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Verizon Communications is the holding company for the brands of Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Verizon FiOS Internet and TV, and MCI. The company also owns AOL and Yahoo Inc.

Verizon Communications, Inc Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
MCI, WorldCom, Verizon Wireless, Yahoo, AOL
Corporate Address
140 West St.
New York, NY
Company Contact
Lowell C. McAdam
Chairman and CEO
Phone Number
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Verizon, @VerizonWireless, @Fios

What is Verizon Wireless’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Verizon Wireless’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-212-395-1000.


What is Verizon Wireless’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Verizon Wireless’ Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-922-0204.

Or, call *611 from your Verizon mobile phone.

Verizon FiOS Customer Service phone number is: 1-800-837-4966.

For Sales, call 1-855-594-1243.

What is Verizon Wireless’ Headquarters Address?

The official Verizon Headquarters as well as Board of Directors are located in New York City.  The executive leadership team and operations are located in Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

Verizon Wireless’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • New York Corporate Headquarters
  • 1095 Avenue of the Americas,
  • New York, NY 10013
  • USA

The Verizon Operational Headquarters address is:

  • Verizon Basking Ridge Operational Headquarters
  • One Verizon Way, Basking Ridge,
  • New Jersey 07920
  • USA

Phone Number: 1-908-559-2001


How do I Contact Verizon Wireless Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Verizon Wireless via:

Verizon Wireless Live Chat: Connect to Live Chat here.

Verizon Wireless’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Verizon Wireless’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Verizon Wireless on Social Media:

Verizon Wireless Twitter Help: @VZWSupport and @verizon

Verizon Wireless on Facebook:

Verizon Headquarters Executive Team.

Verizon’s management team consists of:

Lowell C. McAdam
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Tim Armstrong
Chief Executive Officer -Oath

Martin Burvill
Senior Vice President and Group President Verizon Business Markets

Eric Cevis
Senior Vice President and Group President – Verizon Partner Solutions

Kenneth Dixon
Senior Vice President & Group President – Consumer Sales & Service

Ronan Dunne
Executive Vice President and Group President of Verizon Wireless

Matthew D. Ellis
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tami Erwin
Executive Vice President – Wireless Operations

George Fischer
Senior Vice President and Group President – Verizon Enterprise Solutions

James J. Gerace
Chief Communications Officer

Rose Stuckey Kirk
Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer

Rima Qureshi
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Marc C. Reed
Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Diego Scotti
Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Craig Silliman
Executive Vice President – Public Policy and General Counsel

David Small
Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations and Assurance

John G. Stratton
Executive Vice President and President of Global Operations

Hans Vestberg
Executive Vice President and President of Global Networks and Chief Technology Officer

Verizon Board of Directors

Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon (chairman of the board)

Shellye Archambeau, CEO of MetricStream

Mark Bertolini, CEO of Aetna

Richard Carrión, CEO of Popular, Inc.

Melanie Healey, former President of Procter & Gamble

Frances Keeth, former Executive Vice President of Royal Dutch Shell

Karl-Ludwig Kley, former CEO and Chairman of Merck Group

Clarence Otis, Jr., former CEO and Chairman of Darden Restaurants

Rodney E. Slater, former United States Secretary of Transportation and current partner at Squire Patton Boggs

Kathryn Tesija, former Executive Vice President of Target Corporation

Gregory Wasson, former CEO and Chairman of Walgreens Boots Alliance

Gregory Weaver, former CEO of Deloitte’s audit and enterprise risk division


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  1. The manager on duty at the Pembroke Pines store on Thursday was incompetent and unprofessional. She needs training on tech support.

    1. My name is Susan Johnson and I live in Little Rock, ARi have an issue that nobody in your company has been able to resolve and it is not rocket science. I have a wireless phone the bill that someone else pays so I don’t know that login information. However,I also have an IPad that I pay the monthly usage monthly. Up until a couple of months ago I was able to pay the IPad by using my IPad go to My Verizon and it would have all information set up for me. It would literally take seconds for me to pay. It would ask for my phone number not wireless phone number as everything asks for now. The number for IPad line is 501-519-6427. Last month I called Verizon yet again and ended up having to pay $7.00 which I should not have had to pay because there doesn’t seem to pay this extra line bill. They advised that I could pay my bill at any store. They are not going to know either and I don’t think I should have to pay it this way either. I want to know why I used to pay it so easily and now everything is tied to my wireless number. Could you please resolve this issue for me?

  2. Hello , my name is Matthew Brooks .I had a issue Sunday with a employee I was trying create a ticket to find a solution to my account .The employee do not honor my wishes I stay on 20-30 for him tell me I can create a ticket for my account later tell me no not business option .It was unsatisfied experience I have been having issues with my service I do not want switch cell phone provide could you all please help me .I ask speak to a supervisor I ask create a ticket nothing happen in that 20-30 minute span.As a customer I was hurt I could not get assistance from Verizon Wireless I can’t blame you for what a employee it does reflect on the business as a employee.Could you give me a call at (216) 407-xxxx to resolve this issue please .
    Matthew Brooks

  3. How to contact the corporate office out of office hours? I have an issue that needs to be dealt with and It cannot wait until Monday.

  4. coming from somme one who taught customer service courses I hate to say it but you people suck tremendously bad!!1 lots of bad commenting back to customers and I DONT KNOWS along with attitudes with being hung up on when I asked for a manager or supervisor. Then people not knowing how to do their job and finally the two main things. !! Giving customers false infomoration on who to contact and then on hold for over 40 minutes listening to you. stupid piano music . designed. to make you hang up after 5 minutes. As soon as my contact over I will be gone. In the mean time I will be giving everybody MY PERSONAL OPINION OF JUST HOW BAD VERIZON HAS BECOME. JUST ANOTHER MONEY HUNGARY COMPANY WITH EXTREMELY BAD SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE WORD OF MOUTH HAS KILLED OFF MORE COMPANIES THAN ANYTHING. AND I DO HAVE THE BIGGEST MOUTH AROUND !!

    1. I agree with you Greg no customer appreciation or service . Liars promising promotional credit of $150 plus charging for phone lines I never agreed too. Opening new contract without making you aware of eventhough, you are loyal customer since 1994 to no avail. Passing the Buck , hanging up on you when asked for supervisor ” Buzy on another line hold on”

  5. To whom it may concern I am just Gerald McNeal and I am emailing you today to notify you I thought it boom representative who had a bad attitude with me on the phone the date was August 13th 20/20 at about 1:45 p.m. if someone can give me a call back about the situation they will be you be appreciate it thank you. PS I already left complaint with online manager thank you.

  6. I received my August bill with a late fee when my previous, July bill was mailed on July 25 (due Aug 1). I had tried to pay my July bill in your store on 3rd Avenue & 69th Street but the machine was not working. I have been in your store on 3rd Avenue & 69th Street today and they tried to contact your customer service person on 611. After 20 minutes no answer. I then called your service number given on my bill and held on your wait line for one hour to speak with someone to remove the late charge. I cannot control the NYPS. Everyone is having problems, but this is really bad when a customer cannot contact you at all. I am mailing my August bill due September tomorrow and deleting the late charge.

  7. I’ve been informed that my watch won’t be fix due to not having insurance on. I was told a month ago that if I took my line off I would be able to use my phone insurance on my watch. Now I’ve being told I can’t get it fix. Seems verizon doesn’t care for me as a customer at all. I have been yelled at and disrespected.

  8. Diane M. McDonald 8:15 AM

    Customer Complaint

    I don’t know where else to go. I am having MAJOR problems with Verizon. I am very upset about this. It’s not the first time, not the second, not the third.

    I scheduled a call for them to call me the moriing and the call was dropped., I am not perionoid but I feel that it was purposely done.

    I need to speak to corporate and tell them what is going on., There have been many issues between your FIOS Payment website, and my cell phone problems. On chat and website for 2 hours yesterday to pay a bill. I want to speak with corporate. Someone in corporate that will get things done and make changes so that it works for the customer.

    What is going on with your executives that they don’t see that customers are not happy. Although I feel for those who have passed, we are sick of hearing from corporations that due to COVID. People can work from home. I am.

    The chat sessions are a waste of time.

    I am very upset with what went on yesterday regarding their payment part of their website.

    Diane M.
    You haven’t received a response yet. Lear

  9. I am a long standing 15 year customer, who always pays their bill timely. I spoke to Ms. Ray this morning @ 9:30 AM and she told me that my $10.00 discount will be terminated as of 11/30/20. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. I am on the verge of changing carriers because you keep charging customers more money for services. I want my $10.00 discount extended to the life of my contract. Ms. Ray was adamant that it cant be done. She was not the most pleasant person.

    Why does a new customer get all the bells and whistles and existing customers keep getting the shaft.

    Why should I keep service with you?

    All I am asking for is to keep my $10.00 discount for the life of my contract? I am not changing anything.

    I spoke with Lisa (supervisor) at 9:45 AM this morning and she told me that it cant be done. If this is how you treat existing customers then it is not worth me staying with Verizon.

  10. I have a complaint. It’s regarding an order for 4iphone12. I started the order October 24th. I learned today that they paid the payment to the wrong order number. I would like you please to push this order through. There is no reason for this. When order is filled overnight shipping please.
    Please contact me as I am running out of time.
    My phone number (951) 805-xxxx.

  11. Switched over to Fios for data, voice and TV from Comcast. Nothing works… Land line down for 2 days. FIOS service not properly provisioned. Wasted 5 hours trying to contact a live person via text messages and phone. Received 1 call back and line was dead. Fumnny when I call Comcast I never wait more that 10 minutes to reach anyone. My mother warned about how poor your service is and she is correct.

  12. Since the 4th of November I have not had Wi Fi on the 6th I made a report they promised service by the 8th nothing happened Called on 9th promised on 10 th Tonight No wi Fi I have ,
    Made at least 8 calls they put me on hold with music tonight I held 24 minutes. Tomorrow I have to call optimum My husband is a retiree of Verizon also my daughter just retired with 34 years Tonght I have been on 35 minutes waiting talked to three people no help.

  13. Hello, My name is Dianne Evenson and I need assistance in getting my last bill from Verizon. I have called several times & have been told my bill will be sent to me. I had recently spoke to Verizon Representative Ally, on 10/29/20. She was very concerned about my problem and told me I would receive my bill by 11/95/20.Unfortunately, no Verizon Bill ever shows up! On 11/07/20, I spoke to Mathew, who again, was very concerned about my problem and he would Email me & send my bill. Still no Verizon Bill… This has be on going on fora two month period. This is why I finally had to reach out to you. Please assist me in this simple task, of receiving my bill!
    Dianne Evenson

  14. I have a Samsung 10 I had nothing but problems with it. I can’t receive any message or call when I am traveling on the instate I keep call Verizon but not getting any where with them every time I call I am on hold for 1 two 2 hours before I can talk with someone I am a 64 year old woman and I shouldn’t have to go through this. I called yesterday on the 11/15/2020 the guy told me that it would take 72 hours to fix my problem so I am calling back today 11/15/2020 only to be on hold for almost two hours now. I originally called on11/03/2020. Spoke with D J he got me a replacement phone but only every condition phone this phone still does not work well so I called back on 11/09/ 2020 spoke with Athena and she seems that she was helping me pretty good but she is just like the rest she was supposed to call me back within three days to check to see how my phone was doing I did not get a reply back from her I am still having problems with my phone like I said I don’t understand why they can’t fix the problem or send me some kind of other phone out this is totally ridiculous I’m never late on my payments I mailed my other phone back it cost me four dollars out of my pocket I also had to take my screen protector off my phone the screen protector cost me $40 I am asking Verizon for y’all to please help me to get this problem taken care of.

  15. Hello,
    I don’t even know where to start. I have been trying to talk with someone at Verizon about adding another line to my existing account or changing to an unlimited oer 55 plan. I first tried to do this on line or through the chat. My password didn’t work. I changed it. It didn’t work again. I changed it again. I then was asked for my secret question and that didn’t work and it sent me back to change my password again. Then I tried calling. That took me into telephone tree hell and it wanted a password and the one I had didn’t work. Finally I got through to someone on a live chat and we played twenty questions as I finally got the information I wanted (I think). But, I couldn’t add my daughter’s line because I didn’t have her phone info and we are 3000 miles apart. So I asked the chat person how to fix any of my passwords or secret questions so I could get in to make the change later. S/he told me that I couldn’t do that because I was an account manager, not an owner. I have always been able to change passwords before.
    It really seems like you are not interested in serving customers. I am trying to add service (and give you more revenue) and I am wondering why I am even using verizon since you make it so difficult to manage accounts and impossible to talk with a person. Could you please connect me with a real live person I can talk with while we fix passwords, secret questions (secret virtual handshakes, codes…) so I can actually manage the account without needing to talk with someone again since you definitely don’t want to talk with me. If I don’t hear from you I’ll just assume you are not interested in my business.


  17. does anyone with any authority even read these complaints. if you call customer service, there are no
    answers from anyone.

  18. I have been call Verizon to get my phone fix the first call was the beginning of November. And on November 27 tech said need it to be read place been call. And nobody is help me I put a complain in at the BBB and still nobody from Verizon call back when I call there keep putme in tech.

  19. Hello
    I ordered I pad air for my legally Blind child on November 27 Black Friday prices was setup price$ 528:00 and I supposed to be receiving by December 2 , I did not receive by end of day I call Verizon they told me fraud department canceled your order,and they did not give any answers told us contact costumer service we use them last 14 years, we did not understand what he’ll on them to do this not only that they never send anything no emails or phone to we cancel your transaction now they asked me to pay $ 729:00 because promotion is over so alerts do not trust Verizon to order them anything they are fraud people customer service is completely garbage never ready to give supervisor contact home office no one ready to take complain, Thank God, gives us strength 11:00 am to 4:45 I’m with them problems not solved yet.

  20. I have been a Verizon since they took over the Alltel cell phone service. Verizon shut down 3G service a couple of months ago making my phone no longer usable. The balance of my Prepaid account was $101.14 , Acct # A49101541xxx. I did not cancel the phone. Verizon cancelled the service to the 3G customers. I expect Verizon to refund to my credit card the outstanding balance since Verizon has prevented me from using my functioning phone.

  21. VERIZON has literally stepped up to become th WORST company to deal with… or NOT deal with dare I say. I have been trying to resolve an issuer due to a mistake made on their part and have had the run around like there’s no tomorrow, From an official complaint to the Better Business Bureau, to try to speak to a ” account manager executive” nothing has been resolved or looks to be resolved. I have given VERIZON every opportunity to remedy there incompetence, and still I am at square one with a unusable iPhone 12 and an overcharged account … I know I am small potatoes but my next step is speaking to a local lawyer who specializes in fraud….cause in todays world they should not be allowed treat customers like this.

  22. I ve been trying to request my rebate for the purchase of my phones. Customer service cannot handle this kind of request. I would like an answer from the higher management of how to get my rebate card and the company should correct this major problem. I purchased this phone in November of 2019 and still get placed on hold and disconnected. My phone number is 781-853-xxxx

  23. I purchased a new phone and related attachments from your franchiser in Margate Florida on November 21, 2020. I am satisfied with the phone but am concerned with the safety of charger purchased at the same time.
    It has on occasion severely over heated and Remembering the Sanyo debacle I went to the vendor and asked to receive a refund because of my concern for the safety of my family.
    They had no concern for the safety complaint but stated that a refund required the original. Package. This negligible covering was disposed by us after about a week of satisfactory performanace of the charger. They then kept saying that I was to be charged half the items cost ($30.00) because of not having the packing. I kept saying that I just wanted a refund not an exchange and also could not understand the high cost for not having the units packaging. I suspect that they intended to sell it to someone else.
    To say the least they never wanted to address a serious safety issue.
    My old charger put into service has been charging fine and I now don’t even need or want something new. I am 79 years old and don’t appreciate this non caring safety policy.
    I hope someone in your organization does.
    I am financing the phone and feel maybe some action or non action on my part in this area will get some interest in the safety isssue.

  24. My name is Darnell Gordon and I’m writing you today BEGGING for help.

    My phone bill was due on December 8th,2020 and I had all intentions on paying, however I discovered that the new job I started held back the first weeks pay and I had to change my date of payment from the 8th to the 15th. ( screenshots attached)Unfortunately Verizon still took the payment of $493.93 which caused my rent check to bounce. This has put me in a bad situation because not only is my rent late I was charged fo the bounced check and the late fees $25.00 per day and none of this is my fault. I’ve called as you can see and got nothing in return.  I am desperate because Florida laws can have me evicted by the time the money is refunded not to mention the late fees and the check fee. I am asking for Verizon to make good on the mistake that was made since none of this is my fault. I was told that I couldn’t speak with a supervisor and I would have to wait 2 hrs to speak to one meanwhile I’m on pins and needles not knowing if I will have a place to live with my family during the holidays during this pandemic. I CC the local news team in an effort to get a response from Verizon just incase this email and phone calls are not addressed. I am pleading for your help.

    Please call me at 904 518 xxxx

  25. Hello,
    I bought an iPhone on 11/27 and my order got mixed up since day one . I was a little concerned because I did not have a land line to make a call to activate my phone and wanted to plan accordingly but The agent told me that my phone will be ready to use one I get it !
    That was not true because I called And spoke to an agent who informed that I needed to go to a store to further assist because it needed other stuff . I went to a store in concord Nh and they activated my phone .
    I bought my phone new but it seemed that it had lots of issues . I called Verizon again after my phone was activated and I almost spend my whole afternoonwith different agents last Wednesday. I was told finally to send my phone for an exchange . The agent spoke to me said he documented everything and sent me a return label to send my phone and he told me to wait for an email from the company so I can go to a store and pick up a new phone … I did send My phone last week . Yesterday I called Verizon again to check on the status as I did not receive any email and I can’t work properly due to not having my phone to go on zoom calls with my employer ….to my surprise the agent from yesterday told me that was not true and there was nothing from what the other agent told me . I have been waiting for your company to get back to me so I can get an exchange and I missed job opportunities because I can’t call to be interviewed… could you please check under my account and help with this situation? If possible, I would prefer to be contacted via email please as the phone I m using now is difficult to use .

    My name is
    Karima Barniat
    xxx galloping hill rd
    Hopkinton NH 03229

  26. Hello,

    I just a complaint and want to add an important detail that I missed . While I spoke to the agent yesterday and after spending more than 1 hour on the phone trying to get me an update on the status of my phone and let me know that what the other agent said was incorrect I asked to speak to a manager.
    I started speaking to him and he hanged up the phone on me . I waited for a call back from him and he did not . Calling your company is time consuming so I could not call him back . It was unprofessional and I m really appalled at the way how your customer service people are handling people’s requests and issues . Please look into this and read the information left by the first agent I spoke to I think last Wednesday to see how this experience had negatively impacted me and try to help me by fixing the mistake. I have been a customer for many years .
    In advance , I appreciate your prompt response to this matter as I m still waiting to get my new phone from you .

    Karima Barniat
    xxx Galloping hill rd
    Hopkinton NH 03229

  27. Hi
    Upon submitting my complaints I realized a message that stated that my complaint will appear in this page . I do not want any of my personal information to appear on the page . Please delete my personal information. I m sending my complaints to your team to figure out how could you help that is why I m including my name and everything else that could identify my account to further help .
    Karima Barniat
    311 Galloping Hill Rd
    Hopkinton by 03229

  28. I have been with verizon for over 15 years. I have been on the phone with customer service now for two and a half hours. I can hardly understand the women with her heavy foreign accent and she just lied to me about my bill. I need to talk to someone that I can understand and that they can understand me. I recently switched from a business account (previous employer) to a personal account. I had the personal account for less than one month. first months bill was $68 and second months bill was $680. This is the third time ive called the billing department and all three times they have told me that the plan I am on they do not offer and don’t know how I got on that plan. The women I am speaking to currently just told me the best they can do is credit my account for $100. And I just currently got hung open on again for the third time. I am not sure what to do or who to talk to. please help

  29. Desist from trying to coerce or harrass me into accepting your personal location for CoVid-19 application.

    I do not wish to give up my right to privacy. I do not wish to track those around me even if they forfeited their right by downloading your tracking application.

    I do not wish to see your pushed notification every day as it only gives 2 choices, “load now”, or “load later”. You need a third choice, “never load”. Otherwise you are attempting to coerce people into giving up their rights acknowledged by the Constitution and State laws by giving them no other choice than to accept it now….or accept it later.

