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Sears is also known as Sears, Roebuck and Company. Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892. The company was bought by Kmart in 2005 and a new holeding company was formed, Sears Holdings Corporation.

Sears Holdings Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

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Kmart, Sears Home Services
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3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
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What is Sears’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sears’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-847-286-2500.


What is Sears’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sears’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-479-5899.

The phone number for Sears Credit Card Services is: 1-800-669-8488.


How do I Contact Sears Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Sears via:

Sears Email Address is [email protected] (Customer Service).

Sears’ Contact Us page can be found here.


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Sears on Twitter: @SearsCares

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Sears Headquarters Executive Team.

Sears’s management team consists of:

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Robert A. Riecker, Chief Financial Officer

Julie Ainsworth, Chief People Officer

Mitch Bowling, Chief Executive Officer, Sears Home Services

Leena Munjal, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Integrated Retail

Robert Naedele, Chief Commercial Officer, Shop Your Way

Dean Schwartz, President, Hardlines

Stephen Sitley, General Counsel


Sears Holding Corporation Board of Directors.

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Paul G. DePodesta is Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns football team.

Kunal S. Kamlani is President of ESL Investments, Inc.

William C. Kunkler III is Executive Vice President-Operations of CC Industries, Inc.

Ann N. Reese.  Ms. Reese is a director of Xerox Corporation and Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

Thomas J. Tisch is the Managing Partner of Four Partners, a private investment firm, since 1992.

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342 thoughts on “Sears Headquarters

  1. I purchased a new dryer 2 years ago and the handle broke. It’s a problem with this dryer as they are all breaking. I ordered a new handle for an unbelievable $45 on May 22. Today I got an email cancelling my order. What the hell!! Called up and ordered again. Got a confirmation email and they put the wrong name on the order. Called again and I still don’t know if it’s correct as the shitty call center in the Philippines was so loud I couldn’t understand the dumb lady. No wonder you xxxx are going broke!!! Last time I purchase anything from you unorganized pos!!! Horrible product, service, and communications. MAGA keep the jobs here you morons!!! I’m so frustrated with sears and I’ve been a 40 year customer. No surprise to see you idiots go under. Worst experience I’ve ever had with any company!!!

  2. The Sears store in Delaware,Ohio 43015 has the worst customer service!!Rude managers, lies impossible to work with on any issue. I had to pay 451.30 for a restocking fee. I am on a fixed income. Will be cutting my Sears card into pieces.

    1. Sears owes me a refrigerator and $300 since August 3020.Haven’t received nothing and every time I call protection agreement line.I get the run around.So unprofessional.I have been told I should take Sears to court asap

      1. Oh my goodness…that is the same thing that has been happening to me Lucynthia. I called Sears Warranty in December about my washer and they kept giving me the run around about a number to call. Each time they gave me a number to call and no one could solve the issue. They outsourced a company to work on my washer and the people came in February of 2021 and never returned my washer. I am going to write a letter to headquarters because this doesn’t make any since. You pay for warranty on your appliances and then don’t try to fix any of your appliances. I am so glad that I saw your complaint.

        1. Yes iv had a technician come to my home 10 times to fix my a.c. would work gor 2 days and out again.i live in fort mohave az the temp is 122 degrees my wife now has chronic breathing issues im very worried about her. I’m so upset I can’t even concentrate on everything…….

          1. Today is September 01, 2022; just recently (06/24/22) had issues with our rental property central a/c. Was told it needed Compressor/condenser and coil replaced; paid Sears $2,600. The problem recurred; came out three times…each time problem reoccurred. The last visit, was told I needed an evaporator coil; the cost quoted was an additional $3,000. At that point, I knew I had been SCAMMED by a SUPPOSEDLY LEGITIMATE BUSINESS. TO MY SURPRISE, SEARS HOME REPAIR SERVICES….IS STILL IN BUSINESS.

        2. I’m having the same problem and I think we should file a consume lawsuit I’m pretty sure there a lot of people unhappy, if interested let me know I’m going to look for a consumer lawyer my email is katiriadxxxxxx for anyone Interested .

          1. Ms. Katiria, Did you follow up with a lawsuit? I would be very interested in being part of it. Sears can no longer be able to treat consumers the way they are. People spend there money based on product and service. When this satisfaction can not be met by due to negligence and procedural dead end then it becomes fraud. My email address is kobevers

          2. Katiria
            My name is Saturnino Beltran. We are going thru a living hell with sears. They installed a new furnace in our house that is not working. We have more than a month without heat and they dont fix our problem.
            Please let me know how can we be part of this lawsuit

          3. Let me know I will join!! I have a warranty and they are not honoring it. You hang on the phone for hours and they hang up the phone!!🤬

          4. I would love to know if you have followed through on this lawsuit because I would like to be included .

      2. Hay same with me Lucy. I am trying to start a class action lawsuit aginst sears same issue. They sold theese refrigerator knowing the parts were discontinued anyway. I contacted lawyers. Contacted the better bisness bureau. Fraud is aginst federal law,.

          1. Same with me 15 months no a/c but I’m in Oklahoma and I work outside I’d love to be part of this law suit

  3. I get tons of letters asking why I no longer shop at Sears and K-Mart and did it ever occur to corporate that not everyone can get to your stores anymore? You closed store located in my area and I have no way to get to ANY OF YOUR DAMN STORES!!!

  4. I bought a lawn tractor 41″, a snow blade, and a grass catcher. I tried plowing my drive way which is about 20′ x 40′ with a slight incline. I wasn’t able to go any more than 6 to 10′ . I than bought chains and wheel weights and with 3 or 4″ of snow I could only go about 12′. The tractor is good for the lawn but the snow blade is useless.I can’t believe sears would carry such a product. I payed $208.99 and have to shovel I am 78 years old and don’t find it easy to shovel. I would like to return the snow blade for a refund. I would like to put the refund to a snow blower and pay the difference.
    Thank you,
    William Mongan

  5. To whom it may concern at Sears
    This is your Slogan.
    “We Make Repairs Easy ” It does not tell you how long you have to wait for someone to come and repair your Appliances.

    I’ve been a loyal customer with Sear’s for sixty years and since we settled
    down here in Tennessee for the past forty-five years, we bought everything
    from Sears. At least fifty items that were covered under “All Care.” Now I’m
    with twenty Items because they took the gasoline products off. Now it is
    called “Master Protection agreement.”

    My AC broke down on July 9th. The appointment they gave me was July 17th. He
    came late at night and worked on it. He found out that my compressor was
    gone. So the service man told me he will call me the next day, which he did.
    He told my daughter that he come by later. He never came by. So, I called
    and wanted to know what is going on. They told me that they can’t even find
    the order or the repairman. So, I called again and I got hung up on. I
    called again and I get asked, can you hold on? I said, sure but, please,
    don’t hang up on me again? Not me, the lady says and we got hung up on, yet

    Every time I call, I have to tell the same story because I never get the
    same person every time I call. When I finally thought that I got someone who
    cared, he told me someone will call me the next day. Monday the fellow who
    worked on the AC. So, I waited again for this call and it never happened.
    This is horrible customer service. I should not have to go through this
    inconveniences. Monday, I should have had the Service man call me who was
    here before, but still nothing.

    Now, my Hot Water heater also went out on that day. The guy was here to fix
    my AC. I told him about it this appointment was also eight days later. I
    left a message and my daughter, also left a message. No one ever called
    back. They told me that they can’t find him or my order. Really? Then, who
    shows up for my Hot Water heater? The same service man!
    He could have and should have worked on this the same night he worked on the
    AC. Right?

    I told him I already consulted with a lawyer, which I did. My next
    appointment was on August 8th. He said that he would be here on the one he
    came for but the compressor doesn’t work. Now he needs to order something
    else. I get a call telling me that he should been here on August 7th. Well,
    I waited and waited… I called at 6 PM wanting to know if he still is
    coming… No is the answer! They told me that he will be here tomorrow
    August 8th. I get a call in the morning advising me that he is sick! Now,
    I’m told August 9th, next day.

    So, I called and wanted to know what is going on? They make me a new
    appointment for August 15th!? Why? This is how long that I have to wait
    without AC?

    My Daughter talked them in to a portable AC. They gave me $250.00 to spend,
    however, it cost $299.00. It makes so much noise that I can’t sleep with
    this on. So, I took it downstairs in the Living room. We can’t hear the TV
    or someone talking. So, I bought me a window unit since I have my Great
    grand Baby here at all times so she can sleep. This one feels like an
    Airplane flying in my house. When I called today, I felt that I should be
    next in line for someone to come since they already worked on the unit. I
    feel that I should be next in line since it has already been worked on and
    that the part is there. You think they would consider that? Please help.
    This is totally unacceptable.


    My Kenmore washer is out of order – an electrical short occurs when you try to connect the plug with the outlet. I called Sears on July 17th and got an appointment on July 31st.
    The technician came and said the cord needs to be replaced, but he had no spare cord with him, so he placed an order.

    A new cord arrived on Aug. 3d, and the 2nd technician came on Aug. 4th to find out that the machine shorts with the new cord as well. His second guess diagnosis was that the timer should be replaced, and he ordered the new timer that arrived on Aug. 8th but they had no appointment available until Aug. 15th.

    On Aug. 15th the 3d technician arrived just to find out that the 2nd technician ordered a wrong timer! Today Aug. 17, a month since my machine went out of order, and my new appointments is on Sept. 1st. I am not sure they’ll repair it at that date.

    These people are completely unprofessional and irresponsible and my calls to their headquarter do not help.

  7. I purchase one of sear top of line Refrigerator, It not 2 years old yet. It been work on 4 Time. The warranty that the store say was the best rated and they would come out 7 days a week. Well none of that is true. It been broke again for 4 weeks and when you call you get a person from over sea who doesn’t speak English. then all you get from supervisor is she sorry and they call back when they get the parts in. Well I’ve called then all week and get the answer let them check on the part but you never get a call back. Can you help to get my refrigerator repaired. I think its be broke more then working. I hope your service doesn’t treat everyone like I have. I would rate the customer service a VERY POOR

  8. I called to have someone to come fixed my dryer…Oct 8 2018 They was here and my timer is out, also the heat was broke…so I have been waiting since then …they say it was in research all this time…they can’t not find the replacement timer…the tech was here and he put in the heating part but of course not the timer because he had no part… still in research…My husband has talked to everyone that he could about this problem. We have been with Sears every since 1975… and I have never had this much trouble. So I feel like I should had a dryer fixed or replace by now. It still in research but everyone see that they can not get the timer!!!! Now since they have closed stores we have no stores to shop at, so now what? I am not happy with my service. My husband was on the phone going from one person to another for three hours…I want to know what you are going to do with my dryer this whole problem needs to be solved. The techs’ are at a loss of what to do so they called their boss …Nov 12th 2018. We have a whole house service agreement. If you can not fix my products, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Being without a dryer for 5 weeks is unacceptable!!

  9. Sears Home Warranty and Sears Home Services are terrible. The technician never showed up to fix my dishwasher yesterday. Rescheduled for today. He showed up BEFORE the appointment window and left when I wasn’t home. Calling customer service only connects me to a call center in the Philippines where the reps don’t have the ability to do anything but apologize and promise they’re sending dispatch a message about my situation and I should hear back shortly. Of course, I never get the promised call.

  10. I just filed a complaint with the BBB. I purchased a new washer and dryer and it broke after 2 months. It took 2 weeks for anyone to show up and now parts are ordered and another 2 weeks will pass. Parts are due in 5 days but they said they will not be back for two weeks. I want to return this product and buy from a reputable company who has quality customer service. The store manager said he would not take it back and could not help with service. Customer service would not let me talk to manager. After a lot of arguing I finaly did and he did nothing. The service man you sent “smelled” and was to large to even get behind the washing machine to do the service work. What happened to Sears. Please take the units back or at least get them repaired next week.

  11. I contacted Sears about a fraud case. I canceled TLG Shopper on 10-30-2018. then I called Sears on 11-12-18 and talked to Kelly, she said this was definitely was a fraud case. Kelly said she would take the last 3 payments of $16.99 off my bill. She would cancel the SHOP YOUR WAY card and send me a new one, I told her I didn’t want a new one, anyway I received a new one and never called the phone number. Sears contacted me and said I was late on my November bill and owe $16.99.
    I received my new card and didn’t call the number to open the account, and charged me $43.99.
    I do not owe anything on this account because I never opened this shop your way card. You opened this card.
    Thank You
    I want to talk to Kelly or a Manager no one else.
    I thought this was stratend out.
    Next thing I know I get a bill from Sears for

  12. I’m contacting your office regarding repair # 40101565 please call me on the listed phone number immediately. I need to speak to management to find a solution regarding a purchase from your store and the poor customer service I have received from your technician an call center.

  13. On 3/10/2019, we noticed items in our freezer becoming soft and that the refrigerator was not cooling properly. We called for service on 3/11/2019. An appointment was made for 3/12/2019 between 1PM – 5PM. Technician “A” came on that date to access the problem and ordered a compressor, compressor overload protector and UV filter dryer. The tech made an appointment for 3/18/2019 to install the parts. Tech “B” arrived on 3/18/2019, installed the received parts and informed me that he found a restriction in the condenser and needed to order a replacement and ordered it. Technician “B” made an appointment to install the new condenser on 3/22/2019 between 1PM – 5PM. On 3/22/2019 at 3PM, I called to confirm that the tech was still coming because I had not received any phone calls, emails or text messages from sears confirming the appointment. I was told that since I did not notify them that I received the part, that the appointment was cancelled. I was never made aware of the fact that I was expected to notify THEM when I received the part. This is a load of crap because I never notified anyone that I had received the compressor and other parts and the tech came on the appointed day and time to install them. I was then transferred to the contracts customer service department in an attempt to get a tech out to repair the fridge that day and was told that the earliest date the dispatcher could get someone out would be 3/26/2019 between 10AM – 2PM. The appointment was made. Shakeara offered a $50 check for the inconvenience, which I accepted, and stated that the check should arrive in 7 – 21 business days. Case number 6258027. She told me to try calling tomorrow to see if an earlier time/day became available. I called and nothing sooner was available. Technician “A” arrived at about 10:30AM on 3/26/2019 and began working on the refrigerator only to find that the restriction was in the UV filter dryer which technician “B” installed on 3/18/2019. It was mentioned that technician “B” likely caused the restriction with an overabundance of solder used. Technician “A” told me that he replaced the UV filter dryer with another one and supposedly tested the system and found it to be free of restrictions. What he deceivingly didn’t tell me was that he re-installed the original UV filter dryer. At this time he offered to do a “FLUSH” of the system for $50 which was not necessary but recommended. He said that “it would make the system like new again”. I commented that the flush should be done anyway as part of the repair in order to ensure the system was free of contaminants and that I should not have to pay anything for it. He refused and at that time I felt that I was now being scammed. He charged the system with Freon, told me that it may be cold enough that night to safely store food back in it that needed to be refrigerated but it may take as long as 24 hours to reach the set 37 degree temperature. The condenser was never replaced but the tech took the part with him when he left. I immediately placed a refrigerator thermometer in the refrigerator and shortly thereafter checked the reading. I read 51 degrees. Two hours later it read 55 degrees. One hour later it read 58 degrees and one hour later it read 60 degrees. I moved the thermometer to the freezer and it too read 60 degrees. We then called the “4MY HOME” service number to report this and after being hung up on twice, the third attempt we were finally connected to a “Customer Solutions” or “Contract Customer Service” department or something along those lines. After explaining all this to the representative, we were given another appointment for April 1, 2019 between 8 – 12AM. I AM AT THE END OF MY ROPE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I am a disabled US VETERAN who depends on his refrigerator to keep his medications cold!!!! I am spending money I should not have to be spending on ICE to keep my medication cold!!!! I will no longer tolerate this inept service and disgraceful customer support. If my refrigerator is not working properly by the close of business Friday, 3/29/2019, I want the refrigerator replaced with a new one. We have paid many thousands of dollars for our Sears Kenmore Elite appliances as well as many thousands of dollars for their maintenance contracts and I expect and demand better service that what I have been receiving on this appliance. After experiencing this episode, I fully understand why a one time highly respected and trusted name in the appliance business is going bankrupt. Every business which is run like this usually does. Way to go Sears!!!! You might want to consider AMERICAN customer service reps as opposed to those you are currently using who have no grasp on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Shame on you sears!!!

  14. I have had the same Sears credit card since 1979. When I make a major appliance purchase I have used sears Surplus. Great vaue for a great price has been my experience. Last week I got notice from Sears that my credit account was being closed for inactivity. I was not only disappointed by this, having been a long term Sears customer, but dismayed when my credit score was lowered by over 30 points due to the closure. What a way to reward a forty year relationship. It is no wonder that you are losing customers to the competition when you treat loyalty so cavalierly.

    Arthur H Leonard 3rd

  15. I would like to speak with someone (with some power) about the incredibly horrific customer service I have received. I have been placed on hold for a total of approximately 5 hours over 2 days, had my repair appointment cancelled twice and cannot get a new one for 2 weeks on a 4 year old refrigerator that has now broken twice in 4 years. I have tried to call several numbers, each person I finally reach has something so wrong with their phone that they are completely incoherent. Every person I have actually been able to interact with is incompetent and of no help. What has happened to me is completely unacceptable and I would really like someone to contact me.

  16. I have never had a worse experience in my entire life than Sears Home Services. You cannot reach anyone via your home office number or any local number. All go to offshore somewhere. Your corporate operator is rude beyond measure. Will NOT connect me to Mitch Bowling or anyone else, and yelled at me that there are NO managers or supervisors that I can talk to or be transferred to and just put me back to the offshore idiots! I have been overcharged as well as 2 techs who have not fixed my problem still!

  17. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  18. We have had trouble with our refrigerator for the past couple of years. We purchased the warranty and thought we would be able to have it replaced if it wasn’t fixed after a couple of repairs for the same thing. Each time we call we are told that we didn’t fulfill the requirements and the next time it will be replaced. The refrigerator is still not working and they are coming out for the 5 time tomorrow and who knows of it will be repaired. We have requested to get copies of all the service calls and repairs and have been bounced around and never was provided any information.
    Can someone please help before we call the BBB?

  19. Sears used to stand for something, or so my dad said.

    At this point, however, I find that hard to believe 🙁

    Dealing with Sears is hands down the most painful and infuriating consumer experience I’ve had to date in my 35+ years of life and there is nothing I dread more.

    I have not had a working washer in a couple weeks now, and at this point I’m be waiting a couple more weeks too (at least). When it stopped working, I made an appointment right away since I have a service contract (I paid $700+ to renew the washer/dryer contract for an additional 5 years). The tech never showed up to my house but somehow the job was marked completed on Sear’s end…and I when I called in the Sears phone rep had the nerve to say “I don’t know what to tell you, the job shows as completed on my end.” And I said “Um okay. I don’t know what to tell you. I live and worked from home all day and no one ever called/buzzed my unit the entire day.” So I had to reschedule. And this time the tech actually shows up…only to have to order 4 parts. And that was on 11/20. It’s now 12/1 and every time I call Sears I get a different story. Some days I have 4 parts – today I apparently only have 3. Some days they said the 4th part is backordered but will arrive on 12/12 – today they said it won’t ship until 12/12.

    It is unacceptable to be without a working washer that long and I’m pretty sure the Sears CEO would agree. While Sears has sent me a $50 check to date, it doesn’t come close to covering what I’m sending at a laundromat – never mind the inconvenience and lost itme.

    So many hours I’ve spent on with Sears the last couple weeks. One time it was an hour – so many painful conversations and transfers and me explaining my situation over and over again only to get transferred. When I finally got a hold of someone decent, we end up getting discounted…and he never called back. So I had to start the entire excruciating experience all over again…(and Sears actually has the nerve to answer each call by saying “Where Moments Matter”!)

