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  1. Attention: David A. Miller, Esq.,General Counsel for T-Mobile Inc. USA Please be advised that this message is a formal complaint being submitted by me for your violations of the terms and conditions of my contract. Kindly contact me in writing at the following: Sandra Capp-Mihalek, Boyce Park Village, 319 Oak Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15239.

    1. Hi I’m trying to see if I can get my moms name and number gets disconnected but she is dead and I want to see if I can get the account in my name

    2. I’ve contacted 8 different tmobile agents trying to find out why my over 50 plan was over $50 a month for the line, another $13 for a phone where the screen cracked after I dropped it despite the screen protector. Additionally, Why I was charged $4.99 for a premium channel I never signed up for yet was supposed to be free had I signed up; and charged for a phone delivered to an address I’d moved from in August 2020. Agents don’t read chat exchanges, claim to be supervisors and are not. I’m 58, on a fixed income. Tmobile offers 2 lines for $27.50 each. I finally have my cost down to $45 for one line. Why do I have to pay 30% more for one line and WHY does it take 8 agents to something done.

  2. Ray Hoang1700 E Pioneer Pkwy Suite 194 Arlington Tx 76010 . provided excellent service, her went above and beyond and stayed late to help me

    1. The t mobile reps n stores are making it hard to close out my account today close out supposed to been 22dollars n sum change now it a total of 50 sum dollars this is so unprofessional. I would not recommend anyone to do business with yal. God bless us all

      1. greed, if I told you all the trouble Ive had with T mobile in the past, you’d call me a liar, but d be running like hell to get away from those .monsters !! BE CAREFUL

      2. Avoid T-Mobile at all cost. I can’t stress enough how bad this company is, search “danger t mobile victor hugo vaca” in any search engine and you will find videos documenting the horrible customer service and inept staff. You’ve been warned.


    1. I’m being told the same exact thing right now, is this T-Mobile new cover line, to tell their customers that they don’t have insurance when we the consumer know for sure we wouldn’t even purchase these high phones without the insurance. On top of the T-Mobile representative disrespected me on a recorded line then hung up on me. I’m hoping someone contacts me to resolve this issue asap!

  4. To Whom It May Concern
    I Debra would like to know how mya I get three T-Mobile hats that we theee were not able to get because all the stores I contacted by phone were all out I was told by noon on Tuesdays my brother David and niece Carli and I are T-Mobile Tuesday customers all of us three really wanted each a hat especially since we three also have the T-Mobile scarfs is thier a likely chance that u are able to send us each one please we theee also have the umbrellas ect we like T-Mobile than any other phone company they help you on the phone arrange your payments when you can not it’s great I would not go with any other phone company but T-mobile
    If you can send theee if them
    Please send to the address below I would really appreciate it

    Address 15981. Yarnell St.
    # 150
    Sylmar, Ca. 91342. Thank You
    Debra Jaques

  5. El personal de esta tienda 30b San Pablo Town Center San Pablo CA 94806 tienen muy mala atencion para los clientes y sin concentimiento hacen cambios en las cuentas sin avisar y luego perjudica a los clientes cuando se quiere hacer algun reclamo en la aseguranza la ponen y quitan cuando ellos quieren sin preguntarle al cliente. a veces el personal es chocante de mala gana atienden no es la misma atencion que brindan cuando uno esta comprando. Deberian capacitarlos para que siempre sean cordials con los clientes, y ademas dicen haber hecho cambios de telefonos que no se ha hecho.Deberian capacitarlos como vendedores para evitar malos entendidos. Espero este comentario lo tomen a cuenta y pongan mas atencion con el personal.

  6. I am filing a complaint to the CEO of T mobile over shady and unfair practices by a local T Mobile office in Rowland Heights, Ca. I am also filing a complaint with the BBB. Their salespeople used deceptive practices to cause us to by new phones under a expired (I was assured the offer was still in effect) Veterans benefit. The offer was buy one Samsung 9 phone, get 1 free.They then converted without pointing out the change. 2 months into the service I began seeing phone charges for the phones that were to be free. My phone number is 805-423-xxxx.

  7. Hi my name is Justin and I was hoping to make someone aware of some misrepresentations on the MetroPCS website. There’s promotions going on right now that apparently ended on December 3rd regarding an LG Q7 and Samsung A9 smartphone package deal. The problem I have is that it doesn’t have any offer expiration dates on the website and is currently being advertised still 3 days later. I feel during the holiday season especially many people are visiting the store in hopes of not only a phone plan but also a possible Christmas present. After walking into a store and not getting what’s advertised on the website it feels almost like a bait and switch. I can be contacted at 847 387 9453 along with my email address [email protected]

    Best Regards

  8. I have been trying and trying to get need help on the phone I have been grandfathered in I have been with Tm for 30 years

  9. In October my husband & I switched from our previous carrier to T-Mobile. There was a buy out program in place where they would pay off our old phones. We were told we would receive 2 prepaid visa cards, in the mail, in which to give to our previous carrier. After many frustrating phone calls and a trip to the store we still have not received the cards and are getting the run around as to when or if we will receive them. We have now received a letter from our previous carrier that they are turning us over to collections for the amount due.
    My husband and I are both in our 60’s and on Social Security. The amount owed would be a very big portion of our monthly income. This is a huge hardship on us, especially here at the holidays. We feel T-Mobile has lied to us numerous times and taken advantage of us. Any help anyone can give us would be greatly appreciated.

  10. In October my husband & I switched from our previous carrier to T-Mobile. There was a buy out program in place where they would pay off our old phones. We were told we would receive 2 prepaid visa cards, in the mail, in which to give to our previous carrier. After many frustrating phone calls and trips to the store we still have not received the cards and are getting the run around as to when or if we will receive them. We have now received a letter from our previous carrier that they are turning us over to collections for the amount due. We trusted T-Mobile to make good on their promotion.
    My husband and I are both in our 60’s and on a fixed Social Security income. The amount owed would be a very big portion of our monthly income. We came to T-Mobile in good faith looking for better coverage and now this has placed a huge hardship on us, especially here at the holidays. We feel T-Mobile has lied to us numerous times and have not been helpful in trying to resolve this issue.  We desperately need help from someone in your company to get this taken care of. 

