unfairness he fired me… Hope you send someone to evaluate the Store manager and see how employees are performing… Thank you

  32. Good day my name is David Perez I was in training for a Shift Manager position at Arbys in 3710 Easton Nazareth Hwy Easton, PA 18045 Store ID: 6526 My Store Manager at this store treated me unfairly and overlooked me on every occasion.He is not training people right and he does not listen to his leadership team only clash with them.He lets employees sit down and be on the phone with out sanitizing work stations counters dining areas when sales come down he doesnt designate no one and is about favortism with certain employees who gets hours that leadership team shouldve had..Its really unfair that he let me down but when I spoke on this unfairness he fired me… Hope you send someone to evaluate the Store manager and see how employees are performing… Thank you

  33. Yes my name is Charlene amerson an I applied for a position at the Smithfield location an the manager has been trying for two weeks to get someone to send her my background check

  34. I have started out with Arby’s 880 from day one and they didn’t put me on next week’s schedule I worked hard from time I got there til I left everyone else standing around talking can u plz tell me why I really liked working for Arby’s was proud of my job that I so need. Thank u

  35. The closest Arby’s in 25 mi both north and south. Commercial land for sale on RT 17 in Hampstead, NC. Please consider putting an Arby’s there. The only fast food there is a Bojangles….highly overrated. Arby’s has a wide range of products, and I feel would do very well there.

  36. I went to Arby’s in Bedford Va. on Monday and the manager was very rude. I called Customer Care on 1-800-599-2729 on Tuesday and filed a complaint. Someone was suppose to call me back but I haven’t heard from anyone yet. I told them I wanted an apology from the employee face to face. I am 61 years old and have never had someone at a fast food act in such a way as she did. My name is Sandra Krantz and my number is 540-297-xxxx. I hope to receive a call very soon. Thanks

  37. Hi,

    I received a message from In Moment last year that I won $500 for taking a survey. I have had many emails back and forth with Erin Birch of In Moment regarding when I would receive the check. I finally received it and my bank rejected it and charged me $12.50.

    I would appreciate hearing from someone at Arby’s regarding this matter.

  38. Just wanted to let you know I was in the Arby’s yesterday in Lebanon Missouri. We were inside placing our order the staff had their mask on but nobody was covering their nose. How do you expect us to go to your store without getting sick since they don’t cover their nose up. I was not impressed I will not go back!

  39. Have been requesting to speak to area manager regarding the general manager behavior and attitude towards co-workers at the store in Brentwood, MO.

  40. I’m at the Arby’s in Hogansville Ga. and the lady in the drive thru isays her name is Kayla, she w is very rude and try to over charge me and my mom. She had a very nasty attitude. My ticket # is 317202

  41. Anyway possible to open a Arby’s in The new Legend shopping center in Linden New Jersey? We travel 40 minutes to get to an Arby’s.

  42. Today I bought 2 orders of your 2 for 6 fish sandwiches. Well they sure didn’t look like the one on your TV commercial. Fish was not larger than bub, no leaf lettuce but shreaded lettuce, no tomato and very little tarter sauce. Won’t trust your commercials in the future if you continue with your bad advertising.

  43. I need to speak with someone about an experience at one of your restaurants pls. I can be reached at this email mlhunxxxx or I can be reached by phone @ (865)828-xxxx. My name is Michael Hunley. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and have a great day.

  44. I was at arbys in Trussville Al. Last week its was one minute until 11:00 am the door was unlocked my wife and I stepped inside the person behind the counter was very rude we were told we would have to leave until 11:00 am before we could come in she was very rude to us, with glaring eyes. Um

  45. On March 20th 2021 at 5:01 p.m. I went to the drive thru at store number I believe 476 or 8410 in Davenport Iowa The drive thru person altered one of my sandwiches and because so I’ve been sick since then I am contacting a lawyer right now I’m going to the hospital I’m hoping someone from your organisation contacts me and tries to help resolve this issue And also gonna press charges on your employee

  46. Why would you drop regular fries. Don’t care for curly fries

    Would be willing to pay upgrade for onion rings or onion petals

  47. We just went in thrugh one of your drive throws, located in Front Royal Va,22630 @ exactly 8:23 pm March 27,2021 we my husband and I sat at the drive through waiting for some one to take our order,we checked the time we seen we still had more than enough time to place our orders, after6 min
    Of waiting and honking, we got the most rude response the _she said st we are closed, he replies with it says your open til 9pm, she one of your employees said that the could not take our order because they are short staffed , only 3 ppl there . So how many people doit take to drop some jalapeno poppers in a fryer?

  48. Urge you to ask Governor Kemp to rescind his restrictive voting bill which is anti American and you as a large Georgia corporation have power to do this!

  49. Where is my April 1st coupon you talked about in the Monday email? 5 classics for $5 ? Saw your sponsored ad a ton of times. WHY LIE, WHY SCAM your customers. Shame on you. I WAS a great customer. Shame on you, I was planning to go to Arby’s, now NOPE

  50. Is it not discrimination to send an email then refuse to honor it when the elderly do not have technical ability to print or a cell phone to show the code. I took a picture and was refused because a picture isn’t good enough. Shame on you for getting me to leave my home and then refuse service. The younger generation owes their existence to those of us who served and fought for your right to be here. Shame on you

  51. Cashier was nice but the person who gave me my order was very rude accused me of speaking to her she snapped at me and I explained to her that I was not talking to her . She gave me an order I did not pay for which I returned to the cashier when I returned home I received the wrong sandwich.
    I went there today the lobby is closed and a long trail of cars waiting . I had to turn back home . My total purchase is $10.49
    2 roast beef
    1 gyros 1 roast beef
    Lg potatoe cakes

  52. went to a restaurant in Fairfield, 2 chocolate medium milkshakes tasted like no chocolate in them, told lady at window before we left and she had a I don’t give a shit attitude, got home and chicken sliders couldn’t be eaten as they were gristle all the way through, asked for horsey sauce, got none, asked for senior discount as we are in our 70s and did not get it or would she change the bill. I consider this piss poor service and won’t go to arbys again. Also can not get a phone number to complain where some one will answer. Shity way to run a business.

  53. My complaint is I went to your Clearwater location on Gulf to Bay and they would not Honor on their Marquis 2 for $6 crispy fish sandwich I called up the phone call the location they said yes that special is still running when I was in the Drive-Thru at the Gulf to Bay location I was hearing someone speak to me but I couldn’t make out what they were saying they were talking on the microphone and then someone got out and walked forward the drive-thru and said we’re not honoring that sandwich the general manager will be coming in tomorrow to remove what is on the sign out front I said but it’s on the sign you should honor it. He did not.

  54. I filed a complaint a few weeks ago about a young girl working in the Bedford Va store having a very ugly attitude and all I ask for was a face to face apology. I’m assuming since I haven’t heard anything back from you all, that you don’t care about your customers. I will never be eating there again. Should this be the only restaurant there is to eat at, I would pack me a sandwich and carry a soda or bottled water and eat that before I ever purchase from your restaurant again.

  55. I went to apply for shift later and I need a place on there to so I can fill out a resume I have been working the Arby’s for 6 months know how to do everything in the store I mean everything and don’t never miss work and I think I would be a good qualification for a shift later

  56. First of all I would like to start out by saying I’m a restaurant manager myself. But at 10:38 this morning we had went to the Arby’s in Fairfield, Ohio. We visit this location very often and everytime we go the workers here are very rude. This has happened on more than 2 or 3 times. My kids love Arby’s. I understand that everyone has a bad day and I do understand it’s fast food but no reason to be so rude I always tell them thank you and have a good day and no response just closes the window. Also I ask for extra dipping sauce and the act as if it’s a.big deal. I don’t mind to pay for it.. I have a child who can’t eat meat wo dipping it every bite. My most concern is they act this way in front of children. Just thought someone need to know how these employees treat your customers.

  57. I want you to know what a GREAT store you have in Somerset Pa 15501 The food is always good, but your best asset is the employees. They are always efficient but very pleasant. It is so nice to go there to eat and feel like you are welcome, especially in the crazy times we are living in with so much division and anger. GOD bless you all and keep you safe. Thank you.

