Menards Corporate Office Headquarters Contacts.

Menard Inc. is a chain of home improvement stores. It is a privately held company, headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Menards has 350 stores in 14 states: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Wyoming, and Kentucky.

It is currently the third-largest home improvement chain in the United States, just behind and Lowe’s, and The Home Depot.

Menards Corporate Office Contacts.

Menards Corporate Office Address:

4777 Menard Drive Eau Claire,

Wisconsin 54703

United States

Menards Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-(715) 876-5911

Menards Corporate Office Fax Number: (715) 876-2868

Menards Corporate Office Email Address:

Menards Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Toll-Free Number: 1-800-871-2800 Big Card Account (Capital One)

Menards Customer Service:

1-800-871-2800 Big Card Account (Capital One)
1-800-560-8274 Menards BIG Card application
1-888-816-0050 Menards Buy ‘N Fly
1-800-880-6318 Menards Contractor or Commercial Card (Capital One)

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120 Reviews and Complaints for Menards

  1. Wondering if you’re possibly considering a dismantle/removal of your large 100′ ish tall extremely bright sign on the SE hill @ the store in Rapid City? It is in disrepair and blocks the view of the new neighborhood to the SE. Just wondering. Obviously you’ve been here a lot longer than we have but just thought it would be a nice gesture to remove it since everyone already knows where the store is. Thank you

  2. 9-26-22 we purchaced amana cook stove at menards north, terre haute indiana. picked up stove in november, no reciept to get rebate. please advise.

  3. Hi, my name is Ujay Phillips, and I’m writing to inform corporate and any other higher authority about the harassment and discrimination I’ve endured for the past couple of months at the Brooklyn Park location in MN. The Current general manager, Alex Alvarado, has had a vendetta against me for no reason. Alex first started off discriminating against me when he would take me off of scheduled shifts for no reason. Now, I admit my attendance wasn’t always the best, but it shouldn’t warrant such actions. When summertime came, I updated my summer availability, and when my manager’s entered it, it was declined by Alex, but given to a new employee that was hired. When brought up to him by my former manger’s on several occasions, he either ignored or denied. He threatened to terminate me from my position multiple times for no reason at all; still don’t believe it’s discrimination? He once had termination papers already written up, and called me to a meeting to fire me with only four points. He ended up suspending me instead because a manager threatened to report him for terminating me with no reason. During my months working at Menards, with Alex, I’ve been harassed! I’ve been told from many manager’s and employees that Alex talks about me behind my back, and constantly makes asinine comments. Any employee at Menards can attest to my work ethic, and records will show that my guest service is exceptionally great. After I could take the harassment and discrimination, I decided to be courteous, and leave with a two week notice. When Alex found out and read my notice, he put it into effect immediately, in retaliation, and told my manager, “he doesn’t need to bother coming back.” If he hasn’t been discriminating against me, he would’ve let me finish my two weeks! I’ve been emotionally and mentally abused and drained working with him, and Justice needs to be served. Alex has done this to many, many employees, and while they didn’t have the bravery and courage to stand up to him, I do. I want to be the last person he can treat this way. My family and I are actually considered filing a lawsuit against Alex for emotional distress, harassment, and discrimination in the work field. I would appreciate if this situation was taken seriously, and not ignored or undermined. Justice will be served when Alex Alvarado is terminated from his position and investigated. Thank you in advance for any help that could be rendered.

  4. I would like to speak with somebody about my job at Menards! I was fired on August 1st and for a reason that I felt was completely unfair I was treated very unfairly and I was the only one that was punished for something everybody else does as well I feel that the manager picks and chooses who he wants to punish and who he don’t who he’s going to let get away with it and who is not and I just don’t think that that is right I was a very hard worker I got employee of the week all the time I never had to be told twice and I did an excellent job

  5. As a rehabber in the Chicagoland area. We have choices. Would like to compliment your Countryside Il store mgr Jim. Resolved and ordered issue for us quickly and professionally. He should be recognized for how he handled the problem. With a smile and followup. Thanks again to Jim.

  6. Kokomo indiana location lacking any real management no one ever available to help you in the yard and run when they see people need help. Need more management control anc respect the customer

  7. I do not want store credit for a special order tub surround. I ordered it on 11/22/22 and it came broke after waiting over 6 months. The gal said since it was over 6 months she couldn’t credit my account, well I didn’t even have it . I want the $1476.00 credit back on my card and NOT store credit.

  8. Went to Appleton east service desk to ask if they could print out a yard receipt for deck lumber I had bought because I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income with no printer at my disposal. Kristy and Jess told me to go to a library and walked away from me, leaving me standing thinking they were coming back to explain. No, they did not. Poor attitudes

  9. To know if have rules and regulations n code conduct and disciplining
    Kenosha menard is being run like there isn’t one need check out before a group law suit begins please look into or start handing out handbooks to employees

  10. We are building a house and have been getting almost all of our building materials from Menards. We have had a great experience with everyone in all departments helping us!! I was disappointed by one of your cashiers last night. My husband had witnessed her being rude to a customer prior to us checking out with her. She seemed very annoyed to be working and was very rude the entire time we were going through the checkout process. I don’t believe she truly wants to be working at Menards and definitely doesn’t have great customer service skills. The store is in Freeport, IL and it was on 4/27/22 at 457pm. Her name is Tonya. Please let her know that when people are spending over a $100,000 at the store you have to be courteous and kind. Maybe she was having a bad day but you still have to be kind. We have all been there.

    Dana Rowe

  11. Why don’t you guys have a phone number that can be called and still using this damn email

  12. Ralston , NE store receipt printer has been broken a long time. Customer service e has insanely long lines because of it. Please do something.

  13. I was in your store today 12/28/21 your employee Teresa Grffin called me a slut while on the clock. This is about something that happen a couple of years ago. My husband and I spend alot of money in your store in princeton Indiana. I am sure you aren’t worried about the money but it is uncalled for . For her to call a customer a slut and a cunt. I am a customer she need to treat all customers with respect no matter what the problem was in the pasted. This has been going on for sometime now. All I ask is that you speak with her . About call customer names if front of other customers and then her saying it’s a good thing I am work. I will not tolerate this from one of your employees. Nor should you .