    On 3 different occasions I’ve been told someone will call me within 24 hours with an update. Not once have I received that call (and I’ve verified my phone number with Sears far more than I could ever count). The phone rep told me the same tonight, but I don’t believe it of course.

    I’ve had so many issues with this washer in the 6.5 years that I’ve owned it but the worst part is having to deal with Sears and KNOWING they will always let me down every chance they get…

    I can’t believe Sears is okay with treating customers like this. Where has your basic honesty and integrity and following through on your word gone???

    Katherine Caporiccio

    now you’re calling to extend my warranty, promising to install it once i pay.
    724-852-xxxx. YEA, I’LL WAIT BY THE PHONE.

  21. I spend 40 minutes explaining my situation to Ashton and he puts me on hold and leaves me hanging. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HAVE BEEN WAITING 4 YEARS FOR YOU TO INSTALL MY NEW A.C.
    SALES CHECK # 021141221549.

  22. We have been trying, since Feb., it’s now August, to have our Sears warranty replace our dishwasher that caught on FIRE! replaced. We have been told every month that we are scheduled and every month a message is left on the phone that it’s been delayed- since FEBRUARY!!! That’s it – today we received yet another delay! I want my WHOLE check back that I wrote for Sears SERVICE which we are NOT getting for the money. We have had Sears service for 20 plus years but something has changed in the past couple of years that is bizarre! I want my money back and the price to go somewhere else to purchase a dishwasher the YOU SHOULD BE REPLACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are on the phone with Sears constantly setting up new appointments. ENOUGH! I want my whole check back I paid out for our maintenance agreement and the price of my dishwasher replacement NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I have been waiting for parts to be returned get no where for weeks my check was cashed without my permission this is fraud

  24. I had a Sears repair scheduled for today, 9-17-20 and no one showed up, no one called to cancel, etc. I then called and held on for 1 1/2 hrs. to be told “Oh well, the company that is servicing our appliances is out of your district so they couldn’t come to your house.” Of course, I was never notified of this. They then gave me another number which I called and it was even further away from my home. What is going on. I am very upset how I was treated. They set up a new appointment in 3 weeks and I want to make sure someone is going to come. No one can tell me anything. Can someone call me to give me some advice.

  25. On September 4th I ordered a rowing machine online. I received notification that it would be delivered on September 21. Meanwhile I received an email indicating delivery was made on September 17 at 5:24pm. Delivery was NOT made. The order number is 907114670. I have been on the phone for the last hour trying to get this resolved. I am now being told the item is out of stock and offered a treadmill. Really? I ordered a rowing machine and that is what I want. I have been billed $619.98 on September 4th and I do not have the product or a satisfactory solution.

  26. I am writing to complain about the lack of service that I received with the Sears Home Warranty program. I purchased a Sears Home Warranty on May 21, 2020. I looked into a few programs and decided to go with the Sears Home Warranty program, while it is more expensive than other home warranty programs, I thought I was going with a reputable company and would receive great service. That was the biggest mistake I’ve made.
    On June 24, 2020 I scheduled an appointment for service on my Central Air Unit. It was not blowing cool air. The first technician came out, filled the unit with freeon and dye, he stated that I had to call again if the issue persists so that another technician can come out and check for leaks. My air worked for a few days but went warm again. I called Sears Home Warranty customer service to have someone come out to check for the leak. They sent a technician out that asked me to disconnect and move my washing machine to get to the furnace. I disconnected the washing machine and moved it so the technician could assess the furnace. Even though the furnace was visible with the washing machine hooked up it wasn’t until after I unhooked and moved the washing machine that the technician decided that he could not reach the furnace where it was located and that the job required two technicians. He refilled the central air unit with freeon, left my home, and rescheduled the appointment. The freeon lasted a couple of days before my central air unit started blowing warm air again.
    The next appointment two technicians came out, checked the furnace coil for a leak and couldn’t find one. They pumped the system with nitrogen and found the leak coming from the service ports outside. They stated that the ports needed to be replaced. They order parts and assured me that they would return when the parts came in. I never got a call that the parts came in. I had to call into Sears Home Warranty customer service several times to check for parts and reschedule the appointment myself.
    The day of the appointment, the service provider cancelled the appointment during the appointment time. I called into the Sears Home Warranty customer service to reschedule the appointment. The appointment got cancelled and rescheduled for three consecutive days during the appointment time. There was no advance notice. I was so upset and frustrated because I was very uncomfortable in my home. The weather was in the upper 90s and I had no air. There was no consideration for my time and no one personally reached out to me to apologize or seemed to care what was going on. The customer service representative only offered to send another technician out. The technician finally came out approximately July 15, 2020. He fixed the leak outside the central air unit. It worked for about 2-3 weeks until the air was not cooling the house again.
    I called Sears Home Warranty customer service to request another technician to come out. The technician put freeon into the unit again. When the technician left I called customer service to complain about technicians only pumping freeon into the unit, but not looking for the leak which will solve the problem. Customer service told me I need to call the service provider. I called the service provider. The Service provider stated that the technician has a process to go through. They used freeon and sealant. Maybe the sealant will fix the leak. Needless to say, the sealant did not fix the leak.
    Early August I called back for a technician to come out and find out where the leak was. The technician came out, put freeon in the system, stated he forgot a tool and needed to reschedule the appointment. That was the same technician that asked me to unhook and move the washing machine only to say he needed another technician so he couldn’t fix the unit that day. He never rescheduled the appointmet. I had to call Sears Home Warranty customer service myself and rescheduled the appointment. Every phone call to Sears Home Warranty customer service was a minimum of 30 minutes.
    By mid August, I became frustrated with the fact that I my central air unit had not been properly fixed or replaced and that I was getting the run around. I called customer service and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I thought maybe a supervisor would resolve the issue for once and all. It took three separate phone calls to get to a proper supervisor request because the first couple of representatives didn’t feel my issue was urgent enough to be escalated to a supervisor. They stated that I should just let another technician come out. When I finally got to a customer service representative to request a supervisor, the supervisor wasn’t available to talk to me that same day. I believe it was a Monday in Mid August when I put in the request for a supervisor. I had to wait 24-48 hours for a call back. I called back everyday to customer service stating that a supervisor had not contacted me yet. The customer service representatives assured me that I was in the que and someone would get back to me. By Friday, I spoke with a customer service representative that stated maybe I should advise the technician to replace the unit because they haven’t been able to fix the leak since June. She convinced me that she would add the fact that I’ve had the same issue since June and she would recommend replacing the unit in her notes.
    That Sunday, a supervisor Gabriel finally called me back. It took a whole week! Gabriel seemed sympathetic to my issue. I informed him of the conversation that I had with the last representative and that a technician would come out. The phone call with Gabriel occurred towards the end of August. Gabriel stated that I should let the technician come out and I should tell the technician to put in their notes that the unit should be replaced. Gabriel told me he would follow up with the service provider after the appointment and follow up with me to let me know what is going on. That phone call seemed so reassuring.
    The technician came out. I told him how I’ve had multiple technicians come out since June for the same issue and maybe the leak can’t be fixed. The unit should be replaced. The technician claimed there was no leak. My thermostat needed to be readjusted and needed batteries. He basically made me feel like I was the issue and I’m just trying to receive a new unit. Gabriel never called back to follow up with me.
    Needless to say, the central air unit was not cooling my house a week later. I called Sears Home Warranty customer service again this time to speak directly to a supervisor. I refused to speak to a regular representative. That time I was able to speak to a supervisor on the same phone call. The supervisor seemed furious that I had been going back and forth since June. She called the service company directly to let them know my issue need to be resolved. She setup an appointment for another technician to come out.
    The day the technician was supposed to come out. I noticed I never got the usual confirmation email or text message. I called Sears Home Warranty Customer Service to confirm the appointment only to find out the supervisor didn’t setup the appointment at all. I asked to speak to another supervisor. When George, the supervisor got on the phone, I explained my frustrations. I told him I am willing to follow protocol I am just tired of calling Sears Home Warranty customer service and explaining my situation over and over to different representatives. I asked him if he could assure that he is the only point of contact moving forward and help resolve my issue. George, the customer service supervisor told me that he was too busy with meetings and other work to follow up with me. He didn’t seem to care that I was calling regarding an ongoing issue since June. George told me that the best he could do is send a technician out. I agreed once again to allow a technician to come out because that seemed to be my only option. George stated there was no one over him that I could talk to.
    The technician came out once again. It was the same guy that said my central air unit wasn’t leaking and that it was a thermostat issue. This time he determined that there was actually a leak. He wanted to pump dye into the system and told me not to call them back until Spring because I wasn’t going to need the system anyway. It was only three days left in the summer. Fearing that he would leave and I would be dealing with the same issue well into next summer, I told him that dye was already pumped into the system. He asked to see the furnace. He saw the washing machine and was trying to leave because the washing machine blocked the furnace. I told him I would unhook and move the washing machine. I unhooked my washing machine and moved it so he could see the coil in the furnace. He determined the leak wasn’t in the coil. I told him that had been determined already before he even looked at it. He went outside and for what seemed like 30 secs and stated the cap on the port was loose. He twisted it back on and pumped freeon in the system. It is September 29, 2020 and my central air until still does not cool.
    I am requesting a refund on the Sears Home Warranty plan on every payment since the initial payment in May. This is not the service I signed up for. This service is not even worth the monthly amount that I am paying. I feel so helpless and alone with a home repair that is supposed to be covered under a plan I’m paying for. Customer service is horrible. There is a lack of communication between departments. There is no one to complain to. No one helps. Customer Service and technicians make me feel like I’m bothering them because I want what I paid for to be fixed correctly. Its frustrating and Sears does not replace items that cannot fixed as promised or at least just fix the item. I feel like I’ve been scammed out of my money. I should never pay for a service and leave with the feeling that I am the problem for having the expectation of what I was promised when I signed up for the service. The warranty was advertised as a peace of mind protection plan. That has not been my experience. It has been more of an inconvenience.

    1. I totally agree with the Protection Plan problems. I’ve been trying since 8/2020 to have them replace my stove that no longer has parts available. Their on line site does not have the GE stove I want with the options I need to make it work for me. Their call center is the worst. You’re on hold for over 20 minutes and then you get a different answer every time you call. I asked for them to just send me the money so I can order something from one of our local stores. The last guy I talked to hung up on me.

  27. I encountered a ruined Sears technician on the phone. I sent an email on 9/21 received no response. Everyone I called informed me Sears has no email address. I find that very unprofessional that a company does not have an email address.

  28. My name is Brunel Bruno, and for the past 15 years, I was a loyal Sears customer. I brought a refrigerator at Sears in 2005, and I took a contract protection agreement.
    On September 3, I called Sears because my refrigerator did not work. It has been 1 month and 2 days since my refrigerator broke down, my experience with Sears since that day is very catastrophic.
    First, finding an appointment for the technician to come was an issue
    Second, to order the part was another issue
    Now, I have the part sitting in my house, it is another issue to find a technician to come to fix it.
    For all these reasons, since fixing becomes an issue, I would like Sears to change my refrigerator under our Agreement Protection Plan.
    Please inform me of the urgency of the process because I cannot any longer live without a fridge in my house. I had been patient; Sears reaches the limit; if I have to get my lawyer involved I will if I don’t hear from Sears.

  29. Yes, this is the final request, I have exhausted my patience, we have been requesting, calling, begging, have called for 2 hr wait to get thru Csr, have talked with overflow, made multiple references to support teams, all CSR’s have apologized etc.., And the problem has no even started to be resolved!!!
    This is Corrine Ortega
    xxx S Texas St
    Silver City, NM 88061 (575) 538-xxxx
    Here is the problem we have requested a service tech, since July 21st, he has never showed, and went as far as saying, customer refused service? We have made 3 request and never showed, called nothing, I have spent months getting thru customer service have complained, been transferred to overflow, warranty dept, service dept, local store, and the same things happen, apology, they esculate, and say we will be called back between 3-7 cuisines day and never receive the call, we purchased a Frigidaire side by side fridge 2 years ago, bought the 5 year extended warranty, it made and awful noise in freezer, when we called for service in July 2020, Western mechanical Jesus Polanco, no answer, can’t leave message, nothing, until we get a service tech, nothing can move forward, we have requested many times!!! Nothing is happening!!!! Here is the case # 6911536, Since then the freezer has wentout, lost food, main fridge is out lost food! We have a white box in kitchen, and nothing is getting done, just last week we were told a 3 party would contact us to get a tech over to check out our dead box problem, and here we are 7 days later with no call no tech no nothing, have chatted online with csr, and same revolving door of apologies and request of tech who never shows! I don’t know what to do anymore! we paid over 1500.00 servant afford to go and but another fridge, which obviously won’t be from sears, Sears used to care, but not any more! I’m requesting my money back.. fridge 1500, wArranty 359, loss of food 300, frustration and time spent trying to get help 1000!

  30. Dear Sears,
    I am writing with two requests:

    1. I would like an apology for the confusing and contradictory information given to me
    as I repeatedly tried to set up a service call for my Kenmore refrigerator per the terms of my
    Master Protection Agreement. The issue was a daily buildup of ice and water on the bottom
    shelf of the refrigerator.

    2. I would like to request a reimbursement of the $315 I had to pay out of pocket for an outside
    repair person to come and address this problem in a timely fashion rather than waiting over
    two weeks for Sears to respond.

    At the time of this problem, early September, I had a Sears protection agreement in place (expiration
    Date 9/21/2020).

    I called for service in early September.

    I was told the soonest date would be September 18, which at that time was two weeks away.

    Due to the nature of the problem — water and ice building up inside the refrigerator — I requested
    a visit earlier than that. In addition, we were planning to leave town on September 12 and needed
    to resolve this pressing issue prior to departure. I was told there were no other options, and that
    there was no one else I could speak to about this matter.

    This was not a satisfactory answer. I called again on Friday, September 4.
    A very sympathetic representative told me that she would “elevate” my service call due
    to the nature of my request and Sears would call me on Tuesday morning (due to Monday being
    the Labor Day holiday) to set up an appointment. She took my email
    contact information as well.

    When I had not heard back from Sears by midday on that Tuesday, I called. I was hold for well over
    an hour. I was told, sorry, the 18th is the soonest we can come and nothing can be done to move up
    that date.

    It was as if the call on Friday never happened.

    I was further told I was fortunate I only had to be on hold for 90 minutes, that some waits are over 2
    hours. And when I asked the representative if she would be satisfied to wait two weeks for
    service if ice and water was building up on a daily basis in her Sears refrigerator, she said –
    improbably – yes.

    So I went ahead and did what I felt was the only reasonable course of action. I called an outside
    repairperson. The repairperson came the next day, diagnosed the problem (a faulty part) and
    return two days later to install the new part. The water and ice buildup stopped.

    In subsequent contact with Sears I was told that in critical situations it is possible to get permission
    to bring in an outside repairperson and get that cost reimbursed. But in the Friday and Tuesday
    calls no one mentioned that option. It is a very reasonable option and I would imagine that in
    a situation like mine, with a daily build-up of ice inside the refrigerator, that would be an
    option that should be presented if an immediate service call is not possible.

    If I do not get a satisfactory response I will share this very unsatisfactory experience with
    the Better Business Bureau and other appropriate agencies.


    Marc Silver and Marsha Dale

    Note: the agreement was listed under my wife’s name:
    Marsha Dale
    4418 Stanford Street
    Chevy Chase, Md.

  31. sears is suppose to reimburse my family for food when the frig went out all of our meats were spoiled. We were told that $300.00 would help with groceries. Sears want even answer the phones for the pass 3 months. Will you help us with situation?

  32. I purchased a refrigerator online on September 17 2020 to be delivered on today October 26 2020. When I call to check on delivery they tell me it wont be delivered until October 31 2020. NOONE NOTIFIED ME BY PHONE IR EMAIL of the change so yesterday I put my old fridge out for trash and have all my food sitting out and now it’s going to go bad. I am LIVID over this. I should have been told if this change. This is so unprofessional for your company to do this to someone. I am seeking legal counsel to serve what I can do about this, I am so very very angry with the way this was handle. IM PISSED!!!!!


  34. I would like my diagnosis fee refunded. My window was 8-12, technician showed up at 3 p.m. no calls, no texts to notify me. I was at a rental property with no furniture, no where to sit, waiting. 7 hours total. Tech spent 5 minutes and was unable to help me. He was more interested in selling me home warranties for all of my appliances that already have warranties. I will not shop Sears or Lands End ever again if I cannot get this resolved. When I called to find out w here he was someone from the Phillippines helped me and made me hold so she could tell me what time it was in my own time zone. WTF. Sears failed to deliver. Waive the fee, keep a customer.

  35. I have been waiting on the 3rd party to repair my deep Frezzer going on 4 months have lost all of my food and I still have not got it fixed just a run around I am trying to

  36. Buenos días hace 5 meses solicité un servicio para mi tractor y a pesar del tiempo hoy no me han reparado ni o remplasado el equipo ya no se que hacer a quien llamar o si de verdad me van a reparar el equipo . En este momento que les escribo hace una hora que estoy esperando me atiendan lo que considero un abuso.
    Mi tel. 1-787-502-xxxx por el pueden ver mi reclamación solo espero que alguien lea este comunicado y entienda que estoy desesperado.

  37. I want to reach out to you and let you know I closed my account. I have tried to resolve a issue several times and have been hung up on several times. I can’t understand several I was trying to talk to. I’m sad to say customer service is not what it used to be. I am very sad to shut this card off after all the years. I just thought I needed to let you know why.

  38. Verbal Method! I’m a beyond angry customer. Ordered & pd for my merchandise on 9-3-30. Since then, been promised several other dates for delivery. On 11-18-2020, finally dryer was delivered. I want both, my set! This is absolutely absurd. Went down this morning, 11-27-2020(Black Friday) Fed up, as if right now there’s a washer and dryer available, all together $441.99 difference of what I was told I’d have to pay. On 9-3-2020, Sears Biggest sale of the year, had I gone with the others, probably wouldn’t be paying any difference. I literally have been told 4 different dates for delivery. That’s nothing but empty bs promises. Never was told from the beginning that there was any kind of shortage due to the Pandemic. This has affected my mental and physical well-being. I am more than happy to get my Dr’s notes for you people. I want exactly what I want at NO ADDT’L cost. The new set that is available now, can be delivered to me on 12-1-20, unless you tell them today. This is my last resort on working with anyone, then I am going to do what I already should have done long ago: Stand outside and let them know (potential customers) that downtown, same items but for a whole lot of less $ and don’t have to wait. Do you really want it to come to that? I don’t. Please consider everything and give me a call back at 541-252-xxxx, TODAY, SOON!!


    Holly Barnes
    1853 Ash Ct
    North Bend, OR 97459

  39. I have been a loyal customer with sears for over 40 years, and it is sad to see how the service has significantly decreased. I have been waiting since june 2020 for my oven to be repaired, they couldn’t find the part and authorized in sept. to replace and nothing has been done since. Who can HELP? I had to go to target and buy a microwave to get by and Thanksgiving I had to order in, I couldn’t even cook-so very sad! SEARS has ruined my experience and my Thanksgiving. And every day I call to be put on hold for hours to talk to someone who can’t understand English very well and gives me the same response.
    Andrea Rose:
    Andrea Rose,
    “I really wish, I could have checked that for you, but my apologies, as we are into repair scheduling team for the appliances covered under Sears Protection Agreement, we do not have an option to check on replacement.
    I would request you to contact our protection agreement benefit administration department at 800-927-78xx.”
    And then I call to be put on hold for 3-4 hours at least… and still no solution.