  30. Nobody seems to be able to transfer/activate/port from Verizon to Credo. All I need is my PIN. Will you please me?

  31. Rison customer service is the worst customer service when you’re late on your bill because Of COVID-19 Verizon says they are here to help but they are quick to the gun when your bill is late one day they shut you off the first time I was shut off I had a flat tire by myself with my 10-year-old daughter and I had no idea how to change my flat tire the second time I was in a different kind of an emergency the third time my car malfunction on the way home and I had no phone to call for a ride and I ended up walking home in the middle of an ice storm on top of everything Verizon charge is a 7 dollar agent assistance fee but they don’t give you an option to take care of it yourself online because you have to call in for the financial services and then therefore they get to charge you the agent assistance fee. I am not happy about being shut off all the time I’ve been shut up for different times I’m not happy about paying a seven dollars assistance fee if I could take care of it on my own online but I can’t take care of it on my own online because it’s forcing me to call in. That is a double standard in my book the minute I get a chance to switch from Verizon to a different carrier I will and I will share my opinion with Verizon care of your services with absolutely everybody I know and I know how word-of-mouth is very important

  32. I went to one of your stores to switch providers,upon speaking with the salesman I was told that the phone I presently own right now VERIZON don’t take those cheap phones I must say I was so embarrassed in that store.. I am not RICH so it’s noway I could afford VERIZON as my Carrier what hurt my feelings is the way he said it to me.. One thing I learned about that visit

  33. Wow your agents treat your customers badly, argue with them hang up, refuse to help barely speak English I just wanted to upgrade a phone. maybe l should just transfer service to a carruer who wants my business

  34. I’ve been a customer since 1992 & I’ve never been so dissatisfied with Verizon as I am now. Customer Service is a thing of the past, it is the WORST it’s ever been, you make it extremely difficult to speak to ANYONE & your automated system only works if I’m lucky. I’m ready to LEAVE VERIZON if you don’t make Customer Service a priority. We need to be able to speak VERBALLY to a LIVE AGENT. I ask you, PLEASE consider & respect your customers time. I’ve held twice today, an hour at a time & your live chat is not very functional, your customers are real, live people & we NEED REAL, LIVE PEOPLE TO ANSWER THE PHONE, not an automated robot who connects you to someone that you can’t stay connected to. PLEASE address this problem.

  35. I have not had Verizon home internet for two days. I have lost two days of working from my job

  36. I got on my sister-n-laws plan and was suppose to get a credit I believe its was like $400 but she is having trouble getting it and I was wondering why she is having such a hard time.

  37. My elderly parents phone is constantly being disconnected with no explanation. This is a serious matter for them to communicate as well as call out for help or what have you. Please tell me why this is happening. Glena and Richard Cox 894 598 xxxx

    Gale Lipscomb 804 677 xxxx

  38. Canceled service on September 11,2020. Have a credit on account of 114.53 please return. If I waited this long to pay you you would add on late fees so you can pay me late fees for not returning my money thank you

  39. Jeanie Le’Gaspi hereagain!!!
    Continue regarding ONE(1) MONTH CREDIT ON BILL
    FURTHERMORE, HERE ARE NUMEROUS #’s I CALLED to try & get through to TECH SUPPORT!!!!
    1800 922 0204
    503 469 0182
    BEFORE JANUARY 31, 2021



  40. In October of 2019 I had to transfer my service to AT&T because I was unable to get a decent signal in my home despite the booster you so generously provided to me a few years ago. After the service was cancelled-I assumed by the transfer of my service – I continued to be billed $75.00 – I thought this was a leftover amount and paid it, presuming our business was complete.
    But I continued to be billed $75.00+ and was unable to find on the bill what I was being billed for, finally after calling customer service I was informed that because I didn’t know the magic 4 digit code to access my account I would now have to go to a store to get account access. Unfortunately soon after that Covid Stay at Home began so I never made it to the store before the account was sent to collections. By piecing together some random information I realize that I was continuing to be billed for service on an iPad that I didn’t think was even on the account anymore. Cut to now- collection calls for approximately $ 200.00. I do not understand why I was unable to access the account over the phone so that we could have resolved this in early 2020? I want to resolve this but I think $200.00 is a lot for service I wasn’t using and had tried to cancel, especially in these trying times. Is there an agreement that we could reach to resolve this. I was a loyal customer for a 16 years before the lack of service available in my home area just became to problematic.

    Thank You
    Lisa Kelly

  41. I need to talk to someone about filing a compliant. Please call me
    Ronald Dockery

  42. Where to start, I have been a loyal customer with verizon for years, however, verizon seems to be losing their grasp on what it means to provide customer good service now. Over the past several years I have had constant issues with billing, getting information from customer service reps, exact payoff amounts, poor reception, dropped calls, and as of recently I went to file a insurance claim on line with asurion. I provided the on line assistant for asurion the information with what is going on with the phone to file my claim. I received the message back saying the phone is defective and I need to call verizon up. I spoke with verizon customer service and they told me it would cost me $1100 to replace the phone. I ask the agent why am I paying for the insurance if Asurion is not warranty the phone. They could not answer the question.
    Today while looking at my bill I noticed that my service rate has better than double in price. I have service charges of $93.44 a monthly charge of $140.98, equipment charge of $60 per month, and tax of $11.19 each month. My phone bill for a tablet and cell phone each month is $310.18.
    In November of 2019 I upgraded my phone. My phone payment were $46 per month for 2 years to cover the cost of $1100 for the new phone I have made 13 payments on the phone I called up verizon to get the exact payoff on the phone as I want to pay off and move over to AT&T. When I called up Verizon they said I still had a balance of a little under $800 left on the phone. I told the rep the numbers do not make sense. If I have had the phone for 13 months, that = $598 you would subtract that from $1100 which leaves a balance of $502 for the actual balance on the phone. While me and the rep were talking I then learned that verizon had set me up on a 25 month program. I told the rep there is no way. Now was I not only on a 25 month plan, I am I will have actually paid $1345 on a phone that cost $1100. Then as the rep and I are talking, and I told her what my intentions where she started throwing all sorts of discounts because I was a business. I told the rep I just spoke with someone the other day and they told me I am on the best program. I said I would like unlimited data like I was originally signed up on. I was told that program was no longer available. The new rep said that was not true. I told the rep that is why I am leaving verizon nothing is ever true with verizon anymore. She said that Is not true. I said really, She said yes. While I am talking I am asking her a question about tower share between verizon and AT&T. She said we do not share towers. now mind you I have this link opened up when she is telling me this,

    AT&T told me they were sharing towers, Verizon said they are not. AT&T even thought that maybe verizon was piggy backing off their towers.

    I called verizon to see why my wifi calling was not working. we walked through some things, the rep did something on her end. I was able to make one call via wifi, but have not been able to make another wifi call again.

    Granted verizon has been helpful during the crazy time we are in right now, but I think verizon got lost over the past several.

    I was online today getting more information and information is not always accurate, apparently there is a class action against verizon for raising prices with out customer notification, of which falls right in line what I have just finished writing above.

    All I want to do is get my phone paid off, service paid off and move on, but I can never get the exact dollar amount to payoff the phone.

    My advice stay away until verizon gets their act back together. I am not looking for a free ride, I am not looking for anything free. I just want verizon to get it right for everyone

  43. 2/4/21
    My Verizon Up rewards are not available in my county. There are no BP or Amocco gas stations. I need another discount code for a Marathon gas station. Thank you.

  44. I recently received an email stating my bill was due for last month but it also stated .03 cents was due immediately!
    I think this is totally ridiculous! One would think I was trying to rob Verizon.
    I’ve been a faithful consumer with Verizon for well over 25 years now and to send me a notice such as this makes one want to go elsewhere for cell phone service.
    Be assured I will send the .03 cents when I get my paper bill in the mail along with what I currently owe.

  45. Verizon changed my plan without notification causing surprise new charges. Hours of Chats and calls presumably corrected the issue after repeated phone calls directly to Billing management. It hasn’t. the same charges continue to appear only now with past due balance fees. I have never paid late and do not accept being billed for what Verizon admitted was a Verizon error. Kindly respond as to how we may resolve this.

  46. yes my name tiffany Hernandez and I have been trying to speak to someone about my account and when the call drops I have start over then my account all messed up and I been trying to upgrade then y’all was to suppose to send sim card never got it and y’all suppose to send me a phone and that never happened you can reach me 328-541-xxxx

  47. My wife’s account # 454-728-456-0001-21 was closed and disconnected on Dec. 9, 2020. disconnect order VA11621089712. We were told in at least two phone cons that we had a $35.37 credit and would receive a check returning the money. We received a January and a February bill showing the $35.37 but no check. If I was late paying you, you would charge me a late payment fee. So please repay our money.

  48. The lack of respect and professionalism is absolutely horrible. If i ran my company as you run yours, i would be outta business. I have wasted hours holding your employee hands to buy products and services. I’m tired of it. I am billing you for MY WASTED TIME. MY TIME IS VALUEABLE….I am charging you my administration charges, if not paid late charges will accrue and WILL take this to litigation if not paid.

  49. I’m writing to complain about my account being on a cash only basis. Financial services is being extremely uncooperative and I’m not a happy customer. I have been a Verizon customer for 3 years. Thank you

  50. The chat support function doesn’t work. When I ask to speak to a person, it says “login”, but when I login in the chat screen, it doesn’t work. There’s no where to report this problem

  51. Once again I have been with Verizon over 10 years I am being overcharged for my billing since October I have all my bills for the last year I’ve been waiting for someone from the executive team to contact me I’ve been taking a screenshots of my phones every day to show that nobody has called me my phone has been having so many problems it’s ridiculous the service is terrible lately all I want is this problem resolved I do not want or have the money to pay for something I do not owe it is very important for me to have a phone before I am disabled and I live in the country and service out here is very minimal and I already said if I have to take it to Norton county district Court I will I would rather just resolve this issue I do not know this money please have somebody contact me immediately sincerely Mitzi Hatfield

  52. I have a 4-months-long problem with Verizon. Summary: charging me for a phone I do not have, and subsequently suspending my account. I will not pay for what I do not have. It has been verified by 2 C.S.R.s that the phone is in Verizon’s warehouse! I would prefer to talk on the phone with someone who can truly help me, not just a CSR who “can’t.” Have a supervisor or manager call me today, please. Account #027-35-55-xxx

  53. I need someone to contact me regarding the Manager (Shawn) at the Moulton AL branch. He has my moms account messed up really bad and will NOT get it corrected. (256)468-xxxx

  54. I am subscribed to your triple play for the single reason of viewing Newsmax, Fox News, and OAN, if you cancel these channels I will terminate your services.

  55. I was supposed to get a 80.00 credit I was told by customer service I would 40 on last bill and 40 this bill That didn’t happen. And now I just get the run around by a rude person named rayan in customer service

  56. If offered a “Free” IPad at Verizon……this seems equivalent to fraud. Does anyone really read the fine print contract? I highly doubt it. And I am pretty sure that Verizon knows this.

  57. February 25, 2021

    To Whom It May Concern,

    2129 Moneta Road
    Bedford, VA 24523
    Date of Death: December 9, 2020

    You all need to revamp your system when it comes to the death of a customer. In December of 2020 I called your Customer Service Department to report my mother’s death and was told that they could not help me, I would have to go to a store to close her account. I asked for an address to a local location and proceeded immediately to the store. I was greeted and told that they do not close accounts in the store I would have to call Customer Service. I explained that I’d called, and they sent me to this location, I was told, ‘I don’t know what to tell you we don’t do that here’.

    In January I sent a copy of her death certificate to the address on her bill.

    Now it’s February and I’ve had the privilege of doing this ALL OVER AGAIN! CLOSE HER ACCOUNT.

    What in the world is your company’s problem? If she were alive you would have disconnected her service by now. CLOSE HER ACCOUNT, she is deceased. You have the death certificate.

    I resent being forced to deal with your company every month and relive one of the worse days of my life!

    Rest assured this will be my last communication with your company.

  58. I am very upset that I had to send my information 3 times to keep my discount and made 6 calls and this issue is still not resolved, all i hear is they didn’t get it ,,,I shouldn’t have to pay higher bill due to them not getting my information after mailing 3 times ,,,I have been getting my discount for years and very frustrated.

    no customer should have to keep calling to get my issues resolved

  59. I switched my service to Verizon, brining my own phone to the Oneonta NY Verizon store. The district manager assisted me. However when he inserted the Sim card into my phone, it locked. my phone was worthless at that point. he tried to call AT&T, my previous provide, but no luck. I was now without a phone. I had to purchase one of your phones. Samsung A51 EMEI: 352885870073960. A phone I did not want since my personal phone was a Samsung note 10! When I arrive back home I visited the local Verizon store to change the phone service back to my Note 10. after 4 days of hassle with the locale store, Littleton NH. I phoned Verizon’s customer service. after 3 hours on the phone, the customer service rep offered to send me a return label to return the phone. this after they asked me to return it , in person, to the Oneonta NY store, only 6 hours away, each way, a 12 hour trip, to return a phone I never wanted! The label never arrived. after several attempts to contact Verizon again, (I am not able to wait 1hour and 45 mins) I never got through. I have sent notes on the bill emails and letter, but no response from Verizon. Verizon did however turn me over to a collection agency! I am currently filing a complaint with NH DOJ.
    All I would like to do is send back this phone. take the charge off my bill. I will pay what I owe for the few days I had your service. This seems like a reasonable offer. Please keep your word and send me a return label so I may settle this matter. Thank you. if you email me a response I will be happy to provide you with an address you can sent the return label. Thank you Joseph Pagillo

  60. I have been with Verizon for more than 20 years. I have five lines on one account. I also have a separate account for my elderly dad. We were also setting up 8 business lines for a new business. I recently returned a phone that wasn’t working. My daughter and I have a Lee inspected the phone and there was no damage whatsoever. Now your company is claiming that the thumb button was damaged. I cannot afford to pay for this damaged phone and it was not damaged when I returned it. I am seriously rethinking keeping my service (which I love), after all of these years because of this charge.

  61. I don’t know who to call to complain about a bill I received after I changed carriers the beginning of February, 2021

  62. I pay my bill through a credit card which I have had to cancel and have a new number. Cannot get anyone to help me. That’s the only way you are going to get paid
    !! Called customer service and after about 20 mins they finally forwarded me to Frontier Communications. I waited on phone for 1/2 hour and finally hung up. This is just about the worst customer service I have ever soon in my 82 years!!

  63. Good morning
    My name is Latasha Richardson
    I amstill having problems with verizon the mess my bill up again adding stuff that i didnt approve of and then want meto pay for it.a agent took it off and then turned my phone back on and i got up this morning itwas disconnected again, i cant keep doung this with them and i have email my law mrs.braggs which is my law all my info and told her what happen, i am teared of going through thesr changes with verizon wireless,

  64. Tired of Verizon’s crap. Wouldn’t refund my money back because they screwed up when buying a new phone. Will be switching companies soon

  65. I was a loyal Verizon customer for 20+ years…..on Feb. 25th for the first time I went over my data usage….and am going to be charged ….I did not know my data useage would be eaten up by a friend using my phone cause her wireless was down….NO EXCUSE …I will be charged….
    The MAIL since last year under Trump…has slowed and messed up…my payment is late and was mailed 2 weeks before due date (non payment is due to mail not that I cannot pay) ….I am not asking for special treatment …but consideration …I spoke with agent and was told nothing can be done…so, when my phone is paid for in 5 months I will look to change carriers….simply put…..You guys are so big you don’t need me….and you know what ? I don’t need you either…
    Lorrine Musante

  66. My Jet Pak was sent to 1 Verizon Way in November 2020 for adjustment. You still have it and I do not have computer service. I am submitting documentation of my initial request certified mail to Customer Service and to the CEO in an effort to resolve this issue. I am very disappointed in your level of service.

  67. I have been trying to get credit for a phone that was returned in October. My service has been interrupted twice because they fell to correct it in the Verizon office. I need someone to get in touch with me as soon as possible to clear this matter up. It is totally frustrating and very harassing.

  68. Attention: Kendra Verizon Headquarters. Three weeks ago you followed up on my landline delima and a resolution resulted as well you told me I would receive a “credit.” To date I have received a bill from Verizon but no “credit” What happened to the “credit?”

  69. Charge are made on a new account which I was told they would take 1/2 off and the were going to put a not in the system. Don’t like being lied to.

  70. Need someone to call us. My daughter has a 2 year old phone heats up, no texts coming through and dies after 2 hours. Need upgrade for iPhone 12 and no one helps. AT&T will be where we go next . Please contact us we are grandfathered .

  71. Prorated fee that we were not ware of was added to our bill. This happened when we purchase a buy one get one free Iphone 12 Max Pro. We paid $600 towards the phones and the rest should be $25 month for the remainder balance. The problem is this prorated fee of $200 for this month and next month that Verizon is charged us for the new phones.

  72. The Verizon Wireless billing system has failed to provide correct billing. Instead the system has cancelled service & demanded excessive amounts. I was told snow in Texas was the reason! Earth calling… anybody home?

  73. I want to talk to someone at the corporate office regarding submitting a complaint about several of your customer service representatives and two employees in your Financial Service Dept, one of which is a supervisor. Who do I call?

  74. I purchased 2 phones and have had Verizon service for a long time im pissed when order the 2 phones the giel said that the wireless charger, otter box, screen protector comes with phones i ask numerous times they come with phone do we have to pay for them she said NO the bundle comes with phone and we got our bill suprise 168 for each phone charges thats bull i am being told we have to return them and so i have to run around to do this or pay to mail them back nope im disable and have a hard time moving for the inconvenience i feel we should be credited these items for being lied to and i talk to customer service and a superior and they said they wont do anything wrong answer i need a call by someone high up my number is 517 285-xxxx

  75. I have been trying to cancel an account since November 2020 when it had a credit balance and now it is in collections: I tried writing, phoned at least twice and visited 2 different locations West Orange and East Hanover at the instruction of customer service. My next step is to write a certified letter to customer service and copy your CEO my state legislators my congressman and the FCC upon the advice of the NJ BPU. Craig Stanley

    November 9, 2020

    Verizon Wireless
    Attn. Correspondence Team
    P.O. Box 408
    Newark, NJ 07101-0408
    Re: Account No. 942337916-00001

    To Whom It may Concern:

    Please terminate the above-referenced account effective immediately. Please contact Jerry Roberts if you have any questions at xxx Oakwood Avenue, Orange, New Jersey 07050.


    Craig A. Stanley

  76. I was deployed in 2017 in Bahrain I asked Verizon to suspend my service till I was back in the United States a year later, there was no service in Bahrain phone wouldn’t even work in that country, they did not shut off my service called again few weeks later they finally shut off my service and charged me $1,300 called again they apologized to me saying they will credit my bill instead I received a new bill for $9,000 dollars then sent to a collections in matter of few months now charging me over $12,000 I have been trying to talk to Verizon nobody will help me they have ruined my credit ruined my life been in military for 20 years now and cannot proceed my life due to Verizon ripping me off and ruining my credit. I want to pursue whatever legal right I have to clear my name my credit should not be ruined especially over a cellular company mistake.

  77. I can not get what should be a simple issue( having my Disney plus package activated) resolved for over two weeks now! I HAVE SPENT SEVERAL FRUSTRATING HOURS ON THE PHONE WITH NO RESULTS!! I have been a longtime customer with four line on my account. My main number is 9177962945. As we speak I have been on hold over 53 minutes after being cut off, bounced around and poorly handled! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

  78. Contacting an attorney your billing is incorrect you over charge you accounting is horrible and your unprofessional I will post everything I have paid the wrong receipt put in my sack that was another customers and post on google and all social media

  79. I reached out to Verizon about 2 weeks ago. I needed help with my dilemma. The customer service rep was not able to assist me so I asked to speak with a supervisor. Richard “senior supervisor” get’s on the line and was of no help at all. He kept trying to speak over me and not hear me. Someone in his position should know how to listen and to help find a solution to the problem for a long time customer. Richard was so robotic with his answer. Kept saying “I’m sorry I am not able to assist you. Is there anything else I can help with?” This is all he kept saying. I know this was his tactic to get me to give up and end the call. When I told him I know there is something he can do to. Richard did not want to help he continue to chant the same line. I asked to be transferred to someone else. Richard refused to transfer me to someone else. Richard said he was the only person and there is no one else above him. There is always someone above him. I asked him to transfer me to another call center. Richard refused. I then asked for his badge number. Richard refused all of my request. I told him I would complain about him and since he refuses to share his badge number with me. Will he notate that I called in that day. He said yes and when I called into Verizon again today. I asked the associated if a Richard left notes on my account and they said no. I at times have issues with my service being interrupted when this shouldn’t be the case. I don’t even bother to call in to complain about it. Verizon is happy about taking my money, but majority of their customer service rep are horrible. This is what you get for outsourcing customer service team. For the price I pay Verizon your plan is at high cost with just a mediocre service. I gave up and hung up the phone. I called back about 10mins after got another representative and what Richard was not able to do. She did within 5mins. Richard is a disgusting Sr. Supervisor and made my experience a nightmare to deal with. Highly doubt Verizon would even care about my comment. I will no longer give positive feedback to anyone who asks me of how satisfied with Verizon. Since Verizon does not care about their customers. Then there is no longer a need for me to continue to give them my money. Waiting for my contract to end. So I can take everyone with me else and will convince others to do so.

