Arby’s Headquarters

Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc.

Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. owns hte Arbys chain of fast food restaurants. The chain offers sandwiches, burgers, salads, drinks, and desserts, sliders, chocolate milk, and fries.
Arby’s Restaurant Group i sowned by Inspire Brands.

Arby’s was founded in: 05/14/2004

Arby’s Corporate Office Address.

Arby’s Headquarters
1155 Perimeter Center West Atlanta, GA 30338 United States

Arby’s Corporate Office Phone Number.


Arbys’s Website.

Number of Arby’s Employees.


Number of Arby’s Locations.


Arby’s Executives.

Jon L Luther
Paul J Brown
Chief Executive Officer, Arby’s and Inspire Brands.
Jim Taylor

Arby’s Board Members.

Jon L Luther
Inspire Brands Inc

Arby’s Email Contacts.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Arby’s Social Media Contacts.

Arby’s Executive Contacts.

Mark Kocer is Sr. Director of Operations, and his email addrress is [email protected]

Arby’s Vice President, Restaurant Experience.

Rick Gestring
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Operating Officer.

John Kelly
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Email-: [email protected]

Arby’s Chief Executive.
Rob Lynch
1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30338
Arby’s CEO Email: [email protected]

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368 Reviews and Complaints for Arby’s Headquarters

  1. I spent 31.81 on 6/24 in the Jasper alabama location and just got a notification that they just updated my purchase and it was doubled. I want the double refunded

  2. We went to Arby’s in Fort Payne Alabama. Upon arriving we stood at the counter several minutes before even being acknowledged. One woman was talking to her child while she stood behind the counter. She looked at us but never said a word. The female manager on duty saw us and never said a word. The manager was talking to a young man at the food line just behind the counter. Two females walked in, one very young and polite. She was professional and took the order for our friend. I was struck by the other female who walked in with latex gloves on, (from the outside). Was she smoking? Was she picking up trash in the lot? Why did she have latex gloves on? But wait, she adjusted her hair under the hair net, she adjusted her ball cap and reached under her apron and adjusted her uniform. She immediately began preparing food without changing her gloves. She then tried to assist someone else with a piece of cardboard they were trying to handle. This was disgusting that she passed trash cans and sinks but never took the gloves off or washed her hands. You lost two customers today because of her. The Manager was conducting interviews and when she was informed about what we’d seen she apologized and said she’d take care of it immediately. I loved Arby’s and am sorry I saw this but then I’m glad I did as well.

  3. I came through drive thru today for dinner, waited at window for almost 10 minutes just for a regular roast beef sandwich and 5 piece jalapeño bites, watched cars pull off behind me, get my food and I have no bronco sayce, only 4 jalapeño bites and food cold, how is my food cold and I waited at window that long for it, I have attempted to call the store on blanding blvd in orange park Florida and nobody will answer the phone, I would like a refund or my order replaced this is unacceptable and to receive no sauce either was disappointing, the reason I get the bites is for the bronco sauce

  4. Why did Arby’s get rid of their salads & salad dressings? I am one of those people who cannot eat much in the way of potatoes due to health reasons. Salads was a great alternative for me. Please bring back salads and dressings!

  5. I like Arby’s. But your store or management in Harrisburg NC is a joke. Ive never got food that was crappy. Or the manger , who had no idea about my complaint. She told me too go to another fast food , restaurant and this was after I paid and ordered. My food was terrible, what happen. I’ve ate at Arby’s fir 40 years. Never again.

  6. I just bought a chicken salad sandwich at the drive-through in Savannah, TN. The wrapper smells so much like tobacco smoke, it makes the sandwich stink too. 😡

  7. Arby’s here in swissvale Pennsylvania
    Stop by to grab a bite went inside stood at the counter to order my food and the employees in back preparing said hello but the lead manager kept walking pass me rude ignorant I stood there at the counter for more than 7 minutes there wasn’t no line I was t He Only one nobody else was in lobby first time there we need a lawsuit

  8. Just had a waygu burger and it was AWFUL! The bun was saturated with ?.. what a mess! The sauce (?) was ALL over, lettuce was like it was sitting in something all day!, meat tasted ok, really hard to eat. Never another!!!!!

  9. Weirton wv Arbys. Ordered 2 for $7 chix sandwich and 6 mozerella sticks and was charged with he reg price and received jalapeño bites

  10. I was at the Arbys in Campbellsville KY at approximately 9:00 on Saturday night May 20. Me and my 2 sisters was eating and the mgr locked the door. We knew we had 2 more coming to join us that was in the parking lot and we asked if they could come in, knowing they didn’t close till 10. They wasn’t ordering anything major, but when asked the mgr said “preferably not!” And refused to let them in. She said they had been having register problems but continued to take drive thru orders, we watched them fill numerous orders. Why post times to close of you just close when you decide! Not happy at all with this Arbys at the moment. We was just trying to be together after a long day at the funeral home paying respects to a family member!

