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Red Lobster Hospitality LLC is owned by Golden Gate Capital, the Red Lobster’s parent company, since it was acquired from Darden Restaurants in 2014.

Red Lobster announced their new Corporate Office Headquarters location in CNL Center City Commons in Orlando, as well as the Restaurant Support Center.

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Red Lobster Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Address.

Company Website
Red Lobster Corporate Address
P.O. Box 4969, Orlando,
FL 32801-4969.
Company Contact
Kim Lopdrup – CEO
CEO Red Lobster
Phone Number
(407) 734-9000
Fax Number
(415) 983-2701
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

CFO: Bill Lambert

COO: Darryl Wade

Vice President: Robert Stamm

Red Lobster Hospitality LLC Corporate Office Address.

Red Lobster Headquarters
450 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801,

Red Lobster Headquarters Phone Number.

Red lobster’s Corporate Office phone number: (407) 734-9000

Golden Gate Capital – Red lobster – Corporate Office Fax Number: (415) 983-2701

Golden Gate Capital Corporate Office phone number: (415) 983-2700

Red Lobster Customer Service Contacts.

Red Lobster Customer Service Toll-Free Number: (844) 755-3425
Red Lobster General Phone Number: (407) 734-9000
Media Contact: (407) 734-9201

Red Lobster Email Address.

You can email Red Lobster via the Contact page.

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19 Reviews and Complaints for Red Lobster Headquarters

  1. Never again will we visit red lobster , we were there for almost 4 hours and there was only 3 of us !!!! The poor waitress had to keep apologizing for every single thing !!! So NOT worth the wait especially with a $200.00 bill , STAY away frim here all !!!

  2. Food poisoning , I need the corporate office address so I can send them a certified letter about my experience at your restaurant.I had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance!!

  3. sign on Red Lobster on 224 Boardman Ohio that they will be open Christmas Day. Really! Please re consider and let your employees enjoy the holidays and being with their families as I am sure your corporate employees will be.

  4. Server came to our table take a drink orders. Call me a smart ass. I confronted him. He denied he said it..

    A new server came to our table

  5. Just writing in follow up of our E. Lansing , MI. Interdenominational Peoples Church Earth Stewardship Committee meeting to express our unanimous disapproval of your decision to again dispense straws without asking first, and to replace your wonderful explanatory Red Lobster Coasters. Virtually everyone agrees the decision to dispense unsolicited straws again is both wrong for our Planet and wrong for Red Lobster, which we believe had a winner in its grasp!

  6. 10/17/22 Beachwood OH location
    There was a bad odor when we walked in. The restaurant was dirty, front door , windows, the restrooms, even the lobster tank! Food was just ok. Steamed broccoli was bright and green but tasted like it was old. Salads were not crisp and fresh, but were wilted.
    Wait staff was friendly and trying hard to do their best. Our lunch bill was $60.00.
    It was disappointing and we would never go to this location again.
    We love Red Lobster but this store needs some serious attention!

  7. I recently visited the Oak Ridge Tn restaurant on 8/21/22 for our Sunday evening meal. We had just gotten served our meal, when on my first bite I became choked. A piece of meat had lodged in my esophagus. I had to go to the emergency room and have it removed. I was very disappointed when none of the employees there were concerned that I had just thrown up in the booth nor were they concerned about my well being. We paid for our meal and drove straight to the emergency room. A meal that we did not get to eat. ?????? So many questions and concerns!!! Did they properly clean the booth??? Do they treat all patrons this way who become choked???? So many unanswered questions???

  8. Yesterday, May 17, 2022 I went to the Red Lobster in McAllen, TX for dinner. When my bill came I asked for a military discount, and was told that only active military got the discount. I guess the men and women who served they’re country in the past don’t deserve the military discount, according to Red Lobster. I’ll never go back to Red Lobster for a meal if this is the way they feel about our veterans.

  9. My sister and I arrived at Red Lobster location in Union, NJ on 4/21/22, gave my
    name. It was not until 3:02 we were seated. We requested ti speak to a mgr.
    He finally agreed to give us the lunch special prices that ended at 3pm.
    However, I think we were charged the regular price. I need to speak to someone to investigate this situation at Red Lobster Headquarters

    When we got to our booth, the table was dirty, and the carpet a mess &smelled of dirty feet.
    We will not be coming back to this Red Lobster EVER!!!