  14. Am very disturbed that for the first time I have been turned down for a credit card. I had had one of your cards but you failed to send the new one with the chip. I resigned up and have been turned down. I have a 830 credit score and never missed a payment to anyone I owed, over the many yrs living in Poseyville In I have always gone only to Menards in Princeton, IN I have spent Thousands of dollars with your company from large amounts of lumber for remodeling. All plumbing and electrical supplies and recently a large purchase. I got a card at Lowes while I was there from Evansville IN and will NEVER return to one of your stores. This has been an extreme insult to me. No need to respond, the deed has already been done.

  15. I am writing because I was at your Fairborn,Ohiostore last night Dec.1 to buy a logsplitter! Located them an hour later salesman working said they would get it off the rack in the barn& assemble it! We could pick up next day! Returned today Dec2 it was assembled but the price had been raised 400.00 dollars!! Had printout from last evening stating the price of 1599.99 &_showing the product.The associate called me a liar & refused to sell it for the price we were quoted! The manager was called Zach P. refused to even to talk about it! It was put together for us,but he refused to sell it to us! I have spent a lot of money at your stores, but will never set foot in another one &I will post on Facebook my disgust with your store!!!!

  16. I am a contractor who buys from Menards often. I was using the store on Emerson and Southport Rd for a job and had material to return ,exchange and work out missing materials from my pole barn package. I had my receipt and all the paper work and went over everything with the girl at the service desk and everything went a ok .we went out to inventory my trailer in the lot I left my receipt on the counter at the service desk because I knew I would be coming back in. .She gave me a pink form and to take the trailer to the lumber yard to be unloaded I’d do and came back in and they had sent the employee to do another job and had different people at the desk which was strange because it was 9pm. They asked me for my receipt and I told them I left it on the counter and why I left it and it turned in to them saying I didn’t have on . They were clearly lying . I asked them to play security footage and they would not play it all only a tiny portion of the girl and I exchanging papers . I asked them to play all the footage and they refused to and asked me to leave the store.. this was a incredible experience because it was a customers money . This needs to be checked in to please

  17. I rented a insulation blower and got 17 bags of insulation your blower after I spent 35.00 would not work so I took it back. When I got there they said I hf I wanted another one I would have to rent one for 4 hours I told them we wouldn’t be done in that time so I had to pay another 25.00 for 4 hrs. Plus and overnight rental that was 55.00. When we got it home the hand contr would not work so we kept manual switching it off and on so we could get the job done but there again your machine broke. When we took it Back to tell them that they charged me 40.00 cleaning fee for the insulation still in the tub that we couldn’t get out the guy said we should have gotten a shop vac to clean it out plus clean the airfilter. I have spent 125.80 to rent your machine for 3 hours before it broke plus my bag of insulation. Nowhere on the agreement does it say there is a cleaning fee. Any question please call 740-541-xxxx

  18. I purchased 3 different orders from Menards last week. I hired a handyman after my orders were all ready to be picked up according to my email from Menards on the west side of Madison. We both drove separately and arrived to pick up all the items needed to do a small remodel in my retail store that morning before 2 pm when clients would be arriving and my handyman had to go to his next job. One piece proved to be hard to find and after lots of digging, driving through the yard and then leaving without it, I was told, when I called to complain, that oops, it had been damaged and sent pack to the manufacturer. It had happened the on Tuesday I believe he said and he was sorry but he could return my money. I found that Monona had one so I asked if they could deliver that one and he said no, but that Monona store could in a couple weeks. I was basically told tough.
    This cost me another $150 for my handyman to stop what he was doing, run over grab it and now he will be installing it today. 2 trips for him, 1 for me and your company basically said sorry. That’s it. I have run my own business for over 27 years. If I screw up, I pay for what I did. I am so disgusted with the flippant tone that was used to tell me all the manager would do was return my money so I could take more time to get myself. If I had been told that there was a problem on Tuesday, it would have been fine. I would have already made arrangements myself to get it. Your “policy” is not customer comes first.

  19. I went to your Warren Ohio store on 09/13/2021. After I checked out your employee had locked the door never explained why just told me when I asked a employee because there was police officers in the parking lot. For over a hour they had me locked in your store and wouldn’t let me leave. I’m very upset about this. I gave myself time to get over it but I can’t! I bought another knob because that what I bought that night and realized when I got home I need two I don’t even want to go back into that store. I feel like I was kidnapped and held hostage still after all these days. What they did and I still don’t even know why because it wasn’t the police being in the parking lot because I was allowed to leave and they were still in the parking lot as I was loading up my suv.

  20. I would like to voice a complaint to the whom it concerns, Was in the Rochester North store. While checking out the manager was using a foul language to a pair of employees in front of the me and children and also in front of multiple customers. I heard one of the customers apologize to the employee that he had to be treated in that way. You management team should not be acting in the way they are. My business and friends that I visited with have decided that maybe they are not the place to shop. Advise you get the bulling out of the work place. I will not name the manager(s) involved but could the wear name tags. This is the wrong behavior for a family to be seeing.

  21. Menards has gotten too big and arrogant for me to do business with you anymore. I have been a loyal customer for the last 20 years but I don’t need you any longer.
    Too bad because I’ve liked doing business with you.
    Please don’t be so arrogant as to send me a form letter.

  22. You should build a Menards in Manistee Michigan you would make it big time the city really needs a real lumber co.dora Baleckaitis@

  23. I looked small shops to well known merchandise chains. I could not believe how awful your selection was of outdoor decorations. First you had to find A ITEM THAT EVEN WAS AVAILABLE, then if you were foolish enough to select an item that had, let’s say, more than one color- OMG, you could not even choose WHAT COLOR. I scrolled through so many ONLINE pages, it was UNBELIEVABLE AND PATHETIC!! I would guess, now, I’m no expert, that with COVID, your online orders had to really increase!!! Your merchandise that was available to us poor people ie, THE ONLINE CUSTOMER on 7-21-21;your stores should be closed. You are too busy carrying everything from laundry soap to school supplies- you don’t even focus on your biggest sales- HOME IMPROVEMENT! I won’t look at your Website nor enter ANY OF YOUR STORES. For a well- known chain of stores; I WAS SHOCKED BY WHAT YOU ADVERTISED AS “OUTDOOR DECOR”!’ And if I judge right; I won’t see any response at all to this EMAIL! WHY WOULD YOU CARE HOW CUSTOMERS FEEL??? ITS EVIDENT, WHAT MERCHANDISE I SAW ONLINE, WAS AWFUL! IT WAS WORSE THEN SOMETHING I MIGHT COME ACROSS IN A CONVENIENCE STORE!!!!