  80. I am trying to order a new modem from your company. I have now been on the phone for 41 minutes. The rep says she cannot send it to my billing address; they still have a PO box on file, which I have not had for 3 years. I get my bills at xx Shunpike Rd., Sheffield, MA, 01257. Why won’t they send me a package here?


  82. I called Customer Service to have charge of movie that I did not watch removed; the young lady began shouting at me after dog began to bark; I asked for manager and they both at least 3 times or more kept saying the Database showed I watched the movie. I didn’t order the movie! They didn’t believe me. I told the manager I didn’t appreciate the way she was treating me; she then sent me an -e-mail for Parental Control; I have no kids and asked was it a kiddie movie. She then said she was not treating me badly and was ready to end call.

  83. I have been on hold for 31 minutes waiting to speak to someone because I was CHATTING with 2 agenatricists who could not answer my questions. I would like to speak, not chat, with someone.

  84. I visited your Corporate store in Lake Worth, TX. After sitting in our car for over thirty minutes we finally were called into the store. We talked to a young lady named Billeighlee. My daughter and I were interested in purchasing a IPhone 12 Pro Max. We were told that with the trade in of our phones and promotion that we could each get $590 off the price of the phone. It was $440, plus $150, totaling $590 with a trade in. Both of our phones were 6S plus. We were already to purchase but changed our minds. First of all, I found it difficult to believe that Verizon would sell a relatively new phone for that price. Second of all Billeighlee could not transfer our information from one phone to another because their Wifi kept cutting out. We would have to take our two phones to You Break I Fix. This would have cost us an additional $100 each. She said that if we purchased your $25/mth. Verizon protection we would not have to pay the $100. We also had to send back the phones ourselves. You call this customer service? She was scamming us. We each bought a phone from Verizon’s retail store in Azle, TX. Trey was our customer service person he explained the discounts that Billeighlee told us that we could use. The deal was up to $440 with trade in. Also $150 with a new line for $80/mth. Evidently Billeighlee did not understand your discounts. We spent about two hours with Billeighlee who is not well informed on your discounts. Another discount was for buy one get one free. Of course this is not for valued customers.
    This is not the first time I have dealt with misinformed people from Verizon. I have been with Verizon for about eight years. All of your incentives always have a catch for the customer to spend more money. I spend $145/ month is this not enough for a billion dollar company? After all the time spent trying to buy an iPhone my daughter and I only received a $100 each off the phone. I expect the $40 activation fee to be waved for my daughter and my account.

  85. My dad is 96 and lives in NYC, for the most part, housebound especially during covid. I live in NJ and it takes 2 hours to get to him. His iphone bill has been approximately $200 for at least 2 months due to data overages- wifi not connected. I took him to his local store to try to fix. His wifi was not connected. He is old and does not use a computer or his phone very much (no use of apps). I reconnected his wifi. The store put him on unlimited data for $99 a month, I hope- still can’t verify and I can’t find or change his PIN (he does not know it). I have been on the phone for at least 3 hours trying to get help. I wanted some accomodation for those very high bills and I want to get his PIN changed (he just pushes the buttons, so I think he disconnected wifi or it was never adequately hooked up). His number 917-912-2786. Your help lines have been unsuccessful in resolving this even when I can get a human on the line. My dad cannot follow instructions on his phone and I was not able to follow either- I was there Saturday 3/20. I took him to his local store (54th and 1st, NYC) and I am an authorized user, Ellen Wolff. Do not send him text messages- he cannot receive. Do not send him email- he can’t open his computer and neither can I. Please help me find a solution for him. I pay all of his bills and I would like be able to verify. My cell phone is 609-477-xxxx

  86. Eamonn A Walsh

    xxxx Middle run Rd Ne

    Dover Ohio 44622



    Hans Vestberg

    One Verizon Way

    Basking Ridge

    NJ 07920

    Hans.cvestxxxx @verizon


    I “apologize” for bothering you once again. I received a phone call from one of your support staff with a billing issue and a phone issue. I could not order a phone due to the billing issue. At the time of the phone conversation, I agreed to accept the fact that I could order the new Samsung new S21 Ultra 5g, However, once I called to order the phone with the agreed upon deal, I was informed by the associate that that was not in my file and I would ultimately have to pay off my old device and then purchase the new one at full cost, I have been a loyal Verizon customer for over thirteen years, paid my bill on time never complained, in fact if you look I have “TEN” lines on my account.

    When I purchased the Samsung galaxy S105G I was promised that I would have 5G by the end of the year, so I took on that contract. That never happened, it still has not happened so I am paying the contract for a 5G phone that only allows me a 4G network.

    I will stay with Verizon until June when My contract is up then I am going to begin to move all my lines to T-Mobile, Why, because they are going to 1) provide me with a brand new in the box Samsung S21 Ultra 5G 512gb phone in black, plus 5g service.

    I am a loyal and true customer but feel I have been lied too on one-to-many occasions. You are a great company and I have enjoyed being a customer up until this past year.


    Eamonn A Walsh

  87. Customer service is some of the sorriest in the country any more. Been a customer for years and this pass 9 months customer services has gotten not just terrible but down right sorry and I have made up my mind I will be leaving verizon for a different carrier. I spent over an hour waiting on a tech choach this evenning, the person I reached in tech support on the phone didn’t either understand the issue or didn’t care and tried to make it an insurance claim when the phone is still under warranty. Will explain issue to corporate office when they call.


  89. I am having the worst time getting refunded from Verizon finance Dept. Two Cancellations of phone order pick ups at store and no explanations since 2/6/21. It’s almost April and have not received refund.

    1. Hello Louie,

      I have the same issue since January. I’m in collections and credit score dropped. I can not get a resolution. Have you?

  90. We have been a customer of verizon for over 22 years. We are going to go with another carrier if the recent terrible customer service issue is not solved. I want someone from Corporate to give us a call at 856-874-xxxx

  91. I am unable to set up auto pay for my acct please have someone call me 772 221 xxxx

  92. I was told by a Verizon rep, the pricing for internet with tv is more economical the simply keeping violas. Originally, I had Verizon TV boxes and internet. I have been paying for a TV service I could not use without boxes. Recently, I found the pricing for just internet is cheaper the paying for both. I believe a verizon agent misrepresented the situation. It is about $20.00 less to simply have Internet. It’s makes no sense to pay for TV I cannot access without a box. I’m asking for a return of those funds. This is my forth try to get a response. Please respond-

  93. Hhello imagine i am your mother i havea brand new vVerizon ph with a 30.00 dollar pre paid card she walks i need to a Verizon st and is told there isnt anythi g they can do. For me 3 men i am telling everyone what happened very sad u have no customer service even with your own materials owosso mi higan

  94. I was talked into purchasing the iPhone 12 max pro. It was awful!!!! Verizon sent me another one, and that one had more issues than the first!!!! Now sending a third!!!! I DON’T WANT THE PHONE!!!! There is a lemon law!!!! Will go to better business bureau if I have to!!! Been a long time Verizon customer and have 4 lines!!! I demand that phone off my account!!!! 847-613-xxxx

  95. On 3/30/21 at 5:45 I spoke to Jackie who’s the financial supervisor for Verizon wireless. I have my yellow 11 IPhone for 11months and I have to press the speaker to talk to anyone. The tech team tried to fix it on their end but failed. Jackie the financial supervisor told me I can not get a replacement until April 21st due the return of one check in Oct 9th that was returned to them. Verizon kept putting the same check three times on October 9,12,20/2020. I was notified on the 20th of October and explained it was a gift and why they didn’t informed me sooner. I paid the bill from my credit card on the 20th of October. Jackie was very condescending and berated me about my account and told me I have to stay with my broken phone until April 21st because of the return checks in October. Verizon kept putting the same bad check 3 times before they notified me about the situation. I have 6 lines with Verizon and the Verizon Fios. I have to change to a different provider now T mobile for the inconvenience from Verizon broken phone. You will also view my complaints on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook on how administration treats their customers. I owe Verizon no money.

  96. March 31, 2021 we used the Verizon 611 number to ask for assistance with a technical issue. A customer service rep named Lanina helped us and she was outstanding. I’m a retired 30 year military senior NCO, a Verizon customer for at least 20 years and this young lady is best-seen-to-date for me. Her grasp of the subject, the ability to understand and solve the problem and articulate the answer in a way that I as a novice could follow. She did all this with wit and humor. She’s a rare employee!

  97. I need some one from Verizon corporate to resolve an issue that Verizon has created. I was charged for phones I never received. (2784.51). Then I was sent to collection. Then my credit report dropped 55 points while I was in the process of refinancing my house. ( had to stop because of this issue). I this has been going on four four months. Enough is enough. Some one needs to fix this. Please call to resolve. 714403xxxx

  98. My phone won’t work and your stupid computer voice fix doesn’t work or you connecting with the live person. It’s not live never saw there face just text. Should connect up to I can see you. Com pist 328 305xxxx

  99. Your employees are very rude. I have called many times before, my mailbox is NOT full yet when someone calls the phone states mailbox is full.
    I contacted your “Customer Service” many times. this problem is not solved.

  100. I will NOT purchase products and services from any corporation that does not speak out against Voter Suppression!!!

  101. Why can I not talk to a human?? Have been disconnected twice when received a “call back” from Verizon. I want a human from Customer Service to call me 704-577-xxxx

  102. I bought a Samsung Galaxy A51 at a Verizon store 9.17.20. I transferred service to xfinity over a week ago and the phone rarely connects to the network. Originally I was told it was “incompatible ” but verizon ported out my number and all looks good from their end but I rarely have a connection. Wd verizon have done something to the phone so it can’t work on a different network? I’m at the end of my tether at this point! Number is 954 579 xxxx. Can be reached on my husband’s phone.954 540.xxxx or email ritahxxxx HELP!!

  103. I have spent quite some time trying to communicate about a customer service employee who went above and beyond to help me after I had not received what I needed in another store. Can’t reach the local office. Would you like to assist me in recognizing this employee. And your service where I am is fantastic! It will even make it possible for my mom to live independently longer because she now has reliable service. Thankfully I was there when she fell. I literally had to walk down the road to reach 911 for an ambulance

  104. 1. I was told that if I repaired the small damage on my phone, I could trade it in for $400. I set out to have the repair done last week.
    2. I called and was told the store in Pearland would make the repair and I was given their number. I called to get their address and explained what I needed.
    3. When I got to the store, the man there said; “We don’t do no repairs here” as he continued to sit, chew, and play with his phone.
    4. I left and called again. I explained what happened and I was given another location on Hwy 45. I asked if they were sure this place repaired phones and I was assured. I asked if they could call and I was told that they contacted the store and made me an appointment.
    5. When I arrived at the second location, I was told they did not repair phones. I decided to just purchase a new phone. After asking several questions (many questions) I realized that the $400 offer was a SCAM. I would have to change plans and pay an additional $40 a month meaning I would be giving the $400 back in 10 months and paying $480 extra a year. Of course, I would rather pay for the phone and keep my plan that did not cost an additional $40 a month for ever.
    6.This week, I wanted to add a protective cover. I went to the store where I purchased the phone. I could not get in for about an hour. I had other things to do so I left and called to purchase it on the phone for a curbside pickup. When I returned, I found out my name was not on the list and I could wait over 45 min so they could see what happened. I texted the person I talked to and said cancel the order. I went to Best Buy and purchased the cover and even had him attach it to my phone in about 10 min. The Verizon contact apologized and said I needed to contact another number to cancel, so I did. Now I receive a text message indicating the part was being FedEx to me.
    I do not know what is happening at Verizon, but SOMETHING IS WRONG. The pandemic cannot be blamed for these problems.

    2. I called to find out where I could make the repair and I was told at the Verizon store in Pearland and I was given their number. I called for the address and I took my phone there. The man there said “We don’t do no repairs here.”

  105. My name is Lena Wilson I’ve been a customer with Bud rise and wild is for 11 plus years and they have been doing our automatic withdraw road my Verizon bill and they made a mistake my bill is due on the 10th of every month and I normally take the payment out on between the 4th of 5th of each month but for some reason they took it at on the 7th I’m on a fixed income which badnall taking it out on the 7th and I’ve got a text message from Verizon wireless own a Wednesday stating it 11:30 a.m. stating that they had taken the money Adam account and it in 5006 so therefore I went ahead and proceeded to pay my bill with other companies but then I get another takes from pyraz arrival is on April 09, 2021 at 11:50 a.m. stating that day did not receive the payment How ever, the payment has been in my account sits March 31st of 2021 Could someone just please call me back slack and explain this because I can explain it better speaking to someone 864293xxxx a soon as you get this message thank you

  106. I recently purchased a new cell phone from R wireless on West County Line Rd., Jackson, NJ. It started off pretty well with a salesman who seemed to care about my needs. The manager, however, who was serving another customer at the same time, kept butting in and adding his two cents. He was very rude. I made the purchase and was told by my salesman not to hesitate if I had any questions about my phone in the future. I was having an issue with the internet connection so I returned to the store the next day and my salesman came to the door as I followed protocol by waiting outside to be invited in. He stood there, not inviting me in, but rudely said “what’s up!”. I had to ask to go inside to explain my dilemma. I was treated much like a car salesman treats his/her sales. Once you make the purchase they no longer want to hear from you. I regret ever going there and I definitely will never recommend this store.

  107. The Verizon proxy statement. page 24, lists non-employee compensation for 2020. Director Carol Tome’ received $395,400 total compensation, yet she only served on the board for 71 days. That equates to $5560 per day. She was paid more than any other full time director. What are the circumstances that warrant such an extravagantly excessive payout?

  108. I am very upset about the One Talk service for my business. It has not worked properly since November 2020. I have called Verizon more than seven times and the representatives can not get it right. I am not getting the service I pay for. I am seriously considering leaving Verizon.

  109. Bills showing up every month after cancelling my service back in october of 2020

  110. Hi my name is Samantha Morris. In these hard time these days I’ve been trying to catch up with my bills. I understand I’m behind but spoke with a supervisor April 10th around 2pm. The supervisor set a 2part payment arrangement however he declined to make me aware that my oldest bill was near 120 days and that in 4 days my service will be interrupted in 4 days. He insured me that my service will not be interrupted before my payment arrangements that was on 4/24. I had to spend 643 dollars money I didn’t have to restore my service. Also the conversation we had was recorded. I’m been punished before that supervisor refused to give me an accurate information. I have put out over 3700 since December. On March 11th I paid 779.00 I spoke with another supervisor on April 14th I spoke with one supervisor that demanded I pay 965 to restore service. I called back and spoke with another supervisor I told her the supervisor I just spoke with told me I had to at 965 dollars to restore service. This supervisor stated she wouldn’t offer me that amount and she would have push to collect 1200 dollars. With this every thing that’s going on in the world I felt she was very cold and heartless. I amd requesting to refund me 653 dollars and keep my arrangement that the one supervisor you gave to FALSE information due to the fact that was an Version error. I would like a call from you guys soon to resolve this issue.

  111. This is my first negative review: Plaistow, NH Verizon store DOES NOT FOLLOW PROPER COVID-19 PROTOCOL and the employees all appear extremely unprofessional. I was greeted by a salesman upon entering but both my friend and I were having difficulty hearing him because although we were the only customers in the store, there was a group of 4 or 5 employees huddled around us laughing and joking extremely loud without a care other than socializing with each other, including the salesman who we put out of his way to interrupt his party time. We asked him several times why our bill hasn’t decreased after our phones were paid off. He had no interest in looking into it other than stating “hmmm, you must’ve gotten some promotions”, ” good news is you are both eligible for over55 discounts” and ” the old people are the ones with all the money “. HUH??? We finally stated “we keep asking you the same question and you are not answering our question, to which he replied, “well, you’re shooting questions at me. Take your phones and go to T Mobile across the street or any other Verizon store, just go, Get out…Bye…I’m calling the police…bye”. We went elsewhere and were helped within minutes with the correct information. Purchased our new phones/ accessories. Easy for us as well as other store. Gentleman at Hampstead location is educated in his job as well as respectful. He also followed proper virus protocol, unlike the plaistow store. I just don’t understand how a business owner either allows his business to run like the circus I walked into or is so out of the loop of what’s going on in his own business. His employees should learn that everyone is replaceable as well as every business can be brought down by bad employees. Plaistow store needs education in proper COVID-19 precautions (they had masks on and I wasn’t as worried that nobody was wearing gloves as I am that he neglected to wipe down phones and was touching our phones after touching two other manhandled phones…ewww) as well as customer service and the difference between a place of employment vs. a college dorm room. T mobile and Hampstead Verizon seems to already know what Plaistow Verizon doesn’t know. I believe that they also realize they are not the only provider around so their cocky attitude WILL eventually shut them down.

  112. I have been a customer with you for a very long time. I bought a Samsung S20 and I was given a $300 credit on phone but catch is that I would get credit only in form of 24 monthly credit so I can’t pay phone off early . Your management states it as so we lock you in as a customer for 2 years I think as a customer we should have the right to pay off phone with 300 credit deducted at time of purchase and pay balance off or make payments. My cell 408 828 xxxx.

  113. I was sold a One+8 on January 8th 2021. It has had constant problems. I got it from Russell Cellular verizon store in lampasas tx.i tried tier 2 to fix it. Other problems popped up. Was unable to get back to lampasas to trade phone. Tried to go to my locall Verizon corporate, but closed due to covid-19. Next was Verizon in the mall, told me I had to take it back to lampasas. Tier 2 wanted to give a refurbished phone, but I refused because phone was New. I didn’t want a used phone as a replacement. Was able to go back to lampasas,but was 2 days past 14 day warranty. Please help, I am customer of 12 years and am frustrated. This is not how to treat a customer.

  114. I have not been received a paper bill statement for 3 months to pay my Verizon phone bills which I need and no one will call to help me @ 513-304-xxxx. Please call me-I do not want to pay electronically. Thank you.

  115. I have been having so much issues with my monthly bill. Since I first started with Verizon Eric Rivera out of of Aroyo Grande Ca. Helped me and said my monthly bill would be $345. I think I only paid that amt. Maybe 2 times now my bill is $376. I would definitely not recommend Verizon to anyone. Just about ea. Month my bill is different. Not happy at all!!!

  116. I was in Cadillac mi visiting my aging father he is on my phone plan and we were in the Verizon store in Cadillac looking for a new phone for my father we found a phone and ask them to take the info from my dad’s old phone and put on his new phone and toy surprise your phone tech told me they don’t do that and that I had to do it myself.
    I told them I disagreed with that because my store in shelby twp mi does it for me. So we did not buy a phone and I am thinking about changing my phone company because of the way we were treated in your store.
    I find it hard to believe that your store will not help an 88 year old gentlemen with his phone being they did not grow up in the tech world.
    David Schwartz.

  117. I was with Verizon Wireless from 2015-2017 I have been trying to contact corporate office I spoke to Verizon wireless customer service at least four times I was hung up on Raul at Verizon Wireless the end up have to call back for the 4th time just to get my information that I was requesting of what my phone number was when I first became a Verizon customer unfortunately I have contacted Sprint and AT&T they were able to give me every phone number that I had on my account but unlike Verizon Wireless they was only able to not find my phone numbers that I had while I was a customer with them but when I call back the week of April 10th I was informed by customer service that they can only find one number and that was the number to my tablet which is 254 447-xxxx and unfortunately a nice ironic how I cannot get the numbers that I had as first-time customer

  118. Ive been working with customer service for two days with no head way. Im being told my account is behind and i have showed my local office my bank statements showing that I have paid this bill. Your not so bright service techs keep telling me it hasn’t been paid because they are looking at my account on their computers. My bank says it has been paid. So someone needs to get this posted asap. I am not paying these late fees that your techs keep telling me will keep adding up every month that i dont pay. I am trying to keep my cool but this is ridiculous. So i am asking for someones help from the corporate office, please. If this doesn’t get resolved i will be taking my business back to AT&T. Please dont make me get my attorney involved, we can be grownups and fix this.

  119. I’m returning a call from Sherene from yesterday from executive. Her extension is #2221600.
    I’m having problem with your new service for my cell phones. Please have her call me back. Thank You

  120. Hi! We’re in Rumney NH. Cell towers are in Plymouth Nh. We’ve had Verizon cell phone service for 11 years. Always 2-3 bars in our house. Suddenly, 4/23/21, we only get one bar. All in/outgoing calls dropping. Do the cell towers need maintenance?

