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  1. Have been an avid Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack shopper for years now and have spent thousands of dollars between the two. I made a purchase at Nordstrom Rack on 12/30/18, the next day after getting home and going through my bag I noticed that one of the items was not there. I check my receipt to ensure that I was charged for it, and I was. I contacted the store to advise and the representative said that they would call me back. The Customer Service Manager called me back to say that after looking into things the items were put in the bag and she saw the sales associate do so. I advised that I am not sure of the order of the items being put in the bag, but that I just unloaded my bag and it was not there. She continued to express that the item was put in the bag. I asked her if this was something that they recorded on camera or if this is what she saw? She said it was what she saw. I am appalled and insulted all at the same time, because of what she was implying, that I would have an item and report as not having it. Secondly, this is not the way to resolve a customer issue based on what you think you personally saw. I have had a few issues with Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack over the last 3-6 months, so I think it is time that I retired myself from them as a customer. Aside from that, I will be taking this issue to a higher level.

  2. My mother bought a jacket from Nordstrom she is 91 years old her mind is pretty much in tact she knows the difference between cash and a plastic card she can’t remember if she bought it in corta madera,santa Rosa ,anihime, I could name a dozen other stores but she must decently did not steal it it was a birthday gift to my daughter bottom line she did not like it and all she wanted was one she would wear I brought it back and all I got was a pack of lies and a very rude .manger corporate office was great but just refered .e back to a manager who got tired of talking to me and ended up accusiing and suggesti g it was stollen I am going to the store to find out the results am I wrong?

  3. This used to be a good company, until you have a problem. Then you find out that it is really hard to get through to a customer service representative, especially out of normal office hours, which is the only time I am available.

  4. The corporate office email address is not working for me. I need to email you about an issue, or at least send you a pm on Facebook messenger, if you are answering messages on Facebook.

  5. CVS on Pecos/Wigwam Pkwy in Henderson NV 89074 is where I have been attempting to get my prescriptions filled. While they have filled 2 of them. Neither of them were filled without extreme difficulties that I feel are completely unacceptable given the purpose the store is actually there.. To attempt to be helpful, courteous, in Hope’s that they mite bring relief to those that look to them for help such as medications. Many times these medications are very necessary for quality of life, in virtually all aspects.
    My physician Dr Peyos called/faxed them a prescription for myself for a pain medicine, which I have not taken in several years because I chose not to. They did fill that prescription for Hydrocodone, 5 mg for 30 tablets. This was fore serious pain in my shoulder that I had surgery on some 10+ years ago. She referred me to a Orthopedic Doctor, Brad Baker. Until I was able to be seen by Dr. BAKER, refilled my pain medication. CVS pharmacist said she made errors on codes, delaying the prescription 4 days. I went for a recheck with her and she was not happy that they had not refilled this prescription. She then gave me a written prescription and said this should take care of it. Upon giving the pharmacist my prescription he explained that the previous one was on hold so if I wanted them I had to pay cash. He said the doctor was to call the insurance company. I waited yet another week, in severe pain and then they refused to give me back my prescription as it was void if I were to take it and I didn’t care. I waited 4 hours and still they didn’t fill it again stating the doctor was to call ins. I finally seen the Orthopedic doctor whom intern gave me steroid injections in my shoulder, already in pain, it became excruciating. He said I may take the pain med that CVS had in their pharmacy. Speaking to my Dr. She went on to say that she spoke to everyone she needed to and had everything taken care of as far as my insurance covering the cost. Now well into the 2nd week they have yet to fill it, won’t give me back the written prescription, and have hung up on me when I had finally gotten through by telephone. This also is to let you know that no matter when I have phoned them, never once have I not been on hold well over 40 minutes, numerous times. I’ve spoken to others that say “This is how CVS is with everyone and I have to just deal with their way of doing things!”
    No. This has caused more pain and suffering than my 3 Posterior/Anterior Spinal Fusions, a Hysterectomy, and surgery I had done on this same shoulder. I have never dealt with so much unacceptable behavior by any kind of professional I have ever encountered in my entire 57 years of life. I refuse to stand by and allow this to continue and at this point I pray you would agree with me and correct this unbelievable gross failure of helping those that look to them for help. Please deal with this situation As soon as you possibly can as my pain level should never have gone neglected for nearly TWO WEEKS. Perhaps a change in staff could bring about more positive results and ofcourse 40 minute hold time in nonsense as well as inability to deal with the insurance companies that my Doctor needed to straighten out twice and still no prescription has been filled an I find it to be without any possible excuse. Responsibility must be taken immediately.
    Thank you for your time and all help you can provide in correcting this.
    Kristy Nielsen
    [email protected] gmail.com
    A cochlear implant causes difficulty in hearing on the phone. I would greatly appreciate text messaging &/or email.