  10. Rude waiter Goodlettsville tenn red lobster. He told us what to pay him for a tip. Gave him 7.00 cash used credit card Thomas Bloodworth April 5th 3:00. What wrong with this picture

  11. Totally disappointed!
    Picked up order from Wauwatosa WI, Mayfair location yesterday. Pick up time was 4:44. Order was not ready for about another 30 minutes.
    Ordered 3 fish frys, w/ baked potatoes and an endless ultimate shrimp. Received mostly empty containers. Fish was cold greasy and over cooked. Baked potatoes over cooked. Paid extra for loaded potatoes and crispy Brussels sprouts. Did not receive either. I did not receive any cheddar biscuits. Did not receive cocktail sauce or tarter sauce.
    This location needs help. To expensive to waist money like this.

  12. I have a complaint regarding a visit to Red Lobster, 7750 Winchester Road, Memphis, TN 38125. I placed an order online 2/16/22 Order# 7815713997750275 for $72.37. My complaint is about the biscuits. They were very hard and not fresh. I am very angry. I should have received fresh biscuits. Please resolve this issue. If unsatisfied with the resolution, I will not eat at any Red Lobster in the future.

  13. To whom it may concern, On 2-11-22 ,I had dinner at The Gateway Red Lobster in Brooklyn, and our service was disgusting with dripping wine glasses onto our table. I reached out to a manager and was told I will be right there but he never showed up. Not only was my server was twenty minutes late with our bottle of wine, he was very rude . He told us if we had a complain we need to call cooperate .Which I am doing now. Furthermore, We got seated at eight and was not served with our bottle of wine until 8: 35pm. The food was so lately served , adding to that, the restaurant was not busy. The cold hard steak that was pushed to our table , was so disturbing , that my husband who was scared and refused of complaining because he was petrified of his food been tampered with. My server was Destrick D. I told him it’s unacceptable and he spoiled our night. Having to serve a bottle of wine, with dripping glasses of water onto our table was disgusting. He told us he sees no problem with that and that he had just washed our glasses and he will go dry them off.. We asked for the glasses to be removed and he did, However, he needs to be retrained and show the quality of service your company practices to its customers. He went on further to let us know that this was not his only job and that he is a teacher who works with the DOE ( Dept Of Education). I told him, I didn’t care where he works but where his job entails he needs to do it well and with respect .. This was a bad experience for us because Redlobster is a restaurant we visit and as always given an exceptional service. All in all in the end, I spoke with a manager and was told that the matter will be taken care of.

  14. My 14 got food poisoning and has to go to doctor very disappointed in your restaurant in Pensacola fl on 9th ave . I hope that you look into it so no one else gets as sick as he did .

  15. went to the Jacksonville ,NC restaurant 0n 1/9/22 with my wife and grand daughter for our 47th wedding anniversary. Ordered 3 plates –choose 3 items each–total bill $72 + tip. food , shrimp etc. was burnt to a crisp (blackened) .Even the biscuits were over baked. salad was lettuce only–a disgusting meal for all 3 of us . Fire the cook. restaurant had less than 10 total customers @ about 1 pm on sunday—noted that to my wife when we drove in–Unusual. WE have been customers of red lobster for years and always good . Have not been to this specific location for a couple of years and it was excellent then. Will never go back. Bill was $72 + tip. terrible food

  16. We were very dissatisfied and disappointed with our meal. The lobster bisque soup was extremely salty. The crackers were stale and the food was tasteless. Not worth the price. We won’t be returning to Doral or any other Red Lobster.

  17. I called in a order at 8:55pm for the Admirals feast which comes with two side items. I asked if I could substitute a salad for one of the side items. I was told that I could substitute the salad for an extra charge. This was fine and I finalized my order. I was then asked if I wanted extra biscuits which were 6 for $2.50. In the many times I have dined inside, the biscuits are always all you want for no extra charge, however, I said yes and had the $3.50 added to my order. She finally finalized my order and asked me to hold a moment. She comes back on the line and said that the restaurant will not accept my order because it was now 9:05pm. I was very frustrated at this point so I hung up and called the number back and asked to speak to a manager. I spoke to the manager on duty named Alex and asked if I could place an order and he said they don’t do orders less than 30 minutes before closing time to which I responded what if I am in the parking lot already which I was since this ordeal had took so long. His response was well I guess but we have closed the kitchen it has been dead slow tonight. At this point I am afraid to order as the quality of my food may be compromised and told him never mind. You would think that some server needed a tip and I’m sure the restaurant has not had usual business in these times as and would be a lot more gracious. My whole extended family (40-50 people) had a Christmas dinner together there but we will definitely be going elsewhere from now on. I am confident in saying that my immediate family will not be dining there again. Word of mouth spreads quickly and I will definitely pass my experience on to my family members, co-workers and peers.

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