  121. My business phones have all been shut down for the 4th time during prime seasonal business, costing me a lot of money.
    I have called over 50 times to try to resolve an issue that is documented and have been to every department and supervisor, to be told they will call me back. No one has EVER called me back and my lines have been disconnected a 4th time.
    I am out of the country, with my mom on chemotherapy, if something happens, we can’t communicate. I have a daughter in CA….can’t reach each other. My husband and son are in NY…..can’t reach each other.
    Customer service is supposed to help me with this problem. Your system is set up so that your customers hit one wall after the next. I literally spent from 8 am – 8pm being tossed from one department to the next and back again.
    This is beyond horrible service and no one has ever called me back as they said they would
    My service just gets turned off. Is there anyone who cares working in corporate??? My # is (917)257-xxxx. I would really appreciate someone resolving this issue, I can’t explain it for the 101th time, read the documentation please. Thank you for any breathing, compassionate human being who will actually help me.
    Hopeful still,
    Lee Biviano

  122. Have problems with my service using a Jetpack 8800L.
    4 phone calls at 2nd tear with no solution. 1 hour call with agent+supervisor+corporate agent, did not allow me to talk to 3rd tear. Can not rely on the jetpack working or have effective support.
    Hoping to reach some Executive office that so far looks like is hidden from customers.
    Would apprciate a phone call from somebody that cares.
    Alex Churilov

  123. I have been trying to have this issue address for two weeks! The junction box is located on Arden Forest Lane, just east of Ander Court, in Bowie, MD.
    Either one of your technicians or someone accessed the in ground junction box….and ran a wire of of it for about a week. They removed the wire and left the box open with wires exposed, just as you see it!
    It should repaired immediately…..
    I’m perplexed about how difficult it is to report something that Verizon is clearly liable for…..

  124. I’m very disappointed in how I’ve been treated and like all I’m trying to do is get a payment plan for a cell phone so I can go back to work so I don’t feel like such aby the way the email is my work email because I’m a photographer like I said I don’t want to feel like a anymore I’m tired of having to ask my parents for money all I’m asking for is a payment plan for a phone so I can be responsible and get my credit up and do all this other stuff and y’all have just done the opposite of that because you just made my credit even worse so thank you loser and a bum

  125. My bill was paid with an unauthorized echeck and the text that confirmed it had the last four numbers of my checking account. I didn’t authorize that nor have I ever given my checking account # to Verizon. This is illegal. I have talked to numerous customer service reps, but I can’t get through to the headquarters. I did reach one person and she said she would transfer me, but she cut me off and I tried again and it went to voicemail. The fraud department said it wasn’t their responsibility. Really!?!?!?!? Now, what do I do. I want to know who did it, who authorized it, and where they got my checking account number. Can anyone help me?

  126. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S21 at a Rochester Verizon store and signed up with Verizon. I just need to switch emails. I’m stuck with the first one because it keeps recognizing my phone number, and I can’t seem to get rid of Olsonjxxxxx Can someone help me switch to Reliaxxxxx ? (I’m an old computer illiterateguy) OH, and the Reliabxxxxx is already good. Just need to delete the olsonjoxxxxx thank you.

  127. I purchased I brand new Toyota Camry which came with 6 months of wi-fi 2 months late that billed me for $108.00
    I called them they said they was going to remove the charge and the charge is still on ,y account and when i applied for credit to get an apartment they charged me an additional $600.00 because of this bogus $108.00 on my credit. Please remove the $108.00 on my credit.

  128. I would like to leave a positive comment about Ms. Nyya M in the wireless tech support department. She spent an extremely long time on the phone with me as we were trying to resolve an issue with Asurian and Apple and my total protection coverage. She was extremely courteous, professional, and totally in command of her subject matter. You should be very happy and proud to have her as an employee.

  129. Good morning. I really feel like Verizon does not care about me as a customer. Roughly two weeks ago I called in to cancel my service and I was transferred to the cancellation department. I spoke to a representative who told me that she could give me a loyalty discount and I would have unlimited data for only $5 more a month than what I was already paying. I verified this price with here several times before we got off the phone. About two days later I looked at my upcoming bill on my account and it was showing that my bill would be $78 and going forward that would be my new billing amount. I immediately called customer service and explained my situation, and I even stated I felt like I had been lied too, by the original representative I had spoken too. I advised that you could listen to our recorded conversation and listen to see that she told me my monthly bill would only be only $5 more. I asked this representative to just switch me back to my original 5GB that I was on. Since then, my service has been a nightmare. My hot spot is gone and there is no plan attached to my account. I called literally 10 times and spoken to different representatives and no one cane fix this problem. To my knowledge there have been at least three trouble tickets open about this, yet it has been going on for two weeks without any resolution. I spoke to a representative on Saturday and was on the line with him for over an hour, yet he could not make the system attach a plan to my account. I informed him that I am flying out to Medford Oregon on Monday Morning for business and will be returning late Thursday night. So now I have to travel with my phone only half functioning. I have been lied too by numerous representatives that you employ, who have said they would follow up with me, and have failed to do so. Verizon Wireless has failed me as a customer. What is taking so long to make my phone and account work like it is supposed to? Surely, I am not the first person in the history of Verizon Wireless to pick one plan then switch back to their old plan. I simply did that after I was lied to about what the rate was going to be and the end result is that now I have no plan attached to my account and most of my features do not work. Can you please look into this and get someone to address and fix this ASAP? I’m sure you will agree that for this to have been going on for two weeks is truly unacceptable. Do you even value me as a customer?

    Thank you,
    Jon Bagley

  130. My company is losing money due to your business I’m fixing to go to my attorney and see what I can do about it I understand you have a real spread I have a company to rent you have did very well to be in my phone service up until my girlfriend got mad at me and decided I can’t have my number if you look at my web page I have a website with that number on there I think it’s unfair and foolish that I can’t have my number it’s just being on pause for the last 2 months someone out there can do something about it you just won’t so I guess I’ll have to call my attorney. The number is 316-293-xxxx

  131. Is there a program that assist Verizon customers when they have a hardship catching up to paid their bill? Because I fell on hard time and I’m trying to catch up to my Verizon bill but my service has been interrupted. Asking for help to keep my service on.

  132. I don’t like communicating where I have to type. I have arthritis in my hands. I don’t appreciate not being able to speak to a phone representative. This is frustrating!! Verizon company was at one time my favorite. Not any more! I am being charged for a new phone that I was told would be credited 500.00 because of the old plan. However, I am paying for the phone on monthly charges. I have talked on THE PHONE twice to representatives who said they would get back with me. Not so! Someone needs to call me because I will not use email nor typing. 317-223-xxxx

  133. I’m disabled and yesterday I spent the whole day with the virtual assistant and it kept hanging up on me. With the covid-19 I have fallen behind on my account and need it turned back on it is my only formcof contacting the outside world. Please help me I don’t get paid until next week.
    Kimberly Nelson

  134. Was treated so rudely at Verizon store in Shopping center on Calloway & Olive Dr. In Bakersfield. After sitting and waiting for 40 minutes saleslady told salesman she was clocking out and didn’t even acknowledge us. We waited 10 more minutes and walked out. I have 6 phones and am seriously considering taking my business somewhere else.

  135. Ordered a phone for my daughter that moved to Massachusetts but had to be brought to the primary person on the account. When we called to verify the account, they messed up and was sending the phone to Arizona. That was Monday. We canceled the phone and as of Wednesday night we still can’t get a new phone because the other one is pending. That is since Monday I have eight recorded messages with everyone promising me that it was canceled and we could order another phone. Well that still is incorrect. One person does not know what the other person is doing. I give them a reference number and they still ask me 1 million questions. If they would listen to me and just read the whole transaction they wouldn’t have toBe asking me all these questions. All I want to know is if my daughter could order a new phone today. It’s a simple question but I I am getting a run around for three days

  136. I have had Verizon wireless for 10 plus years and was for the most part Happy. My Bill was paid, then I finally got my account down to 4 lines. With all issues going on with pandemic etc. This last year has not been great. It does not help my husband is still one of the very few fighting for his unemployment. Which we were dealing with, until General Motors laid off again over a chip shortage. I reached out to Financial services and will admit I had broken a few promise to pays. I also requested that 2 lines on my account be removed back in November, I called, emailed, etc Nothing was done. I paid 200 of my 410.00 promise to pay and asked to pay remainder. Verizon Financial services are rude, barely speak English and they said their not even located in the U.S.? With any business if you do not receive help you reach out to Corporate, I have three times in last 18 months, and they really did not do much to help besides mediate. I received a email from Executive office telling me they are not helping me, do not email them back because they will not reply, and they have to focuss their time on other customers? Never ever has anyone heard of any company doing this? Fine they can’t and won’t help with my financial services issue? Well someone can help with the fact I requested two lines be removed from my account and they have been charging me for them for over 6 mos and never respond back about it.

  137. This is to inform you of my intent to file a complaint on your store in butler pa. I’m exempt for the mask mandate upon entering the store I had encounter with store employee who refused toll my service this violated the federal law on the ADA American with disabilities act. Therefore a formal complaint will be filed and I’ll also look at seeking legal action for violation of my rights

  138. I would like to know why Verizon does not allow customer to pay extra toward their devices. All other companies allow it. Verizon should allow customer to pay extra toward their devices. Please explain other than “it’s policy”

  139. Want to compliment Verizon on your corporate mask policy. I witnessed it in action yesterday at the Cherokee Avenue, Cullman, Alabama location. Your employees enforced the policy professionally with a particularly adamant customer. It was a pleasure to see people carrying out an important requirement in today’s world. I complimented them on the spot. With each person who entered the store without a mask, they dealt with them adequately, but a pleasant manner, thus carrying out the corporation’s policy. Thank you for doing your part to help stop the spread of COVID. I have been a customer for over 25 years and will remain one in the future.

  140. I visited the Fair Oaks Mall VA location last week. I was so happy that Michael was there. He went over and beyond what I expected in service and courtesy. I had a worn out remote. Please bring more people like him.

  141. I am writing to let you know how HORRIBLE your customer service is. First of all it is nearly impossible to speak to a live person . Yesterday I spent nearly four hours trying to get or change my pin. During that time I was either not able to get connected to a live rep or when I did they just hung up on me. Is this the way to handle a customer? I am surprised you are still in business with this treatment. One of the live people I got yesterday was extremely rude and I only wish I got her name. Today I did speak to someone(Bonny) who was helpful but, I had to get her through another company. I just hope you will look into how you handle your customer service.

  142. My name is Ms. Sample, I live on the 1200 block of East Price Street in Philadelphia, PA 19138. I am NOT signed up with any wireless internet service through house installation, however, I suspect someone has authorized and established an account in my name which is giving others the ability to interact in my home and view me on camera surveillance that is being enlisted through a wireless network. I repeat I do not have ANY subscribed service therefore fraudulent practices are being conducted. I would like a full investigation in this matter, my actual address on Price Street is xxx East Price Street, Philadelphia, PA 19138. My # is 484-848-xxxx, I would like someone to look into this matter as soon as possible and get in touch with me.

  143. Was on hold for over 3 hours. Finally gave up. Trying to get emergency broadband benefit. Please email me with directions on how to get through to proper department to apply.

  144. Employee at your location on forest Ave si ny
    Was disrespectful, rude and lied
    When I asked him who the manager was he said he was.
    When I asked him if he could service me he said I have to go next-door and buy a mask???
    This person is disrespectful to your company and this is not the first time that this is happened he’s done it to other customers????

  145. Good Morning,
    This email is in reference to inquiring about the possibility of a new cell tower installation due to lack of service for the surrounding area.
    I live in rural North East TN. The topography of the area has ridges and valleys. On top of some ridges there may be one or two bars however there is a large area which has no service along Gravely Valley Rd and Stanley Valley Road. There is a cell tower on a ridge close to highway 11 but it is on the front side of a ridge so all the residential and farms on the back side of the ridge have limited cell service if any at all. The service actually stops while driving on Gravely Valley Rd. This could be extremely impactful for medical and fire emergencies.
    Please advise how areas are considered for cell towers. And if there can/will be consideration to install another tower.
    Lisa Osborn

  146. Need to make an advance payment due to travelling and would like to have address to mail my payment.


  148. Hi my name is INTAK YOO.
    I living in 2 omega terrace, Latham,NY,12110.
    In my house have your company tower. Recently,I have plan cutting tree near by your company tower.Could you check up this area own your company or my own?

  149. Account #381562033-00001
    We wish to delete #860-558-7290 (monthly charge 40.84) from our account and have been unable to do so. Have gone to local office here in WH, Ct and been on the phone for over 1 1/2 hours. No one can help us because we do not have a pin #. Dr. DeGraff can no longer use the flip phone because he has a cochlear implant.
    Sincerely, Sandra DeGraff (Mrs. Arthur C. DeGraff,Jr)

  150. I just had Verizon workers install a fiber-optic line in my yard they and they dumped a huge pile of dirt in my flower bed and they left it there! I have called the city of Kissimmee to see who issued the PERMITT. I need a phone number for Verizon corporation so they can FIX THIS MESS!!!

  151. The company hired to handle the jetpack return has the worse customer support I have felt with!! The hung up on me twice and have done nothing to fix my problem. I have 5 lines with Verizon and if I could drop them I would in a heartbeat.

  152. I have been with Verizon for over 6 years a paying customer. I had 3 phone lines and transfered one of my lines to my father’s account on April 11th 2021. My phone was stolen on May 12, 2021. I called and had my line disconnected and was told I had no insurance. I went to the Verizon store on May 15,2021 when I returned from vacation and was also told again that I had no insurance. When I asked why? His answer was I’m not sure but I will look at your bill. He stated that it looked like I hadn’t had insurance for a month and I would have to call customer service for help. I went home and called customer service and was transfered to several people who said that when I transferred my line that my insurance was automatically dropped. I was not aware or notified that my insurance was dropped or that I no longer had insurance. I was told it was nothing they could do for me but give me the option to pay my phone off and purchase another phone which would mean I would be paying for a entire new phone on top of the $400 dollars to pay it off or go to another company. I spoke with assurance about my insurance and was told it happens a lot when you make changes to your plan and I would have to call Verizon so that they could go back and fix it so I would be able to file a claim. I spoke with Verizon again who said they could not do that it would be considered fraud. 🤔 How is that fraud when I have been paying on my insurance for years and have never even made a claim. I was forced to go to another company and get new service but also had to purchase another phone. I couldn’t receive there promotion because I didn’t have a phone. Called Verizon today to speak to someone about a bill I received for the $400 and yet again I was transfered to over 5 people and kept on hold for more than a hour. I was told that since I switched services they were unable to give me a credit but if I was still a Verizon customer they couldn’t help me. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and to think I left and came back. I would never purchase any kind of service from Verizon and will make sure to post this on as many websites as possible Facebook,twitter,snap,Twitter,Instagram, Google and any where else I can spread the word of how terrible your service has become. Will definitely be giving the BBB a review as well of how you treat your valued customers.

  153. I have been with Verizon for over 6 years a paying customer. I had 3 phone lines and transfered one of my lines to my father’s account on April 11th 2021. My phone was stolen on May 12, 2021. I called and had my line disconnected and was told I had no insurance. I went to the Verizon store on May 15,2021 when I returned from vacation and was also told again that I had no insurance. When I asked why? His answer was I’m not sure but I will look at your bill. He stated that it looked like I hadn’t had insurance for a month and I would have to call customer service for help. I went home and called customer service and was transfered to several people who said that when I transferred my line that my insurance was automatically dropped. I was not aware or notified that my insurance was dropped or that I no longer had insurance. I was told it was nothing they could do for me but give me the option to pay my phone off and purchase another phone which would mean I would be paying for a entire new phone on top of the $400 dollars to pay it off or go to another company. I spoke with assurance about my insurance and was told it happens a lot when you make changes to your plan and I would have to call Verizon so that they could go back and fix it so I would be able to file a claim. I spoke with Verizon again who said they could not do that it would be considered fraud. 🤔 How is that fraud when I have been paying on my insurance for years and have never even made a claim. I was forced to go to another company and get new service but also had to purchase another phone. I couldn’t receive there promotion because I didn’t have a phone. Called Verizon today to speak to someone about a bill I received for the $400 and yet again I was transfered to over 5 people and kept on hold for more than a hour. I was told that since I switched services they were unable to give me a credit but if I was still a Verizon customer they couldn’t help me. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and to think I left and came back. I would never purchase any kind of service from Verizon and will make sure to post this on as many websites as possible Facebook,twitter,snap,Twitter,Instagram, Google and any where else I can spread the word of how terrible your service has become. Will definitely be giving the BBB a review as well of how you treat your valued customers.

  154. Verizon wireless is a big joke. I switch to Verizon believing there service was great and there was honest customer service representative that are honest. Scary how they answer your questions to have you as a customer. I switched with them and there data and service sux. They slowed down my internet and I got many dropped calls. It’s been 3 going on 4 months since I left Verizon and my new carrier offered to pay my cell phones I owe with Verizon. Apparently none of their representatives been able to provide me with the breakdown of what is owed on the cell so they can be paid off. They did send my information to their intern collections department. I called there corporate spoke with a Corrina she said she will mail me what I asked for 3 months ago I asked her how do I stop it from going to my credit she transferred me to collections in house collections. When I spoke to representative their he kept calling me a man. After I verified my name female name. Said a representative should be able to extend account from going to my credit. It’s like a circus. I’m just trying to make sure they take accountability of their irresponsibility of not providing me with what I need.

  155. I cannot get ANYONE to help me with my Alcatel joy tablet. I am having some problems and I need some help

  156. Purchased a new I phone pro max 12 and was told my trade is was worth $60 , I phone 7s and no other promotions available for the phone purchase. Although the staff was friendly I am not certain I received the best deal according to your advertising . We drove 35 miles one way to a corporate store Elijay Ga as we had a trust level. The transfer of phone information was a night mare for us took hours and hours on the phone, we ended up getting everything done at 9 pm . We were at the store around noon. It took the fun out of spending over 1200.00 away , way too stressful. The store was not busy and could have afforded time to help with setup. The store staff is always professional. It seems like you do not put service first. COVID is no reason now and when the store is not busy there is no reason that seniors can not get help . Have additional help extended retains customers. We did receive a 30% discount on accessories. Still not having a good feeling . It was just ok not like exceptional like we had grown accustomed to. I recall using the Benton Verizon once and it was more user friendly for us . If you advertise a discounted rate on the net and tv when you walk into the store it should be the same . My husband wanted me to have zones phone and did not negotiate with the pricing. Also the otter box screen Protector is a joke for $40. I am trying to get a replacement for defective back has smudge marks and is not smooth .

  157. Can you help them with yeah overBeen with you over 40 years and I have problems

  158. Selling chargers for new phones. Can’t charge with out buying separate device to complete charge.

  159. I went to my local Verizon wireless on 5/29/2021. My daughter, fiancé, and I all decided to leave u.s. cellular after being there for over 8 years. All three of us got phones. My phone and fiancé phones didn’t work. She didn’t even get a phone to take home. They had to replace my phone. Now we are without service and phones. After my 2 year contract is up I’ll never come back this is ridiculous. I’ve spent over 5 hours in the last two days here. Now what happens if there is an emergency and I can’t call 911? Never again! I will make sure to tell all my friends and family about this awful experience.

  160. My phone rebate of $100.00 was changed $44.00. This phone IME ends in 4029. My account 0416669226-00001. I was told the trade in on this phone was going to be $100.00 but at the very closing it was changed to $44.00. I have had so much trouble with this transaction. I don’t have the time or energy to try anymore. I will say the change may be because of delays in sending the phone to you. If you check your records you will see that your company delayed numerous times getting the packaging to me. In fact after a dozen phone calls I got someone that knew what to do. The package request was on line all the time but no one knew how to order it. She did. I have the package ready to ship tomorrow 6/1/21.
    I would like to request my $100.00 trade in value.