  40. I’ve been waiting since July of this year to get my replacement washer under the home warranty plan. You may look up status of all appointments scheduled being canceled to deliver our washer. No customer service would help with correct answers to help with problem. We need our money back or a new washer. Please look into this and see if your department can resolve our issue. Last issue number is 61967607. We would like our money back or a new washer right away. 989-297-xxxx

  41. hi making me look bad r eceived a payment of 66 dollars for Nov. they cant find it bank emailed them heard nothing where is the money? #301 4042100. lower my credit limit no notification.

  42. I have been waiting for over a month for sear to fix my wash and dryer. I have call so many time and Tried of the poor service I will not buy any thing else from sears.

  43. My Kenmore Elite refrig has not worked for about 2 months now. After 2Tech at 2 different times assured me it was fixed. This refrig was under warranty and no one seems to be able to repair it. I need to speak to someone in authority so that I can file an official complaint. Cannot find a good number online and customer service will not provide me a good number or contact info. My family needs a refrig immediately so that I can prepare some healthy meals; I am running out of money eating out everyday. Very poor customer service….cannot get the help I need. 757-270-xxx

  44. Requested service on a dryer beginning of December it’s now December 16. An LG dryer. They referred out to LJ just has ignored us total even though there’s an order in for the reference number for repair. Can’t talk to anybody can’t get a hold of anybody yet we’ve got no calls and no appointment and the dryer is still un repairared

  45. I have been a member of SEARS as they have great service in the appliances department. However, having said as a monthly paying service parts customer, I have been having awful experinece with the service and orders, get the run around, paid expedited service and still no products 3 months later

  46. Hello my name is Demarcus clincy I wanted to say Sears has ruined Christmas for my 11 year old son ordered a gift on dec 4 a 146 dollar electric skateboard to get a pair of 2 dollar headphone instead called and talked to the online Sears and all they could say is the contacted the people and I have to wait 3 days to get. Answer to see if they are going to refund me money or send the right item so it’s the 18th on a Friday so now it will be the 23 of December before I found out anything. And now my kids Christmas will be ruined because I have no more money to buy another gift thank you for caring so much Sears you guys should be ashamed of your selfs

  47. Was told in August that my range was to be replaced in August 2020. I had been told it would be replaced than it would be replaced later date and now I was told it will be replaced in January 2,2021. It is now the time to replace my range per the the Protection Agreement. Is three months the normal for Sears to support a customer?

  48. We purchased all of our appliances from sears. Just as my parents and grandparents did.

    We had a problem with our over the range microwave in late Nov 2020. The earliest a tech could show up was Dec 8. Tech says on Dec 8, parts are no longer available. We then get an email from sears home warranty with an option to replace with a microwave that does not have the convection aspect (reason we bought it in the first place) real basic model or cash out at a price that is less than 50% of what we need to buy an actual replacement. My wife called home warranty services seven times to dispute the options. Finally (after seven calls) able to talk with someone who said they would send her request for review and that we would hear back in two days. That was Dec 10. Haven’t heard anything yet (now Dec. 22). I emailed Home Warranty customer service on Dec 18 describing what I described above and the auto response was that I would get a response within 24 hours. Still nothing. I have paid $49.00 a month for home warranty appliances and your customer service is non-existent.
    Can the executive team not do anything to rectify the customer complaints? We would like an equitable resolution – now. Thanks.

  49. I’ve been trying to get a replacement washer in accordance with the terms of the Sears Home Warranty plan since Oct 2020. I keep getting the run around. I need help!

  50. Hello,
    I am contacting you regarding my Sears Home Warranty. I have been without a refrigerator since October 21. 4 service calls, loss of time, money and hours of being told that they can not help me. I am beyond frustrated- paying for a monthly service and not getting anything in return. The last visit on Jan 7th told me the refrigerator CAN NOT be fixed. I just spent the last hour being flipped in between different departments and then being told they have to have a supervisor look into it and someone will call me back in 3 hours when they are free.

    To me that is awful customer service.

    In the meantime, I have had to buy a new refrigerator, have hundreds of dollars of food lost, lost medication for my diabetic children, and days at work while I waited for service calls that could not be completed.
    I am hopeful at this point- I am given a like for like for or my money to replace this Kenmore Elite refrigerator

    Seeing you are pretty important at Sears, I figure you could get the job done. Can you or someone that you c an delegate this job to please get this resolved immediately?
    Thank you,
    Kristen Kowalczyk.

  51. Unable to contact Benefits Administrative Department regarding continued unsuccessful repair visits. Please provide me a direct phone contact number.

  52. To whom it may concern
    I ordered a pair of slip resistant shoes size 9 and I noticed on the order after they were shipped that I’m getting the size 10, I text Sears and a lady said that I would have to wait until I receive them and take them to a sears store for a refund. so while I’m waiting for the shoes I ordered another pair of boots but I received my boots today through UPS with a security tag on one of the boots. This is a bad experience I’ve had
    ordering shoes this time around with Sears. sincerely Adolph L. Aguirre

  53. Hello my name is sylvia liendo im am writing to ask in hopes of maybe getting some help on possibly getting a dontion with a washer an dryer i live at the shelter called P.A.T.H or also called the navigation center in placenta, ca the washer an dryer we have now are by maytag only 1 washer is currently working the other one is not working at well as it should im asking for help because we are a non profit agency an dont have the funds to have them replaced at this time the shelter houses 100 men an woman so with out a means of being able to wash is a little stressful for myself an all the other residents on top of all the staff due to us needing an wanting to wash will hafta deal with the headache of us complaining so if some how you could find it in your hearts to provid the shelter ( navigateion center) with washer an dryer used new either or we just need a good strong to withhold always runing from the hours of 8am to 10 pm are the hours we are aloud to use the washing machine’s thank you for taking the time to read my email if any questions you can reach me at 6573739358 any time again my name is Sylvia a client at the shelter im trying to help the shelter by maybe getting help with some one donating P.A.T.H with washer an dryers so it wont be stressful for them trying to get washer an dryer they do so much for us as it is im so very greatful to have this place without them id still be on the streets with nothing now i have a place to sleep eat shower wash an dry clothes an so much more soon ill have a place to call home they are helping me with housing so please if you can help or know of any place thats able to help please let me know thank you have a great day

  54. Take these complaints seriously! We had 3 appointments in 2 weeks and our refridge is still broke.Tgere is a good reason Sears is going down.Do not make the same mistake we have .Shop anywhere else because this company is not loyal to their agreements.

  55. I order online parts on 1/08/2021. On 1/16/2021 part was at post office with the wrong address. I call again the person on phone said the part was on its way. They did not understand me when I tried to get info from them. Called again on 1/25/2021, they resent part said it would be here on 1/28/2021. It’s Friday 29, I called and again they said part is in transit will be here from February 1-3. I’ve been cooking on a hot plate for a family of six. Very disappointed with your online orders. You need to hire people that speak and understand ENGLISH. They had no problem charging my account!

  56. master protection agreement 1195029402 00386
    We have unsuccessfully been able to reach anyone or receive any service with our case #699 2300 then updated to #700 6061. We are in dire need for some feedback.

  57. Sears Home Services was here today and repaired my fridge, the parts were covered under warranty, but had to pay for labor. Was disappointed to have to pay $400+ to repair an appliance that was still under warranty. My bigger issue is with service scheduling. My 1st appointment was scheduled for Monday Feb 1st (12-4PM). I had not gotten any notifications at all after the initial scheduling confirmation, so I called at approx. 1PM to confirm. Was told appointment had already been cancelled… nobody told me! I was frustrated with the representative I spoke with – he indicated that he was going to reschedule me for Feb 2nd. I never received any confirmation that he had rescheduled the appointment (apparently he was salty that I was frustrated, and was going to show me!). I went online and rescheduled the appointment for Feb 2. I got confirmation that the appointment was successfully rescheduled to Feb 2nd from 12-4. Yesterday AM, around 10AM I received notification that this appointment was cancelled and rescheduled to Feb 3rd. I guess this represents an improvement, as I was actually notified this time. I was informed by a representative that this reschedule, like the one on Monday was due to the technician not confirming the appointment…. thus, it had to be rescheduled. Today the tech showed up, he was great. I asked him about the appointment and technician needing to confirm, and he indicated that this is not consistent with his understanding at all, rather he indicated that there is a new scheduling / logistics system that has been having “lots of problems”. At this point, my fridge seems to be fixed, but I had to clear my schedule from work commitments for a total of 12 hours over three days. I was given a 20% discount coupon for my trouble, but this seems to be not nearly enough. I request that Sears reimburse me for the service call today, in whole or in part (at a minimum). Best regards, Tom

  58. I have extended warranties on my washer, dryer, dishwasher and refrigerator and have had them since at least 2006. I am writing because my washer and dryer have not worked since last March-June. Today was the final straw. I had an appointment secheduled for 8am-12pm. At 7:05am I received a text that the tech was on his way. Then at 7:55am, I received a text that the tech cancelled the appointment because no one was at home! I have spent 3 hours trying to get someone to respond and come back to fix my washer and no one has called. I have called in twice, I have “chatted” 3 times. Nothing! Just operators telling me to reschedule AGAIN! This is beyond reasonable. If I do not get results this week, I will begin going to social media daily to let people know not to get Sears Home Warranty. As an aside, I have always praised this service, but this year, Sears Home Warranty has sunk lower than I would have though possible.

  59. I was on the phone with 2 sears associates and then was on hold for 10 minutes wait to talk to someone that could actually deal with my problem. Is this why SWears is losing business? I have a Kenmore Gas grill that has rust out in one year. The firebox tray is junk and could cause serious explosion if not replaced. I have model 122 334492410 . Part number 0830A 059. The flame tamers are also junk.
    ,Keswick Va

  60. I have had a Sears Home Warranty since 2018, when my microwave was fixed by them–or rather by a contractor that they hired. I have paid 49.99 per month since then. In December 2020 the microwave broke again, in the same way. They sent a contractor out, who determined it needed to be replaced, and of course I paid the $75 deductible. I never heard from them, so I contacted them, and they said they sent me an email, which I never received. I spent about 6 hours on the phone that day, being transferred around to various people who always said I had been transferred to the wrong place. Finally I was told that my microwave would be replaced, and that I would be contacted when it arrived. I got a text saying it had been delivered and called the number. The person said I had been scheduled for Tuesday,February 2. No one showed up. No one called. I then called them. They said I had been rescheduled for the 9th, and they would call on the 8th to confirm. No one called. No one showed up. I called today to set up an appointment. No one answered. I called Sears. They transferred me around for 3 hours. I hung up. I called back and said I wanted all the money I had paid since December 2018 repaid. They transferred me to the wrong place. I went online to stop them from deducting the 49.99 per month from my account. I tried to get in using the password I remembered. Wrong password. I gave my email so that they would send a new password. They claimed to have sent it. I received nothing. Sears is the corporation from Hell. It has stolen $1300.00 from me, and it is still taking money out of my bank account and I do not know how to get it back. I will call my bank tomorrow and ask them to stop allowing sears to withdraw money. I don’t know what else to do, but I swear I will investigate the possibility of a class action suit, as I know this must be happening to a lot of other people.

  61. Have an active Sears Home Warranty contract(10524093) and have been trying to get a washing machine repaired since Nov.17, 2020. 3 parts were ordered, but only 2 have arrived. I have called Sears Home Warranty at least 10 times in the last month, and keep getting incorrect information. I have been getting the run around. Please help.

  62. Did no receive warranty contract and can not get any info on how t do so, contract has been paid for keep getting the run-around, contract is for appliances.

  63. Sears sent the wrong pedestals for washer/dryer, #90759xxxx. Several detailed notes on acct regarding why order was not returned in 30 days. Want to speak to someone who can address my situation.
    My # 702-884-xxxx. Thank you.

  64. I have bought a refrigerator in 2018. Ever since it has given me a lot of problems. I did not know I qualified for a replacement until now. I submitted a claim and it got approved for only a 1,500 credit. They automatically found a replacement but its not the same size as I currently have its smaller. I have also tried going into the 2 stores that they have left open and there is literally nothing. I have been literally calling the protection agreement line everyday because I have been without a refrigerator since November its now Feb 2021. I have people in the protection agreement telling me that I will receive the 1,500 by check in the mail since I was not able to find something online. There was one same size but i’m not paying 3k more for it to not work like this one. This is why the man I talked to said that instead ill get the 1,500 by check to go buy elsewhere. I called a few days back to check the status of the check and they told me that there is nothing processed that there is no check being sent. I have to choose a fridge or get the one they match it with. Every time I call a agent tells me something and then i call again and they tell me something else. I just need a working refrigerator to buy else where!!!! I am looking into making a small claims lawsuit because I have been dealing with this since November and every time I call agents tell me different stuff. This is causing me stress, and depression. Because it is not fair to tell a customer yes your getting the 1,500 by check and then call again and have them tell you something different. And i’ts constantly that I get told different things the times I call. Im saving all the calls being made.

  65. Good afternoon,

    I’m writing in the hopes that you can help me. My daughter lost a stuffed panda that was part of a 2-piece item that we bought at Sears approximately 12 years ago (possibly longer but not too much longer). This panda was the most meaningful friend my daughter had and she is still having trouble sleeping even though we lost the panda over a year ago. We lost Pandy in a hotel, the housekeeping service accidentally took it and mixed it in with sheets that were to be laundered and then could not locate Pandy.

    My daughter has been devastated over this loss. She suffers from anxiety and it’s gotten worse with the pandemic. I’m hoping you can help me locate another one. The stuffed panda was about 6” tall, had floppy arms and legs, a pink gingham bow around its neck, embroidered mouth, and came with a light blue tshirt that had a panda on it.

    If there is any way you could help me locate another one, perhaps in a warehouse, or even a catalog picture would help so I can then try to get someone from Etsy to recreate it.

    A blurry picture of Pandy is attached.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

  66. We ordered 2 refrigerators in October 2020. We have received one. I talked with Steve in customer service February 3 2021 and he said we would be getting a refund in 7 to 10 business days. We still have not received our refund. We have called at least 4 times about this matter and as of February 25, 2021 we have still not received our refund. Can someone please look into this and get back with us. Our order number is 09300142xxxx. North Cobb Christian School.


  67. called for appt for washer and tech did not show up even when email received on way and found out it had been rescheduled 3 days later, not by me..

  68. On going unresolved problems with Sears Master Protection Program for the past 14 Months. I presently have no refrigeration or freezer use with your purchased Kenmore product. We have lost over $300. In food loss. Unit has had functional failure more than half dozen documented times. Sears has sent A&E techs to my home to fix problem with numerous internal parts to no avail. Despite the Master Protection Plan that I have, the employees in this office have lied to us repeatedly saying they would return my call to address the issues but have not! I would appreciate a call from someone to explain further.
    My plan Contract # 0023536135xxxx. Food loss claim # 3663323. My name is Major Thomas B. Foley, USMC (ret.) , Contact phones 631 724-xxxx home. Thank you

  69. A Haley Hale an executive, says she was handling me case #6969924. But she does not return my emails or my calls since November. Issue with my gas stove.

  70. I’m putting In a complaint on Affordable comfort heating and air LLC Whitney M came out to install a unit for me 2days after she came out to Install the brand new unit it froze up on me and did started not to stay cool at all I had a full home warranty with Sears through out the hole contract with Sears I never had the proper all flow I had to by fans to keep me and my kids cool and one had allergies Sears sent affordable back out Whitney M came back out again no one else messed with the unit but Whitney she came out several time before Sears sent some one else out so if Whitney M installed a brand new unit why would it give me problems from the time she put it in up until now and this is March of 2021 I got Jesse the owner of another Ac company to come out and he went straight to the problem and said that the unit was busted and it was busted from day one that Whitney M put my unit in he said he could smell the oil once he got up on the unit and I took pictures of the area where unit was busted and Mr Jesse then stated this is a brand new unit and to get in touch with the company that put it in to come back and to fix it I had to pay Mr Jesse just to tell me what was wrong Whitney M offered to give me 400 and something dollars because she new she did something wrong she came out on Saturday 03/06/21 and gave me 350 dollars when she told me she would give me 400 and something dollars I wanted her to just fix my unit instead so me and my kids don’t have to go through what we went through last year in 2020 in June she said if your not with a warranty company I can’t do the work so you mean to tell me you work on units and now you are turning down cash money I don’t believe that I’m a very unhappy customer I need help in getting my unit fixed Affordable got over on me and now what to blame other technicians that Sears sent out to my home who never touched the unit until Whitney M told Sears that she did not want to deal with it anymore

  71. re:order#335991 part#954_0467a you have sent me this part 2 times and I still have not received it I have called customer service several times they have been no help and some are not good English speakers the tracking # does not work really need this part for my tractor please contact me and or do whatever you can to fulfill my order

  72. SCCNA21CffB-3 I’ve been having trouble since December. In all I can get is a running. I was told a couple days ago someone would be emailing. Taking care of the problems but I’ve yet to here from anyone above is the case number. We have Sears’s home warranty No one from Sears’s seems to want to help us .

  73. I’ve been trying for a mont and a half to get a balance that disappeared from a gift card put back. Endless calls and promises to fix within 24 to 48 hours. I’m told it’s been fixed -it has not balance still at zero. Case number 7073513. I’ve been robbed of $75 and many hours. This is criminal.

  74. Hello – We bought a refrigerator in Aug 2019. Freezer never did defrost correctly. Then refrigerator stopped chilling in Jan 2021. First Sears tech said he melted off the ice around the motor and that it would work fine. He said if it didn’t work, they’d need to replace the motor. As he was leaving I mentioned how loud it was. He said it was fine. A week later, it was still not chilling so I called to schedule a motor replacement. The second Sears tech said it wasn’t the motor, so he ordered 2 replacement parts anticipating a Feb 25 repair date. 2 parts on backorder until Mar 22, then delivery expected Apr 1, then Apr 5. Finally had to order a new refrigerator because we can’t be without one. This cost us $2948.26. We are requesting reimbursement for this replacement since we’ve been without a fridge for 6+ weeks already and the parts won’t even be available for another 2.5 weeks. Please call me at 309.369.xxxx to discuss. Thank you!

  75. I have been trying to help my elderly neighbor resolve a problem caused by Sears Home Services, with no success. Today I had two emails returned with the message “User’s mailbox is full” when I responded to emails sent to me from [email protected]. My level of disappointment, frustration, and dissatisfaction is something I have never experienced in dealing with Sears in the past, and I have been a loyal customer of Sears for over half a century. I am advocating on behalf of Mrs. Yolanda Hobbs, of xxx Cadima Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida, (305)444-xxxx, a long-time friend and neighbor, who does not have access to the internet. She is owed a refund of $820, and has exhausted the options available via telephone. She has been issued two Case IDs, neither of which has been of any use: #699xxxx and #6999lxxxx. She has also been assigned a File Number L2007295024-0001 with Sedgwick Claims, which also resulted in no successful resolution. The invoice numbers associated with the work, lack of work, and subsequent damage to her property by Sears Home Services are 74164, 74321, and 74353.
    In December I sent a letter to Mr. Mitch Bowling, CEO of Sears Home Services, explaining the situation in great detail. A USPS return receipt confirmed the mail was received at his office, but there was absolutely no response, no help, not even an acknowledgement of the letter. The excellent customer service that Sears provided in the past, has completely disappeared.
    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached via email at pardxxxx or telephone at (305)458-xxxx. Thank you.

  76. Sears cust service can’t tell me where or when my parts ordered by tech for snow blower. Been ordered about two weeks ago. Tech is supposed to be ou the 25 th.

  77. You are undoubtedly the worst company in America. If I could tell the world as to out you out of business forever I would.