  58. I don’t know how old this roast beef is that the store in McMinnville TN is trying to feed people but its just ridiculous!!!!!!!!!! I don’t like paying 11.00 for something you can’t even eat….

  59. I would like to file a complaint against the manager & staff of Arby’s in Kannapolis, NC. It is located at: 1315 S Cannon Blvd, Kannapolis, NC 28083. (704) 932-3300. This conflict occurred today, Tuesday 4/13/2021 around 4:15pm. I experienced very poor customer service. The cashier in the drive through window charged purchases for the incorrect order to my bankcard. The manager could not provide me with proof that the money was returned to my bank card. I explained to her that I really need my money because I’m currently going through hardships. The manager then told me, “Well don’t go out to eat!” I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

  60. Hi I worked 3 years 1980s for Arby’s . Just wondering if the Roast beef deluxe or the Super will ever come back.? To this day I add lettuce tomato and Mayo on a regular roast beef with cheddar. Can’t make a super without Super sauce. Really think these sandwiches will be a hit for those who never had and especially those who miss them like myself.?

  61. I’m calling about a manager named Austin at Indian Trail North Carolina Arby’s hurt my grandson and then I told him he could try it and so he don’t he think he needs to look for another job and he was real rude and nasty about the way he said it so I need to speak with somebody as soon as possible

  62. Why is it such an expensive charge to change from onion bun to Sesame bun? I’m allergic to onions. But love your sandwiches. But to go from $12. To over $20 to change a bun is ludicrous!

  63. I wanted to let you know that I have been having sleepless nights and day dreaming of being robbed at gun point, 3 times, when I was 17 , years old, and I have been working with ptsd, and still the images keep up, so I am curious, what your protocol is in helping with this issue, it has bothered me for 50+years, and was never offered any help, except a 50.00 bonus check, and after these years I have more time to realize, the trauma that I received working for Arby’s, has been a great mental disability I received from the trauma. I worked at the talmadge rd , Arby’s 1977 in Toledo Ohio from the months September-October

  64. I went through drive through on April 16 and ordered $21.00 worth of food. I ordered the Reuben without dressing the sandwich was wrong and had sauce all over it. I didn’t want to drive all the way back. Had to throw out the sandwich cause I couldn’t eat it since I gave allergies to sauce why I asked for it off. You can’t go into building to have it fixed because of Covid and if I had all my other food would of been cold . This was the Arby’s on Telegraph Rd. In Flat Rock Michigan. So I want to know what is going to be done to fix this problem. Nichole

  65. After my experience today at the Arbys on Harding st. In Indianapolis. I will never eat at a Arbys again.

  66. Your store manager in streamwood Illinois very rude. Called with complaint and all he did was talk over me. Beverly gricus 847-322-xxxx

  67. Complaint
    Order: DT356
    3 RANCH

    1 CRISPY CHICKEN WITH NO cheese etc.

  68. I went into Arby’s today and could not believe what happened I waited 45 minutes for my order you had a brand new train sitting there who sat there and got in everybody’s way it did not do a single think this is on 38th Avenue Tacoma Washington and then I was missing a sandwich in my order also the girl at the counter had to take the slack from the trainee and take care of registers inside and drive-thru order and thin doordash came and then it got so bad they had to lock the front doors to keep customers out terrible I swear to God the new Train E had to have been on heroin or something because he just sat there like a zombie while everybody waited and as I waited another customer from the drive-thru came in it was missing mozzarella sticks and a beef and cheddar for such a long-standing establishment as the one on 38th with the old sign I could not believe the discombobulation inside of the building the manager came up and showed her face one time and never came out to help or rectify the situation the corporate needs to do something you could double your sales if you fix the problem at the 38th Street

  69. The customer in the drive thru came back inside to get a replacement of mozzarella sticks and a beef and cheddar and he was made to wait in line another half hour just to get his replacement also a lady asked for the bathrooms with said she could not used the place got so busy that the workers lock locked the lobby the doordash guy could not even get back to get his order to deliver to people which was a huge order sitting there on the counter holding up everything corporate needs to do something about this so you could actually have a lot more business if you revamped your sales customer service I think it would be appropriate to ask for free food since you wasted half my day and I had to come back a second time to get something that was subpar

  70. Hello, my name is David I drive for door dash and I am having an issue with one manager at the Scottsbluff Nebraska Arby’s store. She has yelled at me twice for not carrying in my doordash hot bag with me. she claims that it is doordash’s policy that we have to carry in our hot bag. Door dash has no such policy requiring us to carry in our hot bag into the stores I have no idea what the manager’s name is but everybody in that store would know who I am talking about I have researched the doordash policies and have found that it is not a requirement for us to carry in the hot bags and in fact we are not even required to even use them although it is a good idea that we do so (and I do use it), but it is not a requirement for us to carry them into the stores. She claims that she got one driver fired for not carrying the hot bag into the store which in fact she got that driver deactivated for an argument with her (Doordash does have a strong policy on arguing with store staff) and now she is threatening me. Something needs to be done about either training her better on how to treat people or at least informing her that she does not know or can enforce doordash drivers on policies that do not exist. She seems to be the only one that has issues with doordash drivers. Thank you very much

  71. Request for Vendors Application
    Good Day!
    My name is Bryan Kahm. I am a Colorado Master Electrician and also a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Electrical Contractor. I have over 45 years experience in the electrical trade. We offer Service in commercial Property Maintenance, Service, Repairs, Up-grades, Retrofits, Lot Lighting and Signage, Remodels and New Construction. We will Also offer Energy Audits and Service Changes. With over 45 years in the Electrical Industry Our Master Electrician has the Experience and knowledge to tackle any of Your Electrical Needs, Industrial, Commercial or Residential. We would appreciate having the chance to become one of Your vendors. Please let me know what would be required to fulfill this opportunity! We look forward to being of Service to You in the future!

    Thanks for Your Time and Considerations!

    Bryan D. Kahm

    Master Electrician/ Electrical Contractor

    phone # 916-825-xxxx

    Email : bryanxxxx

  72. I worked at Arby’s in Tracy Ca. for 1 day. I never received my paycheck. I have called the store, nothing. I have made multiple calls to different sources, nothing. Please contact me regarding this or I will report Arby’s. It’s illegal not to pay someone, it’s called slavery!

  73. A little problem today at one of my favorite Arby’s Restaurants n Lexington. SC 29072. My number: 803-312xxxx

  74. My husband and I were so happy to return to Arby’s yesterday; first time in over a year. Sadly, it will be just a one-time thing due to Fox News on the restaurant tv.
    There are two TVs in the restaurant; one was tuned to a business channel; the other to regular Fox News. A simple solution could be …. The Weather Channel, ESPN, local news channels, etc.
    Our local Arby’s is in Rocky Mount, NC; it has the nicest, most patient employees we have ever experienced in a fast food environment. I would have said something to the manager yesterday about the “news” channel selection but they were very busy; they were doing their jobs. I don’t know if the Fox choice is from corporate or the local manager. We are polarized enough in this country without having to look at further polarization coming from a while eating lunch.

  75. You truly need better management your managers are very rude and nasty and they’re cussing to their guess

  76. I visited the Arbys located in Great Falls Montana on April 28th at 6:45 pm. The 3rd street northwest location. I ordered thru the drive thru. One of my sandwiched was incorrect and I didn’t receive the side of cheese that I ordered and was charged for, so I parked and went in to have the issue resolved. I was told that I needed to speak to a manager to fix my food. When the man came to the counter he was rude and tried to argue with me that my food wasn’t wrong.. I opened it and again told him what was wrong and that I was missing my side of cheese. He then proceeded to go back and make my food again. I could see and hear him the entire time I waited. He referred to me as some very rude names and complained the whole time he was making the sandwich, which he then threw into the sandwich window at the girl working the counter. She handed it to me and apologized. I again asked if I could get the side of cheese if ordered and when the girl asked for it again this same man then threw the side of cheese at the sandwich window as well. I informed the girl behind the counter that he was extremely rude and that it was unexceptable. She just looked at me. So I could tell nothing wod be done about it as I do believe he was the on shift manager. I am not sure what can be done about this but it is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. Something need to be done about this man.