  161. Fraud was committed by store employees by making unauthorized changes to my service plan, phone purchase and unauthorized use of my pen number

  162. I would like to purchase Verizon Corporation please. Contact me as soon as possible.

    Thank you


  163. I have a customer as well as an employee of Verizon wireless went in to renew my contract to receive a new cell phone and when I went into the store the gentleman I spoke to had no skills for customer service I was going to return my cell phone in to receive the new iPhone the promotion was at the cell phones could be in any condition my cell phone was cracked on the backside the representative that he buys me that I would need to have the phone fixed before I could trade iTunes for the full amount The representative and advised me that there was a special program for certain customers I’ve been advising that I have been a customer for over 30 years and have four lines to keep with Verizon his customer service skills were not very good I myself was a Verizon employee over 30 years I was always a Verizon mobile customer but on that day I walked out of the store and I went to the T-Mobile store and switched my four lines over to team mobile,the fact that rat didn’t matter about my how long length of service an my bill was always currant made no difference he did not care if I changed companies,,only when I called Vz wireless did th rep rried tp keep me as a customer. That day v lost 6 lines of service,,,vz wireless is not the only company…my bill decreased from aver 300,00 to 130.00 and we all got new iPhones

  164. Been trying for 4 days to resolve connectivity issue with 5G with no resolve from Verizon.

  165. I need to discuss my issue with someone at the coprporate level to get it resolved. I am getting billed for the use of a tablet when I have already swithced providers. I called Verizon on 5/3 and 5/5 and was told my tablet contract would not expire until 10/1 . However, the representative specifically told me that he could suspend the tablet account so I would not get billed and could go ahead with the transition to a new provider and not worry about future billing for the tablet. That obviously was not the case and now I am told there are no notes in your system about that conversation. Since all conversations are recorded, I am requesting that those 2 converstion recordings be reviewed to confirm what I was told.
    I tried to access something on line but since my phone service was discontiuued it would not allow me to do that.
    My old number was 260445xxxx

  166. I’ve been waiting for six months to get the money that you owe me for my trade-ins and I have called five times and nobody ever calls me back after they try to fix my problem

  167. I have been on the phone with b Eric on customer service since 11:45am and it is now 4:50pm and I still haven’t been able to get anybody to talk to me to fix my cell phone issues! I have been on HOLD with Jessica- the current clerk. Rep for 3 hours and she is having me hold for a supervisor since my problem is ongoing for 10 months! Please email me back or call my Verizon cell at 904-465-xxxx tammie remar- btw: I am permanently paralyzed and cannot go to a store to get this fixed!

  168. Your Automatic phone system is not working properly. I had to call for different times before the payment went through. It is very sensitive and it stops in the middle of the procedure, etc. Please improve it

  169. I have been a long time version customer and was in your Lexington SC Sunset Boulevard store trying to buy an IPhone 12. Two sales representatives and a young manager were rude and belligerent insisting that we had to load the new phone at our home or take to Best Buy Geek Squad! They stated that they no longer provided that service!!! Due to this rudeness and unacceptable behavior I Will transfer my business to ATT tomorrow!!!

  170. Where can I make a formal complaint For damage created by Verizon subcontractor? Even though the Verizon local In birham al said gave me the insurance company contact. but the insurance company is playing games with me for the sub contractor.

  171. Why are you slapping rainbows all over your ads when we know that you are a big donator to anti-gay politicians? Clean up your donations then maybe we can believe you!

  172. Listen someone better call me. Because I have left messages and no one has called me back. 617 -429-xxxx Michael McNeil

  173. Approximately two months ago my husband and I transferred five cell phone lines and two Apple Watch lines from T-Mobile to Verizon. This has turned out to literally be one of the worst nightmares of our life. With no exaggeration I have spent OVER 40 hours of my time on the phone with tier 2, billing, supervisors, managers, etc. Two of our phones did not even work for the first week but guess what Verizon still made sure to bill us for that even though they were not working at all. Once again we were promised that they would fix that and reimburse us or takeoff the bill for that one week of service for the two lines that did not work. That has not happened either. then we were told that our bill is such a mess and so screwed up that nobody in customer service at any level could repair it and that corporate needed to tend to it. Corporate has yet to call me. We were assured that they would stop the automatic payment coming out of our bank account. This did not happen and Verizon attempted to take out almost $900 out of our bank account when Out bill was only supposed to be $222 a month. At this point we most likely want out of this contract. Verizon has FAILED us and Your customer service is too incompetent to fix the problem. I have spoken to a handful of nice supervisors who assured us that one mistake in the bill was we were promised to get half off the activation fees. I have the customer service reps name who gave me this information as well as the next customer service rep who again assured us that we were only supposed to pay a 35 or $36 activation fee on four of the seven lines As this was the promotion when we signed up with Verizon. And then Verizon wanted to back out of the promotion and not give us half off of the activation fees. Then the very first bill they totally messed up and only charged us for one line and was trying to make me pay $90 for one cell phone line when in fact we had seven. We were then promised that would be taken care of and that they would credit us to $50 of insurance since the first bill only contain one line. Once again that promise never went through. Instead we are being charged what appears to be approximately $300 or more in activation fees. We have been promised credit to fix this that has not happened. We were also assured that until this problem was fixed they would not shut off our service. But guess what Verizon shut it off anyway and then charge a $20 Reactivation fee on I believe three or four lines.I can return the phones I can do whatever needs to be done but I refuse to do any more service with Verizon if this is not fixed immediately!! I don’t want my credit ruined I want this professionally and properly handled. Sadly your company obviously does not know how to do billing and I have too much stress in my life to continue spending over 40 hours a week of my time calling your company to fix your mess. My husband is a combat veteran and he is in law enforcement I’m not even seeing any of those discounts. We are just fed up and nobody in your company will help us.Rest assured this is only half of the problems. I have not even begun to discuss with you all of the other issues that we have been having.

  174. Sales rep sold me a devise based on lies, I need them to honor what was said at the time of phone purchase, I understand the call was recorded, also requesting a copy of my recorded sale for legal purposes

  175. I Sean briscoe have been with Verizon since 98 mainly on pre paid. I had been on the $1.99 plan until 2020 you got rid of it. Verizon has good service but has gotten too expensive. I’m on 2 of my phones paying $35 plan. I’m making good money but this 35 plan gets expensive after a while. I understand updating services but many of us can’t afford what your charging now. I’m seeing price hiking by force. The 1.99 plan was convent for me and others. Also why don’t minutes carry over. There has been many times I has minutes on my phone but the following month they are gone and I have to buy more. I or anyone shouldn’t have to lose money because whatever company wants to make money at any cost. I’m probably gonna switch because I’m not gonna pay your high prices anymore. Also the 3g phones were perfect but now can’t use because you have updated and upgraded and now me and others have to spend more money because you want to be greedy. You don’t have to keep hiking up your prices. Some of us just want something simple and don’t want to keep spending money we shouldn’t have to. Take care of your customers and stop raising your prices and stop getting rid of features that myself and others like and make it easier to use. I may be one person or a nobody but this nobody will now use your service anymore because you want to upgrade to more expensive services. Your good Verizon but with your recent changes you lost this nobody. And don’t tell me about how you have to keep up with the jones. That’s what ends up hurting people because you want to out do this company or that company. Stop being greedy and take care of your customers. You lost this one

  176. Problems with customer service setting up payments and sticking with the agreement. My husband has had medical problems and then the pandemic so we are behind on payments. Trying to keep service on and set up payments. He was told hold on account and would be fine until later this month now it has been shut off. We have been a long time customer and feel as if that don’t matter to Verizon.

  177. I feel severely inconvenienced, insulted, disrespected and not valued at all as a long time customer by one of your employees and I’m requesting to speak to someone at the corporate level, if possible, concerning my issue.

    Catherine Jones

  178. My complaint is u need to train your customer service people better. I need my verizon cloud account closed. Please help.

  179. We are being charged, $299.00, Again, for an insurance claim, not a warranty claim. This is the 2nd time, in less than 2 yrs, we have had this issue, WITH THE SAME identical phone. I’ve been, very nice, I was hung up on r times, last guy, wasn’t helpful at all. We’re long time customers, have Verizon products & no one wants to assist. Yes, I was upset with the last guy, he had a nonchalant attitude, because, I told him, more people around us are going to Straight Talk, because of issues not being solved, it’s all over our community fb pages. We have taken out insurance everytime we buy a phone. We are elderly and feel, like they are not interested in our issue. I’d appreciate a return call at 409-782-xxxx. The 409-594-xxxx, is off during work hrs, due to rules inside the plant.

  180. Verizon Correspondence. May 20,2021
    PO Box 408
    Newark, NJ 01101- 0408

    I was directed to you by one of your managers a Keith Reed, when I asked him who I could escalate my request too. My name is Joseph Lyons and have a residence at 389 Wickford Point Road, in North Kingstown , R.I., My phone there is(401)258-2554. I also have a residence in Port Orange, Fl where I spend the winters. I usually go in January, but this year did not get there until March 1st of this year, because of medical problems. I have been your customer for some time and you can see from my records this is what I do every year, I go on seasonal for the time away. This year for some reason my account did not get switched to seasonal.
    My wife was paying bills and paid for March,April and May, the total payed was $663.38. When I called about it I was told by phone representative and then by Mr. Reed their was no way to correct the payments. I feel that whether it was data error or an honest mistake. That the fair thing to do is adjust the billing to seasonal. I find it hard to believe that if your company overcharged a Customer that you could not correct it. I have been a loyal customer of yours and would appreciate it if you could make this right.That is all I am asking, I do not want anything but a fair resolution to this.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    Joseph Lyons
    xxx Wickford Point Road
    North Kingstown, RI 02852
    Cell: (401)258-xxxx

    I send this letter in Verizon Executive Relations and was contacted by Trisha the case # 271-1875. She said she would look into it for any usage. I said great do so as I was not there as of March 1st of this year. She called me back and said their was usage on phone and emails. I told her could not be and could she show some records or documentation. She said she would get back to me. She did and told me they would not provide documentation, company policy. I said what, I am just suppose to take their word for it and mine means nothing? She said she could take something of bill, that’s it. What did I want to do. I told her to take what she could off. But I was still not happy. When on the Verizon site I saw what you referred to as our creed. We believe integrity is at the core of who we are. We focus outbound on the customers not inward. They sound great but it appears to me that saying and following are too different thing. I do not feel I was treated fairly in this situation and will have to explore other options for my communication needs. I realize I am just one customer and in the long run do not mean much. But I felt the need to express the way I feel.
    Thanks Joe

    Ps : Trisha – sent me a voice mail and stated every time I send this in she will close it out as she receives it. That’s not very good customer service.
    I would like to request that my case get escalated to a higher level where someone has authority to make decisions on cases.

    Thanks Joe

  181. Does not having a “pin” number cause my cellphone not to be operational. I tried, without success, to get the last “activation” appointment, between 6:00 and 6:30
    PM, yesterday, June 14th. A very nice Verizon Wireless lady game an appointment between 2:00 and 2:30 PM tomorrow, June 16th at the Verizon Wireless store on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard in Charleston, South Carolina. I plan to keep that appointment. Please provided me your email addresss so that I can memorialize what happened when I go the store. Please incorporate something kind so that I am respectfully. treated at the appointment. On at least one occasion, I was displeased with the people who open the door at that store. My landline number is 843 739xxxx and my cellphone is 843830xxxx. The phones are not working, but call. I might be able to get my landline phone working.

  182. We have had the most awful experience with verizon switching from tmobile. We moved 2 accounts that were 20 year old tmobile accounts and it has been nothing but true hell. We have been lied to about how much the bill was, we were told we would get gift cards and it has been like pulling teeth to get them. They lost the phones that we turned in and had to go through hell to fix that. I am going to review verizon on every platform i can find. Its insane that were just consumers out here taking all the mess and horrible customer service and cant do anything about it, but blast verizon on social media.

  183. I would like to be contacted about serious customer service issues in the past week. I’ve been with you since 1988.

  184. Hey ladies and gentlemen in the corporate office. I just want to let you know. Here in Sumter South Carolina Verizon wireless building. They are refusing to help us transfer any information off of one phone to another phone. They are even refusing to help us fix our phones. So we are paying all this insurance money on our phone for no help. My question is why are we paying insurance on phone. That we are not getting any help with. If we don’t start getting help soon we are going to have to leave the company. It’s been a wonderful 20 years. Hope you are having a better day than we are.

  185. As a stockholder on Verizon I am discussed that I can not get an answer from anyone on my defective I phone.. I have left VM on the corporate phone line 3 times. As a stockholder this is outrageous. This phone needs to be replaced or I will have to switch carriers.


  187. Your Customer service line is Horrible. Spent an Hour on Hold listening to the worst music and same message. Hung asked for a call back 1.5 hours later they called I answered and got the same phone message. All I wanted to do was talk to a Human and update my New Banking information for direct Payment. Not Worth Wasting My Time. I do Not Download APPS to my Phone. I’m a consultant for the D.O.D. When you go on Military Installations they scan your electronics Coming and Going. Talking to SPECTRUM

  188. I purchased a telephone from Verizon 2 months ago. I was told if I paid for one phone I would get another 1 for free of equal or lesser value.. Today I was told I paid the wrong phone and I will not be getting the other phone for free. However, I explained to the woman that I was told to pay my phone and my son’s phone would be free. I was told there is nothing that they can do and I do not believe this period I don’t understand why Verizon does not treat their customers with dignity and respect. I’m sure that there is a way they can give me credit so that I get the phone for free. I would like Verizon to give me what I was told. Telling me they will credit me $150.00 on a $1,000 phone is not right. I asked the salesman several questions and was assured I would not have any problems. I should no have to pay $1,000 for this cellphone and $150.00 is not good enough

  189. I have had no internet for 4 days; every time I called Verizon they tell me this is big problem but they are working on it. All my neighbors who also have Verizon are on the same page, no internet. The service has been bad lately, I work from home and I can’t work without internet, please help.
    Phone number with you is 570-288-xxxx

  190. Verizon wireless – signed up for paperless billing upon joining. October 2020. Still receiving paper bills. Have called at least 6 times. Each time assured no more paper bills. Still getting paper. Called again today. Got cut off. My call was returned and was cut off again. I need this handled for good. Acct 3894 22xxx xxxx

  191. I got nowhere with the chat site for problems. They were of NO help. We cancelled our service April 26th. You bill a month in advance. We not only got billed but it was turned over to collections with Convergys. You wrongfully billed us and also falsely advertise. My home number is 423-266-xxxx-My name is Jerry Tollett. After 25 years of service we had with you and now being lied and cheated to. I will contact the BBB if I do not hear back today from you. Jerry and James Tollett xxx Jadie Lane-Chattanooga TN 37405

  192. I can’t seem to get cooperate on by phone, my calls are being redirected with every number I have call. URGENT

  193. I just spent 45 minutes waiting in your corp store In wooster ohio trying to to get my military discount and the guy told me to leave while they waited on other people very sad ???

  194. I have tried every avenue to obtain a return address label with no success. So far, Verizon home phone is the worst decision we have ever made.

  195. My name is Winnie OdetteDiggs I have been a Verizon customer since 2011. I was targeted by agents of two (that I know of) local governments, public facilities, and others in Carlsbad CA, Mobile AL and now in Pueblo Colorado. I came to Pueblo in 2019, to join my son who is a traveling Surgical Technologist.

    I arrived in Pueblo almost two years ago; I am targeted immediately, by agents of the property owner of Woodhaven apartments homes where I lived. More recently I am targeted by the local government here in Pueblo. I am the owner and Director of SAVE (Social/ Students Advocate Voices for Education). I created a program to help rebuild historically underutilized business zones. The programs will create jobs, working on government contracts in social, economic, and environmental disenfranchised demographics. I am frequently tortured and tormented; terrorists were moved into the apartments next door, across the hall and down stairs. Within my first few months, I was accosted by paramedics and police, claiming my blood pressure was stroke level, when I called for help around 3am; police report available. Yet I was locked in a hospital basement for hours with no medication.

    Verizone Customer Service: The letter said my phone my account will be terminated June 25th 2021; it said nothing about the Phone I just purchased, and the new contract recently started, my deposits or recent payment for next month billing cycle

    Recently I am devastated by agents of the local Verizon stores; a corporate store and a Verizon outlet.
    The verizon outlet took money that was on hold on my credit card, from my previous attempt to order an iphone 11 from Verizon over the phone
    Verizon’s online app would not take my signature.
    I have received considerable considerations from Verizon because of the financial attacks by the Verizon outlet.
    However Verizon corporate and the outlet here in Pueblo have teamed against me. I received a copy of a letter from Verizon via Fedex dated June 18th, from executive relation, that was cc: to Market President Market General Council.
    I spent all of Tuesday 6/22/31, in attempting to contact Verizon; my calls were redirected no matter what verizon number I called. Which is why I am attempting to contact Verizon via your web site.
    I was able to call my son, his father and my brother who all have verizon accounts.
    The letter alleged I was rude and loud at the corporate store. I did turn to an employee of Verizon corporate store who was standing very close behind me in that huge store
    Social distancing is not in effect at the corporate store located in Pueblo CO.
    I was attacked by the manager who had ignored my attempts to gain assistance, after driving across town to make the appointment that was set by a Verizon executive for 12:30, Saturday June 5th.
    I arrived at 12:15, stood at the entrance waiting for someone to approach me, after a while I started to walk around the store, then to the counter with a cover for my phone.
    I was told by the manager “these covers are for the new IPhone eleven, Iphone 12…” I waited for almost an hour before I was approached by an employee of the store, who said “I was reading the email”…
    I told another employee of the store who positioned himself right behind me, while I was standing at the counter. There are desk in place for him to stand and watch the door, he had on a mask, the manager did not have on mask,
    The store manager attacked me for saying “to the employee “I feel uncomfortable with you standing so close behind me”. The manager was talking load and accusing me of being cruel to the employee
    This happened between 12:15 and 2pm when I left; in case you have cameras in place, you may not be able to hear me talking, I have a very soft voice.
    “The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. and usually involving local agents.
    ” The White couple who walked in after me was approached immediately by an employee of the store.

    Winnie Diggs

  196. When I visit the Verizon Store for accessories for my phone, then I am referred to eBay or Amazon. I bought my phone from Verizon and have been a customer for many years. Being referred out from Verizon when I need Verizon products is a questionable business model!

  197. Trying to contact corporate at Verizon wireless to speak to someone to confirm if they purposely employ managers with arrogance as well as incompetence along with being completely sarcastic and unprofessional!! The manager griselle at the Las Vegas store 1351 sunset is very nasty unprofessional and clearly a rxxxxx!! And she is very smug! And has an attitude as if she doesn’t care if I contact corporate because this is the kind of behavior that they allow to their customers

  198. I placed an order and have not received it. . I placed 1 order and it was delivered to an address in Florida and I live in Tennessee. I called the sales department and received a refund. She placed another order and I did not receive it nor does the order show on my account and a representative from Verizon has not been able to locate the order number.

  199. We pay for a certain amount of data each month. When you pay for something, you own it. It should be available, via rollover/accumulation, month to month.

  200. I have been waiting in a phone que for a supervisor for 1 hour after the chat tech couldn’t fix my tech problem. I called to get a tier 2 tech and was on hold fo 20 minutes until I was given to the rudest tech 1 technician ever. She switched me to a tech 2 and I was waiting fo 30 more minutes- no. I communicated to the chat text she gave me another number to call- i asked for a supervisor and now I’m on hold again for another 30 mins so far! T so I’ve chatted, talked to techs for now over 2.5 hours and my problem is still not fixed. This is the worst costumer service ever!!! Why- Verizon used to be the standard of excellence- not anymore in my opinion. Rethinking my commitment of over 20 years and switch networks.

  201. I tried to call for tech support for NO DATA, and they sent me a hyperlink to go chat in the app and hung up on me. Umm…I HAVE NO DATA!! That is not going to work.

  202. I have had Verizon mobile service since May of 2021 and I am having a horrible experience. I have not been getting service and have called in on several instances. I was directed to new expensive hardware which I did but this issue still has not been rectified. I have been getting the run around and want to end my service at this point. I wanted to make note as to the experience I have been having because no one should experience this especially during a pandemic when resources have been limited to urban communities.

  203. Hello, I know you always receive complaints, however, I’m writing to give you all a complement for employing Erica in Eufaula, AL. She handled 3-4 customers at a time, all the way up to closing time. I’ve been in several phone stores, and usually there is a ton of employees and often times no one knows what their doing. She is excellent and knows what she’s doing. I wasn’t the only customer giving her complements. She needs to be the manager, or given a store of her own.

  204. On June 12th, 2021, I worked with one of you’re representatives to upgrade my iPhone. The price of the phone was based on upgrading my wireless plan.

    I was told the cost would only change my monthly bill by $2.00. I took the phone discount and paid the balance off $607.27.

    About 20 minutes after the call I received and email with the changes and to my surprise my bill was going up much more. My current bill is about $149 a month and the new plan would change it to $220 per month. I was very upset and call Verizon Wireless to cancel the order and change everything back to my original amount.