  11. Ebonee – 629 ms ago
    1 2 3 4 5
    *Attention* Tmobile corporate office. On December 17th changed my mind about becoming a Tmobile customer for good, and to be honest I am questioning if I should remain a MetroPCS customer also. I went in the Tmobile store address 18825 sw 117th Ave. Miami, FL 33177. Looking for an Applewatch and possibly switching my family of Four from MetroPCS to Tmobile. Didn’t know at the time but I was speaking with the store manager who explained to me what I needed to do to start up service and switch companies and of course get the Christmas gift (Applewatch) for my daughter. He proceeded with asking me for my Driver License. I wanted to think about the offer and talk it over with my husband so I left the store. The very next morning I realized my Driver License was not in my wallet so at lunchtime I contacted the Tmobile store. The Assistant Store manager began to tell me my Driver License was not in the store. So I drove to the store to make sure. When I arrived to the store an Associate Danny began to tell me that he was able to get the store manager Juan Garcia on the phone and he put him on speaker. Juan stated yes I have her Driver License and I put it in the “safe” and I’m off today it’s my birthday can she come back tomorrow. I explained that I was not able to drive without proper identification and didn’t understand why I wasn’t contacted when he forgot to give me my Driver License yesterday. The store manager stated that he would come back to the store at 3pm and open the safe because he is the only person with the key. I agreed to return for the 3rd time to the store just get my Driver License. Before returning I called the store at 786-701-3619 and spoke with the Assistant store manager who began stating that the store manager Juan Garcia never returned to the store and stopped answering their calls and only responded by text stating that he was not coming back to the store and he wanted me to return a fourth time December 19th to get my Driver License. I stated that was Unacceptable and I returned to the store. At this point I was very concerned because I was told that now the store manager was in a meeting and couldn’t speak with me directly but before I was told that he was off it was his birthday. I was so nervous and left was unsafe because I provided that Tmobile store with all of my personal information including my phone number and now I’m getting mixed stories about my personal property. I sat in Tmobile for over an hour missed an entire day of work waiting to see if someone would go above and beyond to assist me with my personal property, but instead the workers just told me there was nothing they could do and to just wait and see if store manager Juan Garcia would respond. After an hour wait my husband decided to tell me call the police and file a police report. I did! Within 20minutes the officer arrived. I explained this long drawn out process. The officer stated that he would get the store managers phone number and contact him and find out what is going on and when I would receive my Driver License. The officer went in the store and spoke to the assistant manager who told him that the store manager would be at the store in 5minutes to open the safe so I could get my Driver License. Talk about relief! But that is not what took place the officer and myself stood in front of the store for about 3minutes and the assistant manager walks out of the store with my Driver License and rudely gives it to me stating here you go! I was so upset! I missed work two doctor appointments and an hour from class and all I got was here you go!!! I don’t understand why I wasn’t given my personal property sooner. The store manager Juan Garcia never showed up but the assistant manager was able to give me my property? How? Tmobile corporate I advise you to look deeply into this store because it not only treated me horribly but also told the officer I was not allowed to enter the store anymore. How unprofessional and rude to treat potential customers so poorly. I am still feeling unsafe and don’t understand how I received my Driver License without the store manager and without the “ONLY” key that he possessed. At this point I honestly want the store manager and assistant manager removed from the company. I worked for Tmobile customer service and as a former employee we were trained to treat our customers as family. I don’t want to ever step foot in any Tmobile store after this experience very sadden by this experience.

  12. T-mobile did not honor promotional guarantee. I was told my final bill from Sprint would be paid in full and was only given approximately $610 dollars or the $1585

  13. I have been w/T- Mobile for 14 yrs & the past year I have been being billed over & over for things I don’t even own. This company disappoint me. Every time I try calling my bill gets higher & higher. I’m told I have 10 lines but I only have 4 lines so what’s up with that. When I first got with T Mobile I had trouble because someone by the name MIRIAM CORTEZ was popping up as the owner of my phone for about 8 months so maybe this lady is having the same problem of being overcharged too. It is not fair to do this T-Mobile. Check your Eastex Freeway 59 @ Little York for sure because something wrong is going on to the customers by the employees there. I bet if U check many complaints come from that store. I am done trying to fix things when T- Mobile shows no concern so SHAME.ON U T-MOBILE!!!!

  14. I put in for a chance too win today a Samsung S10 E . I put my name and address and email and phone number and push enter. Then they was another circle I push on it and said on tmobile Tuesday that CONGRATS YOU WON A SAMSUNG S10E PHONE THIS MORNING. NOW I BEEN TOLD IT WAS A MISTAKE ON YOUR TMOBILE TUESDAY TWITTER ACCOUNT THAT IT JUST FOR DRAWING ON FEBRUARY 28,2019. THAT IS FALSE ADVISEMENT. I did screenshot it all so make sure for me.

  15. So glad I left T-Mobile I called at the end of January to find out what my final bill was cause i was switching to cricket. what is my final bill that I owe they give me the amount I paid it.. I called again cause it was going to be like 6 days past the amount she give me and she said it would just be prorated for those few days. Signed up with Cricket they took care of the transfer and everything now they’re trying to me charge me another $200 I don’t think so I did everything I was supposed to do call find out what my total bill was and everything this is why I left T-Mobile

  16. How to contact the company head office If I don’t have a cell phone? I will like to submit a complaint online by my email address, or an online form if possible. thank you.

  17. In need of real assistance in an account that should have been cancelled, but then was not, then was cancelled, and then I was charged again. I am done calling in to support when no one is willing to help. I need confirmation on account closing NO charges as I never even used your service. I am exhausted with how many times I have had to try and contact with no avail. I am looking for far higher up the chain and wanting to speak or email with the CEO of T-mobile as soon as possible.

  18. I’ve been harassed over an old T-Mobile phone number that I had and I was on the account phone number is 602-875-xxxx I did try to call this number and somebody has it now there was also an email that was mine and I’ve been harassed over that too nietolauraxxx @gmail.com.I was hurt very bad over this email and this phone number that was associated with a different phone and this was almost 2 years ago

  19. I’m here today because I’m tired of the run around, the inaccurate information, the rudeness, the lies, and so on. I’ve been told one thing and then the same situation been occurring for months. Today just drew the line. Wasted my time for hours with sarahjane, Leonard (so called supervisor, and so called one of the managers Jervin that popped up out of nowhere when I clearly asked for a manager, general manager, ceo, or corporate office number or something. Which all they said was there was a mailing address, which is a first I’ve ever heard that with any company. I used to think T-Mobile was the best company and service but now I’ll never recommend anyone else again. Customer service today wasn’t satisfying and all I got was lies and run around. My issue still isn’t resolved still. It’s very unprofessional and y’all need new workers or something.