    1. I was recently at the Nordstrom rack in South coast plaza Costa Mesa California location, and I was unable to receive any help from customer service. the cashier was extremely rude and the customer service manager, Anna was unable 2 return a few items that were purchased about 6 weeks or less prior. I did not have the receipt, but the website said Dell return policy without a receipt wood be able to exchange said items with no proof of purchase or ability to locate in this system, as long as they had identification. Also stated that customer service was of importance in order to keep customer happy, but after spending over an hour at the store with no help at all, I am very unsatisfied as well as my girlfriend and we will not be returning to this location

  6. Mrs,Alvarez, 😥.
    I’m sorry to bother you. I have updated my Nordstrom application. I keep getting NO. I’m just upset of this answer every time. I know not everyone is accepted. There keeping my cards. They just are somehow. Someone of all the CreditCards are phishing spoofing, laundering money, ect,,,, HACKING in my personal information. My information is SEALED they don’t have right, at all. Same with everyone else. I really really was looking forward so much to have a CreditCard with all of you. And the other thing is it’s COVID-19 , where everyone is hacking for money. There going to Stop it. I think they kept my cards. And that’s what I feel. But,,,, I really would like to be apart of shopping. Thank you so much for takeing the time out of your buisy day to read this. Please take considerate me as a CreditCard shopper. Thoughtfulness to do so.

  7. How would I be able to be in contact with someone who i
    might talk to about a marketing idea that someone my be interested in at the Nordstrom company. I worked for Nordstroms for a few years before starting a business. I think I have a great idea that can make a lot of money. Would love to talk to someone who may be interested in my idea.

  8. Order 664819769 was for 2 bras
    1 was returned via mail-credit received
    1 bra was never received
    Have been trying to get the credit for the item not received. This quest has been going on since late November. I have tried to understand out sourced people, with very little success. Why would you out source such a critical department. I cannot get a call back after one agent spent the call talking to himself on how to handle my dilemma. This is one of the worst decisions made. I truly hope the savings is worth the loss of satisfied customers.
    Please provide the credit due.

  9. I purchased 55 boxes of sorbus mats . I haven’t even received them , and they went an “extra 25%off” ( ALL SORBUS PRODUCTS ARE EXTRA 25% OFF) why can’t my purchase be ADJUSTED??? I spent over 1100. 00 . Your customer service agent said I must bring all the boxes in the store and return, THEN REBUY??? At sale price??? Really? I’m 57?yrs old. Un believable!!!! This is customer service? Thank you for your attention to this message

  10. Late in 2020, I received notice of Revised Terms from Nordstrom to be effective as of 01/30/21 as follows (in part):
    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Nordstrom Purchases 25.900% (Previously 22.900%)
    • APR for Non-Nordstrom Purchases 25.900% (Previously 22.900%)
    • Late Payment Fee Up to $40
    • Returned Payment Fee Up to $29
    So, I called Nordstrom on 12/23/2020 and spoke with a Supervisor named Amy in CA Ext. #….2413 who told me Nordstrom’s APR’s were changed, from 4 tiers to 2 tiers, and I was put into the higher of the 2 new tiers since I was in the 4th of 4 previous tiers – she further stated she will be monitoring my account and change me to the lower APR tier of the 2 new tiers. She also promised to let me know when she has done this. She could not explain why my account which is in exceptionally good standing was placed in the higher of the 2 new tiers either. Further the 2 new tiers are 19.65 + Prime (as @ 12/23/2020-22.65%) or 15.65 + Prime (as @ 12/23/2020-18.9%) which are both less than the 25.900% stated in the changes above.
    She pended this for 1/22/2021.
    On 1/22/2021 I called to follow up with Amy. The rep, Morgan, who answered, transferred me to Amy. I spoke with Amy and although she acknowledged the above conversation, she said “the system would not allow her to change the rate on my account today, but she will keep monitoring my account to see if she could do so at a later time….” Sure! I will obviously not hold my breath.
    I am convinced that since I am one of those annoying consumers, with an excellent credit rating who pay their entire balance each month, I am of no value to Nordstrom and as such, am being penalized with a higher APR. So much for having good credit! I guess I will retain this card to keep my credit reports at “EXCELLENT” but will utilize other accounts that value customers like me.