    Today is June 30th and I have tried to call 3 or 4 times to and was told it can take time to credit back to my card. Almost 3 weeks and still do not have the money return. This whole thing should have never happen and I feel like I was SCAMMED to get my money. I don’t know how many years we have been with Verizon and this has change everything for me.

    I will be looking at other option for cell service in the future.

    Rich McDonald
    805-816-xxxx- Cell

  205. Rudeness is unacceptable- having to here things are free when I have been a loyal customer for 17 years and a suffering shareholder (to say the least) just rubs me the wrong way.

  206. 556-592-xxx: First of all I was told by the sales person who convinced me to switch to Verizon that I would be getting $300 Visa Reward Card, not a useless Verizon card that I will attempt to give away.
    Now I have been attempting to get the reward card and the site has been down for 2 weeks. The reward expires on Aug 8th so this appears to be a scam.

    When I tried to call I get nothing but non-Americans that sit there and try to convince me how great verizon is. Since I am in America I would appreciate speaking to someone I can actually understand. Either fix the issue where I can actually get these useless cards or just tell me I was conned into signing up for this service. I’d rather just have someone say we screwed you than get the damn run-around.

  207. Order a phone for my son and it was scheduled to be delivered on Friday May 25th and although your company received a delivered status from Fedex it was not. It was stolen and not delivered. We received a notice from Verizon that it was delivered at 2:57pm. We were home and my husband was outside. My husband contacted Verizon and a ticket was generated for the lost iPhone. Ticket #4833371 is still open and we cannot get any help on the status whatsoever from not one of your customer service representative. I do not understand how not one person is able to see the status of this ticket. Can we please have a customer service person supervisor contact my husband and not hangup. We have made an appointment for a rep., to call and we receive a call but they hangup. We have called and wait on line and they hangup. We wait and it goes into a void of no return. Can we please have someone knowledgeable to help us track this phone and provide us with a phone. My son doesn’t have a phone since the service was transferred from AT&T – Transfer # 24328580.

  208. We have been Verizon customers for over 12 years. When I go into a Verizon store and ask if I need to get a extra phone line to get the 51 A Samsung phone for $5.00 a month? And a Verizon wireless employee says to me no you do not have to a get a extra line to get the 51 A Samsung phone for $5.00 a month. Then I expect to pay only $5.00 a month for it. I was lied too. So you need to honor this sale for $5.00 a month. Because if you don’t I will go to my local news stations and have them send it to all of the news stations all over the United States. I don’t like being lied too. My phone number is 520-404-xxxx. You owe credit for the last month’s on this account. Call if you have any more questions for me about it. I expect a credit for this line to be on my account by August.

  209. I purchased my cellular phone, from lake forest CA “El Toro” store.
    The Mgr and staff were so Rude abused Me by giving the incorrect & false statements including the activation fee. They sold the dead phone without connecting or showing how it works. Without giving me any hardcopy receipt or proof of purchase. I still have nothing in my hands and when I complained, I was asked to leave the store by Mgr ‘Gus’ who is not entitled of be called Mgr.!

  210. I am totally disappointed with Verizon Wireless Business. Since 2020, I have been having problems with going to the app on my phone, which is supposed to be user friendly. I have also been waiting patiently for extended periods of time in addressing my billing issues with the company (Verizon Wireless Business). And when a problem is supposed to be credited to my account, it usually is NOT. And I have to get on the call with the Customer Service Department again, only to be on hold AGAIN to wait and have to explain this repeatedly since those billing issues were not credited to my account. Now I have ordered an iPad 12 from Apple Store. June 19, 2021: I spoke with a Representative and was told I needed a SIM card in order to use the Cellular Data on my iPad device. I was told that I would NOT be able to get the SIM card at a physical Verizon Wireless services store. I was told (in June during my telephone call with your company representative) that I would need to have an order placed with the company customer service via phone. I was told there was no fee for the SIM card and that it would be mailed to me within two business days. It is now JULY 5, 2021 and I have not received a SIM card to be able to use the Cellular Date to be able to use Internet anywhere I go. I received charges of 57.49 that is due July 24, 2021 for services I have NOT EVEN BEEN ABLE TO USE as I never received the SIM card. Today: July 5, 2021: I waited a long time to finally get through to a customer service representative. She kept mentioning that she sees I ordered an iPad 12 – which I did NOT (as I told her more than once that I ordered the iPad 12 from an Apple Store). She did not clarify, during the beginning of the call: that I did indeed have a request put in on June 19, 2021 to have the SIM Card mailed to me. I had to keep repeating that this was supposed to have taken place and yet I still did NOT receive a SIM card via mail. I Requested to be refunded for any additional charges for this Cellular Data service which has been added to my bill for the due date: July 24, 2021. I am extremely disappointed as I was adding this service for my business, and am now being charged for this additional service, provided by your company, that I cannot even utilize. I have been inconvenienced for my time in waiting patiently for a representative to answer my call regarding these issues I have been having with Verizon Wireless Business. I have been told one thing, and then told another. One example is that I can go to a Physical Verizon Wireless Store location and have them order a SIM card (I was told this by the representative today July 5, 2021 whom I spoke with). Yet: on June 19, 2021 I was told that I could NOT order it through the Physical Verizon Wireless store and that it had to be through the company via phone. So which one is it: I am super confused now and now cannot even access business services based on my request for being able to use Cellular Data on my iPad to be able to use internet wherever I go. I am not happy at all with the business services of Verizon Wireless. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years now and yet I am being charged a late fee during this COVID-19 Pandemic Shutdown: and because I am a day late: I am charged a late fee. This has happened before and I was told I would be credited. Yet: it still charged me a late fee. So all these concerns I’ve been having with Verizon Wireless Services (the company) has been unacceptable. And I wish to speak with a Higher Administrator regarding the poor services since 2020 for Verizon Wireless Business. Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from a Leader.

  211. Your sales people do not know what’s they are doing. I as so tired of hearing it am so sorry because I am the one who gets screwed.

  212. I have tried numerous times to speak to someone about a lost phone. Your tech response has been a thorn and is impossible to navigate. I just want to replace the phone which is insured. This is my 2nd day of trying to accomplishing that. Please let me speak to a live person!!!!

  213. Here’s a list of problems I’ve recently had with Verizon after being with them for more than 15 years:

    1. A couple months ago I called to add my daughter’s phone to my Verizon account and instead of adding her they dropped my phone number all together. Now I no longer had a cell phone number. After 3 days and 20+ hours on the phone they finally got my cell phone back onto the account but they conveniently FORGOT to put my device’s insurance back. I lost everything that was saved to the account including phone messages from a family member who is deceased. Their response “sorry. nothing we can do about it”.

    2. Phone stopped working 2 weeks ago the day before I was to leave for Mexico for vacation. I went to a Verizon store and they replaced the SIM card. Two days later when I arrived in Mexico the phone had stopped working again.

    3. Upon returning from vacation I went to my local Verizon store and the manager was at the front asking what each person needed. I explained what had happened and he said I would have to wait for a customer service representative: 1 hour wait. I waited with my 29 year old daughter for 1 hour 15 minutes and was then called to be assisted by a Spanish speaking person. She called up my account and told me it had been suspended because I had my SIM card replaced in Mexico (it was replaced in Lawrenceville, GA). I told her that was not true and that the records should show where it was replaced. At that point she told me there was nothing she could do to help me. I demanded the manager who came over and told me I would have to call the Fraud department myself the next day and he and the representative walked off and started helping other people. They told my daughter and me that the Fraud Department was closed (which was a BLATANT lie).

    My daughter in the meantime had called the Verizon Fraud Department (they were open) and within 30 minutes had not only explained what had happened (it was a mistake) but had the phone back on line. They then transferred me to the Customer Service Department (the store manager, Eli, said they were closed too). But they were not closed (another BLATANT lie), and they were able to reinstate the phone insurance that had been previously been deleted when my cell phone was cancelled,

    For anything who lives in the San Franciso East Bay I would not recommend going to the Verizon Store in Pleasant Hill, CA (20 Crescent Dr, Ste 5-D, Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523). The manager, Eli, is a lier and very unprofessional. The Spanish speaking woman is rude and worthless as far as knowing the slightest bit about how to do her job. They are both lazy,

  214. Verizon staff member Paul Dorsey told me that he would send a technician at my house to fix my internet today at 8:30 am. It’s now 1:14 pm and no one has shown up. This is costing me time and money.

  215. I cancelled service in March and received bill and spoke with and wrote a request for an itemized bill and have yet to receive 388750657-00001. Also they had my address as 52 S Champion and I called to correct as 56 S Champion Columbus OH 43205. I’ve spoke with customer service several times

  216. Hi i have bin in your store two different times now and i got to say i will never enter it again you got rude people working for your huber height’s ohio store first time we were told plainly and rudely we have to make a appointment so we did for today at 5pm we stood in your astore for over an hour and a half no one would help us are guys name was mat i do believe very rude guy they weren’t that buisy either so you lost probably not a big deal to you but around 800 bucks plus my friend was with me she was wanting to purchase a phone herself just a heads up very poorly ran store

  217. Good afternoon, 

    Can you please have someone get back in touch with me with a phone call?  We have been trying to work with Verizon since April with not luck. 
    My contact information is:
    Valerie Bottoms

    On 2021-06-21 11:46, vbottoms wrote:
    Good morning,

    Attached is the POA for Green Credit, LLC from CGG Ventures, Inc, CGG
    Properties, LLC, Xcel Roofing of Siouxland, LLC, Xcel Roofing of
    Kansas City, LLC and Love My Roof.

    Customer Name:  CGG Ventures, Inc

    Address: xxxx S 143rd Street, Omaha, NE  68137-4524

    Account Number:  5422xxxx

    Marcia Ober


    4852 S. 133rd Street, Suite 101, Omaha, NE  68137

    We are requesting the following information:

         * Change the Primary POC to Marcia Ober
         * Add Valerie Bottoms and Aaron Puff as POC
         * Copy of all IPads purchased by CGG Ventures, Inc, CGG Properties,
    LLC, Xcel Roofing of Siouxland, LLC, Xcel Roofing of Kansas City, LLC
    and Love My Roof
         * Copy of all Cell Phones purchased by CGG Ventures, Inc, CGG
    Properties, LLC, Xcel Roofing of Siouxland, LLC, Xcel Roofing of
    Kansas City, LLC and Love My Roof
         * ID and Password for Verizon so we can pull reports.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, I can be reached at
    402-933-xxxx or directly at 972-955-0lxxxx.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    The Green Credit Team

    Marcia Ober

  218. Every month I receive 2 bills from Verizon via online banking. So I am unable to provide account numbers. Somehow your representatives find it through our old account. 562-786-xxxx. Neither of themes lines have ever been used as is confirmed each month by your representatives. Your representatives retrieve and cancel the billings each month from online billing but I keep receiving the bills.
    Please help. I don’t want my credit ruined over accounts that are not mine.
    I don’t want to keep calling each and every month that I keep receiving the bills that are not mine. Each time I spend over an hour on the phone being transferred around.
    I cancelled Verizon in March. This is when these bills started coming. Is Verizon Vendictive? It seems so. (Sorry I am very angry as you can tell)

    Devra Martincavage
    xxxx 12th Street
    Los Osos 93402

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  219. I am writing to recognize two staff at Verizon wireless 143 east main street, milford, ma. Chris Barrientos and Justin Johnson were excellent to work with, i observed excellent customer service to customers-great listeners to customers, bilingual assistance when warranted, great sales effort. nice job and deserving of recognition

  220. Need to speak to a love person regarding a high final bill from June already turned over to collection today 7/8/21. I have excellent credit and have been trying for three days to get in touch with a rep unseccesfully.

  221. I need to talk to someone that can help me get payment arrangements so I can get my phone back on

  222. I need to speak to someone in the corporate office about my experience with Verizon yesterday. This matter I was discussing with several agents which I’m very disappointed and called them 5 or 6 times and it started around 10:15 in the morning and did not get resolved correctly until almost 3:00 pm in the afternoon after several attempts to explain my situation. I want to speak to someone in the corporate office about this. Please contact me asap at 1-814-583-xxxx. Thank you. Kathy Berkey

  223. Jan 2021 I bought a Samsung Note 20 Ultra, well I had some issues with it and after every thing was said and done it was a software issue, my question is if I paid for a new phone and it is a Samsung issue why are they sending me a refurbished phone. I didn’t buy a refurbished I ordered my phone it was “BRAND NEW”, Just confused if I am paying for a new phone not a refurbished, but if that is what I am getting are my payments going to change?

  224. With my replacement phone, which was required due to your free refurb phone lasting @9 months. You are making it horrible because bill is wrong many ways including your bonus of making me verify my job discount. HATE THIS!!

  225. I wanted to switch from. Tmobile to Verizon. Spoke with your sales representative who told me your prepaid and postpaid unlimited planes , except most expensive one, have slow data. Your online represtold me data get slow without much explanation. Verizon use to have the best service in NYC, what’s happened? Is your service really that bad now?

  226. Verizon’s Customer Service is a real joke. I updated my router on June 11 and my wi-fi service has not worked properly since. My iPad, iPhone and my laptop computer will not stay connected to the wi-fi. I am very frustrated because it has been more than a month with sporadic service. It takes forever to download anything. The new router was supposed to have given me faster download speed. When I try to download a bank statement, the download timeout and I get the following message: “UNABLE TO GET RESULTS. PLEASE CHECK YOUR NETWORK.
    “Results will be available once you’re connected. You’ll get notified when they’re ready. “ I have contacted Verizon Support many times and every representative gave me a different answer on why I was experiencing the problem and followed up with a purported solution.
    The final solution Said I had two SSIDs. Fios-(hND3L) and FIOS (hND3L-5G). That worked for about 1 day. My phone drop calls, I’m not able to google anything on my devices. I continually check my settings to see if I’m connected and most time I’m not connected to Wi-fi. I reconnect to Wi-Fi, but my devices won’t hold the connection. My phone drop callings, I do a lot of zoom meetings but the disconnects has become an issue on all devices. On the back of my router there’s only one SSID. I don’t understand why I have two SSID, however, my password works for both.
    I feel Verizon should make every effort to correct the problem and credit my account from June 11 to whenever the problem is fixed. If I have to find another service provider, I’m ready to leave Verizon in order to get better customer service. I can’t continue to waste my time hoping things are going to get better with no guarantee that things will get better.

  227. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “devra martincavage”
    To: “[email protected]
    Sent: Mon, Jul 12, 2021 at 8:49 AM
    Subject: Fw: Urgent 4 months wrong billing

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: “devra martincavage”
    To: “[email protected]
    Sent: Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 4:52 PM
    Subject: Urgent 4 months wrong billing
    Every month I receive 2 bills from Verizon via online banking. So I am unable to provide account numbers. Somehow your representatives find it through our old account. 562-786-3835. Neither of themes lines have ever been used as is confirmed each month by your representatives. Your representatives retrieve and cancel the billings each month from online billing but I keep receiving the bills.
    Please help. I don’t want my credit ruined over accounts that are not mine.
    I don’t want to keep calling each and every month that I keep receiving the bills that are not mine. Each time I spend over an hour on the phone being transferred around.
    I cancelled Verizon in March. This is when these bills started coming. Is Verizon Vendictive? It seems so. (Sorry I am very angry as you can tell)

    Devra Martincavage
    xxxx 12th Street
    Los Osos 93402

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  228. I went into the Verizon store in Wellington Kansas to discuss my options on cell plans, where I was told by Shannon that they couldn’t do that and if I wanted to be rude just leave. I asked how was I being Rude? When all’s I’m wanting to do is discuss my options plan, to see if I could lower my bill. Shannon again said, leave, we don’t do that. I then proceeded to leave, where she made another rude comment about never come back. I said you know what. I would not come back here. If you paid me, I then said actually, why don’t you , you , yes I know it’s not spelled right, I’m being kind. But if your customer service is this rude, I’ll be rude back. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years and never experienced anything like this. If you as a company allow, this kind of service, where they are rude don’t do their job, then why have stores. People can go on line and you can save Millions

  229. I walked into the verizon store in Port Allen La. On hwy 1south. I walked in and acknowledged everyone there by speaking No one looked up no one spoke. There were three workers each of them had a customer. The worker that was closest to me I looked at and I spoke directly to her again the client looked up and smiled the worker never looked up to acknowledge that I was there & waiting. I waited over 40 minutes. when that particular employee’s client left I waited to see if she would acknowledge me but she didn’t. I videoed her for 2 minutes and 39 seconds scanning in phones and breaking down boxes but never looked over to acknowledge me. Her coworker who noticed I was still waiting finally spoke up to say the that employee was off. I stopped going to this store 3 years ago because No matter when I went in these workers exhibited no customer service skills with the exception of a couple of instances.
    Very unsatisfactory and extreamely unproffessional.

  230. I have a Verizon home phone .W hen i call out i can only talk a few seconds then no one can hear me. .MY husband and i are in our 70’s .I tried to call 911 but they could not hear me we had a fire . I have tried to get this taken care of but no help . tried to take i box back but they said call 611 well i can’t do that they can’t hear me . I hope my husband don’t have another stroke they would not get here in time If i can’t get this taken care of i will cancel .

  231. I am contacting you about my Verizon experience. I am switching from at&t to Verizon, and it has been a nightmare. I started this online and ended up going to the store to purchase phones. The phones never shipped so I canceled that order I which it never got canceled. I reordered on the phone again and was told I could go in the store to pick them up. Then I went into the store to find they had stilled put them for shipping. So we canceled that order because they said none of the phones was sent to the warehouse for shipping. I finally got your phones after 4 hours sitting in the store in unto no avail still did not purchase phones, I went back the next day and it took an hour and I finally got switched over. A couple of days later I received 2 phones, I called and labels were shipped. 2 days later I received one phone, I called about it shipping label sent. I shipped all but 1 phone because I am waiting on labels. I then received a bill for 2000 and to be told those are valid because I got phones that I used on those lines, which I did not. I have never had such terrible service with any phone company until I got switched to Verizon. this is highly unacceptable and I don’t appreciate the service that I have received thus far. I was also told so many prices and lies about bill down payment and payoffs for my phone. They are also trying to charge for a phone that I transferred over and did not purchase a a phone for.

  232. Treated with complete disrespect at Penn Yan N.Y.Verizon store.Told to never come in there again!

  233. I am a loyal over 10 year customer. I have had a issue with my phone since February with not receiving calls and failed calls along with some other minor issues with the phone I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, this issue has been consistent with me and there is still no solution. I have been informed by management that they have exhausted all their options when yet they have not solved the issue and this is the phone company I am through. I am not a happy customer and I want the highest manager or company level BOSS to contact me.
    I have spoke to multiple customer service reps and supervisors who have NOT solved the problem only tried to tell me an “experiment” they think will work. I now am in the position of my phone still not working properly and no solution for the problem. They had me log out of my Apple ID with the Apple associate after I asked them if I would be safe with my information and the moment I logged out I couldn’t get back into my account. Now nobody is able to help me get my information back and possible have lost precious pics and information due to this.

  234. I have been with verizon almost 20 yrs we are military and stayed with them I have been trying to get the military discount and having issues getting the disc showed my ID also tried to download proof also dealt with verizon 3rd party and wasn’t to thrilled didn’t get my invoice and had to call twice to email it to me also had to exchange a cell due to them
    Not telling me they had the larger iPhone 12 Pro so I lost quite a bit in restock and having to buy. We prot and not getting a disc on the accessories like I get with verizon the guy was really nice but I felt I need to definitely go with you guys over the phone and save money .I had to throw away the prot it didn’t fit the new one there went 49.00 and then they charged the restock fee would have been avoided if I was told they ha e a bigger version I had the 7 plus looked brand new not a mark on it traded it thanks for letting me vent

  235. My problem is I having been dealing with a voice mail issues for 3 years, my doctors & friends can not get a hold of me ,the phone freeze up on me and it also dose it’s own thing with me not touching anything. All ask is a new Apple phone pay in & my old one paid off you owe me that with having to deal all of the TECH SUPPORT people that can not fix it

  236. Hello My DSL account# is 65664571300xxxx , i’ve been trying to get my internet service since May. I was verified that a technician will be at my summer home on 7/18/2021. Address is 182 Stalker Rd, Equinunk, PA, 18417.I have spoken to so many employees from Verizon. Today is 7/21/2021. I keep getting transfer from person to person. The verizon i Pennslyvania never show up to trouble shoot the problem. They keep cancelling my orders. Please call me at 646-287-xxxx Urgent

  237. I recently came back to Verizon and was supposed to receive two hundred dollar Visa gift cards. When notified fro Verizon that it was time to redeem the reward, I was unable to do so. It kept coming up this page is unavailable. I tried chatting with the agent but to no avail. I called Verizon and have never been able to.speak to a live agent. It doen”t make sense that a company as wealthy andarge as this company, is not accessible to the people who support you. After endless tries to redeem both of my rewards, I have failed. I would appreciate if someone from Verizon would help to resolve this issue.

