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Corporate Address
PO Box 1229
Bentonville, AR
Company Contact
David Short
Phone Number
(479) 271-1253
Fax Number
(479) 271-1320
Yearly Revenue
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9 thoughts to “Arvest Bank Headquarters”

  1. To the administrative assistant that will review this message for Mr Short: To avoid an International incident, please have Mr. Short open a dialog with me via email. I am 3,000 miles away from any Arvest Branch. II have been traveling internationally for 5 years. I have not been able to get cash from my debit card since May. I can make purchases but cannot get cash from any ATM: local, national, or international bank ATM. In Latin American countries, things like rent, local transportation, etc, all require cash. I have been making purchases for the family and receiving cash from them in order to survive this impossible situation.
    I have to leave Panama for 30 days…before August 29, 2018. If I don’t leave, immigration will arrest me, then deport me, and I will not be allowed to return to Panama. That will cause me to loose my Panamanian family!
    Customer service tried a new card…same problem. They are now sending me a new pin for the new card. I hope and pray this will end this nightmare.

  2. They should hire some more employees for their customer support team. Good company overall, I just found it hard to get through on their customer help phone number.

    1. Arrest bank in Midwest City, Oklahoma lady told me she couldn’t cash my check of$8485 they don’t have enough money I never had this problem I m mad as hell The manager rude a didn’t even A knowledge me
      because I wasn’t white now I will see how long corporation will get in touch with me

      Address is
      1900 s Douglas blvd
      Midwest City, Oklahoma 73130

  3. How do I contact the corporate office headquarters by phone here in the UK. I would like to know if you have a UK customer phone number or corporate number, thanks.

  4. 12/21/21 around 4:15pm, I tried to cash a check amount $8585.33 check a older white lady i believe management said quote “ the bank don’t have enough money and cashed my $15.12 and charge me 5 dollars for that check. I know she was she didn’t knowledge me. I need to be emailed on this issue before I file a lawsuit against this bank ( what bank don’t have 8,500 I know have banks operate

  5. In April 2021 I had a scare of some personal email information possibly being compromised so I called you guys and asked if anyone tried to move money out of my account to an unknown account to not allow it. I have been moving money from my personal checking to my other account Doggie Digs and Cat Naps by Terrye Saliba all this time until today. I called to do a transfer from one of my accounts to the above mentioned account and where you call into do that and for the first time the guy refused to do it. I am the owner of both accounts but he would not do it and told me I had to go to bank and show ID. The note was put on my account if someone when to an account that was not mine. You guys have been transferring between these 2 account for years and now I have to go to the bank and show my ID. I am very upset about this and cannot believe that someone would not transfer from my account to my account. You guys never had NOT transferred between these 2 accounts until today. I am very mad about this because I have to drive from Ozark, MO to Nixa, MO in order to do this. That note put on my account was not to keep me from transferring but someone unknown to not transfer money to an unknown persons account. I am furious over this and decided your people do not know how to do their job – obviously someone doesn’t between you can look at my checking account and see how many times I have done this either to my Doggie Digs account or my crypto free blue account. This is unacceptable. It is crystal clear that the guy today along with his supervisor I spoke with is clueless on their job responsibilities. I don’t think we are a good fit anymore and you guys need to get your act together as far as training your people better.

  6. I was on road driving to go see a friend and brant nave, father gary Brian nave ,CEO of arvest bank in shawnee gave me the middle finger for no reason.i don’t know this person.questioning folks in the neighborhood found out that Mr nave gave a rifle to his unstable son who shot a pet pig being pure evil people. Now this evil son of Mr nave who controls his son is out flipping me off, next he will go to a school and blow the kids away. These folks are a threat to society. I want something done about this before I contact cops. U need to talk to this crack pot and is demented family before someone gets hurt.

  7. I am at the the BRANCH ON KELLY HWY SPOKE WITH BRANCH MANAGER TOUA WHO WOULD NOT ALLOW ME TO CASH TWO SMALL CHECKS AFTER ARRIVING AT THE BANK AT 5:52P THE LINE WAS NOT CLEARED OUT AND I WAS THE FIFTH ONE IN AFTER WAITING OVER 15MINS IN THE LINE UPON PULLING UP TO THE WINDOW I WAS TOLD REFUSED SERVICE BECAUSE THEY LIED AND SAID I JUST ARRIVED EVEN THOUGH I WAS THERE OVER THIRTY MINS. I am pleased nor will ever be pleased with the treatment given after banking with you all for years the refusal of service as they know I was in the line and they should have helped me because the line was not fucking clear.
    This was Apr. 1,2022 I am driving a white Mercury with tinted windows in the second tellers line arrival time is at 5:52 bank should not close until 6pm.
    I was in the line and want you all to look at the cameras.
    The teller was very and disrespect I will be banking elsewhere if you do not resolve this matter I am a very loyal costumer and deserve to be treated better than this.
    Lacy Boffer

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