      1. I have been lied to also over and over again for six month. I have also tried to reach out to CORP. HEADQUARTER still waiting for someone to contact me, plus the rep. stated they have no ideal what the corp. headquarter number is, VERY BAD COMPANY!!!!! My issue isn’t resolved as of today May 24, 2021.

  20. Hello,I’m a T-Mobile costumer for years now and twice my account has been hacked and purchases have been made without my authorization. I was not able to get the store information for the first incident. I just got the store information for the second incident that just happened today. I called the 1-800 number for T-Mobile and they told me the purchases were made at this location… 2312 Harlem avenue in North Riverside, Illinois 60546. I’m sick of the lack of security when it comes to accessing my account and would like to discontinue my services with you all and would like my fully refunded

  21. My husband and I would like to speak with a manager. We switched to TMobile a few months ago and we walked into a tmboile store and literally out every last penny down we had on two phones. They told us these were the best phones and we have had nothing but issues with them!! We would like to know what we can do in order to upgrade for no extra money down or we will be switching back to our company before. These phones are absolutely horrible!!
    7:05 AM

  22. A member of the assurance phone program and I need a new phone sent to me at my address the pho e gets hot shutdown can’t use the phone I’ve called and left message for CS and no response
    3xxx Old Fort Sugar Hill Rd Old Fort NC 28762 please send a New phone

  23. Not good. Was charged a fee that I’ve been trying to get removed from my account. Been getting the run around. The store manager gave me a number to call. She said she didn’t have time to to look. I called three times and was disconnected each time.I have a business account with five lines. I’m not asking for anything that’s unreasonable . They added t-vision for 49.99. I’m asking for t vision to be removed and a credit. Thank you

  24. How do I close an account? The store says that they cannot do it-even in person. The customer service # is useless and every T-Mobile website gets the same result – “This site can’t be reached” – morning, noon and night. Customer service is a joke. These phone #s and websites didn’t create themselves; real people created them in line with corporate policies.

    1. Mr. Patterson has your issue been resolved? I am having the same issue. This is the only service company that disconnects your account connection even though you owe them money. I want to see my bill not be told this is how much it is. My account closing has not happened, i have not received a final bill, but i can’t assess my account online. I think I’m getting a class action lawyer and getting my money back.

  25. To directors of T-mobile.
    I added a line in November 29 in T-mobile account, the rep arranged to work with to reclaim my old number which is 240-413-6999. I was confirmed that I successfully reclaimed that number since it was available and 240-413-6999 was tied to the sim card on the way delivered to me.
    After I received the card which was delivered later than promised and I did not have time to check it out. Until last week, on Sunday. I checked it and the new line did not have the 240-413-6999. There are so many inconsistencies stories about my request that 1) requested number was not successfully and mistake was made from T-mobile end, a promise to call back on Monday 4pm. None. 2) I called Tuesday and was told that no request ever made to claim number 240-413-6999. The rep promised to follow up with me that they will change to 240-413-6999 Thursday 2 pm. Nothing happened. More frustrated I call to t-mobile and spoke to the rep. She told me I can’t change my number at the first place because the policy. Please help me to reclaim the number as promised 240-413-6999. If policy wise or technical difficulty did not allow such request. Why was not I told so. Please give me a call or via email. I am 16 with t-mobile and feel that I was not treated as value and respect that I deserve. Thank you very much.

  26. I have wasted two days, needing to purchase a new phone from your office location, La Quinta Ca. 92253
    I have a DMV extension confirmation from DMV on my phone. Your sale’s employee wants it written from DMV.
    I called the DMV, was told email was sufficient for any transaction.
    Will you please contact them, have them call me.

  27. I want to commend am amazing employee!
    Okoy;e B . at STORE108 San Diego CA.
    I came in with a battery problem. He not only made me feel welcome but he was really concerned that we get the problem fixed.’ He then showed me some cool things to do with my phone, that I would have never known.Thank you for a pleasant experience at this T-Mobile. I will reaming a fan with Mobile experts like Okoy’e gordon Berry 619 581 xxxx glbxxx @gmail.com

    1. Finally! Some good news!!

      I have been with T-Mobile and their customer service is quickly answered and top notch.

      I’m very happy.

  28. I have recently changed carriers, and I am trying to return the phone but your customer service people are telling me that I have to pay for the phone so l need some clarification

  29. My insurance claim was denied,because i was untimely. I am a 74 year old man and had been down with the covid for six weeks .But that did not matter. I have the insurance and was unaware of the time limitation. I have been a loyal

  30. I have been a customer for several years, I inquired a few mos. back as my lease would be expiring in December 2020, i was told that in December I had to notify Sprint that I would be buying out my lease as i wanted to own my phone and my bill increased around $40.00per mos. on 127/2020 i called the ticket number for that call was ID I 2035922966I spoke with the person that answered the phone and his supervisor, I was told instead of their name all i needs was the ID # so i do not have their names. I asked about why my bill increased and was told it was because my lease was up and that I should upgrade my phone, i advised that i did not want to do that and have my bill go higher and that i wanted to buy out my phones or I was going to look for a better plan. I was promised that Sprint would buy out my leases for the 2 I phones but I would have to pay around $249.00 to buy out the Galaxy, I agreed. I called today and was basically told that i cannot buyout my phone and that it is against the law in NJ to do so and they would not respond as to why i was lied to back in December and only want me to now hand in my phones .I was told i sign a contract and he was extremely deceptive and evasive not answering me when I asked them why I was told this information to begin with. the ID# for this is I 20499850115.

    I plan on reporting this to the better business bureau and the FCC as I feel I was purposely deceived and mislead

    I want my phone and do not think they should be surrendered as you reps have told me I have to do.

    732-232-xxxx or 732-232-xxxx

  31. I would like the address to send a letter to regarding a year long issue: Sprint turned over my account to collection services because TMobile has not,paid Sprint (510$) in my behalf when I switched from Sprint to TMobile 2019.

  32. Hello, im having so much issue with T-Mobile. They told me that my line will be free and now I’m being charged for it. I’m also being charged for a phone that I returned. Also Dan from the Tigard OR location was very rude and hung up the phone on me. I’ve been a long time customer and have multiple lines and I can’t believe the level of customer service that I’m getting right. I will gladly take my business else where if this will issue isn’t resolve.