  24. Went to Menards today and bought Dutch Boy white flat paint. Coverage was not good so exchanged for Pittsburgh paint per recommended from Justin at Antioch IL. I was told satin would cover better and said no I wanted flat. Justin went and got paint at around $50 per gallon and mixed in machine. I painted three walls and took a rest. When I went back in room was surprised it still looked wet and was shocked to see he gave me semi gloss. I was very upset and went back to Menards and asked for a manager. Heather Bitticks told me they could give me a refund. I felt since it was their mistake they should have refunded my money and got a complimentary gallon of flat paint to repaint three walls that I had finished with wrong paint. I was told no way would that happen. I also said I used paint brushes and rollers plus a paint tray I would have to replace. Heather told me I could wash them. I explained with my septic system I could not wash and had to throw them away. Heather said I could go outside and use a hose. I sure this is against EPA rules and I also live on the lake which has strict rules. I’m 74 years old and its not easy to have to spend 3 more hours repainting a room. Heather said to bring painting equipment back and to look thru receipts for refund and rebuy. Sine COVID this winter I took all winter to paint 4 rooms and garage door with paint and equipment from your store. I don’t feel I should have to go through a year of receipts and bring back wet tray,roller and brush to rebuy. My phone is 847-603-1 805 is you need to call. Thank You!

  25. Bought an a/c unit 6/17/21 Order #HNVR28712, MDL# PAT14H2ZWT w/2yr repair plan for my disabled neighbor, Renae Kapsalis, 200 Willow Ln, C205, Willow Springs 60480. In order to to get her the rebate, I need a copy of the actual receipt $675.14 that was billed on her Mastercard card ending #5420 exp:08/23 svc:713. The only receipt I have says “Not valid for rebate submissions” PLEASE CALL ME as the email I used to place the order is no longer valid! 708-203-xxxx

  26. I have a freezer I paid $800 sitting in my living room because it wasn’t communicated to me correctly about delivery. I cannot get anyone on the phone as menards is too good to take calls. My old freezer is sitting in the place the new one goes because it wasn’t communicated to me about pickup.

  27. I want my stove purchase was never received at the store so wanted to cancel the order but refund refused at Coon Rapids Menards because it had been over 90 days waiting for the stove to arrive..they only offered store credit which is not wanted. Just want the purchase that was never received or even arrived to be refunded.

  28. Very pissed about no one at menards telling us when we purchased a refrigerator, that the delivery man wouldn’t come into our house to take away our old fridge and bring in our new one. That caused undo stress on my husband. Why wouldn’t anyone tell us that? That’s bs. VERY!!!!!! dissatisfied.

  29. Hi
    Yes I have a complaint, beginning of May I trip in you Melrose park store, I ripped my shoe on the strip sticking for the display. Your store and insurance nevef got back to me. Its on your cameras.
    Please help

  30. I did a return and I would like the credit back on my menards card instead they gave me store credit for $547.70
    (we were 3 days over the 90 day period) our project was delayed due to special order on deck wood. I do not want store credit for $547.70. I would like this credited back on my menards card. I spoke to the manager at the Foxlake IL store and she was rude and did not try to work with me on this matter. We also had to pay a restocking fee for $196.00 I designed the deck on the website and they shorted us on some wrong sizes so we had to re-order 3 boards and return other boards. (which is fine but I don’t think I should be stuck with the fee’s of $196 for these errors)
    Thank you
    Renee Pieroni

  31. The Warsaw Indiana Menards has not displayed the U.S flag on their building for several days. Rumors are running rampant that they are anti- America. My thought is that no one has taken the time to hang a new flag up. Thoughts on why this has not been addressed.

  32. This guy is receiving his name is Ray. He is very hateful and disrespectful. I I asked for help and he was on his phone and pointed and said it’s over there. Wow

  33. Can someone please explain this policy to me? In March I went to Hanover Pk Menards and purchased a $1098. Vanity and medicine cabinet and was told it may take until September but it might be sooner, and if I change my mind anytime before it shipped I could get a FULL REFUND. I happened to be in the store and thought I would check on the status the employee said still probably going to be September but if I want to cancel there is no penalty I can get a FULL REFUND. I thought about it and decided to cancel. However when I proceeded to the customer service I was told because I sent in the rebate that money would not be returned even though I had the rebate card in tact with receipt just in case and I would be getting a STORE CREDIT!!!!!!!! That is not a REFUND!!!!! That’s my vanity budget and there is not a vanity that I want there. How is this acceptable? It’s not like I ever had the merchandise, or lost my receipt. The employee put in for an out of ordinary check request. IF it is approved I will receive a check in 2-3 weeks. This is crazy!!!!! I want a response!!!

  34. Do not shop at Menards they will not refund even with original receipt and original equipment in perfect condition claiming it already been returned you been warned folks I will never shop at Menards again

  35. I have a TV converter recorder that I originally purchased on June 4th 2021 the merchandise was in original box packing everything including the batteries and the manager and everybody had to call to tell me that it was returned already you had the merchandise in your hand along with the original receipt where I paid cash with $100 bill for a $30 object of course they refunded the $13.99 HDMI switch but I guess Paul Menards needs at $31 + 7% tax for his racing unless I get some nice satisfaction I will never stop at Menards again and I will tell everybody that I see that I’m getting ready to write a really good review about it too no wonder you guys got a piss poor rating thieving money from hard-working people please enlighten me how I have the original merchandise with the original receipt in hand when they told me that something major fishy is going on there
    And you strive for customers satisfaction yeah whatever

  36. Ordered three garage doors. Happy with price, rebate and shipping time. Call the day before going to pickup doors and asked them to physically verify that everything was there and was told it was. Drove 6 six hours from Texas and when we started loading noticed 4 springs were missing. Found out they were on back order. Employees contacted the manufacture and said they would ship July 7th. My problem is that I dud everything I could to verify shipment and scheduled installers accordingly and your company dropped the ball!

  37. I fell at Menards in Melrose park Il. nothing was done about this problem. your insurance is never got back to me.

  38. Very shocked and offended with staff at Massillon Ohio store. I ordered an item on line and went to pick it up. Was given the run around where to pick it up. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong as all I was trying to do is purchase items and pick up an item I ordered online. I finaly got to the correct door and the associate was very rude. I simply told her I could walk into a bank and get $10,000 without any problem or attitude but an $85 lawn sweeper was a truly complicated task for associates. I will not buy at Menards. I am not sure what kind of customers Menards targets but it is not, disabled or paying customers.