  77. So the Arby’s on London Groveport Road Grove City Ohio said they no longer give senior discounts. This was on 5/10/2021 apx 8:45 PM

  78. My name is Emmanual Farmer & I worked at Arby’s sometime last year in 2020 I worked for at least 2 weeks supposedly get paid 11$/hr I was supposed to start my paper work a guy name Sherman was my manger in the one in north field Cleveland Ohio & I was supposed to start my paperwork for me to be in they system so I never got paid the days I worked & it been a half a year & never got a paycheck from them ever since

  79. Your Pecan Chicken Sald Wrap is nothing like your commercials. Over 1/2 of the wrap has no apple ,pecan in it . We have been to two different locations and they make it without the Pecan,Apple in it. You loss our business. So sad

  80. Arby’s n Scottsburg ,In . Has the worst female employee running the drive thru. She has absolutely no business social skills an she’s the rudest an dumbest female I’ve seen n awhile. The way she speaks to customers she definitely needs the taste slapped outta her mouth. She costed Arby’s my business tonight an n the future. Her attitude an behavior is totally uncalled for.

  81. Went to Arby’s at Martin Luther King Blvd in Panama City FL 32405 on 5/17/21 at 12:15, ordered a Farmhouse Salad, got in the car and it was only lettuce, tom, and turkey. Went back into the store to correct the issue, when I told the Manager this was not a Farmhouse salad, the Manager rudely asked me “what is supposed to be on it” so I asked him if he didn’t know what was supposed to be on his salads, he gave me a cup of bacon and said that was all that was missing, I told him it was missing cheese as well! The manager was extremely rude and a “smartxxx”. Will be sure to NOT recommend the Arby’s to anyone!

  82. Arbys in mitchell sd treats their employees very unfair. The general manager is constantly yelling at the workers very rudely and treats them like dogs. A shift manager they have working there is the daughter of another manager which I know is not allowed in arbys. That person also gets paid the most just because related

  83. I was an Arby’s Tuesday 518 2021 approximately 11:45 12 waiting in line for several minutes due to back up in any case I spend $40.74 purchase three pecan chicken salad sandwiches roast beef and cheddar cheese a gyro I am very upset the chicken was ridiculous if I wanted a lettuce and meat sandwich I could have stayed home I love the pecan chicken salad it look like a child mated there must have been some pieces one grape and the bread was way too big

  84. The manager bridgett at the Bluffton Arby’s keeps telling me I owe her sick for my food!

  85. I would like to see what needs to be done to remove the required masks. There are some employees that find it really hard to breath due to asthma or anyother pre existing respiratory issues and not all doctors are willing to write notes for it. If you can remove the requirements for the masks I would deeply appriciate it. There has been a few times now that I have almost passed out due to not able to breath. Please call me when you can 406 201 0213 I work at arbys today from 11am to 730pm so I wont be able to answer the phone during that time

  86. I went to Arby’s on Rivers avenue in Charleston South Carolina and I had a coupon for the $12 meal the two roast beef so and so and so when I got home which I live one point mall from Arby’s all the food had been sitting there and it been hard the french fries were hard and cold and I tried calling back for 3 hours and all it does is go to fax machine and today again fax machine and today I don’t have a car to go back up there so I would appreciate a call about this

  87. ARBYS in GODFREY, IL. 62035 needs attention. Two days ago waited in long line to order, my turn employee stated SYSTEM DOWN FOR NEXT 20 MIN. no food, cars lined behind me all the way to VERY BUSY GODFREY ROAD. Also sign says only open 11-5 p.m., REALLY?? If they cannot keep this ARBYS up to speed, then CLOSE IT PERMANENTLY. WASTED TIME AND GAS???

  88. Yes, I order food and we again had only half food in the bags. My Rn daughter grab some food for us. She’s tired long days and I get it she didn’t check but really…. So when I called back to the location the manager said I needed to come down now to fix it. I’m disabled I can’t go.I offered a pic of the reciept he didn’t care. So I will never grab food from there again. I will post this situation on what ever social media around here.

  89. One car in front of us, we was asked to pul to blue line. Food came! Crinkle cut fries was tough as leather!
    So salty we could not eat them! If i had to guess they were leftovers re cooked! They were horrible!
    ARG~06537 Tn smyrna
    5/23/2021 AAA3PJ44AJB3 17.76

  90. My app offers no specials EVER. can’t place an order or put $ on an acct. Why have the app? Am I doing something incorrect?

  91. This is my second complaint against Smallville Ga. Arby’s manager. On 05/22/21 I walked to Arby’s for some food. When I got to the door it was locked I saw a man inside getting food and drinks. I pulled on the door a couple of times I could see the manager swing his arms like he was directing traffic. What he was doing was telling me to go through drive through. He did not have common courtesy to come to the door. The sign on the door said dining room open till 5:00 drive through open till 10:00 but the door was locked. I got in my car went to Steak n Shake which is where I will go from now on. I will never step foot in Arby’s ever again I hope no one ever eats there again. I certainly will tell all my coworkers about my experience.

  92. Today, May 31, 2021, I was very disappointed to find the South Hill, Virginia location only accepting drive through. 🙁
    We pulled off our highway journey today around 5:50 pm to particularly visit Arbys. We were pulling a tall boat trailor so we didn’t fit in the drive through. I was wearing my mask and could not enter into either entrance door; i was met with a locked door and sign, drive through. 🙁 I did see in the website that call in orders were available but today but I decided to leave; locked doors do not want my supper business. I won’t be going back and that is sad as south hill has, in my opinion, very limited good choices for quick nutritious meals.

  93. I was insulted by my shift manager Austin called “old” during a tirade which included his use of the F word. This manager uses foul language regularly. Other employees heard exchange. I work at Arby’s in Fayetteville Tn. But am resigning which I guess is why he thought he could get away with this behavior.

    1. Wow…this is grounds for a lawsuit. “The ADEA is a law that was enacted to protect older adults in the workplace. Specifically, the ADEA prohibits the following: Discrimination in hiring, promoting, setting wages for or terminating employees based on their age. … Harassment in the workplace based on age.” Your attorney will need to subpoena the coworkers who overheard the exchange. Not reporting this will not help you or other seniors in the workplace.

  94. 6/3/2021
    I ordered 2 chicken sliders i had a very small piece of cheese on both the chicken sliders . My CHICKEN ON BOTH OF MY SLIDERS was extremely small pieces
    My order id # AAA35J5SAGLH
    RESTAURANT #00991
    @ 9:31 :33 PM

  95. UNREAL!!
    I just came home from the drive-thru and cannot believe the BS your team tried to pull
    I ordered the 2 for $6 beef and chedder no chedder this is due to my granddaughter having issues with dairy, Upon her opening her sandwich she found they simplyy scrapped the chedder off and rebagged the sandwich!! WTF kinda bs is that? This how You are losing market share … I did take a picture if anybody cares to believe it I did not return to “Try again” but if yall want the picture i can email / text it. As you know or dont know food allergys are not a choice with some resulting in severe illness and could be hospitalized over a lazy team member, as a side note I did have to back out and get her McD’s, on that corner (Oracle and Magee rd in Tucson az) is KFC,Panda,Tacobell,Mcdonalds,Eegees and of coarse arbys. in closing I will tell you food allergys are not a choice they are unfortunatly dealt with daily and to ignore the customer request is unacceptable!

  96. I have a form I need filled out about previous food service employment. I worked for your corporation back in 1997-99. The years or dates maybe a little off how do I go about getting this form filled out. My name back then was Maria White.

  97. The arbys in murray kentucky has a broken time piece for opening at 10a.m. not only today but every day i have been there at 10 to order.. employees walk into the building 2 min before opening. They always say it will be 15 min before i can order. I only have 45min for lunch. This happens every time to me and also to one if my friends. You need to send in someone to fix their clock. I love arbys and dont want to loose it because the employees cant show up on time to open on time

  98. I went to Arby’s #06185 order ID AACP7J58AGFW. I ordered a beef and cheddar 1/2 lb. Sized no red sauce but I do want the cheese on it, with a large rootbeer & large fry. A large cheese stick and a chicken club with small fry and small diet coke, in that exact order. I get to the window, pay and get food. I look in the bag so I don’t get mad after I get home and no small fry. I said there is no small fry. This moron says that’s what the 6 piece is for. I specifically said chicken club wrap with a small fry and small diet. She literally just stared at me like I was speaking chinese. I drove home mad as hell to keep from going to jail. I mean seriously the drive thru operators MAIN job is to LISTEN. I am absolutely so aggravated that I want my money back and Trinity fired or close the whole freaking store down is a better option. I will never go back to Arby’s this was th 3rd strike with me. Refund my money!

