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Company Website
Corporate Address
410 Terry Ave. North
Seattle, WA
Phone Number
(206) 266-1000
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Jeffrey P. BezosCEO
Amazon Ceo Email Address[email protected]
Amazon Corporate Office Phone Number202-266-1000
Personal Twitter@jeffbezos

Where is Amazon’s Headquarters?

Amazon’s Corpororate Office address is:

Amazon Inc
440 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

What is Amazon’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Amazon’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-206-266-1000.

Amazon’s Corporate Office Fax Number is: 1-302-636-5454.

What is Amazon’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Amazon’s Customer Support phone numbers are: 1-206-266-2992 and 1-888-280-4331.

The average wait is 17 minutes. Phone line hours are: 24 hours, 7 days a week. To get to a live person/human, don’t press or say anything OR press 0.

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Call the customer service phone number above. The Amazon Help Page can be found here. Log in to proceed.

The Amazon Customer Service email address is: [email protected]. The average wait is 10 hours for a reply.

You can also contact Amazon on Twitter at via the @amazonhelp Twitter handle.

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Amazon Headquarters Executive Team.


Key Personel:

  • Jeffrey Bezos – Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Jeffrey Blackburn – Senior Vice President
  • Sebastian Gunningham – Senior Vice President
  • Andrew Jassey – Senior Vice President
  • Steven Kessel – Senior Vice President
  • Diego Piacentini – Senior Vice President
  • Shelley Reynolds – Vice President
  • Thomas Szkutak – Senior Vice President
  • Jeffrey Wilke – Senior Vice President
  • David Zapolsky – Vice President

Amazon Board of Directors

  • Jeffrey Bezos
  • Tom Aberg
  • John Seely Brown
  • William Gordon
  • Jamie Gorelick
  • Alain Monie
  • Jonathan Rubinstein
  • Thomas Ryder
  • Patricia Stonesifer

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  1. Amazon contracted drivers throwing packages on home walkways, at throwing packages at door. Does not ring door bell. I have it on video.

    1. Wife bought AMAZON HEADQUARTERS +1 833 272 O777 dial now
      something from them and they debt our account three times for it and them mess up the order. They told us we have to wait ten days to get a refund for $500. It there fault and we have to pay for it and to go without money for food because there reps. Messed up. They will not help at all. I will not buy from them again. They blame the bank for the mess up. Even there paper work shows they can’t even get our order right. And they still will not help.

      1. Same thing with me, I’ve been calling for 4 weeks to get refunded $50 for a mistake they made. I can’t get any resolution, and they’ve put my account on hold. I’ve called at least 15 times since August 19th. Just 10 minutes ago customer service at the corporate office put me on hold and the call was dropped, I’m calling my attorney. I’ve even spoke with 3 so called supervisors and I was told I would get emails from account specialist since Tuesday of last week and I haven’t received 1. SMH. Had a party on August 17th, (‘70s) and there were 11 people there that did not get outfits on time from AMAZON. Multimillion dollar company holding your $500, and my $50. You would think when you speak with a “SUPERVISOR” you would get some resolution. Customer service representative has not called back and I left a message yesterday with a supervisor who said he would have the supervisor that I spoke with on Monday to call and of course, no call.

        1. This has been happening to me also, since March. Customer Service says they will get back to me but have not. My amazon account was hacked and someone purchased gift cards. It has been frozen since March and I called today and still not willing to resolve.

    2. A few days ago I had a package delivered from amazon to my front porch. Instead of backing out of the driveway the way they turned in, the driver decided to drive through my yard and got stuck on my front lawn. He dug his tires in and had to be pulled out. Now my lawn has HUGE dents in it. On top of that he was only a foot from my water line so he easily could have busted a water line. I’m highly unsatisfied with the whole situation.

  2. Amazon used the Southern Poverty Law Center, to kick a conservative groups off Amazon charity programs. The Southern Poverty Law Center is the largest hate group in America. This has told me all I need to know about Amazon, I am cancelling my subscription and never ordering from this scum company ever again. I encourage all subscribers to research the Southern Poverty Law Center and make your on choice, but believe me ,IT’S A HATE GROUP!!

  3. Wife bought something from them and they debt our account three times for it and them mess up the order. They told us we have to wait ten days to get a refund for $500. It there fault and we have to pay for it and to go without money for food because there reps. Messed up. They will not help at all. I will not buy from them again. They blame the bank for the mess up. Even there paper work shows they can’t even get our order right. And they still will not help.

    1. Your story is like many others I’ve heard. Reverse the charges if this was done through a debit card for future reference. They are bullies that think they can push anyone around. Hold them accountable for their wrong doings by filing class action suits and reporting them to the agencies that monitor business ethics and practices. They are not above the law.

    2. My advise is if one is caught in a situation like this then contact you credit card company or bank and reverse charges. This is nothing more than being bullied. File a class action suit with others and report them to the agencies they are governed by. Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to unethical business standards.

      1. Done shopping of one lakh in gift cashback back of 7250 is to be received but only got 6000
        Name akku
        From india
        Number 9873098979
        Following up from 11 days no refund no cashback no support
        Clear fraud clear case of cheating just because of this I m returning my product of 2 lakhs
        Order from flipkart got cash back before product dispatched here product dispatched no cashback
        Poor service poor support not number 1 ecommerce flipkart is best
        Till now I called 109 times talked around for 100 hours just they r making me fool d playing with me just transfers calls nothing else even following up through mail no help now filled complaint against Amazon in consumer forum so now they had blocked my mail id too
        See how cheap level Amazon India have

  4. very disappointed to see that the annual prime rate went up from $99 to $119 where now you lost a lot of my orders simply because I’m not giving an extra $20 to this company that makes millions and billions of dollar and I can order the same things on other websites like Walmart or others for free shipping
    even when I called and chat it online with an representative to inform me that the prices was just raised on the 11th of May they could not give me the price from what it was on the 11th of May or the 10th of May for that matter which was $99 really sad and sorry to say you lost one of your loyal customers and I used to purchase lots of things here where I can find them on any other website

    1. Besos & his employee(s) are being “questioned, court marshaled”– get real, slimy skin head with a company that has NO communication between depts, over-charges on ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i work for amazon the building is so hot no one cares. They expect you to make rate when is so hot you tell them they do nothing. you tellsafety they do nothing 2 minutes to use the bathroom and they are not close it takes 5 mins to get to one.the only way you can make rate is not use the bathroom and not drink water. rates have to be lowered. winter time there is no heat. no one cares what you have to say. you tell them why you dont make rate and they still write you up . your amazon in Monee IL is the worst run amazon i have ever seen. all management has to go all am have to go. all new am and managers they sure dont know what they are doing. can you imaging wearing your coat to eat lunch or its so hot you cant eat your lunch.

    1. I work, well worked, at the building here in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Same s*** is happening here! It must be all of the amazons because this is insane! I got informed today by “hr” that we wouldn’t even get told about a write up, it’s just put into the system and once you hit a certain amount, they all have a meeting and then terminate you! WHAT TYPE OF MANAGEMENT IS THAT?! The management here is beyond unprofessional! There has been so many people complaining about them because all they care about is if you hit your rate or not. Anything else, they could care less about. You could sneeze and they will write you up. It’s jist a cluster xxxx in here. I’m glad this building isn’t the only one like this.

      1. REPORT THEM TO ALL DEPTS – start with Dept of Labor, then look up employee rights for your State AND tell ALL to report them. Sleazy Besos!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM AMAZON!!

    2. Well, first of all, I am just a customer. But since you are not skilled in any fashion in how you type the English language you worry me. No wonder when you call and a rep like yourself types notes, supervisors have not clue what you wrote. Learn punctuation Sara. When you type or write you should capitalize certain words (first word in sentence, nouns such as Amazon). I think you are just one of those that complain to complain. Would you like to join the Marine Corps and come to Kuwait with us. By the way….we also do not have AC at any time while we are there. Suck it up Sara!!! You have a damn job so be proud of it. You can also buy a water bottle before you get to work. Or you can buy a canteen off your site…hint. What an idiot…I totally understand why you get written up often. I see that you wrote this 3 months ago so I am sure you have been fired by now. (You wrote at the end….”can you imaging wearing your coat” …Sara…you should use the correct word and that is “imagine”. Why are people so illiterate that post on these sites. Read all the different posts all through this site….LEARN TO SPELL, TO PUNTUATE…TO USE THE CORRECT WORDS! If anyone needs help before posting so you do not look like a 2nd grade drop out….please contact me before posting.

      1. Are you serious GySgt Leigh?
        I really hope your joking? You seem to be the grammar police, chill out there was no reason for you to jump on this girl. Slow your roll Sarge……your a hostile one. Are you jealous that this girl has this aweful job and you sighned up to go into the military? You are one angry person. I wouldn’t work for you if you paid me nor be a part of your team. It’s a friggin thread Sarge the girl was mearly stating she works in aweful conditions. Does her job get devalued because she didn’t join the military? I wtite all hacked on these sites as well because it’s not a job interview nor is it reflection of my intelligence. That’s just stupid thinking. She deserved to be fired because she didn’t do what you did and didn’t spell well
        Sarge actually in that feild of work there is alot of abbreviated writing as well as coded. Sooo i’m sure her superiors understood her perfectly. Why not lend a hand and suggest how to help. But are you gonna be bad ass Sarge better than flex yourself cause you can spell and was in the military. I thank you for your service but i don’t thank you nor do i condone you shitting on another human being. I suggest you get some help for that hostile firing of the fingers on a keyboard wich are a directed result from those better than thoughts in your head. Don’t come at me with ” that’s what’s wtong in the world coddling the poor worker in poor condition ” nope run that on someone else. You need to dig deep cause that comment was uncalled for. And don’t correct my grammer or punctuation or sentence structure. I did on purpose cause i can and i type to fast to care. Again not a job interview.

        And miss sarah if you got fired i hope you got a better job. And can pee when you want and eat your lunch in a climate controlled environment that every work place should have. Hope things ate looking up for you.

      2. Do you honestly believe that somebody with a college degree, mastering the English grammar perfectly would work in a rathole warehouse like Amazon?

        Of course, if you are loaded with billions, you can be president of the United States of America and leave your brainless messages on Twitter every day laced with grammatical errors.

        GySgt Leigh, because of your enthusiasm to
        correct the English knowledge of underprivileged, uneducated Americans, I highly recommend you to apply as a tutor to the primitive dimwit leader of America, Donald Trump. 🤗👻🤡😅😂🤣

      3. GySgt Leigh – Since you pretend to be the epitome of an Einstein, how come you did not advance in the military as a high ranking general? 😅😂🤣

  6. My identity was stolen and used on an Amazon shopping spree when I called thier customer service I was told I either had to give them remote access to my computer or pay them $50 dollars to refund my stolen money obviously I was not willing to do either. When I would ask a question that they didn’t like or have an answer to they would hang up on me that happened about 10 times one man said to me that I was to emotional and upset so could I put my husband on the phone because men are more level headed sexiest idiots I’ve never had an Amazon account and for sure never will now and I will encourage everyone I know not to use them and tonight they have been calling my phone and my husband phone they say hello then they just sit on the phone saying nothing prank calling us like a bunch of bored children they have done this about 20 times tonight. This is the worst company on the planet.

      1. this obviously was NOT an Amazon connection – I’ve had MANY fraud calls “claiming to be Amazon” where they knew everything about me – scary – but the more I questioned they WERE NOT Amazon – so I took all info & reported to Amazon Fraud Dept – look up their #

    1. Contact your financial institution and file a Fraud Case, Prepare before calling: date, charges and/or total, etc. Good luck!

  7. I purchased parts for my pc. They approved my order. They then waited till the arrival date to tell me they need more information about me that they didn’t need . They took my money anyway, locked my account,won’t contact me and won’t help me. I’ve never had to deal such a bad company. Ten thumbs down. They will try to scam you and take your money. Don’t ever purchase ANYTHING on amazon ever again.

  8. My daughter and I previously held a phone discussion relating to what we would buy her brother/ my son for a house warming gift. Unbeknownst to me my Oder was processed without me completing order information. I didnot find this out until when I went to add the credit information. I called Customer Services in hopes that my payment information could be corrected. However to my avail the information for the purchase could. Not be changed even though the merchandise had not been shipped. It was made appear that this was a major endeavor. To say the least my purchaser will be sent to the wrong address then wait for return to the company to repurchase,but according to the website this is the last item. I don’t under.

  9. The following executives need a reality check. You are a waste of resources to this company and should consider another job to fulfill which better suites you like how to do nothing. You should resign effectively as you are the pinnacle of evil and the abomination to corporate America. Your names are as follows;
    Amazon Board of Directors

    Jeffrey Bezos
    Tom Aberg
    John Seely Brown
    William Gordon
    Jamie Gorelick
    Alain Monie
    Jonathan Rubinstein
    Thomas Ryder
    Patricia Stonesifer


  11. Dear sir,
    My lawyer want the amazon india head office address to legal notice please give me address
    so we can leave this case for legal judgement because imazon is doing Treason in india

    Case id – 4394535012 (

    Pankaj Sharma

  12. In my PrimeNow message folder, there is a letter from the Customer Service representative concerning the refund I received on my order# 113-3653036-0288220.

    “I’m sorry to hear that the Evol, Fire Grilled Steak Bowl, 9 oz (Frozen) Oscar Mayer, Shaved Honey Deli Turkey, 9 oz Coffee-mate Hazelnut Liquid Coffee Creamer, 16 Fluid Ounce Pillsbury, Cinnamon Rolls with Icing, 12.4 oz didn’t work out for you.”

    It didn’t work out for me because the driver simply left my groceries outside my door and never bothered to knock to see if anyone was home, I was home and had no idea that my frozen food items had been left outside my door in the AZ evening heat.

    It didn’t work out for me because by the time I discovered the 2 bags of food my frozen items were no longer frozen, that’s what happens when you leave frozen items outside during the summer months here in the desert of AZ.

    I called Customer Service to complain and I was informed that (basically) it was my fault because I chose the delivery option: “We’ll drop it off at your door.” According to the CS rep that delivery option does not require the driver to knock on my door to notify me that my order is at my door. I continued to question “Where exactly does it state that? Where does it tell me that? Where does it say I have delivery options or “choices”?” The answer is, nowhere but the CS rep did point out that within the section for Delivery on the checkout page I was provided an opportunity to pick a delivery option.

    So while I had her on the phone I created another order (a fake order) with the sole intention of getting to the final screen, the checkout screen. We are all familiar with the checkout screen or checkout page, this is the last place one would expect to find one-of-a-kind options, choices, or un-check boxes when dealing with such a large company like Amazon. But sure enough there it is under the main heading Select Delivery Time and to the far right of the words “We’ll drop it off at your door” the word “change” appears and that is supposed to tell there are at least 2 options available.

    So that is my one and only clue that there is ANOTHER delivery option available.

    Gee, how did I miss that?? Are you freaking kidding me??

    Fine, now that I see it and now I know there is another delivery optiion, where are these delivery options explained? Where does it explain the difference between option A & option B? Where does it say that option A is no-knock-required-delivery and option B is a will-knock-on-door-upon-delivery option? Once again the CS uttered the words “Nowhere but that is what is meant.”

    I was livid, don’t you dare lay this blame on my shoulders, I said because I had no idea and there is no way FOR me to know except of course NOW, after the fact, now that I am contacting CS and complaining, now I find out to it is my fault because I chose option A delivery instruction. I hung up the phone, I was seething. That is so low-class Amazon, so low class, it’s no-class!

    My money was refunded but I wasn’t calling and complaining hoping to get a refund, I NEEDED MY FOOD! So I got my money back fine, I needed groceries more than I needed the refund – seriously! Another viable choice in cases like this would be to re-deliver those items that had thawed or became spoiled due to the heat but that option doesn’t exist, or if it does I was never asked: “Would you like us to redeliver those grocery items?”

    This was my first time having groceries delivered through PrimeNow so the following morning I decided to spend some time on the website and get educated on a few things.

    Knowledge is power that’s for sure!

    I read everything available on the website concerning PrimeNow. There is only one small paragraph concerning PrimeNow delivery that gives a little hint that there exist OTHER delivery options available and that is found on the Help & About section under the heading About Amazon Prime Now. Here is where the lack of training is evident, the CS rep told me the driver was not required to knock on my door when they delivered my groceries based on my choice of delivery options, on the contrary, this tells me that the driver is required to knock on my door. This does not give the driver permission to simply drop-and-dash the merchandise at the door. This statement gives the driver permission to leave the groceries unattended but only after no one answers the door.

    “Do I have to be present to receive deliveries?
    Customers have the option during checkout to mark certain orders as OK to leave if no one answers the door.”
    I realized that the Customer Service Representative gave me the incorrect answer and probably because she had received incomplete training or no training whatsoever, in either case, I believed what I was told by the Customer Service Representative. And why wouldn’t I believe the CS rep? I would expect Amazon to train their CS reps, I would expect this training would require the CS rep know, as a minimum, the delivery protocols. After all one of the big perks for Prime is delivery & if Amazon is not providing adequate training then what’s the point of having Customer Service Representatives, why not just pay for an after-hours Answering Service?

  13. I am/was a big Amazon shopper…..not any more!!! When you stop selling “impeach #45” items …let me know and I’ll come back!!!

  14. I was banned from reviewing and asking questions on Amazon. I tried to resolve this with customer service but got no satisfaction. I am loyal customer and after a year I feel I should be able to be reinstated.

  15. I purchased 17 Lebron James canvases from Amazon on July 25. The description states as follows, ” A high quality new canvas print. When I received them this week the colors are washed out and faded. They look no where close to the picture on the website or description. I sent pictures to the seller and Amazon to no avail. They also claim to be %100 cotton they are not. I called and emailed the seller and Amazon a few times and denied my A to Z warranty because it’s a third party seller. They want to charge me a $3.00 restocking fee and shipping charges for each item. These items showed on Amazon’s webpage as Mariposa Prints being the seller but when I received them they had Chinese labels all over the package. I had to wait 2 weeks to receive them. I have over $300 of garbage supposed art . Nobody wants to take responsibility or resolve my issue.

  16. I had fraud on my debit card unauthorized purchases, and had no help from customer service they gave me the run around and I should of been credited. Out over 400.00 dollars. Please contact me corporate via email!

    1. my son had the same situation. we received sink drainage in the mail and he though I order something from his account which I do not have access to. I told him oh boy, you better check your amazon account to make sure someone didn’t get into the account. He didn’t find anything, so I told him check your credit card. Well he had two charges, one was over $20 and the other was over $200. He called Amazon and they said they couldn’t see anything on the account but they were able to see the $20 item and they would investigate. He called the credit card to cancel his brand new cc and they would put a fraud claim. after about 1 and half months the charges were back on his new replaced cc. Now the bank and tells him to call Amazon to file a claim with them and Amazon says we don’t see any charges on your account so we can’t give you any money back. This is just bullshit with customers service out of USA. Now this makes 3 of us home who was charged for crap that we are stuck paying. I am so made a Amazon and Chase Bank for how they are handling a situation like this when we all have excellent credit and never had any issues before until now. Shame on you all for treating customers like this. I will be taking all my banking out of Chase and my sons too and also not purchasing anymore from Amazon.

  17. I was told many lies about my order supposed tobe delivered by a certain day but then charged for it when it was great paid4 I even got the email to prove it I talked to managers about the incident but they lied and didn’t fix the situation they lied on a recorded line

  18. Every month i get a –email that my order # 927-4318 needing more information . I have no order
    currently . I have never given my email out to anyone else within your Company . I hope you can resolve this recurring situation .

  19. Have called your customer service number numerous times regarding deliveries to our address that are NOT our packages!! I am sick and tired of delivering your packages for you!!! Our address is clearly marked on our mailbox, there is absolutely no reason for your drivers to repeatedly deliver packages to the wrong address!! My boyfriend was speaking to Gerald in your delivery department today and he hung up on him!! I’m done delivering your packages for you free of charge!! We will be contacting your legal department!!

  20. Not sure why I pay for PRIME when every other item I choose (and often pay more for) showing PRIME free 2 day shipping only to see after payment that it was an illusion. The most recent item shows free prime 2 day shipping that turned into a week after they got payment for it. This is the 12th time this year and I have just about had enough of paying for something I am not getting.

    Calling to get a problem solved gets us on the phone with a person with an accent so heavy we cant understand what is being said & they have an attitude that is more “it is your problem, deal with it” and not “lets see what we can do to fix this”. You have to be down right persistent and demanding to get them to fix issues on Amazons end, whether it is a seller that wont communicate or product lemon or shipping matter.

    We are not sure what has happened in 2018, if it is just the Cincinnati area, but it is beyond unacceptable.