  39. Will Menards ever build a stores near Prairie du Chien Wisconsin. Lot of us folks have to travel all the way to La Cross WI or Dubuque IA. Also Platville. Whole day trip and tank of gas.

  40. You people at Sandusky Ohio Menards wasted my time and gave false information on a product, stating there were more pavers than what was there so I had to get a different color! The worker there said it’s best to just come in and see what they have! THEREFORE YOUR INFO FOR DRIVE UP IS NOT TRUSTING FOR THE CUSTOMER!

  41. I was shopping at Menards store location in Matteson IL #21630 on July 3 2021 @ 4:42pm I patiently waited for a price check for three bricks the cashier call her manager for assistance & they still couldn’t manage to get a price check for the bricks. The manager turned at looked at me with such a nasty stare & to add insult to injury she brushed pass me & bump into to me & didn’t say excuse me & after I told her she acted like nothing never happened & Reminded me was a manager for 20 yrs but yet she still didn’t even know how much these three bricks cost. If i didn’t have health issues I would’ve return everything back & went shopping else where. This type of service is unprofessional & I will never come back to this location thanks to Yolanda the 20yr cocky manager whom couldn’t locate the price for 3 bricks. Through the book & took it out on a paying customer.

  42. Order number – TIPP302231430 – Levi Lewis – 937-272-2808. Purchased $2000 worth or carpet on 6/12/21. Delivery date/install date was for 6/25/21. Get a call from the contractor today that the carpet didn’t come in. It’s delayed in DC. Called your store in Troy Ohio and spoke to a manager who advised me that it was the vendor’s fault. They, the vendor, sent me 3 emails yesterday about the delay, but I didn’t see the emails and nobody bothered to call me. They now tell me maybe the 8th of July, though the manager said he’d try to expedite but didn’t know that outcome. Stressed again that it was the vendor’s fault for not calling me. Now, I’m putting in a lot of carpet and to prepare for the installation, we’ve had to cram stuff in every nook and cranny in this house. Disconnected everything imaginable and right now the house is barley livable. I am outraged! Someone should have called me the minute they knew this was going to be delayed, and from what I hear, someone in the process would have known a week ago. And this repeated “it’s the vendor’s fault”, is absolute bull. Menard’s is who I chose buy from and who I work with, not the carpet vendor. I am furious that no one at all bothered to contact me except in a personal email and on the day before the install, when we already had everything broken down, moved, stacked, etc. I managed vendor contracts for huge IT company for 20 years, and had I ever told a customer that a problem was the vendor’s fault, and not ours, I would have been fired in a heartbeat. Very, very, very upset.

  43. On 5/8/21, I went to Menard’s at 1800 Morse Road, Columbus, OH 43229. By Special OrderCLBS30154803, I bought 225 sq ft of SKU 7672006. At 3.34/sq ft. I paid $807.86. I also got another 135 sq ft roll of the same product GST-SPRING 50 15FT 50 OZ., SKU 7672006, $3.34 @ sq ft. I paid $484.72. In total I paid $1292.58 for 360 sq. ft. of 7672006. I trusted that the pile height was 1.66 inches and that the color was as in the store display.
    Unfortunately, Menards SKU 762006 is an awful-looking, bright green totally UNSATISFACTORY PRODUCT. It has a different color, texture, and much lower quality than the DISPLAY SAMPLE, at Menard’s. It is misrepresented on Menard’s website. It says its pile is 1.63 inches – it’s shorter than that. SKU 762006 has a matted down, short pile. It does NOT have a rich brown thatch as the display sample in the store. I am a victim of a “bait and switch” case. I bought the product from Menard’s based on trust, relying on the description on the Menard’s website and on the display sample at a Menard’s store Flooring Department. But I received an inferior product.
    In mid June, when my installer came, he opened the smaller roll and discovered it’s defective. On 6 /17, I spoke to Michael, Flooring Dpt. Manager. I explained the situation. He said he could take a return but would have to charge me a 20% restocking fee. I believe that this is an extremely unfair policy! I’m incurring damages every day. My project is on hold. I have invested $1292.58 on a defective product. I have paid for delivery and labor. Why must I pay – a 20% restocking fee to the store? Michael gave me a number to call the turf manufacturer. He said he would call them himself. But on June 18, I talked to both Michael and Justin, the store Manager. Both said they could do nothing other than return the product minus a 20% fee. Justin also stated that Menard’s is not responsible for product defects. Menard’s is just a 3rd party, like Amazon, when something is wrong, you must go to the vendor. I believe Menard’s is NOT like Amazon. It bears a moral responsibility to stand by the products it advertises on its website. It ought to ensure there is no MISREPRESENTATION of product samples on the displays at its stores. I’m very upset by this policy. I HAVE NOT INSTALLED THE PRODUCT. I need to return it for a full refund. I seek a full refund of the purchase price (1292.58) + delivery costs ($69 x 2 = $138) + $200 (aborted) labor cost.
    In total, I ask for 1630.58 to settle this matter in a prompt and amicable manner.
    I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem and will wait until July 5, before seeking help perhaps from the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me at the address below or by email diazsxxxxx
    Sincerely yours,
    Mrs. Sprague
    xxx Oakland Park Avenue – Columbus OH 43214 – 614-267-xxxx diazsxxxxx

  44. Hello,

    Today I went to your garden center in Norfolk’s Menards. The help given to me was outstanding. These young men were working hard for you. However, I felt so terrible when I left….as these young men were forced to wear masks as they worked!! High temperature, high humidity….low low Covid cases in our county…. Shame on those of you making them continue in these unhealthy practices.

    I would welcome a response.

  45. I have been trying to get trusses delivered from your Barboursville West Virginia store to my house for one reason or another they were delivered to your location in Barboursville instead of to my house I have been fighting with them for three weeks to have them sent to my house I’ve had my walls built and erected for my garage for three weeks they keep coming up with excuses why they can’t have them picked up from their Barboursville store and delivered to my house

  46. Dissatisfied greatly.. drove an hour to spfld Illinois to buy a black stone. Not one accessory to go with it. You have 15 grills in stock & zero covers or cleaning scrapers. That is like

    having gallons of paint, but no paint brushes. So frustrating.. 100 mile
    round trip huge waste of gas & my time. They need better training. The gal told us there was nothing she could do for us. I called corporate & was told spfld should have told us they could order it & then ship the items to our home. People need to get their story straight. Btw it took 15 minutes to get help at spfld store, & I had to ask twice. Menards is going down hill fast.

