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DHL Express (USA), Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1200 S. Pine Island Rd.
Plantation, FL
Phone Number
(954) 888-7000
Fax Number
(888) 221-6211
Employee Count
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3 thoughts to “DHL Express (USA), Inc. Headquarters”

  1. I shipped 4 boxes frim Ireland, except due to computeer problems of my own and theirs, not having proper instructions, having to call 4-5 times a day to get information on how to do something, it took me 3 days to get the paperwork done. Then it was too late to send as they were only in our area till maybe 1:00 pm. And, they will not send a driver out to get it at your convenience. Therefore, had to leave it for a family member to handle after she had her radiation treatments. Now, the packages are here in the US. On Oct. 30, 2018 DHL attempted to deliver the packages. Now bear in mind there is supposed to be a phone call to let you know they are coming. No phone call even if my cell was deaad. Now today is Oct. 31, 2018 and a very strange phone call from a disconnected number, but they left a message, all you could hear was thank you. So if that was DHL what was going on. I call customer service and found out that they had not attempted a delivery today at all. It’s not their stuff so why should they care. The customer service representative tried calling the local facility but got no answer at 5:30 pm CST. They are supposed to have office hours until 9:00 pm EST. So another day and I don’t know where my stuff is. I have to leave tomorrow for a few days. I guess I’ll hopefully have them when I returan. DHL, you started so nicely in Ireland. Maybe the US needs to take some lessons from the Irish. They messed up a few times, but at least they took care of it and didn’t leave me hanging.

  2. I have been calling the corportate office phone number, but I only get an automated message. So I would like to know how I get through to a real live human.

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