  21. Ok i’m pissed. I’ve been charged 2xs for the same order. Amazon took $800 out of my account. I called as soon as i saw my bank statement . Got someone in india. Krishna said she couldn’t see my order 2xs only once. Had no clue. Put her superviser on Habibi and he says ” bank double hold your your order ” are you serious? Your kidding? Swore it was only one order. Today guess whats on my nbn door step? DING DING 2 OF EVERYTHING!!. Now wait Habbi said not to worry…i went straight to my phone called Amazon. Got an english speaking girl. Wait what did she say?? DING DING SHE SAW TWO SEPARATE ORDERS WITH THE SAME EXACT STUFF.!! just like i said…the girl can’t help. Put’s her supervisor on the phone….Kate…what a peach she is. Not!!! She tells me that i indeed clicked the order button 2x’s. I lost it. I said i most certainly did not. She suggests that i dod by mistake. Wants me to mail second order back. I told her i wasn’t gonna do that. She said they absolutely were not going to vredit my account because i mistakenly hit the refresh button now. I lost it again. I said no i didn’t!! So amazon has $800 of my money tied up. Kate finally offered to send the U.p.s man to my house to pick up order and as soon as its scanned i will get my money back that very instant….that’s a crock i know they have to validate on their end. Who knows how long they will have my money? I’m so mad. I went on google and saw miions i mean millions of the same exact story. Being lied to money stolen from account/card for fraudulent orders that they blame on customers. This doesn’t sit well with me. I also read on line emailes from people in the company telling sellers to tell customers that their ” money was being held ” to buy more time. Then i also read that they are given scrips to read. When they are saying wait a min they are clicking on a screen in front of them looking for answer. They have training in how to handle. They are told to lie. I read on reddit that people on corporation tell the sellets to make the customer to pay for postage to send double orders back. I’m thinking of finding all theise people that have been double charged and maybe a class action suit that i will spearhead. We are being cheated by Amazon and its wtong so wrong
    I’m beyond pissed and livid. Stop lying and cheating.
    Hope this resolves soon cause i want my money!!.

  22. The absolute worse customer service I have EVER experienced….I bought 2 Kuerig coffee makers in Nov 2017 for 2 separate Christmas gifts. Several months later both coffee makers stopped working with same issue. I asked both people to send coffee makers to me and I would take care of the problem. Called Amazon to replace or refund my money. The best they said they could do is refund only half of my money!!!! REALLY????? You mean Amazon does not stand behind the products they sell to you? My other option was to take more of my time and contact Kuerig myself!!!! Shame on you Amazon!!!! I expect an employee with the authority to refund ALL of my money to contact me ASAP and resolve this problem in my, the customer, favor.
    Jeanie Johnson
    [email protected] com

  23. Im hoping that im bringing this to someone else attention besides the representatives that handle the fustration of people like me that packages that get handed to just anyone or delivered to any address besides the one on the white stamp that clearly has your name and address on it. Im a prime member who order from amazon mostly every week and from time to time my packages get marked, delivered directly to a person. When I return home from work. There are no package(s) or photo of my package(s) at my residence. Yes, u are refunded your money, but who wants to order what they want and then go through that trouble? Amazon delivery driver(s) need to be more considerate and responsible to have all packages signed by the person they handing them to or to the person(s) they have to receive their package(s). Amazon, I feel that you should check into the locations where your drivers are saying they delivery lost packages. I can understand a few of my packages, but when it turns into multiple packages then its a huge issue.

    1. Stop using them. We all really need to think about using the services of a company that treats their employees worse than dogs. If they treated dogs the way they treat their employees, they would be in prison for it.

  24. Why don’t they have an email address you can contact? They sent me an email accusing me of violating their customer comment guidelines, but did not tell me how I did that. They are clearly making false allegations against me and I intend to sue for liable or defamation if they don’t offer me a good explanation.

  25. To Amazon Headquarters/Amazon Complaint Desk:

    On Oct 1, 2018, my order was to be delivered. Two orders. Since I am not at home on that day I requested for them to deliver it on Saturday, so that I can be had when it is delivered. Just this week alone has been a trying week. received a message on my phone.

    Hi Joycelyn, your package will arrive:
    Monday, October 1

    I called to have it ordered on Saturday, 10/6/2018. I live in an apartment. Leaving at the door is not an option. Too many people live near me. Anyone can walk by and take the merchandise. It happened, merchandise was stolen, because FED-X left the package at the door after being told numerous time not to do so.

    Here is how it went as follow: With Amazon

    Received an email the day the merchandise was to arrive, stating:

    “10/6/2018-Sorry, your package was lost in transit. Please contact Amazon for the next steps.

    ***10/6/2018-Spoke with Emon(CSR), Told me, Yes, the merchandise was lost by the Carrier. She transferred me to Likco(Logistic Rep) who told me again, merchandise was lost by the Carrier. and that since this was orders through a 3rd party, that I would have to re-order the items myself again. Also, she stated that she could REFUND the merchandise to my credit card or to a gift card, which I should receive in 1 to 2 hrs., if not 24 hrs, then I can make a purchase at Amazon. Total amount returned, including shipping and handling and taxes. amount 76.65.


    10/6/18, 10: 34 am- Spoke with Emon (CSR) and Likco(logistic Rep), about the 2nd order, was told, that the merchandise is on its way. That I should receive it. before the close of the day. Don’t know the time, but that it should be received. As I stated before, I was told that tracking no# TBA3011993703000, the carrier lost the package. Even thou, I was told on my phone it was on the way, and on the Amazon app. For tracking no# TBA3011993703000. This is the 2nd package to be received on Saturday 10/6/2018, as well. Tracking no# TBA304200078000. Emon (CSR) and Likco(logistic Rep) stated that the 2nd package was on the way. Because of “No Show” called again at 8:35 pm, 10/6/2018…spoke with Marco (CRS) and Christina(Logistic Rep) they said the same thing. Christina(Logistic Rep) stated that she will REFUND me the $7.72 shipping and handling for my inconvenience. She stated that the 2nd order will be delivered tomorrow. 10/7/2018. That she cannot give me an extracted time, but that it will be delivered. No Show.

    10/07/2018….3: 35 pm Spoke with James(Logistic Rep) he stated ****That the package was never scanned in. That it never made it to the Amazon station*** Therefore it never was on its way… He stated that it was on HOLD. I had already told them days ago, to deliver it on Saturday, 10/6/2018. Asked to speak with his (Logistic Supv.) Melinda, she verified the same thing, then stated that she was going to REFUND me my money of 47.25, plus a $15.00 promo bonus for shipping and handling.

    I asked her what is she going to do about the total incompetent of her employers. She stated that she was going to check into it. I asked her that this is not UPS or FED-X., that this is Amazon itself. why did it take me to speak to 3 CSR and 3 Logistic employers and finally, 1 Supervisor Melinda (herself), to find out that the package never made it to the Amazon station? This is unacceptable. This is the worse Customer Service I have ever experience. From the Customer Service Reps to the Carriers. She (Logistic Supv.) Melinda, advise me to speak to someone in Leadership the next time I order anything to be shipped from Amazon. So that they will keep an eye on it so that they can make sure it is delivered to me. Why should I have to contract a Supervisor every time? What are the other Reps are there for?

    You have good products. Your Company is growing and getting bigger, but is it better? You must ask yourself that question. Now that your company is growing, you cannot meet the demand for the products we are ordering. If this is the case, you need to hire more and better people. Listen to the complaints of your customers, don’t ignore them. Companies that do this. Eventually, another Company will take its place. Look at Sears and Bell South. They are not big like they once were. This just to name a few. You who are HEAD of your Company/CEO. The people you hirer, can either make you great or break you. Listen to our complaints. We are not happy with your service. Right now the service gets a grade of “F/U”- meaning Failing/Unsatisfactory. I don’t want to have to keep re-ordering the product you fail to deliver, I want it to be delivered right the first time!!!!! I should not have to receive numerous posting on my app that the merchandise is on the way. When I call CSR, Logistic Rep’s are stating that it on the way, but it is not on the way. I want good quality service. Is this too much to ask of you?????

    I have been ordering from you since 2014. If you would check, I have spent a lot of money on purchases with your company, to be treated in such a manner. No one should be treated like this. I appreciate the gift cards, for services not rendered but I prefer to have my order when you state a particular date and time I should receive it. Believe it or not. I still have confidence that Corporate will see this email and will review what is going on, and will fix this situation immediately. You can do it. I believe that you will.

    Thank you,

    Ms Joycelyn Dunn


    10/8/2018 – 12:33 am ..Check to see, if money was REFUNDED. They lied on me and said that I refused delivery. How am I going to refuse a delivery when It never came to me. I never saw it. I was told by James(Logistic Rep) and Melinda (Logistic Supv), that the merchandise never made it to the Amazon Station”. So how can I refuse a delivery that she stated that would have never gotten to me. See screenshot below….. Who in there right mind, would take the time to call these many times to find out where her package is. Only to refuse delivery. I made it very plain that I wanted the package. Melinda stated that I should have received the merchandise by now and that this should have long been cancelled. Instead of her saying she cancelled, she stated I cancelled, which was a lie. People will do anything to cover themselves. Tried to screenshot what she wrote. The system will not allow me to do so.

  26. someone got my facebook stuff and did bad stuff not im blocked form text and all of it i did not do it his name is robert underwood and plz stop him and fix my facebook plz thanks and ttyl

  27. It sad that I was training for two hours and then start work and something fell on the floor and I pick it up and Amazon and I lost my job and I have bill to pay sad sad

  28. The freaks at Amazon slandered me in an email and refuse to talk to me about it or apologize in any way. I canceled my prime membership and you should too. It’s just a matter of time before you will. These freaks don’t deserve to operate in America.

  29. Ordered same day shipping for 9 items. When the order didn’t get here I went to the website which said there was a delay and to contact Amazon Customer Service. So I tried the chat first. Spent 15 minutes getting disconnected by them twice and then being told essentially it’s late and they don’t know why or what’s going on with it and then said: “we hope you’ll order from us again”. Uh… huh? So I then tried calling and asking for a supervisor. I was literally told essentially the same thing, that it shows it was packaged for shipping and that was it but that I would get it the next day…. nope. So I try the chat optionagain, the same wait for 15 minutes with delays and disconnections and poor customer service. After the second disconnection, I am now angry. So the next person I get transfers me to “customer care” service team member who essentially tells me I can’t cancel it because it still shows it’s been packaged for shipping but there is still no tracking. They offer me absolutely nothing for all the frustration and the screw up on their part. They were actually pretty rude about it, essentially telling me it is what it is and I’ll get it when I get it and I can’t cancel it… even though it hasn’t yet been shipped. So after the 4th time dealing with absoutely horrible customer service that made it very clear to me they could care less whether or not I’ve been a Prime member for 7 years or not I decided I was done. I canceled our membership and will give my thousands of dollars that I spend yearly to someone else that will appreciate it and treat me like a valued customer. So today I finally get an email they are shipping the items, only 3 days later. I had the same delivery problem happen with Google Express today, the customer service experience with them was 100% positive (see link Amazon Prime is now canceled, order from this is being returned and guess who I will be doing future business with??

  30. Is this website authentic coming from the company Amazon:

    1. No. We had a look and this website is NOT an official Amazon entity. It is a standard marketing website, which intends to acquire you as a customer by signing you up for paid courses.

  31. My complaint is that Amazon treats its employees like garbage! I am permeability scared and damaged all because of Amazon’s bad choice to rush and open AFE department instead of getting the right parts. I am now forever damaged. I did sue and win one part of my case and thankfully Amazon is now responsible for paying my medical the rest of my life however all my time missed, my mandatory time off and pain and suffering is looking bad at this time. With one hired up telling me yes another telling me no and so on. No one is in the same book on anything. Amazon is just a bunch of greedy uncaring people. Humanity is going down fast. Thank you Jeff Bezos for making and allowing unsafe working conditions. Oh yea I have names of managers and smees plus dates and time down. I’m ready for this story to go full blown public!!!!!! Start to finish! Jeff you’re just to greedy!!!

  32. Hello Sir/Madam,

    This is to inform you that my wife (Alisha Arora) and I(Nimit Malik) worked for Amazon for 2 days at Delta BC Canada branch as a warehouse associate in Aug 2018. We were hired through a company called SMX MANAGEMENT. After our 2nd shift we realized that this not our cup of tea so, we quit. After few days I got an email from Mr Balraj Nijjar from the same location about our pay cheque that is ready to be collected. In response to that email, I went to the branch to collect both the paycheques. I got mine but for my wife they gave me a wired shitty reason and Balraj Nijjar also told me that if I will not receive my wife’s pay cheque on that Friday then you can contact us again.

    It been more than 2 months, we have tried calling those guys in their operating hours but no one picks up the call. We also walked in personally to talk to their HR team but again they gave us a time frame of one week in which we were supposed to get my wife’s pay cheque but again a big zero.

    It has been a pathetic experience working with Amazon and the staff doing nothing.It was a hassle for us to collect our money that we worked for.

    So, I am writing this email to you now hoping to have a good response from your side.

    [email protected]

  33. I tried to open an individual sellers account and got into the business account setup. According to Amazon Seller Support they cannot help me. If clearing browser cache and cookies does not work then I need to complete the business set up then go to settings and downgrade it. That sounds easy but alas not so and they want all kinds of personal info like a picture of your passport, and credit card or bank statement. Oh an you can’t talk to a seller center support individual they on deal in emails that you can’t respond to. So I guess I will go sell and but on another sit using amazon for my reading enjoyment only. I have been an Amazon customer since 1999. It is so sad that you get so big you forget what got you there. I will be sending a letter to the company.

  34. I’m very upset. For the second time my reviews are blocked! I’m told it was violation of community guidelines.the reasons followed:Elements of your account indicate a relationship to sellers,publishers,and other reviews of the products you review.(THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!) your reviews were posted in exchange for compensation,such. As gift cards to purchase the product,product refunds,review swaps ,or free or discounted products(THIS IS NOT TRUE AT ALL!) you requested free or discounted products in exchange for reviews(THIS ALSO IS AN UNTRUTH) I really don’t know who did this to me,but it’s upsetting since I HAVENT DONE ANY OF THIS,

  35. My son purchased and Apple Watch from a company named Neotail. Received the watch and it did not work. Returned it to Neotail and they said it was linked to his ITunes account and that it needed to be deactivated to unlock it. He did that and has no watch attached to his account other than the new one he purchased from Apple store. After several emails with Neotail they continue to say watch is locked due to it being attached to my sons account that it was unable to be returned as a result of being locked. So 1 it isn’t attached to my sons account 2. Where is the watch not I’m my possession…never received the watch back or and email to explain again that the watch is linked to my sons account which it isn’t. 3 have made 5-6 calls to Amazon customer service who tell me an A-Z Claim needs to be filed and that they would do it but GUESS WHAT the previous 2-3 representatives have not filed it. 4 Thought Amazon stood behind their merchandise. This company really sucks and does not stand behind a product.

  36. Dear Towana, Amazon Corp., (Amazon gift cards frauds)

    This is concerning my finding out that Amazon Corp. is allowing, condoning, and protecting these criminal ‘female scammers’ named or called Sarah Brown, #1; Julianna Gilbert, aka Maria Doroshina, #2; Karen Brown, #3; Torri Robert, #4; and Elizabeth Jackson, #5;
    See pictures as numbered.

    I have filed my criminal complaints with the N.Y. PD,

    Federal Agencies are now looking into those $5,000 of fraudulent persons who got Amazon and iTunes cards over 9 months, purchased by a crime-victim, Rosario “Ross” Fiorani. We spoke Towana on the 27 June, while I was in California, after being criminally scammed and defrauded by, at this time in October, 5 females, pictures enclosed with names used at that time.
    Veronica, from Apple’s Frauds Division, iTunes cards Security is working with Federal and State’s Attorney Generals to criminally prosecute all those persons who fraudulently deceived, and deceptively took by corrupt means and intent, those 100s of cards for illegal purposes, activities.
    Pursuant to Federal Codes and Laws, (updated) 2017,
    “Any Company, Corp., and business is to full refund, compensate, or indemnify crime victims for losses incurred by others in the commission of a crime.”

    Please do what you can for me to refund me for the fraudulent intent of those 4 criminals who defrauded me out of about $10,000 in total gift card purchases.

    Thank you.

    Rosario A Fiorani
    xxxx Latour Court
    Kingstowne, VA. 22315
    (571) 218-xxxc

  37. customer service stinks, been on phone over 3 hours can’t figure out problem spoke to 5 people, none in the right department as that department refuses to take a call so it’s like playing telephone and being pu on hold 10 minutes at a time then another question tehy keep trying to blame my computer !

  38. I have dealt with your customer care dept 2 times regarding my packages that USPS marked as undeliverable yesterday. There was absolutely no reason that my items shouldn’t of arrived. I do not live in a gated community that requires codes to get in. All the carrier had to do was open an unlocked gate and climb a flight of stairs to deliver my items.
    You customer care Supervisor then slapped me in the face by offering a $5 amazon card. I’m a Prime member that orders at least $200 – $300 every few weeks on items. If I wanted piss poor customer service I would go to Walmart.
    I ordered my items with a guaranteed delivery date. The definition of guaranteed is a formal promise or assurance (typically in writing) that certain conditions will be fulfilled.

  39. False advertisement. Placed an order for Amazon Echo 2d generation, was supposed to receive 2 smart plugs, however, I only receive 1/smart plug. Have been trying to get the other plug sent, based on the TV marketing advertisement. Why would Amazon/QVC advertise this product with 2 smart plugs and not fullfill it’s promise?
    Zachary Scott (334-324-xxxxx)

  40. Your delivery boy not delivered my product and yout team refund my product without my permission and they are not helping me . My order num is # 17173846989537920 please deliver my product same price because it’s not my default that is your responsibility i have already face 2,3 time same problems.

  41. I have tried many times to stop email advertising that Amazon continues to overpower me with. I have cancelled my Amazon account and will never do business with them again. STOP!!!

  42. my account has been compromised and it’s going to take me to days or more to figure out what’s been charged and I have no access unbelievable

  43. I work for amazon my purse was stolen from my amazon van I was told they didn’t have cameras my life has been altered and no one cars I spoke with at least 7 ambassadors that work for them as well as my team of supervisors no one cares I have been without my medication for a week no one cares I have been told by my they don’t have a legal department telephone number
    I have no Identidication I have nothing and no one cares
    No one!!

  44. Just found out that Amazon has technology that tracks people. Amazon wants ICE to buy this a this technology. I will absolutely stop buying from Amazon . Very upsetting. Use your money to help people not track people.

  45. Order# 404-3817765-3826721 someone order one product from my phone order# 404-3817765-3826721 i orderd by mistake now i am requesting for refund but they are not accepting plz help me sir it’s very important for bcz i dont have money someone do by mistake its my requesting sir…..

  46. I sent a message to know how to contact the persons that acquire books, I discovered two months ago that you have one of my books and I wish you could see the other two. Can you help me with that?

  47. My issue is concerning an individual that advertises to hire drivers for Amazon. He places ads on Craigslist, stating what time to show up at his office, but he is not there. I drove many miles and was on time. He was not there and when I asked others business owners in the same building about him, they said he’s frequently not there. There is only a locked door. I found out his email address and contacted him, but he never got back to me. At the prices for gas in CA, it’s extremely frustrating to drive from Burbank all the way to Rosemead and not have the person being there. It’s unprofessional and he represents Amazon. I should have his job as I am more professional than that. Hi name is David. His email is [email protected] The address is 11100 Valley Blvd. Ste. 340 Office #1 Rosemead, CA 91731

  48. I am a prime member and ordered something that was to be delivered by 11/2/2018, I have not received by package. What is the use of having prime for GUARANTEED delivery if this doesn’t happen. Your policy states that if delivery isn’t met in the time specified, then the delivery charge is credited, well there was no delivery charge – NOW WHAT. Please cancel my account if your guarantee is not going toor can be honored.

  49. I love to use Amazon…I use it practically daily. However, I want to take my credit card number off the list! Recently another department of Amazon….book sellers who store unsold books…used this same card number and charged me for book storage…over $100…without authorization! I have tried to tell this department to toss the books…I do not want storage..and I do not want to pay for it. I have told them to cancel storage for over 2 years! They located my card number and used it without authorization. My bank replaced the money to me….and said that this is a form of fraud . Of course, it is…..I think you are wonderful in every other area.. just thought you should know. I need to be able to remove my card number but, I am unable to remove it. How do I do this?
    Dr.Sharon Yoder, [email protected] 11/4/2018

  50. I have been trying to contact Amazon HR to apply for on line work. I am constantly re-directed to a headhunter who wants to find me a job. I have erased cookies etc. and tried several times. I think Amazon is a great company and would like to work for them. Could you please send me a link to apply directly to Amazon corporate offices I have been trying to contact Amazon HR to apply for on line employment. Thank you

  51. Hi my name is Cassaundra McNeil, I am an employee at you Salt Lake City fulfillment center in Utah. I am a little concerned as to why I didn’t receive VTO for leaving and hour early yesterday for voting?? They actually took from my UPT instead?! Please inform me if I was suppose to get VTO for going to vote?? Thank you.

  52. I was notified that Amazon will no longer support my selected charity “Life Decisions International.” I am sad that Amazon prefers aborting babies instead of saving them! Therefore I will no longer use Amazon’s services. – Sincerely, Mrs. J. Harkay

  53. I have been applying with Amazon for over a month now and even though I have your direct application line somehow I am getting headhunters calling me representing Amazon. Please explain and if you do have on line employment for people who live in St. Louis Missouri please

  54. I have been waiting for my package since Monday they keep messing up in my delivery they have treated me horrible with customer service and they don’t help me out at all I am frustrated and mad very disappointed with amazon there delivery is one of the best and I am having a bad experience this is so unbelievable you guys must take action right away I haven’t had anyone help me right. Take note I still have not received my package and for sure I will not receive it today.