  47. I have been a long time customer of Menards and was recently at the Marshfield, WI location to purchase some 2×4 lumber. I had even paid for the premium lumber. I was sickened at the condition of the lumber! All the crooked, twisted, and even split lumber was stacked on top, an in no way, shape or form was it acceptable, or even usable. I notice this seems to be the procedure for all the lumber. Most of it looks like glorified tree bark, and the last thing i want to do is spend 45 every time to find a couple straight pieces of lumber. I hope in the future this will change, as im sure I speak for hundred or thousands of lumber customers. I hope the junk lumber will be put on a discount pallet in the future, not just piled back on top, or Im just not gonna buy from menards anymore

  48. My son Joshua Wright has applied 10 times at the store in Scottsbluff , NE and has never been called for interview. He has called and talked to the hiring people at store and has been told he will be called. But in last 4 months he has not been called back. But they hire people without calling him for interview. I am now at the position of talking to my attorney about a discrimination lawsuit against the management of store. I was informed by my attorney to contact you to see if you could inform me of policy of not calling people back for interview. If not contacted by you I will proceed with law suit. Thank you

  49. I recently purchased a power washer for $329 on 5/21/21 and used it for the first time today. It worked for five minutes then ran out of gas. After refilling the item it leaked all over my docks. The gas hose has a leak that goes into the gas tank so it’s not holding gas. This is a manufacturing problem as I could not prevent this. I went into Menards to return the item. I was informed of your policy of not returning items that have gas in them.
    Your manager Jen, (who corrected me on the spelling of her name) was extremely rude and disrespectful, she works in the Osage Beach store. The purchase was made in St. Peters Missouri and she was sure to tell me that was the problem. This was unnecessary and not a professional comment that was made. I am frustrated I have a new powerwasher that can not be returned and would
    The head manager was able to give me a place to send it for repairs. My question is who is going to pay for it. I should not buy a product that does not work and be treated so disrespected by a staff member.

  50. I did not consent to a processing fee and did not read anywhere there was one. I think the tricky way you add this is fraudulent.

  51. I had a rebate coming back from Menards and I want cash I do not want and then store coupon where I have to spend my money where you’re telling me I have to put it in your store that’s bulshit

  52. I know it won’t matter but the last three times I have been in your store on Alexis rd In Toldo Ohio I have been treated so rude. No one ever around to help you. Tonight was the last straw. The girl was trying to charge me more for an item then it actually was and would not walk back to check the price so when I went back she took all the items I wanted to but and put them back so I would have to go all through the store to get them again. I was correct in the price. And still walked.iut of there with nothing. That ok though I will drive right up the street to Home Depot because cash still spends anywhere. Couple.of weeks ago went in the same store trying to buy paint and the girl in the paint department was so rude I just told her to forget it. The time before I went to buy a grill. And same situation.
    I am not at all rude and I say please and bec abuse I know this younger generation. Has no respect. older people that actually own homes and buy supplies there have to kiss their butt. I have spend about 12,000 on the last 4 months fixing up my home. I know you guys have plenty of money and don’t need mine so I spent it elsewhere. I will never shop I. Your store again.

  53. I want to know why when I spend my “real” money at your store my rebate is not considered cash when I return something and HAVE to take a store certificate that I can only spend at YOUR STORE? Even when I have also spent my ” real” money as well i the same transaction that totals more than the item I’m returning???!! Very unhappy with this policy, that should be illegal! I’m sure Menards is coming out ahead in this a my people lose or forget to spend them!!!! I have a Menards card with $7500.00 credit that I am planning to cut up and cancel. Will NOT be shopping there again. Except for the store credit piece of paper u was FORCED to accept!!!!

  54. I have been emailing for over a week and can’t get a response. Could someone please pay attention or does this company just not give a hoot about its customers.

  55. Minot, ND Menards
    Rules for some
    Two faced
    Negative talking behind other’s backs this is openly done by paint department management
    Enforces rules on few and is clicky really fake nice
    Emily, Samantha really bad at favorites and partiality
    Very sarcastic and operating
    Toxic environment

  56. I sent my receipt in for my rebate but now I have no receipt. How can I return what I bought with no receipt?

  57. We bought a weed whip at the Brainard store. My 76 yr old partner was using it and the bolts that hold the carburetor on broke off. We bought it to use for 2 days while up in ND. We had to replace it at Home of Economy with a more expensive one from the same manufacturer. We came back to MN. and took it to Brainerd to return it as we didn’t need it as we had to replace it. We purchased it 8 days before the return. They wouldn’t return it and the manager just walked away and the cashier crumpled up our receipt and threw it in the garbage. We left the weed whip at the return desk. All we want is for you to credit our card as we don’t need 3 weed whips. Thank you for listening. Dana Russum. 701-205-xxxx.

  58. I have failed to receive my 11% rebate twice now. After the first failed rebate, I dated the mail in rebate for my reference as well as receipts. After approximately four months I made a copy of receipts and resubmitted the rebate. So no mistake could be made I attached a mailing label with my name address and zip. After approximately two months I have yet not heard from the company responsible for handling rebates. The first request was made November 2020. I expect to have this resolved in a timely manner.

  59. My order was placed Feb 21, 21 for a Whrilpool stove, refrigerator & microwave. Scheduled a shipment date for April 12th and took the day off. Nobody called or showed up. I called Whirlpool and they told me that wasnt the shipment date and the earliest i could schedule delivery would be May 28th. So i called then. They told me they still havent shipped and the earliest they would be delivered would be July 12th. I asked them to cancel my order. That was Friday, the 28th of May and Mernards custmer service has still not refunded my money of $3027.36. I contacted Mernards on June 2, 21 again and they still give me the run around. I dont know what the hold up is, but i want my money.

  60. I would like to get the district Manager call me please!! About an issue I had at the Menards store in Columbia, Mo
    573 355 xxxx

  61. I bought 12 soakers houses from menards and after investing a full day setting them up, all of the end sections have failed and water is shooting out of them. I brought the hose to menards to get a repair kit and I was sold 3 nozzle replacements which do not fit. I am furious that your product failed but you also have unknowledgeable people advising customers.