  78. Good morning, It is unfortunate that I find myself writing a complaint about a company that I depend on for a major system within my home. The customer service by Sears has become and is terrible! For example: in scheduling maintenance for my hvac unit, I was transferred several times just to schedule and confirm an appointment. The representative did not know or understand with was being asked or needed; they do not listen or don’t care. Further, I found one rep “Fred” to be rude. I found myself telling him to calm down several times. In asking him to forward a confirmation via email and text, which I never received, he decided to put me back in the hold loop, say he did could not send the email, then did not know how long the email would take, wanted to discuss email addresses although this has never been an issue with any past service request I had from Sears. I have left other warranty companies for terrible service with their technicians and customer service, however, have stayed with Sears. Now, I’m rethinking my decision about Sears because of the poor customer service which is the first point of contact when you talk about customer experience. Thus company must revamp every aspect of how your relationship with the public is handled and improve it immediately. This is without question needing attention.

  79. Worst customer service in the history of Sears. We called April 5 for a TV repair. They advised us someone would call in 72 hours. Not ne person has called and we cannot watch the TV we paid to have a warranty on. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

  80. I purchased a lawn mower from Sears in 2017. I had problems with the mower immediately, starting the next day. I have had several problems and made several attempts to have the problems corrected. Unfortunately, another problem occurs soon after. Just this year I have made 5 attempts to get a service person to my home and I have not heard from a service person yet! The contract states that if Sears could not fix it, it would be replaced. This problem should have been corrected early on. I have constantly asked for assistance with this problem. Please check your records for confirmation. I am very disappointed in your services. Can someone PLEASE contact me?

  81. I purchase lawn tractor.48.inch 2017 I’m on the 3rd.transmission/Transaxle. The.1st Transaxle went out 20.daus after purchase Sears. This will be the 3rd Transaxle i just purchase from Sears part.dept. The tractor has 92 miles it’s obvious there are **

  82. I purchased a replacement part and I was supposed to receive it on the 5th. When I didn’t come in I called customer service and they told me it was on back order but I would have it by the 16th. Once again it didn’t show up and I called back and they said they no longer had an arrival date but would get back to me within three days. That time has now passed I want an answer now. This is beyond ridiculous.

  83. I paid 90.00 for a delivery on a refrigerator that was suppose to be today Sat. April 24th. I received a confirmation last night via voice mail (receipts to prove all) that my delivery will be taking place today. I received a called this morning from Marie at ” Costco Logistics” cancelling my delivery, claiming that my merchandise had been damaged and could not be delivered today. Although, I don’t believe a word of it, judging from the comments on your website this is a common practice.

    I had to reschedule plans to make accommodations for this delivery and would like to know if your team provides any recompense for this unfortunate incident.

  84. My complaint is 7106007.I was promised a refund and hasn’t received it and went I called some one else said they didn’t see where I was getting a refund

  85. Waiting over 1 month for part to repair dishwasher.
    # parts were needed only received 2 parts. No updates as of yet. Very unsatisfied customer for Sears warranty service. Not the 1 st time this has happened to me in the past 2 years. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

  86. I have been put through hell with Sears Home Services Warranty / Cinch. Not enough pages to write here. Please ask CEO to contact me (949) 322-xxxx

  87. Hello, I’ve been trying to get someone out to fix my refrigerator for two weeks now. I paid the $75 over two weeks ago. Suretech(local) didn’t come last week and their associate(Brittany) rescheduled me for today5/14/21 between 10 and 2. I’ve left numerous voicemails to reconfirm and no one answers their phone. The refrigerator freezes my food. Please help with this. Every time I’ve had an issue it involves numerous phone calls and no shows and rescheduling. Called the service desk 8 times, , got disconnected twice and basically was told I need to call the local company. I pay a monthly fee plus $75 do a home visit.

  88. I have been a Sears Home Warranty customer for quite some time… Service use to be good…. I can’t explain to you in words how poorly we have been treated this year… I put in a dishwasher repair request a week before EASTER….It STILL is not fixed… I have 5 kids…That was the 4TH time a service person (or people) …..I pay on time every month….I was told today they will be back in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is INSANITY. I would have just bought a new dishwasher…. How are you going to make this right???????????????
    Call me…
    610 764 xxxx

  89. A complaint about the service order on my refrigerator Sears warranty saying they have a part and the service technician company they tried to repair my refrigerator saying the parts are no longer available and to replace my refrigerator. No on one is communicating with other ne a refrigerator are for someone to repair my refrigerator ASAP.

  90. I purchase a refrigerator in April and my delivery has had one hurdle after another. I woul like someone to contact me. Sharon Cash 717-421-xxxx Simplybxxxx

  91. Case #7147259 we have been waiting for 6 weeks for your company to address our refrigerator. We purchased a service agreement and customer service has been lousy

  92. Case # 7147259 your warranty or benefits department can’t make a decision after they are unable fix it. I’m getting the run around on the phone now

  93. I have a repair contract with Sears to repair (or replace if not repairable) my refrig. I have been trying since 2/5/21 to get it fixed. First time I called it took 9 1/2 weeks to get it repaired. That fix lasted less than a month. I have had to make 2 more calls and it still isn’t working. I am about to make another call, but I would like to know how many times I have to call for the same problem before they admit it can’t be fixed. And not only do I have to keep calling, but it’s usually at least a 10 day to 2 week wait for a repair man. I’m very tired of buying ice and throwing out food. For a huge company this is terrible.

  94. Very worst service and I don’t recommend at all. When you start membership they say they are flexible but later the give you hardtime. I lost my money because wrong information and stuck

  95. Rude nasty operations manager pompano beach Fl, cancelled service call at his own discretion. iD 4861.

  96. I sm do tired of ur washers breaking constantly.. we had a tech come out on the 19 of May..this washer is a replacement.. n it has broken down twice .. ur products r not worth buying.. if I fint get a call back I eill post negative things on FB..
    my daughter met someone at her drs office that felt same .. her washer keeps going out as well.. u used to b the best of everything.. what has happened..😡

  97. I will NEVER renew my service contract with you. You are the worst. I will be putting this complaint on on every possible notification. You are the worst!!!

  98. Need to replace a 100 feet garden hose with lifetime warranty, no one seems to carry them and was told to contact you for a replacement. Can you help me.

  99. I am in the midst of a deplorable experience with the Sears Repair center on Preston road in Frisco. We had a refrigerator “repair” completed at the end of March. Well within our 90 day warranty period, last week we called to let the team know the issue not only remains but was made considerably worse by the fan replacement. We were unable to get follow up service scheduled with the inclusion of a warranty extension which we desperately need to protect our payment since the issue is with ice build up and that takes time. Request was denied. We requested a refund, but the system was down. We called back the next day and it was manually submitted. We called back two days later, no record of the request could be found. We’ve spoken to Leah, Astri, Aman and a very rude woman in the recall center who said (and I quote), “why didn’t you call sooner? It’s been 60 days. It hadn’t. It had been 47 days. I explained to her the ice build up takes time before the fan starts to fail. She kept insisting we should’ve called sooner and I had to continue to remind her we have a 90 day warranty. If that call is recorded, I encourage you to listen to it for training purposes. Two weeks later, we are no closer to a resolution. No one has been able to tell us if our refund request (for labor only) will be approved so we can go buy a new fridge. Meanwhile, the appliance is now so loud that we have to choose between transferring our food into coolers each night or sleeping our 2 year old in the laundry room since her room is located next to the kitchen. It’s a disaster. We’ve been met with nothing but disregard and incompetence. Everyone we speak to says they will have a supervisor call us and no one ever does. How high up the ladder do we need to go to get our money returned? We are not interested in doing any further business with Sears and we do not want a repairman back out to our home. We are willing to eat the cost of the product. Our next stop will be the BBB. Please assist!

  100. I’m 69 ,have a 5 yr warranty, refrigerator broke for the 2nd time in 4 years. Took 6 weeks for first repair. We are on week 4 for this repair ,and I’m told maybe in June!?! We initially bought 6 appliances for 2 homes. Nothing but absolute ROTTEN service .WE WILL NEVER BUY SEARS AGAIN AND WE WILL TELL EVERYONE ! SEARS IS A JOKE !

  101. I canceled my coverage in October 2020 your company continued to deduct premiums for 5 months. I didn’t notice. I asked for a supervisor they refused to get one. They said if I didn’t have a cancellation email I wasn’t canceled. No one told me I would get an email. I think that’s an lousy way to do business. I told them to pull the tape because the message says they are recording it. Please get back to me. My house phone is 208437xxxx. Cell phone is 916203xxxx

  102. Too many repair appointments with No Call! No show! No excuse! No reschedule. Have parts needed, but your phone people are not truthful not understandable at times. Been trying to get our LG Refrigerator fixed since December 2020. Someone please HELP. We had a confirmed appointment yesterday the 27th and now maybe next week. Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend!

  103. My mom bought her very expensive “dream” refridgerator/freezer about 3-4 years ago WITH the extended warranty that is an additional charge. Yesterday, Sunday May 30th she woke up to her fride & freezer not working- she was given an appointment for Wednesday- my mom is a 74 year old widow who still works hard & all that money she spent on food had to be thrown away- it made her cry- what is the point of the warranty when in an emergency she has to wait days & throw out all of her exensive food-I am beyond disappointed in Sears & my family & friends will be told & never use Sears for ANYTHING! My 74 year old Mom is also a cancer survivor.

  104. I requested a preventive air conditioning maintenance appointment on 5/28. I was told that the ac maintenance window was closed, and that the cutoff was 5/15. Your website indicates the preventive checks are one in the spring for ac and on in the fall for heating. THIS IS STILL SPRING. Nothing states the cutoff is 5/15. Summer doesn’t begin until 6/20/2021. I would like my preventive check honored.

  105. My washer repairs have been delayed 3 months now. I continue to get the run around, I need a solution to this issue.

  106. Will you share with me an email address for Mr. Ed Lambert’s and Mr. Derrick Bradford?

    Thank you,
    James A. Carnaghi

  107. Hi, my name is khawla elesawi, I enroled my son Ibrahim Mahmoud back in June 2020 in Sears driving school and wasn’t told they will be out of business soon after and I paid the full amount of $399 for the full driving course, my son was only able to get the writing part and never had the chance to continue or finish the actual driving lessons that we were promised since they had gone out of business without letting me know in advance or at the bigining of the registration. I had to sign my son into another driving school and pay $325 for my son to be able to finish his driving course, I was never contacted regarding the refund eventhough I did make so many calls and left many voicemails regarding the refund, I would really appreciate if you take this matter into consideration. Thank you

  108. Sears Home Warranty Plan # 11625022 claim # SCCP42577DE2-1 to fix ceiling fan. The Sears Warranty automated number (855-256-2467) sent me to GIT Georgia, 888-695-0191. I get either an answering machine response by Nick Price or a person answers. I have appointments set up at least six times, but no one ever arrived.
    Please have someone contact me at 678-576-xxxx or drjtdoxxxxx I want the fan fixed or replaced by your people or authorization for me to get it fixed or replaced and an address to sent the bill.
    Jim Dollens

  109. I have a 1802 and a 1806 Sears catalogs was wondering if you were interested in them there still in great condition friend of mine bought her house out of them books and your brother read to.
    Phone 812-230-xxxx. Would you like to see some pictures of the books? History is a wonderful thing thought maybe you’d like to have them.

  110. Had range replaced per Maser Protection Agreement last November, Sears failed to update agreement. Need current copy of Master Protection Agreement.

  111. I am so disappointed in the Sears replacement program. My range is older and they were unable to get the parts to fix it. I have paid into the Protection plan for all my appliances for years and this would be the first replacement request. This all started August of 2020. I have checked the Sears website and other Sears stores but they don’t have the GE stove w/options I want so I asked to have a check sent to me instead. I am not spending $4000 for a stove I don’t want. Every time I call its at least a 20 minute wait on hold and then I get a different answer every time I call. A couple of days ago a person told me she opened my account and the check was approved and would be sent out on Tuesday. When I called to confirm another person said NO its been denied and hung up on me. I feel I deserve to get my money so I can shop local (there are no Sears stores anywhere around us). I’m so stressed out over this

  112. diane Thomas I bought a air condition unit last 7/20 and SENCE THEN THE UNIT HAVE WENT OUT 3/TIME IT WENT OUT AGAIN ON 6/2/21 SO I CALL THE SEARS REPAIR UNIT THEY TOLD ME THE UNIT WAS SEAR WARRANTY IT ONLY LAST FOR LEST THEN 6MONTH BUT THE SALEMAN TOLD ME I HAD 5YRS PARTS AND WARRANTY .my cell 832-366-xxxx home 713-731-xxxx acct512072252xxxxx

  113. I have had the worse luck with a product from Sears. And even worse luck with getting it fixed. My washer took almost six weeks to get fixed. Just got fixed in May. Now it’s down again and no appts til 9 days from now. I haven’t even got the money back from previous laundry mat visits.

  114. Ticket # 40584194. Sears Home Services Protection Agreement Benefits Administration is terrible.
    I have been dealing with a semi-broken washer since Jan-21 and broken since Apr-21 and after several phone calls and appointments, the Protection Agreement Benefit Administration team is not able to solve the issue (May-21). They are fantastic renewing contracts but distressingly bad servicing contracts.

  115. What can I do to get sears out to repair my A/C? Was scheduled 6-3-21 bet 1pm-5pm, tech did not show. At 5pm, he was in traffic 2 hours fr my residence and would not get here til 7:30pm or later. I’m an 80 yr old senior citizen and cannot be in this heat. It’s over 100 deg in my home. I have a lot of medical problems and cannot be in this heat. Now I’m sched for 6-7 bet 8am-12. I need someone here on Fri, 6-4 or Sat, 6-5. For
    my A/C. Nothing but hot air. What can you do to help me? Your call center is no help. They didn’t know where the tech was and could not contact him. At least he called me with his situation and explained. Now it’s your time to help me. Phone 661-877-xxxx or 661-513-xxxx

  116. I have a refrigerator under warranty. which is vacant and entrance to the apt. was ok’d local sears services , today
    tor the 4th time the repair man , named Majid refused to take care of it, what about your promise of to service ?

  117. I buy washing machine last Saturday I post a brangus Thursday but they forgot about me but they bring it Friday they brung the dryer I didn’t order a dryer then they bring a washer machine I don’t work I’ve washing washing in the bathtub cuz I don’t have no money to go to the laundromat the girl that waited on me she was bouncing up and down when she came to me and not asked her if she knew what she was talking about if she knew what she was knew what you was doing oh yes is she but down a dryer and I didn’t ask for a dryer for all of this it should be compensation for all my time and I put down $200 that $200 I should put back you should bring it back to me

  118. We have been out a refrigerator for a month now and only get the run around when trying to get our Kenmore (sears product) that we bought at sears 7 years ago. The sears home warranty people say it’s not there problem to fix it’s Kenmore that needs to replace the compressor because it is under a 10year manufacture warranty. What?!?! Just fix my fridge and send a certified appliance company to fix the problem. Now we have to buy a brand new refrigerator out of pocket!!! Do not buy the sears warranty it is a waste of money, and no help will be provided when your appliances break down. Do NOT buy the extended warranty or any sear product. Sears is dead.

  119. I have been waiting for a replacement washer since May 21st or at least a date for a replacement. I have chatted over, and over with agents and delivery team with nothing happening. At this point I want a date so they can pick up the washer that arrived non working. I have to wait 24 hours. No ever calls back. I’m in Yuma, AZ I need help, the agent cut me off the chat.

  120. Not a complaint an inquiry. We are a small group who collect The Frog Family items and we are trying to discover a full line of items made listing, when it began and ended and how did it come about. Can you provide some insight ? There are so few items left out there and many collectors are very excited to learn more. It is not easily found online like other lines of vintage product. Can you help me ???

  121. Your Sears Home Warranty plan SUCKS!!You and your 3rd party repair service A&E have the worst customer service snd work ethic ever!! I would never buy another Sears Appliance or recommend anyone else to do so! Your home warranty plan is nothing but a rip off snd your customer service leaves much to be desired!! I cannot say enough bad things about both companies!!!

  122. A technician was scheduled to come to my home on June 4th, 2021. I never received a phone call, and they never showed up. I have tried many times to get hold of a person to speak to, and it’s a hopeless situation. I have been on hold over and over again. I have been a customer of Sears since 1975, and never have I experienced such disgusting service as I am now. Somebody needs to fix this problem.

  123. Delivery of washing machine was badly damaged..been waiting a have to wait another 4 days for a washer!shouldn’t have to pay for delivery now!

  124. I have been waiting for 1 year for my replacement freezer.I have been given delivery dates and then cancelled and rescheduled every month since last June 1920 This is the worst service I have received in all my years of being a Sears customer.

  125. I am seeking assistance with an appliance I had to replace that was covered under my warranty plan. I’ve had no success trying to reach a live person

  126. Hello,

    I still haven’t received a replacement refrigerator…. This issue has been going since mid March, I have requested a refund numerous times as it seems Sears is unable and/or unwilling to help a devoted customer. I will not accept any Kenmore product…. I want a 25.5 cubic French door with an outside ice maker (WHITE). How hard is this???? I feel that after 3 1/2 months without a refrigerator Sears should step up and refund my money so I can go purchase a new refrigerator… I’m very disappointed in the lack of customer service that I have had. I have made over 75 calls regarding this issue and the situation is still not resolved. Ironically my friends have the same refrigerator and they are now having the same issue..No parts available. It appears Sears is selling lemons and once they have your money, they will no longer assist. I believe there is a lemon law????

    Please advise how Sears will proceed with this issue.


  127. I have had a stove on order since January. First delivery date was 2/11 and I still do not have a stove. Called again today and still saying the 17th of June before it may be in. I also purchased an extended warranty that took effect 2/11. I have lost all patience with this store/ company. I would like to be able to talk to a human when I call the home office but get nothing g but recordings.
    My item #is 83895 and the store # is 03852. If icould get a human to call me I would greatly appreciate it. My phone number is 334-456-xxxx

  128. Ordered a battery for my push mower. 4×4 12v. Enclosed for craftsman push mower. Was told would send $50. Voucher for waiting time. Then no battery. Plus I’ve waited since last Sept for my riding mower to be fixed. Still waiting.

  129. I bought a central air conditioner from you in June of 2019. It worked fine, however, the next summer it would not work. I tried getting appointments and no one ever returned my calls. I had to pay out of pocket to get it working. This summer (2021) it was not working again. I called was given the run around and told that I would have to pay for a service call. However they gave me a date that was two weeks away. The temperature was unbearable during that two weeks and I have a 88 year old mother. So I had it repaired myself again. I never expected this from Sears as I always thought they had quality products and excellent service. I feel like you sold me a bad air conditioner and no one wants to help.

  130. Had a tech come to my house on May 11th. He informed me he could not repair my microwave. I paid in advance for parts and service. $656 he told me I would get a full refund. No refund after 6 calls. I can’t get anyone to contact me. It has been over a month. Help! 973-945-xxxx

  131. I called for warranty service on my dryer on May 12, 2021and the repairman came on May 17th. He said he didn’t have parts on truck but would order them if they are still available. Need to research them. I received an email stating the parts were ordered but my appointment for repair was cancelled because parts were not available. Now they tell me that they need to expedite the order to the research department before I am able to have the dryer replaced or a settlement given for it. All communication has been initiated by ME! Sears should be the one to contact their customer. It has been over a month that I have been without my dryer. I am 76 years old with spondylitis and spinal stenosis and going to the laundromat is not an easy task for me. The Sears customer service is pathetic! They keep changing the phone numbers when you call and many times after being on hold your call is disconnected. You collect your premium each month in good faith Sears should honor their warranty with acceptable service. This warranty is a SCAM!

    1. I agree with you concerning the repair department. I have been waiting for over two months to get a refrigerator repaired, nothing has been completed. The warranty process has been escalated several times and nothing has been resolved. I am tired of having to mop my floor because of the leak that cannot be repaired. I am now going to try to contact head quarters. Their research department apparently does not know how to research or how to get back in contact to their customers.