  33. I am sure Mike Sievert, Callie Field or Jon Freir will actually hear about the Sprint experience. However, I will send this information in some format where they do. I am not sure how long this has been going on but at least 45 days. Yesterday alone I spoke with six people and spent 6 hours 17.5Minutes and this issue is still not resolved. Maybe the worse experience I have had in five decades after being a customer over a decade. Fortunately for me I have blessed to the point where I have traveled 32 countries and deal with the largest companies on the planet. Mostly chemical and automotive companies on a daily business. My wife, who normally takes care of such things as our phone service, cable and such as I just do not have the time to spend on small daily utilities and services. Over the past 45 day she would be told something and as she is handicapped, I would support whatever direction she was asked to follow. One of them was to drive to a tech center about 50 miles from home so it was a 100 mile round trip. Once we arrived the people told us it was an Apple issue and they could not of be of service. I said we will not leave until we speak with someone that can fix the issue. Your team walked away and Never spoke to us again. Completely ignored us as if the $3600 we pay Sprint is of no consequence and we told you we cannot help you so get out. We said it was Sprint that asked us to drive the 100 miles so their must be something that can be done. The problem was a have a son that has significant mental health issue and his I phone 11 no longer worked and we had insurance on the phone. The phone no longer works and they said call Apple as the complete hardware and soft ware of the phone was deleted. My son has schizophrenia and my wife and we either needed a new phone or fix the old one. As I have been blessed with the means to take care of a handy capped, wife plus a mother that has dementia and need to make sure I can communicate with them when I or they need to communicate, I just pay the bill and don’t really care much about the service or even the phones they have, over the years I have either purchased phones outright or let them get the phone that they like for their use. Me I would rather live off the grid altogether but for them as they cannot do many other actives, cable, phones and computers are their very important for their daily activities. None work so I just pay the bill for all of them. As a ten plus year customer being treated like I was a nothing to this big billion dollar organization was not settling with me well. I have sat down with bigger CEO’s as far as revenue is concerned than sprint so I know from history, the CEO does normally care about how I view their companies because overall I decide where billions of dollars will be spent and if they have something wrong in their organization they want to fix it or at least send a message that they better not hear about such issues again. As my wife was in tears on Thursday after spending the entire day trying to fix our issue and getting actually hung up on a half dozen times without anyone calling back as she could not determine if the member either hung up or the connection dropped I decided yesterday to get involved knowing I had contracts another important work issues I should be focused on rather than a phone system. However, as family comes first, and I needed to make sure all those I care about I need to be able to communicate with became job one for job one for me. I called Sprint and found it odd that during the five to ten minute normal wait time while the music played, I heard nothing but static with the music in the background. I could not believe it but thought it was probably just this one call and it does not happen all the time. However, as the day went on and I spoke with six maybe seven people and the connection dropped every time and the static was always on the line, I thought this company is a joke. They are in the communication business and they cannot keep a communication line connected and the customer hears a horrible static while on wait. Not once but every time. As I call people in Texas, California, New Jersey and elsewhere often and never had the issue I knew it was not my phone nor my location. Then after 6.175 hours of working with Sprint and all those people and basically it became a waste of my time as no result was reached, I felt stronger than ever, if it was my business, I would want to know. I am expecting a call next Tuesday from one of your employees which by then I will have this whole affair taken care of. I paid $739.16 if you need the confirmation number the first thing yesterday so my sons line could be looked at as if it was a new account. I paid, $574 to make sure my wife line was not an issue. I always pay cash for my phone and my mothers as I don’t want my mother who may not be here very long to be under a contract of any sort and she wants the most basic of phone. She uses it much like I use mine, we place and receive calls so all the bells like cameras and are not important to us. They are to my wife and son so they usually get the bright shinny object. Regardless, I made it so I can move out of Sprint after ten years any time I want. I have the means to do it today and will have for years to come so really do not need the headache of a company that brings my wife to tears and keeps me from being able to speak with a son that needs significant attention. I should send the story to the NYT or Consumer Affairs. I am not saying one thing or another about your company but when your team cannot figure out how to satisfy a person who has been a customer for a decade, never been late and probably averages over $3500 a year that I walking away, the boss should know why.

  34. I live in Desert Aire,Wa a community in eastern washington. We have a cell tower in our community, but I’m no t-mobile service, can this be corrected

  35. Hi
    Your super visitor in ur call center hang up on me and they refuse to help me and not giving me any solution from 4 months till now
    And they keep lie and lie and lie about the ticket and every time I open one they close it

  36. I’m getting a lot of radiation through my iPhone 6s plus. It started since last year February 2020. I noticed this year that it is getting worse. I spoke to Glen and Andy and was given a link to file my complaint, along with some pictures of my radiation detector readings, and for somehow the website is not receiving my password, which of course I have my password saved in my notebook. This is my second time I have received a link to file my complaint. In proceeding to make my complaint through the link that I was given, it always get blocked or frozen like someone doesn’t want me to make my complaint. I think this level of radiation is not healthy for anyone because it hits as high as 64.6 mG. If there is a danger in those phones especially to give people cancer, they should make the public aware of that defect. While speaking to one of your representatives on Friday 1/22/21, most of the time, the way he speaks, he was playing defense. If anything was to happen to me in the future, in terms of cancer, I will be aware of where I got it from because even right now, all of my skin is even burning me and this only happens as soon as I touch the phone to use my service. Most of the time, when I try to open my email, it gets blocked as well.

  37. I bought a phone for my Granddaughter iphone 8 at Columbia ten. I bought it for her birthday. The boy at the store set it up. When we got outside it stop working I took it back in they checked it the boy had put the wrong sims card in it the man said he could have messed the whole phone up. He put right card in and got it to work. We were there 3 hours. We have had some trouble but nothing major. My granddaughter turn on her phone this morning and it said to connect to iTunes her phone was disabled. We took it to t noble Columbia tn. He told me to go home on computer and connect to iTunes and it will tell me what to do I did that and now phone won’t even come on anymore. My granddaughter is so upset she is 14 and now has no phone . Could you please fix her phone. We switched from ATT over to sprint now it’s TMoble

  38. I am really hoping someone can help me as an existing sprint customer and unable to use 2000.00 dollars worth of devices I bought due to the fact that I am not really T Mobile as I was told I was before I bought the GSM devices. So now I have been trying to migrate to TMobile to use these devices and everyone is clueless on how to get that done. I was sent to the store with specific instructions to have Retail do it. The store was very, very rude about this and said you need to do it with customer service at tmobile/sprint. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with sprint customer care, tmobile customer care, chats, as they are saying cannot be done on phone and needs to be done in retail. I am not sure why this is so hard and worth losing a customer to another carrier. I would like for someone to contact me that can help me.