  238. My wife has been dead for over year. You persist in sending mail to her name. This is causing mental anguish to me, since we were married for 52 years. I have repeatedly called and have been told the following: we can’t stop it. : We have stopped it. : you have to go to a store. Since I have gotten 5 mailers in the last 30 days, I feel I must go to the TV stations and tell my story. The ball is now in your court.

  239. I am visually impaired and unable to set up my new phone and transfer items from my old to my new phone. I sought help at the Verizon store in N. Little Rock. AR. I was badly treated and ridiculed. Will Verizon do something about these two employees? I have had this new phone for several days but can’t use it.

  240. we are not provided with the service that we pay for. Insufficient internet, insufficient cell phone service, everytime it rains our landline goes down. Verizon states we need a tower and updated phone lines. This is a safety issue for this community and needs to be addressed.

  241. I am unable to talk to a live person about my connection problems. Not being able to talk or text. I was told my plan was unlimited talk and text. The Verizon store I bought the phone has closed down.

  242. I am being way way over billed and I need to talk to someone because my issue is not being resolved after complaining several times and being assured that the issue will be resolved. I am no alright with waiting g another minute for this mess being straightened out. Call me 253 677-xxxx, I am fed up.

  243. I came home from work on 9/25 at 10:15 and cd to make my payment arrangement that was suppose to be for the amt of 140.00 and when I CD it said 273.64 on the automatic system I said no usually ask the amt want to pay but it went quiet and I thought lost call looked still showed connected then it gave me a conf# of 19429 of the amt of $540.10 amt deducted from my & daughter’s account which we shared. I right away CD my bank 24 he service and they stated it already went thru with no authorization because my daughter and I share the acct and no debit number was given but all matters now is that on Saturday morning she was to pay her venue of place she is getting married at for amt of $500.00 which had to be paid on Sat. Her Dad put money in her acct. I had to get her to go to her bank and get a CK because we pay by debit cards so that Verizon could put money back so on Friday evening after y’all had closed I spoke with Johnathan in customer service said could be done over and over til I demanded to talk to someone in financial services transferred to financial talked to Ellie told me put ticket in would take 6 -60 mins but I said I would wait few mins came bk stated would not reverse the 540.10 told her to send me to a supervisor which was Leslee which she said she was a supervisor but don’t believe but she was told everything and no matter what was suppose to be set up at this or I had to pay the $273.64 I stated refund the 540.00 then I would make payment she got rude til I said fine deduct from the 540.00 the 273.64 which would put bk into my acct amt of 266.46 she asked me if I wanted ticket # I said yes then she precoded to act ask if she couldn’t hear me after she hung up I took that this was handled but OMG it wasn’t and after on the phone with her I stated I had to go to work but after waiting for confirmation I was 11 mins late cking into Amazon and I got dismissed for 1 hour of pay for that nite. As of today Sunday today nothing was done if my daughter’s CK doesn’t clear tom. For her wedding I promise you I am and have been long time customer but I am in customer relations as a ins. Agent so your best advertisement is by word of mouth and I will change and go to T-Mobile which I was before years ago this is not a threat this is a unbelievable problem I had to come to terms with and no one following up with still by tom. Morning which will be Monday if that ck my daughter wrote for her wedding venue is returned this will be a major problem for my daughter’s wedding venue!!! My name is Sandy Gee #251-423-xxxx or email address sgxxxxxx I expect some kind of results by tom. Monday morning if not able to answer phone permission to leave message!!!

  244. Good afternoon Sir,
    I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for greater than 20yrs. For the first time in 20yrs I am ready to pay the cancellation fee and go with another wireless service. I visited the Verizon store on 6470 FM 1960 West in Houston Texas 281 893-8249 on 8/22/21 to upgrade my daughters cell phone. Our salesperson was Danielle. My daughter picked her phone. I told Danielle she needed a case and screen protector and car charger. Danielle stated that she did not have a bundle that included the car charger, but that she did have a bundle that included the case, screen protector and a hot spot. I told her we did not need a hot spot, but she said the bundle would be cheaper if I included the hot spot. Never once did she say anything about the hot spot having a monthly charge. During the transaction, Danielle was having trouble entering the current promotion and entering the information that we daughter was trading in her old phone. She called someone along with one of her coworkers but stated she was unsure what was wrong with the system, but she could not enter the information on that day. She gave my daughter and I her cell number (281) 747-9361) and said she would give us a call later that week when she got it all entered in the system. She told me that my next bill would be higher than normal because it would include the fees for the new phone, but that the following months bill would be close to what I was currently paying which was approx. $305.00/month. I paid $234.00 that day that I was told was for the activation of the new phone and the bundle accessories. The first bill was $400+. Now my second bill comes and the bill is over $425.00 this month. I called and sat on hold for 40 minutes before I was able to speak with someone, who told me that someone from the store where I got the phone would call me back in a day or 2. This is unacceptable. I am a healthcare worker and I am big on customer service. I feel like I was sold a product deceptively. I was expecting this bill to be around what I was used to paying or a little more since I got the new phone. Never did I think I would be asked to pay more than $100.00 more in charges. I plan to return the hot spot which has never been taken out of the box today, but I also have every intention of cancelling my phone services with Verizon. I asked the customer service lady to connect me with someone in Verizon’s administration office and all she did was give me the same phone number that I called initially. I have been on hold for now 31 minutes waiting for somebody anybody to pick up. I am very disappointed with Verizon’s customer service. My call back number is 713 826-xxxx

  245. I just signed up with Verizon because my company is closing and sent me a letter ask us to change to Verizon, I’m not satisfied with your company , it bill me week later and charge too much me being a senior citizen I can’t afford your rates then I need a paper bill seniors like to see what we are paying for them when I call the company all I get it automatie service which I hate so your company is scared to let people talk to other people . Not satisfied at all, not recommend Verizon

  246. On September 4th my TV stopped showing pictures. The TV screen indicated to check the cable connection, which I did, but unsuccessful. I then called Verizon, but was kept on hold endlessly without talking to a live person, since it was in the evening, and also a holiday weekend. I was stuck with an automated tech recording trouble shooting the problem me over the phone. The same happened on the 5th which was the following day (a Sunday). I was then able to talk to a live person on the 6th was the Monday (labor day) who tried to trouble shoot with me over the phone, but unsuccessful. However, a work appointment was scheduled for the following Tuesday. I canceled all my personal appointments in order to get the repairs done. A tech came in, but was unable to rectify the problem. I had to call again, and went through long wait time, and had to have a schedule for Saturday 11th, since I had to work, the previous days prior to Saturday, and other family members will not be available. I then requested that the technician comes with another box, so that the problem can be rectified, since it could have been done since the 7th, if the tech had came with a wireless box. However, everything got rectified on the 11th. Nevertheless, I received a bill from Verizon for $493.59. my monthly is usually 170.00 plus tax. I then called to have someone break down the $323.59 difference, and also to obtain a credit for the days I was without service. I know, I will have to pay for the box, and the service done on the 11th, which was successful, but not the one on the 7th. I spoke with customer service, and was not getting any sensible or direct answer. I then asked for a Manager, and spoke with Mr. Doug Shybee. He was quite arrogant with me on the phone, and could not let me finish my sentences. All my colleagues next to me at the desk could hear him. He refused to tell me why the payment for technician which is $99.00 and $50 for the box, and activation, should amount to $323.59. Instead, he gave a credit of $11.00 which he said was for the lack of service which started on September 4th through the 11th. For what ever reason, he was quite arrogant and spiteful on the phone. I need someone to look into this, and please get back with me. Hope this will be resolved in a decent manner. Thanks.

  247. Every year I deal with undeserving charges on my bill. I’m being charged for a phone I which I was told it was mechanical of software We shipped this phone Almost /2 to 2 weeks. Do (customer representatives) not assume or portray Thayer you know what’s wrong. I’ve paid a lot for services despite the whole health experience. But $320+ is not fair nor ethical. You all probably will not care about anything that I said, but I needed to say it Now if I can’t pay +$780+ it’s a problem for both of us. However, I will still have Mobile services regardless

  248. I have filed a complaint with the FCC Consumer Affairs and the BBB. I will now be filing a complaint with the New York Attorney Generals Office and the US Attorney Generals Office.

  249. After 44 years of being with Verizon I am going to go to T-Mobile it is disgusting I want to get a new iPhone no one to speak to regarding deals actually no one to speak to ever tired of this service

  250. My family and I traveled to St Martin this summer. While we were there we utilized the WiFi that our house had for the majority of our internet usage. My wife didn’t use her phone at all when not on WIFI but she was charged every day for usage even though she didn’t use the Verizon service. She was charged because we did use the overseas service 3 years ago while traveling in Croatia. No one mentioned that you automatically had the service forever after we only used the service in Croatia for a short period of time.
    I called to discuss my bill, I have 9 phones on my account and 2 devices. I spoke to a representative who tried to help me and he contacted the department in charge of this and they said no refund because they sent my wife a text each day saying the service was on. She didn’t think anything about the service being on since she wasn’t using the service.
    I asked to speak to a supervisor but was told none were available but someone would call me within 24-48 hours. Needless to say no one has called me and I believe my conversation with the rep was last Sunday and today is Thursday.
    I am very disappointed in the customer service I have received and the fact that I am being charged for a service that wasn’t used and I didn’t even know was turned on because I didn’t request it to be available.
    I have been a Verizon customer ( in some previous company) since my first cell phone many years ago.
    I have a corporate phone so I am not on the account but my phone number is +1501516xxxx.
    Thank you,
    David Barber

  251. This is by far the most horribly run Company in the United States. I have come across side hustle kiosks that had better business systems in place. Verizon is the definition of complacency. God willing a true champion of the customer steps up soon to put this political monopoly out of business.

  252. I’ve had my cell phones completely hacked. I’ve tried to get help through Verizon customer service but, they not only refuse to help me but, I believe that some employees after the local store in Brentwood, CA have helped these hackers by giving them my personal information. I need help & my account investigated immediately.

  253. My family has has to use the company you referred to have our phone fixed. The service is terrible, the first time they came to my home and was supposed to fix my phone but broke it. The second time we have to travel to Sherrod oregon which is 50 miles away, and then meet at a McDonald’s.

  254. I have never had such horrendous service and am very seriously thinking this needs to be tweeted so people know the service your are providing to your customers.

  255. Version locked my pin can’t us my cash app been on the phone for 10days nobody answer I tired of Verizon I don’t want your service if this is how it is ok

  256. All Verizon had to do was come back at 4pm, when the township was down cutting down trees. I have no internet, tv, or phone (cell barely works), which places me in a bad situation since there is handicap people in the home. They’re dodging my calls or hang up on me. This is unacceptable. Is Verizon responsible if I cant call 911?

  257. I writing regarding the utter lack of customer service I’ve received from the location in River Forest , IL. by your employee Jack. My father and I visited the store a month ago to trade in my damaged S10 for and upgrade as your commercial states. Even though your advertisement says in any condition my samsung was not eligible for sone reason. I had purchased an unlocked Motorola before I had seen the your commercial about the trade in. This phone was able to be traded in. We also purchased a router for wifi that he said would meet our needs but the data maxed out in 1 day. We retrined it. But he explained not to be alarmed that our bill would look different when we got it but that it would adjust itself the following month. Well our bill went from 180 to 500 due next month. I went in personally to see Jack regarding this but he was unable to get me an answer why it hasn’t adjusted but would follow up with me that afternoon. A week has past I and still never received a follow up. I phoned in and was told by Jack he had too many people in the store and would call me back. He never did. FYI this store is ABSOLUTELY understaffed. They consistently have only 1 person working the afternoon. If you visit and there is 1 person ahead of you bank on being there 45-1 hour. I have been a customer with Verizon for over 10 years and paid my bill on time every time. I will not be paying 500 next month. Please help to get this situation resolved because this has veey frustrating due to the lack of customer service. I don’t understand how you wait 35 minutes to get a situation resolved only to be told it hS to be looked into. How can issues not be handled IN THE STORE !

  258. Having trouble with my IPhone 7+. Talked to several individuals with no success in getting a newer iPhone replacement. On hold for a manager over one hour, still no one has picked up the call. Terrible service. I have been a loyal customer for over twenty years. This is how loyalty is treated. I need a response and a new upgrades phone. My cell number is (443) 416-xxxx.

  259. I keep getting calls text messages about paying my bill my payment comes from Rebecca Findeisen who has automatic payment from her with Verizon

  260. I can’t believe they way my family and I have been treated by Verizon. I may seek legal support if I don’t hear back from someone from corporate that is ready to resolve the issues I have experienced. The calls and texts have all been documented.

  261. I have had to call all my bills since I changed and was issued a new credit card. Verizon was ONLY company that I had to stay on phone for over an hour on HOLD, and still there was no answer. It is a shame and disrespectful for my patience and time. 248-841-0177. I called one of your authorized dealers in Dunnellon, Fl and that young man had no compassion, saying, “I have to stay on hold for over 45 minutes as well”. He did give me another number, to call. Then someone from customer care, posing as headquarters, called continuous within 45 minutes – 1 hour 2-3 times a day. I called back and this person never returned my call, as I left message for her I need to talk to corporate. ALSO why is my bill continuously going up several dollars??? I have started checking into other telephone companies, since NO ONE appreciates being disrespected, and paying to much. I have also had problems with acessio
    Asssurion, putting a virus or effecting my computer. This girl said she could help me, with Facebook, as to how to Log Off. She even asked me if I bank on line??? I assured her I do NOT, since feel not safe.

  262. I was at the Verizon Store on 11/26 trying to resolve an issue I am having with the IPhone I recently purchased from Verizon. Basically the phone keeps dropping out when speaking and on FaceTime. Rather than try to explain what the issue was, he said all he could do is offer us a USED phone. When I questioned that he told me he was through and I had to get out of the store. He turned and left. As a long term customer I find this unacceptable service.
    I follow up conversations with Technical Support they said I did not have 5G and that was causing the issue. So, when will be upgraded to 5G in my area?

  263. Cell towers are not safe, there being placed on every corner. There are no test saying these towers are safe , there are over 1,000 white papers on microwave radiation saying these are not safe. These towers are over powered, and there pointed right where people congregate. Its microwaves, 400 milliwatts of power is unsafe !

  264. I was with Sprint for 20 years and switched to Verizon. It has been the worst experience of my life. The sales guy gave me incorrect information, I have spoken to 5 people and only one has done what she said. My bill is still wrong and nobody seems to be able to explain it or figure out how to fix it. I hate this company and now we are stuck.

  265. I have just spent 4 hours today trying to resolve a technical problem with my phone that began when I changed plans from a post paid to a prepaid account. Two weeks ago, when I made this change, it took 4 hours to do it….not sure what happened except that I spoke with 7 individuals over a two day period! I have their first names and some of their employee numbers which they volitionally gave me( without my asking) to assure me they were going to see the problem through to the end! I am still unable to receive or send text messages to my sister who does not have an apple phone. I am unable to do the same with ANYONE who does not have an apple phone. Today I attempted to resolve that issue as well as the issue that when I make a call, it takes two tries to have the call go through…no matter where I am with my mobile phone, or who I am calling! My husband’s phone, on the same account and changed two days after my change( because they could not add his to the account until they had me registered and it took two days) works perfectly. We have been Verizon customers for over 35 years, paid our bill, very few complaints. This is really a nightmare. The tech in the pre=paid department( I also waited for and spoke to the tech in the post paid dept where I was first routed, even though they KNEW I had a prepaid account. He could not help me and sent me to a representative in the pre=paid department who after a long wait sent me to the technical department in prepaid) had me power off my phone for about 30 minutes, told me to power it back on and the connection on my land line was broken with his call. I waited because he had asked(as had others) for my land line number. No return call. I then tried to call back and each time was told I could not be helped at this time by the automated response for technical help. Please help.

  266. I need help from someone who cares. I have been wrongly charged for a phone, and I am getting no help from Cust Svc. Acct phone number 405-802-xxxx

  267. I have never in my life seen 2 incompetent people run a Verizon Store as I did today.
    First the website stated they opened at 9AM. Got to the tore a few minutes before 9 and found out by their door posting signs they opened at 10Am
    I drove into town which was 25 miles one way to get my service canceled.
    Meanwhile I was paying a care to look after my husband who has two massive strokes.
    I had no phones to call on because verizon had shut them off because they were older phones and stated they would no longer service them after 2021.
    Once the store finally opened I waited 35 minutes in line watching 2 very unprofessional people giving a bunch of BS to people and one putting the other down.
    Still waiting for my turn while the 2 staff members tried to assist other one asked me what i was there for. I told them I wanted to stopped my service. Said they could not do that this store.
    Can’t say I was pleased and make comments about inability to assist customers.
    Telling me I need to call headquarters to cancel my service when I did not have any working phones/.DAH!!!!!!!!
    Had drive back home and borrow the care takers cell phone to call.
    SO 50 miles, $30 worth of gas and frustrated
    A 30 minutes wait to speak with a human being who took and hour and a half to cancel our account.
    Very poor customer service all the way around.

  268. you use to have impeccable customer service, now many of your employees are allowed to work from home and seldom take calls, and are so lazy and spoiled now because they do not have to drive into work everyday. Your Customer service lines are gridlocked as a result of lack of employee efforts, and your chat bullshit lines never help and lead off in other directions. Companies like yours always talk about how you want to save us time and make things easier, but all you do is frustrate us, cause more re-directing and time on our part and primarily make things easier for you while increasing your profits. My bill keeps changing and getting higher…..

  269. I was grandfathered in a plan for food for years got everything…I have 5 Verizon phone numbers on my account also…I called to get my Girlfriend a good account which I did and am paying for..While on the phone the rep looked at my account and said he would take $10 off for me. .little did I know..what that was going to do to me.. I lost HBO and Cinimax…I called and was told by changing the c ok st it voided my package..I will pop ups have to pay ;$30 a month more..I explained that I never authorized a change…I went through at least six or perhaps as possible eight reps..each one has a different story..I have been on the phone or chatting for over six hours this week.Im still paying more…They charged me $25 to send me new boxes..I want my package back..I am a loyal customer..I’m my a po artment for nine years in my previous address for at least ten years.The answer about the rep is he was probably a sub contractor..Thats my Fault…I have never had a minor problem with Verizon.. I’m moving soon and I’m not sure I won’t look for your competitions offer..Can you please look at my the ridiculous notes..there must be a books worth…no one seems to know what they are cell connected to the account is 917-559-xxxx

  270. Why do I have to create a new password every single time I try to log into the website to pay my bills?

  271. Extremely bad service and customer service from Verizon people. Have been a customer for over 25 years. Never been treated worse anywhere

  272. Hi Ever since we were offered a upgrade things with Verizon have never been worse. It’s horrible and they locked our pin and they tell me it’s not but the recording says it is. Can I get a call back and sorry to say Shayna does not know 30 hours we put into trying to stay with Verizon and I had to compare Tica with her as I was going to thank her I realized no no no. This tech wanted to follow up while Sayna said here is 70.00 go away for being here so long.

  273. Get your cyber criminals off of my brand new 5 g cellphone now,or I will have you locked up for using chinese Spyware and cyber warfare to attack a Federal DEA witness.

  274. I sent my phone in over 2 months ago for a $800 credit and I haven’t received it yet. I’ve spent over 6 total hours on the phone with customer service who never actually resolves the issue. I filed a ticket and was told I would be contacted which never happened. Empty promised and will be reporting you guys to the BBB.

  275. We have a small farm business and 7 phone lines.We have been with your company for years We have not been able to connect on b2b site for a year.I have spent hours trying to register with my business,registering for insurance acct.Nothing happens ,so we call customer service and sit for hours with no outcome.Now we have been taken off of auto pay and are receiving late payment fees.

  276. How do I opt out of the, Verizon Customer Experience, program without going online to do it. I want to send a written notice, only!