  55. Amazon Prime is the worst company to buy anything through because they do not know where my order is and when I call customer service all they did was transferred my call to different department and say they have nothing they can do you will get when you get it . That not there problem that my ideal has not been shipped . So they took my money I do not have any product that I have order I would not recommends anybody to use amazing prime.I did not revieve a email or anything

  56. Three phone calls to resolve one issue, this has to be a joke. All I needed was a return label after being told you would not issue a price adjustment when not even 3 days of receipt of item. I am suppose to return just to repurchase, seriously. So I will return but not re purchase from you.

  57. Please have someone to contact me I return a item and never received my refund. Urgent waiting to purchase other item until refund cleared. Thank You!

  58. This past week I tried to sign into my account and could not. I learned that my account was closed and that the $252.00 balance was gone. When I called customer service they advised that there was unauthorized activity in my account and that someone would call me back in 24 to 48 hrs. Well, it has been a roller coaster ride trying to get back the money which was taken out. Everytime I call customer service I have to start over with the explanation. Essentially. Amazon reset my account and re-opened it but they “sanitized” the money which was previously there is what I have been told. Now, you would think that they would credit the money back, but they have not. There is no reference number which they assign to follow up on the complaints that they get, there is absolutely no follow through, and quite frankly I feel like I am in the twilight zone. My plan is to take the information I have and send it to the local newspaper to see if they can do a story and get some answers for me. I find it very frustrating to learn that the accountability is nil with this company.

  59. This past week I learned that my account with Amazon was closed without my knowledge. When I called customer service, they told me that there was unauthorized activity in my account and that it was being investigated. There was a balance of $252.00. I received an email the following day advising my account was re-established and when I checked the balance, the money was gone. Since that time it has been an absolute nightmare trying to get any sort of consistency in following up. I have been told that when they reset my account, they “sanitized” it, taking the money as well. When I look into my history of purchases they have charged me 4 times, yes 4 times for the same merchandise and brought m balance down to $29.00. Now you would think that one call would straighten this out. No, there is no accountability. I have been passed through 3 different supervisors, I have all of the documentation. If someone has an idea on how to contact head office please advise me. Short of going to the newspapers which I am prepared to do since they have taken the money and are refusing to replace it, I am at a loss for what to do. I would be interested in hearing any suggestions.

  60. If you call headquarters they screen you out. Headquarters gives you a PO Box and refuses to provide any meaningful contact info for any department.

  61. I went into one your Whole Foods stores in Vegas for a sandwich since I thought they’d have an above average sandwich. It was garbage. A few pathetic slices of cheese that were overwhelmed by the lettuce and tomato and a few very thin slices of meat that had no flavor. All for 8 bucks. Aren’t you guys making enough, that you’ve become RIP off artists? Oh an your special cola should be called Not For Normal People Cola. Who do you test this stuff on? Inmates on death row? You need to have an isle called Garbage Alley where you sell Dorito’s etc. but you could charge 5 bucks a bag to make yourselves feel good.

  62. Hi

    First time in years that I have been shopping with amazon India today I felt extremely disappointed with the service from the call centre. Its evident that either you have lowered your standards of recruitment or you have outsourced the job.

    The quality of supervisor or even an manager was nothing more than any outbound bfsi sales call. Don’t care about you and have only their scripts to read out. The communication skills.. Comprehension.. Vocabulary was lower than a primary school student.

    First time every I was told or informed about policies and procedures than how amazon can help me out. I spoke to 6 different people and not 1 exhibited any empathy or concern about the issue instead rubbed the polices in my face.

    I was enlighted by an manager that the word Stupid is defined as profanity, when I used it to address the polices. I never used it or directed it to any individual. While the level and attitude was so cold that it pissed me off further and during the conversation I used the word bloody (again not directed to any individual) and the call center person read a script which accused me of abusing/using profanity and unprofessional language and hung up. Let alone that he was the one to bring the best out of me. I was also educated by an executive named Aman ‘asking for his complete name I. E his first and last name was me asking for his personal information…. I was like really how is surname personal information its actually public information. People who know you know it. All your colleagues know it. What is it that I am missing here.
    Not sure where and who will read this and if there is anything that amazon is willing to do about it. Amazon India I have lost hopes. If you dont fix this you are definitely losing me as a customer and not sure how many more.

    Sadly I must say amazon India behaved worst than any domestic ecommerce site. I have been extremely happy with amazon till this evening but the last interaction has really left a bitter taste. Never ever I imagined that you will Lower your standards to this level.

    Janhavi Bhosale

    Please do not remove the following ID, we are using it to help us debug problems: e20454d747xxxxxx. Sincerely, the Amazon Mobile Shopping Team.

    Get Outlook for Android

  63. I have spent almost a month trying to be refunded. My order number is 111-4992750-2448265. I ordered a camera bundle and the only thing that was received was a cleaning kit. I have made several attempts to get this resolved and still keep getting denials. The reason, they say it was signed for….yes, my 82 year old father signed for the FedEx delivery which was a 5x5x5 inch envelope. I would appreciate a refund and an explanation as to how the camera, the lenses, the bag, and accessories were in a 5x5x5 inch envelope.

  64. I recently received a two products and I am highly dissatisfied with these because they are poorly advertised and now I have to break them down and get boxes so I can get my refund back. I don’t feel I should have to do all of this because of the misinformation that was given. I’m thinking of cancelling my Prime.

  65. I was delivered 248$ worth of damaged gifts in pouring rain all day w holes in boxes they refunded it then I out big order in seen they charged both my bank cards on file for same items multiple times messing both banks up finally I got both banks refunded except 20.05 mixer and 50.00 offered to me total 70.05 by supervisor on chat yesterday it never post never got email I’m tired repeating being lied to I need my 70.05 applied Amazon credit as told plz. If not I’m done shopping and I’m one of your top customers went thru nightmare talking 2 banks and Amazon getting unauthorized multiple same orders charged 2 banks was awful I cried my baby cried cuz I did I need 70.05 I act believe owed more since y’allade such huge mistakes I’m both banks I’m embarrassed and it was hours hours talking all 3 companies now it’s fixed but I was offered test 70.05 mixer never refunded 50 for all amazon’s mistakes thru my bank Natasha chambly stronghawk. Onefire @gmail. Com

  66. Not happy with the Amazon prime that I pay for every time I order anything it comes through the mail and it takes 5 days not two day and than I have to go to the post office to pick it up what is going on with them I will not be renewing next year after having it for 6 or more years I order the same thing from and got it faster then my prime order???????

  67. After several email ainformed that there was no account under my email address. I received the following message:
    On November 16, 2018 at 2:38 PM “ Customer Service” wrote: Hello, I reviewed your email and I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble signing in to your account, To help you with this, I would love to help you with password reset however the e-mail address you contact…
    This was my final email. No one has yet had the decency to answer.
    Re: A Message from Amazon Customer Service
    Art Wetzel
    I then spent one hour on the phone. The woman with whom I spoke continually asked me for my email which she then repeated. After one hour I hung up
    This was my final attempt but to no avail. One final question. If you claim you can’t find my account explain the follow communications I received from Amazon?

    Your order of “Lefun Wireless IP Security…”.

    Order Confirmation

  68. I’ve been a customer with Amazon for some years now. There was a problem with a refund AMAZON sent my but the refund was more the the purchase amount to have my product repaired. Instead of my bank declining the refund they put my card on hold. I can not use my account until Amazon pulls back the funds from their banks processor. No one in Amazon knows what that is. I have no money because it’s in my account which is on hold until funds are removed from Amazon. I’m so angry. I emailed a Mr. Benzo. He’s someone big in Amazon corporate office. Got an email back from his assistance with a bunch of confusing mess. After I get all this cleared up I’m leaving my bank and may never order from Amazon again.

  69. Thanks to your founder, Jeff Bezos, for his donation to Catholic Charities. I have only made a single purchase on Amazon when I was teaching at DePaul University. The DePaul President, a Catholic Priest, responded to a request from a mission driven graduate who took a job at an inner City school as a band director only to find the school had almost no band instruments. The student contacted Father Dennis who put forward a request to faculty in support of the students mission driven cause. The student had created an Amazon account. Faculty could purchase band instruments for the DePaul graduate’s school through Amazon. Father Dennis was a mission driven leader, and apparently so was the student. I was thankful to support that great cause. Thanks for your part in doing this good work too.

  70. I book online dremez mattress on 20.oct 2018_Amazon , committee me delivery on 16 November my given address. But Amazon not provide me , my given order at my address til up to now. I every day complain by phone, and he assured me every day & every time you wait 24hrs. But no body take a nassery action by Amazon. Why……?

  71. My self MANOJ KUMAR SUMAN ,I book one Dremez Ortho mattress by online on 29 October 2018, Amazon promised me delivery my address up to 16. November 2018, but Amazon is not delivered at my address given order. Why……?

  72. To whom it may concern,
    I have been an Amazon prime customer for quite some time. Never before have I had issues receiving items I’ve ordered until Amazon switched to Amazon Logistics for shipping. I have had a few orders that had a “carrier delay.” When I would call to get information on it i was always told the orders would show up the day after they were supposed to. They never showed up so I would get a free month of prime. I honestly get stressed out when I order items off of Amazon because I never know if the items will actually show up. As a prime member I look forward to the benefits but why am I paying for something that I’m not getting the benefits from? I’m beyond frustrated. Amazon is a multi million dollar company. I would think if there have been numerous complaints from customers regarding Amazon Logistics that it would be looked into. Amazon Logistics is horrible! I have better luck shopping on other websites because I always get the items I order. If I ordered something from Australia I would receive it before I would receive my order from Amazon. What’s the problem?!?! I seriously hope this issue is looked into. I know I’m not the first person to complain about Amazon Logistics. Maybe you should start listening to your customers before you lose them all.

    Jolene Pedrani

  73. Amazon. Sent me the wrong bed. Nothing even similar!!! When I called about it, Jimlise was rude and made it clear I was a problem for complaining and needing the correct product ASAP because I have company coming from 3000 miles one way here. I asked for supervisor and got Jeramey (who actually did not know how to spell his own name) who ALSO was rude and made it clear complaining was my problem and that I needed to be happy w whatever HE decides AND when I asked for the name of his supervisor, he let me know real quick he did not have one!!!! My response to that was “EVERYBODY HAS A SUPERVISOR INCLUDING GOD…HER NAME IS MARY!!!” So now u all know of a person who has no supervisor. I still had to pay the handyman (whom I had to spend a lot of time arranging to sinc our schedules, who came here AND pay the people who moved the furniture (now I can’t get to ANYTHING in that room). I’m 70 yrs old, disabled, female, Viet Nam veteran who has spent unnecessary time and money (because, AMAZON has gotten so big, customers no longer matter) totally unnecessary work done and money spent ( AND will have additional expenses of the huge hotel bill I have to pay for my company to sleep, eat, car rental since I do not have the trundle bed for them to sleep in and my company will be upset for inconveniencing me [they do have manners]), not to mention the expense AND time. Amazon won’t dare put this on their product review site, but, that’s ok because I’m putting it everywhere else I possibly can. I do plan to call Amazon corporate office in am but they won’t help either BECAUSE Amazon has become MORALLY BANKRUPT!!!!!
    (I dont do email.) I DARE Amazon to “man (or woman) up” and some balls and “fix” this situation like they used to before they became MORALLY BANKRUPT !!!!

  74. I contacted your customer service three times in the past month regarding a driver who back into our front yard about 15 feet and peeled out leaving tire marks. She wasn’t even delivering to my house, she was delivery to the street behind me. I have it all on video. However, I have talked at great length with Deidre L and Melissa in the Escalations Department and gotten nowhere. Never received the emails or return calls they promised and no help at all. Now, I am going to the news and the police with the evidence.

  75. I tried applying a gift card to my account. After several attempts Amazon locked my account. I’ve emailed them my identity info (which bank statement has on it info of a gift card??!!) but still no response!

  76. I order two simple items and paid for express delivery! The package was not able to be delivered! I expect a same day attempt to deliver and that did not happen so I called customer service to provide special instructions for my package!

    There was no second attempt that day! There was no phone call! I get an email at 3am the morning notifying me my package was NOT able to be delivered! You attempted to deliver a package at 3am after I gave you special instructions? There was no attempt to deliver! It has been three days since the package was to be delivered! Why did I pay for the extra shipping if I have to wait a week? Why did you try to deliver and notify me at 3am?

    I could not be more angry than I am right now!

    The customer service person advised the beat they can do is try again in the morning! This is not satisfactory!

  77. I have 3 orders missing totaling $131.31. They do not show up under my orders. Getting ready to call customer service to see if they can find them.

  78. I am very unhappy and dissatisfied with Amazon. I have tried speaking with your customer service staff to resolve my issues and possibly assist me with my prior order. However, the results have bee negative. I am an Amazon Prime Member who deserves speak to someone who is going to listen to my issue/complaint and assist with problem solving. I may be contacted on or 202.290.xxxx

  79. I have been on the phone for 45 minutes, with no resolution by your customer service. Of that 45 minutes, probably 30 has been on hold. Not one of your people could answer my questions and when I asked for a supervisor I was told the person I was speaking with was the highest level there. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE


  81. Product not deliver on my address.Tracking I’d show product deliver.This mater is 18 Nov 2018.
    1- Deliver boy contact number not display on tracking I’d
    2- Not call me amozon and deliver boy in my contact number you can check details.
    3- I have no receive any phone and signature can u check it.

  82. You are subbing out deliveries and they are leaving packages all over our property outside of office door and by mailbox compartments. they are not delivering packages properly to customers.

    We do not have a package room all deliveries must be delivered door to door. We have over 900 units here and cannot accept packages here in the leasing office.

    They simply leave them in random areas of the property.

    Gateways Apartments
    Randolph NJ

  83. I have had trouble with the amazon app. I get messages that say try again later, send for a code to reset password and others. I have contacted customer service at least 10 times in the last 2 to 3weeks but no help. Reps have said they would call me back but no return calls. I have spent hours on the phone with amazon. I have also talked to apple and they believe it is an amazon problem. They had me try several things. Your tech support is very lacking. Please help.

  84. I live in Pennsylvania had a blond delivery driver delivered my package I could tell she was high out of her mind this isnt rite allowing this to happen crazy thing is she told me her name and showed me her id jessica sturges I hope you get fired you could have sprayed yourself with something

  85. Here’s an actual chat transcript from this morning. I have, in fact, already filed a complaint with the FTC.

    “Me:Why did I not receive the full refund amount? I have proof that is the amount i was supposed to receive.
    You are now connected to Kumar from
    Kumar:Hello, my name is Kumar. I’m here to help you today.
    Me:Great, where’s the rest of my refund?
    Refund Total $98.54
    I did not receive this amount on my gift card.
    Kumar:I’m sorry about the problem you had with your refund.
    Me:Order# 111-7399182-4713023
    Kumar:May I place you on hold for 2 to 3 minutes while I check this for you ?
    Kumar:Thanks for waiting patiently
    You do not receive a refund for any promotional discounts or coupons that were applied to an order.
    Me:What does that have to do with the refund amount listed which I should have received.
    Do you understand the issue?
    I was told I was receiving 98.54 which is the amount I paid.
    So again, WHERE is my money?
    Kumar:I’m really sorry Hackett, your refund of $98.54 added to your gift card balance on December 5, 2018\
    Me:but it was not, that’s the problem
    I see no evidence I received 98.54
    Kumar:Let me explain
    Me:Good luck
    I PAID 98.54 AFTER the coupon, not before.
    Perhaps you should get a supervisor involved.
    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal: $99.99
    Shipping & Handling: $0.00
    Your Coupon Savings: -$10.00
    Total before tax: $89.99
    Estimated tax to be collected: $8.55
    Gift Card Amount: -$98.54
    Grand Total: $0.00
    Refund Total $98.54
    Kumar:As I said, we’ve issued refund of $98.54 to your gift card, and your funds were applied for the below items
    Me:Item price AFTER coupon was 89.99 plus tax
    Kumar:Blackkklansman—Amazon Video
    The Land Before Time
    PJ Masks Super Moon Rovers Catboy, Blue
    Me:I never authorized the use of my gift card for those items!
    I have a debit card.
    Why would you charge the gift card by default?
    Kumar:Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to your next eligible order. If you don’t wish to use your gift card balance, you’ll see an option to choose whether you’d like to “Use your Gift Card or Promotional Balance” on the “Select a payment method” page. Any unused gift card balance will remain in your account until it’s applied to an order. This option is not available for 1-click orders.
    While placing an order for those items you forgot to uncheck the option.
    Me:At no time did I see this “option.” You need to fix your website to make it obvious. I shouldn’t have to uncheck anything. Sounds like I need to get the FTC involved.
    Do you know what the FTC is Kumar?
    Kumar:Yes, I know Hackett.
    Me:Just be sure to pass on the fact I’ll be filing the complaint with them. and watch yourself
    I’ll be sure to include your smartass comments in my complaint. Let’s see how the corporate office likes that.”

  86. Have been trying for a LONG time now to find Iwantani combo of torch, stand & butane recommended by Caren Goodrich pour painting website. Can’t find it. Want it. What happened? Her website’s very popular. I can’t be the only one having this problem. Help please.

  87. P.S. You received this message because received the following

    Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2018 10:13:33 -0800
    From: Jeras-Kodac Chamoru671
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Re: Your Amazon Candidacy has been withdrawn


    On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 9:44 AM Recruiting Ops

    > Hello Vera,
    > Long time no talk! This email is to inform you that your submission for
    > Seasonal Sortation Associate has been withdrawn since we haven’t heard from
    > you in a while. If the position is no longer posted on our website, it
    > means that we are currently not hiring for the position and you will not be
    > able to reinstate your submission. Instead, you will need to check for
    > future job postings and apply again.
    > Thank you,
    > Amazon Staffing Team
    > Replies to this email are undeliverable. Please do not reply.

  88. I was browsing for life like dolls for my 4 year old granddaughter and this was on the search….. Seriously ??
    (link removed)
    I’m am a frequent customer on Amazon… this is just terrible…

  89. I will like to speak with someone who deals with outsourcing work for amazon. I am a business development officer at our company Qualishore. We are a business process outsourcing provider, who offers call answering, data processing, customer service and other outsourcing options that help companies like yourself maximize the use of their limited resources, improve efficiency, and the quality of service they render to their customers.

    Can you recommend me to the best person who you think I should speak to?

  90. 1. When I make an order, it should be listed on my account. 2. When I check my Credit Card, Amazon should not change the order to Amazon’s Credit Card. 3. When I email Amazon and the company that makes the product. They should both respond on a timely manner. 4. I’m writing to both the headquarters and Card Member Services, where I’m asked to make payment.

  91. I cannot paid my new account bill anywher was on 3 different numbers and noone can give me my balance nor let me pay the bill over the phone or address to mail you a check i will be unavailable until the 17-18th of this

  92. I have now waited 24 hours for a response from Amazon for not canceling my account last month like discussed. Instead they sent me another bill this month and turned it in on my credit. I called customer service and was given zero help last night. I told the manager “Mary Victoria” that I would be filing in small claims court Monday morning and I promise I will. I watch and take my credit very seriously and am not going to pay for your companies mistake. I also explained to the manager that I would wait 24 hours to be contacted back or I would be making a claim with the BBB. Since Amazon didn’t find the time to contact me back I am now filing with the BBB. I will be filing in small claims court first thing Monday morning. I also will be contacting my lawyer tonight to see if I have a stand to sue your company for everything I possibly can. Amazon obviously doesn’t care about my concerns or credit. Let’s see what the courts have to say.

  93. I’m not sure who you all contract in Maryland to deliver my package 📦 but they are just dropping my packages off on my porch and do not ring the door bell. This is the fourth time this has happened and it’s a car in the drive way someone is always home. And with it being Christmas I’m scared someone will take them. Please contact your dalivery carrier in Temple Hills to ring the Door Bell. Thank you

  94. My sister ordered an Urn for husbands cremated ashes. You sent the Urn with someone elses name engraved on it. She is a Prime customer and was told by you that “another distributor sent that…you can call them” This is not acceptable…i personally will bad mouth YOU till the day I die….AMAZON YOU ARE HORRIBLE

  95. Hello my name is destiny Keis and I have a server complaint about the campbellville amazon its about the points I was off for a bad weather day cause I live in another county the roads were bad and I’m going to the Dr today and they pointed me for no reason and I’m very pissed about it and how they are doing everybody feel free to call me at home 606787xxxx or 606706xxxx thank u

  96. Why offer VET, when A person. sign up to work,after they work then there hours are taken away. And its so sad to be separated from friends and told you are not allowed to talk while working. Amazon @ Hanover

  97. I,ve noticed a substantial decrease in customer . And problems with with my premiere account on deliveries .getting excuses on two days delivery service and lost unaccountability. Was a member for several years , this year the absolute worst . Can not renew this year. Any item listed as prime should be delivered without exception in two days ,especially when the order is placed earily mornning. What are my paying for??? Have a business to run. . 3 times this week , no accountability!