    I would like to add that even though the store was very rude, I have had amazing conversations with sprint and tmobile customer care agents. They are empathetic and was doing everything they could to make sure they were helping me to the best of their abilities. They definitely are associates that represent their companies and ensure amazing client experience. They definitely deserve high recognition:
    Chris (employee ID: 1872701)
    Tkeyah (employee ID: SY175426)

    If anyone can help me migrate these lines I would be happy to stay a satisfied customer…but it has been almost two weeks now and I am close to moving carriers. To go back and forth from retail to customer service is not ideal. When I asked the retail store to call customer care while I was in the store to try to work through this, I was told we can, but it wont matter what Customer care says we wont be migrating you.


  39. I must speak to T-Mobile corporate representative as soon as possible regarding my first purchase with you today and the HORRIBLE customer service I’ve been receiving ALL morning. My order number is 110186xxxx . I rather you call me please 484426xxxx , the current issues I’m having is way too much to type back and forth

  40. I just bought it for numbers over to your service and I got bread to bring new iPhones when I open my iPhone and turn it on and it asked me to hook it up to iTunes to restore it. Every time my phone dies I lose Netwerk service so I can’t get online I have to hook to my friends hotspot I haven’t even had the stones for four days and I’ve had nothing but problems I still have two more lines that you said Sim cards that I can’t connect for some reason in your customer service and no one can help me so I don’t know what to do I’ve spent a lot of money here and I’m very a very angry I regret ever switching to

  41. I went into the T-mobile office located at 6733 103rd street Jacksonville Florida. First of all no one said Hi/Hello very rude. I stood waiting to be acknowledged for over 20 minutes after no one felt the need to address my visit I asked if I could be assisted. One of the employees stated they would be with me momentarily, because the other employees were busy in the back and one had just left to use the restroom. Every time I go into this office to pay a bill it’s always a 30-45 minute wait to even be seated or get assistance. After over 30 minutes of waiting Diana assist me and I paid my son bill with my credit card and for the first time was denied a receipt by Diana after paying for the bill with MY credit card. I refuse to ever go back to this store again and will make sure to never purchase anything from T-mobile or let anyone in my family or friends buy anything from this company. I don’t like the way the employees don’t address the customers when we enter the store and hate the 30/45 minute wait time to be assisted EVERY time I go there. And the rude attitude of the employees. It needs to be shut down or more employees hired to assist the customers. The employees stay in the back of the store more than they stay out on the floor assisting the customers. Please do better with the workers in respect and response time to the customers. I asked Diana for the information to the corporate office and she said they didn’t have that information in the store that I would have to look it up. Poor customer service i’d say. Thanks

  42. I got married and need to change my name. I changed my name online but it didn’t change my account name. I went into 2 local stores to upgrade my family’s phones and requested a name change and was told only customer service phone can. I called at 6:11pm and the rep said she couldn’t and checked with her supervisor who said go back to a store. Rep said she would have supervisor call me as I wanted to file a complaint and supervisor has never called. How am I supposed to change my name when both customer service line and store refused to assist. Horrible customer service.

  43. I got married and need to change my name. I changed my name online but it didn’t change my account name. I went into 2 local stores to upgrade my family’s phones and requested a name change and was told only customer service phone can. I called at

  44. I have been a Sprint customer about 14 years. With the merger to T-Mobile I have attempted to get onto the $55 plan for 2 lines for seniors. I am 77, my wife is 81 and we are on a fixed income. When will this be available to Sprint customers? There should be transparency of plans between the two entities because of the merger.

  45. I was originally with Sprint and since the buy out my phone has not been working properly. I don’t recieve all my calls or texts. I have been to the T Mobile store 3 times but I am still having the same issues. I pay nearly $200/month, I expect to at least recieve my calls. I am so disappointed in the service I am recieving and I would like to see these issues be resolved or I have no choice but to find another carrier.

  46. Hello Good Afternoon I’m Sherrell The reason I’m emailing you guy because I was told I can’t return my device I call customer service and told them it was a life threatening situation and plus with everything going on with COVID-19 my account was charge 500.00 non-refund I explain to customer service what happen to me I can’t believe I been with you guy’s all these year I get treated wrong.

  47. I purchased the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, after 12 hours of meeting at the store to repair the phone you sent me a new one which has the same issue. A couple months ago someone called me offering to replace the phone with another one, I bought this phone because of the camera and none of the others were as good. The person said T-Mobile would pay for my phone until it was fixed. Needless to say the 20 still isn’t fixed.

    I would like to trade my 20 in for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G as it has a comparable camera. I am in real estate and need the better camera.

    My name and phone number is Bob Comegys, 302-252-xxxx

  48. I tried to give my phone back when I switched to AT&T, nothing is wrong with the phone just no one new how to fix it and their was a recall that the stores wouldn’t honor.

  49. I would like to run a business that sends a text to people’s phones anytime they have a item to sell invention to sell. Another time it would send a text is when a business is trying to do business or job hiring. I will pay you a ten billion dollars to run business with you eventually $10000000000. Please give me a call at +1614732xxxx.

  50. i am filing a complaint with the bbb, i’ll not allow this deutschebank (shadiest “bank” in history), owned fraudulent company waste another MINUTE of my UNPAID TIME. we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more. enjoy!

  51. T-MOBILE COVERAGE IN NAVAL BASE NORFOLK IS TRASH. When we were in Mayport it was perfect but in Norfolk Virginia is trash please fix it

  52. T mobile has done nothing but give me the run around i ordered a phone 2 weeks ago havent recieved it and i asked for a refund i still have to recieve i have been in contact with my lawyer and am pursing a law suit against the company for theft of money and services this is not fair to me i have been a loyal costumer and keep being dicked around. And no management wants to help but instead be rude. You will never have me as a costumer again i switched to verizon.

  53. I have really enjoyed your services until about a month ago. My daughters phone started not receiving calls, messages, or nothing. It just gave a message no network but all the other phones was working fine. It display a “E”, where the 4g should be. So i called support, stayed on the phone with them for about an hr, they told me I should hear back from them in 48hrs. Still no reply and its been over 72hrs. In between that time my main line start doing the same thing with the “E” in the 4g spot. I called support again they tried to walk me through the same steps I previously went through with my daughter’s phone. It’s going on almost a 1 1/2 months my daughter haven’t had her phone, but we still paid our bill. Now its going on 72 hours for mine and I use mine for work,do I had to miss work because of this issue. To top it all off, we originally was going for another phone and we was discussing payments, I guess the salesman wanted to make a sale so bad, he told us after 90days we could upgrade our phones at no charge but they did not honor that so basically we hit stuck with these phones. I got a total of 5 phones from you all if I knew he was not gone honor the deal I would have never got these phones. Smh, a mother in distress!!