  62. To whom this concern I need this percentage discount forever 21 giving out to certain people and this isn’t right to the People ordering clothing online Raism is real this doesn’t make no sense

  63. I purchased 500ft. of 10/2 UF cable 4/14/21. Order # HMND30107598. Was supposed to be in 04/28/21
    I’ve been calling Hammond store Manager, Mike Cocot. Called 04/30/21, 5/07/21 & 5/31/21. He states looking for a new supplier. If he refunds me it won’t do me any good. The cost of cable has over doubled in price. My customer is very upset with me & you. I purchased it on line for one cost. You guys said you had it. I will loose money if you do not get me my purchase @ that price right now!
    I even did electrical work a few times at your Hammond Store. I need my cable now. I don’t care where you get it from. I will loose a big job because of this. Please HELP… Get me my cable I Purchased.
    William Targos
    Lightning Electric

  64. I have been a employee for menards for 12 years . I have been discriminated against by sam the general manager of the Mason City iowa store. He discriminated against me forcing me to quit. I am legally blind. Sam was writing me up for not punching out for my break so i started punching out sam knows others were not punching out but not writing them up I have pictures of sam in the break room with them . I plan on suing for that reason and the Iowa department of the blind will take it from here. I also contacted osha. You might want to know sam is talking to his wife on the clock and also taking smoke breaks on the clock.

  65. Can you please tell me if there’s a no trespassing ordinance against me threw your Spencer, Iowa menards

  66. I placed an order for 2 UltraDeck classic 6’ White Stair rail kits on April 27 ( I would have ordered it on March 30th with the majority of my order but one of your employees said they didn’t carry stair kits… my contractor found out otherwise)
    The original delivery date was May22nd… it was changed to June 5 and a day later it was changed to May 12 th. When am I going to get my order?
    Order #CYFA 30072960

  67. Hello I’ve been a customer for years we have spent thousands of dollars at Menards. We recently bought a washer did 2 loads it quit the manager at lima Menards told us to return it we did and got a new a one took it home unloaded and went to bed it was a long exhausting day. The next morn we got ready to install new washer and guess what? It was a dryer! We again loaded and returned thinking they would give us something a Menards gift card a discount something! But we’re told it wasn’t corporate policy to satisfy customers ?! I’m still upset about this!!!

  68. I purchased a new Whirlpool refrigerator from Menards in Ankeny, Ia on Nov 13, 2020. We purchased at that time because of shortages in the general appliance market. We wanted to make sure we had our new refrigerator when we moved into our new home. It was delivered to our garage on Dec 3, 2020 and remained there until it was professionally installed May 14, 2021. From the moment of installation the freezer has not cooled adequately. We called Whirlpool help line and had factory Whirlpool tech motions here today May 24, 2021. The technicians told us this unit has a defective compressor but there are no replacement parts available now. The replacement parts are on back order and no one at Whirlpool could provide an accurate date for delivery of the parts. We then asked our Menard’s store to exchange this refrigerator for another one like it ( which they have in stock) but we were told we have owned this one more than 90 days so they cannot exchange this broken frig for a working one. AT THE TIME WE PURCHASED THIS REFRIGERATOR NO ONE AT MEMARDS TOLD US THIS HAD TO BE INSTALLED BY A CERTAIN TIME. We explained at the time that we could not install it then because our remodel was not complete.
    Had we been formed of this policy we would NOT have made this purchase. We only made the purchase so we would not be left without a refrigerator but now
    we have paid Menards $1680.83 and still have no refrigerator. I am requesting that Menards Corporate offices authorize the Ankeny, IA Menards store to replace our existing refrigerator with a
    new unit from existing stock so that we can live in our new home. I am a retired contractor and have done business with your company for decades. I hope you will help us out. Allan

  69. On Saturday 22, 2021 I went to your Lima, Ohio store looking for a storage shed for my yard. I found the store had two sheds in stock. With a sales sticker for $599. So, I went home to contact a contractor the associate gave me. Sunday 23,2021 I went back to the store to purchase the shed. I spoke to Nate. He came up with a price for the shed & support wood. His price for the shed came up $749. I said your price on the shelf is $599.. he said that was for a different shed. Without looking at the price sticker. He couldn’t find anything in the system. So he walked back to shed was looked at the sticker jumped up there tore it down saying “I’m not doing it For that. It’s expired!”. That’s not right. I didn’t put that price up there. My number is +1419-792-xxxx
    Gregory Gross

  70. Palsur PTG1221B 3 in 1 lawnmower brought on 4/27/21 use it once. Now it won’t start.

  71. But Troy built lawn mower. Does not work. Menards refused implied warranty. Mower at service center. Unknown return date. Called Troy-Bilt. Comment from them, I would not buy a lawn mower from menards.

  72. Hi I bought a weed Wacker from the Griffith Indiana store and not even 30 days in it stoped running only used it about 2-3 times ( yes the mixture of gas and oil was mixed right) anyways the manger says they can’t do anything refund or credit or exchange because we put gas in it well duh how we know it works if you don’t put the stuff in it . Sent us to crown point and guess what they don’t work on them a waist of my gas and time to do that for nothing I have receipt showing I paid for it and it’s only 30 days old

  73. Hi , please consider a store for Millcreek Township, Erie,PA . Old Kmart site at 26th and Peninsula drive

  74. Omaha Nebraska store 3068. Mike Anderson DM of 401. This piece of WOW is vulgar LAZY and condescending toward guest’s and employee’s. I am a contractor and I refuse to get my cabinets with this store because of him and how he behaves. I have talked to the front end and the GM in the past but this Wart on humanity seems to continue with his games unscathed. Several weeks back I was in the back of the Department getting “toe kick” and walked past where he sits (and that’s all he does…btw) I heard Mike Anderson openly talking to a young female staff member with long blonde hair about her “vagina” and explaining her female anatomy to her in detail and telling her she needs birth control to stop her cramps and etc. What? The girl looked very uncomfortable and how awkward. Every time I come in for other products there is someone new back there and it appears he has run off all the long term workers in that Department. I have a daughter and if that was my kid I would have set that perv straight. I thought GM Bill was a smart enough manager to see THIS guy is trouble but what ever GOOD Ol’ BOY CLUB they have running there seems to keep Mikey under a protective wing. He must be buddy’s with the CEO or something? Hmmm? The final straw for me and I am done doing business with that moron completely I will get my “toe kicks” somewhere else also. He makes me sick to my stomach to hear him degrade women talking vulgar to a girl about her vagina etc. ESPECIALLY a girl who is my daughter’s age. This guy is an arrogant slug the reason I am writing today is because when I walked past he called me a “mother er” as he fake coughed. There is no love loss between us I assure you. Maybe he has the Rona and needs to be isolated. Great idea permanent isolation from your company. Menards keeping these types of bottom feeders shows customers like me that you have no integrity and do not really stand up for your company’s reputation. Shmmm