  98. Amazon some how order 3 of the same things and charged my account when I called them they said they couldn’t give my money back. It’s Christmas and I’m so angry right now

  99. To the executive of delivery plans. Your use of individuals for delivery is cake. I was CEO of Mountain States Postal Corp which was a delivery company. Clients consisted of Casa Bonita, Columbia Saving, RH Donnelly and more. We were also an add agency. There is an easy way to map the entire metro area. We had 40,000 route maps. I still have copies. 300 part-time carriers. Our deliveries had to be made in 2 days every week. Our trucks would drop off the exact number of packages all night long to managers homes. The carriers under them had the perfect route maps. This was maybe 25 years ago. It was cake to deliver 250,000 or more cereal box samples in two days. I can show you how to map the whole city with the most efficient routes. Some carriers might run multiple routes. All this work is already done, right now. I also did a test for the City of Thornton and delivered 1st class mail (once to prove it). We were able to deliver their letters for half the price of the post office and still make a 100% margin. I did the same with a small classified ads newspaper and ran routes to all 7-11’s. The project was bought out by a similar Cincinnati firm. Maybe you have already created routes for drivers? You don’t need GPS. I could do the same thing in every city in America because the maps are already done. Maybe you have drivers come to you for their loads. We simply had drivers come to distribution points all over the city. Still mapping routes in a logically delivery path is paramount. No backtracking. Just A to Z. I sort of did the same for Wal-Marts and big box stores for over 20 years, by creating a network of home manufacturing centers, picking up finished product for UPS shipping. AAFES here and overseas was a bit more complicated. If you have already mapped every city into efficient routes you don’t need my knowledge.

  100. Hi I was a amazon employee at HOU2 who was wrongfully terminated of allegations I did not do. If any more questions or concern please contact me email or call (832)832-896-xxxx thank you.

  101. I have tried to no avail ordering a cellphone case with screen protector and I’ve received duplicate items that weren’t what they were perceived to be. No one has tried to rectify my frustration and waste of my time with Amazon.

  102. Complaint for sure. I want someone to respond to my attempts to send back duplicate items, refund, and send me what items I want!

  103. Hello,
    Here’s a copy of the chat transcript you requested:
    Initial Question: I would like an immediate refund on these two items. I thought they have printed versions and not some bullshit electronic crap.
    ORDER # D01-4722413-1254660
    ORDER # D01-8316362-5021019
    05:50 AM PST Akash Ganga(Amazon): Hello, my name is Akash Ganga. I’m here to help you today.
    I understand, you are requesting a refund for the orders.
    Please allow me a moment to review once.

    05:52 AM PST Edmond Rivera: I removed these from my shopping cart immediately after I noticed they are “e-books”. I need an immediate
    05:52 AM PST Akash Ganga: Could you please stay connected for a minute or two while I research this for you?

    05:55 AM PST Akash Ganga: It is taking more than usual, please stay connected.

    05:56 AM PST Edmond Rivera: My apologies. Checking bank account at the same time to see when I was charged for these.
    05:57 AM PST Akash Ganga: since the purchase are past the 7 day window, we’ll issue the refunds and cancel the order as an exception
    I’ve requested a refund for you.
    Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    05:58 AM PST Akash Ganga: Are we connected?
    05:59 AM PST Edmond Rivera: Thank you. Although the purchases are not more than 7 days old. The charge did not appear until yesterday, the 30th of December.
    06:00 AM PST Akash Ganga: I understand, I an see the Order Placed: Tuesday, December 4, 2018 8:41 PM (PST)

    06:01 AM PST Akash Ganga: the charge was declined by the bank on Monday, December 10, 2018, Hence we re-initiated the charge and you were charged on Sunday, December 30, 2018
    5:34:46 AM PST

    06:01 AM PST Edmond Rivera: If I had placed the order on the 4th the charge should have shown up within 24 hours and I could have taken care of it then. charging me 26 days later is not acceptable. I will be checking for the refund.
    06:03 AM PST Akash Ganga: sure! The charge was declined twice on Wednesday, December 5, 2018
    2:42:04 AM PST and on Monday, December 10, 2018
    2:42:00 AM PST
    06:03 AM PST Edmond Rivera: Never take liberties with someones bank account. If the charge was declined then leave it at that and contact the customer. Recharging a person without their knowledge is theft. Immediate refund please.
    06:03 AM PST Akash Ganga: I have requested a refund, you will see the funds soon.
    Is there anything else I can assist you with?

    06:04 AM PST Edmond Rivera: Two declined charges and Amazon kept trying without my knowledge??
    06:05 AM PST Edmond Rivera: That action is illegal and unacceptable. I will wait 24 hours for the refund. It it is not received by then I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission.

    Thank you.

  104. Worst phone experience of my life !!!
    Have a return of a 70 lb package, came totally broken with multiple holes in box. Called on dec 28th and was told UPS would pickup next business day which was Monday the 31st. No UPS. Call amazon today phone center person tells me will be picked up sometime before feb 12th. So tell me do I sit at home all day to wait for UPS to pick up my damaged package until feb 12 th ?? The replacement is being delivered by UPS today, why can’t they take it back ?? Because you don’t care because it is a pass thru transaction where you get credit for the revenue twice and don’t do a damn thing except facilitate the transaction. That’s why your revenue grows exponentially but your profits suck. Maybe Wall Street will wake up and figure your model out and price your stock accordingly. When you have CSRs that can hardly be understood because your phone centers are off shore and then tell u they can’t help me and hang up then I think I should just hang up on your service. Keep up the frustration with your customer base and u will erode your base.

  105. I am very upset and appalled at the way Amazon treats its customers. I ordered a unicorn women sheepskin flying brown with cream fur air force aviator LEATHER coat. I received a black FAKE LEATHER coat with white fur. I have been in contact with Amazon customer service every other day with no results. They are acting like I am the one who is trying to defraud them when it is the seller. I sent the coat back so now I am making payments on a product that I don’t have. Amazon plays with their customers as filing A to Z claims are a joke. I have filed several and being told by Randall that I have to wait for an investigation. I am contacting the BBB today. THANKS A LOT AMAZON.

  106. I’m fed up they keep locking me out of every Amazon account I make I gave them what they asked for and I talked to the bank and they are still not satisfied I have had enough!

  107. There was a lot of fraud on my credit card (about $4,000 in amounts of $15-18), mostly from Amazon. I was told by Amazon that “somebody” had gotten my account info but Amazon had “stopped it.” Therefore, I think that Amazon knew but did not tell me–my bank didn’t spot it either because the fraudulent purchases were so small.

  108. I bought printer deskjet ink 3835 but wrong CD- 3830 & bottom slip 3838 print , not install but I am not service in the Amazon with mine cheating 100% not satisfied, with Amazon,

  109. Amazon Italy issued me a Prime membership without my knowledge and took a payment without my consent. After a series of emails of complaint, I was told that I was being issued a refund. No refund came and on enquiring, I was told that there was to be no refund after all.
    Is this what Amazon stands for? Should I call in my Consumer Support Association?

  110. I have a folder on My computer with about 25 files and each file is a video clip from my front door security camera showing Amazon employees throwing packages at my door or up a flight of stairs. The main issue I am having with Amazon is that their drivers leave packages at my door and they don’t even ring the door bell so in the mentioned folder I have so many recordings of Amazon drivers leaving the packages at my door and then you see someone come up and steal the packages. I keep telling them to stop leaving the fucking packages at my door but they still do and I have lost so much money because amazon will not take responsibility for this. My next step is to take them to small claims court.

  111. Have issue with my 2nd gen fire tv not working contacted them they sent me a refurbished 1 didn’t work I sent it back now I’m playing a waiting game till they get around to send it back ,plus I told them that was my only tv service to watch tv.

  112. My entire video library is now gone. Spent a lot of money on this customer service no help 5 diff reps said theu would call me back amd no one called back and im out of all my movies
    Your customer reps are bad you never say youll all back and dont. I want to be compinsated for this

  113. Hi My name is Faye R Brown , I saw a news report about amazon will drop customers who return a lot of items back to you. Is that true.? And if so how do customers control damage items that sent to them. Faye

  114. To whom it may concern this complaint is against Amazon customer service I bought three items totaling over $800 neither of the items are correct nor are the descriptions correct I had a Harley mechanic put the pieces on my bike that don’t fit correctly had to pay them to take them off now Amazon does not want to take their products back that don’t work correctly I’m fixing to call Channel 8 on on your side News Channel to complain about Amazon thanks and have a great day

  115. i using the Anonymous option. Amazon has a culture of lying , hiding information and the truth. Customer Service are intentionally jkept in dark so their capabilities stay limited. Worst of all is the use of algorithms a predictive mathematic construct – instead of reality. It took months to make this deduction; amazon cheats by short cutting reality. I am not a conspiracy theorist- I suffered through personal experience. Felt almost as bad as church of scientology because it is all kept secret from most of those affected

  116. Dear Amazon: do the right thing
    Dump Monsanto. You might as well be selling us asbestos. Stop selling Round-Up. Follow Costco’s good lead, and that of 37 nations. The FDA doesn’t have the power to recall it unless Congress directs them to do so, and Monsanto has infiltrated and lobbied them into submission. It’s going to take responsible sellers & consumer power to rid our nation of this known carcinogen.

  117. why does Amazon continue to do business with 3rd party vendors that are not shipping out products bought through your web site?

  118. my son was charged for two items he never orders from Amazon and Amazon is refusing to give credit for $300. They told my son they can’t give the credit because they don’t see the charge on his account. Of course you can’t, he never order so therefor you cannot see the order for the charges but you do see the charge on the actual credit card number he gave with and bogus account. I expected better customer service from a big corporation. Stop sending customer service out of USA because they all dismiss the fraud and we the customer is stuck with charges that are not ours.

  119. I am a very unhappy long time customer 1st you get rid of automatic help button and made it impossible to get help now I find you deleted features “display mirroring” you are driving me to shut down my account it definitely no longer pays to be Prime member

  120. I know a few months have past, but have been torn if I was gonna send this email. I attended one of your job fairs in Milford MA in December 2018, in hopes to potentially growing my career. To being completely shocked and disheartening on what I was told by recruiters.

    As someone that is completely against the use of drugs I couldn’t believe what I was told by the two of your representatives I spoke with. “That you just need to make sure you stop using drugs before test, then once tested and hired you can do what ever.”

    Was told by the two female employees that they both use vaporizers to smoke marijuana and some type of synthetic version too. That they have been there for a while and never tested since when first hired, that most of them in their department smoke marijuana and use drugs.

    Once I was told this by your recruiters I couldn’t bring myself to except the position I was offered, being my strong opinion on drug use. I was torn on weather I wanted to say something, but after telling story to a current coworker I felt I needed to.

    Maybe the current practice of recruiters and drug testing practices need to be addressed.


    Joanna Tyler

  121. AMAZON-Way to go! Finally, a company that stands up to bullies! New York lost out, big time! How stupid those behind the staged protests are! Ironically, they are proof of the Democrat’s way, -to make false claims to get what they have been led to believe is good for them. An impressive move on your part. I have even more respect for you than I already had! Stay the course, keep your CEO’S. Show everyone how to run a successful company! They apparently do not have a clue! Thanks Amazon!

  122. To Whom It May Concern: I am a New Yorker and I am sorry that your deal in New York fell through.
    May I suggest a place which is a lot more affordable and is close to New York City and New Jersey. The town is Wilkes Barre in PA. It can be a Win/Win situation for you and the town. This is my humble opinion.
    Good Luck in your quest. Gerry Sosa

  123. Since Amazon is not locating to NYC I would suggest looking at Northern Bergen County New Jersey. Outstanding highway system great towns better tax rates than New York city and more development space. I believe it would be worth your time to take a look you have nothing to lose. Thanks for your time.

  124. Please come to Pueblo West, Colorado. 3.9% taxes and other taxes are low, tons of wide open flat lands, right in the middle of the country so you can ship in all directions, on a major freeway, airport can handle large aircraft, and low average wages at 10-12$ an hour for everything. We have a target distribution center and almost got a walmart distribution center, so they were interested.

  125. To whom It May Concern:
    Back in November of 2018 I order a package of “D” batteries to have on hand in case of no electricity this winter. As you can see they came repackaged and when we opened them last week they were ruined. They had somehow got wet and then was repackaged. I know this has been 3 months but we didn’t need them until now. Please consider replacing this item.

  126. Amazon 2nd HQ is Sooo, Sooo welcomed in Polk County Florida … You already have distribution centers in Lakeland and Haines City/Davenport …

    We in Winter Haven/Bartow Florida would welcome you to set up your 2nd Headquarters at Bartow Air Base … that would give you executive air travel at the air strip right there on base with main highways U.S. 17 … US 60 and U.S. 27 and I-4 close by An Excellent location with enough land for potential for growth … We are about half way between Tampa and Orlando … theme parks, shipping and cruises galore … What more could you ask for?

  127. I think Amazon helps people and is the leader in ways to shop and home deliveries. Also, they should locate their new headquarters in Erie, Pennsylvania. Take a serious look at this city. We are between 3 large cities Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Buffalo plus our own city. They would have great resources and talented employees to choose from. Hope someone see’s this and pass it on!!

  128. Please reconsider St Louis Mo. for Amazon HQ2. Everyone involved will be grateful for the opportunity to work for Amazon.

  129. I have been dealing with the situation from Amazon since December 28th only order I placed during the beginning of December I requested a replacement for a hoverboard that was defected I dealt with that for two weeks and after it was not resolved in that time I requested for a refund now I am calling the customer service line so many times I have filed four to five A to Z guarantee claims for them all to be denied no one from that department will speak to me contact me or email me I am so stressed out and I feel so disrespected as a customer who has been a loyal customer for years I am ready to cancel my Prime membership again and I am going to cancel my account with Amazon all I wanted was my money back the company could have had this product back but it seem like they don’t even want it back they just want to keep my money and I know it’s a third-party vendor and that vendors phone number on that website is disconnected the vendor only says one email following whenever and investigation is open there has been countless of investigations open the company agreed to mail me out a return label the beginning of January I never received it they sent emails with no link in the bottom of it for return label now 2 days ago they just sent the email with a return label in it but as I stated to them back in January I have no means or no way to print out a label that’s why they originally agreed to mail it to me and they still have not applied so as a customer I’m suffering for a third-party vendors choices and again all of this is over a hundred and $29 this is completely unfair and unjust that I have to keep going through this taking time out of my day away from work away from my children just to sit on the phone with them and nothing happens so I have sent in a pill for the 4th time I think just to still try to get my money back

  130. I have ordered the SAME product for same day delivery 3 days in a row and I STILL do NOT have any of the 3 items. I get no resolution as to why I can not get this same day delivery on this product or the product at all. This is unbelievable!!! 3 separate orders & NONE of them can manage to get delivered. BTW, the item comes from Thornton, CO (15 miles from me) & is then transferred to Englewood, CO (20 miles from me) so it’s here!!! Also, less than 5 miles from my house is the Aurora, CO fulfillment center. Why didn’t it go there? After 3 orders, why is this product never put on a truck out for delivery? I call, I call, I call – from customer service to logistics. NO one can tell me when I’m going to get this product. I was after all the calls get some supervisor to tell me about 1 hour ago that maybe they will deliver it tomorrow!!!!! WHAT??? You are bold face telling me that I’m ONCE AGAIN not going to get the same day delivery that you offer…even after 3 orders. Furthermore, why is it that I pay for Prime membership & I can’t even get 2 day delivery from you anymore? Where is your customer service? Where do you take responsibility for the actions of your employees & responsiblity for following thru on the accuracy of your honor in doing what you tell your customer you will do?

  131. You have lost all of my CONSIDERABLE business due to this QAnon book!
    You can choose what to sell; you really screwed up on this one.

  132. Yesterday I called and spoke to a representation. I am receiving items I did not order. He told me me account has been hacked and they were charging items to me. The story was very strange. He wanted me to go to Walmart and get a special card to stop people from charging my account. Please connect me immediately

  133. They are treating their authors and reviewers badly. My reviews have taken up to a month to post. And a lot of their really good authors have quit their site. They sell their books on their own website and make a lot more money that way. No hassle like on amazon. When they got these people from India to do customer service the rating for their company fell a lot.

  134. Im going to leave my complaint but doubt it does any good but im getting very annoyed with my stuff always being delayed over past year

  135. Dear sir,
    I am munir from Bangladesh,I am a small technologist,recently I invent new technology,no cost free energy generator,but it need more incrisemrnt,but I have no enough money to increase the technology,so I request to you please donet my technology at $200,000 USD money for incrise the technology.
    My account number –
    Account number-99xx
    Bank address-
    Bangladesh krishi bank (BKB)
    Dhulihar,Bramaharajpur bazaar branch
    My contact number-

  136. Wanted to inform you about one of your employees, Jessica Rebello (Fall River location). She recently posted an image of herself in “black face” along with using the words, “We the n…. of the house”. Although this was done during her personal time, I hope, it is not a good look for her or her employer — since I believe we represent who we work for at all times. Here is a post from her: You know what’s really funny, all these people claiming I’m a r…… over a joke about a stupid charcoal mask are the same people making r….. comments that depict all white people (not just me) and are also attacking innocent children that have nothing to do with anything. Makes you look real smart. Grow the …. up and stop assuming shit cuz when you assume you make an a.. out of you and me just saying. Think and say whatever the …. you want about me but LEAVE MY 9 YEAR OLD OUT OF YOUR BS or better yet how about you leave all children the …. out of it considering they have nothing to do with anything!!!!!

    P.s Keep wasting your time blowing up my inbox and my notifications cuz it’s all just getting deleted and I’m not wasting my time with it since this is all based off an assumption.

  137. As a longtime prime member I hate having to cut ties with Amazon but using contract delivery service has made them undependable. I have sat at home for 3 days waiting for a driver from an hour away that can’t find us .UPS is 10 minutes away and has successfully delivered packages to us.

  138. I am a 72 year old widow and purchased from Amazon over the last couple of years merchandise for thousands of dollars.

    Because I left 6 positive reviews at Amazon, I was considered as biased and banned from commenting forever.

    Nobody ever paid me for my preferences and your company never had any proof to support your accusation. To your own financial detriment, apparently you prefer negative feedbacks in favor of positive ones.

    Ebay, Overstock Etsy, Walmart, Touch of Class among many others are happy to receive compliments but Amazon with an apparently paranoid decision punishes its customers thereof.

    Your appalling unethical business practices are a violation of customers rights and I am compelled to report you to the consumer right protection office of the Inited States.

  139. Dear People:
    I would like to propose to Amazon for joint development the promising idea (approbated on practice): “Innovative Engineering.” If it is interesting for you please let me know. The relevant information to convince you I would be able to present. Thanks: Alexander Akatov

  140. My name is Larry Trontz and the Amazon Agents lies. The Managment are very rude and hangs up the phone on you or keeps you on the phone for a long time. Amazon Also owes me 3 Amazon gift cards 2 $100 Amazon gift cards and 1 $25 Amazon gift card. The people lie and they don’t do their job at Amazon. The people are unprofessional at Amazon.
    Please can you get back to me as soon as possible thanks I would appreciate that very much
    Larry Trontz
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  141. Requesting to be compensated for a drivers time on delivery blocks that go way beyond the scheduled time for any block should not be reason for termination of agreement with Amazon-Flex. At Christmas Time.

  142. The workers there are unable to do there work correctly cause like of knowledge in common sense
    Bad Bad AMAZON

  143. Been trying to contact someone for the past month about going back to work since I been off on medical leave . No one will call me back to let me know when I can come back to work since the doctor has given me the go ahead. I will be contacting an attorney for a grievance.

  144. I have spent thousands of dollars with Amazon and have most often been very pleased with my purchases. I have found, though that even when I click the button to purchase in US I still get products from China and elsewhere. Nine times out of ten those items- especially clothing do not fit or are not as seen on your website. When trying to rectify the problem I have them give me all kinds of reasons why I can’t stop and order (after I find out it is coming from China) or they want to reimburse a fraction of what I paid and none towards shipping costs. I also have found lately that I get products that are in a single plastic bag with no instructions or contact information which makes me wonder if the product is a knock off or a substandard version of what I thought I was getting. I would like to know how I can make sure BEFORE I make the purchase that it is coming from the US. How can these companies be listed under US and they are not? I want to continue with but am getting disillusioned by the problems I am beginning to have on a consistent basis.

  145. I am 76 years old; I want to speak to some in the Detroit, MI area to complain about the process of returning goods to Amazon. The procedure is very “interesting”. I want that person to call me (313) 396-0057 – no e-mail business. Everyone is not “tech” savvy.

  146. Hi There,

    I don’t believe that Amazon have this kind of bad Customer Service.

    I have been waiting for my amazon business application approval for more than 35 days, I am opening a restaurant and I have a huge list to order and my grand opening is coming soon. I am so frustrated and waiting for you to approve my application. I have send you every documents you requested and I called many times. I am so upset from amazon business process, I wasn’t really expecting this kind of service from the best company in America.


    Thank you!