  54. T-Mobile is the most unfair cellular company out there. They constantly give away phones to new customers or customers who add a line well what about everyone else that have been loyal customers. Why in the the world would I add a line when I already have 10!!!!! Once they sick you in with an initial good deal they just screw ya from then on. That’s why we are looking to change carriers!!!!

  55. I’m a customer with T-Mobile for years, and i work fulltime 12 hour shifts as a nurse. I and a payment arrangement set up, but the payment was not able to be processed because I had fraud on that card that was link to the payment and had to cancel that card. I just received my new card and paid the payment arrangement today. During that time my phones lines were suspended and I called customer service and asked for the restorative fees to be removed due to the situation which was out of my control. The representative aNd the superviosr were insensitive and would not remove the charges, they created it to be a situation where I didn’t want to pay my bill, but as my account could be reviewed I had to use a different card which was my new card. please review my account , I’m asking to have the restorative fees removed from my two phone lines .803470xxxx and 803477xxxx

  56. I was trying to resolve an issue with the Insurance clean today, apparently she hung up the phone in the middle of a conversation. I would appreciate if I have better service because I have to resolve an issue. You guys are claiming that you never received a phone that I sent out to you guys three weeks ago I would like this resolved as soon as possible my phone number is 81381 to xxxx Jimmy

  57. 865 232 6822 cell 865 577 8991 home your comment box is to small for my problem . Please contact me . Even a text would be great . You do have or you had the worlds best CEO . That was one reason I came to T Mobile . That plus the Jump program . After my daughter and I watched her father die in the hospital it was late at night . She needed a new cell phone so I gave her Ben’s cell phone because he had just died . We called the 611 number because she wanted to keep her phone number from her cell phone . I am always proud to buy the Jump program with each phone I buy from you . That phone had insurance on it which I had bought from T Mobile for Ben when he was alive . I gave the phone to Sarah and she wanted to keep her phone number from her cell phone . So after we got home from the hospital that same night we knew we would not sleep so we called the 611 T Mobile number and ask if we could put her number on Ben’s phone . That phone already had insurance on it that I had had put on it when I bought it . Never would I have thought that I would have to buy insurance again for the same phone . Why did not the person changing Sarah’s phone number for her say anything about buying insurance for her number ???? I thought that phone was covered . I bought the insurance and the phone together from you . Sarah now has a nice phone that I have been told has NO INSURANCE ON IT WHICH MAKES ME UNHAPPY . The phone is working fine but what happens when it might not work right ??? I just paid it off this year . I live off one income now that Ben is dead . So buying another phone now so Sarah can have insurance on her phone is a hardship . How can we fix this .???

  58. Wanted to see if y’all was interested on which I was competition Aries group is up to here in Alabama

  59. Are u currently seeking land to put cell towers up? I have a location in Grandin Mo that would be perfect. (Everyon drives to my driveway to use their phone) My name is Marilyn Allen contact # 314-650-xxxx Thank u for your consideration.

  60. Hey yes I went to the store in Brooklyn and u had a employee that was highly unprofessional named miguel angel Rivera Herrera and looked really high off cristal meth I don’t think u should be having employee like that on the floor and then he came out with raeses jokes saying that black ppl r nasty and called them mayates I felt highly attended knowing I’m African American myself a employee like that shouldn’t be allowed to work in a store like that

  61. About being very un happy with the girl that works at the McDowell and 75th in Scottsdale AZ and I want somthing to be done about i

  62. Hello my name is Eugene Vigil my cell number associated with my acct. Is 832385xxxx i had been dealing with an ongoing issue for a year dealing with 2 of my phones being charged to us when i was told they wouldnt i patiently waited for a year after being told no charges would incurr and we would have a payment plan for my account the credits for the phones (1776.78) when we finally received them we were told there would be no more help no more payment arrangements or any help at all all this is happening during a pandemic and power shortage i feel tmobile has been represented as a poorly organized company with intentions to screw over their customers.

  63. I have been a customer for 6 months and have had service issues for 6 months. Today I was told that my issue was a software issue and there was nothing that could be done except buy new phones at full price and full down payment. I ported my number and phone from Verizon after being told my phone was compatible with TMobile service. I have wasted the last 10 day and countless hours with reps and tech and gotten no where. This seems to be very bad business practice as it is not my fault that this rate occasion a software issue prevents me from experiencing the best of TMobile. My current phone being used is a Samsung S10Plus. The service issue is in both DC and FL as my wife and my 9 month old daughter are in DC and myself and our other three kids are stuck in florida due to the pandemic. It should not be my sole responsibility to purchase a phone that will work on the network as I was told mine should work fine. A very upset and unhappy consumer…
    Account number 97042xxxx
    Phone number 202695xxxx

  64. The manager at store 2367 Jennifer Rodriguez is horrible and rude!!
    This is the reason people do not shop in their neighborhood, and also the reason why business do not survive in African American and Latino communities. So, while we waited for our two new Galaxy21Ultra $ 2,400.00 plus $80.00 for Otter box and $85.00 for phone wallet and two self-charging stands $ 80.00 went to have lunch, we returned one hour later, which wasn’t bad. Just so you know it was snowing and raining.
    Nicole, who was our customer agent was great and very knowledgeable and patience with myself and my husband who are seniors. . All was going well until the Manager Jennifer Rodriguez showed up. She entered the store never greeting the workers or My husband and I who were the only customers in the store. Please note: there was no garbage trash reciprocals located inside or outside the store, so I brought the remaining trash from my lunch inside and placed it on a large garbage dumpster inside the store, to take home with me when my transaction was done. Jennifer started screaming at the staff as to who’s lunch was sitting on the trash I (the customer) at stated it belong to me and that my husband and I will take it with us when we leave, she (Jennifer) started screaming again that this is not McDonalds or Burger King and that I could not leave the trash there. The agent collaborating with me stated to her that she would take care of the trash, but there was no stopping Jennifer, the manager she continued to speak to me and the staff as if she were talking to one of her friends on the street or one of her kids. Ask should I have left it at the front door? where there was no garbage can? She said she was not the maid!! We continued with our $ 2,800.00 transaction only to not hurt the employee, but the manager was rude and very unprofessional and talked down to the employees in the presents of customers. Not good and I will be posting a copy of this review on T-Mobile Corporation web site. As I am sure as a manager, she gets commission and bonus and should not, but should be sent to school to learn how to talk to staff and customers. This was a horrible experience, and the staff is totally mistreated and bullied, as are the customers. What is so funny is that I have lived in this community for more than 50 years and I can tell you this is a new store in our community. They will not last long.