  132. I am totally upset with Sears shipping. My refrigerator smoked up the entire house on the 17th of May. My fire alarm notify the fire company. Upon arrival several fireman entered my house looking for the source of the fire. They start opening walls in my house looking for the. fire. After all the smoke was cleared. They traced and found out that the compressor burnt out. I call sear and placed an order online then called to confirm . I was given a delivery date so purchased It and paid for it. Once again it was confirmed. I day before the delivery I received a call from Sears to reschedule my delivery date. I immediately call Sears to fine out what happened, I was not given an honest Answer to why my schedule delivery was move. I was offered $ for my inconvenience. My new date was now schedule for june 15th with a confirmation 2 days notification if any changes. I received a phone call Sunday June 13 th 6pm to once again to reschedule me delivery date for the 29th of june. At this point I lost it. I told the sale person to cancel the order. It’s my wife Birthday on the 19th of june . As a long time customer of Sears I was expecting better service and loyalty. I am still without a refrigerator.

  133. Had a tech come to my house on May 11th. He informed me he could not repair my microwave. I paid in advance for parts and service. $656 he told me I would get a full refund. No refund after 6 calls. I can’t get anyone to contact me. It has been over a month. Help! 973-945-xxxx

  134. Mr Eddie Lambert, you do not know me but my name is Terry L. Baker. I have been a Sears card holder for 43 years. I recently noticed that there were a couple charges on my card that I did not make which was Netflix on June 1, 2021 and again on June 5, 2021. I called and asked a representative at Sears by the name of Valarie and she stated that my account was closed. I pride myself on paying my bills on time and built up my credit over the 43 years. I told her that I did not close my account and at no time did the read me any type disclosure should I elect to close my account. I asked her if she could reinstate my account because there was a mistake made. She said she would submit it for review and that would take some time. I asked her surely there are exceptions to policy in this case. Sir, I pride myself on paying my bills on time. Sears has been in my family for generation. Can you please assist me in getting my Sears card reinstated because I do not wish to give up 43 years for a mistake. My number Sir is 606-219-xxxx.

  135. On 4/8/21 Called Sears to fix Samsung dryer. They replaced a relay . The dryer got cold after they left. 2nd visit the tech said Samsung no longer makes the part we need.
    After $281.50 later, I still have no dryer and am out alot of money ,for me.

  136. It has been more than three months that I have put in a request to have my dryer repair. The person that I talk to keep telling me that they cannot find anyone to come out to my house. He asked me to find someone–I did. I GAVE the information to him and that company refused. YOUR has lied about sending me an email, calling me back and everything you can think of to prolong this issue. I pay $49 plus dollars each month and I PAID the $75 fee to get my dryer repaired–and they have done nothing. Now I want the money back that I pay to you all each month and I WANT my $75 back, so that I can purchase myself a new dryer. I have a Samsung dryer and the drum will not turn. The machine comes on but the drum will not turn.
    SEARS used to be a reputable company (that is why I chose this service from you all) but now your reputation is tarnished with me and I HAVE NO respect for your company anymore and your name is now associated with all things unreliable.
    Catherine Jones. 907-242-xxxx
    xxx Chisholm Rd. Benoit, MS. 38725

  137. 6 mos old washer stopped working, took 5 calls & 2.35 hrs to get to the right person for repair. repair scheduled 3 weeks out. between 1-5. took 1/2 day off from work. repair person calls at 12:12 to reschedule 5-6:30. shows up. broken part. doesn’t have the part. will order & come back on 6/30 to repair the washer. ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING? 5 wks w/o a washer. had a Whirlpool for 26 yrs. 2 minor repairs. Incovenience, aggravation, frustration. need a washer asap.. fear the repair person will replace the faulty part and another part will fail. not made in the U.S.A. anymore..need I say more

  138. I RODNEY Watt rodneyw.808xxxx, was Robbed of 161.00 from On 06/04/2021 I attempted to buy a fishing boat for a family trip on the 21th of June an anniversary, I clicked the option to pay in four 46$ payments, being that I knew I had other obligations coming from that card each month. Sears charged me the full 161.00 . When I saw Sears mistake I immediately called customer support, the order was immediately void. I was told a refund would be issued 7 to 10 business days. I received emails saying that the funds hadn’t been taken, ( A provable LIE ) then after 10 days no funds , I call customer service can’t tell Mr WHERE my 161.00 is. I Was ROBBED. Now my card is overdrawn I’m paying fees for that plus my other bills wasn’t full paid . ROBBED!!

  139. Iam,making a complaint about a. Sears home warranty. Contract that l have. I need to cancel. But cinch services will not comply. Given me the run around.

  140. Dear Sir,
    We pay $89.95 each month for a Sears Home Warranty that covers all appliances in our home. The problem is no one comes to service our appliances. In January 2021, a technician finally came to our home after waiting weeks with no working washer or dryer for a family of 7. He then told us he would order parts. Parts arrived and no service was provided to fix the machines for an additional 3 months. We were unable to wash or dry clothes at our home for over 3 months with 4 kids active in multiple sports! My fear is that the same thing that happened with the washer and dryer will now occur with our dishwasher, range and refrigerator. On June 7, 2021 the compressor for our 3 year old Kitchen Aid refrigerator went out. The refrigerator was brand new and cost us $4,500. I called Sears Home Warranty immediately. As a family of 7 with more family coming to our home this weekend and no working refrigerator. Sears is Breach in contract not providing repairs to multiple appliances in our home, with the refrigerator, dishwasher & range. I have a son who requires medicine to be refrigerated. We do not have a refrigerator for his medicine. I have talked with multiple people with Sears who told me even with a son needing medicine refrigerated Sears would not cover the cost of a rental of a temporary refrigerator. They just told me they would mark it urgent and someone would call to set up a time for repair. I never received a returned call. I have called 4-5 times a day the past 2 weeks to schedule the repair. I have spent countless hours getting passed onto multiple people that do not speak English from overseas with a horrible connection. Most times I get disconnected and have to call back waiting on hold for yet another hour before I can even talk to someone! They transfer you to a supervisor and they are always sorry and they say they will mark it an emergent situation and that I will get a call back to schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours. I gave all of the supervisors I have spoken to my home and cell phone number and up to today I have never received a call back! I have called them all week sometimes 4-5 times a day since they never call me back. This past week Sears told us we could use a repair technician of our choice for the refrigerator. I called over 30 technicians in our area and everyone is either backed up for weeks, or do not travel to Bainbridge Island where we live. Yesterday I was on the phone for 5 1/2 hours with Sears Home Warranty. 2 1/2 hours with a manager, Vivian Z. who promised me the repair man that would be coming to our home to look at the range would also be working on the refrigerator. She gave me the service id code for the refrigerator, sccp626e6483-2. Today when the repair man called he said he was on his way to look at the range. I asked about repairing the refrigerator. He replied, “I am not certified to work on refrigerators. I cannot even look at it to see what part it would need.” I immediately called Sears and spent over 3 hours talking to them regarding a technician that was promised to come to our home to work on the refrigerator since they were already here to work on the range. After 2 hours talking with Supervisor Collan I was told the only choice was to wait until June 30th to have a technician come to our house! My husband spent an additional 3 hours on the phone with Sears Home Warranty to only be told that there are no technicians available and we would need to reschedule a technician for the refrigerator on June 30th! The repair man today who looked at the range ordered parts and will not be able to fix the range until the very earliest, July 20th!
    I need your help getting my appliances repaired in a timely manner! I would appreciate a phone call regarding this matter.
    Kristen Peterson
    (206) 451-xxxx hm
    (425) 903-2lxxxx cell

  141. Hi I’m carl ochoa I’ve had a air conditioner problem for a year bridge air has been to our home 10 times and has never fixed the issue ac unit we have been through 2 extreme hot summers now with a bad wife has c.o.p.d.and now has gone to the hospital.we are asking please help us get it fixed my full name is carl ochoa I live at 2069 east crystal drive fort mohave az 86426….please help thank you.

  142. My washer and dryer that I purchased from Sears was installed incorrectly it leaked and caused water damage to my wall.

  143. I have big issue with your customer service responsible for serving the Sulphur Springs Texas region. I have had my appointment rescheduled three times in four days because of the reps incompetence to understand that I needed my dryer repaired. I called 1 June 2021 for an appointment which was scheduled for 14 June. On this day the technician was enroute to my home and got sick. I rescheduled the appointment for 17 June 2021. The technician called me while on his way to my home to confirm what he was fixing. His system showed washing machine when I clearly told him dryer. The rep asked me if I would also like to get my washing machine cleaned and I said sure on 1 June 2021. This has caused me to become very irritated because I have had to wait 18 days to receive service that I paid for on 1 June.

  144. I want a washer repair service person
    That has experience with no middle agitator. Low water washer.
    And a local person close to my nieghborhood. I’m in NW Columbus Ohio

  145. I need to please speak to someone who can make a decision without passing me to everyone and not giving me an answer. PLEASE

  146. started having ac problems 18 months ago. Have had numerous service calls. The tec puts freon in and leave. The unit still will not cool the house. Have been stood up when the tec are a no show. Tec came out Monday to fix, left, returned Tuesday , Had additional problems he couldn’t fix. left did not return. He said a tec was to come out today. Again no show. How can i get the ac repaired since it is under a service agreement.

  147. The in-warranty repair center is ‘down with a computer issue’ since Monday. Our scheduled technician did. It show last Monday. Our refrigerator has not worked for 6 days. Where is actual status? What are you doing about it. As a Sears customer for over 40 years, your reputation is declining and this seems like you are on your last legs. Explain now.

  148. The pay on line option for the Shop Your Way credit card is obstructive and impossible to navigate for anyone over 50. If a late fee shows up on my credit card, I will work through Senator Marco Rubio’s office to initiate a full scale investigation by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department or Justice. Make no mistake, this is not an idle threat, but a warning.

  149. Can’t get HVAC service. Given a complete run around by home service customer ser and home service tech

  150. I recently needed to replace some appliances. Normally, my first stop would be Sears but we have none in Atlanta, GA. Why is that? I was replacing items bought at Sears but couldn’t replace at Sears. Also, my Kenmore Elite dryer purchased in 2001 was a great dryer with lots of features. Dryers today have less features. It would be nice to have those features again. It was the all electronic model. You should at least open a hometown store in the Metro Atlanta area.

  151. Bought washer ndryer June 4,2021 from Sears Sugarland Lakepoint location. They have not delivered as of June 20.I keep getting messages of delay on delivery. I have no way of doing my laundry. I need to be compensated forhaving to go to a laundromat which is very inconvenient for me I am a senior with limited driving ability

  152. I have a Master Protection Agreement. As you should know they are unable to provide service for the replacement of my hot water tank. I am willing to pay to have someone to supply and install the replacement. Can I get someone to authorize this so that I can get reimbursed when you get back online?
    My agreement expires in October, if I can’t get service when I need it why would I renew.

  153. I ordered a washer, dryer and attachments and requested the deferred interest on them. I received my bill and they are charging me interest. I called Citibank who handles Sears and was told I would need to talk to someone at Sears. I finally get someone at Sears and they said they don’t have an option to correct this. I’ve been a customer since 1977 and purchased many appliances through the years. Order # 909369453. Please see about getting this corrected or give me a call to explain why it can’t be corrected. Shawn Chafin 870-622-xxxx

  154. We bought what we believed to be a new Kenmore Refrigerator with bottom freezer from the Sears Home store in Sequim. We were advised not to buy LG because of bad service and parts availability. Two weeks after delivery (at the end of December/beginning of January) the ice maker quit working. We called repair and a service tech came out about 2 weeks later. He told us we had refurbished parts in our brand new refrigerator, that it was an LG and that he was the only certified tech in our area for LG refrigerators. He placed an order for the new parts. When the parts had not arrived after a month, I called Sears parts and was told they would work on it. About a month after that the parts arrived and the tech, Cory, came back out. Unfortunately, the parts were not for our icemaker and not what Corey ordered. Cory placed another order for parts and after another 1-2 month delay, the parts came and the Corey came out again. Again the parts we received had nothing to do with our refrigerator. He placed a 3rd order the beginning of May and made an appointment to come out on 6/7. Around 6/1 Corey texted to change our appointment to 6/17. When no parts and no technician arrived by the end of day on 6/17, I called customer service and the woman could not specifically say if or when we would get the parts. In the meantime I have two “change filter” lights glowing red, but when I went into the manual to figure out what filters to order, I discovered I have two different manuals with two different model numbers, neither of which I can find on-line. I have tried to reach someone to speak with about this but all numbers eventually lead to an automated system that won’t get me to someone that can help me. At this point I would like to return this misrepresented lemon of a refrigerator for a full refund, including the 5 year protection warranty we purchased. Please contact me at 425.444.xxxx before, Friday, 6/25. Thank you.

  155. Our microwave quit working on May 11, 2021. We picked up 4 new appliances in March 2021from Sears in Paris TN. Our kitchen remodel was completed in April 2021 and we started using the appliances. We had used the microwave approximately 1 month when it quit working. We have yet to have the problem resolved. When I called & reported this to the Paris TN store they gave me a # to call & said good luck… A service person came 2 weeks after I reported. He was unable to fix. The microwave has been sitting in my dining room floor since. Each time I call I am given a different # to call. I would like a refund on the microwave & the extended warranty I purchased. Sears customer service is awful. Sears certainly isn’t the company it once was.

  156. I will never renew my contract with Sears… Bunnch of liars and the worst dirtiest service ever

  157. Dear , Sir ! My father , has being a customer for over 30 years . He’s had paid insurance for , his appliances. Since April , his refrigerator went out . He’s being renting one . Sears gave him credit for $600.00 . We went to Cabot store June 16 2021 ( ordered and paid the difference ) . So far We have not received the refrigerator. We called several times . The store tells us . Their system is down and no orders are going out . The mean time , my father has being paying rent for refrigerator after waisted over $200.00 with groceries prior to
    Received ok to get credit for refrigerator. My father is paid , this insurance for over 23 years . You can understand our frustration. He’s a heart patient,, retired
    I’m their 80’s . My fathers name . Mr Manuel Estrada .(501)562 xxxx or my cell . Mary Estrada koch (501) 764-xxxx . I would appreciate your response asp . I have tried everything and no help . I am
    Reaching to you, one last time . I would hate to have to contact legal department. My husband is an Attorney an has advices , to reach your office before , we seek legal investigation on this matter . Please , Could you assist my father , ASAP . It’s a necessity, not a pleasure. Sincerely. Mrs Mary E Koch for Mr Manuel Estrada .

  158. I have a contract I paid for $699.99 for maintence I have gotten the run around for 5 days now they will not send anyone keeps telling me your system is down. I am not happy my air conditioner is down not working I just came home from the hospital I need it fixed not getting lied too.

  159. I have a leaking hot water tank. No is helping. I have a protection agreement. All anyone says. System is down call back. Your customer service is terrible. I have no hot water and a leeky tank. So now I have to pay for a plumber to come in. This agreement is not valid. I M cancelling this agreement at the end. You are not doing anything for me.

  160. Experiencing difficulty scheduling my yearly preventative maintenance. I have a Sears Protection Plan which is due in July. When I call to schedule I am told there are no “Agents at this time to schedule.”

  161. I bought a craftsman lawn tractor in 2017. I have had nothing but problems with it since I got it. They have been put 4 or 5 times now and 4 times this year. I have never been so sorry I bought this thing. I have need to mow my lawn several times but can’t because its broke down!

  162. 2 months ago our Kenmore refrigerator went out. Called Sears repair line and they couldn’t get a technician out for 3 weeks. On the morning of the scheduled appointment I took my child to school and the technician showed up while I was gone. My neighbor told him that I was just stuck at the traffic light on my way back and would be home in less then 2 minutes. He said he could not wait and canceled my appointment. I had to wait another 3 weeks for a new appointment. At that time, they diagnosed the problem and ordered new parts. At that time they scheduled another appointment to fix the refrigerator for three more weeks which was today, June 22. We received an email and a text stating that they would be here between the hours of 8 AM and 12 PM. Is now going on 5 PM and no one showed up. When we call the customer service repair line, it states that our appointment will need to be rescheduled. My husband talked to an agent and they stated that the service man had a full schedule and would be unable to get to us today and we would need to reschedule for July 13th. We have now been without a refrigerator for almost 2 months. This is completely unacceptable customer service. We have asked to speak to a supervisor and have been disconnected multiple times. We are completely speechless that this is the type of customer service we are dealing with with a refrigerator that’s only 2 1/2 years old. Are you sure you, we will never buy another Sears product and we will make sure we tell everybody about the poor customer service that we have experienced.

  163. Joseph what kind of operation you got where you can’t refund people’s money when they need it and how come you offer people that tells you you come back tomorrow we’ll take care of you and they don’t take care of you I’m very disgruntled at this point I’m in a situation that is not my fault but it is what it is thank you

  164. I purchased an item with searspartsdirect on 06/08/21. The part suppose to arrived on 06/14/21. On 06/15/21 your system went down and each time I call, I’m told to call back in 1 hour or 2 hours or 48 hours. Now, the money was taken out of my account on 06/10/21 way before they shipped it. Why is it taking so long to upgrade your system. The system has been down from 06/15/21 and is still down as we speak. Here it is I can not get my order and my refund. What in the world is taken this long to upgrade your website. No notice that your system will be down. Nothing. This is very frustrating to say the least.

  165. I originally was told orders were not placed, but I still asked for them to be canceled. Supposedly done. Now I am receiving 4 items instead of only 1. I will NOT incur shipping charges for your fault!

  166. I need someone to call me in regards to my vehicle being repaired at the Sears location in Media Pa Immediately

  167. Trying to up date my Master Protection Agreement, had a new range replaced and having trouble updating the contract with the new range. Having problems getting update via sears phone calls.

  168. Trying to up date my Master Protection Agreement, had a new range replaced and having trouble updating the contract with the new range. Having problems getting update via sears phone calls. Transfer calls in-up in dead file, no responses.

  169. I have had my freezer broken for over 1 week and your Sears Home Services has a computer issue that has been happening for over a week and a half. This is unacceptable; especially since the master protection agreement is expensive.

  170. I am very dissatisfied with Sears. I have been a customer for 45 years. I have a 21 year old refrigerator that has been covered with your Protection Master Plan for 21 years. It has been repaired by you several times. Every time a “band aid” repair is done until it breaks down again. I have been trying to get a service repair all week. Sears is unable to even provide me with an appointment. At this time I am requesting that my 21 year refrigerator be replaced with a NEW one. As stated in your contract, “if Sears cannot provide repair your refrigerator will be replaced”. It is my hope that Sears is a reputable Corporation and will stand behind their products and service. (924-234-xxxx

  171. I ordered a refrigerator from on April 4 I could not get it delivered so I asked for a refund I am now being told they are investigating the refund I may not get it back and that is thievery from Sears so if you could please resolve this issue and get me my money back before I get my attorney involved I would appreciate it

  172. I bought a Kenmore refrigerator side by side, 26 cut. In 2016, last week it stop cooling, blowing air but not cold,I checked every thing that could make it stop cooling, fans inside and out ok , compressor ok ,capacitors ok, start relay ok. So I think the electronic board went bad. My refrigerator model # is 79551833412. The board serial # is EBR80977530, I looked it up on Sears direct parts to purchase a new one but it tells me that it’s the wrong one for my refrigerator, the right one is #EBR78931604. How could this happen, and what can you do to help me replace it for the right one.