  11. Help!!! I am trying to order online with a gift card and it will not let me check out. I called to get help and the phone connection was so bad and could not understand her-so frustrated!!

  12. I am a Vendor working in Nordstrom- I had Covid and did all of the pre-cautionary “quarentining”- going to the Doctor 2 times- staying out for 16 days- and according to the CDC guidelines I am not to get tested again for 3 months – as I could test “positive” but am not infectious. I was told by Nordstrom, I needed to produce a “negative” test before returning to the store. This is NOT the protocol according the the CDC guidelines. Can someone guide me to the correct information- I appreciate some assistance.

  13. I had my dignity pulled out of me today entering your Nordstrom Rack in Roseville, Ca. The lack of customer service I received today was unimaginable. The manager who is Greg Mills discriminated against me by refusing to take a return from me when I was in the store today 3:37 Tue, Feb.23. I have it all on video how he did not want to service me with his fake kindness. He told me to put on a mask in order to serve me, I repeated I can’t wear a mask I have an underlying health condition. He gave me no other option to serve me & said “We are not going to serve you, you can always give a corporate call.”
    I called and complained to corporate and the lady was very nice to explain she can’t do returns over the phone which I believe is another lack of customer service. The only option I was given was to do it in mail through her but I wanted the transaction done today. She recommended I go to another store to see if they would help get my refund back and I did go to Galleria Mall Nordstrom and they introduced me to the curbside pick up. As I Drive up to curbside which is pure laziness in my opinion, & you call the number , and a nice gentleman Jake came up and took my boots ,and was efficient , and gave me a receipt on the spot. I explained to him what happened at the Nordstrom rack and how they had not given me any other option as a customer. He was also shocked, he was happy to make my day a better day he said. Jake deserves to teach other workers of yours true customer service on how to speak to people. I applaud Jake over at the Galleria mall Nordstrom curbside pick up. He needs a raise and a recognition of kind customer service that should represent your company, unlike Greg the manager. The manager at the Roseville Nordstrom Rack needs lessons on how to bend over backward for customers, and not treat us like inhumane people. Very disrespectful. I hope to hear from you to see how you can make this experience less negative, thank you, Diana Ciocan

  14. I am a long time Nordstrom customer. But I loathe the name “Nordy Club”. It is so corny and I don’t believe that name is classy enough for the Nordstrom brand. Perhaps you can launch a new catch phrase more in keeping with what I believe is the classic Nordstrom brand and style.

  15. I am in theN racking Wisconsin Ave. They won’t sell me a red coat that was returned bec they say it has to stay on the rack 24 hrs

  16. Just received two dresses that i ordered on line and they are so wrinkled they cannot be worn without sending them to be pressed or steamed. One dress actually arrived rolled in a ball and stuffed into a heat sealed plastic bag. Called to complain but was told nothing could be done as size is no longer available. have been a customer for more than 30 years not sure i will remain one if this is the new way you are doing business. I now need to reorder an outfit from Neiman Marcus as due to surgery i am unable to drive so can’t get to the cleaners. These dresses will be returned.

  17. My name is Yolanda kallini, a longtime customer of Nordstrom. last 4 dig. Credit card no. 8222
    The credit deportment reported a 30 days late payment to my the credit bureau (my credit score dropped from 822 to 723, see attached )and I have proof that I submitted my payment on time (proof of payment is attached). I called yesterday and I was advised that the payment center address has been changed. I immediately submitted a new payment. I asked to talk to a supervisor in regards to reporting to the credit bureau, they simply refuse to talk to me.
    Please, see the attached doc, and give this issue the attention it deserve

  18. This is the new Nordstrom. I am weary of WOKE. It’s the early 70’s all over again, where weird is celebrated over actual beauty. 🙄 You’re fine without my money in future.

  19. I have been trying to connect my Nordstrom passwork and my Nordstrom Rack password. I have talked to people who tell me all kinds of ways and none work. I am constantly locked out. Who is running the ship and why can’t this simple thing be done.