  65. Yes i want complain about marina ca t- mobile store first off they said we didnt make a payment for this month witch we did a total of 238.00 so are phones were shut off so we go into store spoke with erika and they said there was no records of us making the 238.00 payment so i asked her if we can look over cameras she said yes the following day so we paid again another 298.00 just to have are phones back on then we get a call from erika stating they sckrewed up and yes they saw that we dis make the payment now they saying that we cant have our money back that its going as credit on too our account now i dont understand why we cant get our money back when they are the ones who screwed up and acknowledge it but we have to suffer consequences pkease get bak to me regarding this matter asap please very dissappointed wit this

  66. My father passed away January 31st 2021 I have been trying to disconnect his line since then my mother called to disconnect and they said that there were suspicious activities on her account they would not allow her to do that they told us to go to a corporate store we went to a corporate store the corporate store says that they cannot help us to call customer service again we call customer service to no avail what can be done in this situation?

  67. How does u all have nerves to send messages to your customers about their bill as be declined on the due date and the date doesn’t end until 11:59 before another day begins –please explain this to this senior citizen that iI AM

  68. I am being harassed by your collection agency over a $200 bill on a canceled account which I have paid. I have spent an inordinate number of hours at your local store and on the phone in an effort to resolve matters, to no avail. I am unwilling to spend another minute on this, so I invite you to sue me. I have copies of my canceled checks which I am prepared to show to the court and I want to be able to file a counterclaim for violation of the CT Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA). I have never been treated so rudely as I have been by your agents and employees and my anger and frustration has reached an end. So please sue me and cease the dunning and harassment over this insignificant sum. Enough is enough. You should be ashamed of how this has been handled and should take stock of your policies and practices.

  69. I’m contacting you to see if you’d have interest in putting a tower at my location. My property is located between Erick Oklahoma and Sweetwater Oklahoma. The properties situiated on a hill completely above surrounding areas with a valley that runs for miles and it’s all open. Interstate 40 is approximately 5 miles to the south. Let me know, if not I’ll contact other carriers to see if the location is of interest to them. Thank you

  70. Your latest commercial showing a black man with a white girl appearing to be pregnant is disgusting! Such relationships are not acceptable!!!

  71. I opened up a T-mobile account on 2/19/21. I was told I would receive a veteran discount once I verified my veteran status. I was directed to the online site to complete the process. I have made 5 attempt to complete the process to verify my veteran status to no avail. Once I complete the form and hit submit it just loads. I have waited 30 minutes for the form to submit and still nothing. I feel T-mobile is being fraudulent by not providing customer with a reliable means to verify their veteran status.

  72. I’m tired of being charged for 2 lines I first reported this 6 months ago but I’m still being charged for two lines

  73. Your company have some terrible young african american folks working here at your South Sam Houston Pkwy Store (#9939). After I leased this “bad lemon” of a LG Aristo 5 Cellphone which has kept putting my family& friends on HOLD/DroppingCalls/where I could hear them talking; BUT they could not hear Me/As I held this phone Flat To My Ear. So I became frustrated (as I am 70yrs old) and tried to return it to another store closer to my home and a hispanic salesperson said it was too late to return it and that it would cost I $35 to exchange for same type cellphone. So I left the store. Well since it kept on doing the same thing so I decided to let it get turned off and look for another phone elsewhere; since it was not properly explained to me that I’d B Leasing this phone each month w/option to buy later.

  74. There isn’t enough space to leave a note explaining everything that’s gone wrong with my account since day one. So I will take it upon myself to approach headquarters on factoria boulevard in Washington and see if maybe they know their butts from a hole in the ground

  75. My common is very simple I intend to not leave one. I will be riding a letter to each of the executive directors in each category as well as each board member listed on the website that I can find. after all letters have been received I intend to give at the most 3 weeks for my problem to be resolved if at that point it still is not corrected media will be involved. It’s people like me that can hurt a company like you. it only takes a few people to get the word out and I know just enough to get it started. Have a nice and blessed day look forward to your response

  76. I’m a T Mobile customer for 23 years and I’m pissed. Please have someone contact me re: Internet tech support. 918-850-xxxx

  77. I changed carriers on Feb. 2 2021. yet I was still charged. I spoke with customer no service. I explained that my service was discontinued and sent my checking account into arrears. They said that I would have to go to a Store to get a refund. Now my checking account is in NSF for 29 more dollars plue the 44.61 that you dedecucted. What is it going to get this corrected?

  78. When I purchased my phone 6 months ago on Oct 4, 2020 at a t-mobile store I was deceived and lied to, regarding my plan. I request the 55+ 4g plan but was enrolled in the 3g essentials plan. When I went to the store the next day seeking help, THEIR employee was not wearing a mask, violating state law. When I went back 2 days later seeking help again, the same employee wasn’t wearing a mask. Over the next month I called their customer support 7 times, I upgraded my plan, all without any change to my 800Kbps speed. So I gave up.. Now..Since Jan29 2021 I’ve had no mobile data connection. I’ve been without mobile data for 31 days now, I’ve called them 9 times, they’ve opened 4 network tickets and have ‘adjusted their towers’. Still no data service.

  79. My bill for phone is 48.00 and its post be 11.00 for tablet samung im 63 and disabled

  80. My account # was 96860xxxx . I’m being charged three times for the month of February on01/31/2021 – 02/28/2021 and an additional prorated charge for February according to your supervisor Ms Venc.M when called your customer service on 02/28/2021. I don’t understand where these extra fees are coming from. I would like my account refunded the $44.91 taken from my account.

  81. I am a new TMobile customer and for the past two weeks have been unable to access my voicemail. Have spent several hours troubleshooting the problem , but to no avail. I am being forced to drop your service because if you team of experts inability to resolve this issue. I selected TMobile over other carriers in Jamestown, RI which was a mistake! Not expecting this level is service.

  82. Can’t seem to resolve a “Line On Us” offer for a free line. Made in December 2020 at a T-mobile store. 5400 Donald Ross FL. My sprint account Is 716-983-4047 security Grayton. The number in dispute is 716-994-xxxx. I believe “LIne On Us” was not activated in December. Our invoice reflects a fee associated with # 0108. I can’t get this resolved with customer service or the store. Please help !!!
    Ive been on the phone for hours trying to fix this. A reference # I -206-734-xxxx

  83. I had an issue with updating my Apple products. Thought it was T-Mobile found out it wasn’t; it is Apple. Stopped being a T-Mobile customer back in January. Would like to become a T-Mobile customer again but there are insurmountable barriers.These barriers are created by T-Mobile. It’s almost as if you don’t want me to be a customer again? John employee number 469xxx promised me he could make me a customer again. Called me up on day two and said that I would be getting a Samsung galaxy S7 + with 5G with a new line.Hung up on me and did not return the call. I called T-Mobile again and was on hold for 40 minutes. If you want me back as a customer get rid of all these stupid barriers that you’ve created.