  99. I read about the incident at Arbys #6368 in Laffayette, In and I am sorry to hear you don’t value all your customers. I have enjoyed the food in Georgia and Florida but I cannot tolerate this type of treatment. So goodbye.

  100. Hello I have a question is it a standard policy to put Arby sauce on the Roast Beef and Cheddar sandwich? I ordered one at the Columbus Ne location but could not eat it because of the BBQ sauce ( I do not like said sauce) I have ordered this before but it never had the BBQ sauce on it Am I wrong or should my sandwich not have had sauce Please help with ab answer Thank You

  101. I Recently quit my job at Arby’s because of a manager grabbing me and yelling at me for something i do at every job she had no right to grab me I need a number to call so i can report her


  103. Today 6/20/21 my husband and I went through the drive thru at the Arby’s on 69 highway in Muskogee Oklahoma the guy taking orders said he didn’t hear what my husband ordered so my husband spoke louder and the guy taking orders cursed saying “you don’t effing have to shout at me” no person should have to be cursed for speaking louder especially using the F word we are in our late 60’s and do not talk in that manner so we left after being cursed and will never go to Arby’s again hopefully someone will do something about this

  104. We Visited the scottsboro Alabama branch we were at front counter for 5 minutes while three employees stood at fry station looking at cell phone finally a young lady told the young man that there was someone at front counter the man came to register but never addressed us then turned back to the girl behind the counter and we walked out. We never complain anywhere but this was very out of line.

  105. I’d like to call and complain about a general manager at the Arby’s location on Robert st west St. Paul Minnesota his name is Eddie I need to know the best phone number to contact

  106. I went to Arby’s and had 40 percent off and they wouldn’t give it to me because I couldn’t bring up the barcode. It was at the 3400 Lebanon pike. Hermitage tenn. 615-883-xxxx

  107. I went to Arby’s and couldn’t get my 40 percent off because I couldn’t get the barcode up. That is wrong. You send it to me.

  108. I have repeatedly received under cooked,doughy,chewy buns for the Classic Roast Beef. I was sent a Make It Right card and when I redeemed it they did not ‘Make It Right ” I received yet another terrible bun with the same problem along with cold,unsalted fries

  109. I am having problems with Arby’s in front Royal va I ordered coke float every day and after getting them the way I orded them very rude manager

  110. Arby’s #6301
    1821 Range RD
    Mesquite, TX

    Placed a order today 9:31pm 6-22-2021/30318
    I placed a order for 6 Classic BNC
    and Order Cheddar Peppers/ Mozzarella Large for both. They asked me if I wanted ranch and marinara sauce, I said yes.

    I got home one received 5 instead of 6 qty Classic BNC ( Missing 1 Classic BNC ) ranch and marinara sauce missing as well.

    reach out by email.

  111. Why can’t the snow and Rockside Arby’s open up on the inside yet most of the others in the area are open it’s a complete joke says:

    Why can’t the snow and Rockside Arby’s open up on the inside yet most of the others in the area are open it’s a complete joke yeah I’ll take a rule been over three dollar coupon in and give me a medium jamoke a shake also that’s it

  112. I have been a loyal Arby’s customer for years. A few days ago I order my meal and was told potato cakes are no longer offered. What a BIG disappointment! Please bring potato cakes back.

  113. While traveling we stopped at the Arby’s in Salem Virginia right off 81, the area was filthy, no tables had been cleaned, floor had a rug that was so dirty you could visibly see the climbs of dirt. The windows have a film of dirt and smoke, the bathroom smelled. We had to just walk out, it was nasty. The manager was front and center so it is not like he is unaware of the condition of the restaurant. We just felt we needed to report this.

  114. I worked at the Arbys here in Greenville Michigan and Have not received my paycheck. It was supposed to be direct deposited but instead they said it was sent as a check. But I should have received it Friday and when I contacted the gm and the other manager there I was told they couldn’t fix it. Stacy the gm said she would email payroll but apparently payroll hasn’t emailed back.

  115. Waited in line for a god-awful amount of time only to find out when we got to the window that the shake machine was down on 105° day at 10:30 at night the lady was rude and we were needless to say very frustrated also needed to wait in line for three cars while getting nothing because all we wanted was the shakes you can’t make up for the 20 to 30 minutes of time in my life I can never get back however we would be happy to be compensated with some free shakes at least thank you

  116. Arby’s @100Arthur Way, Newport News, VA. 23602, Today, June 27, [email protected]:00pm. Ordering at the drive-thru, difficult as the order taker (male) couldn’t keep two separate orders straight. DT303 & DT304. Not complicated at all. At the window, cashier did a great job (female), but the manager (female) was standing at the back counter drinking a beverage out of an uncovered clear plastic cup and setting it down on the same counter where customer food is sitting. The male, who was serving at the front counter, wore his mask under his chin. When the manager, who was bagging food brought it to the cashier, she had 1.5 inch hot pink nails and NO GLOVES. It was very obvious that the potato cakes went from the oil right into the bag without draining. The bag with one Beef & Cheddar and large order of potato cakes was covered in oil. I have a picture of the grease infused bag. The sandwich wrapper was greasy as well. Good help IS hard to find, that is a given, especially now. However, if Arby’s wants to offend customers with such poor customer service, eventually it will go down the drain. We cannot return to this particular Arby’s, which is in a high traffic area – surrounded by other businesses that we are patrons of, and had no experience as this one today. ARG-06748-VA-Newport News.

  117. I do not understand why on a Monday at dinner time, and with no one in line but me, there were NO side salads available. Were they so busy they ran out at lunch, or were they just too lazy to make any???? With Chic filet next door and double lines, your store on Eastern Ave at Eastpoint Mall, Md will not be in business for much longer. Totally unacceptable.

  118. I have a complaint about the manger at union Missouri arbys she fired me for not showing up and I was there and then she said I wasn’t going to get a check at all

  119. I just went to Arby’s on West bypass here in Springfield Missouri I ordered a jamoke a shake and I got a vanilla with hello darkness to it you guys need to fix your machine there and I think I should get a free one

  120. We were at the drive through at the arbys in Haltom city in tx they are so rude the person talking orders was very rude I would think that arbrys employees would have better customer service That is not right

  121. I had a horrible experience at one of your stores I sent a form about my experience & service. I never heard from anyone that just adds to the frustration of feeling like my money, and time don’t matter. It did take me a few weeks to get my complaint in because the day of my terrible service that night my mom passed away it was sudden and unexpected. The fact that I have to reach out again in hopes of maybe someone caring is ridiculous. Very frustrated

  122. I am no longer looking for an email contact. Regarding the newly remodeled Arby’s at 44thst and clyde pak av. Wyoming. I would like to that the franchise holder for saving a senior (living in the retirement at 36th and clyde park) on a pitiful SSA, who until today enjoyed a small chocolate shake and a brisket sandwich (not at the same time) after being charged 10% increase to an over priced product to begin with, and let me assure you, the next time the calendar allows me to order a sandwich and it too face a significant price hike, I will drive away as I will not return for anything or any reason. * Pay for your own remodel, don’t ask me to.

  123. If you discontinue potato cakes you might as well close your doors. This is unacceptable. Fries are not the same thing, potato cakes are classic Arby’s. If you discontinue potato cakes you have lost another customer. Simply unacceptable.

