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Company Website
Corporate Address
800 Connecticut Avenue
Norwalk, CT
Phone Number
(203) 299-8000
Fax Number
(302) 636-5454
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3 thoughts to “Priceline Headquarters”

  1. After purchasing a two night hotel stay with dates of 9/2 -4th my confirmation came back as 9/8-10th. I IMMEDIATELY called Priceline to explain that those were not the correct dates. I was told to then call the hotel directly. I called the hotel directly but told nothing could be done till Monday. I have called the hotel and Priceline many times but this issue would not be resolved. Both sides blamed the other for not helping me. I even pleaded to Chase for my $225.98 charge, again both sides refuse to budge. As a frequent customer of Priceline, Expedia, Trip Advisor… I found this extremely disappointing. I work as a Flight Attendant with Southwest Airlines and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Could someone be kind enough to look into this for me? My case number is 335944704. My reservation number was 19213677437. We were being evacuated from our home due to a hurricane and that was why I needed the hotel for the next two nights. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Sandy Lee Goodge

  2. Is the customer service phone number the same as the corporate office phone number? I want to contact the customer support department.

  3. I did not have a the greatest experience with contacting the corporate office. They seem to be a bit annoyed with dealing with customers, so I recommend that everyone contacts customer service directly through their phone number or contact them on Facebook.

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