    Bilal Agha
    Shish Taouk Restaurant
    24001 Via Fabricante. Unit 901
    Mission Viejo, CA 92691
    Mobile: 949.619.xxxx

  147. Iam sending this Email because on 4-2 -2019 amazon took out $13.77 for a membership we did not authorized..So I called & customer service said they would but it back on our card..What Iam sad about is that my wife & I really love Amazon & ordering from Amazon ,But we feel that Amazon does,nt care about us little people.. We are on SSI. & $13.77 is nothing to someone like Mr.Jeffrey Bezoz but to us it,s alot of money…But we will always order from Amazon we ever we can..We think Mr.Bezos did a great thing when he created Amazon…I just hope someday Amazon will start to appreciate us little people ..We only wish the best for Amazon & Mr.Bezos..Sincerely Gary Irlbeck

  148. My seller’s acct. has been suspended due to late shipment. I live in MN and we’d several severe cold days. I’ve taken all corrective measures and followed through with all the steps. It’s been 6 months and the performance review team hasn’t gotten back to me. I’ve written to them several times including calling the corporate head quarter. They’re also withholding my $328.00 earning. I’m a single mother with disabilities and I’ve 2 small children and I’ve no income for last 6 months due to not being able to sell plus the $ they’re still withholding. Words can’t describe my feelings of disappointment!!!


  150. I work for an Amazon building in Patterson, California. I have been being harassed for at least a month. My work items go missing, I report the issues, they do not get investigated by our camera system. Litterally, people within my dept. have got caught keeping company items for personal use in the past, I have had my papers, and pens thrown on my desk. I am reporting that the harassment is escalating, and I have to work with people who are doing these things to me, and no HR person, or management wants to hold people accountable. And at least verify what Im saying by doing an investigation. They have cameras here. Mean while I have to work in a hostile place. If I had violated these Amazon policies or State laws I’m sure I would not have a job here. Yet, I do not what level has to happen for the people involved to be held accountable.

    My phone number is 209-221-xxxx.
    I do not trust my HR dept, or management will do the right thing so I have called the ethics hotline hoping Head quarters will come do an investigation on this building. Racial discrimination and harassment are not being taken seriously in this building and I am suffering.

  151. So, I have been through too much dealing w Amazon allowing another person to access my account information and have my order sent to their address. I want – demand and expect lawful to be done regarding this person who broke into my account – You have their name, phone number and address – If nothing is done – I will be filing a lawsuit directly at Amazon for allowing this and giving me no relief what so ever regarding my order. I suggest you act today.. I have been dealing with Amazon customer service for a week and still no resolution. I have asked for an investigation to be done through the USPS and will now contact the police in the area for which this person resides. I am notifying FOX news so that they may warn other customers that their Amazon accounts are not secure. This is the worst and most outrageous experience I have ever had.

  152. Re- Harlow store, Essex, I’ve never been into any store that is so unhelpful and misrible and I’ve been misled by the staff as to ordering off internet as she didn’t want me looking round the store !!, I’m now stuck with a gift card for £150 I’m serverly disabled in a wheelchair and am so disappointed in that store.

  153. My account was locked for reasons unknown to me I have called about this problem way to many times only to be put on hold for way too long. I was also told I have to send my banking information which the bank told me was against the law. There is nothing wrong with my card and I have excellent credit. I feel your employees rather play games and cause costumers aggravation then just solve the problem i also faxed the info and never heard nothing I feel amazon has treated me horribly

  154. My phone number 702-807-6028 I want someone in executive office to call me. Your company keeps sending me the some merchandise over and over again. I will file a complaint with the Attorney General in State of Nevada if I don’t hear from someone by tomorrow. Best time to call me is in the morning 6am to noon. Thanks you…

  155. Adding to my original email… I have spent two days now,three hours in total yesterday and today trying to stop another shipment bound to my house. I am so stressed out I lost my voice. I probably won’t be able to go to work today that’s how stressed out I am talking to customer service people, trying to fix this problem you have created for me. My phone number 702-807-6028. Part two I hope to hear from you soon, best to call me 6am-noon.

  156. My account was hacked and stuff was shopped out of the country, after talking with them 3 different times no one could help me . They said after the information went to the fraud dept then it would be a week!!! This was $1200 in merchandise. Now I have “cross the border charges” and have additional fees from my bank because it didn’t clear! I don’t have a week to wait!

  157. Sir/Mam; Mike Singh here from Ram Express Inc. location Granada Hills, CA, I ran successful delivery service local nationwide including Next Flight Out.We delivered IBM & Compaq parts in past from Burbank ,california. We would like to be a warehouse distributor for Amazon. Our contract expired so we really appreciate and willing to perform with 100% efficiency, can arrange 10 or more plus vans with uniformed drivers. Your +ve consideration highly appreciated.Tel 818 326 1209 age 62.RESTARTING LIFE J.B. can you help?? need work!!

  158. Worst customer service. I called to change an email address on my account of which I have not used in almost 2 years. Besides being bounced around to multiple departments and told that there was “no management, they didn’t know they’re names, and I could only deal with the 1 person in the office” (bs) the questions they use to verify an account are the most ludicrous that I’ve ever heard!!!! As someone who has worked in customer service for years, works for a consumer advocacy group, and helps people every day I was asked to verify things in my cart, what I purchased years ago, and what card I used to purchase these things. As a 30 something female who does like to shop, how the hell would I remember that!!!!! 2 years ago, are you kidding?!?!?! Not to mention I verified my address from 2 years ago, the old email, my birthday, and so forth but because I couldn’t name my last 3 purchases they couldn’t change my account? Give me a break, what a joke! Worst part is, my family gifted me $50 that they are holding hostage still on my account that I can’t use. Amazon hands down worst customer service and you might want to rethink how you do things because asking customers what their last 5 purchases are is a ridiculous way to verify an account. Ridiculous and appalling that’s how your company chooses to conduct business. Definite 0.

  159. Jillian bakery is advertising a limited edition box of crackers for $9.99, but in light type there is a $16.99 shipping and handling charge. I did not notice this and ordered my second box. The first on was $10.99 eligible for free shipping. I noticed my error within 5 minutes. Could not find an option to cancel the $26.98 charge on my card for one box of crackers. I called CS, no number was listed for this third party seller. I have since calmed down, but still see this box on Amazon. I have send the seller request to explain the meaning of limited edition and the shipping cost. Perhaps, it is not a scam! I’m ignored by the seller and CS, and receive the same response, not answering my questions for clarification.

    If there’s a reasonable explanation, why won’t one be provided. Even the picture for this limited edition box is different. It shows a hand holding the box displaying the ingredient label only. My fear is someone else will make the same error. If this is not a scam, why can’t I receive clarification?

  160. Amazon drivers delivered package to different address as seen in picture on tracking, delivered today. No “I did not receive my package today.” Or The driver left my package at the wrong door. On the app website. Obviously Amazon only cares about sales, and not how customers really feel…no real email to complain about service.

  161. Good morning my Name is Mr. Illya Martin i work at Amazon fulfillment Center in Kenosha Wisconsin 3501 22nd ave .i have filed complaints on several occasions abot the work condition out here .and now i feel like they are trying to get rid of me because iam not goin to let them treat me lie crap ..instead of telling them to take care of it they just say it is what it is i can be reached at 770885xxxx

  162. They have closed my account twice and taken $200.00 worth of gift cards from me. Will not return my cards or money! This is BS

  163. I called amazon because someone was getting into my account and using my credit card to buy t hings through Amazon. I was told they could refund my money all of it. As the conversation went he ( the Amazon employee) send every get my money back but I needed to get a steam card which cost me $15 I had to borrow I don’t get very much from Social Security disability $252 was stolen from me through Amazon to tell me I can get my money back but I have to go spend 50 more dollars to get a card a steam card then I read on the back of the steam part that I can’t get any cash out of it tell him out that $50 I call this gentleman back and all of the sudden I have to put out $500. I don’t understand how can you tell me you can refund my money and then tell me I have to put out $50 then another $500 I just need my money back on my card so I can withdraw it off my card and I can go and get a new card it seems kind of ridiculous that you’re trying to give me to spend $550 to get my 252 back when they know that it’s being fraudulently used to buy things on Amazon

  164. HI,

    I received a $10 promo from amazon this morning. I placed an order and the $10 was applied but then I canceled the item. The promo came back for $10. It was on my account Sunday morning. I was gonna place an order this evening. But the promo was not there.

    I decided to do live chat and explained the situation. As you will see from transcript below. Basically they though that I was making it up. I don’t appreciate your agents treating customers like that. They said the could not locate it and where di I get it through. There gotta be way to back track to that morning. I also received an email with the cancelation.
    Bottom line the agents did not look or try to find out at all. I guess they though I was lying. I’ve been a customer for 14 years now. I don’t like the manner that the agent treat customers at all. Bottom line I want the $10 promo I received. Period.

    All the agent say is I’m sorry. Yeah I’m sorry that you’re an idiot. Sorry is not enough !

    So someone has to do some digging. Even if it a $1 dollar promo I would want it too.

    So please I would appreciate your assistance regarding this matter. I mean it’s amazon not a mom and pop store. I am not a liar. Also train you live agents please. There

    My number is 305-815-xxxx

    I would appreciate your cooperation.

    Thank you kindly,

    Mario Valerio

    Please see transcript:

    Hi, thanks for contacting Amazon. I’m Amazon’s chat helper.
    I’m here to answer your questions & get the right person to help you out.
    As I send you messages, you can tap a button to reply. Go for it!
    9:44 PM
    Got it!
    9:44 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    So, what can I help you with?
    9:44 PM
    what happen to my $ 10 prop
    9:44 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Type a little about what you’d like help with so I can get you to the right place.
    9:44 PM
    9:44 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    OK, I’ll get someone to help you here through chat.
    9:44 PM
    OK, get help through chat
    9:45 PM
    it was in my account this morning
    now no more
    mario valerio
    9:45 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service

    C9:45 PM
    9:45 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service
    My name is Chirasree
    Taking a look
    C9:46 PM

    wheres my $ 10 promo

    chirasree | Customer Service
    Please allow me a moment
    C9:46 PM

    9:46 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service
    May I know why was the $ 10 credit issued ?

    C9:47 PM
    it was just issued this mirning
    you can’t seem yhistory
    i;m nioyt luing

    i think it was for a subscription
    9:48 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service
    May I know which subscription ?
    C9:48 PM

    theresgoota be a way to find out
    in dont reneber 3.
    come ion noe 3.

    reakkly .
    so it just disappeared
    no nobody knows
    9:49 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service
    I am sorry but there was no promotional credit applied nor was any email confirmation sent to you
    C9:49 PM
    i bought the madam e x pre sale with the $10 the i cancxeld it
    but the oromo staued there
    so where is it
    check back to the canceled ordr
    of mdane x
    madame x.
    theres gotta be way you can check the cancel orders
    9:51 PM
    chirasree | Customer Service
    I have checked and see that the cancelled order does not have any promotional credit applied to it
    C9:52 PM
    and after icanceld the order it was stll there
    so are you kiding me
    so im lying
    what a joke
    let me speak to a mnager
    now .
    now .
    hellp .
    9:52 PM
    what a kjoke
    9:53 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    Hello, my name is Madhu. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
    M9:53 PM
    please do because the other agent is useless
    as a mattere of fact i recived a cancel email
    yesterday at 5:55 am
    amzon sent it
    you guys
    your amazon oder of madame deluxe has been canceled
    it says
    on email
    came from [email protected]
    send me a email so that i foward to you
    9:56 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    Give me a minute
    M9:57 PM
    i thiught you checked and said no .
    9:57 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    I can see it is canceled by you
    M9:58 PM
    9:58 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    It says By customer
    M9:58 PM
    and what 3
    what are talking about .
    yes it was me .3
    but it had the 10 discout promo
    9:59 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    The promo are not refundable
    M9:59 PM
    then i cancelsd and the promo came bak 3
    i can cancel when i want
    whats the problem
    thats not the poingt here
    wow thatlong ..3
    10:00 PM
    Madhu | Customer Service
    I’m sorry, I did not get that
    M10:00 PM
    sorry what doe gthat mean .
    so u think im lying
    ok ..
    well see
    please send transcrip
    i;m taking this to headquarters 3.
    thsi is crazy
    are you thinking
    MARIO, you cancelled the order and there was an offer on the item that the discount applied, the promotion value is not something that will be refunded
    You would get the amount that you paid
    M10:03 PM
    the offer was not for that cd

    the offer was not for that cd
    ok so im a liar
    got it
    Toll free: 1-866-439-0310
    Español número gratuito: 1-866-749-7538
    International: 1 (206) 922-0880 — charges may apply


  165. I have been on the phone for over 3 hours now and called Corp Headquarters in hope I could get someone who can solve the problem. I was transferred to Shakierah and soon was disconnected and received no call back but you have all my contact information (803) 366-xxxx I am really upset after all this time. I KNOW Amazon has personell that can solve any problem like mine but regular customer service cannot. I know. I have spoken to at least 12 diferent Customer “Service” people who CANNOT send the password change code you HAVE TO HAVE. I am typing this sas I wait AGAIN for someone to change the email address back to the way it has always been. I NEED to speak with someone who actually understands that Amazon cannot send me an e-mail.
    Now I was told by the “e-mail address change department” that they will not change the address back to the correct address because they will need to send me a confirmation e-mail (WHICH I CAN RECEIVE) and they are afraid I will not get it. The suggestion they gave me was even more inane.
    NONE of this is my doing. PLEASE HAVE SOMEONE WHO HAS THE CAPACITY TO UNDERSTAND AS WELL AS CORRECT THIS SITUATION. Evidently after they change the address back to [email protected] all I need is for someone to figure out why I cannot receive the code to update my password….that Amazon equested I do…which cause all of this.

  166. Amazon disrespects small sellers. WE are the Contemporary Physics Education Project and a tiny non-profit. Amazon is a monopoly who has crushed the competition and now how crushed our small non-profit. Our original seller has been driven out of business and we rely Amazon for most of our support. We had a delivery problem because of the post office and Amazon has suspended us. We resent the package to the customer but Amazon doesn’t care. I can’t get any one from Amazon to talk to us. Ironically, all emails go to a black hole – the same type pictured on our posters. Please Amazon talk to us.

  167. Hello, my name is Stella Ferguson and I’m a prime member with Amazon. I purchase at least 3 or 4 items or more a month. I was looking on Amazon this morning, I wanted to purchase 30 scarves for our choir. Normally this time of the year I would purchase Camisole shirts for the choir around August. This morning I found the perfect scarf, but I had to get the ok with the choir president. She returned the text this afternoon saying that it was ok. My problem is that when I returned to the amazon page with the scarves, the price had changed. I called Amazon, spoke with a representative and told her my situation, I even emailed the company (Amazon) the copy of the price of the scarf that I sent the president of the choir this morning. The price of the scarves this morning was $0.99. Under the picture of the scarf, it read $0.99. Now the price is $5.88.
    The Amazon representative talked it over with her supervisor and he or she decided that they could only give me ONE scarf for $0.99. I told her that I wanted to speak to her supervisor, she put me on hold and later hung up the phone on me. I put too much money in Amazon to be treated like this, please help.

  168. Amazon as well as their headquarters are very rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. For a company that is backed by so many consumers, you would think they had a higher level of respect for those whom have supported them. This is not the case. My son who was an employee of Amazon, was coded inactive after being suspended and although he complied with all of their terms upon returning to work, they claim that his UPT was negative. He has spoken to several reps in Human Resources as well as the Reed group, only to continue to receive the run around of, “don’t call us we’ll call you” or “it’s not us it’s them” type of feedback. Total disrespect. So today, I being his mother reached out to their corporate office asking how I can reach someone in (particularly an executive or anyone in upper management) and the rep Eva, whom answered told me it was inappropriate for me to contact them on behalf of my son. I feel, that it was very inappropriate for her to say that. Especially, for someone who was wrongfully dismissed. Basically, it was as if she was telling me that Amazon was too high to touch and that I, as a parent should not attempt to get information for my son. My son was available to speak to her and she pretty much told him the same as other reps, as well as her not advised him to continue to seek why he was dismissed. I must admit, as a consumer who uses Amazon quite frequently, I am appalled by the way they treat their employees as well as a consumer. My son’s plan is to seek legal counseling in reference to his matter as well as filing claims with the EEOC and BBB. According to Eva, my son should fine employment elsewhere who isn’t as automated and more personable. This says a lot! I have heard lots of negative comments from individuals currently and previously employed with Amazon and must say, I couldn’t believe it was that bad. Well after my own encounter today and I am not even an employee, all I can say is GOD Bless. Such a shame, to treat people that way.

  169. I received a mailing offering a 250.00 gift card by calling 1 866 204 0193. The call goes to voice-mail and you leave a message then hear nothing. Is this legit or bogus?

  170. Your company made me think that I had a job open and that I was begin giving the opportunity to join Amazon but I have never been so shocked and treated like crap I worked 50 hrs to 60 hrs I gave 100 to what was asked and no matter what u report to why u have quilty issue and this other stuff that just didn’t make since when u cant find the place to put all this stuff in a cage or draw Ben and yet I made higest stow at times and yet I was let go for things that was not my fault if it wasnt for people like me that work there hardest give there best to what is asked come to work even when there son committed suicide then step daughter dies from a heart attack I still came in using one day for my son I just dont understand why these big companys step on the small that helped them get to where they are I’m 55 and I wanted to be a part of a company that I grew up with lives where I support my community and this is the thinks I get for supporting what I believe and treated so badly not just me but other’s also shame and remember u didnt get there without people like us I cant get over how no one cared how hard I worked they only care about a number stop with what doesn’t make since even though I know this letter to u means nothing or how I was made to think I had a job I hope u change what u do to those that work and give u what u wanted and that’s show up do ur job not be a problem or steal and I still was fired I hope u hear my concerns
    Wanda Bingham
    443-941-xxxx cell phone
    24 louise ct po box 14 Rising sun M.D.21911

    I gave my name and address with a phone number if you cared enough to speak to me on this matter. But from what I have seen I won’t hold my breath or expect you to care what has happend to me .
    Ms Bingham

  171. I have been a prime member for many years. This year I am experiencing the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Orders arrive late constantly even after they “guarantee” the delivery date. Live chat if from another country with morons working there, they spout stupid comments that make no sense. No respect for the business I have given them. will be shopping at Walmart from now on.

  172. Delivered today
    Package was left in a secure location
    ( what does this mean )
    Delivered -No
    APT 09
    LONG BEACH, CA 90813-5729
    Tracking ID: TBA577678598000

    Please refer to the information above regarding my order.

    I called customer service, because I was not able locate this order nor were the driver left it. Safe location is not a specific location. I live in A 20 unit apartment complex. And my apartment is on the second floor on the way in the back. Usually in the past they’ve always knocked on my door and left it like it’s next to my door. The buildings mail box in the front. I looked everywhere and did not locate my order.

    As I was speaking to Customer service explaining to them that driver stated that you left the package at a specific location. As I said it’s specific location has many meanings in it it can mean many things to many different people so for future reference they need to be more precise. The first agent I spoke to put me on hold and transferred me to another agent. Which then I have to explain everything once again. He stated that I had to wait like a day in order for me to receive order. Which is not making sense at all because as it states is the livered and left in a specific location. The second agent l agreed to send a package once again for delivery on Wednesday. All of a sudden he told me to hold on to which I was not sure why I was asking you over and then another agent came on I want to games we were back to see if conversation that’s when I stated I go why am I being transferred around to different agents what is going on what is this? Once again stated the same thing that I have to wait a day even though the second agent said he would send it the next day.

    I stated to the agent that what is the difference they said it was delivered and I was left of this ago patient so what do you mean it wasn’t delivered Dish Network she said she said all they might’ve scanned it wrong package so basically she was trying to make up every excuse in the book to like not sending or whatever the other agent told me if for some reason you get it then just send it back the other one which to which I agree but this last agent I spoke to said you have to wait for a day which doesn’t make any sense it in the condo I stated to the agent that what is the difference as it was delivered and it was left location so what do you mean it wasn’t delivered but you said she said all they might’ve scanned the wrong package so basically she was trying to make up every excuse in the book to like whatever the other agent tell me if for some reason you get it then just send it back the other one which to which I agree but this agent I spoke to said you have to wait one day which doesn’t make any sense of them recall the morning thing and I was gonna be late by another date so I can receive it on Thursday morning. delayed by another date so I can receive it on Thursday. She stated it was procedure then I stated to her work then why does with the agent settings and send it next day and why am I being transferred around so many times I have to explain myself over and over again towards the end I just got sick and tired of this I mean this is not the way you treat a customer. Center I’ll because of all of this I have to wait until tomorrow morning and here we go again to send it Center I’ll because of all of this I have to wait until tomorrow morning and here we go again to send it now but now I get the package delayed until Thursday. I am a prime member so it’s a two day delivery
    Correct ?

    Basically what I’m trying to say is that they could’ve handled this order I just recently told was awake this is should’ve sent it in the order I would’ve received it tomorrow and if for some reason the Packers would’ve arrived or something that I want to set him back I don’t know what the problem was not I don’t know why I was being transferred to show me agents and none of it made sense to me and everybody making excuses and excuses.

    So all the agents I spoke to All contradicted them selfs. I was expecting a package to arrive today at like stater and then I get this type of treatment from Customer Service and I need someone to explain this to me and why it was handled in this manner. I’vie been with Amazon for like almost 10 or 12 years right now ordering mainly food for my dog and other stuff and I never had a issue like today.