  124. I went to store in kalamazoo on stadium drive I got these worst service ever on the 5th of July over charged for drinks I didn’t order food was cold cashier who was a male slammed the door in my face when I was trying to tell him what was wrong

  125. Hello my name is Imani Black and I was hoping that you guys to tell me why I am
    not allowed to work back with Abrys. Or is there any way that you guys could contact Larwence Webb and ask him to
    take me off the no re hire list . Because I would love to come back and work with Abrys again. Thanks so much

  126. I came through the drive thru to pick up lunch for myself and my coworkers that work in a local nursing home and the lady working the drive thru window refused to take my orders. I had 6 of them. This is the Arby’s in East Liverpool, OH. 43920. I have never had a problem before ordering that many orders for myself and my coworkers, actually I have placed more than 6 separate orders at 1 time for lunch on several occasions. I was upset and so was my coworkers that this has happened. I will never order anything again from this Arby’s because of this. From now on, myself and my coworkers, sometimes up to 30 people will be ordering lunch elsewhere.

  127. i Was told that Arby’s took the potato cake off the menu. I will not be eating there anymore

  128. Please bring the loaded Italian back. That is the only food you have that I like and I love it. Without it, I won’t be back.

  129. We have waited in line several times at the Arby’s in Taylorsville Indiana. When it’s our time to order they just yell “We are closed” or we are out of roast beef. It is early in the evening. Today at 6:40 it happened with 5 or 6 more cars in line behind us. What is the deal and why are they so rude. We drove to Columbus once but now we ARE NOT GOING TO SUPPORT ANY ARBYS. Also, there are no hours posted. This has happened 4 different times.

  130. I’ve just learned that you’re discontinuing your potato cakes and I am so disappointed. The potato cakes it was really made your restaurant excellent in my opinion. I have no desire to go back without being able to order them. The fries to me are just ordinary. I’m really hoping you bring them back. The Jamocha shake is also another favorite menu item but without the cakes I will probably never order from there again.

  131. I order at drive true after I finish my order employee did not give me total price I have ask then I pull up to window have a attitude no greeting and did not give me receipt I have to ask for receipt. Arby’s # 0762

  132. When will the arbys monticello indiana be open for inside dinning? Every gast food has been open but arbys.. for months

  133. Please stop airing the new Arby’s commercial for chicken – the one with the little girl, who is far from being even slightly cute, doing movements that are supposed to resemble dancing, all while so-called “singing” what’s clearly a pathetic excuse for a song, in a skin-crawling voice that makes me want to play in traffic. Arby’s should be embarrassed for such a marketing mess. Please stop airing that commercial from Hell.

  134. I love how Arby’s continues to be SILENT over their real reason for ditching one of their most beloved items that has been a mainstay on the menu for as long as I can remember. What’s worse is that THEY can make stupid decisions without a freakin care about the abuse and flak their workers are dealing with right now. We had a girl in tears the other day because a customer thought it would be okay to verbally take out his frustration on her and cause a scene… So THIS right here is a prime example of a greedy corporation (thank you inspire brands), throwing their workers to the dogs in order to make a profit. Glad to see it blowing up in their stupid faces. Kiss our asses Arby’s for selling out, and especially YOU Inspire brands, for trying to be the next YUM brands by buying up franchises and cutting corners to save a buck (plastic aprons anyone?).

  135. Once again, my orders incorrect. Instead of beef and cheddars I got two Arby’s with no cheddar and instead of two four packs of fries two three packs of mozzarella sticks. What?

  136. i worked for arbys . last month i left with no training as manager. and i worked 36 dyas straight with no day off. i would like speask with someone

  137. Not a complaint but compliments. Store#7221. Compliments to Maricia, Rudy, Pedro, Jessica, Ara, Esperanza and all the crew. I have been having breakfast for 12 years and has been treated friendly and respect. I love this store. Thanks. Ed

  138. Vert upset order chicken salad sandwich it had about 1/4 cup of chicken salad on it I was really upset Will not be back

  139. I visited Arby’s @ Washington st/Franklin Rd Indianapolis, In. I ordered medium coco cola float less coke than they normally put in it, get to the window and told the lady that it was to much that’s why I wanted less coke, she said I’m not making another one u have to take this, I said I don’t have to take nothing and if u don’t know how to handle customers without being upset u in the wrong profession, so another guy (gay man) started making it, I said hold on its to much coke, he says well I made it take it, so I told him I don’t want neither one of the drinks just give me my money back, he gave me the drink he made then charged my card, I was ready to throw the drink threw the window. I then asked for the lady name he started to say Lynn but then he said he can’t give her name but she is the manager, so I asked his name he said he can’t say and closed drive thru window in my face. That pissed me off. So I pulled off, I am extremely upset about this

    My contact info is 317 701-xxxx

  140. No potato cakes? Why not discontinue all the nasty market fresh nothing but lettuce wraps? I can get fries anywhere, so I will. You’ve lost a loyal customer.

  141. Made a complaint about order wrong and manager refused to correct order, instead offered a coupon in the mail even though I still had the order, Never received any response to complaint made to corporate about this issue. Apparently customer service is no longer important to your company

  142. Why is your Daleville Indiana location still drive thru only. The other locations in the area have open dining room. This is a major inconvenience how sad you remodel this building and it’s not open. Get with it.

  143. For years I have been ordering the “ham and cheese” sandwich at Arby’s. Imagine my disappointment tonight to find that you have discontinued that sandwich. It was the smallest sandwich on the menu…..which was PERFECT for me. I walked out without ordering anything.

  144. Hi I’m shykeria Stallworth I’m filing a complaint because before I quit Arby’s in Northport AL they wasn’t paying me and they treated like a dog all of them need to be fired on the spot I refuse to work with people who doesn’t wanna pay me I will not work for free

  145. I had issues with one of your locations. I purchased three large meals and other items that cost me almost 60.00. Had issues with them called they was supposed to send me coupons to replace them. Instead sent me 4 small size meal coupons.

  146. Drive thru employee had a dip of tabacoo in his mouth. At the store in Russellville AR. North Arkansas Ave. Employees name was Jack. Very discussed. Will not go back to this location.

  147. We are so disappointed that you have discontinued Potato Cakes at our local restaurant. We have eaten Arby’s Roast Beef for many years and always get your delicious potato cakes. We have not been back since you stopped serving them.

  148. I was told to myself by one of your employees and when I told your manager that he should fire the person he told me not to tell him how to run his business This is twice in one day at both Shakooee locations I was treated with disrespect. Obviously I won’t be eating at Arby’s anymore! ITs your business but if you continue to let employees tell customers to themselves you won’t have a business pretty soon.

  149. Picked up an order with 2 items missing. Went back to get them and 2 other items were a smaller version of what was ordered. The store replaced the missing 2 items but wanted to charge for the other 2 they messed up. 2 trips and my kids got dinner, I’m having to go without or make a 3rd trip. This is not acceptable.

  150. I fell got cane caught on wrinkle on rug at front door Hollered and hollered for help a gentleman in parking lot heard me came running in to help me he helped me up sat down got my food 11/2 hrs later the Amrg took my complaint filled out a form I said look at my kneww she paid no attention wrote no medical help needed came home layed down for up hr later big knot swelled out red and hurts called the store ask what to do Mgr said i will contact HR what good is tht going to do me I need medical attention now so I am going to ER that isn’t a way to handle a fall and guy behind counter i told him about wrinkle rug he went to straighten it out the Mrg said guess will have to order another one another thing that is a heavy door to open to get in with a cane for a elderly person I need some one to contact me ASAP

  151. The Arby’s on 275 W 12th in Ogden Utah has a lousy manager and very poor customer service. I loved going there because it was convenient and the food was great, but lately terrible and until something changes I will not go there again and I will also tell all my local friends about the bad experience I had.

  152. My name is Todd , had a complaint about you 2for 6$ sign , says 2 for 6 , down at the bottom it says meal with fries and drink $6.99 your people in here in the duncanville Texas store say that’s only for the chicken sandwich meal , that’s not what the sign states

  153. I ordered a Turkey Bacon Ranch and it was made with Rye Bread not Sourdough. The store said we don’t carry that bread so we use Rye. Complete misrepresentation of your Brand!