  11. First I would like to say that this is the first time complaining about the food at Arby’s. I went in tonight and ordered two beef and cheddars and the meat was all fat and gristle. It was very nasty. I was also charged twice for some reason, I am waiting to see if the charge gets credited back to me.

  12. I went inside the Arby’s store #8884 in Yreka on 12/01/2022 order I’d: AADR6K7WACBE to order food and their was 4 people standing in line and the cashier said she had been there since 8:00am and she was going to take a break and left the front counter and we had to wait about 10 minutes for someone to help and then that employee couldn’t take the money. When we finally got to pay the employee was back from break. When I received my food to go the hamburger was cold and my buffalo ckn wrap was horrible and fries were cold. I have never seen a business just leave customer at the counter and go on break. The employee had keys that left the front so I am assuming she was the manager. It took about 20 minutes to get the transaction completed. I’m very unhappy with this Arby’s and can’t believe the service we received. Thank you, Linda Beck 678-485-xxxx

  13. We just left the Arby’s on James Island,SC on Folly Road. Our food cost well over $40 and the quality was absolutely awful. I ordered a half pound sandwich and the meat was raw and cut so thick I could barely bite into it. Completely inedible! I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. I’m extremely disappointed and will be returning to Arby’s. Get with it!

  14. I live in Salisbury NC and was at the Arbys on Jake Alexander blvd. After waiting 30 minutes in the drive through I finally get up for my food. I started to check the bag to make sure all my order was there and was told by the cashier if I was going to check my bag then I needed to leave. Of course I didn’t get all my food and I live 30 minutes from this store so I wasn’t going back. If this is how your employees are going to treat customers then you guys need to close the doors!

  15. Store 01557. Filthiest Arby’s store I have ever been in. No ice in the soda machine, no gloves worn while preparing food, floors sticky with spilled food. Bathrooms were disgusting!

  16. I like to eat at the Arby’s on State Road seven and Belvedere Road every time I walk in there nobody pays attention to the counter I stood there for 15 minutes before somebody help me they were out of all dispenser sauces nobody seems to have a sense of urgency or care very disappointing

  17. I have gotten some arby curly fries frozen at Walmart yesterday and I opened the bag went to take out green with mold on the could not even cook them at all gross

  18. Recently stop by a local Hardees in the saint peters Missouri area in order through the drive-through a couple of your famous beef and cheddar sandwiches. When I got home I was shocked to see that there was some type of barbecue sauce added to both sandwiches. This is very upsetting and I did not ask for any condiments added to the sandwiches. When I contacted the store The manager mentioned this is something new they are adding to that particular sandwich. I asked why they didn’t notify me of this ad that’s not the sandwhich I ordered and he just mentioned again it’s something new we’re adding to our beef and cheddar sandwiches. Can’t understand why this wasn’t mentioned at the time I placed my ordered ?????? I’m requesting a refund plus as I did not consume the meal a long with the inconvenience I incurred. I truly enjoy the food Arby’s has to offer and would accept a $20.00 gift card as compensation for the inconvenience. Thank you

  19. Please bring back the Rockaberry sauce. It was a sweet hot tastes either the poppers. No good otherwise.

  20. My husband purchased a chocolate shake from the Arby’s location at Schaad rd in Knoxville Tn. A short time after drinking it, he began to not feel well. Today has been 3 days and he seriously ill with severe stomach cramps and diarrhea. Something needs to be done about this restaurant…. This is not the first bad experience with this location. I will be consulting an Attorney to see how we should proceed with this matter.

  21. Please bring Triple Chocolate cookies back. Is there anyway I can buy them still frozen?

  22. We went to Arbys on Friday October 14,2022 we went n to order no one was in front of us and it took them 10 minutes before someone took our order we were on our half hour lunch break then when we got back to work our order was wrong and cold

  23. Hello, my name is Tyler. A few days ago I applied for a shift manager position. I have to ask for my safety and on a professional level does your company typically conduct a interview via text message? Reason for the question is the recruiter “Matt” was trying to do so. After 2 questions I told him I rather have these questions asked in person as it wasn’t professional and that I feel like it would be more professional to have a in person interview. I have no idea if I’m being scammed or not with personal questions being asked. After I stated I rather have these questions asked in person Matt continues to ask me questions then gave me a location to meet a different individual. I just want to make sure I am not being scammed.