  20. I have had a significant issue with an incorrect order, trying to return it and get correct items, and significantly problems with an employee that refused to assist me. Please contact me, I am planning on contacting the State of Illinois Attorney General as Nordstrom Rack has stolen from me and refuses to correct.


  22. Greetings, I want you to know that I have been a shopper at Nordstrom’s since 1990. I always look forward to the Anniversary Sale. I always purchase items. My concern is not with the store but with the delivery service. I purchased items on July 14, some I took home, but other items were to be shipped. Then on July 16, I ordered two more items, that needed to be shipped. Today, July 22, I received the second order at 12:21, however the first order has not been received. My e-mail indicated that it arrived in Pittsburgh on July 18. I did go to the store today to try and inquire about the shipping isssue. When I returned home, I looked on my e-mail and there was a message indicating that the first package was delivered to my Front Door. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. NO PACKAGE WAS AT THE DOOR. This is very upsetting.

  23. I know how to stop people from robing you ! Just mark everything wit the same price $1,005 and a sign that shows’ the discounted price at the register ! That way if they steal they break the law !

  24. Please do not include “black owned & black founded” business on your email. A lot of businesses have suffered this last year & you are showing favorites.

  25. I recently attempted to use a $50 Nordstrom’s gift card at the Fashion Valley, CA location. I was told by the sales clerk, in the cosmetic department, that the gift card showed a zero account ~ that it had not been activated by the person who gave it to me (my daughter-in-law). She directed me to customer service where I was told that there was nothing they could do; recommending that I contact the person who gave me the card. When I returned home to IL, I decided to go on line and check the balance of the card myself. It showed a balance of $50. I called the number that was listed on-line where a representative confirmed that there was a $50 balance on the card. My only complaint is that Fashion Valley’s customer service did not try the card again to make sure their employee was correct. I was totally dismissed. The nearest Nordstrom’s is a 3 hour round trip from where I live, and I will have to wait to use it until our next trip to St. Louis. I realize this is not an over the top complaint, but Nordstrom’s has always provided nothing but the best customer service. It will be my last trip to the Fashion Valley Nordstrom’s. Thank you for listening!

  26. I contacted customer service on 2/6/22 to ask about the Promo Code which appears when getting ready to pay for a purchase. I was told that it only applied to Nordstrom employees. This was not stated on the final order and if this is true it is very misleading. The Customer Sales Representative was also very condescending and not helpful in any way. I will now take my business elsewhere, and tell family and friends to avoid Nordstrom.

  27. I returned a pair of Burberry slides . I requested a Nordstrom return label before I shipped them . I have called several times and have been told the item has been received yet I have Not received my refund.

  28. To whom this may concern I’m needing to speak with a representative regarding very sensitive topics,continuing occurrences of non professional issues regarding product purchasing!! ASAP PLEASE

  29. I would like to share my less than positive experience with Nordstrom. I ordered a pair of Vince shirts (order # 351283424), which were delivered with the security device still attached. Your customer service team (Kim L) told me I could return them ( they are now out of stock) or drive 1/2 hour each way to a Nordstrom Rack to have it removed.

    1. I want the shorts, but you are sold out
    2. I ordered on line b/c we only have a really tacky Rack in our area that is about the caliber of Burlington Coat Factory. It was ok at first but now is dumpy and carries poor quality items and doesn’t have the higher quality brands.
    3. I ordered online for convenience and to avoid going to a store. Also our closest Nordstrom (not Rack) is 3 hours away.
    4. Kim’s solution was to issue me a $20 gift card, which would have been fine, until she informed me that I would need to email her a gas receipt! Are you serious???? Now, not only need to take my time to drive a total of 1 hour (to and Friday m) to our closest rack, I also need the stop at a gas station and add gas to my vehicle and send you a receipt b/c you didn’t remove the security device???
    5. I’ve spent more time on this than you should consider acceptable. Shame on Nordstrom! I shop with you b/c of the customer service and brands you carry. What an eye opening experience I just had, this is not acceptable customer service!

    Please let me know how this is acceptable.