  154. I just have one of the worst experiences in my entire life at the Round Rock AW Grimes location. The person who treated me poorly was a black male in his mid twenties who identified myself as the GM who I found out was NOT the GM was going off the deep end my screaming at me. Every time I tried to speak he slammed the drive through window. This happened at least 3 times. When he left the window I could still hear him ranting and raving. After about ten minutes of him ranting and raving Jen the manager came over and took my order. I want to make it clear I want to file a complaint HE SHOULD NOT BE WORKING WITH CUSTOMERS I would like to hear from the districk manager I can be reached at 512 844-xxxx

  155. 6:52 Sunday night Marion, AR
    Couldn’t get waited on. Gal cleaning tables told me to wait a minute. I waited several minutes. She kept cleaning tables and talking/complaining on her cell phone. Never been to an Arby’s and treated this way before.

  156. Topeka Ks East store :Night manager is calling an employee (half Mexican)grease ball and bullying her not professional at all they need training or find a different line of work

  157. “We’ve got the meats!”. That’s what the commercial advertised. Well, you DON’T have the meats. I ordered a chicken sandwich. I did not get a breast but parts and pieces of a chicken. I counted 8 tiny pieces of chicken and a lot of lettuce! Highly disappointed in my chicken sandwich!

  158. I wasn’t aware that you were the “official roast beef “ of the “ CartNarcs”. He harasses people in parking lots for not taking their shopping carts back, including a woman with cancer. Since your company is complicit with this person ( according to his posts), I no longer will patronize Arby’s. I’m going to miss the beef and cheddar and curly fries ( which I also buy frozen in shop rite). Well, I used to! Enjoy your partnership with the “cart narcs”.

  159. Visit Arby’s Rockside Garfield Hts Ohio Order 2 Crispy chicken salads and there was 2 square s in each round bowls Bit you charged me good and No chicken in the salad I call store spoke to the ManagerWill he didn’t seem to care not one bit I will not return here after today you lost a great customer

  160. My 5 year old daughter loves your Arby’s commercial and she replicates it so well. I would love to send you guys a video of her doing the commercial and possibly being part of the commercial.

  161. I’m a former employee and I was told by a social worker that I’m still active as an employee when I get in November of 2021. I’m requesting that my status will no longer say active and proof of leaving this position or termination.

  162. Wanting to know why your triple chocolate cookies at the 5th avenue Arby’s and the Hal Greer boulevard Arby’s why are the cookies always stale they are so hard you can’t even freaking break them only time I can get a fresh cookie is to go to Arby’s on route 60 next to our interstate I just bought a cookie today at 5th avenue store and it’s harder than a damn Rock

  163. Went to temple tx location on west adams didnt receive full order was charged but did not receive when i called the number on the receipt went directly to voicemail called the other location on adams and after ringing several times phone answered and got goodbye called corporate it gave me an extension number and it said can’t complete call very unhappy will never eat at any of your establishments agai since this how you treat your customers

  164. Our Arbys is in Covington Va. it is nasty. Tables never clean and I thought during this Covid they were supposed to be sanitized after each customer using the table. We were in there yesterday and only one table was clean. Probably by a customer like us. We always take a napkin and clean off best we can. Not sanitize but clean. There were 3 or 4 boys working in there yesterday none of them looked decent or clean. Hair not clean. I was really afraid what they would do to our food. Our food was very cold. No hot fries chicken sandwich cold. If you don’t get someone each shift mature enough to lead the employees you will be losing customers. Lot of people I know won’t go there now. I know it is hard getting employees now and you do pay good wages. The boys just upset me yesterday cause they would sit at a table on their cellphones instead of cleaning up. Did not see any hand washing. Their are some employees that are doing their job. Most of them are older people.

  165. I need my w2’s I shouldn’t have to wait freaking years for something I’ve worked for! I will sue if it does come down to it! I needed them today people! Today!!!

  166. Was serve raw chicken last week. The manager yelled at us. Refused to do anything cuz we didn’t have a receipt. All we really ask was for an apology and our money back. Instead the manager yelled and told us she didn’t give f$%# if we contacted corporate.

  167. PLEASE BRING BACK BONELESS WINGS WITH EITHER BUFFALO OR HONEY!! They are the best above anywhere that even specializes in wings!!

  168. Complaint for multiple bad experiences at Arby’s,
    5140 N High St, Columbus Oh.

    Several months ago, possibly September 2021, I went thru the drive thru, paid with debit card, got home to find my receipt showed I was billed for another persons order and more than what I had ordered (I do not recall the amounts). I called, (due to this being several months ago and I do not recall the name of the manager/lead person (Karen/Nancy???), but was white female, younger in age), this female said I would need to come back with my card to get credited. I came back, gave my card, got a credit receipt (I can not recall the amount), but NOTHING ever posted. I followed up on this for 2 weeks. Finally this female gave me an Arby’s gift card and said they would cover my next visit. NOTE: the gift card does not have an expiration date on it and the female did not say I needed to use it by “X” date.
    1/26/22 I went to drive thru, gave them the card and asked it’s value before I ordered. The General Manager (George – middle aged, balding, white man) said the card is expired. I advised there is no expiration on the card & I told him the history. He said he does not know who the female was, card is expired, nothing he could do, have a nice day. I advised him that he was not doing anything to address the issue or resolve things. He stood his ground, said card is expired, have a nice day. Also, twice I told him I have hearing challenges, asked him to slow down, had to ask him to repeat several times, but he refused to stop rambling and talking fast. This just agitated us both while trying try to communicate. NOTE: two black female workers were standing close & listening to this conversation today and can confirm my statements – about 3:15 – 3:45 time period on 1/26/22.
    So, twice the lead/GM’s at this location failed in customer service and I am out money and time due to an incorrect (fraudulent?) charge on my credit card. I never disputed the charge because of being given the gift card to use in the future. This is really frustrating, poor customer service and really needs addressed at this store and to me. Please advise how this will be resolved.
    COULD NOT GET AN ATTACHMENT MADE…Copy of gift card is NOT attached…..notice is specifically says, “has no dormancy fees and does not expire” ! Yet, the general manager (George) said it is expired and refused to honor it!!!

    Thank you in advance,
    Jane Durrett

  169. 19 and Jasmine your Arby’s in Hudson Florida is really going downhill every time I go there I get cold food cold fries my orders always messed up don’t get a receipt you need to fire somebody over there because it is getting bad and hire someone better than a bunch of little kids that don’t know nothing all there therefore is a paycheck not to make the customers happy very disappointed in your store and about ready not to go there no more I should have never even made a comment or a complaint but I am sick and tired of spending 30 to $40 and getting crappy food before I have to go to work then I’m starving the rest of the day because I had to throw some cold fries and some burgers away that aren’t worth eating and when I ordered today the chicken that I had on your coupons didn’t even come with cheese or bacon this is the fourth time that’s happened and I’m getting tired of it I’m tired of spending my money on stuff that I’m not eating because it’s cold or it’s not right sincerely yours Captain Steve

  170. I went to the Arby’s for my order that the manager told me to come get at my convenience and when I did the worker had to call her and she said she didn’t know what I was talking about. Her name is Nancy Connaster at Clinton hwy Knoxville Tennessee. That’s a very embarrassing thing to encounter when they messed up to begin with by standing outside smoking.

  171. I’m 66 years old I’ve been a customer of Arby’s for years and used to love their beef and cheddars and now they don’t put much cheese on them and when you ask for extra they charge you I won’t go there anymore you’re too chintzy

  172. Now I understand why my experience with Arby’s in Muncie was to bad. Tried calling the Corp office and the service isn’t any better. Called 1-678-514-4100, recording told me to call 4155 to be routed to a representative. All I got on two attempts was a message telling me to try again later.

    Total experience. Went to the local Arby’s located at 2908 Wheeling Ave, Muncie, Indiana 47303 at 11:13 a.m.. I ordered the family package for $12.00 utilizing the coupon received in the mail. I received my order rather quickly and drove home. My drive from the Arby’s to home was less than five minutes. Upon arriving home we quickly discovered the entire meal, except for the cheese sticks, was cold.

    I called the Arby’s back, 75.284.1050, and requested to speak the manager. The young lady who answered the phone stated she was the manager. I informed her the entire meal I had just purchased was cold. She quickly told me her crew always prepares the meals fresh when ordered.

    I told her that may be so but they prepared it freshly with cold meat, fries, and buns. The only warm item in the entire order was the cheese sticks.