  75. So I go to menards like I have done throughout corona virus crap. Me and my wife both having severe asthma not able to wear mask without passing out trying to breath, so we were shopping in menards for atleast 90 minutes walked by every employee in the building not one of which said anything about us not wearing a mask. So on our way to the check out (shopping for 90 minutes) an employee thought he would be the one to (harass us) tell us we need a mask on to shop. Not one time not two time but atleast 6 minutes to the point my wife started crying and I was getting ready to go to jail for.beating this guy to leave us alone. So if John Menards Jr can’t control his stores and employees I think I might get a lawyer and sue for harassment.

  76. We were confronted for not having a mask when we walked in. The door greeter was very unprofessional and wanted to argue with my family as I was digging to find masks for everyone. Typicaly any business/company provides masks for their customers if they are going to enforce all customers to wear masks. We were coming in to buy a gift for Mother’s Day and our visit was ruined by not only 1 but 2 employees pretty much harassing us about not having masks as I was still searching for masks for my family. I believe if you are going to force a rule in your store across the board for all customers then you should provide masks, I am a health proffessional and I understand PPE is expensive but at the same time even all restaurants, healthcare facilities, and other stores usually provide these as a convenience to their customers to not have to deal with a confrontational issue. We are very unsatisfied with our visit and did not stay to purchase anything. This was a horrible trip for this Mother’s Day and sorry to say this but you have lost our business. Hope this is something you would consider, when we asked if they had masks to provide for us the greeter had looked us and snidely said “haha nope but you can buy some” that to me just seems unprofessional. thank you for your time.

  77. Where into your Carmel Indiana store which is Hamilton County and they are not enforcing the mask in Hamilton County or the surrounding counties but yet I had your manager eon come up to me when I was right at the cash register because I didn’t have a mask on grab my products out of my hands which to me was a threat to me I have had three heart surgeries and a defibrillator in for a young kid to come up here screaming and yelling at me where is my mask and tell me to get out of the store and don’t come back into you have a mask on was very rude I might even get a lawyer involved since he threatened me by grabbing the stuff out of my hands and touching me I did go around your service counter to purchase one and then he came up very rudely and threw the crap on the counter and told him to ring me up you don’t threaten your customers I don’t care if Menards has a policy of no Mas don’t come in you just don’t do that to people and you do not touch customers and threaten them by taking a crap out of their hands if he able to touch me again we would’ve had a fistfight we would’ve been in we’ve been in trouble so I will talk to the lawyer that is disrespectful for you to have a young manager and or thinks he’s God is going to threaten you like that I probably will not come back to Menards I shop there quite often but I can always go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and all that very disrespectful and if the counties are not mandating Ness I get tired of you big chain stores they can control what we do like a lot of your other complainers yeah I will go to someplace else

  78. Went to check out and my cashier was very rude and hateful. Her name is Beth at the Rolla mo location

  79. I scheduled my order for delivery for 4/23/21. I took vacation day and had to wait all day to find out when I contacted the store that my order was not going to be delivered today. I have paid a $89 delivery charge for something that wasn’t delivered.
    Warren, OH Store Delivery rep said they sent me an e-mail on 4/20 to schedule. This is absolutely untrue. I received e-mails on 4/19 confirming my order. Then didn’t hear anything until I sent out e-mail on 4/21 asking why no one contacted me. I then received 2 e-mails from Menards indicating they couldn’t help me but to call the store. I took an entire vacation day off today 4/23 waiting for delivery and no one showed. I placed call to the store and was told wasn’t delivered because I didn’t respond to 4/20 e-mail they sent me. Once again this is absolutely untrue. I never received a 4/20 e-mail and I also looked in my spam and trash. E-mail NOT delivered to me. I am extremely upset with Menards and the handling of this entire order process. What I had planned for this weekend cannot be completed because order to be delivered on 4/26 between 12 – 6, which means another 4 hours of vacation lost! I would hope and expect at least Menards would refund me the $89 for the delivery that didn’t happen on day it was supposed to.

  80. March 28, 2021 I went to Menards in Burlington Wisconsin to get my free birthday gift and purchase some items on sale…. because of a hidden disability.. can’t wear a mask. So bulldog on customer service screams out that I have to wear a mask and wallow-talkie to other mask nazis to apprehend me .. I was stopped by 3 males and then 2 more females… a literal circle around me!!
    Telling me that I can’t shop or purchase anything because of my handicap!!! Sounds like a law suit to me!!

  81. I went to Menards in Hollister Mo. to purchase a few railroad ties last Sunday and I must say this will be the last time I will ever step foot in that store. I was a loyal customer for years having lived in northern Illinois before moving to Missouri. For a company who used to pride themselves on customer service, that trait is no longer exemplified. The team member who we initially asked to help us load our trailer was put out when I told him I did not want accept unusable product. The response was all the railroad ties are used and you can take what I get off the stack. Well the comment is correct that they are all used, some are so “used” that they are not fit for future use. He became very belligerent so I asked to speak with Brian the store GM. He left for what I assumed to go get Brian and my son and I began to load what we considered usable. Brian came out the speak with us and immediately took a confrontational approach to us. His attitude was basically don’t shop here. While I am far from the the best customer, I have spent above average roughly $20,000 in the past six months. Sunday is the last dollar I will spend in that store. The customer service has declined to nil, the employee turnover is a revolving door and it is apparent the main reason is due to “great” management by people like Brian who’s attitude towards customers is exemplified by his team.

    I know in the grand scheme of things my minuscule spending will not be missed. But this prevalent attitude
    will catch up in the end.