  30. Hello, my name is Madeleine Perkins and I sent an email to Mr. Nordstrom last year regarding changing my account due date. He responded by refunding my late fees and told me to contanct a very lovely lady in his office if this happened again and they would be refunded. I am always reported to the Credit Agencies as being late. My dilemma is that I am on SSecurity and get paid once per month. I have no other income. Can you please contact Blake again and ask him what the lady’s name is who can refund my late fees and stop reporting me every time I am late to Experian? Thank you very much, Madeleine Perkins P.S. I would be happy to change due dates but Nordstrom does not offer that option.

  31. Dear Mr. Blake Nordstrom,

    I visited your Tyson Corner Store on 4-19-2022 at or around 7:45 PM, I approached the the Clinique counter and saw four people, one was a customer and the other three were sales associates (all women). The counter that is merged with the Clinique counter, ( I don’t remember the name) had two sales associates working there, I approached one woman there and she was talking to an Asian older woman, the woman in question appeared to be, ( of middle eastern descent) and I asked her politely, if she could get me a bottle of the Clinique mild facial wash. She then took her finger and pointed me to the Clinique rep. that was already helping another customer. I then walk away as I had been brushed off by a rep. that was not helping anyone. I didn’t understand nor did she explained why she did what she did to me. As I was walking out of the store with my brother, the same sales associate came running after me to explain and I kept walking because I was so upset. Her intentions may have been good but certainly did not come across that way to me. This happens to often to people who look like me. However, all of this could have been avoided if she took the initiative to just assist me and explain why she could not register the purchase transaction. Instead she brushed me off by pointing me in the direction of the Clinique rep. that was already assisting another customer. I really believe that because I am an African American male, that she did not see or feel the need to go out of her way to explain and help me with my purchase. I feel really concerned and discriminated against regarding the situation and interaction that took place. This happens way too often and to people of colour. If a manager from your store could reach out to me reading my concerns about this situation, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Arven. Knight
    Arxxxx @Aol.com

  32. I purchased a handbag and returned it 6/1… A tracking number was provided and I was told by the representative in the store that it would be returned and credited to my account within 10 days. Every time I call I get someone from El Salvador, or Guatemala. I’ve been told it takes 30 days to have a credit issued to my account which I think is absolutely ludicrous this is ridiculous no customer should have to wait 30 days to get a credit to their account and if they do then they need to use a different third-party return agent! I have called corporate office I do hope that they call me back and I will be closing my account out as soon as I get my credit and my money back that I’ve been paying on my account this is absolutely crazy and all I can say is thank God for Bergdorf Goodman thank God for Neiman Marcus and thank God for Saks fifth Avenue because I don’t have to wait 30 friggin days!!!!

  33. I have been shopping at nordstroms for years so did my mother. the treatment I have just received was just awful, Nordies what happened? I have spent thousands at your store but I am done,

  34. I have placed an order for 2 dresses. I have not received them, either one. They were shipped separately and I received an email stating they were delivered. When I reached out to CS they told me the dresses were deliver and after” their internal investigating” they told me there was nothing they can do. CS told me to contact the police, I questioned why? How do I know the items were delivered and asked for proof of delivery they still refused to show me the proof. I’m so upset over this and I feel like I have no one to help me.

  35. Good Evening ,
    I am writing to you as a loyal
    Nordstrom customer. I recently had a huge wedding bridal shower. Both family’s put the party together. I had over 200+ guest. There were a couple of gifts I received with no name and no gift receipts. One that came in a beautiful Nordstrom box wrapped ( small Coach purse) no name no gift receipt. I went to your store to exchange it and try to get something else smaller. I tried to return it at my local Nordstrom Mission Viejo CA

    After being sent 3 different places 5 different employees ( by the way very frustrating)
    I was sent to guest services
    Where I got no where because I had no receipt.

    I have never had any issues with Nordstroms EVER! They gave me Tami Ferrando name store manger name to contact

    I just want to get something else!

    Unfortunately not everyone is smart enough to stick a card or a gift receipt
    In a gift.

    I’m so bummed that I had to write to you and explain this matter.
    I write to Tami Ferrando If you are not able to help me , can you direct me to your corporate office, please or someone to contact their? I’d really appreciate it. She said since it didn’t have a return ticket she was unable to

    But the customer service woman did scan the bag and found it in your system. I have never experienced this in my entire life shopping at Nordstrom.

    Thank you for your time, I hope I can get some help with my gift return
    Ms. Norma Velarde

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