    Bottom line the drivers are lazy and don’t wanna take the time to come up and knock on your door and leave the package by your door on another occasion they left for my package with a neighbor and I don’t have any friends here in my building so that package was lost. Bottom line the drivers are lazy and don’t wanna take the time to come up and knock on your door and leave the package by your door on another occasion they left for my package with a neighbor and I don’t have any friends here in my building so that package was lost

    And now this driver says he left it in a secure location. ( what exactly does mean. It is not my fault that the driver left a package to knows where and I didn’t get my order so I felt like I was being penalized by your customer service agents for his stupidity.

    As it agents were not helpful at all.
    Bottom line is it delivered and time stamp and also left it in a secure location whatever that means I don’t know but that to me means it was delivered where he delivered it I don’t know but that to me should’ve been very clear to them. They should’ve just sent me another order for the same thing so I can receive it tomorrow but they made it so complicated.

    Appreciate if someone can get back to me on this and explain to me why this happened because I really don’t understand i’m not really happy about the situation because so unprofessional just found out completely wrong. I mean it’s the drivers error not mine so why am I being penalized that’s what I need to know why your agent said what they said and why this happened and why they couldn’t have accommodated me because there’s an excessive me at all so I need someone to explain this to me because it’s not OK .

    I Appreciate a response. My number is 305-815-xxxx. In the event that you need to speak with me.

    Thank you,
    Mario Valerio
    [email protected]

  173. Hello ,I am a regular user of Amazon. The quality and service is top notch, The prices could be better, but I know there are quite a number of people to pay. I have always noted that the prices were a tad more, but being a prime member I have free shipping.
    However todays issue with a price for a vet. quality dog food absolutely blew me away. A few dollars is ok,. I always look at a dozen sites or more to get the best price for what I need. Today I was looking all over the web for the best price on either Hills Science c/d formula or Royal Canin So formula. Both are good ,as my little yorkie had to have surgery to remove a hugs bladder stone , So now she has to be on one of these two formulas for the rest of her life. Well prices averaging from $28.00 for a small bag to almost $80-90 ,for large bag. Seeing that she is small I want a small 7.6 bag,, so it stays mostly fresh. When it was time to check out Amazon’s price I was totally floored by the $51.00 price for a small bag of hill food.. Wow A steep increase of almost $20.00 is more than I am willing to spend. Amazon, shame on you ,,shame, shame,, I will go back to Chewy for my pet needs,, CHR

  174. I regret to inform you of the behavior of Amazons customer service representatives. After I reviewed my order then placed it I received my confirmation that it was complete. I found the offer to be dishonest and misleading. My entire reason for getting on the site was to buy a kindle and needless to say I got stuck with something I didn’t even want. I contacted service explained the situation only to be lied to and ignored and frankly down right disrespected. The level of disfunction was more than I’ve ever experienced. It was so appalling that I felt sorry for one rep and walked her through the proper and respectful way to talk to people. My first attempt at contacting customer service was to bring their attention to the the fact that the offer they were advertising was very misleading and unlike Amazon and its consistent sales reputation. I didn’t want another customer like myself to feel like they just got robbed due to poor sales description.

  175. I ordered on Aug. 20. Nothing exotic, all ordinary household items one could buy at Walmart or Lowe’s, etc. All fulfilled by Amazon; no third parties. Normally when I order, the package or packages are ready to ship within a few days. This time it’s been 8 days and still hasn’t shipped. I’ve been told many different things by Customer Service. The first rep I spoke with said the order would ship on Aug. 26 and that it would be coming from an Amazon Fulfillment Ctr within my State. On Aug. 27 I spoke with two customer service reps, one a supervisor. One told me that the reason it was taking so long was that it was paid for with gift cards and therefore, had “lower priority”. Additionally, I was told that because I selected “free shipping” it takes longer, and because I selected “ship in as few packages as possible” that added to the delay. I was also told that the order would ship later that day or at the latest Wed. morning on the 28th.

    I have been ordering from Amazon for years. I usually use a gift card or at least pay partially with a gift card. I always select free shipping, and I always choose to group in as few packages as possible. I have always gotten my orders within 7-8 days after ordering. The last time I ordered I received my order in two shipments (even though I had requested to group in the fewest packages). One package I received 6 days after ordering; the other I received 7 days after ordering. It is now the 9th day since I ordered and the order hasn’t even shipped. At this point, I’m wondering if it has been lost in the system or if Amazon simply isn’t going to fulfill it. I think that’s a legitimate question.

    I tried calling the corporate office today. The receptionist told me that I couldn’t be put through to speak to anyone in administration – I would have to write or email. I can’t believe a company this large thinks it’s so elite that they refuse to speak to customers. Amazon has gotten “too big for its britches”. I have a right to know where my order is and when I might expect it. I could almost excuse the delay if it were during a holiday season, but this is August, not December. And the fact that the Amazon fulfillment centers in my State and the next (just across the river) by car are roughly 10 min, 30 min, and 45 min away from my home adds fuel to the fire of my outrage. I could have gone there myself and picked up my order! (Although I was told by one customer service rep that one cannot go into an Amazon fulfillment ctr and pick up one’s order).

    I’m not sure I will ever order from this company again. Besides the fact that most of the items are more expensive than what one would pay buying locally – supposedly for the “convenience” of not having to go to a physical store – I think 9 days to fulfill an order is unacceptable. And after that it will still be 5-8 days before receiving the order! That will make it almost 3 WEEKS before I receive my order! UNACCEPTABLE! I use Amazon for the convenience, but this is most inconvenient. And the fact that their corporate office “can’t be bothered” to address my concerns shows me that the company has no respect for me and is not appreciative of the business I do with them. Perhaps they only reserve that for people who spend great amounts of money with them?

    I will be reporting them to the BBB. At this point, I’m wondering if Amazon has any intention of fulfilling my order at all and will simply keep my money. One rep told me that Amazon never takes the money until the order has shipped. But that’s not true. My gift card amount is gone. If I wanted to order something else at this point, I could not do so. As far as I’m concerned, they have my payment and I do not have my order and have no reasonable expectation of ever receiving it. My solution: Don’t shop Amazon. I don’t know what’s happened to the company or their business model, but this “new” version isn’t acceptable to me and I find Amazon to be untrustworthy, arrogant, unethical, and not worthy of my business.

  176. Your company is displaying a total lack of reverence by playing a very sacred religious hymn, AVE MARIA, during one of your TV commercials!! What is the point?! I don’t see how playing this beautiful, sacred hymn has anything to do with Amazon’s products or company mission! This is a very holy hymn to venerate and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, not your online products! Please leave sacred, holy hymns out of your commercials!!

    I’m one customer, out of many, who will no longer make purchases on Amazon, unless your offensive, irreverent commercial is removed IMMEDIATELY!!!

  177. Anyone here see this? What are your thoughts?

  178. So I have been calling your lying customer service. Everybody gives me a different lie, about a unauthorized transaction for Amazon Web. When I asked what’s Amazon verification process Alex from customer service lied and said they dont have one. MY bank has to authorize transactions. They tell me there is another account with my debit card. But cant give me the name they use, or address. Which I dont understand because on Amazon Shopping .It says they check for Name and address but the fake account didn’t use my name or address..One customer service said they made a sellers account. And I have received two emails that they dont see the transaction and it’s no fault on Amazon…I saved all emails and recorded all conversations that Amazon customer service lied in..I have checks bouncing and I am unhappy maybe I need to go to a lawyer or the news so People can here how a billion dollar corporation. LIES to there customer and take advantage of them…



  181. Amazon Prime drivers are a disgrace. They ILLEGALLY block traffic every day, blocking 1 lane in each direction.
    No one gives a damn.

  182. I have been trying to get credit on defective merchandise since the end of 2018. I provided all the necessary paperwork to Amazon inquiries numerous times and to date, I have not received a resolution. Amazon owes me $374. Thanks.

  183. . I bought a amazon gift card in Feb. Yes that long ago. I bought it with bit coin and have not been able to use it or anything. This has went on long enough, I have talked to Amazon numerous times , sent in all verification numerous times and no one fixes the problem.

  184. I made a purchase using a debit card. I later returned the item unopened for a refund. After a number of weeks I inquired about the status of my refund. I discovered that the refund had been put on a gift card, not at my request. During this time I made a purchase on my Kindle not knowing that the charge would be taken from the gift card (that I didn’t know I had). So, when I asked that the refund mistakenly credited on a gift card be credited to the debit card from which it was taken I was told it couldn’t be done because it had been partially used (not by my choice). So now, it seems I’m being forced to use that money to make a purchase on Amazon, which at this point I would be hesitant about doing. Attached is the chat transcript.

    No previous messages
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Hi, thanks for contacting Amazon. I’m Amazon’s chat helper.
    I’m here to answer your questions & get the right person to help you out.
    As I send you messages, you can tap a button to reply. Go for it!
    11:06 AM
    Got it!
    11:07 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    So, what can I help you with?
    11:07 AM
    An item I ordered
    11:07 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Let’s see. Could you tap the item you’re looking for from your recent orders below?
    11:07 AM
    11:07 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    I’ll take you to our return & refund tracker where you can quickly check the latest status, OK?
    11:07 AM
    Yes, check status
    11:07 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Do you have any questions about this?
    11:07 AM
    Yes, I do
    11:14 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    OK, I’ll get someone to help you here through chat.
    11:14 AM
    OK, get help through chat
    11:14 AM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Go ahead and type any details you think would help them understand your issue.
    11:14 AM
    Nihal has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Nihal | Customer Service
    Hi John , Nihal here to help you today.
    How are you today,
    11:15 AM
    I made this purchase with a bank card and would like the refund sent to the bank card.
    11:15 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    Could you please help me with the order id ?
    11:19 AM
    11:19 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    As ive checked refund is already in gift card and some of it is already usaed
    So however i cannot get it back to your card
    11:21 AM
    I didn’t know I had a gift card and did not use it.
    I have no orders after the order that was returned.
    11:23 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    No worries John
    It dont have any expiry you can use it
    on your next orders too 🙂
    NO worries
    11:25 AM
    Isn’t the policy that refunds go back to the method of payment?
    11:25 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    yes if its choose to get back in gift card
    its done if the customer selects
    the option
    11:27 AM
    I didn’t choose that option
    11:28 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    Please allow me 2 minutes to check this for you.
    checking options with my lead just 2 -3 minutes more :)]
    Thank you so much for your patience , However As the gift card is partially used
    No alternate option
    available to get it back
    11:35 AM
    Could you tell me what it was used for? I have no orders after the refund.
    11:36 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    from that $13.03 is used for Digital service Medicare For Dummies (For Dummies (Business & Personal Finance))
    Just to confirm , is this item ordered by you ?
    11:41 AM
    That’s a mistake by Amazon. My orders are set and always have been to charge to my bank card. If it was changed it was not by me, and anyway I purchased the shoes with my bank card and did not choose for the refund to go on a gift card. So the refund should have gone to the method of purchase before the $13.03 purchase.
    11:43 AM
    Nihal | Customer Service
    So to help you with the Kindle e-book order i would get you connected to the specialist team
    11:45 AM
    Sathya has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Sathya | Customer Service
    Hello, my name is Sathya. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
    Thanks for waiting.
    Would you like to pay for Kindle books with payment card instead of gift card
    11:48 AM
    Yes. I always have and haven’t made any changes.
    11:49 AM
    Sathya | Customer Service
    I am afraid currently that is not an option. Any promotional funds or Gift Card available on your account will be applied to purchases from Amazon before your credit or debit card is charged.
    It’s not possible to pay for digital orders with a credit or debit card when there are promotional funds or an Gift Card balance available in your account. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
    11:49 AM
    I understand that. But the problem is that the refund was put on a gift card when the purchase was made with a debit card. I did not request that it be put on a gift card.
    11:51 AM
    Sathya | Customer Service
    May I know the item you are referring to?
    11:53 AM
    Order# 112-9020386-4397837
    11:54 AM
    Sathya | Customer Service
    Thank you.
    I am afraid it seems the refund was processed to gift. Since it was processed, there is no option to reverse it.
    11:56 AM
    Will the person responsible for the error in processing be held accountable? This is money out of my pocket.
    11:58 AM
    Sathya | Customer Service
    A Retail Specialist is the best person to help you with this. Please wait while I transfer this chat.

    11:59 AM
    Daniel has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Daniel | Customer Service
    Hello, my name is Daniel. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
    Thank you for patiently waiting, John.
    I do understand that your refund for the order number ending 7837 was successfully credited back to your Amazon Gift Card.
    And as I have checked also that the item you have purchased Kindle Ebook was paid by Gift card which we have no longer to put back the refund back to your original payment method.
    I do apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced in this case.
    If the amount of refund is intact we can definitely put back the amount back to your original payment method.
    However, since the amount of refund to the gift card has already been used we have no longer option to credit back the amount back to your credit card.
    12:07 PM
    The refund was put on a gift card after the purchase was made with a debit card and before the Kindle purchase. I did not request that it be put on a gift card.
    12:08 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    I do understand your concern, John. However, since you’ve selected the gift card to be paid by this item Kindly Ebook we have no longer option to credit back the refund back to your credit card.
    12:10 PM
    I did not select the gift card. I’ve stated this many times. I am being forced to use the money on Amazon because of a mistake by an Amazon employee. This is not right.
    12:11 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    I do understand your concern, John.
    12:12 PM
    Is there a supervisor I can speak with?
    12:13 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    I understand that you’d like to connect to one of my supervisors. However, give me a chance to help you out with your concern.
    12:14 PM
    Go ahead.
    12:15 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    Since we have no longer to credit back the refund back to your original payment method. To help compensate the inconvenience, would that work if I’ll issue a $5 Promo certificate on your Amazon account?
    It will automatically apply the next time you order an eligible item sold and shipped by
    12:17 PM
    No thanks
    12:18 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    I do understand your frustration.
    12:19 PM
    12:22 PM
    Daniel | Customer Service
    In this case, I’ll be more than happy to transfer you to one of my supervisors.
    Please bear with me while I’m arranging the transfer.
    12:29 PM
    12:29 PM
    Dwight has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Dwight | Customer Service
    Hello, my name is Dwight, one of the Supervisors here in Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
    Let me help you further with your issue regarding the refund for an order.
    I’m really sorry but we’re no longer able to change the form of a refund.
    If you want, you can file a dispute on your issuing bank.
    12:45 PM
    Ok. I’ll do that. Doubt I’ll be making any more purchases from Amazon. Thanks
    12:46 PM
    Dwight | Customer Service
    I’m really sorry to know about that. Anything else aside from this?
    12:47 PM

  185. Hi I’m looking to contact with someone who is in charge with you Corporate Trade Show Exhibits or Who puts Amazon (Ring and EERO) in Store’s like Best Buy and Walmart? We are a Structural Branding Company that does Fixtures called Displayit Inc. and I would like to contact the person in charge of ordering Fixtures please? We Sell Design, Engineer, Manufacture and Install all over the World.
    I just need a Contact and Email to get started

  186. Order placed 9/27/19 said in stock and 2 day shipping. Well it was OUT OF STOCK! 10/4/19 Amazon said label was being created in shipping department but 10/9/19 supervisor says no way to contact shipping department. Also was told it was Amazon product not third party but today I was told it is a third party item! LIES LIES LIES IS ALL AMAZON DOES IS LIE! 10/09/19 can’t find order and shipping company never picked it up! But , Amazon keeps sending me emails stating my order has been delayed but should be delivered by 10/10/19. This company has gone to snake shit! That is low!

  187. I placed an order on 10/04/19 Order #112-9474520-4674637 and shortly after I received an email stating my order was canceled due to my account being locked. I called customer service, they took down the necessary information to send over to “the specialist” who will send me an email asking for additional information within “24 hours” but never received an email. I called Sunday to follow up, spoke to a Supervisor who again took my information to send to the specialist and told me again it’ll take 24 hours, today being 10/09/19, still nothing. I called and spoke to another Supervisor who didn’t help at all and stood quiet on the phone and didn’t get anywhere AGAIN!!! I am extremely frustrated and want my order placed using a gift card (which was redeemed) and the remaining balance on my debit card! Can someone PLEASE get back with me today???

  188. Apperantly you have a female supervisor at your Sacramento,Ca. store Mr. Bezo that discriminates aginst white female employees over 50 the bitch consistently picks on her about her production being down she has written her up 4or5 times trying to fire her if she does expect a lawsuit with labor board because Mr.Bezo even you are not above the LAW!!!! check that bitch supervisor!!!!! what kind of bisiness are you running anyways

  189. I have had the worst experience in my 10 year relationship with Amazon over a warranty on Kids kindle device. I have spoken with over 8 representatives and spent over 2 hours on the phone to only experience a finger pointing experience within the Amazon workplace meanwhile my issue remains unresolved! No one takes accountability in this company. I will definitely think twice before ordering anything from this company again.

  190. When drivers leave what they are doing example, driving for a rideshare company and show up on time to delivery and there is no work, the driver should still get paid! It’s the right thing to do!

  191. My complaint is that it is too difficult to get through to customer support department. I tried several ways, email, phone and finally got through on the customer hotline.

  192. It would be great if the company could answer their messages on Facebook. I tried Twitter also but did not get a reply. I suppose I will have to do it the old fashioned way and contact the corporate office phone number.

  193. I partner with Amazon Flex. I am having issue with app malfunctions and no one can seem to help me. I would appreciate a call from someone as Flex support has been unable to correct the problem. It has been over a week now; no one seems to be able to identify a solution.My number is 302-287-1146

  194. Since the GOP tax break or TCJA, Amazon’s tax burden has been cut to 21%. With the help of tax breaks Amazon is paying $0 taxes on $11.2 billion in profits… My question is, why am I still paying taxes everytime I make a purchase?

    Maybe I should just cancel my Prime Membership and stop buying from Amazon until you figure it out…

  195. November 21, 2019 Re: complaint about customer service From: Roberta Di Carmine, [email protected] To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to complain about the terribly unprofessional service provided to me by Amazon from November 16 to today, November 21, 2019. On Friday, November 16, I called costumer service of Amazon after finding out that there were two missing pieces in a package received (Zinus Abel 14 inch metal platform bed frame with steel support, order n. 112-9296249-020xxxxx)
    Before calling Amazon, I checked on my Amazon account to learn how to proceed in such cases- missing pieces in an order received-, and found out that I had to call first the manufacturer, which I did. I called Zinus, and I was told that I had to report the missing pieces to Amazon since the package was sent by them. I then called Amazon and that is my ordeal became even more stressful. On that evening, I was informed by two Amazon customer services representatives (representative n.1 and another representative n. 2 from “Special handling department”) that the only solution was to have Amazon send a replacement of the same item, so that I could get the two missing pieces from its box, and then I was supposed to call them to have the box picked up. All of that, I was informed, was going to be free of charge and with no problem whatsever. I was, lastly, informed that the replacement package was going to arrive on Monday, November 18. But, this is far from what actually happened. As I am writing this, on Thursday, November 21, six days after the initial problem encountered, I am still waiting to have the package picked up. I repeat: the “problem” I have been dealing with was NOT CAUSED BY ME, but due because two pieces were missing from the box I ordered and that I purchased from you (and, I’d like to add that because of those missing pieces on Friday, I could not finish putting together the bed frame, with unpleasant consequences like sleeping on the floor for three more days). On Tuesday, November 19, and NOT Monday as I was originally promised, I received the replacement. I then opened the box, removed the two pieces that I did not find in the first package and that I needed to finish putting together the bed frame, and, soon after at 11:30 am I called Amazon, following the instructions given to me on Friday. I was in fact instructed to call back Amazon after receiving the replacement package so that they would have someone pick up the box from my apartment. After spending more than one hour over the phone, between been on hold and waiting to hear back, I FINALLY was informed by representative n. 3 that a request was made to have a UPS driver come to get the package and that was going to happen within a day. The email (from Amazon) received after that phone conversation stated that an adult was supposed to be in my apartment when the UPS driver was at my place and I was instructed to leave the box outside my apartment with a note on it stating, “UPS pick up”. Which I did. The day after, on Wednesday, always following the advice from representative n. 3 and because I did not know what time the driver was coming to my place, I then called UPS to check on their scheduled pick up time. On Wednesday morning, from 6 to 8 am I then spent two hours over the phone between UPS and Amazon trying to figure out when the driver and if the driver was actually coming. UPS told me that if I wanted the driver to come and pick up the package at my place I was supposed to pay and then, after my refusal and explaining that the request for a pick up came from Amazon (and after given the order number too), I was told by the representative of UPS to “go out on the street and when you see the UPS truck, wave to the driver and ask him to come to your place to get the box”!! I just let you just imagine my shock to hear such an absurd ‘suggestion’! The level of frustration combined with anger then reached its peak when I called back Amazon, once again, the second time at that point on Wednesday, and after going over for the 10th time of the reason of my call (I wonder: do the people who work at the customer service ever take notes of our calls? I am appalled that each time I had to repeat the same story, and I have been explaining my ordeal several times since Friday!) I was told by representative n. 4 and then n. 5 (from the special handling department, again), that a driver was going to come and pick up the pack by the end of the business day. I stayed at home all day on Wednesday, did not go to work but made arrangements to work from home. And, all of that because I had to be at home for the UPS driver since, apparently, the driver could not get the package without the presence of an adult. At 4.34 pm, on Wednesday, I received an email from UPS saying that the ‘packaged’ was delivered! I went outside my apartment, the package which weighs 40 pounds and is rather long and big as it contains metal frame for a queen bed, was still standing outside my apartment, and still with my note “UPS pick up” on it! Nobody called me, or knocked on my door, and certainly none from UPS ever communicated or delivered anything to me like they said they did! At that point, not only I became very angry because I was given false information and provided with a false statement from UPS, I then became even more angry when I called back Amazon and for the 10th time I had to explain all over again ‘the problem’ and reason of my call! I talked with representative n. 6 and then I was put on hold for another 20 minutes, total of my waiting on the phone, by talking with several people,–Amazon representatives from the costumer services, supervisors, and supervisors of supervisors, was 3 hours, and just on Wednesday between afternoon and evening! By 7.45 pm I was then informed from a UPS supervisor that a request to have the item picked up was never done. I after that received a call, at around 8:00 pm from UPS in Galesburg, saying that someone would have come and picked up the package today, Thursday, November 21. I told the person from UPS who called me that I was not going to be at home but at work and to come and get the package outside my door of the apartment with a note on it. He agreed and told me it was ok. As I am writing this, Thursday, at 18.45 pm, the package is still outside my apartment.