  173. Sears Protection agreement owner for many years. I am now waiting since February for a freezer replacement.
    My stove is missing a part but I am unable to get it fixed because your system has been down for weeks. Also, my refrigerator is leaking and I can not even get a call back. I speak to people with heavy accents that are hard to understand and get no where. What is going on? Will this ever be resolved? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. I bought a Kenmore refrigerator side by side, 26 cut. In 2016, last week it stop cooling, blowing air but not cold,I checked every thing that could make it stop cooling, fans inside and out ok , compressor ok ,capacitors ok, start relay ok. So I think the electronic board went bad. My refrigerator model # is 79551833412. The board serial # is EBR80977530, I looked it up on Sears direct parts to purchase a new one but it tells me that it’s the wrong one for my refrigerator, the right one is #EBR78931604. How could this happen, and what can you do to help me replace it for the right one. Thank you.

  175. This is not a complaint. This is a testimony about your Sears Coldspot Chest Freezer. I purchased the freezer in
    March 1970 and it worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. That is 51 years of satisfaction. When the freezer stopped working my husband said that I may need to plug it back in and see if it would start. I just may do that. Thanks for a good freezer.

    I would appreciate a response. Thanks.

  176. My name is Shirley Holman. Sears home improvements installed a heating and cooling system in March it’s not cooling off in the daytime I have been calling for two weeks to get some out to see what’s wrong as. of today 7-28-21 I still have not received a call from anyone.. Please help. I feel like I have wasted my money 8,000 dollars to still have a high light bill because the air not cooling off

  177. I purchased a table from Sears listed as in stock on 5-6-21. I was charged and have paid for a table I STILL DO NOT HAVE. I have sent several e-mails and multiple phone calls. No one from Sears has lifted a finger to make this right. It has now been 54 days without a table. The last phone call to customer service I requested that someone find me a table or other option and deliver it to my house. The rep said she could not do that because I ordered it online. This is hardly customer service by any stretch of the imagination . Could someone please make this right.
    Placed on May 06, 2021
    Order #14857539

  178. Sears is absolutely horrible!! Anyone reading this blog is very much aware of that……stay away, far, far away. We purchased a Kenmore chest freezer in November 2020…..long story short….the compressor went out……always back ordered parts, never call backs from customer service, never a manager to speak with… other words…..the $400 we spent on that chest freezer was flushed down the toilet!! It is a piece of shit!!

  179. Sears absolutely is terrible. $400 on a chest freezer purchased in November 2020….compressor is gone…always back ordered parts, system is always down, never managers you can speak goes on and on. In other words, we were screwed out of $400…lesson learned…stay the hell away from Sears and their products!!

  180. I have been waiting for 5 days to schedule a warranty repair for my lawn tractor. I keep being told that the “system is down.” How do I schedule repair service if you all will not or can not schedule it? This means that I cannot use my lawn tractor and that my warranty package that I paid for is useless. Please respond ASAP.

  181. TRANSFORMCO IS AN UTTER DISASTER. Started Oct. 2020 with dishwasher leaking. Long story short: dishwasher was installed yesterday July 28, 2021 at 8 pm (that was was a surprise…. didn’t know they were coming!), nearly a year of just awful, disgraceful “service” (note the quotes)
    Do yourself the favor of staying as far away from anything Sears as is humanly possible..

  182. I bought a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator in 2016 that has had compressor, water line, ice maker and other expensive issues that has cost me over $2000 in repair parts & labor. The compressor died again yesterday!! I want to speak with a corporate officer about replacing the refrigerator as it is a lemon.

  183. I’ve been a customer since 89 trying to make a purchase you close my store now I have to go online I’m a dinosaur I don’t know how to do this

  184. I ordered a mattress online on 5-22-21 and paid via Debit card in the account of $438.86. After 2 delivery dates postponement, I called (1-888-567-3452) and canceled the order on 6-5-21. Spoke to Alvin and was given a cancellation Reference # 63616120. Payment was to be refunded in 3-7 days. As of current (6-30-21), payment has not been refunded.

  185. I had sears repair come out to look at my wash machine due to a noise it was making. A technical came out looked at the washer and told me the repair would be over $500. I asked could he give the estimate but he said he could. I paid $99 for the visit and did not receive a receipt that I requested. The gentleman said his phone was slow but not willing to ensure I got my receipt. This was on June 29, 2021. I called yesterday and the person I spoke with said the system said I has a balance of $99 dollars but I informed him the $99 was deducted from my account. He then tells me I have to call back today to get a receipt. So My experience has been I received an estimate verbally but could not get in writing explaining the breakdown and I can not get a receipt for the $99 payment for the visit unless I willing to call again and hold another 20 to 30 minutes. Needless to say I will never seek your services again, your company is not what it once was.

  186. I called the week before May18, 2021 to have my refrigerator fix. Two technicians came to my house to try to fix my refrigerator and it was not fix. It is now July 2, 2021 and I still do not have a functioning refrigerator. I am passed from one department to the next. My contract number is: 0676746640003. You company needs a better system. I shouldn’t have to wait 3 months to get a refrigerator fix. Please, help me with my problem. My number is (914) 474-xxxx. Please, call me.

  187. Dear Sirs/Madams,

    I am an elderly victim of a scam perpetrated by a Sears appliance repair technician. On April 27, a man who identified himself as Brad attempted to service my
    lawn tractor. He claimed the carburetor needed replacement, and I needed to pay him $424.08. He (Brad S.) requested a check which
    he scanned with his phone. Immediately he said the check was no good. I took offense at this and told him I’m not in the habit of passing bad checks. He then stated that my signature crossed the routing and account numbers. He requested another check without the signature crossing into the routing numbers. After he scanned the second check, he went into his truck and said he couldn’t make the replacement because he didn’t have the part. He said he would order the piece, and he would come back to install the carburetor. I haven’t seen them since. I contacted them, and I received various reasons why they couldn’t finish my repair. I am attaching a copy of their text messages to my phone in chronological order. I contacted the bank after Mr. Austin told me he couldn’t come out and make repairs because my checks hadn’t cleared.
    The state of Georgia has laws geared toward people who target the elderly for theft by taking and theft by deception. Brad S. cashed both checks for a total of $848.16. Do not use Sears Appliance Repair.

  188. I ordered a Heat Shield for my Char Broil grill on 5/26 order #W269466 it did not appear the order went through, I reordered in 6/5 order #W298625. My credit card has been charged both times for $59.36 each time. Despite repeated calls to Searsparts 1 800 366-xxxx I have neither credits or parts. I get the run around every time I call. The website is listed below

  189. Good Morning, my name is Anna Fells-Garcia. I have a whole home warranty plan with your company since December 2018 which I resigned to because I was assured by one of your representatives at that time that I would always be completely satisfied and taken care of by your coverage. Things have NEVER gone smoothly or in a prompt timely manner at all with any repairs that I need done. The wait time alone for parts & CustSvc, even before the pandemic, was always ridiculously slow!!! But now with my current, existing active service job there are no words for the incompetence on all levels of this company!!! I called SearsHomeWarranty on May 17th of this year, 2021, almost TWO MONTHS AGO!! Our A/C needed to be serviced because cold air was not blowing out. Noel the owner of Same Day HVAC Inc, contracted through your warranty came to my house on May 19th for the claim call. On that day, May 19th, 2021, he requested the necessary part needed to repair our HVAC unit, a hydronic air handler. To date, we have not had our HVAC system repaired!!! We had record breaking temperatures last week that we had to suffer in and although I have called numerous times to check on our job status, I only just found out last week that the FIRST time the part was ordered it was sent to the wrong address. Another part was ordered, to replace the first one ordered and we are STILL WAITING!!! I do not understand what or where the problem is but I need to speak with someone in upper management to have the part ordered through a supplier that the service company deals with and have it installed!! The service company, Same Day HVAC, told me the price would be $3500 for them to order the part and install it along with the other auxiliary parts to have our a/c unit working. We SUFFERED from high humidity and poor air quality last week and on Friday morning my husband had to be admitted to the hospital for pneumonia!!! The air quality has been so unbearable, hot temperature inside and high humidity causes heat health illnesses which clearly happened to my husband who was admitted on Friday to the hospital! I need to speak with someone in upper management to resolve this problem before my husband is discharged. Please have someone call me as soon as possible. My cell number is 516-457-xxxx. I need this resolved today please!

  190. I have a ge profile stove which blows up almost burn my wife face and burn my house i call the warranty service and they said they they can’t do anything about it but they wants me to pay $99, 00 this is the 2nd ge profile stove that blows up on me i should be recompense for the lost

  191. I call for my refrigerator and freezer not working on 7/2/2021. The appointment for service is 07/12/2021. I just renewed my warranty a couple of months ago just to let all my food in the freezer and refrigerator spoil. ALSO MY KOMS MEDICINE HAS TO BE REFRIGERATED NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THAT. I need a sooner service call. July 12, 2021 is unacceptable! Also how do I make a call for lost freezer and refrigerated item? I would like my money back. My cell number is 773-320-xxxx

  192. I ordered a air conditioner through Sears I’m trying to get installation but every time I call the system is down this is going on three weeks now this is totally unacceptable.

  193. I have a big complaint I have waited 5 days for someone to come fix my dryer. Took off work each day no one has yet to show . All I get is tomorrow. I paid my $100.00 deposit and my dryer is still not working. Eith send somebody out or return my deposit. What good is have repair people when they can’t honor the people they work for. I really need to talk to someone higher if I don’t get my dry er worked on on tomorrow.

  194. I have a refrigerator freezer that is 5 years old this will be the 5th repair on it in the last month he came out he fixed it supposedly it took 2 weeks for them to get there now it broke again the ice maker broke and then 2 days ago the refrigerator stopped working completely so now in the last 4 weeks I’ve had a refrigerator for possibly one week. They’re telling me they’re coming out on the 21st of July to possibly fix my problem possibly this is a lemon the refrigerator freezer it was $2500 I need to call back I need help.

  195. I am so irritate right now I’ve been waiting for a supervisor to call me now for about an hour! After being on the phone with seats for an hour and being hung up on! I have been waiting for a refund for 23 days now and when I call
    Today they tell me that the day I called the system was down? But nobody emailed or called me to inform me instead they have me waiting for a refund for all these days?? So if I wouldn’t have called today to ask about it I would have never been given my refund? Someone needs to call me ASAP!

  196. I have been waiting for a month now for air-conditioning to be repaired. It is 122 degrees .please help us please please

  197. Take me off your email list selling shirts in honor of ashli Babbitt is a disgrace to our country she went there to cause unrest and harm I will never buy from a a company who supports insurrectionist

  198. I cannot believe you are selling Ashli Babbitt American Patriot t-shirts. She is not a patriotic. She is a traitor – trespassing on government property and threatening the safety of members of Congress. What were you thinking? Please consider what message you are sending by selling this product.

  199. Sears customer service has gone down. My lg washer has been out of service since June 18 2021. They came on 6/15 and on the 18th I had the same problem again. When I called on the 18th they said there system was down call tomorrow. This has been a on coming thing calling every day trying to get a appointment. Finally they gave me a appointment for July 1,2021 quality repair came. Every time I called I told them it was the door lock that I needed a new one. They never told the repair guy what the problem was . So they came with no part now I m waiting for a new part that might take another’ week being without Service. This has been a nightmare being without a machine for almost four weeks. I’ve called i so many numbers for Sears to be put on hold for 45 minutes or even today for 58 minutes.

  200. Hello I call sears for air duct cleaning at my home and also scheduled for my business . When they arrived at my home it was said they found mold in my attic. I agreed to treatment and uv light wich cost me 2,158. I payed with no problem no fuss . They next week they arrive at my business and wanted me to to agree to 1,100 treatment. I decided and the representative said well then I can’t clean your air ducts. When I only called for that service. I feel like that’s false advertisement and extortion. I will be reporting to better business and calling corporate. I am very disappointed

  201. Sears I am angry with way things are done I have waisted a lot of time trying to get a refrigerator that works this is the 3rd one needing replaced all 3 the same thing wrong cannot fix it. So number 4 I want to upgrade to a different brand and more expensive I was told no on this one I have now it has to be the same one well it’s a lemon and there is a lemon law so make it easy to upgrade and pay more for a different refrigerator please I have went through 3 fridges and brand-new and shouldn’t need to be repaired after 2-4 months now #4 needs to be different what can you do for me???

  202. are you the entity which is connected with Sears Home Services-ie warrantys? Also with Kenmore warranty? If not please send me their email addresses. DO NOT send me their phone #s as I have a list of several that serve no purpose except to obfuscate and pass the buck.
    I have been without a working refrigerator since June4 and can get NO relief from the entities that bear your name. I purchased a home warranty and also have a kenmore refrigerator (made by LG) which is still under warranty and neither of these warranty providers are able to communicate or work with each other.
    I need a new compressor but no one will order it because (as I understand it) the original work order was wrong. This was done by what I thought was Sears Home Services but turned out to be Ciinch. Since then I have had THREE representatives/technicians come to my home and NOTHING has progressed from my original request made on June 4th. Please respond. I’m about to contact consumer protection people and possibly small claims court.

  203. I want to file a complaint. Kitchen side microwave broken for month and a half. 2 times repair man here. Waiting for another part. 500.00 microwave only two years old. Waiting for part since 6/2/21. I have Sears home Warrenty on all appliances have been paying 53.99 every month for over a year. I have never been so discussed with a store in my life. Been on the phone for over 1.5 hours this week and last week for that amount of time. Still can’t reach person to address this after transfers and calling other numbers I want a new microwave. I should not have to wait this long for part and service. I use my microwave everyday. I want something done about this immediately please respond ASAP. Still can’t talk to someone

  204. I purchased a kenmore elite fridge back in 2018. Now the compressor has went out and no one can fix my fridge till 28th of the month. I called a company that works with Sears and ask the to send a work order to the company as instrument by the company and they say that they can not but this company receives services orders all the time. I will never by a nothing from Sears again. This is ridiculous that you choose to treat your customers like this. Very unacceptable.

  205. My name is Tracie Davenport, I have been trying to teach the billing department since May,2021. How can I teach the billing department or can someone teach out to me? My phone #is 678-362 xxxx or via email mygirlxxxxx

  206. My father who is 91 years old has had 4 appointments to have a refrigerator delivered to his home in Cambridge ma for over 3 months. The Braintree ma Sears keeps scheduling and canceling this appointment. He has waited patiently and the delivery keeps getting cancelled s new appointment gets scheduled and it gets cancelled. My brother takes off from work to be at my fathers house eac time and he is losing $300 per day. My father wants his money back so he can go to another store to complete this purchase. Since he is 91 years old I would like for you to contact me for the resolution of this matter. My name is John Rogers jr and you can reach me at 520255xxxx

  207. Can a supervisor call me at 334-887-xxxx. I have tried and attempted to get anyone to talk with me.

  208. Hello I’m speaking on behalf of my brother John volpe who is a US military veteran and a battling cancer patient he’s been a Sears consumer for many many years. His extended appliance warranty is paid in full and valid to the year 2023, his natural gas dryer has been broken since May of 2021 he has gotten nothing but a complete runaround to have it repaired, it’s now July 18th 2021 and his gas dryer is still not repaired. That’s poor customer service from a company that’s so large given to such a loyal customer! I feel his frustrations that’s why I’m reaching out to try to assist him through your company since I live four states away, plus my brother doesn’t use today’s technology to benefit himself he still has a flip phone. So if someone could please assist us to help get his dryer repaired we would greatly appreciate it.

  209. I did chat on line 3 times with your company’s expert, but was cut off each time by your chat service, regarding a repair that was done on June 9, 2021, trying to get a technician to come back out regarding the same problem that the stove was having. Then my mom called & was told she had to have an email address, so that she would know when the appointment would be. I know that’s a lie. I don’t know what games your staff personnel is playing. It’s been 3 weeks & haven’t gotten a call or a text on my phone. The home service contract is under my moms name: Ruby Lee Danridge & the email is under my name.

  210. I was dealing w Sears Sault St Marie store. They ordered a base for my GE washer. I am trying to find out if it is ever coming. It has been paid for months ago. They do not return my calls. They placed the order. Have have had terrible service. Order may be under Frank Kozlowski or my name. Thank you.

  211. I bought a dishwasher a few months ago. Still under warranty. I can’t seem to get any help after 4 calls to customer service. This is a bad machine and my dishes are sloppy wet every time. I want something done ASAP or I’m going to small claims court. I want this out of my house and a refund or a better machine

  212. I have trying to getting my Kenmore Gas Dryer (contract # 099676556700120) repaired since March 11, 2021. Parts were shipped before service technicians visit. When the technician arrived, he needed other parts. Repairs were on hold until the part arrived. They scheduled the next appointment for June 10, 2021. Then rescheduled to June 29, 2021. Then rescheduled to July 14, 2021. Then rescheduled to July 15, 2021. Then rescheduled to July 20, 2021. Then rescheduled to August 5, 2021. I calling to try and get an early appointment. They could only move the appointment August 3, 2021. This is unacceptable customer service. I do not understand how my cancelled service appointment is not the priority for the next day. I have waited months to get my dryer repaired. This lack of customer service makes me question maintaining a service agreement.

    When I called customer service to resolve the issue. The technician only moved my appointment ahead two days and could not provide any explanations for all the rescheduling. I was offered a free consultation for other home improvements I may be considering. Why would I use Sears for other work if this is the type of customer service provided?

  213. An employee of Sears Samantha Lee is the rudes most unprofessional employee of the century. I had ultraviolet lights put in my A/C ducts, they had to cut into the ducts and sealed it back with tape. The tape keeps coming loose causing the air to stay in the ac closet not circulating through the vents causing my house to be hot. This has been a problem for the last 2 years. Samantha told me I am the only person that ever had this problem in a very disrespectful manner. She is always angry when I call and put the phone down and leave me on hold. I can’t understand why Sears keep a person like this around for so many years. She needs additional training if Sears continue to keep her around. In my personal opinion she should not be working with such a prestigious company that strive for customer satisfaction.


  215. The sears in Sequim Washington

    The manager and employee both lack the people skills to do their jobs whether you talk to them on the phone or in person. I ordered a dryer online and had it delivered to Sequim. The phone conversation was very pleasant until he recognized that I bought the dryer online. He then proceeded to verbally abuse me about how I should have bought locally and not online. This manager was so abusive I hung up on him. We arrived at the store and this man AND his employees were exactly the same …abusive. So, If you intend to buy online and ship to the store or if you plan to go into the store you have been warned of the very poor customer service. It’s no wonder Sears is going out of business if this is the best you can get.

  216. i have sears home warrenty plan and have been waiting for over 2 months to get my frig. replaced and cant get anything done can you help.

  217. I have been trying to cancel my warranty and seems nobody wants to help they keep saying someone will call or send me an email i have been trying for months, I need help

  218. It is a shame that’s such a big company is giving me a terrible hard time to refund my money, becuse they sold me a wrong A/C. Since april 15, 2021 till now they do not.want to refund my money. Everything is approve, but they give all kind of scuse to keep posponding. See case # 7129601.

  219. I have a Sears Home Warrenty Acc. i have had Repair people here for my AC 5 times now, the last time 1.2 month ago, my Ac is not working again. i have been trying to speak to a person but only get recordings. I was told that if i had something repaired and it breaks again within 90 days it walls under repair warrenty and i do not have to pay an additional $ 100. i would like to speak to a life person.

  220. Trying to figure out how to start a class action lawsuit aginst sears hometown and sears cooperate for intended sales of defective sears elite Frenchdoor refrigerators, can’t get parts selling regardless knowing this for over a year. This is aginst federal law. Contacted Edward Lampert team. Contacting attorney to begin a lawsuit and a class action lawsuit aginst sears hometown and sears corporation

  221. Trying to figure out how to start a class action lawsuit aginst sears hometown and sears cooperate for intended sales of defective sears elite Frenchdoor refrigerators, can’t get parts selling regardless knowing this for over a year. This is aginst federal law. Contacted Edward Lampert team. Contacting attorney to begin a lawsuit and a class action lawsuit aginst sears hometown and sears corporation also contacting mitch bowling through attorneys

  222. No accountability. Repairs that take months are not acceptable. Insane labor charges for part under warranty, not acceptable. Inability to reach anyone with a semblance of leadership, unacceptable. Even corporate office just sends you to the service line. How does the corporate office not care about customer satisfaction? Not even pretend? Criminal.