  84. I have an issue with my billing which has seen me call 5 ‘experts’ with no resolve. I keep getting told that there isn’t a manger to handle the issue or have it escalated to. What do I do? This is very unusual as it is the first issue I’ve had with T-Mobile in over 5 years.

  85. Congratulations! How does that wound in your foot feel? Because you just shot yourself in the foot by putting all these barriers in front of me preventing my return to T-Mobile. The budget is set and I can’t be a customer for three years at least if ever.I don’t know exactly what the barriers were but it was a 90 day issue and a cell spot issue that prevented my return and broken promises by employee 469xxx.

  86. iPhone for t- Mobile has not been operable for over 3 + days. I cannot make or receive calls. I spoke with your representative last night and was told that your service is being upgraded and would be operable soon but couldn’t tell me what soon meant. This is my written complaint of this issue and expect a more specific answer of what soon is as it pertains the above. I can be reached by phone @
    609-504-xxxx or by email. Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter!

  87. Can someone call me regarding my account. I replaced a phone with assurant then bought a new phone with the assurant as a trade in and have nothing but issues! They tell me they received the phones then they say they didnt or they were damaged. Not a happy customer! This has been going on for months. 714-813-xxxx

  88. T-Mobile money sent a text saying to make 10 purchases monthly. I prefer to deposit $200 a month. Is this still an option?

  89. My application for T-Mobile services was declined, because a credit clerk, with a heavy accent which was too difficult to understand said that I failed to prove who was adequately. A T-Mobile Associate was assisting me with the call by having it on speaker phone. The store Associate called back and asked for a supervisor who went by notes from the credit clerk and said that I was still declined. That supervisor did not follow up with speaking to the credit clerk to see how difficult it was to understand her. Please rectify this matter. The application number:20210612007256
    Thank you for your time and cooperation.

  90. Hello I’m a T-Mobile customer and I would like to complain on one of t mobile reps. First off he was rude from the beginning of the call. He was very unprofessional and the fact I’ve work for Customer service in the past, I know first hand on how to respond to customers. I have his rep Id an I’m sure your calls are recorded. At this point, I weighing my options, and will shop around for other options for cell phone service .I’ve have been a customer for two years, after this phone call with your rep I don’t feel valued as a customer. His name is Charles and his id number 99131xxxc

  91. How much longer must I be fed nonsense about my home phone service !!!!!!!!
    Mad As Hell ,
    Sonja Anderson Smith

  92. I have been trying to resolve a billing issue ALL MORNING. I don’t want to be put on hold or speak with any of your call center employees. They are useless.
    I need a corporate customer service manager in the USA to call me on my home phone My cell phone is 561859xxxx. Please pull up my account and be ready to discuss this matter. ONLY CALL MY HOME PHONE

  93. You need to put back at least 2 chairs in your stores. Why would you remove them. NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY!!!!! AND when customers call, you need to let them know how long they will be in hold, AND set up a call back system, when a free agent can call a customer back. Your customer service sucks! MB Hawkinson

  94. The T-Mobile Application, & Website Have Not Been Working, Due To Technical Issues; For At Least A Year!

  95. Have been trying since the 19th of March to add the I phone 12. I have the iPhone 8 which is paid for. I want to keep your service and this phone and switch the info stored in this phone to the new I-12 so that I can use the 8 and my wife can have the newer phone. I have called and called and been put on hold and after being switched over to countless people being cut off after spending today for example 1 hour and 20 minutes. I live in Irving,, Tx . There is a store located on Beltline Road I would be more than willing to visit. I am however tired of your very poor customer service call centers. I did request the I-12 and have it. I will not take if from it’s wrapping until such time my issues with what my current bill will be. Been told too many different things. I would appreciate any help you could offer. The cell # 972-505-xxxx / Jack larkin

  96. My account is barely 3 days old and I only received half my order and was on the phone yesterday for a little over 3 hours and tonight over 4 hours and no one seems to know where my 2 tvision hubs are that I already bought and paid for. I work 12 hour shifts and this is ridiculous. Something needs to be done and I need to be compensated. Also people need to be retrained or/wrote up.

  97. I’m a 14 year customer and I’m about to take my family and switch to verizon even if the cost is higher. The customer service is pitiful anymore especially tech department I called waited forever to talk to a tech unsatisfied after talking to Mary asked for a sup got carmen refused to give me his t mobile I.D. and unsatisfied with him asked for his manager name contact info he hung up on me. Did not call back once. I’ve still not gotten a satisfactory resolve to issue. ( HE WAS RUDE AND NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL AT ALL THIS ISN’T THE FIRST TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED WITH CUSTOMER SERVICE. SO THEREFORE LETS ME KNOW T MOBILE IS NO LONGER CONSIDERING CUSTOMERS AS THEIR PRIORITY MONEY IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT THAN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I PLAN TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GET AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO JOIN TOGETHER AGAINST T MOBILE AND YOUR PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE RATING AND OVERALL COMPANY APPEAL.

  98. T-Mobile has a cell phone plan for seniors for two lines. What about seniors who are single. Any consideration?

  99. Hello, my name is Evans Morrison, I visited one of T-mobile stores in Houston,TX on South Main Street on February 25th and was trying to get service i was deceived by one of y’all representatives name Ms Amber, she sold me an defective phone and I had to come back 4 times in that day and the rest of the week and different employees try to help but to no avail I had to leave out of town Sunday morning and I couldn’t make it to the store that Sunday, but when I made it to my destination in New Orleans on the west Bank I went to an store on Manhattan Blvd and talk to an manger named Zoar and he told me he there is something wrong with your phone and I need to bring it back to the store in Houston, so I went to the other store down the street at 1121 Manhattan and Mrs Christine was very helpful in trying to help me by even calling customer care, and speaking to an tech after she did basically everything the tech was going to do so they decided to write all that was going on with me and my service and they told me to bring my phone back to the store in Houston, and now when I come back to Houston, the store is closed because of Covid,and now I can’t be refunded for the defective phone that was sold to me and I have talk to many representatives and because I don’t have an receipt, no one seems to want to takes the steps to find out how I can be refunded, and all of my information is in the account to show how long and terrible the services has been sin