    After all of this, and because you have not done obviously enough to solve a problem, a problem caused by you that I was told was going to be easily solved, I am going to get rid of the package in the garbage. I don’t want to have anything else anymore to do about this package. You had several changes to come and get the package as you should have anyway and, as I said twice yesterday to two Amazon representatives, I am leaving town tomorrow, Friday, for ten days, and I cannot leave an unattended big package outside my apartment. There is no point, really, to have any hope that MAYBE a driver from UPS will come and pick up the package. I said that and requested kindly yesterday twice to have this order you made to have someone pick up the package canceled and to close that request. Now, I am demanding that you do that. I am amazed by the lack of professionalism encountered these past few days. You, I am sure, agree with me, to say that there is a big problem with the customer service and the fact that service you said you provide with UPS is non existent. Apparently something (or several things) did not work in the way they should have. I was treated with no respect for my time and for being someone who patiently waited for a solution, a solution that never came. At the end of these five days I am the one, the customer, to pay an unbelievably high price. Not only did I miss one day at work, and spend countless hours on the phone, I then had to find a solution to get rid of a very big and heavy package, a replacement that, I repeat one more time, was caused by not having received on the first place a complete order but one with missing pieces, an item that you have sold me.
    I think I sum this all by saying “shame on you, Amazon” if this is the way you treat customers like myself, who have been a Prime member and have been purchasing with Amazon for more than a decade.


    Roberta Di Carmine
    [email protected]

  196. Legal Dept,

    I was employed by Amazon during the peak season of 2017. At that time I had disclosed that I had a non-violent class C felony. As you know the application is kept online and this year I went to apply for the same warehouse position, using the same application. And to my surprise I was denied employment on the basis of an unsatisfactory background check. Nothing has changed between 2017 and now, in-fact it is 7 years since the felony conviction. I was wondering if the requirements had changed. I tried, but to no avail, to get answers from the channels enumerated on the departmental hiring sight.

  197. Hi , Please PLEASE read .We are a disabled family with a Special Needs child and 3 Grandchildren that live with us. We are on limited income of S.S.D that gets eaten up by rent and builds that we struggle to keep up with. Christmas is upon us and time is almost out to make Santa come to visit with our children as far as anything being left under the tree. Toys for tots is no longer excepting applications for toy requests. We are in a blind panic and although we have called many associations we have yet to find any halo making this happen. If you have it in your hearts could you please consider sponsoring my family for help. I know that this is very forward of us to ask , but we can’t have them wake up to nothing under the tree come Christmas morning. Thank you so much for your time. Sincerely Amy & family.

  198. I received a Hamilton CD as a gift. Came in a sealed Box with discs labeled Hamilton. They were band music, not Hamilton . They were returned for credit. My
    Gift giver ordered another. It too was a fake!!!! Surely others have had this problem!!! I couldn’t be the only one of thousands who order this CD

  199. I was so disappointed to not have items that I order from Amazon, I
    I ordered aisle runner and rose petals, which never arrived, I had to go buy r
    White runner that cost me 26.00 and much to long, when you had what I needed and at 10.00, it was about an hour that I had to run around to find runner, we did with our rose petals due to not being able to find correct color at last minute. SUCH A DISAPPOINTMENT

  200. work out of office at 5650 dolly , Buena Park california
    I have to use moments to schedule work. Moments is having problems on a constant bases with thing like logging on picking a shift or canceling shifts. When calling the erc they say there is nothing they can do.
    Also there is no Number listed for this location to reach amazon it put you through to the owner of the building states logistic’s services

  201. I am extremely disappointed with Amazon tonight. I wanted to place orders and I am being given a “guarantee delivery date of Monday, December, 9 on EVERY item I tried to order. I am a Prime member and I pay the annual fee mainly because I love the same day/one day/ two day delivery! This is the first time this has ever happened. Last year at the holiday time, this was not the case! At first I didn’t understand. I thought there was something wrong with my account. If you, Amazon are having problems with the deliveries then AT LEAST put something up on your website explaining to people what is going on. An apology would be nice too! Do you realize how frustrating it is to see no other delivery option, just “guarantee for Monday, December 9”. I “chatted” with one of your customer service reps, who tried everything he could do to help me. He was wonderful to deal with. He tried very hard and was very kind, but he had no idea what was going on. That chat took about an hour!!! I then called and spoke to a customer service rep on the phone. She also was wonderful and very kind. She explained to me that due to high volume of orders from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the delivery times are backed up. This rep offered be a $15 credit to my account for my inconvenience. I appreciate that, but I am still very upset. Amazon should have been prepared for this! A huge company like this, failing to provide what they promise is wrong! In addition to that, you are guilty of false advertising!!! Very wrong Amazon! Very disappointing! Not that you care!!

  202. customer service emp. cant speak english and give false names like bingo when you say you want to report them for being rude. I tried to buy a Roku prime member for $49 and told to wait. Now in my cart I can buy the same product for $79 and get it Tue. THIS IS NOT FAIR OR NICE. I could have bought it from Walmart but chose Amazon, but beginning to question my loyalty to your company. This is unfair bus. practices. You should take the time to rethink your business practices. who you allow to sell is up to you but I am buying from Amazon and expect to be treated fair.

  203. I’m a former employee and I’ve been given the run around about my pay check . I’ve had a delay of payment because of y’all mistakes then y’all turn around and tell me I have to wait til Monday to speak to someone who can help . Which is absurd because when y’all want me to show up to work I show up!!! So why the delay on my pay??? Y’all are really ridiculous & I’ll be speaking to my lawyer about this matter

  204. Hello,

    I am a long time Amazon (and Amazon Prime since it’s implementation) customer. I order a huge amount of items from you and am most often very happy with the products and service.

    The exception is my last experience. I ordered a pair of Wolverine boots from you in March (order ID: 114-2661424-5827400), I am retired from the US Army and now just run a small 15 acre family farm and I rely on these boots tremendously and generally buy a new pair every 24-30 months. The last pair have already disintegrated – obviously (to me) they were just a bad pair so I contacted Amazon and Wolverine replied asking for photos which I supplied immediately. They came back quickly with a full refund and told me that I would see it in 3-5 days. This is all great and I would be a VERY Happy Customer if this was done well. But, they did not ask me how I wanted the refund, which I am waiting for to buy another pair of boots), I cannot afford to buy another pair until I get this refund so I very much wanted an Amazon credit or gift card. Instead they issued the refund to the card I used 6 months ago to buy the boots – that card, that account and that bank are no longer associated with me and I do zero business with this bank – and that is where my refund is headed. I am running this farm in the winter wearing running shoes until I can scrape up 150-200 dollars for another good pair of boots.

    My issue is that they should ask the customer before issuing a refund, especially if the original purchase was over a certain period of time.

    I thank you for the great products, pricing and customer service you normally provide but this issue has impacted my life far more than it should.

    Thank you,

    F.J. Maughan

  205. I have a MacBook Pro. Recently I am asked EVERY SINGLE time to have an OTP code sent to my phone before I can log on to my Amazon account. I have been with Amazon 10 years and have never had this problem before. The OTP code is supposed to be a one time code, however, I am constantly asked for the code on my computer. This is MY Amazon account and contains MY information. What is going on? When I call customer service, the overseas agents just recite the jargon that they have been given by Amazon. They’ve even been rude to the point that I can’t expect. things to be the same as in 2009. I think that is very presumptuous. I would like to know just exactly HOW to disable this two-step requirement when I never had a requirement for OTP set up in the first place. Is this a new Amazon policy. If it is, it needs to be re-evaluated. It is time consuming and frustrating for those who use Amazon frequently.
    I still enjoy Amazon but it is making me rethink some of my purchases and I hope this process doesn’t continue. I appreciate any assistance you can give.
    Please don’t tell me that I have a OTP code that is required on my computer that I requested because that is not the case.
    Thank you.
    Renee Ripley
    Amazon member since 2009

  206. I ordered from Amazon for the first time I ordered a Spiderman alarm and a unicorn alarm clock for my grandchildren the Spiderman click came with a small White alarm clock I did not order so I called to ask for a unicorn clock be sent to me and was told I could only get a refund as the wrong click could be sent to me again and was told to return the wrong item .it was not my mistake! But now do not have the unicorn alarm clock for my granddaughter and have to take the time to go to UPS and return the one wrongly sent this is not good business or customer service do not want to order on line again from Amazon

  207. I wondered if you donate to non-profits? I know of one locally who can use help. “Forgotten Haven” Sewell, N.J. They serve Our Veterans, and Homeless. <3 (I've already looked up items they need.) Thank you!

  208. Unbelievable Bad Experience
    I am a Prime Member and I order Regularly your Customer Service people Nico and Wen totally lied to me about my order I have been waiting two days for my order told promised it will be delivered no delivery when I complained Response was in Spanish and. I speak English

  209. I received an Excel Spreadsheet for all of my purchases from Jan 1 2018-Jan1 2019 so I could quickly pick out medical supplies ordered. The 4 reps I spoke to today, especially the lead Natalia R. would not admit she did not know how to do it. I asked her to please give me a phone contact higher up after 54 min. on the phone and she would not. I spent $$1,928.63, 102 items, in 2018-2019, while caring for my mom with dementia. I need the list on a spreadsheet to quickly pull out medical deductions. Instead of humbling herself and saying, I’m sorry, I do not do that she would not help. My mother died last year and I need this info asap as my appt. is tomorrow afternoon.

  210. I have found that Amazon has started price gouging. I have noticed that since Feb. Prices have doubled and in some cases tripled. They have lost this customer

  211. With everyone being to stay at home during this Caronavirus, why don’t you put the Echo Show’s 8 & 5 on sale so families can still keep in touch. This would be especially helpful for the elderly and grandparents who are at higher risk.

  212. I am preparing to write a letter of demand. I purchased two chairs from Amazon on a page labeled Prime Free Delivery and Free Returns. Ships from and sold by When I applied for a return, I was redirected to Cymax, who informed me I would have to pay shipping and a restocking fee. It turns out that the page from which I purchased the chairs should have been “Ships from and sold by Cymax” — but that was not what it said. After a couple of days of communications and explanations, I was given a full refund. UPS charges in the amount of $9.90 each for picking up the chairs in their packing cases showed up on my credit card statement. I wrongly assumed that either Amazon or Cymax had already paid the shipping charges. A few days ago I received two more bills from UPS for shipping charges totaling $479.21. I called Amazon. The first person with whom I spoke looked at the screenshot of the page that I sent, and said he could not refund such a large amount and referred me to a “supervisor.” The supervisor attempted to refer me back to Cymax, but I reminded her that Amazon was the one who guaranteed the shipping. During the course of that conversation and one the next day, I was bullied, repeatedly told Amazon wasn’t going to pay the charges, then said would pay some of it, then back to paying nothing. At the end, she was talking so fast and forcefully that I found myself shouting in an effort to get heard. Then the line went quiet as if I’d been put on hold. She came back shortly and said she would give me a credit for one of the UPS invoices but not the other. I told her I would accept the credit — “I will accept the credit” is what I said. She processed a two-part credit then said “Thank you for reaching a settlement.” I said nothing. There was no settlement. I never intended to settle for less than Amazon guaranteed me. I have been an Amazon customer for a long time, and I would hate to end our relationship, but I’m prepared to do that. To even offer to “settle” rather than pay for the shipping as was promised is unethical at the very least. Amazon now owes me $211.30 in reimbursable shipping costs. At this point, I also expect some sort of recompense for the time I have spent communicating with Amazon, Cymax, and UPS, as well as the time to organize and put together all the paperwork concerning the transactions, not to mention the stress of being bullied by someone who wouldn’t listen to what I had to say over and over and over again. Preparing a letter and making the copies of all the back-up and going to the post office to certify will take me away from some very important work I need to be doing. Hopefully, I will not have to do that. I am going to wait three days for a response from you before I proceed. I hope that Amazon really does want to do the right thing and that you will review your training of the people who represent themselves as the “last resort” in order to extort an agreement to accept less than what is due. This is hardly the behavior of a company who brags about their customer service.

  213. We have had an issue with access to our Amazon account for over 3 weeks. It all started after we received a fraud alert from Amazon and out account was locked. We have talked to numerous individuals (we have names) on different occasions and none have been able to resolve the issue. On more than one accassion we have been informed that we would receive a call back, but that has yet to happen. We have been an Amazon Prime member for some time and would like to continue, but we need our situation to be resolved. I would be happy to explain the entire situation and work with you to resolve this issue. Please call 210-695-xxxx. This is a land line. E-mails have NOT been sufficient to resolve the issue nor has contacting “Customer Service.” We have already received one item that we had never ordered and has received e-mails concerning activity on our account that we couldn’t have done since we have been locked out.

  214. Hi I order a bike back on June 10 for a birthday gift
    Order #113-6978381-6114650. when i called today
    7-11-20 to see status, your customer service person could not help me. she toldthat Amazon ran out of product and its coming from 3rd party. i asked Any idea when this is being shipped, or can i contact 3dr party. I was told sorry we can’t help you. I am a prime member and have purchased thousands of dollars on items from you for several years . your Customer service t is failing .
    Used to be Great in the past years. Just want you to know how frustrated and unhappy i am.
    Lenny Davidowitz

  215. 1 money my account S.b.l India maharashtra pune baramati lfc code. SBIN000xxxx A/C no. 2013556xxxx Mahendra sopan Taware company investment in india plz Sir

  216. I’m a prime video member and I tried to purchase a video this evening and you have the 2014 version of maleficent a Disney movie and all three versions have the narrated versions they show on the title page as AD. Your customer service rep had no clue what that meant and in one case ur rep just passed me to someone else without even a word. Very rude. I want to buy the video but I’m not blind so I don’t need the video to be read to me.

  217. I received an email with authentic looking letterhead etc. but the address was from Sunnyvale,Ca was checking if it’s legit..wanting updated info from me. Thanks

  218. I am the Manager of Electronic Toll Collection Customer Service Operations for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Your Amazon vehicles have been traveling on our roadway over the last several months and not paying tolls. All of the notices for your vehicles come back as undeliverable. Can you please provide a contact to address this situation.

  219. Hello,
    I plan to pursue Amazon’s lack of response and Sharon B.’s in Customer Service, and Amazon in general, willful disconnect while I was asking to speak with the employees 3rd level supervisor.
    Also, I plan to pursue exactly what I ordered. FYI, I was persistent, but kind and did not use profanity.

    Amazon made an on-line, clearly described offer of 24 Bucky Sleeping Masks, then refused to provide me of what I ordered.

    I only received 2 out of 24! I thought the masks were on sale. This is my 3rd attempt to get what I ordered.

    This situation is a contractual problem of a Offer and Acceptance. Amazon offered and I accepted. Amazon is in the wrong.

    Thank you

    On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 9:29 AM wrote:
    Your Account
    Message From Customer Service

    I’m sorry to hear about the problem you’ve had with your Bucky Ultralight Chevron Eye Mask, Navy, 24 Count (Pack of).

    I’ve created a replacement for you at no additional charge.

    The estimated delivery date for your replacement order is Friday, August 7, 2020. To see the order details of the replacement order, visit Your Account at the top of any page on our website or use the following link:

    I hope this helps. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Best regards,
    Sharon B.

  220. Hi I have been exhausted trying to get help from customer service with no resolution. I purchased an HP processor on 7/18 and received the package on 7/21. Upon arrival I had 2 items in my box. One being laser decal paper and the other the Box for the HP processor. My item was missing from my package. I have contacted customer support and all they tell me is that my item was scanned at the warehouse and delivered. Who ever packed my package and placed both items in the box must have stolen the processor before shipping the items or should have noticed the open box prior to shipping. How is it ok for someone who packaged my package to easily steal and get away with it. I returned my 3D printer to be able to purchase this item and now I have nothing and I have lost $720 which is completely unacceptable. I need to be able to either get my item resent or a refund for something I do not have. Please feel free to contact me at 956832xxxx or 956459xxxx Thank you. -Eddie Villa
    Order # 112-9278260-167xxxx

  221. I been a loyal customer for Amazon for over 15 years .. Used to be you can get your product on time or before time being a prime customer.. Now forget it always late or lost .. Depended on Amazon because I’m a disabled vet .. So goodbye Amazon can’t take the frustration anymore.. And believe me I have spent thousands of dollars so lost a loyal customer…

    Phillip Holman

  222. I had ordered a Razer Blade 15 Gaming Laptop through There was a delay in approval from my credit card and we changed the payment from credit card to debit card. while updating the debit card details, amazon customer service personal accidentally deleted our order. They asked us to order again and when we tried to order the laptop was Usd 290 higher than the ;previous order. Amazon customer service sent us a promissory note confirming us to go ahead with the order at the new rate and once the product is delivered the excess Usd 290 will be refunded.

    We had the product delivered yesterday but when we approaches amazon for refund they have , in a total unethical way, they cannot refund the money as this was a third party order. We had ordered the product based solely on the promise made by amazon that the excess amount of Usd 290 will be refunded and now they are cheating us like common thieves.

    Is there any place where I can file a complaint against this pure daylight robbery??

  223. I am a new employee for amazon located at the Wilmington IL location and one can help me locate where my 8/14/2020 direct deposit went to, It’s not located on my check and there’s never no one here to help you, no one. No number to call to speak to can someone please help me. Thank You J. Harris III

  224. Hello my name is Ruby Rodgers, and I love amazon. About 4 days ago, my primary amazon account was accidentally closed. That account was connected to all of my new & old orders, my amazon prime account was renewed in February, my 4 amazon fire sticks and my echo dot. i have reach out to customer service several times with no luck. I have enclosed an order number associated with this account to help you location the account that was closed. Can someone please help reinstate my account.

  225. hello Jeffrey bezos I know that you were probably a very busy man but I was wrongfully terminated from BWI 5 location in Baltimore Maryland a few days ago and they said that some female accused me of complimenting her or asking her out and she told them that it made her feel uncomfortable in her workplace and I have no idea who it was but I know that it was wrongfully put on me because I am a gay man and I talk to females yes but I have never harassed anyone in my workplace they say that somebody went to HR and said that I was harassing a female or multiple females and there would be no reason for me to do that and I was wrongfully terminated when I ask for proof of evidence a video a name anything it show me a paper paperwork of a complaint nothing was brought to my attention I was wrongfully terminated can you please look into this my login id is anbwe. Please help me. I have never felt so fausly accused/ wrongfully terminated in my life. I really loved working for ur company and it is especially important to me because my grandparents order basically everything from your company. I was very hopeful about beginning a career with Amazon and maybe becoming a driver. If you could please look into my case I would greatly appreciate it. I would love nothing than to continue my career with Amazon.
    Sincerely,. Anthony Bowen

  226. What do i do about a rude man who is in customer service. Who ended my conversation with”F__K you you B___H. I could not believe my ears. Is this Customer Service. I am appalled. He said it 3 times. I was not at all nasty just trying to find out my gift card balance. I would appreciate a reply back so that you are aware that you have representatives that are not being of the standards that Amazon would like to portray. I am beyond belief to be treated in such a manner for inquiring about something so simple

  227. Why I am able to able to watch on 4k HDR Marvel Movies on Amazon Movies. They are advertised as HDR, but they are not. My Samsung that gies off when you play an HDR movie. Most of the movies on Amazon Movies that are supposedly HDR the light goes off, but not Marvel Movies. Is it because of the relation between Amazon and Disney? When I play the Marvel Movies on Disney +, the HDR light always goes off, same movies that supposedly Amazon Movies have on HDR. Please, fix this issue! It just happens with the Marvel movies. Best regards and thank you!!!

  228. I am looking for a refund of $25.62 from merchandise that was delivered to the wrong address I call amazon the day is was delivered and stated this. I repurposed the same items on August 25 which arrived to the right address I have since spoken to Jerick on Aug 23 I then spoke to a Reva from Kansas City Missouri on Aug 25 on Sept 11 I spoke with Ana on Sept 14 I spoke with Ana who transferred me to Jericho a logistic customer service on Sept 21 I then spoke with Richard who transferred me to Jefferson. I who states that I will get my refund. Then I receive an email stating that the cannot refund me The first time it went to the wrong address when I reordered onAug 25 it did come to my address I am getting frustrated with the amount of time that I have to call. Can someone please help. Thank you


  230. My debit card was being used by Amazon Prime – FR, there was no possible way to contact them, and the US Amazon Prime could not provide any support. I would think Amazon would care to research these charges since someone at Amazon Prime – FR is trying to use customer’s debit cards.