  223. On July 30th I had a technician come to my home to repair my riding lawnmower he did not have the parts so I paid for parts.I paid for the entire job. They canceled on me three times so I I have not received my money that I paid. Can you please help

  224. I scheduled a home visir with rhe blue crew three times and three times they did not show up 9/16/21, 10/4/21, 10/20/21. all three time no one informed me of the cancellation. thre days work lost waiting from 8am ro 6pm this last one i had to call and was then told the tech took sick my last e-mail from sears said the tech was arriving between 2:41 and 4:41 i called at 5:30 and then was told he was sick no one called me. i have been a sears customer all my life even before credit cards were the thing as my father was before me well sorry to say that has ended for me and the rest of my family i realize nothing is forever but your business is still alive but your customer service is dead reat in peace !

  225. On 10/20/21 I called to schedule a refrigerator repair for my Kenmore Elite model 79551823411. I was told the next available appt. was 11/4/21. I could not wait that long so I had a repairman fix at $1200. About the same cost of the refrigerator. I am told by the repairman that they might give a partial reimbursement because this model has been a problem. I call back today and they tell me your under warranty for 5 or 10 years but since someone else repaired it, not only will the not cover it; my warranty is void. This is the most non customer service experience I have ever received. Why should I have to wait 3 weeks without a refrigerator? Would You? I should be compensated for the part at least because of this business decision and undue stress. When I scheduled the appointment, why did they not look at my warranty information and let me know all the facts up front.

  226. I have been married for 46 years, I have always had Sears/Kenmore appliances. When I got married in 1974 I purchased only Sears for my new home and kitchen. In 2008, I had my kitchen remodeled and again bought all Kenmore appliances. Both times I purchased service contracts. In the past service calls were answered in a day or two. Now I have a complaint about my Sears warranty for my appliances. For the past 13 years I have paid over $2000 to insure my refrigerator, dishwasher and stove. Last night I called about my refrigerator not being cold. The temperature is about 50 degrees not safe for food storage. I called the service line and was told that the earliest a service tech could visit would be November 5, the current date is October 22. Unacceptable, I could understand that for my dishwasher, and stove, I can wash dishes in my sink or use my microwave, but how can I do without a cold refrigerator for two weeks. Please contact me via my home phone at 609-386-xxxx.

  227. Sears Citi credit card customer service are a joke. Ask for one simple request n
    Told me they couldnt do it. Could be the first n last time I’ll use this card. Needed a copy of a receipt from 10/20/21 for 128.69 n was told they couldnt. All recordings are of no help

  228. I bought a power washer 6-16-20 at Lowe’s, the box had craftsman and 2 year warranty all over it. On 3-16-21 I took it to Oeorgetown out door, a Sears repare shop for repare, Georgetown out door has a part on order for 7 months. Can someone please get the part shipped or send me a check for my cost of 312.84 or a new washer? This is my second try to contact Sears about this. Thanks.

  229. no one wants to send repair person to fix refrigerator. they scheduled one for Oct. 21-NO SHOW!! no one wants to reschedule or help. they give me numbers that don’t work! I keep calling every Sears number I can find on the internet-no body wants to help! keep asking for contract numbers and cannot find any record of it. please have someone contact me that I can understand on the phone. no more foreigners or people working out of home with kids yelling and dogs barking. I guess customer service is a thing of the past! I am 82 and worried that this is the end U.S.A. I grew up in.

  230. Manager at Sears store in Spooner wi and he is hateful and refuses to fix my side by side refrigerator he just hangs the phone up on me

  231. On October 18th we called Sears to repair our refrigerator. We paid our $75.00 deductible because we have a warranty. On October 20th the tech came to our home…after completion told us we had to pay the $75.0 because he did not show that we had paid. We told him the only way we could set up the appointment is by paying the $75.00. I now have TWO receipts that show $75.00 paid twice. Have reached out to supportservices and NSCHELP and nothing. Someone called us a week or so ago and told us not to email to supportservices but to email NSCHELP. We have heard nothing and today is December 6, 2021. We have been given 100 different numbers to call and it all goes to the same place. We want our $75.00 back and no one will help us. So the technician said he didn’t see the first $75.00 although its in the system. How can this company continue on like this. This needs to get resolved immediately. The technician should have never charged me $75.00 and this is fraud. We told him we paid and he said we didn’t. I confirmed with Sears Credit Card that we did. I want my $75.00 back now!!!

  232. I have been dealing with a broken washer for 11 weeks. I was told over a month ago that I would be entitled to a new appliance since I have the agreement plan. I have had a repairman to my house six times. Trying to get through to anyone on the phone is extremely frustrating and I have wasted many many hours. I read online that before contacting the Better Business Bureau they really want you to speak to customer service but there is no way to get through to anyone. My customer number is 046784xxxx.

  233. I have a problem that I need help with. I tried a month ago to cancel my Sears home warranty service and it was always such a hassle to get someone to actually do it. They put me on hold-never came back etc. I just got an email that I still owe the next month of $49.99. So I placed another call right now, talked to Pablo. He said he can cancel it but I still owe the $49.99! I do not. If you look back in the records you will see the calls l made trying to get this done, as well as the headache that I had trying to get our refrigerator replaced. Our refrigerator that was only 4 years old stopped working and after four times of trying to fix it they said they would replace it. I had to call and call and call to get them to send me the replacement money. Please feel free to call me at 309-349 xxxx. I would like this resolved and the balance that I owe $0.

  234. Originally Send $$$ for replacement of ONE fridge drawer. Three times i followed up and the last date they gave me HAS PASSED…

  235. I bought a $1,500 Craftsman snowblower in November of 2017. As of today it will not start. No wonder you guys are out of business! Sears and Craftsman suck! And I have to pay $139 after four years to get this stupid machine fixed at! Again, no wonder you guys are out of business!

  236. This is a first, but I’m very frustrated with the service I HAVEN’T received. I made an initial call approx. 3 Nov 21 to set up an appt to have someone come out to check my washer as it had stopped working. The tech came approx. 10 Nov and I was told I needed a new cmptr board. He also stated that the job would be scheduled for closeout on 14 Dec 21 btwn 1 and 5pm and that the part needed should arrive in 8 to 10 days. I received the part on 13 Nov and I called the svs dept. the same day. During that conversation I was told my appt was chnged to 22 Dec because the part HAD NOT BEEN SHIPPED. I explained that the part was shipped and received and asked how come no one called or text to let me know of the appt. change. Cust svs said they would update the system to reflect part shipped but I now had to wait until 22 Dec 21 before the part could be installed btwn 8 and 12 am. On 22 Dec once again no o one showed and I call the svs and parts depts to find out why. Both depts. stated that the PART HAD NOT BEEN SHIPPED and that I was once again rescheduled….this time 28 Dec. Again I stated that I had the part since 13 Nov. and I also asked again why no one called or text to let me know of the appt. change!!! Apparently no one updated the system to reflect that the part had been received over a MONTH ago. This is totally unacceptable, no updates, no phone calls, not text!!! The only response from your svs and parts depts was all scripted–we cannot do anything, we don’t have the authority. When I asked who has the authority they would give me a round about answer. During my second call on the 22 Nov the parts dept said there was an opening a 8-12am on the 23 and he would transfer me to the svs dept to lock it in..I was transferred but the svs dept said not opening existed…YOUR PHONE OP LIED! As stated by you opening prompts ALL MY CALLS WERE RECORDED, someone needs to listen to these calls to see how frustrated the whole issue has been. Driving several miles away to use a local laundry (gas and cost to clean) over the past month is not how this thing is supposed to work. I been a Sears services customer for over TEN Years–maybe I’m wrong but I think I would receive better service than what was provided.

  237. You have not been able to fix my tractor as there is no one any longer qualified to do so. I have been calling for 5 months and no one can help.
    I amy ready to file my complaint!

  238. I have been waiting since 12/16/2021 for a replacement washer through Sears home Services. The case # is 7314669 and Auth # is 8228-4139xxxx. I want someone to contact me asap regarding this matter. My phone # is 509-888-xxxx

  239. have 5 year sear protection agreement on a kenmore washer bought in march 2019. the stop and start buttons are stuck and a technician ordered parts since December, all i get is a run around

  240. you do not honor your sears home repair, they left me with bad parts and Bosch says that should not have occurred. If you can not honor your contract then return all that we paid and cancel our contract. The alternative is you dealing with the NYS Attorney General

  241. Ex employee
    Sears shareholder and withdraw
    funds in 2017.
    California taxes and IRS penalties
    still active.
    Need tax statements or w-2
    to file…Be trying numerous
    times! Unable to reach anyone
    through Sears or any help.
    I can be reached..
    Edmund Eaton
    Cell# …1-916-968-xxxx

  242. I bought an 3yr Master Protection Agreement on a Kenmore Laundry center (Order#877650132). My washer broke down bake on August 6th of 2021. I have had Techs out five different times (last back in January 2022). The last part replaced was the control panel and my washer still does not work. They are supposed to replace it after 4 tries to fix it and it does not work. I have yet to hear anything back from anyone on this matter and I am still without a washer and having to drive all over the place to get my laundry done and it is holding me up on other things needing to get done and now with gas prices so high, it’s even harder on me. The agreement is if cannot fix it in a timely matter (again broke since 8/6/2021) then it will be replaced. So, I would like to know what is going to be done to get this corrected and for my Kenmore Laundry center replaced??? This is a breach of a contract I paid for through you (SEARS). Legally I am supposed to be getting a replacement of the same size I have now.

  243. Purchased a washer and dryer thru Sears on line delivery was made in october 2021 #59027 stainless steel washing hose and #58690 gas dryer were never used on installation .I have been trying for 5 months to get a refund for those parts. Unfortunatelly Sears leaves me no alternative to contact you or hire a lawyer .

  244. On Jan 21, 2022 I ordered a
    Frigidaire Gallery GRSC2352AF 22.3 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator – Smudge-Proof® Stainless Steel
    Item: 04633373000
    Model: GRSC2352AF
    KSN: 5986089
    UPC: 012505647796
    Size: 30.0 x 38.05 x 71.55
    Condition: New
    I paid $2203.50 for it including a 3 year protection plan.
    I paid FULL PRICE and expected a functioning machine. I did not get that. I expect an exchange for a NEW UNDAMAGED machine.
    The refrigerator was supposed to be delivered on Feb 8, 2022. On Feb 7th, I was called and asked to pick a new delivery date. The fridge was delivered on Feb 11, 2022. I noticed it was making a noise and spent a considerable amount of time on Google and YouTube trying to figure out if the noise was normal or not. Each day, the noise got louder. Finally, I asked a repair technician who came to repair another appliance about the noise and he said it was not normal. That was on Feb 28, 2022.
    I immediately called Sears customer service to arrange for a technician to repair the refrigerator. He was scheduled to arrive on March 4th between 8a and 12p. At 12:09p on March 4th, the technician tells me that he will not be able to arrive before 1:30p. I had already taken the morning off of work to be available for this repair. I am in Independent Contractor. No work equals no pay. I was sacrificing a paycheck to be here. I arranged to be available at 4p on March 4th since he told me that he could arrive at 4. At 4:01p, the technician calls to say that he will not arrive until after 5p and that he is about to go into a home that was expecting him at 3:30. I reminded him that I had expected him by 12p and that it was now 4:02p. He arrived after 5p.
    The technician was quickly able to locate the problem – a broken fan – but was unable to repair it and had to order a part.
    Today, March 8, 2022, I received an email at 6:01a stating
    One or more of your parts on order has been delayed and we are researching part options. We’ll send weekly updates to let you know status and when a reschedule time is available.
    I am disappointed by receiving failed operational quality and have been very much inconvenienced by all of this starting with the length of time I went without a refrigerator while waiting for this one to arrive to waiting even longer because of delivery delays to waiting for a repair technician I took unpaid time off for to now waiting an undetermined amount of time for a part to fix this malfunctioning refrigerator.
    I do not have any more time to devote to a problem that originated with machine manufacture. Please replace this dysfunctional machine with a functional one as soon as possible. Your company’s commitment to quality and response to my urgent request will better inform me of what steps I need to take. I look forward to your prompt reply.

  245. I purchased a Sears hot water heater I call for repair 2-21-2022 she me come out 8:00 am – 5:00 pm I ask her can someone come after 6:00 pm she told me they do not do after hours I taking off work he came 6:08 pm I talk to the guy he said they don’t know what we do in the field she told me it will cost $99.00 I told him this is the email she sent me $99.00 Andrew said this is the email she sent me. I pay the $199.00 he said talk to my hot water heater went out again 3-8-2022 representative Caz Text me she put diagnostic fee $99.00 I told that should be wave can someone please give me a call 404-430-xxxx. Thanks Ms. Ingram you all have a blessed safe day remember always keep God first

  246. My dad scheduled an appointment for someone to look at his hot water heater on 3/22/22 and was told no one could come out until 3/26/22. The day of the appointment the technician calls and says “ the hot water heater is a plumbing issue and he can’t do plumbing so it’s been sent to plumbing and my dad would have to call a plumber.” Knowing that it’s an electrical issue and not plumbing I tried live chat. The person gave me a 1-800 number and said I should call.” I asked for the address and phone number of the corporate office and she said I should call the 1-800 number. I called that number and it automated messages and unhelpful menu selections. I found the number for the Durham, NC location and I called. After more automated messages and menus selections I was connected to a person. I explained what happened. The person gave n the line didn’t know why the technician said that and checked to see what he could do. The first appointment he had was for Monday. My dad has been without water for 4 days I needed some here today. I was told there was only ONE technician working today and it was the one who was originally scheduled and they wouldn’t send him to the house because of what he did. I need so today but there was nothing he could do. Sears is NEVER getting my business EVER again! I contacted a more reliable company that will be here Monday! I am frustrated that may elderly father has to suffer this nightmare!

  247. I was told on the phone the compressor on my fridge had a warranty so I made an appt for technician to come out only to be told by him that there was no warranty that I had been given incorrect information on the phone. ( He told me they do that all the time) I would have never had the tech. come out had I been given the correct info. As I already knew what was wrong and the cost of repair with no warranty.
    I requested a refund of 79.00 as I would have never made the appointment to have the tech come out had I known there was no warranty. I would have just bought a new refrigerator 2 days sooner.
    My request for refund was denied.
    This is extremely upsetting.
    I have had to make many calls only to be finally told it was denied and that I would have to write a letter to billing services team.

  248. I am writing to file a complaint on a “slide in” electric range that we purchased on 9/28/2016. Kenmore 48588 cu.ft. self clean slide-in-electric range w/ deluxe coil elements. We paid $849.99. I am very unhappy with it. Nothing but problems. First, larger front burner would suddenly get too hot and burn my food. On 2/28/21 we had to call Johnson’s Appliance Repair. They replaced a part, $156.98. It still doesn’t work and now it won’t even get to the full heat when turned to high. Second, the back larger burner will suddenly get hotter then setting and burn my food. Third, the oven temperature is not accurate, as I have to set it 25-30 degrees higher. And last but not least, after doing the self cleaning feature, the black finish is chipping off the bottom of the oven. I have never paid so much for a range and had to many problems. Just wanted to let you know I will be telling all friends and family to NEVER buy a Sears appliance. It’s only 5-1/2 years old and can’t afford another one. VERY unhappy with this range and feel it should be replaced. It’s a piece of shit.


  250. The Customer Service woman misrepresented information in order to get me to buy the Sears Home Warranty. I have spent hours trying to find a human being who can help me cancel the contract. I keep getting referred to the same telephone numbers with the same limiting options to select from. Any human being I manage to actually speak with tells me they can not help and give me the same tele numbers over and over again. In addition, there is incomplete information on my Sears Home Warranty account when I sign in. For example, on the phone I was told that a particular necessary part is unavailable and they have no idea IF/WHEN it ever will be! There is no mention of this on my online account. It merely says “No news is good news.” Please have a human being help me with cancelling my warranty and expediting a refund for misrepresented service appointment!

  251. I would like to be contacted about a purchase I made before Covid. My local Sears store has closed and I cannot get any assistance over the phone. This is my first attempt to reach out to Sears Headquarters.

  252. My washer malfunctioned flooding my floors. Sears directed me to Sedgwick. Sedgwick directed me to LG because they said I had defective parts and denied my claim. No one will take responsibility for the claim.

  253. I am so fed up with Sears Home Warranty, aka Cinch. I accepted a replacement refrigerator after 6 months of trying to get parts, parts sent incorrectly, etc. Finally replacement fridge (ice maker did not work on Kenmore) . Finally a delivery date, the delivery person called and said there is no installation with this fridge. We are two seniors with no tools or don’t even know how to install. Can someone please call and let me know what the hell is going on. Every time I call I get no satisfactions. Cinch are a bunch of crooks.

  254. After countless hours in your automated phone-hell and getting NO satisfaction what-so-ever, I’m attempting to get a refund of our co-pay deductible of $75. We’ve been unable to communicate with ANYONE to recertify the situation with our stove. Hours spent on the phone, in chats are hours wasted. I’m confident in saying I’LL NEVER RECOMMEND SEARS HOME WARENTY to ANYONE. Unless of coarse they enjoy your very special phone-hell of automation.

  255. To whom it may concern: We had a total of 3 visit with 3 different technicians that came to our home to fix our Whirlpool refrigerator and that still is not working . The first technicians said the reason the ice machine is not working is that the lid will need to be completely shut and that we can tape to shut the little slot. A week later the refrigerator stopped cooling .The second technician came in and said the problem is the compressor that stopped working .The third technicians came yesterday 4/20 that explained to me that the previous technician that diagnosed our refrigerator that said that the issue was not the compressor. Mind you we had to wait 2 weeks for the parts to come in and also another technician visit to find out that the problem was not the compressor and that the corrected parts would have to be order . I immediately called yesterday morning and spoke to a rep by the name Oscar that said that he will submitted for his supervisor by the name of Carlos Gonzalez to give me a call back . I haven’t heard from the supervisor so I called back later that day and spoke to a rep by the name Monica that said that a supervisor Carlos Gonzalez will be calling back with in 24hours. We have not heard from Carlos at all. I called back in today 4/21 and spoke to a rep name Thiago that said that he will need to submit a request to have a supervisor by the name of Luisa R to call us back once she determined that if it’s necessary for her to call us back. Mind you , we have to wait for the part to be delivered , with a scheduled tech visit on May 6th. It will now be 2 months without a working refrigerator. Now we want to be credited $79.00 for the initial visit and the date of May 6th to be rescheduled for an earlier date. If we not not heard from anyone our next step is contacting our Lawyer . My name is Mirta Pullen and I can be reach @ 203-499-xxxx. Address :41 HighTop Cir East, Hamden CT. Sincerely yours Calvert and Mirta Pullen.

  256. I am paying $69 a month for a home warranty. I haven’t been able to get service for a year for any of my covered items. I had previously gotten service if i persevered with the service people, I could finally get service. Now the service numbers create an endless number of people who say they cannot help or refer you to another department that can’t help either.
    While I have tried to use my Sears home warranty but have always had to call another service to get things fixed.
    I will have to cancel my warranty service going forward, if Sears doesn’t honor my contract.

  257. I need to present Sears Home Services with a demand under the Texas Deceptive Practices Act and, if that fails, to sue in court to collect. May I please have the name and contact information of the appropriate corporate official to present my demand and upon which to serve my lawsuit? This concerns the failure to honor a warranty for a dishwasher. Is the correct official and the correct address? Luke J Valentino
    General Counsel, Sears Holdings Corp Transform SR Holding Management LLC
    ATTN: Legal Intake/Privacy
    xxxx Beverly Road
    Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 Also, please let me know if the company is in bankruptcy and if I must proceed through the bankruptcy case and relevant contact information for that. Thank you.