  277. As a 77 year old I am experiencing extreme difficulty registering my veteran status. I possess my pa drivers license with a American flag and my dauphin county pa veterans card I’d . I believe you offer a vet discount but make so difficult a senior can not comply

  278. I would like to know why I can wait on hold for an hour and half and not get to speak to someone because I didn’t press ONE fast enough !!!!!
    Even if I choose to be called back and don’t answer the phone and pressONE IMMEDIATELY, the recording hangs up!
    It is infuriating ! I’m 73 years old!!!!
    How fast do I have to be !
    The call ends abruptly and there is no recourse but to go through the same scenario again and again until I’m able to make a human connection!
    I’m so disgusted that I know before the year is out I’m going to go back to Comcast for cable and back to sprint for my phone !!!
    It will be a huge undertaking for me but I’m so disappointed with Verizon customer service that it will be with worth the effort it takes to get rid of Verizon once and for all !
    I’m upset every time I even think about contacting customer service .
    My husband and I are lifelong customers of Verizon .
    We have two houses and in both houses we have Verizon as a cable provider and as our phone provider.
    I just recently switched because I thought I would get better service with Verizon then I was getting with Sprint.
    I can see I had
    rocks in my head for even thinking that it would be an improvement after what I have been through !
    I know no one will probably give a damn about this letter. I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who has experienced this absolutely abominable inability to speak to a representative !
    If I don’t get a response to this complaint by Monday I plan to switch carriers in both of my homes and also to go back to a different cell phone service .
    The cost is immaterial to me at this point !
    Never ever expected to be this disgusted with Verizon.
    Mrs. Phyllis McPartland
    xx Horsepound Road
    Carmel, NY 10512

    sure they have been other complaints people about this very same problem

  279. Yesterday Verizon disconnected my phone service they said my auto payment was declined however I just called my bank they told me no payment was requested Yesterday plus you said the payment was $40.00 however in December and November the payment was $21.00 please explain why

  280. Is there any way to actually speak to someone that will help me instead of making empty promises?

  281. There was 890.00 …pulled out of my account and for what? I know nothing of this somebody needs to call me please

  282. how to cancel verizon wireless prepay for data acct for tablet, when I don’t have a verizon mobile acct.

  283. I have an ongoing issue with the IPhone 13 I purchased thru Verizon and cannot get it resolved

  284. I am so furious with Verizon business department I am literally in tears. I need a call back to discuss at 951-867-xxxx

  285. I have a statement from Verizon. After many attempts to contact someone I can speak with about the issue I am led back to 800.922.0204. Apparently this is an end of the line that is never answered. I want a call from someone who can give an explanation.

  286. Disgusted with Verizon!!! Allowed someone to physically go into a store located 3 hours from my home and add an additional line to my account as well as leave with a new iPhone on a payment plan. The part that makes the situation even more concerning is that an employee at that store
    Informed me that it was a male!!! How do they allow this to happen? The chaos, headache, inconvenience caused by all of this should have been gladly compensated…. Not by Verizon though! Not at all. After speaking with an attorney I am going to switch carriers to AT&T and anxiously await my day in court with Verizon!

  287. I have had Verizon for years I have to use a jet pack for Internet and a T2000 for phone service that doesn’t always work. Their is internet 1.3 and 1.0 miles from me but we can’t get it and all around us has it. What’s the deal? How come you do not care about your customers that have been with y’all for a long time? I could change services and get a cheaper deal but I have stuck with you. When are you going to get us home internet

  288. This messages is regarding paperwork that was sent to the CFO, just wanted to make sure its getting in the right hands. WITHOUT PREJUDICE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  289. I have been trying for weeks to get the data feature on my new Verizon phone. I have spent hours on the phone with your techs but no one seems to know what to do. I’d like to stay with Verizon but honestly I need the data feature I’m paying for to work. Will you plz assist me? My phone nor is 478230xxxx.

  290. 1st Ltr:Hans Vestberg,
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Verizon Communications, INC
    1095 Avenue of the Americas,
    New York, NY 10036, USA

    1. Documenting my experience with signing up for Verizon phone service. I would hope that corporate involvement would help to solve the many different Billing Amounts reflected on my account and expected credits.

    2. On 29 December 2021 I visited the Verizon Go Wireless store 5915 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs (719-208-7881) to get an estimate on a Verizon plan for two individuals. We had a Samsung S9 and S9+ to trade in. Ty was very pleasant and presented a plan as follows:
    Unlimited Text/Data/Calls. $60 per line with Auto pay. With trade in of our phones (Samsung S9 and 9+) we would get 2 flip3 phones free (On the bill each month there would be a phone bill of $33.41 with a – $33.41 reflected = $O for both phones). He listed the price of insurance and Cloud service, I indicated I was not interest in either. Additionally, I would get a $25.00 credit for Military service. He also indicated he only had 1 Flip3 phone in stock and contacted a store in Woodland Park, Colorado which had 2 Flip3 phones. My expectation was a monthly Bill of around $95.00 to $105.00 with taxes and Surcharges ($60 + $60 minus $25 Military credit).
    3. On 31 December, instead of driving up to Woodland Park, Colorado (40 min drive), I contacted the Verizon Go Wireless store at 5192 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs (719-594-6900) and they had only 2 flip3 phones in stock. We went to the store and was serviced by Kim (very nice and helpful).

    4. Kim indicated the information provided by Ty at the other store was correct and she could sign us up with 2 Flip3 phones. We were there about 3 hours while she set the phones up, canceled my service with Xfinity, transferred or current phone numbers to the new phones, and demonstrated the phones. She explained that there would be a onetime activation fee of $35.00 for each line + surcharges ($41.08 x 2=$82.16) on my first bill. Therefore, I expected my 1st bill to be around $187 ($105 + $82.00). While doing all this the battery on my phone was getting low.

    5. When I got home, I attempted to charge my phone. It would not charge. On 1 Jan 2022 I returned to the store at 5915 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs (719-208-7881) and had Ty check out the phone. He could not get it to charge. He then took the 1 Flip3 phone he had and replaced the bad phone. At this time, I gave him my 2 old phones (S9 and S9+).

    6. I returned to Surprise AZ on the 3rd of Jan and established my Verizon Account on my computer. On 4 Jan I logged into my account to authorize Auto Pay and verify my military service. I noted a 1Jan bill indicating my next payment would be $262.39. Then another bill estimating my bill to be $309.89 as of 4 Jan and my new monthly bill would be $276.60. I went to a Verizon Go Wireless store her in Surprise, and he gave me a number to Customer Service (800-922-0204). I called Customer Service to find out what was going on and explained the plan I signed up for.

    7. On 8 Jan I received an e-mail from Verizon Indicated that my current balance is $211.62 which included adjustments of – $65.81. On 11 Jan I noted another estimate that my bill would be $277 in Dec, $181 my next bill, and then $168 new monthly. If you take out the onetime activation fee of $35.00 for each line + surcharges ($41.08 x 2=$82.16) from the Jan 8 email of $211.62 ($211.62 – $82.00 = $129.62). If you add the Military credit of $25.00 that would meet my estimated monthly payment of $95.00 to $105.00. Then on 19 Jan instead of the $211.62 you charged my bank account (Auto Pay) for $238.62. I started service on 31 Dec 2021 – ($238.62 minus the $82 onetime activation fee equals $156.62 for 19 days service – not even a month???

    8. I have discussed all these issues with your customer service personnel at least 3 times. All were very helpful and tried their best to get things adjusted. All I ever get is that it could take 1 or 2 pay cycles to adjust itself. It seems apparent you accounting department has difficulty working with Customer Service to get things straight in a timely manner. If that is the case, since I signed up for service on 31 December 2021 for the service listed in paragraphs 2 and 4, by March I should have additional adjustments (free flip phones, no insurance, no cloud service, $60 for auto pay, and $25.00 military credit) for Jan and Feb as indicated below:

    ($33.33 x 2=$66.66) for charging me for my 1 phone, Credit for any charges for insurance or the cloud ($16.45 and $19.99 = $36.44 x 2 = $72.88) and ($25.00) military credit. All credits = approximately $156.54 which means I should have a credit to carry over into April.

    2d Ltr:1. It continues! See letter you received dated 24 Jan 2022. I am documenting my experience with signing up for Verizon phone service. I would hope that corporate involvement would help to solve the many different Billing Amounts reflected on my account and expected credits. I would appreciate you assign a customer advocate to assist me with this problem.
    2. On 28 Jan 22 I checked my account. There was a notice that said my bill was overdue $27.00 due on 22 Jan 22 and that I would be charged a late fee on my next bill (see attached).
    3. I am signed up for Auto Pay and on 21 Jan 22 you charged my bank $238.62 (see attached). Then you turn around and say that I owed $27.00 by the 22 of Jan 22. If I am on Auto Pay why did you not charge my bank for the $27.00 and/or why wasn’t it included as part of my payment 21 Jan 22?

  291. I purchased Samsung Foldable phone in August 2021 under my plan at Verizon. I would upgrade my phone almost yearly and would pay all the fees attached to it. The nature of my job requires me to have a very reliable phone. Unfortunately, the Samsung Foldable phone gave me a lot of issues. I called Verizon Tech Support several times from September to December 2021, and probably spent more than 100 hours total to get help. At one point, I was already so stressed out that I wanted to throw my phone. I had to power off and on my phone 3 to 4 times daily to make it work. No signal and not in network constantly.
    I went through series of troubleshooting in more than three months, before I was told that they will just replace my phone. It could be that the Sim Card or phone is defective. I did not settle for the replacement, instead I switched to T-Mobile. I requested Verizon to refund all the fees and payments that I paid for the four months that I was having trouble with my phone.
    The representative (should be recorded) was very empathetic of my experience and promised to refund me $400+ and reverse the December bill. Of course, the December should be reversed, because I already switched to T-Mobile in December.
    I then made a follow up in the beginning of January 2022, but the ridiculous wait was happening again. I then went to the Verizon Headquarter last Wednesday, January 26th in Foster City. I could not get the help that I needed on the same day so an appointment was set for me to come back on Sunday, January 30th at 1pm. I am not surprised, because Verizon has 1-star reviews and known for its poorest customer service.
    I was told that I should not expect for credit, I told the Verizon representative, Jean that she should review the notes or recording to find out what was agreed upon. She said that only corporate has access to the recording and she could not help me.
    If I were to CHARGE Verizon for all the many hours I spent just to have a working phone and for believing their advertisements, then $400 is not enough. Verizon has FALSE advertisements. Phone signals fluctuate and even if there are no obstructions, your phone might still not have signal. Representatives would tell you one thing and deny after. I challenge you to review all the recordings and do what is right.

  292. I went to purchase a phone at a Verizon franchise where the salesperson never got out of a chair…refused to answer questions regarding plans..would not contact a supervisor for me then told me to get out! I am a 70 year old woman who had money in her pocket to purchase a new phone and was thrown…this owner needs to be made aware but I cannot get any information
    I am appalled at what happened to me today..please help

  293. My problem is my phones have been disconnected and they will not work with me to pay the balance to get it back on

  294. I left! I am ONLY 5G, PROMO 2021 $70/NO CONTRACT NO FEES AND 1/2022, AFTER 9 mo of BS FEES ASSOCIATED WITH A GATEWAY OF $70/mo is $96/mo?! WTF?!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY.


    I sent a message appx 1/20/22 to Matthew Ellis gaining a reply from Anthony, no last name means not a professional, 1/25 and today a call, 2/2.





  295. I switched to Verizon for free phone deal. I can’t pay my bill by phone by check. There is a machine. I call three days in a row. It says the business hours but I called during* business hours. So I was going to mail in the check. Then I received an email from ecrmom saying they took away my free phone. Then I return it and go with t-mobile! So I going to mail in payment today but I don’t want them saying I agree to this new deal ecr mom made without my approval who didn’t talk to me& has not responded yet to my emails. I try website different number. I get same recording. So I select buy new phone option to get a human being!!! He says can’t enter my account without pin number. I don’t know it. I wonder if they selected it. I said I give u ss number. No . Computer won’t work without pin number. I don’t know what to do. I don’t agree to this new plan ecr mom took upon herself to take from me. This trick to make me pay for phone. I emailed them and said I was busy with things in my life. I received the phone but I was in middle texting someone on old account with consumer cellular. It was about used car. So I didn’t want to lose this text conversation on consumer phone so didn’t hook up new phone yet. I bought this used car very recently. (There’s something wrong with it) Then I try pay phone bill even though not hook up phone yet because car drama (I emailed Verizon and told them this) and no human there even during business hours. Call now 800922xxxx. I call 3 times today during day. It is 12 noon now.

  296. My name is celvin baker
    I am having a problem with Verizon billing I am with AT&T now and I sent Verizon phone back the ticket is7680121 an they still trying to take money out My account 6486 xxxxx I have a settlement letter 29 dispute Sylvia bowen

  297. I went to your store at110 Market Street, Nanuet NY on Feb. 4 to see if they had a Kyocera Dura XV Extreme in stock. The representative, Keith, said that they had them in stock, but not on display. He opened a drawer and pull out a box with a picture of the phone on the cover. I asked if he could open the box so I could handle the device. He said if he opened the box and I didn’t buy the phone I would be charge a $50 restocking fee! In other words, I have to pay $50 just to look at the phone. Absurd!! No wonder Verizon has such poor customer reviews. Is there a way I can see and touch this phone without paying $50?

  298. I am trying to speak with someone IN the US and who speaks ENGLISH to disconnect one of my lines (the party has passed away). I keep getting people out of the US who I cannot understand. Please have a management person IN the US who speaks English call me to take care of this. JoAnn M Walsh, Verizon Retiree, 201-741-xxxx

  299. I have a flip phone, 97 years old and not good on computer. I signed up with Verizon so I could get help if I have a problem. I dropped my phone and broke it. When I went to store in Trussville, they did not have phone and sent me to Best Buy. I purchased the phone and took it back to the Verizon store. The people sent me home with the phone and I have not been able to activate it. I have service with them so if I have a problem, they can help me. A young boy tried to help me and he was called away to help someone else. I have my cell phone and my land line with Verizon and I am ready to cancel if someone don’t activate it for me.

  300. I all ready have a account with Verizon an I need a total price for fiber optic cable, just phone an Internet connection?

  301. I am a loyal Verizon customer for nearly 20 years. About a year ago a customer service rep lured me into adding another line, that I really didn’t need, giving promo with good discount but still my bill rose from $118/month to over $200/month. I was on autopay to minimize bill, but for the last 2 months my bill suddenly rose from over $200 to over $300/mo so I canceled autopay in fear by this error until the error would get solved. I finally learned that error happened when somehow in December the promo was removed from my account. on 1/6/22 I paid requested minimal payment of $119.25 to avoid service interruption (out of erroneously charged over $300/month due to no promo discount now visiable on account). On 2/7 next day I called in myself to follow up but there was a SET UP ON AUTOMATIC PROMPTS AND THE SYSTEM WAS REFUSING TO CONNECT ME TO THE REP STATING “NO LIVE AGENT IS AVAILABLE” MANY TIMES WITH ME REDIALING BACK, UNTIL THERE WAS A PROMPT FOR PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT TO PAY ADDITIONAL OVER $200 ON TOP OF ABOUT $120 TO MAKE TOTAL SAME OVER $300/MONTH THAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED. ONLY AFTER AUTOMATIC PAYMENT ARRANGEMENT I WAS CONNECTED MAGICALLY TO THE LIVE AGENT THAT BECAME IMMEDIATELY MIRACULOUSLY AVAILABLE. It was the live rep who found the error of absence of the promo discount anymore in the last 2 months that made the bill to rise from over $200 to over $300/month. The REP PROMISED THAT I WOULD BE CALLED BACK IN 24-48 HOURS WITH RESOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM, BUT SHE LIED AND FROM HER PROMISE ON 2/7 TO CALL BACK WITH RESOLUTION – TODAY IS 2/9 SO 48 HOURS HAVE PASSED BUT NOBODY CALLED BACK AND RESOLVED ANYTHING BUT INSTEAD MY SERVICE GOT DISCONNECTED DESPITE ME MAKING THE MINIMAL PAYMENT AS IT WAS REQUIRED ON 2/6 OF $119.35 TO AVOID DISRUPTION OF SERVICE UNTIL THIS GETS RESOLVED. REP NAME ON 2/7 WAS DEJA – PLEASE, FIRE HER BECAUSE SHE LIED AND DID NOT CALL BACK AND DID NOT RESOLVE ANYTHING AS SHE PROMISED. SHE ALSO PROMISED TO GIVE $35.00 CREDIT FOR $5 LATE FEE AND $10/LINE X3 LINES AUTOPAY FORGIVENESS FOR ME TO REINSTATE AUTOPAY AFTER PROBLEM RESOLVED SO I’M NOT SCARED THAT ERRONEOUS AMOUNT WOULD BE TAKEN FROM ME BY AUTOPAY. SHE ALSO PRPMISED THAT MY TOTAL BILL FROM NOW ON WOULD BE $218/MONTH WITH AUTOPAY (ITHIS IS WITH ME CANCELLING MY PROTECTION PLAN FOR 3 LINES DUE TO CHARGES SNOWBALLING IN THE LAST 2 MONTHS WITH PROMO VANISHING FROM MY ACCOUNT SOMEHOW.

  302. I’m writing this letter because I believe that Verizon is taking liberties with my checking account. They have taken $30 from my card during the month of January. After getting away with that they proceeded to take another $10 the following month. I view these practices as theft. I’m a loyal customer of over 50 years and I’m a retired Senior Citizen. I’ve worked as an customer service representative for 30 years ,and when I spoke with your representatives I felt like they didn’t empathize with my situation. When I spoke with representatives and the supervisors they didn’t care or listen to my plight. I’m on a fixed income and I budget everything when I had the 40 dollars taken from my account it threw my budget off. This is an insult to injury which is why I made an arrangement of $154 last year. I would like for my money to be returned to me. I believe this is a reason why Verizon is losing customers and investors.

  303. I was told when I purchased my phone on a contract with Verizon,that the longer I paid the cheaper my bill would become. However, that’s not true! My bill is getting higher and it’s not due to anything I have done. I really am very a dissatisfied customer. I was told that because I only have a single line of that my bill was higher then those who have my multiple lines. So I guess I am being punished for only needing one line? I don’t think that’s right. Now I am finding out I was lied too completely. My grandaughter went to a Verizon store and they told her her bill would be less because she had paid for awhile. Why ! Isn’t mine getting cheaper, I was told after my phone was paid off it would only cost fifty dollars a month. But I called and they told me it would still cost me eighty dollars a month. Can’t wait to finish my contract with Verizon.

  304. Verizon MUST allow its customers whose FIOS Home and WIRELESS accounts have been hijacked and merged into a ONE-VZ-ID to DISABLE that into 2 separate accounts (still have 2 account numbers) so that when one accesses the HOME account, NO Wireless information will appear.

  305. Your customer service is terrible, can’t talk to anyone. Your automated system is horrible.for you over educated staff.

  306. I was sold three iPhone 13 with the expectation of they would be compatible in my area. I have had the issues of dropped calls, static voice call, interrupted call outs, data issues, and call- ins. These issues have been going on for months. January to now. Have called tec support two to three times a month keep getting the same procedures to fix the problem but nothing is working continues to have these issues. I’m not pleased with my service on three lines on my account been a costumer for 16 years, all I asked was to get my old phones back. After investigations I was told my area didn’t support the 5g service. I have been told a lot of misleading information, I feel like I’m running in circles with no help, I get told I would receive a call back but it never happens. All I want is satisfying at this point all I want to do is switch carrier. I don’t feel like a value costumer. Please help me to resolve this issue or I will switch.

  307. I was sold three iPhone 13 with the expectation of they would be compatible in my area. I have had the issues of dropped calls, static voice call, interrupted call outs, data issues, and call- ins. These issues have been going on for months. January to now. Have called tec support two to three times a month keep getting the same procedures to fix the problem but nothing is working continues to have these issues. I’m not pleased with my service on three lines on my account been a costumer for 16 years, all I asked was to get my old phones back. After investigations I was told my area didn’t support the 5g service. I have been told a lot of misleading information, I feel like I’m running in circles with no help, I get told I would receive a call back but it never happens. All I want is satisfying at this point all I want to do is switch carrier. I don’t feel like a value costumer. Please help me to resolve this issue or I will switch.

  308. I’ve been waiting over TWO MONTHS for phone records from 2017 To 8/2021 .
    I was charged $240 to get these records and was supposed to have them weeks ago . I’ve called Verison many times trying to
    Find out where these records are and get different answers every call with avg wait time and call time TWO HOURS .
    If I don’t get these phone records By 3/21/22 this will cost me $325,000 .
    No one can tell me if they were mailed out , they cannot email me the records or overnight them to me at my cost .
    I will fly to any city in the country to get these records Monday or Tuesday because Wednesday 3/23/22 will be to late . 936-672-xxxx

  309. Complaint: I left Comcast for Verizon in November 2021..I was eligible for the rewards of two $200 e gift cards..they were sent through email, however one card has a balance if $0 and one has a balance of $189.57..I have been calling since March 2, 2022..I have had a difficult time getting g a luve representative to speak with..when I do get a live representative they say to wait up to 5 business days to see if the $200 balances have been refilled w