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Sears is also known as Sears, Roebuck and Company. Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892. The company was bought by Kmart in 2005 and a new holeding company was formed, Sears Holdings Corporation.

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Kmart, Sears Home Services
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3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
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What is Sears’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sears’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-847-286-2500.


What is Sears’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sears’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-479-5899.

The phone number for Sears Credit Card Services is: 1-800-669-8488.


How do I Contact Sears Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Sears via:

Sears Email Address is [email protected] (Customer Service).

Sears’ Contact Us page can be found here.


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Sears on Twitter: @SearsCares

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Sears Headquarters Executive Team.

Sears’s management team consists of:

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Robert A. Riecker, Chief Financial Officer

Julie Ainsworth, Chief People Officer

Mitch Bowling, Chief Executive Officer, Sears Home Services

Leena Munjal, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Integrated Retail

Robert Naedele, Chief Commercial Officer, Shop Your Way

Dean Schwartz, President, Hardlines

Stephen Sitley, General Counsel


Sears Holding Corporation Board of Directors.

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Paul G. DePodesta is Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns football team.

Kunal S. Kamlani is President of ESL Investments, Inc.

William C. Kunkler III is Executive Vice President-Operations of CC Industries, Inc.

Ann N. Reese.  Ms. Reese is a director of Xerox Corporation and Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

Thomas J. Tisch is the Managing Partner of Four Partners, a private investment firm, since 1992.

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  1. I purchased a new dryer 2 years ago and the handle broke. It’s a problem with this dryer as they are all breaking. I ordered a new handle for an unbelievable $45 on May 22. Today I got an email cancelling my order. What the hell!! Called up and ordered again. Got a confirmation email and they put the wrong name on the order. Called again and I still don’t know if it’s correct as the shitty call center in the Philippines was so loud I couldn’t understand the dumb lady. No wonder you xxxx are going broke!!! Last time I purchase anything from you unorganized pos!!! Horrible product, service, and communications. MAGA keep the jobs here you morons!!! I’m so frustrated with sears and I’ve been a 40 year customer. No surprise to see you idiots go under. Worst experience I’ve ever had with any company!!!

  2. The Sears store in Delaware,Ohio 43015 has the worst customer service!!Rude managers, lies impossible to work with on any issue. I had to pay 451.30 for a restocking fee. I am on a fixed income. Will be cutting my Sears card into pieces.

  3. I get tons of letters asking why I no longer shop at Sears and K-Mart and did it ever occur to corporate that not everyone can get to your stores anymore? You closed store located in my area and I have no way to get to ANY OF YOUR DAMN STORES!!!

  4. I bought a lawn tractor 41″, a snow blade, and a grass catcher. I tried plowing my drive way which is about 20′ x 40′ with a slight incline. I wasn’t able to go any more than 6 to 10′ . I than bought chains and wheel weights and with 3 or 4″ of snow I could only go about 12′. The tractor is good for the lawn but the snow blade is useless.I can’t believe sears would carry such a product. I payed $208.99 and have to shovel I am 78 years old and don’t find it easy to shovel. I would like to return the snow blade for a refund. I would like to put the refund to a snow blower and pay the difference.
    Thank you,
    William Mongan

  5. To whom it may concern at Sears
    This is your Slogan.
    “We Make Repairs Easy ” It does not tell you how long you have to wait for someone to come and repair your Appliances.

    I’ve been a loyal customer with Sear’s for sixty years and since we settled
    down here in Tennessee for the past forty-five years, we bought everything
    from Sears. At least fifty items that were covered under “All Care.” Now I’m
    with twenty Items because they took the gasoline products off. Now it is
    called “Master Protection agreement.”

    My AC broke down on July 9th. The appointment they gave me was July 17th. He
    came late at night and worked on it. He found out that my compressor was
    gone. So the service man told me he will call me the next day, which he did.
    He told my daughter that he come by later. He never came by. So, I called
    and wanted to know what is going on. They told me that they can’t even find
    the order or the repairman. So, I called again and I got hung up on. I
    called again and I get asked, can you hold on? I said, sure but, please,
    don’t hang up on me again? Not me, the lady says and we got hung up on, yet

    Every time I call, I have to tell the same story because I never get the
    same person every time I call. When I finally thought that I got someone who
    cared, he told me someone will call me the next day. Monday the fellow who
    worked on the AC. So, I waited again for this call and it never happened.
    This is horrible customer service. I should not have to go through this
    inconveniences. Monday, I should have had the Service man call me who was
    here before, but still nothing.