  231. My name is Margaret Zemsta.I contacted several people from amazon costumer service and have promised for fixed my problems and this never ands .One ,or more months ago I played order#1128510393590xxxx .They adversities something what I like.I received completely different things,very cheap.I would like to return.Seller asking me to pay for return.The price to sell back is $187.72.Dont makes sense.Return was guaranteed.No one is helping me.Please help.Im not will paid for this.This is not right -this is cheating.

  232. I returned a kneeskooter and received a return of $103.31 which was supposed to be credited to my bank card. It was minus the cost of the knee skooter. In the meantime. Synchrony Bank is continuing to bill me late fees and interest and is harrassing me daily to make payments which I feel I do not owe. They see no record of my having made the return and gotten a refund. There seems to be no communication between Amazon and Synchrony Bank. I am furious with Amazon and at this point I just want this bank card cancelled and the harassment from Synchrony to stop. Consider this my cease and desist notice.

  233. Tell Alston transportation Houston (DSP) to pay drivers their efficiency bonus. Other DSPs pays based on shift but Alston transportation pays us based on hours worked. We hardly get paid 40 hours a week. The pay check is manipulated to suit the company while the drivers are crying. The drivers are planing a work strike soon . This issue is important and should be looked into

  234. I had a huge run around with customer service. I requested all messages and phone calls because all I get is a run around. Order# 11423537397033344. I was promised a refund no later than September 2 and then got another run around. I was told that messages were private and I have no way to obtain communication. Please help me

  235. Amazon You Are Treating Your Customers Bad. Amazon Employees Has Told Me Lie After Lie About My Orders. Amazon Use To Be The Best. I Use To Brag On Amazon. What A Pity!

  236. We have been trying to return Order #111-6719694-059xxxx for Sony M-2000 Microcassette Transcribed sold by Amazon Third Party Seller KHTS6310 in Apri, 2020 and broke in June, 2020. Your Customer Service is no help at all they transfer from one person to another – can’t find order (at times they do not even tell you that you are transferred. I obtained the third party seller’s Name, and was directed to “Seller Messaging Assistant” who promised I would receive a response in “a couple days” or October 3. It is October 9 and I am still waiting!! This has been 4 months. Not one of the many Customer Service Representatives have ever RETURNED MY CALL. I have all kinds of printed proof and email messages where I was promised an “Escalation of Events/Investigation, and other communications from this ORDEAL. This has been more than 5 months and the Sale was $406.26. My next contact will be the Better Business Bureau of the State of Delaware located within the Attorney General’s Office. If you are so inclined to help with this matter, please call (302) 777-xxxx or email to [email protected]

  237. I contacted Amazon Customer Service which was intercepted by fraud. Lost $400. Contacted the Police, Detective Beu, FTC, Customerservice, Supervizors. My Bank who also said multible issues with Amazon Customer Service. Had to cancel everything! from 9-30-20 and 3 more companies today. No one will let me talk to Management. My gift card from when this started before all this was canceled so my 7 year old didn’t get her gift because my check that was used the day before was not good enough. My Visa came in 2 days later where I spent 3 hours with a superv. from 5pm to 8pm 10-9-20 because he didn’t know how to add a 100.00 so I could cash in on $10 and the $35.00 Gift Card. Today I spoke to Supv. Max for 45 min and would not transfer me to a mang. I have been passed for 2 hour and got no one. 1) Number hacked lost $400.00 2)had to change things since 9-30 3) spent 3 hours with 2 people 2nd was a supv. 4) today went to use my 110.00 card was not there after 3 hours 10-9- which is on my cell phone Max said it was not, happy to prove. Would not give me a mang. Never got my $400.00 from the person about the hacker who I gave 5 stars. Went to get his name there is nothing on my email for any Amazons except a password change and a Amazon at 6:15 on 10-9-20 which is not the case. Max said there was only one at 3:15 pm. I have all of my calls with explainations on my cell phone even where I was Hacked and she tried to call me back. The Police told me to disconnect everything. I also saw a email from Wells Fargo that they were getting members Hacked while I was looking for my emails from Amazon that were deleted? What is with that? Like I said I have records for the detectives and the FTC. MAX could not put me on prime day with my charge card amd give me $10.00? I am so angry for all this deceipt.

  238. I doubt this comment will reach anyone with any clout or authority or power at Amazon, and if it does if will fall on deaf ears, but here goes. I am a shareholder and frequent of Amazon and its services. I am appalled that you would censor Shelby Steele’s film about the “real victimization of Black America” because it doesn’t fit a narrative, mainly your narrative. Be careful. The left hates you because your are a prosperous, capitalist company, regardless of the excellent services that you provide. You don’t need the right leaning customers pissed off at you too. Oh, and don’t forget Congress. Wake up! Do the right thing. the mighty have fallen before, as may you.

  239. I recently set up a professional sellers account on Amazon $39.99. the money was taken out of my account right away after activation. When I got it all set up, I wanted to change my email address to by business email. ([email protected]) When I changed the email it immediately deactivated the account. I submitted all documents they asked for reactivation. It has been over 2 weeks now. Just want the account activated so I can start Selling.

    Fast forward to yesterday. I called corporate and received Jeff email. I emailed him no response. Your receptionist Shannon super nice.

    Got an email that amazon never took $39.99, but they did. Called again to corporate to get a man who told me to drop dead. So corporate hires incompetent disrespectful individuals to answer the phone. I’m highly disappointed in the way Amazon customer service and Amazon Corporate offices. I would like resolved as soon as possible. We would like to start selling on Amazon as soon as possible.

    Sincerely, Lester Allen 386-299-xxxx

  240. Amazon account got blocked due to driver saying a dog was barking and It looked aggressive. No dog here. Neighbors dog just barks not aggressive.We also never got a warning just a complete ban

  241. Unable to change to my new phone number to sign in. My old phone died. Unable to retrieve otp. Not allowed to placed order or do business at . Caught in a revolving digital loop. Help!!!!!

  242. Why is Amazon spending so much on tv commercials and ads when Amazon should hire more employees full time employees and pay better salaries, benefits, promotion opportunities, safety and better working conditions?
    How about using that money to fund more humanitarian efforts in our present society like the poor or improving blighted neighborhoods.
    How about CEOs taking less compensation to improve those communities that support the wealth and profits of Amazon?
    How about giving back instead of being so self-satisfied and greedy with the status of being the richest man or company on the planet?

  243. Sir, I from New Delhi, INDIA. My son had ordered a mobile through AMAZON on exchange of old mobile + amount vide order No 406-8253109-7457958. This consignment was refused to delivered to us by AMAZON delivery boy on pretext that the mobile we are giving have scratches and we will get our money back. When I checked for refund of money I was shcoked that it was showing delevered. I had given complaint to customer care India who said we will do an enquiry but after seven days they said as per their record consignment is delivered. I was victim and complainant but no one came for enquiry to our house or showed us proof. Your Customer care female executive misbehaved with me. I also contacted to resolution team but they are also saying that enquiry is going on, but no one came to me or my house for enquiry.

    I have given the proof on email to customer care and resolution team. 1) The photo of mobile which is still with me which Delivery boy was suppose to collect from me.
    2) CCTV footage of my society which clearly shows that Delivery man has not delivered the consignment.
    What proof else more required.
    Please refund my money with interest at the earliest. My phone number is +91989135xxxx my son’s mobile no is +91 965030xxxx. My email id is tarunbhaxxxx and my sons id is dushyantbhxxxx @
    Hope for an early action against guilty people who are tarnishing the image of AMAZON India and refund of my money with interest
    Tarun Kumar
    New Delhi INDIA

  244. I made a food purchase on amazon fresh with my EBT. Amazon took my EBT than locked my account and won’t respond to any emails. They still have not returned my EBT. This was to help feed my family!!

  245. Stop sending products I did not order. You sent me masks and other items.If you don’t stop I will report you to the post office,ect.

  246. Loading previous messages…
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Hi! It’s Amazon’s messaging assistant again.

    This Queen Makes 34 Look Fabulous 34th Birthday Shirt Women T-Shirt
    Is this what you need help with?
    5:56 PM
    Yes, that’s it
    5:56 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    We’re just about to ship this order, and it’s on track to be delivered by Mon, Nov 02.
    Sound good?
    5:56 PM
    I want to cancel
    5:56 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Since this item is just about to ship, I can’t cancel it. To get a refund for it, you can either refuse the package when it’s delivered or return it once you receive it.
    Have any questions about this?
    5:56 PM
    5:56 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    OK, I’ll get someone to help you here through chat.
    5:56 PM
    OK, get help through chat
    5:56 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    If you have details you think would help the associate, type them here.
    5:56 PM
    Mayank has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Mayank | Customer Service
    Hi , My name is Mayank. Thank you for contacting amazon.I’m here to help you today. Hope you are doing good.
    M5:56 PM
    Please cancel this order. 114-2168472-2058635.
    5:57 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service
    May I know the reason for cancel this item?
    M5:57 PM
    I have tried to cancel it several times and I’m getting a message that they are preparing it for shipping on the 31st. I cancelled 5 minutes after I ordered it
    Because it was a size too big.
    I ordered the same shirt in Medium. Why cannot the large be cancelled
    5:58 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service
    I apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.
    M5:58 PM
    I want the medium to ship. But the large to be cancelled and my money returned for the large. I’ve spoken to someone and they too said .”” He will TRY to cancel”” Don’t try. Please cancel the 114-2168472-2058635 order. It’s a large. I needed medium and I’ve already ordered the medium.
    6:00 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service
    Really sorry we are unable to cancel this order because is in advance shipping stage.
    M6:01 PM
    I can’t believe that 5 minutes into the order they cannot cancel the order that I ordered by mistake.
    Then cancel the other order and send me my money back. I use Amazon ALOT. I am very upset that you are saying you cannot cancel an order 5 freaking minutes after I ordered it.
    6:02 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service

    If you do not want the order, you will receive it and return it.
    with full refund.
    M6:02 PM
    It’s going to another state as a birthday present. This is total bullshit. Get me a manager or owner or someone that can override this bull I’m getting.
    You cannot tell me 5 minutes after I made an order that is was pulled off shelf, wrapped and ready to ship. That’s not true. I need someone higher than you
    6:04 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service

    The manager will also give you a similar resolution.
    M6:04 PM
    No. I will not make my daughter return her present. I want the order number 114-2168472-2058635 cancelled and refunded. The other 2 orders can ship.
    Ok. I’ll take this higher. Give me the supervisor to your manager. And I don’t want to hear that they are not available. This is bullshit
    6:05 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service
    okay i can tranfer this chat.
    M6:06 PM
    You can understand my anger at this point. I use Amazon for everything and this is how you treating a good customer??
    6:06 PM
    Mayank | Customer Service
    no worry allow me a moment.
    M6:06 PM
    Please give me someone that will comply with my small wishes
    I have cancelled orders before. Days after I ordered
    And you cannot cancel an order 5 minutes into my order. I cancelled the order before funds were taken out of my account. There is no reason why it can not be cancelled and refunded.
    6:08 PM
    nikhil has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    nikhil | Customer Service
    Hello, my name is Nikhil and I’m a member of leadership team at Amazon. I’m here to help you.
    Please allow me 2 minutes while I go through the above conversation to assist you further.
    N6:08 PM
    Nikhil. Please cancel and refund order number 114-2168472-2058635. I ordered the wrong size. It is a present for my daughter in NY which I’m sure you can see. I ordered a medium in place of the large. All I’m asking is for a cancellation for order number 114-2168472-2058635 and my money refunded. I cancelled 5 minutes if that after I realized I ordered the wrong size.
    6:10 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    I appreciate your patience . thanks for being connected.
    N6:10 PM
    I order alot from Amazon and very frequently. I need that order number 114-2168472-2058635 cancelled and refunded
    Nikhil. Please cancel and refund order number 114-2168472-2058635. I ordered the wrong size. It is a present for my daughter in NY which I’m sure you can see. I ordered a medium in place of the large. All I’m asking is for a cancellation for order number 114-2168472-2058635 and my money refunded. I cancelled 5 minutes if that after I realized I ordered the wrong size.
    6:11 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    I have checked the details of the order , but the item is already into advance shipping mode . In this case the system won’t allow us to cancel the order . Some order gets into advance shipping mode few hours after the order is placed but this was assigned immediately . I request you to please wait till it gets shipped. Once it is ship we will request stop and return for the item and the refund will be processed.
    Also the charge made on your card is authorization which will be refunded by the bank in next 3-5 business days . We only charge you once the item is shipped . So as soon as the item is shipped we will email you the notification . You can get in touch with us to get it stop and return .
    N6:13 PM
    Now what? You can cancel in transit but not 4 to 5 minutes after the order was placed? It was NOT in advanced shipping when I started cancellation.
    6:14 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    Also this item got into advance shipping mode sooner which means it will get shipped earlier then expected and the delivery date also might get changed to closer one .
    N6:15 PM
    What is so hard to understand from a huge company like Amazon? Cancel the order
    I chose the later date for shipping so stop your shit.
    6:15 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    Clearly, we’ve upset you and I want you to know that getting to the bottom of this is just as important to me as it is for you. But once the item is in advance shipping mode we cannot cancel it . It can be stop and returned once shipped by contacting the carrier . It cannot be done now .
    Please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience caused you so far, but this case we wont be able to make any exception.
    N6:17 PM
    Um. Yes. You have upset me beyond belief. 3 minutes into the order and it was in advanced shipping even after I chose the later shipping date? Really;!!!!
    I will not accept you blank apology and EVERUONE WILL read and I will publish anywhere and everywhere I can to stop people from ordering from Amazon if this is not resolved before the end of tonight.
    It’s freaking not even $20.00 and it’s the wrong size. And Amazon has a cancel option. Why have it? It is misrepresentation to the fullest. Where is your corporate office.
    I need address and phone number.
    6:19 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    I am sorry for not getting the order cancelled for you daisy , but in some case the item shipping process do get started immediately after the order is placed . Also this have created a hassle for you . We will get it cancelled for you by making it stop and return . Because we cannot take action on it right now . So we will wait till it is handed to carrier then we can contact them to cancel the shipping .
    N6:20 PM
    Please email me the info along with this conversation. Please corporate address and phone number as well.
    6:22 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    I will email you the address daisy , but the conversation cannot be sent . It is saved in your message center in amazon app . If you want I will mention all the details about the order in the email and the option we provided for the cancellation of this order .
    N6:24 PM
    6:24 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    P.O. Box 81226
    Seattle, WA 98108-1226
    I will email it as well .
    It’s pleasure assisting you:)
    Please feel free to let me know, if there is anything else I can help you with today?
    N6:25 PM
    You can cancel order number 114-2168472-2058635 and refund my money.
    6:27 PM
    nikhil | Customer Service
    Write a message…
    SendNikhil. Please cancel and refund order number 114-2168472-2058xxxx. I ordered the wrong size. It is a present for my daughter in NY which I’m sure you can see. I ordered a medium in place of the large. All I’m asking is for a cancellation for order number 114-2168472-205xxxx and my money refunded. I cancelled 5 minutes if that after I realized I ordered the wrong size.

  247. My complaint and frustration, recently on two separate occasions I placed an order using my Amazon Prime I was told the item would be delivered on a specific date by 9 p.m. I waited and waited around 8 p.m. the day of delivery I received an email from Amazon stating a delay in the delivery now the expected date is 24 to 48 hours out I feel that that’s a deception on Amazon park being at this has recently happened twice but it’s happened a few times prior. I’m at the point why am I paying for Prime Membership and it’s a continuing delay and delivery as merchandise

  248. My name is Johnnie Montgomery. I have been tested for covid 19 Thursday. I called in because I was on quarantine. I didn’t have my results. Saturday morning I was told that I have covid 19. I tried to call hr or access a-z and my password expired conviently and I got locked out of the system for 24 hrs because they said I tried to recover it to many time. Im just trying to activate protical and my 2 wks. Paid because im out of work,and I cant.

  249. See my file and you will see why. A supervisor was suppose to call on a delayed order…. 3 times and not once did I receive a call . +65 9645 xxxx

  250. See my file and you will see why. A supervisor was suppose to call on a delayed order…. 3 times and not once did I receive a call .

  251. While driving home from a funeral on I81s one of your drivers who is an independent contractor proceeded to ride the bumper of our car as we sped up to move to another lane he proceeded to drift into our lane nearly hitting us. Since he is an independent contractor we could not call his company to complain but since he was driving with the amazon logo on his truck I am reaching out to you. I hope you hire more responsible contractors in the future. The trailer number for your amazon truck is AZNG V511903
    The company name on side of truck was WALAA stow Ohio I have pictures of the truck and driver if you need and listened plate numbers.

  252. Horrible customer service and the worst buying experience I can remember at any place of business. Here’s a chat transcript. It’s like I’m in the twilight zone.
    I’ve gone from frustrated to angry and then back to calm because this situation makes no sense. Basics. I ordered and received a monitor. It was defective so I sent it back. They were out of stock so I picked a different one from the same seller. It was shipped and damaged on the day it was to get here. I contacted you guys Wednesday and was told to wait 48 hours. That time came and went. Today I contacted you again and was told to wait 48 hours. I need to buy a monitor for school. I’ve already waited and been trying to get a decent monitor for many weeks. I normally use Amazon for everything but now I’m not sure that’s going to be a smart decision going forward. I am very displeased with this experience.
    Loading previous messages…
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Hi! It’s Amazon’s messaging assistant again.

    Viotek GN34CW 34-Inch 21:9 Ultrawide Curved Gaming and Professional Computer Monitor, 100Hz 1440p, FreeSync FTS/RTS VESA (White)
    Is this what you need help with?
    1:28 PM
    Yes, that’s it
    1:28 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    Since it was coming from an Amazon seller who handles their own shipping, you can email them to find out next steps.
    If you don’t hear back in 48 hours, come back and we can help.
    1:29 PM
    Seller won’t get back to me
    1:29 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    OK, I’ll get someone to help you here through chat.
    1:29 PM
    OK, get help through chat
    1:29 PM
    Messaging Assistant | Customer Service
    If you have details you think would help the associate, type them here.
    An associate will join the chat.
    1:29 PM
    Ravi has joined & will be ready to chat in just a minute.
    Ravi | Customer Service
    Hello William
    I hope you are doing good.
    Could you please elaborate the query so that I can assist you Accordingly in the best possible way?
    R1:29 PM
    1:29 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    May I know your concern in detail so that I can help you better?
    R1:33 PM
    I ordered a monitor and it was defective. I paid to have it boxed up and sent it back to the seller for replacement. I didn’t hear back for a while then was told it was out of stock and they refunded me. I found another monitor and ordered it. It showed to be in stock. It also showed it was shipped and on the day I was to get it, I got a message it was returned to sender and I needed to wait another 3 to 5 days for a refund. I didn’t have the time to wait. I need a monitor NOW so I got on with your customer service. They asked me to wait 48 hours to get a replacement and contacted the company. I waited 48 hours which ended yesterday. And not only did I fail to receive any word about them refunding what I paid to return the first monitor, they failed to get a replacement sent to me. So now I’m still without a monitor and still without any refund to use to buy another one. I’m writing this whole experience up for social media. It’s ridiculous
    So my reason for reaching out to you is to find out what you’ll do about this and what I can expect as a very regular customer at Amazon.
    1:36 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    I am sorry that you have an issue with the order.
    Please do not worry William
    I will do my best for you.
    As I checked and found that your order is out for delivery.
    Please do not worry, your amount is totally safe with us.
    R1:37 PM
    Do you have a tracking number? I don’t see anything about this issue or shipping in the Amazon portal
    1:38 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    1ZX865V00395879157 This is the UPS tracking number William .
    Please do not worry.
    We never want that our loyal customer face any issue.
    We always do our best to provide the best service and make our loyal customer happy.
    R1:40 PM
    I appreciate your intent. But your details are incorrect
    If you track that number you’ll see that was the delivery that was cancelled and never happened
    1:40 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    I have contacted the seller to get this delivered as soon as possible.
    Your delivery will be reattempted within 24 hours.
    R1:41 PM
    No that’s also incorrect
    They said the item was damaged in shipping. So the only way they could deliver it again is to ship a new one, which they have not done
    At this point, I do not trust that seller and I do not trust Amazon customer service
    1:42 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    Please be assured, your amount is totally safe with us.
    I have instantly contacted the seller for this issue.
    They will get back to you within 2 business days via Email.
    R1:43 PM
    no they wont
    They only say they will but they dont
    1:45 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    No worries, they will surely get back to you within 2 business days.
    R1:46 PM
    No. I want a refund now so I can drive to Best Buy and buy my monitor. I need it for school and I’m done with your promises of waiting 48 hours etc. I’ve heard that for weeks
    Like I said this has been a nightmare experience
    1:47 PM
    Ravi | Customer Service
    I have checked with my supervisor, please wait 2 business days to seller respond.
    If they do not respond, we will claim A-Z for the full refund.
    R1:47 PM
    I already have. Tell your supervisor my next call will be to a lawyer. You keep telling me to wait 2 days and I do, then nothing. Look at your own no