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Corporate Address
451 Industrial Ln
Birmingham, AL
Company Contact
Michael Newsome
Chairman of the Board
Phone Number
(205) 942-4292
Yearly Revenue
Employee Count
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9 Reviews and Complaints for Hibbett Sports Headquarters

  1. Went to the store in Amarillo texas to return a few items, and walked out thinking I was getting a credit back onto my card, BUT HAVE NOT ! During my return the register went wackie to the point the clerk had to call for support. Then call his manger to verify the return. But as I noticed on the Registwe screen, it said” sale canceled”, but the clerk tells me it went through, only becomes the customer support guy said it did! STILL NO CREDIT! NOW MY CASE IS IN LOSS PREVENTION! The said thing is that, I wasn’t even given a receipt, cuz the register wouldn’t let it! So I can only hope that loss prevention does their jobs. You would think by the end of closing that night that return would have a red flag or at least the clerk would at least be concerned! But no, there’s no such thing as customer service anymore!

  2. I ordered a ball hat. I never received it so I called and they said my order was canceled because I was flagged as someone who may resale it! I’m like WHAT?!! This has to be a joke!! Nope they canceled it for the most ludicrous reason I have ever heard in my life. I am appalled. This is a 14.97 ball cap for a bday gift. No email no call no nothing. If I wouldn’t have called I would have never known! Shame on you and what bad business on your company!!! This is t Louis Vuitton, it’s a freakin sporting goods store!!

  3. I ordered merchandise online to be delivered to store and when the partial order arrived the prepaid was refused to be handed over even with proper id and email receipt

  4. I will never shop here again! I was lied to when I placed my order that did not arrive on time. When I called to check on status, the first representative told me the item was out of stock and wasn’t coming to me. I tried to get my money back and all she did was offer a claim that takes 10 days. I spoke to three more people to include a so called supervisor who was actually the rudest of them all. I will never ever shop here again!! Never!

  5. The Hibbitt store in Warner Robins is the most unprofessional, discriminatory business I have ever dealt with. I was turned away during store hours yet watched an employee let someone in after hours to try on shoes and shop. When I called the following day to complain, a guy completely dismissed my complaint and told me I should “shop somewhere else if I had a problem with it”. I work for the county office here and I cannot communicate enough how disgusted I am that this business is okay with allowing its employees to represent you as a company this way and Warner Robins as a community. Have you no concern as to how it reflects your character? Absolutely incompetent and foul.

  6. Complain towards store address 2728HWY290 Brenham. Regular (LOYAL )customer annually. When it comes down to the New releases I’m over looked almost EVERY TIME. I asking would someone check into this matter. I would’ve preferred to spoke with somebody because it’s a better way to feel the other person emotion over the phone. Feel free 979203-1xxxx

  7. We had a horrible experience at the Hibbett Sport store in College Station Tx the worker by the name of Vonnie and he’s manager name Alexis made my daughter in law cry and she’s in weeks of delivery our first granddaughter so I am very upset of how they treated her, please don’t go to that store because they have bad people working there

  8. What is the company employee login page or do is there longer a functioning employee portal? thank you.

  9. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

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