    Now, my Hot Water heater also went out on that day. The guy was here to fix
    my AC. I told him about it this appointment was also eight days later. I
    left a message and my daughter, also left a message. No one ever called
    back. They told me that they can’t find him or my order. Really? Then, who
    shows up for my Hot Water heater? The same service man!
    He could have and should have worked on this the same night he worked on the
    AC. Right?

    I told him I already consulted with a lawyer, which I did. My next
    appointment was on August 8th. He said that he would be here on the one he
    came for but the compressor doesn’t work. Now he needs to order something
    else. I get a call telling me that he should been here on August 7th. Well,
    I waited and waited… I called at 6 PM wanting to know if he still is
    coming… No is the answer! They told me that he will be here tomorrow
    August 8th. I get a call in the morning advising me that he is sick! Now,
    I’m told August 9th, next day.

    So, I called and wanted to know what is going on? They make me a new
    appointment for August 15th!? Why? This is how long that I have to wait
    without AC?

    My Daughter talked them in to a portable AC. They gave me $250.00 to spend,
    however, it cost $299.00. It makes so much noise that I can’t sleep with
    this on. So, I took it downstairs in the Living room. We can’t hear the TV
    or someone talking. So, I bought me a window unit since I have my Great
    grand Baby here at all times so she can sleep. This one feels like an
    Airplane flying in my house. When I called today, I felt that I should be
    next in line for someone to come since they already worked on the unit. I
    feel that I should be next in line since it has already been worked on and
    that the part is there. You think they would consider that? Please help.
    This is totally unacceptable.


    My Kenmore washer is out of order – an electrical short occurs when you try to connect the plug with the outlet. I called Sears on July 17th and got an appointment on July 31st.
    The technician came and said the cord needs to be replaced, but he had no spare cord with him, so he placed an order.

    A new cord arrived on Aug. 3d, and the 2nd technician came on Aug. 4th to find out that the machine shorts with the new cord as well. His second guess diagnosis was that the timer should be replaced, and he ordered the new timer that arrived on Aug. 8th but they had no appointment available until Aug. 15th.

    On Aug. 15th the 3d technician arrived just to find out that the 2nd technician ordered a wrong timer! Today Aug. 17, a month since my machine went out of order, and my new appointments is on Sept. 1st. I am not sure they’ll repair it at that date.

    These people are completely unprofessional and irresponsible and my calls to their headquarter do not help.

  7. I purchase one of sear top of line Refrigerator, It not 2 years old yet. It been work on 4 Time. The warranty that the store say was the best rated and they would come out 7 days a week. Well none of that is true. It been broke again for 4 weeks and when you call you get a person from over sea who doesn’t speak English. then all you get from supervisor is she sorry and they call back when they get the parts in. Well I’ve called then all week and get the answer let them check on the part but you never get a call back. Can you help to get my refrigerator repaired. I think its be broke more then working. I hope your service doesn’t treat everyone like I have. I would rate the customer service a VERY POOR

  8. I called to have someone to come fixed my dryer…Oct 8 2018 They was here and my timer is out, also the heat was broke…so I have been waiting since then …they say it was in research all this time…they can’t not find the replacement timer…the tech was here and he put in the heating part but of course not the timer because he had no part… still in research…My husband has talked to everyone that he could about this problem. We have been with Sears every since 1975… and I have never had this much trouble. So I feel like I should had a dryer fixed or replace by now. It still in research but everyone see that they can not get the timer!!!! Now since they have closed stores we have no stores to shop at, so now what? I am not happy with my service. My husband was on the phone going from one person to another for three hours…I want to know what you are going to do with my dryer this whole problem needs to be solved. The techs’ are at a loss of what to do so they called their boss …Nov 12th 2018. We have a whole house service agreement. If you can not fix my products, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Being without a dryer for 5 weeks is unacceptable!!