  258. Purchased Sears Home Warranty Plan.
    Kenmore Dishwasher broke down in January 2022.
    Have contracted for service – technicians came on 3 occasions and have been unable to repair.
    Initially in January 2022….now May 2022 and not repaired.

  259. I have a lawn tractor, I live in NH. Great guy came out, said needed more parts, got them, came out again, said needed new head and a push rod to call when they came in, they are in, I have tried several times to set an appointment and get “well, call back in a few days and see if we can set an appt then”, I have a tractor that is all apart and not usable for almost 2 months. I need a tech to come out and fix ASAP I asked for a call to discuss and got told there is no one that can call?

  260. My name is John Wornum I have a sears warranty contract my plan #is 11489326 my phone number is 781316xxxx. I have a letter in my possession that says when you renew your contract you get your first service fee waived , so I did that and I can’t get anyone to help me get reimbursed. With no exaggeration when I called the # in the packet I got transferred to 5 different departments with no help, so you tell me were do I go from here.

  261. Sears is refusing to refund me when the tech took the new part & put back in the old part & he stated he issued a refund because the washer was still not working!

  262. Sears Home Service: I’m telling everyone I know about my experience.
    Horrible service. Very difficult to get through to anyone to actually talk to and get the constant run around and call drops.

    Some of their techs should be in training with other techs as they are not knowledgeable on how to diagnose issues. In most cases they simply start replacing parts until the problem goes away with revisit after revisit… try that with a refrigerator/freezer that is only working intermittently. I had to get thermometers and take video of my 45 degree freezer and 60 degree refrigerator.

    The last straw was a washer that could not be fixed. They said they could not get parts and by the way they have 30 days to tell you that. Fortunate for me it only took about 10 days for them to figure this out and offer me an equivalent replacement washer with a commitment delivery date of April 14th. I accepted the delivery date but it cam and went and no call to say what was going on. O called them the next day and they it would be a couple days… crickets no call. I called them again and told it would not be until may 18th. I did not want to be without a washer for a month so opted for the cash pay out offered.

    I never got the full amount as they charged a 35% restocking fee. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS LOUSY COMPANY!!!

    They lie to you hang up on you and transfer you from person to person. In the end I will have to wait out my contract or pay the balance so I will wait until the one year commitment is over and then cancel.

    Not sure how else I can say it; they are a RIP OFF!!!

  263. Ticket:000708841105939
    How do I get this resolved. The part has been on back order for over a month. I have contacted support via chat numerous times, I have asked to speak to a supervisor, this has been escalated numerous times with no results. What recourse do I have? The part is available on Amazon, why cant Sears get a Sears part? Why cant I speak to someone on the phone? The Agent’s say they cant review chat/call history, so I get the same BS answer every time I ask for an update 2 to 3 days someone will be in contact. Please review my chat history and decide whether this is how you treat your customers.

  264. Bought freezer 7 21 door was bad cannot get it fixed how can you make this get fixed david wise 912-536-xxxx.

  265. Over the 5 years Iam trying to fix my HVAC units, spends Lott of money with SearsHome warranty , they came to fix and the second day is not working, I have a claim since last year in October technician came twice and still is not working, now Iam trying to call to get them here and is impossible you can be on a phone for over in hour, this is terrible, they getting my money every months but the service in very poor, Iam can file a complaint in court because I can’t talk with the right people, all the people I get the foreigners with very little English

  266. Iam very disappointing in the Sears home warranty for years now I have different contractors send it by Sears to repair my upstairs HVAC unit , and never can be repaired properly, they are doing whatever they do. But they don’t here what to hear what I have to say, they don’t spend more then hour or less, since I have Sears my electric Bill is high is of the roof I never had electric payment of $1000 a month I told them is running constantly on AUX. if you don’t take matters so they can fix my Unit I will file a lawsuit against the company incompetence

  267. I have been paying $69.99 a month for a Sears Home Warranty.
    On the last three calls Sears put me off, said someone would call, and they didn’t, or transferred me to someone else who knew nothing about what I needed.

    I have attempted to cancel the warranty rather than paying for the non-existent service from Sears, and I am once again transferred from person to person.
    At this time I must insist that you cancel my warranty service and refund my payments back to the last service I had

  268. I would like to speak to a live person re. a bill I paid at the time of service in the amount of $169. Please respond without referring me to another phone recording service. My check is dated May 3 and given to the service person who worked on my lawnmower May 3. Service Order #40670754. I have received two notices that my bill has not been paid. PLEASE HELP!

  269. Earlier this year I received a mailing from sears home services that said we’ll cover your first service fee when you re-enroll witch I did (re-enroll). I have had my first service call.
    I have tried to get satisfaction on this issue but have been tossed to at least five different departments,to no avail. Can you please respond and help me. Thank you.

  270. I have been waiting since May for a refund for a repair that could not be done. I paid up front for this repair. I do expect a reply.

  271. I am a customer of a Sears Home Warranty Plan and paid monthly for the plan. My side-by-side refrigerator finally shutdown on June 18, 2022.
    My refrigerator was making intermittent clicking sounds on 6/15, and next several days was more frequent clicking sounds. On June 17, I have made numerous calls to Sears Home warranty office to try and schedule an emergency repair for I am so concerned that my refrigerator might stop working and that food in the freezer and refrigerator will get spoiled. Well, they gave me the earliest schedule of June 18, and June 21. Well, my refrigerator stopped working on June 18. Made decision on June 17 that I really cannot wait for June 18 repair schedule. So I contacted a repair shop on June 17 for the issue is of urgent concern, especially food getting spoiled. For sure, on morning of June 18, the refrigerator stopped working and food were all defrosted and spoiled.
    So I went to an appliance store and bought a new refrigerator for I can no longer wait for the Sears Home Warranty to make such decisions.
    The calls to Sears was so frustrating, where I was put on hold for a very long time and was wondering why can’t they refer me to an emergency repair department.
    I have paid the $75.00 deductible and thought that a Sears repair guy will promptly schedule our emergency issue. I needed the refrigerator right away rather than waiting for Sears, so I purchased one from Howard’s Appliance in Huntington Beach, CA. The process at Howard’s was quick, they have the refrigerator in stock, and delivery was next day. I now have my refrigerator installed and working properly. Thanks to Howard’s. We wish Sears would operate like the service we get from Howard’s. For your information, I was told to call a Sears Home Warranty partner hoping I can get from refrigerator from them; well, I called but I did not receive a return call from the Sears partner.
    I hereby request reimbursement for my $75 deductible which I have paid. Also, request reimbursement for my purchase of refrigerator from Howard’s Appliance. Waiting for a repair schedule from Sears Home Warranty is taking a long time, long wait on telephone call; it’s just so frustrating.
    We await your response. Thank you very much.
    I can be reached at 714-229-xxxx.

  272. Refrigerator is 4 years old (kenmore) had 6 service calls since February please help me


  274. please cancel my membership, do not charge my credit card anymore! I expect to see a $100.00 refund on my next bank statement! do not call me or write to me, i just want this experience to be over with!

  275. I have been trying to deal with your Sears Home warranty department, and it is totally useless. The website is screwed up and it ended up charging me for EIGHT service calls, because every time I picked an available time, it became unavailable and I had to go back and pay again to pick another time, There is no one to call (A PERSON) to talk to, and it takes 3-6 weeks to get service. So now the available service times make my recall out of the recall time frame. I need help, and have not been able to get in touch with anyone.

  276. Service done on air conditioning. Broke again five minutes after the man left. I work and have a special needs son. It has been to hot to stay in my home. I accepted appointment for 8/3/22. Now I received a text making it later 8/5/22 8-1. I was on hold 2 1/2 hours to get that appointment. I need to keep my original appointment 8/3/22. My son cries every nite because we are not sleeping home.

  277. I’ve been trying for days to cancel my Sears Home Warenty. I submitted to cancel on line. They still charged my credit card. I’m tired of waiting on hold for up to almost 2 hours. Contract # 12370534, Coverage Started 06/18/2022, I cancelled on-line on 07-14-2022. I will never buy another Sears product again.

  278. I’ve been trying for days to cancel my Sears Home Warrenty. I submitted to cancel on line. They still charged my credit card. I’m tired of waiting on hold for up to almost 2 hours. Contract # 12370534, Coverage Started 06/18/2022, I cancelled on-line on 07-14-2022. I will never buy another Sears product again. I can’t believe all the time I have spent trying to cancel My Sears Home Warrenty. It is so ridiculous. Just being on hold forever.

  279. I have been waiting for my air conditioner to be repaired for 2 1/2 weeks. A serviceman came out on July 16 and charged me $235 for work done that is supposed to be covered by my policy (Plan #96597356). He came out again a second time. The air conditioner still was not working. It blows cold for about an hour and then warm for the rest of the day. The temperature gets to 95 degrees in the house. I have health issues and am having difficulty with the heat. I then called the center and rescheduled a service appt. I asked to please do not send the same technician. Again, for the third time, the same technician came and supposedly fixed the unit again. But, of course after a hour of him leaving, it was hot again. His appts. were always 8:00 a.m. I requested a fourth time. Again, the same technician. He started to install a new thermostat, complaining that this was not covered in my plan, which it is. I reread the contract. Then he complained he has a full schedule and “does not have time for this.” He had to go to San Diego as well. I told him I have been waiting for two weeks for him to repair the unit and am on the schedule as well as his other customers. He had another serviceman with him. I mentioned that both of them could install it and it would be quicker. He drilled a hole in the wall and was starting to install the thermostat. I went into the kitchen. When I came back a few minute to see how he was doing, he was gone. His van was gone. I didn’t hear him leave at all, he was so quiet. He then reported that there were no mechanical failures. I received an email invoice showing a charge of $235.00 that I supposedly signed for approval. The charge was also stated as covered by the contract. This is interesting, as I did not approve this contract and I did not even sign it. There is a signature, but not mine. I called to talk to a supervisor on Monday, July 25 and was told to call back on Friday. I did call back today, only to be told a supervisor will call me back by 10:00 Calif. time. I never received a call. When I call, I am waiting for one or two hours for my call to be answered. I am extremely frustrated. I will be contacting the Consumer Affairs dept.

  280. I have a question. Recently I needed work on our refrigerator and calledthe home warrantycompany I have . The young lady I was speaking with said I had an $85 service call fee. I gave her my debit card information for her to run it thru she gave an unsual sound but did not say anything. In explaination. I assumed it had gone thru. And all was well,she gave me the information of date and time of the visit. When thh service man came out he indicated I needed to pay the $85.00, so I wrote him a check. and he told me when to expect him back to install the part I needed. A few days later I got a statement in the mail and now I am assuming it is for the $85.00. Please let me know if I need to honor the statement and send a payment for $85.00. or did you get the check I wrote the serviceman. I don’t mind rewriting the check I just don’t want to duplicate the $85.00 and cause an overpayment on the account.

  281. Please contact me to answer questions that I have concerning my refrigerator that the repair deems as not repairable. I need to know how to proceed from here. I just really need to speak with someone who can answer my questions.

  282. Complaint and refund request. Regarding Sears repair service order 000774442186295. On a 9:30am call (800-469-4663) today Wed Aug10’22 Sears Home Services rep “Mike” said that my service order would be noted so that the $117.52 diagnostic fees of Aug 8’22 paid for my Tappan oven would be credited to the oven repair with parts ordered for which I was charged $608.03 today. The repair is scheduled for Thurs Aug25’22. Repairman Lou said there were no notes or code on my service order today Aug 10’22 for the diagnostic waiver credit, as Sears rep Mike stated today . I was charged the full repair amount of $608.03. Based on what I was told by Sears rep Mike, I should have been only charged the difference of $490.50 ($608.03-$117.53) since I agreed to proceed with the repair. Please refund the $117.53 diagnostic fee to my credit card on file as I was told or cancel the parts order and scheduled repair. I strongly feel misled and deceived by your Sears representative in failing to place the required note or code on my service order for the $117.53 diagnostic fee credit. Please confirm receipt of this refund request.
    Manuel Chalen cell 347-693-xxxx

  283. Hello,

    I spoke with Gigi in Home Services on July 25th, 2022 and she confirmed a refund of $944.02 for service order # 41105107 dated 3/23/22.

    This is in regards to the ordering of 2 parts and subsequent install services.

    The parts have been returned and NO services have been rendered (see Technician ID # 0882472). It’s been over 4 months and we do not want to proceed any further.

    Please process the refund as soon as possible to the paying card.

  284. I have an extended warranty through Sears. The equipment in my refrigerator has been replaced 5 time and can no longer be fixed. No one will help. I will make a complaint with the NYS Attorney General’s Office if this matter is not resolved.

  285. I have been without a refrigerator for six weeks now. Four different technicians have come to my house and it still is not fixed. Please help

  286. Sears Is a mess up company to deal with please don’t do business with this company the take your money and never fix your appliances we all need to get to gather and sue them I’m going to call the news people to try and get them involve they sent someone out to look at my washing machine the said they was going to give me another one they never did then they was suppose to give me the money to buy one they never gave me that I’ve been waiting 3 months and they still giving me the run around August 2022

  287. ATTENTION SEARS HOME REPAIR CEO I am a business owner this is how your business is treating my business who takes care of the elderly for a living this is not how you treat people , I would love for the service I have already paid for to be completed instead I keep getting phone calls they have to reschedule me and nobody can help me and after 4 cancellations they show up put parts in and never checked to see if they were working properly and left now I’m right back where I started i called immediately and let them know they said they would schedule me for the 21 and of course I get a phone call it is rescheduled to the 31 of August this is ridiculous I want my moment back I paid you for a service and I haven’t got anything from you except headaches and problem and excuses

  288. Ice maker has been broken for 9 months. Sears Warranty has sent out repair men for 11 visits and is still not fixed.
    I cannot get them to just replace and resolve the problem.
    Cannot talk to a live person of management.
    This is a terrible company. Filed a complaint with the BBB.

  289. I am completely unsatisfied with the service (not provided) by my Sears Home Warranty for job SCCQ52E431B8-5. The job was initiated in May 2022, there have been seven visits to my home from two repair agents. The last visit was on July 8, 2022. I have spent hours throughout the last five months on the phone trying to get information about the status of the repair at various stages.

    Now the job seems to be sitting in “no-man’s land”. The last service company claims that they have closed the job around July 18 and reported to you. However, your notes say that a part has been ordered and I need to wait “a few days” for the service agents to schedule (the “few days” is now 2 months).

    I want a conclusion to this job that does one of the following:
    all of my warranty payments refunded to me and my contract canceled, or
    a cash payment for a new refrigerator. I am selling my house and have no use for a new refrigerator which wouldn’t arrive before I move from my house.

  290. Complaint on water heater repair I have been waiting more than two weeks for return of service tech who didnot do job right first time unable to contact anyone they keep changing from one department to another my contact 929321xxxx have no hot water they say they cannot service till November one.

  291. 6 months and still have not fixed my washer and I just enrolled in a northern warranty special .please help me .

  292. I have been trying to get someone out to my house in San Pedro, Ca 90732, we bought the siding for our home 15 years ago, called the number for the district manager in our area. I believe her name is Daphanie, called 4 times, never return our calls. This is a lifetime warranty, so I would like some response from you, since this is headquarters. Our siding is coming away from the house, not a big job, just in the corner, it has popped out. Appreciate your help. Thank you, Sandra Esparza, our contract number is 4737066.

  293. I have been given a completely run around. I bought a Kenmore refrigerator from Sears. It has a bad compressor which needs to be replaced. It turns out the parts used in the Kenmore are LG parts. I call LG who sent me to Kenmore who in turn sent me to Sears. No one wants to fix the issue just move it on to next person. In the mean time I have a none working refrigerator and I have a handicap person living at the house . Please who can I speak with(live person not robot)

  294. I purchased an expensive refrigerator from Sears..a Kenmore. One year and 2 months later a part started to leak. I was told the part is no longer manufactured. A replacement for the original was sent to me after I was assured by the sales person at Sears Parts Direct that it would fit. It does not fit. Now I must return the part and a new salesperson is sending yet another part that should fit. I can’t believe the time and money I have invested in this new refrigerator. Please do not buy Sears Products! I never will again. There is much, much more to the story, but much too long to write.

  295. In October my daughter purchase a contract with Sears to service our appliance. 10/28/22 a serviceman came to the house to evaluate the microwave handle that broke off. I gave him a check for $280 that cleared my account 11/2/2022. The first appointment was 11/7/22 serviceman was running late next appointment 11/11/22 no reason why serviceman never showed. My daughter was advised appointment #3 11/21/22 when the part is standing in our home for 19 days. We are very frustrated with Sears service. They don’t care and after doing business with Sears since the 1960. Maybe like others we need to look somewhere for service contracts.

  296. I was double billed and overpaid on my protection agreement account for my refrigerator. I would like either a refund or an extension on the agreement. I have been unable to contact the proper person to do this.

  297. March of 2022 I was told by Sears associate to purchase a rental washer, and that I would be reimbursed fully. My washer had stopped working, but still had warranty on it. Have to given them time to check the washer. I still had to wait for them to return and fix the washer so I went ahead and rented a washer from Aarons here in Cleveland Mississippi on March 19, 2022. After service man return and said that the washer could not be repaired I called seers and talk to someone about my reimbursement and they told me to send my paperwork in so I did, the first paperwork was not enough so I had to send in individual receipts. Even after I sent in each receipt from the four months I’ve rented the washer seers only paid me for one receipt, which was the last one $56.$.70 and then they close my case . I have yet to receive $135.75 that I charged on my credit card because I was told that I would be reimbursed if I rented the washer and this is why I am complaining.. I have called seers every month since I’ve seen in numerous papers and receipts, and I still have not received my money. I have been with seers for years and have never had a problem, but this is a problem that needs to be resolved. I have constantly been lied to each time I’ve called they were saying in my checked out I have yet to receive my check. I have not cashed a $56.70 check because I am waiting for my balance of $135.75 my case number is 7416339 . Could someone please do the right thing and return my balance owed.

  298. Hey there. We are about to take serious LEGAL actions against Sears, the home service department and would like whoever is in charge or receiving this message to get in contact with me. We have major complaints regarding our air conditioning unit and our Kenmore elite refrigerator. Just imagine having no refrigerator for about 4 months and having a company with which you have a service contract, a Master Protection Plan on top of that and getting no decent help from that company. That goes beyond bad customer service, it is DISRESPECTFUL and plain “we don’t give a damn about the customer, just need their money”, kind of service. And there is a lot more…. Too much to write in this space. Let me know how to provide more details or file a FORMAL complaint. Thank you. I can be reach at (786) 298-xxxx or (305) 484-xxxx. The contract in under the second phone number.

  299. We bought the warranty and they sent out around 10 workers who were unable to fix our dishwasher The workers they sent out were very unprofessional in dress (no uniforms) and they drove her in civilian cars and no professional identification. T A few of them did not look at the dishwasher. They said they couldn’t fix it after months trying to get a Sears repair worker to repair the dishwasher. It has been 11 months and my dishwasher still doesn’t work and Sears refused to replace the dishwasher even though we paid for the warranty. The warranty states that if they can not repair the dishwasher they would replace it. Sears is not doing this and refusing to give me back my money. Sears is not what it has been in the past. Watch out America.

  300. i have been trying to get my dryer fixed since May. either someone comes out and orders part ans never to return. Twice another tech came and order the parts again never to return. I’ve had appointments and no one shows up and no cancellation notice. i have the parts i just need someond to fix my dryer. i have complained multiple time with no help.

  301. Problem with controversary over service maintenance coversge. Time is ov the essence witcoversge ending May PLEASE call. 712. 252 xxxx

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