  82. My boyfriend and I went to the store at 6800 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43213 tonight. He goes there so often that most associates know him by name. After the way we were treated by an associate named Jeremy in the do it yourself section, we probably won’t be back.
    We were looking at the clearance section for a sliding glass door. We had to wait probably 10 minutes for him to help us. My boyfriend was waiting outside and I was waiting inside.I was trying to explain what I needed But I’ve had a stroke and I have aphasia and sometimes my words don’t come out. First I want to ask him about sunroom kits and also about the clearance. We were walking outside to clearance and I couldn’t get the words out and he said to me, “well since you stopped half way through, how am I supposed to help you? Just show me what you need”.
    My boyfriend had ask about this door a week prior and he was told it was $50. Jeremy said who did you speak to. My boyfriend replied “the other guy that works here, I know him as a friend. I can’t remember his name.” Jeremy said, “that’s funny if he’s a friend and you can’t remember his name. “ Very sarcastically. By boyfriend is Italian and he doesn’t speak very good English and he called him a friend.
    Anyway, Jeremy then went in to check the price and now it was over $400. Instead of $50. It was missing the frame and it had holes drilled into it and had some of the seals were coming off. I mentioned that and he stormed off. Saying he can’t deal with us anymore. We went inside and he was talking about us to another associate and said “I’m done with them. I can’t deal with them anymore.” We didn’t even get to talk to him about the sunroom kits or building one etc. We were done. We did talk to two managers on the way out.
    The price difference was no big deal. We were just going to let it go but the way that we were treated. I am handicapped and my boyfriend is an immigrant. I for one would never come back to any of your stores. I cannot speak for my boyfriend but probably not. I’m very very disappointed.

  83. I was in menards in Farmington Missouri with my family and a worker told me to put a mask on if I didn’t they would not check me out it’s bad I was going to spend a lot of money in there but I guess a mask is more important then money its not right so I took my business to Lowe’s and 3000 dollars there

  84. I purchased 10 of your 4 1/2” sanding discs for my hand grinder, all ten discs detached in the center and flew apart, some in pieces some not

  85. At menards in Sedalia Missouri refused service to a 85 year old veteran with medical condition card stating why he can’t wear a mask.

  86. I purchased a fridge online and am not happy with the layout of the interior. Would like to return it.

  87. I went to the Pekin OK store this morning. Just needed a board to repair a drawer bottom. Kid was great showing me where boards were. Only had 1/8 by 2′ by 4′. Ok but would have liked a smaller options. Only bout 4 bucks so no problem. The problem came when I asked for it to be cut to the size I wanted. Kid said no they didn’t have a saw blade to do it. I get it not a big job but as customer willing to pay whatever so I didn’t have to mess with it I would pay whatever. I figure 4 dollar board 5 or even 10 dollars a cut, (which isn’t what the charge would be), my point I would pay for board and cuts which is a service you offer. Kid just didn’t want to mess with it.

  88. Got kicked out for not wearing a mask. There goes the multi-million dollar business that used to buy from you. Continue to support China. We will go somewhere where we will be respected.

    1. I agree with people can’t wear mask for there illiness. But for you who don’t have that problem, they did the right thing. Just because you don’t care about catching the COVID-19, others do from people like you. They’re protecting themselves and their other customers. Menards is not the only store that’s doing that, trust me and I’m glad they’re following the rules of the law. You’ll should as well.

    2. Fire people over here say, no proof, and support employees who are arrogant lazy liars and lose the true honest working man! Stay with the idiots so I don’t have to deal with you! Crash and burn Menards! Do us a favor!

  89. Went to Menards today in West Fargo, ND. They refuse to sell me some cleaning items at the check out because I wasn’t wearing a mask even though I told them I had asthma . So I can’t buy anything there because I dont have the mark of the beast. As the Bible says you can’t buy or sell if you don’t have the mark of the beast! Anybody with a brain can seen where this is leading to from masks to mandate vaccines with nanotechnology the mark of the beast to some of you sheep who are blind! And the Great financial reset!The deep state is trying to install there New World Order! Wake up John Menard! Your billions are not going to save you for this evil! Will take my business elsewhere where they treat me with respect that I don’t get at Menards! Don’t have to put up with this Tyranny and Communism!

    1. Well said!!
      Will never step foot in any of there China Leiden stores again… what goes around comes around!!
      I was walked out the door by 5 employees because I am a woman who will not wear a mask!!
      I’m waiting for the store closing signs to go up!!

  90. I was at Menards yesterday a noticed that they had a new My Pillow display and I was immediately upset. I will not be shopping at Menard again until they remove this display!

      1. Define cancel culture and how it applies to wanting Menards not to sell overpriced crap from a lying con-artist.

        1. That would be the only reason to shop there!!
          The only thing in the store not made in China!

  91. I went into Menards today to buy hard wood flooring. I had seen that you are still selling my pillow by Mr. Lindell and was immediately turned off. I went to Lowes to buy my flooring and will not return and will inform my friends, family and my community to avoid doing business with you until you put out a statement that your stores are dropping product.

    1. Hi Heather I saw the my pillow as well at one of their locations yesterday. I wrote a letter to the corporate office. I am with you, I will not be returning to any Menards location until they drop the product.

      1. Sorry, but that is stupid. Everyone has a right to sell their products. If you don’t like the merchandise, don’t buy it. Who are you to judge what’s right or wrong everyone has an opinion.

    2. I Know Menards will survive without your business. Fortunately, for the rest of us who have My Pillows, you don’t get to decide what Menards sells or doesn’t sell. Take you misguided attempts of Blackmail & Bullying elsewhere or not at all. And for your info, Lowes sells the My Pillow. Some people never learn because you don’t get to decide what other people buy only your kind can’t accept that fact.

      1. The consumer always decides..over time. That coke head liar will fail shortly but would be nice if all places stopped selling his garbage.

      2. Menards management in mount pleasant Wisconsin has been very irresponsible. My car was hot but a shopping cart from one of Menards employee s . Chipped the paint on a newer car. Menards management said their insurance company would handle and nothing wa are solved. Management unresponsive – their insurance company gallegher don’t return calls.

    3. And I will share with all of my friends, family and community to shop, shop away at Menards!!!

    4. Why? What does a pillow have to do with your decision to make a purchase? Do you have a pillow your trying to sell on the market? Your reason here is your personal choice. Keep it that way! Pretty sure that’s why we have American Freedom!

    5. You are a petty little person, probably a looney liberal….come on get over yourself….it’s called freedom of choice

    6. If they drop the product I will not shop there again, and I will inform my friends, family and my community to avoid doing business there.

    7. Heather:
      Big deal ! Sorry you are hurt by Mr. Lindell’s position on the last election. How, exactly, does that impact YOU ??

    8. Shut up and move to Russia if you don’t like it. A company can carry whatever product they choose to carry. Who do you think you are dictating to them to drop it?

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