  9. Sears Home Warranty and Sears Home Services are terrible. The technician never showed up to fix my dishwasher yesterday. Rescheduled for today. He showed up BEFORE the appointment window and left when I wasn’t home. Calling customer service only connects me to a call center in the Philippines where the reps don’t have the ability to do anything but apologize and promise they’re sending dispatch a message about my situation and I should hear back shortly. Of course, I never get the promised call.

  10. I just filed a complaint with the BBB. I purchased a new washer and dryer and it broke after 2 months. It took 2 weeks for anyone to show up and now parts are ordered and another 2 weeks will pass. Parts are due in 5 days but they said they will not be back for two weeks. I want to return this product and buy from a reputable company who has quality customer service. The store manager said he would not take it back and could not help with service. Customer service would not let me talk to manager. After a lot of arguing I finaly did and he did nothing. The service man you sent “smelled” and was to large to even get behind the washing machine to do the service work. What happened to Sears. Please take the units back or at least get them repaired next week.

  11. I contacted Sears about a fraud case. I canceled TLG Shopper on 10-30-2018. then I called Sears on 11-12-18 and talked to Kelly, she said this was definitely was a fraud case. Kelly said she would take the last 3 payments of $16.99 off my bill. She would cancel the SHOP YOUR WAY card and send me a new one, I told her I didn’t want a new one, anyway I received a new one and never called the phone number. Sears contacted me and said I was late on my November bill and owe $16.99.
    I received my new card and didn’t call the number to open the account, and charged me $43.99.
    I do not owe anything on this account because I never opened this shop your way card. You opened this card.
    Thank You
    I want to talk to Kelly or a Manager no one else.
    I thought this was stratend out.
    Next thing I know I get a bill from Sears for

  12. I’m contacting your office regarding repair # 40101565 please call me on the listed phone number immediately. I need to speak to management to find a solution regarding a purchase from your store and the poor customer service I have received from your technician an call center.

  13. On 3/10/2019, we noticed items in our freezer becoming soft and that the refrigerator was not cooling properly. We called for service on 3/11/2019. An appointment was made for 3/12/2019 between 1PM – 5PM. Technician “A” came on that date to access the problem and ordered a compressor, compressor overload protector and UV filter dryer. The tech made an appointment for 3/18/2019 to install the parts. Tech “B” arrived on 3/18/2019, installed the received parts and informed me that he found a restriction in the condenser and needed to order a replacement and ordered it. Technician “B” made an appointment to install the new condenser on 3/22/2019 between 1PM – 5PM. On 3/22/2019 at 3PM, I called to confirm that the tech was still coming because I had not received any phone calls, emails or text messages from sears confirming the appointment. I was told that since I did not notify them that I received the part, that the appointment was cancelled. I was never made aware of the fact that I was expected to notify THEM when I received the part. This is a load of crap because I never notified anyone that I had received the compressor and other parts and the tech came on the appointed day and time to install them. I was then transferred to the contracts customer service department in an attempt to get a tech out to repair the fridge that day and was told that the earliest date the dispatcher could get someone out would be 3/26/2019 between 10AM – 2PM. The appointment was made. Shakeara offered a $50 check for the inconvenience, which I accepted, and stated that the check should arrive in 7 – 21 business days. Case number 6258027. She told me to try calling tomorrow to see if an earlier time/day became available. I called and nothing sooner was available. Technician “A” arrived at about 10:30AM on 3/26/2019 and began working on the refrigerator only to find that the restriction was in the UV filter dryer which technician “B” installed on 3/18/2019. It was mentioned that technician “B” likely caused the restriction with an overabundance of solder used. Technician “A” told me that he replaced the UV filter dryer with another one and supposedly tested the system and found it to be free of restrictions. What he deceivingly didn’t tell me was that he re-installed the original UV filter dryer. At this time he offered to do a “FLUSH” of the system for $50 which was not necessary but recommended. He said that “it would make the system like new again”. I commented that the flush should be done anyway as part of the repair in order to ensure the system was free of contaminants and that I should not have to pay anything for it. He refused and at that time I felt that I was now being scammed. He charged the system with Freon, told me that it may be cold enough that night to safely store food back in it that needed to be refrigerated but it may take as long as 24 hours to reach the set 37 degree temperature. The condenser was never replaced but the tech took the part with him when he left. I immediately placed a refrigerator thermometer in the refrigerator and shortly thereafter checked the reading. I read 51 degrees. Two hours later it read 55 degrees. One hour later it read 58 degrees and one hour later it read 60 degrees. I moved the thermometer to the freezer and it too read 60 degrees. We then called the “4MY HOME” service number to report this and after being hung up on twice, the third attempt we were finally connected to a “Customer Solutions” or “Contract Customer Service” department or something along those lines. After explaining all this to the representative, we were given another appointment for April 1, 2019 between 8 – 12AM. I AM AT THE END OF MY ROPE HERE!!!!!!!!!!! I am a disabled US VETERAN who depends on his refrigerator to keep his medications cold!!!! I am spending money I should not have to be spending on ICE to keep my medication cold!!!! I will no longer tolerate this inept service and disgraceful customer support. If my refrigerator is not working properly by the close of business Friday, 3/29/2019, I want the refrigerator replaced with a new one. We have paid many thousands of dollars for our Sears Kenmore Elite appliances as well as many thousands of dollars for their maintenance contracts and I expect and demand better service that what I have been receiving on this appliance. After experiencing this episode, I fully understand why a one time highly respected and trusted name in the appliance business is going bankrupt. Every business which is run like this usually does. Way to go Sears!!!! You might want to consider AMERICAN customer service reps as opposed to those you are currently using who have no grasp on the ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Shame on you sears!!!

