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Amazon Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
410 Terry Ave. North
Seattle, WA
Phone Number
(206) 266-1000
Twitter IDs

Amazon Email Info – Amazon CEO Email address.

Jeffrey P. BezosCEO
Amazon Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Amazon Corporate Office Phone Number202-266-1000
Personal Twitter@jeffbezos

Where is Amazon’s Headquarters?

Amazon’s Corpororate Office address is:

Amazon Inc
440 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

What is Amazon’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Amazon’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-206-266-1000.

Amazon’s Corporate Office Fax Number is: 1-302-636-5454.

What is Amazon’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Amazon’s Customer Support phone numbers are: 1-206-266-2992 and 1-888-280-4331.

The average wait is 17 minutes. Phone line hours are: 24 hours, 7 days a week. To get to a live person/human, don’t press or say anything OR press 0.

How do I Contact Amazon Customer Support?

Call the customer service phone number above. The Amazon Help Page can be found here. Log in to proceed.

The Amazon Customer Service email address is: [email protected]. The average wait is 10 hours for a reply.

You can also contact Amazon on Twitter at via the @amazonhelp Twitter handle.

On Facebook, you can submit a complaint via Facebook Messenger. Click on “Contact on Messenger” to send a Facebook message on messenger.

Amazon Headquarters Executive Team.


Key Personel:

  • Jeffrey Bezos – Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Jeffrey Blackburn – Senior Vice President
  • Sebastian Gunningham – Senior Vice President
  • Andrew Jassey – Senior Vice President
  • Steven Kessel – Senior Vice President
  • Diego Piacentini – Senior Vice President
  • Shelley Reynolds – Vice President
  • Thomas Szkutak – Senior Vice President
  • Jeffrey Wilke – Senior Vice President
  • David Zapolsky – Vice President

Amazon Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Bezos
  • Tom Aberg
  • John Seely Brown
  • William Gordon
  • Jamie Gorelick
  • Alain Monie
  • Jonathan Rubinstein
  • Thomas Ryder
  • Patricia Stonesifer

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  1. Amazon contracted drivers throwing packages on home walkways, at throwing packages at door. Does not ring door bell. I have it on video.

    1. Wife bought AMAZON HEADQUARTERS +1 833 272 O777 dial now
      something from them and they debt our account three times for it and them mess up the order. They told us we have to wait ten days to get a refund for $500. It there fault and we have to pay for it and to go without money for food because there reps. Messed up. They will not help at all. I will not buy from them again. They blame the bank for the mess up. Even there paper work shows they can’t even get our order right. And they still will not help.

      1. Same thing with me, I’ve been calling for 4 weeks to get refunded $50 for a mistake they made. I can’t get any resolution, and they’ve put my account on hold. I’ve called at least 15 times since August 19th. Just 10 minutes ago customer service at the corporate office put me on hold and the call was dropped, I’m calling my attorney. I’ve even spoke with 3 so called supervisors and I was told I would get emails from account specialist since Tuesday of last week and I haven’t received 1. SMH. Had a party on August 17th, (‘70s) and there were 11 people there that did not get outfits on time from AMAZON. Multimillion dollar company holding your $500, and my $50. You would think when you speak with a “SUPERVISOR” you would get some resolution. Customer service representative has not called back and I left a message yesterday with a supervisor who said he would have the supervisor that I spoke with on Monday to call and of course, no call.

        1. This has been happening to me also, since March. Customer Service says they will get back to me but have not. My amazon account was hacked and someone purchased gift cards. It has been frozen since March and I called today and still not willing to resolve.

          1. Same thing happened to me. Have you heard from anyone at Amazon? Also, what person did you contact?

          2. Never received my order was split into 3 separate deliveries and I never received the last delivery! I had added specific delivery instructions not to leave any packages anywhere other than the secured package room for my complex and mentioned it’s not safe to leave anywhere else yet the 300$ item was still just left out in the open unsecured lobby to my complex which is located in a area very prone to theft! The delivery driver clearly did not follow delivery instructions! By the time I got home from work it’s no surprise my package was no where to be found and amazon is denying me a refund! Had the delivery driver followed instructions and as well as signs posted directly above where the package was pictured to be left stating ” DO NOT LEAVE ANY PACKAGES HERE FOR ANYREASON! DELIVER ALL PACKAGES TO THE PACKAGE ROOM” I would have received my package! Costumer service is horrible! I was told to file a police report as I did and after sending it in I spoke with a chat agent who said I was getting a refund and should expect the money in 2-4 days then the next day I get a email they are not going to refund me…..!?!? I had been saving up for a couple months to be able to finally get this and amazon is screwing me !

          3. My account was frozen this past weekend because I reported fraud when I saw an unauthorized charge on my Amazon prime Visa. Someone hacked my account and purchased an $1800 MacBook. My card issuer canceled the transaction on their end, but Amazon froze my account and told me I could not get it unlocked until I pay the $1800 even though it was fraud. So Amazon is now holding my, Prime Video purchases, and all of the kindle books that I have purchased, hostage. They told me that I can open a new account if I wanted to. But I still wouldn’t have access to any of the things I’ve already purchased. Therefore, they have stolen my items that I’ve already purchased in my Kindle account and on my Prime Video account.

        2. This is exactly crazy that you too are having the same issue that i am having with them right now as I speak because I made a purchase on Amazon with 2 Amazon gift cards adding up to almost $500 and they have put my account on hold since April and its been 2 months this now and my account is still on hold and I still have yet to get it resolved or my MO ey back or my account not on hold. I it’s rediculous and I’m sick of this!! I I want my mi ey back or something resolved and nobody can seem to help me.

        3. Happened tome also. This has going on since March. They wanted my bank stay and I sent it and then ask for routing number. No way

          1. They are involved in espinoage and essentially trafficking their customers and much more so agreed I wish someone would start a group of lawyers and cyber security to rally against big corporations and companies and their violation of our rights.

      2. I have the same situation, we bought a item in amazon an this coming with electrical problem and now amazon don’t respond us about this product, the costumer service was very rudely with us. Amazon said us that we need to pay for return this item.

    2. A few days ago I had a package delivered from amazon to my front porch. Instead of backing out of the driveway the way they turned in, the driver decided to drive through my yard and got stuck on my front lawn. He dug his tires in and had to be pulled out. Now my lawn has HUGE dents in it. On top of that he was only a foot from my water line so he easily could have busted a water line. I’m highly unsatisfied with the whole situation.

    3. Yes me too, not only that, MY PACKAGE NEVER ARRIVED and SHOWED AS DELIVERED WHICH IS A BIG LIE, I called Amazon right away and asked them to ask the driver for a picture of the package being DELIVERED and there was no picture, because MY PACKAGE WAS NEVER DELIVERED, IT WAS STOLEN BY THE DRIVER! It was my son birthday gift!