    Horrible, just horrible. The two sandwiches, four sliders, four fries all went to the trash. Could not even warm it in the microwave and make it taste good. Son eat the cheese sticks.

    Won’t be buying their again.

  173. My name is Sierra Fager and I’m still waiting on my W2 from Arbys I used to work at the one on Bittersweet in Mishawaka of Indiana can you please tell me the info on this please

  174. I write jingles and heard you commercial and thought it should go to maccarana you put the sandwich in the dip then you dip we dip you dip

  175. Purchased a farmhouse roasted chicken salad-there is no way that there was 2 ox of pre package chicken on there. When I called and spoke to the store the manager was rude. Just complete silence-did not want to make me happy. The lettuce is poor as well just chunks like the bottom of the bag! We just got back from store #7505. 1285 Burkhart rd Howell Mich 48843. I was a drive thru. Very disappointed in food and especially manager

  176. Their is a girl named angel mangol working at the Arby’s on 356 in Sarver pa! She’s on drugs and was high on 2-11-2022 she was all over the place! It’s really sad that your desperate enough too hire anybody!!

  177. Who do I talk to about a employee opening the bathroom door while I was using it and didn’t even knock just opened the door and stood there about 10 seconds staring at me while I was on the toilet?

  178. Really wanted two fish sandwiches that they spend millions of dollars in advertising, So we went to our local Arby’s located in Canton Ohio, the time was 7:05 PM and when I went to order through the drive-through it was said we are close and sorry for any inconvenience. I will no longer be inconvenienced by this local store. Sorry store hours 10:00am to 9:00pm.

  179. We ate inside…waited 13-15 minutes for our order..waited on fries made them put them out in drivethru..sandwiches sat on counter not under heat lamp…so when we did get sandwiches they were cold

  180. Ordered 4 different times and still they didn’t get it right. All the workers were glassy eyed and giggling non stop. Food was ice colded. I hope you find some good staff to work at this arbys.
    450 commons
    Morris Illinois 60450

  181. I was 1st customer on 02/15/2020. I ordered 2 Greek Gyros and 2 Cookies. The meat in the Gyros was hard like someone forgot to store it properly. I need some kind of compensation for this. Who can’t put things away properly???

  182. We just ate at the Arby’s at Southport and Emerson in Indianapolis Indiana. The food was terrible we had two sandwiches for six dollars and we ordered a container of macaroni and cheese and a large coke. Everything was cold. As we went to the drive-through to pay we could see the staff was on their phones and acted like they didn’t care if we were there or not. We won’t Eat there again.

  183. Arby’s New Albany has the worst customer service tonight. One person in store refused to assist customer and had a bad attitude which resulted in several
    Customers filing complaints on google
    and other platforms. Extremely disappointed!!! Arby’s rep mention that someone was supposed to come in at 11 and never showed up. I would rather here put up a closed signed than endure her horrible attitude and lack of professionalism.

  184. I had dinner at your location on Brice in Columbus Ohio on Thursday 2-17-22 at about 9 pm.a few hours later I became violently ill with vomiting and diarrhea. My order was 2 chicken bacon Swiss no honey mustard add mayo. The sandwiches did not seem to be hot at all. It’s about 7 30 am on Saturday now and I have lost about 8 pounds and still fearfull to try to eat. I don’t want anything but for this not to happen to someone else. Thank you

  185. I purchased 2 sandwich from Arby’s in Ooltewah tenn they cost 17.00 something didn’t taste right so I took the sandwich back the next day with my recipe and the manager refused to give me a refund my family will never eat at any Arby’s ever again

  186. Arbys used to be good and commercials look great. Yet, they just don’t give a shit!!!! Places are run into the ground and employees are just plane shit. Depressing how nobody cares, close the doors.

  187. 1.5 google reviews is too high. Rick had to go, clearly he doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. The board needs to acknowledge the FACTS that are in front of them. Who is not paying attention, The Board?? Just shut Arbys down because you cannot live up to your own commercials anywhere..

  188. I went to the Arby’s store in Upper Marlboro today. I ordered classic roast beef and cheddar sandwiches and was informed they had no cheddar cheese. Asked them to substitute any cheese they had which they said ok. Was waiting forever. Three other customers came in and left. I decided to order a milkshake since it was taking so long. Was told I couldn’t order anything else until my other order was complete. I said never mind then. The last time my wife went there and tried to use a gift card none knew how to enter for payment. Used to be an excellent fast food restaurant. Someone needs to look into management. They had 3 people behind counter but one was just leaning on counter looking at phone.

  189. Wife and I ate there at least twice a month over last 20 years. Have not been back since potato cakes were discontinued. What Einstein in corporate management decided this. When we hear potato cakes are back, we’ll be back.

  190. We visited Arbys in Clearwater Florida store #1499 at 2:22 pm. With this pandemic the inside of this store was filthy… it should be spotless.. there were no napkins, condiment cups and ketchup all over the place at the condiment bar, tables looked like they hadn’t been wiped down, no ‘to go’ condiments except bbq sauce. Very few lids for drinks. Was over charged for two sliders – should have been $1.00 each from 2-5 pm was charged 1.69 each.. we left and ate in our vehicle. Didn’t even bother going back inside regarding the over charge. Won’t be visiting this location again.

  191. It’s so disappointing to see this fast food conglomerate settle for such an inferior product! Where is the quality control? Have been to store #996 in Westerville, Ohio only to receive rock hard buns, jalapeño bites fried so long there is no cream cheese left inside the black pepper and unable to bite into because of the hard shell. The shaved roast beef has been nothing but gristle and inedible. The Mac and cheese? Oh, is that what it was? Hard, dry elbow macaroni with some alfredo sauce glued on it? Says stir before eating? Stir what? So dry and hard my cat would not touch it! I’ve tried but now I’m done here. The employees are rude, shove food at you and provide plenty of attitude when told the food is cold, this is not my order there is an item missing. Too many fast food restaurants competing for my dollar, I’ll go someplace where the service is friendly, food is hot and edible! Oh look, there is a White Castle right next door

  192. I just stop by your restaurant on Byrne and Glendale at 7:45 pm the food was terrible I got two fish sandwich and large fries and a coke I spent $13.10 the fries was old and the fish sandwich’s should have never been given out I am very disappointed at Arbys

  193. The worst food I have ever gotten from Arby’s. I ordered a double Ruben and it was so small my husband was very upset. My Gryro did not have enough meat for a kids slider.

  194. We ordered 2 full meals. One included sauce in a container for a french dip sandwich. The lid was not securly on and when I handed it to my wife it spilled through the bag all over her slacks, her handbag, and the floor mats. I ran up to the drive through, explained the ordeal and was handed another sauce with no apology, only “have a nice day”! I did not think about taking a photo. My wife had to throw her clothes in the wash and clean her Leather Coach bag that still has stains on it the next day, before eating her cold meal.

  195. I stopped by Arby’s in Conyers Georgia off 138 yesterday to do a dine in. I waited 5 minutes for someone to acknowledge me which they refuse to do I asked if I needed to be in the drive thru no one answered, I asked be waited on no one answered. I know they saw me standing at the counter, they refuse to acknowledge me. I think it’s a race thing. They were black people to come in after me and they were waited on. I will be going on Facebook today to notify my friends.

  196. I have been having problems at work with some guy who is 20 years older than me who likes me and is becoming a stalker. He told my managers he is in love with me and i feel very uncomfortable working with him. I have been showing my managers text messages from him for months and now they will be making him a assistant manager. My new general manager told me that it’s best if i leave because he’s been acting very crazy about me lately. Why should i have to leave and feel uncomfortable if they see everything he do.