  14. I have had the same Sears credit card since 1979. When I make a major appliance purchase I have used sears Surplus. Great vaue for a great price has been my experience. Last week I got notice from Sears that my credit account was being closed for inactivity. I was not only disappointed by this, having been a long term Sears customer, but dismayed when my credit score was lowered by over 30 points due to the closure. What a way to reward a forty year relationship. It is no wonder that you are losing customers to the competition when you treat loyalty so cavalierly.

    Arthur H Leonard 3rd

  15. I would like to speak with someone (with some power) about the incredibly horrific customer service I have received. I have been placed on hold for a total of approximately 5 hours over 2 days, had my repair appointment cancelled twice and cannot get a new one for 2 weeks on a 4 year old refrigerator that has now broken twice in 4 years. I have tried to call several numbers, each person I finally reach has something so wrong with their phone that they are completely incoherent. Every person I have actually been able to interact with is incompetent and of no help. What has happened to me is completely unacceptable and I would really like someone to contact me.

  16. I have never had a worse experience in my entire life than Sears Home Services. You cannot reach anyone via your home office number or any local number. All go to offshore somewhere. Your corporate operator is rude beyond measure. Will NOT connect me to Mitch Bowling or anyone else, and yelled at me that there are NO managers or supervisors that I can talk to or be transferred to and just put me back to the offshore idiots! I have been overcharged as well as 2 techs who have not fixed my problem still!

  17. I have an issue i need to discuss with the customer service department. I am going to send you an official letter by mail. I would suggest, however, that you publish an official customer support email address that customers can email for correspondence.

  18. We have had trouble with our refrigerator for the past couple of years. We purchased the warranty and thought we would be able to have it replaced if it wasn’t fixed after a couple of repairs for the same thing. Each time we call we are told that we didn’t fulfill the requirements and the next time it will be replaced. The refrigerator is still not working and they are coming out for the 5 time tomorrow and who knows of it will be repaired. We have requested to get copies of all the service calls and repairs and have been bounced around and never was provided any information.
    Can someone please help before we call the BBB?

  19. Sears used to stand for something, or so my dad said.

    At this point, however, I find that hard to believe 🙁

    Dealing with Sears is hands down the most painful and infuriating consumer experience I’ve had to date in my 35+ years of life and there is nothing I dread more.