  24. Visited Arby’s #1166 in Sacramento, CA, used the drive thru to get 2 pork rib sandwiches and a curly fry. Paid and got receipt, showing 3 items. When I opened the bag at home, NO CURLY FRIES. I will not return to Arby’s or recommend Arby’s to anybody.

  25. Went to store 5574. Drivethru. I have never been to Arby’s so i asked if they has onion rings. Tall heavy set black male said with a smart ass remark. “We stopped selling them 6 years ago”. Ok! Got up to window and he just looked at me. He had no name badge on. Receipt shows “Tre” as employee. Receipt number DT371. Dated 10/4 in the amount of $10.91. He didn’t even speak to me just took my cash. Never offered me sauses. What is the problem? i was treated with such disrespect. You will no longer see this customer and i will assure you i will not be the only one passing by your store and finding food elsewhere.

  26. Your employees at Arby’s attached to Pilot 4075 Jones Branch Road should be reprimanded seriously. I went yesterday 09/27/22 after fueling around 8pm. These two young men much enjoy messing with people food. I purchased the 2 fir 7. Roast Beef and Gyro.. These Arby’s sandwich were DISGUSTING. The Gyro must have been old meat because I became question so didn’t eat the whole sandwich and the Roast Beef fo better. Cheddar sauce and some other sauce put on bottom bun. They were laughing so didn’t interrupt since preparing my food. Came home ate part of Gyro got sick threw away. Today went to eat the Roast Beef it had a funny taste so examine. I will not be subject to young people sabotaging my food. My next step is to report this to the Jacksonville Restaurant Report. Please realize something worse could have happened due to your employees issues. Food is nothing to play with and makes your company look bad because of their bad behavior. NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN!!! Plus never received receipt. Now I can why. Smh

  27. Just left Arby’s in West Branch, Mi. Meal was fine but the music was disturbing. Can’t we just eat in peace? Do we always have to be forced to listen to someone else’s idea of “music”?

  28. The manager at Arby’s in dothan alabama store number 5689 Andrea Senn is rude and disrespectful and uses extremely foul language towards her employees. All new hires are supposed to receive a handbook and the proper training to do their job correctly. Andrea has failed to these things correctly and then curses at her employees for not doing their job correctly when it is her job as the manager to make sure everyone is trained properly. I love my job at Arby’s and wish to keep it. I would like to remain anonymous about this situation. Numerous people at her store have complained about this and nothing has been done. As a manager she shouldn’t speak to her employees like she does… and in my personal opinion she doesn’t need to stay the Manger… she doesn’t deserve this position. I’m currently working at Arby’s and for me to do my job correctly nd efficiently.. I deserve to be trained correctly as does everyone else. Something needs to be done immediately. Nancy has been informed once before about this situation and apparently nothing was done. Arby’s store 5689 in dothan alabama needs a new manager who actually does there job correctly. A manager isn’t supposed to curse at the employees like they are trash. Please remove her from this store and place someone who actually does the job correctly.

  29. My husband ordered the new steak sandwich and didn’t get peppers or onions on it. He was told that the peppers and onions were discontinued, but the commercial is still showing the peppers and onions.

  30. Please bring back The Big Montana! McDonald’s brought back the McRib years ago, you would make many customers happy, and a great marketing strategy.

    Thank You

  31. I’m very disappointed. I went to the Arbys on a 1319 Bridford Parkway, in Greensboro NC. We went in ordered our food got all the way home just to be shorted a Beef and Cheddar and curly fries. It took over 5 or more calls to get ahold of anyone. When I got someone,they didn’t speak and then hung up. We hadn’t been back to that location until today. We won’t be going back. I could understand if they were busy,BUT they were not busy.

  32. I ordered 3 prime rib sandwiches, 2 medium fries , the food was horrible , fries were hard as rocks and cold as ice , the prime rib sandwich was cold ,, absolutely the worst I’ve ever gotten from the location . 35.00 worth of food went to the dogs I asked for horsey sauce and got two ,, I had 3 sandwiches . HORRIBLE !!!

  33. I went to one of your locations and the service was bad because they didn’t have on hair nets or gloves

  34. I love Arby’s but we don’t have one near us so I was just wanting to know if you have any plans of putting an Arby’s in or near Seaside Oregon. I think it would be a great place to have one here.

  35. Past due wages from Dewitt location. I see a previous complaint from Greenville had the same issue. Is this a repetative practice?

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