  197. Bought 4 Roast beef sandwiches all the meat was dark brown and The meat was hard ike it was sitting for hours had to throw them all away not one was even good to be able to eat I’m very disappointed

  198. Went to Arby’s 1187 SW Gage Blvd. Topeka, KS. We ordered two curly fries, two double beef and cheddar medium sized meal deal. Also two little cups of cheddar. It came to 22.26 before tax. What we received that was incorrect was two regular beef and cheddars instead of two double beef and cheddar. We did not realize this until we got home. We called to tell them our order was wrong. We asked for the manager. The girl that answered the phone said she was the manager. If that was so, she had very poor PR skills.
    She never apologized witch should be a given in this situation. She was very short and ready to get off the phone. I do feel like we should of pulled over in a parking spot to check the order but we didn’t. The receipt even says a double so why should I have to check something so simple. 3/19/2022. 5:10:44 PM
    Order Id: AACW7KPUAJD6

  199. My son went to Arby’s on 2101 rt 59 in Plainfield il. With my gift card and I had just checked balance which was 15.46 he ordered our food, the lady at window was rude! When he got up to window they took the gift card and said they can’t use it, it didn’t work! Handed it back too him and he had told her what was on it. She closed window in his face! He was going to pay cash, she opened the window and called him an asshole, he called her a name back. I am just so frustrated with ignorant workers that don’t belong in a job or think they can just get away with it.

  200. I have 5 children we are in Birmingham Alabama I need hey for food we are on disability SSI as U no time is hard I live in pinson valley pkway lot 109 can u please help

  201. I ordered food today at the drive thru and there was only one car in front of me. After I ordered and paid I was told to park on the side and my food would be brought to me. 20 minutes later I finally got my food after I saw multiple cars behind me, order there food and leave while I waited for 1 classic cheddar beef and 1 double beef and cheddar sandwiches and it was only the sandwiches we ordered. Why would that take 20 minutes to make . That’s us poor service and lazy staff. For the price I paid I feel like I was ripped off.

  202. I went to Arbys on washington av north haven but in my order at 11:50 i was asked to wait in front of the store for my order at 12:05 i went into the store to find they forgot my order. When i asked the lady at the counter for my order she said i do the counter i have nothing to do with the window orders and went about her job like i was not there. I had to wait for the window person to be free to help me. i can believe i was left standing there until they had time for me.

  203. Is the quality of meat at Arby’s horrible now ? Or is it bad only at 3351 southern Blvd. Rio rancho NM 87124 ? I have gotten bad stomach cramps twice in a row from eating there ! I am really y pissed off !!!

  204. Why can’ we have an Arby’s in Guilford, CT. Nearest one is in North Haven, or even in Branford or Madison

  205. I own a business very close to the Arby’s that is located in Tri-County Plaza in Cumming Georgia. I stop by there several times a month to pick up sandwiches for myself and some of my vendors. The last two times I’ve been in there and asked for Arby’s sauce I have gotten back to my store and had one packet of sauce for 3 to 4 sandwiches. I just called the store to ask for them to let their employees know that they should be giving people at least two packets of Arby sauce per sandwich. And that I have been getting one packet for four sandwiches. The girl who answered the phone told me she was a borrowed manager from another store and has no idea how these employees are trained and has nothing to do with it. It would’ve been nice for her just to have apologized for the mixup instead of making excuses and then sitting there in silence. Very disappointed and will not spend my money at that Arby’s anytime in the near future. The girl told me her name was Veronica. I doubt that’s her real name.

  206. I purchased a gift card from bj’s was activated for $15 tried to use at arbys and they said it was declined tried everything to get refund at bjs and they wouldn’t give me one, so tried to get a card or voucher at arbys and cause it wasn’t purchased from there store nothing they could do. Can you tell me how I can get my $15 back

  207. I use to work at 4143 S Peoria, Tulsa Ok 74105. I worked there for almost 1 1/2 years and my experience overall was not good. Where do I send my letter of resignation?

  208. Been coming to this arbys 2-3 nights a week. They have a 4 min wait between taking ever single order. When the line is 10-12 cars long. I normally never complain but this is only happening on the weekday nights not weekends. So uts always the same staff. When u get to the order menu they ask u to hang on then it’s 4-5 mins before they will even take your order. There will be no cars from the order menu to the drive thru window. It’s nothing to wait 30-40 mins to even be helped.

  209. I am getting a total run around about getting my dtrs w2. Really don’t want to call the IRS and stay on hold all day, but your not giving me any choice

  210. My y son works at your Benton ark store,the managers treat him like crap,then they went out to my wife in the parking lot and complained to her,lecturing her,when he is out of our authority,I’m tired of this ,he does his job ,I’ve seen him personally,the problem is that every one that works there is related,family,stick up for each other,nothing is ever done to the ones that work there,as a father I’m fed up with this,then the foods loesey ,you need to fire some people,I used to be a restraint manager,this shouldn’t happen ,my son tries to help as much as possible,on time,comes in on days off,when my wife gets told about stuff in the parking lot that makes me mad,run your resteraunts the way there supposed to be,no relatives working,friendly staff.stop the unnecessary abuse that goes on,they call him names,makes him upset,this is not happening anymore,I’ve even heard alot of complaints from other people that eat there .please deal with problems,don’t let them know that I said anything .

  211. Salad at Arbys in spring Lake Michigan is past date and always brown ! At least a couple times a week!! Usually past date!!

  212. We went to the Arby’s at airport blvd.. there was no sense of urgency and the manager was confrontational. We finally got tired of the bad service and left.

  213. We rarely get out lately but tonight we decided Arbys on Hall street Tigard Oregon. While ordering the employee was extremely curt, and insulting. No good customer service there 6pm. The ‘gentleman’ at the window assisting was handling the phone calls while helping , no I would berating his own helper. When we opened the sandwhich it had been smeared with a hand print. He has no customer service skills nor team effort. We did not eat the sandwhich for fear of a non professional spitting on them while wrapping. Which he did wrap them. So let him know he needs to fix his attitude and not put it on display. No INTEGRITY. Will we back? 20 dollars to throw the food away because of rude, curt, unhealthy practice? Would you go back to a place to eat that you’re unsure of?

  214. this is Jacob beam and I worked at Arby’s in Mitchell Nebraska and I just wanted to see if you worked with Mitchell’s Nebraska Arby’s another one of the sea if you guys are the ones that did the checks for Mitchell’s Nebraska and we got paid on Monday and I just wanted to see when it’s going to show up please give me a 720-276-xxxx

  215. Took over 25 minutes to get lemonade and large fries, got water and large fries service was bad at Cambell street

  216. Around 2:15-2:30pm went to arbys on bday in Columbia mo only 2people working at store claims she getting a lot of calls never took my order no hello got up to window an going to charge $9 and change I said I didn’t get the chance to place an order and in almost in whisper said whiny bitch as I just leaving

  217. I love Arby’s but the one in new Iberia the service sucks and also why did you quit selling the mint chocolate shake that was a bad decision

  218. Ordered two beef sandwiches today. Pine Grove, Pa. Beef was dark and tough/dried out. Husband even had a CHUNK of beef. Been there several times with no complaints but today was BAD! It will be a while before we go back. We do understand lack of employees but those you do have should hold up some standards.

  219. My fiancé found a SCREW on his sandwich. Thank god he noticed it before he bit into it. This is DANGEROUS AND UNACCEPTABLE. We are FURIOUS.

  220. You might want to change the store hours on the website. Went to visit the Arby’s on Dallas Acworth highway in Dallas, Ga . No one acknowledged us until my husband asked if they were closed. The young man’s reply was yep! Maybe have them cut the lights out and change the hours on the website saying they close at 10 not midnight

  221. I love your farmhouse salads I get them all the time but today i got one and was so disappointed !!! You cut them down to like a side salad but still charge the same price! Well you just lost a customer I’m so disappointed in you . If you make them smaller then make the price smaller. Even the chicken strips were so small. I know your no going to change anything but I just had to speak my mind

  222. We as an office order food from you a lot. We will no longer be eating Arbys because they will only allow 2 separate orders at a time through the drive thru, but the inside doors are locked. This has caused your Towne lake, GA location to lose a good bit of business.

  223. Drive through Thursday evening around 630 pm Cockeysville Md York road. Curly fries soggy little coating on them oily tasting. Shake asked for no whip out it on and had to get remade but dumped it out if cup into a sink and used the same cup to refill it. Food was poor. Highly disappointed. Second time drive through food found lacking when this location use to be high quality food and personal that cares about their work. Perhaps a Secret drive through by a corporate person should occur. This location has declined immensely I’m sorry to say in quality. Thank you.

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