    I have not had a working washer in a couple weeks now, and at this point I’m be waiting a couple more weeks too (at least). When it stopped working, I made an appointment right away since I have a service contract (I paid $700+ to renew the washer/dryer contract for an additional 5 years). The tech never showed up to my house but somehow the job was marked completed on Sear’s end…and I when I called in the Sears phone rep had the nerve to say “I don’t know what to tell you, the job shows as completed on my end.” And I said “Um okay. I don’t know what to tell you. I live and worked from home all day and no one ever called/buzzed my unit the entire day.” So I had to reschedule. And this time the tech actually shows up…only to have to order 4 parts. And that was on 11/20. It’s now 12/1 and every time I call Sears I get a different story. Some days I have 4 parts – today I apparently only have 3. Some days they said the 4th part is backordered but will arrive on 12/12 – today they said it won’t ship until 12/12.

    It is unacceptable to be without a working washer that long and I’m pretty sure the Sears CEO would agree. While Sears has sent me a $50 check to date, it doesn’t come close to covering what I’m sending at a laundromat – never mind the inconvenience and lost itme.

    So many hours I’ve spent on with Sears the last couple weeks. One time it was an hour – so many painful conversations and transfers and me explaining my situation over and over again only to get transferred. When I finally got a hold of someone decent, we end up getting discounted…and he never called back. So I had to start the entire excruciating experience all over again…(and Sears actually has the nerve to answer each call by saying “Where Moments Matter”!)

    On 3 different occasions I’ve been told someone will call me within 24 hours with an update. Not once have I received that call (and I’ve verified my phone number with Sears far more than I could ever count). The phone rep told me the same tonight, but I don’t believe it of course.

    I’ve had so many issues with this washer in the 6.5 years that I’ve owned it but the worst part is having to deal with Sears and KNOWING they will always let me down every chance they get…

    I can’t believe Sears is okay with treating customers like this. Where has your basic honesty and integrity and following through on your word gone???

    Katherine Caporiccio

    now you’re calling to extend my warranty, promising to install it once i pay.
    724-852-xxxx. YEA, I’LL WAIT BY THE PHONE.

  21. I spend 40 minutes explaining my situation to Ashton and he puts me on hold and leaves me hanging. NICE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HAVE BEEN WAITING 4 FUCKING YEARS FOR YOU TO INSTALL MY NEW A.C.
    SALES CHECK # 021141221549.

  22. We have been trying, since Feb., it’s now August, to have our Sears warranty replace our dishwasher that caught on FIRE! replaced. We have been told every month that we are scheduled and every month a message is left on the phone that it’s been delayed- since FEBRUARY!!! That’s it – today we received yet another delay! I want my WHOLE check back that I wrote for Sears SERVICE which we are NOT getting for the money. We have had Sears service for 20 plus years but something has changed in the past couple of years that is bizarre! I want my money back and the price to go somewhere else to purchase a dishwasher the YOU SHOULD BE REPLACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are on the phone with Sears constantly setting up new appointments. ENOUGH! I want my whole check back I paid out for our maintenance agreement and the price of my dishwasher replacement NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I have been waiting for parts to be returned get no where for weeks my check was cashed without my permission this is fraud

  24. I had a Sears repair scheduled for today, 9-17-20 and no one showed up, no one called to cancel, etc. I then called and held on for 1 1/2 hrs. to be told “Oh well, the company that is servicing our appliances is out of your district so they couldn’t come to your house.” Of course, I was never notified of this. They then gave me another number which I called and it was even further away from my home. What is going on. I am very upset how I was treated. They set up a new appointment in 3 weeks and I want to make sure someone is going to come. No one can tell me anything. Can someone call me to give me some advice.

  25. On September 4th I ordered a rowing machine online. I received notification that it would be delivered on September 21. Meanwhile I received an email indicating delivery was made on September 17 at 5:24pm. Delivery was NOT made. The order number is 907114670. I have been on the phone for the last hour trying to get this resolved. I am now being told the item is out of stock and offered a treadmill. Really? I ordered a rowing machine and that is what I want. I have been billed $619.98 on September 4th and I do not have the product or a satisfactory solution.

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